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BABBIDGE, CALVIN                        NY-31-100-256
BABCOCK, FREDERICK                      NY-31-68-379
BABCOCK, GRACE                          NY-31-45-11
BABCOCK, HENRY                          NY-31-133-387
BABCOCK, JOHN C.                        NY-31-71-284
BABCOCK, LEMUEL H.                      NY-31-1007-492
BABCOCK, LOUISE K.                      NY-31-1007-482
BABCOCK, MARGARET A.                    NY-31-61-85
BABCOCK, MARIA                          NY-31-995-275
BACH, ADOLPHUS                          NY-31-131-270
BACH, JAMES                             NY-31-118-442
BACH, MARKUS                            NY-31-1023-133
BACHAIDNER, RUDOLPH H.                  NY-31-998-287
BACHARACH, JULIUS                       NY-31-1003-224
BACHE, JAMES T.                         NY-31-142-280
BACHMANN, PAUL C.                       NY-31-1007-349
BACHRACH, FANNY                         NY-31-988-1
BACK, EMIL                              NY-31-997-61
BACKES, NICHOLAS                        NY-31-142-448
BACKHOUSE, EDWARD                       NY-31-46-421
BACKHOUSE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-45-41
BACKHOUSE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-41-39, 73
BACKUS, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-88-517
BACKUS, EBEN Y.                         NY-31-1008-435
BACON, EDWARD R.                        NY-31-1021-463
BACON, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-31-1010-395
BACON, GEORGE                           NY-31-114-239
BACON, HORACE                           NY-31-1023-21
BACON, JABEZ                            NY-31-47-184
BADARACCO, GIOVANNI                     NY-31-996-1
BADEAU, SARAH                           NY-31-98-381
BADEN-POWELL, FLORENCE SYDNEY           NY-31-1008-459
BADGE, PETER                            NY-31-59-47
BADGELY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-60-5
BADGER, PETER                           NY-31-59-168
BADGER, RICHARD L.                      NY-31-53-118
BAEHR, CHRISTIAN                        NY-31-59-27
BAEHR, DANIEL                           NY-31-89-610
BAER, CARRIE                            NY-31-993-119
BAGG, SUSAN TRACY                       NY-31-128-504
BAGLEY, ANNIE                           NY-31-1031-82
BAGLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-81-501
BAGLEY, THOMA                           NY-31-1027-299
BAGLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-120-470
BAILEY, ANDREW                          NY-31-139-284
BAILEY, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-69-10
BAILEY, EBENEZER                        NY-31-1001-188
BAILEY, FRANK B.                        NY-31-1005-4
BAILEY, HENRY C.                        NY-31-86-6
BAILEY, JAMES Q.                        NY-31-76-299
BAILEY, JOHN                            NY-31-52-81
BAILEY, JOHN                            NY-31-88-329
BAILEY, JOHN                            NY-31-75-368
BAILEY, JOHN F.                         NY-31-1026-77
BAILEY, JOSEPH                          NY-31-44-417
BAILEY, MARY V.                         NY-31-996-499
BAILEY, PHEBE                           NY-31-51-216
BAILEY, SAMUEL G.                       NY-31-66-314
BAILEY, SARAH                           NY-31-132-6
BAILEY, THEODORE A.                     NY-31-125-204
BAILEY, WILLIAM D.                      NY-31-1026-151
BAILIE, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-89-264
BAILLIE, PETER                          NY-31-88-524
BAIN, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-92-646
BAINBRIDGE, ANNA M.                     NY-31-1027-1
BAIRD, MARGARET                         NY-31-101-299
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          NY-31-110-460
BAKER, ABNER R. L.                      NY-31-93-300
BAKER, ALEXIS S.                        NY-31-99-486
BAKER, ANSON                            NY-31-133-250
BAKER, BATHSHEBA                        NY-31-82-376
BAKER, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-63-185
BAKER, CATHARINE                        NY-31-55-244
BAKER, CORELIA F.                       NY-31-987-421
BAKER, DAVID                            NY-31-90-55
BAKER, ELISHA                           NY-31-138-290
BAKER, ELIZA                            NY-31-104-359
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-44-139
BAKER, FREDERICK                        NY-31-985-100
BAKER, GEORGE A.                        NY-31-95-210
BAKER, HARRIET DIX                      NY-31-135-139
BAKER, JACOB S.                         NY-31-127-209
BAKER, JAMES                            NY-31-79-92
BAKER, JAMES                            NY-31-41-371
BAKER, JANE C.                          NY-31-1030-219
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-31-42-96
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-31-69-466
BAKER, JOHN H.                          NY-31-69-443
BAKER, JOHN P.                          NY-31-113-401
BAKER, MALVINA L.                       NY-31-1014-91
BAKER, MARGARET                         NY-31-80-282
BAKER, MARGARET E.                      NY-31-1008-391
BAKER, MICHAEL 2ND                      NY-31-139-531
BAKER, RICHARD                          NY-31-126-174
BAKER, SACCHARISSA                      NY-31-1003-26
BAKER, SUSAN V.                         NY-31-1024-48
BAKER, THOMAS                           NY-31-52-184
BAKER, THOMAS                           NY-31-55-34
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-86-57
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-56-439
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-106-116
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-129-460
BAKER, WILLIAM F.                       NY-31-74-141
BALART, DOMINGO RAFEL Y                 NY-31-147-340
BALBACH, WILHELMINA F.                  NY-31-994-174
BALBI, DIVINE DUVET                     NY-31-84-117
BALBI, JOHN                             NY-31-80-454
BALDEN, GEORGE                          NY-31-11-67
BALDING, SARAH H.                       NY-31-108-317
BALDOCK, JAMES                          NY-31-105-416
BALDWIN, CORA M.                        NY-31-1027-68
BALDWIN, DANIEL                         NY-31-41-425
BALDWIN, ELIAS                          NY-31-60-75
BALDWIN, EMMA J.                        NY-31-1008-405
BALDWIN, ENOS                           NY-31-63-308
BALDWIN, FRANCES N.                     NY-31-1012-199
BALDWIN, HARRY B.                       NY-31-1016-319
BALDWIN, JOHN                           NY-31-111-26
BALDWIN, JOHN                           NY-31-94-679
BALDWIN, JULIA F.                       NY-31-1020-376
BALDWIN, MARTHA                         NY-31-50-121
BALDWIN, MOSES H.                       NY-31-140-376
BALDWIN, PATTY                          NY-31-58-200
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-82-648
BALL, ANN                               NY-31-98-104
BALL, EDWARD JOHN                       NY-31-55-422
BALL, ELIAS                             NY-31-77-212
BALL, FLAMEN                            NY-31-53-107
BALL, JANE                              NY-31-985-203
BALL, JOHN                              NY-31-127-63
BALL, JOSEPH                            NY-31-67-331
BALL, LYDIA                             NY-31-116-162
BALL, PATRICK H.                        NY-31-49-232
BALL, WILLIAM S.                        NY-31-44-60
BALLANTINE, WILLIAM A.                  NY-31-1001-420
BALLARD, ANNA M.                        NY-31-1014-449
BALLARD, DANIEL                         NY-31-88-509
BALLARD, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-122-377
BALLARD, FREDERICK E.                   NY-31-1009-281
BALLENTINE, ISABELLA H.                 NY-31-993-193
BALLENTINE, WILLIAM                     NY-31-92-392
BALLOU, ELLERY                          NY-31-53-52
BALLOW, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-141-392
BALMER, WALTER                          NY-31-91-675
BALTHAS, JOHN                           NY-31-45-250
BAMBACE, DOMENICO                       NY-31-998-294
BAMBACH, SOPHIE M.                      NY-31-1023-5
BAMBER, OLIVER                          NY-31-130-138
BAMBERG, BENEDICTUS                     NY-31-987-230
BAMBERGER, GILBERT                      NY-31-1027-465
BAMMAN, HENRY                           NY-31-98-84
BAMPTON, MOSES                          NY-31-57-70
BANCESYCUENO, ARANGO V.                 NY-31-1031-64
BANCKER, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-68-246
BANCKER, ANNA                           NY-31-57-329
BANCKER, ANNE T.                        NY-31-131-260
BANCKER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-45-103
BANCKER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-45-56
BANCKER, GERARD                         NY-31-42-425
BANCKER, GERARD                         NY-31-985-96
BANCKER, JOHN K.                        NY-31-45-244
BANCKER, MARI                           NY-31-101-393
BANCKLO, ANN C. W.                      NY-31-77-267
BANE, PETER                             NY-31-68-231
BANE, SARAH                             NY-31-82-21
BANGS, LEMUEL B.                        NY-31-1010-269
BANGS, NATHAN                           NY-31-142-161
BANKS, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-111-512
BANKS, ELIZA                            NY-31-1003-34
BANKS, GEORGE J.                        NY-31-63-450
BANKS, GEORGE J.                        NY-31-65-214
BANKS, MARTHA                           NY-31-91-67
BANKS, THEODORE                         NY-31-120-176
BANKS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-97-125
BANKS, ZOE E.                           NY-31-993-306
BANNAN, CHARLES                         NY-31-121-139
BANNISTER, SARAH                        NY-31-102-4
BANTA, ABRAHAM D.                       NY-31-72-241
BANTA, HENRY                            NY-31-49-290
BANTA, JANE                             NY-31-63-41
BANTA, JOHN                             NY-31-51-138
BANTA, JOHN T.                          NY-31-92-717
BANTA, JOHN W.                          NY-31-132-259
BANTA, PETER                            NY-31-95-533
BANTA, SALLY                            NY-31-61-427
BANTA, THOMAS T.                        NY-31-136-112
BANTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-121-17
BANYER, MARIA                           NY-31-119-199
BARBER, JENNIE R.                       NY-31-1017-93
BARBOUR, MARY A.                        NY-31-1020-22
BARBOUR, WILLIAM D.                     NY-31-1014-438
BARCLAY, CUTHBERT C.                    NY-31-148-284
BARCLAY, DAVID                          NY-31-41-140
BARCLAY, JAMES                          NY-31-46-216
BARCLAY, SUSAN                          NY-31-76-321
BARCLAY, THOMAS                         NY-31-66-172
BARCLAY, THOMAS                         NY-31-78-236
BARD, JOHN                              NY-31-44-480
BARD, JOSEPH                            NY-31-76-518
BARD, WILLIAM                           NY-31-42-69
BARDIN, EDWARD                          NY-31-58-31
BARDIN, MARY                            NY-31-76-59
BARDOTTE, JOSEPH                        NY-31-97-253
BARES, ANNIE                            NY-31-998-473
BARETT, JOHN                            NY-31-92-311
BARFE, ROBERT CONSTANTINE               NY-31-62-474
BARGEBUHR, ADOLPH                       NY-31-1000-98
BARGFREAL, LUDEWEG                      NY-31-147-61
BARGNANI, LYDIA T.                      NY-31-109-421
BARGO, PAZZODI CHARLES A.               NY-31-86-46
BARHYDT, EMILY M.                       NY-31-995-125
BARHYDT, SARAH                          NY-31-101-502
BARHYDT, SOPHIA                         NY-31-119-420
BARKER, ALANSON                         NY-31-989-261
BARKER, ELIJAH T.                       NY-31-133-393
BARKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-136-281
BARKER, JAMES                           NY-31-116-157
BARKER, JESSE                           NY-31-105-188
BARKER, JOHN                            NY-31-105-231
BARKER, LUKE                            NY-31-99-324
BARKER, ROBERT E.                       NY-31-88-292
BARKER, SARAH                           NY-31-63-110
BARKER, STEPHEN                         NY-31-62-291
BARLAS, JANET                           NY-31-91-28
BARLAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-53-396
BARLAS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-78-399
BARLET, PHILIP                          NY-31-54-69
BARLOW, ANNIE H.                        NY-31-1010-4
BARLOW, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-67-126
BARLOW, ELLIS                           NY-31-131-215
BARLOW, JAMES                           NY-31-52-332
BARLOW, WILLIAM                         NY-31-45-343
BARMORE, WALTER                         NY-31-58-108
BARNARD, ISABELLE V.                    NY-31-986-112
BARNARD, THOMAS                         NY-31-78-228
BARNES, ALICE U.                        NY-31-1018-284
BARNES, ANN                             NY-31-53-314
BARNES, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-51-358
BARNES, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-83-269
BARNES, HANNAH E.                       NY-31-1012-465
BARNES, HARRIETTE S.                    NY-31-1020-460
BARNES, JANE                            NY-31-62-125
BARNES, JOHN                            NY-31-83-520
BARNES, JOSEPH                          NY-31-69-55
BARNES, JOSEPHINE B.                    NY-31-1020-17
BARNES, LEVERETT                        NY-31-992-256
BARNES, MARY C.                         NY-31-1007-342
BARNES, PHEBE                           NY-31-40-128
BARNES, RICHARD                         NY-31-50-381
BARNES, SUSAN B.                        NY-31-1016-314
BARNES, SUSAN J.                        NY-31-92-603
BARNES, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-31-108-111
BARNETT, DAVID                          NY-31-107-518
BARNETT, JOHN                           NY-31-92-311
BARNETT, THOMAS                         NY-31-122-275
BARNEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-66-386
BARNS, NICHOLAS B.                      NY-31-98-191
BARNUM, ABIGAIL                         NY-31-77-349
BARNUM, JOSEPH I.                       NY-31-1006-126
BARNUM, S. AUGUSTA G.                   NY-31-1027-316
BARNUM, THOMAS S.                       NY-31-79-438
BARONN, JOHANNA                         NY-31-1031-354
BARR, JAMES S.                          NY-31-1017-6
BARR, JOHN                              NY-31-107-397
BARR, WILLIAM S.                        NY-31-1011-439
BARRACLOUGH, WILLIAM                    NY-31-71-385
BARRELL, JOSEPH                         NY-31-63-302
BARRETT, DAVID                          NY-31-1018-6
BARRETT, NORMA H.                       NY-31-1000-326
BARRETT, THOMAS S.                      NY-31-108-393
BARRIERE, HIPPOLITE                     NY-31-60-118
BARRINGER, MARTHA                       NY-31-1023-8
BARRON, CATHERINE M.                    NY-31-136-474
BARRON, EUSTAQUIO                       NY-31-129-265
BARROW, HARRIET B.                      NY-31-995-6
BARROW, HENRY H.                        NY-31-149-114
BARROW, JAMES                           NY-31-147-23
BARROW, JAMES                           NY-31-44-372
BARROW, JOHN                            NY-31-71-279
BARROW, WILLIAM                         NY-31-92-660
BARROW, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1020-378
BARROWS, CHARLES C.                     NY-31-1025-378
BARRY, BRIDGET J.                       NY-31-133-353
BARRY, CATHARINE                        NY-31-50-28
BARRY, CORNELIA                         NY-31-1010-391
BARRY, FRANCIS J. R.                    NY-31-997-120
BARRY, JAMES                            NY-31-47-234
BARRY, JAMES                            NY-31-42-290
BARRY, JAMES                            NY-31-47-304
BARRY, JOHN                             NY-31-57-136
BARRY, MANNUS                           NY-31-92-559
BARRY, MARTIN                           NY-31-94-723
BARRY, P. J. WHITMORE                   NY-31-1027-462
BARRY, PATRICK                          NY-31-69-155
BARRY, RICHARD                          NY-31-91-24
BARRY, THOMS                            NY-31-1016-316
BARSTOW, MARIA K.                       NY-31-1020-8
BARTELS, CHARLES F. W.                  NY-31-131-237
BARTH, FREDERICK                        NY-31-83-448
BARTHOLF, HENRY                         NY-31-61-405
BARTLET, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-53-413
BARTLET, WILLIAM                        NY-31-131-301
BARTLETT, ISAAC                         NY-31-41-280
BARTLETT, JOHN W.                       NY-31-42-398
BARTLETT, MARY H.                       NY-31-986-292
BARTLETT, RICHARD                       NY-31-79-209
BARTLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-62-397
BARTON, ANN                             NY-31-90-144
BARTON, ANN MARIA                       NY-31-109-209
BARTON, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-62-25
BARTON, RICHARD                         NY-31-78-91
BARTON, THOMAS                          NY-31-110-427
BARTON,MARY                             NY-31-138-350
BARTON,S ARAH                           NY-31-63-234
BARTOW, ANN                             NY-31-62-138
BARTOW, JOHN                            NY-31-52-388
BARTRAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-67-204
BARTSCH, CHARLES                        NY-31-1027-470
BARTUNEK, KATARINA                      NY-31-1024-208
BARWICK, WILLIAM                        NY-31-43-488
BASDEN, HENRY                           NY-31-52-436
BASIGALUPS, ANDREA                      NY-31-1007-495
BASSETT, DWIGHT                         NY-31-72-341
BASSETT, EBENEAZER                      NY-31-52-517
BASSETT, FRANCIS                        NY-31-43-155
BASSETT, JOHN G.                        NY-31-91-51
BASSETT, MARY                           NY-31-52-442
BASSETT, THURSDAY B.                    NY-31-989-154
BASSFORD, BYRLA W.                      NY-31-137-33
BASTIEN, JOHN                           NY-31-83-464
BATBY, JOSEPH                           NY-31-100-477
BATCHELLER, GEORGE C.                   NY-31-1014-357
BATCHELOR, JOHN                         NY-31-81-565
BATES, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-50-423
BATES, LAURA E.                         NY-31-1023-19
BATES, LINDON JR.                       NY-31-1016-349
BATES, MARY                             NY-31-54-415
BATES, MARY                             NY-31-1023-264
BATES, MARY H                           NY-31-1010-274
BATES, STEPHEN                          NY-31-53-404
BATES, SUSAN                            NY-31-120-95
BATES, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-1010-272
BATJER, HARRIET A.                      NY-31-1000-315
BATTEN, JOSEPH Z.                       NY-31-1020-14
BATTERMAN, HENRY                        NY-31-1006-127
BATTERSON, SARAH E.                     NY-31-1021-33
BATTEY, GEORGE                          NY-31-42-475
BATTIN, CATHARINE                       NY-31-75-146
BATTIN, JOHN                            NY-31-105-428
BATTIN, MARGARET B.                     NY-31-75-435
BATTLE, CATHERINE                       NY-31-1020-4
BAUCKER, GERTRUDE                       NY-31-48-332
BAUDOUINE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-54-209
BAUDOWINE, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-90-302
BAUER, HEINRICH                         NY-31-1030-396
BAUER, HENRY                            NY-31-1019-204
BAUER, HENRY                            NY-31-1002-318
BAUER, LOUIS                            NY-31-1007-189
BAUERDORF, CHARLES F.                   NY-31-1008-438
BAUERMAN, MARY                          NY-31-998-103
BAUERNFREUND, BABETTE                   NY-31-998-477
BAUM, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-1016-10
BAUM, HENRY                             NY-31-1003-108
BAUM, JOSEPH                            NY-31-1015-304
BAUM, PAUL                              NY-31-110-120
BAUM, PHILIP                            NY-31-54-373
BAUMAN, GUSTAV                          NY-31-1008-237
BAUMANN, EDWARD                         NY-31-1014-443
BAUMANN, MARGARET                       NY-31-106-612
BAUMANN, WILHELM                        NY-31-101-41
BAUMGARTEN, MAURICE H.                  NY-31-1005-170
BAUMWOLL, JOSEPH                        NY-31-989-462
BAUS, PETER                             NY-31-119-138
BAXTER, ANN                             NY-31-76-448
BAXTER, JOSEPHINE M.                    NY-31-1009-162
BAYARD, FRANCIS                         NY-31-53-497
BAYARD, MARGARET                        NY-31-70-182
BAYARD, NICHOLAS                        NY-31-44-170, 179
BAYARD, SAMUEL                          NY-31-84-274
BAYARD, STEPHEN W.                      NY-31-68-191
BAYARD, WILLIAM                         NY-31-60-463
BAYARD, WILLIAM                         NY-31-105-135
BAYER, FREDERICK                        NY-31-118-59
BAYER, JOHN G.                          NY-31-111-455
BAYEUX, CHRISTIAN S.                    NY-31-58-385
BAYLER, RICHARD                         NY-31-46-117
BAYLES, PHEBE A.                        NY-31-1018-4
BAYLEY, ANTHONY P.                      NY-31-103-391
BAYLEY, ASA T.                          NY-31-70-357
BAYLEY, BARNARD                         NY-31-69-380
BAYLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-82-597
BAYLEY, JOSEPH                          NY-31-76-13
BAYLEY, RICHARD                         NY-31-43-386
BAYLEY, SARAH                           NY-31-55-114
BAYLEY, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS                NY-31-55-455
BAYMANN, HERMAN                         NY-31-998-466
BAYNE, DANIEL K.                        NY-31-1014-231
BAZEN, THOMAS                           NY-31-68-159
BCKER, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-100-456
BEACH, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-88-372
BEACH, EDWARD K.                        NY-31-1000-103
BEACH, HARRIET L.                       NY-31-1016-332
BEACH, SAMUEL                           NY-31-76-54
BEACH, SARAH                            NY-31-92-5
BEACH, SOPHIA                           NY-31-134-298
BEACHAMP, EUPHEMY                       NY-31-52-512
BEADLE, EDWARD                          NY-31-140-282
BEADLE, MICHAEL                         NY-31-1024-51
BEAK, ALBERT L.                         NY-31-147-204
BEAK, JAMES                             NY-31-64-233
BEAKES, ABBIE J.                        NY-31-1009-1
BEAKLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-84-235
BEALS, SAMUEL J.                        NY-31-121-451
BEAM, JENNIE                            NY-31-997-388
BEAM, JOSEPH                            NY-31-135-116
BEAMISH, SAMUEL                         NY-31-997-395
BEAMISH, SAMUEL C.                      NY-31-120-55
BEAMS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-101-84
BEAN, ISABEL M.                         NY-31-1024-40
BEARE, ELLEN E.                         NY-31-1024-203
BEARE, HENRY MARTIN                     NY-31-62-410
BEATTIE, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1009-164
BEATTY, BESSIE                          NY-31-992-6
BEATTY, CHARITY                         NY-31-69-499
BEATTY, GEORGE                          NY-31-59-335
BEATTY, JOANNA                          NY-31-1009-284
BEATY, THOMAS S.                        NY-31-987-329
BEAUMEZ, BON ALBERT BRUOIS              NY-31-45-104
BEAUPLAUD, SCHALKWYCK VAN               NY-31-124-469
BEAZLEY, JAMES                          NY-31-51-462
BECANNON, CORNELIUS                     NY-31-1026-86
BECHTEL, GEORGE                         NY-31-115-87
BECK, ANTONIE                           NY-31-1026-231
BECK, GEORGE H.                         NY-31-53-346
BECK, GEORGE ROBERTS                    NY-31-54-450
BECK, JOHN L.                           NY-31-125-404
BECK, MARGARET                          NY-31-67-17
BECK, ROSANNA                           NY-31-114-377
BECKER, ALBERT                          NY-31-997-249
BECKER, CHRISTINE                       NY-31-148-391
BECKER, EMMA E.                         NY-31-1010-387
BECKER, EUGENE F. W.                    NY-31-1023-446
BECKER, JANE P.                         NY-31-96-397
BECKER, JOHN                            NY-31-49-187
BECKER, JOHN                            NY-31-65-173
BECKER, JOHN                            NY-31-93-567
BECKER, JOHN A.                         NY-31-95-524
BECKER, JOSEPH M.                       NY-31-1025-376
BECKER, LOUIS                           NY-31-987-416
BECKER, MARY                            NY-31-1004-6
BECKERT, PAUL R.                        NY-31-985-293
BECKETT, FRANCES C.                     NY-31-103-269
BECKITT, EZEKIEL                        NY-31-69-167
BECKLEY, JOHN                           NY-31-46-494
BECKMAN, JOSEPHINE                      NY-31-1027-302
BECKWITH, ERMINA R.                     NY-31-1022-492
BEDEL, CYRUS                            NY-31-82-386
BEDELL, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-73-88
BEDELL, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-113-80
BEDELL, HEZEKIAH                        NY-31-55-164
BEDELL, SILVANUS                        NY-31-76-169
BEDELL, TOWNSEND                        NY-31-127-266
BEDFORD, HENRIETTA A.                   NY-31-91-33
BEDFORD, MATILDA L.                     NY-31-1000-1
BEDLOW, HENRY                           NY-31-996-278
BEDLOW, WILLIAM                         NY-31-42-521
BEEBE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-128-382
BEEBER, MAX                             NY-31-996-171
BEECHER, AMOS C.                        NY-31-109-17
BEECKMAN, HENRY                         NY-31-120-58
BEECKMAN, JONAS                         NY-31-93-17
BEEKMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-40-213
BEEKMAN, ABRAHAM K.                     NY-31-53-382
BEEKMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-31-41-105
BEEKMAN, CATHARINE                      NY-31-74-295
BEEKMAN, CORNELIA                       NY-31-60-462
BEEKMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-40-276
BEEKMAN, GERARD                         NY-31-70-361
BEEKMAN, GERARD J.                      NY-31-41-108
BEEKMAN, GERARD J.                      NY-31-128-481
BEEKMAN, JAMES                          NY-31-47-64
BEEKMAN, JAMES                          NY-31-76-263
BEEKMAN, JAMES J.                       NY-31-42-35
BEEKMAN, JOHANNAH                       NY-31-56-350
BEEKMAN, JOHN C.                        NY-31-147-417
BEEKMAN, JOHN K.                        NY-31-85-369
BEEKMAN, JONAS                          NY-31-93-17
BEEKMAN, LYDIA                          NY-31-71-92
BEEKMAN, MAGGY                          NY-31-59-403
BEEKMAN, MAGNUS                         NY-31-47-76
BEEKMAN, MARGARET                       NY-31-96-37
BEEKMAN, MARY                           NY-31-41-106
BEEKMAN, MARY ELIZABETH GOAD            NY-31-95-567
BEEKMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-31-53-113
BEEKMAN, SARAH G.                       NY-31-91-235
BEEKMAN, SARAH J.                       NY-31-42-337
BEEKMAN, THOEPHILUS                     NY-31-46-428
BEEKMAN, VERDINE E.                     NY-31-46-419
BEEKMAN, VERDINE E.                     NY-31-46-405
BEEKMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-54-389
BEEKMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-47-423
BEEKMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-41-407
BEER, JACOBINA                          NY-31-1027-188
BEERS, ADELINE B.                       NY-31-100-471
BEERS, CYRENIUS                         NY-31-106-170
BEERS, ESTHER                           NY-31-97-230
BEERS, HENRY P.                         NY-31-59-280
BEERS, JOHN W.                          NY-31-1017-473
BEERS, JOSEPH D.                        NY-31-148-341
BEERS, NAHANP.                          NY-31-1023-11
BEERS, NATHAN                           NY-31-99-133
BEERS, SAMUEL A.                        NY-31-995-420
BEETS, CAROLINE WILSON                  NY-31-1025-1
BEGGS, JOHN W.                          NY-31-58-210
BEGLEY, THOMAS                          NY-31-1027-299
BEGUIN, SIMON                           NY-31-56-412
BEHREN, SIGMUND                         NY-31-1016-328
BEHRENS, CARL H. G.                     NY-31-93-557
BEHRENS, JOHN                           NY-31-115-386
BEIER, LOUISA                           NY-31-147-492
BEIL, FRANCIS                           NY-31-135-39
BEIRACH, JOSEPH                         NY-31-989-159
BEIZIER, LOUIS                          NY-31-92-405
BELCHER, ELISHA R.                      NY-31-132-163
BELDEN, CHARLES                         NY-31-59-414
BELDEN, CHARLES D.                      NY-31-77-477
BELDEN, MARY ANN                        NY-31-80-396
BELJEAN, MARIE H.                       NY-31-1027-65
BELKNAP, JOHN                           NY-31-116-41
BELKNAP, MARY J. L. S.                  NY-31-148-1
BELL, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-116-117
BELL, AMEDEE L.                         NY-31-999-15
BELL, ANDREW                            NY-31-93-165
BELL, ANN                               NY-31-45-384
BELL, CATHERINE                         NY-31-1008-308
BELL, E. J. S.                          NY-31-93-681
BELL, E. J. S.                          NY-31-93-681
BELL, EBER                              NY-31-93-681
BELL, EVA M.                            NY-31-1014-355
BELL, ISAAC                             NY-31-134-122
BELL, JAMES L.                          NY-31-59-149
BELL, JOHN                              NY-31-48-347
BELL, JOHN                              NY-31-54-496
BELL, JULIA A.                          NY-31-991-404
BELL, MARGARET H.                       NY-31-1027-318
BELL, PATIENS                           NY-31-59-251
BELL, ROBERT                            NY-31-58-395
BELL, ROBERT ADAIR                      NY-31-54-464
BELL, RUTH ALLEYNE                      NY-31-56-247
BELL, SAMUEL                            NY-31-53-80
BELL, SAMUEL                            NY-31-110-477
BELL, WILLIAM                           NY-31-88-114
BELL, WILLIAM A.                        NY-31-1024-20
BELLAMY, JOSEPH M.                      NY-31-83-66
BELLEISLE, JEAN JOAQUIN M. A.           NY-31-46-1
BELLEVUE, FERNAND S.                    NY-31-1029-318
BELLEVUE, MARCET ROBERT DE              NY-31-49-123
BELLMAN, MAREA W.                       NY-31-995-428
BELLMAN, ROBERT                         NY-31-69-507
BELMONTE, VITO                          NY-31-1013-180
BELOWS,ORLANDO                          NY-31-98-11
BELTER, JOHN H.                         NY-31-148-416
BELZER, HENRY                           NY-31-1014-8
BEMENT, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-89-569
BEMENT, GEORGE                          NY-31-71-281
BEMENT, HARRIET                         NY-31-990-295
BENARD, CHARLES                         NY-31-104-164
BEND, GROVE                             NY-31-40-267
BENDER, FREDERICK G.                    NY-31-1020-10
BENDER, GABRIAL C.                      NY-31-1021-92
BENDER, GEORGE                          NY-31-110-114
BENDIT, GRACE F.                        NY-31-1024-45
BENEDICT, ABNER                         NY-31-111-192
BENEDICT, CALEB S.                      NY-31-95-653
BENEDICT, DAVID M.                      NY-31-91-45
BENEDICT, GEORGE                        NY-31-96-603
BENEDICT, GEORGE K.                     NY-31-129-310
BENEDICT, HROACE L.                     NY-31-113-399
BENEDICT, MARGARET                      NY-31-988-6
BENEDICT, MARIA N.                      NY-31-1026-80
BENEDICT, THADDEUS S.                   NY-31-93-683
BENEVENTO, DONNA R.                     NY-31-92-77
BENFIELD, HENRY                         NY-31-42-250
BENFORD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-48-445
BENHAM, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-31-1017-394
BENHAM, VINSON J.                       NY-31-58-175
BENICHON, BENOIT                        NY-31-61-442
BENJAMIN, BENJAMIN H.                   NY-31-148-61
BENJAMIN, CORNELIA A.                   NY-31-996-270
BENJAMIN, DAVID                         NY-31-52-515
BENJAMIN, H. BENJAMN                    NY-31-128-214
BENJAMIN, PETER W.                      NY-31-78-294
BENJAMIN, PHILIP                        NY-31-1008-432
BENNET, ELISABETH                       NY-31-46-87
BENNET, ROBERT                          NY-31-51-6
BENNET, ROBERT                          NY-31-51-14
BENNETT, AGNES                          NY-31-135-71
BENNETT, ALBERT D.                      NY-31-66-111
BENNETT, ALICE I.                       NY-31-1029-104
BENNETT, ANDREW                         NY-31-95-187
BENNETT, ANNA M. Z.                     NY-31-106-563
BENNETT, BARNES                         NY-31-51-305
BENNETT, CORNELIA                       NY-31-76-246
BENNETT, H.                             NY-31-62-149
BENNETT, JAMES                          NY-31-46-423
BENNETT, JAMES A.                       NY-31-1024-30
BENNETT, JANE                           NY-31-82-165
BENNETT, JANE                           NY-31-103-483
BENNETT, JEREMIAH                       NY-31-108-138
BENNETT, MICHAEL J.                     NY-31-1018-479
BENNETT, PHILIP                         NY-31-117-463
BENNETT, S. BEATRICE                    NY-31-997-124
BENOIT, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-105-474
BENOIT, MARIE JEAN BAPTISTE             NY-31-82-501
BENOLIEL, DAVID J.                      NY-31-1013-314
BENSEL, EDWIN B.                        NY-31-994-344
BENSING, SAMPSON                        NY-31-11-59
BENSON, ADOLPH                          NY-31-44-252
BENSON, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-41-65
BENSON, BENJAMIN L.                     NY-31-105-119
BENSON, DINAH                           NY-31-94-640
BENSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-42-31
BENSON, HENRY                           NY-31-997-64
BENSON, JACOB                           NY-31-102-563
BENSON, LAWRANCE                        NY-31-57-414
BENSON, MARGARET                        NY-31-126-260
BENSON, MARY                            NY-31-74-474
BENSON, PETER                           NY-31-44-227
BENSON, ROBERT                          NY-31-58-102
BENSON, ROBERT                          NY-31-1023-444
BENSON, SUSAN                           NY-31-60-48
BENSON, WILLIAM H.                      NY-31-45-262
BENT, MARGARET S.                       NY-31-999-9
BENTNER, MABEL                          NY-31-104-313
BENTON, SAMUEL                          NY-31-66-375
BENTON, THOMAS                          NY-31-66-281
BENTZEN, CHARLES A.                     NY-31-1016-335
BENZAKEN, ESTER                         NY-31-40-266
BEPPLER, LENA                           NY-31-1013-2
BEQUITH, CLARK B.                       NY-31-61-299
BERBERT, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-990-62
BERDAN, ANNE                            NY-31-122-67
BERDAN, DAVID                           NY-31-57-105
BERGE, LOUIS                            NY-31-996-168
BERGEN, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-127-41
BERGEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-81-368
BERGER, CHARLES                         NY-31-1029-107
BERGER, CLEMENT                         NY-31-1023-450
BERGER, LOUISE                          NY-31-1030-1
BERGH, CHRISTIAN                        NY-31-87-335
BERGH, TEUNIS                           NY-31-62-187
BERGMAN, CHARLES H.                     NY-31-141-299
BERGMAN, JACOB                          NY-31-1000-5
BERGMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-1026-148
BERGOWZIO, EUGENE                       NY-31-135-482
BERHEIMIS, MAX E.                       NY-31-988-93
BERLIN, FREDERICK F. R.                 NY-31-1008-427
BERLINER, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-1029-102
BERLINER, CHARLES                       NY-31-986-288
BERMINGHAM, MARY A.                     NY-31-1023-266
BERNARD, ABRAM                          NY-31-1020-20
BERNARD, AUGUSTE                        NY-31-990-432
BERNARD, JANE B.                        NY-31-1008-389
BERNDES, JULIA                          NY-31-1030-382
BERNEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-95-583
BERNHARD, HENRY                         NY-31-986-460
BERNHARD, ISIDOR                        NY-31-139-528
BERNHARDT, PETER                        NY-31-139-391
BERNHART, LOUISA                        NY-31-986-116
BERNHEIMER, FANNIE                      NY-31-1030-222
BERNIARD, DEBORAH                       NY-31-57-340
BERNIN, EDITH S.                        NY-31-1002-180
BERNSTEIN, IDA E.                       NY-31-1014-230
BERNSTEIN, ISAAC                        NY-31-989-105
BERNSTEIN, MORRIS H.                    NY-31-1022-497
BERRIAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-99-275
BERRIAN, JON M.                         NY-31-118-189
BERRIAN, JULIA A.                       NY-31-111-467
BERRIAN, RICHARD                        NY-31-73-1
BERRIEN, BENJAMIN                       NY-31-56-306
BERRIEN, CHARLOTTE                      NY-31-127-93
BERRIEN, CORNELIUS                      NY-31-71-100
BERRIEN, DANIEL                         NY-31-99-68
BERRIEN, THEODORE                       NY-31-96-345
BERRIMAN, JOHN                          NY-31-55-232
BERRY, CATHARINE                        NY-31-989-245
BERRY, GODFREY                          NY-31-55-149
BERRY, JOHN                             NY-31-41-325
BERRY, MARCELLUS F.                     NY-31-1016-167
BERRY, PAUL                             NY-31-61-151
BERTHOLF, JAMES                         NY-31-59-460
BERTINE, JAMES                          NY-31-86-123
BERTRAM, JOHANN A.                      NY-31-100-516
BERTRAND, EMILIE                        NY-31-1007-14
BERTSCHMANN, EMILIE                     NY-31-1025-7
BERTSCHMANN, LOUIS                      NY-31-1021-458
BERTSELL, PETER                         NY-31-99-419
BERWICK, WILLIAM W.                     NY-31-119-211
BESIG, JOSEPHINE                        NY-31-1022-488
BESNEHARD, PIERRE F.                    NY-31-81-171
BEST, ROBERT                            NY-31-59-31
BESTE, HENRY                            NY-31-1008-35
BETHEL, ALICE M.                        NY-31-1010-391
BETHELL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-68-272
BETHUNE, JOANNA                         NY-31-134-127
BETJEMANN, JOSEPH                       NY-31-995-280
BETJEMANN, LUDER                        NY-31-124-182
BETTENS, LOUISE E.                      NY-31-990-435
BETTMAN, ABRAHAM M.                     NY-31-108-322
BETTNER, MADALENE                       NY-31-92-317
BETTS, CHARLES D.                       NY-31-90-475
BETTS, CORA F.                          NY-31-1004-83
BETTS, HURAM                            NY-31-66-393
BETTS, JAMES E.                         NY-31-119-52
BETTS, MARY                             NY-31-85-478
BETTS, PIERRE I.                        NY-31-116-147
BETTS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-69-447
BETZA, HENRY A.                         NY-31-999-1
BEUTIER, MARC ANTONIO                   NY-31-52-191
BEYER, LOUISA                           NY-31-147-492
BEYERLE, JACOB                          NY-31-1006-273
BIANCHI, JOHN                           NY-31-1012-12
BIBB, CORDELIA M.                       NY-31-1015-300
BIBBY, JUSTINE                          NY-31-125-144
BICHER, NICHOLAS                        NY-31-87-383
BICKER, DOROTHY                         NY-31-119-312
BICKER, VICTOR                          NY-31-42-533
BICKMORE, ALBERT S.                     NY-31-1010-171
BICKNELL, CARRIE K.                     NY-31-994-349
BICKS, SOLOMON                          NY-31-1021-448
BIDANBAILE, JEAN                        NY-31-75-487
BIDDLE, ANN H.                          NY-31-62-336
BIEDERMANN, CAROLINE                    NY-31-1003-226
BIELEFELDT, CHARLES                     NY-31-1012-196
BIELLE, CATHERINE                       NY-31-75-263
BIERMAN, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-1028-175
BIERMAN, MARIANNA                       NY-31-1025-389
BIETSCH, MAMIE K.                       NY-31-985-12
BIGELOW, NOAH                           NY-31-98-378
BIGG, ARCHIBALD                         NY-31-53-135
BIGGAM, HAMILTON                        NY-31-115-209
BIGGIO, STEPHEN                         NY-31-992-174
BIGLEY, PATRICK                         NY-31-127-84
BIGLIN, PATRICK                         NY-31-58-189
BIGNON, CLAUDIUS                        NY-31-47-433
BIJOTAT, SILVAIN                        NY-31-59-40
BIKEMAN, AARON                          NY-31-45-364
BILLIN, HENRY                           NY-31-134-6
BILLINGS, ANN                           NY-31-120-388
BILLINGS, FREDERICK                     NY-31-1006-428
BILLINGS, HENRY M.                      NY-31-1023-262
BILLINGTON, ELIAS                       NY-31-61-372
BILLS, MARGARET H.                      NY-31-985-421
BILLS, ORRIN                            NY-31-114-105
BIMBERG, MORRIS                         NY-31-1001-53
BINGHAM, HERBERT M.                     NY-31-1008-387
BINGHAM, JOHN                           NY-31-70-264
BINGHAM, MARY                           NY-31-67-175
BININGER, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-72-54
BININGER, CATHERINE                     NY-31-96-463
BININGER, HARRIET                       NY-31-111-197
BININGER, JACOB                         NY-31-76-287
BININGER, JOSEPH H.                     NY-31-136-90
BININGER, WILLIAM B.                    NY-31-84-25
BINNEY, HAROLD                          NY-31-1017-83
BINSSE, LOUIS F. DE PAUL                NY-31-91-11
BINSSE, VICTORIE B.                     NY-31-116-312
BIRCH, ABEL GROVE                       NY-31-121-250
BIRCH, JOSHUA E. R.                     NY-31-53-140
BIRCH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-99-304
BIRD, ABIGAIL                           NY-31-148-413
BIRD, CATHARINE                         NY-31-71-353
BIRD, CHARLES                           NY-31-54-21
BIRD, CLINTON G.                        NY-31-136-348
BIRD, HENRIETTA                         NY-31-101-117
BIRD, JOHN                              NY-31-69-106
BIRD, MATTHEW W.                        NY-31-94-737
BIRD, WILLIAM E.                        NY-31-140-298
BIRD, WILLIAM J.                        NY-31-98-445
BIRD, WILLIAM SMITH                     NY-31-128-298
BIRDSALL, JERUSHA                       NY-31-128-150
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-128-461
BIRKBECK, WILLIAM L.                    NY-31-1031-212
BIRKENHAUER, CATHARINA E.               NY-31-993-294
BISCHOFSHENNER, LEOPOLD                 NY-31-1031-359
BISHOP, EZEKIEL                         NY-31-67-296
BISHOP, JANE                            NY-31-46-417
BISHOP, JAPHET                          NY-31-148-64
BISHOP, JOHN                            NY-31-78-115
BISHOP, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-52-521
BISHOP, MARTHA C.                       NY-31-1007-490
BISHOP, SAMUEL H.                       NY-31-1005-165
BISHOP, SAVAGE L.                       NY-31-99-511
BISHOP, THOMAS                          NY-31-42-207
BISHOP, THOMAS E.                       NY-31-134-413
BISHPHAM, IDA T.                        NY-31-1024-193
BISSELL, A. T.                          NY-31-1021-95
BISTROW, THOMAS                         NY-31-58-325
BITTER, KARL                            NY-31-1024-41
BITTERMANN, MATHILDE                    NY-31-1023-13
BITTIG, GEORGE                          NY-31-1027-71
BITTKER, ISAAC                          NY-31-1008-313
BITZER, LOUIS                           NY-31-997-116
BIZA, VIKTORIA                          NY-31-1005-376
BIZE, HERCULES DANIEL                   NY-31-43-122
BLAAU, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-40-9
BLAAU, CORNELIA                         NY-31-40-31
BLAAU, ELEANOR                          NY-31-41-445
BLAAU, WALDRON                          NY-31-65-195
BLACHLY, EBENEZER SPENCER               NY-31-61-326
BLACK, CATHERINE                        NY-31-1024-205
BLACK, EMMA L.                          NY-31-1012-350
BLACK, FURMAN                           NY-31-107-475
BLACK, JAMES                            NY-31-42-188
BLACK, JANE                             NY-31-45-199
BLACK, JOHN                             NY-31-44-401
BLACK, JOHN JR.                         NY-31-105-100
BLACK, RICHARD                          NY-31-53-423
BLACK, ROBERT                           NY-31-90-547
BLACKBURN, ROBERT G.                    NY-31-1018-115
BLACKBURNE, JOHN                        NY-31-92-113
BLACKFORD, GRANT U.                     NY-31-1018-122
BLACKIE, ROBERT                         NY-31-60-58
BLACKLEDGE, HANNAH                      NY-31-127-288
BLACKWELL, ELIZA J.                     NY-31-81-154
BLACKWELL, JAMES                        NY-31-68-364
BLACKWELL, JOSEPH                       NY-31-47-266
BLACKWELL, JOSIAH                       NY-31-45-313
BLACKWELL, MARY                         NY-31-68-150
BLACKWELL, THOMAS                       NY-31-64-206
BLACKWELL, WILLIAM F.                   NY-31-997-400
BLACQUE, VALENTINE A.                   NY-31-1020-25
BLAIR, GLODEN                           NY-31-42-201
BLAIR, HENRY B.                         NY-31-113-222
BLAIR, JANET                            NY-31-128-286
BLAIR, JOHN                             NY-31-62-128
BLAIR, JOHN B.                          NY-31-77-363
BLAIR, MARY                             NY-31-52-279
BLAKE, MARTIN R.                        NY-31-102-8
BLAKE, MARY                             NY-31-51-338
BLAKE, MARY G.                          NY-31-100-195
BLAKE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-116-50
BLAKELEY, THOMAS                        NY-31-115-371
BLAKELEY, WILLIAM                       NY-31-58-57
BLAKLEY, JOHN                           NY-31-109-8
BLANC, GUILLAUME                        NY-31-125-471
BLANCARD, LOUIS                         NY-31-129-350
BLANCHARD, CALVIN                       NY-31-80-328
BLANCHARD, SUSANNA                      NY-31-62-129
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM W.                   NY-31-107-503
BLANCHEVILLE, PATRICK                   NY-31-41-197
BLANKMANN, J. A. ****                   NY-31-135-183
BLASS, MARY                             NY-31-1008-417
BLATCHFORD, EDGECUMBE                   NY-31-106-156
BLATTIN, MARGARETHA                     NY-31-1000-442
BLAU, WALDRON                           NY-31-40-40
BLAUTH, PETER                           NY-31-986-198
BLAUVELT, JOHN                          NY-31-44-276
BLAUVELT, JOHN I.                       NY-31-121-454
BLAUVELT, PETER P.                      NY-31-136-503
BLAUVELT, THOMAS T.                     NY-31-99-98
BLAUVELTS, JOHN                         NY-31-116-390
BLAW, MARGARET                          NY-31-61-430
BLAW, MORRIS                            NY-31-1007-488
BLEAKLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-31-134-373
BLEECKER, ALICE                         NY-31-90-183
BLEECKER, ANTHONY                       NY-31-61-165
BLEECKER, ANTHONY L.                    NY-31-53-169
BLEECKER, GARRAT N.                     NY-31-105-480
BLEECKER, GARRAT N.                     NY-31-70-329
BLEECKER, JOHN                          NY-31-41-429
BLEECKER, JOSEPHAMATILDA                NY-31-127-47
BLEECKER, MARY                          NY-31-65-285
BLEIER, LOUIS                           NY-31-1003-229
BLESSING, GEORGE A.                     NY-31-1007-180
BLESSING, MYNDERT L. G.                 NY-31-1025-3
BLEY, JOHN H.                           NY-31-56-56
BLEYER, J. MOUNT                        NY-31-1012-463
BLINN, DAVID                            NY-31-52-496
BLISS, ABBY C.                          NY-31-97-256
BLISS, CATHERINE A.                     NY-31-1009-274
BLISS, HARRIET M.                       NY-31-1020-26
BLISS, JAMES C.                         NY-31-114-142
BLISS, THEDORE E.                       NY-31-101-247
BLISS, THEODORE                         NY-31-70-207
BLITZ, ED E.                            NY-31-1018-9
BLIVEN, EDWARD M.                       NY-31-1022-486
BLIVEN, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-56-344
BLIVEN, WARREN                          NY-31-106-209
BLOCH, PHILIP                           NY-31-1008-310
BLOCK, JOHN                             NY-31-56-397
BLODGETT, ELEAZER T.                    NY-31-110-491
BLONDEL, JOSEPH T.                      NY-31-108-261
BLONDEL, PTEER                          NY-31-129-119
BLOODGOOD, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-78-12
BLOODGOOD, ANN                          NY-31-111-376
BLOODGOOD, JOHN T.                      NY-31-113-250
BLOODGOOD, NATHANIEL                    NY-31-127-290
BLOODGOOD, THOMAS                       NY-31-88-365
BLOOM, JOHN CHRISTIAN                   NY-31-41-459
BLOOM, ROSY                             NY-31-993-182
BLOOMER, THOMAS                         NY-31-100-208
BLOOMFIELD, REBECCA                     NY-31-93-633
BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT F.                   NY-31-1016-352
BLOOMFIELD, TIMOTHY                     NY-31-43-460
BLOSS, MARGARETHA                       NY-31-1024-36
BLUM, BETTIE G.                         NY-31-1024-201
BLUM, SAMUEL H.                         NY-31-1008-384
BLUME, AMELIA                           NY-31-1030-78
BLUME, YETTE                            NY-31-1008-441
BLUMENBACH, JULIUS                      NY-31-1031-80
BLUMENBERG, LOUIS                       NY-31-1026-358
BLUMENBERG, MILTON W.                   NY-31-987-338
BLUMENBERG, RUTH                        NY-31-1017-468
BLUMENKROHN, ISEDOR                     NY-31-1011-446
BLUMENTHAL, ROSA                        NY-31-1031-356
BLUMETHAL, FERDINAND                    NY-31-1017-8
BLUXOME, ISAAC                          NY-31-147-259
BLYER, JOHN                             NY-31-111-89
BLYN, ISAAC                             NY-31-1024-31
BLYN, MARIANNA                          NY-31-990-303
BLYTH, HENRY A.                         NY-31-1018-118
BLYTH, LOUISE C.                        NY-31-1014-83
BLYTHE, JAMES                           NY-31-1012-4

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