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WACHSMAN, BERNAT                        NY-31-1012-145
WACHT, JOSEPH                           NY-31-997-245
WADDELL, HENRY                          NY-31-55-283
WADDINGTON, GERTRUDE G.                 NY-31-100-380
WADDINGTON, JOSHUA                      NY-31-89-561
WADDLE, JOHN MCM.                       NY-31-1012-194
WADE, ABADIAH                           NY-31-48-61
WADE, ABNER                             NY-31-50-132
WADE, EDWARD                            NY-31-45-270
WADE, EZEKIEL                           NY-31-95-69
WADE, JANE ELIZA                        NY-31-127-81
WADE, MARY                              NY-31-56-158
WADE, PHEBE                             NY-31-75-80
WADE, ROBERT                            NY-31-62-484
WADE, TABITHA                           NY-31-97-238
WADE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-149-409
WADSWORTH, JAMES                        NY-31-58-490
WADSWORTH, JOHN                         NY-31-53-18
WAECHTER, ADOLPH                        NY-31-1018-272
WAGNER, CLINTON                         NY-31-1017-245
WAGNER, FRANZ                           NY-31-1024-273
WAGNER, FREDERICK C.                    NY-31-1016-107
WAGNER, JOHN                            NY-31-96-382
WAGNER, JOHN                            NY-31-80-383
WAGNER, JOHN A.                         NY-31-991-111
WAGNER, MARKUS                          NY-31-1011-411
WAGSTAFF, DAVID                         NY-31-62-321
WAGSTAFF, DAVID                         NY-31-65-257
WAGSTAFF, SARAH A.                      NY-31-109-373
WAHL, ANTONI                            NY-31-142-76
WAHL, JOHANNA                           NY-31-1019-98
WAID, EDITH E.                          NY-31-1017-243
WAIN, RICHARD                           NY-31-46-488
WAINWRIGHT, JONATHAN M.                 NY-31-112-57
WAINWRIGHT, JOSEPH C.                   NY-31-77-387
WAINWRIGHT, RICHARD                     NY-31-148-294
WAITE, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-111-509
WAITE, LYDIA J.                         NY-31-1009-118
WAITE, MARGARET                         NY-31-129-497
WAITE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-89-310
WAIXEL, SARAH                           NY-31-1000-427
WAKEFIELD, WALTER                       NY-31-1015-288
WAKEMAN, ESTHER                         NY-31-114-372
WAKEMAN, JESUP                          NY-31-90-421
WALBRIDGE, FREDERICK K.                 NY-31-1016-297
WALCH, JOHN                             NY-31-69-169
WALCH, MARTIN                           NY-31-61-479
WALCH, RALPH                            NY-31-41-382
WALCOTT, PHILIP K.                      NY-31-1005-456
WALD, JULIUS                            NY-31-1028-162
WALDEN, MARIA                           NY-31-132-456
WALDERSEE, MARY E. (COUNTESS)           NY-31-1024-143
WALDO, GERTRUDE R.                      NY-31-1006-491
WALDO, HOWARD L.                        NY-31-1006-256
WALDO, SAMUEL L.                        NY-31-136-325
WALDRON, ANNA                           NY-31-89-84
WALDRON, DAVID                          NY-31-51-164
WALDRON, ELLENOR                        NY-31-52-156
WALDRON, JOHN                           NY-31-55-181
WALDRON, JOHN P.                        NY-31-46-325
WALDRON, MARIA                          NY-31-147-403
WALDRON, MARY                           NY-31-101-219
WALDRON, RICHARD B.                     NY-31-107-473
WALDRON, SARAH                          NY-31-41-61
WALDRON, VICTOR B.                      NY-31-95-446
WALE, PATRICK                           NY-31-61-24
WALGROVE, ANNA SABINA                   NY-31-57-383
WALGROVE, GEORGE                        NY-31-53-13
WALGROVE, GEORGE                        NY-31-57-86
WALGROVE, HESTER                        NY-31-81-521
WALGROVE, MAGDALIN                      NY-31-57-88
WALGROVE, SAMUEL                        NY-31-65-288
WALGROVE, SAMUEL                        NY-31-55-522
WALGROVE, SAMUEL                        NY-31-56-116
WALGROVE, WILLIAM S.                    NY-31-84-401
WALKE, SARAH                            NY-31-111-272
WALKER, ADAM                            NY-31-100-618
WALKER, ALBERT H.                       NY-31-1015-413
WALKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-47-400
WALKER, CATHARINE                       NY-31-57-346
WALKER, CHARLES                         NY-31-88-533
WALKER, ELLEN                           NY-31-81-249
WALKER, HANNAH                          NY-31-101-390
WALKER, HANNAH H.                       NY-31-113-390
WALKER, HANNAH SAVAGE                   NY-31-51-356
WALKER, JAMES                           NY-31-1013-175
WALKER, JAMES V.                        NY-31-997-229
WALKER, JOANNA                          NY-31-105-457
WALKER, JOHN                            NY-31-60-20
WALKER, JOHN                            NY-31-42-310
WALKER, JOHN                            NY-31-136-11
WALKER, JOHN                            NY-31-53-159
WALKER, JOHN                            NY-31-81-382
WALKER, JOSEPH G.                       NY-31-81-77
WALKER, MAGGIE                          NY-31-997-233
WALKER, MARY                            NY-31-70-204
WALKER, MINNIE                          NY-31-993-95
WALKER, PRUDENCE                        NY-31-148-230
WALKER, RICHARD L.                      NY-31-62-164
WALKER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-96-454
WALKER, SARAH                           NY-31-73-191
WALKER, WASHINGTON                      NY-31-91-388
WALKER, WILLARD H.                      NY-31-75-217
WALKLEY, ADALINE A.                     NY-31-989-50
WALL, GEORGE                            NY-31-51-173
WALL, SAMUEL                            NY-31-58-33
WALL, WILLIAM                           NY-31-137-502
WALLACE, ANDREW                         NY-31-99-401
WALLACE, EDWARD C.                      NY-31-1030-153
WALLACE, ISAAC                          NY-31-97-571
WALLACE, JAMES                          NY-31-149-321
WALLACE, JANE                           NY-31-110-377
WALLACE, MARY                           NY-31-88-39
WALLACE, ROBERT                         NY-31-51-334
WALLACE, ROBERT                         NY-31-62-181
WALLACE, SUSAN                          NY-31-85-411
WALLACE, THOMAS                         NY-31-1031-347
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NY-31-98-123
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        NY-31-86-225
WALLACE, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-58-398
WALLACE, WILLIAM CLAY                   NY-31-119-252
WALLACE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-1024-417
WALLACE, WILLIAM R.                     NY-31-1006-497
WALLACH, LOUIS                          NY-31-992-494
WALLENSTEIN, JACOB J.                   NY-31-1018-398
WALLER, MELLISSA V.                     NY-31-993-277
WALLER, ROBERT                          NY-31-1009-411
WALLER, SAMUEL                          NY-31-49-196
WALLERSTEIN, HARRY                      NY-31-1013-426
WALLIS, FREDERICK                       NY-31-91-609
WALLIS, JOHN S.                         NY-31-119-300
WALLIS, WILIAM                          NY-31-62-18
WALLIS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-60-301
WALLSTEIN, LOUIS                        NY-31-1011-292
WALLSTEIN, MINNA                        NY-31-1013-302
WALMSLEY, FREDERICK                     NY-31-1022-76
WALMSLEY, JACOB                         NY-31-56-133
WALMSLEY, JAMES                         NY-31-79-235
WALPUSKI, CHARLES                       NY-31-1006-498
WALSH, ALICE                            NY-31-1012-454
WALSH, ELIZA                            NY-31-1001-168
WALSH, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-95-240
WALSH, HUGH                             NY-31-129-419
WALSH, JAMES                            NY-31-50-75
WALSH, JAMES                            NY-31-104-494
WALSH, JAMES                            NY-31-53-375
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-31-77-580
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-31-75-526
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-31-108-145
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-31-989-347
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-31-104-414
WALSH, JOHN A. R.                       NY-31-105-271
WALSH, LAWRENCE                         NY-31-73-468
WALSH, MARTIN                           NY-31-49-193
WALSH, MARY                             NY-31-996-153
WALSH, MARY M.                          NY-31-119-281
WALSH, MICHAEL R.                       NY-31-83-228
WALSH, PATRICK                          NY-31-1006-97
WALSH, PETER                            NY-31-1020-205
WALSH, ROBERT B.                        NY-31-990-266
WALSH, THOMAS S.                        NY-31-88-187
WALSH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-84-132
WALTER, A. T.                           NY-31-985-284
WALTER, GEORGE                          NY-31-136-212
WALTER, JAMES R.                        NY-31-116-220
WALTER, WILHELM                         NY-31-1024-267
WALTERS, ANTHONY                        NY-31-51-208
WALTERS, FELIX M.                       NY-31-90-233
WALTERS, MARIE A.                       NY-31-1015-274
WALTERS, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-102-219
WALTHER, LUDWIG C.                      NY-31-142-56
WALTON, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-42-122
WALTON, GERARD                          NY-31-56-374
WALTON, GRACE                           NY-31-44-192
WALTON, JACOB                           NY-31-89-457
WALTON, JOHN                            NY-31-131-438
WALTON, MARGARET                        NY-31-106-263
WALTON, THOMAS                          NY-31-1028-299
WALTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-42-111
WALTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-46-330
WAMSLEY, CATHARINE                      NY-31-56-447
WAMSLY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-44-409
WANDEL, BABATTA                         NY-31-1016-105
WANDELL, MARY                           NY-31-104-372
WANDLE, ADAM                            NY-31-40-273
WANTZ, BARBARA                          NY-31-115-169
WANUSE, JOHN                            NY-31-49-229
WARD, AMANDA R.                         NY-31-1023-123
WARD, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-43-31
WARD, CATHARINE                         NY-31-92-84
WARD, CHARLES D.                        NY-31-1023-204
WARD, EDWARD                            NY-31-80-43
WARD, ELENOR                            NY-31-63-237
WARD, ELIZA J.                          NY-31-97-160
WARD, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-91-367
WARD, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-101-571
WARD, FRANCIS M.                        NY-31-95-101
WARD, GABRIEL                           NY-31-42-221
WARD, GEORGE R.                         NY-31-94-662
WARD, HANNAH D.                         NY-31-142-356
WARD, HENRY                             NY-31-79-516
WARD, ISAAC                             NY-31-130-176
WARD, J. LANGDON                        NY-31-1020-450
WARD, JAMES                             NY-31-61-201
WARD, JAMES H. (COMMANDER)              NY-31-148-170
WARD, JAMES O.                          NY-31-111-293
WARD, JOHN                              NY-31-58-267
WARD, JOHN                              NY-31-45-350
WARD, JOHN W.                           NY-31-130-160
WARD, JOSEPH                            NY-31-102-220
WARD, MARGARET                          NY-31-137-260
WARD, MARTHA                            NY-31-82-416
WARD, MARY A.                           NY-31-1015-408
WARD, PETER J.                          NY-31-1001-181
WARD, RICHARD                           NY-31-88-19
WARD, SAMUEL                            NY-31-71-379
WARD, SARAH R.                          NY-31-993-458
WARD, THOMAS                            NY-31-89-442
WARD, THOMAS                            NY-31-85-167
WARD, WILLIAM G.                        NY-31-96-170
WARD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-55-348
WARDELL, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-31-142-93
WARDELL, HANNAH M.                      NY-31-66-258
WARDELL, JOHN N.                        NY-31-81-354
WARDEN, DAVID B.                        NY-31-93-600
WARENDORFF, FANNIE                      NY-31-995-413
WARENER, HENRY                          NY-31-55-495
WARING, ANNA C.                         NY-31-130-265
WARING, JOSHUA                          NY-31-77-224
WARING, MARIA A.                        NY-31-148-494
WARING, REBA D.                         NY-31-1000-42
WARING, SARAH                           NY-31-49-332
WARING, THOMAS                          NY-31-62-214
WARMKESSEL, PETER                       NY-31-114-88
WARNER, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-105-156
WARNER, ANN                             NY-31-119-324
WARNER, CHARLES                         NY-31-50-24
WARNER, CHARLES A.                      NY-31-131-413
WARNER, GEORGE J.                       NY-31-47-194
WARNER, JAMES                           NY-31-59-535
WARNER, JANE                            NY-31-51-196
WARNER, JANE                            NY-31-124-335
WARNER, JESSE                           NY-31-147-119
WARNER, KATE                            NY-31-993-283
WARNER, LEONARD                         NY-31-80-338
WARNER, LEVI F.                         NY-31-1019-100
WARNER, MARIE                           NY-31-1006-496
WARNER, SARAH E. G.                     NY-31-1012-143
WARNER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-50-249
WARNER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-95-672
WARREN, ANNA W.                         NY-31-990-275
WARREN, JANE M.                         NY-31-1011-355
WARREN, JOHN G.                         NY-31-71-412
WARREN, SAMUEL P.                       NY-31-1030-69
WARREN, SYLVENUS                        NY-31-124-21
WARRENER, WILLIAM                       NY-31-51-391
WARRING, ABIGAIL                        NY-31-125-32
WARSCHAUER, HARRY                       NY-31-1000-430
WARTE, GEORGE                           NY-31-138-65
WASHA, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1006-423
WASHINGTON, JAMES A.                    NY-31-95-15
WASON, JAMES                            NY-31-46-278
WASSEMAN, AMANDA                        NY-31-1019-185
WASSERMAN, HERMAN                       NY-31-988-180
WASSERMANN, EDWARD                      NY-31-997-104
WASSON, GEORGE A.                       NY-31-99-51
WASSON, MARY E.                         NY-31-1016-295
WATERBERY, HENRY                        NY-31-132-190
WATERBURY, GIDEON                       NY-31-44-181
WATERBURY, GILBERT G.                   NY-31-117-99
WATERBURY, JACOB                        NY-31-42-430
WATERBURY, NATHANIEL                    NY-31-102-264
WATERBURY, NEHEMIAH                     NY-31-93-318
WATERBURY, RACHEL                       NY-31-127-50
WATERBURY, STEPHEN                      NY-31-88-316
WATERMAN, ALFRED D.                     NY-31-1026-492
WATERMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-83-460
WATERMAN, EVELEEN A.                    NY-31-1019-498
WATERMAN, JEDEDIAH                      NY-31-62-246
WATERMAN, LYDIA                         NY-31-125-252
WATERMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-31-122-89
WATERS, CHARLES                         NY-31-88-60
WATERS, SARAH C.                        NY-31-1030-355
WATERS, SIBBY                           NY-31-59-73
WATERTON, ANNE                          NY-31-56-493
WATGES, GEORGE                          NY-31-54-279
WATKEYS, EDWARD                         NY-31-50-352
WATKEYS, HENRY                          NY-31-54-375
WATKINS, ANDREW                         NY-31-92-40
WATKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-111-526
WATKINS, JACOB                          NY-31-48-316
WATKINS, JOHN F.                        NY-31-58-291
WATKINS, JOHN F.                        NY-31-58-279
WATKINS, JOHN S.                        NY-31-58-47
WATKINS, JOSEPH                         NY-31-54-1
WATKINS, JOSEPH S.                      NY-31-57-423
WATKINS, JUDITH                         NY-31-88-1
WATKINS, LYDIA                          NY-31-52-460
WATKINS, WILLIAM P.                     NY-31-998-276
WATROUS, RUTH A.                        NY-31-1007-329
WATSON, ANNIE D.                        NY-31-1003-359
WATSON, CATHARINE                       NY-31-127-313
WATSON, CHARLES A.                      NY-31-992-252
WATSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-985-407
WATSON, FRANCES                         NY-31-85-390
WATSON, HANNAH L.                       NY-31-84-444
WATSON, HENRY SR.                       NY-31-121-133
WATSON, JACOB                           NY-31-44-222
WATSON, JACOB                           NY-31-48-1
WATSON, JACOB                           NY-31-63-470
WATSON, JAMES                           NY-31-47-413
WATSON, JESSE                           NY-31-57-101
WATSON, JOHN                            NY-31-149-182
WATSON, JOHN W.                         NY-31-82-16
WATSON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-78-153
WATSON, RICHARD C.                      NY-31-1010-384
WATSON, THOMAS                          NY-31-1017-378
WATSON, THOMAS                          NY-31-130-169
WATT, ROBERT                            NY-31-84-94
WATTENBERG, CLARA V.                    NY-31-1010-242
WATTS, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-134-420
WATTS, CHARLES                          NY-31-49-388
WATTS, JOHN                             NY-31-75-334
WATTS, MARY                             NY-31-83-94
WATTS, MATILDA F. S.                    NY-31-141-56
WATTS, ROBERT                           NY-31-55-485
WATTS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-58-295
WAUGH, PATRICK                          NY-31-50-269
WAXELBAUM, MINNIE                       NY-31-1030-149
WAYDELL, JOHN                           NY-31-95-602
WEAKS, GABRIEL                          NY-31-81-487
WEARES, GEORGE                          NY-31-49-24
WEATHERLY, DANIEL                       NY-31-989-458
WEATHERLY, JAMES                        NY-31-43-381
WEAVER, GEORGE                          NY-31-51-274
WEAVER, JANE                            NY-31-54-251
WEAVER, JANE                            NY-31-137-130
WEAVER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-96-23
WEBB, AMANDA                            NY-31-1015-400
WEBB, BENJAMIN                          NY-31-81-399
WEBB, EDWARD                            NY-31-102-226
WEBB, JANE                              NY-31-50-161
WEBB, JOHN                              NY-31-44-111
WEBB, JOHN R.                           NY-31-1015-278
WEBB, LOUIS                             NY-31-100-173
WEBB, MARIETTA V.                       NY-31-987-54
WEBB, SAMUEL                            NY-31-78-137
WEBB, SAMUEL                            NY-31-105-369
WEBB, WILLIAM E.                        NY-31-1028-57
WEBB, WILLIAM W.                        NY-31-994-323
WEBBER, EMMA                            NY-31-77-509
WEBBER, JOHN                            NY-31-992-430
WEBBERS, CORNELIUS                      NY-31-41-222
WEBER, ADAM                             NY-31-987-208
WEBER, FREDERICK                        NY-31-99-367
WEBER, FREDERICK C. E.                  NY-31-1020-206
WEBER, FRIEDERICH                       NY-31-1011-415
WEBER, GOTTLIEB                         NY-31-1010-382
WEBER, JOHN                             NY-31-1031-204
WEBER, JOHN T.                          NY-31-987-116
WEBER, LOUISA                           NY-31-987-111
WEBER, MARGARETHA                       NY-31-1016-157
WEBSTER, CALVERT S.                     NY-31-142-382
WEBSTER, CHARLOTTE H.                   NY-31-129-431
WEBSTER, GEORGE                         NY-31-50-399
WEBSTER, JOHN                           NY-31-59-350
WEBSTER, JOHN D.                        NY-31-1023-115
WEBSTER, JOSEPHINE C.                   NY-31-996-255
WEBSTER, SUSANNA                        NY-31-73-262
WEBSTER, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-142-25
WECHSLER, SOLOMON                       NY-31-1011-409
WEED, FREDERICK                         NY-31-81-519
WEED, HANNAH M.                         NY-31-992-435
WEED, JAMES I.                          NY-31-102-174
WEED, WALTER                            NY-31-50-415
WEED, WILLIAM                           NY-31-92-615
WEED, WILLIAM H.                        NY-31-119-123
WEEGMANN, HENRY                         NY-31-1022-274
WEEKES, GEORGE                          NY-31-100-348
WEEKES, MARY                            NY-31-1002-441
WEEKS, ABIGAIL                          NY-31-137-417
WEEKS, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-138-78
WEEKS, ALFRED A.                        NY-31-94-654
WEEKS, DEBORAH                          NY-31-128-394
WEEKS, EDWARD C.                        NY-31-110-558
WEEKS, EMILY C.                         NY-31-1003-490
WEEKS, EMMA J.                          NY-31-1026-480
WEEKS, EZRA                             NY-31-98-468
WEEKS, FRANCES S.                       NY-31-1014-330
WEEKS, JACOB                            NY-31-83-57
WEEKS, ROBERT D.                        NY-31-110-276
WEEKS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-73-462
WEEKS, THOMAS                           NY-31-60-178
WEEKS, ZENO                             NY-31-55-228
WEHN, HENRY                             NY-31-100-230
WEHRMAN, EIBE                           NY-31-100-615
WEHRMANN, FREDERICK W.                  NY-31-136-222
WEICHSEL, SARAH                         NY-31-1000-427
WEID, FREDERICK                         NY-31-135-172
WEIL, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-999-256
WEIL, ADOLPH                            NY-31-1018-267
WEIL, ARON                              NY-31-1020-199
WEIL, GERTRUDE                          NY-31-1009-410
WEIL, HENRIETTE                         NY-31-1022-305
WEIL, MAX                               NY-31-1014-77
WEIL, MORRIS                            NY-31-1023-114
WEIL, SAMUEL                            NY-31-1018-386
WEILL, SOLOMON                          NY-31-992-162
WEINBERGER, BERNHARD                    NY-31-1003-173
WEINBERGER, BERNHARD                    NY-31-1003-173
WEINGART, SAMUEL                        NY-31-1012-14
WEINMAN, MAURICE J.                     NY-31-1026-350
WEINSTEIN, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-1031-199
WEIR, GEORGE                            NY-31-44-256
WEIS, SALOME                            NY-31-996-337
WEIS, WALDBURGA                         NY-31-119-151
WEISMAN, SIMON A.                       NY-31-1024-135
WEISS, ANNA A.                          NY-31-1022-78
WEISS, EUGENE                           NY-31-999-373
WEISS, GEORGE O. T.                     NY-31-1003-488
WEISS, HENRY                            NY-31-989-19
WEISS, MICHAEL                          NY-31-1022-300
WEISS, MITCHELL                         NY-31-1005-153
WEISS, MORITZ                           NY-31-999-264
WEISS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-1015-285
WEISSE, FANCIUL D.                      NY-31-1018-388
WEISSE, JOHN G.                         NY-31-109-129
WEISSENBORN, HERMAN                     NY-31-127-178
WEITZ, NETTIE A. B.                     NY-31-996-331
WELCH, DAVID                            NY-31-55-17
WELCH, EDWARD M.                        NY-31-996-131
WELCH, JAMES H.                         NY-31-120-484
WELCH, JOHN                             NY-31-122-143
WELCH, SAMUEL                           NY-31-59-161
WELCH, SARAH M.                         NY-31-1020-366
WELCH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-90-197
WELCH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-58-407
WELLES, KATHERINE                       NY-31-126-208
WELLINGS, EDWARD                        NY-31-119-264
WELLINGTON, WALTER L.                   NY-31-1002-443
WELLMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-1026-497
WELLS, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-47-139
WELLS, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-60-255
WELLS, CHARLES                          NY-31-93-533
WELLS, CHARLES M.                       NY-31-120-163
WELLS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-130-410
WELLS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-44-352
WELLS, ERASTUS                          NY-31-47-250
WELLS, GEORGE                           NY-31-112-290
WELLS, GEORGE W.                        NY-31-1031-499
WELLS, HENRY A.                         NY-31-95-196
WELLS, HENRY C.                         NY-31-148-302
WELLS, JACOB                            NY-31-72-84
WELLS, JAMES N.                         NY-31-134-173
WELLS, JANE                             NY-31-97-140
WELLS, JOHN M.                          NY-31-140-101
WELLS, JOSPEH C.                        NY-31-136-304
WELLS, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-42-261
WELLS, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-44-367
WELLS, SABINA E. H.                     NY-31-91-404
WELLS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-53-441
WELSH, ANNA M.                          NY-31-1002-450
WELSH, GEORGE R.                        NY-31-102-567
WELSH, JOHN                             NY-31-75-21
WELSH, MARGARET                         NY-31-106-163
WELSH, MARGARET                         NY-31-91-37
WELSH, MARY                             NY-31-119-297
WELSH, MARY (30 PAGES)                  NY-31-107-1
WELSH, PATRICK                          NY-31-42-472
WELSH, RICHARD                          NY-31-137-279
WELSH, ROBERT                           NY-31-114-416
WELSH, THOMAS SR.                       NY-31-40-131
WELSH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-112-362
WELTIN, EUGENE                          NY-31-1004-348
WELTZ, HENREITTA                        NY-31-1001-177
WENDEL, FRITZ                           NY-31-992-248
WENDEL, JOHN G.                         NY-31-82-712
WENDELL, JOHN L.                        NY-31-142-126
WENDOVER, PETER H.                      NY-31-73-131
WENMAN, BERNARD                         NY-31-71-142
WENMAN, EVERT                           NY-31-75-374
WENNAN, RICHARD N.                      NY-31-100-163
WENZEL, MARY                            NY-31-998-99
WERCKMEISTER, MICHAEL                   NY-31-90-388
WERDEN, MARY                            NY-31-994-337
WERNER, ANNA S.                         NY-31-999-259
WERNER, CATHARINE                       NY-31-124-358
WERTHEIMER, BENJAMIN                    NY-31-1023-206
WERTHEIMER, JACOB H.                    NY-31-1020-211
WERTHEIMER, LOUIS                       NY-31-996-333
WERTHEIMER, MAX                         NY-31-985-288
WESCOTT, SAMUEL                         NY-31-141-186
WESERVELT, JOHN A.                      NY-31-77-464
WESSELS, LUCAS                          NY-31-77-236
WEST, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-31-55-277
WEST, DAVID                             NY-31-128-56
WEST, EDWARD C.                         NY-31-142-485
WEST, EDWARD D.                         NY-31-92-93
WEST, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-138-462
WEST, HENRY                             NY-31-53-32
WEST, JAMES                             NY-31-52-45
WEST, JOHN                              NY-31-46-377
WEST, JOSEPH                            NY-31-59-287
WEST, MARGARET                          NY-31-110-372
WEST, MATTHEW                           NY-31-58-287
WEST, MATTHEW                           NY-31-51-200
WEST, THOMAS                            NY-31-56-276
WEST, VERE                              NY-31-57-335
WEST, WILLIAM                           NY-31-72-271
WESTBROOK, SAMUEL                       NY-31-134-290
WESTCOTE, ROBERT G. D.                  NY-31-1016-460
WESTCOTT, JAMES H.                      NY-31-126-451
WESTERBERG, ALFRED                      NY-31-141-242
WESTERVELT                              NY-31-53-128
WESTERVELT, ALBERT A.                   NY-31-79-107
WESTERVELT, BENJAMIN                    NY-31-79-218
WESTERVELT, BENJAMIN                    NY-31-72-49
WESTERVELT, BENJAMIN                    NY-31-99-57
WESTERVELT, BENJAMIN                    NY-31-64-194
WESTERVELT, CORNELIUS                   NY-31-104-247
WESTERVELT, CORNELIUS J.                NY-31-53-411
WESTERVELT, DANIEL                      NY-31-102-97
WESTERVELT, DANIEL                      NY-31-54-498
WESTERVELT, DANIEL J.                   NY-31-74-37
WESTERVELT, GERTRUDE                    NY-31-110-264
WESTERVELT, HARMAN                      NY-31-81-369
WESTERVELT, HENRY D.                    NY-31-147-99
WESTERVELT, HENRY H.                    NY-31-118-23
WESTERVELT, JAMES D.                    NY-31-79-29
WESTERVELT, JAMES W.                    NY-31-126-472
WESTERVELT, JANE                        NY-31-121-126
WESTERVELT, JOHN                        NY-31-61-88
WESTERVELT, JOHN J.                     NY-31-75-345
WESTERVELT, PETER B.                    NY-31-102-456
WESTERVELT, PETER I.                    NY-31-102-117
WESTERVELT, PETER JR.                   NY-31-134-429
WESTERVELT, STEPHEN                     NY-31-60-207
WESTERVELT, STEPHEN                     NY-31-44-448
WESTFALL, FREDERICK                     NY-31-42-191
WESTHEIMER, HELENE                      NY-31-1022-270
WESTMANPSON, GUSTOF F.                  NY-31-101-277
WESTON, WALTER C.                       NY-31-1025-358
WETJEN, GEFERT                          NY-31-122-342
WETMORE, AUGUSTUS                       NY-31-121-269
WETMORE, CAROLINE E.                    NY-31-995-249
WETMORE, CHARLES H.                     NY-31-1030-353
WETMORE, MARY                           NY-31-120-160
WETMORE, NOAH                           NY-31-96-351
WETMORE, PROSPER M. JR.                 NY-31-121-178
WETMORE, SAMUEL                         NY-31-103-169
WETMORE, SIDNEY                         NY-31-101-152
WETMORE, THOMAS                         NY-31-55-520
WETMORE, WILLIAM S.                     NY-31-141-227
WETTERER, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-1024-184
WETTERSTRAND, AUGUST E.                 NY-31-997-53
WETZELL, MATTHEW                        NY-31-40-118
WETZLAR, TONY                           NY-31-1022-263
WETZLER, SUSKIND                        NY-31-1028-158
WEYL, DORA                              NY-31-1026-137
WEYMAN, ABNER                           NY-31-93-400
WEYMAN, CATHERINE                       NY-31-64-144
WEYMAN, HENRY A.                        NY-31-96-508
WEYMAN, MILTON E.                       NY-31-129-280
WEYMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-70-197
WHALAN, MARGARET                        NY-31-129-98
WHALEN, ANNIE                           NY-31-989-94
WHALEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-108-507
WHALEY, SARAH                           NY-31-42-126
WHALEY, THOMAS                          NY-31-69-397
WHALLEY, ANN                            NY-31-139-72
WHALLEY, JOHN                           NY-31-73-182
WHEELER, ALFRED                         NY-31-100-79
WHEELER, DEIDAMIA                       NY-31-66-240
WHEELER, ELLEN                          NY-31-1012-456
WHEELER, FITCH                          NY-31-77-115
WHEELER, GURDON                         NY-31-89-214
WHEELER, JEREMIAH H.                    NY-31-99-120
WHEELER, ROBET F.                       NY-31-1026-140
WHEELER, U. M.                          NY-31-89-451
WHEELER, ZELLA L.                       NY-31-1031-498
WHEELOCK, ALICE T.                      NY-31-1026-481
WHEELWRIGHT, JOHN                       NY-31-141-126
WHELAN, DENNIS                          NY-31-81-65
WHELAN, JOHN                            NY-31-61-117
WHELAN, THOMAS                          NY-31-1007-159
WHELPLEY, HERBERT T.                    NY-31-1014-332
WHELPLEY, PHILIP MELANCTHON             NY-31-59-292
WHEREM, JAMES                           NY-31-49-343
WHERREY, JOHN                           NY-31-52-310
WHILEY, LOUIS                           NY-31-142-453
WHILEY, RICHARD                         NY-31-93-360
WHILEY, RICHARD JR                      NY-31-86-60
WHITAKER, AGNES                         NY-31-112-298
WHITCOMB, CARRIE M.                     NY-31-1024-131
WHITCOMB, PARKER R.                     NY-31-1029-293
WHITCOMB, SARAH C.                      NY-31-1027-457
WHITE, ALFRED M.                        NY-31-1003-95
WHITE, AMELIA                           NY-31-97-143
WHITE, ANDREW                           NY-31-45-340
WHITE, ANN                              NY-31-61-391
WHITE, ANN                              NY-31-65-61
WHITE, ANN                              NY-31-1014-195
WHITE, ANN H.                           NY-31-120-219
WHITE, ANNIE E.                         NY-31-1022-265
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-31-58-197
WHITE, CHARLES                          NY-31-96-449
WHITE, CHARLOTTE                        NY-31-96-286
WHITE, CHARLOTTE                        NY-31-81-1
WHITE, CHRISITAN                        NY-31-52-416
WHITE, DOMINGO                          NY-31-55-37
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-99-86
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-60-333
WHITE, EVE                              NY-31-75-462
WHITE, FLORENCE S.                      NY-31-998-462
WHITE, GEORGE C.                        NY-31-129-190
WHITE, HENRY                            NY-31-95-494
WHITE, HENRY                            NY-31-114-331
WHITE, HENRY                            NY-31-100-490
WHITE, JAMES                            NY-31-46-158
WHITE, JAMES                            NY-31-50-209
WHITE, JOEL W.                          NY-31-142-477
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-31-53-103
WHITE, JOHN                             NY-31-74-98
WHITE, JOHN C.                          NY-31-132-149
WHITE, JOHN C.                          NY-31-92-48
WHITE, LEVI                             NY-31-105-409
WHITE, LYDIA (COCKCROFT)                NY-31-67-226
WHITE, MARGARET                         NY-31-1009-407
WHITE, MARIA                            NY-31-1020-209
WHITE, MARY                             NY-31-44-16
WHITE, MARY A.                          NY-31-1022-205
WHITE, MARY A.                          NY-31-1022-205
WHITE, OLIVER B.                        NY-31-103-35
WHITE, PETER                            NY-31-1014-334
WHITE, PHILANDER                        NY-31-71-200
WHITE, PHILIP B.                        NY-31-108-364
WHITE, SAMUEL L.                        NY-31-90-276
WHITE, SILAS                            NY-31-44-156
WHITE, SILAS                            NY-31-62-470
WHITE, STEPHEN                          NY-31-83-474
WHITE, THOMAS                           NY-31-78-431
WHITE, THOMAS                           NY-31-51-375
WHITE, THOMAS                           NY-31-55-136
WHITE, THOMAS H.                        NY-31-91-81
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-96-597
WHITE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-1024-277
WHITECHURCH, THOMAS                     NY-31-60-471
WHITEHEAD, MARY P.                      NY-31-136-429
WHITEHEART, SARAH                       NY-31-96-301
WHITEHORNE, RUTH                        NY-31-134-206
WHITEKNACK, THOMAS                      NY-31-53-177
WHITEMAN, HENRY                         NY-31-45-429
WHITESIDE, SARAH J.                     NY-31-1021-443
WHITFIELD, HENRY                        NY-31-42-33
WHITIKER, RUFUS                         NY-31-42-351
WHITING, DANIEL                         NY-31-125-11
WHITING, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-110-502
WHITLAW, CHARLES                        NY-31-104-27
WHITLAW, THOMAS                         NY-31-46-400
WHITLEY, ABRAM                          NY-31-119-236
WHITLOCK, ELIZABETH W.                  NY-31-988-78
WHITLOCK, WILLIAM                       NY-31-75-425
WHITMAN, JACOB                          NY-31-84-269
WHITMORE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-74-111
WHITNEY, ALBERT O.                      NY-31-1026-142
WHITNEY, CORNELIA J.                    NY-31-1031-195
WHITNEY, DARLING                        NY-31-72-379
WHITNEY, EDWARD R.                      NY-31-104-219
WHITNEY, FRANCIS                        NY-31-91-199
WHITNEY, GILES M.                       NY-31-59-495
WHITNEY, HARRIET                        NY-31-134-39
WHITNEY, HENRY                          NY-31-50-83
WHITNEY, JOSHUA                         NY-31-127-475
WHITNEY, STEPHEN                        NY-31-132-322
WHITNEY, THOMAS R.                      NY-31-123-352
WHITNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-142-244
WHITRIDGE, ALONZO C.                    NY-31-996-494
WHITRIDGE, MARTHA B.                    NY-31-1028-152
WHITSON, MARGARET                       NY-31-112-337
WHITTAKER, JOHN H.                      NY-31-116-61
WHITTAKER, THOMAS                       NY-31-1003-494
WHITTEMORE, CATHARINE                   NY-31-1003-355
WHITTEMORE, JANE H.                     NY-31-142-119
WHITTEMORE, ROBERT J.                   NY-31-98-587
WHITTEMORE, SIDNEY                      NY-31-1003-353
WHITTINGHAM, ANN                        NY-31-75-322
WHITTY, JAMES                           NY-31-71-390
WHITWORTH, MARGARET                     NY-31-136-239
WHYTLAW, ANN                            NY-31-62-298
WICHELHAUSEN, FRANCIS                   NY-31-74-118
WICHELNS, GEORGE                        NY-31-996-498
WICHELUS, METTA B.                      NY-31-1029-255
WICKAM, SAMUEL                          NY-31-48-391
WICKES, EMALINE                         NY-31-1021-441
WICKES, MARY E.                         NY-31-995-261
WICKHAM, DELOS O.                       NY-31-1016-159
WICKS, HAVILAND                         NY-31-96-152
WIDMER, JULIA                           NY-31-1015-277
WIEDER, NETTIE                          NY-31-1017-247
WIEGMANN, ARNOLD                        NY-31-138-456
WIENER, JACOB                           NY-31-1015-281
WIENER, MAX                             NY-31-1023-121
WIER, GEORGE                            NY-31-52-176
WIESER, MORRIS                          NY-31-1023-428
WIGGINS, THOMAS                         NY-31-92-420
WIGHT, ARCHIBALD                        NY-31-133-195
WIGHT, EDWARD                           NY-31-104-266
WIGHT, JESSIE A.                        NY-31-1013-170
WIGHT, JOHN                             NY-31-147-177
WIGHT, MARGAETTA V.                     NY-31-993-99
WIGHT, MARY                             NY-31-43-91
WIGHTMAN, RICHARD                       NY-31-1016-463
WIGHTON, JULIET                         NY-31-101-35
WIGMORE, HUBERT L.                      NY-31-1022-202
WIGMORE, HUBERT L.                      NY-31-1022-202
WILBORE, EDWARD                         NY-31-75-568
WILBUR, MARCUS                          NY-31-104-405
WILCKENS, ARNOLD                        NY-31-42-489
WILCOX, ELISHA C.                       NY-31-127-269
WILDE, LIZZIE G.                        NY-31-1024-421
WILDER, MARSHALL P.                     NY-31-1013-434
WILDEY, CHARLES F.                      NY-31-993-448
WILDEY, MARY                            NY-31-97-574
WILDONER, JACOB                         NY-31-1031-352
WILEMAN, SARAH                          NY-31-103-255
WILETS, HANNAH                          NY-31-40-42
WILETTS, ISAAC                          NY-31-40-283
WILEY, ALEXANDER C.                     NY-31-80-159
WILEY, ALEXANDER T.                     NY-31-60-10
WILEY, JOHN                             NY-31-63-27
WILEY, ROBERT                           NY-31-69-257
WILHELM, GOTTHILF F.                    NY-31-990-283
WILHELM, GOTTLIEB                       NY-31-999-94
WILHELMES, JANET                        NY-31-59-241
WILKENSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-31-62-39
WILKES, CHARLES                         NY-31-71-21
WILKES, DANIEL                          NY-31-73-276
WILKES, HAMILTON                        NY-31-106-250
WILKES, JANET                           NY-31-102-483
WILKES, LOUISA M.                       NY-31-139-525
WILKES, MARY                            NY-31-66-250
WILKIE, JOHN                            NY-31-103-101
WILKIN, MARTHA                          NY-31-120-38
WILKINS, ISAAC                          NY-31-61-488
WILKINS, JACOB JR.                      NY-31-44-311
WILKINS, LISETTE                        NY-31-109-294
WILKINS, MARY LOMARSALL                 NY-31-59-377
WILKINS, THOMAS H.                      NY-31-1026-226
WILKINSON, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-41-29
WILKINSON, BYRON                        NY-31-120-364
WILKINSON, CATHARINE                    NY-31-68-313
WILKINSON, CATHARINE                    NY-31-68-313
WILKINSON, JAMES S.                     NY-31-1021-439
WILKINSON, JANET P.                     NY-31-124-465
WILKISSON, WILLET                       NY-31-52-125
WILKOSKI, DORA M.                       NY-31-989-356
WILLCOX, OLIVER                         NY-31-76-349
WILLCOX, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-52-358
WILLE, SYBILLA E.                       NY-31-1010-142
WILLESS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-52-344
WILLET, HANNAH                          NY-31-46-288
WILLET, JAMES                           NY-31-93-392
WILLET, SARAH                           NY-31-93-322
WILLETS, ANDREW                         NY-31-113-225
WILLETS, JANE F.                        NY-31-117-419
WILLETS, ZEBULUN S.                     NY-31-61-467
WILLETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-46-328
WILLETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-42-529
WILLETT, ELBERT M.                      NY-31-73-100
WILLETT, HENRY                          NY-31-82-260
WILLETT, MARINUS                        NY-31-66-405
WILLETT, WILLIAM J.                     NY-31-999-270
WILLETTS, CAROLNE                       NY-31-106-344
WILLETTS, SAMUEL                        NY-31-100-576
WILLEY, ISABELLA                        NY-31-58-191
WILLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-51-423
WILLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-58-447
WILLIAM, ANTON                          NY-31-1010-246
WILLIAMS, ANDREW                        NY-31-77-501
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-87-350
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN W.                   NY-31-1006-104
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     NY-31-74-457
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       NY-31-40-94
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        NY-31-62-289
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         NY-31-1007-269
WILLIAMS, DAVID R.                      NY-31-58-346
WILLIAMS, EDMUND                        NY-31-148-183
WILLIAMS, EDWARD D.                     NY-31-1028-61
WILLIAMS, ELAM                          NY-31-93-579
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-55-479
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-91-714
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-42-130
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-992-496
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH H.                  NY-31-999-453
WILLIAMS, EVAN                          NY-31-82-708
WILLIAMS, EZEKIEL                       NY-31-93-695
WILLIAMS, FRANKLIN D.                   NY-31-1005-157
WILLIAMS, GEORGE H.                     NY-31-141-508
WILLIAMS, HANNAH                        NY-31-78-381
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         NY-31-85-16
WILLIAMS, HENRY P.                      NY-31-51-40
WILLIAMS, HUTCHINS T.                   NY-31-90-10
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         NY-31-93-432
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         NY-31-76-29
WILLIAMS, JANE                          NY-31-125-218
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-31-51-388
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-31-54-244
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-31-59-327
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-31-44-333
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-31-123-253
WILLIAMS, JOHN M.                       NY-31-103-573
WILLIAMS, LOUISE L.                     NY-31-1027-288
WILLIAMS, MARIA                         NY-31-80-419
WILLIAMS, MARIA                         NY-31-128-581
WILLIAMS, MARIA                         NY-31-60-330
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                        NY-31-89-279
WILLIAMS, MARY C.                       NY-31-991-270
WILLIAMS, MARY E. S.                    NY-31-1028-301
WILLIAMS, MARY MAGDALEN                 NY-31-55-461
WILLIAMS, MATTHIAS                      NY-31-120-80
WILLIAMS, OWEN                          NY-31-90-320
WILLIAMS, PETER                         NY-31-58-389
WILLIAMS, PETER                         NY-31-81-490
WILLIAMS, SALLY                         NY-31-139-498
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        NY-31-75-381
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-31-62-469
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-31-65-143
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-31-66-90
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-31-46-41
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-31-57-405
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-31-110-87
WILLIAMS, WALTER                        NY-31-63-332
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-139-23
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-64-454
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-61-55
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-63-493
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-100-197
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-102-299
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NY-31-98-130
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM C.                    NY-31-122-306
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM D.                    NY-31-1018-395
WILLIAMSON, ALEXANDER                   NY-31-114-469
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES ESQ                 NY-31-48-463
WILLIAMSON, FRANCES H.                  NY-31-119-177
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                      NY-31-58-272
WILLIAMSON, HUGH                        NY-31-55-234
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NY-31-136-11
WILLIAMSON, JOSIAH R.                   NY-31-95-542
WILLIAMSON, LYDIA A.                    NY-31-1028-63
WILLIAMSON, MARIA H.                    NY-31-59-48
WILLIAMSON, MARIA H.                    NY-31-1029-297
WILLIAMSON, MARIA H.                    NY-31-93-660
WILLIAMSON, MAY E.                      NY-31-1001-308
WILLIAMSON, PETER                       NY-31-53-436
WILLIAMSON, RICHARD                     NY-31-46-409
WILLIAMSON, TUNIS                       NY-31-48-246
WILLIE, JERUSHA                         NY-31-106-454
WILLING, MARGARET                       NY-31-44-68
WILLIS, ALFRED                          NY-31-131-234
WILLIS, ANN J.                          NY-31-123-417
WILLIS, DAVID                           NY-31-55-212
WILLIS, FANNIE G.                       NY-31-1014-79
WILLIS, JANE                            NY-31-55-351
WILLIS, JOHN                            NY-31-51-233
WILLIS, JOHN B.                         NY-31-149-477
WILLIS, JOHN R.                         NY-31-90-401
WILLIS, MARTHA                          NY-31-59-45
WILLIS, MARY MCK.                       NY-31-1014-335
WILLIS, NANCY                           NY-31-88-483
WILLIS, OLIVER W.                       NY-31-79-472
WILLIS, WALTER                          NY-31-56-68
WILLMARTH, EZRA                         NY-31-98-234
WILLOUGHBY, ELIJAH                      NY-31-63-454
WILLS, THOMAS                           NY-31-67-118
WILLSON, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-55-77
WILLSON, FRED S.                        NY-31-1030-205
WILLSON, JOSEPH                         NY-31-50-55
WILLSON, MARY ANNA                      NY-31-41-253
WILLSON, ROBERT M.                      NY-31-99-78
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-46-420
WILM-BEETS, CAROLINE                    NY-31-1025-1
WILMERDING, ELEANOR E.                  NY-31-997-112
WILMERDING, WILLAM E.                   NY-31-132-291
WILMOT, DE BORDEN                       NY-31-1025-361
WILSEY, ISAAC                           NY-31-62-465
WILSHUSEN, DIEDERICH                    NY-31-115-196
WILSHUSEN, JOHN                         NY-31-1015-406
WILSON, ADA L.                          NY-31-1013-424
WILSON, AGNES ANN                       NY-31-114-252
WILSON, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-996-98
WILSON, ANDREW                          NY-31-83-442
WILSON, ANN                             NY-31-127-204
WILSON, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-127-255
WILSON, AUGUSTUS A.                     NY-31-1001-47
WILSON, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-71-203
WILSON, BIRD                            NY-31-127-322
WILSON, CARRINGTON                      NY-31-75-273
WILSON, CHARLES E.                      NY-31-1022-268
WILSON, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-1018-93
WILSON, CLARA G.                        NY-31-1029-290
WILSON, DANIEL                          NY-31-81-254
WILSON, DANIEL                          NY-31-81-140
WILSON, DAVID                           NY-31-93-554
WILSON, EDWARD                          NY-31-55-523
WILSON, EMMA J.                         NY-31-102-168
WILSON, HENRY                           NY-31-139-137
WILSON, ISABELLA                        NY-31-53-24
WILSON, JACOB                           NY-31-56-157
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-31-52-398
WILSON, JAMES G.                        NY-31-100-364
WILSON, JAMES G.                        NY-31-1000-259
WILSON, JAMES M.                        NY-31-142-228
WILSON, JANE B.                         NY-31-138-497
WILSON, JOHANNA                         NY-31-1023-117
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-53-379
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-120-78
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-78-100
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-98-454
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-74-447
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-992-97
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-48-349
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-73-84
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-31-99-328
WILSON, JOHN D.                         NY-31-61-384
WILSON, MARGARET                        NY-31-139-245
WILSON, MARGARET                        NY-31-1027-456
WILSON, MARGARET F.                     NY-31-70-134
WILSON, MARIA E.                        NY-31-116-470
WILSON, MARY                            NY-31-66-430
WILSON, MARY E.                         NY-31-1010-157
WILSON, MARY F.                         NY-31-1009-494
WILSON, MARY JANE                       NY-31-1020-201
WILSON, MORRIS                          NY-31-128-408
WILSON, PETER                           NY-31-100-626
WILSON, PETER K.                        NY-31-999-88
WILSON, RACHAEL H.                      NY-31-98-63
WILSON, RICHARD J.                      NY-31-98-269
WILSON, RICHARD P.                      NY-31-50-332
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-31-92-59
WILSON, ROBERT L.                       NY-31-66-125
WILSON, SALLY                           NY-31-116-326
WILSON, SAMUEL                          NY-31-93-551
WILSON, SARAH                           NY-31-138-446
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-58-305
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-64-463
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-90-201
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-111-278
WILSON, WILLIAM C.                      NY-31-111-213
WILSON, WILLIAM D.                      NY-31-89-525
WILT, ABIJAH                            NY-31-53-56
WILT, GEORGE                            NY-31-52-350
WILZIN, INA E.                          NY-31-986-193
WILZIN, LEOPOLD                         NY-31-989-237
WINANS, EFFIE K.                        NY-31-1005-457
WINANS, ELIZABETH K.                    NY-31-130-446
WINANS, HELEN D.                        NY-31-985-411
WINANS, JOHN                            NY-31-88-419
WINANT, JOHN M.                         NY-31-86-325
WINANT, RICHARD B.                      NY-31-72-252
WINCH, GEORGE H.                        NY-31-1020-203
WINCHELL, JOHN                          NY-31-41-295
WINDELER, CLAUS                         NY-31-112-190
WINDHURST, JOHN                         NY-31-66-86
WINDLE, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-120-171
WINDT, CATHARINE                        NY-31-116-474
WINES, SALEM                            NY-31-136-477
WING, THEODORE                          NY-31-109-326
WINGASSEN, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-72-47
WINGER, ERNEST H.                       NY-31-122-338
WINGOOD, DAVID (THE ELDER)              NY-31-128-232
WING,PANG SUNG                          NY-31-992-243
WINKLER, EGBERT                         NY-31-1001-41
WINKLER, JOSEPH                         NY-31-93-303
WINN, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-68-276
WINN, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-68-276
WINNER, JAMES                           NY-31-60-341
WINSLOW, EDWARD F.                      NY-31-1013-304
WINSTON, THOMAS                         NY-31-986-279
WINT, CATHARINE                         NY-31-110-197
WINTER, EMMA B.                         NY-31-1019-188
WINTER, GEORGE J. H.                    NY-31-997-241
WINTER, MARY                            NY-31-100-42
WINTER, ROSANNAH                        NY-31-71-252
WINTHER, CHARLES                        NY-31-134-465
WINTHROP, EGERTON L.                    NY-31-1030-357
WINTHROP, EGERTON L.                    NY-31-73-216
WINTHROP, PHEBE                         NY-31-82-613
WINTHROP, WILLIAM                       NY-31-61-203
WINTHROP, WILLIAM H.                    NY-31-133-510
WINTON, AARON                           NY-31-53-492
WINTON, AARON                           NY-31-45-186
WINTRINGHAM, THOMAS                     NY-31-72-102
WIRTH, BERTHA                           NY-31-1012-147
WIRTH, JACOB                            NY-31-135-42
WIRTH, MARIE                            NY-31-1006-419
WISE, MORRIS                            NY-31-1000-309
WISEMAN, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-43-216
WISNER, GABRIEL                         NY-31-95-87
WISNER, JOSEPHINE                       NY-31-1011-127
WISSERT, KATIE                          NY-31-1010-145
WISTAR, MARY                            NY-31-52-406
WISTAR, THOMAS                          NY-31-52-411
WISWALL, JEMIMA                         NY-31-125-363
WISWALL, JOHN                           NY-31-59-385
WISWALL, SAMUEL                         NY-31-75-265
WITE, CHARLES                           NY-31-56-339
WITHERSPOON, GRETA H.                   NY-31-1023-426
WITHERSPOON, KITTY                      NY-31-132-465
WITHINGTON, ELIZABETH                   NY-31-63-391
WITHINGTON, JOHN                        NY-31-57-206
WITLOCK, THEODORE E.                    NY-31-133-314
WITSCHIEP, HENRY                        NY-31-124-481
WITTE, FREDERICKA                       NY-31-115-212
WITTE, WILLIAM A. W.                    NY-31-989-450
WITTER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-31-1000-252
WITTGENSTEIN, SALOMON                   NY-31-142-131
WITTHAUS, RUDOLPH A.                    NY-31-1026-342
WITTLINGER, FREDERICK                   NY-31-1013-429
WITTS, RICHARD                          NY-31-56-422
WLLLIAMS, JOHN D.                       NY-31-114-364
WOEHNING, HUBERTA M.                    NY-31-1016-163
WOELFEL, GEORGE                         NY-31-135-24
WOERNER, JOHN                           NY-31-120-360
WOERNER, LEOPOLD                        NY-31-986-283
WOERTENDYKE, FREDERICK                  NY-31-55-139
WOGLOM, ABRAHAM C.                      NY-31-138-200
WOHLGEMUTH, MEYER J.                    NY-31-1011-403
WOLCOTT, CALVIN                         NY-31-137-51
WOLCOTT, CHARLES T.                     NY-31-1018-393
WOLCOTT, HENRY G.                       NY-31-104-141
WOLCOTT, OLIVER                         NY-31-70-296
WOLCOTT, ROYAL L.                       NY-31-1000-265
WOLDENBERG, LOUISE                      NY-31-1026-228
WOLF, ABRAM                             NY-31-1012-458
WOLF, GOTTLIEB                          NY-31-123-29
WOLF, HENRY                             NY-31-1031-350
WOLF, KATIE                             NY-31-993-453
WOLF, LEO                               NY-31-1006-494
WOLF, PAUL                              NY-31-149-330
WOLF, WILLIAM L.                        NY-31-107-56
WOLFE, FANNIE B.                        NY-31-1004-206
WOLFE, HARRIET                          NY-31-1029-295
WOLFE, JOHN ALBERT                      NY-31-52-507
WOLFE, SARAH C.                         NY-31-996-492
WOLFE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-138-411
WOLFF, BAREND S.                        NY-31-139-446
WOLFF, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-1009-405
WOLFF, EMIL                             NY-31-1017-370
WOLFF, GEORGE W. S.                     NY-31-148-472
WOLFF, MOSES                            NY-31-111-322
WOLFF, NORBERT                          NY-31-989-351
WOLFF, SAMUEL                           NY-31-1025-171
WOLFFHEIM, MINNA                        NY-31-988-420
WOLLESEN, B. THEODORE                   NY-31-1027-286
WOOD, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-114-287
WOOD, AGNES                             NY-31-71-230
WOOD, BAILEY                            NY-31-114-167
WOOD, BARNABAS                          NY-31-52-360
WOOD, BENJAMIN B.                       NY-31-132-153
WOOD, CALICIA                           NY-31-86-144
WOOD, CHARLES J.                        NY-31-126-486
WOOD, DAVID                             NY-31-93-347
WOOD, DAVID                             NY-31-85-139
WOOD, EDITH                             NY-31-1003-495
WOOD, ELEANOR                           NY-31-89-535
WOOD, FRANCIS                           NY-31-63-74
WOOD, GEORGE                            NY-31-132-374
WOOD, GEORGE JR.                        NY-31-43-45
WOOD, JACOB                             NY-31-100-301
WOOD, JAMES                             NY-31-74-468
WOOD, JAMES                             NY-31-73-108
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-31-91-586
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-31-100-295
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-31-109-202
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-31-109-133
WOOD, JOHN                              NY-31-50-153
WOOD, JONAS                             NY-31-103-581
WOOD, KATHARINE B.                      NY-31-993-103
WOOD, MARGARET A.                       NY-31-1023-119
WOOD, MARTHA                            NY-31-130-257
WOOD, MARY                              NY-31-140-466
WOOD, MOODY                             NY-31-71-398
WOOD, RALPH P.                          NY-31-1003-492
WOOD, RICHARD                           NY-31-77-544
WOOD, ROBERT                            NY-31-59-72
WOOD, SAMUEL                            NY-31-53-142
WOOD, SILAS                             NY-31-104-319
WOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-31-48-420
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-31-75-446
WOODBRIDGE, JULIA                       NY-31-1007-464
WOODBURY, JOHN MC GAW                   NY-31-1009-157
WOODBURY, PETER J.                      NY-31-141-47
WOODHAM, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-31-92-372
WOODHAM, JAMES                          NY-31-106-49
WOODHAM, JAMES                          NY-31-106-49
WOODHAM, JAMES                          NY-31-106-49
WOODHOUSE, PHILIP                       NY-31-50-298
WOODHULL, GILBERT                       NY-31-42-445
WOODHULL, MAXWELL                       NY-31-147-329
WOODHULL, ROSE                          NY-31-127-356
WOODHULL, THOMAS                        NY-31-100-342
WOODHULL, WILLIAM                       NY-31-95-9
WOODLAND, GEORGE                        NY-31-54-161
WOODRUFF, ABIGAIL                       NY-31-100-542
WOODRUFF, ELEANOR M.                    NY-31-1018-290
WOODRUFF, ELIJAH P.                     NY-31-95-146
WOODRUFF, JOHN O.                       NY-31-132-400
WOODRUFF, LEWIS                         NY-31-61-136
WOODRUFF, MARY                          NY-31-57-215
WOODRUFF, MARY W.                       NY-31-132-62
WOODRUFF, NOAH                          NY-31-101-328
WOODRUFF, ROBERT                        NY-31-59-361
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL M.                     NY-31-112-11
WOODRUFF, THOMAS T.                     NY-31-113-276
WOODS, ANNE                             NY-31-129-277
WOODS, CHARLES                          NY-31-1018-269
WOODS, JAMES                            NY-31-50-271
WOODS, JOHN                             NY-31-1031-201
WOODS, JOHN                             NY-31-114-36
WOODS, MAJOR P.                         NY-31-1022-301
WOODS, MARY                             NY-31-149-197
WOODS, MARY                             NY-31-1003-499
WOODS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1001-171
WOODS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-43-419
WOODWARD, AMOS                          NY-31-63-140
WOODWARD, ANTHONY                       NY-31-92-204
WOODWARD, EBENEZER                      NY-31-47-26
WOODWARD, JOHN                          NY-31-90-346
WOODWARD, JOHN                          NY-31-73-123
WOODWARD, MARY                          NY-31-88-344
WOODWARD, MARY R.                       NY-31-1026-139
WOODWORTH, MARTIN                       NY-31-74-291
WOOFFENDALE, ROBERT                     NY-31-62-278
WOOL, JEREMIAH                          NY-31-47-14
WOOL, THOMAS                            NY-31-1011-417
WOOLLEY, ISAAC M.                       NY-31-149-297
WOOLLEY, JEREMIAH B.                    NY-31-61-449
WOOLLEY, SUSAN                          NY-31-126-158
WOOLLS, STEPHEN                         NY-31-43-86
WOOLSEY, BENJAMIN W.                    NY-31-53-334
WOOLSEY, CATHERINE R.                   NY-31-99-292
WOOLSEY, WILLIAM W.                     NY-31-80-351
WOOLVERTON, WILLIAM H.                  NY-31-1000-79
WOOTEN, ANN                             NY-31-54-338
WORAM, WILLIAM                          NY-31-119-412
WORDEN, DANIEL T.                       NY-31-995-494
WORKHART, GEORGE                        NY-31-45-216
WORMS, BERTHA                           NY-31-1010-149
WORRALL, DORETHY                        NY-31-119-404
WORRALL, HENRY                          NY-31-97-487
WORSMER, ISIDORE                        NY-31-1011-120
WORTENDIKE, RAYNERD                     NY-31-76-10
WORTENDYKE, CORNELIUS                   NY-31-58-136
WORTH, GORHAM A.                        NY-31-116-214
WORTMAN, ELIZA                          NY-31-92-554
WOTHERSPOON, HENRY H.                   NY-31-998-267
WRAGG, GEORGE                           NY-31-59-196
WRAXALL, PETER                          NY-31-40-400
WREN, KATIE                             NY-31-1024-415
WRIEDEN, JACOB                          NY-31-1006-264
WRIGHT, ALFRED K.                       NY-31-995-256
WRIGHT, ANDREW                          NY-31-60-102
WRIGHT, AUGUST                          NY-31-55-153
WRIGHT, AUGUSTUS                        NY-31-84-320
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-85-485
WRIGHT, CHARLES C.                      NY-31-110-338
WRIGHT, CHARLES D.                      NY-31-1023-427
WRIGHT, DUTTON O.                       NY-31-1013-308
WRIGHT, EDWARD B.                       NY-31-997-108
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-31-986-183
WRIGHT, GROVE                           NY-31-78-82
WRIGHT, HANNAH G.                       NY-31-110-230
WRIGHT, HARRIET                         NY-31-92-478
WRIGHT, HENRY                           NY-31-76-238
WRIGHT, ISAAC                           NY-31-69-217
WRIGHT, JAMES                           NY-31-97-233
WRIGHT, JENNIE L.                       NY-31-998-93
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-31-53-133
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-31-55-191
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-31-84-53
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-31-63-404
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-31-128-227
WRIGHT, JOHN H.                         NY-31-1007-465
WRIGHT, JOHN W.                         NY-31-63-285
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-31-53-173
WRIGHT, MARTHA                          NY-31-95-57
WRIGHT, MARY                            NY-31-77-595
WRIGHT, MATILDA C.                      NY-31-1015-404
WRIGHT, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-136-48
WRIGHT, PHEBE                           NY-31-99-473
WRIGHT, SARAH                           NY-31-75-152
WRIGHT, SARAH K.                        NY-31-1030-206
WRIGHT, SIDNEY                          NY-31-57-348
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-108-410
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-99-478
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1009-404
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-62-395
WRIGHT, WILMER                          NY-31-1013-173
WUBBENHORST, CONRAD                     NY-31-148-200
WULBERN, JACOB                          NY-31-95-358
WURSTER, FREDERICK                      NY-31-1026-346
WURTS, JOHN                             NY-31-137-404
WURTS, MANUEL                           NY-31-111-399
WURZEL, TOBA L.                         NY-31-1025-173
WYBAR, JAMES                            NY-31-137-207
WYCKOFF, ALBERT                         NY-31-81-547
WYCKOFF, ALICE                          NY-31-101-131
WYCKOFF, HENRY J.                       NY-31-77-401
WYCKOFF, HENRY S.                       NY-31-103-459
WYCKOFF, PETER                          NY-31-64-190
WYCKOFF, PHEOBE                         NY-31-131-188
WYCKOFF, SOPHIA                         NY-31-68-305
WYCKOFF, SOPHIA                         NY-31-68-305
WYCKOFF, WILLIAM H. W.                  NY-31-105-122
WYCOFF, MARY                            NY-31-111-427
WYETH, FLORENCE N.                      NY-31-1030-203
WYETH, JOHN H.                          NY-31-1028-58
WYETH, LEONARD J.                       NY-31-112-343
WYGANT, JEHIAL CLARK                    NY-31-108-372
WYLIE, DAVID                            NY-31-55-287
WYLIE, JOHN                             NY-31-43-164
WYLLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-41-69
WYMAN, CORNELIA                         NY-31-142-108
WYMAN, ESTHER                           NY-31-1007-460
WYMAN, HELEN M.                         NY-31-139-178
WYMAN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-85-261
WYMAN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-56-281
WYMBS, MICHAEL                          NY-31-65-365
WYMBS, THOMAS                           NY-31-66-149
WYNKOOP, HENRY I.                       NY-31-1014-198
WYNKOOP, MARGARET                       NY-31-102-62
WYNKOOP, PETER                          NY-31-73-410
WYNKOOP, RICHARD                        NY-31-991-102
WYNNE, FRANCES                          NY-31-120-307
WYNNE, MARIA                            NY-31-1025-360
WYSCHEK, DOMINICK                       NY-31-126-239

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