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DADE, CHARLES J.                        NY-31-1027-345
DAFT, THOMAS                            NY-31-40-324
DAGGET, ELIZABETH T.                    NY-31-64-299
DAGINA, THOMAS C.                       NY-31-1027-94
DAHL, MATHILDA                          NY-31-1018-188
DAILEY, JENNIE T.                       NY-31-1019-237
DAILY, WILLIAM A.                       NY-31-1026-387
DAINTY, JONATHAN C.                     NY-31-140-79
DAKIN, SAMUEL D.                        NY-31-106-212
DALE, CONLY                             NY-31-83-426
DALE, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-138-162
DALE, JAMES G.                          NY-31-120-6
DALE, MARY                              NY-31-68-145
DALE, ROBERT                            NY-31-45-206
DALE, THEODORE B.                       NY-31-1014-25
DALESE, RUTH G.                         NY-31-990-79
DALL, CAROLINE H.                       NY-31-999-132
DALLETT, EDITH F.                       NY-31-1014-29
DALLEY, HENRY                           NY-31-1031-375
DALLIMORE, AMBROSE                      NY-31-102-561
DALLY, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-121-285
DALLY, JOHN                             NY-31-41-132
DALLY, PHILIP                           NY-31-73-54
DALLY, TUNIS T.                         NY-31-86-36
DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-45-310
DALSIMER, HELEN                         NY-31-986-317
DALTON, ADA M.                          NY-31-997-268
DALTON, ANN                             NY-31-82-564
DALTON, HENRY                           NY-31-59-552
DALTON, JAMES                           NY-31-52-97
DALTON, JANE                            NY-31-97-245
DALY, ANNIE E.                          NY-31-993-5
DALY, CHARLES                           NY-31-76-175
DALY, DANIEL D.                         NY-31-1005-22
DALY, ELLEN                             NY-31-135-164
DALY, JAMES                             NY-31-142-112
DALY, MARGARET                          NY-31-142-158
DALY, ROBERT                            NY-31-142-261
DALY, ROBERT F.                         NY-31-1013-451
DAMBMANN, SARAH E.                      NY-31-149-134
DANA, ANNA BRONSON                      NY-31-1018-194
DANA, CATHARINE F.                      NY-31-1004-167
DANA, ELIZABETH J.                      NY-31-1018-141
DANA, NANCY                             NY-31-141-455
DANDRIDGE, ISABELLE L.                  NY-31-1004-114
DANENBERG, BERTHA                       NY-31-1027-337
DANENBERG, URY                          NY-31-986-124
DANFORTH, MOSELEY J.                    NY-31-141-40
DANIEL, ANN P.                          NY-31-122-386
DANIEL, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-43-292
DANIEL, JOHN                            NY-31-991-306
DANIEL, MATHEW                          NY-31-56-44
DANIELS, CHARLES                        NY-31-138-236
DANIELS, FRANK H.                       NY-31-1022-215
DANIELS, G. BYRON                       NY-31-1011-306
DANIELS, JOHN                           NY-31-44-419
DANIELS, MARY                           NY-31-78-266
DANTIN, JEANNE MARIE                    NY-31-989-213
DANZIG, JOSEPH                          NY-31-1022-213
DARBEFEUILLE, CAMILLE                   NY-31-102-384
DARBY, KEZIAH                           NY-31-81-32
DARCEY, JAMES                           NY-31-48-12
DARCY, JAMES                            NY-31-127-55
DARCY, JAMES                            NY-31-46-67
DARKE, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-127-393
DARKE, RICHARD                          NY-31-76-481
DARLEY, JOHN F.                         NY-31-115-415
DARLING, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-137-108
DARLING, PETER                          NY-31-111-329
DARLING, WILLIAM S.                     NY-31-138-421
DARRAMON, JACQUES                       NY-31-109-413
DARRELL, EDWARD N.                      NY-31-147-64
DARRIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-31-1019-342
DARTNELL, JANE                          NY-31-123-24
DARWOOD, WILLIAM MCK.                   NY-31-997-281
DASH, DANIEL B.                         NY-31-75-186
DASHWAY, EMILY                          NY-31-1019-231
DASSO, LIVIA                            NY-31-997-416
DATER, HANNAH A.                        NY-31-1001-75
DATER, MARY C. S.                       NY-31-1026-88
DATIEH, HENRY E.                        NY-31-118-497
DAUBE, JOHN HENRY                       NY-31-72-161
DAUM, NATHAN L.                         NY-31-1031-93
DAVENPORT, JOSEPH M.                    NY-31-1010-279
DAVENPORT, MARIAN                       NY-31-53-23
DAVENPORT, MARTHA A.                    NY-31-1024-309
DAVENPORT, MARY                         NY-31-110-135
DAVENPORT, ROBERT HENRY F.              NY-31-142-265
DAVENPORT, STEHEN H.                    NY-31-1005-192
DAVENPORT, STEPHEN                      NY-31-41-142
DAVERNA, WILLIAM S.                     NY-31-95-181
DAVID, GARRET V.                        NY-31-88-146
DAVID, JOHN H.                          NY-31-100-399
DAVIDSON, HENRY F.                      NY-31-1015-321
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         NY-31-83-583
DAVIDSON, JOHN                          NY-31-56-464
DAVIDSON, JOHN                          NY-31-79-1923
DAVIDSON, JOHN E.                       NY-31-147-431
DAVIDSON, MARY F.                       NY-31-1013-318
DAVIE, ARCHIBALD                        NY-31-89-461
DAVIES, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-41-4
DAVIES, CHARLES W. T.                   NY-31-1030-12
DAVIES, DAVID                           NY-31-95-555
DAVIES, FREDERICK M.                    NY-31-1013-456
DAVIES, HENRY                           NY-31-44-65
DAVIES, JOHN                            NY-31-55-56
DAVIES, JOHN                            NY-31-47-300
DAVIES, LOUISA                          NY-31-1031-241
DAVIES, LUKE                            NY-31-85-469
DAVIES, MARY H.                         NY-31-1010-428
DAVIES, MAURICE                         NY-31-70-437
DAVIES, SHADRACH                        NY-31-96-495
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-98-590
DAVIS, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-52-123
DAVIS, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-98-165
DAVIS, ALFRED G.                        NY-31-1021-358
DAVIS, AMELIA                           NY-31-1019-229
DAVIS, CASPER                           NY-31-1010-281
DAVIS, CHARLES                          NY-31-128-219
DAVIS, DANIEL A.                        NY-31-1020-478
DAVIS, DAVID                            NY-31-70-125
DAVIS, EDNA                             NY-31-98-258
DAVIS, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-31-999-25
DAVIS, EPIPHANY                         NY-31-101-78
DAVIS, HELAH A.                         NY-31-1029-363
DAVIS, JENNIE U.                        NY-31-1022-330
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-31-52-92
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-31-47-286
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-31-77-368
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-80-416
DAVIS, LOUIS Y.                         NY-31-1003-234
DAVIS, MARY                             NY-31-105-256
DAVIS, MARY E.                          NY-31-1016-201
DAVIS, PHILIP C.                        NY-31-1002-51
DAVIS, ROBERT E.                        NY-31-123-272
DAVIS, SOLOMON                          NY-31-1022-327
DAVIS, SUSIE D.                         NY-31-1020-387
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NY-31-52-323
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NY-31-53-277
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NY-31-59-90
DAVIS, THOMAS C.                        NY-31-42-59
DAVIS, WILILAM                          NY-31-111-352
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-53-26
DAVIS, WILLIAM JR.                      NY-31-41-278
DAVISON, MARY ANN                       NY-31-106-43
DAVONE, FREDERICK                       NY-31-48-135
DAVY, BENJAMIN PAIRFIELD                NY-31-135-131
DAWBARN, ROBERT H. M.                   NY-31-1017-405
DAWSON, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-44-438
DAWSON, JOHN                            NY-31-47-230
DAWSON, JONATHAN                        NY-31-109-78
DAWSON, MARIA B.                        NY-31-1014-469
DAWSON, MONICA                          NY-31-128-542
DAWSON, THOMAS                          NY-31-95-183
DAWSON, THOMAS C.                       NY-31-78-497
DAY, ABRAHAM                            NY-31-112-350
DAY, ELIAS                              NY-31-58-255
DAY, GEORGE W.                          NY-31-1022-210
DAY, HARRY W.D                          NY-31-989-474
DAY, JACOB                              NY-31-44-398
DAY, JOHN                               NY-31-55-425
DAY, JOHN                               NY-31-59-266
DAY, JOHN                               NY-31-116-453
DAY, MAHLON                             NY-31-112-224
DAY, MARY B.                            NY-31-990-172
DAY, MELVILLE C.                        NY-31-994-185
DAY, ROBERT                             NY-31-56-24
DAY, SAMUEL                             NY-31-50-264
DAY, SARAH V.                           NY-31-1024-423
DAY, SUSAN A.                           NY-31-106-239
DAY, THOMAS                             NY-31-101-473
DAYMON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-97-519
DAYMON, MARY                            NY-31-110-573
DAYTON, CAROLINE P.                     NY-31-97-355
DAYTON, CHARLES W.                      NY-31-134-366
DAYTON, CORNELIA H                      NY-31-1030-232
DAYTON, DANIEL                          NY-31-91-560
DAYTON, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-76-76
DAYTON, NOAH                            NY-31-105-310
DAYTON, PHEBE H.                        NY-31-147-397
DEACON, JAMES                           NY-31-46-416
DEAGUILAR, JUAN A.                      NY-31-130-336
DEAL, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-1029-371
DEALING, MARY                           NY-31-50-146
DEALL, SAMUEL                           NY-31-40-358
DEALL, SARAH                            NY-31-91-414
DEAN, BENJAMIN T.                       NY-31-103-382
DEAN, CATHARINE                         NY-31-132-19
DEAN, JAMES                             NY-31-86-443
DEAN, JAMES                             NY-31-100-89
DEAN, JOSEPH                            NY-31-45-44
DEAN, JOSEPH F.                         NY-31-1008-324
DEAN, MARY                              NY-31-90-418
DEAN, NICHOLAS                          NY-31-114-444
DEAN, THOMAS                            NY-31-106-381
DEANE, MARY                             NY-31-90-418
DEANGELIS, GIDEON                       NY-31-140-105
DEANTERROCHES, DORRA                    NY-31-123-213
DEAPERTEGUIA, JOSEFA M. T. ***          NY-31-138-141
DEARMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-31-87-331
DEAS, ANNE J.                           NY-31-147-499
DEBARBIERI, ANGELO A.                   NY-31-1011-304
DEBAUN, ALBERT C.                       NY-31-107-552
DEBAUN, ALETICE                         NY-31-66-220
DEBAUN, PETER                           NY-31-56-489
DEBOIS, ANTIC                           NY-31-40-332
DEBRIEUL, SUSANNE                       NY-31-62-54
DECAMP, JOHN                            NY-31-90-384
DECAMP, MORRIS                          NY-31-90-353
DECASTER, SAMUEL                        NY-31-52-207
DECASTRO, FRANCOIS                      NY-31-43-211
DECATUR, JOHN P.                        NY-31-125-400
DECATUR, MARIA S.                       NY-31-100-630
DECHARDONNAY, CHARLES A                 NY-31-69-236
DECHARDONNAY, HYPOLITE RENE             NY-31-51-464
DECHARDONNAY, MARQUIUS                  NY-31-82-501
DECK, ISAIAH                            NY-31-139-485
DECKER, ANN                             NY-31-66-202
DECKER, ANNA                            NY-31-1005-382
DECKER, BERNHARD                        NY-31-997-271
DECKER, CHARLES                         NY-31-122-454
DECKER, JOHN                            NY-31-148-158
DECKER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-108-327
DECKER, THOMAS B.                       NY-31-149-423
DECKINGER, ISAAC                        NY-31-1007-48
DECOPPET, EDWARD J.                     NY-31-1024-436
DECOPPET, FREDERICK                     NY-31-1014-99
DECORDOVA, CATHERINE MCI.               NY-31-999-383
DECOURSEY, EDWARD                       NY-31-95-683
DECUMBAS, JACOB                         NY-31-82-265
DECUNHA, LUIZ A.                        NY-31-1012-25
DEE, ELLEN                              NY-31-1024-307
DEEN, JAMES                             NY-31-112-99
DEER, WILLIAM                           NY-31-52-213
DEFAZ, FRANCESCO                        NY-31-141-434
DEFOREST, ALFRED                        NY-31-95-619
DEFOREST, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-100-594
DEFOREST, BETSEY                        NY-31-84-408
DEFOREST, LOCKWOOD                      NY-31-96-613
DEFORREST, GERARDUS                     NY-31-44-164
DEFREEZE, CATHERINE                     NY-31-50-379
DEGELMAN, JOHN H.                       NY-31-1031-235
DEGEN, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1028-318
DEGRAW, GARRET                          NY-31-87-346
DEGRAW, JOHN                            NY-31-1009-9
DEGRAY, THOMAS                          NY-31-51-364
DEGROODT, SAMUEL                        NY-31-50-383
DEGROOT, HENRY                          NY-31-74-345
DEGROOT, SILAS                          NY-31-102-427
DEGROVE, ADOLPH L.                      NY-31-57-243
DEGROVE, QUINCY C.                      NY-31-135-84
DEGUERRE, JOSEPH F.                     NY-31-120-439
DEHOW, THEODORE                         NY-31-137-433
DEIL, WILHELMINE                        NY-31-1005-379
DEILEN, FREDERICK VON                   NY-31-135-122
DEITSCH, EDWARD J.                      NY-31-1016-379
DEITSCH, ROSETTA F.                     NY-31-1008-157
DEJOUGH, SIMON B.                       NY-31-111-470
DELABAT, JACQUES                        NY-31-66-420
DELACAMARA, CIPRIANO                    NY-31-73-98
DELACROIX, JOSEPH                       NY-31-79-547
DELACY, PETER                           NY-31-1018-486
DELAFIELD, FRANCIS                      NY-31-1025-17
DELAFIELD, JOHN                         NY-31-58-469
DELAFIELD, JULIA L.                     NY-31-1018-20
DELAFIELD, WILLIAM                      NY-31-108-424
DELAMATER, ISAAC JR.                    NY-31-68-130
DELAMATER, SAMUEL                       NY-31-88-63
DELAMATER, SAMUEL                       NY-31-55-361
DELAMONTAGINE, JACOB                    NY-31-58-85
DELAMONTAGNE, MARY E.                   NY-31-97-295
DELAMONTANGE, CATHARINE                 NY-31-52-336
DELAMONTANGE, JOHN                      NY-31-63-314
DELAMONTANYE, JOHN                      NY-31-65-379
DELAMOTTE, PRETEXTAL C.                 NY-31-91-180
DELANCEY, JOHN                          NY-31-66-1
DELANCEY, MARY JANE                     NY-31-85-427
DELANCEY, THOMAS I.                     NY-31-58-1
DELANCY, THOMAS J.                      NY-31-58-283
DELANDRE, PIERRE F.                     NY-31-122-368
DELANEY, FRANCIS                        NY-31-1011-140
DELANEY, MARY R.                        NY-31-1016-199
DELANO, CAROLINE                        NY-31-1016-382
DELANO, FREDERICK A.                    NY-31-120-464
DELANY, JEREMIAH J.                     NY-31-1023-32
DELANY, JOHN J.                         NY-31-1023-150
DELAPLAINE, JOHN F.                     NY-31-112-25
DELAPLAINE, JOSEPH                      NY-31-43-48
DELAPLAINE, MARY                        NY-31-41-67
DELAPLAINE, PHILA                       NY-31-69-162
DELAPLAINE, SAMUEL                      NY-31-48-289
DELATOUR, JOSEAUM                       NY-31-62-140
DELAUNCEY, JOHN                         NY-31-65-1
DELAVAN, HELEN C.                       NY-31-122-116
DELAVERGNE, CATHARINE A.                NY-31-1023-282
DELEON, MARY J.                         NY-31-1010-20
DELEREE, PETER                          NY-31-101-187
DELHOYO, FRANCIS                        NY-31-147-238
DELISLE, HENRIETTA (DE JERSEY)          NY-31-64-250
DELISLE, LOUISA                         NY-31-64-443
DELISLE, MARY A.                        NY-31-994-8
DELLENTASH, JOSEPH P.                   NY-31-79-224
DELLUC, MARCELLIN                       NY-31-142-498
DELMONTE, JACOB                         NY-31-1022-87
DELONGERAY, GUILLAUME PERON             NY-31-66-348
DELOOSEY, HAVEMEYER                     NY-31-1003-187
DELOSSANTOS, CHRISTOPHER A.             NY-31-77-88
DELUCE, PERCIVAL                        NY-31-1000-446
DELVECCHIO, JOHN                        NY-31-52-199
DELVECCHIO, JOSEPH                      NY-31-52-339
DEMARAY, JOSEPH                         NY-31-65-334
DEMARAY, JOSEPH                         NY-31-63-190
DEMAREST, ALBERT                        NY-31-75-556
DEMAREST, CORNELIUS J.                  NY-31-1017-411
DEMAREST, CORNELIUS T.                  NY-31-147-243
DEMAREST, DANIEL                        NY-31-108-64
DEMAREST, DANIEL                        NY-31-59-524
DEMAREST, DAVID                         NY-31-46-469
DEMAREST, DAVID D.                      NY-31-90-228
DEMAREST, JACOB                         NY-31-55-473
DEMAREST, JAMES P.                      NY-31-107-340
DEMAREST, MATHEW M.                     NY-31-102-475
DEMAREST, PETER                         NY-31-51-318
DEMAREST, PETER                         NY-31-85-481
DEMAREST, PETER B.                      NY-31-84-506
DEMAREST, PETER E.                      NY-31-128-330
DEMAREST, PETER J. A.                   NY-31-120-220
DEMAREST, PETER N.                      NY-31-124-459
DEMAREST, RALPH                         NY-31-92-101
DEMAREST, RICHARD                       NY-31-108-270
DEMAREST, SAMUEL                        NY-31-75-172
DEMELI, HENRY A.                        NY-31-1029-28
DEMILL, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-31-120-337
DEMILL, MARY R.                         NY-31-103-318
DEMILL, PETER                           NY-31-105-31
DEMILT, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-74-8
DEMILT, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-98-289
DEMILT, HEBE                            NY-31-99-196
DEMILT, SAMUEL                          NY-31-91-430
DEMILT, SARAH                           NY-31-99-199
DEMING, BARZILLAI                       NY-31-109-278
DEMING, CHARLES                         NY-31-104-194
DEMING, DOROTHY                         NY-31-64-448
DEMING, JULIUS                          NY-31-77-562
DEMING, MARY                            NY-31-95-137
DEMITT, PETER                           NY-31-63-280
DEMMEL, IGNAZ                           NY-31-1018-489
DEMOTT, HENRY                           NY-31-136-295
DEMPSEY, SUSAN                          NY-31-1030-107
DEMPSIE, RODERICK                       NY-31-73-291
DEMULDER, CHARLES                       NY-31-91-196
DENAHAN, ANNA                           NY-31-1027-496
DENESEY, CATHARINE                      NY-31-67-286
DENHAM, WILLIAM R.                      NY-31-1028-186
DENKER, DIEDRICH                        NY-31-1030-108
DENMAN, ANN S.                          NY-31-140-396
DENMAN, SARAH                           NY-31-96-427
DENMARK, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-64-437
DENNETT, MALVINA S.                     NY-31-989-61
DENNEY, MARGARET M.                     NY-31-996-11
DENNING, PETER                          NY-31-142-137
DENNING, WILLIAM                        NY-31-55-385
DENNIS, ANN                             NY-31-55-264
DENNIS, MARY E.                         NY-31-1004-351
DENNIS, STEPHEN A.                      NY-31-119-302
DENNIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-49-224
DENNIS,E LLEN E.                        NY-31-1024-147
DENNISSON, JOHN                         NY-31-49-63
DENNY, JACOB                            NY-31-43-27
DENNY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-125-4
DENOMO, GAETANA                         NY-31-1027-498
DENSLOW, WILLIAM W.                     NY-31-1020-477
DENTON, SEMAN                           NY-31-142-9
DEPAU, FRANCIS AMEDEE                   NY-31-107-513
DEPAW, FRANCIS                          NY-31-75-10
DEPAW, SILVIE DE G.                     NY-31-111-395
DEPEW, JOSEPH                           NY-31-119-15
DEPEYSTER, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-75-159
DEPEYSTER, ABRAHAM B.                   NY-31-43-491
DEPEYSTER, ANN                          NY-31-44-459
DEPEYSTER, ANN                          NY-31-119-342
DEPEYSTER, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-56-385
DEPEYSTER, JOHN                         NY-31-47-88
DEPEYSTER, JOHN J.                      NY-31-62-52
DEPEYSTER, LERARD                       NY-31-59-84
DEPEYSTER, MARGARET                     NY-31-40-2
DEPEYSTER, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-57-10
DEPEYSTER, PETER R.                     NY-31-127-104
DEPEYSTER, PHILIP                       NY-31-92-395
DEPEYSTER, PIERRE                       NY-31-47-315
DEPEYSTER, PIERRE                       NY-31-47-305
DEPEYSTER, SARAH                        NY-31-43-348
DEPEYSTER, WILLIAM                      NY-31-44-267
DEPIERRIT, MARY E.                      NY-31-998-320
DEPINNA, ALFRED                         NY-31-1015-317
DERA, WILLIAM                           NY-31-1020-45
DERAISMES, NAPOLEON H. A.               NY-31-111-533
DEREHBINDER, O. M. (COUNT)              NY-31-92-376
DEROSE, ANTHONY                         NY-31-46-136
DEROSE, ANTHONY L.                      NY-31-75-148
DEROSE, JOHN P.                         NY-31-75-357
DEROSE, SARAH                           NY-31-63-195
DERRICK, JULIA W.                       NY-31-988-206
DERRICKSON, ELEANOR J.                  NY-31-131-363
DERRY, VALENTINE                        NY-31-57-37
DERUYTER, JOH C.                        NY-31-113-88
DERVEY, MARGARET J.                     NY-31-118-5
DERVIN, HENRY                           NY-31-1022-217
DERX, MARTIN                            NY-31-998-485
DESBONNE, JULIE                         NY-31-50-341
DESBROSSES, ELIAS                       NY-31-47-320
DESBROSSES, ELIZABETH                   NY-31-41-315
DESBROSSES, MAGDALEN                    NY-31-41-313
DESCOLA, CLOTILDA B.                    NY-31-129-440
DESDOITY, JOHN B.                       NY-31-49-140
DESDOITY, JOHN B.                       NY-31-114-356
DESFUILLES, HENRY                       NY-31-45-71
DESHON, CAROLINE E.                     NY-31-1027-88
DESHON, EMMA                            NY-31-1016-192
DESISLETS, MARIE LOUISE D.              NY-31-84-437
DESMOND, PATRICK                        NY-31-109-172
DESSAR, SADIE                           NY-31-987-63
DETEJADA, RAFAEL G.                     NY-31-116-456
DETHUSTRUP, LUCIE                       NY-31-1016-17
DETIVOLI, JANE G.                       NY-31-112-28
DETWEILER, JOHN                         NY-31-986-12
DEUTSCH, LEON                           NY-31-1020-395
DEUX, PHIIP G.                          NY-31-1011-464
DEVAUX, CATHARINE                       NY-31-75-253
DEVEAU, AARON L.                        NY-31-141-81
DEVECCHIO, JOSEPH                       NY-31-52-354
DEVER, MARGARET                         NY-31-1016-19
DEVETER, SAMUEL                         NY-31-52-207
DEVIN, DENIS                            NY-31-98-79
DEVINE, JAMES                           NY-31-117-413
DEVINE, JOHN                            NY-31-85-438
DEVINNIE, THEODORE L.                   NY-31-992-178
DEVLIN, JOHN                            NY-31-81-431
DEVLIN,D ANIEL                          NY-31-106-125
DEVO, LEWIS                             NY-31-48-37
DEVOE, CHARLES                          NY-31-80-127
DEVOE, FREDERICK`                       NY-31-75-501
DEVOE, GILBERT                          NY-31-74-43
DEVOE, JACOB                            NY-31-87-272
DEVOE, JAMES                            NY-31-114-102
DEVOE, JOHN                             NY-31-114-297
DEVOE, JOSEPH                           NY-31-59-94
DEVOO, WILLIAM L.                       NY-31-120-226
DEVOURNEY, MARCUS L.                    NY-31-992-273
DEVOY, JAMES                            NY-31-87-342
DEW, JAMES HARVIE                       NY-31-988-353
DEWEES, MARGARET B.                     NY-31-1030-15
DEWEY, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-127-328
DEWHURST, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-92-316
DEWINT, PETER C. JR.                    NY-31-68-102
DEWITT, ANN                             NY-31-47-110
DEWITT, ANTOINETTE B.                   NY-31-986-304
DEWITT, FAIL B.                         NY-31-1004-302
DEWITT, JOHN                            NY-31-101-144
DEWITT, PETER                           NY-31-48-459
DEWITT, PETER                           NY-31-102-193
DEXTER, MARIE P.                        NY-31-1028-81
DEY, MARY L.                            NY-31-1024-298
DEYO, HIRAM C.                          NY-31-93-353
DEYO, THEODORUS                         NY-31-58-404
DHERICOUR, MERLE                        NY-31-50-62
DHOMERGUE, JOHN                         NY-31-134-150
DIAMOND, ANNIE                          NY-31-987-352
DIAS, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-45-68
DIBBEN, JAMES                           NY-31-127-147
DICK, JAMES                             NY-31-54-277
DICK, THOMAS                            NY-31-48-374
DICKENSON, PHILLIP                      NY-31-75-511
DICKEY, ANN                             NY-31-104-1
DICKINSON, CHARLES                      NY-31-106-1
DICKINSON, GEORGE                       NY-31-69-259
DICKINSON, GEORGE                       NY-31-124-419
DICKINSON, JAMES                        NY-31-73-197
DICKINSON, JAMES                        NY-31-120-461
DICKINSON, JONATHAN                     NY-31-43-266
DICKINSON, THOMAS                       NY-31-58-427
DICKINSON,M ARY L.                      NY-31-1013-112
DICKS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-59-448
DICKS, MARIA                            NY-31-93-375
DICKSON, DAVID                          NY-31-46-21
DICKSON, ELIZA                          NY-31-80-58
DICKSON, JAMES R.                       NY-31-137-473
DICKSON, JOHN                           NY-31-55-68
DICKSON, THOMAS                         NY-31-100-252
DICKSON,R OBERT                         NY-31-100-180
DIEDERICK, JOHN                         NY-31-46-187
DIEHL, ELISABETH                        NY-31-1030-403
DIEHL, MARIE                            NY-31-1023-163
DIEHL, MOSES                            NY-31-988-202
DIERCKS, JOHN FREDERICK                 NY-31-127-123
DIERKES, CATHERINE KELLER               NY-31-1027-95
DIERKES, VICTORIA                       NY-31-133-169
DIESTEL, WILLIAM M.                     NY-31-1028-76
DIETERICH, GEORGE                       NY-31-68-154
DIETSCH, CHARLES                        NY-31-1005-27
DIETSCH, FREDERICK                      NY-31-113-70
DIETZ, FREDERICK                        NY-31-1017-104
DIETZ, JOHN                             NY-31-43-224
DIGIACOMO, GAETANO                      NY-31-1022-334
DIGNAN, MARY                            NY-31-73-227
DIKEMAN, MATTHEW                        NY-31-76-73
DIKEMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-83-452
DILFORD, GEORGE                         NY-31-44-145
DILKS, THOMAS H.                        NY-31-149-44
DILLMEIER, MICHAEL                      NY-31-109-165
DILLON, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-74-491
DILLON, CATHARINE                       NY-31-137-341
DILLON, ELLEN V.                        NY-31-1008-319
DILLON, GEORGE M.                       NY-31-1021-272
DILLON, JAMES                           NY-31-1024-431
DILLON, JOHN                            NY-31-90-448
DILLON, JOHN                            NY-31-108-503
DILLON, JOHN L.                         NY-31-78-19
DILLON, MARY J.                         NY-31-1029-358
DIMOCK, KATHERINE B.                    NY-31-1026-171
DINGER, ROBERT                          NY-31-103-58
DINHAM, GEORGE R.                       NY-31-1024-218
DINSMORE, EMILY B.                      NY-31-989-166
DISBROW, DEBORAH M.                     NY-31-104-335
DISBROW, JOHN                           NY-31-59-420
DISBROW, MARY                           NY-31-88-464
DISBROW, SAMUEL W.                      NY-31-93-151
DISCH, PETER                            NY-31-1012-209
DISHOW, MARY                            NY-31-85-207
DISOSWAY, ISRAEL                        NY-31-50-486
DITTLER, JACOB                          NY-31-148-143
DITTMAN, HENRY S.                       NY-31-1026-384
DITTMAN, WILHELM                        NY-31-148-109
DIVEN, JAMES                            NY-31-57-419
DIVINE, ANN                             NY-31-120-332
DIVINE, MARY                            NY-31-98-13
DIVINE, PATRICK                         NY-31-110-385
DIVINE, THOMAS                          NY-31-97-337
DIVVER, JOSEPH A.                       NY-31-102-549
DIVVER, MARY                            NY-31-80-314
DIX, ELLEN                              NY-31-105-185
DIX, JOHN                               NY-31-58-304
DIX, JOHN                               NY-31-58-288
DIXEY, JOHN                             NY-31-56-98
DIXEY, JOHN                             NY-31-59-131
DIXON, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-81-373
DIXON, BETHIA F.                        NY-31-53-239
DIXON, CATHARINE M.                     NY-31-1013-108
DIXON, ELIAS                            NY-31-88-386
DIXON, HANNAH                           NY-31-113-423
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-31-118-15
DIXON, JONATHAN                         NY-31-53-129
DIXON, JOSEPH                           NY-31-63-145
DIXON, LEWIS                            NY-31-54-434
DIXON, SAMUEL                           NY-31-103-414
DIXON, THOMAS                           NY-31-141-448
DLAGNEL, JULIUS A.                      NY-31-82-408
DOANE, CHARLES                          NY-31-62-393
DOANE, EVA M.                           NY-31-1014-462
DOB, PETER                              NY-31-55-7
DOB, PETER                              NY-31-55-60
DOB, TOBIAS                             NY-31-118-480
DOBBIN, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-141-215
DOBBIN, JAMES                           NY-31-80-443
DOBBS, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-99-65
DOBLER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-998-339
DOBRINER, SOLOMON                       NY-31-989-276
DOBSON, EUPHEMIA                        NY-31-91-301
DOBSON, THOMAS                          NY-31-50-289
DOBSON, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-51-30
DODD, CHARLES G.                        NY-31-1000-448
DODD, FRANK H.                          NY-31-1029-128
DODD, JOHN                              NY-31-95-393
DODD, JOHN M. JR.                       NY-31-995-29
DODD, MOSES                             NY-31-89-606
DODD, PATRICK N.                        NY-31-71-240
DODDRELL, JAMES                         NY-31-59-357
DODDS, THOMAS                           NY-31-92-336
DODGE, DAVID L.                         NY-31-128-13
DODGE, ELIZA P.                         NY-31-149-469
DODGE, EMMA H.                          NY-31-1008-322
DODGE, FREDERICK W.                     NY-31-1022-212
DODGE, GRACE H.                         NY-31-1017-32
DODGE, HELEN                            NY-31-104-162
DODGE, HELEN E.                         NY-31-1024-433
DODGE, HELEN T.                         NY-31-1012-359
DODGE, HENRY                            NY-31-993-10
DODGE, ISAAC                            NY-31-55-418
DODGE, JOSIAH                           NY-31-114-16
DODGE, LETTE                            NY-31-46-240
DODGE, SEWELL                           NY-31-56-11
DODGE, UNITE                            NY-31-46-345
DODGE, UNITE                            NY-31-46-433
DODGE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-89-261
DODGE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-95-12
DODGE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-127-274
DODS, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-46-265
DOEHLER, MARGARETHA                     NY-31-1002-333
DOGNEA, THOMAS CAMPBELL                 NY-31-1029-374
DOHERTY, FANNY                          NY-31-1006-19
DOHERTY, JOHN                           NY-31-1015-315
DOHERTY, PATRICK                        NY-31-99-8
DOHM, CHRISTIAN                         NY-31-1028-83
DOHRMANN, AUGUSTUS F.                   NY-31-131-421
DOHRMANN, CLAUS                         NY-31-133-347
DOKTOR, BENJAIN                         NY-31-1019-235
DOLAN, EDWARD                           NY-31-124-195
DOLAN, JOHN T.                          NY-31-140-508
DOLAN, PETER                            NY-31-50-309
DOLEN, PATRICK                          NY-31-53-501
DOLINA, MATTHEW                         NY-31-1011-466
DOLL, CHARLES F.                        NY-31-1014-467
DOLLER, ADAM                            NY-31-134-269
DOMER, ANNIE                            NY-31-1021-268
DOMIGAN, MAE                            NY-31-989-117
DOMIMICK, MARGARET E.                   NY-31-68-214
DOMINICK, BAYARD                        NY-31-1010-25
DOMINICK, DANIEL                        NY-31-54-359
DOMINICK, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-103-307
DOMINICK, FRANCIS                       NY-31-57-266
DOMINICK, GEORGE                        NY-31-69-13
DOMINICK, JACOB F.                      NY-31-67-233
DOMINICK, JAMES B.                      NY-31-86-220
DOMINICK, JAMES W.                      NY-31-104-183
DOMINICK, PHOEBE                        NY-31-97-282
DOMLONG, DOROTHEA                       NY-31-40-288
DONADI, MARIA L.                        NY-31-130-215
DONAHUE, CATHERINE F.                   NY-31-1019-345
DONAHUE, JOHN O.                        NY-31-986-120
DONALD, JAMES                           NY-31-997-276
DONALD, JOSEPH D.                       NY-31-1011-141
DONALDSON, JAMES                        NY-31-91-161
DONALDSON, JAMES                        NY-31-71-363
DONALDSON, JAMES                        NY-31-132-351
DONALDSON, JAMES A.                     NY-31-100-520
DONALDSON, JOSEPH                       NY-31-109-220
DONALDSON, ROBERT                       NY-31-45-404
DONALDSON, SUSAN L.                     NY-31-995-439
DONAVAN, JOHN                           NY-31-50-148
DONEGAN, DANIEL                         NY-31-104-21
DONEGAN, ELLEN                          NY-31-986-9
DONELAN, THOMAS J.                      NY-31-88-349
DONFIELD, PETER                         NY-31-109-283
DONGAN, FRANCES                         NY-31-64-330
DONGAN, JOHN CHARLTON                   NY-31-50-159
DONNAHUE, ANNIE                         NY-31-1025-433
DONNALLY, PATRICK                       NY-31-44-88
DONNALLY, PATRICK                       NY-31-74-120
DONNELL, MARY E.                        NY-31-127-414
DONNELLAN, WILLIAM                      NY-31-101-253
DONNELLY, BERNARD                       NY-31-116-19
DONNELLY, EDWARD                        NY-31-986-206
DONNELLY, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-986-367
DONNELLY, JAMES                         NY-31-136-275
DONNELLY, JOANNE                        NY-31-1011-462
DONNELLY, JOHN                          NY-31-136-259
DONNELLY, JOHN E.                       NY-31-126-525
DONNELLY, MARGARET                      NY-31-1018-192
DONNELLY, MARY J.                       NY-31-1022-158
DONNELLY, NICHOLAS S.                   NY-31-99-309
DONNELLY, PATRICK                       NY-31-1027-342
DONNELLY, PATRICK                       NY-31-1016-195
DONNELLY, PETER                         NY-31-1000-16
DONNELLY, TERENCE                       NY-31-131-383
DONNELLY, THOMAS                        NY-31-132-45
DONNINGTON, SALLY                       NY-31-69-411
DONNINGTON, SARAH                       NY-31-69-411
DONOGHUE, MARGARET                      NY-31-1026-381
DONOHO, ELLEN                           NY-31-1004-304
DONOHUE, JOHN                           NY-31-136-483
DONOVAN, CATHERINE A. M. L.             NY-31-1027-200
DONOVAN, DANIEL                         NY-31-134-281
DONOVAN, JAMES                          NY-31-59-286
DONRINGE, FRANCIS                       NY-31-91-269
DOODY, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1013-324
DOOGAN, BERNARD                         NY-31-118-108
DOOLEY, ANDREW                          NY-31-70-131
DOOLEY, JUDITH                          NY-31-74-279
DOOLEY, MARY F.                         NY-31-1014-377
DOOLITTLE, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-1006-10
DOOLITTLE, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-101-355
DOORLY, JOHN                            NY-31-103-578
DORAN, DANIEL S.                        NY-31-1008-466
DORAN, EDWARD                           NY-31-74-493
DORAN, JAMES                            NY-31-69-210
DORAN, JAMES                            NY-31-109-199
DORD, CLAUDIUS                          NY-31-116-127
DORDAN, ANNIE                           NY-31-1022-332
DOREMUS, CORNELIUS R.                   NY-31-82-182
DOREMUS, CORNELIUS T.                   NY-31-137-6
DOREMUS, JACOB                          NY-31-77-258
DORGAN, JOHN                            NY-31-57-385
DORLAND, EMILY                          NY-31-1025-266
DORMAN, RACHEL                          NY-31-1015-323
DORNER, LEOPOLD H.                      NY-31-122-467
DORR, ADELINE L.                        NY-31-1026-10
DORRANCE, CHLOE                         NY-31-115-39
DORSAY, CATHERINE                       NY-31-97-473
DORVALL, JESSIE A.                      NY-31-998-324
DOSCHER, CARSTEN                        NY-31-138-382
DOSCHER, CLAUS                          NY-31-149-515
DOSCHER, HENRICH                        NY-31-140-252
DOSCHER, HENRY                          NY-31-1024-439
DOSCHER, MARTIN                         NY-31-111-443
DOUGHERTY, DANIEL                       NY-31-75-434
DOUGHERTY, DUDLEY                       NY-31-108-459
DOUGHERTY, EDEANOR                      NY-31-56-43
DOUGHERTY, FRANCIS                      NY-31-64-203
DOUGHERTY, HUGH                         NY-31-47-427
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                        NY-31-52-79
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                        NY-31-74-132
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         NY-31-71-190
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         NY-31-66-35
DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL                      NY-31-129-131
DOUGHERTY, NEAL                         NY-31-54-451
DOUGHERTY, PATRICK                      NY-31-53-21
DOUGHERTY, PHILIP                       NY-31-53-165
DOUGHERTY, ROBERT                       NY-31-48-297
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS                       NY-31-59-163
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS                       NY-31-75-109
DOUGHTY, ISAAC                          NY-31-44-98
DOUGHTY, JOHN                           NY-31-77-493
DOUGHTY, JOHN                           NY-31-40-284
DOUGHTY, LAVINA                         NY-31-69-477
DOUGHTY, SARAH                          NY-31-121-168
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM HENRY                  NY-31-120-276
DOUGLAS, AGNES, M. C.                   NY-31-1004-120
DOUGLAS, ANN M.                         NY-31-142-79
DOUGLAS, DAVID W. A.                    NY-31-83-549
DOUGLAS, GEORGE                         NY-31-51-381
DOUGLAS, HESTER                         NY-31-68-361
DOUGLAS, JOHN                           NY-31-96-414
DOUGLAS, MARGARET                       NY-31-66-98
DOUGLAS, MARGARET                       NY-31-65-295
DOUGLAS, MARGARET E.                    NY-31-1020-389
DOUGLAS, MARGARET JR.                   NY-31-70-74
DOUGLASS, ANN                           NY-31-74-256
DOUGLASS, DUNCAN                        NY-31-129-144
DOUGLASS, EDWARD                        NY-31-59-247
DOUGLASS, JAMES                         NY-31-54-326
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          NY-31-45-161
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                        NY-31-102-190
DOUTH, JULIA M.                         NY-31-1025-261
DOVE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-59-34
DOVER, JOHN                             NY-31-57-369
DOW, CHARLES H.                         NY-31-1002-54
DOW, JESSE                              NY-31-62-101
DOW, MARGARET                           NY-31-78-360
DOWD, JOHN                              NY-31-112-141
DOWDALL, GEORGE R.                      NY-31-66-144
DOWDELL, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-108-543
DOWLING, KATHRINE                       NY-31-1014-105
DOWLING, MARGARET                       NY-31-1008-249
DOWLING, MICHAEL                        NY-31-996-288
DOWN, FREDERICK                         NY-31-93-441
DOWN, FREDRICK J.                       NY-31-1029-361
DOWNEY, MARY C.                         NY-31-989-478
DOWNEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-106-570
DOWNIE, JAMES                           NY-31-58-284
DOWNING, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-71-325
DOWNING, GEORGE                         NY-31-85-51
DOWNING, JULIA A.                       NY-31-991-301
DOWNING, SAMUEL                         NY-31-138-203
DOWNS, ARLIE E.                         NY-31-993-1
DOWNS, THOMAS                           NY-31-52-273
DOWS, JOHN                              NY-31-89-360
DOYER, ANT                              NY-31-48-339
DOYER, ANTONIA                          NY-31-98-276
DOYER, HENRY                            NY-31-52-99
DOYLE, ANNIE                            NY-31-1001-209
DOYLE, BRIDGET                          NY-31-49-312
DOYLE, JOHANNA                          NY-31-990-5
DOYLE, JOHN                             NY-31-106-461
DOYLE, MARY                             NY-31-987-240
DOYLE, THOMAS                           NY-31-86-270
DOYLE, THOMAS                           NY-31-140-414
DOYLE, THOMAS S.                        NY-31-1006-4
DRADDY, CATHERINE                       NY-31-131-217
DRADDY, DAVID                           NY-31-120-458
DRADDY, PATRICK                         NY-31-119-66
DRAKE, ALEXANDER W.                     NY-31-1027-494
DRAKE, ANN                              NY-31-58-5
DRAKE, JACOB                            NY-31-91-264
DRAKE, JAMES                            NY-31-59-513
DRAKE, JAMES                            NY-31-62-1
DRAKE, JAMES                            NY-31-65-19
DRAKE, JOSEPH R.                        NY-31-56-145
DRAKE, MARY B.                          NY-31-1012-32
DRAKE, SANTIAGO (JAMES)                 NY-31-82-463
DRAKE, SARAH                            NY-31-86-180
DRAKE, SUSAN                            NY-31-95-650
DRAKE, SUSANNAH                         NY-31-99-206
DRAKE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-94-728
DRAMGOLD, HENRY                         NY-31-105-153
DRAPER, ALONZO                          NY-31-92-356
DRAPER, DANIEL R.                       NY-31-80-366
DRAPER, EBENEZER                        NY-31-1021-270
DRAPER, FREDERICK T.                    NY-31-1001-338
DRAPER, MARY A. P.                      NY-31-1011-309
DRAPER, RUTH D.                         NY-31-1004-332
DRAPER, THOMAS                          NY-31-1004-353
DRAYTON, WILLIAMS.                      NY-31-132-1
DRENNAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1022-219
DRESER, HELENE                          NY-31-1027-203
DRESSLER, OSCAR                         NY-31-1010-440
DRESSLER, WILLIAM                       NY-31-1019-226
DREW, CAROLINE W.                       NY-31-1020-43
DREXHAGEN, JANE                         NY-31-115-80
DREYFUS, EMANUEL                        NY-31-997-286
DREYFUS, EMMA                           NY-31-996-403
DREYFUS, THEODORE W.                    NY-31-1016-198
DREYFUSS, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-987-67
DREYFUSS, LOUIS                         NY-31-1009-298
DRIGGS, PHEBE                           NY-31-134-25
DRISCOL, MARY                           NY-31-130-70
DRIVER, JOHN R.                         NY-31-88-528
DRIVER, THOMAS                          NY-31-92-181
DROGE, HENRY                            NY-31-129-176
DRUAULT, LOUIS P.                       NY-31-92-518
DRUCH, SOPHIA                           NY-31-148-244
DRUHEN, MARGARE                         NY-31-99-537
DRUMGOOLE, KATIE                        NY-31-1006-149
DRUMMOND, JAMES                         NY-31-43-342
DRUMMOND, MICHAEL J.                    NY-31-1022-339
DRUMMOND, WILLIAM E.                    NY-31-102-141
DUANTE, ZACAREAS                        NY-31-59-450
DUAY, ADELE                             NY-31-1018-134
DUBAR, CHARLES LOUIS                    NY-31-998-345
DUBLON, BARBARA                         NY-31-1029-355
DUBOIS, AUGUSTUS                        NY-31-1026-251
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS                       NY-31-93-5
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS D.                    NY-31-1017-479
DUBOIS, JOHN                            NY-31-86-261
DUBOIS, JULES                           NY-31-84-210
DUBOIS, KATHARINE S.                    NY-31-992-26
DUBOIS, MATTHEW                         NY-31-75-74
DUBOIS, MATTHIAS                        NY-31-99-360
DUBOIS, SUSAN P.                        NY-31-1017-42
DUBOIS, THOMAS R.                       NY-31-68-112
DUBOIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-112-83
DUBOIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-48-492
DUBOURDIEN, GUILLAUME                   NY-31-93-591
DUCASSE, JEAN                           NY-31-72-1
DUCEY, JOHN H.                          NY-31-1014-379
DUCHAMP, JEAN B.                        NY-31-109-559
DUCHESNE, PIERRE                        NY-31-43-298
DUCLERE, GUSTAVUS                       NY-31-122-315
DUCOMTE, ADELE                          NY-31-1013-320
DUDLEY, AMBROSE F.                      NY-31-997-264
DUDLEY, EDWARD                          NY-31-91-612
DUDLEY, EDWARD JR.                      NY-31-74-331
DUDLEY, EMMA                            NY-31-104-105
DUDLEY, MARTHA                          NY-31-109-26
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-50-187
DUFAN, JOHN                             NY-31-109-11
DUFF, CLARISSA                          NY-31-52-3
DUFF, MATTHEW                           NY-31-95-124
DUFF, ROBERT M.                         NY-31-1027-101
DUFFEY, FRANKLIN P.                     NY-31-992-221
DUFFIE, JOHN                            NY-31-47-453
DUFFIE, JOHN                            NY-31-50-445
DUFFIE, JOHN NTLNTLNTL                  NY-31-47-370
DUFFIE, MARIA                           NY-31-56-460
DUFFY, ANNA                             NY-31-1023-280
DUFFY, JAMES                            NY-31-148-135
DUFFY, JOSEPH D.                        NY-31-1031-233
DUFFY, MARY                             NY-31-1022-161
DUFFY, MAURICE                          NY-31-137-325
DUFFY, MICHAEL                          NY-31-1027-196
DUFFY, MICHAEL                          NY-31-1014-381
DUFFY, ROSS                             NY-31-83-552
DUFFY, TERENCE J.                       NY-31-108-4
DUFOUR, JEAN S.                         NY-31-110-596
DUGAN, ABIGAIL                          NY-31-136-448
DUGAN, BERNARD                          NY-31-118-108
DUGAN, MATHEW                           NY-31-75-386
DUGGAN, THOMAS                          NY-31-53-151
DUIGNAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-52-276
DUISBURG, OTTO T.                       NY-31-123-329
DULANY, ANN                             NY-31-62-455
DULANY, DANIEL                          NY-31-59-547
DULANY, REBECCA                         NY-31-58-366
DULARY, JOSEPH LASNIER                  NY-31-46-446
DULLES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1021-360
DUMAUREAU, BERNARD RUBY                 NY-31-44-293
DUMAZEAUD, PETER E.                     NY-31-110-79
DUMEAN, THOMAS P.                       NY-31-990-178
DUMMER, FRANCES E.                      NY-31-121-320
DUMOIS, FRANCISCO S.                    NY-31-1031-91
DUMONT, JOHN                            NY-31-51-1
DUMONT, JOHN                            NY-31-40-255
DUN, GERSHOM                            NY-31-45-63
DUNBAR, NAOMI                           NY-31-53-93
DUNBAR, PETER                           NY-31-41-255
DUNBAR, SAMUEL                          NY-31-90-32
DUNCAN, DAVID                           NY-31-84-466
DUNCAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1000-132
DUNCAN, FRANCIS                         NY-31-149-139
DUNCAN, HUGH                            NY-31-50-110
DUNCAN, JOHN                            NY-31-119-490
DUNCAN, WILLIAM E.                      NY-31-1030-13
DUNCANSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-989-64
DUNHAM, ENOCH                           NY-31-95-294
DUNHAM, HENRY P.                        NY-31-1026-173
DUNHAM, MARY                            NY-31-65-405
DUNHAM, MARY                            NY-31-73-29
DUNHAM,E LIZA                           NY-31-1018-136
DUNIGAN, EDWARD                         NY-31-108-98
DUNINGER, NANCY                         NY-31-128-199
DUNKENS, MATHIAS                        NY-31-52-479
DUNKIN, JOHN                            NY-31-118-55
DUNKIN, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-1001-206
DUNKLEY, CELIA                          NY-31-48-439
DUNKLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-31-56-51
DUNLAP, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-65-162
DUNLAP, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-56-444
DUNLAP, CATHARINE                       NY-31-986-202
DUNLAP, EDITH C.                        NY-31-1000-340
DUNLAP, RACHEL                          NY-31-70-427
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         NY-31-80-462
DUNLAVY, JOSEPH LASMER                  NY-31-57-322
DUNLOP, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-55-511
DUNLOP, CHARLES M.                      NY-31-995-25
DUNLOP, MARY                            NY-31-72-425
DUNLOP, WILLIAM                         NY-31-70-414
DUNN, CARY JR.                          NY-31-77-434
DUNN, CHARLOTTE E.                      NY-31-1012-363
DUNN, DAVID SR.                         NY-31-63-68
DUNN, ENOCH                             NY-31-68-457
DUNN, HENRY B.                          NY-31-104-213
DUNN, JAMES J.                          NY-31-998-331
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-31-50-418
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-31-96-271
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-31-54-146
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-31-98-592
DUNN, MARCELLA                          NY-31-1013-322
DUNN, MARIA                             NY-31-1008-320
DUNN, RICHARD                           NY-31-81-61
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-31-72-261
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-31-123-398
DUNNE, AGNES M.                         NY-31-1003-236
DUNNE, ALOYSIUS F.                      NY-31-1004-15
DUNNE, JAMES                            NY-31-1029-125
DUNNE, MARY J.                          NY-31-1018-138
DUNNE, PATRICK                          NY-31-111-383
DUNNING, ELIZA A.                       NY-31-986-362
DUNNING, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1028-315
DUNNING, OLIVER                         NY-31-114-497
DUNPHY, RICHARD                         NY-31-100-237
DUNSCOMB, DANIEL                        NY-31-44-259
DUNSHEE, SAMUEL                         NY-31-108-471
DUPLEIX, GEORGE                         NY-31-82-457
DUPONT, FRANCOIS                        NY-31-51-265
DUPOUY, PIERRE                          NY-31-45-38
DUPOY, BERTRAND                         NY-31-84-109
DUPOY, MARIE F. S.                      NY-31-92-196
DUPRE, JOSEPH                           NY-31-102-442
DUPUY, DORETTA G.                       NY-31-1024-300
DURAN, MANUEL                           NY-31-59-450
DURAND, CATHERINE                       NY-31-999-21
DURAND, ELEONORE                        NY-31-54-313
DURAND, HARVEY                          NY-31-1010-443
DURANDO, PAUL M. P.                     NY-31-99-127
DURANDO, RACHAEL P.                     NY-31-76-151
DURANDO, STEPHEN PICCARD                NY-31-55-404
DURBROW, WALTER                         NY-31-108-78
DURELL, DEBORAH                         NY-31-48-495
DURELL, JOSEPH G.                       NY-31-98-510
DURHAM, JOHN                            NY-31-43-272
DURING, CARL H.                         NY-31-1014-460
DURKELSPIEL, HENRIETTA                  NY-31-990-451
DURKESS, XAVERIUS                       NY-31-101-499
DURKIN, BRIDGET                         NY-31-1003-240
DURNAS, CHARLES                         NY-31-88-170
DURNBUSH, HERMAN                        NY-31-91-64
DURRY, THOMAS                           NY-31-55-354
DURY, SUSAN                             NY-31-59-382
DURYEA, JOHN H.                         NY-31-75-91
DURYEE, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-72-176
DURYEE, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-42-161
DURYEE, ABRAHAM J.                      NY-31-57-170
DURYEE, CATHARINE                       NY-31-113-236
DURYEE, ELIZA                           NY-31-105-346
DURYEE, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-90-410
DURYEE, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-73-19
DURYEE, GEORGE C.                       NY-31-57-392
DURYEE, JACOB                           NY-31-124-415
DURYEE, JACOB                           NY-31-136-252
DURYEE, JOSEPH W.                       NY-31-108-605
DUSENBERY, JOSEPH                       NY-31-86-176
DUSENBURY, BENJAMIN                     NY-31-45-222
DUSINBERY, LANCASTER B.                 NY-31-58-372
DUTCHER, JULIA R.                       NY-31-121-437
DUTTWEILER, CHARLES                     NY-31-1030-401
DUVALL, JOHN                            NY-31-84-456
DUVALL, WILLIAM S.                      NY-31-93-429
DUYCKINCK, ANN                          NY-31-49-259
DUYCKINCK, EUPHRANE                     NY-31-59-499
DUYCKINCK, EVERT                        NY-31-71-117
DUYCKINCK, GERARDUS                     NY-31-42-171
DUYCKINCK, SARAH                        NY-31-76-527
DUYKYNCK, JOHANNA                       NY-31-40-234
DWIER, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-141-67
DWIGHT, JULIA L.                        NY-31-1008-251
DWIGHT, TIMOTHY                         NY-31-123-36
DWYER, JOHN                             NY-31-101-575
DWYER, JOHN                             NY-31-1018-144
DWYER, JOHN                             NY-31-137-283
DWYER, JOHN J.                          NY-31-1022-85
DWYER, JOHN J.                          NY-31-1023-284
DWYER, MICHAEL                          NY-31-992-17
DWYER, TIMOTHY                          NY-31-1003-41
DWYER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1029-405
DYCKMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-52-256
DYCKMAN, FANNIE B.                      NY-31-1008-470
DYCKMAN, JACOBUS                        NY-31-69-307
DYCKMAN, JANE O.                        NY-31-81-634
DYCKMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-41-135
DYCKMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-111-234
DYCKMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-40-51
DYER, DAVID M.                          NY-31-1016-194
DYER, RICHARD N.                        NY-31-998-1
DYER, WALTER G.                         NY-31-124-474
DYKEMAN, RICHARD                        NY-31-54-371
DYKERS, MICHAEL                         NY-31-88-393

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