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HAAREN, DIEDRICH O.                     NY-31-994-97
HAAS, JOHN                              NY-31-142-65
HAAS, LEOPOLD                           NY-31-990-352
HAAS, LOUIS                             NY-31-1014-499
HABEL, LOUIS                            NY-31-1024-495
HABERMETH, JOHN                         NY-31-49-35
HABROOK, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-31-1010-469
HACK, JOHN                              NY-31-1023-483
HACKER, EDWARD                          NY-31-98-71
HACKET, GEORGE                          NY-31-61-432
HACKETT, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-999-411
HACKETT, JOSEPH T.                      NY-31-1007-72
HACKLEY, RICHARD S.                     NY-31-88-264
HACKLIN, DOROTHY                        NY-31-68-211
HACKSTAFF, LODWICK                      NY-31-59-176
HADDEN, DAVID                           NY-31-117-446
HADDEN, HAROLD F.                       NY-31-1024-150
HADDEN, JAMES E. S.                     NY-31-998-23
HADDEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-96-42
HADLEY, CHARLES                         NY-31-81-344
HADLEY, SARAH A.                        NY-31-1022-102
HADLICKA, JOSEF                         NY-31-1012-158
HAENEMANN, GABRIEL                      NY-31-126-401
HAFF, ANTHONY                           NY-31-73-414
HAFFNER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-131-117
HAGADORN, ELIZABAETH                    NY-31-84-279
HAGAN, PATRICK                          NY-31-62-141
HAGAN, THOMAS H.                        NY-31-132-235
HAGARTY, JAMES                          NY-31-81-545
HAGEMAN, LETITIA                        NY-31-102-276
HAGEMEYER, JOHN                         NY-31-124-53
HAGEMEYER, NINA CHRISTIANA              NY-31-1006-153
HAGER, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-52-374
HAGERMAN, DANIEL                        NY-31-97-64
HAGERMAN, HENRY B.                      NY-31-107-367
HAGERTY, GEORGE                         NY-31-62-388
HAGERTY, JAMES                          NY-31-81-545
HAGERTY, JAMES                          NY-31-1016-38
HAGGERTHY, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-41-248
HAGGERTY, DARBY                         NY-31-63-253
HAGGERTY, JEREMIAH                      NY-31-1016-43
HAGGERTY, PATRICK                       NY-31-49-19
HAGGERTY, THOMAS                        NY-31-77-372
HAGGIN, JAMES B.                        NY-31-999-472
HAHER, EMILY R.                         NY-31-985-130
HAHLO, HERMANUS                         NY-31-1022-393
HAHN, HANNAH                            NY-31-1031-417
HAHN, JACOB                             NY-31-142-459
HAHN, JENNIE                            NY-31-1011-160
HAHN, MICHAEL                           NY-31-1015-136
HAHN, VIOLA                             NY-31-1011-154
HAHN, WILLIAM                           NY-31-1000-159
HAIG, SARAH G.                          NY-31-92-156
HAIGHT, ANN                             NY-31-115-107
HAIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-81-535
HAIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-50-408
HAIGHT, DAVID L.                        NY-31-102-43
HAIGHT, EDWARD                          NY-31-993-29
HAIGHT, EDWARD C.                       NY-31-1020-76
HAIGHT, FREDERICK A.                    NY-31-995-52
HAIGHT, HALSTED E.                      NY-31-67-210
HAIGHT, JACOB N.                        NY-31-59-529
HAIGHT, JOHN E.                         NY-31-90-517
HAIGHT, MARY W.                         NY-31-140-503
HAIGHT, REBECCA                         NY-31-45-294
HAIGHT, RICHARD K.                      NY-31-147-286
HAIGHT, SARAH E.                        NY-31-101-27
HAIGHT, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-81-479
HAILTON, ANDREW J.                      NY-31-1020-497
HAINES, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-44-443
HAINES, DAVID                           NY-31-59-102
HAINES, GEORGE A.                       NY-31-1009-329
HAINES, JOHN J.                         NY-31-122-128
HAINS, ELIJAH                           NY-31-131-103
HAIRS, HENRY G.                         NY-31-996-417
HALBERT, MARGARET                       NY-31-107-231
HALBERT, RENE                           NY-31-97-344
HALE, CHARLES J.                        NY-31-1022-231
HALE, DAVID                             NY-31-97-215
HALE, DUDLEY P.                         NY-31-1029-407
HALE, ELIAS W.                          NY-31-94-591
HALE, JOSEPH                            NY-31-76-485
HALEY, HANNAH                           NY-31-108-482
HALEY, THOMAS                           NY-31-108-406
HALFPENNY, MARY                         NY-31-108-157
HALL, ANDREW                            NY-31-69-112
HALL, AZARIAH D.                        NY-31-104-483
HALL, AZARIAH F.                        NY-31-114-396
HALL, BENJAMIN E.                       NY-31-1002-475
HALL, CHARLES                           NY-31-108-494
HALL, CHARLES                           NY-31-1025-180
HALL, CHARLES B.                        NY-31-138-315
HALL, CHARLES B.                        NY-31-989-125
HALL, DANIEL                            NY-31-105-47
HALL, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-109-340
HALL, EUNICE                            NY-31-100-71
HALL, GEORGE H.                         NY-31-990-94
HALL, GEORGE L.                         NY-31-986-23
HALL, GEORGE S.                         NY-31-1014-408
HALL, HANNAH                            NY-31-100-129
HALL, JAMES                             NY-31-105-94
HALL, JAMES                             NY-31-110-214
HALL, JOHN J.                           NY-31-93-286
HALL, JONATHAN P.                       NY-31-142-413
HALL, JOSEPH                            NY-31-79-53
HALL, JOSEPH                            NY-31-62-294
HALL, KATHERINE C.                      NY-31-998-365
HALL, MARY                              NY-31-96-635
HALL, URANIA L.                         NY-31-989-376
HALL, VALENTINE                         NY-31-130-30
HALL, WILLIAM                           NY-31-62-428
HALL, WILLIAM B.                        NY-31-68-222
HALL, WILLIAM E.                        NY-31-1010-49
HALL, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-1014-38
HALLAGAN, SAMUEL                        NY-31-43-199
HALLEN, CATHERINE                       NY-31-1015-138
HALLETT, ABRAHAM S.                     NY-31-60-109
HALLETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-52-40
HALLETT, FREDRICK A.                    NY-31-101-383
HALLETT, ISRAEL C.                      NY-31-55-453
HALLETT, JAMES                          NY-31-45-334
HALLETT, JOSEPH                         NY-31-43-39
HALLETT, JOSEPH D.                      NY-31-72-90
HALLETT, RACHEL C.                      NY-31-76-416
HALLETT, SAMUEL                         NY-31-56-234
HALLIBURTON, GEORGE                     NY-31-84-288
HALLIBURTON, JAMES P.                   NY-31-99-14
HALLIDAY, JAMES                         NY-31-52-271
HALLIDAY, MARY                          NY-31-129-353
HALLIDAY, ROBERT                        NY-31-92-544
HALLIDAY, ROBERT                        NY-31-81- 464
HALLMAN, MARIE                          NY-31-1023-163
HALLOCK, ABBY                           NY-31-93-411
HALLOCK, JACOB                          NY-31-50-346
HALLORAN, LEWIS                         NY-31-102-448
HALLSTED, JOHN B.                       NY-31-81-483
HALMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-46-43
HALSEY, ELLEN E. B.                     NY-31-103-394
HALSEY, ICHABOD B.                      NY-31-54-356
HALSEY, ISAAC                           NY-31-89-352
HALSEY, JABEZ                           NY-31-50-303
HALSEY, JOHN C.                         NY-31-76-460
HALSEY, LEWIS W.                        NY-31-96-458
HALSEY, MARY                            NY-31-101-306
HALSTEAD, ABIGAIL                       NY-31-58-382
HALSTEAD, AFFEE                         NY-31-69-521
HALSTEAD, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-58-72
HALSTEAD, SARAH L.                      NY-31-93-331
HALSTEAD, SUSANNAH                      NY-31-70-395
HALSTEAD, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-105-36
HALSTED, CALEB O.                       NY-31-131-449
HALSTED, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-54-119
HALSTED, EMILY R.                       NY-31-987-438
HALSTED, EMILY T.                       NY-31-998-165
HALSTED, ESTHER                         NY-31-88-403
HALSTED, EZEKIEL                        NY-31-63-108
HALSTED, JESSE                          NY-31-127-361
HALSTED, JOB S.                         NY-31-95-408
HALSTED, MAGDALINE R.                   NY-31-103-126
HALSTED, WILLIAM M.                     NY-31-149-438
HALSTED, WILLIAM M.                     NY-31-99-145
HAMBLIN, THOMAS S.                      NY-31-107-111
HAMBURER, PAULINEM.                     NY-31-1021-57
HAMERSCHLAG, JULIA S.                   NY-31-1020-86
HAMERSLEY, ANDREW                       NY-31-55-256
HAMERSLEY, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-105-466
HAMERSLEY, THOMAS                       NY-31-72-181
HAMERSLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-31-76-139
HAMILL, SARAH                           NY-31-993-220
HAMILL, VINCENT G.                      NY-31-989-298
HAMILTN, ANN E.                         NY-31-130-185
HAMILTON, ADELAIDE                      NY-31-1025-288
HAMILTON, ALICE ***                     NY-31-124-252
HAMILTON, AMELIA G.                     NY-31-60-422
HAMILTON, ANNE                          NY-31-101-134
HAMILTON, ERASTUS                       NY-31-1024-328
HAMILTON, FANNIE A.                     NY-31-992-294
HAMILTON, GEORGE                        NY-31-1010-53
HAMILTON, JAMES                         NY-31-76-450
HAMILTON, JAMES                         NY-31-64-226
HAMILTON, JAMES                         NY-31-63-120
HAMILTON, JAMES                         NY-31-114-140
HAMILTON, JANE H.                       NY-31-998-357
HAMILTON, JOHN                          NY-31-48-144
HAMILTON, JOHN P.                       NY-31-114-261
HAMILTON, ROBERT DOUGLASS               NY-31-107-603
HAMILTON, ROBERT H.                     NY-31-105-211
HAMILTON, SIDONIE                       NY-31-1017-272
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-89-201
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-53-154
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-69-496
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-41-241
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-106-281
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-98-255
HAMILTON, WILLIAM A.                    NY-31-113-211
HAMILTON, WILLIAM F.                    NY-31-107-107
HAMILTON, WILLIAM R.                    NY-31-1015-31
HAMLET, EDWARD                          NY-31-53-138
HAMLIN, ASHER P.                        NY-31-122-290
HAMMELL, HANNAH                         NY-31-70-285
HAMMER, JOHN                            NY-31-110-507
HAMMER, THERESA                         NY-31-1013-225
HAMMERSLY, ANDREW                       NY-31-43-415
HAMMERSTEIN, WILLIAM                    NY-31-997-434
HAMMET, ISABELLA                        NY-31-120-473
HAMMOND, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-43-306
HAMMOND, FREDERICK A.                   NY-31-1030-213
HAMMOND, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-114-51
HAMMOND, JUDAH                          NY-31-99-92
HAMMOND, MARY P. S.                     NY-31-1025-35
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-31-53-432
HAMMOND, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-992-35
HAMNER, JOHN                            NY-31-83-16
HAMPTON, PETER                          NY-31-91-619
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-53-66
HANAVIN, PHILIP                         NY-31-119-362
HANCE, ISABEL M. C.                     NY-31-1002-90
HANCE, JOHN H.                          NY-31-94-557
HANCOCK, JOHN                           NY-31-103-594
HAND, ANN                               NY-31-127-213
HAND, MARY                              NY-31-75-269
HAND, WILLIAM                           NY-31-51-316
HANDLEY, JAMES                          NY-31-62-402
HANDY, ANNE                             NY-31-1018-418
HANDY, EMILY J.                         NY-31-122-491
HANDY, RICHARD F.                       NY-31-995-324
HANDY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-62-270
HANEMANN, HENRY W.                      NY-31-992-45
HANFIELD, HARMON                        NY-31-137-367
HANFORD, WARREN D.                      NY-31-1020-78
HANFT, JOHN B.                          NY-31-1012-398
HANKINSON, LEWIS M.                     NY-31-85-415
HANKS, OWEN G.                          NY-31-148-479
HANLON, EDWARD                          NY-31-136-262
HANLON, MARY A.                         NY-31-1013-480
HANLY, DANIEL                           NY-31-1031-427
HANNA, AUGUSTA                          NY-31-108-95
HANNAFORD, STEPHEN                      NY-31-109-529
HANNAH, JOHN                            NY-31-106-586
HANNAH, ROBERT                          NY-31-77-466
HANNAH, ROBERT                          NY-31-120-352
HANNAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-127-482
HANNAVAN, JOHN                          NY-31-99-389
HANNES, PHEBE                           NY-31-61-78
HANNOM, ISABELLA                        NY-31-1019-451
HANRATTY, MARY                          NY-31-1030-29
HANSHE, WILLAM H.                       NY-31-994-22
HANZEN, MARIE N.                        NY-31-1031-116
HARBEEK, HENRY                          NY-31-96-281
HARBURGER, JULIUS                       NY-31-1012-225
HARCKLIN, EVE                           NY-31-91-119
HARDEKOPF, EDWARD                       NY-31-988-361
HARDEN, JAMES                           NY-31-995-336
HARDENBERGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-31-41-302
HARDENBROOK, ABEL                       NY-31-40-80
HARDENBROOK, ABEL W.                    NY-31-81-425
HARDENBROOK, ANN                        NY-31-53-452
HARDENBROOK, GERARDUS                   NY-31-48-239
HARDENBROOK, JOHN                       NY-31-44-380
HARDENBROOK, JOHN A.                    NY-31-68-385
HARDENBROOK, JOHN W.                    NY-31-85-23
HARDENBROOK, WILLIAM                    NY-31-56-81
HARDENBROOK, WILLIAM JR.                NY-31-110-28
HARDENBURGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-31-49-88
HARDIE, JAMES                           NY-31-47-475
HARDING, M. A.                          NY-31-1011-491
HARDING, NEHEMIAH H.                    NY-31-109-439
HARDING, RACHEL                         NY-31-48-382
HARDTER, FRANCISCA                      NY-31-148-80
HARDY, JOHN                             NY-31-1005-53
HARDY, WILLIAM J.                       NY-31-1017-277
HARE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-44-86
HARELICK, BACA                          NY-31-1029-403
HARFORD, SAMUEL                         NY-31-77-203
HARGRAVE, MARY                          NY-31-1015-132
HARGRAVE, SARAH                         NY-31-989-498
HARGROVE, GEORGE                        NY-31-103-284
HARGROVE, THOMAS                        NY-31-1009-204
HARIN, PATRICK                          NY-31-52-105
HARING, ABRAHAM P.                      NY-31-109-446
HARING, CORNELIUS D.                    NY-31-44-315
HARING, JACOB                           NY-31-55-188
HARING, JOHN S.                         NY-31-132-490
HARING, SAMUEL                          NY-31-68-115
HARISON, GEORGE F.                      NY-31-92-276
HARISON, JANE                           NY-31-119-310
HARISON, RICHARD                        NY-31-65-7
HARISON, RICHARD                        NY-31-63-435
HARKER, ABEL                            NY-31-102-336
HARKER, DORATHEA                        NY-31-98-490
HARKIN, ELLEN                           NY-31-99-150
HARKINS, COLUMBUS                       NY-31-149-238
HARKINS, ELLEN                          NY-31-99-150
HARKNESS, CHARLES W.                    NY-31-1024-489
HARLAN, JAMES                           NY-31-89-242
HARLOW, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-60-161
HARLSEN, EMILIE                         NY-31-1003-258
HARMAN, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-66-432
HARMAN, BRIDGET                         NY-31-89-114
HARMAN, JOHN CONRAD                     NY-31-43-269
HARMON, GALATIAN P.                     NY-31-1031-425
HARMON, HANNAH J.                       NY-31-1013-222
HARMON, PHILIP                          NY-31-132-308
HARMONY, JACOHIM                        NY-31-124-190
HARMONY, PETER                          NY-31-102-302
HARMONY, SARAH A.                       NY-31-139-417
HARMS, CLAUS                            NY-31-137-22
HARMS, JOHN                             NY-31-1012-49
HARMS, MICHAEL                          NY-31-100-47
HARNED, JONATHAN                        NY-31-92-279
HARNETT, MARY                           NY-31-40-374
HARNS, JAMES                            NY-31-1023-56
HAROLD, JOSEPH                          NY-31-97-5
HARPER, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-31-101-15
HARPER, CAROLINE S.                     NY-31-1014-484
HARPER, GRACED                          NY-31-75-369
HARPER, JAMES L.                        NY-31-135-137
HARPER, THOMAS                          NY-31-124-242
HARPR, JOHN W.                          NY-31-1025-177
HARR, JOHN M.                           NY-31-137-513
HARRIET, MARY A.                        NY-31-1007-379
HARRIMAN, FRANCES                       NY-31-59-372
HARRINGTON, JOHN                        NY-31-137-141
HARRINGTON, LEWIS                       NY-31-42-260
HARRINGTON, MARY                        NY-31-995-46
HARRIOT, DAVID                          NY-31-56-252
HARRIOT, JAMES                          NY-31-123-83
HARRIOTT, EDGAR                         NY-31-110-52
HARRIOTT, SMITH                         NY-31-90-194
HARRIS, ALBERT W.                       NY-31-1014-41
HARRIS, ANN                             NY-31-46-354
HARRIS, CHARLES                         NY-31-96-60
HARRIS, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-97-131
HARRIS, DAVID M.                        NY-31-994-222
HARRIS, EMILY K.                        NY-31-999-166
HARRIS, ERASTUS R.                      NY-31-80-392
HARRIS, FANNIE                          NY-31-1004-387
HARRIS, FANNIE E.                       NY-31-1003-269
HARRIS, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-1016-35
HARRIS, GERTRUYD                        NY-31-41-299
HARRIS, JAMES                           NY-31-65-44
HARRIS, JAMES                           NY-31-66-9
HARRIS, JOHN                            NY-31-47-75
HARRIS, LEONTINE M.                     NY-31-1023-473
HARRIS, MARY                            NY-31-50-495
HARRIS, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-101-334
HARRIS, RICHARD                         NY-31-43-294
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          NY-31-100-539
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-63-375
HARRISON, ARTHUR                        NY-31-109-344
HARRISON, EDWARD                        NY-31-53-268
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-47-142
HARRISON, GEORGE                        NY-31-111-446
HARRISON, HIRAM                         NY-31-122-397
HARRISON, JAMES                         NY-31-105-384
HARRISON, JEREMIAH                      NY-31-1028-215
HARRISON, JOHN                          NY-31-66-115
HARRISON, JOHN                          NY-31-54-193
HARRISON, JOHN                          NY-31-138-218
HARRISON, JOHN (108)                    NY-31-107-124
HARRISON, JOHN H.                       NY-31-66-135
HARRISON, JOSEPH                        NY-31-111-450
HARRISON, MARGARET                      NY-31-53-272
HARRISON, MARY                          NY-31-49-17
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-60-223
HARRISON, WILLIAM G.                    NY-31-93-275
HARRISON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-79-49
HARRIS,SAMUEL                           NY-31-58-449
HARROWAY, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-62-467
HARSEN, CORNELIUS                       NY-31-79-197
HARSEN, JACOB                           NY-31-74-219
HARSEN, JACOB                           NY-31-147-232
HARSIN, SARAH                           NY-31-43-140
HARSS, ELISABETH                        NY-31-1031-422
HART, BENJAMIN F.                       NY-31-86-415
HART, BRIDGET                           NY-31-110-150
HART, CATHERINE                         NY-31-1028-216
HART, DAVID                             NY-31-112-138
HART, ELISHA                            NY-31-86-399
HART, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-110-111
HART, ELIZABETH D.                      NY-31-62-83
HART, EPHRAIM                           NY-31-63-456
HART, HANNAH                            NY-31-111-95
HART, HENRY                             NY-31-118-286
HART, HENRY C.                          NY-31-80-263
HART, HENRY I.                          NY-31-148-437
HART, HUGH                              NY-31-63-31
HART, JAMES JR.                         NY-31-130-133
HART, MARY K.                           NY-31-132-253
HART, MICHAEL                           NY-31-140-91
HART, MOSES                             NY-31-107-565
HART, PATRICK                           NY-31-120-110
HART, PETER G.                          NY-31-62-5
HART, PHILIP                            NY-31-113-282
HART, TRUMAN                            NY-31-111-473
HART, WILLIAM                           NY-31-97-382
HARTE, JAMES                            NY-31-1020-84
HARTELL, ADAM                           NY-31-91-690
HARTELL, ADAM                           NY-31-59-204
HARTELL, CHRISTIAN F.                   NY-31-89-511
HARTELL, CHRISTIAN F.                   NY-31-61-144
HARTENSTEIN, FREDERICK                  NY-31-1031-268
HARTHAUS, MARY                          NY-31-134-35
HARTIGAN, JULIA                         NY-31-1010-474
HARTKOPF, KATHERINE                     NY-31-1023-216
HARTKOPF, WILLIAM                       NY-31-988-441
HARTLICK, MARTIN                        NY-31-53-330
HARTMAN, LEWIS                          NY-31-81-6
HARTMAN, MARY P.                        NY-31-148-216
HARTMAN, THEODORE                       NY-31-1007-294
HARTMANN, THRESARE                      NY-31-1012-154
HARTNETT, PHILIP                        NY-31-1023-224
HARTSFIELD, RICHMOND B.                 NY-31-996-433
HARTSHORN, ROBERT                       NY-31-46-63
HARTT, CHARLES H.                       NY-31-73-470
HARTT, GEORGE S.                        NY-31-1022-W40
HARTUNG, CHARLES                        NY-31-994-231
HARTWIG, LOUIS                          NY-31-997-158
HARTZ, BELLE                            NY-31-1018-169
HARVEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-69-272
HARVEY, FRANCIS                         NY-31-110-218
HARVEY, JOHN                            NY-31-79-277
HARVEY, SARAH A.                        NY-31-126-163
HARVEY, THOMAS                          NY-31-52-476
HARVEY, THOMAS                          NY-31-116-384
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-110-542
HARWAY, JOHN L.                         NY-31-104-83
HARWEDES, FRIEDERICH                    NY-31-129-200
HARWOOD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-79-561
HASBROUCK, LAWRENCE                     NY-31-997-163
HASENEY, WILLIAM F.                     NY-31-1031-429
HASKELL, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-31-1008-44
HASKIN, HENRY R.                        NY-31-95-539
HASKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-122-18
HASLIE, PETER                           NY-31-141-8
HASSELL, HANNAH (DALTON)                NY-31-46-382
HASSETT, THOMAS                         NY-31-112-213
HASSLER, EDWARD                         NY-31-95-34
HASSLER, JOHANNES                       NY-31-100-324
HASTIE, MARTHA                          NY-31-997-80
HASTIE, WILLIAM                         NY-31-53-262
HASTIER, JOHN                           NY-31-40-308
HASTINGS, CHARLES                       NY-31-120-394
HASTINGS, FREDERICK C.                  NY-31-985-482
HASTINGS, HIRAM P.                      NY-31-106-271
HASTINGS, PATRICK R                     NY-31-102-459
HASWELL, DOROTHY                        NY-31-112-133
HASZK, RACHEL                           NY-31-149-167
HATCH, JOSEPH B.                        NY-31-115-13
HATFIELD, HARRIET A. S.                 NY-31-1014-496
HATFIELD, JOB S.                        NY-31-56-279
HATFIELD, MARY                          NY-31-141-50
HATFIELD, PHOEBE                        NY-31-57-400
HATFIELD, WILLIAM B.                    NY-31-119-478
HATHAWAY, ANTIPASS                      NY-31-55-270
HATHAWAY, CLIFTON                       NY-31-66-249
HATHAWAY, WILLIAM                       NY-31-99-393
HATRICK, MARY                           NY-31-99-340
HATTERICH, CONRAD                       NY-31-75-154
HATTRICK, PETER                         NY-31-69-180
HATZENSTEIN, MEIER                      NY-31-1022-382
HAUBERT, CATHARINE                      NY-31-1004-31
HAUBNER, WILLIAM E.                     NY-31-1009-197
HAUFF, FRED H.                          NY-31-999-404
HAUFF, WILLIAM C.                       NY-31-1016-44
HAUGHERY, MARY                          NY-31-1031-418
HAUGHWOUT, CORNELIUS                    NY-31-88-452
HAUGHWOUT, TABITHA A.                   NY-31-89-522
HAULTHOUSE, BARBARA                     NY-31-93-182
HAULTHOUSE, HENRY                       NY-31-51-407
HAUPTMAN, JACOB                         NY-31-62-169
HAUPTMAN, JACOB                         NY-31-65-38
HAUSCHILD, LOUISE                       NY-31-1004-498
HAUSER, CARL                            NY-31-1018-213
HAUSER, LAVINIA                         NY-31-992-195
HAUSMAN, BLASIUS                        NY-31-97-133
HAUSMANN, CARL A.                       NY-31-1022-378
HAUSSENER, MAGDALENA                    NY-31-998-171
HAUXHURST, MARY F.                      NY-31-123-59
HAVELAND, JOHN F.                       NY-31-129-410
HAVEMEYER, EMILE DE L.                  NY-31-1003-187
HAVEMEYER, EMILIE DEL.                  NY-31-1011-240
HAVEMEYER, WILLIAM                      NY-31-102-246
HAVEN, JOHN                             NY-31-92-214
HAVENS, CORA VIRGINIA                   NY-31-1021-151
HAVENS, GABRIEL                         NY-31-80-120
HAVENS, RACHEL S.                       NY-31-131-230
HAVES, JOHN                             NY-31-47-484
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-142-277
HAVILAND, CATHARINE                     NY-31-141-92
HAVILAND, CHARLES T.                    NY-31-989-367
HAVILAND, FERRIS R.                     NY-31-117-474
HAVILAND, ISRAEL                        NY-31-55-376
HAVILAND, JAMES G.                      NY-31-119-364
HAVRE, CATHARINE E. CARRAND             NY-31-63-479
HAWES, WILLIAM P.                       NY-31-83-305
HAWKES, CHARLES B.                      NY-31-1030-251
HAWKES, ROBERT                          NY-31-1022-368
HAWKINS, ISABEL T.                      NY-31-1029-408
HAWKINS, JOHN                           NY-31-58-371
HAWKINS, JOHN S.                        NY-31-1010-296
HAWKINS, MARIE V.                       NY-31-1008-184
HAWKINS, MICAH                          NY-31-59-428
HAWKINS, RICHARD G.                     NY-31-86-1
HAWKINS,C HARLOTTE M.                   NY-31-1016-226
HAWKS, ENOS                             NY-31-99-422
HAWKS, SARAH E.                         NY-31-1008-180
HAWLEY, CHARLES T.                      NY-31-990-349
HAWLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-110-495
HAWLEY, JOHN S.                         NY-31-994-211
HAWLEY, LETITIA                         NY-31-122-154
HAWLEY, SARAH                           NY-31-48-103
HAWS, JOHN H. H.                        NY-31-122-193
HAWS, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-79-359
HAWTHORNE, ELIZABETH J.                 NY-31-995-315
HAWXHURST, AMY                          NY-31-119-370
HAWXHURST, CALEB                        NY-31-47-489
HAWXHURST, DANIEL                       NY-31-41-416
HAWXHURST, HANNAH B.                    NY-31-92-423
HAWXHURST, NATHANIEL                    NY-31-93-562
HAY, ALLAN                              NY-31-1016-393
HAY, CHARLES M.                         NY-31-105-300
HAY, GEORGIANA AUGUSTA                  NY-31-127-244
HAY, ISABELLA                           NY-31-995-159
HAY, JANE D.                            NY-31-116-306
HAY, PETER                              NY-31-114-152
HAY, SILAS C.                           NY-31-986-493
HAYDEN, CATHARINE                       NY-31-994-102
HAYDEN, FRANK                           NY-31-1004-154
HAYDOCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-68-391
HAYDOCK, HENRY                          NY-31-42-385
HAYES, CAROLINE                         NY-31-1022-34
HAYES, CARRIE A.                        NY-31-1007-290
HAYES, DENNIS                           NY-31-1019-257
HAYES, HERCULES M.                      NY-31-105-436
HAYES, JOHN                             NY-31-992-312
HAYES, JOHN H.                          NY-31-1025-466
HAYMAN, EMMA                            NY-31-1023-300
HAYNES, ANNETTE WAGNER                  NY-31-993-36
HAYNES, HETTA M.                        NY-31-1022-237
HAYNES, THOMAS                          NY-31-62-335
HAYS, ARCHIBALD                         NY-31-84-225
HAYS, E. ST. JOHN                       NY-31-1003-266
HAYS, ELEANOR                           NY-31-82-209
HAYS, JACOB                             NY-31-100-290
HAYS, JAMES                             NY-31-62-480
HAYS, JAMES                             NY-31-74-12
HAYS, LAURA                             NY-31-1003-128
HAYWARD, ALEXANDER S.                   NY-31-85-322
HAYWARD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-60-477
HAZARD, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-92-486
HAZARD, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-49-247
HAZARD, GEORGE                          NY-31-92-408
HAZARD, MARCIA                          NY-31-51-68
HAZARD, SAMUEL                          NY-31-100-60
HAZARD, THOMAS                          NY-31-62-199
HAZELTON, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-1004-493
HAZELWOOD, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-1023-167
HAZEN, JAMES R.                         NY-31-988-231
HEADDEN, JOHN                           NY-31-81-572
HEADLEY, GEORGE K.                      NY-31-89-100
HEADY, ISAAC                            NY-31-80-291
HEALEY, MICHAEL J.                      NY-31-1014-282
HEALY, ANN                              NY-31-149-123
HEALY, DANIEL                           NY-31-113-165
HEALY, JAMES                            NY-31-128-334
HEALY, JANE E.                          NY-31-989-293
HEALY, JESSIE M.                        NY-31-1013-232
HEALY, JOHANNAH                         NY-31-108-482
HEALY, JOHN                             NY-31-40-219
HEALY, JOHN                             NY-31-59-137
HEALY, MARIANNE WELLS                   NY-31-993-362
HEALY, MICHAEL                          NY-31-986-323
HEALY, NORA                             NY-31-1016-395
HEALY, THOMAS                           NY-31-53-434
HEANEY, JOHN                            NY-31-110-324
HEARD, JAMES                            NY-31-93-473
HEARN, GEORGE                           NY-31-102-13
HEARN, MARY                             NY-31-103-80
HEARTIGAN, JAMES                        NY-31-53-102
HEASLIP, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1016-233
HEATH, EZEKIAH                          NY-31-53-144
HEATH, HENRY J.                         NY-31-1019-446
HEATH, MARY F.                          NY-31-998-160
HEATN, JOHN C.                          NY-31-1020-402
HEBBERT, CHARLES                        NY-31-107-422
HEBELER, GAHAN                          NY-31-125-222
HEBELER, KATHARINE                      NY-31-1015-448
HEBERT, HILDEBRAND OAKES                NY-31-63-160
HECK, LUISE C.                          NY-31-1021-60
HECKERT, KATHARINE                      NY-31-1018-47
HECKMAN, ANNA                           NY-31-1017-41
HECTOR, WILLIAM                         NY-31-130-384
HEDDEN, PETER                           NY-31-50-274
HEDDLOVE, GUTAVUS                       NY-31-62-362
HEDEL, ANN                              NY-31-111-282
HEDGER, AMY                             NY-31-41-35
HEDLEY, JOHN R.                         NY-31-69-205
HEENEY, SARAH                           NY-31-99-286
HEER, JANE                              NY-31-118-259
HEERMANCE, JANE A.                      NY-31-115-121
HEFFERT, EMMA                           NY-31-989-79
HEFFLER, GEORGE O.                      NY-31-1022-369
HEFLER, MARYA E.                        NY-31-1015-129
HEFLIN, ELIZA J.                        NY-31-1018-335
HEFTER, HANNAH H.                       NY-31-1023-49
HEGEMAN, ADRIAN                         NY-31-60-327
HEGEMAN, JOHN C.                        NY-31-59-375
HEGEMAN, PETER                          NY-31-90-85
HEGETSCHWEILER, JOHN                    NY-31-991-162
HEGNER, KARL                            NY-31-1028-229
HEHL, ERNEST G. G.                      NY-31-1000-31
HEIDELBERGE, AARON                      NY-31-110-109
HEIDINGSFELDER, PHILIP                  NY-31-1005-411
HEILBRONER, SAMUEL                      NY-31-1021-155
HEILBRUN, MORRIS S.                     NY-31-1021-138
HEILIGER, ELSE                          NY-31-987-262
HEIMSTADT, JOHANN C.                    NY-31-1022-100
HEINEMANN, HIRSCH                       NY-31-142-503
HEINS, FRED                             NY-31-1023-213
HEIR, PATRICK                           NY-31-1004-494
HEIRIS, FRED                            NY-31-1023-213
HEISER, CHARLES L.                      NY-31-119-105
HEISER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-128-419
HEISER, HENRY                           NY-31-57-49
HEISER, HENRY                           NY-31-61-277
HEISER, LUCRETIA                        NY-31-58-155
HEISER, LUCRETIA                        NY-31-77-95
HEISTER, MINNA M.                       NY-31-991-316
HEITMANN, HARMAN H.                     NY-31-124-496
HEKELER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-31-1015-98
HEKK, BARBARA                           NY-31-1027-111
HELD, CHARLES E.                        NY-31-124-451
HELDMAN, MARGARET                       NY-31-1030-432
HELIE, JAQUES ANTOINE                   NY-31-45-27
HELLENBERG, CORNELIA                    NY-31-1022-239
HELLER, BERTHA                          NY-31-1013-129
HELLUM, AGNES                           NY-31-989-371
HELM, JOSEPH V.                         NY-31-1002-85
HELME, ARTHUR                           NY-31-42-296
HELMER, JOHN                            NY-31-55-451
HELMES, CHARLES                         NY-31-90-335
HELMS, JANE                             NY-31-108-612
HEMENWAY, ELLEN L.                      NY-31-1016-397
HEMME, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-31-71-57
HEMMER, AUGUSTA E.                      NY-31-998-374
HENDERSON, ADELINE                      NY-31-1024-332
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-31-53-354
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER J.                 NY-31-117-393
HENDERSON, ALICE                        NY-31-93-15
HENDERSON, ANNE                         NY-31-995-320
HENDERSON, CATHARINE                    NY-31-106-189
HENDERSON, CATHARINE                    NY-31-105-234
HENDERSON, EDWARD C.                    NY-31-120-128
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-134-264
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-96-341
HENDERSON, GEORGE                       NY-31-81-23
HENDERSON, GEORGE                       NY-31-92-569
HENDERSON, HOWARD                       NY-31-129-158
HENDERSON, ISAAC M.                     NY-31-84-432
HENDERSON, JACOB                        NY-31-104-235
HENDERSON, JAMES                        NY-31-99-1
HENDERSON, JOHN                         NY-31-127-6
HENDERSON, LOUISA A.                    NY-31-122-431
HENDERSON, MARY                         NY-31-49-145
HENDERSON, MARY J.                      NY-31-136-194
HENDERSON, RICHARD W.                   NY-31-993-33
HENDERSON, ROBERT                       NY-31-92-298
HENDERSON, ROBERT                       NY-31-1008-344
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       NY-31-41-375
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-47-397
HENDRICKS, BLANCHE                      NY-31-1020-258
HENDRICKS, EMMA                         NY-31-1029-157
HENDRICKS, FRANCES                      NY-31-110-167
HENDRICKS, HELEN IDA                    NY-31-1023-158
HENDRICKS, HENRY                        NY-31-137-355
HENDRICKS, MADELINE                     NY-31-1028-223
HENDRICKS, REBECCA                      NY-31-89-381
HENDRICKS, WASHINGTON                   NY-31-83-222
HENDRICKSON, JACOB                      NY-31-106-136
HENDRICKSON, SAMUEL                     NY-31-127-417
HENDRICKSON, STEPHEN                    NY-31-76-171
HENJES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1014-410
HENKEN, MARGARETA                       NY-31-1012-160
HENKER, DOROTHY                         NY-31-988-124
HENN, JACOB H.                          NY-31-55-375
HENNERS, ELIZA N.                       NY-31-1031-11
HENNESSY, CATHARINE                     NY-31-94-636
HENNESSY, EDWARD                        NY-31-82-588
HENNESSY, FORBES J.                     NY-31-1023-330
HENNESSY, MARGARET                      NY-31-142-258
HENNIG, MARIA                           NY-31-1025-121
HENNION, DAVID M.                       NY-31-101-326
HENNION, PETER                          NY-31-56-102
HENRIQUES, DAVID                        NY-31-129-52
HENRIQUES, ESTHER NUNES                 NY-31-64-178
HENRY, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-95-410
HENRY, CHARLES W.                       NY-31-1031-420
HENRY, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-66-335
HENRY, JOHN                             NY-31-41-291
HENRY, JOHN                             NY-31-90-553
HENRY, MARIA                            NY-31-64-246
HENRY, PHILIP                           NY-31-114-92
HENRY, SAMUEL                           NY-31-81-518
HENRY, THOMAS S.                        NY-31-111-4
HENRY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-49-239
HENSHAW, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-66-129
HENSHAW, MARY                           NY-31-42-243
HENSHAW, ZACCHEUS                       NY-31-43-462
HENSING, MIMA K.                        NY-31-106-119
HENZEL, CHARLES                         NY-31-108-449
HEPBURN, CHARLES L.                     NY-31-1020-256
HEPBURN, DAVID                          NY-31-92-547
HEPP, LOUISE                            NY-31-1003-59
HERBERT, GEORGE                         NY-31-130-197
HERBERT, WILLIAM E.                     NY-31-1023-334
HERBST, JOHANN                          NY-31-104-118
HERCH, CATHERINE                        NY-31-987-259
HERDTFELDER, JOHN                       NY-31-1012-106
HERMAN, AGATHA                          NY-31-989-74
HERMAN, JOSEPH P.                       NY-31-1023-479
HERMANCE, JOHN                          NY-31-53-307
HERMANN, CAROLINE                       NY-31-1013-230
HERNE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-135-57
HERON, JAMES                            NY-31-81-470
HEROY, LEVENUS C.                       NY-31-70-27
HERR, WHITNEY                           NY-31-990-207
HERRICK, EDWIN R.                       NY-31-147-208
HERRICK, ELIAS H.                       NY-31-118-486
HERRICK, ELIAS J.                       NY-31-1014-284
HERRICK, HELENA                         NY-31-1031-271
HERRICK, JONATHAN K. ***                NY-31-137-59
HERRICK, MARGARET                       NY-31-1020-266
HERRICK, TAMER A.                       NY-31-123-190
HERRICK, WILLIAM T.                     NY-31-123-486
HERRING, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-40-17
HERRING, JACOB                          NY-31-55-188
HERRING, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-142-387
HERRMAN, HANNAH J.                      NY-31-1030-421
HERRMAN, HENRY M.                       NY-31-1002-80
HERRMANN, DAVID                         NY-31-1025-32
HERRMANN, JOSEPH                        NY-31-995-331
HERROLD, HENRY                          NY-31-1022-370
HERRON, CARRIE R.                       NY-31-1011-23
HERRRICK, EVERETT                       NY-31-1004-309
HERSCH, MAX M.                          NY-31-993-226
HERST, LENA                             NY-31-1006-26
HERTMAN, HENRY                          NY-31-85-212
HERTS, HENRY H.                         NY-31-1025-125
HERTTELL, JOHN                          NY-31-54-282
HERTTELL, THOMAS                        NY-31-99-47
HERTZ, MINNIE                           NY-31-1008-176
HERTZBERG, MEYER                        NY-31-1011-487
HERTZEL, CAROLINE M.                    NY-31-1029-48
HERTZFELDER, CAROLINE                   NY-31-148-154
HERVE, JOHN                             NY-31-140-326
HERVEAUX, LEON D.                       NY-31-998-371
HERVEY, CATHARINE                       NY-31-92-680
HERZ, LESER                             NY-31-137-316
HERZLICH, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-1030-256
HERZOG, ROSINE                          NY-31-1025-461
HESACK, DAVID                           NY-31-84-90
HESS, ANDREW                            NY-31-103-131
HESS, JOSEPH                            NY-31-1022-395
HESS, JULIE                             NY-31-994-26
HESS, SIGMUND A.                        NY-31-1006-32
HESSBERG, ISIDOR                        NY-31-1031-4
HESSE, LODEWICK (LEWIS)                 NY-31-54-105
HESTER, GOTTLIEB                        NY-31-1018-317
HESTY, SAMUEL                           NY-31-105-274
HETHERINGTON, ELIZABETH                 NY-31-88-312
HETHERINGTON, JOHN                      NY-31-115-29
HETHRINGTON, JAMES                      NY-31-82-62
HETSEL, JOHN                            NY-31-43-347
HETTERICH, CONRAD                       NY-31-75-154
HETTERICK, JOHN                         NY-31-97-597
HEUBNER, JOHANNA                        NY-31-1001-94
HEUKEL, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1019-448
HEUSER, MAGDALENA                       NY-31-1019-44
HEUSTED, JESSE                          NY-31-77-498
HEWIT, JOHN                             NY-31-41-450
HEWITT, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-110-555
HEWITT, ALFRED D.                       NY-31-1004-393
HEWITT, THOMAS                          NY-31-57-429
HEWITT, THOMAS                          NY-31-60-88
HEWITT, THOMAS                          NY-31-75-313
HEWITT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-48-383
HEWLETT, OLIVER T.                      NY-31-105-179
HEWLETT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-55-30
HEXAMER, ADOLPHUS C.                    NY-31-129-284
HEXTER, JEANETTE W.                     NY-31-1013-346
HEXTER, NAHUM                           NY-31-1020-404
HEYDEN, ELLENOR                         NY-31-78-340
HEYDEN, PATRICK                         NY-31-67-128
HEYDON, WILLIAM F.                      NY-31-108-93
HEYDT, CARL F.                          NY-31-101-421
HEYE, MARIE A.                          NY-31-996-420
HEYER, ANDREW                           NY-31-41-89
HEYER, ANN MARIA                        NY-31-55-503
HEYER, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-86-243
HEYER, DEIDERICK                        NY-31-40-243
HEYER, ISAAC                            NY-31-65-187
HEYER, ISAAC                            NY-31-61-186
HEYER, JOHN                             NY-31-92-306
HEYER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-43-144
HEYERDE, JACOB                          NY-31-62-273
HEYL, JULIA S.                          NY-31-1014-404
HEYLEGER, RAAPRAAT                      NY-31-44-115
HEYMAN, GRACE G.                        NY-31-990-202
HEYMANN, JULIUS                         NY-31-1013-348
HEYMER, ANNA S.                         NY-31-93-206
HEYN, MINNA L.                          NY-31-1027-114
HEYWARD, EDWARD L.                      NY-31-94-742
HEYWARD, NICHOLAS C.                    NY-31-102-54

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