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EAGEWOUT, JAN                           NEW LOTTS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-28-586
EAGLES, ALEXANDER                       NYC                                     NY-31-34-402
EAGLES, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-25-149
EALLS, BASTIAN                          SEE: ELLIS, BASTIAN                     NY-31-24-249
EAMES, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-35-199
EARLE, EDWARD SR.                       NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-11-30
EARLE, MARMADUKE                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-170
EARLL, JOHN                             SMITHS CLOVE, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-39-294
EASOM, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-18-43
EASTHAM, EDWARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-17-62
EASTLEY, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-480
EBBETS, DANIEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-508
ECKER, ABRAHAM                          PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-28-522
ECKER, WOLFERT                          HILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-19-32
ECKERSEN, CORNELIUS                     ORANGE, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-36-83
ECKESEN, CORNELIUS                      HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-38-39
EDDOS, CICILY                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-11-430
EDDOS, ROBERT                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-10-418
EDSALL, SAMUEL                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-39-419
EDSALL, THOMAS                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-127
EDWARDS, EBENEZER                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-615
EDWARDS, JOHN                           EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-11-34
EDWARDS, JOSIAH                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-9-293
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-390
EDWARDS, TIMOTHY                        NORTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-23-160
EGBERT, TUNIS                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-9-308
EGBERTS, JACOB VISSCHER                 ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-39-172
EGBERTS, JAMES                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-26-320
EGBERTSE, EGBERT                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-28-122
EGBERTSE, ELSIE                         RENSSELAERWYCK, ALBANY, NY              NY-31-18-353
EGBERTSON, EGBERT                       SEE: EGBERTSE, EGBERT                   NY-31-28-122
EGGMONT, NICHOLAS                       COXSACKIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-23-668
EKER, ADAM                              MOHAWK, TRYON, NY                       NY-31-37-147
ELBERSON, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-24-506
ELBERTS, SARAH                          SEE: ROELOFFSON, SARAH                  NY-31-5-6
ELBERTSEN, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-22-543
ELDE, THOMAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-11-126
ELDERT, HENDRICK                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-527
ELDERT, JOHANNES                        NEW LOTTS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-34-241
ELDERT, LUCAS                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-20-111
ELIAS, JACOB                            HUDSON, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-39-408
ELIGH, JOHAN URY                        BEVER KILL, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-36-208
ELIGH, WILLIAM                          WEST CAMP, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-36-213
ELIOTT, ROBERT                          BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-16-454
ELISON, JOHN                            HAVESTRAW, ORANGE, NY                   NY-31-19-151
ELISON, RICHARD SR.                     HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-2-473
ELLEMS, GEORGE                          WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-25-125
ELLETT, RICHARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-5-39
ELLIS, BASTIAN                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-24-249
ELLIS, CORNELIUS                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-24-252
ELLIS, ELIAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-34-378
ELLIS, HENDRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-22-125
ELLIS, WILLIAM                          WEST RIDING, YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND         NY-31-15-73
ELLISON, JAMES                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-203
ELLISON, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-10-84
ELLISON, JOHN SR.                       NTL                                     NY-31-9-330
ELLISON, JOSEPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-11-449
ELLISON, THOMAS                         NEW WINSOR, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-36-460
ELLISON, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-11-442
ELSWORTH, GEORGE SR.                    TURTLE BAY                              NY-31-12-130
ELSWORTH, JOHANNES                      NYC                                     NY-31-7-228
ELSWORTH, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-39-309
ELSWORTH, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-9-186
ELSWORTH, THEOPHILUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-12-451
ELSWORTH, THEOPHILUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-15-460
ELSWORTH, THEOPHILUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-22-352
ELSWORTH, THEOPHILUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-8-446
ELTINGE, JAN                            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-23-340
ELTINGE, JOHANNIS                       MORMELSTOWN, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-19-302
ELTINGE, JOHN                           NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-37-27
ELTINGE, NOAH                           NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-33-362
ELTINGE, ROELOFF                        NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-16-251
ELTINGE, WILLEM                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-15-205
ELTON, JOHN                             SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-1-113
ELWELL, SAMUEL                          SOUTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-36-42
ELWELL, SAMUEL JUR                      SOUT, DUTCHESS, NY                      NY-31-30-286
ELWOOD, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-31-15-530
EMANS, ABRAHAM                          GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-32-313
EMANS, ANDREW                           NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-10-437
EMANS, JOHN                             GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-8-412
EMBREE, SAMUEL                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-13-513
EMBRY, JOHN                             FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-23-376
EMENS, CHRISTOPHER                      BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-27-374
EMENS, JOHANNES                         GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-9-521
EMMANS, JOHANNES                        NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-36-484
EMMANS, STILLWELL                       YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-24-499
EMMANS, THOMAS                          LOWER YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-34-650
EMMONS, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NY-31-28-328
EMMONS, THOMAS                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-30-165
EMMOTT, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-8-265
EMONS, ABRAHAM                          YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-14-206
EMPIE, ADAM                             STONERABY, TRYON, NY                    NY-31-36-508
EMSLIE, ALEXANDER                       BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-35-130
ENDERS, WILLIAM                         SCHOHARIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-38-449
ENTERS, JOHN                            PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-33-221
ERWIN, SAMUEL                           NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-28-286
ESSELSLYN, DAVID                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-16-427
ESSELSTEEN, CORNELIS MARTENSE           CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-18-209
ETHERINGTON, ROBERT                     NTL                                     NY-31-29-205
ETHERINGTON, ROBERT                     NTL                                     NY-31-25-441
ETHERINGTON, ROBERT                     NTL                                     NY-31-26-20
EUERI, NICHOLAS                         NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-11-133
EVANS, JANNELIE                         NYC                                     NY-31-11-94
EVANS, LEWIS                            PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                NY-31-20-23
EVANS, RANDOLPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-19B-496
EVANS, RANDOLPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-3-69
EVENS, DANIEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-26-215
EVERET, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-34-146
EVERETT, NICHOLAS                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-361
EVERIT, EZEKIEL                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-129
EVERIT, GEORGE                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-19-461
EVERIT, JOHN                            BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-26-490
EVERIT, WILLIAM                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-24-331
EVERITT, NICHOLAS                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-10-234
EVERITT, ROBERT                         NEW MARLBOROUGH, ULSTER, NY             NY-31-38-112
EVERSE, WESSELL                         NYC                                     NY-31-8-215
EVERSON, NICHOLAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-9-575
EVERSON, THOMAS                         CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-36-28
EVERSTON, LUKE                          NYC                                     NY-31-23-34
EVESON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-28-256
EWETS, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-18-173
EWETSE, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-23-86
EWONTSE, EWONT                          NYC                                     NY-31-9-38
EXCEEN, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-36-446
EXTON, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-1-27
EYMAR, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-19-229
EYRE, WILLIAM                           MAJESTY'S ARMY                          NY-31-25-20
FAIRLIE, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-23-692
FALCKNER, JUSTUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-9-495
FALLS, ALEXANDER JR.                    LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER, NY              NY-31-29-30
FALLS, EDWARD                           LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER, NY              NY-31-30-127
FANE, GEORGE (CAPT.)                    NYC                                     NY-31-7-531
FANNEUIL, BENJAMIN                      NYC                                     NY-31-9-41
FANNING, THOMAS                         NTL, SUFFOLK, NY                        NY-31-35-281
FANSHER, JOHN                           POUNDRIDGE, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-38-259
FARDON, JACOB                           SORALLINGBURGH, BERGEN, NJ              NY-31-15-181
FARINGTON, WILLIAM                      FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-28-683
FARINTON, ROBERT O.                     NTL                                     NY-31-18-51
FARMER, JASPER                          NYC                                     NY-31-21-6
FARMER, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-327
FARRIER, ISAAC                          NYC                                     NY-31-35-83
FARRINGOTN, JOHN                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-36-627
FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN                    WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-14-65
FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN                    MILE SQUARE, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-36-150
FARRINGTON, MARY                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-27-79
FARRINGTON, THOMAS                      RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-25-571
FEAVER, EDITH                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-470
FEDELL, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-21-412
FELL, CHRISTOPHER                       NEW BOLTER                              NY-31-25-158
FELTEN, WILLIAM                         NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-19-267
FELTHAUSEN, JOHN                        NYC                                     NY-31-34-592
FENTHY, ARTHUR                          BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-10-36
FENWICK, ROBERT                         HMS ROYAL ARMY                          NY-31-32-135
FERCUTT, JAMES                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-22-145
FERDON, JACOB                           SCHRALENBURGH, BERGEN, NJ               NY-31-22-116
FERGUSON, QUASHEY                       HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-479
FERGUSON, ROBERT                        NYC                                     NY-31-27-158
FERRARI, FRANCIS                        NTL                                     NY-31-18-309
FERRES, SAMUEL                          ISLE OF MEGEE, ANTRIM, IRELAND          NY-31-15-212
FERRIS, BENJAMIN                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-36-126
FERRIS, JAMES                           FROGGS NECK, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-36-114
FERRIS, JAMES                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-16-99
FERRIS, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-8-448
FERRIS, JONATHAN                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-18-458
FERRIS, SARAH                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-38-282
FERRIS, ZEBULON                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-33-109
FERRY, DAVID                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-488
FEURT, BARTHOLOMEW                      NYC                                     NY-31-8-238
FIELD, ANTHONY                          HARRISONS, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-33-289
FIELD, CALEB                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-26-630
FIELD, ELNATHAN                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-484
FIELD, HANNAH                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-23-100
FIELD, JEREMIAH                         NYC                                     NY-31-23-555
FIELD, JOHN                             FLUSHING                                NY-31-34-40
FIELD, PHEBE                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-15-141
FIELD, ROBERT                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-116
FIELD, ROBERT                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-12-292
FIELD, SARAH                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-12-278
FIELD, THOMAS                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-22-425
FIELD, WILLIAM                          PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-406
FIELD, WILLIAM                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-278
FIERER, VALLENTYN                       CATSBAEN, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-27-467
FIJN, JOHANNES                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-8-427
FILKIN, HENRY                           FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-8-314
FILKINS, ISAAC                          CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-36-192
FILLA, TRYNTIE                          SEE: DEFILLA, TRYNTIE                   NY-31-5-64
FINCH, ISAAC                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-16-452
FINCHER, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-18-41
FINGER, JOHANNIS                        LIVINGSTON MANOR, ALBANY, NY            NY-31-33-442
FINN, ROBERT                            NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-33-320
FINN, WILLIAM                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-21-422
FISH, JONATHAN                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-9-501
FISH, NATHANIEL                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-633
FISH, SAMUEL JR.                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-95
FISHER, ARCHIBALD (DR.)                 NYC                                     NY-31-23-30
FISKER, TIERCK HARMENSE                 ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-10-268
FISKER, TIERCK HARMENSE                 ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-10-48
FITCH, PATRICK                          NTL                                     NY-31-15-467
FITHEAN, WILLIAM                        EASTHAMPTON                             NY-31-2-426
FITHEN, DAVID                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-26-538
FITHIAN, BETHIAH                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-426
FLAESBEECK, BAERENT GERRITTSEN          BOSWYCK, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-7-478
FLAGLER, SIMON                          CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-29-396
FLANDERS, NICHOLAS                      KINGSTON, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES          NY-31-10-351
FLANDRAU, JOHN                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-29-79
FLANDRAU, PETER                         NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-38-97
FLANSSBURGH, DAVID                      MOHAWK RIVER, ALBANY, NY                NY-31-26-147
FLEERBORNE, SARVAS                      NYC                                     NY-31-15-170
FLEET, PARROT                           HUNTINGTON, SUFOFLK, NY                 NY-31-34-417
FLEET, THOMAS                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-52
FLEET, THOMAS                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-8-355
FLENSBURGH, DANIEL                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-10-290
FLEWELLING, ROBERT                      NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-26-495
FLIN, THADIE                            NYC                                     NY-31-21-124
FLIN, WILLIAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-379
FLINN, DAVID                            CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-384
FLINT, AMMY                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-30-199
FLIPSE, FREDRICK                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-109
FLOWER, BENJAMIN                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-29-314
FLOWER, JONAH                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-23-510
FLOWER, MICHAEL                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-434
FLOWER, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-31-16-51
FLOYD, NICOLL                           ST. GEORGE, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-192
FLOYD, RICHARD                          BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-36-402
FLOYD, RYER                             NYC                                     NY-31-5-206
FLOYD, WILLIAM                          BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-13-282
FOGASON, JOHN                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-12-121
FOLK, JOHANNIS                          CHURCHSLAND, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-37-179
FOLKERTSEN, NICHOLAS                    BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-21-244
FONDA, ABRAHAM                          CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-24-65
FONDA, PETER                            SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-30-15
FONGRELON, REGNIER                      NTL                                     NY-31-8-221
FORBES, ALEXANDER                       NYC                                     NY-31-36-283
FORBES, GILBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-27-19
FORBES, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-34-348
FORBES, JOHN                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-2-440
FORBUS, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-287
FORBUS, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-22-43
FORD, ELIZABETH                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-17-179
FORD, OSWALD                            WOODBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX, NJ               NY-31-32-50
FORD, THOMAS                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-15-44
FORDHAM, JOSEPH JR.                     SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-361
FORDHAM, NATHAN                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-292
FORDHAM, PELETIAH                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-282
FORGUSON, EPHRAIM                       RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-28-257
FORRESTER, GEORGE                       NYC                                     NY-31-16-420
FORSTER, CHRISTOPHER                    SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-299
FORSTER, JACOB C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-17-166
FORT, JOHANNIS                          POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-39-394
FORTIN, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-330
FORTINE, RICHARD                        BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-35-447
FOSTER, BENJAMIN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-339
FOSTER, DANIEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-342
FOSTER, JEREMIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-20-412
FOSTER, JOHN                            WEST HILLS, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-588
FOSTER, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-22-416
FOSTER, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-279
FOSTER, JOHN                            JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-656
FOSTER, JOHN SR.                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-32-415
FOSTER, JOSEPH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-26-119
FOSTER, LYDIA                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-561
FOSTER, MARY                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-16-85
FOSTER, STEPHEN                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-81
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         CORTLAND, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-25-7
FOUCHARD, JEAN JAMES                    NYC                                     NY-31-9-562
FOULGER, THOMAS                         CURRYSBROOK, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-38-239
FOULLER, GILBART                        MARENECK, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-16-121
FOUNTAIN, VINCENT                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-14-1
FOUNTAIN, VINCENT SR.                   NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-11-309
FOUNTAINE, PAUL                         NTL                                     NY-31-7-594
FOURNIE, CLAUDY                         NYC                                     NY-31-26-103
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-28-230
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                        PHILLIPSBURG, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-150
FOWLER, CALEB                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-37-190
FOWLER, DAVID                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-38-426
FOWLER, EDMUND                          EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-16-246
FOWLER, GEORGE                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-362
FOWLER, HENRY                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-12-114
FOWLER, HENRY                           MAMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-12-181
FOWLER, JEREMIAH                        EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-9-486
FOWLER, JEREMIAH                        HEMPSTEAD HARBOUR, QUEENS, NY           NY-31-25-375
FOWLER, JOHN                            EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-26-533
FOWLER, JOHN                            NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-26-232
FOWLER, JOSEPH                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-9-553
FOWLER, JOSEPH                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-9-595
FOWLER, JOSEPH                          NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-37-186
FOWLER, MERAM                           NTL                                     NY-31-21-65
FOWLER, MOSES                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-15-317
FOWLER, MOSES                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-406
FOWLER, MOSES                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-19-237
FOWLER, NEHEMIAH                        NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-38-118
FOWLER, RACHEL                          EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-22-525
FOWLER, RUBEN                           CORTLANDS, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-38-65
FOWLER, SOLOMON                         EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-34-51
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-174
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         MEADOW, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-11-185
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-8-323
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         CROM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY                NY-31-22-519
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-16-203
FOWLER, WILLIAM SR.                     EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-8-93
FOX, CHRISTOPHER                        BURNETS FIELD                           NY-31-27-323
FOY, FRANCIS                            NYC                                     NY-31-25-489
FOY, FRANCIS                            NYC                                     NY-31-19-199
FOY, FRANCIS                            NYC                                     NY-31-32-339
FRANCIS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-8-185
FRANK, JOHAN CONRAD                     BURNETSFIELD, ALBANY, NY                NY-31-29-335
FRANKLIN, HENRY                         NYC                                     NY-31-34-17
FRANKLIN, HENRY                         NYC                                     NY-31-37-141
FRANKLIN, HENRY                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-8-68
FRANKLIN, MATTHEW                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-62
FRANKLIN, SARAH                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-17-340
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-29-64
FRANKLIN, WALTER                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-422
FRANKLIN, WALTER                        NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-39-314
FRED, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-19-175
FRED, MARTHA                            NYC                                     NY-31-20-333
FREEMAN, ANDEW                          NYC                                     NY-31-10-69
FREEMAN, BERNARDUS                      FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-14-213
FREER, JONAS                            NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-29-400
FRENCH, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-26-432
FRENCH, PHILLIP                         NYC                                     NY-31-7-395
FRIDER, GEORGE                          CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-28-87
FRIELINHUYZEN, HENRICKUS                MARBLETOWN                              NY-31-21-94
FRIEZ, NATHAN                           NYC                                     NY-31-29-570
FRITZ, ELIAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-38-77
FROLST, ZEBULUN                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-26-2
FROST, DANIEL                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-26-288
FROST, ISAAC                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-37-109
FROST, JACOB                            CORTLANDS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-39-122
FROST, JOSEPH                           CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-30-290
FROST, NATHANIEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-406
FROST, THOMAS                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-35-359
FROST, WILLIAM                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-35-249
FROST, WRIGHT                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-13-263
FROST, WRIGHT                           OYSTER, QUEENS, NY                      NY-31-21-529
FRY, JOHN                               OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-8-382
FRYAR, ISAAC                            ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-19-371
FULTON, DAVID                           NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-27-443
FURDON, JOHN                            POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-33-206
FURLONG, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-20-304
FURMAN, ABRAHAM                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-32-404
FURMAN, GABRIEL                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-624
FURMAN, JOHN                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-293
FURMAN, JOSEPH                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-82
FURMAN, REBECAK                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-424
GAFFING, CORNELIUS                      NTL                                     NY-31-21-122
GALE, ANDREW                            JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-15-69
GALE, BENJAMIN                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-39-92
GALE, DANIEL                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-20-352
GALE, JACOB                             NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-26-550
GALE, JOHN                              GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-17-222
GALE, JOHN                              GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-22-403
GALE, JOSEPH                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-40
GALIE, SAMUEL                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-20-215
GALIT, WILLIAM                          CHERRY VALY                             NY-31-38-492
GALLAUDET, THOMAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-29-67
GANNARD, FRANCIS                        NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-17-264
GANSEVORT, LANDERT                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-24-165
GANTER, MICHAEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-236
GANTSEN, BERNHARD                       NYC                                     NY-31-26-299
GARDENEER, HARMANIS                     CORTLAND, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-33-382
GARDENIER, DIRCK                        KINDERBOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-26-427
GARDINER, ABRAHAM                       EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-354
GARDINER, DAVID                         ISLE OF WIGHT, SUFFOLK, NY              NY-31-17-408
GARDINER, DAVID                         ISLE OF WIGHT, SUFFOLK, NY              NY-31-29-231
GARDINER, GILES                         EASTHAMPTON, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-24-605
GARDINER, JOHN                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-365
GARDINER, JOHN                          ISLE OF WIGHT, SUFFOLK, NY              NY-31-24-602
GARDINER, JOSINA                        KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-39-373
GARDINER, MARY DEURCANT                 NTL                                     NY-31-1-1
GARDINER, THOMAS                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-11-462
GARDINIER, ANDRIES                      THE MOHAWKS, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-29-370
GARDINIER, JACOB                        KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-37-153
GARDNER, BENJAMIN                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-8-52
GARDNER, DAVID                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-12-52
GARNIER, ISAAC                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-516
GARREAU, JOHN                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-10-239
GARREAU, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-13-144
GARRERD, WILLIAM                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-677
GARRISON, JANE                          NYC                                     NY-31-35-436
GARRISON, JOHANES                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-25-335
GARRISON, JOHN                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-29-322
GARRISON, LAMBERT                       STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-9-546
GARTON, ANNE                            MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-24-246
GASCOYNE, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-20-127
GATES, CHRISTOPHER                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-38-379
GAUDINEAU, GILES                        NYC                                     NY-31-8-425
GAUTIER, ANDREW                         ACHGUEGHENONCK, ESSEX, NJ               NY-31-36-286
GAUTIER, DANIEL                         FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-38-469
GAUTIER, DANIEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-16-241
GAUTIER, DANIEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-36-189
GAYON, JOSEPH                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-21-41
GEDNEY, BARTHOLOMEW                     WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-29-599
GEDNEY, ELEAZEAR                        SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-36-119
GEDNEY, ELIJAH                          SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-28-609
GEDNEY, ISAAC                           MAMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-27-575
GEDNEY, JAMES                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-25-223
GEDNEY, JOHN                            SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-25-361
GEDNEY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-31-27-81
GEDNEY, MARY                            SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-28-267
GEE, JOHN                               LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND              NY-31-9-254
GEERETSE, MARIA                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-16-313
GELSTON, HUGH                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-30-121
GELSTON, SAMUEL                         GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-27-560
GENTER, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-28-388
GEORGE, HENRY                           NYC                                     NY-31-17-443
GEORGE, LYDIA                           NYC                                     NY-31-18-465
GERAIN, STEVEN                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-20-474
GERBEAUX, HENRY                         NYC                                     NY-31-25-159
GERISH, RICHARD                         PORTSMOUTH, , NY                        NY-31-9-184
GERMAN, CHRISTOPHER                     NYC                                     NY-31-25-12
GERMAN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-31-22-316
GERMON, CLAUDE                          NTL                                     NY-31-19B-174
GERMON, ISAAC                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-489
GERMOND, ISAAC                          CROM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY                NY-31-24-42
GERRETSEN, GEURT                        BERGEN, , NJ                            NY-31-5-191
GERRETSON, GUISBERT                     NYC                                     NY-31-21-542
GERRITSEN, JOHANNIS                     GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-25-270
GERSLER, PAULES                         HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-36-670
GESSENER, HENDRICK                      TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-16-301
GIBB, ANDREW                            FORDHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-23-229
GIBBONS, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-189
GIBSON, MATTHEW                         NYC                                     NY-31-26-371
GIDNEY, JOSEPH                          PHILIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-36-94
GIFFORD, JOHN                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-32-308
GILBERT, CALEB                          NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-22-175
GILBERT, JANE                           NYC                                     NY-31-18-38
GILBERT, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-39-438
GILBURT, JOSIAH                         GRAYCOURT, ORANGE, NY                   NY-31-33-403
GILBURT, JOSIAS                         SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY                  NY-31-33-464
GILCHRIST, ALEXANDER                    ARGYLE, CHARLOTTE, NY                   NY-31-37-104
GILCHRIST, JAMES J.                     NTL, BERKELEY, SC                       NY-31-4-462
GILDERSLEEVE, RICHARD                   HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-243
GILDERSLEVE, BENJAMIN                   NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-36-598
GILES, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-2
GILLASPAY, NEAL                         WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-27-58
GILLESPIE, GEORGE                       ST. MARYS, JAMAICA, CARIBBEAN           NY-31-34-646
GILLET, JOEL                            AMELIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-24-45
GILLIAM, HENRY                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-12-376
GILLOT, SAMUEL                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-26-313
GILMORE, WILLIAM                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-652
GINTER, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-323
GIRAND, ANDREW                          NYC                                     NY-31-29-84
GIRAUD, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-27
GIREAUD, ANN                            NYC                                     NY-31-39-236
GIVEN, JOHN                             HUNTING GROVE, ULSTER, NY               NY-31-19-351
GIVEN, JOHN JR.                         NTL                                     NY-31-18-101
GLEANE, ANTHONY                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-12-198
GLEN, JOHANNIS                          SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-7-423
GLEN, JOHANNIS                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-27-253
GLENN, JACOB SANDERS                    ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-3-17
GLOVER, JOSIAH                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-21-234
GLOVER, KEZIAH                          YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-28-325
GLOVER, RICHARD                         BARBADOS                                NY-31-5-230
GLOVER, ]ROBERT                         ANTIGO, CARIBBEAN                       NY-31-2-344
GODBY, MARY                             NYC                                     NY-31-38-347
GODON, CHARLES                          NYC                                     NY-31-21-293
GODWIN, EDMUND                          NTL, NANSEMOND, VA                      NY-31-32-39
GODWIN, HENRY                           RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-517
GOEDERIS, JOOST                         NTL                                     NY-31-16-231
GOEDERIS, REBECCA                       NYC                                     NY-31-11-351
GOELET, JANNETJE                        NYC                                     NY-31-34-53
GOELET, PHILIP                          NYC                                     NY-31-16-270
GOELET, RAPHAEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-16-260
GOEN, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     NY-31-7-545
GOES, CHRISTINA                         KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-33-386
GOETSCHIUS, JOHANNIS M.                 SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-27-569
GOFF, DANIELL                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-206
GOLDER, ELIZABETH                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-423
GOLDER, JOSEPH                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-36-679
GOLDING, COLES                          BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-22-11
GOLDING, EPHRAIM                        HAMPSTEED, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-7-416
GOLDING, THOMAS                         NORTHCASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-22-9
GOLDING, THOMAS JR.                     NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-22-13
GOLDSMITH, BENJAMIN                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-33-152
GOLDSMITH, DANIEL                       SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-16-459
GOLDSMITH, JOHN                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-10-32
GOLDSMITH, JOSEPH                       SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-7
GOLDSMITH, JOSHUA                       SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-20-406
GOLDSMITH, RICHARD                      NEW CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-33-530
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS                       HOLMSFIELD, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-15-217
GOLDSMITH, ZACHEAS                      SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-7-379
GOLDTHWAIT, JOSEPH                      NYC                                     NY-31-32-325
GOLETT, JACOBUS                         NYC                                     NY-31-11-158
GOLT, JOHN                              HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-10
GOMEZ, BENJAMIN                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-394
GOMEZ, DAVID                            NYC                                     NY-31-27-88
GOMEZ, ISAAC                            NYC                                     NY-31-27-337
GOMEZ, LEWIS                            NYC                                     NY-31-13-455
GOMEZ, MATTATHIAS                       NORTHERN LIBERTIES, PHILA., PA          NY-31-36-222
GOMEZ, MORDECAI                         NYC                                     NY-31-17-269
GONNONG, JEREMIAH SR.                   NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-16-455
GOODACRE, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-97
GOODALL, JOSIAH                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-39-258
GOODWIN, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-24-318
GOOLDER, MICHAEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-32-473
GORHAM, CHRISTOPHER                     MAJESTY'S ARMY                          NY-31-24-104
GORSLINE, SAMUEL                        RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-572
GOSLET, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-66
GOSLIN, RICHARD                         ST CROIX, WEST INDIES                   NY-31-28-19
GOSLINE, JOST                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-474
GOTLING, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-31-32-429
GOULBURN, HENRY                         NYC                                     NY-31-25-178
GOULD, JOHN                             NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-37-181
GOULD, JON                              CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-24-344
GOULDEN, JAMES                          WOODBRIDGE, , NJ                        NY-31-11-211
GOULDER, WILLIAM                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-16-475
GOURLEY, JAMES                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-28-498
GOVERNEUR, ABRAHAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-13-571
GOVERNEUR, ELISABETH                    NYC                                     NY-31-18-54
GOVERNEUR, HERMAN                       NYC                                     NY-31-29-103
GOVERNEUR, ISAAC                        NYC                                     NY-31-10-226
GOVERNEUR, JACOBA                       NYC                                     NY-31-36-458
GOVERNEUR, JACOBA                       NYC                                     NY-31-34-278
GOVERNEUR, MARGARET                     NTL                                     NY-31-23-432
GOVERNOUR, MARIA                        NTL                                     NY-31-16-192
GRAHAM, EDWARD                          NYC                                     NY-31-8-418
GRAHAM, ENNIS                           NTL, MIDDLESEX, NJ                      NY-31-36-408
GRAHAM, JAMES                           MORRISANIA, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-26-13
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-2-368
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-7-204
GRANT, ANNE                             NYC                                     NY-31-27-460
GRANT, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-10-348
GRASILLLIER, MARY                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-595
GRAVE, JOHN                             NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-1-211
GRAY, JOHN                              JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-9-550
GRAYLLIAM                               CAMBRIDGE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-29-186
GREACEN, JOHN                           MUSKITICOVE, QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-16-123
GREAG, HUGH                             GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-21-148
GREEN, CALEB                            NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-63
GREEN, JOHN                             CUNNELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-19-347
GREEN, JOHN                             WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-38-167
GREEN, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-27-77
GREEN, JOHN                             GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-23-141
GREEN, JOSEPH                           FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-574
GREEN, JOSEPH                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-16-277
GREEN, JOSHAWAY                         NEW LEBANON, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-38-306
GREEN, LANCASTER                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-418
GREEN, MARGARET                         NYC                                     NY-31-39-486
GREEN, WILLIAM                          CRUM ELBO PCT, DUTCHESS, NY             NY-31-22-522
GREENFIELD, CHARLES                     NYC                                     NY-31-17-390
GREG, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-32-167
GREGG, DAVID                            NYC                                     NY-31-32-452
GREGG, HIGGINBOTHAM                     RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-25-8
GREGG, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-35
GRENEA, ANTONY                          NTL                                     NY-31-23-205
GREVENRAET, ANDRIES                     NYC                                     NY-31-7-586
GRIDLEY, NOAH                           NTL, ALBANY, NY                         NY-31-33-183
GRIFFEN, EDWARD                         WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-14-303
GRIFFEN, EZEKIEL                        BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-33-511
GRIFFEN, HENRY                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-23-681
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-21-172
GRIFFEN, JOHN                           MOMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-21-407
GRIFFEN, JONATHAN                       SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-39-95
GRIFFEN, JOSEPH                         BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-21-54
GRIFFEN, MARY                           MAINARONECK, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-488
GRIFFIN, BENJAMIN                       MAMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-11-129
GRIFFIN, JACOB                          WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-225
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-14-210
GRIFFIN, JONATHAN                       CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-28-318
GRIFFIN, OBEDIAH                        NINE PARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY             NY-31-38-270
GRIFFIN, RICHARD                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-9-420
GRIFFITH, ROBERT SR.                    NYC                                     NY-31-23-12
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-14-320
GRIFFON, HANNAH                         MAMARONICK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-27-342
GRIGG, MARY                             NYC                                     NY-31-5-102
GRIGG, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-29-576
GRIGGS, JOHN                            NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-33-581
GRIGGS, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-11-453
GRIMARD, PIERRE                         WAGACHKEMECK, ULSTER, NY                NY-31-11-390
GRIMES, SIMON                           NYC                                     NY-31-20-195
GRITMAN, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-26-522
GROENENDYCK, PETER                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-22-57
GROENENDYCK, SAMUEL                     NYC                                     NY-31-18-469
GROENENTYCK, PETRUS                     NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-23-247
GROESBECK, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-112
GROESBECK, MARY                         NYC                                     NY-31-39-39
GROESBECK, MARY                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-252
GROESBEECK, STEVANIS                    ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-15-332
GRONDAIN, JOHN                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-24-622
GROVER, SIMON                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-7-371
GUDGEON, HENRY                          HALLIFAX, YORK, ENGLAND                 NY-31-20-163
GUE, SUSANNAH                           CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-36-43
GUION, AMAN                             NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-22-141
GUION, ISAAC                            NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-99
GUION, ISAAC JR.                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-155
GUION, JAMES                            COURTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-26-64
GUION, LEWIS SR.                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-11-421
GULAT, MARY ELIZABETH                   NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-30-109
GUNSALIS, MANUEL JR.                    MEMMECATTING, ULSTER, NY                NY-31-23-489
GURNEY, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-7-532
GUTTERIDGE, DAVID                       NYC                                     NY-31-13-41
GUYO, JAMES                             NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-22-455
GUYON, JAQUES                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-31-5-63
GUYON, LEWIS                            EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-11-188
HADDEN, BARTHOLOMEW                     WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-27-165
HADDEN, JOB                             NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-36-529
HADDEN, THOMAS                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-146
HADDEN, THOMAS                          SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-22-497
HADLEY, CHARLES                         NYC                                     NY-31-29-368
HADLEY, JOSEPH                          YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-19-191
HADLEY, REBECCA                         YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-28-160
HADLOCK, JAMES                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-8-62
HAERING, COSEN                          TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-15-54
HAFF, JACOB                             CRUM ELBOW                              NY-31-24-298
HAFF, LAWRENCE                          RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-21-251
HAFF, LAWRENCE                          CRUM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY                NY-31-18-286
HAGAMAN, FRANCIS JR                     NINE PARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY             NY-31-16-409
HAGEMAN, ADRIAEN                        OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-26-198
HAGEMAN, ADRIAEN JR.                    OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-34-269
HAGEMAN, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-394
HAGERMAN, BENJAMIN                      HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-28-592
HAGERMON, ALORYON                       HEMSTED, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-183
HAGEWOUT, PETER                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-15-532
HAIGHT, CALEB                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-601
HAIGHT, CALEB                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-495
HAIGHT, JOHN                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-13-531
HAIGHT, JONATHAN                        FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-480
HAIGHT, JOSEPH                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-16-423
HAIGHT, NICHOLAS                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-11-62
HAIGHT, SAMUELL                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-8-151
HAIGHT, SARAH                           PHILISPBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-476
HAIGHT, THOMAS                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-16-83
HAINE, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-7-143
HAINES, BENJAMIN                        WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-26-327
HAINES, BENJAMIN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-311
HAINES, DANIEL                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-25-363
HAINES, JAMES                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-170
HAINES, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-234
HAINES, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-154
HAINS, CHARITY                          HARRISONS PURCHASE, WESTCHESTER, NY     NY-31-26-273
HAINS, EME                              HARRISON, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-36-330
HAINS, JAMES                            RYE, WESTCHESTER                        NY-31-32-445
HAINS, JAMES                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-11-396
HAINS, SAMUEL                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-11-393
HAINS, SOLOMON                          CORTLANDS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-33-340
HAKKET, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-26-111
HALENBEACK, CASPER JANSE                LOOENBURGH, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-22-238
HALL, GEORGE                            NYC                                     NY-31-16-416
HALL, JACOB                             NEW HEMPSTED, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-20-160
HALL, JAME                              NYC                                     NY-31-19-51
HALL, JAMES                             NYC                                     NY-31-8-476
HALL, JOHN                              NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-429
HALL, JOHN                              BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-478
HALL, JOSEPH                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-190
HALL, RICHARD                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-490
HALL, SAMUEL                            NYC                                     NY-31-9-471
HALL, THOMAS                            NTL                                     NY-31-1-51
HALL, WILLIAM                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-24-116
HALLAM, WILLIAM                         TORTOLA, VIRGIN ISLANDS                 NY-31-21-199
HALLAR, GERRITT                         NYC                                     NY-31-7-518
HALLET, JOHN                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-544
HALLET, NATHANIEL                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-151
HALLET, SAMUEL                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-19-439
HALLETT, JAMES SR.                      NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-498
HALLETT, MOSES                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-11-255
HALLETT, RICHARD                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-27-69
HALLETT, THMAS                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-32-251
HALLIOAK, WILLIAM                       SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-4
HALLIOCK, CABE                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-23-84
HALLIOCK, JAMES                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-492
HALLIOCK, MARY                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-24-176
HALLIOCK, PETER                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-20-148
HALLOCK, JOHN                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-20-247
HALLOCK, JOHN                           BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-25-138
HALLOCK, JONATHAN                       BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-8
HALLOCK, SAMUEL                         MARLBOROUGH, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-36-215
HALLOCK, WILLIAM                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-25-76
HALLSEY, ABRAM                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-536
HALLSEY, ISAAC                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-20-414
HALLSEY, NATHAN                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-26-536
HALLSEY, NATHANIEL                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-559
HALLSEY, SILAS                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-408
HALLSEY, WILLIAM                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-405
HALLSTED, CALEB                         HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-29-258
HALLSTED, JOHN                          HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-29-257
HALLSTED, MICHAEL                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-15-464
HALLUCK, ICHABOD                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-22-147
HALOCK, NATHAN                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-20-417
HALSAPPLE, PHILLIP                      CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-36-195
HALSE, BENJAMIN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-29-432
HALSEY, CORNELIUS                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-160
HALSEY, DANIEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-12-164
HALSEY, DAVID                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-11-399
HALSEY, ELISHA                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-529
HALSEY, ELIZAH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-102
HALSEY, HENRY                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-541
HALSEY, HENRY                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-89
HALSEY, ISAAC JR.                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-142
HALSEY, ISRAEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-294
HALSEY, JEREMIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-26-414
HALSEY, JEREMIAH                        BRIDGHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-13-373
HALSEY, JEREMIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-35-287
HALSEY, JOB                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-140
HALSEY, JOSIAH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-12-140
HALSEY, NATHAN                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-321
HALSEY, THOMAS                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-24-423
HALSEY, THOMAS                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-1-198
HALSTEAD, DAVID                         RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-29-497
HALSTEAD, EZEKIEL                       RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-21-58
HALSTEAD, JOSEPH                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-13-1
HALSTED, JONAH                          NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-23-582
HALSTED, JOSEPH                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-80
HALSTEY, STEPHEN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-39-349
HALY, PETER                             NYC                                     NY-31-22-236
HAMBLY, JOSEPH                          CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-30-319
HAMERSLEY, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-18-193
HAMILTON, ARCHIBALD                     NYC                                     NY-31-21-70
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH (DEPEYSTER)         NTL                                     NY-31-25-24
HAMILTON, JAMES                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-26-125
HAMMOND, AARON                          PHILIPSTOWN, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-33-578
HAMMOND, BOAH                           BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-279
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        PHILLIPS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-23-621
HAMPTON, JONATHAN                       ELIZABETH, ESSEX, NJ                    NY-31-39-230
HAND, DAVID                             NTL                                     NY-31-25-559
HAND, JAMES                             EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-169
HAND, JEAMS JR.                         NTL                                     NY-31-20-448
HAND, JOHN                              EASTHAMPTON,  SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-19-358
HAND, JOSIAH                            SOUTHHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-13-321
HANDLIN, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-170
HANISS, HENRY                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-34-531
HANSEN, DAVID                           NYC                                     NY-31-24-296
HANSEN, HANS                            ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-20-264
HANSEN, HENDRICK                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-10-432
HANSEN, PIETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-4-338
HANSON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-21-292
HARBARDINCK, JOHN                       NYC                                     NY-31-9-509
HARBORD, ALEXANDER ESQ                  ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-20-426
HARCOURT, RICHARD                       NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-28-38
HARDEBERGH, ABRAHAM                     GUILFORD, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-28-272
HARDENBERG, GERRIT                      OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-11-205
HARDENBERGH, CHARLES                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-27-50
HARDENBERGH, JOHANENS                   ROSENDALL, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-39-323
HARDENBERGH, JOHANNES                   KINGSTON, ULSER, NY                     NY-31-16-369
HARDENBROECK, JOANNIS                   NYC                                     NY-31-8-349
HARDENBROOK, GERARDUS                   NYC                                     NY-31-23-593
HARDICK, FRANCIS JR.                    CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-36-197
HARDING, HENRY                          ST GEORGES, BARBADOS                    NY-31-7-403
HARDING, HENRY                          ST. GEORGES, BARBADOS                   NY-31-7-249
HARDMAN, JONATHAN                       NYC                                     NY-31-16-488
HARDWICK, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-39-371
HARERD, JOHN                            BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-14-216
HARING, ELBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-29-34
HARINGH, ABRAHAM                        NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-28-281
HARKER, JOSEPH                          NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-20-255
HARMSE, JAN                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-15-1
HARNER, DAVID                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-20-19
HARPER, JOHN                            HARPERSFIELD, TRYON, NY                 NY-31-38-494
HARPER, NICHOLAS                        RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-20-282
HARRIOTT, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-39-421
HARRIS, EZEKIEL                         BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-37-9
HARRIS, JANE                            NYC                                     NY-31-14-104
HARRIS, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-12-192
HARRIS, MARY                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-14-203
HARRIS, NEWIL                           NYC                                     NY-31-19-332
HARRIS, RICHARD                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-28-221
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         ORANGE                                  NY-31-19-313
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-30-217
HARRISON, MATTHEW                       BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-8-469
HARSEN, JACOB                           NYC                                     NY-31-38-131
HARSIN, GARRIT                          NYC                                     NY-31-19-84
HARSING, JOHANNIS                       BLOOMINGDALE                            NY-31-29-437
HART, AARON                             LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND              NY-31-24-194
HART, JAMES                             RYE NECK, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-36-105
HART, JOHN                              MASHPETH KILLS                          NY-31-1-83
HART, JOHN                              SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-24-182
HART, JOHN                              EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-15-157
HART, MONMOUTH                          WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-472
HART, MONMOUTH                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-23-134
HARTELL, CHRISTIAN                      NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-20-171
HARTLEY, HENRY                          NTL                                     NY-31-25-278
HARTT, CORNELIUS                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-122
HASBROOK, BENJAMIN                      RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-26-126
HASBROUCK, COUSINE JACOB                NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-23-206
HASBROUCK, JONATHAN                     NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-36-202
HASTIER, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-5-196
HATCHINGS, JOHN                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-17-359
HATFIELD, ABRAHAM                       WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-30-81
HATFIELD, PETER                         WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-18-472
HAUCK, PETER                            KNIESKERNDORPH, ALBANY, NY              NY-31-36-228
HAUGHWOUT, NELL                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-22-560
HAVENS, CONSTANT                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-468
HAVENS, GEORGE                          FISHERS ISLAND                          NY-31-13-370
HAVENS, GEORGE                          SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-27-502
HAVENS, JOHN                            SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-17-280
HAVENS, JONATHAN JR.                    SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-28-36
HAVENS, JOSEPH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-541
HAVENS, NICOLL                          SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-37-88
HAVENS, WILLIAM                         SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-24-170
HAVENS, WILLIAM                         SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-16-31
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN                      RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-22-382
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN                      OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-17-413
HAVILAND, CHARITY                       RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-24-473
HAVILAND, EBENEZER                      WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-17-57
HAVILAND, ISAAC                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-470
HAVILAND, JANE                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-272
HAVILAND, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-14-3
HAVILAND, JOHN                          HUNTINGTON                              NY-31-16-266
HAVILAND, JOHN                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-16-279
HAVILAND, SAMUEL                        HARRISON, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-33-212
HAVILAND, THOMAS                        RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-23-457
HAVINS, JONATHAN                        SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-16-355
HAWDON, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     NY-31-8-261
HAWES, PRINCE                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-208
HAWKERDY, WILIAM                        NTL                                     NY-31-22-222
HAWKESHURST, SAMPSON                    OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-11-419
HAWKINGS, BENJAMIN                      BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-30-159
HAWKINGS, ELEAZOR                       BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-411
HAWKINGS, ZACHERIAH                     MIDDLETOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-35-8
HAWKINS, ISAAC                          BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-32-125
HAWKINS, JOHN SR.                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-21-210
HAWKINS, JOSEPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-36-642
HAWKINS, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-2-341
HAWKINS, ZACHARIAH                      BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-591
HAWKINS, ZACHARIAH                      BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-17-60
HAWKS, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-26-642
HAY, WILLIAM                            PORT ROYAL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES        NY-31-8-140
HAYCOCK, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-323
HAYES, ISAAC                            NORWALK, FAIRFIELD, CT                  NY-31-29-85
HAYNES, JOHN                            NEW HAVEN, NEW HAVEN, CT                NY-31-4-248
HAYNES, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-27
HAYS, JUDAH                             NYC                                     NY-31-24-524
HAYS, THOMAS                            SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY                  NY-31-29-495
HAYT, STEPHEN                           BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-27-244
HAYTER, EDWARD                          NYC                                     NY-31-26-500
HAYTER, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-20-61
HAZARD, DANIEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-16-196
HAZARD, ELIZABETH                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-38-399
HAZARD, JAMES                           NTL, QUEENS, NY                         NY-31-25-73
HAZARD, NATHANIEL                       PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                NY-31-17-91
HAZARD, NATHANIEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-25-15
HAZARD, THOMAS                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-12-94
HAZARD, WILLIAM                         NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-28-678
HEALEY, CORNEALIS                       NYC                                     NY-31-22-243
HEARTMAN, CHRISTIAN                     NYC                                     NY-31-13-267
HEATHCOTE, CALEB                        NTL                                     NY-31-9-279
HEATHCOTE, GEORGE                       NTL, BUCKS, PA                          NY-31-8-4
HEDGER, ELIZABETH                       FLATBUSH, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-14-53
HEDGER, JOHN                            WEST FARMS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-14-142
HEDGER, JOHN                            WEST FARMS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-27-154
HEDGES, DANIEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-12-210
HEDGES, DANIEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-254
HEDGES, JOHN                            EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-384
HEDGES, JOHN                            EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-39-8
HEDGES, JONATHAN                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-24-21
HEDGES, JONATHAN                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-301
HEDGES, STEPHEN                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-163
HEDGES, WILLIAM                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-613
HEERMANS, ANDREAS                       RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-27-14
HEERMANS, JACK JAN                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-10-39
HEERMANSE, EVERT                        RHINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-440
HEGEMAN, ADRIAN                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-23-443
HEGEMAN, ADRIAN                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-28-344
HEGEMAN, JAN                            FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-27-462
HEGEMAN, JOSEPH                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-14-41
HEGEMAN, PETER                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-28-164
HEGEMAN, REM                            FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-25-530
HEILICOT, JACOB                         NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-38-150
HELLHAKER, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NY-31-7-20
HELLING, ELIZABETH                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-23-225
HELM, WILLIAM JR.                       GORSHAM, ORANGE, NY                     NY-31-21-117
HELME, ARTHUR                           NYC                                     NY-31-34-370
HELMER, GODFRY                          CANAJOHARY, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-36-411
HEMPSTED, ROBERT                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-35-342
HENDERSON, JAMES                        NYC                                     NY-31-15-150
HENDERSON, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-27-539
HENDRICKS, FRANCIS                      NYC                                     NY-31-25-478
HENDRICKSE, ARNOUT                      NYC                                     NY-31-16-445
HENDRICKSON, ABRAHAM                    JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-598
HENDRICKSON, ANNE                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-38-246
HENDRICKSON, HENDRICK                   HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-18-442
HENDRICKSON, MARY ANN                   SOUTH HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY             NY-31-39-498
HENDRICKSON, THOMAS                     HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-29
HENDRICKSON, THOMAS SR.                 HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-604
HENDRIX, JACOB                          NTL                                     NY-31-5-41
HEPWORTH, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-21-152
HERCKHEIMER, HENRY                      BARNETSFIELD, TRYON, NY                 NY-31-36-501
HERCKHEIMER, JOHAN JOST                 BURNETSFIELD, ALBANY, NY                NY-31-36-519
HEREMAN, EGBERT                         BASSAN BOYERY                           NY-31-7-341
HEREMANSE, JACOB                        RED HOOK, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-38-186
HERICK, TIMOTHY                         WESTERLY, NTL, RI                       NY-31-21-226
HERINGH, PETER                          TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-17-177
HERKHEIMER, NICHOLAS                    CONAJOHARY, TRYON, NY                   NY-31-36-523
HERRICK, MEHETABEL                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-397
HERRICK, MICUIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-147
HERRICK, NATHAN                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-200
HERRICK, NATHANIEL                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-78
HERRICK, STEPHEN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-20-453
HERRICK, WILLIAM                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-529
HERRINGTON, THOMAS                      NTL                                     NY-31-8-206
HERRIS, GEORGE                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-338
HERVEAT, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-24-567
HESS, AUGUSTINES                        BURNATSFIELD, TRYON, NY                 NY-31-36-14
HESS, JOHANNES                          CANAJOHARY, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-28-241
HET, RENE                               NYC                                     NY-31-26-505
HEURTIN, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-9-17
HEUSTIS, JOHN                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-22-96
HEVELAND, LUCES                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-460
HEVENER, DANIEL                         RHINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-36-9
HEWLETT, BENJAMIN                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-192
HEWLETT, DANIELL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-492
HEWLETT, GEORGE                         HEMPSTEAD PLAINS, QUEENS, NY            NY-31-34-228
HEWLETT, GEORGE                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-534
HEWLETT, JOSEPH                         GREAT NECK, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-34-89
HEWLETT, WILLIAM                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-521
HEYBURN, JOB                            HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-465
HEYER, GERRET                           NTL                                     NY-31-15-581
HEYER, WALTER                           NYC                                     NY-31-28-628
HEYSHAM, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-17-338
HEYSHAM, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-276
HIATT, JOHN                             PHILIPSBURG, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-180
HICKCOCK, JOHN                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-34-330
HICKEY, MICHAEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-17-17
HICKEY, RACHEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-38-292
HICKS, BENJAMIN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-61
HICKS, CHARITY                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-25-512
HICKS, DEBORAH                          NTL                                     NY-31-8-157
HICKS, ISAAC                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-23-332
HICKS, ISAAC                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-413
HICKS, JACOB                            ROCKAWAY, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-19-400
HICKS, JACOB                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-37
HICKS, JOHN                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-1-91
HICKS, JOHN                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-475
HICKS, JOHN                             FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-10-224
HICKS, JOSEPH                           EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-361
HICKS, RICHARD                          HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-270
HICKS, ROBINSON                         NYC                                     NY-31-22-410
HICKS, SILAS                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-102
HICKS, STEPHEN                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-39-447
HICKS, STEPHEN                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-4-172
HICKS, THOMAS                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-36-340
HICKS, THOMAS                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-386
HICKS, THOMAS                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-14-154
HICKS, THOMAS JR.                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-8-153
HICKS, WHITEHEAD                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-38-366
HICKS, WHITHEAD                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-60
HICKS, WILLIAM                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-25-465
HIGBEE, NATHANIEL                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-475
HIGBIE, JOHN                            JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-514
HIGBIE, PHEBEE                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-333
HIGBIE, SAMUEL                          JAMACIA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-20-5
HIGBIE, SAMUEL                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-244
HIGGINS, WATERS                         NYC                                     NY-31-25-319
HILDRETH, BENJAMIN                      NYC                                     NY-31-13-153
HILDRETH, EPHRAIM                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-617
HILDRETH, JAMES                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-32-94
HILDRETH, JOSEPH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-18
HILDRETH, JOSHUA                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-132
HILDRETH, NATHAN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-113
HILDRETH, NOAH                          BRIDGHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-12-435
HILDRITH, JAMES                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-9-367
HILL, ANTHONEY                          CORTLANDT MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-25-365
HILL, WILLIAM                           NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-29-191
HILLYER, JOHN ESQ.                      NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-30-33
HILLYER, JOHN JR.                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-29-584
HILTON, PETER                           SARATOGA, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-38-453
HINCHMAN, BENJAMIN                      JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-352
HINCHMAN, BENJAMIN                      JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-46
HINCHMAN, JOSEPH                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-479
HINCHMAN, JOSEPH                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-15-307
HINCHMAN, OBADIAH                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-496
HINCHMAN, ROBERT                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-36-392
HINCHMAN, THOMAS                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-16-153
HINSLER, LODOWICK                       NYC                                     NY-31-29-282
HITT, SAMUEL                            HARRISON'S PURCH., WESTCHESTER, NY      NY-31-14-301
HOAG, DAVID                             OBLONG, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-39-365
HOAG, REBECCA                           NYC                                     NY-31-18-359
HOAGLAND, CHRISTOPHER                   NYC                                     NY-31-3-54
HOAGLAND, CHRISTOPHER                   NYC                                     NY-31-19B-127
HOAGLAND, DERRICK                       STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-231
HOBART, EZEKIEL SR.                     HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-13-260
HOBBS, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-9-238
HODGINS, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-19-261
HODSDEN, JOHN                           CHARLESTON, NTL, SC                     NY-31-30-124
HOFF, DANIEL                            NTL, TRYON, NY                          NY-31-29-373
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-28-641
HOFFMAN, MARTIN                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-413
HOFFMAN, ZACHARIAS                      SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-15-199
HOFMAN, HORAMANUS                       NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-19-72
HOGAN, ISACK                            ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-29-280
HOGAN, JURIAN                           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-26-88
HOGAN, MARYA                            SEE: HOGAN, JURIAN                      NY-31-26-88
HOGAN, WILLIAM                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-13-250
HOGEBOOM, JEREMIAH                      CLAVEACK, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-36-256
HOGEBOOM, JOHANNES                      CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-39-301
HOGELAND, ADRIAEN                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-399
HOGENCAMP, JOHN                         ORANGE TOWN, ORANGE, NY                 NY-31-15-172
HOGG, ROBERT                            NYC                                     NY-31-17-110
HOGHLAND, CHRISSTOFEL                   FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-25-231
HOGHTEYLING, WILHELMUS                  KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-30-23
HOGINCHAMP, JOHANIS                     PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-36-489
HOGLAND, WILLIAM                        ROMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-39-166
HOGLANDT, CATHERINE                     NYC                                     NY-31-13-173
HOGLANDT, JORAS                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-8-108
HOGOBOOM, PETER                         BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-393
HOIT, JOHN                              RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-3-60
HOITE, MOSES JR.                        EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-8-86
HOLDEN, JOHN                            JAMAICA                                 NY-31-1-81
HOLDRON, DENIS                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-7-32
HOLLAMBY, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-178
HOLLAND, EDWARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-212
HOLLAND, HENRY                          NYC                                     NY-31-33-603
HOLLAND, HITCHEN                        RENSELAERWYCK, ALBANY, NY               NY-31-23-429
HOLLISTER, JACOB                        NYC                                     NY-31-9-412
HOLMES, EBENEZER                        BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-24-593
HOLMES, ISAAC                           BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-14-59
HOLMES, JOHN                            BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-24-87
HOLMES, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-31-5-234
HOLMES, JOSEPH                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-169
HOLMES, JOSEPH SR.                      STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-22-87
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          SOUTH QUARTER, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-32-198
HOLMES, SAMUELL                         GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-1-206
HOLMES, SOLOMON                         BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-30-178
HOLSTEAD, RICHARD                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-38-294
HOLT, JOHN                              WESTMESTER, CUMBERLAND, NJ              NY-31-29-384
HOLTT, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-20-308
HOLYOAKE, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-3-2
HOMAS, JACOB                            RYNBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-33-539
HOME, CHARLES                           NYC                                     NY-31-14-161
HOME, PATRICK                           ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOES                  NY-31-10-76
HOMES, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-11-139
HONERA, MICHAEL                         EAST CHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-29-264
HONEYWELL, GILEAD                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-30-210
HONEYWELL, ISRAEL                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-23-599
HONEYWELL, ISRAEL SR.                   WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-9-192
HONEYWELL, MARCEY                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-32-449
HOOD, THOMAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-1-79
HOOGHLANDT, HARMANUS                    FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-28-228
HOOGLAND, CORNELIUS                     OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-34-280
HOOGLAND, ELBERT                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-534
HOOGLAND, JOHN                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-26-574
HOOGLANDT, ADRIAEN                      NYC                                     NY-31-8-112
HOOKE, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-9-448
HOORNBECK, HENDRICUS                    ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-33-327
HOORNBECK, JACOB                        ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-33-145
HOORNBEEK, CORNELIUS                    ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-24-235
HOPKINGS, THOMAS                        NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-29-209
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-25-290
HOPKINS, ICHABOD                        OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-11-65
HOPKINS, STEPHEN                        CRUM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY                NY-31-25-534
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-9-20
HOPPER, CHRISTOPHER                     FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-23-290
HOPPER, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-32-144
HOPPER, MATTHEW                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-195
HORE, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-5-303
HORNBECK, TOBIAS                        ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-28-5
HORNBEEK, LODYWECK                      ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-27-407
HORNER, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-38-385
HORSEWELL, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-7-567
HORSFIELD, SARAH                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-537
HORSMANDEN, DANIEL                      NYC                                     NY-31-32-77
HORSMANDEN, MARY                        NYC                                     NY-31-24-263
HORTON, BARNABAS                        GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-36-35
HORTON, BARNABAS                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-2-416
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-35-3
HORTON, CALEB                           WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-27-339
HORTON, CALEB                           CORTLAND, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-21-14
HORTON, DANIEL                          MARINECK, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-30-175
HORTON, DAVID                           WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-33-414
HORTON, DAVID                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-17-40
HORTON, JAMES                           MARONSCK, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-30-58
HORTON, JAMES                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-26-267
HORTON, JOHNATHAN                       SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-7-495
HORTON, JONATHAN                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-26-277
HORTON, JONATHAN                        RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-22-53
HORTON, JONATHAN                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-19-393
HORTON, JOSEPH                          WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-20-485
HORTON, JSOEPH                          WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-161
HORTON, SILAS                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-28-470
HOUGEWOUT, JOHN                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-28-586
HOUGHWOUT, EGBERT                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-28-530
HOUTVAT, ADRIAN                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-404
HOWARD, JOSEPH                          FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-34-237
HOWARDEN, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-146
HOWEL, MATHEW                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-39-90
HOWEL, STEPHEN                          CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-37-131
HOWELL, ABNER                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-30-69
HOWELL, ABRAHAM                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-17-118
HOWELL, ALLETHEA                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-17-384
HOWELL, ARTHUR                          SOUTHHAMPTON                            NY-31-2-468
HOWELL, ARTHUR                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-278
HOWELL, DAVID                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFLK, NY                    NY-31-20-96
HOWELL, DAVID                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-12-371
HOWELL, EDWARD                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-28-463
HOWELL, ELIHU                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-587
HOWELL, ELISHA                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-17-273
HOWELL, ELISHA                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-31-456
HOWELL, HENRY                           SOUTHAMTPON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-296
HOWELL, HEZEKIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-387
HOWELL, ISAAC                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-21-468
HOWELL, ISRAEL                          MORICHES, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-486
HOWELL, ISRAEL                          ISLIP, SUFFOLK, NY                      NY-31-38-435
HOWELL, JAMES                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-28-336
HOWELL, JEREMIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-594
HOWELL, JESSE                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-54
HOWELL, JOHN                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-14-25
HOWELL, JOHN                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-12-138
HOWELL, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-311
HOWELL, JONAH                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-412
HOWELL, JOSEPH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-290
HOWELL, JOSIAH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-136
HOWELL, LEMUEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-34-685
HOWELL, LEMUELL                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-346
HOWELL, MATTHEW                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-334
HOWELL, NATHANIEL                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-277
HOWELL, RICHARD                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-36-516
HOWELL, RICHARD                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-539
HOWELL, RICHARD                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-7-568
HOWELL, RICHARD                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-27-61
HOWELL, SAMUEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-214
HOWELL, THEOPHILAS                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-596
HOWELL, THEOPHILUS                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-24-610
HOWELL, THEOPHILUS                      NTL, SUFFOLK, NY                        NY-31-13-316
HOWELL, THOMAS                          BRIDGHAMTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-307
HOWELL, THOMAS                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-12-54
HOY, HUGH KENNEDY                       NYC                                     NY-31-26-211
HOYE, CATHRINA                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-569
HOYER, ANDREW                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-314
HOYT, ABEL                              SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY                  NY-31-29-212
HRSFIELD, ISRAEL                        BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-28-465
HUBBARD, WILLIAM                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-28-26
HUBS, ROBERT                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-102
HUDSON, FREDERICK                       BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-35-296
HUDSON, GILES                           LONDON, ENGLAND                         NY-31-36-260
HUDSON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-35-398
HUDSON, ROBERT                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-28-175
HUDSON, ROBERT                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-252
HUDSON, SAMUEL                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-690
HUDSON, TIMOTHY                         WADING RIVER, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-34-82
HUELET, SARAH                           HAMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-196
HUELETT, DANIEL SR.                     HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-230
HUESTIES, ROBERT                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-9-8
HUESTIS, JONATHAN                       PAWLINGS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-39-341
HUESTIS, ROBERT SR.                     WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-7-234
HUEY, JAMES                             MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-38-189
HUEY, ROBERT                            NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-15-196
HUGH, JANE                              NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-7-608
HUGHFORTH, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NY-31-23-152
HUGHSON, GEORGE                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-27-198
HUISMAN, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-306
HULL, JABEZ                             SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY                  NY-31-28-116
HULL, JOSEPH                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-15-108
HULL, PRUDENCE                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-28-353
HULLIN, FRANCOIS                        NTL                                     NY-31-7-8
HULSE, EBENEZER                         BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-167
HULSE, JOHN                             BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-17-422
HULSE, NATHAN                           BROOK HAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-68
HULSE, SILAS                            NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-27-558
HULSE, THOMAS                           BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-16-137
HUNN, JOHANNES                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-30-144
HUNT, CALEB                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-270
HUNT, CALEB                             EAST CHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-27-217
HUNT, DAVID                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-30-85
HUNT, DAVID                             WEST FARMS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-32-45
HUNT, EDWARD                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-8-487
HUNT, ELVEN                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-28-236
HUNT, GILBERT                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-22-92
HUNT, GRACE                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-10-7
HUNT, ITHAMER                           EAST CHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-27-578
HUNT, JACOB                             FROGGS NECK, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-188
HUNT, JOHN                                BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                   NY-31-36-312
HUNT, JOHN                              NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-8-75
HUNT, JOHN                              WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-31-366
HUNT, JOHN                              NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-38-203
HUNT, JOSEPH                            CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-26-348
HUNT, JOSHUA SR.                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-23-310
HUNT, JOSIAH                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-11-427
HUNT, JOSIAH                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-16-73
HUNT, LEWIS                             PAULINGS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-606
HUNT, MARCY                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-23-396
HUNT, MOSES                             EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-24-451
HUNT, OBADIAH                           PHILLIPS BOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY       NY-31-21-295
HUNT, OBADIAH                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-267
HUNT, PHEBE                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-28-481
HUNT, RALPH                             NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-1-153
HUNT, STEPHEN                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-39-179
HUNT, THOMAS                            NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-5-73
HUNT, THOMAS                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-195
HUNT, TIMOTHY                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-28-190
HUNTER, ANTHONY                         NYC                                     NY-31-23-480
HUNTER, HUGH                            NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-26-645
HUNTER, JAMES                           PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-29-423
HUNTER, MICHEL                          NTL                                     NY-31-21-57
HUNTER, ROBERT                          SHAWANAGUNK, ULSER, NY                  NY-31-36-199
HUNTER, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-31-31-439
HUNTING, EDWARD                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-384
HUNTING, NATHANIEL                      EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-17
HUNTLEY, JOHN                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-27-114
HUNTTING, JOHN                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-26-422
HUNTTING, JONATHAN                      EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-17-385
HUNTTING, NATHANAEL                     EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-297
HUNTTING, SAMUEL                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-28-626
HURON, NATHANIEL                        PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-630
HUSTIS, SOLOMON                         PHILLIPS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-35-439
HUTCHESON, FRANCIS                      HMS ARMY                                NY-31-32-454
HUTCHINGS, RICHARD                      NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-426
HUTCHINS, JOHN N.                       NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-33-587
HUTCHINS, RUBINE                        NORTHCASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-29-127
HUTCHINSON, RALPH                       NTL                                     NY-31-2-428
HUYCK, ANDRIES B.                       KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-27-555
HUYCK, DIRCK                            KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-29-1
HUYSEN, HEYLTJE PETERS DE               ARABIA                                  NY-31-2-364
HYAM, URIAH                             NYC                                     NY-31-14-17
HYATT, ABRAHAM                          EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-11-314
HYATT, ELISHA                           WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-17
HYATT, JOHN                             CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-24-84
HYATT, NATHANIEL JR.                    CORTLANDTS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY       NY-31-33-209
HYATT, SILVANUS                         WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-426
HYATT, SILVANUS                         CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-29-454
HYBON, BARENT                           NYC                                     NY-31-10-61
HYBON, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-13-288
HYER, GARRET                            NYC                                     NY-31-16-52
HYLTON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-35-105
INGART, YELLIS                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-462
INGHAM, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-32-116
INGOLDESBY, RICHARD                     NYC                                     NY-31-9-119
IREDELL, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-35-491
IRELAND, THOMAS                         HEMPSTEAD HARBOUR, QUEENS, NY           NY-31-32-362
IRELAND, THOMAS                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-1-53
IRISH, SMITON                           NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-27-215
IRLAND, ADAM                            NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-21-532
ISAACS, JOSHUA                          NYC                                     NY-31-15-235
ISAACS, PHILLIP                         EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-19-427
ISAACS, SOLOMON                         CHARLESTOWN, CHARLESTON, SC             NY-31-20-290
ISINGHARTT, CHRISTOPHER                 HARRISONS, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-36-166
JACKLIN, ROBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-460
JACKSON, DANIEL                         JERICHO, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-512
JACKSON, HARMOCK                        GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-16-20
JACKSON, ISAAC                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-287
JACKSON, JAMES                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-13-507
JACKSON, JAMES                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-12-336
JACKSON, JOHN                           HAMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-71
JACKSON, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-10-106
JACKSON, PERMENAS                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-208
JACKSON, RICHARD                        JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-36-604
JACKSON, SAMUEL SR.                     JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-33
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-27-94
JACKSON, THOMAS                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-21-516
JACKSON, THOMAS                         HEMPSTEAD HARBOR, QUEENS, NY            NY-31-17-229
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-16-18
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-26-253
JACOBS, JOSEPH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-290
JACOBSON, CHRISTIAN                     STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-34-547
JAGGAR, MARY                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-143
JAGGAR, NATHAN                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-39-457
JAGGER, JEREMIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-312
JAGGER, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-22-349
JAGGER, JONATHAN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-538
JAGGER, SAMUEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-167
JAGGER, WILLIAM                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-84
JAMAIN, DORATHY TARPY                   NTL                                     NY-31-8-174
JAMAIN, ELIAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-8-79
JAMAIN, NICHOLAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-392
JAMAIN, STEPHEN                         NYC                                     NY-31-7-370
JAMES, JOHN                             PORT ROYAL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES        NY-31-8-145
JAMISON, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-268
JANDINE, CHARLES                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-32-304
JANEWAY, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-614
JANN, THOMAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-32-406
JANSE, ANKE                             SEE: VANHUYS, ANKE JANSE                NY-31-5-254
JANSE, CHRISTANA                        SEE: BOORE, CHRISTINA DE                NY-31-9-366
JANSE, JOHANNIS JR.                     MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-27-52
JANSEN, BERNARDUS                       NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-9-97
JANSEN, CORNELIS                        ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-38-180
JANSEN, CORNELIUS                       NORTH HARLEM                            NY-31-7-301
JANSEN, JOACHIM                         LONENBURGH, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-38-304
JANSEN, JOHANNIS JR.                    SEE: JANSE, JOHANNIS JR.                NY-31-27-52
JANSEN, JORIS                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-237
JANSEN, MARY                            NTL                                     NY-31-1-239
JANSEN, ROELOF                          SCHODACK, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-33-537
JANSEN, THOMAS                          MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-22-301
JARDINE, CHARLES                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-37-68
JARVES, JONATHAN                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-7-533
JARVIS, BENJAMIN                        NYC                                     NY-31-20-73
JARVIS, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-29-287
JARVIS, NATHANIEL                       HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-35-71
JARVIS, STEPHEN                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-303
JARVIS, STEPHEN JR.                     HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-634
JARVIS, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-11-383
JARVIS, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-630
JARVIS, WILLAM                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-17-95
JARVIS, WILLIAM                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-14-136
JAUNCEY, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-28-582
JAUNCEY, JOSEPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-39-467
JAY, AUGUSTUS                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-446
JAY, PETER                              RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-33-489
JAY, THOMAS                             NYC                                     NY-31-21-305
JAYN, SAMUEL                            SEE: JYN, SAMUEL                        NY-31-25-57
JAYNE, DANIEL                           CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-38-487
JEANES, JAMES                           SOUTH HAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-34-693
JEBINE, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-291
JEFFERY, CHARLES                        NYC                                     NY-31-27-228
JEFFERY, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-320
JEFFREY, MICHAEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-252
JENINGS, THOMAS                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-26-531
JENKINS, HENRY                          NYC                                     NY-31-16-326
JENNES, JOHN                            BROCKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-1-203
JENNINGS, JESSE                         SOUTHAMPTON, DUTCHESS, NY               NY-31-28-461
JENNINGS, JOHN                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-7-469
JENNINGS, JOHN                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-303
JENNINGS, RICHARD                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-22-172
JENNINGS, SAMUEL                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-318
JENNINGS, SAMUEL                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-150
JENNINGS, WILLIAM                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-33
JERVIS, ZERVIAH                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-111
JESSOP, EDWARD                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-1-14
JESSUP, HENRY                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-380
JESSUP, ISAAC                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-1
JESSUP, LEWIS                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-540
JEWELL, AME                             EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-19-65
JEWILL, GEORGE                          PHILLIPS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-25-310
JINENS, JOSEPH                          BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-26-130
JOCHEMOEN, CHRISTINA                    SEE: CAPPORNS, CHRISTINA                NY-31-5-7
JOCHEMSEN, DAVID                        NYC                                     NY-31-19B-45
JOCHEMSEN, DAVID                        NYC                                     NY-31-2-429
JOHN, PETER                             NYC                                     NY-31-22-312
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-25-399
JOHNSON, ALBERT                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-11-339
JOHNSON, ALBERT                         NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-12-349
JOHNSON, BARENT                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-31-425
JOHNSON, BARENT                         WALLABOGHT, KINGS, NY                   NY-31-39-200
JOHNSON, HARMON                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-16-21
JOHNSON, HENDRICK                       NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-30-187
JOHNSON, HENDRICK                       NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-23-416
JOHNSON, JACOB                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-11-432
JOHNSON, JAMES                          US ARMY                                 NY-31-36-10
JOHNSON, JANE                           NYC                                     NY-31-39-396
JOHNSON, JOHN                           BROOKLIN, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-36-383
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-498
JOHNSON, JOHN                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-357
JOHNSON, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-19-253
JOHNSON, LIBER                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-22-3
JOHNSON, LYDIA                          NTL                                     NY-31-32-417
JOHNSON, MARY                           SEE: JOHNSON, HENDRICK                  NY-31-23-416
JOHNSON, MATHEW                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-20-10
JOHNSON, NECOLIS                        NYC                                     NY-31-21-455
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-27-512
JOHNSON, PEATER                         NYC                                     NY-31-23-61
JOHNSON, PETER                          NTL                                     NY-31-10-254
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         AMENIA, NTL, NY                         NY-31-37-4
JOHNSON, SIMON                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-403
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                        SEE: VOORHEES, STEPHEN                  NY-31-21-415
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-23-537
JOHNSON, THOMAS (JUDGE)                 NYC                                     NY-31-4-412
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-390
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-21-268
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-31-16-278
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-16-473
JOHNSON, WILLIAM (SIR)                  JOHNSON HALL, TRYON, NY                 NY-31-29-169
JOHNSTON, ANDREW                        PERTH AMBOY, NTL, NJ                    NY-31-24-148
JOHNSTON, ANN                           NYC                                     NY-31-11-16
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-628
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NTL, MONMOUTH, NJ                       NY-31-34-602
JOHNSTON, MARY                          NYC                                     NY-31-38-55
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-29-8
JONES, DAVID                            FORT NECK, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-30-36
JONES, DAVID                            NYC                                     NY-31-35-428
JONES, EBENEZER                         YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-24-595
JONES, EBENEZER                         POUND RIDGE, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-38-227
JONES, EVAN                             HERMITAGE, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-19-284
JONES, JANE                             EAST CHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-20-71
JONES, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-20-185
JONES, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-24-245
JONES, JONATHAN                         BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-33-570
JONES, JONATHAN                         BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-688
JONES, JOSIAS                           NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-33-389
JONES, ROBERT                           NTL                                     NY-31-18-294
JONES, SAMUEL                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-38-73
JONES, SAMUEL SR.                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-36-396
JONES, THOMAS                           NTL                                     NY-31-25-13
JONES, THOMAS                           HUNTINGTON                              NY-31-1-72
JONES, THOMAS                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-8-301
JONES, THOMAS                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-150
JONES, WILLIAM                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-34-92
JONES, WILLIAM                          MAJESTY'S ARMY                          NY-31-24-618
JORDAN, THOMAS                          HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-100
JOURDAIN, HENRY                         NTL                                     NY-31-7-102
JUDSON, SAMUEL                          AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-33-217
JYN, SAMUEL                             FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY                     NY-31-25-57
KAIN, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-28-373
KAIN, JOHN                              SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-627
KAIN, ROBERT                            SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-29-516
KALLAM, BENJAMIN                        OLD POUND RIDGE, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-27-12
KAST, JURRIE                            NTL, ALBANY, NY                         NY-31-20-367
KEARLE, JOHN JR.                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-85
KEATER, AREI                            MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-24-482
KEEBLE, THOMAS                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-16-432
KEEN, FRANCIS                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-38-69
KEESE, JOHN                             FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-28-184
KEETTLE, JERMY                          MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-7-344
KELCEY, DANIEL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-248
KELLAM, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON                              NY-31-34-408
KELLEY, JAMES                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-23-132
KELLY, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-25-576
KELLY, TIMOTHY                          NYC                                     NY-31-34-307
KELLY, WILLIAM                          ST MARY LE BONE, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND     NY-31-36-573
KELSEY, BENJAMIN                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-25-140
KEMPE, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-21-385
KEMPTON, MANASSAH                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-239
KENNEDY, ARCHIBALD                      NTL                                     NY-31-24-274
KENNEDY, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-25-458
KENNEDY, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-24-443
KENNEDY, QUINTIN                        NYC                                     NY-31-31-374
KENNEDY, ROBERT                         BOSTON, SUFFOLK, NY                     NY-31-24-163
KENNON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-25-593
KERBY, RICHARD                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-22-550
KERFFBYLE, JOHANNES                     NYC                                     NY-31-7-218
KERK, WILLIAM                           PELHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-9-171
KERR, CHARLES (DR)                      OSWEGO, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-16-394
KERRSEDE, ALDERT                        MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-37-178
KETCHAM, EPHRAIM                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-15-469
KETCHAM, HANNAH                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-36-363
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                         BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-38-170
KETCHAM, NATHANIEL                      HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-476
KETCHAM, PHILIP                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-259
KETCHAM, PHILIP                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-12-200
KETCHAM, SOLOMON                        HUNTINGTON, SUFOFLK, NY                 NY-31-34-415
KETCHAM, THOMAS                         BATEMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-22-99
KETCHUM, JONATHAN                       HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-17-353
KETELHUYN, WILLIAM                      SARATOGA, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-16-316
KETELTAS, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-15-244
KETELTAS, GERRET                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-139
KETELTASS, JAYNE                        NYC                                     NY-31-29-227
KETTLETAS, ELISABETH                    NYC                                     NY-31-23-454
KETTLETASS, JOHN                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-32-318
KEYSER, MICHAEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-47
KIBBLE, CATHARINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-34-429
KIBBLE, STEPHEN                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-233
KICKERER, FREDERICK                     RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-243
KIDD, ALEXANDER                         WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-33-34
KIERS, EDWARD WILLIAM                   HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-36-454
KIERSEN, JOHN                           FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-7-264
KIERSTEAD, HANSE                        NYC                                     NY-31-8-1
KIERSTEAD, HANSE                        NYC                                     NY-31-3-1
KIERSTEAD, LUKE BENJAMIN                NYC                                     NY-31-22-359
KIERSTEDE, HANS (DR.)                   KINGSTOWN, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-21-343
KIERSTEDE, ROELOEF                      NYC                                     NY-31-17-370
KILBRUNN, LAURENCE                      NYC                                     NY-31-38-53
KILBURN, ABNER                          NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-17-323
KILBY, CHRISTOPHER                      BETCHWORTH, SURRY, ENGLAND              NY-31-29-139
KILLBY, CHRISTOPHER                     SEE: KILBY, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-31-29-139
KILLMASTER, MARY                        NYC                                     NY-31-21-102
KING, ABRAHAM                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-35-307
KING, ARENT                             NYC                                     NY-31-23-665
KING, GILBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-60
KING, JACOB                             NYC                                     NY-31-19-305
KING, JAMES                             NTL                                     NY-31-31-466
KING, JOHN                              PHILIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-30-253
KING, JOHN                              SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-14-242
KING, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-8-245
KING, JOHN                              SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-19-429
KING, JOSEPH                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-11-496
KING, SAMUEL                            AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-37-92
KING, THOMAS                            NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-29-269
KING, WILLIAM                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-535
KIP, ABRAHAM                            RHINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-19-442
KIP, BALSHAZAR                          NYC                                     NY-31-30-13
KIP, ELIAS                              NYC                                     NY-31-38-404
KIP, HENDRICK                           VISKIL, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-19-378
KIP, ISAACK                             ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-28-127
KIP, JACOB                              NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-17-254
KIP, JACOB                              NYC                                     NY-31-19-184
KIP, JAN                                NTL                                     NY-31-16-89
KIP, JESSE                              NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-9-351
KIP, JOHANNES                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-222
KIP, JOHN                               NYC                                     NY-31-30-169
KIP, PETER                              DUTCHESS, NY                            NY-31-21-150
KIP, ROELOF                             RHINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-38-216
KIPP, ISAACK                            NYC                                     NY-31-17-314
KIPP, JACOBUS                           NYC                                     NY-31-10-221
KIPP, JACOBUS                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-41
KIPP, WILLIAM                           PHILLIPS, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-12-430
KIRBE, THOMAS                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-22-420
KIRK, WILLIAM                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-67
KIRKUM, THOMAS                          COURTLAND MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-25-311
KIRTEN, WILLIAM                         SHREWSBURY, MONMOUTH, NJ                NY-31-11-102
KISARIKE, RINEAR                        NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-13-225
KISSAM, BENJAMIN                        COW NECK, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-35-301
KISSAM, DANIEL                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-184
KISSAM, DANIEL                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-18-260
KLAPPER, HENDRICK                       CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-28-488
KLAUW, FRANS                            KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-38-132
KLAWS, JOHN                             LOONENBURGH, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-38-276
KNAP, BENJAMIN                          HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-28-424
KNAP, DANIEL                            WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-15-292
KNAP, JOHN                              GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-28-676
KNAPP, DANIEL                           HAVESTRAW, ORANGE, NY                   NY-31-30-300
KNAPP, DANIEL                           HARRISON PURCHASE, WESTCHESTER, NY      NY-31-30-116
KNICKERBACKER, HARMEEN                  SCHOTTA CREEK, ALBANY, NY               NY-31-28-443
KNICKERBOCKER, NEELTJE                  SCHAGHTAHOCK, ALBANY, NY                NY-31-30-10
KNIESKERN, HENRICH                      SCHOHARIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-37-170
KNIFFEN, CALEB                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-19-286
KNIFFEN, EBENEZER                       RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-9-459
KNIFFEN, JOHN                           RYE NECK, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-33-524
KNIFFEN, NATHAN                         RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-24-467
KNIFFIN, DAVID                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-21-478
KNIFFIN, ISRAEL                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-36-140
KNIFFIN, JOSEPH                         RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-20-305
KNIGHTS, THOMAS                         NEW CORNWELL, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-28-16
KOERTEN, STEVEN                         GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-18-417
KOFFLER, FRANCIS                        BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-28-64
KONICK, ARY                             NYC                                     NY-31-23-234
KOOKE, THOMAS                           NTL                                     NY-31-3-135
KOONS, JONIBINA JAMIMA                  NYC                                     NY-31-25-472
KOONS, PHILIP                           LIVINGSTON MANOR, ALBANY, NY            NY-31-27-348
KORTRIGT, LOURENS                       NYC                                     NY-31-22-508
KORTZ, JOHN                             GERMAN CAMP, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-38-229
KOUWENHOVEN, GARRIT                     FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-31-419
KOUWENHOVEN, WILLIAM                    FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-26-639
KROM, GISBERT                           HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-15-139
KROM, HENDRICK                          MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-27-175
KROM, JACOB                             HURLEY, ULSTER, NY                      NY-31-36-92
KROM, TEUNES                            SEE: CROM, TEUNES                       NY-31-15-210
KRONKHUTT, JACOBUS                      RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-28-528
KROON, JANNEY                           NYC                                     NY-31-4-454
KRUSE, ABRAHAM                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-28-10
KRUSEN, CORNELIUS                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-38-372
KUEN, HANNESS                           SEE: COON, HANNESS                      NY-31-28-573
KUYPER, HENDRIC                         NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-28-346
KYER, CONERAD                           NTL                                     NY-31-22-328
LAAN, JAN                               NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-25-325
LAAN, TISE                              OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-32-364
LABAUGH, JACOB                          NYC                                     NY-31-30-269
LACKERMAN, ABRAHAM                      NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-12-159
LACKERMAN, ABRAHAM                      STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-22-84
LACKEY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-31-9-288
LACONTE, PETER                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-159
LADNER, JOHAN A.                        NYC                                     NY-31-28-696
LAENSYNGH, GERRIT J.                    RENSELAERWYCK, ALBANY, NY               NY-31-16-107
LAFEVER, SIMON                          NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-16-385
LAFORD, JOHN                            NISTAGYONE, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-7-424
LAFORGE, ADRIAN                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-31-432
LAFORGE, JOHN                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-36-662
LAFORGE, NICHOLAS                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-25-573
LAGNDEN, THOMAS                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-12-173
LAKE, DANIEL                            STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-34-108
LAKE, DANIEL                            GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-31-415
LAKE, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-25-113
LAKE, WILLIAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-35-441
LAKERMAN, JANNETIE                      NYC                                     NY-31-10-340
LAMBERSON, NICHOLAS                     JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-623
LAMBERSON, SIMON                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-21-90
LAMBERT, CHARLES                        NYC                                     NY-31-4-302
LAMBERT, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-28-386
LAMETER, JOHANNIS D.                    HARLEM                                  NY-31-15-183
LAMON, ELISEBETH                        NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-39-29
LAMPREY, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-10-257
LANDON, JAMES                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-314
LANDRINE, WILLIAM                       NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-29-476
LANE, DANIEL                            CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-29-427
LANE, FRANCIS                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-494
LANE, GEORGE                            WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-15-518
LANE, HENRY                             NYC                                     NY-31-15-219
LANE, HENRY J.                          NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-24-157
LANE, JOHN                              SEE: LAAN, JAN                          NY-31-25-325
LANE, JONATHAN                          CORTLANDT MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-27-196
LANE, NATHAN                            CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-24-256
LANE, SOLOMON                           CORTLANDS, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-21-346
LANG, NICHOLAS                          NTL                                     NY-31-11-113
LANGDON, EZEKIEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-22-272
LANGDON, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-9-541
LANGDON, JOSEPH                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-400
LANGDON, PEARSON                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-400
LANGDON, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-20-370
LANGDON, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-18-347
LANGDON, WILLIAM                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-198
LANGENDYCK, PETRUS                      PLATTEKILL, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-37-35
LANGINDYCK, JOHN                        NYC                                     NY-31-12-134
LANSING, ALEXANDER                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-27-505
LANSING, ELIZABETH                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-36-85
LANSINGH, ALEXANDER                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-31-27-505
LANSYNGH, GERRIT J.                     SEE: LAENSYNGH, GERRIT J.               NY-31-16-107
LANYON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-12-240
LAQUEERE, JOHN                          BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-8-233
LARZELERE, NICHOLAS                     NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-30-150
LATHAM, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-28-197
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          COWNECK, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-16-353
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-351
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-11-284
LATHAM, SAMUEL                          COW NECK, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-342
LATINIER, SOLOMON                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-11-336
LATOURETTA, JAMES                       STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-13-234
LATOURETTE, DAVID                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-24-416
LATOURRETTE, EASTER                     STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-34-104
LATTEMORE, BENNOI                       NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-38-460
LATTEN, JOSEPH                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-34-171
LATTEN, NICOLAS                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-29-350
LATTING, CALEB                          NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-22-449
LATTING, RICHARD JR.                    OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-17-363
LATTOUCH, JEREMIAH                      NYC                                     NY-31-15-575
LAUNERT, JOHN G.                        WITENKLEYS KILL, DUTCHESS, NY           NY-31-26-468
LAUREN, RICHARD                         NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-523
LAURENCE, ADAM                          NTL, QUEENS, NY                         NY-31-39-491
LAURENCE, JACOBUS                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-79
LAURENCE, OBADIAH                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-11-469
LAURENCE, SILAS                         WHITE STONE, QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-34-663
LAURIER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-31-8-5
LAVINUS, PHILIP                         ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-28-270
LAWLER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-31-28-534
LAWRANCE, THOMAS                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-7-149
LAWRENCE, ADAM ESQ.                     NTL, QUEENS, NY                         NY-31-34-122
LAWRENCE, DANIEL                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-20-313
LAWRENCE, DEBORAH                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-15-42
LAWRENCE, JACOB                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-28-22
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          FLSUHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-8-375
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-549
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-26-142
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-116
LAWRENCE, JOHN SR.                      NYC                                     NY-31-5-297
LAWRENCE, JONATHAN                      NYC                                     NY-31-25-528
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-22-7
LAWRENCE, MARY                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-23-606
LAWRENCE, PATIENCE                      NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-486
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-37-134
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-36-540
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                       NYC                                     NY-31-8-77
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-22-165
LAWRENCE, SARAH                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-13-447
LAWRENCE, STEPHEN                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-425
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-36-487
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-5-288
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-18-231
LAWRENCE, THOMAS SAMUEL                 NYC                                     NY-31-23-637
LAWRENCE, WILIAM                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-24
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-28-358
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-11-207
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-9-181
LAWYER, JOHANNES                        SCHOHARIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-25-141
LEAKE, ROBERT                           NTL                                     NY-31-29-66
LEAKE, THOMAS                           NINE PARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY             NY-31-36-304
LEASEY, EDWARD                          NTL                                     NY-31-21-123
LEATHEM, WILLIAM                        LONDONDERRY, IRELAND                    NY-31-23-424
LEATHS, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-7-491
LEAVER, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-10-64
LEAYCRAFT, GEORGE                       NYC                                     NY-31-14-197
LEAYCRAFT, SARAH                        NYC                                     NY-31-14-200
LECONTE, JOHN                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-20-17
LECONTE, MARGARET                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-12-464
LECONTE, WILLIAM                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-21-168
LECOUNT, JOHN                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-5-198
LECOUNT, ROWDEWYN                       POUGKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY               NY-31-36-310
LECOUNTE, WILLIAM                       NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-8-6
LEDDEL, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-18-460
LEE, ABIJAH                             CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-39-120
LEE, ROBERT                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-12-59
LEE, THOMAS                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-366
LEEK, EBENEZER                          EASTHAMPTON, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-12-179
LEEK, PHILIP                            BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-35-40
LEETE, SAMUELL                          NYC                                     NY-31-1-256
LEFFERTS, GARRET                        NYC                                     NY-31-28-590
LEFFERTS, JACOBUS                       BEDFORD, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-26-545
LEFFERTSE, JOHN                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-31-403
LEFORGE, HENDRICK                       NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-38-191
LEGETT, GABRIEL                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-70
LEGG, SAMUEL                            NYC                                     NY-31-26-93
LEGG, WILLIAM                           KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-11-7
LEGG, WILLIAM JR.                       NTL                                     NY-31-15-426
LEGGATT, GABRIELL                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-2-337
LEGGETT, JOHN                           WEST FARMS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-34-1
LEGGETT, JOHN                           PORT ROYAL, JAMAICA, CARIBBEAN          NY-31-1-270
LEGGETT, JOHN SR.                       WEST FARMS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-31-386
LEGGETT, WILLIAM                        PHILIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-24-138
LEGGETT, WILLIAM                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-24-78
LEGGITT, THOMAS                         WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-7-488
LEGRANGE, OMY JR.                       RENSELAERWYCK, ALBANY, NY               NY-31-10-168
LEKONT, BOWDEWIN                        POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-27-551
LEMERT, VALENTIN                        NYC                                     NY-31-21-508
LEMONTE, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-5-22
LEMONTES, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-12-405
LENINTON, HANNAH                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-105
LENT, ABRAHAM                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-15-478
LENT, CATRINA                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-24-217
LENT, HANDERICK                         CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-36-109
LENT, HENDRICK                          NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-33-557
LENT, HERCULAS                          RYCKES PATENT, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-25-391
LENT, RYCK ABRAHAMSON                   CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-9-429
LEONARD, SILAS                          NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-24-434
LEOPARDUS, GULIELMUS                    NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-7-278
LEPINARD, ANTHONY                       NTL                                     NY-31-5-124
LEQUIERE, ABRAHAM                       BUSHWYCK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-24-355
LEREUX, PETER                           NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-7-606
LEROUX, BARTHOLOMEW                     NYC                                     NY-31-8-226
LEROUX, BARTHYOLOMEW                    NYC                                     NY-31-23-694
LEROY, PETRUS                           POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-37-168
LESHOUNG, PETER                         NYC                                     NY-31-25-617
LESSLEY, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-27-210
LEVERICH, SAMUEL                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-499
LEVY, ISAAC                             NYC                                     NY-31-38-257
LEVY, ISAAC                             NTL                                     NY-31-15-421
LEVY, JOSEPH ISRAEL                     CALCUTTA, KINGDOM OF BENGAL             NY-31-39-44
LEVY, SAMUEL                            NYC                                     NY-31-9-62
LEWIS, DANIEL SR.                       HUNTINGTON                              NY-31-16-363
LEWIS, GERTRUYDE                        NORTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-281
LEWIS, JAMES                            SMITH CLOVE, ORANGE, NY                 NY-31-33-26
LEWIS, JOHN                             HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-25-561
LEWIS, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-16-443
LEWIS, JONATHAN                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-38-313
LEWIS, JONATHAN                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-25-51
LEWIS, JONATHAN                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-7-542
LEWIS, JOSEPH                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-397
LEWIS, JOSEPH                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-25-121
LEWIS, LEONARD                          POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-21-387
LEWIS, MELIORA                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-176
LEWIS, NATHANIEL                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-20-120
LEWIS, PHEBY                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-32-342
LEWIS, RACHEL                           NTL                                     NY-31-13-84
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-177
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-19B-110
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-23-153
LEYDECKER, ABRAHAM                      NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-28-639
LEYDECKER, ALBERT                       NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-29-133
LEZIER, LUCAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-33-338
LHOMEDIEU, JOHN                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-486
LHOMMEDIEU, BENJAMIN                    SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-19-388
LIBERTEE, JOHN                          SEE: LAFORD, JOHN                       NY-31-7-424
LIEVERSE, ELBERT                        NYC                                     NY-31-18-196
LIEVRE, MARY                            NEW ROCHELLE                            NY-31-18-321
LIGHT, HENRY                            BEDFOD, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-22-250
LIGHTFOOT, ALEXANDER                    NYC                                     NY-31-20-40
LINDALL, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-5-150
LININTON, JOHN                          HEMSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-18-190
LINKTON, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NY-31-29-338
LIPE, CASPAR                            CONOJAHARIE, TRYON, NY                  NY-31-33-612
LIPPENS, TYTIE                          NTL                                     NY-31-5-47
LISK, THOMAS                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-26-270
LISPENARD, ANTHONY                      NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-21-174
LITTLE, ARCHIBALD                       OXFORD, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-36-170
LITTLE, ARCHIBALD                       OXFORD, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-33-87
LITTLE, FRANCES                         WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-20-408
LITTLE, JOHN                            POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-23-199
LITTLE, JOHN                            STONEFIELD, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-21-158
LITTLE, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-30
LITTLE, THOMAS                          CORRIES BOROUGH, ALBANY, NY             NY-31-38-241
LITTLETON, SOWTHY                       NTL, NTL, VA                            NY-31-1-243
LIVINGSTON, CATHARINE                   NYC                                     NY-31-20-11
LIVINGSTON, CORNELIUS                   NYC                                     NY-31-23-227
LIVINGSTON, GILBERT                     KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-15-586
LIVINGSTON, HENRY                       ST. MARYS, JAMAICA, BWI                 NY-31-29-146
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                        NYC                                     NY-31-39-222
LIVINGSTON, PHILLIP                     NYC                                     NY-31-16-491
LIVINGSTON, ROBER TJ.                   NYC                                     NY-31-27-536
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT                      LIVINGSTON, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-10-197
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT R.                   NTL                                     NY-31-37-57
LLOYD, HENRY                            QUEENS VILE, QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-24-123
LLOYD, JOSEPH                           LLOYDS NECK, QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-33-255
LLOYD, THOMAS                           PHILADELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA, PA          NY-31-5-119
LOCKWOOD, ISRAEL                        NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-33-75
LODGE, ABRAHAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-26-33
LODGE, ABRAHAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-21-33
LODGE, CATHARINE                        NYC                                     NY-31-29-248
LOECE, LOUES                            JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-13-246
LOINES, STEPHEN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-28-476
LONG, CLAURA                            NYC                                     NY-31-17-65
LONG, WALTER                            BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-35-164
LONGBOTTOM, NATHANIEL                   BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-547
LONGLEY, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-173
LOOP, MARTE                             LIVINGSTON, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-38-491
LORE, SAMUEL                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-489
LOREISE, CHRISTIAN                      NYC                                     NY-31-7-607
LORRISON, JOHN SR.                      NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-1-57
LOSEE, JOHN                             BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-483
LOSEE, JOHN                             BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-27-522
LOSEE, SIMEON                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-37-32
LOSEE, SIMON                            OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-24-220
LOT, HENRY                              NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-23-635
LOTT, ABRAHAM                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-373
LOTT, HENDRICK                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-24-286
LOTT, JACOBUS                           FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-20-444
LOTT, JOHANNES                          FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-11-424
LOTT, JOHANNES                          FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-29-408
LOTT, MARIA                             NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-24-447
LOTT, MONWRES                           NEW LOTTS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-38-174
LOTT, PETER                             FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-31-475
LOTT, ROELOF                            NEW LOTS, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-34-154
LOUNHART, PHILLIP                       RINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-26-346
LOURENCE, WILLEM                        NYC                                     NY-31-27-222
LOUTITT, ICHABOD                        NYC                                     NY-31-14-151
LOW, CORNELIUS                          NEWARK, NTL, NJ                         NY-31-16-372
LOW, JANE                               NYC                                     NY-31-28-418
LOW, JOHN                               NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ                       NY-31-33-472
LOW, LAWRENCE                           BOWERY                                  NY-31-19-349
LOW, PETER                              NYC                                     NY-31-27-242
LOW, WILLIAM                            POCGHKEEPSINCK, DUTCHESS, NY            NY-31-13-332
LOWDEN, RICHARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-38-237
LOWERE, HENRY SR.                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-594
LOWEY, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-26-581
LOWNSBURY, ISAAC                        NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-28-533
LOWRAIN, HEZEKIAH                       WANTAGE, NTL, NJ                        NY-31-38-75
LOYD, EDWARD                            LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND              NY-31-13-297
LUCAM, ANDRES                           NYC                                     NY-31-32-414
LUCAS, SEBASTIAN                        NYC                                     NY-31-34-361
LUCAS, SIGISMANDUS                      NTL                                     NY-31-2-411
LUCASSEN, ELDERT                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-9-347
LUCE, WILLIAM                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-25-194
LUCENA, ABRAHAM DE                      SEE: DELUCENA, ABRAHAM                  NY-31-10-74
LUDLAM, ANTHONY                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-9-535
LUDLAM, ANTHONY                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-300
LUDLAM, CHARLES JR.                     OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-26-588
LUDLAM, HENRY                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-240
LUDLAM, HENRY                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-394
LUDLAM, JOHN                            JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-32
LUDLAM, NEHEMIAH                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-123
LUDLAM, PATIENCE                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-282
LUDLAM, SAMUEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-543
LUDLAM, WILLIAM                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-11-241
LUDLAM, WILLIAM                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-1-1
LUDLOW, GABRIEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-29-51
LUDLOW, HENRY                           CLAVERACK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-38-5
LUDLOW, WILLIAM                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-38-152
LUDLUM, DAMARIS                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-600
LUDLUM, HENRY                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-478
LUDLUM, ISAAC                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-26-218
LUDLUM, WILLIAM                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-508
LUERTSE, CAERSTE                        NYC                                     NY-31-8-208
LUIS, RACHEL                            SEE: LEWIS, RACHEL                      NY-31-13-84
LUISTER, JACOBUS                        OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-34-672
LUKE, JOHN                              NTL                                     NY-31-8-40
LUPTON, CHRISTOPHER                     SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-108
LUPTON, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-519
LUPTON, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-275
LUPTON, MARY                            NTL, SUFFOLK, NY                        NY-31-17-24
LUTINE, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     NY-31-7-75
LUURSEN, CARSTEN JR.                    NYC                                     NY-31-7-105
LUURSEN, PETRONELLA                     NYC                                     NY-31-7-107
LUYSTER, ELBERT                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-557
LUYSTER, PETER                          FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-36-430
LUYSTER, PIETER                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-620
LYDIG, PHILLIPP                         NYC                                     NY-31-37-103
LYDIUS, JOHANNIS                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-8-463
LYET, JENNEKE                           NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-39-56
LYLE, ABRAHAM                           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-25-451
LYNCH, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-13-453
LYNEALL, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NY-31-21-200
LYNN, ANDREW                            NYC                                     NY-31-23-648
LYNOTT, THOMAS                          POTOMACAPOCK, ALBANY, NY                NY-31-27-516
LYNSEN, ABRAHAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-473
LYNSEN, CATHARINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-38-268
LYON, GEORGE                            NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-29-458
LYON, JOHN                              RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-17-1
LYON, JOSEPH                            RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-22-500
LYON, MARTHA                            RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-36-106
LYON, SAMUEL                            RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-19-468
LYON, SARAH                             RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-26-647
LYON, THOMAS                            RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-27-489
LYONS, ROBERT                           NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-36-398
LYONS, SAMUEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-380

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