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CABET, NOEL                             NY-31-59-380
CABEZA, JUAN MATIAS                     NY-31-113-291
CADETT, JAMES (21)                      NY-31-67-310
CADWALADER, JOHN L.                     NY-31-990-309
CADY, JOSEPHINE                         NY-31-986-296
CAEN,LIZETTE                            NY-31-986-1
CAFFERTY, DORAH E.                      NY-31-1016-369
CAFFREY, PETER                          NY-31-994-178
CAFFREY, RICHARD                        NY-31-44-354
CAHELL, JOHN                            NY-31-79-377
CAHILL, CHARLES                         NY-31-101-286
CAHILL, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-137-382
CAHILL, JAMES P.                        NY-31-141-512
CAHILL, THOMAS                          NY-31-63-384
CAHM, MOSES                             NY-31-1026-1
CAHOON, HENRY                           NY-31-66-83
CAHOON, JOHN                            NY-31-56-148
CAHOON, ROBERT                          NY-31-79-239
CAHOON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-121-279
CAILLE, FRANCIS                         NY-31-90-62
CAIN, GEORGE F.                         NY-31-1004-221
CAIN, JAMES                             NY-31-47-129
CAIN, MARY E.                           NY-31-1014-246
CAIRNS, CORNELIUS                       NY-31-62-337
CAIRNS, ROBERT WALKER                   NY-31-138-304
CALAGHAN, FOREST                        NY-31-112-19
CALAGHAN, JOHANN                        NY-31-112-19
CALAM, HENRY                            NY-31-68-309
CALDER, JOHN F.                         NY-31-1023-276
CALDER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-57-230
CALDWELL, ANDREW                        NY-31-42-151
CALDWELL, DAVID                         NY-31-136-32
CALDWELL, EDWARD C.                     NY-31-40-318
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-40-299
CALDWELL, JAMES                         NY-31-46-284
CALDWELL, JAMES H.                      NY-31-148-400
CALDWELL, JOHN E.                       NY-31-55-144
CALDWELL, LEROY P.                      NY-31-123-443
CALEF, AMOS H.                          NY-31-1015-7
CALEYRON, MARIE                         NY-31-1001-201
CALF, CHARLES                           NY-31-85-195
CALGATE, JOHN H.                        NY-31-1010-404
CALHOUN, JAMES                          NY-31-1014-97
CALHOUN, LELIA G.                       NY-31-1020-471
CALLAGHAN, BERNARD                      NY-31-132-66
CALLAGHAN, JOHN                         NY-31-1023-30
CALLAHAN, CATHERINE A.                  NY-31-1016-360
CALLANAN, JANE                          NY-31-58-252
CALLANAN, JOHN                          NY-31-46-153
CALLENDER, AMELIA M.                    NY-31-1024-59
CALLENDER, THOMAS                       NY-31-61-386
CALLENDER, WILIAM                       NY-31-76-302
CALLENDR, THOMAS L.                     NY-31-100-166
CALMAN, BERTHA                          NY-31-985-23
CALMAN, EMMA                            NY-31-1020-381
CAMBEIS, MARY                           NY-31-1014-23
CAMBELL, ALEXANDER D.                   NY-31-1020-470
CAMBRIA, VICTORIA G. SCHWARTZ           NY-31-1024-139
CAMERON, JAMES                          NY-31-103-152
CAMERON, JAMES                          NY-31-102-201
CAMERON, JENNIE                         NY-31-996-348
CAMIS, REGINA                           NY-31-985-319
CAMMANN, HENRY                          NY-31-73-50
CAMMET, MOSES                           NY-31-63-232
CAMMEYER, MARIA S.                      NY-31-100-424
CAMP BELL, DUNCAN                       NY-31-46-466
CAMP, WILLIAM                           NY-31-109-519
CAMPBELL, A. M.                         NY-31-1029-346
CAMPBELL, AARON                         NY-31-47-169
CAMPBELL, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-56-111
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-73-393
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-135-87
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-48-260
CAMPBELL, ANN                           NY-31-119-87
CAMPBELL, ANN                           NY-31-106-216
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-31-68-407
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                       NY-31-97-176
CAMPBELL, CHARLES E.                    NY-31-1015-10
CAMPBELL, CHARLES E.                    NY-31-1007-358
CAMPBELL, DANIEL T.                     NY-31-142-404
CAMPBELL, DONALD                        NY-31-59-468
CAMPBELL, DONALD (BRIG. GEN.)           NY-31-44-280
CAMPBELL, DUNCAN P.                     NY-31-138-449
CAMPBELL, EDWARD (MD)                   NY-31-57-253
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-40-58
CAMPBELL, FANNY                         NY-31-105-364
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        NY-31-41-129
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-31-95-668
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-31-106-152
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-31-82-527
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-31-42-485
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NY-31-986-4
CAMPBELL, JOHN S.                       NY-31-1030-105
CAMPBELL, LUCY                          NY-31-69-117
CAMPBELL, LUCY                          NY-31-106-511
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      NY-31-82-529
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      NY-31-77-343
CAMPBELL, MARGARET E.                   NY-31-122-355
CAMPBELL, MARTHA F.                     NY-31-1015-424
CAMPBELL, MARY                          NY-31-50-300
CAMPBELL, MARY                          NY-31-136-128
CAMPBELL, MARY                          NY-31-1028-74
CAMPBELL, ROBERT G.                     NY-31-106-420
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        NY-31-75-225
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        NY-31-998-299
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL SR.                    NY-31-50-428
CAMPBELL, SARAH A.                      NY-31-137-321
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                        NY-31-79-487
CAMPBELL, THOMAS J.                     NY-31-55-517
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-44-186
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM S.                    NY-31-129-85
CAMPIGLIA, ANGELANTONIO                 NY-31-1027-76
CAMPION, CATHARINE                      NY-31-149-54
CAMPION, PATRICK                        NY-31-69-404
CAMPSEN, META                           NY-31-997-252
CANAL, ANTHONY                          NY-31-90-257
CANAVAN, KATE S.                        NY-31-990-168
CANDEE, MORGAN L.                       NY-31-138-312
CANE, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-69-226
CANE, JACOB                             NY-31-1021-24
CANFIELD, EDWARD                        NY-31-53-28
CANFIELD, ITHAMAR                       NY-31-99-59
CANFIELD, MARY                          NY-31-93-528
CANFIELD, RICHARD A.                    NY-31-1012-267
CANFIELD, THOMAS                        NY-31-49-72
CANIS, PHILP A.                         NY-31-61-308
CANNAVAN, DAVID P.                      NY-31-992-445
CANNER, MICHAEL                         NY-31-42-500
CANNIFF, DANIEL                         NY-31-83-276
CANNON, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-77-1
CANNON, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-49-12
CANNON, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-47-438
CANNON, DAVID                           NY-31-61-195
CANNON, JAMES                           NY-31-52-66
CANNON, JANE                            NY-31-92-483
CANNON, MARY                            NY-31-90-252
CANNON, MARY                            NY-31-997-137
CANNON, MOTT S.                         NY-31-98-205
CANNON, SAMUEL                          NY-31-63-399
CANNY, JOANNA M.                        NY-31-987-58
CANTER, JOSHUA                          NY-31-61-1
CANTON, MARY                            NY-31-125-229
CANTWELL, CORNELIUS                     NY-31-54-297
CAPEL, LETITIA                          NY-31-1012-202
CAPERS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-45-82
CAPRANO, KATHARINA                      NY-31-986-476
CAPRETZ, CHRISTOPHE                     NY-31-49-84
CAPRON, GILES E.                        NY-31-100-25
CARAMANNA, ALFONSO                      NY-31-1013-198
CARBERRY, MARY                          NY-31-55-490
CARBERRY, PATRICK                       NY-31-95-449
CARBERY, ELLEN                          NY-31-137-199
CARBERY, JOHN                           NY-31-45-179
CARBRY, THOMAS                          NY-31-66-50
CAREME, JEAN                            NY-31-72-173
CAREY, CATHERINE                        NY-31-1030-388
CAREY, KATE                             NY-31-992-265
CARFFREY, MARGARET                      NY-31-53-429
CARGILL, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-98-1
CARGILL, DAVID                          NY-31-81-321
CARGILL, HENRY L.                       NY-31-1021-257
CARLAND, MARY                           NY-31-1012-20
CARLE, JACOB                            NY-31-68-42
CARLETON, BUKK G.                       NY-31-1015-24
CARLETON, EDMUND                        NY-31-994-5
CARLEW, JAMES                           NY-31-1023-458
CARLEY, MARY E.                         NY-31-1020-34
CARLIN, THOMAS                          NY-31-119-157
CARLISLE, JOSEPH                        NY-31-148-76
CARLISLE, JOSHUA W.                     NY-31-116-82
CARLS, GUSTAVE A.                       NY-31-992-11
CARLSON, FRANCIS A.                     NY-31-1011-449
CARMAN, EZEKIEL                         NY-31-62-87
CARMAN, GABRIEL                         NY-31-44-373
CARMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-42-441
CARMANT, MARGARET                       NY-31-95-253
CARMANT, PETER                          NY-31-91-94
CARMER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-71-32
CARMISS, JOHN                           NY-31-60-410
CARNES, EDWARD O.                       NY-31-136-524
CARNES, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-72-199
CARNES, FRANCIS J.                      NY-31-92-686
CARNET, GEORGE                          NY-31-142-254
CARNLEY, THOMAS                         NY-31-120-207
CARNORSKY, HARRIET                      NY-31-986-481
CARO, LILLIAN                           NY-31-1016-12
CAROW, ISAAC                            NY-31-100-657
CARPEMTER, JERMAICA                     NY-31-43-51
CARPENDER, SARAH A.                     NY-31-136-426
CARPENTER, ABNER B.                     NY-31-52-143
CARPENTER, ADELIA A.                    NY-31-1024-294
CARPENTER, CHARLES W.                   NY-31-1029-343
CARPENTER, ENOCH                        NY-31-68-225
CARPENTER, HENRY M.                     NY-31-106-39
CARPENTER, JAMES                        NY-31-52-495
CARPENTER, JOHN W.                      NY-31-76-306
CARPENTER, LEONARD W.                   NY-31-122-79
CARPENTER, LUCY                         NY-31-92-98
CARPENTER, REBECCA                      NY-31-121-13
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-31-50-179
CARPENTER, SARAH J.                     NY-31-986-300
CARPENTER, THOMAS                       NY-31-59-301
CARPENTER, URIAH F.                     NY-31-111-128
CARPENTER, VENIE                        NY-31-1023-499
CARPENTER, WRIGHT                       NY-31-60-219
CARPER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-62-173
CARPER, HENRY                           NY-31-75-209
CARR, JAMES                             NY-31-52-43
CARR, JAMES                             NY-31-53-207
CARR, JOSHUA                            NY-31-69-290
CARR, MARIA                             NY-31-110-499
CARR, MARY                              NY-31-68-431
CARR, PATRICK                           NY-31-78-96
CARR, ROBERT                            NY-31-44-56
CARR, SARAH                             NY-31-56-328
CARR, WALTER J.                         NY-31-1007-42
CARR, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-82-394
CARRAGAN, WILLIAM                       NY-31-51-121
CARRAW, DOROTHY                         NY-31-48-294
CARRE, ETIENNE A.                       NY-31-134-113
CARREAU, CYRILLE                        NY-31-1001-62
CARRELL, HENRY C.                       NY-31-1015-426
CARRELL, RACHEL                         NY-31-106-502
CARRINGTON, NEHEMIAH                    NY-31-113-215
CARRINGTON, WILLIAM H.                  NY-31-1000-336
CARROL, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-31-110-518
CARROL, EDWARD                          NY-31-86-4
CARROLL, ANNIE M.                       NY-31-996-191
CARROLL, CATHARINE                      NY-31-1018-302
CARROLL, CHARLES                        NY-31-62-276
CARROLL, JAMES                          NY-31-1005-171
CARROLL, JAMES P.                       NY-31-80-175
CARROLL, JOHN                           NY-31-138-22
CARROLL, JOHN                           NY-31-88-139
CARROLL, JOHN W.                        NY-31-63-43
CARROLL, LUKE                           NY-31-67-229
CARROLL, MARGARET A.                    NY-31-1015-9
CARROLL, MARY                           NY-31-57-368
CARROLL, MARY A.                        NY-31-1025-103
CARROLL, MATTHEW                        NY-31-62-132
CARROLL, MATTHEW                        NY-31-77-253
CARROLL, TERRENCE                       NY-31-96-173
CARROW, JOHN                            NY-31-42-49
CARRYL, NATHAN T.                       NY-31-137-1
CARSAN, PETER                           NY-31-46-57
CARSON, JOHNSTON                        NY-31-62-382
CARSTAIRS, JOHN                         NY-31-77-176
CARSTANG, JAMES M.                      NY-31-90-98
CARSTANG, SUSANNAH                      NY-31-42-66
CART, JEAN JACQUES (DR.)                NY-31-53-214
CARTER, ADOLPHUS                        NY-31-50-178
CARTER, AUGUSTA C.                      NY-31-1031-371
CARTER, BENJAMINBOWEN                   NY-31-67-240
CARTER, GEORGE                          NY-31-59-432
CARTER, HANNAH S.                       NY-31-127-445
CARTER, HENRY                           NY-31-149-256
CARTER, JOHN                            NY-31-115-184
CARTER, JOHN K.                         NY-31-67-71
CARTER, MARY                            NY-31-996-352
CARTER, ROBERT                          NY-31-43-344
CARTER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-75-484
CARTER, SAMUEL L.                       NY-31-97-325
CARTIN, JOHN                            NY-31-72-303
CARTY, JAMES                            NY-31-96-360
CARUANA, FRANCIS                        NY-31-147-269
CARURICK, GERTRUDE                      NY-31-1006-1
CARY, FRANCES                           NY-31-134-155
CARY, HENRY                             NY-31-121-377
CARY, J. ADDISON                        NY-31-123-363
CARY, LUCIUS                            NY-31-60-395
CARYL, WILLARD P.                       NY-31-1012-205
CASANOVA, CATHARINE A. F.               NY-31-1008-145
CASE, NANCY                             NY-31-133-232
CASENAVE, JOHN                          NY-31-53-251
CASEY, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-31-122-191
CASEY, JAMES                            NY-31-59-82
CASEY, JEREMIAH                         NY-31-113-383
CASEY, LOUISA                           NY-31-131-391
CASEY, MARY                             NY-31-1028-310
CASEY, SARAH                            NY-31-61-295
CASEY, THOMAS G.                        NY-31-113-475
CASHELL, JOHN                           NY-31-79-377
CASHEN, DANIEL                          NY-31-138-376
CASHIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-988-349
CASHMAN, CHARLES                        NY-31-95-221
CASHMAN, DANIEL                         NY-31-105-81
CASHMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-58-152
CASHMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-122-335
CASHMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-113-416
CASKEL, ANNA                            NY-31-1019-217
CASPER, LOUIS                           NY-31-990-1
CASS, FREDERICK                         NY-31-1023-269
CASSEBEER, FREDERICK                    NY-31-1022-183
CASSEBEER, HERMAN F.                    NY-31-1019-340
CASSELIUS, SOPHIE                       NY-31-1020-39
CASSELL, MARGARET H.                    NY-31-1016-15
CASSIDY, CHARLES                        NY-31-84-428
CASSIDY, JAMES F.                       NY-31-1027-78
CASSIDY, JOSEPH W.                      NY-31-105-320
CASTELLI, PIETRO                        NY-31-44-168
CASTELLO, EUGENE                        NY-31-111-101
CASTELLO, MARY                          NY-31-66-136
CASTILLE, RAFAEL DEL                    NY-31-114-1
CASTILLION, J.                          NY-31-50-193
CASTLE, ROBERT                          NY-31-73-68
CASTLE, WILLIAM S.                      NY-31-59-557
CASTLES, MICHAEL                        NY-31-121-15
CASWELL, JAMES H.                       NY-31-1031-228
CATCHILL, GRACE                         NY-31-62-440
CATHELL, ANNIE                          NY-31-1019-205
CATHELL, HENRY L.                       NY-31-138-474
CATHILL, PATRICK                        NY-31-56-427
CATLETT, ERSKINE                        NY-31-119-37
CATLIN, CORA V. R.                      NY-31-1007-192
CATLIN, DAVID W.                        NY-31-129-213
CATLIN, LYNDE                           NY-31-71-59
CATO, AMASA L.                          NY-31-122-196
CATOGGIO, MICHELE                       NY-31-1020-473
CATOIR, WILHELMINA                      NY-31-149-47
CAUCHOIS, LILLIAN                       NY-31-993-203
CAULDWELL, CORNELIUS                    NY-31-61-365
CAULDWELL, JOHN                         NY-31-57-123
CAULFIELD, JOHN                         NY-31-1017-97
CAUTZLER, HENRY J.                      NY-31-129-386
CAVAGNARO, MADDELINA                    NY-31-999-115
CAVANAGH, THOMAS                        NY-31-110-164
CAVE, JAMES                             NY-31-54-274
CAVE, SUSAN                             NY-31-74-388
CAVELRY, RICHARD                        NY-31-138-392
CAVENAGH, THOMAS                        NY-31-48-198
CAWTHRA, JOSEPH                         NY-31-84-494
CAYRON, AIME                            NY-31-1002-326
CAZE, JAMES                             NY-31-77-162
CEBRA, JAMES                            NY-31-47-354
CERAGIOLI, BARTHOLOMEW                  NY-31-149-145
CERAGIOLI, CHARLES                      NY-31-97-395
CERF, FREDERICKA                        NY-31-1000-332
CERRA, STEFANO                          NY-31-1030-103
CEVENKA, HARRY                          NY-31-1023-456
CHABOT, MARIA                           NY-31-1004-87
CHACE, ANN F.                           NY-31-131-380
CHADS, HENRY                            NY-31-43-241
CHADWICK, ANNE                          NY-31-1031-225
CHADWICK, COSTER                        NY-31-1001-436
CHADWICK, ELIZA                         NY-31-66-452
CHADWICK, SAMUEL                        NY-31-108-486
CHAFFEE, FANNIE                         NY-31-1024-212
CHALK, MARY                             NY-31-58-364
CHALK, RICHARD                          NY-31-56-8
CHALMERS, CHARLOTTE                     NY-31-50-491
CHALMERS, HUGH                          NY-31-50-21
CHAMBE, SANITE                          NY-31-43-93
CHAMBERLAIN, EMILY                      NY-31-985-429
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE W.                  NY-31-1013-203
CHAMBERLAIN, S. S.                      NY-31-1029-348
CHAMBERLAIN, TIMOTHY D.                 NY-31-100-369
CHAMBERS, JAMES                         NY-31-148-463
CHAMBERS, JAMES M.                      NY-31-77-377
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          NY-31-76-123
CHAMBERS, JOHN DEWITT                   NY-31-97-312
CHAMBERS, MARY                          NY-31-81-104
CHAMBERS, MATTHEW                       NY-31-139-148
CHAMBERS, THOMAS                        NY-31-63-55
CHAMBON, JOHN B.                        NY-31-124-96
CHAMLEY, CONSTANCE                      NY-31-996-187
CHAMPENOIS, THOMAS                      NY-31-42-418
CHAMPION, HORACE G.                     NY-31-113-147
CHAMPION, JEREMIAH J.                   NY-31-1027-489
CHAMPION, WILLIAM S.                    NY-31-84-214
CHAMPLIN, ELIZA S. ***                  NY-31-125-71
CHAMPLIN, GUY R.                        NY-31-54-203
CHAMPLIN, JOHN D.                       NY-31-1018-13
CHAMPLION, ELPAPHRODITUS                NY-31-64-270
CHAMPNEY, HENRY T.                      NY-31-1005-8
CHANCEREL, ANNE T.                      NY-31-110-226
CHANDLER, ADONIRAM                      NY-31-112-15
CHANDLER, CORNELIA                      NY-31-149-3
CHANDLER, JOHN                          NY-31-74-281
CHANNING, HANNAH                        NY-31-69-460
CHANNING, ROSCOE H.                     NY-31-1025-385
CHAPIN, AUGUSTA C.                      NY-31-990-439
CHAPIN, HENRY B.                        NY-31-1012-152
CHAPMAN, ELIZA M.                       NY-31-111-136
CHAPMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-92-24
CHAPMAN, HORACE                         NY-31-99-546
CHAPMAN, JAMES H.                       NY-31-104-348
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-31-57-476
CHAPMAN, ROBERT F.                      NY-31-1027-331
CHAPMAN, ROBERT H.                      NY-31-71-112
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-112-113
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-1023-1460
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM S.                     NY-31-90-279
CHAPPEL, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-42-29
CHAPPEL, DAVID                          NY-31-74-500
CHAPPELL, JOHN                          NY-31-102-165
CHAPPELL, JULIA B.                      NY-31-1018-128
CHAPPELL, LOUISE G.                     NY-31-1014-20
CHAPPELL, SALVADORE                     NY-31-85-59
CHARAVOYNE, WILLIAM                     NY-31-103-278
CHARD, ANNE                             NY-31-105-170
CHARDE, MATTHE W.                       NY-31-1002-41
CHARDELLE, JAMES JR.                    NY-31-53-508
CHARLTON, AMELIA                        NY-31-138-258
CHARLTON, JOHN                          NY-31-55-492
CHARLTON, JOHN                          NY-31-46-313
CHARLTON, JOHN                          NY-31-40-1
CHARRELTON, FLORYE                      NY-31-51-433
CHARTERS, JOHN                          NY-31-59-302
CHARTERS, JOHN                          NY-31-73-61
CHASE, BENJAMIN B.                      NY-31-123-258
CHASE, HENRY                            NY-31-106-598
CHASTELAIN, JULIAN                      NY-31-128-338
CHATEAUNEUF, MARIE R.                   NY-31-118-421
CHATFIELD, ABBEY E.                     NY-31-1023-142
CHATTERTON, JOSEPH                      NY-31-98-423
CHATTERTON, MARTHA                      NY-31-136-452
CHAUDON, MARY E.                        NY-31-1027-190
CHAUNCEY, ALICE D. W.                   NY-31-1006-280
CHAUNCEY, HENRY                         NY-31-1020-41
CHAVELL, GEORGE                         NY-31-68-170
CHAVELL, MARTHA                         NY-31-101-159
CHEESMAN, JOHN                          NY-31-45-452
CHEESMAN, JOHN C.                       NY-31-142-492
CHEESMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-31-43-256
CHEESMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-31-61-486
CHEETHAM, HIRAM                         NY-31-1004-11
CHEETHAM, ISABELLA                      NY-31-73-342
CHENEY, ALLEN                           NY-31-52-137
CHENN, MARGARET                         NY-31-85-191
CHENNAN, ADELE L.                       NY-31-1027-322
CHEPY, CHARLES                          NY-31-135-1
CHERIOT, PETER H.                       NY-31-74-462
CHERISH, DAVID                          NY-31-50-467
CHERISH, DAVID                          NY-31-49-167
CHESBROUGH, AARON C.                    NY-31-120-183
CHESEBROUGH, ANDRONICUS                 NY-31-74-17
CHESEBROUGH, MARGARET                   NY-31-134-93
CHESEBROUGH, ROBERT                     NY-31-116-55
CHESHIRE, DANIEL                        NY-31-68-434
CHESNUT, ROBERT                         NY-31-75-311
CHESROE, MARY                           NY-31-73-103
CHESTER, HANNAH M.                      NY-31-148-195
CHESTER, MICHAEL                        NY-31-125-174
CHESTERMAN, JAMES                       NY-31-109-307
CHEVALIER, GABRIEL                      NY-31-1007-32
CHEW, ROBERT                            NY-31-149-126
CHEW, THOMSA                            NY-31-107-362
CHICHESTER, ABNER                       NY-31-142-508
CHILD, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-65-198
CHILD, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-63-241
CHILD, ASA                              NY-31-61-222
CHILD, FRANCES                          NY-31-97-351
CHILD, FRANCIS                          NY-31-73-126
CHILD, FRANCIS                          NY-31-47-322
CHILD, GEORGE                           NY-31-96-357
CHILD, WILLIAM                          NY-31-58-218
CHILD, WILLIAM                          NY-31-59-7
CHILDS, HEMAN W.                        NY-31-102-136
CHILDS, PHEBE ANN                       NY-31-89-178
CHILDS, RICHARD V.                      NY-31-119-322
CHILTON, GEORGE                         NY-31-75-506
CHIPP, ISAAC                            NY-31-60-98
CHISHOLM, HUGH J.                       NY-31-1026-233
CHISHOLM, MARGARET                      NY-31-54-377
CHISHOLM, MARY                          NY-31-96-472
CHITTENDEN, WILLIAM                     NY-31-54-212
CHITTENDEN, WILLIAM                     NY-31-54-423
CHIVVIS, JAMES                          NY-31-57-117
CHOLT, FRANISKA                         NY-31-1015-432
CHOPAK, ADOLPH                          NY-31-996-179
CHORPENNING, JOHN C.                    NY-31-1001-337
CHOTTIER, FRANCIS                       NY-31-70-176
CHRISDIE, CHARLES                       NY-31-1030-89
CHRISDIE, EMILY                         NY-31-1030-91
CHRISMAN, WILMER O.                     NY-31-989-265
CHRIST, EDWARD                          NY-31-110-222
CHRISTENSEN, ALFRED                     NY-31-1001-429
CHRISTENSEN, MARIE                      NY-31-1030-392
CHRISTIAN, CHARLES                      NY-31-63-256
CHRISTIE, JOHN                          NY-31-85-62
CHRISTIE, PATRICK                       NY-31-77-214
CHRISTIE, PETER                         NY-31-69-484
CHRISTIE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-92-474
CHRISTIE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-89-205
CHRISTMAN, CHARLE SA.                   NY-31-1008-246
CHRISTMAS, MARGARUITE                   NY-31-1012-203
CHRYSTIE, JAMES JR.                     NY-31-72-152
CHURCH, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-44-430
CHURCH, JAMES                           NY-31-43-426
CHURCH, JULIANA                         NY-31-100-187
CHURCH, REBECCA H.                      NY-31-1013-8
CHURCHILL, CHARLES W.                   NY-31-129-306
CHURCHILL, SYLVESTER                    NY-31-148-224
CILLEY, WASHINGTON                      NY-31-122-181
CIMIOTTI, GUSTAV                        NY-31-1007-200
CIPRIANT, JANE                          NY-31-126-285
CLAJON, PHILANTHRFIOS                   NY-31-43-111
CLANCY, BESSIE                          NY-31-1020-36
CLANCY, BRIDGET                         NY-31-1013-439
CLANCY, PETER                           NY-31-74-507
CLANCY, THOMAS M.                       NY-31-110-67
CLANCY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-71-66
CLANDON, BERTHE                         NY-31-989-58
CLAP, SAMUEL                            NY-31-49-278
CLAPP, ELIZA F. W.                      NY-31-1030-5
CLAPP, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-88-477
CLAPP, ESTHER                           NY-31-52-481
CLAPP, FOBES                            NY-31-75-551
CLAPP, GEORGE S.                        NY-31-989-272
CLAPP, JOHN                             NY-31-120-299
CLAPP, MORTIMER R.                      NY-31-1018-14
CLAPP, PHILIP                           NY-31-59-106
CLAPP, SAMUEL H.                        NY-31-96-583
CLARE, MICHAEL BENIGNUS                 NY-31-64-351
CLARIE, NICHOLAS                        NY-31-52-91
CLARK, ADELA C.                         NY-31-1011-299
CLARK, AGNES                            NY-31-136-59
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-54-23
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-65-100
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-66-32
CLARK, ANDREW J.                        NY-31-134-445
CLARK, ANNIE                            NY-31-1021-103
CLARK, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-82-107
CLARK, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-112-279
CLARK, CATHARINE                        NY-31-45-482
CLARK, CATHERINE                        NY-31-997-412
CLARK, CHARLES                          NY-31-94-573
CLARK, CHARLES H.                       NY-31-1030-19
CLARK, DANIEL                           NY-31-120-322
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-31-74-438
CLARK, DUNCAN                           NY-31-90-29
CLARK, EDWIN A.                         NY-31-136-491
CLARK, GEORGE                           NY-31-46-45
CLARK, GEORGE                           NY-31-53-438
CLARK, HELEN                            NY-31-87-267
CLARK, HENRY S.                         NY-31-119-366
CLARK, HORACE P.                        NY-31-998-126
CLARK, HOWARD G.                        NY-31-1020-467
CLARK, JACOB                            NY-31-135-76
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-31-131-323
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-31-138-388
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-31-96-268
CLARK, JANET                            NY-31-111-418
CLARK, JEREMIAH                         NY-31-123-122
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-73-139
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-58-406
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-52-372
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-104-86
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-61-231
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-112-66
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-41-20
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-31-75-203
CLARK, JOHN G.                          NY-31-59-146
CLARK, JOHN JUNES                       NY-31-47-456
CLARK, JOSEPH W.                        NY-31-97-227
CLARK, MALCOLM                          NY-31-82-507
CLARK, MARGARET                         NY-31-126-384
CLARK, MARION G.                        NY-31-1012-265
CLARK, MARY                             NY-31-1030-3
CLARK, MARY                             NY-31-78-211
CLARK, MARY                             NY-31-122-220
CLARK, MOSES                            NY-31-75-393
CLARK, MOSES P.                         NY-31-125-480
CLARK, NATHAN                           NY-31-60-351
CLARK, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-96-116
CLARK, OWEN                             NY-31-121-181
CLARK, PATRICK                          NY-31-94-705
CLARK, REUBEN                           NY-31-63-50
CLARK, RICHARD M.                       NY-31-127-358
CLARK, ROBERT                           NY-31-47-338
CLARK, SAMUEL Y.                        NY-31-110-284
CLARK, SARAH                            NY-31-139-428
CLARK, SCOTT LAWRENCE                   NY-31-48-186
CLARK, SMYTH                            NY-31-69-18
CLARK, SOPHRONIA W.                     NY-31-1002-47
CLARK, THOMAS                           NY-31-106-18
CLARK, THOMAS                           NY-31-110-123
CLARK, THOMAS L.                        NY-31-108-160
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-31-48-132
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-31-74-207
CLARK, WILLIAM L.                       NY-31-73-265
CLARKE, ANNA                            NY-31-76-247
CLARKE, CHARITY C.                      NY-31-110-129
CLARKE, CHARLES E.                      NY-31-1014-456
CLARKE, ELIZA J.                        NY-31-1028-180
CLARKE, JOHN                            NY-31-92-612
CLARKE, JOHN                            NY-31-147-299
CLARKE, LUCY                            NY-31-123-514
CLARKE, MARTHA M.                       NY-31-60-467
CLARKE, MARY                            NY-31-44-102
CLARKE, MARY J.                         NY-31-1005-470
CLARKE, MATTHEW                         NY-31-54-263
CLARKE, MONSON                          NY-31-141-96
CLARKE, RICHARD J.                      NY-31-100-144
CLARKE, SAMUEL                          NY-31-101-242
CLARKE, SELINA B.                       NY-31-1027-320
CLARKE, WILLIAM                         NY-31-71-224
CLARKE, WILLIAM C.                      NY-31-1023-251
CLARKSON, ANN M.                        NY-31-122-162
CLARKSON, BELINDA                       NY-31-63-349
CLARKSON, CATHERINE                     NY-31-69-252
CLARKSON, CHARLTON                      NY-31-58-286
CLARKSON, CLERMONT L.                   NY-31-998-308
CLARKSON, DAVID M.                      NY-31-52-249
CLARKSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-105-41
CLARKSON, FREEMAN                       NY-31-49-86
CLARKSON, FREEMAN                       NY-31-91-559
CLARKSON, JOHN C.                       NY-31-117-442
CLARKSON, JOHN L.                       NY-31-70-223
CLARKSON, JOSEPHINE M.                  NY-31-1001-424
CLARKSON, MARY                          NY-31-56-312
CLARKSON, MARY                          NY-31-84-304
CLARKSON, MATTHEW                       NY-31-59-305
CLARKSON, THOMAS S.                     NY-31-90-47
CLARKSON, WILLIAM S.                    NY-31-56-10
CLARYSS, SOPHIE                         NY-31-1001-332
CLASON, AUGUSTUS W.                     NY-31-105-424
CLASON, ISAAC                           NY-31-52-171
CLASSER, MATTHIAS                       NY-31-91-385
CLAUDE, NICOLAS                         NY-31-116-368
CLAUSEN, FRIEDERICK                     NY-31-41-337
CLAUSSEN, MADELEINE                     NY-31-1018-300
CLAUVEAU, AMINA E.                      NY-31-148-376
CLAY, ROBERT                            NY-31-116-441
CLAYTON, BRIDGET                        NY-31-1013-104
CLAYTON, EDWIN B.                       NY-31-106-197
CLAYTON, MARGARET T.                    NY-31-130-278
CLEAR, MICHAEL                          NY-31-124-136
CLEARY, ELLEN                           NY-31-1011-460
CLEARY, MARY                            NY-31-1021-265
CLEARY, THOMAS                          NY-31-110-103
CLEARY, THOMAS                          NY-31-1018-130
CLEARY, WINIFRED                        NY-31-1024-288
CLEGG, JAMES                            NY-31-106-10
CLELAND, GILBERT                        NY-31-147-423
CLEMAN, GEORGE                          NY-31-54-235
CLEMAN, GEORGE                          NY-31-56-258
CLEMENS, PETER                          NY-31-1009-292
CLEMENT, CATHERINE SOPHIE               NY-31-46-286
CLEMENT, JOSEPH                         NY-31-40-151
CLEMENTS, ABNER LEE                     NY-31-91-113
CLEMENTS, JAMES                         NY-31-55-446
CLEMENTS, SAMUEL W.                     NY-31-120-210
CLEMSON, JAMES                          NY-31-52-306
CLENDENEN, ADAM                         NY-31-61-331
CLENDENEN, PATRICK                      NY-31-98-225
CLENDINNING, JOHN                       NY-31-77-141
CLIFFORD, ANNIE L.                      NY-31-1025-383
CLIFFORD, EVA M.                        NY-31-1023-271
CLIFFORD, JAMES                         NY-31-67-159
CLIFTON, C. WHARTON                     NY-31-1021-259
CLIFTON, ODALIE M.                      NY-31-1009-286
CLINCH, GEORGE                          NY-31-94-675
CLINCH, JOHN                            NY-31-55-352
CLINE, MICHAEL                          NY-31-120-479
CLINTON, CATHARINE J.                   NY-31-114-121
CLINTON, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-89-508
CLINTON, HANNAH F.                      NY-31-113-150
CLINTON, JAMES                          NY-31-71-220
CLINTON, MARY G. D.                     NY-31-1009-290
CLINTON, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-120-497
CLINTON, PATRICK                        NY-31-77-339
CLONAN, PETER J.                        NY-31-996-346
CLOPPER, CORNELIUS                      NY-31-42-167
CLOPPER, PETER                          NY-31-44-216
CLOPPER, PETER                          NY-31-44-148
CLOSE, HUGH                             NY-31-46-349
CLOSSEY, MYLES F.                       NY-31-68-181
CLOUD, ADA A.                           NY-31-1008-317
CLOUS, JACOB                            NY-31-104-443
CLOWES, JOHN                            NY-31-110-252
CLOWSLEY, WILLIAM C.                    NY-31-140-229
CLUNE, THOMAS                           NY-31-98-186
CLUTE, ANDREW M.                        NY-31-991-410
COAKLEY, CALYPH                         NY-31-135-95
COAN, MARY E.                           NY-31-1001-192
COATES, JAMES                           NY-31-58-13
COATES, JOHN HAYCOCK                    NY-31-47-478
COATS,JOHN R.                           NY-31-86-99
COBANKS, MARIETTA                       NY-31-1023-272
COBB, OLIVER                            NY-31-142-309
COBLINZER, EMANUEL                      NY-31-118-264
COCHRAN, FRANCIS S.                     NY-31-92-91
COCHRAN, ISABELLA M.                    NY-31-103-50
COCHRAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-58-363
COCHRAN, ROBERT                         NY-31-93-378
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                         NY-31-129-289
COCHRAN, WILHELMINA                     NY-31-147-407
COCHRANE, AGNES                         NY-31-101-303
COCHRANE, CORA A.                       NY-31-103-122
COCHRANE, EMMA J. (32)                  NY-31-107-237
COCHRANE, THOMAS                        NY-31-84-452
COCK, ARCHIBALD M.                      NY-31-63-286
COCK, ARCHIBALD MINTHORNE               NY-31-54-388
COCK, CHARLES                           NY-31-76-236
COCK, ELIJAH                            NY-31-48-26
COCK, ISAAC                             NY-31-51-269
COCK, MARGARET                          NY-31-95-259
COCK, WILLIAM                           NY-31-55-112
COCK, WILLIAM                           NY-31-52-430
COCKBURN, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-95-348
COCKBURN, JOHN MOORE                    NY-31-59-11
COCKCROFT, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-114-466
COCKCROFT, JAMES                        NY-31-119-122
COCKEY, MARSTON R.                      NY-31-1023-274
COCKEY, OTHO S.                         NY-31-1013-444
COCKLE, JOHN L.                         NY-31-1010-402
COCKS, FLORENCE H.                      NY-31-1001-323
CODDING, SARAH                          NY-31-49-121
CODDINGOTN, MOSES                       NY-31-69-173
CODDINGTON, ABRAHAM                     NY-31-75-294
CODDINGTON, BENJAMIN                    NY-31-46-302
CODDINGTON, DAVID                       NY-31-68-233
CODDINGTON, ELIZABETH M.                NY-31-1016-186
CODDINGTON, ISAAC                       NY-31-53-75
CODDINGTON, JONATHAN I.                 NY-31-119-351
CODDINGTON, MARY                        NY-31-106-444
CODDINGTON, SAMUEL                      NY-31-103-298
CODDINGTON, UZZIAH                      NY-31-77-223
CODINGTON, JOHN                         NY-31-45-352
CODMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-53-374
CODMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-53-360
CODWIN, MARY                            NY-31-119-401
CODWISE, JAMES N.                       NY-31-79-451
CODY, JOHN J.                           NY-31-1023-278
CODY, ROSE M.                           NY-31-1013-443
COE, CHARLES                            NY-31-100-372
COE, EDWARD B.                          NY-31-1000-125
COE, HESTER                             NY-31-40-348
COE, JOHN                               NY-31-42-197
COE, MOSES                              NY-31-68-116
COE, WILLIAM S.                         NY-31-115-93
COFFAY, MIKIEL                          NY-31-142-248
COFFEE, BARNABY                         NY-31-66-39
COFFEE, MICHAEL                         NY-31-142-248
COFFEY, JOHN                            NY-31-1010-16
COFFEY, SARAH J.                        NY-31-1020-228
COFFIN, AMOS                            NY-31-62-142
COFFIN, ANN                             NY-31-84-1
COFFIN, CLEMENT                         NY-31-51-226
COFFIN, JOHN                            NY-31-105-313
COFFIN, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-83-568
COFFIS, ELEANOR (60 PAGES)              NY-31-87-197
COFFY, ANN                              NY-31-115-101
COGAN, HENRY                            NY-31-1001-197
COGAN, THOMAS                           NY-31-85-451
COGGESHALL, JAMES                       NY-31-110-504
COGGILL, ANNE A.                        NY-31-989-471
COGGILL, HENRY                          NY-31-1026-8
COGGILL, JULIA M.                       NY-31-1028-71
COGGILL, MARY L.                        NY-31-1005-1
COGGINS, JANE                           NY-31-1013-447
COGHLANE, DANIEL                        NY-31-81-143
COGSWELL, LOIS                          NY-31-137-122
COGSWELL, NATHANIEL                     NY-31-69-431
COHEN, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-1024-426
COHEN, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-136-335
COHEN, ANNIE                            NY-31-1019-209
COHEN, BALLY                            NY-31-985-305
COHEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-998-122
COHEN, CHARLES                          NY-31-1026-245
COHEN, HARRIS                           NY-31-1009-287
COHEN, JACOB                            NY-31-1016-364
COHEN, JULIUS                           NY-31-1015-308
COHEN, LEVI                             NY-31-122-458
COHEN, LEVI C.                          NY-31-139-388
COHEN, LEWIS S.                         NY-31-1019-434
COHEN, LOUIS                            NY-31-992-269
COHEN, LOUIS                            NY-31-1027-479
COHEN, MATILDA                          NY-31-96-79
COHEN, MINNIE KOHN                      NY-31-1007-275
COHEN, MORRIS                           NY-31-1007-24
COHEN, NATHAN                           NY-31-130-450
COHEN, RACHEL                           NY-31-1023-495
COHEN, REBECCA                          NY-31-1017-27
COHEN, ROSALIE                          NY-31-1015-427
COHEN, ROSIE                            NY-31-1021-264
COHEN, SAMUEL H.                        NY-31-996-182
COHEN, ZILLAH P.                        NY-31-1023-16
COHN, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-1019-220
COHN, AMANDA                            NY-31-998-130
COHN, DAVID L.                          NY-31-1017-478
COHN, EMMA                              NY-31-998-314
COHN, ISAAC                             NY-31-1028-313
COHN, JACOB L.                          NY-31-1013-193
COHN, JOSEPH                            NY-31-1012-150
COHN, LEONARD                           NY-31-998-311
COHN, MAX G.                            NY-31-997-408
COHN, MEYER B.                          NY-31-1008-457
COHN, NICHOLAS                          NY-31-69-232
COHN, SOLOMON                           NY-31-1000-11
COILLINS, GEORGE                        NY-31-86-336
COIT, ELISHA                            NY-31-74-104
COIT, GABRIEL                           NY-31-98-499
COIT, WILLIAM                           NY-31-51-32

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