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PACK, CHARLES W.                        NY-31-1014-311
PACKARD, ISAAC                          NY-31-92-389
PACKWOOD, JACOB                         NY-31-47-346
PACKWOOD, SAMUEL                        NY-31-122-399
PADDOCK, EMILY                          NY-31-999-212
PADDOCK, MARY                           NY-31-133-271
PADDOCK, MATILDA                        NY-31-142-462
PADNANO, FRANCESCO                      NY-31-1014-313
PADRABSKY, MAGDALENE                    NY-31-133-245
PAGE, CHARLES                           NY-31-80-170
PAGE, HARLAN                            NY-31-72-166
PAGE, MARY K.                           NY-31-79-97
PAGE, WILLIAM C.                        NY-31-997-471
PAGES, CATHARINE                        NY-31-113-410
PAGET, GEORGE                           NY-31-42-51
PAGNOTTA, ARDONIO                       NY-31-1018-235
PAHLOW, ARNOLD                          NY-31-986-431
PAILLARD, AMI M.                        NY-31-105-452
PAINE, AUGUSTUS G.                      NY-31-1022-6
PAINE, ELIJAH                           NY-31-108-247
PAINE, MARY A.                          NY-31-103-590
PAINE, ROBERT T.                        NY-31-104-229
PAINE, THOMS                            NY-31-48-151
PAINTER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-91-314
PAIRO, THOMAS W.                        NY-31-109-504
PALACHE, MORDECAI                       NY-31-78-184
PALACIOS, BRUNO (DON)                   NY-31-63-1
PALEN, JAMES                            NY-31-92-583
PALLET, LOUIS ELISEE HENRY              NY-31-117-400
PALMER, AMOS                            NY-31-110-396
PALMER, ARTHUR W.                       NY-31-1018-364
PALMER, AUGUSTA                         NY-31-106-469
PALMER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-103-418
PALMER, GEORGE                          NY-31-66-14
PALMER, GERTRUDE                        NY-31-1005-372
PALMER, HARRIET M.                      NY-31-1027-43
PALMER, HARRISON                        NY-31-51-427
PALMER, JAMES                           NY-31-94-720
PALMER, JOHN                            NY-31-122-134
PALMER, JOHN J.                         NY-31-123-155
PALMER, LESLIE E.                       NY-31-1006-472
PALMER, MARVIN R.                       NY-31-992-339
PALMER, MARY P.                         NY-31-993-72
PALMER, MILES W.                        NY-31-998-428
PALMER, NANCY CASE                      NY-31-133-232
PALMER, PETER                           NY-31-86-77
PALMER, PHEBE                           NY-31-97-321
PALMER, SARAH J                         NY-31-87-339
PALMER, THOMAS                          NY-31-68-89
PALMER, THOMAS                          NY-31-68-89
PALMER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-63-198
PALMER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-116-241
PALMER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-31-53-485
PALMIERI, LUC                           NY-31-92-656
PALONOIS, MAYER                         NY-31-43-354
PAMMEL, FRIEDRICH                       NY-31-92-238
PANCOAST, SOLOMON                       NY-31-43-318
PANTON, FRANCES C.                      NY-31-127-450
PANTON, FRANCIS                         NY-31-42-368
PANTON, GEORGE B.                       NY-31-119-470
PANTON, HENRY H.                        NY-31-74-20
PANTON, JANE                            NY-31-61-239
PANTON, JANE                            NY-31-53-399
PANTON, JOHN A.                         NY-31-149-111
PAPAZIAN, JOSEPH                        NY-31-1028-136
PAPE, AGNES                             NY-31-989-420
PAPE, CHARLES                           NY-31-91-654
PAPE, PAUL                              NY-31-1015-62
PAPPENHEIMER, HENRIETTA                 NY-31-1010-226
PAPPI, GIOVANNI                         NY-31-75-562
PAPPI, VINCENZO                         NY-31-134-381
PARADIES, JOHN                          NY-31-1003-6
PARADISE, J. WESLEY                     NY-31-141-518
PARADISE, WILLIAM S.                    NY-31-109-410
PARDEE, PAULUS                          NY-31-54-126
PARDON, ELIZA                           NY-31-68-75
PARDON, ELIZA                           NY-31-68-75
PARET, ANNA E.                          NY-31-990-239
PARET, STEPHEN                          NY-31-57-33
PARIS, CATHERINE                        NY-31-1004-183
PARIS, DANIEL                           NY-31-101-480
PARISEN, PHILIP                         NY-31-57-363
PARISETTE, CLARA                        NY-31-1023-84
PARISH, DANIEL JR.                      NY-31-996-470
PARISH, SUSAN D.                        NY-31-1030-298
PARISH, SUSAN M.                        NY-31-137-440
PARK, GEORGE                            NY-31-114-281
PARK, JAMES                             NY-31-52-103
PARK, JAMES                             NY-31-44-453
PARK, LOUISE FANNY ANZIERE              NY-31-1004-180
PARK, MARTHA H.                         NY-31-106-178
PARK, THOMAS F.                         NY-31-1012-431
PARKE, CATHARINE                        NY-31-1022-407
PARKER, AMELIA                          NY-31-58-8
PARKER, ARCHIBALD C.                    NY-31-1023-81
PARKER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-74-431
PARKER, CLARISSA                        NY-31-135-60
PARKER, E. W.                           NY-31-1019-143
PARKER, GEORGE P.                       NY-31-115-471
PARKER, HENRY M.                        NY-31-999-208
PARKER, JAMES                           NY-31-83-111
PARKER, JAMES H.                        NY-31-1016-264
PARKER, JOEL                            NY-31-43-337
PARKER, JOHN                            NY-31-61-265
PARKER, JOSEPH H.                       NY-31-130-113
PARKER, JOSEPH S.                       NY-31-78-387
PARKER, MARY A.                         NY-31-1020-144
PARKER, SHIVERS                         NY-31-103-274
PARKIN, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-147-365
PARKINS, JOSEPH WILFRE                  NY-31-82-518
PARKINSON, ANN                          NY-31-71-383
PARKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-95-437
PARKINSON, WILLIAM B.                   NY-31-118-103
PARKS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-100-375
PARKS, JAMES                            NY-31-55-254
PARKS, JOHN                             NY-31-112-258
PARKS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-76-318
PARKS, MARY J.                          NY-31-1023-375
PARKS, PETER                            NY-31-74-1
PARKS, PETER                            NY-31-100-646
PARMELE, TRUMAN                         NY-31-92-138
PARR, JOHN F.                           NY-31-121-71
PARRES, FRANCIS                         NY-31-61-323
PARRISH, HENRY ****                     NY-31-143-1 TO 512
PARRISH, HENRY (CON'T)                  NY-31-146-1 TO 466
PARRISH, HENRY (CON'T)                  NY-31-144-1 TO 512
PARRISH, HENRY (CON'T)                  NY-31-145-1 TO 512
PARSELL, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-116-66
PARSELLS, MARY L.                       NY-31-1031-472
PARSELS, MARTANTIA                      NY-31-71-357
PARSEYL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-97-585
PARSONS, CATHARINE                      NY-31-72-108
PARSONS, HELEN L.                       NY-31-1013-52
PARSONS, JAMES                          NY-31-49-109
PARSONS, JAMES JR.                      NY-31-43-58
PARSONS, JOHN E.                        NY-31-1009-237
PARSONS, MARGARET                       NY-31-72-382
PARSONS, MATILDA                        NY-31-126-313
PARSONS, SAMUEL                         NY-31-97-1
PARSONS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-52-243
PARTH, ALBERT                           NY-31-999-434
PARTRIDGE, SAMUEL S.                    NY-31-142-536
PARTRIDGE, WILLIAM T.                   NY-31-142-289
PASCALIS, FELIX                         NY-31-71-115
PASMAN, FRANCIS                         NY-31-58-275
PASSARY, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-73-86
PASSENBRONDER, JOHN                     NY-31-83-177
PASTACALDI, MICHELE                     NY-31-147-164
PATENAUDE, JOSEPH L.                    NY-31-1027-142
PATERSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-31-101-190
PATERSON, JOHN                          NY-31-115-82
PATERSON, MATILDA L.                    NY-31-1023-86
PATERSON, MATTHEW C.                    NY-31-92-231
PATERSON, WILLIAM T.                    NY-31-126-434
PATRICK, ABRAM P.                       NY-31-95-4
PATRICK, JOHN H.                        NY-31-1000-206
PATRICK, STEPHEN                        NY-31-124-35
PATRULLO, ANDRES LOUIS                  NY-31-114-487
PATTEN, CHARLES                         NY-31-88-321
PATTEN, JAMES                           NY-31-49-298
PATTEN, JAMES                           NY-31-46-131
PATTEN, JOHN                            NY-31-62-247
PATTERSON, ALICE E.                     NY-31-1014-317
PATTERSON, ANNE                         NY-31-129-46
PATTERSON, EDITH J.                     NY-31-82-214
PATTERSON, EDWARD                       NY-31-61-367
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-132-26
PATTERSON, ELLENJ.                      NY-31-1020-429
PATTERSON, HENRY A.                     NY-31-127-278
PATTERSON, JOHN F.                      NY-31-1009-454
PATTERSON, MORRIS                       NY-31-51-92
PATTERSON, PETER E.                     NY-31-113-429
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       NY-31-59-141
PATTISON, GRANVILLE S.                  NY-31-103-215
PATTISON, THOMAS                        NY-31-98-180
PATTON, ALBERT C.                       NY-31-1026-202
PATTON, ANDREW                          NY-31-60-367
PATTON, CATHARINE B.                    NY-31-93-350
PATTON, CHARLES                         NY-31-88-321
PATTON, TACE W.                         NY-31-75-124
PATTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-81-69
PATZIG, IMANUEL                         NY-31-48-173
PAUER, EMILIE                           NY-31-1013-151
PAUL, CATALINA JOSEFA DE                NY-31-62-90
PAUL, ISAAC                             NY-31-71-181
PAUL, JACOB                             NY-31-140-264
PAUL, SARAH E.                          NY-31-1018-357
PAULDING, FREDERICK W.                  NY-31-127-285
PAULDING, GEORGE                        NY-31-114-383
PAULET, MARTIAL                         NY-31-72-26
PAULSEN, JACOB F.                       NY-31-989-133
PAULSON, FRANK A.                       NY-31-1013-15
PAUSE, MAX                              NY-31-996-468
PAWLING, LEAH                           NY-31-111-237
PAWSON, JOHN                            NY-31-126-376
PAYNE, CATHARINE                        NY-31-110-332
PAYNE, LILLIAN M.                       NY-31-1023-379
PAYNE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-998-67
PAYNE,HEZEKIAH                          NY-31-53-2
PAYSON, STEPHEN G.                      NY-31-108-244
PEABODY, GEORGE L.                      NY-31-1015-67
PEABODY, JAMES C.                       NY-31-1012-320
PEABODY, MARY                           NY-31-78-198
PEACOCK, JANE                           NY-31-52-266
PEAL, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-31-120-379
PEAL, JOHN                              NY-31-98-263
PEARCE, MARY E.                         NY-31-1027-36
PEARCY, ANN M.                          NY-31-83-384
PEARSALL, PHEBE                         NY-31-49-128
PEARSALL, RACHEL                        NY-31-66-426
PEARSALL, ROBERT                        NY-31-62-280
PEARSALL, ROBERT W.                     NY-31-79-521
PEARSALL, ROBERT W.                     NY-31-46-120
PEARSALL, THOMAS                        NY-31-89-340
PEARSALL, THOMAS                        NY-31-46-490
PEARSALL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-92-370
PEARSEE, ANN                            NY-31-109-313
PEARSEE, JONATHAN                       NY-31-63-171
PEARSIANY, RICHARD                      NY-31-79-468
PEARSON, ANNA                           NY-31-1010-97
PEARSON, DANIEL                         NY-31-68-148
PEARSON, GEORGE J.                      NY-31-1003-310
PEARSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-1002-201
PEARSS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-40-160
PEASE, JOHN                             NY-31-110-299
PEASE, JOHN C.                          NY-31-96-174
PEASLEE, JOHN P.                        NY-31-75-438
PECK, DANIEL                            NY-31-63-147
PECK, EDWARD S.                         NY-31-1012-497
PECK, ELISHA                            NY-31-147-322
PECK, ELISHA                            NY-31-103-84
PECK, HANNAH                            NY-31-40-60
PECK, J.                                NY-31-59-240
PECK, MATTHEW                           NY-31-72-124
PECK, NATHAN                            NY-31-133-321
PECK, NORMAN                            NY-31-139-163
PECK, SETH S.                           NY-31-93-66
PECK, WILLIAM                           NY-31-45-174
PECKHAM, WALTON C.                      NY-31-986-250
PEDLEY, MARY                            NY-31-54-348
PEERS, HENRY                            NY-31-51-359
PEERS, HENRY                            NY-31-50-372
PEERS, THOMAS F.                        NY-31-147-374
PEET, DUDLEY                            NY-31-142-28
PEET, MARY G.                           NY-31-1015-71
PEET, MATHEW                            NY-31-985-376
PEGG, ROGER                             NY-31-108-277
PEGRAM, GEORGE L.                       NY-31-1022-45
PEIRSON, CATHERINE                      NY-31-42-40
PEIRSON, JOSEPH                         NY-31-44-51
PEIRSON, JOSIAH G.                      NY-31-42-238
PELL, ABIJAH                            NY-31-60-258
PELL, ADELIA D.                         NY-31-131-264
PELL, ALFRED S.                         NY-31-66-163
PELL, ALFRED S.                         NY-31-65-231
PELL, AMELIA                            NY-31-96-89
PELL, ELIJAH                            NY-31-42-363
PELL, ELIJAH                            NY-31-47-1
PELL, FERRIS                            NY-31-100-707
PELL, GILBERT                           NY-31-44-289
PELL, HETTY                             NY-31-84-412
PELL, JOHN                              NY-31-55-299
PELL, MARY                              NY-31-102-502
PELL, MARY B. ****                      NY-31-985-154
PELL, SAMUEL                            NY-31-43-251
PELL, SARAH                             NY-31-45-93
PELL, SARAH                             NY-31-45-130
PELLETIER, JEAN VALENTIN                NY-31-67-161
PELLETREAU, ANN                         NY-31-62-386
PELLETREAU, JOHN                        NY-31-71-187
PELTIER, ED                             NY-31-64-408
PEMBLETON, MILTON                       NY-31-1001-12
PENDELL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-92-433
PENDER, MARY                            NY-31-132-411
PENDERGAST, JAMES                       NY-31-65-422
PENDERGAST, MARY S.                     NY-31-1000-413
PENDLETON, EDWARD H.                    NY-31-125-385
PENDLETON, JAMES M.                     NY-31-147-168
PENDLETON, MARGARET                     NY-31-72-327
PENFIELD, ELIZABETH L.                  NY-31-70-397
PENFIELD, FOWLER                        NY-31-121-410
PENFOLD, JOAN                           NY-31-149-10
PENN, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-73-149
PENN, JOHN                              NY-31-53-446
PENN, JOHN                              NY-31-60-131
PENNELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-89-283
PENNELL, HAYES                          NY-31-68-425
PENNELL, HAYES                          NY-31-68-425
PENNELL, MARY                           NY-31-44-212
PENNELL, RICHARD                        NY-31-136-403
PENNIMAN, CORDELIA L. P.                NY-31-147-489
PENNIMAN, EDWARD A.                     NY-31-996-135
PENNY, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-122-311
PENNY, RICHARD                          NY-31-43-103
PENNY, SARAH                            NY-31-98-412
PENNY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1022-1
PENTZ, ADAM                             NY-31-69-42
PENTZ, ARCHIBALD M.                     NY-31-996-225
PENTZ, DANIEL C.                        NY-31-122-176
PENTZ, JOHN                             NY-31-127-381
PERAZZO, ANDREA                         NY-31-111-461
PERCE, JANE                             NY-31-42-82
PEREGO, WILLIAM                         NY-31-122-421
PEREIRA, MANUEL F.                      NY-31-102-36
PERINE, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-76-152
PERINE, ROBERT                          NY-31-95-579
PERISSE, JOSEPH                         NY-31-999-334
PERKINS, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-31-1003-74
PERKINS, MARY                           NY-31-95-247
PERKINS, MARY M.                        NY-31-63-91
PERKINS, ROGER E.                       NY-31-62-136
PERKINS, STEPHEN                        NY-31-97-387
PERKINS, THOMAS H.                      NY-31-110-91
PERREN, ABRAHAM E.                      NY-31-1009-453
PERRENS, JAQUES ROMAIN                  NY-31-50-67
PERRINE, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-76-152
PERRINE, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-127-33
PERROT, CHARLES                         NY-31-1022-416
PERRY, ABI                              NY-31-89-387
PERRY, CHARLES G.                       NY-31-1018-368
PERRY, DAVID JR.                        NY-31-58-120
PERRY, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-31-77-85
PERRY, FRANCES S.                       NY-31-97-582
PERRY, JAMES H.                         NY-31-1012-324
PERRY, JANE                             NY-31-68-104
PERRY, JANE                             NY-31-68-104
PERRY, JANE                             NY-31-125-396
PERRY, JOHN D.                          NY-31-82-251
PERRY, JONATHAN                         NY-31-47-306
PERRY, MATHEW C.                        NY-31-123-505
PERRY, SARAH                            NY-31-51-394
PERRY, THOMAS                           NY-31-106-492
PERRY, THOMAS S.                        NY-31-93-653
PERRY, VIRGINIA T.                      NY-31-1029-199
PERS, WILLIAM                           NY-31-53-430
PERSER, LOUIS                           NY-31-986-256
PERSIANY, SARAH                         NY-31-76-315
PERSSON, EDWARD H.                      NY-31-1002-125
PESTANA, DIEGO L.                       NY-31-118-279
PETER, GEORGE                           NY-31-125-347
PETERS, ABEL S.                         NY-31-129-122
PETERS, HARRY                           NY-31-61-455
PETERS, JAMES                           NY-31-49-69
PETERS, JAMES                           NY-31-45-120
PETERS, JAMES                           NY-31-44-131
PETERS, JOHN                            NY-31-79-282
PETERS, JOHN                            NY-31-40-350
PETERS, JOHN                            NY-31-999-209
PETERS, JOHN R.                         NY-31-125-61
PETERS, MARY                            NY-31-116-89
PETERS, MARY ANN                        NY-31-113-455
PETERS, METTA                           NY-31-1025-329
PETERS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-56-251
PETERSON, CATHERINE                     NY-31-55-344
PETERSON, DOROTHY                       NY-31-121-1
PETERSON, GARRET                        NY-31-48-128
PETERSON, GEORGE                        NY-31-116-203
PETERSON, LAWRENCE                      NY-31-47-190
PETERSON, NICHOLAS                      NY-31-48-59
PETERSON, OLOF                          NY-31-147-12
PETERSON, PETER                         NY-31-57-183
PETERSON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-49-234
PETES, CAROLINA                         NY-31-1012-499
PETH, CELIA                             NY-31-1018-359
PETIT, PIERRE                           NY-31-79-423
PETRI, EVA                              NY-31-1016-266
PETRIE, JAME SS.                        NY-31-149-283
PETTEE, DANIEL                          NY-31-82-140
PETTER, ROBERT                          NY-31-134-64
PETTET, CHARLES                         NY-31-83-456
PETTIGREW, HELEN                        NY-31-137-18
PETTIGREW, JAMES                        NY-31-93-69
PETTIGREW, ROBERT                       NY-31-97-288
PETTY, EZEKIEL                          NY-31-105-411
PETTY, MARY W.                          NY-31-1012-318
PEYTON, CATHERINE                       NY-31-997-96
PFAFF, MABEL M.                         NY-31-997-475
PFANDER, CHARLES F.                     NY-31-1018-450
PFARRIUS, EMMA C.                       NY-31-1027-143
PFEFFEL, PETER C.                       NY-31-86-23
PFEIFF, MARY E.                         NY-31-1023-83
PFLIEGER, KATHARINA                     NY-31-1012-325
PHANIX, DANIEL                          NY-31-50-165
PHELAN, ELEANOR                         NY-31-103-525
PHELAN, JOHN                            NY-31-98-146
PHELP, WILLIAM                          NY-31-69-146
PHELPS, ANSON G.                        NY-31-108-384
PHELPS, ANSON G.                        NY-31-125-35
PHELPS, DORINTHEA                       NY-31-129-294
PHELPS, EDWARD B.                       NY-31-1021-317
PHELPS, GEORGE A.                       NY-31-1030-478
PHELPS, THADDEUS                        NY-31-94-633
PHILIPS, GEORGE                         NY-31-89-411
PHILIPS, MARGARET                       NY-31-128-535
PHILIPS, NATHANIEL                      NY-31-64-475
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-69-285
PHILLIPS, CATHERINE                     NY-31-136-277
PHILLIPS, CLARA A.                      NY-31-1022-418
PHILLIPS, DAVID                         NY-31-54-417
PHILLIPS, DAVID                         NY-31-140-211
PHILLIPS, FRANK L.                      NY-31-989-209
PHILLIPS, GERTRUDE M.                   NY-31-1013-49
PHILLIPS, GUY                           NY-31-1005-305
PHILLIPS, HENRY                         NY-31-1012-322
PHILLIPS, ISAAC                         NY-31-1016-274
PHILLIPS, JAMES                         NY-31-55-295
PHILLIPS, JAMES                         NY-31-1011-279
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          NY-31-61-3
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          NY-31-58-362
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          NY-31-53-476
PHILLIPS, JOHN F.                       NY-31-119-442
PHILLIPS, LEWIS                         NY-31-109-353
PHILLIPS, PETER                         NY-31-81-186
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL                        NY-31-103-287
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL B.                     NY-31-120-27
PHILLIPSON, WILLIAM                     NY-31-999-497
PHILPOT, ALICE                          NY-31-998-227
PHINLEY, CATHERINE A.                   NY-31-1027-39
PHINNEY, JOEL B.                        NY-31-124-129
PHINNY, GOULD                           NY-31-97-43
PHIPPS, JAMES H.                        NY-31-1023-182
PHOEBUS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-54-100
PHOEBUS, WILLIAM (DR.)                  NY-31-68-440
PHOEBUS, WILLIAM (DR.)                  NY-31-68-440
PHOENIX, J. PHILLIPS                    NY-31-128-22
PHOENIX, JOHN D.                        NY-31-134-310
PHYFE, DUNCAN                           NY-31-111-63
PHYFE, GEORGE W.                        NY-31-104-497
PHYFE, JAMES W.                         NY-31-1012-315
PHYFE, JOHN                             NY-31-61-439
PIAN, JOSEPH                            NY-31-60-164
PIANA, SERAFINO                         NY-31-1020-317
PICANT, PIERRE                          NY-31-149-163
PICARD, MAGLOIRE                        NY-31-139-495
PICARD-DURANDO, PETER A.                NY-31-67-54
PICCIONI, FRANCOIS                      NY-31-95-322
PICK, DUMOND                            NY-31-70-113
PICK, GEORGE                            NY-31-66-138
PICKEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-107-536
PICKETT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-84-169
PIEC, ANNA                              NY-31-1008-287
PIECHULECK, IRMA FRANK                  NY-31-988-488
PIEL, MICHAEL                           NY-31-1025-151
PIER, SYLVESTER                         NY-31-138-331
PIERCE, ANN                             NY-31-73-237
PIERCE, EMILY                           NY-31-994-45
PIERCE, FRANK B.                        NY-31-1009-83
PIERCE, JAMES                           NY-31-92-652
PIERCE, ROBERT T.                       NY-31-1007-318
PIERCE, SARAH                           NY-31-109-517
PIERCEY, HENRY                          NY-31-109-235
PIERCY, JOHN                            NY-31-41-181
PIERRET, JEAN H.                        NY-31-122-478
PIERSON, ANN                            NY-31-44-463
PIERSON, CARRIE E.                      NY-31-1019-75
PIERSON, DANIEL                         NY-31-86-120
PIERSON, EDWIN                          NY-31-122-294
PIERSON, HENRY                          NY-31-127-273
PIERSON, JOSEPH                         NY-31-45-65
PIERSON, JOSIAH G.                      NY-31-65-386
PIERSON, SAMUEL D.                      NY-31-119-378
PIETROWSKY, AUGUSTA                     NY-31-999-54
PIFREN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-58-230
PIGGOT, AARON                           NY-31-89-592
PIGOT, WILLIAM E.                       NY-31-1013-264
PIKE, EMILY L.                          NY-31-1015-490
PIKE, GEORGE S.                         NY-31-1031-157
PIKE, JAMES                             NY-31-104-9
PIKE, MOSES S.                          NY-31-142-263
PILKINGTON, JOHN (23)                   NY-31-64-366
PILKINGTON, ROBERT                      NY-31-53-31
PILLON, JOHN                            NY-31-69-102
PILZ, CONSTANTIN T.                     NY-31-1022-182
PINCHOT, MARY E.                        NY-31-1006-478
PINCKNEY, JONATHAN                      NY-31-82-203
PINCKNEY, MARY ANN                      NY-31-113-266
PINCKNEY, PETER                         NY-31-93-388
PINCKNEY,D EBORAH                       NY-31-98-174
PINCOFFS, PETER A.                      NY-31-1003-312
PINE, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-105-350
PINE, HARRIET (PIAN)                    NY-31-61-62
PINE, KATHERINE                         NY-31-1000-409
PINKERTON, ELEANOR                      NY-31-107-69
PINKNEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-101-469
PINKNEY, PHILIP                         NY-31-71-1
PINKNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-88-235
PINKNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-49-148
PINNEY, HOWARD G.                       NY-31-1008-286
PINTARD, JOHN                           NY-31-127-194
PINTARD, LEWIS                          NY-31-90-317
PINTO, RACHEL                           NY-31-52-447
PINTS, JOCEY                            NY-31-47-298
PIPER, ANNIE                            NY-31-1008-284
PIPER, LEWIS                            NY-31-42-128
PIRSSON, JOSEPH P.                      NY-31-93-559
PISTORINO, MARIE                        NY-31-1031-470
PITCAIRN, JOSEPH                        NY-31-90-135
PITON, AUGUST                           NY-31-1028-138
PITTMAN, THOMAS                         NY-31-46-179
PITZER, ANNIE W.                        NY-31-1022-414
PLACE, AARON                            NY-31-68-437
PLACE, AARON                            NY-31-68-437
PLACE, FREDERICK                        NY-31-89-589
PLACE, MARMUS W.                        NY-31-92-211
PLACE, MARTHA A.                        NY-31-1028-131
PLACE, MARY F.                          NY-31-1024-377
PLACE, PERCIVAL                         NY-31-92-413
PLACE, SARAH                            NY-31-97-347
PLACE, THOMAS SR.                       NY-31-61-92
PLANT, ALBERT                           NY-31-1024-119
PLANTAIN, DOROTHY                       NY-31-54-311
PLATE, CHRISTIAN T.                     NY-31-1027-425
PLATO, GEORGE                           NY-31-81-221
PLATT, EBENEZER                         NY-31-80-228
PLATT, EMMA J.                          NY-31-1024-369
PLATT, GEORGE                           NY-31-55-323
PLATT, JAMES D.                         NY-31-1018-239
PLATT, JEANNE                           NY-31-991-211
PLATT, LUKE P.                          NY-31-100-134
PLATT, MEDAD                            NY-31-106-32
PLATT, MORRIS                           NY-31-1025-208
PLATT, NEWTON                           NY-31-142-46
PLATT, RICHARD                          NY-31-66-91
PLATT, THOMAS                           NY-31-130-109
PLATT, WILLIAM                          NY-31-42-402
PLATT, ZOPHAR                           NY-31-62-178
PLATZ, MA J.                            NY-31-1024-177
PLEINES, HEN. D.                        NY-31-1019-140
PLIMLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-989-90
PLOWRIGHT, CHARLES                      NY-31-997-200
PLUM, ISAAC                             NY-31-71-343
PLUMMER, ALBERT T.                      NY-31-992-141
PLUMMER, JOHN H.                        NY-31-53-181
PLUNKETT, THOMAS                        NY-31-69-442
PLUYM, ROBERT                           NY-31-1018-452
PLYMPTON, EEN                           NY-31-1023-385
PLYMPTON, JOSEPH                        NY-31-133-179
POALK, GEORGE                           NY-31-42-176
POCOCKE, GEORGE                         NY-31-51-311
PODESTA, ANDREW                         NY-31-118-418
POEL, SAAH                              NY-31-40-232
POGGENBURG, BARBARA                     NY-31-988-153
POGGENBURG, JOHANNA                     NY-31-987-176
POGUE, MARGARET                         NY-31-1012-429
POHLEY, DOROTHEA                        NY-31-1027-421
POILLON, JOHN P.                        NY-31-93-616
POILLON, SEAMAN                         NY-31-149-435
POINTET, CLAUDINE                       NY-31-45-35
POLE, JOHN B.                           NY-31-82-363
POLHAMUS, CORNELIUS                     NY-31-95-49
POLHAMUS, HARRIET                       NY-31-125-133
POLHAMUS, RICHARD I.                    NY-31-102-100
POLHEMUS, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-127-132
POLHEMUS, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-60-381
POLHEMUS, ANN                           NY-31-110-471
POLHEMUS, ANN                           NY-31-59-243
POLHEMUS, ELLENOR (JENKINS)             NY-31-59-296
POLK, MARY L.                           NY-31-103-75
POLLARD, JOHN                           NY-31-50-292
POLLARD, URIAH A.                       NY-31-101-377
POLLARD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-132-57
POLLMANN, ANTHONY                       NY-31-1022-184
POLLOCK, JAMES                          NY-31-116-394
POLLOCK, JOHN                           NY-31-123-53
POLLOK, ANN BOOTH                       NY-31-56-62
POMEROY, EGBERT                         NY-31-59-430
POMEROY, GEORGE A.                      NY-31-136-189
POMEROY, PHILIP L.                      NY-31-149-403
POMPLIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1006-481
POMROY, MARY E.                         NY-31-1012-424
PON, PABLO MARIA (DON)                  NY-31-135-466
PONDREL, JOSEPH                         NY-31-47-394
PONTHIEU, JOHN DE                       NY-31-54-288
PONTON, FRANCIS                         NY-31-83-341
POOL, JAMES                             NY-31-59-295
POOL, JOHN                              NY-31-57-389
POOL, JOHN                              NY-31-89-301
POOL, ROSE H. S.                        NY-31-99-110
POOLEY, THOMAS W.                       NY-31-110-35
POOR, HENRY W.                          NY-31-1022-43
POOR, SARAH J.                          NY-31-1004-261
POPE, CHARLES F.                        NY-31-997-196
POPE, HENRY                             NY-31-106-435
POPHAM, RICHARD M.                      NY-31-79-513
POPHAM, THOMAS F.                       NY-31-72-204
POPISIL, MARIE                          NY-31-1015-163
POPPER, IGNATZ                          NY-31-1001-376
POPPER, SOFIE                           NY-31-995-452
POPPER, TESSIE                          NY-31-1014-148
PORCHER, CATHARINE E.                   NY-31-1018-361
PORT, JUDEL                             NY-31-1011-70
PORTER, HUMPHRY                         NY-31-56-330
PORTER, JAMES                           NY-31-106-7
PORTER, MARY                            NY-31-1009-134
PORTER, PETER B.                        NY-31-1020-428
PORTER, SARAH A.                        NY-31-1001-17
POSIN, SARAH                            NY-31-998-63
POST, AARON                             NY-31-85-29
POST, ABIGAIL                           NY-31-105-382
POST, ABRAHAM K.                        NY-31-91-682
POST, AGNES                             NY-31-103-43
POST, ALLISON                           NY-31-95-636
POST, ALMA                              NY-31-88-504
POST, ANTHONY                           NY-31-69-92
POST, CATHARINE                         NY-31-104-459
POST, CATY                              NY-31-70-121
POST, DEBORAH                           NY-31-72-39
POST, DENNIS                            NY-31-59-270
POST, EDWARD                            NY-31-102-464
POST, EDWARD C.                         NY-31-1023-184
POST, EDWIN F.                          NY-31-1012-76
POST, ELIZABETH H.                      NY-31-57-295
POST, GEORGE B.                         NY-31-1019-476
POST, GERARDUS                          NY-31-92-240
POST, GERARDUS                          NY-31-71-71
POST, HENRY                             NY-31-71-11
POST, HENRY                             NY-31-71-170
POST, JOHN                              NY-31-54-86
POST, JOTHAM                            NY-31-53-415
POST, JULIA                             NY-31-93-434
POST, MAGDALEN                          NY-31-89-447
POST, PETER                             NY-31-58-180
POST, WILLIAM                           NY-31-45-168
POST, WILLIAM                           NY-31-94-554
POST, WRIGHT                            NY-31-62-109
POSTLETHWAITE, SALLIE T.                NY-31-1020-432
POSTLEY, JOHN                           NY-31-79-565
POSTLEY, MARGARET S.                    NY-31-1010-353
POTANS, MATHEW                          NY-31-41-226
POTANS, MATTHEW                         NY-31-65-424
POTTER, APOLLOS                         NY-31-58-90
POTTER, JOHN                            NY-31-138-504
POTTER, JOHN                            NY-31-99-32
POTTS, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-84-165
POTTS, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-55-2
POTTS, GEORGE                           NY-31-100-304
POTTS, ROBERT                           NY-31-1005-110
POULSN, PETER S.                        NY-31-97-370
POUSSARD, JOHN M.                       NY-31-116-275
POW, JUSTO                              NY-31-100-13
POWELL, ABRAM L.                        NY-31-1024-171
POWELL, DAVID                           NY-31-95-690
POWELL, DAVID                           NY-31-84-252
POWELL, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-31-1019-473
POWELL, GEORGE P.                       NY-31-67-82
POWELL, JOHN W.                         NY-31-1013-266
POWELL, JOSHUA                          NY-31-47-21
POWELL, WILSON M.                       NY-31-1009-448
POWER, MATHEW                           NY-31-137-161
POWER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-122-270
POWERS, ALLY                            NY-31-77-584
POWERS, CATHARINE                       NY-31-86-167
POWERS, EDWARD E.                       NY-31-115-116
POWERS, ELIZA                           NY-31-1020-146
POWERS, ELLEN                           NY-31-1001-132
POWERS, FRANCIS E.                      NY-31-82-92
POWERS, GEORGE                          NY-31-50-278
POWERS, JESSIE W.                       NY-31-993-475
POWERS, MARY B.                         NY-31-1022-3
POWERS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-142-62
POWLES, MARTIN                          NY-31-50-70
POZER, JACOB                            NY-31-40-159
POZNANSKI, CECILIA                      NY-31-986-422
POZZODIBORGO, CHARLES A.                NY-31-86-46
POZZOLINI, GASPAR DON                   NY-31-107-596
PRADERES, PIERRE E.                     NY-31-102-209
PRAGER, EDWARD                          NY-31-1015-492
PRAHL, FRIT                             NY-31-1013-50
PRALL, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-47-164
PRALL, DAVID M.                         NY-31-95-429
PRALL, MAGDALENE R.                     NY-31-112-122
PRALL, MARGARET A.                      NY-31-116-141
PRALL, MARIA                            NY-31-83-126
PRAT, SOPHIE                            NY-31-100-285
PRATCHATT, CLARA E.                     NY-31-987-24
PRATT, CATHARINE                        NY-31-121-392
PRATT, PETER                            NY-31-136-497
PRENDERGAST, JOSEPH F.                  NY-31-1002-395
PRENDERGAST, PATRICK A.                 NY-31-139-296
PRENTICE, VERNETTE E.                   NY-31-1027-34
PRENTICE, WILLIAM P.                    NY-31-1031-160
PRENTIS, LODOWICK                       NY-31-79-308
PRENTISS, NATHANIEL                     NY-31-69-213
PRESSONYRE, LOUIS                       NY-31-1018-370
PRESTON, JOHN R.                        NY-31-92-352
PRESTON, MARY                           NY-31-74-240
PRETERRE, PETER                         NY-31-137-99
PREUSS, AUGUST                          NY-31-1015-64
PRICE, ALFRED B.                        NY-31-1024-374
PRICE, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-53-235
PRICE, HELENA                           NY-31-69-373
PRICE, ICHABOD                          NY-31-139-474
PRICE, JAMES K.                         NY-31-988-49
PRICE, JOHN                             NY-31-56-249
PRICE, MICHAEL                          NY-31-57-57
PRICE, SIMEON                           NY-31-97-409
PRICE, STEPHEN                          NY-31-81-248
PRICE, THOMAS                           NY-31-51-244
PRICE, THOMSON                          NY-31-122-206
PRICE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-116-363
PRICHARD, GILMAN                        NY-31-96-314
PRICHARD, THOMAS G.                     NY-31-110-60
PRICHETT, EDWARD K.                     NY-31-77-469
PRIDHAM, HENRY C.                       NY-31-130-406
PRIGGE, HENRY                           NY-31-994-495
PRIME, CORNELIA                         NY-31-104-126
PRIME, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-81-615
PRIMROSE, JOHN                          NY-31-57-284
PRIMROSE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-72-146
PRINCE, ANN                             NY-31-127-119
PRINCE, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-68-315
PRINCE, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-68-315
PRINCE, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-68-444
PRINCE, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-68-444
PRINCE, MARGARET                        NY-31-80-478
PRINCE, SAMUEL                          NY-31-1012-71
PRINGLE, CHARLES S.                     NY-31-997-92
PRINGLE, FRANCIS                        NY-31-105-127
PRINGLE, HENRY                          NY-31-46-48
PRIOLEAU, CATHARINE                     NY-31-99-30
PRIOLEAU, PHILIP G.                     NY-31-90-250
PRITCHARD, HENRY                        NY-31-73-155
PRITCHARD, MARIENA                      NY-31-61-500
PRITCHARD, MARIENA                      NY-31-61-129
PROAL, ARTHUR B.                        NY-31-1002-129
PROBYN, EDWARD                          NY-31-91-663
PROC, ALBERT                            NY-31-1031-155
PROCTER, WILLIAM F.                     NY-31-1018-233
PROCTOR, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-115-175
PROUDFIT, ANN                           NY-31-124-101
PROUDFOOT, LAWRENCE                     NY-31-65-204
PROUDFOOT, LAWRENCE                     NY-31-66-79
PROUL, ERMENA J.                        NY-31-1006-473
PROUT, ROGER                            NY-31-90-447
PROVOOST, ANN                           NY-31-53-160
PROVOOST, DAVID                         NY-31-41-305
PROVOOST, JONATHAN                      NY-31-45-306
PROVOOST, ROBERT                        NY-31-104-209
PROVOOST, SAMUEL                        NY-31-52-392
PROVOOST, WILLIAM T.                    NY-31-59-515
PROVOST, DAVID                          NY-31-42-302
PRUEFER, KATE                           NY-31-1021-194
PRUESS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1021-196
PRYER, CATHARINE J.                     NY-31-1017-442
PRYER, GEORGE                           NY-31-69-86
PRYER, JOHN                             NY-31-67-98
PUCKHAFER, JOHN                         NY-31-126-357
PUEKAR, STEPHAN                         NY-31-1014-315
PULASKE, MORRIS H.                      NY-31-993-398
PULIS, CHRISTIAN                        NY-31-54-352
PULIS, DAVID                            NY-31-66-444
PULLAR, CHARLES                         NY-31-135-492
PULLER, ANN                             NY-31-74-61
PULLIS, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-62-123
PULLIS, LORENAH                         NY-31-81-435
PULLMANN, KATHARINA                     NY-31-987-288
PULSCHEN, HENRICH                       NY-31-98-488
PULSCHEN, HENRY                         NY-31-98-488
PULTON, WILLIAM A.                      NY-31-1002-273
PUNCHARD, RICHARD                       NY-31-110-382
PUNNETT, HENRY                          NY-31-47-276
PURCELL, CLARA L.                       NY-31-993-65
PURCELL, MARY                           NY-31-104-64
PURCELL, PHILIP                         NY-31-108-598
PURDEN, WILLIAM E.                      NY-31-994-284
PURDY, ANN                              NY-31-82-50
PURDY, DAVID H.                         NY-31-119-130
PURDY, ELIJAH                           NY-31-61-169
PURDY, GILBERT                          NY-31-127-232
PURDY, JOHN                             NY-31-56-324
PURDY, JOHN F. Z.                       NY-31-1009-80
PURDY, JONATHAN                         NY-31-92-72
PURDY, JOSHUA K.                        NY-31-83-90
PURDY, LUCIA                            NY-31-1002-399
PURDY, MONMOUTH                         NY-31-42-319
PURDY, OLIVER                           NY-31-50-305
PURDY, SAMUEL T.                        NY-31-76-5
PURDY, STEPHEN                          NY-31-42-3
PURDY, WILLIAM T.                       NY-31-104-375
PURDY, WILLIAM T.                       NY-31-996-464
PURPLE, SAMUEL B.                       NY-31-138-407
PURROY, JOHN B.                         NY-31-128-404
PURSE, ELIZA W.                         NY-31-101-544
PURSILL, ELIZA                          NY-31-139-533
PURSLEY, JAMES                          NY-31-148-307
PURVIS, JOHN                            NY-31-49-341
PUSSIDDER, PASQUALE                     NY-31-100-119
PUTNAM, EDWIN                           NY-31-76-277
PUTNAM, HENRY W.                        NY-31-996-467
PUTNAM, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-98-54
PUTNAM, OLIVER                          NY-31-61-244
PUTNAM, STEPHEN                         NY-31-102-196
PYE, JOHN                               NY-31-85-374
PYE, WILLIAM M.                         NY-31-110-76
PYMM, HASSEL                            NY-31-46-253
PYNE, ANNA                              NY-31-125-167
PYNE, HONORA                            NY-31-74-188
PYNE, ISABELLA                          NY-31-61-421

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