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LABAGH, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-74-202
LABARBE, PIERRE                         NY-31-55-305
LABATUT, JOHN M. J.                     NY-31-125-350
LABHART, JOHN WILLIAM                   NY-31-51-310
LABRIE, SUSIE A.                        NY-31-988-250
LABUZAN, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-31-46-16
LACAZE, JACQUES                         NY-31-77-162
LACEY, JAMES                            NY-31-42-21
LACHAISE, JACQUES A.                    NY-31-132-11
LACHNER, MARGARETHA                     NY-31-1016-483
LACOMBE, ELIZABETH E.                   NY-31-134-343
LACOMBE, EMILE H.                       NY-31-103-181
LADD, WILLIAM                           NY-31-84-470
LADDS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-76-371
LADEN, MICHAEL                          NY-31-100-408
LADEVEZE, RAIMOND                       NY-31-76-7
LADNER, KATE                            NY-31-1024-346
LADOUX, AMAND BERNARD                   NY-31-48-156
LAFARGE, JOHN                           NY-31-124-477
LAFETRA, JOSEPH                         NY-31-107-556
LAFFAN, MARGARET                        NY-31-46-201
LAFFAN, MARGARET                        NY-31-46-461
LAFFAN, MICHAEL F.                      NY-31-1027-243
LAFORCADE, AMELIE                       NY-31-999-187
LAFORGE, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-108-339
LAFORGE, JACOB                          NY-31-116-269
LAFORGE, MARTHA J.                      NY-31-123-152
LAFORGUE, JEAN FRANCOIS                 NY-31-55-25
LAFOUT, PIERRE                          NY-31-75-43
LAGE, JOHN HERMAN JR.                   NY-31-1026-49
LAGE, JULIA F.                          NY-31-999-183
LAGEAR, JOHN                            NY-31-55-5
LAGEAR, MARY                            NY-31-79-365
LAGRAVE, JOHN B.                        NY-31-78-7
LAHA, CORNELIUS                         NY-31-46-375
LAHERTY, MARGARET                       NY-31-104-68
LAHEY, ISABELLA                         NY-31-131-258
LAHR, JOSEPH                            NY-31-996-194
LAIDLAW, JOHN                           NY-31-68-342
LAIDLAW, JOHN                           NY-31-68-342
LAIDLIE, MARY                           NY-31-59-342
LAIGHT, EDWAD                           NY-31-41-320
LAIGHT, EDWARD H.                       NY-31-112-242
LAIGHT, EDWARD W.                       NY-31-104-176
LAIGHT, HENRY                           NY-31-93-219
LAIGHT, WILLIAM E.                      NY-31-133-208
LAING, ANNE                             NY-31-51-404
LAING, EDGAR H.                         NY-31-103-528
LAING, JOHN                             NY-31-53-372
LAING, JOSEPH                           NY-31-93-471
LAIRD, JANE                             NY-31-149-361
LAIRD, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-142-430
LAKE, GEORGE                            NY-31-68-377
LAKE, GEORGE                            NY-31-68-377
LAKE, MARY S.                           NY-31-140-360
LAKE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-54-488
LAKEMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-31-53-38
LAKERMAN, JAMES                         NY-31-43-90
LALE, ANNIE                             NY-31-1022-173
LALLY, JAMES                            NY-31-80-449
LALOR, JOHN                             NY-31-98-506
LALOR, MICHAEL                          NY-31-125-193
LAMB, ANTHONY                           NY-31-114-210
LAMB, BERNARD                           NY-31-82-168
LAMB, JOHN                              NY-31-45-233
LAMBERSON, SARAH                        NY-31-69-327
LAMBERT, HENRY                          NY-31-1000-473
LAMBERT, JOHN                           NY-31-98-478
LAMBERT, MARY                           NY-31-1001-459
LAMBERT, PETER                          NY-31-108-476
LAMBERT, PIERRE                         NY-31-108-476
LAMBERT, RICHARD                        NY-31-69-203
LAMBERT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-57-154
LAMBRECHT, FRANCIS                      NY-31-101-407
LAMETTI, JOSEPH                         NY-31-54-346
LAMPE, GEORGE C.                        NY-31-136-268
LAMPLIN, GEORGE                         NY-31-57-259
LAMPLIN, GEORGE                         NY-31-49-113
LAMPLIN, PAMELA                         NY-31-91-489
LAMPMAN, ISAAC C.                       NY-31-1003-419
LAMSON, GEORGE O.                       NY-31-86-314
LAMSON, JOHN                            NY-31-59-53
LANAHAN, KATHERINE                      NY-31-1026-195
LANCKANAU, JACOB                        NY-31-49-146
LANCUT, NATHAN                          NY-31-989-39
LANDAIS, PIERRE                         NY-31-100-8
LANDAU, JACOB M.                        NY-31-992-317
LANDAUER, JOSEPH                        NY-31-137-203
LANDAUER, ROSE L.                       NY-31-1019-46
LANDERS, MARGARET W.                    NY-31-1010-314
LANDINO, EMMA M.                        NY-31-1031-291
LANDON, GEORGE I.                       NY-31-1004-339
LANDSBERG, GOTTFRIED                    NY-31-1017-309
LANE, CHARLOTTE T.                      NY-31-1007-94
LANE, DANIEL                            NY-31-74-496
LANE, DANIEL E.                         NY-31-99-441
LANE, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-988-373
LANE, FRANCIS T. L.                     NY-31-1025-484
LANE, HENRY V.                          NY-31-1025-183
LANE, MARY B.                           NY-31-1006-202
LANE, NANETTE E.                        NY-31-1009-430
LANG, EBENEZER                          NY-31-66-304
LANG, GEORGE                            NY-31-50-373
LANG, JOHN                              NY-31-75-26
LANG, LENA                              NY-31-989-396
LANG, PONCETTE                          NY-31-48-174
LANG, REBECCA                           NY-31-992-474
LANGAN, JOHN F.                         NY-31-1030-451
LANGBERN, ROSE                          NY-31-1011-498
LANGDON, JANE W.                        NY-31-136-338
LANGDON, JOHN                           NY-31-117-439
LANGDON, JOHN                           NY-31-43-302
LANGDON, THOMAS W.                      NY-31-134-409
LANGE, LOUISE                           NY-31-1022-169
LANGELOTH, JACOB                        NY-31-1010-198
LANGEMANN, HEINRICH L.                  NY-31-1015-463
LANGENBAHN, THEODORE                    NY-31-1004-163
LANGFORD, ANN                           NY-31-102-380
LANGIN, JOHN                            NY-31-117-439
LANGLEY, JAMES                          NY-31-66-290
LANGLOIS, CHARLES                       NY-31-69-242
LANGRALL, CHARLES                       NY-31-41-341
LANGRIN, PETER                          NY-31-52-505
LANGSCHMIDT, CHARLES F.                 NY-31-1009-353
LANGSDORF, FANNIE                       NY-31-1022-108
LANGTON, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-46-82
LANGUET, BATIST                         NY-31-44-393
LANNIER, CHARLES HONORE                 NY-31-55-362
LANNINER, AUGUSTE                       NY-31-49-293
LANNUIRE, STANISLAUS                    NY-31-46-65
LANSING, CORNLEIUS                      NY-31-147-501
LANSING, DIRCK                          NY-31-127-325
LANSING, GARRET G.                      NY-31-50-425
LANSING, GARRET G.                      NY-31-50-420
LANSING, JACOB JOHN                     NY-31-47-450
LANSING, LOUISA                         NY-31-125-434
LANSING, MARY                           NY-31-55-436
LAPE, ARTHUR                            NY-31-991-176
LAPEIRE, JAMES                          NY-31-45-459
LAPHAM, JANE S.                         NY-31-994-35
LAPSLEY, HOWARD                         NY-31-988-138
LAPSLEY, MARGARET J.                    NY-31-991-181
LARANBURG, AMELIA                       NY-31-1016-472
LARCHAN, PAULINE                        NY-31-1021-163
LARKAN, JOHN                            NY-31-53-244
LARKIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-109-264
LARKIN, JOHN                            NY-31-92-746
LARKIN, MARY                            NY-31-114-492
LARKIN, MOSES                           NY-31-111-1
LARKIN, PATRICK                         NY-31-1027-17
LARKIN, TERENCE J.                      NY-31-993-49
LARKINS, JOHN H.                        NY-31-1012-297
LAROCQUE, LOUIS E.                      NY-31-990-36
LARRE, PIERRE                           NY-31-59-510
LASELLS, JOSEPH                         NY-31-44-432
LASHER, JOHN                            NY-31-46-224
LASSELLS, JOHN                          NY-31-53-46
LASSEN, ANDREW                          NY-31-103-455
LATHAM, DANIEL                          NY-31-46-190
LATHAM, GEORGE                          NY-31-43-146
LATHAM, SIMON                           NY-31-43-311
LATHROP, CAMILLA M.                     NY-31-1017-281
LATHROP, DWIGHT                         NY-31-101-200
LATHROP, JOANNA                         NY-31-102-31
LATHROP, JOSEPH                         NY-31-78-142
LATON, SAMUEL B.                        NY-31-128-495
LATOUR, FRANCOIS                        NY-31-990-32
LATOURRETTE, JAMES                      NY-31-83-398
LATSON, MARGARET                        NY-31-124-46
LATTAN, LEWIS                           NY-31-131-464
LATTIMORE, ELISHA                       NY-31-52-107
LAUER, FREDERICK                        NY-31-110-147
LAUGHARNE, ARTHUR                       NY-31-41-228
LAUGHRAN, MARY                          NY-31-110-281
LAUN, JOHN                              NY-31-1024-343
LAUNE, PETER                            NY-31-40-54
LAUNE, STEPHEN P.                       NY-31-59-80
LAURANCE, JOHN                          NY-31-49-78
LAURENCE, GILBERT                       NY-31-54-66
LAURENCE, JOHN                          NY-31-54-102
LAURENCE, SARAH                         NY-31-48-65
LAURENCE, SARAH                         NY-31-47-358
LAURENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-57-397
LAURENT, CLAUDE                         NY-31-1028-13
LAUSSER, GOTTLIEB F.                    NY-31-140-166
LAUT, FRANK PARSONS                     NY-31-1004-239
LAUTERBACH, SOLON                       NY-31-131-165
LAUTERSUNG, GUSTAV                      NY-31-148-138
LAVANNY, JOHN                           NY-31-63-47
LAVERTY, HENRY                          NY-31-108-552
LAVIGNE, MARIE T.                       NY-31-1029-451
LAVIS, CLEMENT                          NY-31-54-412
LAW, GEORGE A.                          NY-31-100-137
LAW, JOHN                               NY-31-43-278
LAW, JOHN                               NY-31-58-282
LAW, LAWRENCE                           NY-31-56-58
LAW, WILLIAM H.                         NY-31-1003-426
LAWLER, CHARLES J.                      NY-31-992-136
LAWLER, THOMAS                          NY-31-72-43
LAWLOR, ANNE                            NY-31-125-414
LAWLOR, ROBERT J.                       NY-31-141-207
LAWRANCE, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-105-396
LAWRANCE, THOMAS                        NY-31-96-562
LAWRENCE, AUGUSTINE                     NY-31-41-206
LAWRENCE, AUGUSTINE HICKS               NY-31-62-204
LAWRENCE, CALEB                         NY-31-43-82
LAWRENCE, CATHARINE                     NY-31-73-76
LAWRENCE, CATHERINE                     NY-31-47-102
LAWRENCE, DEBORAH                       NY-31-54-330
LAWRENCE, DEBORAH                       NY-31-50-95
LAWRENCE, EDWARD                        NY-31-69-50
LAWRENCE, EDWARD B.                     NY-31-148-474
LAWRENCE, EDWARD N.                     NY-31-81-110
LAWRENCE, ELEANOR                       NY-31-76-128
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-101-417
LAWRENCE, FRANCIS ASBURY                NY-31-55-314
LAWRENCE, HANNAH                        NY-31-83-188
LAWRENCE, HANNAH S.                     NY-31-98-395
LAWRENCE, JAMES                         NY-31-45-4
LAWRENCE, JAMES BLANCHARD               NY-31-56-349
LAWRENCE, JAMES DUNCAN                  NY-31-48-483
LAWRENCE, JOANNA                        NY-31-117-427
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-31-80-403
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-31-65-382
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-31-41-244
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NY-31-52-278
LAWRENCE, JOHN A.                       NY-31-138-165
LAWRENCE, JOHN B.                       NY-31-90-293
LAWRENCE, JOHN L.                       NY-31-98-115
LAWRENCE, JOHN MCD.                     NY-31-74-41
LAWRENCE, JOHN T.                       NY-31-62-32
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN                      NY-31-50-256
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN                      NY-31-100-333
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN H.                   NY-31-89-581
LAWRENCE, JULIA D.                      NY-31-991-70
LAWRENCE, MARGARET                      NY-31-103-441
LAWRENCE, MARY                          NY-31-45-441
LAWRENCE, MARY                          NY-31-108-419
LAWRENCE, MATTHEWS W.                   NY-31-91-407
LAWRENCE, NANCEY                        NY-31-93-172
LAWRENCE, NORRIS                        NY-31-40-295
LAWRENCE, PATIENCE                      NY-31-101-262
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                       NY-31-75-307
LAWRENCE, RICHARD M.                    NY-31-116-465
LAWRENCE, RICHARD R.                    NY-31-57-442
LAWRENCE, RICHARD Y.                    NY-31-100-669
LAWRENCE, SARAH                         NY-31-80-14
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-60-451
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-55-274
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM R.                    NY-31-114-325
LAWRENCE,PHEBE C.                       NY-31-1001-109
LAWRENE, ANN                            NY-31-56-314
LAWSON, CADWALLADER                     NY-31-53-328
LAWSON, EDWARD J.                       NY-31-1025-87
LAWSON, JAMES                           NY-31-52-215
LAWSON, SAMUEL                          NY-31-1009-431
LAWSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-120-451
LAWSON, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-31-51-147
LAWTON, ABNER                           NY-31-147-130
LAWTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-68-35
LAY, LEWIS                              NY-31-127-183
LAYTON, ANDREW                          NY-31-53-47
LAYTON, SARAH                           NY-31-81-40
LAZARD, NANNETTE                        NY-31-1027-124
LAZARUS, ELEAZER S.                     NY-31-89-444
LAZOMARSINE, MARY                       NY-31-114-23
LE, HANNAH                              NY-31-100-579
LEABECH, BARBARY                        NY-31-56-335
LEAHEY, PATRICK                         NY-31-105-208
LEAHY, CATHERINE                        NY-31-115-178
LEAHY, JAMES                            NY-31-1012-299
LEAHY, JOHN                             NY-31-1027-238
LEAHY, JOSEPH                           NY-31-125-293
LEAIRD, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-118-82
LEAKE, JOHN                             NY-31-41-11
LEAKE, JOHN G. (116)                    NY-31-64-1
LEAKE, JOHN G.                          NY-31-61-345
LEAN, JAMES                             NY-31-130-219
LEARY, ANDREW                           NY-31-98-575
LEARY, BRIDGET                          NY-31-121-174
LEARY, JOHN                             NY-31-77-314
LEARY, MARY C.                          NY-31-1011-162
LEATHE, GEORGE C.                       NY-31-126-362
LEAVENWORTH, RACHEL                     NY-31-104-434
LEAVY, JAMES                            NY-31-74-472
LEAVY, MATHEW                           NY-31-76-382
LEAYCRAFT, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-91-86
LEAYCRAFT, JACOB A.                     NY-31-74-411
LEAYCRAFT, JAHILAH                      NY-31-74-282
LEAYCRAFT, JOHN K.                      NY-31-147-368
LEAYCRAFT, RICHARD                      NY-31-113-1
LEAYNAFT, WILLIAM                       NY-31-61-254
LEBART, JOSEPH                          NY-31-62-311
LEBRETON, ETIAN                         NY-31-48-91
LEBRETON, ETIAN                         NY-31-56-148
LEBRETON, PHILIP STEPHEN                NY-31-57-53
LEBRUN, ADELE                           NY-31-1025-494
LEBRUN, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-70-136
LEBRUN, MARIN                           NY-31-51-212
LECKEY, FRANCIS                         NY-31-108-287
LECKIE, JOHN                            NY-31-83-516
LECLERC, FORTUNE                        NY-31-127-464
LECOMTE, MARY E.                        NY-31-1017-57
LECONTE, JANE                           NY-31-60-295
LECOUNT, JOHN R.                        NY-31-100-621
LECOUR, HONORE J.                       NY-31-76-213
LECOURREUR, HENRIETTE                   NY-31-50-468
LEDAY, JOHN                             NY-31-45-473
LEDERER, LEWIS                          NY-31-86-196
LEDERER, MARCUS                         NY-31-1006-344
LEDWITH, JANE                           NY-31-56-425
LEDWITH, JOHN                           NY-31-48-162
LEE, ALLEN CAMPBELL                     NY-31-66-180
LEE, ALLEN CAMPBELL                     NY-31-65-186
LEE, ANDREW                             NY-31-44-159
LEE, CHARLES                            NY-31-93-501
LEE, DANIEL                             NY-31-114-484
LEE, DANIEL                             NY-31-149-14
LEE, DAVID                              NY-31-106-229
LEE, ELEANOR                            NY-31-138-35
LEE, ELIZABETH F. G.                    NY-31-136-440
LEE, HUGH                               NY-31-108-57
LEE, JANE R.                            NY-31-124-76
LEE, JASON                              NY-31-92-27
LEE, JOHN JR.                           NY-31-108-291
LEE, LEONARD                            NY-31-104-111
LEE, LEONARD H.                         NY-31-132-240
LEE, LOUISE M.                          NY-31-1003-277
LEE, MARY                               NY-31-83-533
LEE, NANCY                              NY-31-111-72
LEE, PETER                              NY-31-83-362
LEE, ROBERT L                           NY-31-1012-468
LEE, ROLAND                             NY-31-60-32
LEE, SAUNDERS                           NY-31-90-306
LEE, SOPHIA                             NY-31-78-356
LEE, STEPHEN                            NY-31-46-177
LEE, THEODORE                           NY-31-1003-423
LEE, WILLIAM                            NY-31-120-287
LEE, WILLIAM J.                         NY-31-101-181
LEE, WILLIAM J.                         NY-31-997-166
LEEHR, HELENA                           NY-31-1005-421
LEFEBVRE, CHRETIEN                      NY-31-98-579
LEFEBVRE, PIERRE                        NY-31-45-237
LEFEVRE, EGBERT                         NY-31-1000-182
LEFFERTS, DIRCK                         NY-31-42-447
LEFFERTS, JACOBUS                       NY-31-41-31
LEFFERTS, LUCRETIA                      NY-31-43-196
LEFFERTS, SAMUEL                        NY-31-105-329
LEFFINGWELL, HANNAH D.                  NY-31-130-298
LEFFINGWELL, WILLIAM                    NY-31-64-280
LEFFLER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-990-482
LEFOY, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-83-528
LEFOY, HESTER                           NY-31-74-210
LEFOY, THOMAS                           NY-31-43-161
LEFURGE, CATHERINE L.                   NY-31-103-178
LEGENDRE, PIERRE                        NY-31-50-481
LEGGAT, MARIETTA                        NY-31-1028-15
LEGGETT, AARON                          NY-31-130-471
LEGGETT, ADELINE M.                     NY-31-1013-365
LEGGETT, BARBARA                        NY-31-86-374
LEGGETT, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-58-173
LEGGETT, ISAAC                          NY-31-70-67
LEGGETT, JAMES                          NY-31-43-254
LEGGETT, JOSEPH                         NY-31-106-65
LEGGETT, MARY                           NY-31-58-116
LEGGETT, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-1023-234
LEGRAND, JEAN H.                        NY-31-122-478
LEHANE, DENNIS                          NY-31-1019-395
LEHMAIER, LOUIS                         NY-31-139-491
LEHMAN, LEA B.                          NY-31-1017-305
LEHMAN, MARTIN                          NY-31-1005-416
LEHMANN, ALBERT                         NY-31-1009-219
LEHMANN, EMMELINE                       NY-31-1023-232
LEHMANN, LEONARD                        NY-31-1010-312
LEHMANN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1002-102
LEHR, JACOB                             NY-31-63-414
LEICHERT, FRIEDRICH P. V.               NY-31-137-244
LEIGH, ALICE                            NY-31-998-397
LEIGHTON, EDWARD                        NY-31-43-100
LEININGER, ADAM                         NY-31-112-161
LEIS, PETER                             NY-31-135-47
LEISENBACH, IGNACE                      NY-31-103-321
LEISER, LUCIA                           NY-31-1018-181
LEISSNER, EDUARD                        NY-31-998-194
LEISTER, ELIZA J.                       NY-31-127-242
LEISTNER, JOHN C.                       NY-31-69-78
LEITCH, CHARLES                         NY-31-76-255
LEITCH, JANET                           NY-31-991-470
LELAND, MINNIE L.                       NY-31-986-350
LELONG, JOSEPH                          NY-31-85-326
LEMAIRE, JOHN                           NY-31-104-438
LEMAN, ABRAM H.                         NY-31-1012-471
LEMONS, JOHN                            NY-31-45-477
LEMONS, RACHEL                          NY-31-57-325
LEMP, CHARLES                           NY-31-1031-289
LENCY, DAVID                            NY-31-42-526
LENER, NUSEN                            NY-31-1003-420
LENNEN, JAMES                           NY-31-1000-187
LENNIG, HULDA                           NY-31-1006-198
LENNINGTON, THOMAS                      NY-31-61-177
LENOX, RACHEL                           NY-31-86-389
LENOX, ROBERT                           NY-31-81-87
LENT, JACOB                             NY-31-46-89
LENT, JAMES W.                          NY-31-99-5
LENT, NATHANIEL                         NY-31-87-397
LENT, WILLIAM D.                        NY-31-1021-498
LENTE, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-1027-123
LENTGE, HENRY AUGUST                    NY-31-135-97
LENTNER, CATHARINE                      NY-31-102-20
LENTZ, FREDERICK                        NY-31-48-388
LENZ, HARRY                             NY-31-997-360
LENZ, HENRIETTE                         NY-31-994-245
LEON, DAVID                             NY-31-1015-460
LEON, MOSES                             NY-31-62-235
LEONARD, AFFY                           NY-31-56-238
LEONARD, FREDERICK A.                   NY-31-51-242
LEONARD, JAMES                          NY-31-48-8
LEONARD, JAMES T.                       NY-31-69-449
LEONARD, JOHN                           NY-31-108-468
LEONARD, JOHN                           NY-31-1018-222
LEONARD, MARY                           NY-31-81-219
LEONARD, RICHARD                        NY-31-115-181
LEONARD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-46-14
LEONHART, JACOB                         NY-31-130-100
LEOPOLD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-131-289
LEPERMAN, SIMON                         NY-31-133-376
LEPOIDEVIN, PIERRE                      NY-31-90-1
LEROUX, CHARLES                         NY-31-49-73
LEROW, CAROLINE B.                      NY-31-1012-234
LEROY, AMELIA                           NY-31-988-249
LEROY, DANIEL                           NY-31-40-331
LEROY, ELLEN                            NY-31-126-476
LEROY, HERMAN                           NY-31-83-314
LEROY, JACOB                            NY-31-52-232
LEROY, JACOB SR.                        NY-31-41-85
LEROY, MARTHA                           NY-31-77-33
LEROY, MARTHA                           NY-31-63-362
LEROY, ROBERT                           NY-31-92-293
LERSCHER, JOHN                          NY-31-1009-433
LESLEY, JAMES                           NY-31-41-8
LESLIE, DAVID                           NY-31-73-339
LESLIE, FRANK (MRS.)                    NY-31-996-392
LESSER, ROSA                            NY-31-1026-278
LESTER, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-49-316
LESTER, CATHARINE                       NY-31-45-411
LESTER, NATHAN R.                       NY-31-59-409
LESTORER, PHILIPE BAPTISTE              NY-31-63-226
LETCHER, SUSETTE                        NY-31-1017-279
LETHBRIDGE, SABIN                       NY-31-59-355
LEUPP, CHARLES M.                       NY-31-129-273
LEVEILLARD, WILLIAM                     NY-31-41-384
LEVERIDGE, BENJAMIN C.                  NY-31-141-102
LEVETT, DAVID M.                        NY-31-1010-316
LEVI, EMANUEL                           NY-31-1017-308
LEVIN, AMELIA                           NY-31-1018-63
LEVIN, EMMA B.                          NY-31-1017-299
LEVINE, MINNA                           NY-31-1021-169
LEVINE, NATHAN                          NY-31-996-443
LEVINESS, CHARLES T.                    NY-31-147-344
LEVINGS, NOAH                           NY-31-97-166
LEVINGSTON, HENRY G.                    NY-31-54-144
LEVINSON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-120-32
LEVISON, DANIEL                         NY-31-58-400
LEVISON, ISAAC                          NY-31-1028-18
LEVITTA, ADOLPH                         NY-31-1012-404
LEVY, ADOLPH G.                         NY-31-1018-60
LEVY, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-139-401
LEVY, BERNARD                           NY-31-1006-336
LEVY, DAVID N.                          NY-31-1000-35
LEVY, EMIL                              NY-31-1011-44
LEVY, ESTHER                            NY-31-88-100
LEVY, FRANCES                           NY-31-1008-202
LEVY, HAYMAN                            NY-31-40-198
LEVY, ISRAEL                            NY-31-58-440
LEVY, JACOB JR.                         NY-31-76-294
LEVY, JULIA                             NY-31-1002-485
LEVY, JULIET                            NY-31-104-16
LEVY, KALINA                            NY-31-1005-76
LEVY, LEWIS                             NY-31-1000-376
LEVY, MARK                              NY-31-110-367
LEVY, MOSES                             NY-31-1010-485
LEVY, REBECCA                           NY-31-63-447
LEVY, ROBERT I.                         NY-31-999-419
LEVY, SAMUEL                            NY-31-1012-407
LEVY, SOPHIE                            NY-31-1028-243
LEVY, URIAH P. ***                      NY-31-141-253
LEVY, W. HENDRICK                       NY-31-136-488
LEWIN, CECELIA                          NY-31-1012-473
LEWIN, RICK                             NY-31-1022-245
LEWINSTEIN, EMILIE                      NY-31-990-378
LEWIS, ABBY                             NY-31-123-292
LEWIS, ADAM                             NY-31-43-369
LEWIS, ADDIN                            NY-31-86-107
LEWIS, ALFRED                           NY-31-52-86
LEWIS, ALFRED H.                        NY-31-1013-363
LEWIS, ANN                              NY-31-74-442
LEWIS, ANN                              NY-31-127-39
LEWIS, CECILIA                          NY-31-116-283
LEWIS, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-83-560
LEWIS, ELEANOR                          NY-31-59-326
LEWIS, ELIAS                            NY-31-58-23
LEWIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-67-48
LEWIS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-92-595
LEWIS, FRANCIS                          NY-31-44-218
LEWIS, GEORGE                           NY-31-136-284
LEWIS, GEORGE H.                        NY-31-1029-60
LEWIS, ISAAC                            NY-31-81-455
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-31-73-136
LEWIS, JAY S.                           NY-31-134-472
LEWIS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-66-302
LEWIS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1030-439
LEWIS, LEWIS                            NY-31-138-184
LEWIS, LEWIS                            NY-31-84-221
LEWIS, MARIA L.                         NY-31-92-131
LEWIS, MARY ANN                         NY-31-101-292
LEWIS, MATILDA                          NY-31-1021-379
LEWIS, MATILDA                          NY-31-64-321
LEWIS, PHEOBE                           NY-31-112-199
LEWIS, PHILO                            NY-31-86- 171
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-116-101
LEWIS, SAMUEL A.                        NY-31-998-393
LEWIS, SARAH                            NY-31-102-4
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-31-96-432
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-31-44-425
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-43-466
LEWIS, WINSLOW P.                       NY-31-1018-221
LEWOLF, WILLIAM                         NY-31-107-56
LHOMMEDIEU, NATHANIEL                   NY-31-69-191
LIBBY, GEORGIANA H.                     NY-31-1028-241
LIBERMAN, BARUCH P.                     NY-31-1007-304
LIBMANN, LUCIAN L.                      NY-31-1025-185
LICHTENBEIN, ADELA                      NY-31-989-319
LICHTENBERG, JACOB                      NY-31-124-230
LICHTENSTEIN, ALFRED                    NY-31-1025-303
LICHTENSTEIN, BETHA                     NY-31-1020-92
LICHTENSTEIN, SARAH                     NY-31-991-63
LIDGERWOOD, EDWARD L.                   NY-31-120-201
LIDGERWOOD, JAMES                       NY-31-66-152
LIDMAN, AARON                           NY-31-47-392
LIEBMANN, BABETTE                       NY-31-986-47
LIEBMANN, HENRY                         NY-31-1021-67
LIESE, FREDERICK C.                     NY-31-147-54
LIGHT, FANNY                            NY-31-1024-243
LIGHTBODY, JAMES                        NY-31-123-205
LIGINGER, MARGARET                      NY-31-996-47
LILIENTHAL, HANKE                       NY-31-67-8
LILIENTHAL, LEAR                        NY-31-129-477
LILLEY, JAMES R.                        NY-31-1025-298
LILLIENDAHL, CHRISTIAN D. W.            NY-31-124-298
LILLY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-45-136
LIMBERGER, JOHN                         NY-31-79-317
LIMBERGER, JOSEPHUS F.                  NY-31-104-55
LIMBERT, GEORGE                         NY-31-57-237
LIMBURG, RICHARD                        NY-31-1031-284
LIME, ANDREW                            NY-31-132-182
LINAN, JOHN                             NY-31-54-381
LINCH, GEORGE W.                        NY-31-1027-239
LINCOLN, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-85-101
LINCOLN, ESTHER D.                      NY-31-1016-48
LINCOLN, GEORGE M.                      NY-31-989-392
LINDEMAN, JOHN                          NY-31-92-742
LINDEN, AUGUSTUS                        NY-31-1016-53
LINDGENS, HENRY A.                      NY-31-1027-19
LINDLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-31-51-161
LINDS, JOSHUA J.                        NY-31-1005-353
LINDSAY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-94-630
LINDSAY, GEORGE                         NY-31-60-81
LINDSAY, JOHN                           NY-31-90-487
LINDSAY, JOHN                           NY-31-121-448
LINDSAY, MARY                           NY-31-105-28
LINDSAY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-49-386
LINES, CONRAD                           NY-31-82-6
LINEWAY, ANN                            NY-31-98-543
LINKLETER, JAMES                        NY-31-67-155
LINNE, JOHN                             NY-31-69-439
LINNINGHAM, ANNA                        NY-31-84-331
LINSKEY, JAMES                          NY-31-149-26
LINSLEY, JAMES H.                       NY-31-92-301
LINSTED, JOHN W.                        NY-31-123-13
LINSTED, JOHN W.                        NY-31-121-252
LINTHICUM, JULIA T.                     NY-31-992-467
LINTON, RACHEL                          NY-31-82-297
LINTON, ROBERT                          NY-31-77-474
LINTZ, JOHN                             NY-31-101-550
LION, MOSES L.                          NY-31-135-50
LIPPENCOTT, HANNAH                      NY-31-51-260
LIPPERT, FREDERICK                      NY-31-997-170
LIPPI, ANNA                             NY-31-1025-491
LIPSCHILZ, ISAAC                        NY-31-1004-406
LISANTI, NICOLETTA                      NY-31-986-346
LISHENARD, ANTHONY                      NY-31-46-395
LISNER, FANNIE R.                       NY-31-994-250
LISOR, MAHALA A.                        NY-31-1024-347
LISPENARD, ALICE (193)                  NY-31-87-1
LISPENARD, ANTHONY                      NY-31-46-360
LISPENARD, ANTHONY                      NY-31-47-331
LISPENARD, LEONARD                      NY-31-40-238
LISPENARD, LEONARD                      NY-31-54-134
LISTER, RICHARD                         NY-31-44-326
LIT, DOMMIGOS                           NY-31-116-175
LITCHFIELD, EPHRAIM                     NY-31-101-78
LITTELL, ANDREW                         NY-31-105-302
LITTELL, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-148-212
LITTELL, ISAAC                          NY-31-65-318
LITTELL, MARGARETTA E.                  NY-31-1027-394
LITTLE, ELEAZER                         NY-31-54-158
LITTLE, HORACE                          NY-31-108-52
LITTLE, JAMES                           NY-31-83-54
LITTLE, JAMES                           NY-31-113-171
LITTLE, JONATHAN                        NY-31-61-63
LITTLE, MICHAEL                         NY-31-57-308
LITTLEFIELD, LEMUEL                     NY-31-987-466
LITTLEFIELD, NATHANIEL                  NY-31-82-55
LITTLEFIELD, SAMUEL                     NY-31-55-508
LITTMAN, ADOLF                          NY-31-987-9
LITTMAN, SELIG                          NY-31-1026-197
LIVELLI, ANTNIO                         NY-31-1012-301
LIVERMORE, WILLIAM W.                   NY-31-113-233
LIVESAY, JANE                           NY-31-110-579
LIVESEY, STARKIE                        NY-31-130-122
LIVIGNSOTN, SCHUYLER                    NY-31-137-488
LIVINGSTON, ANDREW J.                   NY-31-997-364
LIVINGSTON, BROCKHOLST                  NY-31-58-60
LIVINGSTON, CRAWFORD                    NY-31-95-139
LIVINGSTON, ELIZA                       NY-31-135-128
LIVINGSTON, ELIZABETH                   NY-31-40-169
LIVINGSTON, FRANCES GOODHUE             NY-31-120-391
LIVINGSTON, JAMES ALLEN                 NY-31-60-166
LIVINGSTON, JAMES HOWARD                NY-31-66-368
LIVINGSTON, JOHANNA M.                  NY-31-139-470
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                        NY-31-61-280
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                        NY-31-44-370
LIVINGSTON, JOHN W.                     NY-31-132-369
LIVINGSTON, JUSTINA                     NY-31-103-556
LIVINGSTON, LOUISA                      NY-31-62-72
LIVINGSTON, MAMIE                       NY-31-1012-239
LIVINGSTON, MARGARET                    NY-31-76-464
LIVINGSTON, MARGARET M.                 NY-31-95-404
LIVINGSTON, MARY R.                     NY-31-95-391
LIVINGSTON, MATURIN                     NY-31-95-235
LIVINGSTON, MORTIMER                    NY-31-121-262
LIVINGSTON, PATTY                       NY-31-88-201
LIVINGSTON, PHILIP                      NY-31-48-452
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT                      NY-31-142-235
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT C.                   NY-31-41-262
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT GILBERT              NY-31-40-183
LIVINGSTON, SARAH                       NY-31-44-175
LIVINGSTON, SARAH                       NY-31-42-198
LIVINGSTON, SUSANNA                     NY-31-40-307
LIVINGSTON, WARREN                      NY-31-122-83
LIVINGSTON,ROBERT C.                    NY-31-65-311
LIVINSTON, CORNELIA                     NY-31-57-174
LLOYD, GABRIEL                          NY-31-1015-467
LLOYD, HANNAH                           NY-31-80-379
LLOYD, JAMES                            NY-31-67-242
LLOYD, JAMES                            NY-31-69-65
LLOYD, JAMES                            NY-31-67-220
LLOYD, JOSEPH                           NY-31-79-189
LLOYD,R OBERT                           NY-31-1021-168
LOAGUE, ROBERT                          NY-31-113-109
LOBATO, ANDRES                          NY-31-78-285
LOBEL, ABRAHAM D.                       NY-31-1030-441
LOBENSTEIN, JOHN                        NY-31-130-355
LOCK, THOMAS                            NY-31-89-587
LOCKMAN, JACOB                          NY-31-113-446
LOCKMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-31-80-345
LOCKROW, EMMA W.                        NY-31-1025-187
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-99-573
LOCKWOOD, AMELIA B.                     NY-31-1030-42
LOCKWOOD, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-102-242
LOCKWOOD, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-133-489
LOCKWOOD, HENRY B.                      NY-31-1015-465
LOCKWOOD, IRA                           NY-31-103-520
LOCKWOOD, JANE S.                       NY-31-129-233
LOCKWOOD, JOHN F.                       NY-31-1002-372
LOCKWOOD, LEVINA                        NY-31-79-312
LOCKWOOD, PHILIP                        NY-31-59-190
LOCKWOOD, ROSEWELL E.                   NY-31-131-327
LODAWAY, JACOB                          NY-31-52-57
LODER, JONATHAN B.                      NY-31-85-76
LOEB, FERDINAND G.                      NY-31-987-477
LOEB, SIMON                             NY-31-1021-381
LOEHR, MARGARET                         NY-31-991-463
LOELOFF, THEODORE                       NY-31-109-241
LOEW, SOPHIE                            NY-31-1002-146
LOEW, WILLIAM L.                        NY-31-1024-154
LOEWE, MARY                             NY-31-1012-241
LOEWER, GEORGE                          NY-31-1013-369
LOEWER, HENRY                           NY-31-1031-289
LOFTUS, MARY                            NY-31-1016-55
LOFTUS, SARAH BOLTON                    NY-31-49-308
LOGAN, ABRAM                            NY-31-54-293
LOGAN, ADAM                             NY-31-99-240
LOGAN, ANDREW                           NY-31-1016-52
LOGAN, ANNIE                            NY-31-1004-399
LOGAN, DAVID                            NY-31-55-480
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-99-270
LOGELING, MARIA                         NY-31-1012-405
LOGES, FRANZ H.                         NY-31-101-91
LOGNSTREET, SARAH E.                    NY-31-1014-298
LOHMANN, HENRY                          NY-31-1008-198
LOHR, CAROLINE                          NY-31-1015-153
LOHR, HERMAN F.                         NY-31-1008-263
LOHRS, HARM D.                          NY-31-131-240
LOINES, RICHARD                         NY-31-69-316
LOLLOMS, HANNAH                         NY-31-42-287
LOMARINDICK, TEUNIS                     NY-31-42-23
LOMBARD, JOHN                           NY-31-148-84
LOMERRE, CHARLES H.                     NY-31-1001-461
LOMMEDIEU, SYLVESTER                    NY-31-61-470
LONATI, JOSEPH S.                       NY-31-107-379
LONDON, PHILIP                          NY-31-1018-427
LONERGAN, THOMAS                        NY-31-82-425
LONEY, CATHARINE W.                     NY-31-1015-155
LONG, GEORGE                            NY-31-86-265
LONG, JACOB A.                          NY-31-125-296
LONG, JOHN                              NY-31-40-156
LONG, JULIUS M.                         NY-31-66-442
LONGEINOTTO, PAOLO                      NY-31-99-496
LONGWORTH, THOMAS                       NY-31-114-242
LOOKER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-78-201
LOOMIS, ELIJAH B.                       NY-31-127-425
LOOMIS, JAMES                           NY-31-70-258
LOOMIS, NELAND                          NY-31-149-265
LOOMIS, REBECCA                         NY-31-997-451
LOORAM, MATHEW                          NY-31-140-245
LOORANI, CATHARIN                       NY-31-1004-44
LOOS, CHARLES                           NY-31-1020-94
LOPEZ, JOSHUA                           NY-31-92-192
LORD, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-102-229
LORD, JOHN G.                           NY-31-93-503
LORD, JOSEPH N.                         NY-31-121-51
LORD, JULIA R.                          NY-31-1021-165
LORD, MARY S.                           NY-31-70-123
LORD, SILAS                             NY-31-58-354
LORD, SUSANNA                           NY-31-59-178
LORD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-1031-126
LORDON, ELLEN                           NY-31-1020-413
LORENZ, BERTHA                          NY-31-1029-454
LORENZO, WILLIAM B.                     NY-31-1030-295
LORGE, HONNET                           NY-31-1018-341
LORILLARD, GEORGE                       NY-31-69-331
LORILLARD, JACOB                        NY-31-79-102
LORIMER, RUTH S.                        NY-31-992-472
LORING, FRANCIS L.                      NY-31-1009-350
LORING, MARY                            NY-31-53-248
LORSCH, GIDEON D.                       NY-31-1017-54
LORSCH, JENNY                           NY-31-1012-176
LORSET, SOLOMON                         NY-31-985-357
LORTON, LEWIS                           NY-31-47-313
LOSEA, GEORGE J.                        NY-31-1024-341
LOSEE, EMMA                             NY-31-1019-390
LOSEE, EVE                              NY-31-122-169
LOSEY, CHARLOTTE                        NY-31-99-171
LOSEY, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-44-330
LOSEY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-108-105
LOSKAMP, JOHN H.                        NY-31-100-649
LOSS, CHRISITAN GOTTFRIED               NY-31-50-237
LOTHIAN, GEORGE B.                      NY-31-100-483
LOTHROP, FANNIE M.                      NY-31-998-43
LOTT, WILLIAM P.                        NY-31-64-239
LOUCH, PHILIPP                          NY-31-122-173
LOUCHHEIM, SOPHIA                       NY-31-1012-112
LOUCKS, JOHN C.                         NY-31-114-316
LOUD, THOMAS                            NY-31-70-1
LOUGHLIN, JOHN                          NY-31-118-29
LOUGHRAN, JOHN                          NY-31-105-59
LOUGHREY, CHARLES                       NY-31-1012-114
LOUIS, ERNESTINE                        NY-31-1008-67
LOUNSBERRY, STEPHEN                     NY-31-56-360
LOUNSBERY, ALFRED B.                    NY-31-1027-395
LOUNSBURY, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-101-38
LOUNSBURY, NEHEMIAH                     NY-31-111-491
LOUNSBURY, SARAH                        NY-31-104-79
LOUTREL, LOIS                           NY-31-141-414
LOVEJOY, JONATHAN                       NY-31-91-436
LOVELAND, THOMAS                        NY-31-52-67
LOVELL, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-53-518
LOVELL, FRANK H.                        NY-31-1008-261
LOVELL, JOHN                            NY-31-50-30
LOVELL, MARGARET                        NY-31-55-247
LOVELL, PHILA                           NY-31-147-302
LOVELL, ROBERT                          NY-31-50-343
LOVELL, THOMAS                          NY-31-97-600
LOVETT, GEORGE                          NY-31-63-402
LOVETT, JABESH                          NY-31-78-121
LOVETT, JAMES                           NY-31-100-710
LOVETT, JOHN                            NY-31-48-232
LOW, CORNELIUS                          NY-31-98-134
LOW, CORNELUS                           NY-31-48-158
LOW, JOHN                               NY-31-106-95
LOW, JULIUS A.                          NY-31-141-484
LOW, LOUIS                              NY-31-112-173
LOW, MARGARETT                          NY-31-74-413
LOW, NICHOLAS                           NY-31-130-21
LOW, NICHOLAS                           NY-31-61-8
LOW, WILLIAM H.                         NY-31-72-202
LOWARBY, MARY                           NY-31-59-367
LOWE, EDWARD                            NY-31-1022-399
LOWE, JANE                              NY-31-132-31
LOWE, JOANNA B.                         NY-31-100-504
LOWE, JOHN                              NY-31-1022-107
LOWENBEIN, DAVID                        NY-31-1006-453
LOWENBEIN, MORRIS                       NY-31-989-314
LOWENFELD, JOSEPHINE                    NY-31-994-444
LOWENFELD, PINCUS                       NY-31-1008-266
LOWENSOHN, SIMON                        NY-31-1021-383
LOWENSTEIN, BARBARA                     NY-31-995-357
LOWENSTEIN, JACOB H.                    NY-31-1029-55
LOWENSTEIN, MOSES                       NY-31-999-481
LOWENSTEIN, REGINA                      NY-31-1022-393
LOWERRE, ABIGAIL                        NY-31-127-66
LOWERRE, JAMES                          NY-31-80-201
LOWERRE, MARTHA T.                      NY-31-1004-402
LOWNDES, WILLIAM                        NY-31-48-427
LOWRY, FRANCISCA                        NY-31-43-447
LOWRY, JAMES                            NY-31-57-361
LOWRY, JOSEPHINE                        NY-31-103-94
LOWRY, MICHAEL                          NY-31-989-311
LOWTHER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-103-302
LOYD, RICHARD                           NY-31-48-189
LOZIER, ABRAHAM W.                      NY-31-78-289
LOZIER, HELEBRANT                       NY-31-76-434
LOZIER, JACOB                           NY-31-127-229
LOZIER, JAMES                           NY-31-97-277
LOZIER, JOHN                            NY-31-112-193
LOZIER, STEPHEN                         NY-31-101-170
LUBKEN, SUSANNA S.                      NY-31-127-44
LUBKIN, LUTTER                          NY-31-106-582
LUCAS, AARON                            NY-31-79-20
LUCAS, JEFFERY                          NY-31-117-107
LUCAS,AGNES D.                          NY-31-1025-486
LUCE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-41-151
LUCKE, CHARLES                          NY-31-138-211
LUDEKE, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-1025-300
LUDEWIG, PAULINE                        NY-31-1022-396
LUDFORD, JONATHAN                       NY-31-54-485
LUDINGTON, ARTHUR C.                    NY-31-1010-318
LUDLAM, JOHN H.                         NY-31-96-295
LUDLAM, RICHARD L.                      NY-31-78-352
LUDLAM, SARAH                           NY-31-84-86
LUDLOW, ANN                             NY-31-58-329
LUDLOW, ANN                             NY-31-51-324
LUDLOW, CARY                            NY-31-54-255
LUDLOW, CARY                            NY-31-52-145
LUDLOW, EDWARD P. BL.                   NY-31-996-436
LUDLOW, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-64-451
LUDLOW, FRANCES                         NY-31-82-35
LUDLOW, FRANCES S.                      NY-31-68-219
LUDLOW, FRANCES S.                      NY-31-68-219
LUDLOW, GABRIEL H.                      NY-31-40-126
LUDLOW, GABRIEL V.                      NY-31-59-345
LUDLOW, GABRIEL V.                      NY-31-65-392
LUDLOW, GABRIEL W.                      NY-31-45-479
LUDLOW, GEORGE                          NY-31-42-175
LUDLOW, GULIAN                          NY-31-65-168
LUDLOW, GULIAN                          NY-31-69-445
LUDLOW, HESTER                          NY-31-62-146
LUDLOW, JAMES                           NY-31-61-484
LUDLOW, JOHN C.                         NY-31-52-324
LUDLOW, JOHN C.                         NY-31-52-357
LUDLOW, MARGARET                        NY-31-114-294
LUDLOW, MARIA                           NY-31-95-371
LUDLOW, MARTHA                          NY-31-55-276
LUDLOW, MARTHA                          NY-31-56-3
LUDLOW, MARY                            NY-31-91-533
LUDLOW, MARY                            NY-31-79-133
LUDLOW, NICOLL                          NY-31-1010-322
LUDLOW, PETER                           NY-31-68-374
LUDLOW, PETER                           NY-31-68-374
LUDLOW, ROBERT E.                       NY-31-66-449
LUDLOW, SARAH                           NY-31-58-431
LUDLOW, SARAH C.                        NY-31-87-276
LUDLOW, THOMAS                          NY-31-57-148
LUDLOW, WILLIAM                         NY-31-52-202
LUDLOW, WILLIAM C.                      NY-31-54-259
LUDLOW, WILLIAM W.                      NY-31-51-353
LUDLUM, SAMUEL                          NY-31-51-252
LUDLUM, WILLIAM                         NY-31-44-29
LUDWIG, JOSEPH F.                       NY-31-80-70
LUFF, FRANCES M.                        NY-31-111-367
LUFF, GEORGE                            NY-31-61-493
LUFF, MARTIN                            NY-31-95-521
LUFLOW, WILLIAM                         NY-31-52-204
LUHRS, HARM D.                          NY-31-131-240
LUKE, GEORGE                            NY-31-83-355
LULLMANN, JOHN                          NY-31-102-153
LULULSKY, MOSES                         NY-31-1011-261
LUMDIN, JOHN                            NY-31-110-489
LUMMIS, ELIZA O.                        NY-31-1026-274
LUMMIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-993-380
LUND, JANE                              NY-31-986-52
LUNT, CHARLES S.                        NY-31-59-165
LUPTON, ARTHUR                          NY-31-60-389
LUPTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-42-210
LUQUEER, FRANCIS T.                     NY-31-131-296
LURIA, LEISER                           NY-31-1018-181
LUSHER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-63-334
LUTZ, STEPHEN                           NY-31-137-213
LUTZ, ULYSSES S.                        NY-31-1010-65
LUXFORD, EDWARD                         NY-31-121-406
LUYSTER, MARY W.                        NY-31-996-49
LYALL, CHARLES                          NY-31-123-490
LYALL, JOHN                             NY-31-66-43
LYDE, EDWARD                            NY-31-50-117
LYDECKER, JOHN                          NY-31-99-27
LYDIG, PHILIP                           NY-31-44-158
LYELL, THOMAS                           NY-31-95-647
LYELL, WILLIAM                          NY-31-147-306
LYLBURN, ROBERT                         NY-31-51-413
LYLE, CLARA S.                          NY-31-1026-269
LYLE, SAMUEL                            NY-31-56-208
LYMAN, PETER                            NY-31-113-62
LYN, LETTE                              NY-31-92-670
LYNAM, FRANCIS                          NY-31-54-234
LYNCH, ANDREW C.                        NY-31-102-1
LYNCH, BERNARD                          NY-31-95-62
LYNCH, CATHARINE                        NY-31-106-60
LYNCH, CATHARINE M.                     NY-31-1012-171
LYNCH, CHARLES                          NY-31-99-42
LYNCH, DOMINCK                          NY-31-78-43
LYNCH, ELIAS                            NY-31-122-166
LYNCH, FRANCIS                          NY-31-44-142
LYNCH, JANE                             NY-31-98-198
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-31-108-267
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-31-56-131
LYNCH, MARGARET                         NY-31-1012-174
LYNCH, MARGARET A.                      NY-31-111-17
LYNCH, MARY                             NY-31-993-376
LYNCH, MARY                             NY-31-93-513
LYNCH, MATHEW                           NY-31-55-381
LYNCH, NOAH                             NY-31-991-187
LYNCH, PHILIP                           NY-31-988-452
LYNCH, THOMAS                           NY-31-61-388
LYNCH, THOMAS                           NY-31-120-153
LYNCH, WINIFRED                         NY-31-989-82
LYNDE, GEORGE S.                        NY-31-1009-220
LYNDE, NATHANIEL W.                     NY-31-1022-168
LYNHAM, GEORGE                          NY-31-49-264
LYON, DANIEL                            NY-31-76-363
LYON, DAVID                             NY-31-94-708
LYON, ELIJAH B.                         NY-31-141-36
LYON, GEORGE                            NY-31-67-254
LYON, JAMES                             NY-31-90-223
LYON, JAMES L.                          NY-31-126-182
LYON, JOHN H.                           NY-31-1014-291
LYON, JOSEPH                            NY-31-82-31
LYON, JOSEPH                            NY-31-60-444
LYON, LYDIA                             NY-31-137-458
LYON, MOSES                             NY-31-83-488
LYON, NEHEMIAH                          NY-31-53-186
LYON, PETER                             NY-31-58-471
LYON, ROBERT P.                         NY-31-1030-446
LYON, SOPHIA                            NY-31-114-9
LYON, STEPHEN                           NY-31-141-323
LYON, STEPHEN                           NY-31-129-49
LYONS, ALFRED                           NY-31-1028-246
LYONS, CATHERINE N.                     NY-31-998-40
LYONS, DAVID                            NY-31-105-129
LYONS, DAVID                            NY-31-128-87
LYONS, JOHN                             NY-31-140-383
LYONS, JOHN                             NY-31-115-33
LYONS, LEOPOLD                          NY-31-1005-356
LYONS, MARY                             NY-31-115-110
LYONS, RICHARD J.                       NY-31-1023-169
LYONS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-149-462
LYONS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-129-287
LYONS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-106-573

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