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VACHE, JOHN                             NY-31-70-160
VACHER, JOHN F.                         NY-31-47-202
VAGNEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-60-441
VAIL, ELI                               NY-31-61-495
VAIL, EUGENE A.                         NY-31-87-303
VAIL, MAURICE                           NY-31-58-94
VAIL, ROBERT                            NY-31-134-141
VAIL, SILAS B.                          NY-31-58-184
VAIL, THOMAS                            NY-31-49-314
VAILLANT, LOUISA E.                     NY-31-77- 287
VALENTINE, CATHARINE                    NY-31-92-590
VALENTINE, DENNIS                       NY-31-113-462
VALENTINE, DORA A.                      NY-31-1023-112
VALENTINE, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-93-162
VALENTINE, FREDERICK                    NY-31-111-66
VALENTINE, HARRIET J.                   NY-31-101-250
VALENTINE, HENRY                        NY-31-93-381
VALENTINE, IDA M.                       NY-31-1022-147
VALENTINE, JOHN                         NY-31-109-333
VALENTINE, JOHN M.                      NY-31-62-80
VALENTINE, PETER                        NY-31-45-189
VALENTINE, THEODORE A.                  NY-31-1030-67
VALENTINE, WILLIAM H.                   NY-31-61-498
VALLANCE, CATHARINE                     NY-31-142-11
VALLEAU, DEBORAH                        NY-31-86-239
VALLES, J. ARTHUR                       NY-31-1016-155
VALLILY, BARNARD                        NY-31-56-333
VALTER, GERTRUDE                        NY-31-124-409
VANALEN, CATHARINE                      NY-31-43-282
VANALLEN, EMMA A.                       NY-31-1013-299
VANALLEN, GARRET                        NY-31-43-227
VANALLEN, PETER                         NY-31-59-387
VANALLEN, STATES                        NY-31-62-167
VANALST, JOHN                           NY-31-53-132
VANALSTINE, ABRAHAM                     NY-31-49-165
VANALSTINE, SARAH                       NY-31-51-331
VANALSTYNE, CATHARINE                   NY-31-58-292
VANALSTYNE, MARGARET                    NY-31-97-286
VANALSTYNE, PIERRE                      NY-31-986-406
VANAMRINGE, JOHN H.                     NY-31-1022-200
VANAMRINGE, LYON                        NY-31-50-123
VANANTWERP, DANIEL                      NY-31-48-408
VANANTWERP, JAMES                       NY-31-59-9
VANANTWERP, JOHN                        NY-31-108-421
VANANTWERP, NICHOLAS                    NY-31-60-71
VANANTWERP, SIMON                       NY-31-75-117
VANANTWERP, THOMAS                      NY-31-62-271
VANARSDALE, JULIA A.                    NY-31-89-407
VANAUKEN, JESSE                         NY-31-96-135
VANAULEN, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-78-458
VANAUST, CORNELIUS W.                   NY-31-84-59
VANAXTE, ANNA                           NY-31-1017-230
VANBEAMER, HENDRICK                     NY-31-65-403
VANBEAUPLAND, SCHALKWYCK                NY-31-124-469
VANBERGE, ADELINE A.                    NY-31-988-317
VANBEUREN, CHARLES E.                   NY-31-131-490
VANBEUREN, SIMEON                       NY-31-95-502
VANBEUREN, THOMAS P.                    NY-31-92-304
VANBIEL, NATHAN                         NY-31-1026-338
VANBIEMA, HELENA                        NY-31-1009-116
VANBLARCOM, ABIGAIL                     NY-31-77-281
VANBLARCOM, ANTHONY                     NY-31-113-208
VANBLARCOM, CATHARINE                   NY-31-62-488
VANBLARCOM, FRANCES                     NY-31-57-367
VANBLARCOM, HENRY A.                    NY-31-78-473
VANBLARCOM, JOHN                        NY-31-54-170
VANBOKKELEN, LIBERTUS                   NY-31-48-302
VANBOMELL, ANNA                         NY-31-51-150
VANBOMELL, ANNA                         NY-31-51-187
VANBOSKERCK, JOHN                       NY-31-113-246
VANBOSKERK, DAVID                       NY-31-41-127
VANBRACKEL, SAMUEL                      NY-31-93-273
VANBRAKLE, JAMES                        NY-31-52-363
VANBRAKLE, JAMES                        NY-31-62-234
VANBRINKSCHOTEN, JEMIMA                 NY-31-44-126
VANBRUNT, CHRISTIANA                    NY-31-991-384
VANBRUNT, STEPHEN                       NY-31-61-408
VANBUREN, THOMAS B.                     NY-31-1019-423
VANBUSKIRK, ABRAHAM JR.                 NY-31-60-112
VANBUSKIRK, ANDREW                      NY-31-80-62
VANBUSKIRK, GABRIEL                     NY-31-54-291
VANBUSKIRK, LAWRENCE                    NY-31-90-219
VANBUSKIRK, SARAH M.                    NY-31-128-268
VANBYLANDT, JOHANNA                     NY-31-92-562
VANCE, DAVID                            NY-31-77-229
VANCE, J. NELSON                        NY-31-988-312
VANCLIEAF, BENJAMIN                     NY-31-76-229
VANCORTLANDT, AUGUSTUS F.               NY-31-131-113
VANCORTLANDT, ELIZABETH                 NY-31-48-406
VANCORTLANDT, ELIZABETH                 NY-31-52-252
VANCORTLANDT, FREDERICK                 NY-31-49-334
VANCORTLANDT, GILBERT                   NY-31-42-312
VANCORTLANDT, JOHN                      NY-31-40-27
VANCORTLANDT, JOHN                      NY-31-47-412
VANCOTT, CORNELIUS                      NY-31-56-77
VANCOTT, PETER                          NY-31-58-479
VANCUREN, MARGAET                       NY-31-40-263
VANDALSEN, JOHN                         NY-31-70-403
VANDAM, CATHERINE MARY                  NY-31-67-89
VANDAM, SARAH                           NY-31-41-78
VANDEGRIFT, JOSEPH B.                   NY-31-1017-366
VANDEL, JOHN                            NY-31-42-218
VANDEMAAS, JOSEPH P.                    NY-31-100-357
VANDENBERGH, GARRIT                     NY-31-93-41
VANDENBERGH, MARY                       NY-31-68-132
VANDENBERGH, MARY                       NY-31-68-132
VANDENBERGH, SAMUEL D.                  NY-31-114-185
VANDENBROCK, RENE JEAN                  NY-31-43-181
VANDENBROEK, RENIER JOHN                NY-31-43-374
VANDENBURGH, CORNEL                     NY-31-43-148
VANDENHENDEN, RICHARD                   NY-31-1026-331
VANDENHEVDEN, AUGUSTA                   NY-31-1019-425
VANDERBECK, ISAAC                       NY-31-70-276
VANDERBECK, RACHEL                      NY-31-59-207
VANDERBILT, ALFRED G.                   NY-31-1021-236
VANDERBILT, CATHARINE                   NY-31-123-172
VANDERBILT, GEORGE W.                   NY-31-987-399
VANDERBILT, RALPH S.                    NY-31-1005-145
VANDERBURGH, SARAH                      NY-31-89-400
VANDERHOOF, HENRY                       NY-31-43-158
VANDERLYN, JOHN                         NY-31-105-158
VANDERPOOL, JACOB                       NY-31-119-286
VANDERPOOL, JOHN                        NY-31-61-348
VANDERPOOL, MARY                        NY-31-59-531
VANDERSLUYS, PETER                      NY-31-57-360
VANDERVOORT, WILLIAM L.                 NY-31-75-230
VANDEURSEN, ABRAHAM                     NY-31-47-120
VANDEURSEN, WILLIAM                     NY-31-40-194
VANDEVENTER, JACOB G.                   NY-31-105-485
VANDEWATER, BURGER                      NY-31-55-108
VANDEWATER, WILLIAM                     NY-31-51-154
VANDEWATER, WILLIAM                     NY-31-103-514
VANDEWIELE, HENRIETTA                   NY-31-142-96
VANDOHLN, ANNA D.                       NY-31-1031-341
VANDORPH, WILLIAM                       NY-31-52-326
VANDUSEN, JULIA P.                      NY-31-147-262
VANDYCK, ISAAC                          NY-31-42-333
VANDYNE, CHARLES H.                     NY-31-1029-251
VANEMBURGH, DAVID B.                    NY-31-1031-344
VANGAASBERG, ADILA                      NY-31-69-264
VANGELDER, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-50-134
VANGELDER, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-42-62
VANGELDER, GERRET                       NY-31-47-55
VANGELDER, JOHN                         NY-31-47-310
VANGELDER, SARAH                        NY-31-42-469
VANGIESON, JOHN                         NY-31-63-135
VANGIESON, MARGARET                     NY-31-120-35
VANGIESON, MARSELUS M.                  NY-31-57-452
VANHOLLAND, DUDLEY                      NY-31-1031-338
VANHOLT, JOHN G.                        NY-31-99-343
VANHORN, ANDREW                         NY-31-62-22
VANHORN, BURGER                         NY-31-77-525
VANHORN, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-101-197
VANHORN, JAMES P.                       NY-31-109-286
VANHORN, JOHN                           NY-31-79-576
VANHORN, JOHN B.                        NY-31-55-74
VANHORNE, GARRIT                        NY-31-59-194
VANHORNE, MAGDELENA                     NY-31-77-588
VANHORNE, MARY                          NY-31-69-502
VANHOUTEN, ALBERT                       NY-31-137-86
VANHOUTEN, HENRY                        NY-31-81-403
VANHOUTEN, JOHN                         NY-31-76-474
VANHOUTEN, PETER                        NY-31-44-391
VANHOWTER, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-44-230
VANKEUREN, ABRAHAM M.                   NY-31-55-427
VANKEUREN, EMILY L.                     NY-31-126-407
VANKLEECK, BALTUS                       NY-31-41-307
VANKLEECK, DAVID L.                     NY-31-95-644
VANNALA, WILLIAM                        NY-31-48-168
VANNEST, WILLIAM                        NY-31-41-145
VANNETT, WILLIAM P.                     NY-31-1016-102
VANNORDEN, ANN                          NY-31-149-18
VANNORDEN, GABRIEL                      NY-31-50-389
VANNORDEN, HANNAH                       NY-31-60-135
VANNORDEN, SAMUEL                       NY-31-42-144
VANNORDSTRANT, EVE                      NY-31-42-502
VANNORTWICK, WILLIAM B.                 NY-31-125-282
VANNOSTRAND, DANIEL R.                  NY-31-1010-134
VANNOSTRAND, DAVID                      NY-31-57-449
VANNOSTRAND, JAMES                      NY-31-137-189
VANNOSTRAND, KATEM.                     NY-31-1016-154
VANNOSTRAND, SARAH                      NY-31-46-337
VANOLHAUSEN, JACOB H.                   NY-31-1003-344
VANORDEN, JOHN                          NY-31-58-6
VANPELT, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-129-193
VANPELT, JOHANNA                        NY-31-1030-146
VANPELT, JOHN                           NY-31-48-120
VANPELT, LUCRETIA                       NY-31-116-171
VANPELT, PETER                          NY-31-86-185
VANPELT, PETER J.                       NY-31-134-460
VANPELT, TUNIS                          NY-31-62-461
VANPOLANEN, ROGER G.                    NY-31-71-87
VANPRAAG, LEONIDAS A.                   NY-31-1002-168
VANRADEN, THEODORE                      NY-31-1015-76
VANRANST, CORNELIUS                     NY-31-41-471
VANRANTS, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-44-351
VANRAUST, LUKE                          NY-31-40-107
VANRENSELAER, JACOB R.                  NY-31-92-363
VANRENSSALAER, CORTLANDT                NY-31-138-17
VANRENSSELAER, MARGARET L.              NY-31-92-172
VANRENSSELAER, MARY A. H.               NY-31-113-288
VANRENSSELAER, ROBERT                   NY-31-98-559
VANRIPER, GITTY                         NY-31-123-113
VANRIPER, JACOB                         NY-31-74-215
VANRIPER, MARTIN                        NY-31-106-277
VANRIPER, SIMEON                        NY-31-123-80
VANROSSUM, LOUISA MATILDA L.            NY-31-99-594
VANSAAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-74-125
VANSANTVOORD, CATHARINE L.              NY-31-91-543
VANSAUN, MARY L.                        NY-31-1015-77
VANSCHAICK, HENRY                       NY-31-1023-109
VANSERVOORT, PETER                      NY-31-40-82
VANSICKLE, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-70-71
VANSLINGERLANDT, MAGGIE                 NY-31-1022-297
VANSORX, EDMUND                         NY-31-82-46
VANSTAVOREN, GEORGE W.                  NY-31-136-406
VANSTEENBERGH, CORNELIA R.              NY-31-1009-492
VANSTEENBERGH, SAMUEL                   NY-31-46-250
VANSTEENBERGH, SAMUEL                   NY-31-46-75
VANSYCKEL, JACOB C.                     NY-31-1018-263
VANTAMBACHT, ANTOINE                    NY-31-113-458
VANTASSEL, JACOB                        NY-31-81-451
VANTASSEL, SAMUEL A.                    NY-31-68-393
VANTASSEL, SAMUEL A.                    NY-31-68-393
VANTOWN, JOHN                           NY-31-43-29
VANTUYL, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-134-483
VANVALEN, JACOB                         NY-31-109-449
VANVALEN, JACOB D.                      NY-31-119-233
VANVARCK, JAMES                         NY-31-41-256
VANVEGHTEN, MARY                        NY-31-108-83
VANVELDER, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-53-418
VANVLARICUM, RYER                       NY-31-45-51
VANVLECK, ABRAHAM K.                    NY-31-99-540
VANVLECK, DANIEL                        NY-31-40-14
VANVLECK, MARIA                         NY-31-42-255
VANVLECK, WILLIAM H. T.                 NY-31-107-358
VANVOORHES, JOHANNES                    NY-31-45-219
VANVOORHIS, HELEN                       NY-31-1027-283
VANVORHIS, JOHN                         NY-31-50-282
VANWAGENEN, HARRY R.                    NY-31-1031-496
VANWAGENEN, HUBERT JR.                  NY-31-100-448
VANWAGENEN, HUYBERT                     NY-31-46-182
VANWAGENEN, MARY L.                     NY-31-1006-409
VANWAGNER, WILLIAM                      NY-31-128-539
VANWALDERSEE, MARY E.                   NY-31-1003-379
VANWARK, JAMES                          NY-31-119-354
VANWART, ANN J.                         NY-31-115-104
VANWERT, MARY M.                        NY-31-99-403
VANWINKEL, PAUL                         NY-31-43-150
VANWINKLE, TUNIS                        NY-31-130-358
VANWINKLE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-147-334
VANWYCK, ABRAHAM H.                     NY-31-98-51
VANWYCK, DURYEA S.                      NY-31-1021-329
VANWYCK, ISAAC T.                       NY-31-60-34
VANWYCK, STEPHEN                        NY-31-138-81
VANWYCK, THEODORUS                      NY-31-44-362
VANWYCK, WILLIAM E.                     NY-31-1028-292
VANZANDT, ANN                           NY-31-62-45
VANZANDT, ANN                           NY-31-40-153
VANZANDT, JACOBUS                       NY-31-40-148
VANZANDT, JAMES                         NY-31-60-292
VANZANDT, JANEWAY                       NY-31-83-261
VANZANDT, MARY                          NY-31-84-353
VANZANDT, MILTON B.                     NY-31-1002-437
VANZANDT, PETER                         NY-31-114-249
VANZANDT, PETER                         NY-31-50-225
VANZANDT, PETER                         NY-31-91-524
VANZANDT, PETER P.                      NY-31-77-245
VANZANDT, WILLIAM J.                    NY-31-111-522
VANZANDT, WYNANT                        NY-31-52-18
VANZANT, ANDREW                         NY-31-108-430
VARDILL, THOMAS                         NY-31-56-216
VAREAN, ISAAC                           NY-31-85-378
VARELA, FELIX                           NY-31-113-258
VAREY, JOHN                             NY-31-63-386
VARIAN, JACOB H.                        NY-31-112-359
VARIAN, MARY                            NY-31-97-108
VARIAN, MICHAEL                         NY-31-60-104
VARIAN, WILLIAM P.                      NY-31-81-391
VARICK, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-50-438
VARICK, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-87-193
VARICK, ANNA M.                         NY-31-115-16
VARICK, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-55-302
VARICK, HANNAH                          NY-31-47-447
VARICK, JANE                            NY-31-49-198
VARICK, JOHN V.                         NY-31-72-409
VARICK, MARIA                           NY-31-82-548
VARICK, RICHARD                         NY-31-68-1
VARICK, RICHARD                         NY-31-68-1
VARK, JOHN                              NY-31-61-184
VARK, RACHEL                            NY-31-135-34
VARLEY, MARY A.                         NY-31-139-385
VASHTA, CATHERINE                       NY-31-42-259
VASQUES, JOAQUINN JOSE                  NY-31-93-35
VAUGHAN, FRANK                          NY-31-1023-106
VAUGHAN, JOHN                           NY-31-87-328
VAUGHAN, THOMAS                         NY-31-48-42
VEDDER, MAUS R.                         NY-31-1005-322
VEGNER, VICTORIA                        NY-31-1005-376
VENDUESEN, GERTIE                       NY-31-40-280
VERBECQ, AUGUSTE FRANCOIS               NY-31-50-57
VERBRYCK, PETER A.                      NY-31-130-63
VERGLE, ANNA                            NY-31-1020-197
VERMILLYA, ISAAC                        NY-31-111-223
VERMILYA, FREDERICK                     NY-31-52-28
VERMILYA, THOMAS                        NY-31-106-603
VERMILYE, ANN M.                        NY-31-101-270
VERMILYE, JANE                          NY-31-106-540
VERNOL, JOSEPH A.                       NY-31-88-159
VERNON, EDWARD                          NY-31-136-235
VERNON, FRANCIS J.                      NY-31-991-377
VERNON, RICHARD R.                      NY-31-1019-93
VERNON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-53-402
VERPLANCK, GULIAN                       NY-31-43-61
VERVALEN, ISAAC                         NY-31-41-74
VERVEELEN, CATHRINE                     NY-31-55-345
VERVEELEN, HENRY                        NY-31-51-124
VERVEILEN, JACOBUS                      NY-31-53-69
VERY, NATHANIEL                         NY-31-120-329
VESELY, JOSEPH                          NY-31-1014-192
VESEY, JOSEPH                           NY-31-51-328
VESEY, KATE A.                          NY-31-1018-265
VETTER, FRANK J.                        NY-31-1020-196
VETTER, JACOB                           NY-31-1030-345
VETTER, JOHN                            NY-31-1031-494
VEUMAN, MARTHA A.                       NY-31-139-20
VICKERS, JAMES M.                       NY-31-96-416
VICKERS, JANE                           NY-31-52-266
VIDALOT, JAMES                          NY-31-75-570
VIDANBAILE, JEAN                        NY-31-75-487
VIDEAU, MARIA                           NY-31-62-452
VIELE, MAURICE A.                       NY-31-1022-74
VIETS, HENRY                            NY-31-1029-249
VIGNARDOUNE, JEAN M.                    NY-31-109-357
VIGNARDOUNE, JOHN M.                    NY-31-109-357
VIGNES, ANTOINE                         NY-31-125-124
VIGNES, BERNARD                         NY-31-105-91
VIGNES, CATHERINE                       NY-31-137-116
VILLAMIL, MARIA JOSEFA                  NY-31-62-172
VINCENT, JAMES                          NY-31-66-323
VINCENT, JAMES                          NY-31-56-192
VINCENT, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-106-362
VINCENT, SARAH                          NY-31-45-278
VINCENT, SARAH                          NY-31-43-456
VINING, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-57-331
VION, VARIAN                            NY-31-89-616
VIRTUE, THOMAS                          NY-31-123-349
VIZENA, MARGARET                        NY-31-93-53
VIZETHAM, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-986-401
VLK, FRANK                              NY-31-1020-194
VOELKER, LOUIS                          NY-31-1023-417
VOELKNER, EDWARD                        NY-31-92-710
VOELKNER, GODTTFRIED EDWARD             NY-31-92-710
VOGEL, CAROLINE P.                      NY-31-1022-203
VOGEL, CLARA B.                         NY-31-1025-90
VOGLER, ANNA M.                         NY-31-129-181
VOGLER, PETER                           NY-31-1011-109
VOGT, HENRY                             NY-31-99-451
VOILLARD, PAULINE                       NY-31-142-347
VOISLAWSKY, CAROLINE                    NY-31-988-321
VOLK, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-142-533
VOLK, HENRY                             NY-31-54-63
VOLKEL, MAGDALENA                       NY-31-1009-401
VOLKER, PHILIP                          NY-31-1023-111
VOLKMANN, LOUISE E.                     NY-31-1022-143
VOLLMAN, ISIDOR                         NY-31-1012-192
VOLLMAN, MORRIS                         NY-31-1004-283
VOLLMAR, PHILIP                         NY-31-142-240
VOMBAUR, ELISE EVA                      NY-31-1013-421
VONBARGEN, CHARLES H.                   NY-31-1003-486
VONDEILEN, FREDERICK                    NY-31-135-122
VONDREELE, JOHN                         NY-31-90-321
VONEIFF, ADELINA                        NY-31-1020-448
VONHOFFMAN, LOUIS F.                    NY-31-116-231
VONPOST, LAWRENZ H.                     NY-31-81-120
VONRADER, URSULA                        NY-31-93-506
VONWALDERSEE, MARY E. (COUNTESS)        NY-31-1024-143
VONWYCK, EMILE                          NY-31-132-100
VOORHEES, JAMES                         NY-31-55-221
VOORHEES, JANE                          NY-31-71-78
VOORHEES, MARGARET                      NY-31-91-338
VOORHEES, PETER R.                      NY-31-67-29
VOORHIES, ZACHARIAS                     NY-31-59-453
VOORHIS, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-60-173
VOORHIS, JOHN                           NY-31-53-298
VOORHIS, MARGARET                       NY-31-91-338
VORHIS, MARGARET                        NY-31-91-338
VORIS, EMMA J. B.                       NY-31-1028-288
VORZIMER, GEORGE                        NY-31-1023-420
VOSBURGH, ABRAHAM P.                    NY-31-116-462
VOSBURGH, FRANCIS                       NY-31-93-225
VOSBURGH, HERMAN                        NY-31-60-343
VOSBURGH, JACOB                         NY-31-106-349
VOSE, JAMES                             NY-31-44-461
VOSE, MARTHA FRANCES                    NY-31-58-348
VOSE, MARTHA FRANCES                    NY-31-59-130
VOTEE, JOHN                             NY-31-72-266
VOTEY, JAMES                            NY-31-112-439
VOUCK, WILLIAM                          NY-31-113-240
VOUGHT, JOHN G.                         NY-31-69-370
VRANA, EMIL                             NY-31-1020-192
VREDENBURGH, ADOLPHUS B.                NY-31-70-157
VREDENBURGH, JACOB                      NY-31-43-192
VREDENBURGH, JANE                       NY-31-60-221
VREDENBURGH, JOHN                       NY-31-40-141
VREDENBURGH, WILLIAM                    NY-31-44-95
VREELAND, JAMES B.                      NY-31-142-141
VREELAND, JANE                          NY-31-88-175
VREELANDT, JOHN                         NY-31-104-156
VROOM, GEORGE A.                        NY-31-139-477
VYSE, SARAH                             NY-31-82-390
VYSE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-89-325

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