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YACOB, JULIUS                           NY-31-1022-83
YAGER, ANDREW                           NY-31-112-201
YAGER, HENRY                            NY-31-61-497
YAGER, JANE                             NY-31-105-85
YALE, JOSEPH                            NY-31-43-220
YATES, LAWRENCE R.                      NY-31-42-94
YAUKAUER, GRACE P.                      NY-31-992-498
YEAMANS, ANN                            NY-31-42-428
YEATMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-97-553
YELLOTT, BETHIA                         NY-31-79-112
YELVERTON, ANDREW                       NY-31-100-467
YEWSTON, COESAR                         NY-31-68-38
YEWSTON, COESAR                         NY-31-68-38
YEWSTON, DIANA                          NY-31-79-543
YLAND, LEWIS                            NY-31-47-280
YOE, MARIA                              NY-31-123-32
YOELIN, HYACINTHE                       NY-31-136-173
YOULE, AUGUSTA A.                       NY-31-76-283
YOULE, JOHN                             NY-31-56-217
YOULIN, FRANCES C.                      NY-31-997-237
YOUMANS, EZEKIEL                        NY-31-103-97
YOUMANS, JEREMIAH                       NY-31-100-610
YOUMANS, JEREMIAH H.                    NY-31-141-130
YOUNG, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-53-35
YOUNG, ALEXANDER JAMES                  NY-31-55-469
YOUNG, BERTRAM L.                       NY-31-1027-180
YOUNG, CATHARINE C.                     NY-31-74-48
YOUNG, EBENEZER                         NY-31-48-203
YOUNG, EBENEZER                         NY-31-42-71
YOUNG, ELEANOR                          NY-31-47-227
YOUNG, ELIZA                            NY-31-126-270
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-48-140
YOUNG, ELSIE A.                         NY-31-116-94
YOUNG, GEORGE                           NY-31-55-292
YOUNG, JAKOBINA                         NY-31-1014-338
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-31-41-167
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-31-42-348
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-31-82-153
YOUNG, JOHN                             NY-31-92-222
YOUNG, JOHN J.                          NY-31-989-360
YOUNG, JOSEPH                           NY-31-51-344
YOUNG, JOSEPH                           NY-31-42-84
YOUNG, LAVINIA                          NY-31-138-307
YOUNG, LILLIAN NORDICA                  NY-31-1020-451
YOUNG, MARGARET                         NY-31-43-235
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-31-114-110
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-31-93-478
YOUNG, MARY                             NY-31-1025-92
YOUNG, MAX L.                           NY-31-1011-419
YOUNG, OLIVER                           NY-31-53-366
YOUNG, REUBEN C.                        NY-31-101-386
YOUNG, ROBERT                           NY-31-100-193
YOUNG, SAMUEL                           NY-31-137-509
YOUNG, SIMON B.                         NY-31-111-470
YOUNG, STEPHEN B.                       NY-31-69-139
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-31-110-106
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-31-46-196
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NY-31-108-526
YOUNG, WILLIAM R.                       NY-31-100-275
YOUNGS, JOSEPH                          NY-31-41-440
YRIARTE, JOHN JOSEPH                    NY-31-59-510
YUNG, ADAM                              NY-31-96-278
YUNG, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-59-282
YUNG, KATHARINA                         NY-31-987-213
ZABRISKIE, ALBERT                       NY-31-106-488
ZABRISKIE, ALBERT G.                    NY-31-113-418
ZABRISKIE, CHARLES F.                   NY-31-993-462
ZABRISKIE, GEORGE                       NY-31-98-388
ZABRISKIE, JOHN C.                      NY-31-89-373
ZABRISKIE, THOMAS                       NY-31-63-288
ZACHER, MAX                             NY-31-113-168
ZAHN, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-989-98
ZAHN, HENRY                             NY-31-988-85
ZAIRE, MAGDELINE BERLIN F.              NY-31-57-482
ZEH, PAULINE K.                         NY-31-1022-207
ZEICHNER, ANNIE                         NY-31-1009-159
ZEIER, MARY                             NY-31-1017-250
ZEISS, MARGARET                         NY-31-43-92
ZEITER, JACOB                           NY-31-138-494
ZELLER, FELIX                           NY-31-129-400
ZELLER, LEONARD                         NY-31-1023-130
ZEMAN, JOHN                             NY-31-1010-386
ZIBELLI, GUISEPPE G.                    NY-31-1010-161
ZIEGEL, HERMAN F. L.                    NY-31-1007-164
ZIEGEL, LENA                            NY-31-1023-124
ZIEGER, GEORGE                          NY-31-1016-110
ZIEGLER, FREDERICK                      NY-31-989-454
ZIEGLER, JOHANN                         NY-31-1019-102
ZIESS, JOHN W.                          NY-31-72-405
ZILVER, JAN HENDRIK                     NY-31-63-495
ZIMMER, MAGDALEN B.                     NY-31-1012-90
ZIMMERMAN, ANDREW                       NY-31-97-529
ZIMMERMAN, HENRICK                      NY-31-40-355
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN ANDREW                  NY-31-40-257
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN C. SR.                  NY-31-120-87
ZIMMERMAN, PHILIP                       NY-31-1028-304
ZIMMERMANN, JOHN ERNST                  NY-31-66-280
ZINKE, LOUIS                            NY-31-1012-190
ZINN, OTTO                              NY-31-1022-812
ZINSSER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-1030-155
ZITTEL, CARL                            NY-31-994-84
ZITZLSPERGER, MATHILDE                  NY-31-996-157
ZOBEL, JOHN A.                          NY-31-123-21
ZOEPPRITZ, FREDERICK                    NY-31-136-311
ZOLLER, EMILIE                          NY-31-1012-99
ZONCADA, LYDIA S.                       NY-31-1010-166
ZUCKERMAN, CELIA                        NY-31-1027-181
ZUGNER, PHILIP                          NY-31-986-457
ZURLAGE, JOHN HERMAN                    NY-31-1026-49
ZWEIG, SCHLOME M.                       NY-31-1027-460
ZWERLE, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-988-425
ZWINGE, FRANCIS                         NY-31-1014-202

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