New York County (Manhattan), New York
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BOAL, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-135-134
BOARDMAN, DANIEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-71-148
BOARDMAN, G. G.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1021-451
BOARDMAN, JOHN F.                      NYC                                     NY-31-93-565
BOARDMAN, WILLIAM H.                   NYC                                     NY-31-985-417
BOAS, MELVIN E.                        NYC                                     NY-31-988-340
BOBINE, ANNE                           NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-16-486
BOCE, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-97-116
BOCK, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-105-238
BOCKAY, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-389
BOCKEA, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-112
BOCKEE, ABRAHAM                        AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-37-61
BOCKEE, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-52-428
BOCKER, REBECCAH                       NYC                                     NY-31-25-111
BOCKHORN, GEORGE                       NYC                                     NY-31-93-420
BOCKHOUT, JOHANNIS                     ROMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-27-583
BOCKHOUT, JOHN                         PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-38-15
BOCOCK, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-122-114
BODE, AMANDA                           NYC                                     NY-31-1017-389
BODE, ELIZABETH                        NYC                                     NY-31-1029-7
BODIN, VINCENT                         NYC                                     NY-31-15-224
BODINE, HYLA                           NYC                                     NY-31-17-168
BODINE, JOHN                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-31-435
BODINIER, JOHN V.                      NYC                                     NY-31-142-408
BODT, HENRICK                          NYC                                     NY-31-86-88
BOEHM, MAX S.                          NYC                                     NY-31-1013-4
BOELEN, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-14-258
BOELEN, CATHARINE                      NYC                                     NY-31-34-176
BOELEN, HENRICUS                       NYC                                     NY-31-19-325
BOERUM, CARILL                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-24-24
BOERUM, JOHANNIS                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-23
BOERUM, SIMON                          BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-30-155
BOERUM, WILLIAM                        BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-27-17
BOERUM, WILLIAM                        BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-26-502
BOERUM, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-38-192
BOESZ, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-127-408
BOETTCHER, PAULINE A.                  NYC                                     NY-31-1024-22
BOETTGER, THEODOR M.                   NYC                                     NY-31-995-424
BOETTNER, JOHANN C.                    NYC                                     NY-31-104-308
BOEUF, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-79-442
BOEUF, MARIE F. A.                     NYC                                     NY-31-118-421
BOGAERT, MARTIN                        MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-23-393
BOGARD, CORNELIUS                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-22-590
BOGARD, JACOB UYT DEN                  NTL                                     NY-31-19B-78
BOGARD, JOHANIS                        NYC                                     NY-31-10-387
BOGARDUS, ARCHIBALD R.                 NYC                                     NY-31-98-524
BOGARDUS, CORNELIUS                    ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-9-72
BOGARDUS, EVERT                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-21-36
BOGARDUS, MARIA SABINA                 NYC                                     NY-31-113-74
BOGARDUS, PETER                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-8-29
BOGARDUS, PETRUS                       KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-30-1
BOGARDUS, ROBERT                       NYC                                     NY-31-84-19
BOGARDUS, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-133-392
BOGARDUS, WILLIAM H.                   NYC                                     NY-31-100-244
BOGART, ABRAHAM OUTEN                  NYC                                     NY-31-50-197
BOGART, ALBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-43-327
BOGART, CORNELIUS                      BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-11-345
BOGART, CORNELIUS L.                   NYC                                     NY-31-41-294
BOGART, DAVID                          NYC                                     NY-31-81-513
BOGART, DAVID S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-80-232
BOGART, EUGENE                         NYC                                     NY-31-108-360
BOGART, GISBERT                        BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-32-41
BOGART, HELENA                         NYC                                     NY-31-51-326
BOGART, HENRY C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-29-197
BOGART, ISAAC                          NYC                                     NY-31-103-399
BOGART, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-32-210
BOGART, NICHOLAS C.                    NYC                                     NY-31-42-26
BOGART, SIMON                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-16-130
BOGART, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-23-525
BOGERT, ABRAHAM R.                     NYC                                     NY-31-92-496
BOGERT, ABRAM M.                       NYC                                     NY-31-108-108
BOGERT, CATHARINE                      NYC                                     NY-31-80-39
BOGERT, CORNELIUS                      NYC                                     NY-31-119-19
BOGERT, ELIZA                          NYC                                     NY-31-79-340
BOGERT, EUGENE T.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1026-146
BOGERT, JACOB                          NYC                                     NY-31-110-152
BOGERT, JACOBUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-50-10
BOGERT, JACOBUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-48-241
BOGERT, JAMES JR. ***                  NYC                                     NY-31-124-144
BOGERT, JAMES L.                       NYC                                     NY-31-43-444
BOGERT, JANE                           NYC                                     NY-31-79-272
BOGERT, JEREMIAH                       NYC                                     NY-31-108-546
BOGERT, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-36-230
BOGERT, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-54-81
BOGERT, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-36-594
BOGERT, JOHN P.                        NYC                                     NY-31-82-342
BOGERT, JOHN R.                        NYC                                     NY-31-78-128
BOGERT, JUDITH                         NYC                                     NY-31-54-91
BOGERT, KLAAS JANSE                    NYC                                     NY-31-10-376
BOGERT, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-41-365
BOGERT, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-79-497
BOGERT, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-79-250
BOGERT, RULEF                          NYC                                     NY-31-79-478
BOGERT, SEBA                           NYC                                     NY-31-92-729
BOGERT, TEUNIS                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-26-240
BOGERT, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-37-136
BOGERT, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-54-314
BOGERT, WILLIAM H.                     NYC                                     NY-31-83-99
BOGGS, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-71-271
BOGGS, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-28-655
BOGGS, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-142-367
BOGGS, SARAH L.                        NYC                                     NY-31-98-244
BOGNER, MARGARET                       NYC                                     NY-31-1018-286
BOGUE, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-129-165
BOHANNON, BERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-1015-302
BOHDE, GEORGE W.                       NYC                                     NY-31-988-332
BOHLE, ANTON L.                        NYC                                     NY-31-149-118       403
BOHME, ANDREW                          NYC                                     NY-31-127-116
BOHON, ANESTETIA                       NYC                                     NY-31-1021-5
BOICE, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-69-366
BOISAUBIN, VINCENT                     NYC                                     NY-31-72-35
BOISNOT, ELIZABETH                     NYC                                     NY-31-1023-135
BOISSEAU, JAMES E.                     NYC                                     NY-31-101-564
BOKER, EDWARD                          NYC                                     NY-31-109-121
BOKER, JOHN G.                         NYC                                     NY-31-131-197
BOKER, MARY C.                         NYC                                     NY-31-61-48
BOLDANI, JOHN                          LEGHORN, AUSTRIA (IN ITALIAN)           NY-31-43-428
BOLDERRIDGE, ADDOM                     NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-39-282
BOLDIN, GEORGE                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-403
BOLE, ANN                              NYC                                     NY-31-98-104
BOLEY, MORRIS                          NYC                                     NY-31-1015-1
BOLGER, EDWARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-994-169
BOLGER, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-1002-455
BOLICH, MARIA                          NYC                                     NY-31-993-300
BOLL, DANIEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-147-35
BOLLERRIDGE, ADDOM                     NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-32-343
BOLMER, BENEDICT                       NYC                                     NY-31-51-65
BOLMER, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-100-639
BOLMER, JACOB                          NYC                                     NY-31-102-451
BOLMER, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-42-189
BOLMER, MATTHEW                        NCY                                     NY-31-62-154
BOLOTIN, MAX                           NYC                                     NY-31-989-250
BOLTIER, FREDERIC                      NYC                                     NY-31-130-420
BOLTON, ANN                            NYC                                     NY-31-95-496
BOLTON, CURTIS                         NYC                                     NY-31-101-316
BOLTON, ELEANOR                        NYC                                     NY-31-49-275
BOLTON, FREDERICK                      NYC                                     NY-31-49-277
BOLTON, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-121-246
BONAR, RONALD E.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1015-89
BOND, ABRAHAM                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-21-205
BOND, JACOB                            NYC                                     NY-31-25-344
BOND, MARY                             NYC                                     NY-31-114-442
BONDET, DANIEL                         NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-9-394
BONDT, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-332
BONDY, EMIL C.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1016-175
BONDY, MYER                            NYC                                     NY-31-1011-135
BONFANTI, JOSEPH                       NYC                                     NY-31-79-128
BONFANTI, MARY LOUISA                  NYC                                     NY-31-80-301
BONGRAND, LEWIS                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-556
BONK, CHARLES                          NYC                                     NY-31-1030-399
BONNEFOY, KATHERINE                    NYC                                     NY-31-8-361
BONNER, GEORGE                         NYC                                     NY-31-74-357
BONNER, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-97-112
BONNET, PETER                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-17-292
BONNETT, DANIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-43-248
BONNETT, JAMES                         NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-20-429
BONNETT, MARY                          NYC                                     NY-31-79-482
BONNETT, PETER                         NYC                                     NY-31-100-402
BONNEY, GEORGE                         NYC                                     NY-31-45-289
BONO, ALICE                            SEE: COX, ALICE                         NY-31-5-44
BONSOR, JANE                           NYC                                     NY-31-106-355
BONTA, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-50-322
BONTECUE, DANIEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-29-9
BOOCKHOUT, ISAAC                       PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-25-308
BOOCOCK, ADELE K.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1023-4
BOOCOCK, HOWARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-1020-28
BOOGERT, GYSBERT                       FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-28-587
BOOKER, GEORGE                         NYC                                     NY-31-48-447
BOOKSTAVER, EDMUND                     NYC                                     NY-31-85-5
BOOL, HENRY W.                         NYC                                     NY-31-79-141
BOONE, THOMAS                          ST. JOHNS, DOMINICA                     NY-31-28-89
BOORAEM, HENRICK                       NYC                                     NY-31-73-10
BOORAEM, JULIA R.                      NYC                                     NY-31-90-438
BOORE, CHRISTINA DE                    NYC                                     NY-31-9-366
BOORMAN, ROBERT                        NYC                                     NY-31-140-61
BOOS, WENDEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-48-424
BOOTH, BENJAMIN                        WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-36-538
BOOTH, CHARLES                         WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-28-238
BOOTH, CHARLES L.                      NYC                                     NY-31-102-387
BOOTH, CONSTANT                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-29-447
BOOTH, DON ALONZO                      NYC                                     NY-31-97-154
BOOTH, GERARDUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-91-41
BOOTH, JONAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-99-535
BOOTH, JOSIAH C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-66-141
BOOTH, OTIS W.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1019-201
BOOTH, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-1015-421
BOOTH, THOMAS C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1017-472
BOOTH, ZALMON                          NYC                                     NY-31-114-40
BOOZE, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-61-152
BOPP, ELISE                            NYC                                     NY-31-1028-177
BOPP, GUSTAV AUGUST                    NYC                                     NY-31-127-73
BOPPERT, PETER P.                      NYC                                     NY-31-134-272
BORCHARD, LOUIS                        NYC                                     NY-31-1008-423
BORCHARDT, ADOLPH                      NYC                                     NY-31-992-260
BORDEN, HENRY                          NYC                                     NY-31-1012-198
BORDEN, RICHARD                        SHREWSBURY, MONMOUTH, NJ                NY-31-49-301
BORDEN, WILLIAM                        NTL, ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-30-318
BORDEN, WILLIAM                        CORTLANDTS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-28-289
BORDET, DANIEL                         BOSWICK, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-25-404
BORDMAN, SUSAN I.                      NYC                                     NY-31-998-114
BORDON, SAMUEL                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-528
BORGERS, CHRISTIAN                     NYC                                     NY-31-50-232
BORGHART, JAN                          KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-24-569
BORILL, MATHIAS                        NTL, QUEENS, NY                         NY-31-14-145
BORLAND, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-114-334
BORLAND, WILLIAM                       NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-33-233
BORLEN, HENRY                          NYC                                     NY-31-4-390
BORMAN, ADOLPH H.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1027-74
BORTHUNE, JACOB                        NYC                                     NY-31-1024-280
BORTNER, CHARLES                       EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-216
BOSCH, BERNARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-119-435
BOSCH, CATHERINE                       SEE: BUSCH, CATHERINE                   NY-31-21-453
BOSCH, JASPER                          NYC                                     NY-31-19-457
BOSH, JOHANNES                         FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-297
BOSS, ABRAHAM                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-11-373
BOSS, ELSE                             NYC                                     NY-31-38-134
BOSSLER, ELIZABETH                     NYC                                     NY-31-1012-134
BOSTWICK, ANNE M.                      NYC                                     NY-31-133-18
BOSTWICK, CHARLES                      NYC                                     NY-31-58-428
BOSTWICK, CHARLES B.                   NYC                                     NY-31-990-428
BOSTWICK, JOSEPH W.                    NYC                                     NY-31-68-23
BOSTWICK, JOSEPH W.                    NYC                                     NY-31-68-23
BOSTWICK, MELCANCTON W.                USS EPERVIER                            NY-31-53-208
BOSTWICK, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-149-59        369
BOTE, META                             NYC                                     NY-31-990-300
BOTTOMLEY, WILLIAM                     NYC                                     NY-31-84-405
BOTZENMAYER, WILLIAM                   NYC                                     NY-31-1017-402
BOUDENOTT, ELIAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-9-162
BOUDINOT, CATHARINE                    NYC                                     NY-31-80-18
BOUDINOT, ELIE                         NTL                                     NY-31-7-37
BOUDINOT, JANE J.                      NYC                                     NY-31-986-469
BOUGNOT, JEAN                          CORACOA, WEST INDIES                    NY-31-8-19
BOUILLON, ANTOINE                      NYC                                     NY-31-116-122
BOUINESS, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-311
BOULGER, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-95-509
BOUNASS, WILLIAM                       BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-34-566
BOUQUET, JACOB                         NYC                                     NY-31-9-332
BOURDITT, PETER                        NTL                                     NY-31-5-267
BOURG, HATTIE V.                       NYC                                     NY-31-993-187
BOURKE, GEOFFREY R.                    NYC                                     NY-31-988-345
BOURKE, GIBBON                         NYC                                     NY-31-40-84
BOURNE, GEORGE                         NYC                                     NY-31-92-556
BOUROM, JACOB                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-21-208
BOUSHAND, JOSEPH                       NYC                                     NY-31-102-487
BOUTIER, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-55-80
BOUVIER, ALEXINE E.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1008-312
BOUVIER, ZENAIDE S.                    NYC                                     NY-31-999-5
BOVINE, SARAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-50-173
BOWDEN, EDWARD E.                      NYC                                     NY-31-109-568
BOWDEN, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-54-141
BOWDEN, JOHN W.                        NYC                                     NY-31-134-82
BOWDEN, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-56-35
BOWDEN, NICHOLAS                       NTL                                     NY-31-8-211
BOWDOIN, GEORGE S.                     NYC                                     NY-31-987-218
BOWDOIN, JULIA J. G.                   NYC                                     NY-31-1014-348
BOWDOIN, TEMPLE                        NYC                                     NY-31-1008-443
BOWEN, ELISHA J.                       NYC                                     NY-31-95-385
BOWEN, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-83-131
BOWEN, GEORGE H.                       NYC                                     NY-31-94-682
BOWEN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-148-277       177
BOWEN, MARGARET C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-112-218
BOWEN, PRENTICE                        NYC                                     NY-31-40-101
BOWEN, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-15-76
BOWEN, SAMUEL                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-15-358
BOWER, ISAAC                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-540
BOWER, JONAH                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-560
BOWER, JONAS                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-1-87
BOWERBANK, THOMAS JR.                  NYC                                     NY-31-76-173
BOWERMAN, BENJAMIN F.                  NYC                                     NY-31-1027-69
BOWERS, HENRY                          NYC                                     NY-31-43-108
BOWERS, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-61-119
BOWES, CHARLES E.                      NYC                                     NY-31-139-57
BOWIE, ANN                             NYC                                     NY-31-46-78
BOWIE, DANIEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-57-314
BOWIE, HANNAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-84-247
BOWLES, CHARLES                        NYC                                     NY-31-1017-464
BOWLES, GUSAN M.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1018-474
BOWLES, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-104-71
BOWLES, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-39-176
BOWLES, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-124-396
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         NYC                                     NY-31-81-576
BOWMAN, GEORGE R.                      SOUTH ORANGE, NJ                        NY-31-148-248       163
BOWMAN, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-73-389
BOWMAN, JAMES W.                       NYC                                     NY-31-127-239
BOWMAN, JOSEPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-3
BOWMAN, WILLIAM                        USS PRESIDENT                           NY-31-53-201
BOWN, ELIZABETH                        YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-29-591
BOWNE, ABIGAIL                         NYC                                     NY-31-40-44
BOWNE, ANDREW                          MIDDLETOWN, MONMOUTH, NJ                NY-31-38-84
BOWNE, ANDREW                          NYC                                     NY-31-45-253
BOWNE, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-78-35
BOWNE, GRACE                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-22-516
BOWNE, JAMES                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-36-544
BOWNE, JOHN                            PHILLIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-20-433
BOWNE, JOHN                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-20-344
BOWNE, JOHN L.                         NYC                                     NY-31-93-609
BOWNE, MARGARET                        NYC                                     NY-31-28-563
BOWNE, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-55-435
BOWNE, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-54-419
BOWNE, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-65-445
BOWNE, ROBERT H.                       NYC                                     NY-31-89-378
BOWNE, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-36-325
BOWNE, SAMUEL                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-27-40
BOWNE, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-44-313
BOWNE, WALTER                          NYC                                     NY-31-92-693
BOWNE, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-43-304
BOWNESS, WILLIAM                       NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-253
BOWSER, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-95-434
BOWSKY, MARGARET                       NYC                                     NY-31-1018-480
BOWYER, WILLIAM                        NTL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES               NY-31-7-288
BOYCE, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-106-473
BOYD, ALEXANDER                        NYC                                     NY-31-110-117
BOYD, EDWAWRD                          NYC                                     NY-31-127-436
BOYD, ELIZABETH                        NYC                                     NY-31-147-142
BOYD, GEORGE                           NYC                                     NY-31-95-304
BOYD, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-57-409
BOYD, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-149-413       558
BOYD, JOHN J.                          NYC                                     NY-31-149-158       426
BOYD, JOSEPH H.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1023-136
BOYD, NATHANIEL J.                     NYC                                     NY-31-137-92
BOYD, ROBART                           NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-39-161
BOYD, SAMUEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-32-430
BOYD, SAMUEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-20-224
BOYD, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-116-319
BOYD, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-59-3
BOYD, WILLIAM JR.                      NYC                                     NY-31-39-290
BOYD, WILLIAM W.                       NYC                                     NY-31-72-295
BOYER, ANTHONY                         NYC                                     NY-31-110-442
BOYER, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-16-198
BOYER, STEPHEN                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-11-11
BOYES, THOMAS W.                       NYC                                     NY-31-90-82
BOYLAN, PATRICK                        NYC                                     NY-31-1017-396
BOYLE, ALICE M.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1004-214
BOYLE, HANNAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-108-446
BOYLE, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-96-390
BOYLE, JAMES                           NTL                                     NY-31-66-399
BOYLE, JOHN C.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1020-458
BOYLE, JULIANNA                        NYC                                     NY-31-147-50
BOYLE, LAURA P.                        NYC                                     NY-31-105-25
BOYLE, MARGARET                        NYC                                     NY-31-103-30
BOYLE, MICHAEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-47-162
BOYLE, PATRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-20-249
BOYLE, REBECCA                         NYC                                     NY-31-1005-1
BOYLE, TERENCE                         NYC                                     NY-31-142-154
BOYLE, WILLIAM P.                      NYC                                     NY-31-134-351
BOYLON, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-106-560
BOYNTON, EDWARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-131-309
BOYNTON, SARAH L.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1014-364
BOYSE, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-107-381
BOZEMAN, NATHAN G.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1023-453
BRACKETT, CLARA M.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1030-81
BRACKETT, JOSEPH WARREN                NYC                                     NY-31-60-186
BRACKETT, MARY                         NYC                                     NY-31-93-109
BRACKETT, WILLIAM H.                   NYC                                     NY-31-96-97
BRACKMAN, HENRY                        NYC                                     NY-31-1018-1
BRADDICK, JOHN                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-12-215
BRADEN, AUGUST                         NYC                                     NY-31-102-479
BRADFORD, CATHARINE                    NYC                                     NY-31-57-289
BRADFORD, CORNELIUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-39-410
BRADFORD, ELIZA                        NYC                                     NY-31-98-42
BRADFORD, HENRY C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1016-343
BRADFORD, JACOB                        NYC                                     NY-31-53-72
BRADFORD, PRISCILLA                    NYC                                     NY-31-118-270
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-98-42
BRADFORD, WILLIAM C.                   NYC                                     NY-31-40-361
BRADFORD, WILLIAM JR.                  NYC                                     NY-31-21-193
BRADHURST, ELIZABETH                   NYC                                     NY-31-123-91
BRADHURST, JOHN M.                     NYC                                     NY-31-115-67
BRADHURST, SAMUEL                      NYC                                     NY-31-60-150
BRADHURST, SAMUEL                      NYC                                     NY-31-137-148
BRADISH, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-43-166
BRADISH, LUTHER                        NYC                                     NY-31-148-410       245
BRADISH, WHEATON                       NYC                                     NY-31-141-331
BRADLEY, BRIDGET                       NYC                                     NY-31-126-169
BRADLEY, DANIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-52-434
BRADLEY, JAMES                         BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-34-306
BRADLEY, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-42-462
BRADLEY, JONATHAN                      SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-442
BRADLEY, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NY-31-18-9
BRADLEY, ROBERT                        NYC                                     NY-31-1014-12
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-1013-185
BRADLY, GRANT                          NYC                                     NY-31-45-151
BRADLY, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-53-462
BRADLY, SAMUELL                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-99
BRADNER, CHRISTIAN                     GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-21-425
BRADSHAW, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-119-42
BRADSTREET, JOHN (GEN.)                NTL                                     NY-31-29-217
BRADT, GAY                             NYC                                     NY-31-1027-463
BRADWELL, BENJAMIN                     NYC                                     NY-31-53-77
BRADWELL, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-77-263
BRADY, CATHARINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-108-497
BRADY, DANIEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-1016-346
BRADY, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-84-490
BRADY, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-126-235
BRADY, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-89-603
BRADY, JOHN                            CORTLANDS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-37-12
BRADY, LETETIA                         NYC                                     NY-31-50-59
BRADY, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-136-314
BRADY, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-1001-318
BRADY, MICHAEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-96-17
BRADY, PATRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-102-587
BRADY, PHILIP                          NYC                                     NY-31-148-421       250
BRADY, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-103-119
BRAEMAR, CHARLES G.                    NYC                                     NY-31-992-440
BRAGAN, BRAGOON                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-14-286
BRAGAN, JOHN                           NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-35-86
BRAGAW, ISAAC                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-20-222
BRAGAW, ROELEF                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-487
BRAGG, WALTER M.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1028-70
BRAILSFORD, SAMUEL                     NYC                                     NY-31-42-377
BRAINE, ABRAHAM L.                     NYC                                     NY-31-89-192
BRAINE, DANIEL H.                      NYC                                     NY-31-47-174
BRAINE, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-59-235
BRAINE, JAMES H.                       NYC                                     NY-31-115-91
BRAINE, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-26-342
BRAINERD, EVELINE H.                   NYC                                     NY-31-995-269
BRAINERD, JOSEPH S.                    NYC                                     NY-31-82-511
BRAISTED, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-53-157
BRAISTED, RACHEL                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-35-309
BRAKIN, MATTHEW                        NYC                                     NY-31-21-162
BRAMBLE, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-49-398
BRAMSON, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-147-496
BRAN, MARGARET                         NYC                                     NY-31-124-79
BRAN, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-94-657
BRAND, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-98-82
BRAND, JULIA M.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1019-2
BRAND, WOLF                            NYC                                     NY-31-1019-196
BRANDER, LAWRENCE                      NTL                                     NY-31-26-372
BRANDES, CARL H. H.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1016-350
BRANDON, ABRAHAM R.                    NYC                                     NY-31-130-416
BRANDON, ABRAHAM RODRIGUES             ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOES                  NY-31-68-95
BRANDON, ABRAHAM RODRIGUES             ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOES                  NY-31-68-95
BRANDON, FLORENCE                      NYC                                     NY-31-1031-86
BRANDON, ISAAC LOPEZ                   NYC                                     NY-31-119-38
BRANDON, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-114-472
BRANDON, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-122-325
BRANDOW, JOHANNIS                      COXSACKIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-39-109
BRANDRETH, MARGARET                    NYC                                     NY-31-1014-436
BRANDT, ALBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-995-121
BRANDT, CHARLES                        NYC                                     NY-31-1002-313
BRANDT, JOHN F.                        NYC                                     NY-31-122-389
BRANN, MARIA                           NYC                                     NY-31-1007-483
BRANNAN, MARGARET                      NYC                                     NY-31-77-586
BRANNLICH, ELIZABETH                   NYC                                     NY-31-1024-198
BRANNON, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-46-91
BRANNON, LAURENCE                      NYC                                     NY-31-47-333
BRANNON, MARY                          NYC                                     NY-31-43-107
BRANTINGHAM, ALICE J.                  NYC                                     NY-31-990-157
BRAS, ADOLPH                           NYC                                     NY-31-34-629
BRAS, ADOLPH                           NYC                                     NY-31-25-143
BRASH, HENRY                           NYC                                     NY-31-1021-85
BRASHER, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-36-291
BRASHER, ABRAM K.                      NYC                                     NY-31-52-152
BRASHER, EPHRAIM                       NYC                                     NY-31-49-95
BRASHER, HENRY                         NYC                                     NY-31-3-143
BRASHER, JANE                          NYC                                     NY-31-46-476
BRASHER, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-529
BRASHER, PHILANDER                     NYC                                     NY-31-48-73
BRASHER, SARAH                         NYC                                     NY-31-95-333
BRASIER, FRANCIS                       NTL, SOMERSET, NJ                       NY-31-37-2
BRASIER, SUSANNA                       NTL                                     NY-31-5-60
BRASIER, THOMAS                        APPERFIELD, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-10-304
BRASS, HENRICK                         NEW JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-17-411
BRASS, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-76-404
BRASSEUR, CLEMENCE                     NYC                                     NY-31-1000-438
BRAT, DIRCK                            RENSELAERSWYCK, ALBANY, NY              NY-31-28-124
BRAT, JACOB                            NYC                                     NY-31-15-566
BRAT, JOHANNIS ARENTSE                 SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-22-261
BRATEN, MODECHAI                       NYC                                     NY-31-1013-187
BRATT, BARNARDUS                       SCHOTTACOAK, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-28-672
BRATT, CATHARINA                       NYC                                     NY-31-26-139
BRAUER, DEDERICK C.                    NYC                                     NY-31-43-24
BRAUN, CATHARINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-148-131       100
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, LOUIS                  NYC                                     NY-31-1021-8
BRAUNSTEIN, ISAAC LEIB                 NYC                                     NY-31-1024-282
BRAXTON, SARAH C.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1013-191
BRAY, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-104-467
BRAY, WILLIAM S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-95-193
BRAZIER, REBECCA BLOOM                 NYC                                     NY-31-50-218
BREAKELL, RALPH B.                     NYC                                     NY-31-98-535
BREATH, JOHN                           (ADMIN)                                 NY-31-55-526
BREATH, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-53-320
BREATH, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-55-98
BREDON, FFRANSES                       STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-168
BREDY, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-21-67
BREDY, WALTER                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-581
BREED, CYNTHIA R.                      NYC                                     NY-31-114-94
BREEN, HUGH                            NYC                                     NY-31-42-195
BREEN, MARTHA                          NYC                                     NY-31-991-128
BREESE, WILLIAM G.                     NYC                                     NY-31-136-517
BREESTED, ANDREW                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-649
BREEWER, JOHANNIS                      PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-33-224
BREEZE, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-15-112
BREHAUT, ANN                           NYC                                     NY-31-113-261
BREITKOPF, GUSTAV                      NYC                                     NY-31-1014-447
BREIVOGEL, PAULINA                     NYC                                     NY-31-1009-270
BREMSER, GEORGE O.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1024-37
BRENAN, PATRICK                        NYC                                     NY-31-98-219
BRENNAN, ANN                           NYC                                     NY-31-132-461
BRENNAN, EDWARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-985-212
BRENNAN, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-97-78
BRENNAN, MARY F.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1020-6
BRENNAN, PATRICK                       NYC                                     NY-31-98-219
BRENNAN, PATRICK N.                    NYC                                     NY-31-84-417
BRENNER, LOUIS F.                      NYC                                     NY-31-997-56
BRENNEYSEN, CHARLES                    NYC                                     NY-31-53-241
BRENNING, JOSEPH                       NYC                                     NY-31-147-447
BRENNOC, THOMAS                        US FRIGATE, THE ESSEX                   NY-31-51-378
BRENNON, IDA F. P.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1019-195
BRENZINGER, CARRIE K.                  NYC                                     NY-31-994-349
BRERETON, ELIZABETH                    NYC                                     NY-31-109-102
BRERETON, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-105-374
BRESEY, JACOB                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-329
BRESTED, PETER                         NTL                                     NY-31-10-57
BRESTEDE, ANDRISE                      NYC                                     NY-31-8-218
BRETT, CATHARINA                       RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (CON'T            NY-31-24-625
BRETT, CATHARINA                       FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-24-364
BRETT, MARGARET                        NYC                                     NY-31-54-484
BRETT, NANCY                           NYC                                     NY-31-85-203
BRETT, RUMBOUT                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-28-690
BRETTELL, EDWARD C.                    NYC                                     NY-31-116-228
BRETZ, JACOB                           NYC                                     NY-31-86-368
BREVOORD, ABRAHAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-41-298
BREVOORT, ABRAHAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-79-1
BREVOORT, HENRY                        NYC                                     NY-31-35-204
BREVOORT, HENRY                        NYC                                     NY-31-83-536
BREVOORT, JOHN V.                      NYC                                     NY-31-59-38
BREVOORT, LEAH                         NYC                                     NY-31-35-311
BREVOORT, MARY                         NYC                                     NY-31-41-200
BREVOOST, HENRY JR.                    NYC                                     NY-31-96-124
BREVORT, ANN                           NYC                                     NY-31-42-390
BREVORT, ELIAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-31-361
BREWER, ADAM                           BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-4-422
BREWER, HARCKLAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-20-329
BREWER, HENDRICK                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-241
BREWER, JACOB                          NYC                                     NY-31-52-234
BREWER, JAMES                          CORTLAND, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-33-299
BREWER, JOHANNES                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-8-150
BREWER, RENE                           NYC                                     NY-31-86-30
BREWER, SAMUEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-60-442
BREWER, SAMUEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-52-205
BREWERTON, CATHARINE                   NYC                                     NY-31-52-297
BREWERTON, GEORGE                      NYC                                     NY-31-47-147
BREWERTON, GEORGE                      JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-337
BREWERTON, HENRY                       NYC                                     NY-31-44-477
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN                     NYC                                     NY-31-75-538
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN                     BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-35-10
BREWSTER, CLARISSA                     NYC                                     NY-31-97-559
BREWSTER, DANIEL                       BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-305
BREWSTER, EDWARD                       CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-29-489
BREWSTER, ISAAC                        NYC                                     NY-31-72-138
BREWSTER, JOHN                         CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-33-101
BREWSTER, MARY                         NYC                                     NY-31-71-174
BREWSTER, RACHEL G.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1015-418
BRICE, JOSEPH                          ST. THOMAS, WEST INDIES                 NY-31-58-410
BRICK, JOSEPH W.                       NYC                                     NY-31-93-308
BRICKELL, THOMAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-25-351
BRICKELMAIER, CAROLINE                 NYC                                     NY-31-1030-393
BRICKNER, SARA M.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1023-267
BRIDENBURG, ANNIE                      NYC                                     NY-31-1028-164
BRIDGE, ANN A.                         NYC                                     NY-31-83-436
BRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER                    RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-9-84
BRIDGE, JAMES P.                       NYC                                     NY-31-149-153       423
BRIDGE, JOEL                           BELMADUTHIE, SOMERSET, ENGLAND          NY-31-61-34
BRIDGE, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-110-514
BRIDGE, LEWIS K.                       NYC                                     NY-31-93-23
BRIDGE, SAMUEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-658
BRIDGEMAN, THOMAS                      NYC                                     NY-31-100-151
BRIDGEN, ANNA MARIA                    NYC                                     NY-31-120-121
BRIDGES, CHARLES                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-2-439
BRIDGES, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-510
BRIDGEWOOD, THOMAS                     NYC                                     NY-31-66-264
BRIDGHAM, SAMUEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-1021-10
BRIDON, FRANCIS                        BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-31-9-475
BRIDON, SUSANNAH                       STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-10-3
BRIEN, HUGH                            NYC                                     NY-31-1008-240
BRIEN, LAWRENCE O.                     NYC                                     NY-31-106-128
BRIERTY, ANNIE M.                      NYC                                     NY-31-992-1
BRIGGHAM, JONAS                        NTL, MIDDLESEX, MA                      NY-31-57-164
BRIGGS, ABBIE O. G.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1014-4
BRIGGS, BENJAMIN                       NYC                                     NY-31-95-457
BRIGGS, EDWARD F.                      NYC                                     NY-31-138-354
BRIGGS, GEORGE S.                      NYC                                     NY-31-94-666
BRIGGS, JAMES                          COURTLANDT, WESTCHESER, NY              NY-31-26-344
BRIGGS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-131-160
BRIGGS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-44-122
BRIGGS, PHILLIP                        NYC                                     NY-31-81-559
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-120-188
BRIGGS, SARAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-147-462
BRIGHAM, ELLA G.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1011-1
BRIGHAM, OSCAR E.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1031-84
BRILL, CHRISTIAN                       NYC                                     NY-31-59-174
BRILL, JANE                            NYC                                     NY-31-75-244
BRINCK, JACOB                          KINGSTOWN, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-20-375
BRINCKER, DERRICK                      NYC                                     NY-31-57-181
BRINCKERHOF, JOHANNES                  RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-25-71
BRINCKERHOFF, AARON                    NYC                                     NY-31-66-3
BRINCKERHOFF, ABRAHAM                  NYC                                     NY-31-58-67
BRINCKERHOFF, ABRAHAM                  NYC                                     NY-31-62-332
BRINCKERHOFF, CATHARINE                NYC                                     NY-31-106-131
BRINCKERHOFF, DINAH                    NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-296
BRINCKERHOFF, DIRCK                    FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-16-467
BRINCKERHOFF, DIRCK                    NYC                                     NY-31-30-53
BRINCKERHOFF, DIRCK                    NYC                                     NY-31-33-486
BRINCKERHOFF, DOROTHEA                 NYC                                     NY-31-73-209
BRINCKERHOFF, EDWIN O.                 NYC                                     NY-31-1027- 474
BRINCKERHOFF, FRANK H.                 NYC                                     NY-31-998-109
BRINCKERHOFF, JACOB                    FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-21-418
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN A.                  RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-172
BRINCKERHOFF, JORIS                    NYC                                     NY-31-26-448
BRINCKERHOFF, MARIA J.                 NYC                                     NY-31-79-368
BRINCKERHOFF, PETER                    NYC                                     NY-31-49-182
BRINCKERHOFF, SEBE                     NYC                                     NY-31-110-260
BRINCKERHOFF, STEPHEN                  RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-174
BRINER, MAGDALENA                      NYC                                     NY-31-1012-1
BRINK, CORNELIUS L.                    SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-506
BRINK, LAWRENCE C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1006-269
BRINKERHAFF, JOHN                      OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-18-370
BRINKERHOFF, ABRAHAM                   NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-578
BRINKERHOFF, ABRAHAM SR.               NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-70
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE                    NYC                                     NY-31-125-342
BRINKERHOFF, HENDRICK                  NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-66
BRINKERHUFF, DANIEL                    HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-619
BRINKERHUFF, DANIEL                    OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-12-478
BRINKLY, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-102-336
BRINKMANN, REGINA                      NYC                                     NY-31-997-392
BRINQUIER, MARIE                       NYC                                     NY-31-14-36
BRINTON, NATHAN S.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1014-360
BRINTZINGER, WILLIAM F.                NYC                                     NY-31-1014-18
BRIODY, NICHOLAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-112-104
BRIONNE, PETER                         CURACAO                                 NY-31-43-392
BRISTED, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-118-199
BRISTOW, ABBIE S.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1014-366
BRISTOW, GEORGE                        NYC                                     NY-31-111-319
BRIT, JOHANNES                         WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-35-115
BRITT, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-15-277
BRITT, JOHN G.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1009-161
BRITTAIN, NATHANIEL                    STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-13-33
BRITTAIN, RICHARD                      NYC                                     NY-31-17-132
BRITTEN, ABIGAIL                       NYC                                     NY-31-79-321
BRITTEN, NICHOLAS                      NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-13-427
BRITTIN, SAMUEL                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-31-389
BRITTING, CHRISTINA                    NYC                                     NY-31-1025-5
BRITTON, JANE E.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1014-227
BRITTON, NATHANIEL                     NYC                                     NY-31-148-113       91
BRITTON, NATHANIEL                     STRATON ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY            NY-31-16-78
BRITTON, THOMAS                        SHIP ROBERT FULTON                      NY-31-61-450
BRITTON, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-102-7
BRITTON, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-47-191
BRITTON, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-61-53
BRN, JAMES                             NYC                                     NY-31-58-438
BROAD, SUSANAH                         NYC                                     NY-31-47-30
BROADHEAD, DANIEL                      SMITHFIELD, NORTHAMPTON, PA             NY-31-21-247
BROADHEAD, MATHEW                      NYC                                     NY-31-70-64
BROADHURST, CHARLES                    NYC                                     NY-31-103-479
BROADHURST, SAMUEL                     NYC                                     NY-31-23-307
BROCK, ANN                             NYC                                     NY-31-85-143
BROCK, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-96-436
BROCKELBANK, ARMOUR                    NYC                                     NY-31-92-663
BROCKER, BABETTA                       NYC                                     NY-31-998-118
BROCKHOLST, MARY                       NYC                                     NY-31-25-323
BROCKWAY, CLARA E.                     NYC                                     NY-31-992-443
BRODERSEN, CHRISTIANNE M.              NYC                                     NY-31-1008-425
BRODERSON, GERHARD C.                  NYC                                     NY-31-89-384
BRODHEAD, CHARLES                      GREEN KILL, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-29-166
BRODHEAD, DANIEL                       MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-23-23
BRODHEAD, WESSEL                       MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-29-222
BRODIE, ALEXANDER O.                   NYC                                     NY-31-118-252
BRODIE, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-123-69
BRODT, CHARLES L.                      NYC                                     NY-31-997-403
BROGAN, FANNIE                         NYC                                     NY-31-1008-429
BROGAN, JOHN J.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1020-12
BROGER, ANTHONY                        NYC                                     NY-31-117-450
BROGHARD, GERRIT                       KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-22-587
BROISTEDT, LOUISE                      NYC                                     NY-31-91-359
BROKAW, ADAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-43-85
BROKAW, DAVID T.                       NYC                                     NY-31-996-340
BROMBERGER, ABRAHAM                    NYC                                     NY-31-1016-345
BROMBERGER, JOHN                       NYC                                     NY-31-93-58
BROMLEY, CATHARINE                     NYC                                     NY-31-19-472
BRONDIGE, JOHN                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-18-18
BRONNER, WILLIAM H.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1011-217
BRONSON, ARTHUR                        NYC                                     NY-31-90-338
BRONSON, GREENE C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-148-386       233
BRONSON, ISAAC                         NYC                                     NY-31-79-70
BRONSON, ISAAC                         NYC                                     NY-31-103-169
BRONSON, THOMAS ASH                    NYC                                     NY-31-1000-117
BRONSTEIN, LEOPOLD                     NYC                                     NY-31-1024-282
BRONWELL, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-56-201
BROOF, JUDA                            NYC                                     NY-31-1011-6
BROOKES, JOSHUA                        NYC                                     NY-31-128-511
BROOKHEIM, EMMA                        NYC                                     NY-31-1019-336
BROOKINS, ARTEMAS B.                   NYC                                     NY-31-58-445
BROOKS, ANN                            NYC                                     NY-31-62-81
BROOKS, BELVIDERE                      NYC                                     NY-31-1010-410
BROOKS, BENJAMIN                       NYC                                     NY-31-93-692
BROOKS, CALVIN H.                      NYC                                     NY-31-999-111
BROOKS, DANIEL J.                      NYC                                     NY-31-66-131
BROOKS, DAVID                          NYC                                     NY-31-41-432
BROOKS, HENRY                          NYC                                     NY-31-100-109
BROOKS, HENRY                          NYC                                     NY-31-55-93
BROOKS, HENRY S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-71-192
BROOKS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-31-50-16
BROOKS, JOHN                           NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-26-576
BROOKS, JOHN B.                        NYC                                     NY-31-49-161
BROOKS, JONATHAN                       RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-28-574
BROOKS, KATE                           NYC                                     NY-31-1010-415
BROOKS, MARIA M.                       NYC                                     NY-31-91-696
BROOKS, MICHAEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-44-305
BROOKS, MICHAEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-58-397
BROOM, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-100-521
BROOME, ANN CHARLOTTE                  NYC                                     NY-31-55-443
BROOME, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-49-29
BROOME, JOHN L.                        NYC                                     NY-31-74-378
BROOME, SAMUEL                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-28-132
BROPHY, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-121-20
BROSNAN, MARY                          NYC                                     NY-31-1030-85
BROTHERTON, BENAJAH                    HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-24-281
BROUER, JURRE                          SEE: BROWER, JEARY                      NY-31-36-272
BROUGHTON, SAMPSON                     NYC                                     NY-31-8-326
BROUGHTON, WILLIAM C.                  NYC                                     NY-31-1005-375
BROUWER, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-68-334
BROUWER, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-68-334
BROUWER, JACOB                         NYC                                     NY-31-36-440
BROUWER, JAMES S.                      NYC                                     NY-31-136-514
BROUWER, NICHOLAS                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-33-11
BROVORT, ELIAS JR.                     NYC                                     NY-31-40-369
BROW, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-68-32
BROW, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-68-32
BROWER, ABRAHAM                        GOWANES, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-19-423
BROWER, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-53-191
BROWER, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-41-17
BROWER, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-41-438
BROWER, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-142-83
BROWER, AFFIE                          NYC                                     NY-31-41-373
BROWER, CATHARINE                      NYC                                     NY-31-117-453
BROWER, CORNELIA                       NYC                                     NY-31-53-148
BROWER, CORNELIUS                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-26-133
BROWER, ELIZA                          NYC                                     NY-31-102-51
BROWER, HENDRICK                       NTL                                     NY-31-7-618
BROWER, JAMES M.                       NYC                                     NY-31-96-482
BROWER, JANE                           NYC                                     NY-31-136-301
BROWER, JEARY                          GOWANES, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-36-272
BROWER, JEREMIAH                       NEW YORKC ITY                           NY-31-30-190
BROWER, JEREMIAH                       NYC                                     NY-31-98-60
BROWER, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-52-422
BROWER, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-58-81
BROWER, JOHN I.                        NYC                                     NY-31-65-416
BROWER, JOHN N.                        NYC                                     NY-31-62-27
BROWER, JOSEPH G.                      NYC                                     NY-31-75-364
BROWER, MARIA                          NYC                                     NY-31-136-298
BROWER, MARY D.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1014-352
BROWER, NELLY                          NYC                                     NY-31-69-142
BROWER, NICHOLAS                       ALBANY, ALBANY, NY (CONT)               NY-31-33-55
BROWER, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-40-62
BROWER, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-89-330
BROWER, SAMUEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-66-214
BROWER, WILLIAM                        RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-39-140
BROWN, ADAM                            NYC                                     NY-31-78-452
BROWN, ADAM                            NYC                                     NY-31-54-225
BROWN, ADAM                            (NOTICE)                                NY-31-54-254
BROWN, ADDIE                           NYC                                     NY-31-1017-1
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       NYC                                     NY-31-46-393
BROWN, ANN D.                          NYC                                     NY-31-1008-407
BROWN, AUGUSTUS C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1008-370
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-29-442
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-26-153
BROWN, CATHARINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-138-51
BROWN, CHARLES P.                      NYC                                     NY-31-101-266
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER                     UPPER SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-38-260
BROWN, COBUS                           NTL                                     NY-31-21-145
BROWN, CONSTANT H.                     NYC                                     NY-31-133-199
BROWN, DANIEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-149-92        388
BROWN, DAVID                           NYC                                     NY-31-106-102
BROWN, DAVID                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-20-179
BROWN, DAVID                           NYC                                     NY-31-138-252
BROWN, DAVID                           NYC                                     NY-31-42-209
BROWN, DUNCAN                          WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-28-320
BROWN, DUNCAN                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-212
BROWN, EBENEZER                        RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-36-117
BROWN, EDWARD H.                       NYC                                     NY-31-990-423
BROWN, ELIAS E.                        NYC                                     NY-31-995-11
BROWN, ELIZA T.                        NYC                                     NY-31-114-359
BROWN, ELIZA T.                        NYC                                     NY-31-108-22
BROWN, ELLEN                           NYC                                     NY-31-91-530
BROWN, EMMA A.                         NYC                                     NY-31-988-191, 200
BROWN, FANNY                           NYC                                     NY-31-92-720
BROWN, FANNY                           NYC                                     NY-31-71-370
BROWN, FLORENCE S.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1001-314
BROWN, FRANCIS                         NTL                                     NY-31-51-103
BROWN, FREDERICK A.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1010-417
BROWN, FREDRICK                        PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-25-475
BROWN, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-43-420
BROWN, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-82-283
BROWN, HACCALIAH                       RYE, WESTCHSTER, NY                     NY-31-32-347
BROWN, HANNAH                          NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-36-418
BROWN, HENDRICK                        YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-38-446
BROWN, HENRY                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-462
BROWN, HENRY                           NYC                                     NY-31-72-258
BROWN, HENRY D.                        NYC                                     NY-31-994-354
BROWN, JACOB                           NYC                                     NY-31-50-91
BROWN, JACOB                           BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-22-135
BROWN, JAMES                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-38-206
BROWN, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-58-443
BROWN, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-94-645
BROWN, JAMES C.                        NYC                                     NY-31-79-83
BROWN, JAMES N.                        NYC                                     NY-31-53-504
BROWN, JAMES N.                        NYC (ADMIN)                             NY-31-60-124
BROWN, JAMES S.                        NYC                                     NY-31-89-166
BROWN, JANE                            NYC                                     NY-31-71-299
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-110-132
BROWN, JOHN                            NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-315
BROWN, JOHN                            FORDHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-12-65
BROWN, JOHN                            YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-16-228
BROWN, JOHN                            POUND RIDGE, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-33-594
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-42-160
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-67-4
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-70-273
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-72-135
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-73-318
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-47-274
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-81-307
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-78-302
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-77-591
BROWN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-92-643
BROWN, JOHN "JACK"                     NYC                                     NY-31-50-354
BROWN, JOHN B.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1016-331
BROWN, JOHN J.                         NYC                                     NY-31-131-424
BROWN, JOSEPH                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-17-406
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-214
BROWN, JOSEPH R.                       NYC                                     NY-31-119-10
BROWN, JULIA R.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1021-1
BROWN, JULIUS S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1008-235
BROWN, KATE S.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1017-397
BROWN, LEONARD                         YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-18-234
BROWN, MARIANNA C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1031-209
BROWN, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-55-44
BROWN, MARY ANNE                       NYC                                     NY-31-119-120
BROWN, MOSES                           NYC                                     NY-31-109-303
BROWN, NICHOLAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-86-131
BROWN, OBADIAH                         NYC                                     NY-31-41-154
BROWN, PETER                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-27-468
BROWN, PETER                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-12-108
BROWN, PETER                           USS HORNET                              NY-31-57-112
BROWN, PETER                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-16-218
BROWN, RICHARD                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-28-195
BROWN, RICHARD                         OYSTER PONDS, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-34-683
BROWN, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-65-217
BROWN, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-61-413
BROWN, ROBERT J.                       NYC                                     NY-31-131-365
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-51-275
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-97-375
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-92-330
BROWN, SILAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-130-242
BROWN, SUSAN C.                        NYC                                     NY-31-115-227
BROWN, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-26-562
BROWN, THOMAS                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-26-173
BROWN, THOMAS                          PAMERPOGH, BERGEN, NJ                   NY-31-35-236
BROWN, THOMAS                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-21-466
BROWN, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-84-261
BROWN, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-78-147
BROWN, THOMAS B.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1021-90
BROWN, THOMAS H.                       NYC                                     NY-31-119-5
BROWN, THOMAS J.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1019-1
BROWN, THOMAS JR.                      NYC                                     NY-31-27-35
BROWN, THOMAS R.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1009-276
BROWN, THOMPSON S.                     NYC                                     NY-31-119-113
BROWN, TIMOTHY                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-26-322
BROWN, TIMOTHY Y.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1010-73
BROWN, VALENTINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-996-266
BROWN, WALDRON P.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1016-323
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-121-302
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-56-396
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-79-492
BROWN, WILLIAM                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-12-1
BROWN, WILLIAM B.                      NYC                                     NY-31-112-313
BROWN, WILLIAM B.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1006-120
BROWN, WILLIAM DUR.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1030-84
BROWN, WILLIAM G.                      NYC                                     NY-31-990-426
BROWN, WILLIAM M.                      NYC                                     NY-31-110-594
BROWN, WONTER                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-327
BROWNE, ANNE                           NYC                                     NY-31-57-300
BROWNE, ELIZABETH A.                   NYC                                     NY-31-133-517
BROWNE, ESTHER                         NYC                                     NY-31-7-494
BROWNE, FLORENCE A.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1008-440
BROWNE, HANAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-48-32
BROWNE, HARRIET L.                     NYC                                     NY-31-101-52
BROWNE, JAMES                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-636
BROWNE, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-8-240
BROWNEJOHN, WILLIAM                    NYC                                     NY-31-38-95
BROWNEJOHN, WILLIAM SR.                NYC                                     NY-31-36-578
BROWN,EUGENE                           NYC                                     NY-31-111-229
BROWNHILL, MARY                        NYC                                     NY-31-82-328
BROWNING, DWIGHT                       NYC                                     NY-31-76-155
BROWNING, THOMAS B.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1003-110
BROWNING, WILLIS                       NYC                                     NY-31-998-290
BROWNINGHAM, RICHARD                   BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-35-272
BROWNLEE, WILLIAM C.                   NYC                                     NY-31-131-313
BROWN,R ICHARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-52-440
BROWNSON, JOHN                         AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-39-265
BROWSE, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-59-307
BRUCE, ARCHIBALD                       NYC                                     NY-31-54-286
BRUCE, FRANCES                         NYC                                     NY-31-54-318
BRUCE, JUDITH                          NYC                                     NY-31-54-229
BRUCE, MARIA                           NYC                                     NY-31-68-433
BRUCE, MARIA                           NYC                                     NY-31-68-433
BRUCE, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-51-360
BRUCE, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-42-108
BRUCE, WILLAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-32-334
BRUCE, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-90-534
BRUCKMAN, LYDIA                        SHREWSBURY, MONMOUTH, NJ                NY-31-58-473
BRUE, EUGNEE                           NYC                                     NY-31-141-343
BRUECK, SABINE                         NYC                                     NY-31-995-142
BRUEN, GEORGE W.                       NYC                                     NY-31-98-177
BRUEN, MATTHIAS JR.                    NYC                                     NY-31-63-312
BRUEN, MATTHIAS JR.                    NYC                                     NY-31-82-35
BRUER, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-104-197
BRUEYS, CLAUDIUS                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-28
BRUGGERMAN, MATILDA                    NYC                                     NY-31-1013-183
BRUGHMAN, HARMANNUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-7-537
BRUGIERE, CHARLES                      NYC                                     NY-31-78-205
BRUGUIERE, JOSEPHINE F.                NYC                                     NY-31-1030-93
BRUHNS, CLARA A. M.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1014-441
BRUMLEY, REUBEN                        NYC                                     NY-31-134-319
BRUN, EDGAR J.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1018-3
BRUNCKHORST, JOHN                      NYC                                     NY-31-42-531
BRUNDIGE, DAVID                        NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-26-40
BRUNDIGE, JOHN                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-33-186
BRUNDIGE, MOSES                        NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-25-427
BRUNEL, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     NY-31-61-284
BRUNEL, LEWIS A.                       NYC                                     NY-31-71-234
BRUNELLI, GIUSEPPE                     NYC                                     NY-31-1015-2
BRUNET, MARTIN                         NYC                                     NY-31-103-77
BRUNING, JOSEPH                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-482
BRUNJES, MARGARETHA                    NYC                                     NY-31-989-23
BRUNN, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-58-233
BRUNNER, ANNA V.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1008-364
BRUNS, HENRY L.                        NYC                                     NY-31-129-262
BRUNS, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-82-247
BRUNS, JOHN H.                         NYC                                     NY-31-139-478
BRUSH, ABIEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-74-482
BRUSH, CALEB                           NYC                                     NY-31-118-243
BRUSH, DANIEL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-170
BRUSH, DAVID ***                       NYC                                     NY-31-129-1
BRUSH, FREELOVE                        NYC                                     NY-31-79-286
BRUSH, GEORGE C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-132-343
BRUSH, GEORGE P.                       NYC                                     NY-31-111-78
BRUSH, ISAAC                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-4
BRUSH, ISABEL E.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1018-294
BRUSH, JACOB                           NYC                                     NY-31-41-453
BRUSH, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-96-600
BRUSH, JOHN T.                         NYC                                     NY-31-995-15
BRUSH, JOSEPH                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-84
BRUSH, JOSHUA                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-496
BRUSH, MARIA A.                        NYC                                     NY-31-97-248
BRUSH, NEHEMIAH                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-39-3
BRUSH, PEARSALL                        NYC                                     NY-31-63-261
BRUSH, SAMUEL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOK, NY                  NY-31-24-384
BRUSH, SAMUEL SCUDDER                  NYC (ADMIN)                             NY-31-45-342
BRUSH, SOPHIA                          NYC                                     NY-31-129-69
BRUSH, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-36-359
BRUSH, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-10-384
BRUSH, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-115-279
BRUSH, TREDWELL                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-19-436
BRUST, JULIA E.                        NYC                                     NY-31-985-299
BRUYN, CORNELIUS                       SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-635
BRUYN, JACOBUS                         BRUYNOWICK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-15-375
BRUYN, JACOBUS                         BRUNSWICK, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-33-371
BRUYN, SEVERYN                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-22-277
BRY, ANNA                              NYC                                     NY-31-1014-372
BRYAN, ALEXANDER                       HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-115
BRYAN, ALEXANDER JR.                   HNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-21-2
BRYAN, AUGUSIN                         NTL                                     NY-31-34-110
BRYAN, ESTHAR                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-504
BRYANT, JOSEPH D.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1008-1
BRYANT, LEMUEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-74-115
BRYANT, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-42-344
BRYANT, PLATT                          NTL                                     NY-31-52-140
BRYANT, WILLIAM                        TRENTON, HUNTERDON, NJ                  NY-31-40-71
BRYAR, WILLAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-66-353
BRYCE, ARCHIBALD                       NYC                                     NY-31-97-515
BRYCE, CLARA                           NYC                                     NY-31-1011-432
BRYCE, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-66-207
BRYDEN, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-91-218
BRYER, JAMES M.                        NYC                                     NY-31-147-83
BRYSON, DAVID                          NYC                                     NY-31-92-106
BUBCK, GOTTLIEB J.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1009-268
BUCHAN, DAVID C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-105-62
BUCHAN, ROBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-130-492
BUCHAN, ROBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-61-225
BUCHANAN, ALMY                         NYC                                     NY-31-69-388
BUCHANAN, ANDREW                       NYC                                     NY-31-142-250
BUCHANAN, ARCHIBALD                    NYC                                     NY-31-45-46
BUCHANAN, JAMES                        NYC                                     NY-31-38-383
BUCHANAN, JAMES ***                    NYC                                     NY-31-123-367
BUCHANAN, JAMES C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-100-228
BUCHANAN, JEAN                         NYC                                     NY-31-96-475
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-41-410
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-1027-183
BUCHANAN, ROBERT S.                    NYC                                     NY-31-140-45
BUCHANNAN, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     NY-31-29-548
BUCHHOLZ, LUISA                        NYC                                     NY-31-1009-272
BUCHMAN, LENA                          NYC                                     NY-31-1017-470
BUCHMAYER, AMBROSE                     NYC                                     NY-31-140-234
BUCHO, MARTIN                          NYC                                     NY-31-41-400
BUCK, ANNA T.                          NYC                                     NY-31-1016-173
BUCK, JONATHAN                         AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-33-113
BUCK, RICHARD                          NYC                                     NY-31-42-251
BUCKBE, JOHN                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-31-410
BUCKBEE, JOHN D.                       NYC                                     NY-31-103-262
BUCKBEE, MARTHA E.                     NYC                                     NY-31-131-431
BUCKEL, WILLIAM                        USS SARATOGA                            NY-31-53-284
BUCKENHAM, GEORGE                      NYC                                     NY-31-138-168
BUCKHAFER, JOHN                        NYC                                     NY-31-126-357
BUCKKER, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-553
BUCKLAND, JAMES                        NYC                                     NY-31-75-35
BUCKLAND, JOSEPH                       NYC                                     NY-31-26-162
BUCKLE, EDWARD SR.                     WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-16-259
BUCKLEY, DANIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-1029-327
BUCKLEY, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-124-250
BUCKLEY, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-116-438
BUCKLEY, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-84-398
BUCKLEY, JOHN (AKA MUCKLEY)            NYC                                     NY-31-52-109
BUCKLEY, JOHN L.                       NYC                                     NY-31-119-480
BUCKLEY, MICHAEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-80-92
BUCKLEY, PRISCILLA L.                  NYC                                     NY-31-109-370
BUCKLEY, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-92-416
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-99-188
BUCKMAN, GEORGE R.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1027-3
BUCKMASTER, JOHN                       NYC                                     NY-31-109-140
BUCKNER, WILLIAM G.                    NYC                                     NY-31-101-231
BUCKRIDGE, WILLIAM                     NYC                                     NY-31-109-271
BUDD, ANNE                             CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-24-144
BUDD, ARTHUR H.                        NYC                                     NY-31-991-399
BUDD, ASA                              SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-24-186
BUDD, ELISHA                           WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-25-301
BUDD, ELIZABETH                        NYC                                     NY-31-55-131
BUDD, HARRIET L. C.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1011-436
BUDD, JOSEPH                           CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-24-40
BUDD, JOSEPH                           CORTLANDTS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-28-366
BUDD, MARY H.                          NYC                                     NY-31-1018-289
BUDD, NICHOLAS                         RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-28-471
BUECHTING, MARIA                       NYC                                     NY-31-989-241
BUFFLEREE, JACOB                       SHELBURNE, NOVA SCOTIA                  NY-31-45-257
BUFORD, MARCUS B.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1014-240
BUGNOW, EDGAR                          NYC                                     NY-31-88-429
BUHLER, CHRISTIAN                      NYC                                     NY-31-135-45
BULEA, JOHN                            PHILLIPSBURG, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-25-307
BULEY, ANNIE T.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1018-291
BULGER, ROSE                           NYC                                     NY-31-1002-33
BULKLEY, ARCHIBALD                     NYC                                     NY-31-61-171
BULKLEY, AUGUSTA                       NYC                                     NY-31-127-439
BULL, HANNAH                           NYC                                     NY-31-96-512
BULL, JULIA H.                         NYC                                     NY-31-989-254
BULL, WILLIAM                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-20-42
BULL, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-74-361
BULL, WILLIAM G.                       NYC                                     NY-31-129-355
BULL, WILLIAM T.                       NYC                                     NY-31-995-130
BULLARD, CHARLES K.                    NYC                                     NY-31-133-151
BULLARD, ISAAC                         NYC                                     NY-31-76-158
BULLARD, OTIS ALLEN                    NYC                                     NY-31-108-273
BULLOCK, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-46-307
BULLOWA, ROSA M.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1007-486
BULLUS, CHARLES J.                     NYC                                     NY-31-109-399
BULOID,  OBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-105-244
BULOW, JOHN J. JR.                     NYC                                     NY-31-75-256
BUMSTEAD, GEORGE W.                    NYC                                     NY-31-129-173
BUNBONI, ELLA L. F.                    NYC                                     NY-31-1023-447
BUNCE, EVE                             NYC                                     NY-31-68-138
BUNCE, EVE                             NYC                                     NY-31-68-138
BUNCE, GEORGE                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-22-270
BUNCE, JACOB                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-14-45
BUNCE, JAMES M.                        NYC                                     NY-31-138-137
BUNCE, JESSE                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-31-450
BUNCE, NATHANIEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-101-432
BUNCE, SARAH                           NYC                                     NY-31-102-392
BUNCE, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-22-229
BUNCE, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-14-34
BUNGER, LUDEWIG                        NYC                                     NY-31-122-396
BUNKE, ALICE                           NYC                                     NY-31-1016-311
BUNKER, ABRAHAM                        HUDSON, COLUMBIA, NY                    NY-31-44-197
BUNKER, ABRAHAM                        HUDSON, COLUMBIA, NY (ADMIN)            NY-31-44-217
BUNKER, OBED                           NYC                                     NY-31-50-370
BUNKER, REUBEN P.                      NYC                                     NY-31-104-279
BUNN, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-53-29
BUNTING, JOHN A.                       NYC                                     NY-31-131-477
BUNTING, RICHARD L.                    NYC                                     NY-31-128-178
BURALL, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-1022-496
BURBAGE, ANN                           NYC                                     NY-31-1030-87
BURBANK, ANTHONY                       NYC                                     NY-31-37-95
BURCH, SHEPORA                         NTL                                     NY-31-51-322
BURCH, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-99-121
BURCHALL, JAMES                        NYC                                     NY-31-21-138
BURCHAN, RICHARD                       NYC                                     NY-31-62-445
BURCHAN, ROBERT GEORGE                 NYC                                     NY-31-42-106
BURCHILL, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-111-483
BURCKERT, BARBARA                      NYC                                     NY-31-141-283
BURDEAU, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-61-101
BURDELL, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-100-63
BURDEN, EVELYN B.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1023-492
BURDETT, BENJAMIN I.                   NYC                                     NY-31-105-434
BURDETT, JACOB                         NYC                                     NY-31-147-138
BURDETT, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-67-72
BURDETT, PETER                         NYC                                     NY-31-98-141
BURDGE, DAVID P.                       NYC                                     NY-31-126-335
BURDGE, JOHN                           LEEMINGTON, HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND          NY-31-9-244
BURDGE, JOHN W.                        NYC                                     NY-31-103-562
BURDGE, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-95-616
BURDINE, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-10-159
BURDSALL, J. RICHARD                   NYC                                     NY-31-114-264
BURFORD, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-112-176
BURGART, NIKOLOUS                      NYC                                     NY-31-1007-497
BURGER, DANIEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-57-231
BURGER, EBENEZER H.                    NYC                                     NY-31-136-397
BURGER, ELEANOR                        NYC                                     NY-31-32-384
BURGER, ELIAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-44-109
BURGER, ELIAS                          BERGEN, BERGEN, NJ                      NY-31-61-66
BURGER, FANNIE                         NYC                                     NY-31-1029-110
BURGER, GERRIT                         NYC                                     NY-31-15-9
BURGER, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-76-191
BURGER, LIZZIE                         NYC                                     NY-31-1001-422
BURGER, MANUS                          NYC                                     NY-31-10-370
BURGER, REYNER                         NYC                                     NY-31-26-530
BURGER, ZEBORAH                        NYC                                     NY-31-24-378
BURGES, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-92-320
BURGES, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-217
BURGES, MARGARET                       NYC                                     NY-31-72-324
BURGESS, ANN P.                        NYC                                     NY-31-59-337
BURGESS, BENJAMIN S.                   NYC                                     NY-31-142-434
BURGESS, SAMUEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-55-312
BURGESS, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-68-447
BURGESS, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-68-447
BURGHS, DAVID A.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1027-66
BURGOYNE, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-138-196
BURHANS, ANNA                          NYC                                     NY-31-137-234
BURHANS, DAVID JR.                     BRABANT,  ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-23-91
BURHANS, JOHN S. JR.                   NYC                                     NY-31-1026-372
BURHANS, JOHN S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1026-361
BURHAUS, HELENA                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-11-288
BURHAUS, HENDRICK                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-11-317
BURHAUS, WILHELMUS                     SAUGERTIES, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-252
BURK, AARON                            NYC                                     NY-31-53-309
BURK, DENNIS J.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1022-209
BURK, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-95-337
BURKART, MECHTILDA                     NYC                                     NY-31-1002-37
BURKBEEK, ANN C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1029-325
BURKE, ANN                             NYC                                     NY-31-38-220
BURKE, ANNA  MARIA                     NYC                                     NY-31-13-474
BURKE, CHARLES ST. F.                  NYC                                     NY-31-112-215
BURKE, MARTIN                          NYC                                     NY-31-1010-1
BURKE, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-38-218
BURKE, MARY F.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1013-178
BURKE, MILES R.                        NYC                                     NY-31-76-89
BURKE, PATRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-92-566
BURKE, WILLIAM                         DUBLIN, IRELAND                         NY-31-64-255
BURKE, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-101-482
BURKELOO, HARMANUS                     NEW UTRECHT, KINGS, NY                  NY-31-23-662
BURKHALTER, SUSAN C.                   NYC                                     NY-31-987-333
BURLEIGH, ANNIE C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1008-436
BURLEIGH, BENJAMIN                     HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-104
BURLEW, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-139-87
BURLING, BENJAMIN                      FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-16-199
BURLING, CATHARINE E.                  NYC                                     NY-31-106-411
BURLING, EBENEZER                      EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-143
BURLING, EDWARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-17-112
BURLING, ELIZABETH                     NYC                                     NY-31-36-424
BURLING, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-456
BURLING, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-38-280
BURLING, MARY                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-16-292
BURLING, REBECCA                       NYC                                     NY-31-108-413
BURLING, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-68-265
BURLING, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-68-265
BURLING, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-15-128
BURLINGAME, HIRAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-109-507
BURLINGHAM, WILLIAM                    NTL, FRANKLIN, NC                       NY-31-64-259
BURN, JOHN                             BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-34-557
BURNAT, DAVID                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-456
BURNBULL, ARCHIBALD                    ADMIN                                   NY-31-61-475
BURNDAGE, BENJAMIN                     PHILLIPS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-22-453
BURNE, GARRIT                          NYC                                     NY-31-57-354
BURNET, EPHRAIM                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-470
BURNET, JOSEPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-90-483
BURNET, MATTHIAS                       EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-512
BURNET, MOSES                          BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-14-43
BURNET, STAATES G.                     NYC                                     NY-31-49-48
BURNET, WILLIAM (GOV OF NY & NJ)       NYC                                     NY-31-10-214
BURNETT, ANNIE S.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1007-352
BURNETT, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-73-284
BURNHAM, ELIZABETH                     NYC                                     NY-31-112-204
BURNHAM, HARRIET J.                    NYC                                     NY-31-101-250
BURNHAM, MICHAEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-74-404
BURNHAM, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-99-525
BURNHAM, WILLIAM                       GREENWICH                               NY-31-25-358
BURNIER, MARIE                         NYC                                     NY-31-1014-9
BURNIT, BETHIAH                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-24-612
BURNIT, DAVID                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-12-368
BURNLEY, ALBERT T.                     NYC                                     NY-31-138-501
BURNLEY, WILLIAM H.                    NYC                                     NY-31-107-452
BURNS, CHARLES                         NYC                                     NY-31-20-302
BURNS, CLARENCE A.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1013-182
BURNS, EDWARD F.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1025-99
BURNS, HENRY                           NYC                                     NY-31-66-415
BURNS, HENRY                           NYC                                     NY-31-130-425
BURNS, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-121-256
BURNS, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-121-66
BURNS, JOHN                            US FRIGATE PRESIDENT                    NY-31-51-459
BURNS, JOHN E.                         NYC                                     NY-31-989-54
BURNS, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-96-45
BURNS, LAWRENCE                        NYC                                     NY-31-140-356
BURNS, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-109-320
BURNS, SIMON A.                        NYC                                     NY-31-102-223
BURNS, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-134-159
BURNS, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-92-1
BURNSTEAD, EUNICE                      NYC                                     NY-31-97-589
BURNTON, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-41-339
BURR, AARON                            NYC                                     NY-31-84-40
BURR, BARZILLAI                        NYC                                     NY-31-74-381
BURR, DAVID                            NYC                                     NY-31-109-486
BURR, GERSHOM                          NYC                                     NY-31-62-34
BURR, HANNAH                           COWNECK, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-5
BURR, ISAAC                            NYC                                     NY-31-63-183
BURR, ISAAC                            NYC                                     NY-31-120-232
BURR, JAMES T.                         NYC                                     NY-31-67-257
BURR, JOSEPH                           NTL, QUEENS, NY                         NY-31-28-667
BURR, MARGARET                         NYC                                     NY-31-142-470
BURR, MELANCTHON JR.                   NYC                                     NY-31-1020-371
BURR, RICHARD                          NYC                                     NY-31-122-497
BURR, ROWLAND                          NYC                                     NY-31-110-464
BURRALL, JONATHAN                      NYC                                     NY-31-73-270
BURRAS, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-51-229
BURRELL, JAMES C.                      NYC                                     NY-31-92-296
BURRELL, MARMADUKE H.                  NYC                                     NY-31-93-175
BURRELL, NORMAN M.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1014-15
BURRELL, SAMUEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-141-63
BURRIDGE, LEE S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1016-321
BURRIDGE, MINNETTA                     NYC                                     NY-31-993-123
BURRITT, FRANCIS                       NYC                                     NY-31-136-354
BURRITT, WAKEMAN                       NYC                                     NY-31-93-384
BURROUGH, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-18-300
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                    NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-26-230
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-19-179
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-17-330
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-1-219
BURROUGHS, MARGARET                    NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-364
BURROUGHS, THOMAS                      NYC                                     NY-31-7-134
BURROWS, ELISHA                        NYC                                     NY-31-132-224
BURROWS, ELISHA                        NYC                                     NY-31-71-296
BURROWS, JENNIE H.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1020-379
BURROWS, WILLIAM H.                    NYC                                     NY-31-127-469
BURRUS, EDWARD                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-7-236
BURSLEY, IRA                           NYC                                     NY-31-99-138
BURT, SAMUELL                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-97
BURT, WILLIAM H.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1000-437
BURTIS, AFTER                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-25-161
BURTIS, HANNAH                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-242
BURTIS, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-42-193
BURTIS, STEPHEN                        BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-39-469
BURTIS, WILLIAM A.                     NTL                                     NY-31-41-163
BURTISS, CHARLES                       NYC                                     NY-31-58-219
BURTON, DODO                           NYC                                     NY-31-50-114
BURTON, WILLIAM E.                     NYC                                     NY-31-132-204
BURTSELL, ELIZA                        NYC                                     NY-31-116-186
BURTSELL, MARY                         NYC                                     NY-31-81-364
BURTSELL, PETER                        NYC                                     NY-31-99-419
BURTUS, ISAAC                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY             NY-31-39-138
BURTUS, PETER A.                       NYC                                     NY-31-60-484
BURTUS, SAMUEL A.                      NYC                                     NY-31-54-206
BUSBY, JAMES                           US ARMY                                 NY-31-52-135
BUSCH, CATHERINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-21-453
BUSCH, CHARLES U. R.                   NYC                                     NY-31-1022-494
BUSCH, CLAUS                           NYC                                     NY-31-105-282
BUSCHER, MARGARET                      NYC                                     NY-31-1012-8
BUSH, ANNE                             RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-15-435
BUSH, BARENT                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-69
BUSH, DAVID                            NTL                                     NY-31-47-3
BUSH, HENRY J.                         NYC                                     NY-31-99-262
BUSH, JACOB                            NYC                                     NY-31-16-165
BUSH, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-53-466
BUSH, JOSEPH                           NYC                                     NY-31-122-122
BUSH, JUSTUS                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-13-358
BUSH, MARY                             NYC                                     NY-31-115-392
BUSH, RALPH I.                         NYC                                     NY-31-134-68
BUSH, STEPHEN                          GREENWICH                               NY-31-36-103
BUSHE, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-76-340
BUSHNELL, ALBERT E.                    NYC                                     NY-31-95-660
BUSHNELL, CAMPBELL                     NYC                                     NY-31-81-134
BUSHNELL, GILES                        NYC                                     NY-31-141-347
BUSHNELL, SAMUEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-59-42
BUSHUP, GASHAM                         PHILIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-37-46
BUSSE, PAUL A.                         NYC                                     NY-31-1015-91
BUSSELL, GEORGE                        NYC                                     NY-31-101-396
BUSSELL, GEORGE                        NYC                                     NY-31-104-129
BUSSING, AARON                         NYC                                     NY-31-72-415
BUSSING, AARON                         NYC                                     NY-31-36-632
BUSSING, EDMUND K.                     NYC                                     NY-31-105-260
BUSSING, JOHN                          HARLEM                                  NY-31-66-203
BUSSING, PETER                         NYC                                     NY-31-41-351
BUSSING, PETER                         HARLEM                                  NY-31-13-96
BUSSING, REBECCA                       NYC                                     NY-31-85-215
BUSSING, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-75-281
BUSSING,JOHN S.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1027-304
BUSWELL, JOHN C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-70-138
BUTCHER, JAMES                         LONDON, ENGLAND                         NY-31-35-142
BUTLELER, THOMAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-51-481
BUTLER, ABRAHAM OGDEN                  NYC                                     NY-31-119-160
BUTLER, AGNES C.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1014-445
BUTLER, BENJAMIN F.                    NYC                                     NY-31-126-186
BUTLER, BLANCHE E.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1008-420
BUTLER, CRUS                           NYC                                     NY-31-98-429
BUTLER, EDMON                          NYC                                     NY-31-44-308
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-989-102
BUTLER, FRANKLIN                       NYC                                     NY-31-1017-4
BUTLER, GEORGE M.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1007-20
BUTLER, HENRY                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-32-375
BUTLER, JAMES                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-21-318
BUTLER, JAMES N.                       NYC                                     NY-31-989-258
BUTLER, JOHN W.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1027-472
BUTLER, KEZIA                          NYC                                     NY-31-66-381
BUTLER, MALCOLM N.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1024-53
BUTLER, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-9-423
BUTLER, RICHARD                        OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-22-112
BUTLER, SAMUELL                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-338
BUTLER, SILAS JR.                      NYC                                     NY-31-66-176
BUTLER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-31-22-441
BUTLER, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-140-291
BUTLER, WALTER                         SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-23-632
BUTLER, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-29-493
BUTMAN, BENJAMIN                       NYC                                     NY-31-99-147
BUTMAN, JACOB H.                       NYC                                     NY-31-44-407
BUTT, MARIA                            NYC                                     NY-31-1014-5
BUTT, SAMUEL                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-29-298
BUTTERLY, MATTHEW                      NYC                                     NY-31-97-580
BUTTERWORTH, ADA LOIS                  NYC                                     NY-31-1009-166
BUTTLE, STEPHEN S.                     NYC                                     NY-31-103-89
BUVELOT, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-34-38
BUXBEE, CATHARINE                      NYC                                     NY-31-114-115
BUXTON, ANN                            NYC                                     NY-31-58-158
BUXTON, CHARLES C.                     NYC                                     NY-31-141-430
BUXTON, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-41-211
BUYCE, MATTHEW                         NYC                                     NY-31-42-45
BUYS, FRANCIS                          NYC                                     NY-31-8-84
BUZZI, MARGUERITA                      NYC                                     NY-31-1010-389
BVONNET, DANIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-26-26
BXTER, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-117-363
BYDER, RICHARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-26-6
BYFIELD, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NY-31-16-143
BYLANDT, DOROTHEA CAROLINE             NYC                                     NY-31-66-319
BYLANDT, JACOB                         NYC                                     NY-31-65-208
BYLANDT, JACOB                         NYC                                     NY-31-62-210
BYNG, MOSES                            NYC                                     NY-31-74-112
BYRAM, WILLIAM B.                      NYC                                     NY-31-75-55
BYRD, ELIZABETH                        NYC                                     NY-31-101-116
BYRN, BARNABY                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-27-541
BYRNE, ANDREW                          NYC                                     NY-31-1010-413
BYRNE, CATHARINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-113-176
BYRNE, DENNIS                          NYC                                     NY-31-60-94
BYRNE, EDWARD                          NYC                                     NY-31-62-145
BYRNE, GARRIT                          NYC                                     NY-31-76-502
BYRNE, JANE                            NYC                                     NY-31-53-183
BYRNE, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-43-445
BYRNE, JUDITH                          NYC                                     NY-31-59-464
BYRNE, LAWRENCE                        NYC                                     NY-31-48-314
BYRNE, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-1001-5T8
BYRNE, MARY ANN                        NYC                                     NY-31-58-257
BYRNE, PATRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-57-119
BYRNE, PATRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-51-330
BYRNE, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-89-578
BYRNE, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-1016-341
BYRNES, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-67-289
BYRNES, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-39-125
BYRNES, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-147-96
BYRNES, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-59-562
BYRNES, THOMAS S.                      (ADMIN)                                 NY-31-60-254
BYRON, HENRY                           NYC                                     NY-31-111-49
BYRON, JAMES G.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1024-284
BYRON, WILLIMINA                       NYC                                     NY-31-58-268
BYVANCEK, PETER                        NTL (ADMIN)                             NY-31-49-192
BYVANCK, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-40-124
BYVANCK, ANTHONY                       NYC                                     NY-31-14-57
BYVANCK, EVERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-36-600
BYVANCK, JOHANNES                      STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-8-110
BYVANCK, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-41-26
BYVANCK, PETER                         NYC                                     NY-31-49-53
BYVANCK, PETER                         NYC                                     NY-31-41-120
BYVANCK, SARAH                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-653
BYVANK, TUENTIE                        NYC                                     NY-31-17-33

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