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EACKER, GEORGE G.                       NY-31-45-22
EAFORT, HENRY                           NY-31-105-167
EAGAN, MARY A.                          NY-31-1012-213
EAGAN, THOMAS                           NY-31-141-171
EAGERTY, MICHAEL                        NY-31-94-735
EAGLE, ELIZA                            NY-31-149-306
EAGLE, HENRY                            NY-31-102-530
EAGLE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-115-477
EAGLES, CORNELIUS                       NY-31-108-568
EAGLES, THOMAS                          NY-31-48-330
EAGLESON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-51-110
EAKIN, JOHN                             NY-31-93-468
EAKINS, SARAH                           NY-31-1026-249
EAKINS, SARAH K.                        NY-31-1003-180
EALY, JOHN                              NY-31-63-304
EARELICK, JOHN                          NY-31-84-10
EARL, ELIZABETH S.                      NY-31-105-246
EARL, JEFFERSON                         NY-31-1028-320
EARL, JOHN                              NY-31-78-192
EARLE, ANNAH                            NY-31-52-116
EARLE, MORRIS                           NY-31-127-364
EARLE, THOMAS V.                        NY-31-54-201
EARLEY, HUGH                            NY-31-116-381
EARLY, EDWARD                           NY-31-1017-252
EARY, THOMAS                            NY-31-112-80
EASON, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-64-125
EASTMAN, JONATHAN                       NY-31-66-351
EASTON, JOB                             NY-31-119-398
EASTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-76-418
EATON, ANNA M. C.                       NY-31-1030-234
EATON, DANIEL C.                        NY-31-114-67
EATON, ELIZABETH K.                     NY-31-1012-36
EATON, ELIZABETH K.                     NY-31-1024-68
EATON, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-31-1024-66
EATON, FREDERICK H.                     NY-31-1025-440
EATON, REBECCA                          NY-31-85-38
EATON, SHERBURNE B.                     NY-31-1008-479
EBBETS, DANIEL                          NY-31-114-345
EBBETS, JOHN                            NY-31-75-63
EBBETS, JOHN B.                         NY-31-82-608
EBBETS, SARAH                           NY-31-103-40
EBBETTS, CATHERINE                      NY-31-54-384
EBBETTS, DANIEL                         NY-31-47-52
EBBETTS, MARTHA                         NY-31-40-138
EBELER, TONY                            NY-31-1012-212
EBERHARD, NICHOLAS                      NY-31-79-572
EBERHART, LOUISE                        NY-31-986-20
EBERLE, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-108-588
EBERT, ELIZABETH V.                     NY-31-1011-147
EBERT, PHILIP                           NY-31-56-72
ECCLES, JOHN                            NY-31-56-135
ECHARTE, FRANCIS                        NY-31-137-136
ECK, MARY                               NY-31-1018-493
ECKARDT, FRIEDRICH                      NY-31-148-481
ECKELKAMP, JOSEPH                       NY-31-1017-493
ECKER, ABEL                             NY-31-139-76
ECKERSON, HENRY                         NY-31-86-209
ECKERT, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-130-399
ECKERT, ROBERT                          NY-31-84-499
ECKFORD, HENRY                          NY-31-70-116
ECKMAN, FANNIE                          NY-31-1022-29
ECKSTEIN, JENNIE                        NY-31-1024-443
EDDY, CORNELIA C.                       NY-31-93-509
EDDY, HANNAH                            NY-31-69-294
EDDY, MARY L.                           NY-31-1008-161
EDDY, THOMAS                            NY-31-133-220
EDDY, THOMAS                            NY-31-62-119
EDDY, THOMAS                            NY-31-61-402
EDEBOHLS, CATHERINE                     NY-31-1025-111
EDEN, MEDCEF                            NY-31-42-405
EDESHEIMER, MICHAEL                     NY-31-1014-389
EDEY, CHARLES C.                        NY-31-1004-472
EDGAR, CORNELIA                         NY-31-131-169
EDGAR, ESTHER                           NY-31-124-455
EDGAR, HERMAN LEROY                     NY-31-123-266
EDGAR, ROSETTA                          NY-31-71-312
EDGAR, ROSEY                            NY-31-82-580
EDGAR, WILLIAM                          NY-31-52-63
EDGAR, WILLIAM                          NY-31-58-222
EDGAR, WILLIAM                          NY-31-56-222
EDGECOMB, ANN E.                        NY-31-106-424
EDGERTON, HENRY                         NY-31-137-35
EDGSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-92-386
EDMONDS, ARTHUR                         NY-31-1004-131
EDMONDS, CHARLES                        NY-31-1023-308
EDMONSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-104-316
EDSALL, DANIEL                          NY-31-95-329
EDSALL, PETER                           NY-31-116-238
EDWARDS, ALFRED H. P.                   NY-31-118-275
EDWARDS, ALFRED P.                      NY-31-147-147
EDWARDS, ANNIE M.                       NY-31-1005-386
EDWARDS, ANTINTT M.                     NY-31-82-318
EDWARDS, HENRY P.                       NY-31-113-67
EDWARDS, JOHN                           NY-31-70-384
EDWARDS, JOHN                           NY-31-56-481
EDWARDS, MARY E.                        NY-31-149-261
EDWARDS, ROBERT                         NY-31-129-168
EDWARDS, SOPHIA M.                      NY-31-1014-391
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-85-329
EELLS, JAMES T.                         NY-31-110-350
EFROS, CHARLES                          NY-31-1004-360
EGAN, FRANCIS S.                        NY-31-1018-491
EGAN, PATRICK                           NY-31-108-509
EGBERT, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-58-314
EGBERT, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-54-303
EGBERT, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-90-467
EGBERT, JOANA                           NY-31-110-524
EGBERT, NATHAN A.                       NY-31-991-29
EGBERTS, JOHN                           NY-31-54-476
EGENTON, THOMAS                         NY-31-57-249
EGER, FREDERICK W.                      NY-31-1019-441
EGERY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-79-539
EGINTON, OLIVIA M.                      NY-31-140-162
EGLER, FREDERICKC                       NY-31-1022-24
EGLESTON, THOMAS                        NY-31-139-43
EGNER, CATHARINA                        NY-31-1022-341
EGRAW, SUSAN                            NY-31-142-370
EHLE, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-75-129
EHRENSTROEM, CHARLES W.                 NY-31-101-174
EHRHARDT, FREDERICK                     NY-31-1028-321
EHRHARDT, JOHN                          NY-31-1024-441
EHRICK, JOHN M.                         NY-31-57-193
EHRICK, JOHN M.                         NY-31-88-442
EHRICK, PEGGY A.                        NY-31-69-286
EHRICKS, JOHN                           NY-31-142-176
EHRMANN, HELENE                         NY-31-138-379
EHRRMANN, ADAM C.                       NY-31-1025-449
EICHLER, GOTTLIEB                       NY-31-110-488
EICHWALD, JACOB                         NY-31-1023-145
EICKE, FRANZ                            NY-31-98-272
EICKE, GEORGE F.                        NY-31-109-214
EIEFF, SAMUEL                           NY-31-111-537
EIFLER, JULIANUS                        NY-31-1006-292
EIGH, FREDERICK T.                      NY-31-1004-398
EIGHTS, MARY                            NY-31-96-72
EINBURY, EVELYN L.                      NY-31-1023-33
EINSTEIN, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-31-1009-305
EISELE, JULIA                           NY-31-1008-326
EISEMANN, LEOPOLD                       NY-31-1022-344
EISENBURGH, PETER                       NY-31-43-458
EISENMANN, GUSTAV F.                    NY-31-1008-475
EISLER, KATHARINE                       NY-31-991-24
EISLER, PAULINA                         NY-31-1012-355
EIVERS, MARY                            NY-31-81-627
ELAM, SAMUEL                            NY-31-77-121
ELDER, ANNE                             NY-31-48-419
ELDER, ROBERT                           NY-31-42-197
ELDREDGE, JONATHAN JR.                  NY-31-62-24
ELDRIDGE, BETTIE B.                     NY-31-1031-245
ELGRIN, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-88-473
ELIASBERG, ADOLPH                       NY-31-1028-326
ELIASBREG, ADOLPH                       NY-31-1026-12
ELIATT, JOHANN                          NY-31-116-366
ELKON, SOPHIE                           NY-31-1021-363
ELLER, PHILIPP                          NY-31-123-495
ELLES, KELITA S.                        NY-31-129-473
ELLET, REBECCA                          NY-31-55-488
ELLET, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-126-264
ELLIOT, JANE                            NY-31-45-274
ELLIOT, ROBERT                          NY-31-86-96
ELLIOTT, DANIEL G.                      NY-31-1030-111
ELLIOTT, HARVEY                         NY-31-58-357
ELLIOTT, HENRY                          NY-31-90-216
ELLIOTT, HENRY H.                       NY-31-990-84
ELLIOTT, JAMES W.                       NY-31-989-169
ELLIOTT, LUCY JANE                      NY-31-120-437
ELLIOTT, MARGARET                       NY-31-82-353
ELLIS, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-136-169
ELLIS, JOHANNA                          NY-31-1023-148
ELLIS, JOHN                             NY-31-49-284
ELLIS, MARY                             NY-31-90-291
ELLIS, REIS                             NY-31-48-404
ELLIS, RICHARD                          NY-31-82-631
ELLIS, RICHARD                          NY-31-89-233
ELLIS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-43-105
ELLIS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-41-235
ELLIS, SARAH                            NY-31-44-368
ELLIS, SARAH M.                         NY-31-1014-384
ELLISON, ANN                            NY-31-66-279
ELLISON, ANNIE M.                       NY-31-142-445
ELLISON, ELINOR                         NY-31-52-488
ELLISON, EMMA W.                        NY-31-1027-350
ELLISON, MARY                           NY-31-68-302
ELLISON, MARY                           NY-31-54-198
ELLISON, MARY                           NY-31-58-460
ELLISON, MARY                           NY-31-49-251
ELLISON, MARY                           NY-31-68-302
ELLISON, THOMAS                         NY-31-41-463
ELLISON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-41-239
ELLSWORTH, FRANCIS                      NY-31-79-44
ELLSWORTH, HENRY L.                     NY-31-127-316
ELMENDORF, GEORGE                       NY-31-93-97
ELMENDORF, MARY C.                      NY-31-1021-277
ELMENDORF, PETER Z.                     NY-31-109-539
ELMER, NANCY M.                         NY-31-61-276
ELMINGER, ANDREW                        NY-31-50-387
ELMORE, BENJAMIN .                      NY-31-1005-197
ELSDEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-57-404
ELSNER, REBECCA                         NY-31-1020-53
ELSWORTH, JANE                          NY-31-93-259
ELSWORTH, SAMUEL                        NY-31-68-80
ELSWORTH, THEOPHILUS                    NY-31-45-423
ELSWORTH, THEOPHILUS                    NY-31-46-40
ELSWORTH, VERDIN                        NY-31-48-476
ELSWORTH, WILLIAM J.                    NY-31-53-338
ELSWORTH, WILLIAM JR.                   NY-31-58-374
ELTING, WILLIAM P.                      NY-31-109-108
ELTON, MARY                             NY-31-89-318
ELTON, SARAH B.                         NY-31-93-191
ELWELL, HENRY                           NY-31-1012-277
ELWISE, JOHN                            NY-31-101-87
ELY, ABRAHAM                            NY-31-43-65
ELY, ELIZABETH W.                       NY-31-1008-255
ELY, WILLIAM G. (DR.)                   NY-31-66-383
EMANUEL, MOSES                          NY-31-95-684
EMANUEL, SARA                           NY-31-988-429
EMBIGLER, RUDOLPH                       NY-31-1021-31
EMBREE, LAWRENCE                        NY-31-42-13
EMBREE, LOUISA V.                       NY-31-70-227
EMBREE, MARY                            NY-31-68-69
EMBREE, NAHANIEL                        NY-31-42-216
EMBREE, SARAH                           NY-31-43-323
EMBURY, PETER                           NY-31-115-43
EMBURY, PETER JR.                       NY-31-114-135
EMDEN, ALBERT                           NY-31-1021-116
EMERSON, JOHN H.                        NY-31-987-71
EMERY, FRANK W.                         NY-31-1018-403
EMLITCH, JAMES                          NY-31-50-157
EMMANS, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-40-176
EMMANS, JOHN                            NY-31-92-339
EMMET, MARY B.                          NY-31-129-470
EMMONS, CHARLES E.                      NY-31-1013-326
EMMONS, ELIZA                           NY-31-95-59
EMMONS, ISAAC                           NY-31-78-24
EMMONS, JAMES                           NY-31-93-295
EMMONS, URI                             NY-31-78-246
ENDEL, FANNY W.                         NY-31-1030-229
ENDEMANN, HENRY                         NY-31-1020-50
ENDICOTT, CAROLINE L.                   NY-31-1030-235
ENDICOTT, GEORGE                        NY-31-96-308
ENEVER, JOHN                            NY-31-53-42
ENGEL, AMANDA                           NY-31-90-426
ENGEL, GOTTFRIED                        NY-31-135-6
ENGEL, MARTIN                           NY-31-1018-305
ENGELHARDT, ELLEN M.                    NY-31-1017-495
ENGELSBERG, ALFRED                      NY-31-1012-273
ENGEMAN, HEINRICH                       NY-31-98-282
ENGLAND, CHARLES                        NY-31-69-493
ENGLE, JAMES                            NY-31-75-135
ENGLE, SAMUEL S.                        NY-31-111-141
ENGLEHART, MARGARET                     NY-31-78-468
ENGLERT, CHARLES W.                     NY-31-1027-204
ENGLISHBE, MARY                         NY-31-93-423
ENGSTER, ANNA E.                        NY-31-149-374
ENNIS, HENRY                            NY-31-47-83
ENNIS, HENRY J.                         NY-31-110-354
ENNIS, RICHARD                          NY-31-129-208
ENNIS, THOMAS                           NY-31-136-462
ENNIS, THOMAS M.                        NY-31-75-17
ENNIST, ISABELLA WYNKOOP                NY-31-985-217
ENO, HENRY C.                           NY-31-1002-460
ENRIGHT, THOMAS                         NY-31-52-53
EOFF, GERRET                            NY-31-91-684
EPSTEIN, BERTHA                         NY-31-1012-275
EPSTEIN, LENA                           NY-31-1002-58
EPSTEIN, MAX                            NY-31-1020-47
ERAIMBOUVILLE, EUGENE                   NY-31-1020-1
ERFELDE, FRANCIS                        NY-31-53-116
ERFF, GEORGE                            NY-31-989-482
ERFORD, JOHN                            NY-31-108-102
ERICKSON, JOHN                          NY-31-140-260
ERICSON, HENRY                          NY-31-52-216
ERNSTE, JULIA                           NY-31-1029-378
ERQUINI, PEDRO                          NY-31-51-245
ERREOKER, CHRISTINE                     NY-31-140-401
ERRETT, HENRY                           NY-31-59-566
ERRETT, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-1005-384
ERSKINE, JAMES M.                       NY-31-1022-340
ERVING, JOHN                            NY-31-141-466
ERVING, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1019-21
ERWIN, JAMES                            NY-31-69-76
ESLER, JOSEPHINE A.                     NY-31-1025-435
ESPIE, JAMES                            NY-31-103-492
ESQUIROL, FRANCIS                       NY-31-124-208
ESSELBORN, CHRISTINA                    NY-31-1011-144
ESTRUP, DIEDRICH                        NY-31-139-501
ESTY, WILLIAM                           NY-31-88-253
ETIENNE, DENIS G.                       NY-31-130-206
ETTINGER, CHARLES S.                    NY-31-1023-35
ETTINGER, JENNIE                        NY-31-1005-476
ETTLER, SARAH                           NY-31-1028-324
ETZEL, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1019-240
EUART, JOHN                             NY-31-54-242
EUDEE, JOHN                             NY-31-106-75
EVANS, AGATHA                           NY-31-41-331
EVANS, CHARLES JOHN                     NY-31-41-144
EVANS, CHARLES JOHN                     NY-31-41-157
EVANS, ELLEN FRANCIS                    NY-31-1004-135
EVANS, EVAN                             NY-31-49-44
EVANS, HANNAH                           NY-31-75-105
EVANS, HANNAH C. J.                     NY-31-130-75
EVANS, JOEL                             NY-31-45-66
EVANS, JOHN                             NY-31-51-440
EVANS, JOHN H.                          NY-31-986-16
EVANS, RICHARD J.                       NY-31-112-166
EVANS, RICHARDS                         NY-31-91-247
EVANS, ROBERT                           NY-31-64-242
EVANS, TEMPEY I.                        NY-31-1027-206
EVANS, THOMAS                           NY-31-50-247
EVANS, THOMAS                           NY-31-58-105
EVANS, THOMAS                           NY-31-101-45
EVAS, RICHARD                           NY-31-82-96
EVELETH, JONATHAN G.                    NY-31-140-195
EVENER, MICHAEL                         NY-31-55-125
EVERETT, ELLEN                          NY-31-1012-353
EVERETT, JOSEPH                         NY-31-58-262
EVERETT, JOSIAH                         NY-31-73-373
EVERETT, NICHOLAS C.                    NY-31-138-424
EVERETT, SYLVESTER                      NY-31-83-87
EVERHARTH, CHRISTIAN                    NY-31-72-180
EVERILLE, CHARLES                       NY-31-117-368
EVERINGHIM, GILBERT                     NY-31-67-166
EVERMANN, JOHN H.                       NY-31-133-242
EVERNGHIM, GILBERT                      NY-31-65-235
EVERSLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-31-64-275
EVERSON, ELSEY                          NY-31-42-281
EVERSON, GEORGE                         NY-31-70-5
EVERSON, MARY                           NY-31-71-268
EVERTSON, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-50-406
EVERTSON, ELIZA                         NY-31-76-187
EVERTSON, NICHOLAS                      NY-31-47-7
EVERTSON, NICHOLAS                      NY-31-47-48
EVESON, CHARLES A.                      NY-31-95-108
EVITT, EDWARD                           NY-31-141-295
EWART, FANNY M. T.                      NY-31-985-221
EXCEEN, HANNAH                          NY-31-59-157
EY, EMMA L.                             NY-31-1008-257
EYBURN, JOHN                            NY-31-67-35
EYRES, SARAH                            NY-31-54-186

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