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MAAS, HERMAN                            NY-31-136-120
MAAS, HERMAN                            NY-31-137-38
MAAS, LEOPOLD                           NY-31-1013-255
MAAS, REGINA                            NY-31-1031-137
MAAS, SIMON                             NY-31-113-162
MABIE, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-49-97
MABIE, EDGAR W.                         NY-31-996-455
MABIE, JOSEPH                           NY-31-53-99
MACABEE, CATHARINE                      NY-31-103-402
MACARTHUR, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-987-480
MACARTHUR, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-987-480
MACAULEY, SAMUEL                        NY-31-91-273
MACBETH, ELLEN                          NY-31-70-240
MACDERMOTT, WILLIAM H.                  NY-31-1008-279
MACDONA, AMELIA                         NY-31-1017-313
MACDONALD, CHARLES J.                   NY-31-130-118
MACDONALD, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-117-61
MACDONOUGH, MARCELLA                    NY-31-1017-289
MACE, JOHN                              NY-31-103-461
MACFAULL, JOHN                          NY-31-48-44
MACGREGOR, ALEXANDER                    NY-31-77-111
MACGREGOR, DON JUAN LUIS                NY-31-84-371
MACGREGOR, JOHN JR.                     NY-31-83-469
MACGREGOR, ROBERT                       NY-31-42-228
MACHIZOT, DOMINIQUE                     NY-31-73-435
MACINTOSH, WALTER                       NY-31-1003-431
MACIVER, JOHN                           NY-31-56-259
MACK, DANIEL                            NY-31-70-250
MACK, LEWIS S.                          NY-31-1017-286
MACK, RACHEL BIRDSALL                   NY-31-148-162
MACKAY, GEORGE H.                       NY-31-90-68
MACKELLAR, WILLIAM S.                   NY-31-1020-418
MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER                    NY-31-986-418
MACKENZIE, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-51-411
MACKENZIE, SAMUEL                       NY-31-96-498
MACKEY, DOROTHY                         NY-31-86-378
MACKEY, JOHN                            NY-31-75-303
MACKEY, JOSEPH J.                       NY-31-1006-351
MACKIE, PETER                           NY-31-73-294
MACKIE, THOMAS                          NY-31-55-35
MACKLIN, FRANCIS                        NY-31-89-296
MACKLIN, KATE                           NY-31-1018-433
MACKRELL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-59-278
MACKRELL, WILLIAM T.                    NY-31-105-488
MACLACHLAN, JAMES                       NY-31-50-79
MACLAY, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-131-355
MACLAY, MARIE J.                        NY-31-1029-180
MACNAIR, DAVID                          NY-31-1016-62
MACNEVEN, SAMUEL R.                     NY-31-102-543
MACNEVEN, WILLIAM J.                    NY-31-83-564
MACOMBER, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-137-291
MACRI, ALFRED                           NY-31-1009-437
MACULLY, JAMES F.                       NY-31-100-643
MACWHORTER, FRANCES C. G.               NY-31-89-105
MACY, HELEN M.                          NY-31-1012-412
MACY, WILLIAM A.                        NY-31-130-331
MADDEN, SOPHY L.                        NY-31-1016-419
MADDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-104-191
MAGARICAL, DAVID                        NY-31-96-27
MAGDA, EDWARD                           NY-31-998-48
MAGEE, JAMES                            NY-31-94-578
MAGHAN, PIERCE                          NY-31-59-185
MAGHEE, MARY                            NY-31-96-132
MAGHEE, SARAH                           NY-31-63-459
MAGHEE, SARAH                           NY-31-63-406
MAGHER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-41-183
MAGINN, JOHN                            NY-31-140-480
MAGINNIS, SAMUEL H.                     NY-31-63-84
MAGINNISS, JAMES                        NY-31-57-374
MAGINNISS, SAMUEL H.                    NY-31-65-275
MAGNER, FRANK                           NY-31-991-479
MAGNIN, JOHN                            NY-31-91-647
MAGNUS, ADOLPH                          NY-31-1000-478
MAGNUS, OTTO                            NY-31-1000-399
MAGNUSON, CARL                          NY-31-996-445
MAGNUSSEN, HANNAH C.                    NY-31-1025-55
MAGRATH, MYLES                          NY-31-42-481
MAGRATH, PATRICK                        NY-31-54-78
MAGUIRE, EDWARD P.                      NY-31-60-266
MAGUIRE, FRANCIS                        NY-31-135-96
MAGUIRE, MICHAEL                        NY-31-989-201
MAHAN, JAMES                            NY-31-121-171
MAHANEY, THOMAS                         NY-31-129-223
MAHANEY, THOMAS                         NY-31-59-169
MAHANY, THOMAS                          NY-31-129-223
MAHAR, THOMAS                           NY-31-101-507
MAHER, JOHN F.                          NY-31-991-328
MAHLSTEDT, FREDERICK                    NY-31-1015-360
MAHONEY, DANIEL J.                      NY-31-1012-181
MAHONEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1004-242
MAHONEY, JULIA                          NY-31-1022-176
MAHONY, BRIDGET                         NY-31-93-678
MAHONY, DENIS                           NY-31-77-552
MAHONY, JEREMIAH                        NY-31-91-671
MAHONY, MARY                            NY-31-136-16
MAHONY, TIMOTHY                         NY-31-70-283
MAIER, HERMINA                          NY-31-996-450
MAIN, GEORGE                            NY-31-51-188
MAINERT, MARTIN                         NY-31-129-467
MAINEVEN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-110-269
MAIS, CHARLES                           NY-31-69-195
MAISCHALK, CHRISTIAN                    NY-31-56-284
MAITLAND, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-92-640
MAITLAND, JAMES W.                      NY-31-131-459
MAITLAND, ROBERT                        NY-31-93-343
MAITLING, ABRAHAM B.                    NY-31-82-543
MAJOR, HENRY                            NY-31-75-391
MAJOR, KATE O.                          NY-31-988-457
MAJOR, SEVERN                           NY-31-41-19
MAJOR, THOMAS                           NY-31-43-258
MALAGODI, CESARE                        NY-31-986-154
MALCOLM, SARAH                          NY-31-56-182
MALCOLM, SILAS                          NY-31-56-1
MALCOLM, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-56-179
MALCOM, MARGARET                        NY-31-42-479
MALE, HENRY                             NY-31-997-37
MALINKOWITZ, SIMON                      NY-31-993-54
MALINN, PATRICK                         NY-31-56-442
MALLA, GEORGE                           NY-31-47-182
MALLABY, FRANCIS                        NY-31-59-66
MALLABY, FRANCIS                        NY-31-59-124
MALLAN, MARY                            NY-31-75-174
MALLENBREY, JOSEPH                      NY-31-42-509
MALLER, JENNIE C.                       NY-31-1004-251
MALLON, MARGARET                        NY-31-126-396
MALLON, MARY                            NY-31-1022-115
MALLOUGH, JEREMIAH                      NY-31-58-35
MALLOW, ROMELIA A.                      NY-31-1010-70
MALLOWS, DAVID KENDRICK                 NY-31-46-125
MALLOY, ROWLAND S.                      NY-31-134-117
MALONE, GEORGE                          NY-31-102-233
MALONE, JAMES                           NY-31-132-174
MALONE, WILLIAM                         NY-31-117-397
MALONEY, EDWARD                         NY-31-61-14
MALONEY, JOHN F.                        NY-31-1024-112
MALONY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-92-402
MALOY, JOHN                             NY-31-95-383
MALZALEB, PAULINE                       NY-31-992-479
MAN, ELIZABETH                          NY-31-50-251
MAN, ELIZABETH                          NY-31-50-291
MAN, THOMAS CHARLES                     NY-31-40-334
MANAGHAN, EDWARD                        NY-31-46-37
MANAHAN, JAMES                          NY-31-58-416
MANAHAN, MARGARET E.                    NY-31-1003-1
MANALD, FREDERICK                       NY-31-46-396
MANCHESTER, JOHN                        NY-31-69-59
MANDELBAUM, LIETPOLD                    NY-31-1012-178
MANDEVILLE, MARY                        NY-31-141-354
MANDEVILLE, SARAH T.                    NY-31-1001-116
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM                     NY-31-120-405
MANGIN, JAMES                           NY-31-139-412
MANGLES, ALBERT N.                      NY-31-100-536
MANGOAGA, JUAN H.                       NY-31-121-333
MANHEIMER, ANTON                        NY-31-1004-412
MANHEIMER, BERTHA                       NY-31-997-455
MANHEIMER,JACOB                         NY-31-999-195
MANIFOLD, A. W. F.                      NY-31-991-332
MANIORT, JOHN                           NY-31-102-171
MANKIEWITZ, BERTHA                      NY-31-1022-114
MANLEY, ANNA                            NY-31-99-73
MANLEY, EVELINA                         NY-31-79-60
MANLEY, ROBERT                          NY-31-53-408
MANLY, SAMUEL H.                        NY-31-124-26
MANN, CHARLES                           NY-31-1002-258
MANN, DAVID                             NY-31-49-318
MANN, JOHN                              NY-31-83-78
MANN, JOHN                              NY-31-45-183
MANN, MARTIN J.                         NY-31-83-184
MANN, MARY                              NY-31-91-20
MANN, STEPHEN B.                        NY-31-115-140
MANNING, CATHARINE                      NY-31-135-126
MANNING, ELIZA ANN                      NY-31-54-309
MANNING, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-101-524
MANNING, JAMES                          NY-31-48-4
MANNING, JOHN                           NY-31-132-35
MANNING, JOHN A.                        NY-31-78-435
MANNING, MARIA D.                       NY-31-149-510
MANNING, ROBERT                         NY-31-106-26
MANOTT, GEORGE                          NY-31-62-279
MANOWITCH, JENNY M.                     NY-31-1030-159
MANSBACH, EMANUEL                       NY-31-994-119
MANSFIELD, MARY                         NY-31-69-333
MANSFIELD, WILLIAM                      NY-31-149-465
MANTIN, MARTIN                          NY-31-141-202
MANTIUS, WILLIAM E.                     NY-31-1013-256
MANUEL, THOMAS                          NY-31-96-586
MANWARING, DAVID                        NY-31-45-90
MANY, FRANCIS                           NY-31-83-238
MANY, JAMES                             NY-31-71-242
MANY, VINCENT W.                        NY-31-115-59
MAPES, CHARLES N.                       NY-31-1010-490
MAPES, JONAS                            NY-31-61-287
MAPES, WILLIAM A.                       NY-31-986-62
MARA, JOHN                              NY-31-123-337
MARCELLIN, CLAUDIUS ANTHONY             NY-31-53-264
MARCELUS, CATHARINE                     NY-31-59-22
MARCET, JEAN G.                         NY-31-95-362
MARCH, CHARLES                          NY-31-114-43
MARCH, FRANCIS                          NY-31-122-345
MARCH, JOHN                             NY-31-64-488
MARCH, JULIET S.                        NY-31-1031-456
MARCHAND, CHARLES                       NY-31-48-247
MARCHANT, CHARLES                       NY-31-125-360
MARCHANT, JOHN                          NY-31-89-209
MARCHAUD, HENRIETTE C.                  NY-31-70-319
MARCOT, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-74-247
MARCUS, BETSEY                          NY-31-1028-251
MARESCAUX, ALICE W.                     NY-31-1030-457
MARFARLANE, CHARLES S.                  NY-31-91-598
MARGNARD, JOHANNA                       NY-31-1006-461
MARIOTTE, FRANCOIS                      NY-31-61-261
MARK, JACOB                             NY-31-56-405
MARKEL, ADAM                            NY-31-1012-417
MARKEWITZ, SARAH                        NY-31-994-40
MARKEY, JAMES                           NY-31-137-239
MARKEY, MARY L.                         NY-31-1001-479
MARKHAM, MARY J.                        NY-31-990-386
MARKRELL, JAMES                         NY-31-55-350
MARKS, CHARLES                          NY-31-994-260
MARKS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-1012-66
MARKS, JANE                             NY-31-119-132
MARKS, LOUIS A.                         NY-31-1012-476
MARKS, ROBERT                           NY-31-1004-174
MARKS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-1007-240
MARKS, WOOLF D.                         NY-31-1024-246
MARLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-110-257
MARLOR, HARRIET J.                      NY-31-1018-68
MARLOR, HENRY S.                        NY-31-1013-247
MARMICHI, GUILLAME                      NY-31-82-523
MARONEY, JAMES                          NY-31-138-230
MARREN, JANE M.                         NY-31-1011-355
MARRENNER, WILLIAM                      NY-31-46-452
MARRINER, HARRIET W.                    NY-31-89-491
MARRINER, WILLIAM                       NY-31-56-308
MARRIOTTE, ANN                          NY-31-103-586
MARRON, JAMES                           NY-31-131-195
MARS, J. EUGENE                         NY-31-989-400
MARS, PATRICK                           NY-31-45-417
MARSAC, HARVEY                          NY-31-74-183
MARSCHALK, ELEANOR                      NY-31-46-35
MARSCHALK, JOHN                         NY-31-59-322
MARSCHALK, JOSEPH                       NY-31-60-44
MARSCHALK, NELLY                        NY-31-92-508
MARSCHAUSEN, THEODORE                   NY-31-88-303
MARSEILLES, LEWIS                       NY-31-74-309
MARSEILLES, MARY GRACE                  NY-31-66-424
MARSELLES, JOHN                         NY-31-149-171
MARSH, EDWARD C.                        NY-31-54-272
MARSH, HENRY                            NY-31-997-174
MARSH, JOHN LEONARD                     NY-31-113-115
MARSH, JONATHAN                         NY-31-998-403
MARSH, MARIA                            NY-31-128-223
MARSH, MAROVAH                          NY-31-76-395
MARSH, MARY                             NY-31-98-450
MARSH, MARY N.                          NY-31-92-367
MARSH, PETER                            NY-31-124-104
MARSH, THOMAS                           NY-31-116-243
MARSH, WILLIAM B.                       NY-31-1031-461
MARSH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-116-33
MARSHALL, ABIJAH                        NY-31-78-1
MARSHALL, ANNA M.                       NY-31-141-364
MARSHALL, ANTHONY                       NY-31-49-175
MARSHALL, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-71-26
MARSHALL, CAROLINE E.                   NY-31-1020-302
MARSHALL, CHAUNCEY                      NY-31-1016-251
MARSHALL, ELEANOR                       NY-31-44-11
MARSHALL, EMANUEL C.                    NY-31-1018-346
MARSHALL, GEORGE                        NY-31-141-438
MARSHALL, JAMES                         NY-31-57-480
MARSHALL, JEREMIAH                      NY-31-52-197
MARSHALL, JOHN                          NY-31-48-170
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        NY-31-93-612
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        NY-31-63-99
MARSHALL, MARY J.                       NY-31-1018-350
MARSHALL, REUBEN                        NY-31-52-219
MARSHALL, ROBERT                        NY-31-76-410
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                        NY-31-46-80
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                        NY-31-113-482
MARSHALL, SAMUEL ROBERT                 NY-31-62-111
MARSHALL, SAMUEL T. K.                  NY-31-125-485
MARSHALL, SUSANNAH                      NY-31-41-42
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        NY-31-57-337
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-91-547
MARSLAND, STEPHEN                       NY-31-52-160
MARSON, EMMA A.                         NY-31-1024-348
MARSTON, BELLA (FREE BLACK)             NY-31-50-465
MARSTON, GEORGE                         NY-31-47-302
MARSTON, THOMAS                         NY-31-51-249
MARTELLE, JUSTINE                       NY-31-149-340
MARTEN, ANNE M.                         NY-31-111-373
MARTENS, HERMANN                        NY-31-1023-70
MARTENS, JOHN H.                        NY-31-142-361
MARTHER, ANDRUS                         NY-31-89-515
MARTHING, DANIEL                        NY-31-61-228
MARTIN, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-139-176
MARTIN, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-81-115
MARTIN, ALFRED                          NY-31-112-210
MARTIN, ANN                             NY-31-109-483
MARTIN, ANTHONY                         NY-31-61-341
MARTIN, ASHER                           NY-31-108-540
MARTIN, AUGUSTE                         NY-31-138-414
MARTIN, BENAJAH M.                      NY-31-1020-102
MARTIN, BERNARD                         NY-31-133-343
MARTIN, CHARLES                         NY-31-73-464
MARTIN, CROWELL                         NY-31-141-107
MARTIN, ELIZA                           NY-31-1016-247
MARTIN, FELIX HENRY                     NY-31-120-9
MARTIN, FERDERICK T.                    NY-31-987-484
MARTIN, GEORGE F.                       NY-31-995-364
MARTIN, HIRAM                           NY-31-115-133
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-31-136-69
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-31-987-274
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-31-992-206
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-31-78-175
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-31-119-382
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-31-112-327
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-31-135-88
MARTIN, JOHN B.                         NY-31-127-143
MARTIN, JOHN C.                         NY-31-990-221
MARTIN, LUCIA                           NY-31-55-27
MARTIN, LUCY S.                         NY-31-1002-116
MARTIN, LUKE J.                         NY-31-1016-423
MARTIN, PETER                           NY-31-45-139
MARTIN, PETER                           NY-31-83-155
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NY-31-1031-450
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NY-31-93-624
MARTIN, ROBERT H.                       NY-31-1014-53
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-124-224
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NY-31-93-279
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NY-31-108-168
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NY-31-142-299
MARTIN, URBAN                           NY-31-1014-57
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-96-560
MARTIN, WINFRED R.                      NY-31-1009-440
MARTINDALE, ELENORAH I.                 NY-31-997-181
MARTINE, DANIEL                         NY-31-147-458
MARTINE, FERDINAND S.                   NY-31-104-37
MARTINE, JOHN                           NY-31-100-686
MARTINE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-104-222
MARTINEZ, MYNELS R.                     NY-31-1011-348
MARTINEZ, THOMAS                        NY-31-81-603
MARTINOT, GENEST                        NY-31-68-183
MARTINOT, GENEST                        NY-31-68-183
MARTINOT, SARAH A.                      NY-31-135-91
MARTIN,SAMUEL                           NY-31-123-197
MARTOCCIA ANTONIO                       NY-31-1022-178
MARVIN, ELSEY                           NY-31-93-631
MARVIN, EZRA                            NY-31-1007-103
MARVIN, MATTHEW                         NY-31-85-188
MARVIN, MATTHEW                         NY-31-85-355
MARX, ASHER                             NY-31-58-462
MARX, HENRY                             NY-31-44-467
MARX, JACOB                             NY-31-1025-190
MARX, JACOB                             NY-31-131-434
MARX, MARIA                             NY-31-46-459
MARX, SIMON                             NY-31-1011-61
MARY, HENRY                             NY-31-1023-362
MARY LORING                             NY-31-53-121
MARYE, MICHONNE                         NY-31-45-448
MASBACH, JONATHAN                       NY-31-1015-357
MASEY, ROBERT                           NY-31-96-632
MASLIN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-101-128
MASON, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-71-361
MASON, ERSKINE                          NY-31-101-489
MASON, HENRY                            NY-31-85-199
MASON, JAMES A.                         NY-31-1012-243
MASON, JOHN                             NY-31-80-470
MASON, JOHN                             NY-31-42-74
MASON, JOHN F.                          NY-31-69-266
MASON, JOHN L.                          NY-31-138-31
MASON, JOHN M.                          NY-31-66-6
MASON, MARIETTA L.                      NY-31-1029-188
MASON, THOMAS                           NY-31-87-365
MASON, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-1031-128
MASSA, SAMUEL B.                        NY-31-1017-293
MASSARO, GERARDO                        NY-31-996-453
MASSASSONNEAU, PETER                    NY-31-67-275
MASSEY, GEORGE                          NY-31-1018-279
MASTEN, FREDERICK                       NY-31-998-203
MASTERS, SAMUEL C.                      NY-31-77-413
MASTERS, THOMAS                         NY-31-90-434
MASTERSON, BRIDGET                      NY-31-147-465
MASTERSON, PETER                        NY-31-106-544
MASTERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-51-291
MASTERTON, DAVID                        NY-31-47-173
MASTERTON, DAVID                        NY-31-45-327
MASTERTON, HENRY                        NY-31-46-407
MASTERTON, JAMES                        NY-31-56-343
MASTERTON, MARGARET                     NY-31-50-401
MASTIN, ISRAEL D.                       NY-31-114-424
MASTON, DANIEL                          NY-31-53-342
MATCOVICH, ANTONIO                      NY-31-127-154
MATHER, ANDREW                          NY-31-61-98
MATHER, CALVIN E.                       NY-31-109-99
MATHER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-72-298
MATHER, GEORGE                          NY-31-137-386
MATHER, JAMES M.                        NY-31-97-593
MATHER, JOHN                            NY-31-81-608
MATHER, THOMAS                          NY-31-98-21
MATHERLY, FANNIE J.                     NY-31-998-414
MATHERS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1026-430
MATHERS, JOSEPH                         NY-31-57-339
MATHERS, PETER J.                       NY-31-1021-294
MATHESON, JAMES                         NY-31-105-88
MATHEWS, ANN                            NY-31-75-176
MATHEWS, ANN                            NY-31-99-231
MATHEWS, JAMES                          NY-31-111-39
MATHEWS, JOHN                           NY-31-49-245
MATHEWS, JOHN                           NY-31-74-268
MATHEWS, KATHERINE L. P.                NY-31-998-418
MATHEWS, MARGARET                       NY-31-128-532
MATHEWS, MARY                           NY-31-64-188
MATHEWS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-134-146
MATHEWS, WILLIAM E.                     NY-31-132-432
MATHEY, ANN I.                          NY-31-112-187
MATHIAS, DINAH                          NY-31-57-264
MATHISON, ROBERT                        NY-31-73-299
MATHON, HARRIETT                        NY-31-70-128
MATHON, HENRY S.                        NY-31-61-263
MATHOU, JULIAN                          NY-31-48-23
MATLUCK, TIMOTHY                        NY-31-92-103
MATSCHKE, J. ROBERT                     NY-31-119-94
MATTHERSON, CHARLES F.                  NY-31-1021-73
MATTHEWS, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-128-264
MATTHEWS, CARRIE C.                     NY-31-1026-422
MATTHEWS, ELIZA S.                      NY-31-1008-77
MATTHEWS, IANTHA CURRIE                 NY-31-997-188
MATTHEWS, JAMES                         NY-31-62-126
MATTHEWS, JOHN C.                       NY-31-89-287
MATTHEWS, MARY                          NY-31-104-76
MATTHEWS, PATRICK                       NY-31-141-280
MATTHEWS, THOMAS A.                     NY-31-1006-464
MATTISON, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-102-398
MATTISON, LEONORA J.                    NY-31-117-460
MATTISON, SMITH                         NY-31-84-173
MATTLAGE, CHARLES F.                    NY-31-988-377
MAUER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-54-164
MAUGHAN, GEORGE                         NY-31-1031-132
MAUNSELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-52-457
MAURAN, CHARLES                         NY-31-133-507
MAURAN, OROONDATES                      NY-31-95-54
MAURI, JOSE                             NY-31-54-468
MAURICE, JAMES J.                       NY-31-59-517
MAURON, JOSEPH L. P.                    NY-31-109-442
MAURY, JAMES                            NY-31-81-297
MAUS, WILLIAM                           NY-31-117-415
MAVER, MARY H.                          NY-31-124-426
MAVERICK, MARIA L.                      NY-31-95-599
MAVERICK, PETER RUSHTON                 NY-31-50-40
MAVERICK, REBECCA                       NY-31-112-372
MAVERICK, SAMUEL                        NY-31-95-396
MAXEY, JOHN                             NY-31-60-426
MAXFIELD, PATRICK                       NY-31-44-239
MAXWELL, ANNA                           NY-31-1002-113
MAXWELL, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-31-996-400
MAXWELL, JAMES T.                       NY-31-132-159
MAXWELL, MARY A.                        NY-31-1011-264
MAXWELL, PATRICK                        NY-31-56-291
MAXWELL, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-115-409
MAY, CLARA                              NY-31-1015-479
MAY, DAVID                              NY-31-1022-405
MAY, EDWARD H.                          NY-31-126-244
MAY, HARRIS S.                          NY-31-119-257
MAY, JOHN                               NY-31-52-7
MAY, MARGARET                           NY-31-989-205
MAY, THOMAS                             NY-31-67-20
MAYBERGER, PETER                        NY-31-124-83
MAYCOCK, SAMUEL                         NY-31-126-426
MAYER, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-1018-441
MAYER, CONSTANT                         NY-31-991-205
MAYER, DAVID                            NY-31-1009-124
MAYER, FRANCIS                          NY-31-42-135
MAYER, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1014-133
MAYER, JOSEPH HENRY                     NY-31-1000-395
MAYER, LEOPOLD                          NY-31-994-G454
MAYER, LINA                             NY-31-1017-157
MAYER, ROSA                             NY-31-994-256
MAYER, SELIGMAN                         NY-31-985-43
MAYERS, STEPHEN                         NY-31-82-664
MAYERS, THOMAS                          NY-31-54-453
MAYFORTH, ANNA                          NY-31-1012-305
MAYHOW, HARRIET AGNES                   NY-31-1024-239
MAYNARD, A. W.                          NY-31-1019-120
MAYNARD, HELEN H.                       NY-31-1026-425
MAYNARD, MARY M.                        NY-31-122-22
MAYNARD, MOSES                          NY-31-114-273
MAYNARD, TYLER                          NY-31-53-467
MAYNARD, WALTER                         NY-31-91-554
MAYNARD, WALTER B.                      NY-31-989-4
MAYO, SAMUEL                            NY-31-58-335
MAYON, FRANCES                          NY-31-42-331
MAYR, CHRISTIAN F.                      NY-31-100-678
MAZURE, ANTOINE F.                      NY-31-76-22
MCABEE, CATHARINE                       NY-31-101-568
MCADAM, ANN                             NY-31-62-220
MCADAM, ELLEN                           NY-31-1008-86
MCADAM, HUGH                            NY-31-137-30
MCADAM, JAMES                           NY-31-77-297
MCADAMS, ANN                            NY-31-72-337
MCADAMS, JOHN                           NY-31-54-355
MCADOE, WILLIAM                         NY-31-87-261
MCADOO, JOHN                            NY-31-114-271
MCALEER, GEORGE                         NY-31-128-320
MCALLIS, JAMES                          NY-31-89-391
MCALLISTER, BERNARD                     NY-31-101-17
MCALLISTER, MICHAEL                     NY-31-57-342
MCANDREW, JAMES                         NY-31-72-78
MCARDLE, PHILIP                         NY-31-93-234
MCARTEE, PETER                          NY-31-71-429
MCARTHUR, COLIN                         NY-31-50-282
MCARTHUR, HUGH                          NY-31-45-74
MCAULAY, AULAY                          NY-31-42-47
MCAULEY, DANIEL                         NY-31-61-478
MCAULEY, THOMAS                         NY-31-148-126
MCAULIFF, TIMOTHY                       NY-31-132-424
MCAVINEY, THOMAS                        NY-31-139-294
MCAVOY, ROSE                            NY-31-1026-120
MCBARRON, THOMAS                        NY-31-99-396
MCBEATH, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-56-83
MCBRAIR, JAMES                          NY-31-115-375
MCBRIDE, ALICE                          NY-31-1003-304
MCBRIDE, HUGH                           NY-31-95-675
MCBRIDE, JAMES                          NY-31-111-254
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           NY-31-994-276
MCBRIDE, MARY                           NY-31-98-32
MCBRIE, DSANIEL                         NY-31-47-5
MCBRIEN, NANCY                          NY-31-82-314
MCBURNEY, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-122-126
MCBURNEY, CHARLES                       NY-31-1000-51
MCCAB, JOHN                             NY-31-106-579
MCCABE, FRANCIS                         NY-31-69-49
MCCABE, MATTHIAS                        NY-31-1006-470
MCCABE, OWEN                            NY-31-76-184
MCCABE, OWEN                            NY-31-123-314
MCCABE, PATRICK                         NY-31-124-246
MCCABE, TERENCE                         NY-31-75-376
MCCABE, THOMAS                          NY-31-142-100
MCCABE, THOMAS                          NY-31-112-71
MCCAFFERTY, MARY                        NY-31-133-138
MCCAFFRAY, HUGH                         NY-31-129-327
MCCAFFRAY, HUGH                         NY-31-139-304
MCCAFFRY, MARY                          NY-31-101-206
MCCALL, SARAH                           NY-31-125-439
MCCALLUM, ZACHARAY                      NY-31-47-356
MCCALLY, JOHN                           NY-31-44-236
MCCANLEY, JOHN                          NY-31-1031-25
MCCANN, JOHN                            NY-31-96-82
MCCARA, JOHN                            NY-31-70-214
MCCARRAN, NEAL                          NY-31-92-426
MCCARREN, FRANCIS                       NY-31-1011-179
MCCARTER, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-126-499
MCCARTHY, BETSY                         NY-31-57-298
MCCARTHY, ELIZA                         NY-31-85-346
MCCARTHY, JANE                          NY-31-1012-494
MCCARTHY, JOHN                          NY-31-72-303
MCCARTHY, MARGARET                      NY-31-1003-445
MCCARTHY, MARY A.                       NY-31-997-41
MCCARTHY, MICHAEL                       NY-31-1027-406
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                       NY-31-85-35
MCCARTHY, RICHARD                       NY-31-116-477
MCCARTIN, BERNARD                       NY-31-113-99
MCCARTNEY, JOHN                         NY-31-102-86
MCCARTY, CHARLES                        NY-31-56-392
MCCARTY, JAMES                          NY-31-101-478
MCCARTY, PATRICK                        NY-31-51-231
MCCARTY, THOMAS                         NY-31-99-164
MCCARTY, THOMAS S.                      NY-31-88-56
MCCHAIN, GIDEON                         NY-31-63-258
MCCHESNEY, NATHANIEL                    NY-31-95-423
MCCLAIN, JANE                           NY-31-1012-486
MCCLANCEY, MARGERET                     NY-31-991-483
MCCLANNIN, FRANCES H.                   NY-31-999-425
MCCLARITY, DELIA                        NY-31-1000-196
MCCLAUGHRY, ALEXANDER                   NY-31-44-209
MCCLELLAND, JANE                        NY-31-139-456
MCCLELLAND, JOSEPH                      NY-31-82-83
MCCLELON, HUGH S.                       NY-31-45-426
MCCLENACHAN, AGNES                      NY-31-83-544
MCCLENACHAN, MARY                       NY-31-84-483
MCCLOSKY, PATRICK                       NY-31-56-19
MCCLOUCHEN, GEORGE                      NY-31-56-67
MCCLOUD, MARY                           NY-31-98-426
MCCLOUGHLIIN, JOHN                      NY-31-43-173
MCCLUER, JAMES                          NY-31-59-248
MCCLUNG, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-41-456
MCCLUSKEY, THOMAS                       NY-31-139-467
MCCOLLICK, RICHARD                      NY-31-80-242
MCCOLLINS, ROBERT                       NY-31-105-226
MCCOLLOM, MARTHA A.                     NY-31-1008-212
MCCOMACK, JAMES H.                      NY-31-999-429
MCCOMB, JOHN                            NY-31-43-440
MCCOMB, JOHN                            NY-31-125-278
MCCOMB, JOHN                            NY-31-49-292
MCCOMBS, JOHN                           NY-31-50-313
MCCOMBS, JOHN                           NY-31-106-390
MCCOMMSKEY, JOHN                        NY-31-63-453
MCCONACHY, ROBERT                       NY-31-48-34
MCCONKEY, JOHN                          NY-31-92-45
MCCONLY, JOHN                           NY-31-55-450
MCCONNELL, ARTHUR                       NY-31-986-75
MCCONNELL, FRANCES JANE                 NY-31-142-183
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        NY-31-52-419
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        NY-31-48-368
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        NY-31-83-71
MCCONNELL, JOHN                         NY-31-74-181
MCCONNELL, SUSAN                        NY-31-96-569
MCCONNELLOGNE, HENRY                    NY-31-105-150
MCCONNELLY, DUNCAN                      NY-31-44-8
MCCOOK, MARSHALL                        NY-31-1026-117
MCCORD, ESTHER E.                       NY-31-989-326
MCCORMACK, MICHAEL                      NY-31-119-97
MCCORMICK, DANIEL                       NY-31-71-314
MCCORMICK, HUGH                         NY-31-54-122
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        NY-31-101-44
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        NY-31-81-167
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         NY-31-104-168
MCCORMICK, MARY                         NY-31-72-74
MCCORMICK, PATRICK                      NY-31-79-88
MCCORMICK, PETER                        NY-31-126-153
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM J.                   NY-31-1028-25
MCCOSKER, CHARLES                       NY-31-90-37
MCCOSKER, JOHN                          NY-31-83-38
MCCOSKER, THOMAS                        NY-31-90-125
MCCOSKRY, SAMUEL                        NY-31-93-1
MCCOUN, FREDERICK W.                    NY-31-1012-308
MCCOY, CORNELIUS                        NY-31-70-140
MCCOY, EDWARD                           NY-31-141-74
MCCOY, MARY J.                          NY-31-1017-320
MCCRACKAN, JOHN                         NY-31-70-344
MCCRACKAN, JOHN L. H.                   NY-31-105-477
MCCRACKEN, JOSEPH                       NY-31-122-151
MCCRAKEN, WILLIAM                       NY-31-127-411
MCCRAY, EDWARD H.                       NY-31-1007-108
MCCREA, GEORGE                          NY-31-49-117
MCCREA, JOHN                            NY-31-84-503
MCCREA, MARY                            NY-31-53-454
MCCREA, ROBERT                          NY-31-76-106
MCCREA, STEPHEN                         NY-31-41-447
MCCREADY, CAROLINE A.                   NY-31-1003-452
MCCREADY, CHARLES                       NY-31-149-416
MCCREADY, CHARLES                       NY-31-1025-60
MCCREADY, ESTHERINA M.                  NY-31-129-406
MCCREADY, JAMES SR.                     NY-31-55-201
MCCREADY, MARY                          NY-31-108-534
MCCREADY, THOMAS                        NY-31-60-163
MCCREERY, FANNY M.                      NY-31-1003-306
MCCREERY, JOHN                          NY-31-48-379
MCCREERY, ROBERT                        NY-31-1029-457
MCCRODEN, JOHN                          NY-31-1003-439
MCCRODEN, JOHN                          NY-31-1011-180
MCCROSKERY, JOHN                        NY-31-1001-372
MCCULLOGH, MARY                         NY-31-57-72
MCCULLOH, ANN S.                        NY-31-132-135
MCCULLOUGH, DAVID                       NY-31-109-20
MCCULLUM, ARCHIBALD                     NY-31-88-184
MCCULLUM, JAMES                         NY-31-83-593
MCCULLUM, REBECCA                       NY-31-112-86
MCCURDY, JAMES                          NY-31-62-107
MCCURDY, JANE (RYERSON)                 NY-31-44-332
MCCUSKER, MARY V.                       NY-31-1009-373
MCCUTCHAN, JOSEPH                       NY-31-84-147
MCDANIEL, PETER                         NY-31-1011-64
MCDAVITT, PATRICK                       NY-31-41-116
MCDERMOTT, BRIDGET                      NY-31-999-322
MCDERMOTT, GEORGE                       NY-31-46-123
MCDERMOTT, HUGH                         NY-31-59-1
MCDERMOTT, JOHN                         NY-31-111-8
MCDERMOTT, JOHN                         NY-31-84-15
MCDERMOTT, JOHN                         NY-31-77-324
MCDERMOTT, JOHN                         NY-31-93-335
MCDERMOTT, MICHAEL                      NY-31-81-475
MCDERMOTT, PATRICK                      NY-31-120-296
MCDERMUT, ROBERT                        NY-31-82-643
MCDONA, JONATHAN                        NY-31-74-450
MCDONALD, ANN                           NY-31-68-177
MCDONALD, ANN                           NY-31-110-552
MCDONALD, ANN                           NY-31-68-177
MCDONALD, ANN                           NY-31-52-275
MCDONALD, ARCHIBALD                     NY-31-79-166
MCDONALD, CARRIE                        NY-31-986-71
MCDONALD, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-31-47-243
MCDONALD, JAMES                         NY-31-96-141
MCDONALD, JOHN                          NY-31-54-214
MCDONALD, JOSEPH H.                     NY-31-1031-301
MCDONALD, MARGARET                      NY-31-57-450
MCDONALD, MARTIN                        NY-31-92-57
MCDONALD, MARY                          NY-31-1029-467
MCDONALD, MARY                          NY-31-92-628
MCDONALD, MARY G.                       NY-31-118-16
MCDONALD, SAMUEL                        NY-31-90-472
MCDONALD, THOMAS                        NY-31-69-171
MCDONALD, WALTER                        NY-31-79-228
MCDONELL, JANE                          NY-31-61-125
MCDONNALD, FANNY                        NY-31-98-162
MCDONNELL, CHARLOTTE A.                 NY-31-1028-32
MCDONNELL, HANNAH SR                    NY-31-85-222
MCDONNELL, MARY                         NY-31-60-18
MCDONNELL, MICHAEL                      NY-31-102-493
MCDONNELL, WILLIAM                      NY-31-45-78
MCDONOLD, DONOLD                        NY-31-56-236
MCDONONGLE, JAMES                       NY-31-107-563
MCDONOUGH, ALICE                        NY-31-1014-61
MCDOUGALL, JAMES                        NY-31-1001-481
MCDOWELL, JAMES                         NY-31-46-12
MCDOWELL, SAMUEL                        NY-31-107-394
MCDUFFY, MARY                           NY-31-49-155
MCEACHREN, MARTHA                       NY-31-1023-75
MCELHINNEY, JOHN                        NY-31-78-180
MCELLISTER, JAMES                       NY-31-62-153
MCELLISTER, JAMES                       NY-31-101-167
MCELROY, DANIEL S.                      NY-31-1003-146
MCELROY, JAMES                          NY-31-70-243
MCENEANEY, JOHN                         NY-31-1020-192
MCENEANY, JULIA                         NY-31-1020-127
MCENTEE, JAMES                          NY-31-106-71
MCENTEE, MICHAEL                        NY-31-99-124
MCEVERS, CHARLES                        NY-31-84-36
MCEVERS, DANIEL                         NY-31-994-477
MCEVERS, GULIAN                         NY-31-46-472
MCEVERS, GULIAN                         NY-31-56-117
MCEVERS, JAMES                          NY-31-54-33
MCEVERS, JOHN                           NY-31-50-52
MCEVERS, MARGARET                       NY-31-149-349
MCEVERS, RACHEL A.                      NY-31-89-436
MCEVILLA, REBECCA                       NY-31-1030-460
MCEVOY, ELLEN                           NY-31-1025-147
MCEVOY, JOHN                            NY-31-69-153
MCEWEN, JAMES L.                        NY-31-987-498
MCEWING, DUNCAN                         NY-31-95-515
MCFADDEN, JOSEPH M.                     NY-31-1029-459
MCFADDEN, ROGER                         NY-31-137-25
MCFAGAY, DANIEL                         NY-31-88-47
MCFALL, BARBARY                         NY-31-106-297
MCFALL, REBECCA                         NY-31-42-483
MCFARLAN, HENRY                         NY-31-66-244
MCFARLAND, DANIEL                       NY-31-84-181
MCFARLAND, JANE                         NY-31-102-217
MCFARLAND, THOMAS G.                    NY-31-989-42
MCFARLANE, JOHN                         NY-31-80-96
MCFARLANE, JOHN C.                      NY-31-82-271
MCFARQUHAR, RODERICK                    NY-31-57-217
MCFARRAN, THOMA                         NY-31-42-42
MCGAHEY, ANN                            NY-31-60-125
MCGARRY, CATHERINE J.                   NY-31-999-199
MCGARY, ROBERT                          NY-31-108-153
MCGEE, JAMES                            NY-31-84-206
MCGEE, JOHN                             NY-31-58-414
MCGEVIRAN, THOMAS                       NY-31-93-217
MCGILL, JOHN                            NY-31-42-233
MCGILL, WILLIAM                         NY-31-50-366
MCGILLY, KATHERINE                      NY-31-985-48
MCGINN, MARY                            NY-31-1016-428
MCGINN, MICHAEL                         NY-31-131-445
MCGINNESS, PETER                        NY-31-1009-235
MCGINNISS, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-997-192
MCGIVNEY, JANE                          NY-31-91-449
MCGIVNEY, MARGARET                      NY-31-1031-467
MCGLADE, THOMAS                         NY-31-82-724
MCGLOIN, EDWARD J.                      NY-31-140-422
MCGLOIN, ELLEN                          NY-31-1031-31
MCGLOIN, PATRICK                        NY-31-93-573
MCGLOINE, MARY                          NY-31-147-511
MCGLONE, SUSAN                          NY-31-1015-61
MCGLONE, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1024-360
MCGLYNN, WILLIAM P.                     NY-31-1015-482
MCGONEGAL, JOHN                         NY-31-102-401
MCGOVERN, ANNE                          NY-31-1020-313
MCGOVERN, CHARLES                       NY-31-82-433
MCGOVERN, LILLIE                        NY-31-998-221
MCGOVERN, LIZZIE M.                     NY-31-1012-310
MCGOVERN, MARTIN                        NY-31-1028-28
MCGOVERN, MARY                          NY-31-1025-62
MCGOVERN, SARAH                         NY-31-1014-300
MCGOWAN, ANNA                           NY-31-1024-367
MCGOWAN, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-31-97-389
MCGOWAN, BERNARD                        NY-31-119-146
MCGOWAN, CATHERINE                      NY-31-994-481
MCGOWAN, FARRELL                        NY-31-74-486
MCGOWAN, JOHN                           NY-31-79-429
MCGOWAN, JOHN                           NY-31-125-273
MCGOWAN, MARGARET                       NY-31-100-104
MCGOWAN, MARY                           NY-31-1031-23
MCGOWAN, ROSE                           NY-31-134-480
MCGOWAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-95-527
MCGOWEN, FRANCIS                        NY-31-128-388
MCGOWN, ANDREW SR.                      NY-31-56-166
MCGOWN, MARGARET                        NY-31-102-204
MCGRATH, BRIDGET                        NY-31-105-228
MCGRATH, JAMES                          NY-31-108-500
MCGRATH, M.                             NY-31-90-362
MCGRATH, MICHAEL                        NY-31-1021-390
MCGRATH, THOMAS J.                      NY-31-997-45
MCGRATH, WALTER J.                      NY-31-1016-65
MCGRATH, WILLIAM                        NY-31-90-362
MCGRATH, WILLIAM                        NY-31-75-68
MCGRAW, MAGGIE                          NY-31-1001-482
MCGREGOR, GREGOR                        NY-31-91-100
MCGREGOR, MARIA                         NY-31-115-402
MCGREGOR, PETER                         NY-31-98-443
MCGROARLY, JOHN                         NY-31-83-336
MCGROARTY, MARTHA                       NY-31-138-357
MCGROATY, DENNIS                        NY-31-96-362
MCGUFFOG, JESSIE                        NY-31-985-363
MCGUINESS, JAMES W.                     NY-31-987-493
MCGUINESS, MARIA                        NY-31-1017-183
MCGUINESS, THOMAS E.                    NY-31-1012-488
MCGUIRE, JAMES                          NY-31-134-284
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           NY-31-149-29
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           NY-31-42-156
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           NY-31-75-52
MCGUIRE, JOJHN                          NY-31-44-163
MCGUIRE, MICHAEL                        NY-31-1016-425
MCGUIRE, RICHARD                        NY-31-106-202
MCGUIRE, TERENCE                        NY-31-121-308
MCGURK, FRANCIS                         NY-31-109-367
MCGURK, LOUISE A.                       NY-31-985-499
MCHARG, HARRIET P.                      NY-31-1017-323
MCHUGH, BRIDGET                         NY-31-132-117
MCHUGH, ELLEN W.                        NY-31-992-66
MCIGENEY, SAMUEL                        NY-31-105-394
MCILROY, EDWARD                         NY-31-147-152
MCILVAINE, ANNA P.                      NY-31-1027-135
MCINTEE, MICHAEL                        NY-31-99-124
MCINTIRE, ANNIE E.                      NY-31-1029-259
MCINTIRE, EMILY A.                      NY-31-1029-261
MCINTIRE, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-1019-398
MCINTOSH, ANTHONY W.                    NY-31-107-485
MCINTOSH, JOHN                          NY-31-140-304
MCINTOSH, MARGARET                      NY-31-52-319
MCINTOSH, WILLIAM                       NY-31-48-2
MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-66-236
MCINTYRE, MARY                          NY-31-107-353
MCINTYRE, SAMUEL                        NY-31-987-21
MCKAY, BARBARA                          NY-31-1011-270
MCKAY, JAMES                            NY-31-53-352
MCKAY, JOHN                             NY-31-55-369
MCKAY, MARGARET                         NY-31-84-230
MCKAY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-47-319
MCKEE, AGNES                            NY-31-52-523
MCKEEN, JANE                            NY-31-131-369
MCKEEVER, ISAAC                         NY-31-117-366
MCKENNA, BERNARD                        NY-31-51-350
MCKENNA, BRIDGET                        NY-31-1003-448
MCKENNA, JOHN                           NY-31-42-508
MCKENNA, JOHN                           NY-31-57-373
MCKENNA, JOHN A.                        NY-31-998-56
MCKENNA, MAGGIE                         NY-31-1003-436
MCKENNA, MARGARET                       NY-31-137-210
MCKENNA, PATRICK                        NY-31-129-299
MCKENNA, ROSE                           NY-31-1002-265
MCKENNEE, THORNDIKE C.                  NY-31-104-121
MCKENNEY, ESTHER E.                     NY-31-996-211
MCKENNY, JOHN                           NY-31-40-341
MCKENNY, JOHN                           NY-31-42-53
MCKENZIE, BERNARD                       NY-31-102-130
MCKENZIE, JAMES                         NY-31-121-18
MCKENZIE, KENNETH                       NY-31-44-484
MCKEON, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1027-408
MCKEON, JOHN ***                        NY-31-126-117
MCKEON, PATRICK                         NY-31-121-195
MCKEON, ROBERT                          NY-31-127-157
MCKEON, THOMAS                          NY-31-103-486
MCKEOWN, MAGGIE                         NY-31-1026-122
MCKERNAN, TERENCE                       NY-31-62-496
MCKERNON, PATRICK                       NY-31-58-178
MCKESSON, JOHN                          NY-31-63-144
MCKESSON, MARIA                         NY-31-66-93
MCKEWEN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-128-182
MCKIBBEN, JAMES                         NY-31-142-72
MCKIBBIN, CHARLES                       NY-31-59-21
MCKIBBIN, GEORGE                        NY-31-96-6
MCKIE, JOHN                             NY-31-62-237
MCKIE, THOMAS                           NY-31-40-20
MCKIERNAN, THOMAS                       NY-31-117-480
MCKILDO, RICHARD                        NY-31-42-157
MCKILLOP, HENRY                         NY-31-121-373
MCKIM, ROBERT V.                        NY-31-1025-203
MCKIM, SUSAN M.                         NY-31-1014-138
MCKINLASS, ANN                          NY-31-90-71
MCKINLAY, JAMES                         NY-31-55-281
MCKINLAY, JESSIE S.                     NY-31-1030-162
MCKINLAY, MARY                          NY-31-82-624
MCKINLEY, ROBERT                        NY-31-133-362
MCKINNEY, ALICE                         NY-31-142-186
MCKINNEY, EDWARD                        NY-31-95-27
MCKINNEY, JAMES M.                      NY-31-98-375
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NY-31-122-29
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NY-31-40-231
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NY-31-113-273
MCKINNEY, MICHAEL                       NY-31-70-256
MCKINNEY, PHILLIS                       NY-31-61-118
MCKINNIN, JOHN                          NY-31-141-143
MCKINNON, NEIL                          NY-31-53-202
MCKINNY, ALICE                          NY-31-1010-499
MCKINZIE, CATHARINE                     NY-31-76-120
MCKIRMIN, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-31-77-438
MCKNIGHT, CHARLES                       NY-31-58-38
MCKNIGHT, CHARLES                       NY-31-40-338
MCKNIGHT, JOHN M. S.                    NY-31-95-627
MCKNIGHT, MARY                          NY-31-54-268
MCKNIGHT, MARY                          NY-31-42-90
MCKOY, JOHN                             NY-31-46-481
MCLANAHAN, JAMES X.                     NY-31-140-241
MCLAREN, DANIEL                         NY-31-60-226
MCLAREN, JAMES                          NY-31-42-140
MCLARNEY, THOMAS                        NY-31-112-124
MCLARTY, MICHAEL                        NY-31-138-371
MCLASKEY, PATRICK                       NY-31-111-433
MCLASKY, PATRICK                        NY-31-123-463
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-31-75-332
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-31-82-655
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES H.                    NY-31-1009-232
MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL                     NY-31-75-319
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     NY-31-93-618
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM D.                  NY-31-77-429
MCLEA, ROBERT B.                        NY-31-1003-67
MCLEAN, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-112-53
MCLEAN, CHARLES                         NY-31-52-514
MCLEAN, HUGH                            NY-31-92-736
MCLEAN, JANE                            NY-31-1012-486
MCLEAN, JOHN                            NY-31-56-310
MCLEOD, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-53-341
MCLEOD, DONALD                          NY-31-55-414
MCLEOD, NEIL                            NY-31-100-126
MCLEOD, NORMAN                          NY-31-59-520
MCLEOD, WILLIAM                         NY-31-70-84
MCLOUGHLIN, CORNELIUS W.                NY-31-138-346
MCLOUGHLIN, FRANK                       NY-31-1031-29
MCLOUGHLIN, MICHAEL                     NY-31-119-345
MCLOUGHLIN, PATRICK                     NY-31-114-284
MCLOUGHLIN, PETER                       NY-31-109-259
MCLUAGHLIN, FRANK W.                    NY-31-1012-246
MCLUSKY, PETER                          NY-31-92-324
MCMAHAN, MARY                           NY-31-57-486
MCMAHON, BERNARD                        NY-31-1031-465
MCMAHON, DENIS J.                       NY-31-1019-283
MCMAHON, LAWRENCE                       NY-31-62-76
MCMAHON, MARGARE                        NY-31-127-353
MCMAHON, MARY                           NY-31-1023-242
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                        NY-31-129-56
MCMANIS, THOAMS                         NY-31-91-709
MCMANNUS, DENNIS                        NY-31-121-369
MCMANUS, BELLA                          NY-31-1024-362
MCMANUS, BRIDGET                        NY-31-103-438
MCMANUS, ELLEN                          NY-31-993-393
MCMANUS, JAMES                          NY-31-149-301
MCMANUS, JAMES                          NY-31-1027-404
MCMANUS, JAMES                          NY-31-95-596
MCMANUS, JOHN                           NY-31-115-98
MCMASTER, JAMES                         NY-31-62-42
MCMASTER, SARAH                         NY-31-62-472
MCMENNAMY, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-59-109
MCMICHAEL, MARY                         NY-31-100-545
MCMILLAN, GILBERT                       NY-31-1027-137
MCMILLAN, JAMES                         NY-31-102-315
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-31-101-329
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM C.                    NY-31-59-64
MCMILLEN, JAMES                         NY-31-50-183
MCMILLEN, MARTHA                        NY-31-40-251
MCMINN, ROBERT                          NY-31-91-261
MCMONAGALE, BARNEY                      NY-31-80-224
MCMORROW, PATRICK                       NY-31-1003-443
MCMULLAN, JOHN                          NY-31-85-336
MCMULLEN, JAMES                         NY-31-98-231
MCMULLEN, PATRICK I.                    NY-31-102-472
MCMULLIN, ARTHUR                        NY-31-988-482
MCMURRAY, JAMES                         NY-31-52-240
MCMURRAY, MATTHEW                       NY-31-81-213
MCMURRAY, WILLIAM                       NY-31-74-267
MCMURTIE, ELIZA                         NY-31-112-369
MCMURTRIE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-78-384
MCMURTRY, GEORGE G.                     NY-31-1021-308
MCNAB, ELEANOR                          NY-31-46-391
MCNAB, JOHN                             NY-31-46-213
MCNAB, JOHN                             NY-31-127-14
MCNAB, JOHN                             NY-31-59-317
MCNABB, THOMAS H.                       NY-31-1005-104
MCNAIR, WILLIAM                         NY-31-116-114
MCNALLY, JAMES                          NY-31-61-350
MCNALLY, MARY                           NY-31-992-72
MCNALLY, MICHAEL                        NY-31-109-150
MCNALLY, PATRICK M.                     NY-31-1012-314
MCNAMEE, ALICE B.                       NY-31-999-493
MCNAUGHTON, JAMES                       NY-31-116-303
MCNEAL, NEAL                            NY-31-61-219
MCNEELY, ROSANNA                        NY-31-1031-308
MCNEIL, JOHN                            NY-31-44-27
MCNEILL, JAMES                          NY-31-1014-143
MCNELES, WILLIAM                        NY-31-54-324
MCNENNY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-91-716
MCNICHOLL, JAMES                        NY-31-1016-497
MCNICOL, MARY                           NY-31-118-232
MCNIELL, JOHN                           NY-31-49-191
MCNIERNEY, CATHERINE                    NY-31-1031-464
MCNIFF, PHIIP                           NY-31-62-70
MCNILES, WILLIAM                        NY-31-55-507
MCNULTY, ALBERT                         NY-31-1026-123
MCNULTY, JOHN                           NY-31-93-270
MCPAKE, JOHN                            NY-31-83-391
MCPAKE, PATRICK                         NY-31-79-330
MCPARTLAND, MARY A.                     NY-31-1020-309
MCPEAK, PATRICK                         NY-31-119-333
MCPEAKE, JOSEPH                         NY-31-100-39
MCPHAIL, ANN                            NY-31-998-52
MCPHERSON, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-31-54-188
MCPHERSON, HUGH GRAY                    NY-31-64-288
MCPHERSON, JOHN                         NY-31-112-250
MCQUADE, ELLEN                          NY-31-1024-363
MCQUADE, JOHN                           NY-31-63-444
MCQUADE, MARY A.                        NY-31-1029-465
MCQUEEN, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-81-280
MCQUEEN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-83-165
MCQUEEN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-59-187
MCQUIRK, BRIDGET MARY                   NY-31-990-41
MCQUOID, ROBERT                         NY-31-45-111
MCRAE, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-77-118
MCREADY, BARBARA                        NY-31-76-251
MCRIE, JOHN                             NY-31-65-298
MCSORLY, CATHARINE                      NY-31-103-551
MCSURLEY, JOHN                          NY-31-79-589
MCSWINEY, GEORGE                        NY-31-45-284
MCVEAGH, WILLIAM                        NY-31-73-239
MCVERRY, MICHAEL                        NY-31-149-33
MCVICKAR, BROCKHOLST                    NY-31-996-55
MCVICKAR, CATHARINE A.                  NY-31-109-297
MCVICKAR, HENRY                         NY-31-54-495
MCVICKAR, JOHN                          NY-31-50-137
MCVICKAR, NATHAN                        NY-31-77-237
MCVICKAR, NATHAN                        NY-31-61-334
MCVICKAR, NATHAN JR.                    NY-31-55-460
MCWHINNEY, JOHN                         NY-31-136-72
MCWHIRTER, JOHN T.                      NY-31-1028-30
MCWHORTER, FRANCES C. G.                NY-31-89-105
MCWILLIAM, ALEXANDER JAMES              NY-31-57-115
MCWILLIAM, ARCHIBALD                    NY-31-42-294
MCWILLIAM, MAGDALENE                    NY-31-1017-318
MEACH, AMOS S.                          NY-31-85-265
MEAD, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-135-79
MEAD, BRIDGET                           NY-31-140-237
MEAD, ELIJAH                            NY-31-85-422
MEAD, HALSEY                            NY-31-45-259
MEAD, ISAAC                             NY-31-56-286
MEAD, JOHN                              NY-31-52-89
MEAD, JOHN B.                           NY-31-142-36
MEAD, JOSHUA                            NY-31-132-244
MEAD, LEMOINE C.                        NY-31-1022-110
MEAD, MILLS H.                          NY-31-83-289
MEAD, NANCY                             NY-31-92-178
MEAD, NICHOLAS                          NY-31-63-266
MEAD, OBADIAH                           NY-31-127-442
MEAD, SETH                              NY-31-49-2
MEAD, STAATS M.                         NY-31-147-451
MEAD, THOMAS W.                         NY-31-60-337
MEAD, WRIGHT                            NY-31-45-300
MEAD, ZOPHAR                            NY-31-107-477
MEADE, ABRAHAM B.                       NY-31-148-240
MEADE, GEORGE                           NY-31-43-201
MEADE, GEORGE                           NY-31-43-183
MEANY, JAMES A.                         NY-31-992-477
MEARES, GEORGE                          NY-31-1015-54
MEASE, SARAH M.                         NY-31-130-201
MEDAY, CHRISTIAN                        NY-31-71-329
MEDERER, MARGARETHA                     NY-31-127-129
MEDHURST, RICHARD F.                    NY-31-117-113
MEDING, MARY D.                         NY-31-1011-356
MEDLEY, THOMAS S.                       NY-31-118-193
MEECH, AMOS S.                          NY-31-85-265
MEEDER, PHILIP                          NY-31-986-237
MEEHAN, MARY                            NY-31-98-223
MEEHAN, PATRICK                         NY-31-104-30
MEEHAN, PATRICK                         NY-31-1031-448
MEEKER, GABRIEL                         NY-31-132-178
MEEKER, ISAAC                           NY-31-104-94
MEEKER, REBECCA                         NY-31-98-57
MEEKS, EDWARD                           NY-31-57-469
MEEKS, EDWARD                           NY-31-59-101
MEEKS, EDWARD                           NY-31-65-419
MEEKS, EDWARD                           NYC NY-31-58-274
MEEKS, JOHN SR                          NY-31-54-28
MEEKS, THOMAS                           NY-31-44-383
MEGARDGEE, JOHN A.                      NY-31-994-264
MEGARY, HENRY I.                        NY-31-109-206
MEGGS, JOHN                             NY-31-140-287
MEGHAN, HENRY                           NY-31-53-108
MEGIE, DANIEL                           NY-31-90-378
MEHAN, HENRY                            NY-31-134-258
MEHAN, JAMES                            NY-31-95-352
MEHAN, JOHN                             NY-31-49-179
MEHARON, DOMINIQUE                      NY-31-45-467
MEHRINGER, BERNHARD                     NY-31-131-185
MEHRTENS, HENRY W.                      NY-31-1019-281
MEIER, CASPAR                           NY-31-79-412
MEIER, EMMA                             NY-31-1006-357
MEIGHAN, CHARLES                        NY-31-59-273
MEIGHEN, JAMES                          NY-31-125-420
MEIGS, BENJAMIN C.                      NY-31-142-165
MEINHOFER, CHARLES                      NY-31-1023-176
MEIS, STEPHEN                           NY-31-121-123
MEISS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1004-54
MEKEEL, MARY                            NY-31-95-399
MELE, BIAGGIO                           NY-31-1025-318
MELICK, BALTHAZER P.                    NY-31-74-340
MELLEN, GRENVILLE                       NY-31-83-483
MELLEN, PETER F.                        NY-31-1016-63
MELLEN, SARAH E.                        NY-31-990-389
MELLICK, ANNA C.                        NY-31-1014-55
MELLON, ANNE R.                         NY-31-1018-446
MELMOTH, CHARLOTTE                      NY-31-58-271
MELODY, PATRICK                         NY-31-1025-52
MELVILLE, SOPHIA E.                     NY-31-127-300
MELVIN, EMMA C.                         NY-31-1006-467
MENDEL, HERMAN                          NY-31-989-322
MENDEL, SAMUEL                          NY-31-1006-210
MENDES, DAVID PEREIVA                   NY-31-64-147
MENDEZ, JUANA                           NY-31-82-443
MENNESIER, SOPHIE                       NY-31-141-307
MENSCH, ARNOLD                          NY-31-999-318
MENTON, MARY                            NY-31-997-33
MENZLER, JOSEPHA                        NY-31-1017-311
MERCEIN, THOMAS R.                      NY-31-89-79
MERCER, AMBROSE                         NY-31-96-305
MERCER, CATHALYNA SOPHIA                NY-31-58-289
MERCER, EDWIN J.                        NY-31-101-413
MERCHANT, AARON M.                      NY-31-103-250
MERCHANT, WILLIAM H. ***                NY-31-139-262
MERCIER, GEORGE                         NY-31-136-342
MERCIER, JOHN                           NY-31-91-397
MERCIER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-42-226
MERKEL, ADAM                            NY-31-989-87
MERKEL, LOUIS J.                        NY-31-999-191
MERLE, ANTOINE C. M.                    NY-31-122-12
MERRELL, ANDREW                         NY-31-41-76
MERRELL, WILLIAM R.                     NY-31-141-115
MERRIAM, ALICE J.                       NY-31-1027-129
MERRIAM, LOUISE O.                      NY-31-1020-296
MERRIHEW, CHARLES                       NY-31-128-240
MERRILL, ALMIRA H.                      NY-31-1003-300
MERRILL, NATHANIEL W.                   NY-31-121-315
MERRILL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-87-511
MERRITT, ABIGAIL                        NY-31-57-99
MERRITT, ANN                            NY-31-123-473
MERRITT, FLORENCE                       NY-31-1003-433
MERRITT, HENRY W.                       NY-31-110-433
MERRITT, IRA                            NY-31-123-98
MERRITT, JOHN                           NY-31-109-291
MERRITT, JOHN                           NY-31-71-84
MERRITT, JOHN C.                        NY-31-97-568
MERRITT, MICHAEL                        NY-31-58-144
MERRITT, NEHEMIAH                       NY-31-86-230
MERRITT, NEHEMIAH                       NY-31-122-240
MERRITT, PHEBE M.                       NY-31-114-421
MERRITT, SAMUEL                         NY-31-85-463
MERRITT, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-56-346
MERRY, EDWARD                           NY-31-112-248
MERSELIS, EFFY                          NY-31-98-144
MERSER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1010-338
MERTENS, HERMAN A. JR.                  NY-31-142-90
MERTENS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1029-67
MERZ, JOHN                              NY-31-1002-491
MESANY, JOHN                            NY-31-114-408
MESCHENDORF, HERMAN D.                  NY-31-120-1
MESCHENDORF, JOHN G.                    NY-31-142-87
MESEROLE, EVELINA A.                    NY-31-1021-184
MESEROLE, JEREMIAH                      NY-31-61-274
MESIER, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-40-163
MESIER, EDWARD S.                       NY-31-111-103
MESIER, MARY                            NY-31-100-116
MESIER, PETER                           NY-31-46-160
MESIER, PETER A.                        NY-31-95-226
MESNARD, THOMAS                         NY-31-61-319
MESS, MARIE                             NY-31-1031-458
MESSER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-122-424
MESSER, MATILDA J.                      NY-31-1004-247
MESSERVE, GEORGE G.                     NY-31-60-362
MESSERVE, ISAAC N.                      NY-31-50-119
MESSICK,A NNIE                          NY-31-114-290
METCALF, DANIEL                         NY-31-67-150
METCALF, ELIAB                          NY-31-71-303
METCALF, GEORGE                         NY-31-54-240
METCALF, JAMES W.                       NY-31-116-287
METSCHAR, MICHAEL                       NY-31-100-65
METZ, CHARLES L.                        NY-31-1023-68
METZ, FLORENCE                          NY-31-1021-182
METZGER, CONRAD                         NY-31-62-418
METZGER, CONRAD                         NY-31-65-399
METZGER, EVA                            NY-31-994-271
METZGER, IDA                            NY-31-1018-225
METZGER, ISAAC                          NY-31-1016-111
METZGER, JACOB                          NY-31-97-498
METZGER, LOUIS                          NY-31-1024-158
METZGER, SARAH                          NY-31-1010-86
METZLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-986-411
METZNER, AMELIA H.                      NY-31-1014-58
MEYA, MARIANO                           NY-31-118-205
MEYER, ADA L.                           NY-31-1031-296
MEYER, ALBERT                           NY-31-1014-215
MEYER, ARTHUR E.                        NY-31-1015-490
MEYER, BARBARA                          NY-31-995-198
MEYER, BETSY                            NY-31-1001-477
MEYER, CLARA                            NY-31-1027-248
MEYER, DIEDRICH                         NY-31-106-481
MEYER, FREDOLIN                         NY-31-139-155
MEYER, GEORGE                           NY-31-993-238
MEYER, GEORGE                           NY-31-100-327
MEYER, GUSTAVUS F.                      NY-31-92-653
MEYER, HENRY                            NY-31-1018-439
MEYER, JOHN H.                          NY-31-997-462
MEYER, JOHN H.                          NY-31-998-210
MEYER, LENA                             NY-31-995-68
MEYER, LOUIS                            NY-31-121-123
MEYER, MARGARET                         NY-31-93-56
MEYER, MARGARETHA                       NY-31-120-30
MEYER, PATRONELLA H.                    NY-31-142-422
MEYER, PHILIP                           NY-31-117-488
MEYER, ROBERT J.                        NY-31-1025-51
MEYER, THEODORE                         NY-31-81-493
MEYER, WILLIAM F.                       NY-31-1029-184
MEYER, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-1026-287
MEYERS, CAROLINE                        NY-31-994-115
MEYERS, JACOB                           NY-31-43-333
MEYERS, JOHN G. H.                      NY-31-1012-483
MEYERS, SAMUEL                          NY-31-992-321
MEYRICK, EDWIN                          NY-31-82-730
MEZZETTE, JOSEPH                        NY-31-126-298

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