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NAAR, ABRAHAM D. A.                     NY-31-141-443
NAAR, ELLEN                             NY-31-116-278
NAAR, JOSHUA                            NY-31-72-362
NACHMANN, FANNIE                        NY-31-987-283
NAGEL, WILLIAM                          NY-31-47-315
NAGLE, ROSANNA M.                       NY-31-1010-343
NAGLE, ROSANNA M.                       NY-31-1005-432
NAGLE, THOMAS                           NY-31-46-255
NAISMITH, FRANCIS                       NY-31-84-67
NANNESTAD, LARS                         NY-31-47-78
NASCHOLD, IMANUEL                       NY-31-139-481
NASH, BRIDGET                           NY-31-58-457
NASH, CHARLES                           NY-31-142-222
NASH, GEORGE                            NY-31-1025-322
NASH, LORA                              NY-31-130-488
NASH, MICHAEL                           NY-31-61-452
NASH, PHILIP F.                         NY-31-1012-253
NASON, ELISHA HILL                      NY-31-45-181
NATERS, THOMAS                          NY-31-77-140
NATHAN, DEBORAH                         NY-31-99-522
NATHAN, FANNY                           NY-31-1012-255
NATHAN, LEO R.                          NY-31-1025-499
NATHAN, LUCIEN                          NY-31-1024-168
NATHAN, MADELINE                        NY-31-1018-74
NATHAN, ROSA                            NY-31-1027-254
NATHAN, SOPHIE R.                       NY-31-1023-244
NAUDS, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-1022-410
NAUGARET, CLAUDE J. B.                  NY-31-125-7
NAUGARET, RAYMOND                       NY-31-125-7
NAUGLE, JOSEPH                          NY-31-1022-413
NAYLOR, PETER                           NY-31-55-324
NEAGLE, RICHARD                         NY-31-121-288
NEAL, NAOMI                             NY-31-69-350
NEALIS, JAMES                           NY-31-999-328
NEATE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-46-138
NEBENBERG, PAUL                         NY-31-136-45
NECARSULMER, ELLA                       NY-31-1004-424
NEDEHOF, JOHANA                         NY-31-1019-287
NEELY, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-118-52
NEELY, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-120-48
NEGATEAT, FREDERICK W. A.               NY-31-102-10
NEGLINE, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1024-166
NEGROTE, ANDREW                         NY-31-64-302
NEHR, JACOB                             NY-31-1008-283
NEIDLINGER, LOUISE                      NY-31-1005-437
NEIHEISER, WILHELM                      NY-31-1013-145
NEIL, JAMES                             NY-31-1025-94
NEIL, MARGARET G.                       NY-31-111-335
NEILL, JAMES                            NY-31-57-437
NEILL, JAMES A.                         NY-31-80-83
NEILSON, ABRAHAM S.                     NY-31-149-51
NEILSON, ANTHONY B.                     NY-31-134-295
NEILSON, ESTHER                         NY-31-66-162
NEILSON, JOHN                           NY-31-120-283
NEILSON, MARY                           NY-31-52-210
NEILSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-44-328
NEILSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-56-209
NEIMAN, RACHEL                          NY-31-1016-262
NEIMAN, RAY                             NY-31-1016-262
NEISEL, JOHN                            NY-31-1005-106
NELSON, A. D.                           NY-31-1021-403
NELSON, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-58-336
NELSON, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-1015-484
NELSON, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-114-182
NELSON, ELIZABETH L.                    NY-31-1027-410
NELSON, ELLA                            NY-31-1013-45
NELSON, JAMES                           NY-31-119-184
NELSON, JAMES                           NY-31-85-180
NELSON, JAMES ***                       NY-31-124-362
NELSON, JOHN                            NY-31-53-475
NELSON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-67-145
NELSON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-89-528
NELSON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-67-145
NELSON, MARY                            NY-31-90-538
NELSON, RICHARD                         NY-31-97-546
NELSON, ROBERT                          NY-31-48-360
NELSON, SARAH                           NY-31-130-442
NELSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-1017-240
NELSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-75-166
NERGENNAH, HENRICH                      NY-31-112-130
NESBIT, ARCHIBALD                       NY-31-70-187
NESBIT, NATHAN                          NY-31-99-587
NESBITT, HUGH                           NY-31-51-267
NESLEN, ROBERT                          NY-31-59-104
NESMITH, JAMES P.                       NY-31-73-142
NEST, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-57-261
NESTELL, ANN C.                         NY-31-142-49
NESTELL, ANNA                           NY-31-76-354
NESTELL, JOHN                           NY-31-52-384
NESTELL, MICHAEL                        NY-31-44-348
NESTELL, MICHAEL C.                     NY-31-58-482
NEU, YETTA                              NY-31-1008-216
NEUBERGER, AMELIA M.                    NY-31-1027-29
NEUBERGER, BENNO                        NY-31-1000-487
NEUFVILLE, EEDWARD                      NY-31-59-256
NEUKEUS, AGNES                          NY-31-1006-216
NEUMAN, CAROLINE                        NY-31-1014-63
NEUMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1010-340
NEUSTADT, GEORGE M. S.                  NY-31-1007-244
NEUSTADT, SAMUEL I.                     NY-31-117-337
NEVILLE, EUGENE                         NY-31-117-496
NEVILLE, NICHOLAS                       NY-31-86-319
NEVILLE, WILLIAM B.                     NY-31-107-601
NEVINS, HELEN                           NY-31-996-309
NEVINS, MARGARET                        NY-31-105-74
NEVINS, NELLIE                          NY-31-988-267
NEVINS, RUSSELL H.                      NY-31-108-434
NEW, EMMA                               NY-31-986-354
NEWBOLD, ANN P.                         NY-31-136-101
NEWBOLD, CATHERINE A.                   NY-31-76-310
NEWBOLD, GEORGE                         NY-31-122-281
NEWBOLD, HERMAN L.                      NY-31-112-207
NEWBORG, DAVID L.                       NY-31-1031-148
NEWBOULD, GEORGE H.                     NY-31-79-393
NEWBURN, JAMES STODDART SR.             NY-31-993-62
NEWCOMB, BADIAH                         NY-31-120-133
NEWCOMB, HENRIETTA C.                   NY-31-1030-471
NEWCOMB, JOHN L.                        NY-31-137-304
NEWCOMB, WILLIAM                        NY-31-92-116
NEWCOMBE, GEORGE W.                     NY-31-91-189
NEWCOMBE, JANE C.                       NY-31-128-173
NEWELL, JAMES                           NY-31-48-497
NEWFOULD, ANNA ELIZABETH                NY-31-106-589
NEWIN, JOHN                             NY-31-52-466
NEWKERK, GERRIT                         NY-31-10-255
NEWKIRK, JOHN                           NY-31-55-457
NEWMAN, ANNA H.                         NY-31-991-194
NEWMAN, COLES                           NY-31-46-263
NEWMAN, JACOB                           NY-31-52-120
NEWMAN, JOHN                            NY-31-81-360
NEWMAN, RODERICK BEEBE                  NY-31-135-161
NEWMAND, BRADGAT                        NY-31-105-183
NEWPORT, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-122-144
NEWSON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-76-233
NEWTON, ANNA M.                         NY-31-1018-228
NEWTON, GEORGE                          NY-31-106-576
NEWTON, HENRY                           NY-31-43-361
NEWTON, ISAAC                           NY-31-122-469
NEWTON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-60-183
NEWTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-50-416

NEXSWEN, JOHN                           NY-31-74-317
NICHOH, CAROLINE                        NY-31-111-515
NICHOLAS, ANN                           NY-31-75-41
NICHOLAS, JOSEPH                        NY-31-96-127
NICHOLL, JOSEPH                         NY-31-125-308
NICHOLS, ALICE S.                       NY-31-1012-420
NICHOLS, ANTHONY D.                     NY-31-1020-315
NICHOLS, ANTOINETTE                     NY-31-56-17
NICHOLS, DAVID                          NY-31-123-277
NICHOLS, ELIJAH                         NY-31-100-653
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-82-592
NICHOLS, JAMES E.                       NY-31-1010-215
NICHOLS, JOHN C.                        NY-31-135-495
NICHOLS, JUDSON                         NY-31-129-118
NICHOLS, LEVINA                         NY-31-55-320
NICHOLS, LEWIS                          NY-31-40-311
NICHOLS, MARY                           NY-31-66-307
NICHOLS, MARY                           NY-31-57-167
NICHOLS, MARY                           NY-31-44-32
NICHOLS, PHEBE                          NY-31-95-688
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                         NY-31-109-148
NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-64-391
NICHOLSON, FRANCIS                      NY-31-139-182
NICHOLSON, HELEN                        NY-31-114-390
NICHOLSON, JAMES W.                     NY-31-116-206
NICHOLSON, NORA                         NY-31-993-57
NICHOLSON, SAMUEL                       NY-31-63-292
NICHOLSON, SAMUEL                       NY-31-120-420
NICHOLSON, SARAH                        NY-31-127-236
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM N.                   NY-31-101-101
NICHTHAUSER, WILLIAM                    NY-31-996-215
NICKEL, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-138-427
NICKENS, JAMES                          NY-31-50-130
NICKERSON, EBENEZER                     NY-31-81-350
NICOL, LAURENCE                         NY-31-139-420
NICOLAUS, PHILIPP                       NY-31-148-146
NICOLL, ABIMAEL Y.                      NY-31-73-105
NICOLL, ANNA L.                         NY-31-1018-162
NICOLL, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-40-144
NICOLL, EDWARD                          NY-31-42-247
NICOLL, EDWARD                          NY-31-48-280
NICOLL, ELIZA                           NY-31-76-377
NICOLL, GEORGE                          NY-31-49-189
NICOLL, JOHN                            NY-31-68-354
NICOLL, JOHN                            NY-31-68-354
NICOLL, SAMUEL C.                       NY-31-109-418
NICOLL, WALTER A.                       NY-31-92-75
NIELSEN, MARI                           NY-31-1016-259
NIEMCEWICZ, SUSAN U.                    NY-31-70-332
NIEMCEWICZ, SUSAN URSIN                 NY-31-65-345
NIEWENHOUS, SIEBRAND                    NY-31-994-279
NIKLY, GEORGE                           NY-31-1009-446
NILES, GAIL S.                          NY-31-1005-370
NILES, HARRIET S.                       NY-31-996-458
NILES, WILLIAM                          NY-31-147-105
NILSEN, LAURA M.                        NY-31-1027-140
NIRGENAH, HENRY                         NY-31-112-130
NIVEN, JEMIMA                           NY-31-61-303
NIX, GREGOR J.                          NY-31-104-19
NIXON, GILBERT S.                       NY-31-114-411
NIXON, RICHARD                          NY-31-90-129
NIXON, THOMAS                           NY-31-58-204
NIXON, THOMAS                           NY-31-58-240
NIXON, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-1023-77
NOAH, MORDECAI M.                       NY-31-101-321
NOBLE, ALFRED                           NY-31-1002-495
NOBLE, DANIEL P.                        NY-31-60-42
NOBLE, GEORGE D.                        NY-31-133-142
NOBLE, JOHN                             NY-31-105-36
NOBLE, JOHN                             NY-31-109-181
NODINE, RICHARD                         NY-31-1023-247
NOE, HELEN                              NY-31-71-48
NOE, HELEN H.                           NY-31-991-198
NOE, HENRY M.                           NY-31-1004-417
NOE, LEMOUNTIS                          NY-31-57-74
NOE, MARY                               NY-31-68-206
NOE, MARY                               NY-31-68-206
NOE, NELLIE M.                          NY-31-1005-254
NOLAN, CATHERINE M.                     NY-31-1009-72
NOLAN, PATRICK                          NY-31-91-8
NOLE, PIETRO ANTONIO                    NY-31-1027-139
NOON, CAROLINE B.                       NY-31-138-309
NOON, DARBY                             NY-31-58-261
NOONAN, CORNELIUS CHARLES               NY-31-1003-70
NOONAN, HANORAH                         NY-31-1014-302
NOONAN, MARY                            NY-31-1027-31
NORAK, AGNES                            NY-31-1027-415
NORAN, SUSIE                            NY-31-1027-251
NORBERRY, JAMES                         NY-31-52-312
NORCROSS,E LSIHA                        NY-31-99-428
NORDILA, TERESA                         NY-31-1004-256
NORDLINGER, MINA                        NY-31-1027-417
NORGREN, CHARLES ERIC                   NY-31-51-384
NORHAM, LUCIA A.                        NY-31-1024-247
NORMAN, JOHN                            NY-31-45-372
NORMANN, MAX M.                         NY-31-1031-144
NORRIS, ALEXANDER                       NY-31-133-185
NORRIS, DANIEL W.                       NY-31-149-229
NORRIS, JORDAN                          NY-31-69-483
NORRIS, THOMAS                          NY-31-56-416
NORSWORTHY, SAMUEL                      NY-31-62-359
NORSWORTHY, SAMUEL                      NY-31-65-442
NORTH, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-53-486
NORTH, ELLA L.                          NY-31-986-358
NORTH, ROBERT F.                        NY-31-71-308
NORTH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-60-235
NORTH, WILLIAM                          NY-31-75-139
NORTH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-31-122-91
NORTHAM, MATTHEW                        NY-31-55-475
NORTHEY, ARSCOTT                        NY-31-93-372
NORTHRUP, REYNOLDS K.                   NY-31-111-14
NORTON, AZRO F.                         NY-31-127-333
NORTON, CEPHAS H.                       NY-31-134-163
NORTON, EDWIN                           NY-31-1004-419
NORTON, JAMES C.                        NY-31-74-336
NORTON, JOHN L.                         NY-31-118-298
NORTON, PIERRE                          NY-31-125-242
NORTON, ROBERT BUREDGE                  NY-31-45-367
NORTON, SAMUEL                          NY-31-40-291
NORTON, SAMUEL JOHN LEAKE               NY-31-46-53
NORTON, SOLOMON A.                      NY-31-1017-186
NORTON, TIMOTHY                         NY-31-996-456
NORWOOD, ANDREW S.                      NY-31-119-169
NOSTRAND, CHARITY                       NY-31-106-554
NOSTRAND, FORSTER                       NY-31-52-269
NOTMAN, MARY T.                         NY-31-989-331
NOTT, JANE                              NY-31-49-156
NOTT, NATHANIEL                         NY-31-60-488
NOTTBECK, JEAN                          NY-31-137-166
NOVAZIO, PIETRO                         NY-31-1025-320
NOW, GIDEON T.                          NY-31-114-194
NOWLAN, DANIEL                          NY-31-54-336
NOWLAN, FRANCIS                         NY-31-59-400
NOWLAN, MATHEW                          NY-31-51-248
NOYER, BERTHE                           NY-31-1009-444
NUGENT, ANNE                            NY-31-129-134
NUGENT, RICHARD                         NY-31-54-358
NUGENT, THOMAS                          NY-31-70-237
NUMAN, CHARLES H.                       NY-31-1023-240
NUNGEZER, HENRY                         NY-31-62-243
NUNGEZER, JAMES M.                      NY-31-124-57
NUSSBAUM, BERNHARDT                     NY-31-1001-484
NUSSBAUM, DAVID                         NY-31-997-384
NUSSBAUM, MOSES                         NY-31-1012-121
NUTTMAN, DAVID                          NY-31-61-279
NUTTMAN, GEORGE                         NY-31-72-69
NYSCHELER, JOSEPH L.                    NY-31-130-152

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