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HICK, PAUL                              NY-31-59-252
HICKELTON, BRYANT                       NY-31-103-226
HICKEY, ANNIE A. C.                     NY-31-1014-415
HICKEY, JERMIAH                         NY-31-142-322
HICKEY, RACHEL                          NY-31-52-394
HICKOK, NORMAN                          NY-31-86-364
HICKOK, SAMUEL                          NY-31-98-209
HICKS, ALMY T.                          NY-31-147-211
HICKS, EDWARD                           NY-31-54-392
HICKS, ELIAS                            NY-31-91-699
HICKS, ELIAS                            NY-31-105-266
HICKS, GILBERT                          NY-31-61-110
HICKS, HENRIETTA                        NY-31-119-290
HICKS, HENRY                            NY-31-1002-360
HICKS, JANE                             NY-31-90-155
HICKS, JOHN                             NY-31-61-115
HICKS, JOHN G.                          NY-31-86-329
HICKS, JOHN H.                          NY-31-120-476
HICKS, KATIE                            NY-31-1024-326
HICKS, MARGARET T.                      NY-31-1001-88
HICKS, MARGUERITE B.                    NY-31-1005-400
HICKS, MARTHA                           NY-31-90-272
HICKS, MARY                             NY-31-123-103
HICKS, ROBERT                           NY-31-99-225
HICKS, ROSINA                           NY-31-90-155
HICKS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-78-52
HICKS, SARAH                            NY-31-58-455
HICKS, SCOTT                            NY-31-115-21
HICKS, WHITEHEAD                        NY-31-73-4
HICKS, WHITEHEAD                        NY-31-62-46
HICKS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-47-158
HICKS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-96-487
HICKSON, CATHARINE                      NY-31-1023-471
HIDE, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-73-351
HIGBY, LOT                              NY-31-117-101
HIGGINS, ABNER                          NY-31-91-657
HIGGINS, ALICE H.                       NY-31-1023-470
HIGGINS, EDWARD                         NY-31-78-481
HIGGINS, ELLIOT                         NY-31-88-408
HIGGINS, FRANCIS                        NY-31-999-161
HIGGINS, HOLLIS I.                      NY-31-1023-332
HIGGINS, JONATHAN M.                    NY-31-139-517
HIGGINS, JOSEPHINE                      NY-31-1010-58
HIGGINS, LETITIA A.                     NY-31-998-361
HIGGINS, MARY                           NY-31-989-184
HIGGINS, MICHAEL                        NY-31-104-74
HIGGINS, MICHAEL J.                     NY-31-134-323
HIGGINS, THOMAS                         NY-31-137-378
HIGGS, ROBERT W.                        NY-31-141-497
HIGHAM, SARAH                           NY-31-69-261
HILDRETH, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-41-159
HILDRETH, FLORENCE                      NY-31-995-309
HILDRETH, MARY                          NY-31-43-132
HILFORTY, CONNEL                        NY-31-52-295
HILL, A. GERALD                         NY-31-127-347
HILL, ALFRED                            NY-31-103-346
HILL, BRIARD F.                         NY-31-1024-334
HILL, CHARLES                           NY-31-74-47
HILL, FRANCIS                           NY-31-49-395
HILL, HENRY                             NY-31-1013-122
HILL, JAMES                             NY-31-86-278
HILL, JOHN GREATRAKS                    NY-31-45-433
HILL, JONATHAN                          NY-31-142-1
HILL, JOSEPH                            NY-31-71-160
HILL, JOSEPH                            NY-31-113-434
HILL, MARGARET A.                       NY-31-1022-31
HILL, MARY                              NY-31-61-70
HILL, NICHOLAS                          NY-31-75-25
HILL, SUSANNAH                          NY-31-89-74
HILL, SUSIE A.                          NY-31-1016-219
HILL, THOMAS H.                         NY-31-45-88
HILL, THOMAS H.                         NY-31-44-42
HILL, THOMAS QUINCEY                    NY-31-1004-27
HILL, WILLIAM                           NY-31-137-78
HILLARD, JOHN W.                        NY-31-45-53
HILLE, ELIZA                            NY-31-97-197
HILLEBRUNDT, HENRY                      NY-31-1023-484
HILLERSTROM, NELSON                     NY-31-51-373
HILLIARD, CARROLIN G.                   NY-31-997-346
HILLIER, NATHANIEL                      NY-31-65-147
HILLMEYER, HENRY                        NY-31-1003-262
HILLS, CHRISTIANA                       NY-31-990-344
HILLS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-1019-254
HILLS, HENRY W.                         NY-31-122-59
HILLS, SARAH B.                         NY-31-990-338
HILLYER, NATHANIEL                      NY-31-66-168
HILPERT, ARDON                          NY-31-1031-5
HILTMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-95-81
HILTON, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-108-595
HILTON, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-69-375
HILTON, EDWARD                          NY-31-90-95
HILTON, ELIZA                           NY-31-986-333
HILTON, EVA E.                          NY-31-1019-42
HILTON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-123-408
HILYARD, JOHN                           NY-31-79-179
HINCK, JOHN                             NY-31-47-232
HIND, WILLIAM                           NY-31-141-197
HINN, CORNELIUS                         NY-31-68-118
HINSDALE, HENRY                         NY-31-91-640
HINSKAMP, MARY M.                       NY-31-1005-496
HINSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-52-286
HIPPER, JOHN                            NY-31-93-103
HIPPOCK, RICHARD                        NY-31-85-94
HIRDES, GEORGE                          NY-31-989-1
HIRSCH, ALBERT                          NY-31-1021-492
HIRSCH, ANNIE                           NY-31-991-310
HIRSCH, GRACE                           NY-31-1023-298
HIRSCH, HULDA RICE                      NY-31-1020-499
HIRSCH, LOUIS                           NY-31-1019-454
HIRSCH, MOSES                           NY-31-130-164
HIRSCH, THERESA                         NY-31-1014-412
HIRSCHBERG, JULIUS                      NY-31-996-35
HIRSH, MANUEL                           NY-31-1026-42
HIRSH, SOPHIE                           NY-31-1014-209
HITCH, EBENEZER V.                      NY-31-1013-126
HITCHCOCK, CYRUS                        NY-31-110-343
HITCHCOCK, JOHN                         NY-31-89-343
HITCHCOCK, NARCISSA P.                  NY-31-107-532
HITCHCOCK, STEPHEN                      NY-31-61-163
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM H.                   NY-31-136-201
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM R.                   NY-31-123-4
HITCHENER, THOMAS                       NY-31-69-198
HITT, WALTER T.                         NY-31-53-407
HOBART, JOHN HENRY                      NY-31-66-390
HOBART, JOHN W.                         NY-31-995-164
HOBB, WILLIAM                           NY-31-52-96
HOBBY, EBENEZER A.                      NY-31-63-283
HOBBY, HERBERT M.                       NY-31-60-282
HOCK, GODFREY                           NY-31-101-541
HOCK, JACOB                             NY-31-1020-262
HOCK, JOHN G.                           NY-31-101-519
HODGE, J. ASPINWALL                     NY-31-1023-468
HODGE, RALPH                            NY-31-56-265
HODGE, ROBERT                           NY-31-51-47
HODGES, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-1018-160
HODGES, JOSEPHINE                       NY-31-1012-156
HODGES, NANCY D.                        NY-31-95-588
HODGES, PRESTON                         NY-31-115-127
HODGKINSON, THOMAS                      NY-31-59-25
HODGSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-64-314
HOE, ROBERT                             NY-31-71-227
HOEBER, ARTHUR                          NY-31-1023-217
HOEGGER, LOUIS                          NY-31-1015-33
HOELLEBOLT, ELIZA                       NY-31-1020-72
HOENNINGER, CHARLES J.                  NY-31-1010-45
HOERMAL, JOHN                           NY-31-986-137
HOES, JOHN                              NY-31-76-336
HOES, MARTHA                            NY-31-127-169
HOEY, WILLIAM R.                        NY-31-78-161
HOFF, JOHN V.                           NY-31-132-132
HOFFMAN, ANTHONY N.                     NY-31-110-534
HOFFMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-31-44-189
HOFFMAN, EDWARD OTTO                    NY-31-1006-323
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          NY-31-111-20
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-104-101
HOFFMAN, MARY                           NY-31-58-437
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-148-117
HOFFMAN, MINDEL                         NY-31-148-395
HOFFMAN, PHILIPPINA                     NY-31-1008-38
HOFFMAN, RENEHEART                      NY-31-48-485
HOFFMAN, RICHARD K.                     NY-31-136-1
HOFFMAN, SARAH                          NY-31-58-164
HOFFMAN, SUSAN L.                       NY-31-142-103
HOFFMAN, TOBIAS                         NY-31-50-316
HOFFMANN, CONRAD                        NY-31-133-504
HOFFMANN, FREDERICK W.                  NY-31-122-109
HOFFMANN, PHILIP                        NY-31-1009-321
HOFFMEISTER, MILLIE G.                  NY-31-991-439
HOFFNER, JOHN P.                        NY-31-989-180
HOFFSTADT, GUSTAVE                      NY-31-1013-124
HOGAN, CHARLES W.                       NY-31-1009-331
HOGAN, DENIS                            NY-31-1011-489
HOGAN, JOHN                             NY-31-46-462
HOGAN, MARY L.                          NY-31-985-227
HOGAN, MICHAEL                          NY-31-124-64
HOGAN, MICHAEL                          NY-31-1015-445
HOGAN, PETER J.                         NY-31-107-344
HOGAN, ROBERT                           NY-31-140-140
HOGAN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-102-509
HOGENKAMP, JEMIMA                       NY-31-114-24
HOGENKAMP, JOHN                         NY-31-108-199
HOGENKAMP, MARTINES                     NY-31-70-178
HOGG, JAMES                             NY-31-53-348
HOGG, THOMAS                            NY-31-112-44
HOGG, WILLIAM                           NY-31-1000-465
HOGGATT, NATHANIEL SR.                  NY-31-125-208
HOGGATT, PHILIP                         NY-31-125-212
HOHWOOD, RACHEL                         NY-31-46-257
HOKE, PHILIP                            NY-31-1019-459
HOLBEIN, KATHARINA                      NY-31-1023-52
HOLBROOK, DARIUS B.                     NY-31-123-303
HOLBROOK, EPHRAIM                       NY-31-104-134
HOLBROOK, LOISA W.                      NY-31-136-94
HOLDEN, AMELI G.                        NY-31-43-297
HOLDEN, ANN H.                          NY-31-1024-479
HOLDEN, EDWARD                          NY-31-66-317
HOLDEN, EDWIN R.                        NY-31-1005-45
HOLDEN, EMELINE J.                      NY-31-986-316
HOLDEN, FANNY                           NY-31-1000-156
HOLDEN, GEORGE H.                       NY-31-999-469
HOLDEN, HORACE                          NY-31-141-10
HOLDRIDGE, NATHAN H.                    NY-31-90-188
HOLDRON, EUNICE                         NY-31-69-490
HOLE, JAMES                             NY-31-58-278
HOLE, JAMES                             NY-31-58-209
HOLERS, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-100-480
HOLFORD, JAMES                          NY-31-107-491
HOLLAND, EDMUND M.                      NY-31-988-237
HOLLAND, ELLEN                          NY-31-141-139
HOLLAND, JOHN                           NY-31-42-76
HOLLAND, JOSEPH                         NY-31-47-157
HOLLAND, MARGARET                       NY-31-149-524
HOLLAND, SWINTON COLLHURST              NY-31-63-210
HOLLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-31-77-54
HOLLAND, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-138-243
HOLLANDER, ADOLF                        NY-31-991-157
HOLLANDER, JOSEPH L.                    NY-31-1008-346
HOLLINS, VIRGINIA                       NY-31-1013-19
HOLLINSHEAD, EDGAR P.                   NY-31-1020-81
HOLLISTER, ARTHUR W.                    NY-31-1024-153
HOLLISTER, NATHAN S.                    NY-31-103-185
HOLLNAGNEL, WILLIAM                     NY-31-131-129
HOLLNAGNEL, WILLIAM J. H.               NY-31-131-129
HOLLOWAY, CATHARINE                     NY-31-90-118
HOLLOWAY, JOHN SR.                      NY-31-63-38
HOLLY, SUSAN                            NY-31-110-391
HOLMES, CURTIS                          NY-31-119-465
HOLMES, ELDAD                           NY-31-118-68
HOLMES, FRANK C.                        NY-31-993-24
HOLMES, JAMES                           NY-31-48-376
HOLMES, JAMES                           NY-31-99-531
HOLMES, MARY M.                         NY-31-1006-37
HOLMES, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-78-464
HOLMES, RICHARD G.                      NY-31-122-70
HOLMES, RICHARD T.                      NY-31-122-40
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          NY-31-48-197
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          NY-31-48-183
HOLMES, SILAS                           NY-31-133-493
HOLMES, THOMAS                          NY-31-51-82
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-91-411
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-96-466
HOLMES, WILLIAM D.                      NY-31-1013-103
HOLSMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-31-69-318
HOLST, LOUIS                            NY-31-986-30
HOLT, JACOB                             NY-31-77-305
HOLT, JAMES                             NY-31-78-412
HOLT, STEPHEN                           NY-31-97-316
HOLT, STEPHEN                           NY-31-141-377
HOLTHUS, JOHN F.                        NY-31-134-29
HOLTHUYSEN, JOHANNA                     NY-31-84-240
HOLTJE, HERMAN                          NY-31-111-392
HOLTON, EDWARD                          NY-31-1020-70
HOLTON, EUNICE                          NY-31-91-91
HOLTON, THOMAS                          NY-31-122-26
HOLWEIS, DIEDERICH                      NY-31-90-457
HOLZINGER, ALBERT                       NY-31-1023-481
HOLZMAN, MATILDA                        NY-31-992-381
HOLZMEISTER, FRANCIS J.                 NY-31-138-275
HONAY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-100-353
HONE, JOANNA                            NY-31-78-369
HONE, JOHN                              NY-31-69-22
HONE, JOHN                              NY-31-92-634
HONE, PHILIP                            NY-31-101-427
HONE, PHILIP S.                         NY-31-54-394
HONEYFORD, MARGARET                     NY-31-1004-384
HONIG, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1029-44
HOOD, ROBERT                            NY-31-109-586
HOOGLAND, ABRAHAM C.                    NY-31-96-593
HOOGLAND, DANIEL                        NY-31-66-329
HOOGLAND, ELBERT                        NY-31-46-385
HOOGLAND, HENRY                         NY-31-105-160
HOOGLAND, WILLIAM                       NY-31-59-237
HOOK, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-68-143
HOOK, EHEASTER                          NY-31-55-218
HOOK, MARGARET                          NY-31-92-243
HOOK, THOMAS                            NY-31-44-4
HOOLE, MARTHA                           NY-31-93-292
HOOPER, ALFRED M.                       NY-31-991-450
HOPE, ROBERT                            NY-31-62-179
HOPKINS, CATHERINE                      NY-31-1023-61
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         NY-31-65-414
HOPKINS, DANIEL                         NY-31-71-158
HOPKINS, GEORGE                         NY-31-41-421
HOPKINS, GEORGE F.                      NY-31-96-491
HOPKINS, JOHN M.                        NY-31-64-264
HOPKINS, MARY                           NY-31-60-47
HOPKINS, MARY                           NY-31-58-446
HOPKINS, SIDNEY W.                      NY-31-998-27
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-52-425
HOPKINS,R EUBEN                         NY-31-99-259
HOPPER, HENRY                           NY-31-98-384
HOPPER, JOHN                            NY-31-77-512
HOPPER, JOHN                            NY-31-55-382
HOPPER, MARY                            NY-31-60-155
HOPPER, STEPHEN                         NY-31-53-370
HOPPER, WESSEL                          NY-31-43-168
HOPPER, YALLAS                          NY-31-61-359
HOPPING, HOWARD                         NY-31-1018-423
HOPPING, MARY                           NY-31-139-58
HOPPS, ALONZO                           NY-31-127-135
HOPSON, GEORGE                          NY-31-44-128
HOPSON, MARY B.                         NY-31-1019-48
HORA, JAMES                             NY-31-106-290
HORGAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1015-443
HORLER, MARY                            NY-31-1023-219
HORN, CAROLINE                          NY-31-1029-160
HORN, DAVID                             NY-31-985-474
HORN, GEORGE                            NY-31-114-29
HORN, JOHN                              NY-31-52-341
HORN, JOHN                              NY-31-56-476
HORNBLOWER, WILLIAM B.                  NY-31-1002-365
HORNBY, JOHN                            NY-31-103-54
HORNBY, ROBERT                          NY-31-1026-47
HORNBY,ELIZABETH C.                     NY-31-1031-7
HORNE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-135-57
HORNER, JAMES B.                        NY-31-1009-199
HORNTHAL, LEWIS M.                      NY-31-1000-458
HOROWITZ, JACOB                         NY-31-985-486
HORSBURGH, JOHN                         NY-31-96-94
HORSFIELD, ISAAC U.                     NY-31-63-397
HORSPOOL, JOHN                          NY-31-142-190
HORTON, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-98-107
HORTON, ANN                             NY-31-71-319
HORTON, CALEB                           NY-31-62-433
HORTON, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-77-391
HORTON, ELIAKIM                         NY-31-103-448
HORTON, GILHERT                         NY-31-52-328
HORTON, HARRY L.                        NY-31-1023-292
HORTON, JAMES M.                        NY-31-1006-317
HORTON, LOUISE A.                       NY-31-1018-48
HORTON, PHEBE H.                        NY-31-1007-66
HORTON, SUSAN                           NY-31-148-221
HORWILL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-86-321
HORWITZ, DORA S.                        NY-31-1025-123
HORWITZ, EMMA                           NY-31-1008-496
HOSACK, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-72-80
HOSACK, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-60-59
HOTTMANN, DAVID                         NY-31-142-199
HOUGH, MARY S.                          NY-31-997-84
HOUGHTALING, ANDREW                     NY-31-147-18
HOUGHTON, DEBORAH H.                    NY-31-1018-210
HOUGHTON, ELEANOR A.                    NY-31-1018-319
HOUGHTON, HENRY H.                      NY-31-121-419
HOUGHTON, JAMES                         NY-31-86-104
HOUGHTON, JOHN                          NY-31-48-244
HOUNSFIELD, BARTHOLOMEW                 NY-31-83-620
HOURDEQUIN, FELIX                       NY-31-135-68
HOURIGAN, JOHN                          NY-31-101-289
HOUSEMAN, AURT                          NY-31-43-222
HOUSEWORTH, MICHAEL                     NY-31-142-373
HOUSNFIELD, EZRA                        NY-31-50-363
HOUSTON, JAMES A.                       NY-31-98-404
HOUSTOWN, MARGARETTA                    NY-31-89-1
HOVEY, ELEAZER                          NY-31-137-309
HOVEY, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-58-459
HOWARD, ALICE M.                        NY-31-992-385
HOWARD, CHARLOTTE M.                    NY-31-1022-234
HOWARD, FRANCES A.                      NY-31-1031-266
HOWARD, HENRY                           NY-31-72-129
HOWARD, JOHN B.                         NY-31-98-516
HOWARD, RICHARD                         NY-31-60-40
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         NY-31-90-497
HOWARD, WILLIAM E.                      NY-31-128-448
HOWARTH, JOHN H.                        NY-31-1005-43
HOWD, EDMUND                            NY-31-50-51
HOWE, ANNA H.                           NY-31-1018-164
HOWE, BEZALEEL                          NY-31-59-481
HOWE, CATHARINE                         NY-31-99-245
HOWE, ELIZA J.                          NY-31-115-10
HOWE, HARRIET F.                        NY-31-1004-490
HOWE, J. MORGAN                         NY-31-1008-339
HOWE, SELLICK                           NY-31-102-575
HOWE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-42-341
HOWEL, EZEKIEL JR.                      NY-31-48-17
HOWEL, WILLIAM                          NY-31-57-375
HOWELL, AARON                           NY-31-93-488
HOWELL, ANNABELLA K.                    NY-31-1020-400
HOWELL, BENONI H.                       NY-31-104-402
HOWELL, CALEB                           NY-31-120-3
HOWELL, CHARLES F.                      NY-31-92-618
HOWELL, CHARLES W.                      NY-31-82-570
HOWELL, FLORENCE C.                     NY-31-1022-232
HOWELL, HARRIET                         NY-31-100-279
HOWELL, MARY                            NY-31-1031-431
HOWELL, MARY P.                         NY-31-1000-461
HOWELL, MATTHEW                         NY-31-76-443
HOWELL, MATTHEW                         NY-31-59-311
HOWELL, WALTER                          NY-31-101-244
HOWELL, WALTER                          NY-31-95-216
HOWELL, WILLIAM S.                      NY-31-103-532
HOWELLS, SARAH L.                       NY-31-1030-121
HOWES, DANIEL M.                        NY-31-67-64
HOWEY, ALFRED                           NY-31-1011-159
HOWEY, ISABELLE T.                      NY-31-992-457
HOWEY, WILLIAM J.                       NY-31-1003-399
HOWLAND, CAROLINE S.                    NY-31-97-329
HOWLAND, DULANY                         NY-31-1020-254
HOWLAND, GARDINER G.                    NY-31-103-134
HOWLAND, GEORGE                         NY-31-104-378
HOWLAND, JOHN H.                        NY-31-97-340
HOWLAND, SAMUEL F.                      NY-31-1005-211
HOWLAND, SAMUEL L.                      NY-31-95-237
HOWLAND, SAMUEL S.                      NY-31-105-334
HOWLDEN, MARY L.                        NY-31-1012-53
HOWLETT, CLARENCE L                     NY-31-989-491
HOWSE, DAVID                            NY-31-100-389
HOXIE, JOHN                             NY-31-54-481
HOXIE, WILLIAM E.                       NY-31-106-105
HOY, PETER                              NY-31-49-220
HOYER, JOSEPH F.                        NY-31-147-508
HOYLE, DAVID                            NY-31-1018-212
HOYT, ENOCH                             NY-31-89-575
HOYT, FRANK C.                          NY-31-1007-225
HOYT, GOOLD                             NY-31-85-295
HOYT, HANNAH                            NY-31-95-670
HOYT, JAMES I.                          NY-31-130-294
HOYT, JOHN                              NY-31-66-310
HOYT, REUBEN M.                         NY-31-1002-356
HUBBARD, ABIGAL                         NY-31-51-390
HUBBARD, ABIGAL                         NY-31-51-396
HUBBARD, ARCH                           NY-31-98-285
HUBBARD, CHRISTOPHER S.                 NY-31-92-53
HUBBARD, SAMUEL D.                      NY-31-117-339
HUBBARD, THOMAS H.                      NY-31-1021-132
HUBBART, SAMUEL                         NY-31-43-67
HUBBELL, SARAH ANN                      NY-31-138-261
HUBBELL, SILAS P.                       NY-31-1000-356
HUBBERT, MARY                           NY-31-43-214
HUBER, EMILE                            NY-31-1007-292
HUBER, HENRY                            NY-31-102-254
HUBER, LOUISE                           NY-31-1025-464
HUBER, SAMUEL                           NY-31-49-131
HUCHISON, HENRIETTA F.                  NY-31-1028-352
HUCK, THEODORE                          NY-31-997-343
HUCKER, LEWIS                           NY-31-123-262
HUDSON, GILES                           NY-31-91-528
HUDSON, MARGARET                        NY-31-95-298
HUESTIS, STEPHEN                        NY-31-97-577
HUESTON, SMAUEL                         NY-31-120-434
HUFF, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-82-232
HUGER, SARAH E.                         NY-31-108-89
HUGGAN, ROBERT                          NY-31-1027-116
HUGGEFORD, JOHN                         NY-31-41-442
HUGGET, JOHN R. S.                      NY-31-104-369
HUGGINS, HENRY O.                       NY-31-110-63
HUGHES, ANNA M.                         NY-31-122-76
HUGHES, BRIDGET                         NY-31-1023-53
HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-47-49
HUGHES, DAVID                           NY-31-44-137
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-125-233
HUGHES, J. ANN                          NY-31-985-231
HUGHES, JOHN                            NY-31-50-163
HUGHES, JOHN                            NY-31-139-424
HUGHES, JOHN S.                         NY-31-107-349
HUGHES, JOSEPHINE G.                    NY-31-1023-161
HUGHES, LYDIA                           NY-31-47-352
HUGHES, MARCUS A.                       NY-31-132-393
HUGHES, MARY                            NY-31-1018-162
HUGHES, MARY                            NY-31-1022-379
HUGHES, MICHAEL                         NY-31-56-138
HUGHES, PATRICK                         NY-31-1023-55
HUGHES, ROSE                            NY-31-1001-359
HUGHES, RUTH DAVIS                      NY-31-63-15
HUGHES, SAMUEL J.                       NY-31-100-573
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-59-37
HUGHES, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-122-303
HUGUET, VICTOR E.                       NY-31-82-301
HULAS, GEORGE W.                        NY-31-91-581
HULETT, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-90-104
HULL, GEORGE                            NY-31-142-237
HULL, JOHN                              NY-31-81-539
HULL, JOHN C.                           NY-31-125-256
HULL, JOHN P.                           NY-31-129-60
HULL, JONATHAN                          NY-31-139-507
HULL, JOSEPH G.                         NY-31-1030-257
HULL, OLIVER                            NY-31-44-441
HULL, SARAH B.                          NY-31-137-336
HULL, WAGER                             NY-31-98-563
HULL, WILLIAM                           NY-31-50-194
HULLE, JOHN D.                          NY-31-124-139
HULON, HANNAH                           NY-31-1021-55
HULSART, HENRY                          NY-31-51-112
HUMANSE, HUGO                           NY-31-985-478
HUME, HENRY                             NY-31-59-444
HUME, THOMAS                            NY-31-1023-165
HUMME, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-31-71-57
HUMMEL, FREDERICK P.                    NY-31-1030-32
HUMMEL, JOSEPH                          NY-31-1006-40
HUMMEL, MARGARETHA                      NY-31-1020-248
HUMMEL, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1029-152
HUMPHREY, MATTHEW                       NY-31-75-278
HUMPHREY, VIRGINIA L.                   NY-31-1020-246
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-1018-167
HUMPHREYS, URIAS                        NY-31-122-199
HUMPHRIES, JOHN                         NY-31-92-631
HUNDLEY, MABEL C.                       NY-31-1025-284
HUNGER, MARGARETHA                      NY-31-1024-321
HUNNIFORD, ANN                          NY-31-140-368
HUNT, ALSOP                             NY-31-53-231
HUNT, AMELIA                            NY-31-1016-224
HUNT, ANDREW                            NY-31-63-97
HUNT, BENJAMIN F.                       NY-31-114-299
HUNT, BETTY                             NY-31-92-198
HUNT, CATHARINE                         NY-31-92-621
HUNT, CHARLOTTE                         NY-31-118-64
HUNT, ELVEN                             NY-31-40-323
HUNT, GEORGE BETHUEN                    NY-31-127-11
HUNT, GEORGE H.                         NY-31-134-20
HUNT, HELEN T.                          NY-31-1000-163
HUNT, HENRY                             NY-31-68-209
HUNT, ISREAL                            NY-31-57-228
HUNT, JAMES                             NY-31-55-58
HUNT, JAMES                             NY-31-49-9
HUNT, JAMES                             NY-31-43-451
HUNT, JAMES                             NY-31-86-458
HUNT, JOHN                              NY-31-42-487
HUNT, JONATHAN                          NY-31-94-714
HUNT, KATHARINE                         NY-31-138-86
HUNT, MATTHEW                           NY-31-62-296
HUNT, MERCY                             NY-31-100-557
HUNT, MONTGOMERY                        NY-31-76-225
HUNT, MONTGOMERY                        NY-31-113-142
HUNT, MOSES                             NY-31-75-541
HUNT, NATHANIEL                         NY-31-74-151
HUNT, PHILIP H. M.                      NY-31-83-433
HUNT, R. WILLARD                        NY-31-131-410
HUNT, RICHARD                           NY-31-57-302
HUNT, RIDGELY                           NY-31-1031-264
HUNT, S. CHARLES                        NY-31-102-72
HUNT, SARAH                             NY-31-59-533
HUNTER, ABRAHAM T.                      NY-31-98-113
HUNTER, ADDIE                           NY-31-1015-134
HUNTER, ALANSON                         NY-31-128-325
HUNTER, ANNA                            NY-31-54-424
HUNTER, EFFY                            NY-31-63-106
HUNTER, ELEANOR                         NY-31-51-475
HUNTER, ELIJAH                          NY-31-53-6
HUNTER, ELIJAH                          NY-31-53-229
HUNTER, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-31-1004-488
HUNTER, GRACE                           NY-31-45-25
HUNTER, GRACE                           NY-31-45-89
HUNTER, JOHN M.                         NY-31-58-301
HUNTER, MARGARET                        NY-31-78-73
HUNTER, RACHEL                          NY-31-42-68
HUNTER, SARAH                           NY-31-67-143
HUNTER, THOMAS                          NY-31-1023-221
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-52-166
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-65-221
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-61-310
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-132-220
HUNTING, LAURA E.                       NY-31-1029-154
HUNTINGTON, ELIZABETH M.                NY-31-59-138
HUNTINGTON, FRANCIS C.                  NY-31-1030-259
HUNTINGTON, JABEZ W.                    NY-31-109-400
HUNTINGTON, JOSEPH                      NY-31-84-460
HUNTINGTON, JULIA S.                    NY-31-141-276
HUNTINGTON, MARY B.                     NY-31-69-321
HUNTINGTON, SAMUEL                      NY-31-72-17
HUNTINGTON, SARAH                       NY-31-100-436
HUNTINGTON, ZACHARIAH                   NY-31-109-391
HUNTLEY, SUSAN                          NY-31-69-274
HURD, SARAH                             NY-31-124-238
HURLEY, FRANCIS N.                      NY-31-111-344
HURLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-85-291
HURLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-67-216
HURLEY, MARTHA                          NY-31-95-432
HURLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-59-129
HURRY, ELIZA ANN                        NY-31-134-348
HURST, EPHRAIM H.                       NY-31-75-238
HURST, MARGARET                         NY-31-74-34
HURST, MARY                             NY-31-46-480
HURTT, JOHN                             NY-31-63-238
HURTUS, HENRY S.                        NY-31-73-438
HURTUS, JOSEPHINE                       NY-31-75-1
HURWITZ, SIMON                          NY-31-1022-364
HUSBAND, ADAH A.                        NY-31-140-455
HUSBAND, MARY                           NY-31-96-576
HUSBANDS, SAMUEL                        NY-31-64-483
HUSING, GEORGE C.                       NY-31-119-462
HUSSEY, JOHN                            NY-31-57-46
HUSSEY, MARTHA                          NY-31-91-107
HUSSMANN, CAROLINE C.                   NY-31-988-30
HUSSON, SUSAN H.                        NY-31-1030-253
HUSSSER, MADELINA                       NY-31-1007-220
HUSTACE, AUGUSTUS                       NY-31-101-95
HUSTACE, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-98-89
HUSTACE, ELIJAH                         NY-31-100-427
HUSTACE, FRANCIS                        NY-31-1004-496
HUSTACE, STEPHEN                        NY-31-48-45
HUSTED, THEODORE I.                     NY-31-1028-219
HUSTON, JAMES                           NY-31-106-366
HUTCHIN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-71-45
HUTCHINGS, ANN                          NY-31-101-177
HUTCHINGS, DAVID                        NY-31-80-412
HUTCHINGS, HENRY                        NY-31-58-343
HUTCHINS, DAVID S.                      NY-31-55-291
HUTCHINSON, ALEXANDER                   NY-31-47-93
HUTCHINSON, HIRAM                       NY-31-119-497
HUTCHINSON, LUCY B.                     NY-31-1012-222
HUTCHINSON, MARY A. G. L.               NY-31-985-146
HUTCHINSON, MARY E.                     NY-31-998-32
HUTCHINSON,S TEPHEN                     NY-31-129-178
HUTCHISON, ELIZABETH W.                 NY-31-74-235
HUTCHISON, GENNET                       NY-31-50-4
HUTCHISON, THOMAS                       NY-31-71-198
HUTSHING, BERTHOLD N.                   NY-31-1018-338
HUTSON, JOHN                            NY-31-49-250
HUTSON, JOHN                            NY-31-49-142
HUTTON, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-149-233
HUTTON, GEORGE                          NY-31-106-557
HUTTON, HENRIETTA                       NY-31-1021-281
HUYLER, JOHN                            NY-31-52-260
HUYLER, JOHN                            NY-31-74-511
HUYLER, MARIA                           NY-31-50-443
HUYLER, SARAH                           NY-31-88-155
HUYLER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-135-27
HYATT, CALEB                            NY-31-48-49
HYATT, ELIZA A.                         NY-31-1014-207
HYATT, JOSHUA                           NY-31-75-422
HYATT, STILES G.                        NY-31-991-322
HYDE, ARTEMUS                           NY-31-61-252
HYDE, CHARLES E.                        NY-31-993-359
HYDE, ELLSWORTH H.                      NY-31-138-481
HYDE, ELMER W.                          NY-31-1009-327
HYDE, JOHN                              NY-31-46-28
HYDE, STEPHEN                           NY-31-138-287
HYER, JOHN                              NY-31-92-306
HYIDE, MARY                             NY-31-94-546
HYLAD, MICHAEL                          NY-31-127-141
HYMAN, GUSTAVE                          NY-31-987-431
HYMAN, ISRAEL                           NY-31-1012-46
HYMAN, ROSE                             NY-31-997-18
HYNES, HENRY                            NY-31-1021-150
HYNES, JOHN J.                          NY-31-1031-113
HYNES, MARGARET                         NY-31-102-16
HYNES, MARGARET                         NY-31-997-438
HYNES, MARY S.                          NY-31-992-127
HYSLOP, ROBERT                          NY-31-42-399
HYSLOP, ROBERT                          NY-31-147-480

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