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FAAS, LEWIS F.                          NY-31-1000-140
FABER, CONRAD W.                        NY-31-113-11
FABER, EMILIE                           NY-31-147-200
FABER, HENRY                            NY-31-52-229
FABER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-136-345
FABREGON, SOPHIE M.                     NY-31-995-295
FACH, JOHN                              NY-31-40-289
FACH, JOHN                              NY-31-40-240
FACHNER, LEON E.                        NY-31-1005-394
FACTOR, BARNETT                         NY-31-1018-153
FAGAN, ANN                              NY-31-1023-36
FAGAN, CATHARINE                        NY-31-115-130
FAGAN, FRANCIS                          NY-31-78-312
FAGAN, HUGH                             NY-31-95-335
FAGAN, MICHAEL                          NY-31-69-200
FAGAN, PATRICK                          NY-31-60-256
FAGAN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-81-82
FAGEN, JAMES                            NY-31-128-455
FAGERWEATHER, RANSON                    NY-31-137-425
FAGGELA, MARIANNA COVILLE               NY-31-1031-247
FAHNESTOCK, HARRIS C.                   NY-31-999-274
FAHRENHOLZ, CLAUS H.                    NY-31-136-242
FAHRENKOPF, JOSEPH                      NY-31-124-185
FAHY, JAMES                             NY-31-110-474
FAIGGO, GEORGE                          NY-31-120-53
FAIGLE, GOTTLIEB                        NY-31-118-267
FAIR, JOHN                              NY-31-61-477
FAIR, JOHN                              NY-31-108-427
FAIR, THOMAS                            NY-31-110-320
FAIRBAIRN, THOMAS                       NY-31-123-51
FAIRCHILD, HARRIET                      NY-31-81-510
FAIRCHILD, WILLIAM H.                   NY-31-992-451
FAIRLEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-59-59
FAIRLEY, HUGH                           NY-31-78-391
FAIRLIE, CATHARINE A.                   NY-31-141-410
FAIRLIE, MARIA                          NY-31-79-123
FAIRMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-103-69
FAJEN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-991-140
FALCOM, CHARLES                         NY-31-58-182
FALCONER, ARCHIBALD                     NY-31-67-260
FALCONER, DAVID                         NY-31-77-505
FALCONER, JOSEPH                        NY-31-61-113
FALCONER, ROGER                         NY-31-101-20
FALCONER, SAMUEL                        NY-31-109-195
FALCONER, UMQUHILE P.                   NY-31-77-126
FALCONER, WILLIAM                       NY-31-77-405
FALDING, FRANK J.                       NY-31-1024-445
FALK, JANE                              NY-31-41-24
FALK, MILLY E.                          NY-31-1028-84
FALKNER, PATRICK                        NY-31-43-69
FALLER, LEONARD                         NY-31-1015-438
FALLON, JOHN                            NY-31-1021-41
FALLON, JOHN J.                         NY-31-999-461
FALLON, THOMAS                          NY-31-1021-473
FALLS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-134-398
FALVEY, JOHN                            NY-31-130-172
FANING, SAMUEL                          NY-31-55-497
FANNING, HELEN M.                       NY-31-1016-210
FANNING, JAMES                          NY-31-149-87
FANNING, KATE                           NY-31-1014-110
FANNING, PATRICK J.                     NY-31-149-192
FANNING, THOMAS                         NY-31-140-179
FANNON, THOMAS                          NY-31-93-37
FANSHAW, DANIEL                         NY-31-131-337
FANSHAW, JAMES A. T.                    NY-31-141-290
FARDON, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-111-59
FARDON, EXPERIENCE                      NY-31-61-366
FARDON, SAMUEL T.                       NY-31-137-152
FARGO, JAMES C.                         NY-31-1014-263
FARLEY, PATRICK                         NY-31-998-498
FARLEY, PATRICK                         NY-31-1008-328
FARMAR, SUSAN R.                        NY-31-67-136
FARMAR, THOMAS                          NY-31-57-382
FARMAS, HANNAH                          NY-31-54-95
FARMER, ELIZA                           NY-31-987-249
FARMER, MARIA                           NY-31-40-75
FARMER, PETER                           NY-31-79-40
FARMER, PETER P.                        NY-31-52-449
FARNSWORTH, FREDERICK O.                NY-31-140-373
FARNUM, HENRY                           NY-31-120-370
FARNUM, JOHN O.                         NY-31-52-162
FARQUHAR, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-87-353
FARQUHAR, ELIZABETH C.                  NY-31-136-132
FARQUHAR, JAMES                         NY-31-68-126
FARQUHAR, WILLIAM                       NY-31-40-8
FARQUHART, CHARLOTTE A.                 NY-31-75-274
FARR, MARIA M.                          NY-31-1002-467
FARRAR, SARAH J.                        NY-31-1000-351
FARRAR, SIMON                           NY-31-120-385
FARRELL, EDWARD D.                      NY-31-1015-340
FARRELL, JAMES                          NY-31-41-308
FARRELL, JOHN                           NY-31-1002-339
FARRELL, MARCILE                        NY-31-98-110
FARRELL, MARGARET                       NY-31-1017-260
FARRELL, MARIA                          NY-31-993-215
FARRELL, MARY A.                        NY-31-990-456
FARRELL, THOMAS                         NY-31-1003-244
FARRELL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-125-391
FARRINGTON, ELIZA                       NY-31-121-277
FARRINGTON, JOHN                        NY-31-112-245
FARRINGTON, JONAS                       NY-31-130-90
FARRINGTON, MARIA                       NY-31-120-115
FARRINGTON, MARY                        NY-31-102-515
FARRINGTON, OLIVER                      NY-31-108-512
FARSON, GEORGE                          NY-31-991-426
FASH, JACOB                             NY-31-134-355
FASH, MARIA                             NY-31-120-125
FASHEAR, ELIZABETH (GAYWOOD)            NY-31-46-129
FASSAUR, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-58-402
FAUGERES, LOUIS                         NY-31-52-14
FAUGHNAN, MICHAEL                       NY-31-1016-388
FAULKLIN, MARY E.                       NY-31-1027-103
FAULKNER, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-69-312
FAULKNER, JACOB                         NY-31-136-5
FAULKNER, JOHN                          NY-31-68-93
FAULKNER, JOHN                          NY-31-128-431
FAUPELL, JOHN                           NY-31-53-54
FAUSETT, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-1011-470
FAUST, JOHN                             NY-31-119-239
FAVEREAU, FRANCIS                       NY-31-74-31
FAVRE, JULIEN                           NY-31-100-51
FAWCETT, JOHN                           NY-31-1003-242
FAWCETT, WILLIAM                        NY-31-114-494
FAXEN, MARY                             NY-31-1011-468
FAY, ANNE E.                            NY-31-1023-321
FAY, ELIZABETH                          NY-31-45-76
FAY, EMILY L. B.                        NY-31-1004-226
FAY, FLORENCE E.                        NY-31-999-37
FAY, JACOB                              NY-31-48-40
FAY, JOSEPH                             NY-31-44-450
FAY, JULIA M.                           NY-31-86-491
FAY, MARGARET                           NY-31-1022-162
FAY, NICHOLAS                           NY-31-41-93
FAYERWEATHER, JOHN S.                   NY-31-107-519
FEARCLO, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-58-465
FEARCLO, GEORGE                         NY-31-58-228
FEBROCK, CHRISTIAN                      NY-31-89-252
FEDAK, ALBERT L.                        NY-31-1013-114
FEENEY, PATRICK                         NY-31-103-114
FEENY, MARY                             NY-31-128-427
FEHRLIN, MARIA                          NY-31-1024-471
FEIGENBAUM, MOSES                       NY-31-137-348
FEIGHERY, TIMOTHY                       NY-31-1031-249
FEITNER, CATHARINE                      NY-31-73-175
FEITNER, FRANCIS                        NY-31-69-511
FELBER, JOHANN                          NY-31-985-119
FELDHUSEN, HARMAN                       NY-31-103-421
FELIUS, HENRY J.                        NY-31-62-286
FELIX, JOSEPH                           NY-31-70-424
FELL, RICHARD H.                        NY-31-132-138
FELLOWS, WILLIAM M.                     NY-31-110-10
FELLS, OBADIAH                          NY-31-43-218
FELS, WILLIAM                           NY-31-1003-246
FELT, GEORGE L.                         NY-31-1009-421
FELT, HENRY L.                          NY-31-1016-384
FELTER, EVANNA                          NY-31-1022-90
FELTHAM, JOHN                           NY-31-91-519
FENDALL, JOHN L.                        NY-31-103-560
FENNER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-122-147
FENTON, PETER                           NY-31-61-417
FENTON, SAMUEL                          NY-31-69-158
FERARI, FRANCIS                         NY-31-1019-348
FERDON, ANN B.                          NY-31-54-409
FERDON, MARIA                           NY-31-138-48
FEREIRA, DORA B.                        NY-31-1029-385
FERGO, MATTHEW                          NY-31-52-209
FERGUS, ALICE E.                        NY-31-992-449
FERGUSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-44-124
FERGUSON, DANIEL                        NY-31-93-281
FERGUSON, DANIEL                        NY-31-40-47
FERGUSON, JAMES                         NY-31-105-379
FERGUSON, JOHN                          NY-31-117-343
FERGUSON, JORDAN G.                     NY-31-103-111
FERGUSON, MARY E.                       NY-31-999-41
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                        NY-31-53-266
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-44-14
FERNANDEZ, PETER A.                     NY-31-996-360
FERRANINE, LUIGGI                       NY-31-56-185
FERRARI, ANTONIO                        NY-31-1004-365
FERRARI, MARY                           NY-31-42-27
FERRER, CELESTE                         NY-31-1018-310
FERRERO, STEPHEN                        NY-31-100-523
FERRERS, JANE ANN                       NY-31-94-669
FERRERS, JOHN                           NY-31-51-178
FERRERS, JOHN                           NY-31-89-485
FERRIER, JACOB                          NY-31-56-22
FERRIER, JOHN                           NY-31-48-79
FERRIER, MARTHA                         NY-31-66-230
FERRIERE, CHARLES L.                    NY-31-98-480
FERRIS, ANNA M. S.                      NY-31-88-537
FERRIS, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-68-349
FERRIS, CHARLES G.                      NY-31-96-118
FERRIS, CORNELIA                        NY-31-1014-261
FERRIS, EBENEZER G.                     NY-31-140-256
FERRIS, FLLOYD T.                       NY-31-114-368
FERRIS, HUGH                            NY-31-61-454
FERRIS, JAMES                           NY-31-69-120
FERRIS, JAMES                           NY-31-69-143
FERRIS, JOSIAH                          NY-31-44-134
FERRIS, JOSIAH                          NY-31-47-449
FERRIS, JOSIAH                          NY-31-41-455
FERRIS, MARY E. C.                      NY-31-995-285
FERRIS, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-141-1
FERRIS, SARAH                           NY-31-104-431
FERRIS, WATSON                          NY-31-106-515
FERRISS, HELEN M.                       NY-31-1029-134
FERRY, JULIE                            NY-31-109-112
FERRY, MAURICE                          NY-31-54-463
FERRY, SAMUEL                           NY-31-92-250
FESSENDEN, THOMAS                       NY-31-118-46
FETH, FRDERICK R.                       NY-31-1005-337
FETSCHER, THERESA                       NY-31-1023-311
FEUSS, FREDERICK                        NY-31-1012-281
FEW, CATHARINE                          NY-31-110-449
FEW, WILLIAM                            NY-31-62-194
FEWKES, JOSEPH                          NY-31-89-558
FEYER, GUSTAV H.                        NY-31-114-85
FEYH, GEORGE W.                         NY-31-136-265
FIALA, JAN                              NY-31-989-31
FIBEL, LOUIS H.                         NY-31-1031-391
FIBEL, MORITS                           NY-31-136-509
FICH, DAVID                             NY-31-40-241
FICHTER, HERMAN                         NY-31-1028-198
FICK, ANN                               NY-31-111-358
FICK, ANTHONY                           NY-31-100-190
FICKE, MINNA                            NY-31-1008-172
FICKETT, FRANCIS                        NY-31-87-288
FICKETT, RALPH                          NY-31-68-185
FIEGENHEIM, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-31-41-360
FIELD, ANN                              NY-31-57-31
FIELD, ARBY                             NY-31-109-33
FIELD, EDWARD                           NY-31-114-428
FIELD, EDWARD L                         NY-31-991-135
FIELD, EDWARD LOYAL                     NY-31-989-282
FIELD, FURMAN                           NY-31-89-430
FIELD, JOSEPH B.                        NY-31-81-377
FIELD, JOSIAH                           NY-31-127-401
FIELD, MARY M.                          NY-31-112-181
FIELD, MOSES                            NY-31-71-135
FIELDER, MAGGIE                         NY-31-985-123
FIELDING, AGNES                         NY-31-75-7
FIELDING, ANN                           NY-31-1023-314
FIELDING, THOMAS                        NY-31-131-358
FIELDS, JAMES                           NY-31-997-316
FIELTON, JOHN                           NY-31-1023-313
FIFE, PETER                             NY-31-53-292
FILON, NELLIE                           NY-31-1019-354
FILS, BERNARD LE                        NY-31-43-203
FINAN, PATRICK                          NY-31-81-409
FINCH, FERRIS                           NY-31-126-411
FINCH, LAFAYETTE J.                     NY-31-1016-24
FINCH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-57-222
FINCH, WILLIAM S.                       NY-31-102-123
FINCK, ANTOINETTE                       NY-31-1011-473
FINCK, E. HENRY                         NY-31-43-371
FINCK, HARRIET A.                       NY-31-122-348
FINCK, WENDEL                           NY-31-135-21
FINEGAN, HETTY                          NY-31-48-229
FINEGAN, JAMES                          NY-31-104-452
FINEGAN, JOHN                           NY-31-92-541
FINEGAN, OHN                            NY-31-43-169
FINENRAN, CATHERINE                     NY-31-1010-287
FINGLASS, JOHN                          NY-31-40-305
FINGLASS, JOHN                          NY-31-45-428
FINK, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-53-377
FINK, CATHARINE                         NY-31-148-255
FINK, DIEDERICH                         NY-31-130-1
FINK, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-96-630
FINK, GEORGE W.                         NY-31-147-337
FINK, HENRY                             NY-31-48-7
FINK, JOHN                              NY-31-59-434
FINK, JOSEPH                            NY-31-1014-33
FINK, KARL                              NY-31-997-147
FINKENBERG, ADOLPH                      NY-31-1004-144
FINLAY, ELIZA                           NY-31-97-61
FINLAY, THOMAS M.                       NY-31-58-321
FINLEY, ANDREW                          NY-31-41-436
FINLEY, EVELINE                         NY-31-130-147
FINN, JAMES                             NY-31-60-217
FINN, JAMES G.                          NY-31-93-409
FINN, ROBERT                            NY-31-54-178
FINN, ROBERT                            NY-31-86-206
FINNEGAN, CHARLES                       NY-31-46-430
FINNEGAN, CHARLES                       NY-31-46-351
FINNEGAN, HUGH                          NY-31-1030-411
FINNEGAN, JAMES                         NY-31-112-318
FINNNG, SARAH                           NY-31-98-415
FINSTERWALD, HENRIETTE N.               NY-31-1031-254
FISCHER, ADOLPHO H.                     NY-31-1026-178
FISCHER, FREDERICK                      NY-31-119-140
FISCHER, HERMAN H. F.                   NY-31-1026-395
FISCHER, ISI                            NY-31-999-142
FISCHER, PETER                          NY-31-116-365
FISH, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-110-411
FISH, JOHN                              NY-31-999-396
FISH, JOHN                              NY-31-49-106
FISH, NICHOLAS                          NY-31-70-300
FISH, PRESERVED                         NY-31-93-82
FISH, WHITEHEAD                         NY-31-55-289
FISH, WHITEHEAD                         NY-31-56-101
FISHER, ABRAHAM D.                      NY-31-92-538
FISHER, ALBERT                          NY-31-49-210
FISHER, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-53-439
FISHER, ANN                             NY-31-79-291
FISHER, ANNE J.                         NY-31-1016-21
FISHER, ANNIE F.                        NY-31-991-421
FISHER, BELLA                           NY-31-1005-388
FISHER, CALEB M.                        NY-31-63-25
FISHER, ELIZA                           NY-31-86-385
FISHER, FREDERICK A.                    NY-31-140-41
FISHER, JACOB                           NY-31-79-16
FISHER, JACOBINA                        NY-31-1021-122
FISHER, JAMES                           NY-31-92-327
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-31-52-94
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-31-97-136
FISHER, JOHN E.                         NY-31-44-439
FISHER, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-76-96
FISHER, JOHN P.                         NY-31-65-277
FISHER, JOSHUA                          NY-31-61-426
FISHER, K. R.                           NY-31-1010-445
FISHER, LEONARD                         NY-31-74-249
FISHER, LOUISA R.                       NY-31-115-62
FISHER, MORITZ                          NY-31-1002-343
FISHER, NATHAN A.                       NY-31-102-433
FISHER, RICHARD                         NY-31-56-188
FISHER,MIERS                            NY-31-56-244
FISK, ANNETTE W.                        NY-31-109-168
FISK, EDWARD                            NY-31-102-28
FISK, JOHN W.                           NY-31-149-252
FISK, PETER                             NY-31-118-104
FISKE, ELIJAH                           NY-31-129-389
FISKE, SAMUEL A.                        NY-31-993-209
FITCH, ANN E.                           NY-31-76-385
FITCH, AUGUSTUS N.                      NY-31-114-354
FITCH, CATHERINE                        NY-31-61-249
FITCH, NEOMI                            NY-31-89-613
FITCH, THOMAS                           NY-31-57-29
FITCH, VIRGINIA                         NY-31-1014-395
FITCH, WILLIAM G.                       NY-31-1008-332
FITENER, PETER                          NY-31-53-256
FITTS, CHARLES H.                       NY-31-1019-443
FITZ, NATHANIEL                         NY-31-45-48
FITZGERALD, EDWARD                      NY-31-107-438
FITZGERALD, EDWARD                      NY-31-1020-57
FITZGERALD, FREEMAN                     NY-31-91-382
FITZGERALD, GEORGE                      NY-31-119-31
FITZGERALD, JOHANNA                     NY-31-1016-385
FITZGERALD, JOHN T.                     NY-31-94-740
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                      NY-31-61-462
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                      NY-31-123-48
FITZGIBBON, ANDREW W.                   NY-31-1005-482
FITZGIBBON, ANNIE L.                    NY-31-1016-214
FITZGIBBON, MARY J.                     NY-31-997-330
FITZHARRIS, MARIA                       NY-31-107-523
FITZHUGH, MEAD                          NY-31-92-129
FITZPARICK, MICHAEL                     NY-31-98-196
FITZPATRICK, BERNARD                    NY-31-1009-316
FITZPATRICK, CATHERINE                  NY-31-1026-392
FITZPATRICK, ELLEN                      NY-31-990-459
FITZPATRICK, JAMES                      NY-31-54-94
FITZPATRICK, JOHN                       NY-31-47-1
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK                    NY-31-59-331
FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM                    NY-31-102-546
FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM                    NY-31-1012-279
FITZSIMMONS, ANDREW                     NY-31-119-13
FITZSIMMONS, JAMES                      NY-31-1009-314
FITZSIMMONS, JOHANNA                    NY-31-986-210
FITZSIMMONS, MARY                       NY-31-122-381
FITZSIMONS, THOMAS P.                   NY-31-1016-27
FIX, KATIE J.                           NY-31-989-487
FLACK, JOHN                             NY-31-70-79
FLAGG, ELISE                            NY-31-1031-386
FLAGG, MONTAGUE                         NY-31-1029-139
FLAGG, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-64-235
FLAHIRE, ROSE                           NY-31-1014-259
FLAIG, JOSEPH                           NY-31-60-142
FLAMMER, EMANUEL A.                     NY-31-1029-148
FLAMMER, THEDORE L.                     NY-31-1008-26
FLANAGAN, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-31-46-95
FLANAGAN, JAMES                         NY-31-125-225
FLANAGAN, OWEN                          NY-31-49-100
FLANAGAN, RICHARDSON                    NY-31-140-409
FLANDIN, FRANCOIS                       NY-31-1017-268
FLANLEY, HUGH                           NY-31-73-259
FLANNAGAN, MARGARET                     NY-31-127-260
FLASSILLARD, JOHN F.                    NY-31-124-18
FLAT, JOANA                             NY-31-48-358
FLATAN, NATHAN H.                       NY-31-1014-480
FLEGENHEIMER, ADOLPH                    NY-31-1031-101
FLEISCHER, NISEN                        NY-31-1015-338
FLEISCHER, SIGMUND L.                   NY-31-1024-449
FLEISCHHAUER, IDA                       NY-31-1004-305
FLEISCHMAN, ABRAHAM                     NY-31-43-329
FLEISCHMANN, GUSTAVUS                   NY-31-148-443
FLEMING, CARRIE M.                      NY-31-1026-397
FLEMING, EDWIN F.                       NY-31-1022-348
FLEMING, JOHN                           NY-31-76-333
FLEMING, MARY A.                        NY-31-997-312
FLEMING, ROBERT                         NY-31-138-45
FLEMING, SAMPSON                        NY-31-40-314
FLEMING, VIRGINIA H.                    NY-31-1001-347
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1008-487
FLEMMINGS, JOSEPH                       NY-31-109-430
FLERON, ANDRE                           NY-31-46-150
FLETCHER, JAMES H.                      NY-31-95-1
FLETCHER, JOSEPH                        NY-31-141-320
FLETCHER, MARY E.                       NY-31-994-195
FLETCHER, NICHOLAS                      NY-31-43-413
FLICK, CHRISTIAN G.                     NY-31-985-450
FLIEG, MAX                              NY-31-1000-136
FLINN, JAMES                            NY-31-62-102
FLINN, JOHN                             NY-31-139-487
FLINT, AUSTIN                           NY-31-1015-345
FLINT, JONATHAN                         NY-31-60-92
FLOCK, ANNA                             NY-31-987-244
FLOOD, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-75-508
FLOOD, CONNER C.                        NY-31-102-290
FLOOD, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-1014-257
FLOOD, HUGH                             NY-31-90-265
FLOOD, PETER                            NY-31-1014-36
FLORENCE, ANNA M.                       NY-31-118-98
FLORENCE, JOHN                          NY-31-100-509
FLOW, HANNAH                            NY-31-134-377
FLOWER, JOHN I.                         NY-31-96-436
FLOWER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-57-150
FLOWERS, BATT                           NY-31-43-279
FLOY, MICHAEL                           NY-31-110-82
FLOYD, CATHARINE                        NY-31-112-195
FLOYD, HENRY                            NY-31-1024-447
FLOYD, THOMAS                           NY-31-1027-356
FLOYD, WILLIAM JR.                      NY-31-127-23
FLUHRER, EMMA P.                        NY-31-1019-357
FLURSCHEIM, HERMAN A.                   NY-31-1013-329
FLYN, PATRICK                           NY-31-42-411
FLYNN, DELIA                            NY-31-1020-62
FLYNN, ELISA                            NY-31-1007-366
FLYNN, HUGH                             NY-31-1022-347
FLYNN, JAMES                            NY-31-58-391
FLYNN, JOHN                             NY-31-139-487
FLYNN, JOHN                             NY-31-105-241
FLYNN, JOHN                             NY-31-105-71
FLYNN, JOHN                             NY-31-149-270
FLYNN, MARIA                            NY-31-996-366
FLYNN, MORRIS                           NY-31-1013-116
FLYNN, PETER                            NY-31-138-215
FLYNN, SARAH AGNES                      NY-31-1031-97
FLYNN, THOMAS                           NY-31-148-502
FLYNN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-99-493
FLYNN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-80-277
FOGAL, WILLIAM                          NY-31-48-142
FOGERTY, PATRICK                        NY-31-113-47
FOGG, HIRAM                             NY-31-133-263
FOLEY, CATHERINE M.                     NY-31-1031-389
FOLEY, JAMES D.                         NY-31-55-411
FOLEY, JOHN                             NY-31-147-90
FOLEY, JOHN                             NY-31-86-381
FOLEY, JOHN                             NY-31-127-167
FOLEY, JOHN                             NY-31-100-202
FOLEY, MARGARET                         NY-31-1020-55
FOLEY, MARY                             NY-31-1004-362
FOLEY, PATRICK D.                       NY-31-66-194
FOLEY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-138-272
FOLLY, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-121-73
FOLSOM, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-1021-33
FOLSOM, PETER                           NY-31-74-376
FOLZ, SIMON                             NY-31-1010-448
FONDA, ABRAHAM A.                       NY-31-45-213
FONTAINE, CLAUDIUS G.                   NY-31-63-394
FONTAINE, JOHN BAPTIST                  NY-31-57-316
FOOT, MALACH                            NY-31-58-495
FOOTE, JOHN                             NY-31-108-515
FOOTE, JUSTIN                           NY-31-49-104
FOOTE, MARGARET L.                      NY-31-990-87
FORBES, ANNA L.                         NY-31-1000-20
FORBES, HANNAH M.                       NY-31-101-358
FORBES, HELEN F.                        NY-31-1012-365
FORBES, JOHN                            NY-31-60-210
FORBES, JOHN G.                         NY-31-140-144
FORBES, MARGARET                        NY-31-1016-207
FORBES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1009-22
FORBUSH, CHRISTIANA                     NY-31-43-335
FORCE, EDWIN A.                         NY-31-997-77
FORCE, EPHRAIM                          NY-31-119-387
FORD, ALICE V.                          NY-31-1027-107
FORD, AMBROSE                           NY-31-77-309
FORD, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-59-223
FORD, BENJAMIN F.                       NY-31-119-34
FORD, CATHARINE M.                      NY-31-92-142
FORD, ISAAC                             NY-31-114-159
FORD, JOHANNAH                          NY-31-1030-413
FORD, LOUISA F.                         NY-31-1022-350
FORD, MARY E.                           NY-31-1023-38
FORD, ROSE M.                           NY-31-1030-237
FORD, SARAH                             NY-31-111-300
FORDHAM, GEORGE                         NY-31-88-433
FORDHAM, ISAAC                          NY-31-80-270
FORDHAM, MARIA                          NY-31-99-481
FORDHAM, MARY                           NY-31-119-427
FORDHAM, SARAH A.                       NY-31-111-341
FOREMAN, CAROLINE                       NY-31-1021-118
FOREMAN, JACOB                          NY-31-118-43
FOREST, JOHANNA                         NY-31-112-19
FORESTI, FELICE                         NY-31-127-220
FORGAY, SAMUEL                          NY-31-95-557
FORNACHON, MAURICE                      NY-31-994-191
FORRESTER, ARCHIBALD                    NY-31-74-161
FORRESTER, EMMA M.                      NY-31-1025-272
FORRESTER, JAMES                        NY-31-1031-379
FORRESTER, JOHN                         NY-31-44-6
FORRESTER, WILLIAM                      NY-31-148-469
FORRISTER, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-69-144
FORRISTER, JOSEPH                       NY-31-69-137
FORSHEIM, WILBUR A.                     NY-31-996-364
FORSTER, HERMANN                        NY-31-1016-25
FORSTER, SARAH                          NY-31-140-76
FORSYT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-120-292
FORSYTH, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-1031-381
FORSYTH, DOUGLAS                        NY-31-124-276
FORSYTH, MABEL G.                       NY-31-988-19
FORSYTH, SAMUEL                         NY-31-80-426
FORSYTH, SARAH                          NY-31-148-366
FORT, JEANNE MARIE                      NY-31-105-206
FORT, LEWIS E.                          NY-31-71-382
FORTIN, MAGDELAINE                      NY-31-50-93
FORTUNE, JOHN                           NY-31-50-85
FORTUNO, JOHN                           NY-31-136-104
FOSHAY, PATIENCE                        NY-31-105-413
FOSS, CATHARINE H.                      NY-31-122-139
FOSSETT, JAMES                          NY-31-100-241
FOSTER, ANDREW                          NY-31-139-394
FOSTER, ANDREW                          NY-31-99-265
FOSTER, ANN                             NY-31-73-345
FOSTER, ANNIE                           NY-31-1031-96
FOSTER, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-42-537
FOSTER, CARRIE V.                       NY-31-1007-211
FOSTER, CLINTON                         NY-31-1029-137
FOSTER, GEORGE H.                       NY-31-1023-317
FOSTER, GEORGIANA M.                    NY-31-1008-334
FOSTER, JAMES                           NY-31-105-213
FOSTER, JAMES JR.                       NY-31-112-47
FOSTER, JOHN                            NY-31-50-328
FOSTER, JOHN                            NY-31-98-261
FOSTER, JOHN R.                         NY-31-77-381
FOSTER, JOHN S.                         NY-31-999-391
FOSTER, MARIA E.                        NY-31-117-470
FOSTER, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-47-271
FOSTER, SARAH                           NY-31-95-577
FOSTER, STEPHEN                         NY-31-107-550
FOSTER, THOMAS E.                       NY-31-1009-419
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-52-218
FOSTER, WILLIAM W.                      NY-31-1013-467
FOTHERINGHAM, JAMES                     NY-31-77-200
FOULKES, EDWARD                         NY-31-133-318
FOUNTAIN, EUPHENIA A.                   NY-31-130-269
FOUSTON, ANN                            NY-31-56-54
FOUSTON, JOHN                           NY-31-49-337
FOUTHE, JOSEPH                          NY-31-103-495
FOWKES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-120-317
FOWKS, JOHN                             NY-31-92-17
FOWLE, MARY L.                          NY-31-1024-221
FOWLER, ANN                             NY-31-45-142
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-100-292
FOWLER, CATALYNA                        NY-31-57-43
FOWLER, CATHARINE W.                    NY-31-999-465
FOWLER, CHARLES                         NY-31-55-306
FOWLER, DAVID A.                        NY-31-52-84
FOWLER, DEBORAH                         NY-31-75-178
FOWLER, EDWARD S.                       NY-31-1016-389
FOWLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-58-28
FOWLER, FREDERICK                       NY-31-44-469
FOWLER, GILBERT                         NY-31-73-46
FOWLER, GILBERT                         NY-31-92-162
FOWLER, JAMES                           NY-31-90-393
FOWLER, JAMES                           NY-31-50-191
FOWLER, JEREMIAH H.                     NY-31-118-33
FOWLER, PEXCEL                          NY-31-75-521
FOWLER, PHILIP G.                       NY-31-125-381
FOWLER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-90-17
FOWLER, THEODORE                        NY-31-66-199
FOWLER, THEODOSIUS O.                   NY-31-138-340
FOWLER, THOMAS P.                       NY-31-1031-1
FOWLES, CHARLES F.                      NY-31-1014-472
FOWLES, FRANCES MAY                     NY-31-1023-152
FOX, BENJAMIN                           NY-31-1027-105
FOX, BERNARD                            NY-31-1008-485
FOX, ELIZABETH                          NY-31-79-335
FOX, EMMETT P.                          NY-31-110-292
FOX, ESTHER                             NY-31-48-432
FOX, HARRIET G.                         NY-31-1014-400
FOX, JACOB                              NY-31-1021-38
FOX, JOHN                               NY-31-985-323
FOX, JOHN                               NY-31-77-107
FOX, MARY                               NY-31-48-365
FOX, MARY                               NY-31-148-12
FOX, NETTIE BACON                       NY-31-997-143
FOX, PATRICK                            NY-31-58-133
FOX, ROBERT                             NY-31-58-263
FRAAS, CARLES                           NY-31-1014-108
FRAGELLI, MARIANNA                      NY-31-1031-247
FRAMM, CLARA                            NY-31-1019-24
FRANCES, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-1024-454
FRANCIS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-997-320
FRANCIS, JAMES                          NY-31-127-147
FRANCK, EDWARD                          NY-31-1004-479
FRANCOM, ALPHONSE                       NY-31-1023-319
FRANK, CELIA                            NY-31-1031-383
FRANK, ISAAC                            NY-31-996-362
FRANK, ISAAC                            NY-31-1017-263
FRANK, JACOB M.                         NY-31-988-212
FRANK, LESTER                           NY-31-1005-479
FRANK, MARK H.                          NY-31-993-334
FRANK, MICHAEL                          NY-31-147-108
FRANK, SAMUEL                           NY-31-998-149
FRANK, SARAH                            NY-31-1001-215
FRANK, YETTA                            NY-31-995-290
FRANKE, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-1019-350
FRANKEL, GARRISON                       NY-31-1030-239
FRANKEL, SOLOMON                        NY-31-1014-398
FRANKEL,D AVID                          NY-31-1021-44
FRANKENBERG, BETSEY                     NY-31-142-22
FRANKENBERG, JACOB H.                   NY-31-1017-413
FRANKENTHAL, CLARA                      NY-31-1004-372
FRANKENTHAL, JACOB                      NY-31-1030-243
FRANKERDHALER, FANNY                    NY-31-1018-498
FRANKFIELD, HUGO                        NY-31-1000-450
FRANKFORD, HENRY                        NY-31-119-385
FRANKLAND, MARY JAY                     NY-31-1000-346
FRANKLIN, HENRY P.                      NY-31-109-425
FRANKLIN, JOHN                          NY-31-43-406
FRANKLIN, LETTITIA                      NY-31-45-376
FRANKLIN, MARY                          NY-31-40-302
FRANKLIN, MARY                          NY-31-50-391
FRANKLIN, MARY                          NY-31-110-311
FRANKLIN, MARY V.                       NY-31-1024-465
FRANKLIN, MATTHEW                       NY-31-54-383
FRANKLIN, MATTHEW                       NY-31-52-77
FRANKLIN, MATTHEW                       NY-31-54-329
FRANKLIN, NATHAN                        NY-31-52-111
FRANKLIN, PETER A.                      NY-31-1008-491
FRANKLIN, PHILADELPHIA                  NY-31-78-316
FRANKLIN, SAMUEL                        NY-31-47-125
FRANKLIN, SAMUEL R.                     NY-31-77-573
FRANKLIN, SARAH J.                      NY-31-1012-374
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                        NY-31-52-404
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                        NY-31-66-234
FRANKLIN, WALTER                        NY-31-77-571
FRANKS, EDWARD                          NY-31-138-417
FRAPRIE, FRANCOIS                       NY-31-69-368
FRASCH, HERMAN                          NY-31-1010-33
FRASER, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-96-276
FRASER, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-114-112
FRASER, JOHN                            NY-31-92-410
FRASER, JOHN                            NY-31-93-133
FRASER, THOMAS                          NY-31-147-291
FRASER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1018-408
FRASER, WILLIAM DALE                    NY-31-47-148
FRASSE, HENRY F.                        NY-31-97-308
FRAWLEY, MARY                           NY-31-1001-82
FRAZER, JONATHAN A.(DR.)                NY-31-55-215
FRAZER, WALTER                          NY-31-41-122
FRAZIER, JOHN                           NY-31-55-502
FRAZYER, MOSES                          NY-31-56-14
FRECKELTON, EVANS                       NY-31-47-366
FREDERICK, JOHN H.                      NY-31-56-399
FREEDMAN, ANDREW                        NY-31-1028-206
FREEDMAN, ANDREW                        NY-31-1025-273
FREEDMAN, MICHAEL                       NY-31-1024-74
FREEDMAN, MORITZ                        NY-31-1012-283
FREEDMANN, BABETTA                      NY-31-996-296
FREEH, JACOB                            NY-31-132-452
FREELON, ELIZA                          NY-31-61-193
FREELON, EVE                            NY-31-45-317
FREEMAN, ALFRED                         NY-31-129-129
FREEMAN, ALFRED                         NY-31-134-369
FREEMAN, AUGUST                         NY-31-1007-364
FREEMAN, DIANA                          NY-31-86-495
FREEMAN, ELOISE W.                      NY-31-1024-70
FREEMAN, FRANK A                        NY-31-1005-202
FREEMAN, HENRY                          NY-31-1015-436
FREEMAN, HENRY W.                       NY-31-53-449
FREEMAN, ISAAC R.                       NY-31-70-315
FREEMAN, JACKSON                        NY-31-111-424
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-31-1028-208
FREEMAN, JOSEPHINE                      NY-31-1022-92
FREEMAN, ROWLAND                        NY-31-131-307
FREEMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-998-141
FREEMAN,AMELIA                          NY-31-86-351
FREES, CHAUNCEY A.                      NY-31-1026-390
FREES, JOHN                             NY-31-47-436
FREIBERGER, ABRAHAM                     NY-31-1020-237
FREIDLE, MARIA C.                       NY-31-71-3
FREIFIELD, SOLOMON                      NY-31-1013-464
FRELIGH, MICHAEL                        NY-31-140-52
FRENCH, JOHN F.                         NY-31-112-234
FRENCH, LEWIS                           NY-31-52-59
FRENCH, WILLIAM                         NY-31-138-438
FRESHWATER, WILLIAM                     NY-31-105-175
FREUND, CHRISTINA                       NY-31-127-262
FREVALL, PETER E.                       NY-31-106-284
FREY, ISDIOR                            NY-31-1030-418
FRIBORG, MARX                           NY-31-1029-382
FRIBORG, MAY                            NY-31-1008-258
FRICK, ROSALIE C.                       NY-31-1009-311
FRIEDBERG, CAROLINE                     NY-31-1023-40
FRIEDBERG, JOSEPH                       NY-31-1022-224
FRIEDE, JULIA                           NY-31-138-464
FRIEDENSTEIN, CARL A.                   NY-31-1027-358
FRIEDLANDER, HIRAM L.                   NY-31-1024-469
FRIEDLANDER, OSCAR O.                   NY-31-1021-124
FRIEDLANDER, RICHARD                    NY-31-988-436
FRIEDLANDER, SARAH                      NY-31-1004-367
FRIEDMAN, JULIA                         NY-31-1011-229
FRIEDMANN, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-990-7
FRIEDRICH, CORA B.                      NY-31-990-184
FRIEDRICH, PETER                        NY-31-989-67
FRIEDRICH, VALENTINE                    NY-31-1017-258
FRIEL, RUTH                             NY-31-98-137
FRIEND, ENGELL                          NY-31-69-45
FRIEND, HENRIETTE                       NY-31-999-459
FRIES, HELENA D.                        NY-31-122-483
FRIEZ, JAMES R.                         NY-31-1003-250
FRIEZE, GEORGE H.                       NY-31-999-376
FRINGAUT, MAX                           NY-31-1006-304
FRINGS, GUSTAVUS                        NY-31-141-287
FRISBE, JARED                           NY-31-53-488
FRISBY, EDWARD                          NY-31-98-475
FRISKNEY, SARAH                         NY-31-49-51
FRITZ, GEORGE                           NY-31-96-402
FRITZ, HENRY                            NY-31-49-201
FRITZE, LIBBIE S.                       NY-31-1002-186
FROBISHER, JULIA C.                     NY-31-1031-98
FROEBLICH, PAULINE K.                   NY-31-1022-207
FROHLICH, REINHARDT                     NY-31-105-377
FROHMAN, SAM                            NY-31-996-19
FROHMANN, MORRIS                        NY-31-1022-222
FROMENT, ANDRE                          NY-31-66-30
FROMER, MAX                             NY-31-1031-251
FROST, CATHERINE                        NY-31-1005-484
FROST, DANIEL                           NY-31-63-471
FROST, ELIZABETH F.                     NY-31-997-10
FROST, GRACE                            NY-31-42-215
FROST, HENRIETTA B.                     NY-31-997-334
FROST, ISAAC C.                         NY-31-111-11
FROST, JACOB                            NY-31-70-292
FROST, JOSHUA                           NY-31-58-203
FROST, LEANDER L.                       NY-31-996-17
FROST, MARGARET                         NY-31-1012-367
FROST, ORIN C.                          NY-31-1030-419
FRUAUF, JOHN L.                         NY-31-1009-319
FRUHLING, LOUIS                         NY-31-997-326
FRY, SOLOMAN                            NY-31-1018-147
FRYE, DANIEL M.                         NY-31-127-180
FRYON, JOHN                             NY-31-66-205
FUCHS, HENRIETTA                        NY-31-148-259
FUCHS, KATHARINA                        NY-31-996-408
FUCHS, MARGARET                         NY-31-1007-54
FUCHS, MARIE                            NY-31-1002-62
FUECHSEL, EDWARD A.                     NY-31-1018-406
FULLER, BAYARD C.                       NY-31-1025-268
FULLER, CHARLES                         NY-31-128-572
FULLER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-134-434
FULLER, FRANK                           NY-31-1017-417
FULLER, HORACE                          NY-31-98-119
FULLER, JOHN                            NY-31-77-4
FULLER, PAUL                            NY-31-1029-133
FULLER, WILSON                          NY-31-98-184
FULLERTON, JOHN                         NY-31-53-290
FULLICK, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1020-59
FULLSPIRE, LEVI                         NY-31-46-34
FULTON, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-46-157
FULTON, ROBERT                          NY-31-53-322
FULTON, ROBERT                          NY-31-52-113
FULTON, ROBERT                          NY-31-60-366
FULTON, SARAH                           NY-31-93-698
FUNK, DANIEL STANBURY                   NY-31-127-30
FUNK, JOHN                              NY-31-57-473
FUNK, NATHANIEL                         NY-31-62-35
FURBUSH, JOHN                           NY-31-77-394
FURGESON, DAVID                         NY-31-108-178
FURGUSON, ALVIN                         NY-31-122-112
FURGUSON, NANCY                         NY-31-131-110
FURLONG, PAUL                           NY-31-62-450
FURMAN, ANDREW G.                       NY-31-76-102
FURMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-86-201
FURMAN, GABRIEL                         NY-31-90-75
FURMAN, HOWARD                          NY-31-119-229
FURMAN, MARIA                           NY-31-75-180
FURMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-148-94
FURNISS, CLEMENTINA                     NY-31-1025-113
FURST, ISIDOR                           NY-31-1029-39
FUTTET, MARY F.                         NY-31-992-211
FYFE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-57-114

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