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UDELL, SAMUEL                           NY-31-99-254
UGLOW, JAMES                            NY-31-113-85
UHRI, LENA                              NY-31-1003-367
UIHLEIN, JACOB                          NY-31-1022-145
ULAHN, GUSTAV T.                        NY-31-994-330
ULLMANN, LOUIS                          NY-31-1019-90
ULLMANN, MAX                            NY-31-1017-228
ULMANN, BERNHARD                        NY-31-1028-142
ULMAR, SAMUEL                           NY-31-1000-246
ULOCK, WILLIAM                          NY-31-114-20
ULRICH, MARIE F.                        NY-31-1002-431
ULRICH, WILLIAM T.                      NY-31-135-10
ULRICI, JOHANNA M.                      NY-31-1021-234
ULSHOEFFER, GEORGE L.                   NY-31-63-426
ULSHOEFFER, GEORGE L.                   NY-31-97-267
ULYAT, WILLIAM                          NY-31-110-38
UNDERDONK, ANNA                         NY-31-129-492
UNDERHILL, ADONIJAH                     NY-31-95-507
UNDERHILL, ANDREW                       NY-31-41-216
UNDERHILL, ANTHONY L.                   NY-31-95-126
UNDERHILL, BENJAMIN                     NY-31-40-64
UNDERHILL, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-113-136
UNDERHILL, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-68-40
UNDERHILL, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-68-40
UNDERHILL, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-78-363
UNDERHILL, GILBERT                      NY-31-89-472
UNDERHILL, IRA B.                       NY-31-121-399
UNDERHILL, JAMES S.                     NY-31-1023-203
UNDERHILL, JOSHUA                       NY-31-80-206
UNDERHILL, JOSHUA                       NY-31-97-456
UNDERHILL, JOSHUA S.                    NY-31-120-21
UNDERHILL, MARY                         NY-31-90-176
UNDERHILL, NATHANIEL                    NY-31-111-414
UNDERHILL, ROBERT                       NY-31-104-449
UNDERHILL, SAMUEL                       NY-31-43-135, 213
UNDERHILL, TOWNSEND N.                  NY-31-95-36
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM S.                   NY-31-113-452
UNDERILL, ADONIJAH J.                   NY-31-112-152
UNDERLEIDER, ADAM                       NY-31-124-199
UNDERWOOD, JOSHUA                       NY-31-115-24
UNDERWOOD, KATHERINE L.                 NY-31-1006-403
UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM J.                   NY-31-1013-296
UNENGST, CHARLES                        NY-31-1021-436
UNGAR, SIMON                            NY-31-1013-294
UNGER, GEORGE                           NY-31-1016-456
UNGER, KATE                             NY-31-1030-64
UNGERER, JOHN F.                        NY-31-94-588
UNGRICH, MARTIN                         NY-31-128-524
UNIACKE, RICHARD                        NY-31-64-201
UNSWORTH, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-148-9
UNTERMEYER, HENRY ***                   NY-31-991-250
UNTERMYER, SADIE                        NY-31-1017-362
UPSON, HENRY                            NY-31-107-377
UPSON, STEPHEN                          NY-31-1013-66
UPSON, STEPHEN                          NY-31-1013-96
UPTON, MARGARET                         NY-31-99-549
URBAN, KATHERINE                        NY-31-1016-103
URCH, MARY                              NY-31-43-120
URQUHART, WALTER                        NY-31-142-441
USHER, RICHARD                          NY-31-47-295
USHER, SHELDON                          NY-31-49-339
USHER, SOPHIA                           NY-31-148-428
USMAR, JOHN                             NY-31-115-199
USTICK, PETER BROWER                    NY-31-41-192
USTICK, THOMAS                          NY-31-49-170
USTICK, WILLIAM                         NY-31-46-267
USTICK, WILLIAM                         NY-31-46-310
UTHRAUFF, FLORENCE B.                   NY-31-1030-174
UTTERBERGH, MARY                        NY-31-54-396
UTZ, ANDREAS                            NY-31-148-323

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