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COLAIZZI, DOMINICK                      NY-31-991-415
COLBERT, HELENA M.                      NY-31-1013-449
COLBERT, ROBERT                         NY-31-62-473
COLBERT, WILLIAM F.                     NY-31-1023-23
COLBURN, RICHARD J.                     NY-31-985-442
COLBURN, SAMUEL W.                      NY-31-121-32
COLBY, ABIGAIL                          NY-31-108-581
COLBY, ELIZABETH E.                     NY-31-1022-155
COLBY, FRANCES E.                       NY-31-1012-16
COLBY, GEORGE                           NY-31-111-354
COLBY, JOHN                             NY-31-122-351
COLDEN, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-46-404
COLDEN, ANNA                            NY-31-62-348
COLDEN, DAVID C.                        NY-31-100-221
COLDEN, ELIZA                           NY-31-87-256, 292
COLDEN, HENRIETTA MARIA                 NY-31-43-379
COLDER, WILLIAM R.                      NY-31-108-354
COLDWELL, GEORGE                        NY-31-49-204
COLE, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-139-439
COLE, BARNET                            NY-31-124-1
COLE, CLARISSA                          NY-31-128-204
COLE, JOHN                              NY-31-120-273
COLE, LEAH                              NY-31-147-444
COLE, PETER                             NY-31-54-275
COLE, RICHARD                           NY-31-58-12
COLE, THANKFULL                         NY-31-53-105
COLE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-70-287
COLELL, HENRIETTA                       NY-31-993-198
COLEMAN, AVIS B.                        NY-31-91-718
COLEMAN, BLANCHE                        NY-31-1010-419
COLEMAN, CATHERINE                      NY-31-132-448
COLEMAN, DAVID                          NY-31-147-441
COLEMAN, HETTY                          NY-31-102-257
COLEMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-998-304
COLEMAN, PETER                          NY-31-1009-297
COLEMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-31-109-497
COLEMAN, THOMAS                         NY-31-55-185
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-63-178
COLEMAN, WILLIAM HENRY                  NY-31-66-366
COLES, BENJAMIN U.                      NY-31-65-290
COLES, BENJAMIN W.                      NY-31-58-434
COLES, CHARLES                          NY-31-66-273
COLES, HENRY W.                         NY-31-109-231
COLES, HEWLETT TOWNSEND                 NY-31-61-472
COLES, ISAAC U.                         NY-31-101-154
COLES, JOHN B.                          NY-31-61-42
COLES, JOHN B.                          NY-31-65-50
COLES, JORDAN                           NY-31-72-420
COLES, LEFFERTS G.                      NY-31-119-127
COLES, OLIVER                           NY-31-140-472
COLES, ROBERT                           NY-31-69-305
COLEY, SANFORD                          NY-31-122-264
COLEY, SANFORD                          NY-31-122-450
COLEY, WILLIAM G.                       NY-31-96-66
COLFAX, JONATHAN                        NY-31-54-438
COLFAX, JONATHAN                        NY-31-54-462
COLGAN, BERNARD                         NY-31-43-171
COLGAN, ROSE M.                         NY-31-1029-26
COLGAN, THOMAS                          NY-31-127-252
COLGATE, BOWLE                          NY-31-91-632
COLGATE, GEORGE                         NY-31-85-132
COLGATE, GILBERT                        NY-31-79-400
COLGATE, LYDIA                          NY-31-141-361
COLGATE, SALLIE                         NY-31-1009-153
COLGATE, SARAH                          NY-31-129-66
COLGATE, WILLIAM                        NY-31-120-61
COLHOON, JAMES                          NY-31-61-159
COLLARD, EDWARD                         NY-31-996-284
COLLARD, MARIA                          NY-31-77-352
COLLES, JOHN                            NY-31-47-160
COLLET, ANDREW                          NY-31-49-137
COLLIER, HARRIET P.                     NY-31-1004-328
COLLIER, RICHARD                        NY-31-135-90
COLLINS, ADELAIDE                       NY-31-993-317
COLLINS, ANN                            NY-31-88-383
COLLINS, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-31-108-549
COLLINS, BRIDGET A.                     NY-31-990-71
COLLINS, CATHERINE                      NY-31-60-473
COLLINS, EMILY L.                       NY-31-998-134
COLLINS, HENRY                          NY-31-78-395
COLLINS, JAMES                          NY-31-66-28
COLLINS, JAMES                          NY-31-65-283
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-31-46-311
COLLINS, JOHN G.                        NY-31-125-303
COLLINS, KENNETH B.                     NY-31-1031-365
COLLINS, KEZIA                          NY-31-75-69
COLLINS, MARY FRANCES                   NY-31-1009-3
COLLINS, MARY R.                        NY-31-80-260
COLLINS, MICHAEL                        NY-31-54-192
COLLINS, MICHAEL                        NY-31-117-477
COLLINS, ROSE                           NY-31-1010-9
COLLINS, THOMAS F.                      NY-31-1008-242
COLLINS, W. G.                          NY-31-1021-104
COLLINS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-60-160
COLLINS, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-1031-369
COLLIS, GEORGE                          NY-31-62-212
COLLISTER, HANNAH                       NY-31-44-272
COLLISTER, SARAH                        NY-31-63-152
COLLISTER, THOMAS SR.                   NY-31-56-204
COLLMANTER, MARGARET                    NY-31-116-133
COLLOMET, JAQUES THOMAS (DR.)           NY-31-45-32
COLLORD, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-987-342
COLLORD, JAMES                          NY-31-92-636
COLON, GEORGE                           NY-31-129-413
COLSTAN, SARAH                          NY-31-77-271
COLT, ANN                               NY-31-99-425
COLT, MARGARET                          NY-31-119-444
COLTON, MEHITABEL D.                    NY-31-125-367
COLVER, GEORGE W.                       NY-31-1025-101
COMAN, JOHN H.                          NY-31-1005-460
COMBAULT, PETER S. X.                   NY-31-91-701
COMBS, ANN                              NY-31-56-340
COMERFORD, CATHERINE                    NY-31-993-312
COMINS, JOHN                            NY-31-989-269
COMISKEY, JOHN                          NY-31-1000-444
COMMINS, OWEN                           NY-31-44-378
COMPTON, ALFRED G.                      NY-31-997-1
COMPTON, EBENEZER                       NY-31-53-451
COMPTON, GEORGE                         NY-31-134-386
COMPTON, JOHN                           NY-31-147-413
COMPTON, MARGARET                       NY-31-115-186
COMPTON, RICHARD T.                     NY-31-141-5
COMSTOCK, ALICE R.                      NY-31-1021-99
COMSTOCK, EDWIN P.                      NY-31-78-494
COMSTOCK, ELLEN                         NY-31-1008-10
COMSTOCK, JOHN CARLTON                  NY-31-108-171
COMSTOCK, NANCY                         NY-31-53-295
CONANT, CHARLES A.                      NY-31-1025-12
CONCKLIN, EDMUND A.                     NY-31-108-357
CONCKLIN, ELI                           NY-31-91-591
CONCKLIN, GEORGE W.                     NY-31-89-505
CONCKLIN, JOHN W.                       NY-31-56-478
CONCKLIN, MARY                          NY-31-109-144
CONCKLIN, SUSAN                         NY-31-116-16
CONCKLIN, WILLIAM P.                    NY-31-74-167
CONCKLIN, ZEBULON W.                    NY-31-99-499
CONDIT, HENRY                           NY-31-92-492
CONDIT, TACCI A.                        NY-31-1025-392
CONE, JOHN R.                           NY-31-91-286
CONE, MARCUS                            NY-31-135-3
CONE, MARCUS                            NY-31-119-493
CONGDON, CHARLES H.                     NY-31-1015-310
CONGER, JOHN ***                        NY-31-140-429
CONKLIN, CALEB J.                       NY-31-60-242
CONKLIN, CALEB J.                       NY-31-65-134
CONKLIN, ELIZABETH H.                   NY-31-133-350
CONKLIN, GEORGE ****                    NY-31-139-185
CONKLIN, JAMES                          NY-31-71-125
CONKLIN, JOHN                           NY-31-95-93
CONKLIN, MARY A.                        NY-31-104-61
CONKLIN, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-79-447
CONKLIN, ROBERT W.                      NY-31-1027-492
CONKLIN, SAMUEL ELY                     NY-31-128-70
CONKLIN, WALTER                         NY-31-75-88
CONKLIN, WILLIAM B.                     NY-31-1001-427
CONKLING, NICHOLAS                      NY-31-79-447
CONKLING, NOAH T.                       NY-31-128-259
CONLAN, FRANK                           NY-31-1017-101
CONLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-1011-456
CONLIN, GEORGE                          NY-31-54-493
CONLY, ETHELYN L.                       NY-31-1004-300
CONN, MAXIMILIAN                        NY-31-1025-259
CONNAH, JOSEPH                          NY-31-130-429
CONNELL, AGNES A.                       NY-31-1018-16
CONNELL, CATHARINE                      NY-31-104-416
CONNELL, JAEN                           NY-31-119-317
CONNELL, MARTHA                         NY-31-987-426
CONNELL, NORA                           NY-31-1012-149
CONNELL, RICHARD                        NY-31-116-10
CONNELLY, JAMES                         NY-31-989-27
CONNELLY, JAMES SR.                     NY-31-47-214
CONNELLY, JOHN                          NY-31-137-256
CONNER, CHARLOTTE M. S.                 NY-31-149-208
CONNER, EDWARD                          NY-31-78-77
CONNER, MICHAEL                         NY-31-96-371
CONNER, THOMAS                          NY-31-93-264
CONNET, MARY                            NY-31-92-684
CONNOLLY, JAMES                         NY-31-54-482
CONNOLLY, JOHN                          NY-31-990-75
CONNOLLY, JOHN (CATH BISHOP)            NY-31-59-180
CONNOLLY, THOMAS                        NY-31-60-157
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM                       NY-31-1029-353
CONNON, MOTT                            NY-31-59-85
CONNOR, CATHERINE                       NY-31-996-350
CONNOR, CHARLES                         NY-31-55-505
CONNOR, CHARLES                         NY-31-1010-406
CONNOR, DANIEL F.                       NY-31-1008-454
CONNOR, DANIEL J.                       NY-31-1027-194
CONNOR, EDWARD L.                       NY-31-122-256
CONNOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-108-190
CONNOR, ELLEN                           NY-31-1006-134
CONNOR, JOHN                            NY-31-128-363
CONNOR, MELVINA                         NY-31-1026-4
CONNOR, WINIFRED V.                     NY-31-1007-37
CONOLLY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-46-427
CONOMA, GEORGE                          NY-31-126-248
CONOVER, ELIAS                          NY-31-63-86
CONOVER, GEORGE S.                      NY-31-139-405
CONOVER, LAWRENCE V.                    NY-31-988-10
CONRAD, EPHRAIM                         NY-31-73-194
CONRAN, LACK                            NY-31-73-201
CONREY, JONATHAN                        NY-31-47-42
CONREY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-62-448
CONREY, PRISCILLA                       NY-31-59-329
CONREY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-100-554
CONROY, CATHARINE                       NY-31-129-413
CONRY, JAMES L.                         NY-31-1009-295
CONSTABLE, ANN                          NY-31-61-5
CONSTABLE, DANIEL                       NY-31-77-102
CONSTABLE, JANE                         NY-31-46-85
CONSTABLE, JOHN                         NY-31-41-355
CONSTABLE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-44-339
CONSTANSTINE, JOHN                      NY-31-92-43
CONSTANT, JOSEPH                        NY-31-55-310
CONSTANT, JOSEPH A.                     NY-31-132-168
CONSTANTIN, FRANCOIS                    NY-31-43-188
CONTANT, GILBERT                        NY-31-91-574
CONTE, NICOLA                           NY-31-1027-477
CONTOIT, JOHN H.                        NY-31-60-139
CONVEY, PETER                           NY-31-85-242
CONWAY, BRIDGET                         NY-31-132-408
CONWAY, CHRISTINA                       NY-31-108-114
CONWAY, EDWARD                          NY-31-139-65
CONWAY, ELLEN                           NY-31-94-717
CONWAY, ELLEN                           NY-31-140-214
CONWAY, JAMES                           NY-31-95-413
CONWAY, JAMES                           NY-31-1014-256
CONWAY, JOHN                            NY-31-44-199
CONWAY, JOHN                            NY-31-91-345
CONWAY, RICHARD                         NY-31-114-433
COOK, ANN                               NY-31-98-466
COOK, ANNE                              NY-31-79-529
COOK, BRIDGET                           NY-31-73-251
COOK, EDWARD                            NY-31-127-307
COOK, EFFIE                             NY-31-45-361
COOK, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-989-109
COOK, EMILY                             NY-31-1016-189
COOK, GEORGE I.                         NY-31-1024-297
COOK, JAMES                             NY-31-56-231
COOK, JAMES                             NY-31-65-367
COOK, JOHN                              NY-31-41-461
COOK, JOHN M.                           NY-31-138-176
COOK, MARY                              NY-31-135-159
COOK, PETER                             NY-31-67-114
COOK, PETER                             NY-31-108-17
COOK, PETER LEWIS                       NY-31-55-448
COOK, THOMAS                            NY-31-53-421
COOK, WILLIAM D.                        NY-31-60-90
COOK, WILLIAM HEALSEY                   NY-31-66-170
COOKE, EDWARD P.                        NY-31-93-20
COOKE, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-31-1017-95
COOKE, GEORGE F.                        NY-31-50-261
COOKE, JOSEPH                           NY-31-129-259
COOKE, MARGARET                         NY-31-49-347
COOKE, MARY C.                          NY-31-1005-177
COOLEY, AGNES D.                        NY-31-999-381
COOLEY, STURGIS                         NY-31-48-352
COOLIDGE, DANIEL                        NY-31-68-60
COOLIDGE, HENRY                         NY-31-128-399
COON, GODFREY                           NY-31-51-314
COON, PETER E.                          NY-31-139-258
COONE, THOMAS                           NY-31-52-169
COONEY, CATHARINE M. F.                 NY-31-1024-304
COONEY, FANNIE E.                       NY-31-1011-221
COONEY, FRANCIS                         NY-31-1031-219
COONEY, JOHN W.                         NY-31-1021-1010
COONEY, MARY                            NY-31-1024-142
COONRADT, HENRY                         NY-31-71-396
COOPER, AGNES                           NY-31-80-430
COOPER, ALLAN                           NY-31-78-111
COOPER, CLARA                           NY-31-994-1
COOPER, CORNELIUS C.                    NY-31-100-559
COOPER, EDWARD                          NY-31-79-326
COOPER, ELISABETH                       NY-31-57-130
COOPER, FRANCIS                         NY-31-100-131
COOPER, GEORGE                          NY-31-109-66
COOPER, JACOB                           NY-31-1029-350
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-31-68-188
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-31-44-1
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-31-62-183
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-31-68-188
COOPER, JOHN BEVAN                      NY-31-120-311
COOPER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-54-261
COOPER, LILLIAN                         NY-31-1020-226
COOPER, REBECCA                         NY-31-86-310
COOPER, RICHARD                         NY-31-106-299
COOPER, ROBERT                          NY-31-60-121
COOPER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-80-387
COOPER, WILLIAM L.                      NY-31-48-19
COPEMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-65-280
COPEMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-62-130
COPINGER, JOHN C.                       NY-31-102-286
COPOUS, MARY                            NY-31-69-481
COPPINGER, ALLICE                       NY-31-60-290
COPPINGER, WALTER                       NY-31-72-71
COPSTELLO, FRANCIS                      NY-31-91-637
COPUS, MARY                             NY-31-69-481
COQUILLETT, ELIZABETH                   NY-31-112-221
CORAGGIO, GERARDO                       NY-31-1006-288
CORBALLY, JOHN                          NY-31-1019-213
CORBET, LUCRETIA                        NY-31-105-116
CORBETT, JOHN W.                        NY-31-1024-286
CORBETT, THOMAS                         NY-31-136-321
CORCORAN, BRIDGET                       NY-31-1025-105
CORCORAN, CATHERINE                     NY-31-1014-251
CORCORAN, DORA                          NY-31-1013-196
CORCORAN, PETER                         NY-31-82-148
COREY, TIMOTHY                          NY-31-60-31
CORKARAN, THOMAS                        NY-31-89-415
CORLIES, JACOB                          NY-31-72-154
CORLIES, JOSEPH                         NY-31-67-111
CORLIES, JOSEPH W.                      NY-31-133-370
CORMINE, AUGUSTA V.                     NY-31-1024-216
CORNE, PETER                            NY-31-47-68
CORNE, SARAH                            NY-31-49-153
CORNELISON, RICHARD                     NY-31-131-125
CORNELIUS, CHARLES                      NY-31-68-357
CORNELL, CHARLES                        NY-31-57-5
CORNELL, CHARLES E.                     NY-31-112-33
CORNELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-58-39
CORNELL, GEORGE J.                      NY-31-120-487
CORNELL, JOHN H.                        NY-31-119-349
CORNELL, MATHEW S.                      NY-31-127-342
CORNELL, PHEBE                          NY-31-40-11
CORNELL, ROBERT                         NY-31-47-363
CORNELL, ROBERT C.                      NY-31-91-371
CORNING, ALETTA                         NY-31-105-305
CORNING, LEONARD                        NY-31-90-504
CORNISH, HESTER I.                      NY-31-129-318
CORNWALL, STEPHEN                       NY-31-71-433
CORNWELL, CORNELIA E.                   NY-31-1008-14
CORNYU, MARY                            NY-31-60-348
CORRAN, JAMES                           NY-31-56-370
CORRE, CHARLOTTE                        NY-31-110-539
CORRE, JOSEPH                           NY-31-58-323
CORRE, MATILDA                          NY-31-100-474
CORRIGAN, FRANCIS J.                    NY-31-1016-355
CORRIGAN, JAMES M.                      NY-31-997-73
CORRIGAN, LUKE                          NY-31-108-368
CORRIGAN, MICHAEL                       NY-31-1030-100
CORRIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-31-122-53
CORSE, ABIGAIL                          NY-31-112-107
CORSE, ISRAEL                           NY-31-85-8
CORSEN, CLOSHA                          NY-31-59-275
CORTRIGHT, JACOB                        NY-31-58-418
CORUTH, PETER                           NY-31-50-37
CORWIN, BENJAMIN V. R.                  NY-31-147-229
CORWIN, EDWARD R.                       NY-31-118-41
CORWIN, GEORGE                          NY-31-73-255
CORWIN, HALSEY                          NY-31-76-431
CORWIN, OLIVER                          NY-31-102-323
CORWITH, DAVID H.                       NY-31-98-27
CORY, CHARLES                           NY-31-996-343
CORY, CLARISSA                          NY-31-101-522
CORY, SARAH M.                          NY-31-1014-457
COSGROVE, PATRICK                       NY-31-91-629
COSINE, GARRET                          NY-31-81-420
COSKRY, RACHEL W.                       NY-31-79-5
COSSART, JEAN JOSEPH                    NY-31-63-202
COSTAR, AUGUSTUS B.                     NY-31-111-439
COSTAR, HENRY R.                        NY-31-120-43
COSTELLO, ALMIRA M.                     NY-31-1019-437
COSTELLO, ANNIE                         NY-31-1014-244
COSTELLO, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-31-110-210
COSTELLO, CATHARINE                     NY-31-66-287
COSTELLO, MARY E.                       NY-31-1012-208
COSTELLO, MICHAEL                       NY-31-67-232
COSTELLO, MICHAEL                       NY-31-997-260
COSTELLO, PATRICK                       NY-31-111-314
COSTELLO, RACHEL                        NY-31-109-481
COSTELLO, THOMAS R.                     NY-31-1009-294
COSTER, CATHARINE M.                    NY-31-95-152
COSTER, JOHN G.                         NY-31-90-161
COSTIGAN, GOONY                         NY-31-81-175
COSTIGIN, LEWIS J.                      NY-31-58-46
COTHEAL, HENRY                          NY-31-97-398
COTHEAL, SARAH E.                       NY-31-123-413
COTINAL, CHARLES                        NY-31-46-485
COTTEK, MARY                            NY-31-1001-67
COTTEN, MARIE ROSE                      NY-31-45-124
COTTERRILL, THOMAS                      NY-31-135-149
COUCH, NASH                             NY-31-72-313
COUET, VINCENT GUY                      NY-31-43-383
COUGNACQ, JEAN BAPTISTE                 NY-31-52-128
COULSON, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-74-110
COULTER, MARY                           NY-31-95-78
COULTHARD, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-57-76
COULTHARD, ISAAC                        NY-31-50-97
COULTHARD, WILLIAM                      NY-31-57-287
COUPER, JOHN B.                         NY-31-100-267
COUREAU, LEWIS                          NY-31-45-85
COUREY, JOHN                            NY-31-58-76
COURSEN, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-86-297
COURSORSIER, LOUIS A.                   NY-31-66-309
COURTNEY, GEORGE                        NY-31-41-404
COURTNEY, HANNAH                        NY-31-54-433
COURVOISIER, ADELA                      NY-31-108-532
COUTANT, DANIEL                         NY-31-42-464
COUTANT, DAVID H.                       NY-31-133-277
COUZENS, MATTHEW                        NY-31-49-49
COVELL, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-1029-10
COVELL, LEWIS PHILLIP                   NY-31-1003-38
COVENHOVEN, CATHARINE                   NY-31-53-444
COVENHOVEN, SARAH                       NY-31-52-26
COVENTRY, JOHN H.                       NY-31-50-172
COVERT, JOSEPH                          NY-31-111-268
COVERT, MARY                            NY-31-43-325
COVILL, JOSEPH                          NY-31-52-80
COVINO, SABBATO                         NY-31-985-18
COWAN, BARNETT                          NY-31-48-436
COWAN, BARNETT                          NY-31-45-302
COWAN, JAMES                            NY-31-96-30
COWAN, JAMES                            NY-31-53-246
COWAN, JOHN                             NY-31-73-361
COWDREY, ELIZA                          NY-31-121-154
COWDREY, JANE                           NY-31-96-76
COWDREY, JONAHAN SR.                    NY-31-42-253
COWDREY, JONATHAN                       NY-31-53-303
COWDREY, SAMUEL                         NY-31-88-51
COWEN, FANNY                            NY-31-1023-138
COWLES, FRANCES B.                      NY-31-1008-244
COWLEY, MARY F.                         NY-31-1014-374
COWLEY, REBECCA                         NY-31-42-443
COWLEY, RICHARD BROWN                   NY-31-62-375
COWMAN, JOHN                            NY-31-68-452
COWPERTHWAITE, JOHN K.                  NY-31-95-518
COX, ANDREW                             NY-31-54-340
COX, CATHARINE M.                       NY-31-136-65
COX, CHARLES                            NY-31-97-164
COX, ELIZA                              NY-31-101-435
COX, ISAAC                              NY-31-50-128
COX, JACOB D.                           NY-31-105-285
COX, JAMES A.                           NY-31-1004-92
COX, JAMESON                            NY-31-93-61
COX, JENNINGS STANDON JR.               NY-31-1003-113
COX, JOSEPH                             NY-31-105-223
COX, KETURAH                            NY-31-49-266
COX, LEONORA J.                         NY-31-1029-120
COX, MARIA D. B.                        NY-31-1024-290
COX, MICHAEL                            NY-31-119-260
COX, NICHOLAS                           NY-31-62-89
COX, NICHOLAS                           NY-31-46-363
COX, RICHARD                            NY-31-135-62
COX, THOMAS                             NY-31-1031-215
COX, WALTER                             NY-31-138-188
COY, CHARLES                            NY-31-79-459
COY, FRANCES                            NY-31-96-146
COYLE, DENNIS                           NY-31-53-483
COYLE, HUGH                             NY-31-100-493
COYLE, ISABELLA J.                      NY-31-1017-476
COYNE, EDWARD                           NY-31-1024-213
COYNE, MARY                             NY-31-1019-207
COYNE, THOMAS                           NY-31-101-486
COZANS, EDWARD H.                       NY-31-111-275
COZINE, CATHARINE                       NY-31-73-473
COZINE, JOHN                            NY-31-68-202
COZINE, JOHN                            NY-31-42-416
COZINE, MARY                            NY-31-55-12
COZZENS, SUSAN A.                       NY-31-140-151
CRABTREE, ELEAZER                       NY-31-136-35
CRAFT, ELECTA STORRS                    NY-31-998-481
CRAFT, FANNY                            NY-31-119-376
CRAFT, JAMES                            NY-31-142-68
CRAGE, JANE                             NY-31-42-205
CRAIG, HANNAH                           NY-31-100-298
CRAIG, JENNETT                          NY-31-93-231
CRAIG, JOHN                             NY-31-55-294
CRAIG, JOHN                             NY-31-136-116
CRAIG, MARIA                            NY-31-1027-80
CRAIG, MARY A.                          NY-31-993-323
CRAIG, SAMUEL                           NY-31-66-252
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          NY-31-61-12
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          NY-31-58-202
CRAIGIEE, BALFOUR                       NY-31-109-54
CRAIN, AGNES C.                         NY-31-1014-95
CRAKER, ELIZABTEH F.                    NY-31-1001-432
CRAMER, ALICE C.                        NY-31-1006-139
CRAMER, JOHN                            NY-31-78-421
CRAMER, JOHN JOSEPH                     NY-31-57-125
CRAMOND, JAMES                          NY-31-43-52
CRAMSEY, DELIA A.                       NY-31-1023-28
CRAMSEY, JAMES A.                       NY-31-1022-319
CRANDAL, SARAH                          NY-31-59-446
CRANE, CALEB                            NY-31-67-280
CRANE, ISAAC B.                         NY-31-75-440
CRANE, JAMES                            NY-31-71-355
CRANE, JOHN R.                          NY-31-110-570
CRANE, JOSEPHINE L.                     NY-31-1027-490
CRANE, MARY ANN                         NY-31-114-393
CRANE, OLIVIA                           NY-31-113-53
CRANE, SARAH E.                         NY-31-997-69
CRANE, SAYRS                            NY-31-41-356
CRANE, STEPHEN C.                       NY-31-108-464
CRANNA, GEORGE                          NY-31-120-166
CRANSTON, JAMES                         NY-31-73-273
CRAPO, SAMUEL A.                        NY-31-105-495
CRARY, EDWARD C.                        NY-31-95-308
CRARY, JOHN S.                          NY-31-78-30
CRASTO-GABAY, RACHEL                    NY-31-55-146
CRAWBUCK, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-54-400
CRAWFORD, CHARLES D                     NY-31-106-167
CRAWFORD, ELIJAH                        NY-31-98-236
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-126-490
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-31-46-275
CRAWFORD, JULIA A.                      NY-31-999-119
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        NY-31-47-269
CRAWFORD, SARAH                         NY-31-99-483
CRAWFORD, SARAH M.                      NY-31-99-483
CRAWFORD, THOMAS                        NY-31-83-590
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-31-81-196
CRAWLEY, DANIEL                         NY-31-55-486
CRAWLEY, DEWSBURY                       NY-31-52-467
CRAWLEY, PHILLIS                        NY-31-59-389
CREAMER, TERENCE                        NY-31-1016-357
CREELMAN, JAMES                         NY-31-1017-99
CREEMER, ABBY J.                        NY-31-141-398
CREGIER, ANN                            NY-31-82-242
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         NY-31-1007-360
CREMIN, PATRICK W.                      NY-31-1022-322
CRESANG, LEONARD                        NY-31-1024-64
CRICHTON, JAMES                         NY-31-53-39
CRICHTON, JAMES                         NY-31-81-357
CRICHTON, JAMES                         NY-31-88-151
CRICHTON, JOHN                          NY-31-56-211
CRICHTON, THOMAS                        NY-31-66-226
CRICKMORE, BENJAMIN                     NY-31-71-40
CRIGHTON, ANN                           NY-31-61-357
CRIGHTON, PETER                         NY-31-50-131
CRIMLISK, BARNEY                        NY-31-43-46
CROCHERON, DANIEL                       NY-31-112-301
CROCHERON, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-122-444
CROCKER, ASAHEL B.                      NY-31-99-470
CROCKER, CHARLES M.                     NY-31-1031-367
CROCKER, ELIZA P. O.                    NY-31-1012-263
CROCKER, SALLY                          NY-31-71-423
CROCKER-HICKEY, ANNIE A.                NY-31-1014-415
CROCKETT, MARY                          NY-31-76-392
CROFTON, THOMAS                         NY-31-50-310
CROGAN, CATHERINE R.                    NY-31-1025-381
CROLIUS, JOHN                           NY-31-84-71
CROLL, FRANK J.                         NY-31-994-181
CROMBIE, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-104-362
CROMELINE, JAMES                        NY-31-47-262
CROMMELIN, JAMES                        NY-31-48-338
CROMWELL, DANIEL                        NY-31-50-447
CROMWELL, DAVID W.                      NY-31-1025-107
CROMWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-70-61
CROMWELL, HARRY E.                      NY-31-989-162
CROMWELL, OLIVER                        NY-31-43-261
CROMWELL, RACHEL                        NY-31-91-706
CRONIN, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-31-997-133
CRONIN, CORNELIUS F.                    NY-31-1027-82
CRONIN, PATRICK                         NY-31-991-14
CRONK, HENRY                            NY-31-52-302
CRONKHITE, JAMES P.                     NY-31-131-292
CROOK, CHARLES                          NY-31-41-282
CROOK, JOSHUA                           NY-31-107-441
CROOK, MAGDALENE                        NY-31-59-339
CROOKER, ELIJAH                         NY-31-56-483
CROOKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-58-112
CROOKER, MARY                           NY-31-66-96
CROOKER, REBECCA                        NY-31-93-525
CROOKES, JOSEPH                         NY-31-95-380
CROOKSHANK, BENJAMIN                    NY-31-55-325
CROOKSHANKS, GERARD                     NY-31-70-382
CROOMWELL, PHEBE                        NY-31-1027-486
CROPPER, JAMES                          NY-31-88-179
CROPPER, THOMAS B.                      NY-31-113-139
CROSBY, CHAUNCEY                        NY-31-1031-223
CROSBY, EBENEZER                        NY-31-40-133
CROSBY, JANE                            NY-31-80-287
CROSBY, JULIA A.                        NY-31-140-57
CROSS, FRANCES H.                       NY-31-82-497
CROSS, ISAAC                            NY-31-77-516
CROSS, JOHN JR.                         NY-31-55-428
CROSS, SUSAN                            NY-31-89-348
CROSS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-51-420
CROSSFIELD, STEPHEN                     NY-31-40-367
CROSSMAN, JANE                          NY-31-93-228
CROSSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-93-628
CROSTHWAITE, MARY                       NY-31-101-213
CROSTHWAITE, PETER                      NY-31-82-371
CROSWELL, JAMES G.                      NY-31-1021-97
CROW, SAMUEL                            NY-31-56-495
CROWE, THOMAS                           NY-31-93-256
CROWE, WINFIELD S.                      NY-31-1013-202
CROWELL, RACHEL                         NY-31-63-33
CROWELL, SETH                           NY-31-60-277
CROWN, ANTHONY                          NY-31-120-100
CROWN, BERNARD                          NY-31-140-268
CROZIER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-72-100
CRR, ANNIE                              NY-31-1011-138
CRUE, MANGLES                           NY-31-92-348
CRUFT, WILLIAM S.                       NY-31-102-436
CRUGER, CATHARINE                       NY-31-81-56
CRUGER, CLARA M.                        NY-31-114-374
CRUGER, HENRY                           NY-31-61-297
CRUGER, HENRY N                         NY-31-92-380
CRUGER, LOUISA                          NY-31-114-149
CRUGER, NICHOLAS                        NY-31-43-229
CRUIKSHANK, WILLIAM                     NY-31-67-45
CRUISE, MARY C.                         NY-31-1025-394
CRUM, JACOB                             NY-31-50-397
CRUMP, FRANCIS R.                       NY-31-113-105
CRYDER, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-31-1027-326
CRYGIER, CATHARINE                      NY-31-93-459
CRYGIER, EFFEE                          NY-31-87-323
CSATELLO, JAMES R.                      NY-31-1013-6
CUBELLS, OLIVIA                         NY-31-1002-321
CUCHE, CHARLES                          NY-31-126-319
CUDLIPP, JOSEPH                         NY-31-148-521
CUDLIPP, REUBEN                         NY-31-126-349
CUFF, PATRICK                           NY-31-99-159
CULBERT, ANNE                           NY-31-57-40
CULBERT, GEORGE                         NY-31-52-61
CULBERT, JHN                            NY-31-66-210
CULLEN, HARRIET A.                      NY-31-1021-27
CULLEN, JOHN                            NY-31-135-100
CULLEN, JOHN J.                         NY-31-1019-215
CULLEN, PATRICK J.                      NY-31-1026-6
CULLEN, ROSE                            NY-31-1005-13
CULLEN, THOMAS H.                       NY-31-1015-306
CULLEN, THOMAS K.                       NY-31-149-1
CULLENS, PETER                          NY-31-54-58
CULVER, EMILY A.                        NY-31-997-255
CULYER, JANE C.                         NY-31-1012-261
CULYER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1029-19
CUMBERLAND, ELIZABETH                   NY-31-87-306
CUMBERLAND, OHN                         NY-31-82-199
CUMING, GEORGE                          NY-31-66-16
CUMING, JOSIAS                          NY-31-97-538
CUMING, ROBERT                          NY-31-87-315
CUMMIN, THOMAS                          NY-31-110-7
CUMMING, HAMILTON                       NY-31-101-81
CUMMING, THOMAS                         NY-31-136-290
CUMMING, WILLIAM                        NY-31-50-219
CUMMINGS, EDWARD                        NY-31-1025-397
CUMMINGS, JOHN                          NY-31-128-236
CUMMINGS, MARGARET                      NY-31-59-143
CUMMINGS, MARY                          NY-31-997-129
CUMMINGS, PATRICK                       NY-31-989-466
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-47-329
CUMMINS, CATHARINE                      NY-31-95-75
CUMMINS, FRANCIS                        NY-31-72-395
CUNEO, ANGELO                           NY-31-124-71
CUNEO, MARY                             NY-31-114-230
CUNHA, LUIZ A. DE                       NY-31-1012-25
CUNIFFE, FRANCIS P.                     NY-31-127-432
CUNNEEN, CARROLL                        NY-31-1018-132
CUNNINGHAM, ANNA                        NY-31-1005-187
CUNNINGHAM, ANNA P.                     NY-31-102-409
CUNNINGHAM, BRIDGET                     NY-31-989-113
CUNNINGHAM, CATHARINE                   NY-31-99-448
CUNNINGHAM, DANIEL                      NY-31-115-7
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID                       NY-31-46-297
CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD                      NY-31-149-314
CUNNINGHAM, ELEANOR                     NY-31-124-293
CUNNINGHAM, ELLEN                       NY-31-1028-307
CUNNINGHAM, HORIANNAH                   NY-31-58-340
CUNNINGHAM, HUGH                        NY-31-62-390
CUNNINGHAM, HUGH                        NY-31-104-396
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        NY-31-48-123
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        NY-31-79-11
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                    NY-31-90-13
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                    NY-31-42-118
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                    NY-31-99-306
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                        NY-31-108-416
CUNNINGHAM, MATTHEW                     NY-31-56-104
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL                     NY-31-49-296
CUNNINGHAM, PATRICK                     NY-31-138-508
CUNNINGHAM, PATRICK T.                  NY-31-54-455
CUNNINGHAM, PHILA                       NY-31-121-395
CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD                     NY-31-77-275
CUNNINGHAM, SARAH                       NY-31-95-512
CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS J.                   NY-31-148-351
CUNNINGHAM, WILLAM F.                   NY-31-1016-371
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     NY-31-40-136
CUNNION, MALICK A.                      NY-31-1000-122
CUNNNGHAM, JOHN                         NY-31-99-45
CURLEY, JOSEPH J.                       NY-31-1015-429
CURLEY, MARGARET H.                     NY-31-1029-341
CURLEY, THOMAS                          NY-31-100-588
CURNDET, EUGENI                         NY-31-103-424
CURR, WILLIAM                           NY-31-148-372
CURRAN, CATHERINE                       NY-31-1031-214
CURRAN, FRANCIS                         NY-31-113-449
CURRAN, MARY L.                         NY-31-1022-325
CURRAN, ULYSSES T.                      NY-31-1008-22
CURRIE, ANN                             NY-31-142-379
CURRIE, CATHARINE                       NY-31-61-133
CURRIE, DAVID                           NY-31-41-303
CURRIE, HANNAH                          NY-31-83-192
CURRIE, JAMES                           NY-31-128-156
CURRIE, JOHN                            NY-31-48-83
CURRIER, OLIVE                          NY-31-121-444
CURRIS, JOHN                            NY-31-103-234
CURRY, CATHARINE                        NY-31-42-273
CURRY, JAMES                            NY-31-110-20
CURRY, JAMES S.                         NY-31-1011-458
CURRY, JOHN                             NY-31-52-504
CURRY, KATE                             NY-31-1031-220
CURTENIER, PETER                        NY-31-53-468
CURTIS, CAROLINE                        NY-31-996-342
CURTIS, DANIEL                          NY-31-133-256
CURTIS, EDWARD                          NY-31-92-12
CURTIS, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-31-90-556
CURTIS, FRANK                           NY-31-1030-102
CURTIS, GEORGE                          NY-31-116-72
CURTIS, HANNAH                          NY-31-103-385
CURTIS, JOHN                            NY-31-55-308
CURTIS, JOHN G.                         NY-31-991-19
CURTIS, LETITIA A.                      NY-31-1028-181
CURTIS, MOSES O.                        NY-31-97-332
CURTIS, PHOEBE E.                       NY-31-1017-102
CURTIS, ROBERT                          NY-31-52-419
CURTIS, SARAH                           NY-31-59-458
CURTIS, SARAH                           NY-31-93-463
CURTIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-53-16
CUSACK, CATHARINE L.                    NY-31-1029-14
CUSACK, JOHN                            NY-31-1027-483
CUSTY, NELLIE M.                        NY-31-1027-334
CUTHBERT, CATHARINE S.                  NY-31-105-445
CUTHBERT, JOSEPH                        NY-31-45-347
CUTHILL, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-80-114
CUTTER, JOHN H.                         NY-31-134-212
CUTTER, MARIA                           NY-31-114-79
CUTTING, JUDITH C.                      NY-31-1018-298
CUTTING, MARION                         NY-31-1015-94
CUTTING, WILLIAM L.                     NY-31-61-469
CUYAS, LILA A.                          NY-31-1017-23
CYNGISER, MOSES                         NY-31-1024-210

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