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KABATNIK, JOSEPH                        NY-31-1029-414
KAFKA, JOHN                             NY-31-986-40
KAHL, LOUIS                             NY-31-1004-160
KAHLER, PETER J.                        NY-31-1008-53
KAHN, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-987-456
KAHN, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-1009-211
KAHN, AGATHA                            NY-31-1026-193
KAHN, ALECK                             NY-31-995-185
KAHN, LENA                              NY-31-1031-279
KAHN, LEOPOLD                           NY-31-1023-350
KAHN, NATHAN                            NY-31-1030-437
KAHN, YETTA                             NY-31-1011-36
KAHNWEILER, OSCAR J.                    NY-31-1013-360
KAIN, JAMES                             NY-31-93-396
KAIN, JOHN                              NY-31-82-359
KAISER, MICHAELIS                       NY-31-1007-89
KAISER, ROSE                            NY-31-1014-50
KALER, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-140-278
KALISHER, JOSEPH                        NY-31-1014-274
KALISHER, REBECCA                       NY-31-1012-400
KALLMAN, ELIZA                          NY-31-141-487
KALMUS, ABRAHAM L.                      NY-31-1024-102
KALTER, MAX                             NY-31-987-462
KAMMERER, JOSEPH                        NY-31-122-300
KAMP, CATHARINE                         NY-31-119-314
KAMP, CHARLES                           NY-31-985-145
KAMPFE, FREDERICK                       NY-31-1030-46
KANDALL, ALBERT                         NY-31-1015-146
KANE, BRIDGET                           NY-31-991-455
KANE, DELANCEY A.                       NY-31-1020-280
KANE, ELIZA C.                          NY-31-129-434
KANE, ELIZABETH F.                      NY-31-1019-104
KANE, JOHN                              NY-31-114-163
KANE, JOHN                              NY-31-47-403
KANE, JOHN                              NY-31-57-55
KANE, KATHERINE                         NY-31-1011-496
KANE, LAURENCE                          NY-31-999-479
KANE, MARGARET                          NY-31-1012-391
KANE, OLIVER                            NY-31-85-123
KANE, OWEN                              NY-31-88-513
KANT, ABRAHAM                           NY-31-1022-41
KANTGEN, GEORGE H.                      NY-31-1022-105
KANTH, PHILIP                           NY-31-105-449
KANTLER, CHARLES                        NY-31-1014-124
KANTOR, HYMAN                           NY-31-1026-189
KANZELBAUM, LOUIS                       NY-31-1006-331
KAPLAN, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-1030-284
KAPLAN, B. DAVID                        NY-31-1014-417
KAPP, LOUIS G.                          NY-31-1024-100
KAPPEL, JACOB                           NY-31-1022-242
KARL, JOHN                              NY-31-987-3
KARPFF, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-59-314
KARR, LUCASTA N.                        NY-31-1030-38
KARST, JOSEPH                           NY-31-1012-292
KASA, FRANK                             NY-31-990-474
KASA, MARIE                             NY-31-1027-387
KASANG, JOHN H.                         NY-31-74-459
KASS, ERNEST                            NY-31-103-451
KASS, GEORGE                            NY-31-75-353
KASSEBART, HENRY                        NY-31-1006-183
KATEN, ANDREW                           NY-31-129-240
KATEN, JANE                             NY-31-134-456
KATEN, LEWIS                            NY-31-60-50
KATING, JOHN                            NY-31-43-101
KATTENHORN, HARMAN                      NY-31-104-123
KATTENHORN, HINRICH G.                  NY-31-147-191
KATZ, SALLEEC                           NY-31-1003-275
KATZ, SAMUEL                            NY-31-1013-136
KATZ, SIGMUND                           NY-31-1005-413
KATZENBERG, JACOB                       NY-31-1007-231
KATZENBERG, THERESA                     NY-31-1031-13
KATZENSTEIN, LEOPOLD                    NY-31-1028-100
KATZMAN, LOUIS J.                       NY-31-1011-339
KAUFFMAN, CHRISTIANA                    NY-31-46-455
KAUFFMAN, HENRY                         NY-31-60-406
KAUFMAN, ADOLF                          NY-31-986-496
KAUFMAN, JULIUS                         NY-31-1010-310
KAUFMANN, DAVID                         NY-31-1027-378
KAUFMANN, LEVI                          NY-31-1012-389
KAUFMANN, LOUIS                         NY-31-1014-419
KAUTZLER, ELISABETH                     NY-31-136-500
KAVANAGH, DUDLEY                        NY-31-1002-481
KAVANAGH, JOHN                          NY-31-118-114
KAVANAGH, PATRICK                       NY-31-56-140
KAVANAGH, PATRICK                       NY-31-128-473
KAVANAGH, THOMAS J.                     NY-31-993-367
KAVERNE, FRANK E.                       NY-31-1016-57
KEACH, DORCAS                           NY-31-73-330
KEARLEY, JAMES                          NY-31-116-360
KEARLY, CAROLINE                        NY-31-104-331
KEARNEY, MARGARET                       NY-31-79-300
KEARNEY, MARY A.                        NY-31-1016-245
KEARNEY, MARY E.                        NY-31-76-94
KEARNEY, PHILIP                         NY-31-97-459
KEARNY, ISABELLA                        NY-31-55-120
KEARNY, PHILP                           NY-31-147-252
KEARNY, ROBERT M.                       NY-31-53-318
KEARSING, JOHN                          NY-31-52-292
KEATING, JOHN                           NY-31-1016-46
KEATING, JOHN                           NY-31-40-286
KEATING, MARY A.                        NY-31-986-342
KEATING, MICHAEL F.                     NY-31-999-304
KEATING, PATRICK                        NY-31-76-373
KEATING, ROBERT W.                      NY-31-66-326
KEATING, WALTER F.                      NY-31-53-369
KEATS, GERTRUDE M.                      NY-31-1014-278
KEEFE, ELLEN                            NY-31-125-178
KEEFE, MATTHEW J.                       NY-31-1021-64
KEEGAN, JOHN J.                         NY-31-1009-342
KEELAND, JOHN                           NY-31-114-402
KEELER, BURRIT                          NY-31-67-209
KEELER, ISAAC                           NY-31-59-411
KEELER, ISAAC                           NY-31-62-27
KEELER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-104-13
KEELEY, SARAH                           NY-31-112-507
KEELING, CATHARINE                      NY-31-52-474
KEELING, SOLOMON                        NY-31-110-362
KEEN, JOHN B.                           NY-31-59-33
KEENAN, BERNARD                         NY-31-56-435
KEENAN, JANE                            NY-31-122-259
KEENAN, JOHN                            NY-31-1023-348
KEENAN, LIZZIE                          NY-31-1010-481
KEENAN, MARY                            NY-31-1019-40
KEENAN, MARY                            NY-31-99-431
KEENE, JANE                             NY-31-53-275
KEENEY, BURTIS M.                       NY-31-1020-412
KEENEY, BURTUS M.                       NY-31-1014-126
KEENY, HENRY N.                         NY-31-129-422
KEER, CATHARINE                         NY-31-102-93
KEESE, AGNES                            NY-31-93-671
KEESE, CATHARINE                        NY-31-119-57
KEESE, JOHN                             NY-31-48-165
KEESE, JOHN D.                          NY-31-93-455
KEESE, RHODA                            NY-31-71-375
KEESE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-55-128
KEGELER, DORIS                          NY-31-996-388
KEHOE, JOHN                             NY-31-52-38
KEIFFER, LEWIS                          NY-31-1018-55
KEILTY, JAMES                           NY-31-138-239
KEIRNEY, JOHN                           NY-31-69-1
KEISTED, LUKE                           NY-31-41-155
KEITH, CLEVELAND                        NY-31-147-4
KELLEHER, MARGARET                      NY-31-1013-349
KELLER, ADAM                            NY-31-1009-215
KELLER, CATHERINE DIERKES               NY-31-1027-95
KELLER, FRANCES G.                      NY-31-1024-234
KELLER, FRANCIS X.                      NY-31-1027-118
KELLER, JOSEPH                          NY-31-990-478
KELLER, LOUISE                          NY-31-992-464
KELLER, PHILIP                          NY-31-114-322
KELLER, THOMAS H.                       NY-31-1022-388
KELLER,KATIE                            NY-31-1030-270
KELLERS, CARSTEN                        NY-31-129-372
KELLEY, JOHN                            NY-31-92-290
KELLEY, JOHN C.                         NY-31-149-291
KELLEY, MARGARET J.                     NY-31-1002-97
KELLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-148-319
KELLEY, WILLIAM P.                      NY-31-68-388
KELLOCK, JAMES                          NY-31-138-130
KELLOGG, ASA JR.                        NY-31-96-290
KELLOGG, CHARLES D.                     NY-31-993-231
KELLOGG, CHARLES H.                     NY-31-99-101
KELLOGG, ELLEN P.                       NY-31-1026-415
KELLOGG, ELLEN P.                       NY-31-1028-226
KELLOGG, HENRY M.                       NY-31-103-193
KELLS, WILLIAM F.                       NY-31-90-493
KELLY, ALICE                            NY-31-1001-456
KELLY, AUGUSTA                          NY-31-1019-36
KELLY, DANIEL                           NY-31-100-345
KELLY, DANIEL                           NY-31-126-367
KELLY, EDWARD                           NY-31-63-441
KELLY, EDWARD K.                        NY-31-1031-440
KELLY, HENRY                            NY-31-1022-172
KELLY, HUGH                             NY-31-138-367
KELLY, HUGH                             NY-31-140-155
KELLY, ISABELLA                         NY-31-987-451
KELLY, ISABELLA E.                      NY-31-993-235
KELLY, JAMES                            NY-31-1012-110
KELLY, JAMES                            NY-31-100-412
KELLY, JAMES                            NY-31-100-345
KELLY, JAMES S.                         NY-31-999-178
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-31-129-107
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-31-75-113
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-31-42-432
KELLY, JOHN H.                          NY-31-112-1
KELLY, LEWIS                            NY-31-66-76
KELLY, MARGARET                         NY-31-139-450
KELLY, MARGARET                         NY-31-63-139
KELLY, MARY                             NY-31-987-266
KELLY, MICHAEL                          NY-31-107-605
KELLY, NATHANIEL                        NY-31-106-29
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-31-111-389
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-31-1003-414
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-31-989-380
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-31-124-120
KELLY, RICHARD                          NY-31-95-658
KELLY, ROBERT                           NY-31-116-345
KELLY, ROBERT                           NY-31-60-6
KELLY, ROBERT W.                        NY-31-106-221
KELLY, TERENCE F.                       NY-31-1019-261
KELLY, THERESA B.                       NY-31-1029-168
KELLY, THOMAS                           NY-31-1007-77
KELLY, THOMAS                           NY-31-1015-456
KELLY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-59-309
KELLY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-69-364
KELLY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-64-494
KELLY, WILLIAM                          NY-31-71-404
KELM, AUGUST                            NY-31-137-27
KELSO, JAME                             NY-31-85-1
KELTON, JAMES                           NY-31-66-403
KEMBLE, CAHRLOTTE M.                    NY-31-99-156
KEMBLE, PETER                           NY-31-58-177
KEMP, CHARELES                          NY-31-91-514
KEMP, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-91-622
KEMP, JAMES E.                          NY-31-1027-383
KEMP, PETER                             NY-31-141-158
KEMPE, JOHN                             NY-31-58-485
KEMPER, MARGARET                        NY-31-100-32
KEMPNER, HANNAH                         NY-31-1030-271
KENAH, FRANK T.                         NY-31-1031-443
KENDALL, FREDERICK                      NY-31-76-338
KENEHAN, JAMES                          NY-31-124-113
KENNAN, PATRICK                         NY-31-55-260
KENNARD, ALBERT                         NY-31-74-515
KENNARD, MARY                           NY-31-125-181
KENNE, THEODORE                         NY-31-1031-282
KENNEDY, ANDREW                         NY-31-126-380
KENNEDY, BERNARD                        NY-31-56-150
KENNEDY, CAROLINE H.                    NY-31-1029-421
KENNEDY, CATHERINE                      NY-31-1000-469
KENNEDY, DAVID S.                       NY-31-105-278
KENNEDY, DOMINICK S.                    NY-31-134-393
KENNEDY, EVELINE                        NY-31-131-145
KENNEDY, JAMES                          NY-31-1018-174
KENNEDY, JAMES                          NY-31-999-174
KENNEDY, JAMES                          NY-31-50-112
KENNEDY, JAMES                          NY-31-112-93
KENNEDY, JOHN                           NY-31-1013-351
KENNEDY, JOHN F.                        NY-31-1027-389
KENNEDY, MARGARET F.                    NY-31-1001-1
KENNEDY, MARY                           NY-31-1030-435
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                        NY-31-116-293
KENNEDY, THERESA                        NY-31-1009-428
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-125-149
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-110-439
KENNEL, JOHN                            NY-31-116-167
KENNEY, PHILIP                          NY-31-1031-441
KENNY, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-56-297
KENNY, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-75-457
KENNY, THOMAS                           NY-31-46-444
KENSETT, MARY                           NY-31-148-191
KENT, CATHARINE                         NY-31-92-70
KENT, CHARLES                           NY-31-73-315
KENT, EDITH E.                          NY-31-1000-468
KENT, JAMES                             NY-31-95-176
KENT, JOHN                              NY-31-75-329
KENWORTHY, WILLIAM                      NY-31-69-385
KEOGH, MARY E.                          NY-31-988-447
KEOGH, PATRICK                          NY-31-1023-230
KEOGH, PATRICK F.                       NY-31-1009-39
KER, J. BROWNSON                        NY-31-1030-41
KERHANE, CATHERINE                      NY-31-1027-380
KERKER, IDA                             NY-31-1012-291
KERLEY, BARNARD                         NY-31-101-105
KERLY, ARCHIBALD                        NY-31-53-175
KERMIT, ROBERT                          NY-31-111-497
KERNAGHAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-989-388
KERNAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-90-513
KERNAN, FRANCIS                         NY-31-56-377
KERNAN, FRANCIS                         NY-31-56-326
KERNAN, JOHN                            NY-31-96-155
KERNER, LOUIS                           NY-31-1012-168
KERNOCHAN, ELIZA S.                     NY-31-1013-243
KERR, ANDREW                            NY-31-46-244
KERR, JAMES I.                          NY-31-52-485
KERR, JANE                              NY-31-98-520
KERR, JENNIE M.                         NY-31-1013-355
KERR, JOHN L.                           NY-31-1003-273
KERR, JOHN R.                           NY-31-119-254
KERR, LEONARD R.                        NY-31-988-133
KERRIGAN, MARY E.                       NY-31-1029-173
KERRIGAN, MICHAEL                       NY-31-103-173
KERRISON, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-138-69
KERSCH, AMELIA                          NY-31-1029-164
KERSHAW, JOSEPH                         NY-31-118-295
KERSHOW, HORACE                         NY-31-81-593
KERSTEN, GUSTAVE                        NY-31-989-35
KERWIN, BRIDGET                         NY-31-120-357
KERWIN, CATHERINE C.                    NY-31-1021-288
KERWIN, PATRICK                         NY-31-120-355
KESSLER, JOHN                           NY-31-147-505
KESSLER, ROSE                           NY-31-1000-373
KETCHAM, ELI                            NY-31-122-254
KETCHAM, JOHN E.                        NY-31-1029-423
KETCHAM, NATHANIEL                      NY-31-127-9
KETCHAN, AUG. A.                        NY-31-1019-107
KETCHUM, JANE A.                        NY-31-77-417
KETELTAS, PETER                         NY-31-41-81
KETELTAS, PHIIP D.                      NY-31-91-252
KETTELETAS, ELIZABETH                   NY-31-47-46
KETTERER, GEORGE J.                     NY-31-75-76
KETTERER, HENDRINA C.                   NY-31-82-87
KETTLEMAN, JOHN                         NY-31-139-26
KEUTHEN, AUGSUTUS                       NY-31-1012-164
KEVAN, ANDREW                           NY-31-61-207
KEVAN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-95-452
KEW, WILLIAM                            NY-31-116-52
KEWAN, LAWRENCE W.                      NY-31-1023-228
KEYES, JOHN D.                          NY-31-1013-497
KEYES, RICHARD E.                       NY-31-997-351
KEYSER, CAHARINE                        NY-31-45-61
KEYSER, CATHARINE                       NY-31-58-42
KEYSER, HENRY                           NY-31-101-331
KEYSER, JOHN                            NY-31-54-60
KEYSER, JOHN                            NY-31-101-194
KEYSER, MARGARET                        NY-31-115-193
KEYSER, MAURICE                         NY-31-1018-176
KIBBE, ISAAC                            NY-31-92-8
KIBBLE, JOHN                            NY-31-97-201
KICK, THEOPHILE                         NY-31-1025-480
KIDD, CHRISTINA                         NY-31-56-88
KIDD, JAMES                             NY-31-55-397
KIDD, JOHN                              NY-31-82-493
KIDD, ROBERT W.                         NY-31-1009-425
KIDDER, MARY J.                         NY-31-149-527
KIDDLE, JANE                            NY-31-985-238
KIDNEY, HENRY                           NY-31-76-257
KIDNEY, RACHEL                          NY-31-68-120
KIDSON, HESTER                          NY-31-56-267
KIEFER, XAVIER                          NY-31-127-351
KIELEY, TIMOTHY J.                      NY-31-1002-4
KIERNAN, ANNA G.                        NY-31-989-307
KIERNAN, CATHARINE                      NY-31-113-269
KIERNAN, JOHN                           NY-31-88-279
KIERSTED, JOHN                          NY-31-49-242
KIESER, JOHN                            NY-31-44-36
KILBERG, ISAAC                          NY-31-77-577
KILLILEA, THOMAS                        NY-31-1029-427
KILLING, GEORGE                         NY-31-1011-255
KILPATRICK, JOSEPH                      NY-31-94-732
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM                     NY-31-60-52
KIMBALL, AUSTIN                         NY-31-1002-1
KIMBALL, CHARLES A.                     NY-31-137-230
KINCH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-140-311
KINCHELLA, JOHN                         NY-31-101-509
KING, ALEXANDER                         NY-31-105-406
KING, AUGUSUS E.                        NY-31-118-94
KING, BESSIE                            NY-31-1023-65
KING, CATHERINE                         NY-31-1027-385
KING, CHARLES                           NY-31-142-336
KING, CHARLES C.                        NY-31-107-488
KING, CHARLES C.                        NY-31-110-272
KING, CHARLES W.                        NY-31-93-154
KING, DAVID H. JR.                      NY-31-1029-431
KING, EDWARD L.                         NY-31-1023-306
KING, FREDERICK GORE                    NY-31-63-79
KING, HENRY                             NY-31-124-124
KING, ISABELLE F.                       NY-31-1018-179
KING, JENNIE                            NY-31-988-129
KING, JOHN                              NY-31-41-165
KING, JOHN                              NY-31-74-449
KING, JOHN                              NY-31-83-394
KING, JOHN                              NY-31-40-67
KING, JOHN                              NY-31-50-453
KING, JOHN F.                           NY-31-132-416
KING, JOSE B.                           NY-31-986-35
KING, MARIA C.                          NY-31-1022-389
KING, MARIETTA A.                       NY-31-1013-495
KING, MARTHA K.                         NY-31-1026-147
KING, MARY ANN                          NY-31-128-485
KING, MARY W.                           NY-31-1018-52
KING, MATTHEW                           NY-31-57-246
KING, MATTHEW                           NY-31-63-112
KING, NANCY M.                          NY-31-1005-415
KING, OLIVER R.                         NY-31-1019-264
KING, PETER                             NY-31-43-316
KING, PETER L.                          NY-31-77-66
KING, PINCUS                            NY-31-128-372
KING, RICHARD                           NY-31-998-35
KING, RICHARD                           NY-31-1018-215
KING, RUFUS                             NY-31-61-211
KING, SAMUEL                            NY-31-92-202
KING, SARAH                             NY-31-101-464
KING, SUSANNAH                          NY-31-72-87
KING, TERENCE                           NY-31-91-354
KING, THOMAS                            NY-31-88-283
KING, WILLIAM                           NY-31-85-162
KING, WILLIAM                           NY-31-60-264
KING, WILLIAM                           NY-31-60-229
KING, WILLIAM JR.                       NY-31-50-426
KINGMAN, HENRY W.                       NY-31-120-223
KINGMAN, MARTHA C.                      NY-31-138-321
KINGSBURY, SARAH A.                     NY-31-998-38
KINGSFORD, MARY P.                      NY-31-1001-102
KINGSLAND, CHARLES                      NY-31-42-307
KINGSLAND, CORNELIUS                    NY-31-47-312
KINGSLAND, CORNELIUS                    NY-31-45-414
KINGSLAND, DANIEL                       NY-31-89-466
KINGSLAND, ELEANOR                      NY-31-95-97
KINGSLAND, JOHN                         NY-31-106-247
KINGSLAND, MARY                         NY-31-136-436
KINGSLAND, PHINEAS C.                   NY-31-994-436
KINGSLAND, RICHARDS                     NY-31-92-233
KINGSLAND,JOSEPH                        NY-31-57-160
KINNE, ASA                              NY-31-127-99
KINNERSLEY, THOMAS                      NY-31-80-187
KINSLEY, ADAM                           NY-31-94-564
KINSLEY, JOHN                           NY-31-101-509
KIP, ABIGAIL                            NY-31-77-397
KIP, ABRAHAM                            NY-31-55-158
KIP, ELEANOR                            NY-31-116-353
KIP, ELIZABETH                          NY-31-63-499
KIP, ELIZABETH                          NY-31-63-354
KIP, HELENA                             NY-31-42-324
KIP, HENRY                              NY-31-41-402
KIP, ISAAC L.                           NY-31-76-78
KIP, JAMES H.                           NY-31-60-386
KIP, JANE                               NY-31-49-23
KIP, LEONARD                            NY-31-45-457
KIP, LEONARD W.                         NY-31-149-215
KIP, MARY E.                            NY-31-1001-243
KIP, RICHARD                            NY-31-48-76
KIP, SAMUEL                             NY-31-95-52
KIPP, FRANCIS A.                        NY-31-104-422
KIPP, HIRAM                             NY-31-74-445
KIPP, RICHARD                           NY-31-40-269
KIPP, THOMAS                            NY-31-58-232
KIPP, THOMAS                            NY-31-95-343
KIPPEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-42-270
KIRBY, CATHARINE                        NY-31-102-181
KIRBY, DOROTHY                          NY-31-48-294
KIRBY, EDMUND                           NY-31-102-120
KIRBY, THOMAS D.                        NY-31-62-408
KIRBY, WILLET T.                        NY-31-97-406
KIRCHER, ELISE                          NY-31-1001-364
KIRCK, JOHN D.                          NY-31-78-281
KIRK, JAMES                             NY-31-57-447
KIRK, MARY                              NY-31-1019-382
KIRK, THOMAS                            NY-31-52-49
KIRK, WILLIAM P.                        NY-31-999-307
KIRKAPATRICK, AMELIA ANN                NY-31-60-391
KIRKHAM, RICHARD W.                     NY-31-75-504
KIRKHAM, SAMUEL                         NY-31-86-472
KIRMAN, ALEXANDER P. W.                 NY-31-111-83
KIRSCH, NATHAN                          NY-31-1020-272
KIRSCHBROWN, IDA                        NY-31-990-216
KIRTLAND, AMBROSE                       NY-31-92-704
KIRTLAND, CHARLOTTE                     NY-31-126-252
KIRTLAND, JARED T.                      NY-31-138-324
KISCHWEY, MARY A.                       NY-31-1015-145
KISSAM, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-31-54-426
KISSAM, CORNELIA                        NY-31-54-404
KISSAM, DANIEL W. JR.                   NY-31-72-280
KISSAM, MARY J.                         NY-31-1009-348
KISSAM, RICHARD S.                      NY-31-57-378
KISSAM, SAMUEL                          NY-31-129-393
KISSAM, SAMUEL H.                       NY-31-1020-90
KISSICK, PENELOPE                       NY-31-41-230
KISSICK, PHILIP                         NY-31-40-292
KISSNER, DAVID                          NY-31-139-80
KITCHE, GEORGE                          NY-31-104-351
KITCHIN, PHOEBE                         NY-31-54-53
KITLAND, ANNA T. E.                     NY-31-1020-106
KITTER, MICHAEL                         NY-31-43-63
KIVAN, WILLIAM                          NY-31-95-452
KIVY, JOHN                              NY-31-81-73
KIZER, DEBORA L. A.                     NY-31-123-220
KLAGES, ANNA                            NY-31-1001-8
KLAGES, FREDERICK                       NY-31-1028-96
KLAPPER, SAMUEL                         NY-31-1010-60
KLATTE, HENRY                           NY-31-997-447
KLATZL, JOSEPH                          NY-31-89-224
KLAUSMAN, JAMES                         NY-31-1019-263
KLEIN, ADAM                             NY-31-92-383
KLEIN, ANDREW                           NY-31-59-289
KLEIN, ARTHUR                           NY-31-1004-38
KLEIN, AUGUST                           NY-31-997-88
KLEIN, CHARLES                          NY-31-1015-149
KLEIN, CHARLOTTE E.                     NY-31-76-132
KLEIN, FRANZ A.                         NY-31-113-77
KLEIN, LUDWIG                           NY-31-110-73
KLEIN, RICHARD                          NY-31-1000-175
KLIEMECK, AMALIE                        NY-31-1018-219
KLIEN, ADAM                             NY-31-92-383
KLIMENKO, ANNIE                         NY-31-1003-415
KLINE, AARON                            NY-31-104-385
KLINE, FREDERICK ADOLPHUS               NY-31-64-445
KLINGELHOEFER, CONRAD                   NY-31-123-341
KLINGENSTEIN, JACOB                     NY-31-996-43
KLINGESTERN, ROSALIE                    NY-31-1007-299
KLINGSER, MARY                          NY-31-79-303
KLIPPER, MARY                           NY-31-1022-39
KLOPFER, JENNIE C.                      NY-31-1003-142
KLOPMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1025-132
KLOSS, MICHAEL                          NY-31-118-62
KLUBER, FIDELIS                         NY-31-134-43
KLUGKIST, CHARLES F. E.                 NY-31-119-392
KLUNDER, HENRY G.                       NY-31-114-258
KNABE, HENRY                            NY-31-1012-295
KNAPP, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-96-161
KNAPP, BENJAMIN S.                      NY-31-57-408
KNAPP, ELIJAH                           NY-31-49-34
KNAPP, JAMES H.                         NY-31-129-380
KNAPP, JOHN                             NY-31-69-229
KNAPP, JOHN H.                          NY-31-1024-232
KNAPP, JULIA A.                         NY-31-1009-50
KNAPP, LAVINA                           NY-31-149-130
KNAPP, MARION                           NY-31-1029-437
KNAPP, OLIVER                           NY-31-95-319
KNAPP, REUBEN                           NY-31-101-561
KNAPP, RUTH                             NY-31-104-477
KNAPP, SANFORD R.                       NY-31-69-250
KNAPP, TAMAR                            NY-31-125-430
KNAPP, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1031-19
KNAUF, PETER                            NY-31-96-566
KNAUST, HENRY                           NY-31-987-270
KNECHT, LOUISA W.                       NY-31-986-338
KNEELAND, FANNY                         NY-31-103-239
KNEELAND, GEORGE                        NY-31-100-459
KNEELAND, HENRY                         NY-31-76-477
KNEELAND, JOHN T.                       NY-31-79-258
KNEELAND, SETH R.                       NY-31-62-175
KNEELIN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-63-433
KNEIPP, CHARLES                         NY-31-1013-138
KNEISEL, JOHANNA                        NY-31-1023-226
KNESTER, EMIL                           NY-31-1002-93
KNICKERBOCKER, PHEBE A.                 NY-31-125-57
KNIEF, FREDERICK                        NY-31-1003-124
KNIGHT, ALMA E.                         NY-31-1031-276
KNIGHT, EMMA                            NY-31-1008-195
KNIGHT, FENNO                           NY-31-137-409
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-31-55-170
KNIGHT, LUCY M.                         NY-31-1009-344
KNIGHT, MARY                            NY-31-1019-380
KNIGHT, MARY E.                         NY-31-1025-482
KNIGHT, MORRIS                          NY-31-121-331
KNIGHT, SARA A.                         NY-31-1011-344
KNIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1031-17
KNOBLOCH, HENRIETTA                     NY-31-1028-240
KNOCH, THOMAS                           NY-31-121-248
KNODEL, EISABETHA                       NY-31-149-507
KNOOP, THEODORA                         NY-31-1022-164
KNOT, JAMES                             NY-31-40-259
KNOUSE, CHARLES                         NY-31-142-343
KNOWLES, HENRY H.                       NY-31-992-51
KNOWLES, JOHN                           NY-31-128-63
KNOWLIS, SAMUEL                         NY-31-51-4
KNOWLTON, ISABELLA                      NY-31-137-462
KNOWLTON, JOHN                          NY-31-45-380
KNOX, EDWARD M.                         NY-31-1029-440
KNOX, FLORENCE A.                       NY-31-994-427
KNOX, GEORGE                            NY-31-45-144
KNOX, JAMES                             NY-31-46-70
KNOX, JOHN                              NY-31-49-15
KNOX, JOHN                              NY-31-123-63
KNOX, JOSEPH                            NY-31-82-584
KNOX, MARY W.                           NY-31-991-57
KNUEPFER, HELENE                        NY-31-988-245
KNUTH, FREDERICK MARCUS                 NY-31-135-101
KOBBE, META                             NY-31-1010-195
KOCH, CHARLES W.                        NY-31-1023-303
KOCH, KATHARINA                         NY-31-1005-65
KOCH, ROSA                              NY-31-1011-341
KOEGEL, GEORGE                          NY-31-138-478
KOEGLER, EMMA G.                        NY-31-1022-386
KOEHL, NICHOLAS C.                      NY-31-1031-446
KOEHLER, CHRISTINA                      NY-31-989-196
KOENIG, JACOB                           NY-31-134-10
KOEPPEN, WILLIAM G.                     NY-31-1019-384
KOERSCHNER, GEORGE                      NY-31-121-296
KOFFMAN, MICHAEL S.                     NY-31-91-678
KOFIANIN, ANDREAS                       NY-31-120-367
KOHLER, COURADO                         NY-31-89-429
KOHLER, JOHN                            NY-31-82-189
KOHLLOSSEL, CASPAR                      NY-31-1006-188
KOHLMAN, BRIDGET                        NY-31-1014-214
KOHN, HENRY                             NY-31-1029-417
KOLB, ALLWINE                           NY-31-1025-182
KOLB, BERNHARD                          NY-31-1019-371
KOLB, HENRY                             NY-31-1018-172
KOLLMAN, MARY H.                        NY-31-1010-479
KONIG, SEBASTIAN                        NY-31-104-388
KONRAD, MARGARETHA                      NY-31-1023-64
KOOB, FRANK                             NY-31-1013-241
KOONTZ, MARY F.                         NY-31-1026-191
KOOP, CARSTEN H.                        NY-31-106-548
KOPMAN, MARGARET                        NY-31-123-432
KOPP, ZERLINA                           NY-31-996-40
KOPPERMANN, META                        NY-31-990-367
KORFF, JOHN D.                          NY-31-115-389
KORTAN, FRANK                           NY-31-1012-108
KORTRIGHT, LAWRENCE                     NY-31-41-261
KORTRIGHT, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-56-60
KOSBERG, JOHN H.                        NY-31-142-40
KOSCHEL, ALBERTINA D.                   NY-31-1012-167
KOSMAK, EMIL H.                         NY-31-991-171
KOSSKY, JOHN                            NY-31-140-249
KOSTER, JOHN                            NY-31-59-259
KRACKE, HEINRICH J.                     NY-31-992-56
KRADINGER, CHRISTIAN                    NY-31-41-392
KRAFT, FERIEDRICH                       NY-31-1023-345
KRAG, RASMUS                            NY-31-1014-210
KRAMER, ADAM                            NY-31-131-227
KRAMMS, LEWIS                           NY-31-96-580
KRAPFF, JOHAN CASPAR                    NY-31-55-82
KRATOCHVIL, PETER                       NY-31-1021-287
KRATZER, JOSEPH                         NY-31-97-358
KRAUS, EMMA D.                          NY-31-1029-165
KRAUS, GEORGE J.                        NY-31-1009-45
KRAUS, MINNIE                           NY-31-987-83
KRAUS, PAULINE                          NY-31-1028-97
KRAUS, TOBIAS                           NY-31-988-241
KRAUSE, JOHANNA                         NY-31-1016-236
KRAUSHAR, MARY A.                       NY-31-92-188
KRAUSS, JOHAN                           NY-31-111-421
KREBS, ELLEN D. W.                      NY-31-149-497
KREFELD, WILLIAM                        NY-31-998-388
KREHBIELS, JOHN P.                      NY-31-110-126
KREMER, CHARLES F.                      NY-31-1025-128
KRESS, ADREW W.                         NY-31-1015-50
KRESTAN, VINCENT                        NY-31-1015-52
KRETH, MINNA                            NY-31-1013-353
KRIETE, AUGUST                          NY-31-994-30
KROEHL, KATHARINA                       NY-31-997-355
KROLL, GUSTAV                           NY-31-1001-458
KROLL, HERMAN                           NY-31-1025-26
KROMEKE, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1006-55
KROMM, ANTON                            NY-31-1009-426
KRONBERG, ISAAC                         NY-31-88-257
KRONETHAL, BLANCHE                      NY-31-1016-58
KROOK, MARY                             NY-31-88-307
KROWL, MARY A.                          NY-31-1009-346
KRUDSEN, DELIA                          NY-31-985-149
KRUGER, ELIZA                           NY-31-1008-63
KRUGER, JULIUS                          NY-31-105-332
KRUMENACHER, PAUL H.                    NY-31-1010-192
KRUPECKA, ALOISIE                       NY-31-1023-304
KRUPHOLTER, THERESE                     NY-31-1018-217
KUBAN, MARGGRET                         NY-31-990-470
KUBLER, ALFRED W.                       NY-31-985-350
KUCERA, MARIE                           NY-31-991-166
KUCHEN, GEORGE                          NY-31-127-16
KUENSTLER, MARIA F.                     NY-31-985-242
KUESTNER, LOUIS                         NY-31-998-191
KUGELBERG, CAROLINE                     NY-31-1000-172
KUHLER, GUSTAV                          NY-31-149-327
KUHLKE, JACOB                           NY-31-1006-192
KUHN, DAVID                             NY-31-1030-293
KUHN, GEORGE                            NY-31-113-254
KUHN, KARL J.                           NY-31-994-241
KUICHLING, EMIL                         NY-31-1013-135
KUM , PETER                             NY-31-70-112
KUMM, ANNA M.                           NY-31-987-166
KUNASEK, ANTONIE                        NY-31-1014-46
KUNREUTHER, BEER LEVY                   NY-31-138-337
KUNTZE, FREDERICK W.                    NY-31-139-287
KUNTZMAN, GEORGE                        NY-31-129-403
KUNZ, JOHN CHRISTOPHER                  NY-31-47-95
KUNZMANN, FRANK                         NY-31-1001-240
KUPERBERG, ISAAK                        NY-31-1008-49
KUREMAN, CARSON H.                      NY-31-96-144
KURST, JOHN                             NY-31-147-468
KUSTER, LOUIS                           NY-31-97-149
KUTNER, MORRIS                          NY-31-1027-228
KUTZ, IDA                               NY-31-990-373
KUYPERS, HAMPYE                         NY-31-67-304
KYLE, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-31-1023-346
KYLE, DAVID                             NY-31-109-535
KYLE, JEANNETTE                         NY-31-1027-120
KYLE, THOMAS                            NY-31-136-307
KYLE, WILLIAM                           NY-31-69-222
KYPERS, GERARDUS A.                     NY-31-70-351
KYSELA, KLARA                           NY-31-1008-57
KYTE, CATHARINE                         NY-31-103-570

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