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JABURG, CHARLES                         NY-31-986-229
JACKMAN, ROBERT                         NY-31-61-361
JACKSON, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-60-399
JACKSON, ALLEN                          NY-31-44-72
JACKSON, AMASA                          NY-31-82-693
JACKSON, ARCHIBALD                      NY-31-79-404
JACKSON, BEN                            NY-31-66-160
JACKSON, CAROLINE                       NY-31-125-197
JACKSON, CATHARINE                      NY-31-142-318
JACKSON, CATHARINE                      NY-31-84-126
JACKSON, DANIEL                         NY-31-83-115
JACKSON, EBENEZER                       NY-31-77-84
JACKSON, EDWARD                         NY-31-67-32
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-57-204
JACKSON, GEORGE H.                      NY-31-132-365
JACKSON, GEORGE T.                      NY-31-1024-337
JACKSON, HANNAH                         NY-31-110-46
JACKSON, HANNAH                         NY-31-92-15
JACKSON, HENRY                          NY-31-74-390
JACKSON, HENRY                          NY-31-141-119
JACKSON, JAMES D.                       NY-31-106-329
JACKSON, JOHN                           NY-31-99-295
JACKSON, JOHN                           NY-31-106-594
JACKSON, KATH P. D.                     NY-31-1011-335
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-31-96-637
JACKSON, MARY VAN N.                    NY-31-1023-336
JACKSON, MOSES W. S.                    NY-31-142-285
JACKSON, NATHAN H.                      NY-31-109-255
JACKSON, OSWALD                         NY-31-1023-340
JACKSON, ROBERT                         NY-31-48-110
JACKSON, THEODORE J. F.                 NY-31-96-430
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NY-31-97-373
JACKSON, WILLAM                         NY-31-51-141
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-78-268
JACOB, JULIUS                           NY-31-130-85
JACOBI, FLORA                           NY-31-1003-409
JACOBIUS, HERMAN                        NY-31-1020-406
JACOBS, ANGEL                           NY-31-100-234
JACOBS, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-50-17
JACOBS, BERTHA                          NY-31-1016-465
JACOBS, CHARLES                         NY-31-998-175
JACOBS, DORA                            NY-31-1024-499
JACOBS, HARRIET                         NY-31-97-189
JACOBS, HENRIETTA                       NY-31-1023-296
JACOBS, JOSEPH T.                       NY-31-125-171
JACOBS, MARY                            NY-31-73-379
JACOBS, PHILIP                          NY-31-54-458
JACOBS, SOLOMAN                         NY-31-1006-45
JACOBS, SOLOMON                         NY-31-133-228
JACOBS, TUKA                            NY-31-52-484
JACOBSON, PETER                         NY-31-93-589
JACOBT, ROSSE M.                        NY-31-136-414
JACOBUS, ANNIE                          NY-31-1009-423
JACOBUS, ANTHONY A.                     NY-31-97-261
JACOBUS, SARAH E.                       NY-31-1005-62
JACOBY, CHARLES                         NY-31-1030-266
JACOBY, ERNESTINE                       NY-31-1024-229
JACOBY, SARAH E.                        NY-31-1018-50
JACOCKES, WILLIAM                       NY-31-65-211
JACOCKS, THOMAS                         NY-31-53-472
JACOCKS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-53-464
JACOT, DAVID                            NY-31-78-169
JACOT, EDWARD                           NY-31-138-491
JACOT, MARGARET                         NY-31-112-39
JACQUES, DAVID                          NY-31-55-193
JACQUET, JEAN BAPTISTE                  NY-31-50-108
JAEGER, AUGUST                          NY-31-1012-386
JAEGER, HENRY                           NY-31-1031-434
JAEHNE, CHARLES L.                      NY-31-1013-239
JAELARD, SEBASTIEN                      NY-31-113-466
JAFFRAY, RICHMOND W.                    NY-31-142-314
JAFFRAY, ROBERT                         NY-31-91-498
JAKEL, BETTY                            NY-31-992-460
JAMES, HERBERT J.                       NY-31-81-288
JAMES, MARGARETHA                       NY-31-61-138
JAMES, PATRICK                          NY-31-134-16
JAMES, SARAH B.                         NY-31-141-388
JAMES, SILVA                            NY-31-96-623
JAMES, SUSAN                            NY-31-125-409
JAMES, THOMAS                           NY-31-51-368
JAMES, THOMAS F.                        NY-31-995-64
JAMES, WILLIAM P.                       NY-31-1023-490
JAMES, WILLIAM RHODES                   NY-31-86-194
JAMESON, NANCY                          NY-31-62-341
JAMISON, MARMADUKE                      NY-31-76-166
JAMISON, MARY                           NY-31-84-328
JAMISON, ROBERT                         NY-31-86-250
JAMISON, SAMUEL                         NY-31-92-95
JAMME, ROSE                             NY-31-120-319
JANDORF, PFEIFER                        NY-31-1000-168
JANES, THOMAS                           NY-31-119-432
JANEWAY, E. C. S.                       NY-31-1010-476
JANEWAY, GEORGE                         NY-31-60-354
JANEWAY, JACOB J.                       NY-31-125-156
JANNCEY, THEODORE M.                    NY-31-124-49
JANS, FRANCIS                           NY-31-41-224
JANSEN, HELLEN M.                       NY-31-111-464
JANSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-63-317
JANSSON, HANNA                          NY-31-1012-162
JAQUES, DAVID                           NY-31-139-443
JAQUES, ELIZABETH H.                    NY-31-1012-227
JAQUES, JOHN D.                         NY-31-80-163
JAQUES, MARY                            NY-31-50-337
JAQUES, WILLIAM                         NY-31-68-395
JARMAN, PETER                           NY-31-58-308
JARONAY, PIERRE                         NY-31-44-75
JARRETT, FREDERIC (LT.)                 NY-31-60-240
JARVIS, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-31-132-346
JARVIS, JAY                             NY-31-132-355
JARVIS, JOHN                            NY-31-72-110
JARVIS, MOSES                           NY-31-57-158
JARVIS, NATHAN S.                       NY-31-139-522
JARVIS, NATHANIEL                       NY-31-82-1
JARVIS, RICHARD JR.                     NY-31-97-361
JARVIS, SAMUEL F.                       NY-31-102-592
JARVIS, TIMOTHY                         NY-31-47-200
JARVIS, ZOPHAR R.                       NY-31-149-99
JASPER, JOHN                            NY-31-1025-22
JAUNCEY, MARGARET                       NY-31-43-288
JAUNCEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-62-228
JAVERS, NOAH                            NY-31-85-363
JAY, ANN                                NY-31-119-191
JAY, AUGUSTUS                           NY-31-45-409
JAY, FREDERICK                          NY-31-43-98
JAY, HARRIETTE A.                       NY-31-989-383
JAY, JAMES                              NY-31-52-498
JAY, PETER A.                           NY-31-86-291
JAY, PETER AUGUSTUS                     NY-31-114-349
JEANBART, J. C. T.                      NY-31-99-353
JEAURENAUD, AUGUSTE                     NY-31-125-200
JEFFERS, HESTER ANN                     NY-31-120-254
JEFFERS, JAMES                          NY-31-109-61
JEFFERY, RICHARD                        NY-31-42-528
JEFFERYS, MICHAEL                       NY-31-61-155
JEFFORDS, MARIETT F.                    NY-31-1025-24
JENCKS, MARY E.                         NY-31-148-338
JENISON, CHARITY                        NY-31-61-433
JENISON, SALINA S.                      NY-31-1005-350
JENKINS, AARON                          NY-31-42-131
JENKINS, CHARLOTTE E.                   NY-31-147-181
JENKINS, ELISHA                         NY-31-96-310
JENKINS, FRANK                          NY-31-986-222
JENKINS, HANNAH                         NY-31-101-64
JENKINS, ISABELLA                       NY-31-111-32
JENKINS, KITTY                          NY-31-110-288
JENKINS, MATTHEW C.                     NY-31-1024-225
JENKINS, SILVANUS                       NY-31-61-445
JENKINS, SILVANUS F.                    NY-31-55-199
JENKINS, SILVANUS F.                    NY-31-55-39
JENKINS, SUSAN                          NY-31-99-516
JENKINS, SUSANNAH                       NY-31-141-123
JENKINS, THOMAS                         NY-31-98-546
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-74-479
JENKINS, WILLIAM C.                     NY-31-100-397
JENKS, MARY P. G.                       NY-31-123-454
JENKS, WILLARD                          NY-31-106-22
JENNER, WILILAM A.                      NY-31-1003-407
JENNEWEIN, ROSE                         NY-31-1011-498
JENNINGS, ABRAHAM G.                    NY-31-113-412
JENNINGS, ANN                           NY-31-55-416
JENNINGS, ANN                           NY-31-105-497
JENNINGS, DAVID                         NY-31-107-365
JENNINGS, JOHN                          NY-31-100-591
JENNINGS, JOSEPH                        NY-31-100-415
JENNINGS, JOSEPHINE M.                  NY-31-128-74
JENNINGS, NATHAN T.                     NY-31-114-74
JENNY, LETTICE                          NY-31-50-320
JENSEN, CORNELIUS                       NY-31-990-212
JENTES, ADOLPH                          NY-31-1010-478
JEROME, IRENE                           NY-31-82-669
JERRARD, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-80-211
JERVIS, MATHEW                          NY-31-44-376
JERVIS, MATTHEW                         NY-31-44-475
JESSE, JACOB                            NY-31-41-219
JESSE, JOHN SAGE                        NY-31-62-189
JESSUP, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-84-197
JESSUP, OLIVER                          NY-31-43-442
JESSUP, RICHARD M.                      NY-31-119-410
JESSURUM, LOUIS E.                      NY-31-985-139
JESSURUN, SARAH                         NY-31-118-91
JESUP, MARIA DEW.                       NY-31-1005-219
JESUP, MARY M.                          NY-31-110-510
JEWEL, LEANDER                          NY-31-95-84
JEWELL, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-1003-402
JEWELL, JULIA                           NY-31-107-531
JEWETT, JOSEPH                          NY-31-1026-38
JEWLIMAN, EMMA M.                       NY-31-1012-231
JILOVSKY, FRANK J.                      NY-31-1031-273
JILTSCH, ELLA G. M.                     NY-31-1026-114
JIRANEK, MARY                           NY-31-992-462
JKINSKY, MAX                            NY-31-1012-229
JOB, EFFIE                              NY-31-44-19
JOHANSSON, ALFRED                       NY-31-1025-477
JOHN, ANNE                              NY-31-55-71
JOHNSEN, AMALIE                         NY-31-997-443
JOHNSON, ADAM                           NY-31-97-275
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         NY-31-95-550
JOHNSON, ANN                            NY-31-60-412
JOHNSON, ASA                            NY-31-101-55
JOHNSON, AUGUSTA A.                     NY-31-1025-20
JOHNSON, CARL                           NY-31-130-96
JOHNSON, CATHARINE                      NY-31-81-630
JOHNSON, CATHARINE B.                   NY-31-93-417
JOHNSON, CATHERINE                      NY-31-46-435
JOHNSON, CHARLES                        NY-31-1012-383
JOHNSON, CHARLES JOHN                   NY-31-86-355
JOHNSON, DANIEL                         NY-31-50-155
JOHNSON, DAVID                          NY-31-42-11
JOHNSON, EDWARD                         NY-31-92-677
JOHNSON, ELVIRA                         NY-31-120-4
JOHNSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-119-90
JOHNSON, GRACE                          NY-31-72-178
JOHNSON, HARMAN                         NY-31-52-438
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-31-53-119
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-31-54-156
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          NY-31-44-489
JOHNSON, J. AUGUSTUS                    NY-31-989-302
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NY-31-40-172
JOHNSON, JANE                           NY-31-47-470
JOHNSON, JANE                           NY-31-70-17
JOHNSON, JANE                           NY-31-42-473
JOHNSON, JEMIMA                         NY-31-60-482
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-31-71-17
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-31-62-36
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-31-56-411
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-31-41-363
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-31-51-403
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-31-66-435
JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE                      NY-31-1031-438
JOHNSON, LAMUEL                         NY-31-42-1
JOHNSON, LAURA H.                       NY-31-1017-151
JOHNSON, MARIA                          NY-31-110-436
JOHNSON, MARY                           NY-31-89-439
JOHNSON, PETER                          NY-31-93-589
JOHNSON, PETER A.                       NY-31-108-117
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        NY-31-52-487
JOHNSON, ROBERT CHARLES                 NY-31-46-437
JOHNSON, ROEBRT                         NY-31-66-365
JOHNSON, SAMUEL W.                      NY-31-93-88
JOHNSON, SARAH                          NY-31-113-201
JOHNSON, SARAH                          NY-31-72-274
JOHNSON, SILVIA                         NY-31-47-349
JOHNSON, SOPHIE M.                      NY-31-1012-381
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         NY-31-111-458
JOHNSON, WELCOME B.                     NY-31-1003-399
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-69-277
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-52-464
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-101-149
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-49-257
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-130-384
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-96-48
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-106-340
JOHNSON, WILLIAM M.                     NY-31-97-74
JOHNSON, WILLIAM W.                     NY-31-110-430
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                     NY-31-92-246
JOHNSTON, ANN                           NY-31-57-281
JOHNSTON, ARTEMUS B.                    NY-31-987-1
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         NY-31-52-264
JOHNSTON, EMMA                          NY-31-1027-222
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                        NY-31-95-47
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                        NY-31-60-206
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         NY-31-55-420
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         NY-31-59-452
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         NY-31-61-235
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         NY-31-85-111
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         NY-31-109-275
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NY-31-101-361
JOHNSTON, JOHN W.                       NY-31-90-268
JOHNSTON, MARY M.                       NY-31-998-181
JOHNSTON, RICHARD                       NY-31-42-379
JOHNSTON, RICHARD                       NY-31-53-79
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NY-31-82-7
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NY-31-41-38
JOHNSTON, WALTER S.                     NY-31-1026-110
JOHNSTONE, ANN                          NY-31-58-133
JOHNSTONE, ANN                          NY-31-58-88
JOHNSTONE, JAMES                        NY-31-122-159
JOHNSTONE, THOMAS                       NY-31-69-412
JOLLIFF, JOHN                           NY-31-120-112
JOLLY, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-113-492
JOLLY, PATTERSON                        NY-31-69-394
JOLLY, WALTER                           NY-31-85-82
JOLY, ADELAIDE                          NY-31-46-237
JONAS, ANN                              NY-31-81-28
JONAS, LOUIS A.                         NY-31-1015-140
JONAS, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1027-224
JONES, ANN                              NY-31-140-200
JONES, AUGUSTA L.                       NY-31-996-377
JONES, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-59-30
JONES, CATHERINE                        NY-31-990-102
JONES, CHARLES                          NY-31-111-412
JONES, CHARLES L.                       NY-31-1024-335
JONES, CORNELIUS W.                     NY-31-142-391
JONES, DANIEL D.                        NY-31-105-65
JONES, DAVID S.                         NY-31-120-260
JONES, EDWARD E.                        NY-31-1015-41
JONES, EDWARD H.                        NY-31-1011-494
JONES, EDWARD R.                        NY-31-80-5
JONES, ELBERT P.                        NY-31-104-170
JONES, ELEANOR                          NY-31-59-113
JONES, EVAN                             NY-31-43-1
JONES, EVAN                             NY-31-99-464
JONES, FRANCES                          NY-31-47-467
JONES, HARRISON                         NY-31-109-377
JONES, HENRY W.                         NY-31-141-328
JONES, ISAAC                            NY-31-74-369
JONES, JAMES                            NY-31-110-403
JONES, JAMES J.                         NY-31-122-461
JONES, JAMES NTLNTLNTL                  NY-31-43-1
JONES, JOHN                             NY-31-91-375
JONES, JOHN                             NY-31-114-236
JONES, JOHN                             NY-31-85-72
JONES, JOHN J.                          NY-31-59-96
JONES, JONAS                            NY-31-91-496
JONES, JOSEPHINE                        NY-31-1016-40
JONES, JOSHUA                           NY-31-57-14
JONES, LEONARD                          NY-31-69-314
JONES, LILLA F.                         NY-31-128-439
JONES, LILY EMERSON                     NY-31-1030-423
JONES, MARGARET                         NY-31-93-586
JONES, MARGARET                         NY-31-41-99
JONES, MARGARET                         NY-31-66-11
JONES, MARY                             NY-31-114-478
JONES, MARY                             NY-31-1012-232
JONES, MARY W.                          NY-31-988-34
JONES, MATTHIAS L.                      NY-31-1012-236
JONES, MORRIS                           NY-31-59-107
JONES, REBECCA                          NY-31-130-17
JONES, RICHARD                          NY-31-94-568
JONES, ROBERT                           NY-31-134-327
JONES, ROBERT                           NY-31-106-495
JONES, ROLAND D.                        NY-31-993-45
JONES, SAMUEL                           NY-31-86-84
JONES, SARAH                            NY-31-85-433
JONES, SARAH                            NY-31-82-309
JONES, SARAH J.                         NY-31-998-379
JONES, SARAH L.                         NY-31-106-591
JONES, STEPHEN A.                       NY-31-989-192
JONES, STULEY T.                        NY-31-128-9
JONES, THERESA                          NY-31-1026-34
JONES, THOMAS                           NY-31-81-18
JONES, THOMAS                           NY-31-42-298
JONES, THOMAS (DR)                      NY-31-43-470
JONES, WALTER R.                        NY-31-112-525
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-31-122-179
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-31-52-493
JONES,MARGARET                          NY-31-137-421
JONY, LOUIS                             NY-31-109-178
JORDAN, CONRAD                          NY-31-72-113
JORDAN, JANE                            NY-31-111-326
JORDAN, JOHN                            NY-31-60-55
JORDAN, SAMUEL S.                       NY-31-126-344
JORDON, MATTHIAS                        NY-31-105-250
JORDY, MARIE L.                         NY-31-1031-437
JORMAN, AARON                           NY-31-54-139
JOSENBAUS, CHARLES                      NY-31-1019-369
JOSEPH, ANNIE                           NY-31-1005-497
JOSEPH, ANTHONY                         NY-31-49-195
JOSEPH, GERTRUDE                        NY-31-85-128
JOSEPH, JOHN                            NY-31-120-150
JOSEPHI, EDWARD                         NY-31-141-501
JOSEPHI, MARCUS A.                      NY-31-1023-488
JOSEPHY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-1015-43
JOSLIN, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-31-140-330
JOUFFROY, LYDIA                         NY-31-998-384
JOUGHIN, JOHN                           NY-31-55-509
JOURDA, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-122-218
JOURNEAY, JAMES                         NY-31-123-194
JOURNEY, RICHARD                        NY-31-45-154
JOUVE, MARIE JOSEPH                     NY-31-43-152
JOY, MARY M.                            NY-31-997-22
JOY, THOMAS                             NY-31-61-154
JOYCE, MATTHEW                          NY-31-104-216
JOYCE, RICHARD                          NY-31-148-105
JOYCE, SAMUEL                           NY-31-137-478
JUD, GEORGE                             NY-31-137-27
JUDAH, ADELINE                          NY-31-68-238
JUDAH, AMELIA                           NY-31-97-402
JUDAH, BELAH                            NY-31-93-405
JUDAH, CATHARINE                        NY-31-136-246
JUDAH, CATHERINE                        NY-31-128-51
JUDAH, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-132-54
JUDAH, FRANCES                          NY-31-70-96
JUDAH, JESSY                            NY-31-54-367
JUDAH, MOSES                            NY-31-57-412
JUDAH, RACHEL                           NY-31-76-162
JUDAH, REBECCA                          NY-31-93-298
JUDAH, URIAH H.                         NY-31-123-294
JUDD, MARIA                             NY-31-97-476
JUDD, SAMUEL                            NY-31-95-19
JUDEM, MARCUS                           NY-31-1023-58
JUDGE, FRANCIS W.                       NY-31-995-181
JUDGE, THOMAS                           NY-31-131-285
JUDGE, WINIFRED E.                      NY-31-1009-206
JUDSON, AN B.                           NY-31-1007-297
JUDSON, EDWARD                          NY-31-1015-39
JUDSON, JAMES                           NY-31-55-52
JUDSON, LOUISE L.                       NY-31-997-25
JUDSON, PHILO                           NY-31-73-52
JUDSON, SARAH                           NY-31-120-427
JUDSON, SYLVESTER                       NY-31-70-146
JUDSON, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-1010-189
JUHEL, JOHN                             NY-31-53-458
JULARD, DANIEL                          NY-31-135-30
JULIAN, SARAH                           NY-31-1020-409
JULINO, JOSEPH                          NY-31-148-361
JULIUS, GEORGE H.                       NY-31-86-347
JUMILHAC, MARCHIONESS                   NY-31-84-50
JUNE, ANN                               NY-31-89-307
JUNG, CARL                              NY-31-1023-486
JUNG, CHRISTIAN                         NY-31-986-329
JUNG, FREDA                             NY-31-1016-494
JUNG, JACOB                             NY-31-988-365
JUNG, JOSEPH                            NY-31-1003-404
JUNGE, MAX                              NY-31-111-349
JUNGHANS, AUGUST                        NY-31-1009-339
JUSSUP, EMILY C.                        NY-31-136-360
JUSTH, EDWARD C.                        NY-31-1005-348

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