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OAKES, JANE                             NY-31-988-148
OAKEY, DANIEL                           NY-31-127-374
OAKFORD, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-74-311
OAKLEY, DANIEL                          NY-31-120-335
OAKLEY, DANIEL                          NY-31-91-602
OAKLEY, DANIEL W.                       NY-31-97-618
OAKLEY, JESSE                           NY-31-93-530
OAKLEY, JESSE                           NY-31-98-8
OAKLEY, MARY                            NY-31-73-246
OAKLEY, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-80-248
OAKLEY, SAMUEL                          NY-31-95-41
OAKLEY, THOMAS J.                       NY-31-122-495
OASTLER, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-990-496
OATES, PATRICK                          NY-31-999-203
OATS, HENRY E.                          NY-31-1023-368
OBEAR, BENJAMIN T.                      NY-31-98-503
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                         NY-31-64-388
OBRIEN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-1017-59
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1029-477
OBRIEN, ELLEN                           NY-31-95-416
OBRIEN, HENRY A.                        NY-31-1014-145
OBRIEN, JAMES                           NY-31-63-36
OBRIEN, JANE                            NY-31-101-424
OBRIEN, JOHN                            NY-31-46-228
OBRIEN, JOHN                            NY-31-59-343
OBRIEN, JOHN                            NY-31-132-273
OBRIEN, JOHN J.                         NY-31-1028-262
OBRIEN, LAURENCE                        NY-31-106-128
OBRIEN, MARTIN                          NY-31-1006-65
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-31-1025-149
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-31-90-213
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-31-111-409
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         NY-31-110-70
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         NY-31-1023-372
OBRIEN, PHILLIP                         NY-31-89-404
OBRIEN, SARAH                           NY-31-1002-120
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-82-513
OBRIEN, WILLIAM (REV.)                  NY-31-53-171
OBRYAN, JAMES                           NY-31-121-9
OBYRNE, JOHN                            NY-31-114-405
OCKENDON, WILLIAM T.                    NY-31-1000-45
OCLARE, MARGARET F.                     NY-31-1024-13
OCLEAR, MARGARET F.                     NY-31-1024-13
OCONNALL, JOHN                          NY-31-95-341
OCONNELL, ANNE                          NY-31-998-425
OCONNELL, CHARLES                       NY-31-119-320
OCONNELL, DANIEL                        NY-31-1029-476
OCONNELL, DAVID                         NY-31-98-252
OCONNELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-986-242
OCONNELL, FRANCES                       NY-31-100-247
OCONNELL, HONORA                        NY-31-987-94
OCONNELL, JOHN                          NY-31-1023-370
OCONNELL, JOHN                          NY-31-89-304
OCONNELL, JOHN F.                       NY-31-997-377
OCONNELL, LUKE                          NY-31-992-413
OCONNELL, MICHAEL                       NY-31-1006-69
OCONNER, MICHAEL                        NY-31-59-416
OCONNOR, ADDIE F. B.                    NY-31-1013-391
OCONNOR, ANDREW                         NY-31-94-540
OCONNOR, BRIDGET                        NY-31-120-504
OCONNOR, CHARLES                        NY-31-81-316
OCONNOR, DOMINICK                       NY-31-119-181
OCONNOR, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1013-385
OCONNOR, JAMES                          NY-31-84-265
OCONNOR, JOANNA                         NY-31-147-384
OCONNOR, JOHN MICHAEL                   NY-31-60-127
OCONNOR, JOHN T.                        NY-31-1013-258
OCONNOR, JOSEPH                         NY-31-88-96
OCONNOR, JOSEPH M.                      NY-31-136-27
OCONNOR, MARGARET                       NY-31-50-244
OCONNOR, MARY                           NY-31-79-506
OCONNOR, THOMAS                         NY-31-133-324
OCONNOR, THOMAS H.                      NY-31-1029-264
OCTON, LOW                              NY-31-96-92
ODDIE, HELEN F.                         NY-31-1014-306
ODELL, ANN                              NY-31-95-43
ODELL, ANN                              NY-31-96-505
ODELL, JOHN                             NY-31-79-171
ODONNEL, CONSTANTINE                    NY-31-96-85
ODONNELL, BERNARD                       NY-31-76-273
ODONNELL, JAMES A.                      NY-31-1025-150
ODONNELL, MARGARET B.                   NY-31-1022-122
ODONNELL, MARY                          NY-31-992-333
ODONNELL, MARY                          NY-31-1012-124
ODONNELL, THOMAS                        NY-31-106-244
ODONOGHUE, MICHAEL                      NY-31-131-172
ODOWD, EDWARD                           NY-31-1023-366
OERTLY, HENRY                           NY-31-42-178
OETERS, MARY ANN                        NY-31-113-455
OETTEL, GEORGE R.                       NY-31-1013-150
OFFERMANN, HEINRICH                     NY-31-1029-470
OFFINGER, JOHNN C.                      NY-31-140-342
OFLAHERTY, PATRICK                      NY-31-84-162
OGARA, MARY A.                          NY-31-1024-116
OGDEN, ABRAHAM                          NY-31-93-179
OGDEN, ANDREW                           NY-31-55-406
OGDEN, AVID                             NY-31-42-513
OGDEN, CHARLES L.                       NY-31-61-161
OGDEN, CLARA F.                         NY-31-1017-429
OGDEN, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-147-217
OGDEN, FRANCIS L.                       NY-31-1001-487
OGDEN, HENRY                            NY-31-127-96
OGDEN, HENRY N.                         NY-31-58-168
OGDEN, HENRY W.                         NY-31-138-72
OGDEN, ISAAC                            NY-31-92-499
OGDEN, JAMES L.                         NY-31-1017-188
OGDEN, JOHN                             NY-31-142-116
OGDEN, JOHNT.                           NY-31-134-110
OGDEN, JONATHAN                         NY-31-69-514
OGDEN, JOSEPH                           NY-31-53-490
OGDEN, MARGARET                         NY-31-61-216
OGDEN, MARGARET E.                      NY-31-91-506
OGDEN, MARY                             NY-31-41-353
OGDEN, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-58-160
OGDEN, SALLY OR SARAH                   NY-31-114-475
OGDEN, SARAH F. L.                      NY-31-97-556
OGDEN, THOMAS L.                        NY-31-90-508
OGELVIE, THOMAS C.                      NY-31-67-68
OGILBY, JOHN D.                         NY-31-101-280
OGILVIE, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-121-164
OGILVIE, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-42-477
OGILVIE, ANN                            NY-31-97-85
OGILVIE, DEBORAH                        NY-31-44-423
OGILVIE, PETER                          NY-31-80-488
OGILVIE, THOMAS                         NY-31-52-157
OGILVIE, WILLIAM                        NY-31-122-418
OGLE, JAMES                             NY-31-63-29
OGORMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-1019-137
OGORMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-31-116-290
OGRADY, JOHN JR.                        NY-31-133-216
OGRADY, PETER                           NY-31-147-473
OGSBURY, ALEXANDER                      NY-31-54-333
OHARE, MICHAEL                          NY-31-72-321
OHILL, MARY                             NY-31-130-304
OKEEFE, DANIEL                          NY-31-102-149
OKEEFE, JOSEPH C.                       NY-31-1020-139
OKEEFFE, ELIZABETH G.                   NY-31-1023-250
OKEFFE, WILLIAM                         NY-31-149-37
OLCOTT, EMILY                           NY-31-119-143
OLCOTT, JEDIDIAH                        NY-31-58-235
OLDBERG, AMELIA                         NY-31-1005-397
OLDDEN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-45-94
OLDIS, FRANCIS                          NY-31-83-367
OLDRING, HENRY                          NY-31-81-159
OLESHEIMER, JACOB                       NY-31-1014-71
OLIN, STEPHEN                           NY-31-102-534
OLIPHANT, AGNES                         NY-31-1012-122
OLIPHANT, ROBERT                        NY-31-90-284
OLIVE, JOHN                             NY-31-55-118
OLIVE, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-44-324
OLIVER, FRANCIS                         NY-31-71-178
OLIVER, THOMAS                          NY-31-97-604
OLIVER, THOMAS                          NY-31-86-394
OLLIFF, MARY C.                         NY-31-100-260
OLLIFF, WILLIAM                         NY-31-70-52
OLME, LIZZIE H.                         NY-31-1011-329
OLMSTEAD, ALDEN                         NY-31-52-126
OLMSTED, JAMES                          NY-31-58-237
OLMSTED, RALPH                          NY-31-74-384
OLNEY, PELEG                            NY-31-122-136
OLWELL, MATHEW                          NY-31-116-485
OLYPHANT, ANN                           NY-31-122-38
OMARA, MAURICE                          NY-31-93-364
OMARA, MORRIS                           NY-31-147-1
OMEARA, JAMES                           NY-31-106-458
OMEARA, JOHN                            NY-31-133-28
ONDERDONK, ANNA                         NY-31-129-493
ONDERDONK, MARY                         NY-31-108-329
ONDERDONK, PHOEBE B.                    NY-31-102-376
ONDERDONK, SUSANNA                      NY-31-124-301
ONDERDONK, WILLIAM                      NY-31-113-130
ONEALE, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-72-285
ONEIL, ANN                              NY-31-1012-422
ONEIL, ELLEN                            NY-31-1012-126
ONEIL, FELIX                            NY-31-84-140
ONEIL, FELIX A.                         NY-31-89-257
ONEIL, JAMES                            NY-31-59-486
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-31-111-23
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-31-82-323
ONEIL, MARCELLE                         NY-31-69- 400
ONEIL, PATRICK                          NY-31-115-137
ONEILE, EDWARD J.                       NY-31-139-409
ONEILL, ANNIE                           NY-31-996-311
ONEILL, FRANCIS                         NY-31-94-596
ONEILL, GEORGE F.                       NY-31-1013-261
ONEILL, JAMES                           NY-31-120-238
ONEILL, JOHN                            NY-31-986-246
ONEILL, MARGARET M.                     NY-31-1030-49
ONEILL, MARTIN                          NY-31-62-495
ONEILL, MATTHEW                         NY-31-999-57
ONEILL, PATRICK                         NY-31-120-257
OOTHOUT, CATELINA                       NY-31-129-384
OOTHOUT, JOHN                           NY-31-123-107
OOTHOUT, MAGDALENA                      NY-31-60-211
OPDYCKE, LEONARD E.                     NY-31-1014-65
OPPENHEIM, JOSIE                        NY-31-1021-398
OPPENHEIMER, ALFRED                     NY-31-1028-267
OPPENHEIMER, ELIAS                      NY-31-1029-191
OPPENHEIMER, ESTHER                     NY-31-1027-257
OPPENHEIMER, LEWIS E.                   NY-31-1013-147
OPPENHEIMER, MANNASSES                  NY-31-1008-90
OPPENHEIMER, SARAH                      NY-31-994-486
ORANGE, THOMAS                          NY-31-59-189
ORANGE, THOMAS                          NY-31-55-500
ORBACH, MAX                             NY-31-1000-404
ORBEN, PETER C.                         NY-31-1014-147
ORDRONAUX, JOHN                         NY-31-84-135
ORDWAY, JOSHUA                          NY-31-91-212
OREILLY, JAMES A.                       NY-31-138-442
OREILLY, JOHN                           NY-31-47-134
OREILLY, JOHN                           NY-31-112-4
OREILLY, PHILIP                         NY-31-129-325
ORF, ROBERT                             NY-31-121-244
ORFF, GEORGE                            NY-31-44-345
ORMEROD, JAMES                          NY-31-83-492
ORMISTON, THOMAS W.                     NY-31-1000-199
OROURKE, BRIDGET                        NY-31-1019-135
OROURKE, JAMES F.                       NY-31-130-434
OROURKE, MICHAEL                        NY-31-994-490
ORR, JOHN                               NY-31-54-97
ORR, WILLIAM                            NY-31-109-323
ORR, WILLIAM                            NY-31-48-205
ORSOR, EMILY L.                         NY-31-985-52
ORTH, ANNA                              NY-31-993-468
ORTLAND, WILLIAM                        NY-31-139-301
ORTLEY, MICHAEL                         NY-31-62-104
ORURKE, MICHAEL F.                      NY-31-992-408
ORVIS, CHARLES E.                       NY-31-1020-134
OSBORN, CAROLINE A.                     NY-31-1017-61
OSBORN, CATHARINE M.                    NY-31-84-182
OSBORN, ISABELL                         NY-31-67-291
OSBORN, JOHN                            NY-31-122-307
OSBORN, JOSEPH                          NY-31-63-321
OSBORN, MARGARETTA                      NY-31-114-386
OSBORN, MARY                            NY-31-110-206
OSBORN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-74-112
OSBORN, VICTOR M.                       NY-31-990-404
OSBORN, WALTER B.                       NY-31-1001-128
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-85-173
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-100-385
OSBORNE, JOHN                           NY-31-88-288
OSBORNE, JOHN                           NY-31-109-563
OSBORNE, MARY F.                        NY-31-1029-193
OSBRON, CATHERINE A.                    NY-31-1029-195
OSBRON, JANE                            NY-31-48-226
OSGOOD, DANIEL                          NY-31-106-35
OSGOOD, MARY                            NY-31-51-451
OSGOOD, SAMUEL                          NY-31-51-53
OSHAUGHNESSY, JAMES F.                  NY-31-1020-143
OSHEA, CHARLOTTE A.                     NY-31-1019-289
OSHEA, JAMES                            NY-31-1027-260
OSHEA, MICHAEL                          NY-31-92-87
OSHEA, PATRICK                          NY-31-149-492
OSHINSKY, JOSEPH                        NY-31-996-461
OSHIRL, WILLIAM                         NY-31-89-161
OSSMAN, HENRY                           NY-31-1002-11
OSTENDORF, ANNA                         NY-31-985-368
OSTERMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-31-41-358
OSTHEIM, JOHN                           NY-31-61-51
OSTHEIM, MORITZ                         NY-31-134-416
OSTLUND, A. CHARLES                     NY-31-985-61
OSTRANDER, DANIEL                       NY-31-50-81
OSTRANDER, GIDEON                       NY-31-116-76
OSULLIVAN, CHARLES J.                   NY-31-1013-262
OSULLIVAN, EUGENE                       NY-31-1021-400
OSULLIVAN, JOHN                         NY-31-1002-8
OSULLIVAN, PHILIP                       NY-31-1028-269
OSWALD, JOHN J.                         NY-31-1017-438
OSWALD, PHILIP                          NY-31-45-445
OTOOLE, JOHN                            NY-31-122-85
OTT, ANNA M.                            NY-31-1028-257
OTT, CHARLES N.                         NY-31-1017-440
OTT, FRANK                              NY-31-990-233
OTTENDORFER, JOHN                       NY-31-1006-225
OTTENGER, NATHAN                        NY-31-142-15
OTTIGNON, CLAUDIUS                      NY-31-63-409
OTTLEY, FANNY E.                        NY-31-1010-90
OUGHELTREE, MARTIN V. B.                NY-31-996-221
OUTERBRIDGE, JOSEPH J.                  NY-31-122-411
OVER, GEORGE B.                         NY-31-122-243
OVEREND, JOSEPH                         NY-31-61-423
OVERING, HENRY                          NY-31-75-403
OVERING, JAMES D.                       NY-31-101-535
OVERMAN, WILLIAM R.                     NY-31-1030-475
OVERTON, LYDIA                          NY-31-104-419
OVINGTON, JAMES                         NY-31-99-528
OVUTT, SMITH                            NY-31-135-37
OWEN, GABRIEL S.                        NY-31-1023-79
OWEN, JAMES                             NY-31-122-394
OWEN, MARY                              NY-31-105-355
OWEN, ORA                               NY-31-98-418
OWEN, SARAH L.                          NY-31-1021-191
OWENS, CORNELIUS W.                     NY-31-1020-132
OWENS, EDWARD                           NY-31-137-223
OWENS, JOHN                             NY-31-132-269
OWENS, JOHN                             NY-31-108-35
OWENS, PHILEMON S.                      NY-31-102-570
OWENS, RICHARD                          NY-31-57-226
OZDOBA, SOLOMON                         NY-31-1015-489

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