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MABEE, JOHN                             SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-10-260
MABER, PETER                            ORANGETOWN, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-28-338
MACEY, MARY                             NYC                                     NY-31-25-126
MACHET, JEAN                            NTL                                     NY-31-2-322
MACKENZIE, ELIZABETH                    STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-9-498
MACKIE, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-135
MACKINTOSH, CHARLES                     NYC                                     NY-31-17-37
MACKINTOSHE, HENRY                      NTL, NTL, NTL, SURINAM                  NY-31-4-186
MACKLAUGHLAN, DUNCAN                    MAJESTY'S ARMY                          NY-31-24-325
MACKOON, SAMUEL                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-21-280
MACMULLEN, ALEXANDER                    DUBLIN,, IRELAND                        NY-31-25-274
MAESEN, CORNELIS                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-27-219
MAGBIE, CASPARUS                        TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-36-268
MAGINNES, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-19-381
MAHAN, LAWRENCE                         RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-28-138
MAITLAND, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NY-31-28-383
MALTBIE, JOHN                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-330
MAN, ADRIAEN                            NYC                                     NY-31-15-327
MAN, EDWARD                             NYC                                     NY-31-28-634
MAN, EDWARD                             NYC                                     NY-31-27-398
MAN, JAMES                              NYC                                     NY-31-20-175
MAN, JOHN                               NYC                                     NY-31-25-469
MAN, PHILLIP                            NYC                                     NY-31-23-436
MANCHETT, JANE                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-7-501
MANDEVEILL, JELLIS                      GREENWICH                               NY-31-2-373
MANDEVELL, JELLES                       GREENWICH                               NY-31-31-497
MANDEVILL, CORNELIUS                    COURTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-26-409
MANDEVILLE, FRANCIS                     NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-33-127
MANETT, PETER                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-8-271
MANN, ABRAHAM                           FERRY, KINGS, NY                        NY-31-16-290
MANN, EDWARD                            NTL, KENT, ENGLAND                      NY-31-7-64
MANN, JOHANNES                          NYC                                     NY-31-12-23
MANNERS, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-31-17-61
MANSON, ALEXANDER                       NYC                                     NY-31-21-504
MANY, ABRAHAM                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-32-381
MAPES, JABEZ                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-12-4
MAPES, JAMES                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-35-418
MAPES, JOSEPH                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-35-375
MARCH, JOHN                             BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-31-13-160
MARDEN, MOSES                           NYC                                     NY-31-35-118
MARE, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-25-414
MARITN, JOSIAH                          NTL                                     NY-31-32-71
MARIUS, PETER JACOBS                    NYC                                     NY-31-7-69
MARKHAM, JOANNA                         NYC                                     NY-31-10-354
MARNER, EDWARD                          NYC                                     NY-31-22-361
MARSCHALCK, CORNELIUS                   NYC                                     NY-31-36-456
MARSCHALK, ANDREW                       NYC                                     NY-31-32-399
MARSCHALK, ANDRIES                      NYC                                     NY-31-14-279
MARSCHALK, GEORGE                       NYC                                     NY-31-32-92
MARSCHALK, JOHANNES                     NYC                                     NY-31-16-410
MARSCHALK, JOHN                         NEW BRUNSWICK, NTL, NJ                  NY-31-32-380
MARSH, JAMES                            LIVERPOOL, LANSHIRE, ENGLAND            NY-31-30-104
MARSH, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-11-171
MARSH, THOMAS                           HARRISONS PURCHASE, WESTCHESTER, NY     NY-31-27-384
MARSH, WITHAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-26-70
MARSHAL, BENJAMIN                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-340
MARSHALL, EDWARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-187
MARSHALL, JOHN                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-27-487
MARSHALL, JOHN                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-1-54
MARSHALL, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-17-199
MARSHALL, MARTHA                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-35-444
MARSHALL, MARY                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-14-24
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-26-543
MARSTON, CORNELIUS                      FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-19-122
MARSTON, FRANCIS                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-16-367
MARSTON, JOHN                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-9-276
MARSTON, JOHN                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-18-368
MARSTON, NATHANIEL                      NYC                                     NY-31-38-316
MARSTON, NATHANIEL                      NYC                                     NY-31-32-55
MARSTON, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-14-111
MARTENCA, FRANCIS                       STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-415
MARTENSE, GERRET                        FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-12-86
MARTENTSE, SOPHIA                       SEE: DAME, JOHN CORNELIS                NY-31-7-332
MARTIN, AGRIPPA                         PAULINGS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-435
MARTIN, AURT                            CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-38-376
MARTIN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-36-465
MARTIN, MANASAH                         PAULINGS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-29-467
MARTING, THOMAS                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-450
MARTINI, STEPHEN                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-32-162
MARTISON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-31-5-40
MARTLINGHS, ABRAHAM                     PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-120
MARVIN, ROEBRT                          HERRICKS, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-29-567
MASSEE, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-566
MASTEN, BENJAMIN                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-39-333
MASTON, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-31-1-61
MATHAS, MICAEL                          CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-39-153
MATHER, NATHANIEL                       SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-16-298
MATHEWS, BRIDGET                        NYC                                     NY-31-9-337
MATHEWS, COLLPETER                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-9-94
MATHEWS, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-19B-116
MATHEWS, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-23-492
MATHEWS, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-3-71
MATHEWS, MARY                           NTL                                     NY-31-19B-287
MATHEWS, ROBERT                         CHARLESTON, CHARLESTON, SC              NY-31-4-477
MATHEWS, VINCENT                        MATHEWSFIELD, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-37-21
MATHEWS, WILLIAM                        PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-432
MATTHEWS, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-3-168
MATTHEWS, MOSES                         NYC                                     NY-31-22-548
MATTHEWS, ROBERT                        POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-21-71
MATTYSEN, JAN                           KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-10-272
MAXEL, JOHN                             FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-29-462
MAY, MARTINES                           PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-27-437
MAYES, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-224
MAYLE, HENRY                            NYC                                     NY-31-4-445
MAYLE, JACOB                            NTL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES               NY-31-7-182
MAYNARD, SAMUELL                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-68
MCADAM, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-158
MCBAIN, ALEXANDER                       NYC                                     NY-31-25-108
MCCABE, EDWARD                          NTL                                     NY-31-21-450
MCCALM, JOHN                            AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-33-311
MCCARTNEY, JAMES                        NYC                                     NY-31-27-611
MCCEW, WILLIAM                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-28-81
MCCLEAN, CHARLES                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-22-15
MCCLEAN, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-66
MCCLEAN, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-20-205
MCCOBB, JAMES                           HANOVER, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-29-229
MCCOLLISER, ANN (POLLYN)                NYC                                     NY-31-39-137
MCCOLM, ARCHIBALD                       RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-26-475
MCCOY, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-31-464
MCCRADY, CHARLES                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-19-196
MCCURDY, ARCHIBALD                      WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-38-481
MCDERMOTT, TERRENCE                     BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-34-42
MCDONALD, LEWIS                         BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-36-217
MCDONALD, NEIL                          NYC                                     NY-31-32-103
MCDOUGAL, ALEXANDER                     NYC                                     NY-31-39-182
MCDOUGAL, RONALD                        NYC                                     NY-31-24-375
MCEUEN, DUNCAN                          NYC                                     NY-31-20-340
MCEVEN, DANEL                           NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-21-156
MCEVERS, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-39-403
MCEVERS, JAMES                          NYC  (ADMIN)                            NY-31-26-644
MCEVERS, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-26-453
MCEVERS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-18-24
MCFADDEAN, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-452
MCFADEN, LACHLIN                        NYC                                     NY-31-28-431
MCFAIL, JAMES                           NTL                                     NY-31-9-127
MCFARLAND, JANE                         NYC                                     NY-31-29-487
MCFARLEN, JOHN                          SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-15-260
MCFEE, DAVID                            NYC                                     NY-31-38-440
MCFILEY, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-31-16-3
MCGEER, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-366
MCGILLYCUDDY, DENNIS                    NYC                                     NY-31-23-539
MCGRATH, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-181
MCINTIRE, JAMES                         LITTEL BRITTAIN                         NY-31-26-402
MCINTOSH, PHINEAS                       NTL                                     NY-31-11-358
MCINTYRE, DANIEL                        NTL                                     NY-31-35-134
MCINVIN, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-246
MCKINLEY, NATHANIEL                     HURLEY, ULSTER, NY                      NY-31-36-250
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         NTL                                     NY-31-29-23
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-39-169
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-31-356
MCLEAN, ARCHIBALD                       MULL, ARGYLSHIRE, SCOTLAND              NY-31-28-261
MCLEAN, HUGH                            NYC                                     NY-31-24-3
MCLEAN, JOHN                            MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-38-264
MCMENNOMY, ROBERT                       NYC                                     NY-31-27-638
MCMULLIN, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-17-225
MCNEAL, JAEMS                           WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-22-80
MCNEALL, JOHN JR.                       WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-26-166
MCPHEADRYS, HELINA                      NEW YORKC ITY                           NY-31-36-650
MCQUILLIN, JAMES                        HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-150
MCSWAIN, DANIEL                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-35-224
MCVICKAR, ARCHIBALD                     NYC                                     NY-31-32-81
MEAD, NEHEMIAH                          CRUM EBLOW                              NY-31-24-304
MEADE, PATRICK                          BARBADOES                               NY-31-5-280
MEADOWS, JAMES                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-36-97
MEGRAW, ALEANDER                        NYC                                     NY-31-39-279
MEHARG, ALEXANDER                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-373
MEKEEL, JOHN JR.                        CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-33-342
MELICK, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-26-65
MENDEWELL, DAVID                        NEW CORNWELL, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-33-589
MENFORD, ELBART                         NTL                                     NY-31-10-142
MERCER, WILLIAM                         LONG ISLAND                             NY-31-5-26
MERCEREAU, PAUL SR.                     STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-31-394
MERCIER, ISAAC                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-15-165
MERCIER, SUSANNAH                       NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-27-580
MERCKEL, NICHOLAUS                      SCHOHARIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-37-172
MERITT, ANDREW                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-36-111
MERREL, JOHN                            STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-15-40
MERRELL, JOHN                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-26-403
MERRELL, PHILIP                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-13-463
MERRELL, RICHARD                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-22-258
MERRELL, THOMAS                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-28-542
MERRELL, WILLIAM                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-34-639
MERRIL, JOHN                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-28-537
MERRIT, CALEB                           AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-33-274
MERRIT, JOSEPH                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-19-56
MERRIT, JOSEPH                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-36-220
MERRITT, DAVI                           WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-17-402
MERRITT, GABRIELL                       NEW MARLBOROUGH, ULSTER, NY             NY-31-30-112
MERRITT, GEORGE                         HILANDS, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-21-258
MERRITT, GLORIN                         HILANDS, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-25-152
MERRITT, JOHN                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-18-375
MERRITT, MARY                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-20-381
MERRITT, THOMAS JR.                     RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-9-87
MERRITT, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-511
MERSELIS, GERRIT JOHN                   ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-25-317
MERSEREAU, DANIEL                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-39-23
MERSEREAU, DAVID                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-39-75
MERSEREAU, JOHN                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-29-325
MERTEN, JOHN                            HERVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                 NY-31-22-293
MESICK, JACOB                           CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-29-513
MESICK, THOMAS                          CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-37-33
MESIER, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-36-645
MESSENGER, JOHN                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-78
MESSENGER, SAMUEL                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-101
MESSENGER, SAMUEL                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-37-130
MESSEROOLL, JOHN                        TURTLE BAY                              NY-31-8-176
MESTEN, JOHN                            SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-631
METCALFE, JAMES                         BARBADOES                               NY-31-5-282
METSLER, GERTRUYT                       NYC                                     NY-31-5-272
METSLER, JOHN ADAMS                     NYC                                     NY-31-5-271
MEYER, ABRAHAM                          NEW HEMSTEAD, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-33-552
MEYER, HENDRIKE                         SEE: MEYER, MARTIN                      NY-31-8-24
MEYER, HENRY                            NYC                                     NY-31-18-108
MEYER, JOHANNES                         NYC                                     NY-31-29-78
MEYER, MARTIN                           NYC                                     NY-31-8-24
MEYER, WILHELMUS DE                     KINGSTOWN, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-7-619
MICHAELS, MICHAEL                       NYC                                     NY-31-13-83
MICHAUX, PAUL                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-17-417
MICHELL, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-31-5-85
MICHELSON, RYER                         FORDHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-12-119
MIDDAGH, ART                            BROUCKLAND, KINGS, NY                   NY-31-31-328
MIDDAGH, GARRET                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-27-629
MIDDAGH, JAN                            BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-26-47
MIDDELTON, GEORGE                       NYC                                     NY-31-31-483
MIDDLETON, PETER                        NYC                                     NY-31-39-208
MIDDLETON, PETER                        NYC                                     NY-31-34-75
MIER, CHRISTIAN BOLL                    NYC                                     NY-31-38-266
MIER, EDA                               ORANGE, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-25-484
MILLAR, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-24-560
MILLARD, ROBERT JR.                     BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-28-153
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-17-147
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-10
MILLER, ABRAM                           BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-30-181
MILLER, ADAM                            CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-33-121
MILLER, ANDREW                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-26-168
MILLER, DANIEL                          NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-270
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-37-10
MILLER, GARRET                          SMITH CLOVE, ORANGE, NY                 NY-31-33-28
MILLER, GARRIT                          SMITHS CLOVE, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-39-307
MILLER, GODFREY                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-263
MILLER, HENRY                           NEW CORNWELL, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-28-330
MILLER, ISAAC                           BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-30-308
MILLER, JACOB                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-267
MILLER, JACOBUS                         MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-39-481
MILLER, JAMES                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-266
MILLER, JOHN GEORGE                     NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-26-558
MILLER, JOHN JR.                        BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-22-446
MILLER, JOSIAH                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-431
MILLER, JOST                            OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-17-88
MILLER, MARY                            EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-30-72
MILLER, ORRIE                           NYC                                     NY-31-27-299
MILLER, PAUL ESQ.                       NEW BRUNSWICK, NTL, NJ                  NY-31-32-419
MILLER, PAUL JR.                        NTL                                     NY-31-28-637
MILLER, PETER                           SEE: MULLENER, PETER                    NY-31-28-571
MILLER, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NY-31-18-35
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-192
MILLER, STEPHEN                         CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-33-277
MILLER, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-31-26-335
MILLER, TIMOTHY                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-434
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-364
MILLOW, ANDREW                          CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-39-189
MILLS, ALEXANDER                        NYC                                     NY-31-11-410
MILLS, AMOS                             JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-29-128
MILLS, ANDREW                           HMS GREYHOUND                           NY-31-17-7
MILLS, AURELIUS                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-277
MILLS, CATHARINA                        NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-27-577
MILLS, EPHRAIM                          CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-27-103
MILLS, ISAAC                            SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-26-137
MILLS, ISAAC                            SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-37-132
MILLS, JACOB                            SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-32-268
MILLS, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-28-156
MILLS, JOHN                             JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-387
MILLS, NATHANIEL                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-261
MILLS, OBADIAH                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-36-622
MILLS, PETER                            BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-21-182
MILLS, SAMUEL                           SMITH TOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-253
MILLS, SAMUEL                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-420
MILLS, TIMOTHY                          SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-18-251
MILLS, TIMOTHY                          NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-33-260
MILLS, TREAT                            STRATFORD, NTL, CT                      NY-31-28-181
MILSPAH, PETER                          WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-25-124
MILT, MARY THE                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-294
MILTON, THOMAS                          LONDON, ENGLAND                         NY-31-5-260
MILTZPAH, MATTICE                       WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-27-361
MINGAEL, JOHANNES                       ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-11-137
MINOR, THOMAS PELL                      PELHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-19-240
MINTHORNE, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-17-304
MINTHORNE, PHILIP                       BOWERY                                  NY-31-19-432
MISEROL, JOHN                           BUSHWYCK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-20-173
MISSEN, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-7-363
MITCHEL, JACOIAH                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-16-495
MITCHEL, JOHN                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-585
MITCHEL, ROBERT                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-16-288
MITCHELL, GEORGE                        BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-34-590
MITCHELL, JACAMIAH                      NTL                                     NY-31-27-357
MITCHELL, JOHN                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-225
MITCHELL, ROBERT                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-29-479
MOCHIE, JOHAN M.                        LIVINGSTON, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-28-631
MOFFITT, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-32-411
MOFFITT, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-31-31-438
MOLONEY, JANE                           NTL                                     NY-31-34-440
MOMPESSON, PINHORNE                     NYC                                     NY-31-11-281
MOMPESSON, ROGER                        NYC                                     NY-31-8-370
MONDROUG, LEWIS                         MARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-21-221
MONELL, JOHN                            NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-33-20
MONFOORT, ABRAM                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-211
MONFORT, ANNA                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-273
MONFORT, CORNELIS                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-27-453
MONFORT, JACOBUS                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-98
MONSEY, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-626
MONTAGNE, REBECCA                       NYC                                     NY-31-30-27
MONTANIE, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-23-186
MONTANJE, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-29-262
MONTANYE, VINSENT                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-596
MONTELS, PETER                          NTL                                     NY-31-7-439
MONTFOORT, JAN                          MADNANO NECK, QUEENS, NY                NY-31-15-356
MONTFORT, JACOBUS                       OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-38-21
MONTFORT, PETER                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-18-39
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-36-178
MONTONJE, JOHN D. L.                    NYC                                     NY-31-28-391
MONTONYE, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-37-112
MONTROSS, JOHN                          RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-28-17
MONVIELLE, GABRIELL                     NYC                                     NY-31-7-14
MOOD, ELEANOR                           NYC                                     NY-31-34-621
MOONE, THOMAS                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-20-101
MOOR, JAMES                             GREAT WHITE CREEK                       NY-31-36-22
MOORE, ABIGAIL                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-16-36
MOORE, BENJAMIN                         GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-16-320
MOORE, DANIEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-477
MOORE, HENRY (SIR)                      JAMAICA, WEST INDIES                    NY-31-27-123
MOORE, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-17-46
MOORE, JOSEPH                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-20-63
MOORE, MICAH                            NTL                                     NY-31-34-494
MOORE, SAMUEL                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-189
MOORE, SAMUELL                          NYC                                     NY-31-1-131
MOORE, SETH                             NTL                                     NY-31-25-366
MOORE, SILAS                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-39-254
MOORE, THOMAS                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-26-262
MOORE, THOMAS                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-192
MOORE, VERNON                           NTL                                     NY-31-28-430
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-123
MOORHEAD, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-24-8
MOORS, JOHANNES                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-33-198
MORE, JOSEPH                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-294
MORE, LAWRENCE                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-19-201
MORE, ROBERT                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-411
MORE, THOMAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-19-263
MORELL, THOMAS                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-31-1-65
MORES, JOHN                             SEE: MORRIS, JOHN                       NY-31-33-378
MORGAN, CHARLES                         EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-22-345
MORGAN, JOHN                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-27-494
MORGEN, THOMAS                          GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-1-29
MORGNA, JAMES                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-24-501
MORHOUS, JOHN                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-465
MOROO, JOHN                             NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-19-297
MORPETH, WILLIAM                        CAMP VALLEY FORGE                       NY-31-36-77
MORREL, ROBERT                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-29-266
MORREL, THOMAS                          NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-28-42
MORRELL, ABRAHAM                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-284
MORRELL, JOHN                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-516
MORRELL, JOHN                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-22-22
MORRIS, ISABELLA                        NTL                                     NY-31-18-97
MORRIS, JOHN                            RHYNBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-378
MORRIS, JOSEPH                          NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-14-81
MORRIS, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-27-566
MORRIS, LEWIS                           MORRISANIA                              NY-31-23-447
MORRIS, LEWIS (COL.)                    NTL                                     NY-31-4-197
MORRIS, MATHEW                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-246
MORRIS, SARAH                           MORRISANIA                              NY-31-38-360
MORRIS, THEOPHILUS                      NYC                                     NY-31-28-568
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-23-305
MORSE, JOHN                             NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-2-371
MORTIER, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-29-530
MORTON, JAMES                           NTL                                     NY-31-37-97
MORTON, JOHN                            NTL, SOMERSET, NJ                       NY-31-36-666
MOSEMAN, MARCUS                         BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-30-258
MOSS, CATHERINE                         NYC                                     NY-31-12-315
MOSSER, JURY                            WEST CAMP, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-33-553
MOT, RICHARD                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-496
MOTT, ADAM                              HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-207
MOTT, ADAM                              HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-4-292
MOTT, ADAM SR.                          NTL                                     NY-31-3-127
MOTT, AMOS                              OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-15-537
MOTT, BENJAMIN                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-16-351
MOTT, CEEORS                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-372
MOTT, CHARLES                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-14-187
MOTT, EDMOND                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-221
MOTT, ELIZABETH                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-31-427
MOTT, ELIZABETH                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-285
MOTT, GERSHOM                           NEW HEMPSTED, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-21-228
MOTT, HANNAH                            MADNOW, QUEENS, NY                      NY-31-22-19
MOTT, HENRY                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-26-225
MOTT, HENRY                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-26-238
MOTT, ISAAC                             NYC                                     NY-31-32-350
MOTT, JACOB                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-244
MOTT, JACOB                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-93
MOTT, JOHN                              HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-368
MOTT, JOHN                              HAMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-344
MOTT, JOHN                              COW NECK, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-265
MOTT, JOSEPH                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-12-393
MOTT, JOSEPH                            CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-25-44
MOTT, JOSEPH                            ROCKWAY, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-24-118
MOTT, MICAJAH                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-322
MOTT, RICHARD                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-131
MOTT, RICHARD                           HERRICKS, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-218
MOTT, RICHARD                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-138
MOTT, RICHBELL                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-12-229
MOTT, RICHBELL                          HAMSTED, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-48
MOTT, SAMUEL                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-196
MOTT, SAMUEL                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-64
MOTT, WILLIAM                           GREAT NECK, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-15-226
MOTT, WILLIAM                           MAMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-25-219
MOTT, WILLIAM                           GREAT NECK, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-39-305
MOULLINARD, JEAN JOSEPH                 NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-14-124
MOWWRIS, SAMUEL                         MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-37-43
MOYLES, WILLIAM                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-32-62
MOYNE, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-2-411
MOYR, PHILIP HENDRICK                   RYNBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-29-244
MUCH, CATHERINE                         HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-23-426
MUDGE, JARVIS                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-12-303
MUIRSON, GEORGE                         RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-7-512
MULDER, CORNELIS                        CLAVARACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-15-282
MULFORD, CHLOE                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-619
MULFORD, EDWARD                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-219
MULFORD, ELIAS                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-166
MULFORD, JEREMIAH                       EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-546
MULFORD, JOHN                           EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-421
MULFORD, JOHN JR.                       EASTHAMPTON, SUFOFLK, NY                NY-31-10-408
MULFORD, MATHEW                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-131
MULFORD, SAMUEL                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-81
MULFORD, THOMAS                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-100
MULFORD, THOMAS                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-11-498
MULFORD, TIMOTHY                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-14-240
MULFORD, WILLIAM                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-257
MULFORD, WILLIAM                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-28-666
MULHOLLAND, DENICE                      NYC                                     NY-31-20-125
MULL, ABRAHAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-11-376
MULLENER, PETER                         LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER, NY              NY-31-28-571
MULLER, CORNELIS                        RENSSELAERSWYCK, ALBANY, NY             NY-31-29-511
MULLER, JERMEIAH                        CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-24-478
MULLER, KILLIAN                         CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-39-298
MUNCY, SAMUEL                           ISLIP, SUFFOLK, NY                      NY-31-38-433
MUNNIL, HANNAH                          NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-38-284
MUNRO, HUGH                             NYC                                     NY-31-13-43
MUNROE, DANIEL                          BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-35-42
MURGITTROYD, SAMMUEL                    NYC                                     NY-31-37-1
MURPHEY, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-36-296
MURPHY, ARTHUR                          NEW LOTS, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-23-297
MURPHY, ROGER                           NYC                                     NY-31-25-429
MURRAY, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-20-236
MURRAY, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-39-217
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-24-32
MUSGROVE, JOHN                          HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-29
MUTS, JEHONAS                           HAVERSHAW, ORANGE, NY                   NY-31-20-235
MUZELIUS, FREDERICUS                    ORANGETOWN, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-37-40
MYER, ABRAHAM                           HARLEM                                  NY-31-19-421
MYER, ABRAHAM                           HARLEM                                  NY-31-28-401
MYER, ADOLPH                            HARLEM                                  NY-31-16-344
MYER, ANDRIS                            NYC                                     NY-31-25-495
MYER, BENIGNA SEBILLA BERKEN            NTL, ALBANY, NY                         NY-31-33-394
MYER, CHRISTIAN                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-36-130
MYER, DOLF                              NEW HARLEM                              NY-31-23-271
MYER, JACOB                             NEW HARLEM                              NY-31-21-239
MYER, JACOB                             NYC                                     NY-31-25-497
MYER, JAMES                             SEE: MYER, JACOB                        NY-31-25-497
MYER, JAMES                             NYC (ADMIN)                             NY-31-26-632
MYER, JOHANNIS                          HARLEM                                  NY-31-19-231
MYER, JOHN                              HARLEM                                  NY-31-30-288
MYER, MARTIN                            NYC                                     NY-31-17-324
MYERS, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-26-109
MYNDERSE, JOHANNIS                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-20-320
MYNDERSE, MYNDERT                       SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-24-126
NACK, RENIER                            NYC                                     NY-31-33-200
NAGEL, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-39-234
NAGEL, JOHN                             HARLEM                                  NY-31-24-212
NAGEL, JURIAN                           BUSWICK, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-13-236
NAGEL, JURIAN                           BUSWICK, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-13-236
NAGLE, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-21-101
NARBURY, PETER                          NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-14-139
NASH, ABNER                             NTL, NTL, NC                            NY-31-39-425
NEALSON, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-502
NEAU, ELIAS                             NYC                                     NY-31-9-391
NEAU,  JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-8-148
NEBENBERGNARBURY, PETER                 NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-14-139
NEEFYES, JOHN                           FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-29-179
NEELY, JOHN                             HANOVER, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-33-369
NEELY, ROBERT                           NEELY TOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-20-158
NEELY, SAMUEL                           OBLONG, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-39-129
NEELY, WILLIAM                          WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-27-479
NEEMES, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-9-446
NEFF, CORNELIUS                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-8-106
NEIGHBOUR, JAMES                        HUNTINGTON                              NY-31-1-89
NELLSON, POLECARPUS                     MAMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-13-201
NELSON, CHARLES                         NYC                                     NY-31-23-469
NELSON, JAMES                           MAJESTY'S NAVY                          NY-31-25-550
NELSON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-23-696
NELSON, PASCHAL                         WEST WESTMINSTER, MIDDLESEX, ENG.       NY-31-37-50
NELSON, REUBEN                          CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-38-214
NERBURY, JOHN                           FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-17-429
NERBURY, SARAH                          SEE: LEAYCRAFT, SARAH                   NY-31-14-200
NERITE, WILLIAM                         LONDON, ENGLAND                         NY-31-38-209
NESEPAT, JASPER                         NYC                                     NY-31-8-184
NESTEL, MEUHAL                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-382
NESTEL, MICHAEL                         SEE: NESTEL, MEUHAL                     NY-31-28-382
NEUFVELL, JANE                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-17-78
NEUFVILL, MARY                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-25-328
NEUFVILLE, JEAN (DR)                    NTL                                     NY-31-8-434
NEWHAFF, JOHN                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-11-444
NEWKERCK, CORNELIUS JR.                 ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-36-50
NEWKIRCK, CORNELIUS                     FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-16
NEWKIRK, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-140
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          CEAXAT, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-21-448
NEZEREAU, ELIAS                         KINGSTON, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES          NY-31-7-575
NEZEREAU, ELIAS                         NTL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES               NY-31-7-524
NIBLETT, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-15-374
NICHOLAS, RICE                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-16-264
NICHOLLS, RICHARD                       NYC                                     NY-31-29-571
NICHOLS, THOMAS                         WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-12-132
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-36-365
NICKOLS, GEORGE                         BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-29-289
NICOLL, ANDREW                          NYC                                     NY-31-16-338
NICOLL, BENJAMIN                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-502
NICOLL, BENJAMIN                        NYC                                     NY-31-22-201
NICOLL, CHARLES                         NYC                                     NY-31-34-48
NICOLL, HANNAH                          NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-39-86
NICOLL, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-15-97
NICOLL, JOHN                            NEW WINSOR, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-36-481
NICOLL, WILLIAM                         ISLIP, SUFFOLK, NY                      NY-31-9-565
NICOLL, WILLIAM                         ISLIP, SUFFOL, NY                       NY-31-32-302
NICOLL, WILLIAM                         ISLIP, SUFFOLK, NY                      NY-31-32-255
NIELSON, JOHANNA                        NYC                                     NY-31-39-398
NOBLE, JAMES                            MAMICOTEN, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-29-446
NOBLE, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-15-472
NODINE, SUSANNA                         YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-23-579
NOE, SAMUEL                             NYC                                     NY-31-55-1
NOELL, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-27
NOLLING, WILLIAM                        MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-11-88
NOOGLAM, JOHN                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-9-31
NOORDSTRANDT, GERRIT H.                 FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-15-13
NOORDSTRANDT, PETER                     JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-16-210
NOORSTRANT, JOHANNIS                    OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-21-341
NOORSTRANT, PETER                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-16-7
NORESTRANT, ALBERT V.                   NYC                                     NY-31-25-239
NORRIS, PETER                           BRIDGHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-9-78
NORTH, JEREMIAH                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-190
NORTH, THOMAS                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-401
NORTHRIP, MOSES                         BEEKMANSBERRY, DUTCHESS, NY             NY-31-16-469
NORTON, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-8-397
NORWOOD, CORNELIA                       NYC                                     NY-31-9-558
NORWOOD, CORNELIA                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-379
NOTTINGHAM, STEPHEN                     MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-37-45
NUGENT, RICHARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-24-35
NUNEZ, JOSEPH                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-624
NUTON, ISAAC                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-115
OADELL, MICEL                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-35-173
OAKELY, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-9-379
OAKLEY, CALEB                           WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-36-169
OAKLEY, ISAAC                           WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-247
OAKLEY, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-28-597
OAKLEY, THOMAS JR.                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-37-19
OBLENIS, JOHN                           CORTLAND, WESTCHESTER, NY               NY-31-29-425
OBLENUS, PETER                          NEWHAMPSTEAD, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-25-35
OCHTERLONY, DAVID                       BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-31-25-596
ODELL, JOHES                            FORDHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-13-220
ODELL, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-28-611
ODELL, JONATHAN                         PHILIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-19-330
ODELL, JONATHAN SR.                     PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-19-78
OGDEN, ALBERT                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-37-86
OGDEN, JACOB                            JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-466
OGDEN, JONATHAN                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-268
OGDEN, WILLIAM                          NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-473
OGILVIE, ALEXANDER                      NYC                                     NY-31-17-334
OGILVIE, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-31-16-413
OGILVIE, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-29-382
OGLESBY, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-31-16-190
OKELY, NATHANIEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-445
OLDFIELD, JOSEPH                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-167
OLDFIELD, JOSEPH                        GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-14-304
OLIVER, CHARLES                         NTL                                     NY-31-9-80
OLIVER, DAVID                           CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-29-277
OLPHARDT, LENARDT                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-26
OLPHARDTS, HULKEA                       NTL                                     NY-31-2-363
ONCLEBAG, GERRIT                        NYC                                     NY-31-12-36
ONDERDONCK, ABRAHAM                     NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-21-51
OOSTERHOUT, TEUNIS                      ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-16-256
OOTHOUT, HENDRICK                       RENSELAERWYCK, ALBANY, NY               NY-31-13-449
ORSBORN, ELISHA                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-475
ORSBORN, JOSIAH                         NTL                                     NY-31-19-217
OSBON, CHRISTOPHER                      NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-19
OSBORN, DANIEL                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-35-13
OSBORN, JONATHAN                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-76
OSBORN, PAUL                            NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-33-355
OSBORN, THOMAS                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-27
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-30-284
OSBORN, WINES                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-39-464
OSBORN, ZEBADEE                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-418
OSBORNE, DANIEL                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-20-449
OSBORNE, JEDIDIAH                       EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-39-81
OSBRON, JOHN                            NEW HEMPSTEAD, ORANGE, NY               NY-31-27-445
OSBURN, JOHN                            SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY                  NY-31-26-36
OSBURN, JOSEPH                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-39-404
OSBURN, JOSEPH                          SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY                  NY-31-25-423
OSBURNE, JOSEPH JR.                     EAST HAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-16-40
OSMAN, JACOB                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-21-112
OSTERHOUDT, JOHN CRUISE                 SAUGERTIES, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-249
OSTERHOUT, ABRAHAM O.                   KINGSOTN, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-28-68
OSTERHOUT, THUENIS                      NTL, ALBANY, NY                         NY-31-23-358
OUTENBOGART, JOSEPH                     NYC                                     NY-31-35-293
OUTHOUSE, SIMON                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHSTER, NY            NY-31-27-492
OUTMAN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-8-454
OUTWATER, PETER                         RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-435
OVERTON, JAMES                          CORNWELL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-26-286
OWEN, CHARLES                           OUSHEN, PEMBROKESHIRE, SOUTH WALES      NY-31-7-57
OWEN, JEREMIAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-20-27
OWEN, MOSES                             WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-28-360
OWEN, THOMAS                            BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-29-214
OWEN, TIMOTHY                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-23-28
OWENS, GEORGE                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-27-397
PADDACK, SETH                           NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (NO WILL)             NY-31-39-500
PADDACK, SETH                           FREDERICKSBURGH, DUTCHESS, NY           NY-31-39-85
PAGE, JOHN                              BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-24-111
PAIN, ISAAC                             SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-12-16
PAIN, JOHN                              SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-23-408
PAIN, WILLIAM                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-14-322
PAINE, ELISHA                           NTL                                     NY-31-23-76
PAINE, EPHRAIM                          AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-38-255
PAINE, JOSHUA                           AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-33-576
PAINE, JOSHUA JR.                       NTL                                     NY-31-24-291
PAINE, THOMAS                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-25-446
PAINE, WILLIAM                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-22
PAINTER, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-28-468
PALDEN, JAMES                           NYC (CUT)                               NY-31-25-2
PALDING, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-23-486
PALMER, EPHRAIM                         CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-423
PALMER, JAMES                           HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-30-202
PALMER, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-16-237
PALMER, NEHEMIAH                        MARMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-22-563
PALMER, OBADIAH                         MAMRONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-16-435
PALMER, REBECCA                         WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-28-613
PALMER, ROBERT                          MAMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-15-52
PALMER, SARAH                           EAST CHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-685
PALMER, SILVANUS                        MAMARONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-15-31
PALMER, WILLIAM                         CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-39-383
PARCEL, ABRAHAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-36-569
PARCELL, JACOB                          NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-438
PARCELL, JOHN                           BARN ISLAND                             NY-31-18-47
PARCOT, JOHN                            NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-28-552
PARHAM, THOMAS                          GARRISON OF OSWEGO                      NY-31-22-340
PARIS, ISAAC                            STONE ARABIA, TRYON, NY                 NY-31-33-39
PARK, ROGER                             RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-28-217
PARKER, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-27-275
PARKER, JOHN                            HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-36-655
PARKIN, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-31-34-467
PARLEAY, CATHERIN                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-39-501
PARLEE, JACOB                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-32-33
PARLIEA, PETER                          SEE: PERLIA, PETER                      NY-31-16-303
PARLIER, ABRAHAM                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-22-330
PARMITER, THOMAS                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-11-467
PARMYTER, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-9-22
PARMYTER, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-14-55
PARSALL, HEZEKIAH                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEEN, NY                    NY-31-35-252
PARSELL, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-34-452
PARSELL, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-9-274
PARSELLS, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-23-58
PARSHALL, DAVID                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-22-150
PARSHELL, DAVID                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-10-157
PARSONS, JOHN                           EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-79
PARSONS, PHEBE                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-75
PARSONS, ROBERT                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-26
PARSONS, SAMUEL                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-459
PARSONS, SETH                           EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-292
PARTRIDG, ELIZABETH                     FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-1-38
PASMORE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-31-35-220
PASONS, ANN                             NYC                                     NY-31-22-310
PASTON, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NY-31-8-14
PATE, GILBARD                           NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-36-158
PATERSON, JOSIAH                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-554
PATTERSON, JOHN                         WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-38-486
PATTERSON, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-39-26
PATTERSON, JOSEPH                       NYC                                     NY-31-25-5
PATTON, WILLIAM                         NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-38-484
PAUL, JOSEPH                            HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-23-535
PAWLING, ALBERT                         NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-15-455
PAWLING, CATHARINE                      RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-24-369
PAWLING, LEVI                           MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-467
PAYNE, BENJAMIN                         NYC                                     NY-31-26-52
PEARCE, RICHARD                         COW NECK, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-15-271
PEARCE, SAMUEL                          COW NECK, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-27
PEARS, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-392
PEARSALL, ANNE                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-26-597
PEARSALL, DANIEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-7-119
PEARSALL, ELISABETH                     NYC                                     NY-31-24-494
PEARSALL, HENRY                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-17-120
PEARSALL, HENRY                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-29-508
PEARSALL, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-594
PEARSALL, NATHANIEL                     COW NECK, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-29
PEARSALL, NATHANIELL                    HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-7-151
PEARSALL, THOMAS                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-21-523
PEARSALS, THOMAS                        SPECTACLE ISLAND, WESTCHESTER, NY       NY-31-11-227
PEARSE, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-16-375
PEARSE, WILLIAM                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-277
PEARTREE, ANNA                          NYC                                     NY-31-11-18
PEARTREE, WILLIAM (COL.)                NYC                                     NY-31-8-316
PEASLEY, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-35-336
PEATY, DANIEL                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-15-408
PEEK, WILLIAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-590
PEEKAM, REUBIN                          CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-28-309
PEERS, HENDRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-10-147
PEET, WILLIAM                           NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-26-636
PEFFER, LUKE                            NYC                                     NY-31-24-133
PEIRSON, DAVID                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-618
PEIRSON, JOSIAH                         BRIDGANP, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-678
PEIRSON, THEOPHILUS                     SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-15-339
PELEN, PETRUS                           KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-22-281
PELL, CALEB                             PELHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-26-303
PELL, DAVID                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-12-362
PELL, JOHN                              PELHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-28-555
PELL, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-35-45
PELL, JOSEPH                            PELHAM MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-18-186
PELL, JOSHUA SR.                        PELLHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-34-335
PELL, MARY                              PELHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-28-310
PELL, PHILP                             PELHAM MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-18-83
PELL, SAMUEL                            NYC                                     NY-31-30-98
PELL, SAMUEL T.                         NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-39-488
PELL, THEOPHILUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-10-131
PELL, THOMAS                            NTL                                     NY-31-1-39
PELL, THOMAS                            EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-18-494
PELL, THOMAS SR.                        PELHAM MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-18-161
PELL, WILLIAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-148
PELLETREAU, ELIAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-11-78
PELLETREAU, JOHN                        NTL                                     NY-31-2-350
PELLETREAU, MAGDALENA                   NYC                                     NY-31-7-6
PELLETREAW, FRANCIS                     SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-13-377
PELLS, ELIZABETH                        NYC                                     NY-31-23-320
PELS, EVERT                             NYC                                     NY-31-23-219
PENDERGRASS, MICHAEL                    NYC                                     NY-31-23-398
PENNISTON, THOMAS                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-347
PENY, NATHAN                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-26-512
PERCUTT, PETER                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-25-10
PERINE, EDWARD                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-32-164
PERINE, PETER                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-20-130
PERKINS, OLIVER                         LITTLE HOESOCK, ALBANY, NY              NY-31-33-516
PERLIA, PETER                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-16-303
PEROA, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-7-526
PERRINE, DANIEL                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-16-396
PERRING, HENRY                          BROOKEHAVEN                             NY-31-1-123
PERRON, RICHAD                          BOORE                                   NY-31-18-454
PERRY, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-334
PERRY, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-26-478
PERSALL, HENRY                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-1-23
PERSEN, ABRAHAM SR.                     GREAT IMBOUGH, ALBANY, NY               NY-31-38-30
PERSEN, CORNELIS                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-27-145
PERSHALL, ISRAEL                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-362
PERSON, JOHN                            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-20-48
PETERIE, JOHN                           BURNITTSFIELD, TRYON, NY                NY-31-36-504
PETERS, CHARLES                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-505
PETERS, CHARLES                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-490
PETERS, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-32-214
PETERS, GEORGE                          CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-584
PETERS, MARY                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-192
PETERS, SOLOMON                         NYC                                     NY-31-9-551
PETERS, VALENTINE H.                    HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-39-369
PETERSON, JACOB                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-226
PETO, HUMPHREY                          HARLEM                                  NY-31-14-294
PETTER, JOST                            NYC                                     NY-31-25-46
PETTET, JOHN                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-116
PETTINER, GEORGE (LT)                   BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-34-28
PETTIT, ANNE                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-607
PETTIT, BARTHOLOMEW                     PHILLIPS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-27-192
PETTIT, JOSEPH                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-82
PETTIT, JOSEPH                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-32-227
PETTIT, SAMUEL                          SOUTH HAMPTON, QUEENS, NY               NY-31-39-367
PETTITT, THOAMS                         NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-8-410
PETTY, EZEKIEL                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-39-261
PEYPHER, PETER                          GERMAN FLATTS, MONTGOMERY, NY           NY-31-39-274
PHENIA, JAMES                           SHWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-22-78
PHILIPS, ADOLPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-38-79
PHILIPS, DAVID                          NYC                                     NY-31-38-497
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-27-190
PHILIPS, WILLIAM SR.                    FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-21-363
PHILIPSE, FREDRICK                      NYC                                     NY-31-18-1
PHILIPSE, PHILIP                        NYC                                     NY-31-26-383
PHILLIP, CHRISTIAN                      EAST CAMP, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-39-277
PHILLIP, NICKEL                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-36-281
PHILLIPS, GEORGE                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-14-39
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       NTL, SUFFOLK, NY                        NY-31-31-461
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM (MAJ GEN.)            BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-34-248
PHILLIPSE, CATHARINE F.                 NYC                                     NY-31-11-74
PHILPOT, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-27-203
PHOENIX, ALEXANDER                      NYC                                     NY-31-27-332
PICKERD, BARTHOLOMEW                    PALATINE, TRYON, NY                     NY-31-37-149
PIERCY, HANNAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-21-99
PIERSON, SIALS                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-33-94
PIERSON, SUSANNAH                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-509
PIKE, HENRY                             SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-481
PINCKNEY, WILLIAM JR.                   EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-16-61
PINE, DANIEL                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-259
PINE, JAMES                              NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-36-69
PINE, JAMES                             HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-87
PINE, JAMES                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-106
PINE, JAMES JR.                         NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-20-435
PINE, JOHN                              FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-428
PINE, JOHN                              HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-7-117
PINE, JOHN                              EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-27-573
PINE, SARAH                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-302
PINFIELD, RICHARD                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-24-339
PINKNEY, ISRAEL                         EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-25-31
PINKNY, WILLIAM                         EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-19-242
PINTARD, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-18-356
PINTARD, PONTIUS                        COAST OF AFRICA                         NY-31-35-384
PIPON, ELIAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-16-16
PITCHER, JAMES                          BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-35-396
PITSIER, ADAM                           NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-26-420
PIXLEY, JOSEPH                          CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-39-478
PLACE, ARON                             WESTBURY, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-29-312
PLACE, JOSEPH                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-279
PLACE, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     NY-31-32-296
PLATT, AMOS                             HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-453
PLATT, BENONI                           NORTHCASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-24-37
PLATT, EPENETUS                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-15-403
PLATT, EPENETUS                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-252
PLATT, EPENETUS                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-472
PLATT, EPENETUS                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-132
PLATT, HANNAH                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-25-503
PLATT, ISAAC                            HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-503
PLATT, JEREMIAH                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-19-162
PLATT, JESSE                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-26-619
PLATT, OBADIAH                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-350
PLATT, PHILIP                           HUNTINGTON                              NY-31-16-318
PLATT, RICHARD                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-217
PLATT, URIAH                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-488
PLATT, ZEPHANIAH                        SMITH TOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-31-493
PLOEGH, PAULUS                          KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-28-538
PLOEGH, WILHELMUS                       KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-12-274
PLOUGH, HENRY                           KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-19-67
PLUMBE, SAMUEL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-158
PLUSS, JOHANN EMMERICH                  CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-20-396
POFFIE, ANTIE                           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-20-402
POILLON, JAMES                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-12-37
POILLON, JAMES                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-35-475
POILLON, JAQUES                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-9-215
POILLON, PEER                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-18-330
POILLON, PETER                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-34-113
POLHEMIUS, TEUNIS                       FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-15-144
POLHEMIUS, THEODORUS                    JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-9-363
POLHEMUS, CORNELIUS                     HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-14-98
POLHEMUS, CORNELIUS                     RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-39-423
POLHEMUS, GEORGE                        HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-39-58
POLHEMUS, THEODORUS                     BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-34-560
POLYON, JOHN                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-10-5
POMROY, ELIZABETH                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-554
POOL, THOMAS                            BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     NY-31-15-536
POOL, WILLIAM                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-403
POPPELSDORFF, WILHELMUS                 NYC                                     NY-31-28-293
POST, GERRIT                            STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-20-56
POST, HENDRICK                          PHILIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY         NY-31-27-170
POST, JACOB                             YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-27-631
POST, JOHN                              SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-14-32
POST, JOSEPH                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-9-466
POTTER, GILBERT                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-39-1
POTTER, JOB                             NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-33-313
POULSE, GOMMERT                         KINGSTOWNE                              NY-31-2-333
POWEL, HENRY                            NTL                                     NY-31-21-82
POWELL, AMOS                            BETHPAGE, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-17-128
POWELL, ELISHA                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-13-290
POWELL, JOHN                            OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-13-195
POWELL, MOSES                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-29-439
POWELL, RICHARD                         BETHPAGE, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-29-318
POWELL, SOLOMAN                         NTL                                     NY-31-12-397
POWELL, THOMAS                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-513
POWELL, THOMAS                          BETHPHAGE, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-296
POWELL, THOMAS                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-11-270
POWELL, THOMAS SR.                      HAMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-9-413
POWELL, WAIT                            OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-17-160
POWER, DENNIS                           WEXFORD, IRELAND                        NY-31-21-428
POWER, PETER                            NYC                                     NY-31-16-378
POWERS, ANN                             FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-26-473
POYER, THOMAS                           ROMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-90
POYER, THOMAS                           NTL                                     NY-31-1-273
PRAA, PETER                             BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-13-564
PRAAL, PETER                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-16-390
PRAALL, ISAAC                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-29-237
PRALL, ABRAHAM                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-30-7
PRALL, ARONT                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-10-98
PRALL, PETER                            STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-38-337
PRAT, BENJAMIN (CHIEF JUSTICE)          NYC                                     NY-31-23-642
PRATT, JACOB                            BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-33-528
PRESTON, DAVID                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-33-543
PRESTON, ISAAC                          LIVERPOOL, LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND          NY-31-27-308
PREVOOST, JAN HENDRICKSON               NYC                                     NY-31-8-367
PRIAR, JOHN                             OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-16-421
PRICE, EDWARD                           SHREWSBURY, MONMOUTH, NJ                NY-31-35-38
PRICE, THOMAS                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-22-122
PRICHET, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-24-348
PRICKLOVE, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-8-168
PRIER, SAMUEL                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-18-19
PRINCE, JOHN                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-25-118
PRINCE, SAMUEL                          NTL, SOMERSET, NJ                       NY-31-33-56
PRITCHARD, ANNA                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-360
PROBASCO, JOHN                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-16-472
PROBASCO, JURIAN                        FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-11-407
PROBASCO, RYNEER                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-659
PROBY, WILLIAM                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-11-333
PROVOOST, ABRAHAM                       CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-25-594
PROVOOST, DAVID                         NYC                                     NY-31-34-374
PROVOOST, DAVID JR.                     NYC                                     NY-31-10-21
PROVOOST, GERRIT                        NYC                                     NY-31-10-336
PROVOOST, SAMUEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-9-166
PROVOOST, WILLIAM                       NEW BARBADOES, BERGEN, NJ               NY-31-15-582
PROVOST, DAVID                          NYC                                     NY-31-36-277
PROVOST, JOHANNES                       NYC                                     NY-31-19B-112
PROVOST, JOHANNIS                       LONENBURGH, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-28-112
PROVOST, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-26-85
PROVOST, JONATHAN                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-73
PROVOST, JULIUS                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-7-539
PROVOST, NATHANIEL                      NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-10
PRUYN, FRANCIS                          KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-36-506
PRUYN, HENDERICK                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-18-91
PRYER, JACOB                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-12-18
PUGSLY, JOHN                            PELLHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-26-570
PUIROE, MARTHA                          NYC                                     NY-31-9-103
PULLEN, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-30-278
PUMROY, SAMUEL                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-15-240
PUNDT, JEREMIAH                         NEW ORK CITY                            NY-31-29-247
PURCUTT, JAMES                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-21-12
PURDY, ABIGAIL                          NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-27-485
PURDY, ABRAHAM                          CORTLANDS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-33-1
PURDY, DANIEL                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-27-4
PURDY, HENRY                            CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-33-520
PURDY, JONATHAN                         WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-28-316
PURDY, JOSEPH                           COURTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-33-17
PURDY, JOSEPH                           WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-38-442
PURDY, JOSIAH                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-22-177
PURRIER, WILLIAM                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-1-141
QUACKINBUSH, CORNELIUS                  NYC                                     NY-31-25-87
QUIMBY, HANNAH                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-26-41
QUICK, JACOBUS                          NYC                                     NY-31-14-129
QUICK, TEUNIS                           NYC                                     NY-31-15-133
QUICK, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-15-415
QUINE, CHRISOTPHER                      NYC                                     NY-31-24-449
QUEREAU, ELIAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-154
QUICK, ABRAHAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-27-620
QUACKENBOS, JOHANNES                    NYC                                     NY-31-29-352
QUEREAU, JUDITH                         NYC                                     NY-31-32-298
QUICK, JACOBUS                          ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-33-445
QUACKENBOS, WALTER                      NYC                                     NY-31-38-342
QUACKENBOSS, MARGRETA                   NYC                                     NY-31-39-263
RICHARD, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-36-55
ROBBINS, ZEBULON                        NTL, ALBANY, NY                         NY-31-36-108
ROOSEVELT, NICHOLAS                     NYC                                     NY-31-36-193
ROOSEVELT, JACOBUS JR.                  NYC                                     NY-31-36-350
RUTGERS, ANTHONY A.                     NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ                       NY-31-36-467
REEVE, PURYER                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-36-514
RIDER, WILLIAM                          HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-36-542
RODMAN, THOMAS                          FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-555
ROOLOFFSON, SARAH                       NTL                                     NY-31-5-6
ROMEYN, CLAES                           NYC                                     NY-31-11-5
RAYNER, THIRSTAN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-1-22
RAYNOR, ISAAC                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-12-5
RINEURE, JAMES                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-16-1
REEVES, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-8
RAPALJE, ANN                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-20-3
RYDER, JOHN                             GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-23-6
ROWLEY, DAVID                           NYC                                     NY-31-32-1
ROELOFFSON, TYTIE                       SEE: LIPPENS, TYTIE                     NY-31-5-47
RIEMER, PETER DE                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-30
RATTIER, JACOB                          NYC                                     NY-31-7-65
ROMEYN, SYMON JANSEN                    NYC                                     NY-31-7-66
RUTGERS, HARMAN                         NYC                                     NY-31-8-38
ROKEBY, PHILIP                          NYC                                     NY-31-8-58
RUTSEN, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-31-10-51
RICHARDS, STEPHEN                       NYC                                     NY-31-11-13
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-1-257
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-1-261
RAPELJE, JOHN                           BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-12-73
REMSE, DANIEL                           FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-13-35
RAPALJE, DANIEL                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-13-70
RAYNER, JONATHAN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-14-29
REMSEN, JOHANNES                        NYC                                     NY-31-15-12
REED, THOMAS                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-15-50
RAPALJE, JORIS                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-15-59
RUTGERS, ANTHONY                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-12
REDDIN, JEREMIAH                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-87
ROODS, TIMOTHY                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-18
ROCK, THOMAS                            SEE: SMITH, THOMAS                      NY-31-17-26
RUTGERS, ANTHONY                        NYC                                     NY-31-19-29
RYCKMAN, WARINE                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-20-89
ROGERS, DAVID                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-21
RUTGERS, CORNELIA                       NYC                                     NY-31-22-40
ROSS, JAMES                             DUNFRIES, NORTH BRITAIN                 NY-31-23-10
REEDER, JACOB                           NEWTOWN                                 NY-31-23-39
RIPLE, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-23-43
RICHBLE, ANN                            MARRONACK, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-2-366
ROSE, DANIEL                            BROOK HAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-66
REVE, WALTER                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-23-77
RYKE, HENRY                             NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-2-379
RUTGERS, GERTIE                         NTL                                     NY-31-2-404
RYNDERS, HESTER                         NYC                                     NY-31-24-12
RAYNOR, JOSEPH                          SOUTHHAMPTON                            NY-31-2-442
RUSCOE, WILLIAM                         JAMECA                                  NY-31-2-447
RICHARD, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-25-32
RUNNELS, RICHARDSON                     NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-25-59
RAYMOND, EPHRAIM                        BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-25-60
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-26-23
RIVEN, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-26-82
REMSEN, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-28-32
ROOSEVELT, JACOBUS JR.                  NYC                                     NY-31-28-39
RODMAN, THOMAS                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-29-39
RENNE, PETER                            RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-29-76
RIDER, JOHN                             NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-29-89
RAMSDEN, JOHN                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-3-167
REMSEN, ARIS                            BRONCKLYN, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-32-23
RAPLEJE, DANIEL SR.                     NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-13
ROGERS, ZOPHAR                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-50
REMSEN, JEREMIAH                        BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-35-23
REMSEN, JANNETJE                        BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-35-61
RAPALIE, CORNELIUS SR.                  NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-35-64
REMSEN, JEROMAS                         NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-35-68
RODMAN, JOHN                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-37-18
RAY, NATHANIEL                          GEORGETOWN, FREDERICK, MD               NY-31-37-67
ROOS, URSULA                            NYC                                     NY-31-38-13
ROOME, JACOB                            NYC                                     NY-31-38-51
ROE, WILLIAM                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-39-12
ROMBOUTS, FRANCIS                       NYC                                     NY-31-4-263
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                     WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-4-427
ROBS, GERRIT JANSE                      NYC                                     NY-31-5-262
RIVARD, LEWIS                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-130
RAMBER, ELIAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-7-311
RODERECUS, ISAAC                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-384
ROE, DAVID                              FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-7-401
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                       SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-7-421
ROMBOUTS, FRANCIS                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-453
ROMBOUTS, HELENA                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-458
RINKER, JOHN                            FLUSHING, QUEEN, NY                     NY-31-7-476
ROOMBOUTS, HELENA                       NYC                                     NY-31-7-500
ROOSA, HEYMAN                           HORLEY, ULSTER, NY                      NY-31-7-517
ROBERTS, DANIEL                         NTL                                     NY-31-8-182
RYERSEN, GERRET                         SEE: RYERS, JANATIE                     NY-31-8-187
RYERS, JANATIE                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-8-187
RYERS, GERRIT                           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-8-189
ROSE, PETER                             NYC                                     NY-31-8-194
REEVE, JAMES                            THORNBURY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND     NY-31-8-330
ROE, JOHN                               BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-8-341
REEVE, JOHN                             SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-8-342
REGNIER, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-8-402
ROMIJN, SOPHIA                          NYC                                     NY-31-8-436
ROSE, DAVID                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-503
ROMEN, JOHN WILLEMSE                    NYC                                     NY-31-9-188
REZEAU, RINER                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-9-247
ROLAND, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-9-409
REZEAU, PETER                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-9-474
RAMSEY, SYMON                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-9-482
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                     NYC                                     NY-31-9-484
RAPALJE, THEUNIS                        BROOCKLAND, KINGS, NY                   NY-31-9-489
REMSEN, REM                             NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-9-555
RYNDERTS, BARENT                        NYC                                     NY-31-10-242
ROSENKRANS, SARAH                       NTL                                     NY-31-10-357
ROGERS, THEOPHILUS                      NTL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES               NY-31-11-193
RODMAN, JOHN                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-11-197
RAPALJE, JORIS                          BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-11-224
ROBERTS, THOMAS SR.                     NYC                                     NY-31-11-479
REZEAU, PETER                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-12-104
RYCKMAN, JOHN                           TURTLE BAY                              NY-31-12-150
RAPALJE, THEUNIS                        BOSWYCK, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-12-226
REEVE, JAMES                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-11-387
ROSE, SARAH                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-12-365
RICKETTS, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-12-381
RICHARDS, HENRY                         NYC                                     NY-31-12-437
REEVE, JOSEPH                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-12-487
ROSIE, JOHN                             ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-13-129
RAY, RICHARD                            NYC                                     NY-31-13-180
ROE, NATHANIEL                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-13-218
RYCKMAN, ALBERT                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-13-256
REEVES, THOMAS                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-13-323
READE, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-13-387
ROBERTS, MARGARET                       NYC                                     NY-31-13-587
REMSEN, GEORGE                          HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-14-108
REMSEN, REM SR.                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-14-307
RICKITS, MARY                           NYC                                     NY-31-14-308
REMSEN, REM                             NYC                                     NY-31-15-110
REMSEN, JORIS                           BRUKLAND, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-15-137
REEVES, DELIVERANCE                     SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-15-167
ROLL, MANGELL JANSEN                    TURTLE BAY                              NY-31-15-186
RALL, JOHN                              TURTLE BAY                              NY-31-15-238
ROUSBY, SARAH                           NYC                                     NY-31-15-251
ROGES, JAMES                            HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-15-258
ROUSBY, HENRY                           NTL                                     NY-31-15-322
RUTGERS, PETRUS                         NYC                                     NY-31-15-431
RIARSON, MARTIN                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-16-201
REMSEN, JORIS                           SEE: REMSEN, GEORGE                     NY-31-16-308
REMSEN, GEORGE                          HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-16-308
RYHN, DARBY                             NTL                                     NY-31-16-330
ROGES, ISAIAH                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-17-105
REDER, JOHN                             NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-17-146
REED, JOHN JR.                          NTL                                     NY-31-17-192
REMSON, JERONIMUS                       NYC                                     NY-31-17-249
RYCKMAN, PETRUS                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-17-256
ROW, LEWIS                              NYC                                     NY-31-17-328
RODES, HOPE                             JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-341
REMSEN, REM                             NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-18-103
REEVE, BENJAMIN                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-18-145
ROOSEVELT, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-175
RUMSEY, SIMON                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-18-303
RENAUDET, JAMES                         NYC                                     NY-31-18-325
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-362
RUTGERS, HARMANUS                       NYC                                     NY-31-18-378
RICHE, DENNIS                           NYC                                     NY-31-18-434
RAPPALIE, JERONEMUS                     FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-19-118
RAPELJE, JERONEMUS JR.                  BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-19-140
RUSHMORE, JACOB                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-19-204
ROOME, ANNE                             NYC                                     NY-31-19-258
ROGERS, THOMAS JR.                      HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-19-416
RICHARD, PAUL                           NYC                                     NY-31-20-151
RUTTERY, MARGARET                       NYC                                     NY-31-20-280
REMSEN, STEPHEN                         BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-20-317
RAPALJE, JOHN                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-20-385
RAMSEY, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-20-409
REMSEN, JACOB                           BROOKLEN, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-20-422
REMSEN, ISAAC                           BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-20-467
ROGERS, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-272
REMSEN, GEORGE                          FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-21-350
RODMAN, JOSEPH                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-21-396
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                     FLORIDA                                 NY-31-21-421
RYDER, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-21-462
REMSEN, CHRISTOPHER                     BROOKLEN, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-21-505
RATSEY, ALICE                           NYC                                     NY-31-22-119
ROE, WILLIAM                            PHILLIPSE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-22-460
ROSE, ZACCHEUS                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-462
REYNOR, SILVENUS                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-22-514
ROGERS, JOSEPH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-535
RODGERS, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-23-137
RENO, STEPHEN                           NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-145
RENNE, JAMES                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-177
REEVE, THOMAS                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOL, NY                    NY-31-23-223
ROBISON, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-31-23-241
REED, SAMUEL                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-251
REGULAR, LEONARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-23-261
RAPELJE, JERONIMUS                      BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-23-282
ROBINSON, ROBART                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-23-372
REMMI, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-23-557
ROSS, JAMES ISAIAH                      NORTH EAST, DUTCHESS, NY                NY-31-23-615
REYNALDS, JONATHAN                      NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-619
RIKER, HENRY                            NYC                                     NY-31-23-689
ROADS, DANIEL                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-24-121
RYDER, JOHN                             PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-159
REYNOR, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-24-289
RAY, RICHARD                            NYC                                     NY-31-24-360
RUNNELS, JOHN                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-590
RICE, CHRISTOPHER                       NYC                                     NY-31-25-243
REMSEN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-25-281
ROBERTSON, THOMAS                       SEE: ROBINSON, THOMAS                   NY-31-25-460
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-460
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-538
RANER, SAMUEL                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-581
RUSHTON, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-615
ROUGONT, PEIRRE                         SEE: LESHOUNG, PETER                    NY-31-25-617
RATSEY, ROBERT                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-623
RATSEY, ALICE                           NYC                                     NY-31-26-121
ROE, DAVID                              FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-26-159
RENAUDET, JAMES                         NYC (ADMIN)                             NY-31-26-312
RAPPALJE, CORNELIUS                     NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-26-366
REEVE, SAMUEL                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-26-436
REA, RICHARD                            NYC                                     NY-31-26-607
RUTGERS, HARMANUS                       NYC                                     NY-31-27-164
ROBISON, JONATHAN                       UPPER DUBLIN, PHILA., PA                NY-31-27-235
RYCKER, ABRAHAM                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-27-266
ROBESON, JONATHAN (ADM)                 UPPER DUBLIN, PHILA., PA                NY-31-27-328
ROLT, HENRY                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-430
REED, ROBERT                            YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-27-438
REAVE, HEZEKIAH                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-27-472
RICHARDS, ELIZABETH                     NYC                                     NY-31-27-514
RIDGWAY, JOSEPH                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-27-596
READE, JOSEPH                           NYC                                     NY-31-27-606
ROW, JOHN                               LITTLE NINE PARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY      NY-31-28-146
READ, JOHN                              NEW WINSOR, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-28-148
RYNLANDER, BARNARD                      NYC                                     NY-31-28-243
RICH, STEPHEN                           YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-28-254
ROOSEVELT, CORNELIUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-28-300
ROBBENS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-28-557
RYDER, AREYTE                           GRAVESEND, NTL, NY                      NY-31-28-569
ROBERTSON, SIDNEY                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-648
RANDALL, JOSEPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-656
RICHARSDON, JOHN                        NYC                                     NY-31-28-677
RICHARD, STEPHEN                        NYC                                     NY-31-28-692
RYDER, JACOBUS                          GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-29-150
RUNSHAW, MARTHA                         NYC                                     NY-31-29-182
ROGERS, ELIAS                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-207
RICHARD, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-29-219
RAPALJE, JOHN                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-29-242
RENNE, JAMES                            NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-29-271
ROGER, JOHN                             COLDSPRING, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-29-310
READE, LAWRENCE                         NYC                                     NY-31-29-362
ROGERS, ANANIAS                         HUTNINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-386
ROBERTS, HEZEKIAH                       BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-29-474
ROORBACH, JOHANNIS                      NYC                                     NY-31-29-499
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFOFLK, NY                NY-31-30-119
ROOSEVELT, JACOBUS NTLNTLNTL            NYC                                     NY-31-30-227
ROSEBOOM, AHASUERUS                     ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-30-254
RIEMER, ISAAC D. SR.                    NYC                                     NY-31-30-275
ROSS, JEAN                              NYC                                     NY-31-31-369
RALPH, JOSEPH                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-31-396
RICH, JOSHUA                            YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-31-412
ROGERS, STEPHEN                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-32-121
RYERSS, ADRIAEN                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-32-272
RIERSON, GEORGE                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-32-280
RHOADS, ISAAC                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-289
RHODES, HOPE                            NTL, QUEENS, NY                         NY-31-32-291
RODMAN, SAMUEL                          PELHAM, WESTCHESTER, NY                 NY-31-32-331
RODGERS, MICHAEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-32-356
RIDER, BARNABUS                         BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-32-487
ROCKWELL, BENJAMIN                      SALEM, WESTCHESTER, NY                  NY-31-33-264
RUTGERS, HENDRICK                       NYC                                     NY-31-33-306
RUTSEN, MICHAEL                         POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-33-315
RITCHIE, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-33-347
REITSER, CONRAD                         LIVINGSTON MANOR, ALBANY, NY            NY-31-33-458
REEDER, JOSIAH                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-33-508
ROSECRANTS, DANIEL                      NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-33-562
ROASA, ISAAC                            SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-33-592
ROSE, THOMAS                            NTL                                     NY-31-34-125
RYER, WILLHALMUS                        GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-34-180
RUSHMORE, ISAAC                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-34-200
RAINER, BENJAMIN                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-213
ROWLAND, MARY                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-216
RODRIGUES, ISAAC                        NYC                                     NY-31-34-332
ROGERS, HEZEKIAH                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-389
RAYNER, JOSIAH                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-392
REVE, JAMES                             SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-413
RICE, WILLIAM                           BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-34-436
RAPALJE, GEORGE                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-34-444
RULAND, JEREMIAH                        HUNTINGTON, SUFOFLK, NY                 NY-31-34-506
REEVE, JOSEPH                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-34-570
REEVES, MARY                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-35-126
RUGG, JOSEPH                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-139
REEVE, BETHUEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-144
ROGERS, DAVID                           NYC                                     NY-31-35-201
ROE, WILLIAM                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-35-255
RAINER, AMOS                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-264
ROSE, HENRY                             BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-35-266
RONEY, JOHN                             BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-35-317
RANDALL, MARIANNE                       NYC                                     NY-31-35-449
REMSON, JOHN                            OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-35-462
RANSOM, REM                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-480
RIKARD, DAVID                           RHINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-37-101
ROGERS, OBADIAH                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-37-105
RUTGERS, ANTHONY A.                     NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ                       NY-31-37-194
ROSAKRANS, ELIJAH                       ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-38-116
RODGERS, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-38-162
ROOME, LAWRANCE                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-38-164
REEER, FREDERICK                        NYC                                     NY-31-38-166
RHINELANDER, WILLIAM                    NYC                                     NY-31-38-234
ROGERS, ISRAEL SR.                      NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-38-253
ROE, NATHANIEL                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-38-296
RAINOR, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-38-394
RAMSON, AURIES                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-38-429
ROBINSON, WILLIAM SR.                   BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-39-123
ROGERS, JOHN                            NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-39-195
REED, JAMES                             NYC                                     NY-31-39-203
RYCKMAN, TOBIAS                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-39-249
ROCKEFELLER, WILLIAM                    EAST CAMP, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-39-356
RIGGS, EDWARD                           NYC                                     NY-31-39-400
REMSEN, CATHARINE                       NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-39-432
RANDEL, SAMUEL                          BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-39-460
SCHENECK, JOHN                          FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-36-450
SCHEPMOS, ENGLETIE                      NYC                                     NY-31-36-180
SANDS, SIMON                            COW NECK, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-36-614
SEBRING, CORNELIUS                      NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-36-447
SEBRING, ISAAC                          BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-36-535
SEAMAN, ZEBULUN                         SEE: WILLIAMS, ZEBULUN                  NY-31-36-557
SCHUYLER, MARGARET                      THE FLATTS, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-36-40
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-36-309
SELBY, SAMUEL                           NTL, BURLINGTON, NJ                     NY-31-36-336
SMITH, JACOB                            SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-36-136
SMITH, JOHN                             PHILLIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-36-415
SKIDMORE, JOSEPH                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-36-548
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-36-30
SMITH, JAMES                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-36-6
SMEDES, PETRUS                          GREEN KILL, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-36-205
SMITH, JONATHAN                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-36-366
SMITH, SAMUEL                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-36-186
SMITH, NATHANIEL                        SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-36-135
SOULE, GEORGE                           GREAT NINE PARTNERS, DUTCHESS, NY       NY-31-36-390
SMITH, URIAH                            BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-36-521
SMITH, WATERS                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-36-182
SMITH, STEPHEN                          SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-36-357
STOUTENBERGH, JACOBUS                   NYC                                     NY-31-36-674
STORM, ANNE                             PHILISPBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-36-375
STEVENS, ABRAHAM                        HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-36-248
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        PAWLINGS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-160
SWAIN, MATTHIAS                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-36-188
SWARTWOUT, RODOLPHUS                    ROMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-36-45
SHELLEY, GILES                          NYC                                     NY-31-8-8
STURMUR, SAMUEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-13-9
SMITH, GEERTRUID                        NYC                                     NY-31-15-2
STEVENSON, JOHN                         NTL                                     NY-31-1-59
SAYRE, THOMAS                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-1-63
SNEDEKER, JOHN                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-4
STILLWELL, NICHOLAS                     STATEN ISLAND                           NY-31-1-93
SLEGHT, HENDRICK                        NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-21-8
SHARER, GILBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-24-1
SIMPSON, ISABELLA                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-24-5
SOUTHERLAND, DAVID                      NYC (CUT)                               NY-31-25-1
SMITH, MICAH                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-26-1
SHAW, ROBERT                            NYC                                     NY-31-3-38
STUYVESANT, JUDITH                      NTL                                     NY-31-3-44
STUART, DAVID (SGT)                     BRITISH ARMY                            NY-31-34-8
SAMMIS, JESSE                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-35-1
STRAIGHT, FREDERICK                     CLAVERACK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-38-1
SHERRILL, RECUMPENCE                    EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-39-5
STORY, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-5-52
STROMANTEEL, AHASUREIS                  NYC                                     NY-31-5-94
STRUDLES, GABRIEL TOMPSON               NTL                                     NY-31-7-10
SERLEY, ANTHONY                         NTL                                     NY-31-7-53
SHIRES, RALEPH                          NTL                                     NY-31-7-91
SMITH, PETER                            ST. THOMAS, WEST INDIES                 NY-31-8-15
SOIERT, OLPHERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-8-43
SCHUYLER, MARGARET                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-8-54
SMITH, RICHARD                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-8-71
SHELLEY, HELLEGONDA                     NYC                                     NY-31-9-26
SEAMAN, THOMAS                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-10-11
SUTTON, ROBERT                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-10-19
STICKLIN, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-31-1-102
SAMPSON, LATIMER                        OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-1-105
SHARP, CESAR                            NYC                                     NY-31-11-24
SHARPE, CATHARINE                       NYC                                     NY-31-11-27
SCHOONMAKER, JOCHIM                     NTL                                     NY-31-11-42
SCHUYLER, ARENT                         NEW BARBADOES, BERGEN, NJ               NY-31-11-48
SCHANCK, JOHANNES                       BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-11-99
SCOTT, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-12-26
SEARLE, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-12-32
SMITH, WILLIAM                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-12-45
SHACKERLY, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-1-250
SALISBURY, SILVESTER (CAPT.)            ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-1-267
SEAMAN, BENJAMIN                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-12-96
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-13-50
SINCLAIR, MARY                          NYC                                     NY-31-13-54
STAATS, JOHN                            NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-13-87
SMITH, WILLIAM                          ST GEORGES, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-15-15
SCHUYLER, JOHN JR.                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-15-19
SHERLOCK, EDWARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-15-48
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-31-16-60
STEPHENSON, ENOCH                       NYC                                     NY-31-16-66
SWYTS, JANNETIE                         ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-16-76
SMITH, AARON                            SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-16-80
STILLWILL, RICHARD                      SHREWSBURY, MONMOUTH, NJ                NY-31-16-91
SMEDES, BENJAMIN                        SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-17-11
SANSON, DANIEL                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-17-22
SMITH, THOMAS                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-26
SPRATT, JOHN                            NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-17-36
SAXTON, GERSHOM                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-17-39
SCHURMAN, DANIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-17-63
SATTERLY, JOHN JR.                      HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-17-76
SCHOOMAKER, TYRICK                      KINGSTOWN, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-17-93
SMITH, JOHN                             JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-99
SMITH, JOSEPH                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-18-16
SAMIS, DAVID                            HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-33
STRATTON, JOSEPH                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-44
STRATTEN, ELIPHALET                     EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-10
STANBROUGH, JOHN                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-21
SMITH, DERICK                           NTL                                     NY-31-19B-77
STEENWYCK, CORNELIS                     NYC                                     NY-31-19B-85
SAMPLE, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-19-90
SUYLAND, HUYBERT                        HURLY, ULSTER, NY                       NY-31-20-13
SEIXAS, ABRAHAM MENDES                  STEPNEY, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND             NY-31-20-37
SCHUYLER, MYNDERT                       ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-20-66
SALISBURY, FRANCIS                      CATSKILL, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-20-75
SMITH, RICHARD R.                       NYC                                     NY-31-21-52
SPARHAM, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-69
SKAATS, BARTHOLOMEW                     NYC                                     NY-31-21-87
STODDARD, WILLIAM                       OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-21-92
SOMMERINDIKE, TUNIS                     GREENWICH                               NY-31-22-46
SMITH, JASPER                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-2-331
SEARING, ELIZABETH                      HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-23-37
SMITH, JACOB                            NYC                                     NY-31-2-345
SMITH, NATHAN                           CROM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY                NY-31-23-46
SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM                     NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-53
SWAZEY, JOSEPH                          BROOK HAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-23-70
SILVESTER, NATHANIEL                    SHELTER ISLAND                          NY-31-2-394
SCHOOLCRAFT, WILLIAM                    SCHOHARIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-23-96
SCIDMORE, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-31-2-401
STRATTON, ABRAHAM                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-24-18
STEEL, THOMAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-24-82
STUART, ALLEN                           MAJESTY'S ARMY                          NY-31-24-95
SAWYER, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-24-98
SMITH, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-25-26
SMITH, NATHANIEL                        MERITCHES, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-25-55
SANDERS, ROBERT                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-25-88
SMITH, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-26-11
SNIFFEN, NATHAN                         NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-26-61
SAYRES, JOSEPH                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-26-68
SEELY, EBENEZER                         GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-26-79
SMITH, HENRY SR.                        NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-26-83
SMITH, DANIEL                           BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-27-10
STEVENSON, JAMES                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-27-23
STEPHENS, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-14
SHERLOCK, WILLIAM                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-76
STEVENSON, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-93
SHARPE, THOMAS                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-29-17
SCIDMORE, JOSEPH                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-21
SIMPSON, SAMPSON                        NYC                                     NY-31-29-55
SLAGHT, BARNT                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-29-62
SAMMIS, TIMOTHY                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-70
SUTTON, RICHARDSON                      CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-30-20
SCRIBNER, ELIAS                         BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-30-30
SCHUREMAN, JOHN                         NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-30-65
SCHOUTEN, JAN                           NYC                                     NY-31-3-104
SCOTT, JOHN                             HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA                    NY-31-32-30
SCHUYLER, DIRK                          NTL                                     NY-31-32-64
SCHOONMAKER, FREDERICK                  MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY                  NY-31-33-69
STRONG, NATHANIEL                       CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                    NY-31-33-90
SACKET, SAMUEL                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-30
STILLWELL, NICHOLAS                     GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-35-26
SEAMAN, GILES                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-35-53
SEXTON, WHITED                          ILLIP, SUFFOLK, NY                      NY-31-35-80
SACKETT, SAMUEL                         CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-37-13
SMITH, CALEB                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-37-15
STRYKER, PETER                          FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-37-24
STORM, JOHN                             PHILLIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-37-48
SAMMES, JOHN                            HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-37-99
STURGES, NATHAN                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-38-17
SMITH, JOHN                             FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-38-23
SCHRAM, WILLIAM                         LONENBURGH, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-38-28
SANDS, MARY                             OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-38-47
SMITH, PETER                            JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-38-49
SEARING, JONATHAN                       SEARINGTOWN, QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-38-57
SCHENCK, ROELOF                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-38-59
SPENCER, BENJAMIN                       BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-38-81
SAYRE, ICHABOD                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-88
SQUIRE, ABRAHAM                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-91
SIDELL, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-39-21
SOWLE, JAMES                            SARATOGA, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-39-36
SCHUYLER, ANN MARY                      NYC                                     NY-31-39-78
SAMMIS, JONAS                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-39-83
SCHUYLER, DAVID                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-4-189
SAUTEN, LUCAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-4-345
SMITH, PHILIP                           NYC                                     NY-31-4-387
SMITH, JOHN                             JAMAICA                                 NY-31-4-472
SYLVESTER, PETER                        SHELTER ISLAND                          NY-31-5-115
SILVESTER, CONSTANT                     SHELTER ISLAND                          NY-31-5-154
SMITH, JOHN                             FERRY, KINGS, NY                        NY-31-5-212
STEVENSON, ISAAC                        NYC                                     NY-31-5-245
STUYVESANDT, NICOLAS                    BOWERY                                  NY-31-5-252
SANDERS, ROBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-7-103
SMART, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-7-138
SMITH, JACOB                            NYC                                     NY-31-7-166
SLATERS, MARY                           NTL                                     NY-31-7-195
SINCLAIR, ROBERT                        NYC                                     NY-31-7-196
STILWILL, THOMAS                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-240
SYLVESTER, NATHANIELL                   EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-254
SCHENCK, ROELOFF                        FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-7-260
SWAN, THOMAS                            JAMAICA                                 NY-31-7-268
SMITH, WILLIAM                          ST. GEORGES, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-270
SMITH, JOHN SR.                         HAMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-7-306
STREING, DANIEL                         RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-7-374
SWITZ, ISAAC                            SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-7-436
STRYCKER, GERRITT                       FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-7-473
SAYRE, DANIELL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-7-480
SWITZ, ISAAC                            SCHAGNOGTICK, , NY                      NY-31-7-482
SYLVESTER, GYLES                        SHELTER ISLAND                          NY-31-7-504
SHAW, RICHARD                           EAST HAMPTON                            NY-31-7-534
SHERWOOD, STEPHEN                       RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-8-131
SLAGHT, BARENT                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-8-137
STOUTENBURGH, ISAAC                     NTL                                     NY-31-8-169
SELIJUS, MARGARETA                      NYC                                     NY-31-8-246
STEPHENS, THOMAS                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-254
SCHELLEUX, ABRAHAM                      EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-258
SMITH, MARTHA                           ST. GEORGES, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-283
STEPHENSON, STEPHEN                     PORT ROYAL, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES        NY-31-8-290
SIMS, GILES                             CARLILES BAY, BARBADOS                  NY-31-8-336
SAGER, ABRAHAM                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-344
SCELINX, JACOB                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-8-364
STAATS, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-8-420
STIWELL, NICHOLAS                       GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-8-452
SMITH, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-8-482
SANFORD, EZEKIEL                        BRIDGHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-31-8-496
STANTON, JOHN                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-9-134
SACKETT, JOSEPH                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-9-144
SWEEM, ANTHONY                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-9-179
SWAME, JOHANNES                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-9-190
SMITH, RICHARD                          SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-9-232
SLOSS, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-9-285
SANDERS, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-31-9-291
STEER, RICHARD                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-9-296
SIMSON, ALEXANDER                       STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-9-310
SPLINTER, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-9-315
SANTFORD, JACOB                         NYC                                     NY-31-9-320
SMITH, JOHN                             JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-9-357
SPLINTER, GEERTIJE                      NYC                                     NY-31-9-376
SIBERING, CORNELIUS                     BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-9-434
SCHUYLER, BRANDT                        NYC                                     NY-31-9-441
STRETTON, JOSEPH                        EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-9-453
SLOW, THOMAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-9-470
STEWART, BARBARA                        NYC                                     NY-31-9-499
STREING, CHARLOTTE                      RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-9-504
STANDBROUGH, JOHN                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-299
STEWART, BARBARA                        NYC                                     NY-31-10-320
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-10-365
SAYRE, ISAAC                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-10-403
SPRAGG, RICHARD                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-123
SCHUYLER, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-11-153
SMITH, JOSEPH SR.                       JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-11-233
SMITH, CALEB                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-11-257
STEVENSON, STEPHEN                      RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-11-301
STROUGHT, DERICK                        NYC                                     NY-31-11-354
SHERWOOD, NATHANIEL                     RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-11-465
SMITH, JOHN                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-488
SMITH, JONATHAN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-11-492
SKIDMORE, SAMUEL                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-11-494
SANDS, JAMES                            OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-12-126
SMITH, ISRAEL                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-12-168
SMITH, EDMUND                           SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-12-242
SCHEPMOE, DIRCK                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-12-265
SIME, WILLIAM                           NYC                                     NY-31-12-296
STAATS, JACOB                           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-12-311
STEVENS, MARGARET                       NYC                                     NY-31-12-319
SMITH, GERSHAM                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-12-343
SICCARD, AMBROSE                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-12-346
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-12-356
STOCKHOLM, ARENT                        BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-12-418
SMITH, SUSANNAH                         NYC                                     NY-31-13-170
SIDMORE, JOHN                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-13-177
SMITH, RICHARD                          SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-13-184
SCHANK, PETER                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-13-211
SUYDAM, JACOB                           FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-13-226
SERING, JONATHAN                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-13-248
SPRONGH, DAVID                          BOSWYCK, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-13-257
SCUDDER, BENJAMIN                       HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-13-270
SCOTT, JAMES                            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-13-311
SHARPAS, WILLIAM ESQ.                   NYC                                     NY-31-13-405
SKILLMAN, THOMAS                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-13-501
SPRINGSTEEN, CASPARUS                   NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-13-528
SHERWOOD, JOHN                          RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-13-549
SHERMAN, DOROTHY                        NYC                                     NY-31-14-132
SUYDAM, RYK                             FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-14-158
SANTFORD, CORNELIUS                     NYC                                     NY-31-14-163
STRYCKER, PETER                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-14-223
SKINNER, ABRAHAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-15-234
SMITH, JONATHAN                         SMITH TOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-15-266
SANDERS, SARAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-15-295
SLEIGH, SARAH                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-15-326
SCHENCK, CORNALS                        NTL                                     NY-31-15-337
SEVEUT, JOHN BATIST (DR.)               NYC                                     NY-31-15-397
SMITH, NATHANIEL                        JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-15-482
SANDS, EDWARD                           COWNECK, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-15-495
SEARING, JAMES                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-505
SEARLE, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-15-510
SPRAGG, JACOB                           NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-15-515
SEARING, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-15-526
SACKET, RICHARD                         DOVER, DUTCHESS, NY                     NY-31-15-543
SWYT, JANNETIE                          ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-15-594
SCURLOCK, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-106
STOUTENBURGH, TOBIAS                    NYC                                     NY-31-16-110
SMITH, RACHEL                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-16-127
SANTFORD, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-16-134
SMITH, MICHA                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-16-145
SMITH, RICHARD                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-16-168
SCHUYLER, JOHN (COL.)                   ALLBANY, ALBANY, NY                     NY-31-16-183
SCHUYLER, PHILIP JOHANNISE              SARATOGA, ALBANY, NY                    NY-31-16-188
SAYRE, SILAS                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-212
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-16-234
SCHENCK, JOHANNES                       BUSHWYCK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-16-262
SMITH, HENRY JR.                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-16-272
SARLL, MARTHA                           NYC                                     NY-31-16-329
SAYRE, DANIEL                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-331
SIMSON, PETER                           BATEMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY              NY-31-16-335
STILWELL, RICHARD                       STATEN ISLAND                           NY-31-16-336
SMITH, JONATHAN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-16-347
SPERWOOD, JOSEPH                        RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-16-350
SMITH, JAMES                            NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-16-371
SCHUYLER, NICHOLAS                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-16-382
SEAMANS, SOLOMON                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-16-434
SCOTT, JEKAMIAH                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-16-465
SWARTWOUT, JACOBUS                      FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-16-478
SEAMAN, RICHARD                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-108
SMITH, NEHEMIAH                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-17-183
SMITH, BERNARDUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-17-217
SUTTON, ROBERT                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-17-240
STIMSON, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-31-17-251
SYMES, CATHARINE                        NYC                                     NY-31-17-289
SCHEPMOES, WILLIAM                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-17-310
SAUNDERS, SAMUEL                        FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-17-321
SOMERENDICK, JACOB                      NYC                                     NY-31-17-326
SMITHREM, ESTHER                        NTL                                     NY-31-17-347
SEWARD, SAMUEL                          ISLIP, SUFFOLK, NY                      NY-31-17-372
SCUDDER, HENRY                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-18-105
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-18-109
STRINGHAM, SAMUEL                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-18-115
SEAMAN, RICHARD                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-18-117
SCHUYLER, BRANDT                        NYC                                     NY-31-18-180
STAATS, BARENT                          NTL                                     NY-31-18-215
SIMONSON, ART                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-18-282
SUTTON, HANNAH                          HAMSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-18-316
SUTTON, JOHN                            MEMARIONECK, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-18-349
SAYRE, EZEKIEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-18-394
SMITH, WAIT                             GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-18-396
STILLWELL, ELIZABETH                    JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-18-426
SLUYS, LAWRENCE ZACHARIASON             NYC                                     NY-31-19B-120
SHAW, ROBERT                            NYC                                     NY-31-19B-132
SMITH, DANIEL                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-19-145
SEAMAN, SAMUEL                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-19-165
SCURLOCK, EVE                           NYC                                     NY-31-19-167
STUYVESANT, JUDITH                      NYC                                     NY-31-19B-175
SCOTT, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-19-235
SCOTT, JAMES                            HURLEY TOWN, ULSTER, NY                 NY-31-19-246
SANFORD, EZEKIELL                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-19-278
STRINGHAM, WILLIAM                      RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-19-290
SYMONSE, GERRET                         SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-19-307
SEAMAN, JONATHAN                        NEW HEMPSTED, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-19-335
SACKET, JOSEPH                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-19-338
STUART, ROBERT                          SCOHOHARIE, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-19-342
SMITH, N ATHAN SR.                      JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-19-355
SIPKINS, REBECCA                        NYC                                     NY-31-19-363
SCHARS, CHRISTOFFEL                     BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-19-367
SHAW, RICHARD                           SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-19-397
SLEGHT, MATTHYS                         RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-19-447
STILLWELL, NICHOLAS                     OLD TOWN, RICHMOND, NY                  NY-31-19-451
SARLLS, JOSEPH                          NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-19-454
SCUDDER, MARY                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-20-114
SEAMANS, NATHANIEL                      JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-116
SMITH, ISAAC                            BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER, NY                NY-31-20-134
SPAIN, ISAAC                            TWERTON, SOMERSET, ENGLAND              NY-31-20-187
SMITH, JACOB                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-203
SEARING, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-244
SMITH, ABEL                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-257
SALISBURY, ABRAHAM                      CATGSKILL                               NY-31-20-284
SEAMAN, JOHN                            JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-20-299
SATTERLY, WILLIAM                       BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-358
SMITH, DANIEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-20-372
SPRANGER, CHARLES                       NYC                                     NY-31-20-391
SMITH, HENRY                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-20-393
SELL, JAMES                             BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-437
SMITH, JOSHUA                           BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-20-440
SMITH, RACHEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-20-458
SPOCK, JONAS                            NYC                                     NY-31-20-470
SMITH, ARTHUR                           NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-20-472
SANDERS, BARENT                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-20-498
SNEDEKER, ISAAC                         FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-21-118
SMITH, ZACHARYAH                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-134
SERGANT, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-21-192
SAYRE, JOB                              SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-21-202
SMITH, JEHIEL                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-215
SUYDAM, CORNELIUS                       OYSTER BAY , QUEENS, NY                 NY-31-21-286
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-288
SCUDDER, MOSES                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-320
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-21-329
SYMES, LANCASTER                        NYC                                     NY-31-21-333
SHERIDAN, PATRICK                       NYC                                     NY-31-21-381
SUTLER, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-21-389
STRIKER, JOHN                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-21-409
SUTTON, BENJAMIN                        NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-21-426
SHARPAS, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-21-442
SMITH, ZOPHAR                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-21-464
SALMON, WILLIAM                         SOUTHOLD                                NY-31-21-471
SEAMAN, ADVID                           OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-21-483
SANDS, ELISABETH                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-494
STANDARD, THOMAS (RECTOR)               WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-21-499
SEAMAN, JACOB                           JERICHO, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-21-519
SOMERINDIKE, GERTREY                    GREENWICH                               NY-31-22-184
SLEGHT, ANTHONY                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-22-190
SMITH, REUBEN                           NTL                                     NY-31-22-210
STILWEL, DANIEL                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-22-336
SUTTON, GEORGE EDMUND                   NYC                                     NY-31-22-341
STEVENS, TIMOTHY                        OBLONG, DUTCHESS, NY                    NY-31-22-357
SANDS, JOHN JR.                         HAMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-22-363
SMITH, JOHN                             GARRISON OF OSWEGO                      NY-31-22-369
SUTTON, JAMES                           CORTLANDS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-22-386
STRONG, BENJAMIN                        GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-22-408
SANFORD, THOMAS                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-22-530
SANDS, OTHNIEL                          NTL, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-22-569
SPRINGAR, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-22-580
SIMSON, JOHN                            NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-22-582
SCHERMERHORN, JACOB                     LIVINGSTON MANOR, ALBANY, NY            NY-31-23-103
SACKET, WILLIAM                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-122
SUYDAM, RYCK                            BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-23-126
STAATS, PETER                           BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-23-128
SCHOONMAKER, ANTIE                      ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-23-147
SMITH, JOHN                             NTL, ULSTER, NY                         NY-31-23-184
STEPHANSON, ROULOF                      HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-23-188
SEAL, ANTHONY                           WHITE FRIARS, LONDON, NTL, ENGLAND      NY-31-23-193
SWARTWOOD, JACOBUS                      SANDCOHQUON, ORANGE, NY                 NY-31-23-197
SCOTT, HENRY                            CORTLANDTS, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-23-209
SEIDMORE, JOHN                          SMITH TOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-23-256
SIFFEN, JOHANNES                        PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-23-258
SCHANK, MARTIN                          NTL, KINGS, NY                          NY-31-23-285
SCHUYLER, PETER                         NTL                                     NY-31-23-353
SCHUYLER, ADONIAH                       NYC                                     NY-31-23-355
SLEYGHT, MATHEW                         NYC                                     NY-31-23-390
SLEIGHT, CATLYNTIE                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-23-400
STEYNMETS, BENJAMIN                     GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-23-419
SHARP, JOSEPH                           NYC                                     NY-31-23-438
SALMON, JOHN                            SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY                   NY-31-23-474
SEAMAN, THOMAS                          JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-23-517
SMITH, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-23-541
SCHUYLER, CORNELIA                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-23-608
SLEGT, HENRICKUS                        RHINEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-23-612
SMITH, OLIVER                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-23-644
SMITH, WILLIAM                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-23-649
SKIDMORE, SAMUEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-23-654
SMITH, THOMAS                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-24-108
SMITH, EPHRAIM                          FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-24-114
SEAMANADAM                              RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-24-134
SAND, JOHN                              HAMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-24-224
STORM, DIRCK                            PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-24-254
SPRINGSTEEN, DAVID                      NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-24-282
STAATS, JOHANNES                        RYNBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-24-313
SCOTT, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-24-327
SOUTHARD, SAMUEL                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-24-404
SMITH, LAMEBRT                          HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-24-437
SCHUYLER, AVID                          CANAJOHARY, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-24-509
STEDDFORD, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-24-527
SMITH, WILLIAM                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-24-533
SEABURY, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-24-558
SMIT, JORG ADAM                         CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-24-586
SMITH, JORG ADAM                        SEE: SMIT, JORG ADAM                    NY-31-24-586
STRANGE, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-24-616
SOMERDICK, EXBARTH                      RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-25-107
STRANG, ELIZABETH                       RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY                    NY-31-25-189
SCHUYLER, PHILIP                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-31-25-338
SCOTT, ADAM                             WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-25-347
SMITH, RICHARD                          SMITH TOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-25-367
SPERIN, ISAAC                           TWIVERTON, SOMERSET, ENGLAND            NY-31-25-384
STYMETS, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-25-395
STOVER, CHRISTIGAN                      NYC                                     NY-31-25-482
SPRING, GARRIT                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-25-516
SUYDAM, LAMMER                          BRUCKLAND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-25-523
SCHENCK, MINNE                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-536
STRATTON, JOHN                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-541
SAYRE, JOHN                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-25-564
SMITH, JOHN                             HERRICKS, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-25-585
SMITH, HENRY                            ST. GEORGE MANOR, SUFFOLK, NY           NY-31-25-597
STILWELL, SAMUEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-25-601
SHURLOCK, SIMON JR.                     NYC                                     NY-31-25-604
SMITH, JONATHAN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-25-608
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-25-625
SPERIN, ISAAC                           TIWERTON, SOMERSET, ENGLAND (CONT)      NY-31-25-627
STEVENS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-31-26-114
SCHUYLER, ANN E.                        NYC                                     NY-31-26-177
SCHENCK, STEPHEN                        FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-26-182
SIMSON, ALEXANDER                       NTL                                     NY-31-26-314
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-26-356
SNYDER, WILLIAM                         RYNEBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-26-417
SEDDON, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-26-430
SCHERMORHORN, JOHN                      NYC                                     NY-31-26-518
SILVESTER, FRANCIS                      NYC                                     NY-31-26-603
SEAMAN, JACOB                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-106
SUTTON, SUSANNAH                        GREENWICH, FAIRFIELD, CT                NY-31-27-194
SHAFER, HENRY                           NYC                                     NY-31-27-224
SCHERMERHOORNE, RYER                    RYNBEECK, DUTCHESS, NY                  NY-31-27-230
STORM, THOMAS                           PHILIPS MANOR, WESTCHESTER, NY          NY-31-27-263
SMITH, HENRY                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-268
SIMESON, JOHANNES                       OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-27-295
SMITH, CHARLES JEFFREY                  BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-302
SCHRYVER, NICHOASL                      RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-27-312
STRYKER, JOHN                           FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-27-325
SANDS, JAMES                            FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-27-358
STEWART, JOHN                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-27-388
STOUTENBURGH, ISAAC                     NYC                                     NY-31-27-402
SMITH, SILVANUS                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-27-404
SEELY, ENNIS                            WOODBURY CLOVE, ORANGE, NY              NY-31-27-412
SMITH, HANNAH                           NTL                                     NY-31-27-481
SANDS, GIDEON                           COW NECK, NTL, NY                       NY-31-27-523
STRATTON, DAVID                         EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-27-531
SMITH, AMOS                             HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-546
STOUPPE, MADENNE                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-27-608
SMITH, EZEKIEL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-27-636
STANTON, JEREMIAH                       NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-28-106
SNEDEKER, ABRAHAM                       HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-28-119
SCUDDER, SAMUEL                         NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-28-162
SANDFORD, JOSIAH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-28-173
SWIGARD, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-28-209
SANDFORD, ZACHARIAH                     SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-28-225
SKILLMAN, JOSEPH                        BUSHWYCK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-28-246
SHAW, JAMES                             NYC                                     NY-31-28-279
SAWYER, JAMES                           SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK, NY             NY-31-28-291
STOODLY, THOMAS                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-305
SMITH, THOMAS                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-28-350
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-28-420
STYMETTS, GEORGE                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-28-428
SHAFER, ADAM                            RHINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-28-435
STRONG, BENAJAH                         BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-472
STOUTENBURGH, JACOBUS                   CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-28-479
SWAIM, ABRAHAM                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-28-520
STOKHOLM, ANDERIES                      BUSHWYCK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-28-560
SCHUYLER, MYNDERT                       NYC                                     NY-31-28-601
SMITH, JOSEPH                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-28-659
SEYDEL, JOHN M.                         NYC                                     NY-31-28-674
SNEDECOR, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-28-694
SMITH, JOSIAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-29-107
SMITH, ISRAEL                           POUNDRIDGE, WESTCHESTER, NY             NY-31-29-113
SCHERTZ, JOHANNIS                       LIVINGSTON, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-29-161
SUYDAM, HENDRICK                        FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-29-251
SKIDMORE, ANDREW                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-29-254
SEBRING, CORNELIUS I.                   NYC                                     NY-31-29-327
SCHOONMAKER, JOHN                       NTL                                     NY-31-29-374
SMITH, HANNAH                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-29-380
SEGENDORPF, JURIE                       NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-29-394
SATTERLY, PHEBE                         BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-404
STAATS, PETER                           BRONCKLIN, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-29-417
SIMONSON, FREDRICK                      WONLOW HOLLOW, QUEENS, NY               NY-31-29-452
SIMERAL, THOMAS                         WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-31-29-460
STEVENSON, EDWARD                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-29-464
SMITH, WILLIAM                          SOUTHAMTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-29-563
SNUR, BARRENTIE                         KINDERHOOK, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-29-577
SIE, ISAAC                              PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-30-134
SCHUREMAN, FREDRICK                     NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-30-147
SNEDEKER, THUNIS                        HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY                  NY-31-30-262
SAUNDERS, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-30-269
SMITH, WILLIAM                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-30-298
SOUTENBURGH, MARY                       NYC                                     NY-31-30-315
SIMONSON, JOHANES                       NEW DORP, RICHMOND, NY                  NY-31-31-349
SIMONSON, FREDERICK                     NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-31-384
SETON, DAVID                            NYC                                     NY-31-31-423
SANDFORD, SILVANUS                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-31-470
STEVENS, THOMAS                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-32-123
SMITH, EDMOND                           SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-32-128
STEAD, DEBORAH                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-152
SMITH, NATHAN                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-32-183
SCHENK, ANN                             WALLABOUGH, KINGS, NY                   NY-31-32-184
SCHENK, JOHN                            WALLABOUGH, KINGS, NY                   NY-31-32-188
SOPER, AMOS                             HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-32-263
SMITH, SAMUEL                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-32-266
SMITH, NICHOLAS                         JAMACIA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-274
SMITH, OBADIAH                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-32-277
SENGER, JOHN C.                         NTL                                     NY-31-32-408
STOUT, ABRAHAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-32-460
SNEDIKER, ABRAHAM                       FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-32-462
STEVESON, JOHN                          HMS NAVY                                NY-31-32-480
SMITH, JOB                              SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-32-484
SOUTHERLAND, DAVID                      NEW CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY                NY-31-33-115
SCRIBNER, JOSEPH                        POUND RIDGE, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-33-125
SEAMAN, THOMAS                          NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-33-130
SCHOONMAKER, BENJAMIN                   ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-33-148
SWEZY, DAVID                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-33-154
SMITH, JOHN CARPENTER                   GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-33-163
STOVER, JACOB                           BEEKMAN, DUTCHESS, NY                   NY-31-33-203
SIMSON, JOSEPH JR.                      CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-33-392
SCHERP, PETTER                          CAMP, ALBANY, NY                        NY-31-33-453
SCHOONMAKER, GODFREY                    CLAVERACK, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-33-456
SMITH, JOHN                             NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-33-475
SWART, JOSEYAS                          SCHOHARIE, ALBANY, NY                   NY-31-33-498
SEBRING, JACOB                          BREUCKLIN, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-33-509
SAYER, JAMES                            NTL, ORANGE, NY                         NY-31-33-596
SERVOS, PETER                           NTL, TRYON, NY                          NY-31-33-615
SCHOONMAKER, JOHANNES                   ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY                   NY-31-33-638
SANDERS, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY                 NY-31-33-640
SMITH, ISRAEL                           BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-127
SMITH, HANNAH                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-131
SMITH, JAMES SR.                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-135
SWAME, MATHIAS                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-34-150
STILES, DANIEL                          JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-152
SMITH, SAMUEL                           STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-34-160
SPEARS, ABRAHAM                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-34-163
STILLWELL, RICHARD                      GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-34-178
STRYKER, CORNELIOUS                     GRAVESEND, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-34-182
SIMONSON, JEREMIAH                      NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-34-189
SMITH, JESSE                            NYC                                     NY-31-34-193
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-223
SMITH, HANNAH                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-250
SEAMAN, SARAH                           HERRICKS, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-267
SMITH, JONATHAN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-274
SEAMAN, JAMES                           JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-282
SEAMAN, SAMUEL                          OYSTER BAY, QUEENS                      NY-31-34-283
SMITH, WILLIAM JR.                      HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-311
SMITH, WILLIAM                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-314
SMITH, CORNEL                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-320
SCHAW, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-34-334
SLEIGHT, ELIZABETH                      NYC                                     NY-31-34-359
SIPKINS, REBECCA                        NYC                                     NY-31-34-367
SAMMIS, MARY                            HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-411
SITH, JOHN                              MERROCK, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-456
STRONG, MARTHA                          BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-465
SUYDAM, JACOB JR.                       FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-471
SEARY, ABIGAIL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-490
SMITH, WILLIAM                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-517
SLEIGHT, BARNT                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-34-555
SLOAN, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-34-558
SMITH, WAIT                             JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-584
SMITH, NATHAN                           FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-34-585
SEAMAN, WILLIAM JR.                     JERICHO, QUEENS, NY                     NY-31-34-609
STEVENSON, JOHN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-631
SEAMAN, JOHN                            JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-34-638
SWANSON, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-31-34-657
SMITH, RICHARD SR.                      HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-666
SCIDMORE, SAMUEL                        HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-34-671
SCHENCK, STEPHEN                        BUSHWICK, KINGS, NY                     NY-31-35-100
SAYRE, ICHABOD                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-132
STEPHENS, THOMAS                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-35-136
SKIDMORE, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-230
SMITH, DANIEL                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-233
SMITH, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-35-244
SMITH, LEMUEL                           SOUTH TOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-35-276
SEAMAN, SOLOMON                         JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-283
SWABRICK, ROBERT                        BRITISH NAVY                            NY-31-35-298
SIMONSON, SIMON                         NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-35-365
SEAMAN, ZEBULON                         JERUSALEM, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-390
SMITH, JOHN                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-35-409
SCUDDER, SARAH                          NEW TOWN, QUEENS, NY                    NY-31-35-412
STOTTHOFF, WILHELMUS                    FLATLANDS, KINGS, NY                    NY-31-35-420
SEIGHLY, GOODHART                       NYC                                     NY-31-35-434
SIGLER, MARIA CATHERINE                 NYC                                     NY-31-35-451
STOUTENBOROUGH, ANTHONY                 NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-31-35-459
SNEDEKER, JOAST                         OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-37-144
SHRUM, MICHAL                           NYC                                     NY-31-37-166
SMITH, ANN                              NYC                                     NY-31-37-176
STAATS, JOHN                            GOANNES, KINGS, NY                      NY-31-38-103
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        WEATHERSFIELD, HARTFORD, CT             NY-31-38-104
STOLLARD, ELIZABETH                     NYC                                     NY-31-38-123
STOCKER, HENRY                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY             NY-31-38-136
SNEADEKER, GARRETT                      OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-38-139
SMIT, CORNELIS                          NTL                                     NY-31-38-179
SCHOLLER, GARRET                        NYC                                     NY-31-38-185
SPRAGG, EDWARD                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-38-194
SMITH, JOSEPH                           SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-38-221
SMITH, HAZEKIAH                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-38-223
SMITH, MEHITABLE                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK, NY                 NY-31-38-225
SHARPE, RICHARD                         NYC                                     NY-31-38-233
SMITH, SAMUEL                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-38-271
SMITH, MERIAM                           NORTH HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY             NY-31-38-308
SNETHEN, DEBORAH                        OYSTER BAY, QUEENS, NY                  NY-31-38-312
SEE, JAMES                              PHILLIPSBOROUGH, WESTCHESTER, NY        NY-31-38-363
SLINGERLAND, ABRAHAM                    RENSSELAERWYCK, ALBANY, NY              NY-31-38-401
SANDFORD, JOSEPH                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-411
SANDFORD, JOHN                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY                NY-31-38-413
SALISBURY, SYLVESTER                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-31-38-457
SMITH, SAMUEL                           WASHINGTON, DUTCHESS, NY                NY-31-39-106
STJOHN, ABRAM                           FREDERICKSBURGH, DUTCHESS, NY           NY-31-39-107
SMITH, JOSIAH                           MERITCHES, SUFFOLK, NY                  NY-31-39-118
STRAAT, JACOB                           TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-31-39-142
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL                        PHILIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-245
SINCLAIR ROBERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-39-281
SEAMAN, HEZEKIAH                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-39-339
SHOOCK, TINUS                           LIVINGSTON, ALBANY, NY                  NY-31-39-353
SHARPE, ANN                             NYC                                     NY-31-39-436
SEARS, BENJAMIN                         SOUTHEAST, DUTCHESS, NY                 NY-31-39-489

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