New York County (Manhattan), New York
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TABER, DAVID S.                         NY-31-1004-455
TABING, JULIA M.                        NY-31-1004-201
TABORSKY, STANLEY                       NY-31-1028-290
TACK, THEODORE E.                       NY-31-1013-60
TAFT, JONATHAN                          NY-31-103-327
TAFT, NELLIE B.                         NY-31-1001-36
TAFT, OTIS                              NY-31-74-87
TAFT, REBECCA                           NY-31-1013-166
TAG, ROBERT                             NY-31-1012-449
TAGART, RICHARD                         NY-31-57-79
TAGGART, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-109-224
TAINOR, AUGUSTA H.                      NY-31-1008-230
TAIT, EDWARD                            NY-31-1025-83
TAIT, SARAH                             NY-31-56-163
TALBOT, ANNE                            NY-31-986-100
TALBOT, ISABEL M.                       NY-31-1005-288
TALBOT, JOHN M.                         NY-31-1020-442
TALBOT, SILAS                           NY-31-50-471
TALBOT, VIOLETTA                        NY-31-132-199
TALBOT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-56-16
TALBOTT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-44-241
TALLMADGE, BENJAMIN                     NY-31-64-156
TALLMADGE, BENJAMIN H.                  NY-31-147-221
TALLMADGE, CHARLES W.                   NY-31-87-402
TALLMADGE, HENRY F.                     NY-31-110-401
TALLMADGE, JAMES                        NY-31-109-156
TALLMADGE, MARIA C.                     NY-31-127-19
TALLMADGE, THEODORE B.                  NY-31-83-309
TALLMAN, ACHILLES                       NY-31-71-399
TALLMAN, MARY B.                        NY-31-1021-433
TALLMAN, WILLIAM JR.                    NY-31-97-180
TALLYERAND, CHARLES M. DE               NY-31-77-243
TALMAGE, THOMAS A.                      NY-31-137-469
TALMAN, JAMES F.                        NY-31-125-467
TANFIELD, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-1022-292
TANGUERY, PIERRE                        NY-31-53-509
TANKARD, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-68-164
TANKARD, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-68-164
TANKARD, GEORGE                         NY-31-50-441
TANNENBAUM, LIPPMAN                     NY-31-1025-85
TANNER, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-83-11
TANNER, FREDERICK C.                    NY-31-99-348
TAPLEY, ELIZABETH H.                    NY-31-1001-299
TAPPAN, J. SEWELL                       NY-31-1002-311
TAPPEN, ANGELINE A.                     NY-31-116-449
TAPPEN, GEORGE                          NY-31-117-409
TAPPER, JOHN                            NY-31-66-361
TARDY, JEANNE SOPHIA D.                 NY-31-80-66
TARDY, JOHN G.                          NY-31-68-59
TARDY, JOHN G.                          NY-31-68-59
TARGEE, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-126-324
TARGEE, JOHN                            NY-31-99-489
TARGEE, JOHN V.                         NY-31-111-364
TARGEE, MARGARET                        NY-31-130-40
TARNAGNO, BARTHOLOMEW O.                NY-31-986-274
TARR, HENRY                             NY-31-48-15
TATE, ALBERT M.                         NY-31-1003-331
TATE, DANIEL C.                         NY-31-1031-191
TATE, EDGAR                             NY-31-1003-479
TATE, JOHN M.                           NY-31-992-491
TATE, MARY J.                           NY-31-1021-331
TATE, MOORE                             NY-31-42-142
TATE, ROBERT                            NY-31-53-477
TATE, ROBERT                            NY-31-47-296
TATEOSYAN, ELIZA STEEN                  NY-31-127-164
TATHAM, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-1018-260
TATRO, MITCHEL                          NY-31-142-151
TAUBMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-98-25
TAUCHERT, OSCAR E.                      NY-31-1016-458
TAUS, JOSEF                             NY-31-1012-451
TAUSEND, MAX                            NY-31-1001-163
TAYLOR, ABBY H.                         NY-31-123-360
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-100-28
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-51-370
TAYLOR, ANN                             NY-31-132-215
TAYLOR, ANN                             NY-31-53-62
TAYLOR, ANNE                            NY-31-137-272
TAYLOR, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-58-280
TAYLOR, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-49-32
TAYLOR, ASA                             NY-31-62-492
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN ****                   NY-31-94-1
TAYLOR, CATHERINE A. V.                 NY-31-990-261
TAYLOR, CHARLES                         NY-31-91-427
TAYLOR, CHARLES                         NY-31-41-247
TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-53-350
TAYLOR, EDWARD                          NY-31-91-289
TAYLOR, ELIZA                           NY-31-53-249
TAYLOR, ELIZA L.                        NY-31-120-18
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-128-353
TAYLOR, EMMA L.                         NY-31-1022-70
TAYLOR, EVA L                           NY-31-1026-478
TAYLOR, FRANCES L.                      NY-31-1027-176
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          NY-31-118-1
TAYLOR, GEORGE JR.                      NY-31-81-46
TAYLOR, GEORGE L                        NY-31-987-48
TAYLOR, GEORGE S.                       NY-31-1025-348
TAYLOR, HELEN C.                        NY-31-997-495
TAYLOR, HENRY                           NY-31-62-61
TAYLOR, HUGH                            NY-31-92-121
TAYLOR, HUGH                            NY-31-89-543
TAYLOR, JACOB                           NY-31-106-475
TAYLOR, JACOB B.                        NY-31-108-206
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-31-121-372
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-31-111-209
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-31-99-567
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-31-57-357
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-31-71-35
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-31-46-93
TAYLOR, JOHN I.                         NY-31-104-304
TAYLOR, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-107-459
TAYLOR, JOHN SR.                        NY-31-69-281
TAYLOR, MARGARET                        NY-31-52-369
TAYLOR, MARY                            NY-31-56-127
TAYLOR, MARY                            NY-31-87-378
TAYLOR, MARY                            NY-31-100-82
TAYLOR, MATTHEW A.                      NY-31-1010-261
TAYLOR, RACHEL                          NY-31-77-292
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         NY-31-58-131
TAYLOR, ROBERT                          NY-31-95-249
TAYLOR, SARAH E.                        NY-31-1001-159
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NY-31-73-397
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NY-31-110-545
TAYLOR, THOMAS C.                       NY-31-136-287
TAYLOR, THOMAS J.                       NY-31-986-439
TAYLOR, THOMAS S.                       NY-31-99-243
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-31-99-458
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-1001-31
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-1004-492
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-1003-371
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-97-540
TAYLOR, WILSON                          NY-31-104-251
TEAGUE, EDWARD                          NY-31-99-20
TEAL, ABRAHAM ***                       NY-31-133-89
TEALE, JOHN C.                          NY-31-59-284
TEGELER, C. B.                          NY-31-48-5
TEGHAFER, ANNA CHRISTINA                NY-31-50-296
TEISSEIRE, ANTHONY                      NY-31-74-301
TEJADA, RAFAEL G. DE                    NY-31-116-456
TELFER, EMILY J.                        NY-31-1011-289
TELFEYAN, SARKIS G.                     NY-31-1004-74
TELFORD, DORCAS                         NY-31-125-450
TELFORD, FRANCIS                        NY-31-75-397
TELL, GEORGE                            NY-31-62-339
TELLER, CLARENCE H.                     NY-31-1005-282
TELLER, EDMUND D.                       NY-31-1026-472
TELLER, JAMES                           NY-31-56-402
TELLER, JOHN O.                         NY-31-112-255
TELLER, TOBIAS                          NY-31-73-455
TELLICAN, GARRIT                        NY-31-46-457
TELLOW, PETER                           NY-31-40-300
TELSCHOW, JOHANNA                       NY-31-1026-474
TEMME, JOSEPH                           NY-31-109-252
TEMPLETON, OLIVER                       NY-31-41-96
TENBROECK, HENRY                        NY-31-135-177
TENEYCK, ANDREW                         NY-31-62-263
TENEYCK, ANDREW                         NY-31-78-188
TENEYCK, MARGARET                       NY-31-80-79
TENEYCK, MARGARET                       NY-31-40-103
TENEYCK, PETER                          NY-31-132-120
TENEYCK, PETER                          NY-31-54-71
TENEYCK, SAMUEL                         NY-31-40-346
TENEYCK, THOMAS                         NY-31-48-179
TENEYCK, THOMAS                         NY-31-47-416
TENKER, HENRY C.                        NY-31-1016-98
TENNANT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-53-34
TENNENT, SUSANNAH                       NY-31-55-395
TERBELL, JUBAL                          NY-31-100-512
TERHUNE, CORENLIA                       NY-31-1025-347
TERHUNE, GILLIAM                        NY-31-82-533
TERHUNE, MARIA                          NY-31-92-665
TERHUNE, MICHAEL B.                     NY-31-82-129
TERHUNE, RACHEL                         NY-31-135-66
TERHUNE, RICHARD                        NY-31-129-96
TERHUNE, WILLMINA                       NY-31-73-93
TERKER, MORITZ                          NY-31-1009-489
TERRIL, LEWIS                           NY-31-57-188
TERRILL, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-108-140
TERRILL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-62-239
TERRY, EDWARD S.                        NY-31-1012-447
TERRY, GARSHAM                          NY-31-67-193
TERRY, JOSEPH                           NY-31-63-416
TERRY, JOSEPH H.                        NY-31-108-222
TESAR, MARIE                            NY-31-997-225
TEUNIS, HENRY                           NY-31-141-369
TEVLIN, JAMES                           NY-31-1001-305
TEWES, EIDA H.                          NY-31-1005-452
TEXIDOR, JACINTO                        NY-31-109-509
TEXTOR, ANNA L.                         NY-31-1017-223
TEYN, ANDREAS                           NY-31-118-18
TEYNAN, MARY                            NY-31-133-501
THACHER, FIELDING J.                    NY-31-1013-293
THACHER, WILLIAM G.                     NY-31-1016-96
THACKER, HORCE B.                       NY-31-1005-292
THACKER, JOHN                           NY-31-50-234
THACKER, JOHN                           NY-31-102-505
THALEN, ROBERT                          NY-31-58-87
THALER, ALICE                           NY-31-1022-294
THARALSON, JOHN PETER                   NY-31-52-167
THAYER, FREDERICK A.                    NY-31-84-81
THAYER, HORATIO N.                      NY-31-1031-193
THAYER, OBED                            NY-31-53-44
THEALL, JOSEPH                          NY-31-147-123
THEALL, SUSAN                           NY-31-80-434
THEBAUD, JOSEPH                         NY-31-50-35
THEDOFORD, GEORGE W.                    NY-31-1004-464
THEILMANN, ELLEN J.                     NY-31-1023-100
THERIAT, AUGUSTUS R.                    NY-31-91-311
THERN, ELISA                            NY-31-985-86
THEW, ANNA C.                           NY-31-1018-257
THIESSEN, CAROLINE                      NY-31-1016-146
THIRION, VICTOR                         NY-31-121-76
THISTLE, SAMUEL E.                      NY-31-116-371
THIVING, ANN                            NY-31-116-350
THOMAS, AARON S.                        NY-31-1022-291
THOMAS, ADELAIDE K.                     NY-31-999-369
THOMAS, ADELLE                          NY-31-51-446
THOMAS, ANN                             NY-31-81-527
THOMAS, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-51-78
THOMAS, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-56-272
THOMAS, CHARLES K.                      NY-31-122-391
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-134-99
THOMAS, FRANCES M.                      NY-31-95-562
THOMAS, FRANCIS E.                      NY-31-82-671
THOMAS, GEORGE                          NY-31-68-62
THOMAS, GEORGE                          NY-31-68-62
THOMAS, GEORGE                          NY-31-83-252
THOMAS, GEORGE A.                       NY-31-149-489
THOMAS, HENRY E.                        NY-31-128-257
THOMAS, JACOB                           NY-31-69-69
THOMAS, JEANETTE                        NY-31-53-273
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-31-111-56
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-31-148-44
THOMAS, JOHN                            NY-31-53-332
THOMAS, JOHN A.                         NY-31-122-252
THOMAS, JOSEPH C.                       NY-31-1015-208
THOMAS, MARY                            NY-31-41-344
THOMAS, MATILDA                         NY-31-99-37
THOMAS, PHILIP E.                       NY-31-138-294
THOMAS, RICHARD                         NY-31-129-489
THOMAS, RICHARD                         NY-31-63-270
THOMAS, RICHARD                         NY-31-46-145
THOMAS, SUSAN C.                        NY-31-1026-477
THOMAS, THOMAS                          NY-31-88-70
THOMAS, THOMAS                          NY-31-119-267
THOMAS, THOMAS AP                       NY-31-90-107
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-95-120
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-72-277
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-44-96
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-66-20
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-47-465
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-83-586
THOMAS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-1029-246
THOMPSON, ABRAHAM G.                    NY-31-117-122
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER R.                  NY-31-78-485
THOMPSON, ANDREW                        NY-31-40-113
THOMPSON, ANN                           NY-31-81-587
THOMPSON, ANNABELLE                     NY-31-1020-186
THOMPSON, AVID                          NY-31-46-442
THOMPSON, EDAWRD G.                     NY-31-74-73
THOMPSON, ELIZA                         NY-31-108-375
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-45-147
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-40-122
THOMPSON, ELLEN                         NY-31-986-106
THOMPSON, FANNIE D.                     NY-31-1003-334
THOMPSON, HANNAH                        NY-31-81-387
THOMPSON, HANNAH C.                     NY-31-115-492
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-31-75-327
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-31-55-24
THOMPSON, JANE                          NY-31-62-183
THOMPSON, JETHRO B.                     NY-31-85-218
THOMPSON, JOHN R.                       NY-31-55-321
THOMPSON, JONATHAN                      NY-31-93-266
THOMPSON, MARCUS                        NY-31-44-47
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-31-1029-241
THOMPSON, MARY                          NY-31-74-503
THOMPSON, MORRIS S.                     NY-31-1023-105
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        NY-31-58-3
THOMPSON, ROBERT W.                     NY-31-990-412
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        NY-31-132-440
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        NY-31-88-144
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        NY-31-54-163
THOMPSON, SAMUEL M.                     NY-31-109-43
THOMPSON, SARAH                         NY-31-43-175
THOMPSON, SUSAN                         NY-31-135-114
THOMPSON, THOMAS F.                     NY-31-100-439
THOMPSON, WILLIAM C.                    NY-31-123-394
THOMPSON, WILLIAM P.                    NY-31-996-125
THOMSA, SARAH                           NY-31-110-307
THOMSON, ADAM                           NY-31-102-126
THOMSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-111-339
THOMSON, ANNE                           NY-31-131-454
THOMSON, CHARLES E.                     NY-31-999-84
THOMSON, GEORGE                         NY-31-119-122
THOMSON, JAMES                          NY-31-122-183
THOMSON, JAMES                          NY-31-95-162
THOMSON, JAMES                          NY-31-56-304
THOMSON, JAMS                           NY-31-59-473
THOMSON, JOHN                           NY-31-90-371
THOMSON, JOSEPH                         NY-31-46-59
THOMSON, RICHARD                        NY-31-86-461
THOMSON, ROBERT                         NY-31-84-190
THOMSON, SAMUEL                         NY-31-100-213
THOMSON, WILILAM H.                     NY-31-119-220
THORBURN, JAMES                         NY-31-97-242
THORN, ALFRED                           NY-31-110-161
THORN, ANN                              NY-31-93-106
THORN, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-73-403
THORN, HEMAN                            NY-31-129-147
THORN, HERMAN JR.                       NY-31-134-105
THORN, JULIUS O.                        NY-31-66-311
THORN, THOMAS C.                        NY-31-986-270
THORNE, ANNA                            NY-31-78-133
THORNE, ANNIE T.                        NY-31-987-197
THORNE, CATHARINE                       NY-31-44-356
THORNE, HENRY                           NY-31-53-64
THORNE, STEPHEN JR.                     NY-31-62-114
THORNE, STEPHEN JR.                     NY-31-65-150
THORNE, THOMAS W.                       NY-31-131-280
THORNELL, THOMAS                        NY-31-96-525
THORP, ABIGAIL                          NY-31-85-185
THORP, DANIEL                           NY-31-44-25
THORP, DAVID W.                         NY-31-53-86
THORP, GOULD                            NY-31-92-109
THORP, ROBERT                           NY-31-96-409
THRESHER, MINARD S.                     NY-31-140-347
THROCKMORTON, ELIZA                     NY-31-115-216
THURBER, SARAH A. W.                    NY-31-995-241
THURSTON, CATHARINE                     NY-31-50-335
THURSTON, CATHERINE                     NY-31-66-122
THURSTON, GEORGE                        NY-31-108-174
THURSTON, JOHN                          NY-31-54-219
THURSTON, JOHN C.                       NY-31-53-15
THURSTON, JOHN P.                       NY-31-69-115
THURSTON, JOSEPH D.                     NY-31-139-33
THURSTON, MARIA J.                      NY-31-986-452
THURSTON, PHEBE W.                      NY-31-123-325
THURSTON, SARA L.                       NY-31-1003-336
THURSTOW, ABBY                          NY-31-83-350
THUTE, MATTHEW                          NY-31-111-69
THYSON, EMILY F.                        NY-31-988-171
TIBBALS, LINCOLN                        NY-31-82-366
TIBBETS, ELISHA                         NY-31-72-269
TICE, JOHN                              NY-31-65-293
TICE, JOHN                              NY-31-54-307
TICE, JOHN                              NY-31-69-471
TICE, PETER                             NY-31-110-140
TICE, SUSANNA                           NY-31-59-127
TICKNOR, CALEB                          NY-31-81-438
TIDD, AURELIA M.                        NY-31-133-8
TIEBOUT, HENRY                          NY-31-62-261
TIEBOUT, MARGARET                       NY-31-130-251
TIEBOUT, TUNIS                          NY-31-53-58
TIEMAN, ANTHONY                         NY-31-147-172
TIER, DANIEL                            NY-31-48-489
TIER, JOHN W.                           NY-31-92-430
TIERNEY, EDWARD F.                      NY-31-988-299
TIETJEN, HERMANN                        NY-31-1031-189
TIGHE, EMMA F.                          NY-31-1023-461
TILDEN, ELEAZER                         NY-31-72-388
TILLARY, JAMES                          NY-31-54-361
TILLEY, JONAH                           NY-31-81-395
TILLINGHAST, LOUISE                     NY-31-991-364
TILLMAN, HENRY                          NY-31-137-267
TILLMANN, HENRY                         NY-31-127-138
TILLON, EDWARD                          NY-31-1003-481
TILLOTT, MARY                           NY-31-75-72
TILLOW, VINCENT                         NY-31-47-220
TILSON, JANE                            NY-31-1016-143
TILTON, MARY E.                         NY-31-1022-140
TILYOU, VINCENT                         NY-31-47-220
TIMANUS, HENRY J.                       NY-31-103-324
TIMMINS, JOHN S.                        NY-31-95-605
TIMOLAT, CONSTANCE E.                   NY-31-126-353
TIMOLAT, LOUIS J.                       NY-31-92-739
TIMPSON, CAROLINE                       NY-31-89-220
TIMPSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-83-142
TINGLE, MARY C.                         NY-31-127-4
TINGNE, WILLIAM J.                      NY-31-999-249
TINGUE, SARAH L                         NY-31-1026-327
TINSDALE, JOHN W.                       NY-31-80-10
TISCHNER, OLGA M.                       NY-31-1020-188
TISDALE, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-109-464
TISDALL, FITZGERALD                     NY-31-1029-286
TISSINGTON, HENRY T.                    NY-31-1024-182
TITUS, ALICE                            NY-31-84-340
TITUS, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-52-304
TITUS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-86-20
TITUS, HENRY                            NY-31-63-102
TITUS, JOHN                             NY-31-53-506
TITUS, MARY                             NY-31-88-82
TITUS, MICHAEL M.                       NY-31-78-65
TITUS, PETER                            NY-31-86-164
TITUS, RICHARD                          NY-31-100-486
TITUS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-58-259
TITUS, SAMUEL P.                        NY-31-115-172
TITUS, THOMAS J.                        NY-31-1029-278
TITUS, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-122-64
TNBERG, SIGMUND                         NY-31-1025-350
TOBEN, ANN                              NY-31-122-331
TOBEY, GILBERT R.                       NY-31-140-497
TOBIAS, CHARLES                         NY-31-114-174
TOBIAS, PHILIP                          NY-31-996-86
TOBIAS, SILAS                           NY-31-116-208
TOBIAS, THOMAS                          NY-31-78-330
TOBIAS, TOBIAS I.                       NY-31-136-456
TOBIAS, WASHINGTON                      NY-31-996-327
TOBIN, MARY                             NY-31-71-288
TOBIN, THOMAS J.                        NY-31-1030-342
TOBLER, JOHN C.                         NY-31-93-537
TOBLRE, ULRIC                           NY-31-64-199
TOCH, SAMUEL                            NY-31-1023-101
TODD, CATHARINE A.                      NY-31-1005-454
TODD, CHARLES                           NY-31-93-338
TODD, JOHN H.                           NY-31-1003-339
TODD, JOHN M.                           NY-31-84-31
TODD, JOHN R.                           NY-31-995-485
TODD, MAGDALENE                         NY-31-80-492
TODD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-100-123
TODERHORST, GEORGE F.                   NY-31-45-276
TOFTS, WINCHEY                          NY-31-57-387
TOGNOT, ABEL                            NY-31-73-86
TOLCK, JOHANN D.                        NY-31-109-474
TOLEFREE, ELEANOR T.                    NY-31-114-146
TOLEFREE, ROBERT                        NY-31-76-34
TOLMIE, PHEBA                           NY-31-41-395
TOM, JOHN                               NY-31-47-39
TOM, THOMAS                             NY-31-53-88
TOMBO, RUDOLPH JR.                      NY-31-1007-153
TOMBS, JOHN                             NY-31-138-249
TOMBS, MARGARET                         NY-31-122-189
TOMKINS, JAMES                          NY-31-128-244
TOMLIN, JOSEPHINE                       NY-31-1017-221
TOMLINSON, ARTHUR U.                    NY-31-1015-398
TOMLISSON, PETER                        NY-31-53-83
TOMNEY, FRNAK M.                        NY-31-993-85
TOMPKINS, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-111-379
TOMPKINS, ESTHER                        NY-31-82-398
TOMPKINS, GILBERT                       NY-31-142-32
TOMPKINS, HANNAH                        NY-31-62-422
TOMPKINS, JACOB                         NY-31-149-473
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         NY-31-100-421
TOMPKINS, KILBORNE                      NY-31-1004-457
TOMPKINS, MARTHA                        NY-31-128-34
TOMPKINS, NEHEMIAH U.                   NY-31-113-194
TOMPKINS, TILLINGHAST                   NY-31-131-120
TOMS, JOSEPH                            NY-31-72-142
TONE, MARY                              NY-31-1027-55
TONJANN, ANNA                           NY-31-1025-80
TONNELE, JOHN                           NY-31-109-37
TONNELE, JOHN                           NY-31-98-294
TONNELE, LOUISA                         NY-31-103-46
TONSEY, SINCLAIR                        NY-31-114-176
TOOHEY, MICHAEL G.                      NY-31-71-144
TOOKER, ANN                             NY-31-83-616
TOOKER, ANNA M.                         NY-31-1008-301
TOOKER, DANIEL                          NY-31-55-63
TOOKER, JOHN S.                         NY-31-98-168
TOOKER, JOSEPH P.                       NY-31-77-234
TOOKER, MARY                            NY-31-108-219
TOOLEY, SUSANNAH                        NY-31-108-87
TOOTH, NATHANIEL DELVALLE               NY-31-59-202
TORBET, CATHERINE                       NY-31-83-379
TORBOSS, ISAAC                          NY-31-46-31
TORNBLAD, JOHN                          NY-31-52-188
TORRANCE, HUGH                          NY-31-47-260
TORRENS, WILLIAM E.                     NY-31-1011-104
TORREY, KATHARINE S.                    NY-31-996-325
TORREY, SARAH E.                        NY-31-148-424
TOTNOF, JOHN                            NY-31-56-290
TOTTEN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-80-153
TOTTEN, WILLIAM H. B.                   NY-31-1010-130
TOUFANIT, PIERRE                        NY-31-106-519
TOUMEY, ELIZA                           NY-31-987-388
TOUSEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-993-90
TOVIA, PISACONE VINCENZA                NY-31-985-91
TOWERS, JOSEPH                          NY-31-52-522
TOWERS, JOSEPH                          NY-31-42-64
TOWN, ITHIEL                            NY-31-90-22
TOWNER, BERNARD                         NY-31-58-251
TOWNING, RICHARD                        NY-31-89-313
TOWNLEY, CAROLINE C.                    NY-31-989-233
TOWNLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-124-86
TOWNLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-73-322
TOWNSEND, ALICE S.                      NY-31-1013-163
TOWNSEND, ANNE                          NY-31-58-110
TOWNSEND, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-96-366
TOWNSEND, ELIZA                         NY-31-122-447
TOWNSEND, FRANCES JANE                  NY-31-113-95
TOWNSEND, HANNAH M.                     NY-31-110-388
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                         NY-31-131-150
TOWNSEND, JACOB                         NY-31-53-189
TOWNSEND, JAMES                         NY-31-43-87
TOWNSEND, JESSIE                        NY-31-995-484
TOWNSEND, JOHN K. JR.                   NY-31-118-49
TOWNSEND, JOHN R.                       NY-31-92-271
TOWNSEND, MARCIA M.                     NY-31-996-245
TOWNSEND, ROBERT C.                     NY-31-101-554
TOWNSEND, SOLOMON                       NY-31-66-200
TOWNSEND, THOMAS S.                     NY-31-71-237
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                       NY-31-96-166
TOWT, ROBERT                            NY-31-43-32
TOY, GONG TOM                           NY-31-1030-343
TRACEY, THOMAS                          NY-31-46-464
TRACY, ELIZA                            NY-31-119-153
TRACY, FREDERICK A.                     NY-31-86-160
TRACY, JOHANNA                          NY-31-116-402
TRACY, PATRICK                          NY-31-125-246
TRAERTY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-112-111
TRAFFORD, JOHN                          NY-31-56-113
TRAFICANDE, CONGETTA                    NY-31-988-302
TRAGESER, MARIE A.                      NY-31-1025-82
TRAINOR, BRIDGET                        NY-31-1005-139
TRAINOR, JAMES                          NY-31-1030-197
TRAINQUE, FRANCES                       NY-31-128-550
TRAITTEUR, MARGARETTA                   NY-31-1014-187
TRANOR, JAMES                           NY-31-108-263
TRAPPAN, ANTHONY W.                     NY-31-98-513
TRASK, NATHANIEL W.                     NY-31-1028-47
TRAUB, ELIESE                           NY-31-987-393
TRAUB, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-93-316
TRAUT, JAMES                            NY-31-56-129
TRAUTH, JOHN                            NY-31-120-350
TRAUTMANN, GEORGE A.                    NY-31-123-428
TRAVERS, AUGUSTINE                      NY-31-102-445
TRAVERS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-994-319
TRAVIS, DOROTY                          NY-31-69-509
TRAVIS, HANNAH                          NY-31-77-452
TRAVIS, JOSEPH                          NY-31-52-237
TRAVIS, ROBERT                          NY-31-140-116
TRAVIS, STEPHEN                         NY-31-59-171
TREADWELL, EPHRAIM                      NY-31-119-356
TREADWELL, ISAAC                        NY-31-104-58
TREADWELL, MERCY                        NY-31-71-210
TREANOR, JAMES                          NY-31-92-378
TREARTY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-112-111
TREAT, CHAUNCEY                         NY-31-71-164
TREAT, EMILY B.                         NY-31-110-143
TREAT, JOSEPHINE V.                     NY-31-1027-60
TREAT, MARY                             NY-31-72-386
TREBY, GEORGE                           NY-31-64-441
TREDWELL, ADAM                          NY-31-104-355
TREDWELL, GEORGE                        NY-31-95-611
TREDWELL, HENRY                         NY-31-50-404
TREMAINE, JOSEPH                        NY-31-74-179
TREMANN, HORATIO A.                     NY-31-986-443
TREMBLY, DANIEL                         NY-31-44-388
TREMPER, CATHERINE B.                   NY-31-141-504
TREMPER, HARMAN                         NY-31-120-414
TREMPER, MARY                           NY-31-106-144
TRENOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-58-80
TRENOR, HUDSON                          NY-31-109-300
TRENOR, JAMES                           NY-31-108-263
TRESTED, RICHARD                        NY-31-62-487
TRICKEY, SAMUEL                         NY-31-138-42
TRIEL, JOHN                             NY-31-62-73
TRIFF, SARAH E.                         NY-31-1000-304
TRIGG, MIRIAM L.                        NY-31-1021-228
TRIMBLE, JAMES                          NY-31-101-467
TRIMMER, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-988-405
TRIMMINGHAM, HENRY                      NY-31-147-351
TRINDER, CHARLES                        NY-31-79-263
TRINDER, MARGARETTA                     NY-31-92-552
TRINNER, ANNA                           NY-31-998-260
TRIPLER, THOMAS                         NY-31-94-570
TRIPP, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-53-316
TRIPP, LOT                              NY-31-45-370
TRIPP, MARY                             NY-31-100-566
TROIA, VINCENZA                         NY-31-985-91
TROLAN, MARY J.                         NY-31-998-455
TROUGHTON, JANE                         NY-31-130-388
TROUP, CHARLES G.                       NY-31-71-264
TROUP, JENNET                           NY-31-82-116
TROUP, ROBERT                           NY-31-68-278
TROUP, ROBERT                           NY-31-68-278
TROUP, ROBERT R.                        NY-31-76-1
TROWBRIDGE, HENRY                       NY-31-127-389
TROWBRIDGE, ISAAC                       NY-31-63-330
TROWBRIDGE, MERCY                       NY-31-96-379
TROWBRIDGE, MINNIE H.                   NY-31-992-234
TROY, ANDREW                            NY-31-74-458
TROY, JOHN                              NY-31-1000-242
TRUBERG, HENRY                          NY-31-1003-333
TRUELL, GEORGE F.                       NY-31-986-397
TRUEX, CATHERINE F.                     NY-31-1023-103
TRUSS, HENRY                            NY-31-147-8
TRUSSELL, ELEANOR                       NY-31-96-178
TRYON, ISAAC JR.                        NY-31-58-14
TRYON, JOSEPH                           NY-31-119-373
TRYOP, FRANCIS                          NY-31-135-132
TSCHISHART, JOSEPH                      NY-31-1027-175
TUCKER, AIMEE L.                        NY-31-136-20
TUCKER, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-994-157
TUCKER, ELLEN                           NY-31-125-153
TUCKER, FANNING C.                      NY-31-116-1
TUCKER, GIDEON                          NY-31-91-324
TUCKER, HANNAH                          NY-31-80-149
TUCKER, ISAAC                           NY-31-97-184
TUCKER, JOHN B.                         NY-31-111-133
TUCKER, MARY E.                         NY-31-99-345
TUCKER, RICHARD J.                      NY-31-83-31
TUCKER, ROBERT                          NY-31-63-459
TUCKER, SARAH A.                        NY-31-994-147
TUCKER, THOMAS W.                       NY-31-111-243
TUCKER, WINFIELD L.                     NY-31-1003-483
TUCKERMAN, HENRY H.                     NY-31-136-123
TUEMAN, BURT                            NY-31-1003-341
TUGLAR, JOHN                            NY-31-111-370
TULLER, HARRIE S. H.                    NY-31-988-306, 337
TULLER, LOREN W.                        NY-31-992-493
TULLY, BARTHOLOMEW                      NY-31-73-95
TULLY, JOHN                             NY-31-106-351
TULLY, MARGARET                         NY-31-93-43
TULLY, PATRICK                          NY-31-129-211
TULLY, THOMAS F.                        NY-31-1030-61
TUMBLE, DANIEL                          NY-31-100-715
TUNIS, CALEB C.                         NY-31-97-469
TUNIS, JOHN                             NY-31-70-422
TUNIS, JOHN                             NY-31-114-399
TUNISN, GEORGE M.                       NY-31-118-139
TUNISON, GARRIT C.                      NY-31-62-86
TUNNARE, MARY S.                        NY-31-1005-319
TUNNEY, PATRICK V.                      NY-31-1030-63
TURCOTTI, J.                            NY-31-50-450
TURELL, EBENEZER                        NY-31-50-43
TURK, AHASUERUS                         NY-31-46-220
TURK, TANNEKE                           NY-31-76-486
TURLEY, HENRY L.                        NY-31-138-172
TURLEY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-99-233
TURNBULL, GEORGE                        NY-31-1029-281
TURNBULL, GEORGE                        NY-31-49-61
TURNBULL, JOHN                          NY-31-81-214
TURNER, ALAXANDER                       NY-31-52-139
TURNER, ARTHUR J.                       NY-31-1020-445
TURNER, DANIEL                          NY-31-109-385
TURNER, EUCKS W.                        NY-31-114-436
TURNER, HENRY                           NY-31-118-431
TURNER, J. FRANK                        NY-31-1029-288
TURNER, JAMES                           NY-31-76-240
TURNER, JAMES R.                        NY-31-997-220
TURNER, JOHN                            NY-31-120-131
TURNER, JOHN                            NY-31-43-295
TURNER, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-43-367
TURNER, LAVINIA                         NY-31-110-568
TURNER, PHILIP                          NY-31-52-349
TURNER, ROBERT OHARRA                   NY-31-139-55
TURNER, SAMUEL H.                       NY-31-140-272
TURNER, THOMAS M.                       NY-31-1014-328
TURNER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-54-454
TURNER, ZECHRIAH                        NY-31-68-67
TURNER, ZECHRIAH                        NY-31-68-67
TURPIN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-73-419
TURPIN, WILLIAM P.                      NY-31-129-364
TURQUAND, PAUL LEONARD                  NY-31-63-22
TUTE, JOSEPH                            NY-31-58-20
TUTHILL, HANNAH                         NY-31-82-178
TUTHILL, SELAH                          NY-31-74-130
TUTON, JAMES ****                       NY-31-128-92
TUTOR, GEORGE                           NY-31-989-446
TUTTLE, DANIEL                          NY-31-63-81
TUTTLE, MARY J.                         NY-31-109-71
TUTTLE, SETH                            NY-31-55-267
TUTTLE, SUSAN W.                        NY-31-96-530
TUTZER, MORRIS G.                       NY-31-81-61
TVRDIKE, ANNA                           NY-31-1015-400
TYLER, ANNIE M.                         NY-31-1030-199
TYLER, CHARLES                          NY-31-91-283
TYLER, FRANCIS L.                       NY-31-996-90
TYLER, HANNAH S.                        NY-31-128-443
TYLER, JANE                             NY-31-137-484
TYRIE, JAMES                            NY-31-46-434
TYRRELL, JOHN                           NY-31-1026-66
TYSON, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-58-393
TYSON, WILLIAM                          NY-31-141-136

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