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SMAEL, WILLIAM                          NY-31-51-238
SMALL, JOHN                             NY-31-88-164
SMALLEY, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-82-160
SMALLWOOD, ELI                          NY-31-131-373
SMART, DANIEL R.                        NY-31-1011-199
SMART, JOHN M.                          NY-31-992-216
SMART, ROBERT                           NY-31-46-50
SMART, WILLIAM                          NY-31-85-310
SMEDBERG, ISABELLA                      NY-31-142-519
SMEDES, GEORGE                          NY-31-122-49
SMILEY, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-47-419
SMILLARD, BERNARD                       NY-31-85-454
SMILLIE,C HARLES F.                     NY-31-1016-85
SMITH, ABRAM A.                         NY-31-1022-278
SMITH, ALBERT                           NY-31-65-357
SMITH, ALBERT                           NY-31-55-317
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-55-493
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-72-144
SMITH, ALICE                            NY-31-92-753
SMITH, AMELIA                           NY-31-50-77
SMITH, AMELIA                           NY-31-1027-434
SMITH, ANDREW                           NY-31-90-110
SMITH, ANDREW H.                        NY-31-99-558
SMITH, ANN                              NY-31-41-318
SMITH, ANN                              NY-31-52-141
SMITH, ANN                              NY-31-57-51
SMITH, ANN                              NY-31-88-135
SMITH, ANN                              NY-31-142-467
SMITH, ANNA E.                          NY-31-1019-305
SMITH, ANNIE C.                         NY-31-1002-139
SMITH, ANTHONY                          NY-31-57-127
SMITH, ARTHUR                           NY-31-63-60
SMITH, ASA F.                           NY-31-128-1
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-75-83
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-68-244
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-68-244
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-134-203
SMITH, CALEB                            NY-31-46-122
SMITH, CALEB                            NY-31-46-72
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-31-131-182
SMITH, CATHARINE F.                     NY-31-119-242
SMITH, CATHERINE                        NY-31-105-56
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-31-50-393
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-31-57-319
SMITH, CHARLES H.                       NY-31-1031-179
SMITH, CHARLES W.                       NY-31-99-193
SMITH, CHARLOTTE A.                     NY-31-1021-217
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        NY-31-125-371
SMITH, CLARA MARY                       NY-31-120-169
SMITH, CLINTON H.                       NY-31-1002-25
SMITH, CLOTILDA                         NY-31-122-436
SMITH, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-133-235
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-31-52-470
SMITH, DANIEL E.                        NY-31-1008-298
SMITH, DAVID V.                         NY-31-73-72
SMITH, DEBORAH                          NY-31-116-165
SMITH, E. FITCH                         NY-31-113-59
SMITH, EDMUND                           NY-31-85-153
SMITH, EDWARD                           NY-31-71-352
SMITH, EDWIN                            NY-31-128-252
SMITH, EDWIN B.                         NY-31-1005-120
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-127-35
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-61-301
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-148-236
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-1023-193
SMITH, ELLIOTT L.                       NY-31-1031-326
SMITH, ELOISE R.                        NY-31-1024-412
SMITH, EMIL F.                          NY-31-1031-41
SMITH, EMMA L.                          NY-31-1014-176
SMITH, EUPHEMIA                         NY-31-141-490
SMITH, EZRA                             NY-31-140-111
SMITH, F. HOPKINSON                     NY-31-1023-91
SMITH, FLETCHER                         NY-31-100-663
SMITH, FRANCES                          NY-31-61-437
SMITH, FRANCIS                          NY-31-98-472
SMITH, FRANK                            NY-31-139-290
SMITH, GAMALIEL                         NY-31-58-52
SMITH, GARRET P.                        NY-31-52-330
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-31-122-98
SMITH, GEORGE G.                        NY-31-111-125
SMITH, GEORGE M.                        NY-31-1018-383
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        NY-31-109-553
SMITH, GERARDUS                         NY-31-61-80
SMITH, GERRARDUS                        NY-31-61-325
SMITH, GILBERT                          NY-31-102-405
SMITH, HALDION                          NY-31-989-433
SMITH, HANNAH                           NY-31-86-91
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-31-46-243
SMITH, HARRIET W.                       NY-31-1025-75
SMITH, HELEN MCGAW                      NY-31-1011-384
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-31-102-495
SMITH, HENRY L.                         NY-31-1002-301
SMITH, HENRY THOMAS                     NY-31-60-202
SMITH, HESTER                           NY-31-58-314
SMITH, HUGH                             NY-31-115-1
SMITH, HUGH                             NY-31-97-501
SMITH, HULDA J.                         NY-31-1028-277
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-31-101-461
SMITH, ISAAC P.                         NY-31-1004-273
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-31-66-40
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-31-79-388
SMITH, JACOB JR.                        NY-31-66-26
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-31-49-102
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-31-50-72
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-31-122-1
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-31-57-256
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-31-102-430
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-31-92-725
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-31-78-335
SMITH, JAMES A.                         NY-31-116-378
SMITH, JAMES G.                         NY-31-148-448
SMITH, JAMES H.                         NY-31-54-278
SMITH, JAMES R.                         NY-31-59-228
SMITH, JAMES R.                         NY-31-54-8
SMITH, JAMES ROSS                       NY-31-67-104
SMITH, JAMES W.                         NY-31-120-142
SMITH, JANE                             NY-31-82-478
SMITH, JANE F.                          NY-31-122-333
SMITH, JANE H.                          NY-31-1030-143
SMITH, JEFFERSON                        NY-31-118-88
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-46-347
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-53-448
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-73-85
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-61-96
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-50-463
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-41-377
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-56-488
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-78-424
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-119-245
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-101-120
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-31-133-383
SMITH, JOHN C.                          NY-31-98-407
SMITH, JOHN H.                          NY-31-97-616
SMITH, JOHN HENRY                       NY-31-43-70
SMITH, JOHN M.                          NY-31-134-439
SMITH, JOHN S.                          NY-31-127-58
SMITH, JONATHAN                         NY-31-53-179
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-31-41-287
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-31-122-96
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-31-82-412
SMITH, JOSEPH A.                        NY-31-996-105
SMITH, JOSEPH JR.                       NY-31-42-137
SMITH, JOSEPH JR.                       NY-31-109-444
SMITH, JOSEPH W.                        NY-31-80-47
SMITH, JOSHUA HETH                      NY-31-54-491
SMITH, KATHARINE W. B.                  NY-31-1025-160
SMITH, LAFAYETTE                        NY-31-141-183
SMITH, LINUS B.                         NY-31-111-265
SMITH, LUFF                             NY-31-43-454
SMITH, LUTHER                           NY-31-77-546
SMITH, M. CLARA                         NY-31-1008-227
SMITH, MAGGIE C.                        NY-31-1026-318
SMITH, MARGARET M.                      NY-31-995-233
SMITH, MARTHA                           NY-31-87-283
SMITH, MARY                             NY-31-69-330
SMITH, MARY                             NY-31-73-388
SMITH, MARY                             NY-31-148-267
SMITH, MARY                             NY-31-131-243
SMITH, MARY A.                          NY-31-1016-139
SMITH, MARY ANN                         NY-31-989-12
SMITH, MARY C.                          NY-31-128-565
SMITH, MARY C.                          NY-31-1000-296
SMITH, MARY F.                          NY-31-73-161
SMITH, MARY H.                          NY-31-1002-282
SMITH, MARY L.                          NY-31-1027-170
SMITH, MATTHEW                          NY-31-84-76
SMITH, MATTHIAS                         NY-31-70-55
SMITH, MAY                              NY-31-95-631
SMITH, MELANCTON                        NY-31-42-414
SMITH, MELANCTON                        NY-31-44-233
SMITH, MERRITT H.                       NY-31-126-419
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-31-96-39
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-31-75-240
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-31-82-429
SMITH, MORTIMER                         NY-31-1013-157
SMITH, NELSON                           NY-31-1031-336
SMITH, OBED                             NY-31-67-224
SMITH, PASCHAL NELSON                   NY-31-46-55
SMITH, PATRICK                          NY-31-108-1
SMITH, PETER                            NY-31-95-65
SMITH, PHILADELPHIA                     NY-31-92-723
SMITH, PHILENA C.                       NY-31-998-75
SMITH, PHILIP                           NY-31-139-252
SMITH, PLATT                            NY-31-74-259
SMITH, REBECCA                          NY-31-120-195
SMITH, REBECCA                          NY-31-132-113
SMITH, RICHARD                          NY-31-53-285
SMITH, ROBERT                           NY-31-110-563
SMITH, RUTH A.                          NY-31-1023-96
SMITH, SAMUEL (24)                      NY-31-64-414
SMITH, SAMUEL P.                        NY-31-91-687
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-31-148-72
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-31-54-330
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-31-108-252
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-31-95-232
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-31-112-507
SMITH, SARAH A.                         NY-31-116-97
SMITH, SCOTT H.                         NY-31-57-146
SMITH, SHELDON                          NY-31-148-433
SMITH, SIDNEY                           NY-31-90-309
SMITH, SOLOMON                          NY-31-41-203
SMITH, SOLOMON M.                       NY-31-57-310
SMITH, STEPHEN C.                       NY-31-94-576
SMITH, SUSAN                            NY-31-129-112
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-31-40-328
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-31-41-84
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-31-66-113
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-31-1031-172
SMITH, THOMAS H.                        NY-31-62-364
SMITH, THOMAS H.                        NY-31-59-145
SMITH, THOMAS H.                        NY-31-53-198
SMITH, THOMAS JR.                       NY-31-139-434
SMITH, THOMAS MATHER                    NY-31-57-439
SMITH, THOMAS R.                        NY-31-95-202
SMITH, THOMAS W.                        NY-31-996-318
SMITH, TIMOTHY K.                       NY-31-100-445
SMITH, UNDERHILL W.                     NY-31-994-55
SMITH, WALTER                           NY-31-121-48
SMITH, WASHINGTON                       NY-31-147-309
SMITH, WASHINGTON M.                    NY-31-122-100
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-82-76
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-50-325
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-54-129
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-53-306
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-51-2
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-87-369
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-79-295
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-131-393
SMITH, WILLIAM A.                       NY-31-91-393
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                       NY-31-107-543
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-56-161
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-123-476
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                       NY-31-117-431
SMITH, WILLIAM JR.                      NY-31-41-23
SMITH, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-48-276
SMITH, WILLIAM PITT                     NY-31-42-9
SMITH, WILLIAM R.                       NY-31-111-287
SMULLEN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-130-128
SMYTH, BERNARD                          NY-31-82-659
SMYTH, GEORGE                           NY-31-47-361
SMYTH, MARGARET                         NY-31-46-23
SMYTH, MARTIN                           NY-31-43-340
SNALE, ROBERT                           NY-31-56-332
SNECKNER, ELIZABET                      NY-31-83-503
SNECKNER, HENRY D.                      NY-31-68-295
SNECKNER, HENRY D.                      NY-31-68-295
SNECKNER, SOPHIE C.                     NY-31-1028-35
SNEDEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-86-48
SNEDEN, JACOBA                          NY-31-75-559
SNELL, AGNES                            NY-31-130-395
SNELL, BARNABAS                         NY-31-95-142
SNELL, ISAAC                            NY-31-120-264
SNELLINGS, JOHN D.                      NY-31-1022-262
SNIFFEN, ISAAC H.                       NY-31-91-169
SNIFFEN, SAMUEL F.                      NY-31-137-526
SNOOK, RICHARD                          NY-31-106-567
SNOOKS, MARY                            NY-31-115-55
SNOW, EMALINE                           NY-31-92-513
SNOW, EMILIE                            NY-31-1002-29
SNOW, JAMES D.                          NY-31-87-387
SNOW, MARGARET F.                       NY-31-108-60
SNOW, SAMUEL                            NY-31-52-375
SNOWDEN, THOMAS                         NY-31-96-63
SNOWDON, RACHEL                         NY-31-49-326
SNYDER, JOHN A.                         NY-31-63-268
SNYDER, MARGARET A.                     NY-31-1008-118
SNYDER, SARAH                           NY-31-138-3
SOBEL, ELIAS                            NY-31-1013-416
SOHST, ADOLPH                           NY-31-1001-141
SOLE, JOHN T.                           NY-31-76-253
SOLFA, ELISA                            NY-31-1018-83
SOLINGER, LEOPOLD                       NY-31-1023-394
SOLLIER, LEWIS                          NY-31-56-5
SOLLINGER, FANNY                        NY-31-1015-176
SOLOMAN, HATTIE K.                      NY-31-1022-442
SOLOMON, MEYER                          NY-31-1016-133
SOLOMON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-107-515
SOLOMONS, CATHARINE M.                  NY-31-104-203
SOLTWISCH, GEORGE H. A.                 NY-31-107-541
SOMARINDYCK, SARAH                      NY-31-66-255
SOMERBY, CHARLES P.                     NY-31-1017-338
SOMERINDIKE, RICHARD                    NY-31-45-247
SOMERINDIKE, RICHARD                    NY-31-47-332
SOMERVILLE, ALEXANDER                   NY-31-45-337
SOMERVILLE, HENDERSON M.                NY-31-1015-378
SOMERVILLE, MARY                        NY-31-126-340
SOMMER, BESSIE                          NY-31-1030-184
SOMMER, CAROLINE W.                     NY-31-1001-290
SOMMER, JOHN F.                         NY-31-55-20
SOMMER, LUDWIG                          NY-31-986-448
SOMMER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-97-71
SONDHEIM, HERMANN                       NY-31-127-147
SONDHEIM, NATHAN                        NY-31-116-27
SONGER, THOMAS H.                       NY-31-113-406
SONNEBORN, SOLOMON S.                   NY-31-989-229
SONNENSCHMIDT, REBECCA                  NY-31-996-489
SONS, JOSEPH                            NY-31-988-289
SONVICE, PETER                          NY-31-60-324
SOREHAM, MARIA A.                       NY-31-1002-162
SORGE, JULIUS                           NY-31-1012-184
SORKIN, ANNA                            NY-31-1029-496
SORLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-994-311
SORLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1020-182
SORSUR, JOHN                            NY-31-100-563
SOTTONG, KATHARINA                      NY-31-989-146
SOULIER, ANTOINE                        NY-31-140-132
SOUTHARD, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-10-192
SOUTHARD, ALMIRA J.                     NY-31-1031-174
SOUTHARD, CAROLINE B.                   NY-31-1022-17
SOUTHARD, HENRY                         NY-31-61-167
SOUTHHACK, JOHN W.                      NY-31-1016-448
SOUTHWORTH, ELIJAH                      NY-31-71-420
SOUTHWORTH, POLLY                       NY-31-100-157
SOVAK, FRANK A.                         NY-31-1015-366
SOWERBY, JAMES                          NY-31-48-335
SOZZI, MADDALENA                        NY-31-1024-393
SPAFFORD, L. M. S.                      NY-31-993-432
SPANIAR, JOHANA                         NY-31-137-496
SPARE, GEORGE E.                        NY-31-1009-389
SPARHAM, CHARLOTTE                      NY-31-63-53
SPARKS, SAMANTHA                        NY-31-99-337
SPATZ, KATHARINA                        NY-31-997-355
SPEAIGHT, RICHARD                       NY-31-54-55
SPEAIGHT, WILLIAM                       NY-31-81-506
SPEAR, ABRAHAM V.                       NY-31-107-554
SPEAR, JAMES                            NY-31-86-325
SPEBSTORSKY, MOSES D.                   NY-31-1005-440
SPECKEL, JEANNE G.                      NY-31-1012-443
SPEED, PAUL                             NY-31-43-435
SPELLMAN, JAMES                         NY-31-137-95
SPENCE, JAMES                           NY-31-43-331
SPENCE, JANE                            NY-31-48-213
SPENCE, JASPER                          NY-31-141-60
SPENCER, AGNES M.                       NY-31-1018-464
SPENCER, ALBERT                         NY-31-121-136
SPENCER, CHARLES D.                     NY-31-1009-106
SPENCER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-31-111-317
SPENCER, ELIHU                          NY-31-134-196
SPENCER, ELIZABETH F.                   NY-31-1010-122
SPENCER, HANNAH                         NY-31-75-47
SPENCER, HARVEY                         NY-31-81-179
SPENCER, MARK                           NY-31-126-302
SPENCER, PAUL                           NY-31-57-327
SPENCER, RICAHRD                        NY-31-52-309
SPENCER, RICHARD                        NY-31-52-155
SPENCER, THADDEUS                       NY-31-148-5
SPENCER, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-110-24
SPENCER, WILLIAM W.                     NY-31-1014-174
SPERLING, JEANNETTE                     NY-31-1022-192
SPERRY, CATHARINE                       NY-31-58-241
SPERRY, J. HENRY                        NY-31-128-192
SPERRY, JACOB                           NY-31-47-480
SPERVESLAGE, JOHN J.                    NY-31-108-592
SPETTEL, J. MARTIN                      NY-31-148-356
SPEYER, LEO                             NY-31-988-65
SPICER, CATHARINE                       NY-31-80-306
SPICER, JESSE T.                        NY-31-75-285
SPICER, MARGARET                        NY-31-122-31
SPICHTE, DANIEL                         NY-31-139-30
SPICKER, CHARLES F.                     NY-31-129-360
SPIEGELBERG, BETTY                      NY-31-985-390
SPIES, CHARLES                          NY-31-1016-77
SPIES, JOHN                             NY-31-58-265
SPIES, WILLIAM                          NY-31-70-281
SPIESS, MAX                             NY-31-999-361
SPINDLE, STEPHEN                        NY-31-63-430
SPINDLER, FREDERICK                     NY-31-117-422
SPINGLER, HENRY                         NY-31-51-299
SPINK, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-31-996-115
SPINNEY, HATTIE B.                      NY-31-1007-443
SPIRO, JACOB                            NY-31-989-438
SPITZKA, EDWARD C.                      NY-31-1002-21
SPITZKA, JOHANNA                        NY-31-989-46
SPLAN, SARAH                            NY-31-1028-279
SPLITDORF, ANNA                         NY-31-1017-344
SPOFFORD, THOMAS                        NY-31-100-464
SPOLASCO, BARON                         NY-31-122-277
SPOTTEN, THOMAS                         NY-31-133-359
SPRAGGS, MARY                           NY-31-56-430
SPRAGUE, EDWARD D.                      NY-31-131-220
SPRAGUE, HORATIO                        NY-31-97-208
SPRAINGER, PETER R.                     NY-31-101-313
SPREAD, WILLIAM                         NY-31-60-64
SPRINGARN, SAMUEL H.                    NY-31-992-147
SPRINGER, KATE                          NY-31-1026-215
SPRINGSTEEN, JOHN                       NY-31-112-347
SPURRING, RICHARD E.                    NY-31-142-3
SQUIER, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-127-75
SQUIRE, FRANCIS                         NY-31-74-284
SQUIRES, HAMILTON                       NY-31-112-101
STAATS, ELIZA                           NY-31-102-278
STACK, THOMAS                           NY-31-126-292
STACKPOLE, KATHERINE R.                 NY-31-997-217
STACKPOLE, ROBERT E.                    NY-31-995-237
STACKPOOLE, CHRISTOPHER (27)            NY-31-107-30
STAFFORD, JAMES                         NY-31-93-328
STAFFORD, LUCINDA M.                    NY-31-1023-404
STAFFORD, RICHARD G.                    NY-31-129-101
STAGG, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-72-346
STAGG, ABRAHAM J.                       NY-31-52-355
STAGG, ANN                              NY-31-58-244
STAGG, ANNA                             NY-31-136-418
STAGG, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-117-370
STAGG, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-76-412
STAGG, ISAAC                            NY-31-44-456
STAGG, JOHN T.                          NY-31-99-106
STAGG, LETTE                            NY-31-48-180
STAGG, THOMAS                           NY-31-67-187
STAHL, CHARLES                          NY-31-1012-81
STAHL, GERTRUDE                         NY-31-989-225
STAHLEY, JOHN H.                        NY-31-1018-470
STAKE, SARAH                            NY-31-87-406
STALEY, ANDREW                          NY-31-46-19
STAMETS, GARRET                         NY-31-45-109
STAMLER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-31-148-505
STAMMERS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-142-19
STAMPER, JOHN                           NY-31-124-448
STANARD, SARAH                          NY-31-1015-175
STANBURY, DANIEL                        NY-31-41-422
STANDINGER, WILLIAM                     NY-31-992-351
STANFORD, JOHN                          NY-31-71-213
STANGER, ANNA                           NY-31-986-388
STANLEY, GEORGE                         NY-31-108-396
STANLEY, SAMUEL                         NY-31-96-273
STANNARD, LAY                           NY-31-131-407
STANSBERY, JAMES                        NY-31-148-315
STANSBURY, ABRAHAM OGIER                NY-31-63-129
STANSBURY, MARTHA                       NY-31-67-75
STANSBURY, SARAH                        NY-31-56-364
STANTON, GEORGE                         NY-31-48-271
STANTON, GEORGE                         NY-31-54-191
STANTON, ROBERT H.                      NY-31-62-380
STAPLES, ANTHONY B.                     NY-31-73-65
STAPLES, HANNAH W.                      NY-31-126-481
STAPLES, JOHN                           NY-31-48-52
STAPLES, JOHN                           NY-31-48-219
STAPLES, SETH P.                        NY-31-140-204
STAPLETON, CATHERINE E.                 NY-31-999-244
STARK, ANDREW                           NY-31-99-221
STARK, BARBARA                          NY-31-995-101
STARK, GERTRUDE F.                      NY-31-1029-274
STARK, ISAAC                            NY-31-1017-457
STARK, JOHN WILLIAM                     NY-31-64-304
STARKWEATHER, MARY G.                   NY-31-136-41
STARKWEATHER, SAMUEL                    NY-31-105-357
STARLIGHT, MARKS                        NY-31-1015-199
STARR, CATHERINE                        NY-31-127-461
STARR, ELIZABETH "BETSEY"               NY-31-88-231
STARR, HENRY B.                         NY-31-136-215
STARR, NATHAN                           NY-31-119-248
STARR, PHILIP                           NY-31-1010-236
STARTI, CHARLES                         NY-31-43-25
STARTIN, SARAH                          NY-31-57-137
STATHOPOULOS, ANASTASIOS                NY-31-1026-134
STATTON, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-49-226
STAUDER, JOHN LUDWIG                    NY-31-127-101
STEAD, MARY A.                          NY-31-141-30
STEARNS, JONATHAN                       NY-31-130-183
STEART, ALVAN                           NY-31-97-533
STEBBINS, EDWIN                         NY-31-91-57
STEBBINS, MARY E.                       NY-31-1009-480
STEBBINS, SAMUEL                        NY-31-130-458
STEBBNS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-116-13
STEEL, ROBERT                           NY-31-79-158
STEEL, ROBERT M.                        NY-31-51-296
STEEL, WILLIAM J.                       NY-31-1022-60
STEELE, GEORGE                          NY-31-118-483
STEELE, MARY                            NY-31-83-597
STEELE, ROBERT                          NY-31-58-302
STEELE, ROBERT                          NY-31-58-211
STEELE, ROSALIE M.                      NY-31-1020-357
STEELE, THOMAS A.                       NY-31-985-266
STEEMAN, HENRY                          NY-31-136-471
STEEN, JOHN                             NY-31-126-438
STEENBACK, ANTHONY                      NY-31-62-292
STEERE, JOSEPH                          NY-31-118-36
STEFFENS, MARY H.                       NY-31-993-264
STEGER, JOHN K.                         NY-31-1023-191
STEIGER, SIMON                          NY-31-139-379
STEIN, HENRY D.                         NY-31-56-195
STEIN, JEANNETTE                        NY-31-112-164
STEIN, JOSEPHINE                        NY-31-998-248
STEIN, MYRTLE M.                        NY-31-1024-394
STEINAM, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-995-86
STEINER, ROBERT J.                      NY-31-1019-154
STEINFELDT, ROBERT W.                   NY-31-81-194
STEINHARDT, ADOLPH M.                   NY-31-987-383
STEINHARDT, THERESA                     NY-31-1018-467
STEININGER, SIMON E.                    NY-31-994-301
STEINLE, EDWARD                         NY-31-1027-438
STEINMETZ, GEORGE N.                    NY-31-1023-412
STELLE, SARAH                           NY-31-76-470
STEMER, FRANZISKA                       NY-31-1031-187
STEPHAN, PHILIP                         NY-31-105-45
STEPHANSKY, GEZA CHARLES                NY-31-1008-294
STEPHENS, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-133-24
STEPHENS, JACOB                         NY-31-106-306
STEPHENS, JOHN                          NY-31-57-94
STEPHENS, JOHN L.                       NY-31-104-473
STEPHENS, REUBEN                        NY-31-55-133
STEPHENSON, CHARLES                     NY-31-114-279
STEPHENSON, FREDERICK P.                NY-31-56-197
STEPHENSON, GRACE S.                    NY-31-121-327
STEPHENSON, JAMES J.                    NY-31-999-224
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        NY-31-97-305
STEPHENSON, THOMAS                      NY-31-81-205
STEPHESON, ELIZA                        NY-31-72-311
STERLING, FREDERICK A.                  NY-31-142-225
STERLING, JAMES                         NY-31-55-32
STERLING, WILLIAM                       NY-31-87-358
STERN, BERTHA                           NY-31-999-351
STERN, CAROLINE                         NY-31-1016-282
STERN, CLARA                            NY-31-992-360
STERN, FANNIE                           NY-31-1007-323
STERN, FANNY                            NY-31-1024-258
STERN, FREDERICK                        NY-31-57-89
STERN, LENA                             NY-31-1000-497
STERN, LOUIS                            NY-31-1025-341
STERN, PHILIP K.                        NY-31-993-425
STERN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1026-321
STERNBERGER, PAULINE                    NY-31-1015-186
STERNKOPF, HULDA                        NY-31-1009-253
STERNS, SIMON                           NY-31-1019-168
STERRY, JOHN W.                         NY-31-1003-12
STETSON, MARY A.                        NY-31-126-179
STEUART, JOHN AUGUSTUS                  NY-31-41-148
STEUER, ANDREW                          NY-31-1023-201
STEVENS, ALLETTA                        NY-31-138-431
STEVENS, DAVID                          NY-31-149-485
STEVENS, EBENEZER                       NY-31-58-247
STEVENS, ELIZABETH M.                   NY-31-996-235
STEVENS, GEORGE A.                      NY-31-51-236
STEVENS, HENRY E.                       NY-31-108-585
STEVENS, ISAAC                          NY-31-62-75
STEVENS, JOHN                           NY-31-72-707
STEVENS, JOHN B.                        NY-31-47-343
STEVENS, JOHN C.                        NY-31-120-243
STEVENS, LAWRENCE M.                    NY-31-109-489
STEVENS, MARIA                          NY-31-129-455
STEVENS, NICHOLAS H.                    NY-31-98-582
STEVENS, RACHEL                         NY-31-127-152
STEVENS, ROBERT L.                      NY-31-116-398
STEVENS, SAMUEL                         NY-31-90-396
STEVENS, SUSAN                          NY-31-111-347
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-42-355
STEVENSON, ANN MARIA                    NY-31-63-289
STEVENSON, CORNELIUS                    NY-31-45-267
STEVENSON, EDWARD W.                    NY-31-66-186
STEVENSON, HANNAH                       NY-31-122-359
STEVENSON, HELEN                        NY-31-91-178
STEVENSON, JAMES                        NY-31-52-180
STEVENSON, JOHN                         NY-31-1023-199
STEVENSON, NATHANIEL                    NY-31-59-462
STEVENSON, REBECCA                      NY-31-63-104
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                       NY-31-81-209
STEVENSON, SUSANNAH                     NY-31-46-366
STEVENSON, SUSANNAH                     NY-31-45-323
STEVENSON, THOMAS                       NY-31-59-75
STEVENSON, WALTER                       NY-31-94-690
STEVENSON, WALTER                       NY-31-1009-391
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-91-178
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-101-125
STEVENSON, WILLIAM F.                   NY-31-114-446
STEVENSON, WILLIAM J.                   NY-31-131-132
STEVENSON,E VAN                         NY-31-116-334
STEVERS, JOHN                           NY-31-51-119
STEWARD, JOHN                           NY-31-112-267
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-47-237
STEWART, ALEXANDER L.                   NY-31-78-307
STEWART, ARTHUR                         NY-31-147-347
STEWART, CATHERINE                      NY-31-80-254
STEWART, CHARLES M.                     NY-31-102-59
STEWART, DOUGLAS B.                     NY-31-1022-197
STEWART, ELIZA                          NY-31-83-273
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-66-372
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-31-42-81
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-31-51-307
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-31-129-219
STEWART, JAMES A.                       NY-31-50-356
STEWART, JAMES I.                       NY-31-102-157
STEWART, JANE E.                        NY-31-1000-232
STEWART, JANE E.                        NY-31-1014-181
STEWART, JOHN                           NY-31-43-314
STEWART, JOHN                           NY-31-42-329
STEWART, JOHN                           NY-31-59-545
STEWART, JOHN                           NY-31-122-215
STEWART, LETHA E.                       NY-31-1005-447
STEWART, LIZZIE                         NY-31-1023-190
STEWART, MARGARET                       NY-31-82-539
STEWART, MARGARET                       NY-31-148-298
STEWART, MARY m.                        NY-31-1019-300
STEWART, RICHARD B.                     NY-31-127-106
STEWART, ROBERT                         NY-31-89-118
STEWART, WILLAM                         NY-31-98-93
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-31-62-443
STEWART, WILLIAM R.                     NY-31-54-448
STEWWART, TIENNTIA                      NY-31-55-347
STEYMETS, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-46-165
STEYMETS, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-31-41-208
STEYMETS, JOHANNES                      NY-31-43-424
STEYMETS, RACHEL                        NY-31-46-431
STGEORGE, MARY                          NY-31-98-189
STICKEL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1031-38
STICKLER, JOSEPH                        NY-31-100-107
STIEF, FREDERICK H.                     NY-31-135-93
STIEFEL, ISAAC                          NY-31-996-316
STIEFEL, LEONORA                        NY-31-987-45
STIER, GEORGE J.                        NY-31-1012-188
STIER, MILDRED                          NY-31-1014-165
STILES, MARY                            NY-31-42-224
STILES, WILLIAM A.                      NY-31-1021-430
STILL, LETITIA                          NY-31-127-61
STILLMAN, CHARLOTTE                     NY-31-1016-90
STILLWELL, ELIAS                        NY-31-42-173
STILLWELL, JARRAT                       NY-31-90-501
STILLWELL, JOHN                         NY-31-86-281
STILLWELL, LYDIA                        NY-31-43-178
STILLWELL, MARTHA                       NY-31-108-67
STILLWELL, MARY                         NY-31-116-490
STILLWELL, WILLIAM                      NY-31-69-423
STILWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-113-228
STILWELL, SAMUEL                        NY-31-96-324
STIMSON, RACHEL S.                      NY-31-1022-132
STINER, CHARLES                         NY-31-986-266
STINER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-1001-22
STITT, GEORGE F.                        NY-31-1020-351
STITT, WILLIAM                          NY-31-60-414
STIX, ROBERT L.                         NY-31-1031-44
STJOHN, ABBY A.                         NY-31-1026-133
STJOHN, MATTHEW C.                      NY-31-117-405
STJOHN, NANCY S.                        NY-31-141-426
STJOHN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-90-521
STJOHN, WILLIAM J.                      NY-31-93-325
STOCKBRIDGE, SARAH                      NY-31-129-243
STOCKER, HUGH                           NY-31-44-54
STOCKER, SUSANNAH                       NY-31-51-42
STOCKHAM, WILLIAM                       NY-31-103-166
STOCKHOLM, ANDREW                       NY-31-55-167
STOCKHOLM, ANN                          NY-31-50-49
STOCKING, CHARLES J.                    NY-31-1012-139
STOCKWELL, MARIE L.                     NY-31-1019-158
STOCKY, PETER                           NY-31-122-46
STODDARD, CAROLINE M.                   NY-31-123-186
STODDARD, NOAH                          NY-31-123-283
STODDART, EDWARD                        NY-31-59-442
STODDART, ROBERT                        NY-31-106-402
STODDART, WILLIAM                       NY-31-1007-138
STODDER, MARCIA                         NY-31-50-329
STOEPPLER, CHARLES                      NY-31-1018-251
STOKES, EDWARD F.                       NY-31-1014-326
STOKES, EMMA M.                         NY-31-1015-371
STOKES, ISAAC                           NY-31-91-570
STOKES, THOMAS                          NY-31-69-344
STOKES, THOMAS                          NY-31-1027-150
STOKES, WILLIAM A.                      NY-31-121-120
STOLZENBERGER, AMBROSE F.               NY-31-1012-132
STONE, ADALINE E.                       NY-31-116-84
STONE, ASAPH                            NY-31-112-239
STONE, HUBBARD (LT.)                    NY-31-60-138
STONE, JOHN C.                          NY-31-141-249
STONE, JOSEPH F.                        NY-31-110-187
STONE, KATHINKA                         NY-31-1015-373
STONE, LOTTIE                           NY-31-1017-360
STONE, LOUISA M.                        NY-31-1003-322
STONE, MARGARET T.                      NY-31-1015-268
STONE, MARY E. F.                       NY-31-119-416
STONE, MARY L.                          NY-31-110-1
STONE, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-95-426
STONE, SUSANNAH                         NY-31-111-541
STONEBRIDGE, AGNES E.                   NY-31-1020-352
STONEBRIDGE, GEORGE                     NY-31-92-609
STONEBRIDGE, JAMES                      NY-31-135-143
STONEBRIDGE, WILLIAM                    NY-31-137-104
STONIER, THOMAS M.                      NY-31-112-75
STOOPS, SAMUEL                          NY-31-58-409
STOOTHOF, JOHN                          NY-31-56-414
STORENG, BORNT                          NY-31-55-439
STORER, HETTY                           NY-31-106-452
STORER, LOUISA B.                       NY-31-141-302
STORK, HEINRICH                         NY-31-148-487
STORM, CLARENCE                         NY-31-1017-218
STORM, ELIZABETH Q.                     NY-31-1009-138
STORM, GARRIT                           NY-31-102-177
STORM, GEORGE R.                        NY-31-1009-381
STORM, JOHN G.                          NY-31-147-194
STORM, SAMUEL                           NY-31-131-251
STORM, STEPHEN                          NY-31-148-48
STORM, THOMAS                           NY-31-71-104
STORMINGER, JACOB                       NY-31-1009-143
STORMS, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-71-122
STORMS, CATHARINE                       NY-31-44-433
STORMS, HENRY                           NY-31-107-526
STORMS, HENRY J.                        NY-31-96-403
STORMS, LEWIS L.                        NY-31-62-330
STORMS, WILLIAM W.                      NY-31-95-364
STORY, JOHN P.                          NY-31-1022-289
STORY, MINER C.                         NY-31-119-72
STOTT, SOPHIA F.                        NY-31-1009-394
STOUF, MARY JANE                        NY-31-52-87
STOUGHTON, THOMAS                       NY-31-60-175
STOUT, AQUILA G.                        NY-31-120-213
STOUT, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-43-37
STOUT, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-40-86
STOUT, EBENEZER B.                      NY-31-108-351
STOUT, EFFIE                            NY-31-66-197
STOUT, JACOB                            NY-31-58-221
STOUT, JAMES V.                         NY-31-132-264
STOUT, PHEBE                            NY-31-114-118
STOUTENBURGH, ELIZA                     NY-31-82-348
STOUTENBURGH, ELIZABETH                 NY-31-49-217
STOUTENBURGH, JACOBUS T.                NY-31-62-491
STOUTENBURGH, SARAH                     NY-31-73-205
STOUVENEL, NICHOLA                      NY-31-111-332
STOW, JEREMIAH                          NY-31-50-6
STRACHAN, ALIDA                         NY-31-50-455
STRANG, GEORGE                          NY-31-103-336
STRASBURGER, ALVIN L.                   NY-31-1012-336
STRASBURGER, MOSES                      NY-31-1004-64
STRASBURGER, TERESE                     NY-31-1031-170
STRATEMEYER, GEORGE E.                  NY-31-107-505
STRATTON, CATHARINE                     NY-31-122-34
STRATTON, ROBERT                        NY-31-64-491
STRATTON, RUTH                          NY-31-139-504
STRATTON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-56-455
STRAUB, JACOB                           NY-31-120-340
STRAUBEL, KATHERINE                     NY-31-1014-169
STRAUS, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-988-295
STRAUS, HEINRICH D.                     NY-31-142-326
STRAUS, JOHANNA                         NY-31-999-230
STRAUS, MAX S.                          NY-31-1005-442
STRAUSS, CHARLES H.                     NY-31-1001-285
STRAUSS, FANNY                          NY-31-989-141
STRAUSS, HENRIETTA                      NY-31-1015-179
STRAUSS, JOHANNA                        NY-31-996-82
STRAUSS, LOUIS                          NY-31-1028-280
STRAUSS, MORRIS                         NY-31-1013-397
STRAW, MARY E.                          NY-31-1030-494
STRAWS, ELISE M.                        NY-31-1003-476
STREBEIGH, LEFFERTS                     NY-31-1028-284
STREET, LOUISA                          NY-31-103-379
STREETER, ADDIE J.                      NY-31-1021-422
STREIFLER, JACOB                        NY-31-987-192
STRENG, HERMAN G.                       NY-31-992-229
STRETTLE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-131-143
STRIKER, DENNIS                         NY-31-84-336
STRIKER, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-1020-437
STRIKER, JAMES                          NY-31-68-258
STRIKER, JAMES                          NY-31-68-258
STRIKER, JOHN                           NY-31-42-516
STRIKER, MARIANNA                       NY-31-134-449
STRIKER, RICHARD A.                     NY-31-64-481
STRIKER, RICHARD A.                     NY-31-76-514
STRIKER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-90-236
STRINGHAM, JAMES S.                     NY-31-54-75
STRINGHAM, JANE                         NY-31-55-360
STRINGHAM, JOSEPH                       NY-31-49-226
STRINGHAM, JOSEPH                       NY-31-42-78
STRIPPEL, JOHN                          NY-31-1022-68
STROBACH, JOSEPH                        NY-31-1020-345
STRONG, ALFRED DANIEL                   NY-31-60-233
STRONG, ANDREW                          NY-31-140-493
STRONG, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-1030-51
STRONG, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-101-235
STRONG, ELIZABETH W.                    NY-31-1025-222
STRONG, ESTHER                          NY-31-75-370
STRONG, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-113-437
STRONG, HELEN F.                        NY-31-985-275
STRONG, JAMES                           NY-31-79-35
STRONG, JOSEPH                          NY-31-108-133
STRONG, NATHANIEL W.                    NY-31-83-328
STRONG, ROBERT                          NY-31-64-333
STRONG, ROBERT M. K.                    NY-31-118-213
STRONG, THOMAS                          NY-31-61-381
STRONG, THOMAS                          NY-31-96-322
STROUSE, HANNAH                         NY-31-1004-195
STRUEVER, LOUIS G. S.                   NY-31-996-75
STRUTHERS, JAMES                        NY-31-120-415
STRYKOWER, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-992-366
STUART, AGNES                           NY-31-120-454
STUART, ANN                             NY-31-56-108
STUART, CHARLES                         NY-31-93-543
STUART, JAMES                           NY-31-55-54
STUART, JAMES R.                        NY-31-61-435
STUART, JESSIE R.                       NY-31-1015-498
STUART, JOHN                            NY-31-124-132
STUART, KINLOCH                         NY-31-61-364
STUART, KINLOCK                         NY-31-60-77
STUART, MARY                            NY-31-60-237
STUART, ROBERT                          NY-31-54-343
STUART, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-1009-141
STUBENVOLL, GUSTAVE A.                  NY-31-999-449
STUCKARDT, AUG G. F.                    NY-31-1007-134
STUCKE, CLAUS                           NY-31-113-479
STUCKE, HENRY                           NY-31-135-18
STUCKLE, ANGELICA                       NY-31-1008-296
STUETZLE, JOSEPH                        NY-31-1002-289
STUETZLE, XAVIER                        NY-31-1019-415
STULZ, ANDREW                           NY-31-101-258
STUMP, DANIEL                           NY-31-82-287
STUMPF, GEORGE                          NY-31-112-145
STUMPF, MICHAEL                         NY-31-139-512
STURGES, JEANNETTE E.                   NY-31-1014-172
STURGES, JEREMIAH                       NY-31-92-587
STURGES, JUDSON                         NY-31-138-514
STURGES, SADIE T.                       NY-31-1024-385
STURGES, SARAH S. S.                    NY-31-1013-402
STURGIS, THOMAS                         NY-31-1002-293
STURLA, GIACOMO                         NY-31-115-51
STURMAN, EDWARD                         NY-31-66-298
STURMER, ELISABETH                      NY-31-1007-327
STURMWALD, RAPHAEL                      NY-31-1005-278
STURTEVANT, ERNEST W.                   NY-31-1013-401
STURTEVANT, OSCAR W.                    NY-31-127-304
STUTTS, CONROD C.                       NY-31-1011-92
STUYVESANT, CATHARINE L.                NY-31-147-389
STUYVESANT, EMILY C.                    NY-31-127-344
STUYVESANT, GERARD                      NY-31-126-278
STUYVESANT, MARGARET                    NY-31-59-91
STUYVESANT, MARGARET                    NY-31-54-264
STUYVESANT, MARGARET                    NY-31-65-396
STUYVESANT, NICHOLAS W.                 NY-31-70-163
STUYVESANT, PETER                       NY-31-138-403
STUYVESANT, PETER G.                    NY-31-94-745
STUYVESANT, PETRUS                      NY-31-46-97
STYLES, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-141-154
STYLES, GEORGE                          NY-31-62-176
STYMETS, ANN                            NY-31-61-240
STYMETS, FREDERICK                      NY-31-49-37
STYMETS, JACOB                          NY-31-40-216
STYMETS, PETER                          NY-31-48-487
STYMUS, FRANK                           NY-31-1022-260
SUAREZ, YSABEL F. S.                    NY-31-1010-369
SUCKLEY, GEORGE                         NY-31-92-624
SUDAIN, MARY R. C.                      NY-31-111-476
SUDMEIER, ERNEST                        NY-31-999-66
SUFFERN, GEORGE                         NY-31-50-376
SUFFERN, GEORGE                         NY-31-90-3
SUFFOLK, ROBERT                         NY-31-68-147
SUFFOLK, ROBERT                         NY-31-68-147
SUHR, FREDERICK                         NY-31-142-172
SULGER, SOPHIE                          NY-31-1004-278
SULIVAN, JOHN                           NY-31-68-307
SULIVAN, JOHN                           NY-31-68-307
SULLIVAN, ANN                           NY-31-40-212
SULLIVAN, ANNIE T.                      NY-31-996-322
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                     NY-31-66-23
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        NY-31-94-725
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        NY-31-94-749
SULLIVAN, EDMUND                        NY-31-47-85
SULLIVAN, FRANCIS J.                    NY-31-1028-43
SULLIVAN, HUGH                          NY-31-149-358
SULLIVAN, ISABELLA                      NY-31-1025-168
SULLIVAN, JAMES                         NY-31-50-150
SULLIVAN, JAMES                         NY-31-991-356
SULLIVAN, JAMES E.                      NY-31-1013-282
SULLIVAN, JANE B.                       NY-31-1009-385
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-31-47-36
SULLIVAN, KATE                          NY-31-1019-421
SULLIVAN, MARY                          NY-31-120-205
SULLIVAN, MARY                          NY-31-131-496
SULLIVAN, MARY F.                       NY-31-1022-250
SULLIVAN, MATTHEW                       NY-31-1023-195
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                       NY-31-91-400
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                       NY-31-108-187
SULLIVAN, SARAH W.                      NY-31-994-61
SULZBACHER, LOUIS                       NY-31-1013-406
SULZBERGER, FERDINAND                   NY-31-1025-215
SULZER, MARY E. L.                      NY-31-1030-186
SUME, CATHARINE                         NY-31-117-483
SUMMERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-68-26
SUMMERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-68-26
SUMMERS, EMILY B.                       NY-31-105-125
SUMMERS, JAMESON C.                     NY-31-77-485
SUMMERS, MARY                           NY-31-68-187
SUMMERS, MARY                           NY-31-68-187
SUMMERS, RICHARD                        NY-31-74-455
SUMNER, EDWARD A.                       NY-31-993-76
SUMNER, MARY H.                         NY-31-1021-425
SUMNER, PERRIN H.                       NY-31-999-365
SUPPLE, MICHAEL                         NY-31-125-319
SUTHEN, JOHN                            NY-31-78-106
SUTHERLAND, CATHERINE                   NY-31-83-20
SUTHERLAND, FRANCIS                     NY-31-109-465
SUTHERLAND, JOSIAH L.                   NY-31-121-22
SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM J.                  NY-31-999-237
SUTLIF, JOHN                            NY-31-60-404
SUTTON, DAVID                           NY-31-104-275
SUTTON, GEORGE                          NY-31-115-4
SUTTON, GEORGE                          NY-31-95-419
SUTTON, MARIA                           NY-31-81-183
SUTTON, SAMUEL B.                       NY-31-100-21
SUTTON, SARAH J.                        NY-31-1001-150
SUTTON, THOMAS C.                       NY-31-97-67
SUYDAM, CORNELIUS                       NY-31-117-117
SUYDAM, CORNELIUS R.                    NY-31-92-119
SUYDAM, FERDINAND                       NY-31-101-342
SUYDAM, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-83-332
SUYDAM, JOHN                            NY-31-84-297
SUYDAM, RICHARD                         NY-31-114-26
SVOBADA, ANNA                           NY-31-1031-334
SWAIN, CATHARINE                        NY-31-1022-20
SWAIN, SPENCER                          NY-31-1003-157
SWAINE, JOHN                            NY-31-132-141
SWAN, HENRY R.                          NY-31-80-333
SWAN, JAMES                             NY-31-124-90
SWAN, JOHN                              NY-31-59-501
SWAN, MARGARET                          NY-31-63-149
SWAN, WILLIAM J.                        NY-31-50-456
SWANN, ARTHUR W.                        NY-31-1010-126
SWANSEN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-49-223
SWANSEN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-40-22
SWANTON, ELLEN                          NY-31-46-336
SWANTON, ELLINOR                        NY-31-46-299
SWANTON, ROBERT (CODICIL)               NY-31-81-75
SWANTON, ROBERT (CON'T)                 NY-31-86-64
SWANTON, ROBERT                         NY-31-81-268
SWARTS, CATHARINE                       NY-31-47-254
SWARTWOUT, BARNARDUS                    NY-31-41-328
SWARTWOUT, CORNELIUS                    NY-31-40-19
SWARTWOUT, PHILIP S.                    NY-31-62-458
SWARTZ, AARON                           NY-31-85-394
SWARTZ, CHRISTOPHEL                     NY-31-42-524
SWATTS, LEO                             NY-31-1031-182
SWEENEY, CHARLES J.                     NY-31-1010-235
SWEENEY, EMMA F.                        NY-31-1027-453
SWEENY, EDWARD                          NY-31-108-442
SWEENY, ELIZA A.                        NY-31-136-318
SWEENY, EPHRAIM                         NY-31-92-707
SWEENY, HUGH                            NY-31-120-377
SWEENY, OWEN                            NY-31-50-213
SWEENY, TERENCE                         NY-31-84-344
SWEENY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-134-487
SWEET, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-129-104
SWENARTON, JOHN                         NY-31-84-348
SWENNERTON, SAMUEL                      NY-31-85-290
SWENSON, HILDA J.                       NY-31-999-75
SWETT, JOHN                             NY-31-73-187
SWETT, JOHN A.                          NY-31-110-454
SWETT, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-52-186
SWICK, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1027-450
SWIFT, ABIEL                            NY-31-111-218
SWIFT, BESSIE                           NY-31-1001-384
SWIFT, CHARLES F.                       NY-31-1020-175
SWIFT, JANE M.                          NY-31-110-203
SWIFT, MARY A.                          NY-31-70-340
SWIFT, MARY L.                          NY-31-999-356
SWIGART, ROBERT E.                      NY-31-1015-396
SWIM, SARAH                             NY-31-52-431
SWINBURNE, MARY E.                      NY-31-116-258
SWINENERTON, SAMUEL                     NY-31-85-290
SWINGLER, MARY                          NY-31-85-44
SWORDS, JAMES                           NY-31-93-45
SWORDS, THOMAS                          NY-31-88-87
SYKES, CHARLES S.                       NY-31-1010-360
SYLVESTER, ELIZABETH B.                 NY-31-1001-409
SYMES, WILLIAM                          NY-31-120-12
SYMMERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-995-408
SYPHER, MARY                            NY-31-77-557
SYZ, JOHN GEORGE                        NY-31-120-145

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