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GAAS, CARRIE                            NY-31-1028-350
GABATTI, PAUL S.                        NY-31-1005-338
GAFFIT, JOHN                            NY-31-78-347
GAFNEY, JAMES                           NY-31-80-54
GAFNEY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-95-574
GAGE, ANNE M.                           NY-31-1029-394
GAILBRAITH, GEORGE L.                   NY-31-987-255
GAILLARD, AUGUSTUS T.                   NY-31-77-87
GAINE, ANN                              NY-31-91-184
GAINE, HUGH                             NY-31-47-11
GAINE, HUGH                             NY-31-50-302
GALATIAN, ELLEN                         NY-31-132-81
GALATIAN, WILLIAM W.                    NY-31-97-8
GALBRAITH, ALLEN                        NY-31-50-293
GALE, HANNAH                            NY-31-76-134
GALE, MOSES                             NY-31-59-364
GALE, WILLIAM W.                        NY-31-42-395
GALIENSTEIN, EMANUEL                    NY-31-1004-378
GALKE, APPOLONIA                        NY-31-1030-249
GALLAGHER, JAMES D.                     NY-31-90-479
GALLAGHER, JOHN                         NY-31-76-368
GALLAGHER, PATRICK H.                   NY-31-141-452
GALLATIN, ALBERT                        NY-31-132-228
GALLATIN, ALBERT                        NY-31-98-127
GALLAUGHER, PATRICK                     NY-31-54-124
GALLERT, HYMAN                          NY-31-1004-20
GALLIER, MARGARET                       NY-31-129-137
GALLINGER, JENNIE                       NY-31-1005-32
GALLON, EDWARD                          NY-31-105-142
GALLOT, JEAN                            NY-31-50-307
GALLOWAY, JAMES                         NY-31-46-467
GALLOWAY, JOHN                          NY-31-109-572
GALLUCCI, GIOSUE                        NY-31-1021-366
GALT, PATRICK H.                        NY-31-109-452
GALVAN, DANIEL                          NY-31-113-386
GALVIN, MARY E.                         NY-31-1005-346
GAMBLE, CATHARINE                       NY-31-57-297
GAMBLE, CATHARINE                       NY-31-54-84
GAMMONS, WELCOME P.                     NY-31-991-145
GANDELL, JOHN                           NY-31-135-112
GANS, BARBARA                           NY-31-1023-464
GANTZ, FRANCIS                          NY-31-60-272
GANTZ, JOHN I.                          NY-31-110-137
GANVAIN, MICHAEL A.                     NY-31-108-521
GARCEN, HYACINTHE                       NY-31-48-148
GARCIN, SUSAN                           NY-31-49-158
GARDE, LEOPOLD                          NY-31-1004-380
GARDENER, JAMES JR.                     NY-31-73-323
GARDINER, CALVIN                        NY-31-51-27
GARDINER, PHEBE                         NY-31-79-353
GARDNER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-31-63-228
GARDNER, DANIEL                         NY-31-147-409
GARDNER, ELIZA                          NY-31-77-337
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-69-361
GARDNER, GEORGE                         NY-31-100-140
GARDNER, JAMES                          NY-31-103-1
GARDNER, JAMES                          NY-31-63-230
GARDNER, JOHN                           NY-31-54-216
GARDNER, JOHN                           NY-31-55-318
GARDNER, JOHN                           NY-31-59-111
GARDNER, JOHN                           NY-31-65-245
GARDNER, JOHN FEELY                     NY-31-63-121
GARDNER, MARY R.                        NY-31-1018-313
GARDNER, THOMAS                         NY-31-45-297
GARDNER, THOMAS J.                      NY-31-68-77
GARDNER, WILLIAM R. J.                  NY-31-123-86
GARLAND, GEORGE                         NY-31-42-4
GARLAND, LENA                           NY-31-1016-33
GARLAND, THOMAS M.                      NY-31-1008-337
GARLAND, THOMAS R.                      NY-31-106-186
GARMER, CHARLES W.                      NY-31-1021-279
GARNER, JAMES                           NY-31-148-263
GARNER, JAMES B.                        NY-31-1009-194
GARNER, THOMAS JR.                      NY-31-81-130
GARNER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-140-351
GARNIER, EUGENE                         NY-31-1013-469
GARNIER, JOSEPH                         NY-31-140-87
GARNISS, THOMAS                         NY-31-77-421
GARNO, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-96-503
GARR, ANDREW S.                         NY-31-53-520
GARR, ANDREW S.                         NY-31-128-161
GARRETSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-82-337
GARRETSON, HENRY V.                     NY-31-80-134
GARRETSON, STEPHEN                      NY-31-141-191
GARRETT, FANNY C.                       NY-31-89-419
GARRETT, FREDERICK A.                   NY-31-82-101
GARRETT LUCRETIA A. M.                  NY-31-119-28
GARRICK, THOMAS                         NY-31-106-374
GARRIE, JOHN                            NY-31-986-488
GARRIQUE, CECILIA O.                    NY-31-149-242
GARRISON, LYDIA W.                      NY-31-124-331
GARRIT, MAGNUS                          NY-31-45-320
GARVEY, MARTIN                          NY-31-116-315
GARVIN, MARGARET                        NY-31-1002-76
GARVIN, MARTIN                          NY-31-47-282
GASMER, JOHN B.                         NY-31-118-25
GASS, CARL                              NY-31-1010-292
GASSAWAY, GEORGE                        NY-31-53-230
GASSNER, DAVID                          NY-31-73-376
GASSNER, JOHN                           NY-31-57-176
GASTON, NELSON H.                       NY-31-118-415
GASTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-77-73
GATES, AARON B.                         NY-31-103-109
GATES, CHARLES G.                       NY-31-1002-205
GATES, GEORGE                           NY-31-76-68
GATES, HORATIO                          NY-31-46-251
GATES, ISAAC E.                         NY-31-1031-257
GATES, MARY                             NY-31-49-90
GATES, WILLIAM F.                       NY-31-88-248
GATFIELD, CHARLES                       NY-31-42-316
GATTEY, HENRY                           NY-31-60-493
GAUDARD, JEAN F. R.                     NY-31-91-1
GAUDRE, LEWIS                           NY-31-51-478
GAUNT, JAMES                            NY-31-127-377
GAUS, BLUMA                             NY-31-1018-157
GAUS, RALPH                             NY-31-1018-155
GAUTIER, DANIEL W. (73)                 NY-31-107-268
GAUTIER, MARY                           NY-31-55-432
GAUTRO, THOMAS                          NY-31-75-170
GAUTRO, XAVIER                          NY-31-58-107
GAUTZ, ELIZABETH MARGERET               NY-31-48-442
GAVEY, JOHN HENRY                       NY-31-120-481
GAY, ANTHELINE                          NY-31-55-366
GAY, ANTHELME                           NY-31-78-414
GAY, CALVIN                             NY-31-63-125
GAY, JOSEPH E.                          NY-31-1007-284
GAY, ROBERT P.                          NY-31-106-122
GAY, SAMUEL K.                          NY-31-1011-151
GAY, WILLIAM                            NY-31-92-714
GAYLEY, OLIVER C.                       NY-31-1010-456
GAYNOR, WILLIAM                         NY-31-49-272
GAZIE, MICHAEL                          NY-31-54-196
GAZLAY, JANE ANN                        NY-31-54-402
GEARY, JOHN                             NY-31-99-543
GEBERT, NICHOLAS                        NY-31-101-495
GEBHARD, FREDERICK                      NY-31-1022-96
GEBHARD, FREDERICK                      NY-31-84-472
GEBHARD, HERMAN                         NY-31-1023-324
GEDNEY, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-88-414
GEDNEY, KELLY                           NY-31-62-274
GEDZLOWITZ, PHILIP                      NY-31-1018-413
GEE, WILLIAM                            NY-31-96-54
GEENIN, SAMPSON                         NY-31-72-300
GEER, ELIZA A.                          NY-31-126-232
GEER, GEORGE W.                         NY-31-127-1
GEER, JOSHUA                            NY-31-95-264
GEER, LANGDON                           NY-31-1024-75
GEER, THOMAS                            NY-31-43-482
GEERY, ELIZABETH F.                     NY-31-1012-217
GEFFING, JOHN C.                        NY-31-1022-227
GEHBEN, ERNST J.                        NY-31-1030-247
GEHRET, ANNA                            NY-31-991-436
GEISEN, HULDA                           NY-31-988-226
GEISER, AUGUST                          NY-31-93-516
GEISSENHAINER, FREDERICK W.             NY-31-78-441
GELSTON, DAVID                          NY-31-62-244
GELSTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-120-83
GELSTON, JOHN                           NY-31-73-151
GELSTON, JOHN                           NY-31-43-159
GELSTON, MALTBY                         NY-31-134-187
GELSTON, MARY                           NY-31-51-224
GEMMEL, CATHARINE                       NY-31-147-248
GEMMEL, JAMES                           NY-31-124-351
GEMMEL, JAMES                           NY-31-118-8
GEMMEL, JOHN                            NY-31-112-119
GENET, JEAN BAPTIST L.                  NY-31-81-201
GENIN, JOHN N.                          NY-31-56-219
GENNERT, MAURICE G.                     NY-31-1026-181
GEOGHEGAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-990-465
GEOGHEGAN, WILLIAM J.                   NY-31-1027-218
GEORGE, ANNA                            NY-31-1012-379
GEORGE, JAMES                           NY-31-132-471
GEORGE, WILLIAM R.                      NY-31-1023-209
GERAERDT, HANNAH                        NY-31-47-115
GERAERDT, JOHN PETER                    NY-31-47-115
GERAGHTY, DANIEL                        NY-31-127-337
GERAGHTY, JAMES                         NY-31-112-179
GERAGHTY, JAMES T.                      NY-31-123-74
GERARD, CHRISTINA                       NY-31-70-218
GERBINO, LOUIS                          NY-31-1023-45
GERHARDT, PAULINE                       NY-31-1012-396
GERIM, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-31-60-73
GERKEN, HENRY                           NY-31-1006-310
GERKEN, HERMANN                         NY-31-115-124
GERKIN, HARMAN                          NY-31-128-166
GERLACH, EMMA T.                        NY-31-1023-461
GERLACH, HENRY                          NY-31-986-484
GERMOND, HERBERT                        NY-31-1022-359
GERNLEIN, MARIE                         NY-31-129-313
GEROW, WILLIAM P.                       NY-31-127-448
GERRY, ANN                              NY-31-98-34
GERRY, JOHN                             NY-31-1031-111
GERRY, THOMAS R.                        NY-31-92-20
GERSTANSKY, MORRIS                      NY-31-1018-201
GESCHEIDET, CARL GOTTLOB                NY-31-127-89
GETHIN, EDWARD B.                       NY-31-1021-369
GETIN, GETTINETTE                       NY-31-100-1
GETIN, STEPHEN CLAIR                    NY-31-46-341
GEYER, JULIUS W.                        NY-31-1013-118
GHILIOTTI, JOHN BAPTIST                 NY-31-54-252
GIANINI, CHARLES J                      NY-31-87-296
GIAVELLI, LEON                          NY-31-110-521
GIBAUD, FRANCOIS                        NY-31-96-527
GIBBON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1020-240
GIBBONS, WALTER                         NY-31-40-181
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-106-77
GIBBS, ABEL                             NY-31-42-182
GIBBS, ISAAC                            NY-31-44-82
GIBBS, JOHN                             NY-31-61-10
GIBBS, THOMAS                           NY-31-53-11
GIBNEY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-140-136
GIBSON, ANN                             NY-31-54-489
GIBSON, CATHERINE                       NY-31-1026-108
GIBSON, CORNELIUS V.                    NY-31-68-418
GIBSON, DAVID                           NY-31-86-285
GIBSON, ISAAC                           NY-31-131-483
GIBSON, JAMES                           NY-31-102-187
GIBSON, JANE                            NY-31-100-359
GIBSON, JOHN                            NY-31-91-626
GIBSON, MARY                            NY-31-98-73
GIBSON, SAMUEL                          NY-31-55-225
GIBSON, THOMAS                          NY-31-45-439
GIBSON, THOMAS                          NY-31-43-270
GIDEON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-148-466
GIDNEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-67-123
GIESER, GEORGE P.                       NY-31-99-179
GIFFING, WILLIAM                        NY-31-99-554
GIFFORD, ANDREW                         NY-31-93-159
GIFFORD, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1004-484
GIFFORD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-60-45
GIHAN, ROSA                             NY-31-1027-208
GILBERT, ALICE                          NY-31-88-298
GILBERT, EDMUND T.                      NY-31-96-8
GILBERT, ELIZA                          NY-31-134-453
GILBERT, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-84-112
GILBERT, HELEN M.                       NY-31-137-41
GILBERT, JANE                           NY-31-113-93
GILBERT, JOHN W.                        NY-31-62-306
GILBERT, LEWIS                          NY-31-108-314
GILBERT, THOMAS T.                      NY-31-90-91
GILBERT, WILLIAM N.                     NY-31-100-308
GILBERT, WILLIAM SR.                    NY-31-42-222
GILBERT, WILLIAM W.                     NY-31-68-399
GILBOONE, OWEN                          NY-31-58-172
GILCHRIST, KITA HARRIS                  NY-31-991-40
GILDER, JEANNETTE L.                    NY-31-1031-259
GILDERSLEEVE, FRANK V B.                NY-31-1012-289
GILELSPIE, ROBERT                       NY-31-107-386
GILES, AQUILA                           NY-31-60-372
GILES, GEORGE W.                        NY-31-82-292
GILES, JOANNA M.                        NY-31-1028-1
GILES, JOHN                             NY-31-52-238
GILFERT, MARIA C.                       NY-31-130-235
GILFILLAN, JOSEPH A.                    NY-31-985-342
GILFORD, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-89-546
GILFORD, SAMUEL                         NY-31-57-190
GILGAN, KATE                            NY-31-1031-411
GILHOOLY, ANN                           NY-31-137-345
GILL, ANN                               NY-31-93-495
GILL, JOHN                              NY-31-77-44
GILL, JOSEPH                            NY-31-57-172
GILL, MICHAEL                           NY-31-134-60
GILL, RUTH                              NY-31-95-553
GILLARD, CHARLES                        NY-31-83-103
GILLE, JOHN                             NY-31-116-47
GILLENDER, JAMES                        NY-31-103-341
GILLENDER, SARAH W.                     NY-31-1023-286
GILLESPIE, CHARLES                      NY-31-78-298
GILLESPIE, JAMES                        NY-31-96-13
GILLESPY, PATRICK                       NY-31-75-497
GILLET, JACOB                           NY-31-74-353
GILLEY, WILLIAM BANKS                   NY-31-67-12
GILLHOOLY, ANNA                         NY-31-104-301
GILLIESPIE, ANN V.                      NY-31-108-402
GILLIG, GEORGE                          NY-31-148-100
GILLIGAN, MARGARET L.                   NY-31-1016-29
GILLISPIE, ROBERT                       NY-31-67-197
GILLMANN, FREDERICK                     NY-31-116-459
GILLMANN, WILHELM                       NY-31-991-150
GILLON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-95-199
GILMAN, NATHANIEL ***                   NY-31-136-364
GILMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-131-352
GILMARTIN, PATRICK J.                   NY-31-1018-496
GILMOR, MARGARET                        NY-31-89-482
GILMORE, CHARLES                        NY-31-83-247
GILMORE, MARY                           NY-31-62-425
GILMORE, MARY                           NY-31-63-458
GILMORE, MARY                           NY-31-65-77
GILMORE, PHOEBE                         NY-31-60-144
GILMORE, PHOEBE                         NY-31-65-89
GILMORE, THOMAS                         NY-31-86-433
GILPIN, JOSHUA                          NY-31-77-209
GILROY, EDWARD                          NY-31-106-497
GILROY, PATRICK                         NY-31-117-425
GILTZOW, WILLIAM                        NY-31-47-462
GINOCHIO, JOHN B.                       NY-31-136-527
GINON, MARY                             NY-31-48-325
GINSBERG, REBECCA                       NY-31-1026-105
GINSBERG, SIMON                         NY-31-1024-315
GINTERMAN, CARRIE L.                    NY-31-1005-485
GINTERMAN, ROSALIE                      NY-31-1012-285
GIONATTI, CONSTANCE E.                  NY-31-1027-214
GIOVANNONI, ANTONIO                     NY-31-113-155
GIRAND, JOSEPH                          NY-31-105-52
GIRAND, SARAH M.                        NY-31-149-452
GIRARD, ANTHONY J. C.                   NY-31-69-446
GIRARD, NANCY                           NY-31-115-189
GIRAUD, DANIEL                          NY-31-115-36
GIRAUD, JACOB P.                        NY-31-127-175
GIRD, ELIZA                             NY-31-100-160
GIRD, EMILY                             NY-31-120-185
GIRD, MARIA M.                          NY-31-148-524
GIROUD, FELIPE                          NY-31-986-133
GIRVAN, CLARISSE                        NY-31-1019-25
GIRVAN, JAMES                           NY-31-93-622
GITTERMAN, HENRY                        NY-31-1027-374
GIURVAN, JAMES                          NY-31-1030-21
GIVAN, JOHN                             NY-31-86-190
GLAESEL, AUGUST H.                      NY-31-989-289
GLASIER, NATHANIEL S.                   NY-31-92-288
GLASS, ALEXANDER S.                     NY-31-62-11
GLASS, ANN S.                           NY-31-96-393
GLASS, BARBARA T.                       NY-31-115-406
GLASS, ELIZA B.                         NY-31-111-430
GLASS, HENRY                            NY-31-1026-399
GLASS, HUGH                             NY-31-96-354
GLASS, JAMES                            NY-31-55-206
GLASS, JOHN                             NY-31-116-375
GLASSER, MARY                           NY-31-1025-447
GLATZ, HENRY L                          NY-31-94-652
GLAUBER, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-1005-491
GLAXON, ANNIE                           NY-31-1023-48
GLEESON, JOHN                           NY-31-91-517
GLEESON, MICHAEL                        NY-31-134-306
GLEESON, PATRICK                        NY-31-1031-104
GLEIM, OTTO F.                          NY-31-111-75
GLEITMANN, JOSEPH W.                    NY-31-1014-116
GLEN, ROBERT                            NY-31-52-396
GLENN, ELIZA                            NY-31-66-300
GLENN, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-84-309
GLENN, JOHN                             NY-31-110-356
GLENNEN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-125-455
GLENNEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-138-360
GLENTON, THOMAS                         NY-31-48-237
GLOTZ, ROSINA                           NY-31-142-231
GLOVER, ANDREW B.                       NY-31-111-487
GLOVER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-74-80
GLOVER, GEORGE H.                       NY-31-1024-319
GLOVER, JOHN G.                         NY-31-43-128
GLOVER, JOHN J.                         NY-31-59-54
GLOVER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-148-311
GLOVER, THOMAS                          NY-31-100-311
GLUNK, MATHIAS                          NY-31-149-22
GOADBY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-95-591
GODDARD, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-1003-47
GODDARD, RICHARD L.                     NY-31-104-446
GODDARD,E LIZABETH M                    NY-31-101-1
GODET, PETER P.                         NY-31-62-313
GODET, THOMAS M. D. B.                  NY-31-137-520
GODFREY, JOHN                           NY-31-52-290
GODFREY, RUSSELL C.                     NY-31-89-291
GODLEY, BESS B.                         NY-31-1003-252
GODWIN, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-90-405
GODWIN, CATHARINE                       NY-31-77-318
GOEBBELS, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-1009-30
GOEBEL, AUGUSTA                         NY-31-1031-403
GOEBEL, LOUIS S.                        NY-31-1022-225
GOELET, ALMY                            NY-31-96-1
GOELET, CHRISTOPHER B.                  NY-31-71-68
GOELET, PETER                           NY-31-49-349
GOELET, PETER P.                        NY-31-65-175
GOELET, RACHEL                          NY-31-46-305
GOELET, THOMAS B.                       NY-31-69-151
GOELLER, CHARLES                        NY-31-1028-2
GOETSCHIUS, JOHN M.                     NY-31-45-378
GOETSCHUISM J. M.                       NY-31-45-264
GOETTER, LEONORA                        NY-31-1029-396
GOETTING, GEORGE                        NY-31-1019-374
GOETZ, LEONARD                          NY-31-76-47
GOFF, SILVANUS                          NY-31-61-491
GOGARTY, JAMES J.                       NY-31-1029-388
GOHDE, CORD                             NY-31-130-142
GOHDE, JOHN D.                          NY-31-93-333
GOING, CARRIE P.                        NY-31-1002-68
GOLD, MARGARET S.                       NY-31-1025-458
GOLDBERG, ESTELLE                       NY-31-1008-30
GOLDBERG, ISAAC                         NY-31-1027-360
GOLDBERG, JACOB                         NY-31-1004-377
GOLDBERG, JOSEPH                        NY-31-1011-345
GOLDBERG, JOSEPH M.                     NY-31-1022-356
GOLDBERG, LEOPOLD                       NY-31-991-50
GOLDBERG, MEYER                         NY-31-1010-294
GOLDBLUM, UDES                          NY-31-1007-214
GOLDEN, PATRICK                         NY-31-51-107
GOLDFARB, HYMAN                         NY-31-1005-395
GOLDMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-106-371
GOLDMANN, FANNIE                        NY-31-990-329
GOLDMARK, ADOLPH                        NY-31-1018-207
GOLDSBOROUGH, SARAH                     NY-31-66-397
GOLDSBROUGH, MARGARET                   NY-31-133-1
GOLDSCHMIDT, NATHAN                     NY-31-1005-206
GOLDSCHMIDT, SIGMUND                    NY-31-1005-488
GOLDSCHMIDT, ZERLINA                    NY-31-1023-56
GOLDSMED, RACHEL                        NY-31-89-584
GOLDSMITH, HANNA C.                     NY-31-1025-55
GOLDSMITH, HANNAH                       NY-31-1005-494
GOLDSMITH, JOSEPH                       NY-31-988-221
GOLDSMITH, LEOPOLD                      NY-31-1023-42
GOLDSMITH, MEYER                        NY-31-1022-98
GOLDSMITH, RACHEL                       NY-31-1023-325
GOLDSMITH, RACHEL                       NY-31-1017-497
GOLDSTEIN, DAVID                        NY-31-1023-155
GOLDSTEIN, ESTHER                       NY-31-1020-64
GOLDSTEIN, HENRY                        NY-31-128-291
GOLDSTEIN, IDA                          NY-31-1012-41
GOLDSTEIN, MAX                          NY-31-1027-216
GOLDWATER, HARRY W.                     NY-31-1002-469
GOLL, JOHN J.                           NY-31-123-436
GOLL, REGINA                            NY-31-149-310
GOLLER, GEORGE                          NY-31-109-455
GOLLER, JOHN G.                         NY-31-109-455
GOMBART, LOUIS CORNEILLE                NY-31-58-453
GOMBAULT, AUGUSTUS                      NY-31-70-14
GOMBAULT, MARGARET                      NY-31-140-339
GOMES, REBECCA                          NY-31-50-349
GOMEZ, AARON L.                         NY-31-138-10
GOMEZ, ABIGAIL                          NY-31-102-557
GOMEZ, CHARLOTTE                        NY-31-99-81
GOMEZ, MOSES                            NY-31-40-246
GOMEZ, REBECCA                          NY-31-47-426
GOMEZ, REBECCA                          NY-31-43-362
GOMPERTS, SARAH                         NY-31-99-167
GONTHER, CATHARINE                      NY-31-104-440
GOOD, ANNA E.                           NY-31-1026-92
GOOD, BRENT                             NY-31-1021-476
GOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-31-62-121
GOODALE, SAMUEL B.                      NY-31-1031-263
GOODBY, CLARENCE                        NY-31-1023-328
GOODBY, ELIZA                           NY-31-120-157
GOODBY, MARGARET                        NY-31-99-251
GOODHUE, CATHARINE R.                   NY-31-134-361
GOODHUE, ISAAC                          NY-31-119-63
GOODHUE, JONATHAN                       NY-31-96-572
GOODHUE, ROBERT C.                      NY-31-141-19
GOODHUE, THOMAS S.                      NY-31-53-98
GOODHUE, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-138-84
GOODMAN, ELIZA                          NY-31-1015-123
GOODMAN, JOHN K.                        NY-31-107-468
GOODMAN, LEAH                           NY-31-990-16
GOODRICH, EMILY W.                      NY-31-120-270
GOODRICH, GIDEON F.                     NY-31-107-472
GOODRICH, LEMUEL H.                     NY-31-112-8
GOODRICH, WILLIAM R.                    NY-31-1016-31
GOODWIN, ELI                            NY-31-134-276
GOODWIN, FRANCIS M.                     NY-31-89-453
GOODWIN, JAMES                          NY-31-84-202
GOODWIN, JAMES J.                       NY-31-1024-78
GOODWIN, JOHN                           NY-31-99-435
GOODWIN, JOHN                           NY-31-986-217
GOODWIN, JOSEPH                         NY-31-135-141
GOODYEAR, CHARLES                       NY-31-133-164
GOODYEAR, THADEUS                       NY-31-85-228
GOODYEAR, THADEUS                       NY-31-56-39
GOOLD, EDWARD                           NY-31-50-260
GOOLD, JAMES M.                         NY-31-108-452
GORDON, CLEMINTINA                      NY-31-59-183
GORDON, FLORA A.                        NY-31-1007-282
GORDON, GARRETT                         NY-31-1009-25
GORDON, GEORGE                          NY-31-130-230
GORDON, GEORGE JOHNSON                  NY-31-52-409
GORDON, HAMILTON S.                     NY-31-1002-352
GORDON, JAMES F.                        NY-31-1004-307
GORDON, JOHN                            NY-31-88-488
GORDON, MARY ANN                        NY-31-1024-477
GORDON, ROBERT                          NY-31-53-503
GORDON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-77-134
GORE, NELLIE                            NY-31-1023-211
GORE, VIOLETT AS.                       NY-31-111-250
GORHAM, JOHN (DR.)                      NY-31-63-340
GORHAM, SAMUEL                          NY-31-74-313
GORMALEY, OWEN                          NY-31-96-291
GORMAN, JAMES                           NY-31-76-379
GORMAN, JOHN                            NY-31-128-415
GORMAN, MARY                            NY-31-48-216
GORMLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-990-197
GORMLEY, JOHN                           NY-31-147-272
GORRIE, JOHN                            NY-31-57-278
GORSUCH, ROBERT                         NY-31-73-358
GOSLAR, GUSTAVE                         NY-31-1023-46
GOSLING, FRANCES                        NY-31-990-192
GOSMAN, GEORGE                          NY-31-56-31
GOSSLER, JOHN .                         NY-31-91-721
GOTTLIEB, HERMAN                        NY-31-989-71
GOTTLIEB, SIMON                         NY-31-1027-211
GOTTSCHALK, MARY                        NY-31-1011-15
GOTZ, JOHANN                            NY-31-137-400
GOTZ, JOHN                              NY-31-988-218
GOUGGET, SIGISMUND                      NY-31-50-497
GOULD, CHARLES                          NY-31-93-306
GOULD, DAVID                            NY-31-120-443
GOULD, ELGIN R. L.                      NY-31-1018-415
GOULD, HORACE A.                        NY-31-109-175
GOULD, JAMES                            NY-31-69-427
GOULD, JOHN                             NY-31-73-311
GOULD, MARGARET                         NY-31-70-355
GOULD, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-104-270
GOULDY, MARY                            NY-31-81-598
GOURDON, MARIE C.                       NY-31-95-346
GOURIN, PETER                           NY-31-47-209
GOURLIE, MARIE C.                       NY-31-1012-393
GOURORD, GEORGE F.                      NY-31-1029-390
GOUSENHEIM, SARA                        NY-31-1005-37
GOUVENEUR, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-44-90
GOUVERNEUR, ADELAIDE                    NY-31-60-4
GOUVERNEUR, HESTER                      NY-31-41-125
GOUVERNEUR, HESTER                      NY-31-85-66
GOUVERNEUR, JOSEPH                      NY-31-43-97
GOUVERNEUR, NICHOLAS                    NY-31-54-7
GOWAN, MARY A.                          NY-31-137-413
GOWDY, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-49-282
GOWEN, ROGER                            NY-31-109-542
GRABER, BERTHA                          NY-31-1013-120
GRABER, GERHARD                         NY-31-89-269
GRACE, JAMES                            NY-31-987-252
GRACE, MARY                             NY-31-116-234
GRACIE, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-63-76
GRADY, ELLEN M.                         NY-31-1028-213
GRADY, LAWRENCE                         NY-31-119-167
GRADY, PATRICK                          NY-31-108-148
GRADY, PETER O.                         NY-31-147-473
GRAEFE, HANS J.                         NY-31-1018-199
GRAF, FREDERICK B.                      NY-31-110-200
GRAFF, JOHN                             NY-31-81-150
GRAFF, MARY C.                          NY-31-100-570
GRAFF, PETER C.                         NY-31-128-368
GRAFF, ROBERT U.                        NY-31-1022-361
GRAFFT, ISAAC H.                        NY-31-130-80
GRAFTON, SAAH M.                        NY-31-1024-93
GRAHAM, ALLEN                           NY-31-58-55
GRAHAM, ANGELINA                        NY-31-1020-66
GRAHAM, ANN ELEANOR                     NY-31-53-125
GRAHAM, BERNARD                         NY-31-91-378
GRAHAM, CAROLINE E.                     NY-31-990-332
GRAHAM, CHARLES                         NY-31-78-250
GRAHAM, CHARLES M.                      NY-31-104-243
GRAHAM, DAVID                           NY-31-80-323
GRAHAM, DAVID                           NY-31-87-391
GRAHAM, DAVID                           NY-31-104-295
GRAHAM, DUNCAN                          NY-31-91-320
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-106-226
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-45-225
GRAHAM, FRANCIS (32)                    NY-31-107-76
GRAHAM, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-989-173
GRAHAM, HESTER                          NY-31-97-380
GRAHAM, HETTIE A.                       NY-31-1021-128
GRAHAM, ISABELLA                        NY-31-51-486
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NY-31-42-7
GRAHAM, JAMES                           NY-31-78-47
GRAHAM, JAMES L.                        NY-31-63-133
GRAHAM, JAMES L.                        NY-31-94-684
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NY-31-42-274
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NY-31-77-582
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NY-31-69-473
GRAHAM, MARIA LOUISA                    NY-31-114-319
GRAHAM, MARIE A.                        NY-31-100-496
GRAHAM, MARY                            NY-31-63-136
GRAHAM, PHEBE                           NY-31-58-303
GRAHAM, REBECCA S.                      NY-31-100-94
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          NY-31-92-186
GRAHAM, SARAH                           NY-31-1022-229
GRAHAM, SARAH M.                        NY-31-93-596
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-31-71-250
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-31-48-81
GRANDIDIER, MARIE S.                    NY-31-1020-244
GRANDINE, JOHN                          NY-31-42-335
GRANGER, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-99-95
GRANGER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-131-304
GRANT, ANN                              NY-31-74-138
GRANT, ANN                              NY-31-56-362
GRANT, DONALD                           NY-31-45-450
GRANT, EBENEZER TUREL                   NY-31-58-26
GRANT, ELLEN M.                         NY-31-1012-287
GRANT, FANNY                            NY-31-109-458
GRANT, HARY                             NY-31-52-242
GRANT, JAMES                            NY-31-58-186
GRANT, JOHN                             NY-31-60-134
GRANT, JOHN                             NY-31-128-546
GRANT, JOHN                             NY-31-104-327
GRANT, JOHN                             NY-31-89-238
GRANT, SARAH                            NY-31-136-136
GRANVILLIERS, DELOYNES                  NY-31-48-355
GRASETT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-85-276
GRASSNER, PETER                         NY-31-130-34
GRATTAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-61-149
GRAVES, ANITA F.                        NY-31-123-346
GRAVES, ANN                             NY-31-137-48
GRAVES, DAVID A.                        NY-31-109-95
GRAVES, FRANK W.                        NY-31-989-176
GRAVES, J. BOONER                       NY-31-60-321
GRAVES, MARIUS B.                       NY-31-77-161
GRAVES, MARY B.                         NY-31-77-534
GRAY, ANDREW                            NY-31-103-428
GRAY, ANDREW                            NY-31-41-147
GRAY, DAVID                             NY-31-99-371
GRAY, DORA                              NY-31-1031-399
GRAY, EMERETTE W.                       NY-31-1015-117
GRAY, GEORGE                            NY-31-63-164
GRAY, GEORGE L.                         NY-31-48-95
GRAY, GEORGE LEWIS                      NY-31-47-486
GRAY, JAMES                             NY-31-1004-486
GRAY, JAMES                             NY-31-40-253
GRAY, JAMES                             NY-31-57-245
GRAY, JEREMIAH                          NY-31-80-180
GRAY, JOHN                              NY-31-103-160
GRAY, JOHN                              NY-31-142-438
GRAY, JOHN C.                           NY-31-1024-94
GRAY, JOHN C.                           NY-31-991-430
GRAY, LOUIS D.                          NY-31-1018-410
GRAY, MARY                              NY-31-102-273
GRAY, MARY                              NY-31-41-311
GRAY, MATILDA                           NY-31-1010-41
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NY-31-119-338
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NY-31-47-132
GRAYSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-93-187
GRAZER, BERNARD                         NY-31-100-336
GREASON, JOHN                           NY-31-62-463
GREAVES, ARTHUR                         NY-31-1023-289
GRECO, ANDONIO                          NY-31-1018-315
GREELE, AUGUSTUS                        NY-31-88-129
GREEN, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-57-122
GREEN, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-49-255
GREEN, BOWEN                            NY-31-48-309
GREEN, CATHERINE                        NY-31-141-316
GREEN, DANIEL                           NY-31-104-40
GREEN, DAVID                            NY-31-119-175
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-118-413
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-148-166
GREEN, EZEKIEL                          NY-31-62-436
GREEN, GARRET ***                       NY-31-123-225
GREEN, GEORGE                           NY-31-43-468
GREEN, GEORGE                           NY-31-49-151
GREEN, HULDAH                           NY-31-125-332
GREEN, JACOB                            NY-31-132-249
GREEN, MARGARET                         NY-31-81-164
GREEN, MARY                             NY-31-90-114
GREEN, MARY E.                          NY-31-106-259
GREEN, MELTIAH                          NY-31-48-437
GREEN, MORRIS                           NY-31-988-20
GREEN, NOAH                             NY-31-1018-329
GREEN, PAUL SR.                         NY-31-51-192
GREEN, PETER H.                         NY-31-112-22
GREEN, PHEBE                            NY-31-127-330
GREEN, RICHARD                          NY-31-71-81
GREEN, SAMPSN                           NY-31-90-52
GREEN, SAMUEL                           NY-31-1022-353
GREEN, THOMAS                           NY-31-131-100
GREEN, TIMOTHY                          NY-31-51-204
GREEN, TIMOTHY B.                       NY-31-82-237
GREEN, WILLIAM WILKINSON                NY-31-59-192
GREENBERG, HARRIS                       NY-31-1023-466
GREENBERG, ISIDORE                      NY-31-1012-220
GREENBERGER, ROSIE                      NY-31-1025-460
GREENE, ?                               NY-31-1019-29
GREENE, ANN G.                          NY-31-106-536
GREENE, GARDINER                        NY-31-70-99
GREENE, ISAAC                           NY-31-111-29
GREENE, JAMES W.                        NY-31-126-447
GREENE, JENNIE D.                       NY-31-1025-118
GREENE, SAMUEL N.                       NY-31-133-332
GREENE, STEPHEN                         NY-31-62-404
GREENEBAUM, SAMUEL                      NY-31-1015-440
GREENFIELD, JAMES H.                    NY-31-105-50
GREENFIELD, JOHN                        NY-31-72-248
GREENFIELD, RUTH A.                     NY-31-1002-198
GREENLEAF, MARY R.                      NY-31-985-468
GREENLY, ALBERT G.                      NY-31-82-174
GREENLY, GEORGE                         NY-31-131-137
GREENOUGH, JEREMIAH J.                  NY-31-138-14
GREENSTEIN, MORITZ                      NY-31-1012-370
GREENWALD, PAULINE L.                   NY-31-1026-411
GREENWAY, MARY H.                       NY-31-139-158
GREENWOOD, ISAAC                        NY-31-63-380
GREENWOOD, ISAAC                        NY-31-57-276
GREENWOOD, JOHN                         NY-31-55-399
GREENWOOD, MARY L.                      NY-31-148-122
GREENWOOD, MINNIE                       NY-31-1022-94
GREETZER, FRANK                         NY-31-1012-372
GREEVES, JOHN                           NY-31-64-212
GREF, ANTHONY                           NY-31-1019-253
GREFF, PAULINE                          NY-31-1012-376
GREGG, ANN                              NY-31-136-465
GREGOR, JOSEPH                          NY-31-1018-203
GREGORY, BENJAMIN P.                    NY-31-96-298
GREGORY, CHARLES                        NY-31-1019-359
GREGORY, ELIOT                          NY-31-1015-121
GREGORY, ESTHER                         NY-31-71-184
GREGORY, HULDAH                         NY-31-136-468
GREGORY, JAMES W.                       NY-31-139-464
GREGORY, JANE M.                        NY-31-1024-313
GREGORY, JOHN                           NY-31-124-12
GREGORY, JOHN                           NY-31-91-585
GREGORY, NEHEMIAH                       NY-31-58-475
GREIG, JAMES                            NY-31-45-357
GREINER, GEORGE D.                      NY-31-95-105
GREM, CATHARINE                         NY-31-119-430
GRENELL, THOMAS                         NY-31-40-69
GRENZEBACH, JOHN N.                     NY-31-78-257
GRESS, JACOB                            NY-31-90-325
GRESWOLD, ABIGAIL                       NY-31-73-171
GRESWOLD, JOHN H.                       NY-31-57-225
GREYS, GEORGE                           NY-31-92-511
GRIBBEN, RACHEL                         NY-31-1010-290
GRIBBLE, JAMES                          NY-31-1011-18
GRIBBONS, JOHN                          NY-31-110-43
GRICE, JOHN                             NY-31-82-380
GRICE, SUSANNA                          NY-31-93-546
GRIDLEY, CATHARINE                      NY-31-57-491
GRIDLEY, OBED                           NY-31-79-384
GRIEME, JOHN F.                         NY-31-1024-311
GRIER, MARY                             NY-31-97-505
GRIER, SAMUEL                           NY-31-1020-68
GRIESHAMMER, MARTIN                     NY-31-1020-241
GRIESSMAN, MAX                          NY-31-1010-465
GRIEST, WILLIAM                         NY-31-100-98
GRIFENHAGEN, JACOB B.                   NY-31-985-453
GRIFFEN, JOHN J.                        NY-31-1014-119
GRIFFEN, STEWART                        NY-31-55-22
GRIFFEN, THOMAS F.                      NY-31-85-398
GRIFFIN, CAROLINE L.                    NY-31-140-459
GRIFFIN, CHRISTINE K.                   NY-31-1020-493
GRIFFIN, FRANCIS                        NY-31-103-537
GRIFFIN, GEORGE                         NY-31-133-280
GRIFFIN, JAMES                          NY-31-106-302
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NY-31-47-284
GRIFFIN, JOHN W.                        NY-31-1031-407
GRIFFIN, KATHERINE                      NY-31-1027-372
GRIFFIN, MARK                           NY-31-57-185
GRIFFIN, MARY                           NY-31-991-34
GRIFFIN, MARY B.                        NY-31-989-121
GRIFFIN, PETER SR.                      NY-31-82-120
GRIFFIN, SAMUEL                         NY-31-48-494
GRIFFIN, THOMAS                         NY-31-105-98
GRIFFIN, THOMAS F.                      NY-31-1004-82
GRIFFING, SAMUEL                        NY-31-119-110
GRIFFITH, ELIZABETH T.                  NY-31-988-119
GRIFFITH, HAROLD R.                     NY-31-1008-335
GRIFFITH, HUGH MONTGOMERY               NY-31-45-131
GRIFFITH, MARGARET                      NY-31-45-203
GRIFFITH, NATHANIEL C.                  NY-31-73-229
GRIFFITH, OPHELIA S.                    NY-31-77-489
GRIFFITH, SARAH                         NY-31-112-62
GRIFFITH, SUSAN T.                      NY-31-59-348
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        NY-31-80-372
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       NY-31-50-181
GRIFFITHS, ANN                          NY-31-52-69
GRIFFITHS, ANTHONY                      NY-31-40-88
GRIFFITHS, CHARLES A.                   NY-31-98-540
GRIFFITHS, ELINOR                       NY-31-76-71
GRIFFITHS, HENRY W.                     NY-31-1007-368
GRIFFITHS, JOHN                         NY-31-108-518
GRIFFITHS, JOHN                         NY-31-40-220
GRIFFITHS, RICHARD                      NY-31-59-568
GRIFFITHS, SARAH                        NY-31-62-29
GRIGG, JOHN                             NY-31-104-89
GRIGG, WILLIAM                          NY-31-74-419
GRIGGS, A. IRVING                       NY-31-1028-8
GRILL, JOHN                             NY-31-131-267
GRILLET, LOUIS                          NY-31-66-379
GRIM, DAVID                             NY-31-60-179
GRIM, JACOB                             NY-31-47-151
GRIM, JAMES O.                          NY-31-69-355
GRIM, PETER JR.                         NY-31-42-38
GRIM, SARAH M.                          NY-31-111-304
GRIMES, ANN                             NY-31-1031-401
GRINDING, WILLIAM                       NY-31-43-44
GRINDLE, JOHN W.                        NY-31-1011-152
GRINNELL, E. AUGSUTA                    NY-31-1011-232
GRISER, MOSES                           NY-31-1024-210
GRISWOLD, CHARLES C.                    NY-31-1010-459
GRISWOLD, GEORGE                        NY-31-129-302
GRISWOLD, GEORGE JR.                    NY-31-75-317
GRISWOLD, GILES                         NY-31-78-326
GRISWOLD, HATTIE M.                     NY-31-1026-188
GRISWOLD, JOHN                          NY-31-118-118
GRISWOLD, LOUISA                        NY-31-147-156
GRISWOLD, NATHANIEL L.                  NY-31-93-49
GRISWOLD, RICHARD S.                    NY-31-103-105
GRISWOLD, RUFUS WILMOT                  NY-31-120-447
GRISWOLD, SARAH                         NY-31-118-128
GRITMAN, JAMES                          NY-31-66-18
GROBE, CONRAD                           NY-31-119-460
GROESBECK, SARAH                        NY-31-149-365
GROESBECK, WILLIAM W.                   NY-31-110-4
GROLAN, MARY J.                         NY-31-988-410
GROOT, JOHN R.                          NY-31-120-382
GROS, DANIEL                            NY-31-53-84
GROSHEN, JOHN HENRICK                   NY-31-46-195
GROSS, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-990-20
GROSS, ELIAS                            NY-31-988-115
GROSS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-129-458
GROSSHEIME, JOHN HENDERICK              NY-31-46-194
GROSSMAN, BERNHARD                      NY-31-1017-499
GROSSMAN, DAVID E.                      NY-31-1031-108
GROSVENOR, ELIZA                        NY-31-140-487
GROSVENOR, SETH                         NY-31-120-492
GROTE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1003-254
GRUBER, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-1023-285
GRUENEBERG, FREDERICK A.                NY-31-1015-119
GRUENING, EMIL                          NY-31-1007-59
GRUER, IGNACE                           NY-31-1012-216
GRUET, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-111-290
GRUNDY, GEORGE                          NY-31-93-593
GRUNHUT, ETHEL                          NY-31-1008-500
GUERIN, EDWARD                          NY-31-106-192
GUEST, A. ROYAL                         NY-31-1024-473
GUGGENHEIM, JEANNETTE                   NY-31-989-285
GUIDICINI, JULIA                        NY-31-138-1
GUINEE, ELLEN                           NY-31-1025-117
GUINEE, JULIA E.                        NY-31-1013-339
GUION, CHARLES J.                       NY-31-52-164
GUION, MONMOUTH H.                      NY-31-71-90
GULDENER, CONRAD J.                     NY-31-128-569
GUMBLE, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-57-133
GUMBS, EDWARD                           NY-31-76-358
GUNN, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-63-310
GUNN, GEORGE                            NY-31-42-236
GUNN, JOHN                              NY-31-1031-106
GUNN, SARAH                             NY-31-67-200
GUNTHER, HELEN                          NY-31-986-129
GUNTON, MARK                            NY-31-52-313
GUNTON, MARY                            NY-31-95-135
GURGNON, JEAN                           NY-31-72-8
GURNEE, DELIA E.                        NY-31-1029-142
GURNEE, HANNAH S.                       NY-31-128-343
GURNEE, STEPHEN                         NY-31-73-91
GUSTIN, JOHN A.                         NY-31-93-519
GUTERMAN, JACOB                         NY-31-1007-372
GUTHRIE, ANN                            NY-31-62-379
GUTMAN, SAUNDERS                        NY-31-1010-451
GUTTIN, JEAN B.                         NY-31-1021-49
GUTTMAN, FRED                           NY-31-1023-290
GUTWILLIG, ALFRED                       NY-31-1025-451
GWYER, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-31-58-118
HAAREN, DIEDRICH O.                     NY-31-994-97
HACKETT, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-999-411
HADDEN, JAMES E. S.                     NY-31-998-23
HAGGIN, JAMES B.                        NY-31-999-472
HAHN, WILLIAM                           NY-31-1000-159
HAIGHT, EDWARD                          NY-31-993-29
HAIGHT, FREDERICK A.                    NY-31-995-52
HAINES, JOHN J.                         NY-31-122-128
HAIRS, HENRY G.                         NY-31-996-417
HALL, KATHERINE C.                      NY-31-998-365
HALSTED, EMILY T.                       NY-31-998-165
HAMILL, SARAH                           NY-31-993-220
HAMILTON, FANNIE A.                     NY-31-992-294
HAMILTON, JANE H.                       NY-31-998-357
HAMLIN, ASHER P.                        NY-31-122-290
HAMMERSTEIN, WILLIAM                    NY-31-997-434
HAMMOND, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-992-35
HANDY, EMILY J.                         NY-31-122-491
HANDY, RICHARD F.                       NY-31-995-324
HANEMANN, HENRY W.                      NY-31-992-45
HANSHE, WILLAM H.                       NY-31-994-22
HARDEN, JAMES                           NY-31-995-336
HARRINGTON, MARY                        NY-31-995-46
HARRIS, DAVID M.                        NY-31-994-222
HARRIS, EMILY K.                        NY-31-999-166
HARRISON, HIRAM                         NY-31-122-397
HARTSFIELD, RICHMOND B.                 NY-31-996-433
HARTUNG, CHARLES                        NY-31-994-231
HARTWIG, LOUIS                          NY-31-997-158
HASBROUCK, LAWRENCE                     NY-31-997-163
HASKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-122-18
HASTIE, MARTHA                          NY-31-997-80
HAUFF, FRED H.                          NY-31-999-404
HAUSER, LAVINIA                         NY-31-992-195
HAUSSENER, MAGDALENA                    NY-31-998-171
HAWLEY, JOHN S.                         NY-31-994-211
HAWLEY, LETITIA                         NY-31-122-154
HAWS, JOHN H. H.                        NY-31-122-193
HAWTHORNE, ELIZABETH J.                 NY-31-995-315
HAY, ISABELLA                           NY-31-995-159
HAYDEN, CATHARINE                       NY-31-994-102
HAYES, JOHN                             NY-31-992-312
HAYNES, ANNETTE WAGNER                  NY-31-993-36
HEALY, MARIANNE WELLS                   NY-31-993-362
HEATH, MARY F.                          NY-31-998-160
HEHL, ERNEST G. G.                      NY-31-1000-31
HEMMER, AUGUSTA E.                      NY-31-998-374
HENDERSON, ANNE                         NY-31-995-320
HENDERSON, LOUISA A.                    NY-31-122-431
HENDERSON, RICHARD W.                   NY-31-993-33
HERRMANN, JOSEPH                        NY-31-995-331
HERSCH, MAX M.                          NY-31-993-226
HERVEAUX, LEON D.                       NY-31-998-371
HESS, JULIE                             NY-31-994-26
HEUBNER, JOHANNA                        NY-31-1001-94
HEYE, MARIE A.                          NY-31-996-420
HICKS, MARGARET T.                      NY-31-1001-88
HIGGINS, FRANCIS                        NY-31-999-161
HIGGINS, LETITIA A.                     NY-31-998-361
HILDRETH, FLORENCE                      NY-31-995-309
HILLIARD, CARROLIN G.                   NY-31-997-346
HILLS, HENRY W.                         NY-31-122-59
HIRSCHBERG, JULIUS                      NY-31-996-35
HOBART, JOHN W.                         NY-31-995-164
HOFFMANN, FREDERICK W.                  NY-31-122-109
HOGG, WILLIAM                           NY-31-1000-465
HOLDEN, FANNY                           NY-31-1000-156
HOLDEN, GEORGE H.                       NY-31-999-469
HOLMES, FRANK C.                        NY-31-993-24
HOLMES, RICHARD G.                      NY-31-122-70
HOLMES, RICHARD T.                      NY-31-122-40
HOLTON, THOMAS                          NY-31-122-26
HOLZMAN, MATILDA                        NY-31-992-381
HOPKINS, SIDNEY W.                      NY-31-998-27
HORNTHAL, LEWIS M.                      NY-31-1000-458
HOUGH, MARY S.                          NY-31-997-84
HOUGHTON, HENRY H.                      NY-31-121-419
HOWARD, ALICE M.                        NY-31-992-385
HOWELL, MARY P.                         NY-31-1000-461
HOWEY, ISABELLE T.                      NY-31-992-457
HUBBELL, SILAS P.                       NY-31-1000-356
HUCK, THEODORE                          NY-31-997-343
HUGHES, ANNA M.                         NY-31-122-76
HUGHES, ROSE                            NY-31-1001-359
HUGHES, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-122-303
HUMPHREYS, URIAS                        NY-31-122-199
HUNT, HELEN T.                          NY-31-1000-163
HUTCHINSON, MARY E.                     NY-31-998-32
HYDE, CHARLES E.                        NY-31-993-359
HYMAN, ROSE                             NY-31-997-18
HYNES, MARGARET                         NY-31-997-438
HYNES, MARY S.                          NY-31-992-127

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