New York County (Manhattan), New York
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MICANNON, NANCY                         NY-31-42-180
MICHAEL, ISAAC                          NY-31-1031-139
MICHAELIS, CAROLINE B.                  NY-31-1017-175
MICHAELIS, EDWARD                       NY-31-1005-248
MICHAELIS, MOSES                        NY-31-1008-81
MICHAELS, FREDERICK                     NY-31-74-117
MICHAELS, HENRY                         NY-31-97-301
MICHAELS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-987-17
MICHAELSON, ANNA                        NY-31-999-491
MICHAETTI, PASCALIS                     NY-31-66-238
MICHEL, LENA                            NY-31-1010-330
MICHEL, MOSES                           NY-31-1000-476
MICHELMAN, ISRAEL                       NY-31-1012-60
MICHELMAN, PHILIP I.                    NY-31-1004-316
MICHELS, HELENA                         NY-31-1020-99
MICHELS, SOPHIE                         NY-31-1018-354
MICHENFELDER, JACOB                     NY-31-100-68
MICHESLS, WILHELMINE                    NY-31-1009-262
MICHLER, MARTHA                         NY-31-1018-435
MICHOLL, MORLAND                        NY-31-105-419
MICKLE, ANDREW H.                       NY-31-147-276
MICKLE, JOHN C.                         NY-31-61-316
MIDDEBERGER, CHRISTOPHER                NY-31-119-76
MIDDLEMESS, ANDREW                      NY-31-54-414
MIDDLEMISS, JOSEPH                      NY-31-79-581
MIDDLETON, WILLIAM T.                   NY-31-997-466
MIDWINTER, JOHN                         NY-31-46-398
MIDWINTER, ROBERT                       NY-31-40-98
MIDWOOD, JAMES                          NY-31-63-428
MIERS, THOMAS                           NY-31-54-453
MIETZ, AUGUST                           NY-31-1019-126
MIFFLIN, JULIA                          NY-31-138-95
MIGDEN, ESRA                            NY-31-1015-363
MIGUEL, FERNANDO                        NY-31-1023-175
MILBANK,S AMUEL                         NY-31-108-228
MILBERGER, KATHARINE                    NY-31-1027-244
MILDEBERGER, JOHN                       NY-31-58-146
MILDEBERGER, JOHN A.                    NY-31-125-322
MILDEBERGER, OLIVER                     NY-31-43-437
MILES, WILLIAM                          NY-31-60-136
MILES, WILLIAM                          NY-31-130-273
MILL, MARJORY                           NY-31-992-326
MILLANDON, LAURENT A.                   NY-31-120-467
MILLAR, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-994-463
MILLAR, JULIA A.                        NY-31-994-470
MILLAR, MARGARET H.                     NY-31-1016-488
MILLAR, WILLIAM                         NY-31-97-542
MILLARD, CHARLES                        NY-31-112-95
MILLARD, LYDIA G.                       NY-31-1007-310
MILLARD, MARY C. S.                     NY-31-1028-20
MILLE, ANDRE                            NY-31-46-292
MILLEDOLER, BENSON                      NY-31-84-257
MILLEDOLER, JOHN                        NY-31-48-395
MILLEDOLER, PHILIP                      NY-31-105-144
MILLEN, JAMES                           NY-31-58-306
MILLER, ADAM                            NY-31-89-229
MILLER, AMELIA B.                       NY-31-1018-347
MILLER, ANN                             NY-31-141-174
MILLER, BENJAMIN G.                     NY-31-62-241
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-49-46
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-124-203
MILLER, CORD                            NY-31-139-255
MILLER, DANIEL S.                       NY-31-1012-490
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-31-41-397
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-31-97-522
MILLER, EBENEZER                        NY-31-109-57
MILLER, EDWARD                          NY-31-50-88
MILLER, EDWARD M. F.                    NY-31-1003-293
MILLER, ELEAZER JR.                     NY-31-41-1
MILLER, ELIZA                           NY-31-105-38
MILLER, GENEVIEVE C.                    NY-31-1000-41
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-31-94-535
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-31-46-439
MILLER, GEORGE W. ***                   NY-31-138-99
MILLER, HENRY                           NY-31-91-644
MILLER, HENRY                           NY-31-71-134
MILLER, HENRY                           NY-31-1020-294
MILLER, JACOB                           NY-31-133-189
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-31-53-347
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-31-59-456
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-31-100-551
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-31-77-605
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-31-51-362
MILLER, JAMES E. JR.                    NY-31-135-55
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-31-1020-97
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-31-76-510
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-31-1025-49
MILLER, JOHN B.                         NY-31-90-463
MILLER, JOHN H.                         NY-31-77-539
MILLER, JOHN P.                         NY-31-88-244
MILLER, JOHN V.                         NY-31-996-300
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-31-125-117
MILLER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-115-383
MILLER, JULIUS                          NY-31-1022-243
MILLER, JULIUS G.                       NY-31-1001-473
MILLER, MARY                            NY-31-998-407
MILLER, MARY A.                         NY-31-100-339
MILLER, MARY C.                         NY-31-130-105
MILLER, MATTHIAS BURNET                 NY-31-40-353
MILLER, MICHAEL                         NY-31-91-440
MILLER, MOSES                           NY-31-50-215
MILLER, PETER                           NY-31-139-151
MILLER, PHINEAS                         NY-31-54-166
MILLER, RACHEL                          NY-31-96-427
MILLER, RICHARD                         NY-31-62-288
MILLER, ROBERT S.                       NY-31-138-506
MILLER, ROSAMOND B.                     NY-31-127-160
MILLER, SAMUEL (DR.)                    NY-31-41-178
MILLER, SARAH C.                        NY-31-1015-471
MILLER, SOPHIE                          NY-31-1025-57
MILLER, THOMAS                          NY-31-127-215
MILLER, TOBIAS                          NY-31-1022-117
MILLER, WALTER T.                       NY-31-1006-458
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-43-453
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-61-200
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-76-446
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-118-131
MILLER, WILLIAM E.                      NY-31-103-290
MILLER, WILLIAM S.                      NY-31-112-260
MILLER, WILLIAM T. R.                   NY-31-1031-300
MILLET, JAMES E.                        NY-31-58-298
MILLIE, JOHN G.                         NY-31-997-368
MILLIET, JOHN                           NY-31-53-1
MILLIGAN, CHARLES S.                    NY-31-1002-385
MILLIGAN, SAMUEL                        NY-31-49-304
MILLIGAN, SAMUEL                        NY-31-50-14
MILLIGAN, SILVIA C.                     NY-31-1025-315
MILLIN, QUINTEN                         NY-31-54-109
MILLNERD, JEANNE                        NY-31-70-261
MILLS, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-31-1012-415
MILLS, EDWARD                           NY-31-1030-48
MILLS, ELEAZER                          NY-31-90-101
MILLS, EMMA L.                          NY-31-1022-420
MILLS, FREDERICK H.                     NY-31-62-170
MILLS, GEORGE                           NY-31-49-70
MILLS, JAMES                            NY-31-122-231
MILLS, JOHN                             NY-31-52-225
MILLS, MARGARET                         NY-31-1016-258
MILLS, NATHANIEL SR.                    NY-31-62-41
MILLS, PETER                            NY-31-49-163
MILLS, PHILO L.                         NY-31-133-21
MILLS, RICHARD                          NY-31-42-309
MILLS, SARAH                            NY-31-98-483
MILLS, THOMAS H.                        NY-31-95-229
MILNE, DAVID                            NY-31-84-179
MILNE, THOMAS                           NY-31-56-274
MILROSE, JOSEPH                         NY-31-124-171
MILSER, JOHN                            NY-31-93-636
MILSHHUSEN, DIEDERICH                   NY-31-115-196
MINARD, MARY                            NY-31-101-183
MINER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-130-156
MINER, WILLIAM W.                       NY-31-148-333
MING, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-99-461
MING, JOHN                              NY-31-93-577
MINGHAM, MARY                           NY-31-55-393
MINGLE, ROSANNA                         NY-31-996-200
MINK, KAROLINA A.                       NY-31-996-303
MINNECEY, ADAM                          NY-31-78-478
MINNO, JOHN                             NY-31-116-107
MINORD, FILIPPO                         NY-31-116-262
MINOT, DAVID P.                         NY-31-123-209
MINSER, LILLIE E.                       NY-31-1005-81
MINTHORNE, MANGLE                       NY-31-58-420
MINTHORNE, PHILIP                       NY-31-44-39
MINTON, CHARLES                         NY-31-103-189
MINTURN, BENJAMIN G.                    NY-31-91-362
MINTURN, ELIZA T.                       NY-31-1025-310
MINTURN, LOUISA ***                     NY-31-991-75
MINTURN, MARY                           NY-31-106-267
MINTURN, ROWLAND R.                     NY-31-80-408
MINTURN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-43-78
MINUSE, JOHN                            NY-31-53-49
MINZESHEIMER, CLARA                     NY-31-1009-229
MINZEY, ABIGAIL                         NY-31-43-88
MIRANDOLI, DEMETRIO                     NY-31-135-428
MIRANDOLI, EDWARD                       NY-31-108-165
MIRKLEE, MARGARET                       NY-31-80-422
MISKORSKY, EMANUEL                      NY-31-986-234
MISPLEE, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-71-289
MISPLEE, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-57-432
MISSILIER, PETER S.                     NY-31-112-330
MISTRETTA, CARMELO                      NY-31-1000-381
MITCHEL, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-62-377
MITCHEL, THOMAS                         NY-31-52-223
MITCHELL, AARON                         NY-31-988-479
MITCHELL, ANDREW                        NY-31-75-259
MITCHELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-1016-486
MITCHELL, CAROLINE W.                   NY-31-1002-489
MITCHELL, CARRIE                        NY-31-990-397
MITCHELL, CORNELIA                      NY-31-81-378
MITCHELL, DAVIE                         NY-31-79-598
MITCHELL, DONALD                        NY-31-990-112
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-1004-49
MITCHELL, JACOB F.                      NY-31-112-116
MITCHELL, JAMES WILKINSON               NY-31-63-275
MITCHELL, JANE                          NY-31-104-24
MITCHELL, JANE                          NY-31-57-9
MITCHELL, JOHN S.                       NY-31-106-438
MITCHELL, JULIA A. M.                   NY-31-1011-363
MITCHELL, MARTHA L.                     NY-31-100-224
MITCHELL, MARY C.                       NY-31-995-370
MITCHELL, PATRICK                       NY-31-1021-306
MITCHELL, REBECCA                       NY-31-116-136
MITCHELL, ROBERT                        NY-31-92-168
MITCHELL, ROBERT                        NY-31-57-166
MITCHELL, SAMUEL L.                     NY-31-68-83
MITCHELL, SAMUEL L.                     NY-31-68-83
MITCHELL, WALTER                        NY-31-70-20
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-58-326
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-1011-173
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-51-176
MITCHELL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-31-1031-454
MITCHELTREE, MONTROSE                   NY-31-128-347
MITSCH, JOSEPH                          NY-31-992-404
MIX, THOMAS                             NY-31-58-64
MOCKLIN, FRANCIS                        NY-31-89-296
MODE, AMELIA                            NY-31-1018-277
MODE, JOHN                              NY-31-46-199
MODE, MARY                              NY-31-73-41
MOE, ISAAC L.                           NY-31-77-331
MOE, WILLIAM W.                         NY-31-129-368
MOEHLER, HENRY                          NY-31-992-63
MOEHRING, LIZZIE                        NY-31-1009-435
MOELLER, ANNA M.                        NY-31-1003-297
MOELLER, LOUISA                         NY-31-990-109
MOELLER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-1014-424
MOFFAT, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-1006-222
MOFFAT, JOHN                            NY-31-48-47
MOFFAT, WALTER                          NY-31-40-357
MOFFAT, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-141-85
MOFFATT, HENRIETTA                      NY-31-86-440
MOFFATT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-56-240
MOFFETT, JAMES                          NY-31-1014-136
MOHR, FRIEDRICH                         NY-31-1011-55
MOHRMAN, CLOUS                          NY-31-55-42
MOIR, BELL M.                           NY-31-100-582
MOIR, JOHN                              NY-31-83-62
MOISSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-61-134
MOLCANOR, CATHERINE                     NY-31-137-16
MOLENAOR, WILLIAM                       NY-31-91-165
MOLENOAR, WILLIAM                       NY-31-50-126
MOLERAT, MARIE L. D. D.                 NY-31-84-437
MOLEY, ANNE                             NY-31-1022-180
MOLLAN, STUART                          NY-31-92-207
MOLLER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-1019-278
MOLLER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-988-254
MOLONEY, JOHN J.                        NY-31-1026-289
MOLONEY, KATHERINE K.                   NY-31-999-50
MONAGHAN, BRIDGET                       NY-31-1016-421
MONAGHAN, EDWARD                        NY-31-86-468
MONAGHAN, THOMAS                        NY-31-114-267
MONAHAN, THOMAS                         NY-31-985-249
MONCRIEFF, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-42-187
MONCRIEFF, JANE                         NY-31-41-379
MONCURR, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1023-72
MONELL, CHARLES                         NY-31-83-82
MONELL, JOHN B.                         NY-31-997-373
MONEYPENNY, ANN                         NY-31-138-38
MONEYPENNY, JANE                        NY-31-66-346
MONEYPENNY, JOHN                        NY-31-127-197
MONEYPENNY, MARY A.                     NY-31-140-389
MONEYPENNY, THOMAS                      NY-31-80-30
MONFORT, JAMES D.                       NY-31-89-566
MONHEIMER, JONAS H.                     NY-31-992-398
MONILAWS, ISABELLA                      NY-31-119-187
MONILAWS, THOMAS                        NY-31-61-282
MONNES, HENRY                           NY-31-1021-392
MONNOT, LUCINE                          NY-31-989-404
MONROE, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-31-105-218
MONROE, JAMES JR.                       NY-31-141-493
MONROE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-1010-496
MONSOM, SAMUEL                          NY-31-48-461
MONTAG, MARTHA                          NY-31-987-14
MONTANDON, CHARLES                      NY-31-91-539
MONTANT, JULES A.                       NY-31-1024-162
MONTANYE, JOHN                          NY-31-42-86
MONTANYE, PETER                         NY-31-42-301
MONTE, JOHN                             NY-31-47-444
MONTEAGLE, LEWIS E.                     NY-31-82-60
MONTESER, FREDERICK                     NY-31-1031-130
MONTEVEREDE, ROSA                       NY-31-997-178
MONTGOMERY, AMELIA N.                   NY-31-1012-478
MONTGOMERY, EUGENIA                     NY-31-996-447
MONTGOMERY, HENRY V.                    NY-31-102-161
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        NY-31-48-30
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        NY-31-50-440
MONTGOMERY, JOHN B.                     NY-31-140-418
MONTGOMERY, RACHEL C.                   NY-31-1009-361
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS W.                   NY-31-56-301
MOODY, ANDREW                           NY-31-40-174
MOONEY, ANDREW                          NY-31-75-536
MOONEY, ANN                             NY-31-122-43
MOONEY, BERNARD                         NY-31-132-187
MOONEY, BERNARD                         NY-31-63-71
MOONEY, CHARLES                         NY-31-61-473
MOONEY, MARIA                           NY-31-105-389
MOONEY, MARIA                           NY-31-1021-300
MOONEY, RACHEL                          NY-31-116-24
MOONEY, SARAH                           NY-31-130-413
MOONEY, THOMAS                          NY-31-76-24
MOONEY, THOMAS F.                       NY-31-1029-186
MOONEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-68-136
MOONEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-68-136
MOOR, MARTHA                            NY-31-127-384
MOOR, THOMAS                            NY-31-44-436
MOORE, ANN                              NY-31-108-38
MOORE, ANN E.                           NY-31-122-249
MOORE, ANNA                             NY-31-1009-61
MOORE, ANNA                             NY-31-48-125
MOORE, ANNE                             NY-31-79-163
MOORE, ANNIE                            NY-31-995-77
MOORE, ARCHIBALD D.                     NY-31-140-170
MOORE, AUGUSTUS K.                      NY-31-1018-70
MOORE, BLAZE                            NY-31-56-118
MOORE, CATHARINE                        NY-31-1006-59
MOORE, CATHERINE                        NY-31-126-442
MOORE, CHARLES                          NY-31-123-1
MOORE, CHARLES                          NY-31-52-47
MOORE, CHARLES M.                       NY-31-1008-207
MOORE, CLEMENT C. ***                   NY-31-149-377
MOORE, DANIEL                           NY-31-57-241
MOORE, DANIEL                           NY-31-49-55
MOORE, EDWARD                           NY-31-61-121
MOORE, ELIZA                            NY-31-147-86
MOORE, ELIZA A.                         NY-31-116-357
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-117-1
MOORE, FRANCES                          NY-31-86-13
MOORE, FRANCIS                          NY-31-62-269
MOORE, GEORGE                           NY-31-49-223
MOORE, GEORGE                           NY-31-52-281
MOORE, GEORGE                           NY-31-78-241
MOORE, GEORGE                           NY-31-49-209
MOORE, GEORGE E.                        NY-31-55-358
MOORE, GEORGE G.                        NY-31-69-359
MOORE, HARRISON C.                      NY-31-1017-168
MOORE, HENRY                            NY-31-132-86
MOORE, HENRY                            NY-31-40-297
MOORE, HENRY                            NY-31-122-131
MOORE, HUGH                             NY-31-84-152
MOORE, ISABELLA                         NY-31-52-519
MOORE, JACOB I.                         NY-31-114-125
MOORE, JAMES                            NY-31-49-321
MOORE, JAMES                            NY-31-62-78
MOORE, JAMES                            NY-31-95-274
MOORE, JAMES                            NY-31-1011-176
MOORE, JAMES L.                         NY-31-97-82
MOORE, JANE                             NY-31-73-8
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-31-62-354
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-31-81-555
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-31-62-399
MOORE, JOHN .                           NY-31-102-552
MOORE, JOHN R.                          NY-31-116-387
MOORE, JOHN S.                          NY-31-120-193
MOORE, JUDITH                           NY-31-73-184
MOORE, JULIA E. G.                      NY-31-1028-254
MOORE, LEWIS                            NY-31-88-356
MOORE, LUCINDA                          NY-31-75-388
MOORE, MARGARET                         NY-31-1022-407
MOORE, MARY                             NY-31-141-310
MOORE, MARY                             NY-31-50-324
MOORE, MARY P.                          NY-31-1017-180
MOORE, MARY T.                          NY-31-1018-352
MOORE, MICHAEL                          NY-31-85-148
MOORE, PATRICK                          NY-31-100-85
MOORE, REBECCA                          NY-31-59-167
MOORE, ROBERT                           NY-31-57-196
MOORE, ROBERT                           NY-31-995-210
MOORE, SAMUEL                           NY-31-69-34
MOORE, SAMUEL J.                        NY-31-69-62
MOORE, SAMUEL W.                        NY-31-110-483
MOORE, SARAH                            NY-31-141-357
MOORE, THEODORE                         NY-31-142-274
MOORE, THOMAS D.                        NY-31-125-237
MOORE, THOMAS J.                        NY-31-107-547
MOORE, THOMAS W.                        NY-31-93-214
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-58-412
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-61-329
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-41-451
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-124-109
MOORE, WILLIAM M. P.                    NY-31-125-140
MOORES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-46-414
MOORHOUSE, STEPHEN                      NY-31-124-234
MORAN, AMEDEE D.                        NY-31-1017-155
MORAN, ANN                              NY-31-103-500
MORAN, JOHN                             NY-31-96-100
MORAN, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-91-522
MORAN, PATRICK                          NY-31-103-259
MORAN, ROSINA                           NY-31-134-425
MORAN, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-986-57
MORANCY, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-48-328
MORANDER, JOHN                          NY-31-111-53
MORANGE, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-80-465
MORANGE, JAMES                          NY-31-101-8
MORANGE, PIERRE PAUL                    NY-31-47-405
MORANN, ROSANN                          NY-31-134-425
MORCH, P. M.                            NY-31-62-392
MORCHEN, HENRY                          NY-31-1012-481
MOREAU, JEAN VICTOR MARIE               NY-31-51-255
MOREAU, JOSEPH                          NY-31-91-15
MOREHOUSE, ALEXANDER                    NY-31-61-258
MOREHOUSE, MARY B.                      NY-31-118-478
MOREL, LUCIEN                           NY-31-149-353
MORETON, GEORGE                         NY-31-94-672
MOREWOOD, THOMAS                        NY-31-42-511
MOREY, JOHN                             NY-31-71-131
MORGAN, ADELIA W.                       NY-31-99-569
MORGAN, ALBERT T.                       NY-31-127-371
MORGAN, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-95-277
MORGAN, ANNIE F.                        NY-31-1023-238
MORGAN, CHARLES                         NY-31-84-28
MORGAN, DANIEL                          NY-31-79-184
MORGAN, ELIAS                           NY-31-53-326
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-57-186
MORGAN, ENOCH                           NY-31-108-256
MORGAN, HENRY                           NY-31-51-219
MORGAN, HOWEL                           NY-31-50-26
MORGAN, JAMES                           NY-31-54-446
MORGAN, JOHN                            NY-31-106-24
MORGAN, JOHN                            NY-31-51-443
MORGAN, JOHN J.                         NY-31-98-550
MORGAN, MATHEW                          NY-31-147-68
MORGAN, ROXINA                          NY-31-55-279
MORGAN, THOMAS H.                       NY-31-1021-176
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-68-252
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-68-252
MORGAN,S AMUEL R.                       NY-31-102-103
MORGENSTERN, HANS                       NY-31-1009-69
MORGENTHAU, MORITZ G.                   NY-31-999-488
MORGENTROTH, JULIUS                     NY-31-1001-368
MORIARTY, JOHN                          NY-31-114-379
MORICEY, ANDREW                         NY-31-75-532
MORISON, DANIEL                         NY-31-60-2
MORISON, DAVID R.                       NY-31-1005-425
MORISON, JAMES                          NY-31-89-501
MORISON, JOHN                           NY-31-119-60
MORITZ, CHRISTIAN G.                    NY-31-1015-56
MORITZ, HEINRICH                        NY-31-141-272
MORITZ, MOSES                           NY-31-1022-119
MORRELL, CATHARINE A.                   NY-31-1003-295
MORRELL, HANNAH                         NY-31-68-423
MORRELL, HANNAH                         NY-31-68-423
MORRELL, JAMES                          NY-31-58-45
MORRELL, JAMES                          NY-31-50-477
MORRELL, JEFFERSON L.                   NY-31-1012-414
MORRELL, JOHN J.                        NY-31-1031-298
MORRELL, JONATHAN                       NY-31-127-126
MORRELL, LUCRETIA                       NY-31-96-425
MORRELL, ROBERT                         NY-31-93-414
MORRILL, ELLEN R.                       NY-31-149-203
MORRILL, JOHN A.                        NY-31-91-452
MORRILL, MARY                           NY-31-147-134
MORRIS, ANDREW                          NY-31-65-331
MORRIS, ANDREW                          NY-31-73-57
MORRIS, ANNE                            NY-31-124-29
MORRIS, CHARLES                         NY-31-52-433
MORRIS, CORNELIUS                       NY-31-50-212
MORRIS, EDWARD                          NY-31-63-158
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-58-97
MORRIS, EMMA                            NY-31-89-247
MORRIS, ESTHER                          NY-31-1030-453
MORRIS, GEORGE                          NY-31-1005-85
MORRIS, HENRY W.                        NY-31-148-497
MORRIS, HERMON                          NY-31-98-150
MORRIS, JACOB W.                        NY-31-147-476
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-31-63-117
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-31-47-196
MORRIS, JOHN P.                         NY-31-56-389
MORRIS, LEWIS                           NY-31-62-47
MORRIS, LUCIEN B.                       NY-31-125-1
MORRIS, MARRY W.                        NY-31-67-43
MORRIS, MARY                            NY-31-95-132
MORRIS, NICHOLAS                        NY-31-63-176
MORRIS, REBECCA                         NY-31-75-60
MORRIS, RICHARD                         NY-31-76-38
MORRIS, RICHARD                         NY-31-47-123
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          NY-31-990-492
MORRIS, SARAH                           NY-31-81-636
MORRIS, SARAH                           NY-31-100-35
MORRIS, THOMAS                          NY-31-97-452
MORRIS, THOMAS A.                       NY-31-116-200
MORRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-55-251
MORRIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-106-4
MORRIS,EMMA                             NY-31-988-473
MORRISON, ABBY P.                       NY-31-996-306
MORRISON, ANN                           NY-31-98-18
MORRISON, ANNIE                         NY-31-1012-248
MORRISON, GEORGE A.                     NY-31-1023-356
MORRISON, GEORGE M.                     NY-31-1003-292
MORRISON, JOHN                          NY-31-88-24
MORRISON, JOHN                          NY-31-138-467
MORRISON, JOHN C.                       NY-31-134-184
MORRISON, JOHN M.                       NY-31-111-506
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        NY-31-59-79
MORRISON, LEWIS                         NY-31-108-537
MORRISON, LEWIS M.                      NY-31-141-373
MORRISON, LOLLIE G.                     NY-31-992-202
MORRISON, MARY                          NY-31-45-191
MORRISON, MARY                          NY-31-59-268
MORRISON, PATRICK C.                    NY-31-1022-112
MORRISON, RICHARD                       NY-31-79-585
MORRISON, SARAH                         NY-31-1021-302
MORRISON, SUSAN B.                      NY-31-108-13
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-54-442
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-132-96
MORRISON, WILLIAM G.                    NY-31-1019-125
MORRISON, WILLIAM R.                    NY-31-1023-173
MORRISROE, BRIDGET                      NY-31-988-462
MORRISSEY, THOMAS                       NY-31-989-129
MORROGH, JOHN                           NY-31-99-564
MORROGH, MARTHA E.                      NY-31-137-531
MORROGH, MARY                           NY-31-117-391
MORROW, WILLIAM                         NY-31-126-466
MORSE, EZEKIEL W.                       NY-31-82-403
MORSE, JOHN                             NY-31-92-575
MORSE, OLIVER                           NY-31-67-148
MORSE, S. F. B.                         NY-31-1019-276
MORSS, JOHN                             NY-31-54-478
MORSS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-106-311
MORTIMER, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-72-343
MORTON, ANDREW                          NY-31-58-166
MORTON, ANNIE A.                        NY-31-1026-282
MORTON, CATHARINE                       NY-31-98-96
MORTON, NOAH C.                         NY-31-110-295
MORTON, ROBERT H.                       NY-31-85-304
MORTON, THOMAS C.                       NY-31-70-245
MORTON, WASHINGTON                      NY-31-49-66
MORTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-137-373
MORTON, WILLIAM R.                      NY-31-119-278
MORUS, STAATS LONG                      NY-31-43-208
MORVIS, ROBERT H.                       NY-31-117-436
MOSCROSS, HENRY                         NY-31-54-153
MOSEBY, ISAAC                           NY-31-1022-248
MOSEKLL, MARY E.                        NY-31-1029-64
MOSELEY, JOSEPH                         NY-31-77-601
MOSELEY, THERESSA B.                    NY-31-124-61
MOSEMAN, PETER                          NY-31-102-318
MOSENTHAL, HERMANN                      NY-31-997-29
MOSER, ELIZA                            NY-31-124-5
MOSER, MARIA                            NY-31-142-231
MOSES, GEORGINA                         NY-31-1013-371
MOSES, HENRY                            NY-31-133-145
MOSES, ISAAC                            NY-31-54-429
MOSES, JACOB J.                         NY-31-112-304
MOSES, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1029-461
MOSES, JOSHUA                           NY-31-78-156
MOSES, LORENZO                          NY-31-136-443
MOSES, MAURICE                          NY-31-1017-164
MOSES, MAX                              NY-31-991-474
MOSES, REYNE                            NY-31-58-487
MOSES, SARAH                            NY-31-132-109
MOSES, SOLOMON                          NY-31-121-389
MOSHER, THOMAS                          NY-31-1000-192
MOSIER, IGNATIUS                        NY-31-56-75
MOSIER, SARAH                           NY-31-1017-290
MOSS, LIZZIE                            NY-31-1006-207
MOSS, LOUISE                            NY-31-1004-169
MOSTCHNICK, JOSEPH                      NY-31-1021-80
MOTEL, CHRISTOPHE                       NY-31-148-381
MOTLEY, JOHN C.                         NY-31-127-70
MOTLEY,JAMES                            NY-31-996-207
MOTNGOMERY, CATH                        NY-31-993-243
MOTT, ADAM                              NY-31-80-237
MOTT, ANNE                              NY-31-106-159
MOTT, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-53-336
MOTT, DEBORAH                           NY-31-61-157
MOTT, DOROTHY                           NY-31-93-185
MOTT, ESTHER W.                         NY-31-110-17
MOTT, HENRY                             NY-31-82-218
MOTT, HESTER                            NY-31-108-241
MOTT, HORATIO                           NY-31-119-483
MOTT, JACOB H.                          NY-31-137-263
MOTT, JACOB S.                          NY-31-55-477
MOTT, JAMES                             NY-31-58-142
MOTT, JOHN                              NY-31-58-328
MOTT, JORDAN L.                         NY-31-1025-194
MOTT, JOSEPH                            NY-31-44-22
MOTT, MARY R.                           NY-31-101-319
MOTT, MARY S.                           NY-31-138-486
MOTT, PATRICK                           NY-31-91-07
MOTT, PHEBE                             NY-31-129-320
MOTT, PHOEBE                            NY-31-129-320
MOTT, ROBERT                            NY-31-45-396
MOTT, ROBERT F.                         NY-31-60-401
MOTT, SAMUEL                            NY-31-41-87
MOTT, SAMUEL F.                         NY-31-128-277
MOTT, SARAH                             NY-31-43-476
MOTT, SILVANUS                          NY-31-76-196
MOTT, THOMAS W.                         NY-31-80-440
MOTT, VALENTINE JR.                     NY-31-110-527
MOTT, WILLIAM                           NY-31-60-62
MOTT, WILLIAM F.                        NY-31-1030-467
MOTT, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-100-431
MOTTASHED, JONATHAN JR.                 NY-31-68-450
MOTTASHED, JONATHAN JR.                 NY-31-68-450
MOTTELER, LOISE                         NY-31-1009-226
MOULTON, MARY E.                        NY-31-1023-73
MOULTON, MINNIE M.                      NY-31-988-45
MOULUN, JEAN JULES                      NY-31-113-264
MOUNSEY, JOHN M.                        NY-31-83-138
MOUNT, MATHIAS                          NY-31-48-95
MOUNT, MATHIAS                          NY-31-61-237
MOUNT, ROBERT                           NY-31-63-77
MOUNT, TIMOTHY                          NY-31-135-497
MOUNTFORT, JOHN                         NY-31-133-328
MOVER, REBECCA O.                       NY-31-133-366
MOWATT, CHARLES                         NY-31-83-387
MOWATT, JOHN                            NY-31-56-378
MOWATT, JOHN                            NY-31-62-478
MOWATT, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-63-247
MOWERSON, BERTHA                        NY-31-1022-403
MOXHAM, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-64-325
MUBRINE, JAMES                          NY-31-80-318
MUCLUCHLAN, WILLIAM                     NY-31-104-339
MUDGE, HANNAH C.                        NY-31-68-106
MUDGE, HANNAH C.                        NY-31-68-106
MUEHSOM, MINNIE                         NY-31-1015-474
MUELLENBACH, KATHARINA                  NY-31-1020-292
MUELLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1023-236
MUES, JOHANN E.                         NY-31-991-337
MUIR, WILLIAM                           NY-31-48-36
MULATESTA, JOHN                         NY-31-1009-369
MULDON, ANNA M. A.                      NY-31-63-378
MULDON,MICHAEL                          NY-31-62-304
MULDOON, MICHAEL                        NY-31-111-436
MULFORD, DAVID                          NY-31-78-407
MULGREW, JAMES                          NY-31-54-391
MULGREW, ROBERT A.                      NY-31-1018-72
MULGREW, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1005-100
MULHERAN, RICHARD                       NY-31-65-354
MULHERAN, RICHARD                       NY-31-63-173
MULHERN, DENIS                          NY-31-96-500
MULHERN, FELIX                          NY-31-140-83
MULHOLLAND, ANN                         NY-31-148-329
MULIER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-1018-437
MULLANE, CORNELIUS                      NY-31-138-395
MULLANE, PATRICK J.                     NY-31-988-466
MULLANY, JAMES                          NY-31-57-156
MULLARKUS, JOHN                         NY-31-106-333
MULLEN, ANN                             NY-31-43-95
MULLEN, CATHERINE                       NY-31-115-480
MULLEN, JOHN                            NY-31-1013-140
MULLEN, JOHN                            NY-31-99-24
MULLEN, JOHN J.                         NY-31-138-269
MULLEN, MICHAEL                         NY-31-111-436
MULLEN, PATRICK                         NY-31-66-400
MULLENEX, JAMES                         NY-31-69-422
MULLENEX, THOMAS                        NY-31-69-422
MULLER, AGNES                           NY-31-96-620
MULLER, AMALIE L.                       NY-31-1005-95
MULLER, AUGUST                          NY-31-1015-354
MULLER, CARL CHRISTIAN                  NY-31-1012-119
MULLER, CECILIA O.                      NY-31-1016-249
MULLER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-1021-70
MULLER, CHRISTOPH                       NY-31-131-350
MULLER, CONRAD                          NY-31-136-185
MULLER, DIEDRICH                        NY-31-999-315
MULLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1016-66
MULLER, FREDERICK W.                    NY-31-102-311
MULLER, HARRIET H.                      NY-31-1024-164
MULLER, HERMANN                         NY-31-128-187
MULLER, JOHN J.                         NY-31-126-275
MULLER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-134-332
MULLER, KATHARINA                       NY-31-996-302
MULLER, LISETTE                         NY-31-1021-385
MULLER, MARGARET L.                     NY-31-986-148
MULLER, NELSON N.                       NY-31-81-191
MULLER, REMBT FOLKERUS                  NY-31-61-321
MULLER, TEILE H.                        NY-31-1025-312
MULLET, GEORGE                          NY-31-105-463
MULLIGAN, CATHARINE                     NY-31-129-92
MULLIGAN, JOHN                          NY-31-137-155
MULLIGAN, WILLIAM C.                    NY-31-78-61
MULLIMOAUX, JOHN                        NY-31-110-249
MULLINEAUX, MARY S.                     NY-31-137-506
MULLINS, DENNIS                         NY-31-114-129
MULLON, THOMAS                          NY-31-58-123
MULOCK, LOUISA                          NY-31-109-245
MULOY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-66-147
MULREIN, MARY E. E.                     NY-31-1012-492
MULRY, MICHAEL                          NY-31-141-422
MULVANY, TERENCE                        NY-31-76-352
MULVEY, CATHARINE C.                    NY-31-106-255
MULVEY, MARY                            NY-31-100-36
MULVEY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-59-570
MULVEY, WINIFRED                        NY-31-71-294
MUMFORD, CHARLES F.                     NY-31-99-508
MUNDY, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-77-578
MUNDY, GERTRUDE                         NY-31-1005-359
MUNDY, HENRY                            NY-31-111-494
MUNGER, CHARLOTTE M.                    NY-31-55-49
MUNGER, EMILIE L.                       NY-31-1017-160
MUNKER, JONES                           NY-31-1028-22
MUNN, ANN                               NY-31-104-107
MUNN, PATRICK                           NY-31-73-347
MUNOZ, LEONTINE C.                      NY-31-1028-248
MUNRO, CORDELIA                         NY-31-120-500
MUNRO, HUGH                             NY-31-114-189
MUNRO, MARGARET                         NY-31-76-215
MUNROE, JAMES JR. (LT.)                 NY-31-59-374
MUNSON, LYDIA                           NY-31-130-261
MURDOCK, JANE                           NY-31-83-211
MURDOCK, ROBERT                         NY-31-47-288
MURPHY, ANNA P.                         NY-31-1012-306
MURPHY, DANIEL G.                       NY-31-1026-428
MURPHY, DANIEL J.                       NY-31-1030-157
MURPHY, DENNIS                          NY-31-105-326
MURPHY, DENNIS                          NY-31-113-50
MURPHY, EDGAR GARDNER                   NY-31-987-11
MURPHY, ELIZA M.                        NY-31-999-46
MURPHY, ELLEN                           NY-31-1014-421
MURPHY, FRANCIS                         NY-31-142-303
MURPHY, FRANCIS J.                      NY-31-1029-178
MURPHY, FREDA                           NY-31-1016-494
MURPHY, HENRY J.                        NY-31-1002-253
MURPHY, JAMES                           NY-31-91-692
MURPHY, JAMES J.                        NY-31-996-448
MURPHY, JEREMIAH                        NY-31-66-22
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-31-138-62
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-31-73-326
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-31-85-105
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-31-139-106
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-31-142-524
MURPHY, JOHN D.                         NY-31-1031-135
MURPHY, KATE A.                         NY-31-1025-140
MURPHY, MARTIN                          NY-31-103-243
MURPHY, MARY                            NY-31-1010-329
MURPHY, MARY A.                         NY-31-1023-171
MURPHY, MARY C.                         NY-31-1027-126
MURPHY, MARY G.                         NY-31-985-255
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-31-118-133
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-31-106-486
MURPHY, PETER                           NY-31-83-358
MURPHY, RICHARD F.                      NY-31-50-436
MURPHY, ROSE                            NY-31-96-319
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NY-31-122-362
MURPY, MARK                             NY-31-40-274
MURRAY, ANDREW                          NY-31-73-363
MURRAY, ANN                             NY-31-78-69
MURRAY, CATHARINE                       NY-31-72-168
MURRAY, CATHERINE                       NY-31-1022-407
MURRAY, CHARLES                         NY-31-126-203
MURRAY, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-97-622
MURRAY, EDWARD                          NY-31-56-49
MURRAY, EDWARD B.                       NY-31-138-24
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-105-253
MURRAY, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-109-460
MURRAY, HANNAH                          NY-31-64-309
MURRAY, HANNAH                          NY-31-74-93
MURRAY, HANNAH L.                       NY-31-75-514
MURRAY, HANNNAH                         NY-31-54-26
MURRAY, ISABELLA                        NY-31-55-86
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-31-45-13
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-31-62-14
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-31-1000-384
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-31-47-458
MURRAY, JOHN JR                         NY-31-56-26
MURRAY, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-55-327
MURRAY, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-65-426
MURRAY, LINDLEY                         NY-31-64-164
MURRAY, LINDLEY                         NY-31-93-687
MURRAY, MARIA                           NY-31-1024-114
MURRAY, MARIA                           NY-31-103-470
MURRAY, MARY A.                         NY-31-1010-74
MURRAY, MARY J.                         NY-31-1002-390
MURRAY, MATTHEW H.                      NY-31-1004-415
MURRAY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-125-16
MURRAY, MURTHA                          NY-31-92-284
MURRAY, PATRICK                         NY-31-112-321
MURRAY, PATRICK                         NY-31-90-367
MURRAY, ROBERT                          NY-31-47-414
MURRAY, ROBERT J.                       NY-31-123-176
MURRAY, ROBERT M.                       NY-31-1012-411
MURRAY, ROSE A.                         NY-31-1005-427
MURRAY, ROSEANNA                        NY-31-99-520
MURRAY, THOMAS                          NY-31-1009-66
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1003-430
MURRAY, WINIFRED                        NY-31-1023-240
MURRELL, ROBERT                         NY-31-58-30
MURRILL, SARAH D.                       NY-31-1001-470
MURRY, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-56-37
MURRY, JOHN F.                          NY-31-102-81
MURTAGH, MICHAEL                        NY-31-54-407
MURTAUGH, CATHARINE                     NY-31-1012-117
MURTHA, PHILIP                          NY-31-1012-245
MURTLAND, JOHN                          NY-31-83-243
MURTOUGH, ANN                           NY-31-100-693
MUSGRAVE, JOHN A.                       NY-31-76-180
MUSGRAVE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-116-342
MUSGROVE, THOMAS                        NY-31-61-398
MUTSCHLER, CHRISTEAN                    NY-31-123-183
MUZZY, BENJAMIN A.                      NY-31-55-101
MYER, GARRET                            NY-31-135-73
MYER, HELENA                            NY-31-42-393
MYER, HELENA                            NY-31-42-539
MYER, JOHN                              NY-31-53-460
MYER, JOHN R.                           NY-31-49-330
MYER, PETER                             NY-31-71-424
MYER, PETER T. B.                       NY-31-71-232
MYER, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-1010-334
MYERS, ALFRED E.                        NY-31-1015-355
MYERS, ANN                              NY-31-45-114
MYERS, CHARLES                          NY-31-101-69
MYERS, DAVID                            NY-31-82-601
MYERS, EMILY                            NY-31-992-481
MYERS, FREDERICK L.                     NY-31-1024-355
MYERS, JACOBUS                          NY-31-48-107
MYERS, JOHN                             NY-31-58-478
MYERS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-122-407
MYERS, JUDITH H.                        NY-31-69-487
MYERS, MANUEL                           NY-31-42-496
MYERS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-79-433
MYERS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-139-460
MYLETT, MARY A.                         NY-31-1031-452
MYRES, BARBARY                          NY-31-60-424
MYRICK, CHARLES                         NY-31-74-367
MYRICK, HENRY L.                        NY-31-997-185
MYRICK, JOHN R.                         NY-31-55-356

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