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SAALFIELD, GUSTAVE                      NY-31-1024-249
SABIN, JOSIAH                           NY-31-69-57
SABINE, FRANCES M.                      NY-31-1000-236
SACHS, EMMA                             NY-31-986-380
SACK, JOHN                              NY-31-1030-336
SACKETT, AUGUSTINE                      NY-31-1006-247
SACKETT, CLARENCE D.                    NY-31-124-68
SACKETT, HANNAH                         NY-31-54-18
SACKETT, JOHN HALSTEAD                  NY-31-57-292
SACKETT, JOSEPH                         NY-31-46-356
SACKETT, LYMAN                          NY-31-83-323
SACKETT, MARY                           NY-31-55-11
SACKETT, NATHANIEL                      NY-31-76-365
SACKETT, RACHEL                         NY-31-82-699
SACKETT, RICHARD                        NY-31-43-76
SADDON, HERVEY                          NY-31-1015-183
SADGEBURY, JAMES                        NY-31-97-48
SADLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-58-162
SAFFER, MARGARETHA                      NY-31-1028-45
SAGAR, ANN                              NY-31-80-296
SAGAR, JOHN                             NY-31-55-61
SAGE, EMILY S.                          NY-31-995-391
SAGEHORN, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-31-106-508
SAGEHORN, HENRY                         NY-31-101-492
SAGER, HENRY                            NY-31-986-435
SAGER, RICHARD E.                       NY-31-1016-88
SAGER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1009-398
SAGER, WILLIAM M.                       NY-31-1011-99
SAHLER, ADELIZA F.                      NY-31-1027-441
SAHM, LAFAYETTE                         NY-31-1012-86
SAKMEISTER, CHARLES P.                  NY-31-69-348
SALA, LUIGIA                            NY-31-1017-342
SALISBURY, FRANCES W.                   NY-31-999-79
SALISBURY, RICHARD L.                   NY-31-1022-256
SALLES, LAURENT                         NY-31-65-322
SALLES, LAURENT                         NY-31-70-149
SALM, ANDREAS                           NY-31-985-75
SALMON, JAMES                           NY-31-142-292
SALMON, MINA                            NY-31-996-486
SALMON, RICHARD                         NY-31-47-18
SALMON, SARAH                           NY-31-68-198
SALMON, SARAH                           NY-31-68-198
SALOMON, ADOLPH E.                      NY-31-1013-412
SALOMON, BERNARD J.                     NY-31-999-70
SALOMON, LEAH                           NY-31-1018-373
SALOMON, SALOMON                        NY-31-998-238
SALTAFORMAGGIO, FRANCESCO               NY-31-1013-288
SALTER, MANASSEH                        NY-31-42-491
SALTER, THOMAS B.                       NY-31-101-31
SALTONSTALL, GILBERT                    NY-31-42-149
SALTUS, CAROLINE N.                     NY-31-128-18
SALTUS, EMMA J.                         NY-31-110-329
SALTUS, FRANCIS                         NY-31-110-314
SALTUS, SOLOMON                         NY-31-72-97
SALVIN, SIDNEY I.                       NY-31-1014-163
SAMLER, CASPER                          NY-31-48-411
SAMLER, HARMAN                          NY-31-62-209
SAMLER, JOHN                            NY-31-47-290
SAMMIS, ABEL                            NY-31-99-283
SAMMIS, LEANDER M.                      NY-31-100-666
SAMMIS, NEHEMIAH                        NY-31-56-199
SAMMIS, SILAS                           NY-31-100-500
SAMPAYO, JOSE MARIAA                    NY-31-90-260
SAMPSON, EMMA                           NY-31-1012-334
SAMPSON, GRACE                          NY-31-115-57
SAMPSON, RACHEL                         NY-31-994-141
SAMPSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-76-56
SAMUELS, CHARLES                        NY-31-1018-375
SAMUELS, GEORGE W.                      NY-31-1023-401
SAMUELS, LEVI                           NY-31-1009-474
SAMUELS, SAMUEL                         NY-31-140-334
SAND, EDWARD                            NY-31-137-218
SANDER, ALFRED                          NY-31-996-232
SANDERS, ANTHONY                        NY-31-990-247
SANDERS, CHARLOTTE                      NY-31-76-407
SANDERS, JOHN                           NY-31-41-56
SANDERS, JOHN                           NY-31-91-551
SANDERS, MATHIAS                        NY-31-52-399
SANDERSON, MARGARET B.                  NY-31-996-112
SANDERSON, SUSAN M.                     NY-31-1017-350
SANDFORD, CHARLES H.                    NY-31-126-392
SANDFORD, EDWARD                        NY-31-112-366
SANDFORD, JAMES F. J.                   NY-31-101-41
SANDFORD, JOHN                          NY-31-92-225
SANDFORD, JOSEPH                        NY-31-72-375
SANDFORD, MARY S.                       NY-31-130-189
SANDFORD, SILAS                         NY-31-44-45
SANDFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-31-88-42
SANDIE, CHARLES                         NY-31-40-262
SANDOZ, HENRY                           NY-31-72-32
SANDS, ABIJAH                           NY-31-93-548
SANDS, ABRAHAM B.                       NY-31-139-109
SANDS, ADAM S.                          NY-31-999-444
SANDS, BENJAMIN                         NY-31-58-92
SANDS, COMFORT                          NY-31-75-81
SANDS, DANIEL H.                        NY-31-109-316
SANDS, DAVID                            NY-31-129-74
SANDS, FERDINAND                        NY-31-77-442
SANDS, JOSEPH                           NY-31-59-525
SANDS, LOUIS                            NY-31-1017-212
SANDS, REBECCA C.                       NY-31-149-447
SANDS, RICHARD                          NY-31-60-36
SANDS, RICHARD ****                     NY-31-140-1
SANDS, TAYO                             NY-31-1018-91
SANDS, THERESE                          NY-31-94-686
SANE, THOMAS                            NY-31-1004-67
SANFORD, ABNER                          NY-31-120-246
SANFORD, CALEB N.                       NY-31-138-328
SANFORD, CHARLES                        NY-31-110-242
SANFORD, ELI                            NY-31-77-409
SANFORD, FRANCIS P.                     NY-31-142-399
SANFORD, HENRY I.                       NY-31-109-381
SANFORD, JOHN F A.                      NY-31-120-325
SANFORD, LEWIS H.                       NY-31-104-354
SANFORD, MARIETTA                       NY-31-999-347
SANFORD, MENEMON                        NY-31-104-343
SANFORD, NATHANIEL W.                   NY-31-89-368
SANFORD, SARAH A.                       NY-31-1006-398
SANFORD, THOMAS                         NY-31-75-443
SANFORD, THOMAS B.                      NY-31-123-500
SANIEWSKY, LOUISE E.                    NY-31-987-373
SANTFORD, JOHN                          NY-31-46-357
SANTOS, CHRISTOPHER A. DE LOS           NY-31-77-88
SANZADE, ROBERT                         NY-31-99-444
SAPHAR, GEORGE                          NY-31-117-433
SAPSON, HENRY                           NY-31-1008-128
SARANME, JOHN B.                        NY-31-99-228
SARBACK, JACOB H                        NY-31-149-400
SARGEANT, EZRA                          NY-31-50-169
SARGENT, JAMES B.                       NY-31-120-151
SARGENT, SAMUEL                         NY-31-93-94
SARONY, ADOLPHUS                        NY-31-86-26
SARTORIUS, AUGUST                       NY-31-1022-133
SARVENT, JACOB                          NY-31-109-363
SASSE, LOUIS                            NY-31-1007-263
SAUER, ANTHONY                          NY-31-1007-445
SAUER, CONRAD                           NY-31-100-547
SAUER, FREDERICK H.                     NY-31-1016-79
SAUER, GEORGE                           NY-31-1004-437
SAUL, JULIUIS                           NY-31-1013-283
SAUL, LUCRETIA R.                       NY-31-124-488
SAUL, MARY A.                           NY-31-116-130
SAULPAUGH, EVALINE                      NY-31-1028-275
SAUNBY, EDWARD                          NY-31-74-288
SAUNDERS, ELY                           NY-31-52-121
SAUNDERS, GEORGE                        NY-31-125-128
SAUNDERS, LEONARD                       NY-31-40-225
SAUNDERS, THOMAS                        NY-31-62-483
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM E.                    NY-31-128-377
SAUSE, MARY                             NY-31-1031-489
SAUZADE, MARGUERITE P.                  NY-31-142-6
SAVAGE, CATHARINE L.                    NY-31-994-137
SAVAGE, JOHN                            NY-31-91-257
SAVAGE, MARY                            NY-31-132-396
SAVAGE, WILLIAM                         NY-31-95-366
SAVARIAN, BERNARD                       NY-31-48-21
SAVILE, HENRY                           NY-31-41-387
SAVILLE, EDWARD                         NY-31-1022-195
SAWER, FRANCES                          NY-31-68-420
SAWER, FRANCES                          NY-31-68-420
SAWYER, AMANDA W.                       NY-31-111-310
SAWYER, JOHN C.                         NY-31-85-474
SAWYER, PETER                           NY-31-60-448
SAWYER, PETER                           NY-31-61-1
SAWYER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-127-452
SAXE, CHARLES                           NY-31-1018-253
SAXTON, CHARLES                         NY-31-93-73
SAXTON, WILLIAM O.                      NY-31-1015-389
SAYER, KATHERINA                        NY-31-1002-423
SAYLE, MARTIN W.                        NY-31-1009-97
SAYRE, JOEL                             NY-31-54-466
SAYRE, MARGARET                         NY-31-70-24
SCALLY, DENNIS                          NY-31-63-19
SCANLAN, JOHANNA                        NY-31-148-272
SCANLAN, JOHN                           NY-31-56-474
SCANLON, JOSEPH T.                      NY-31-1004-431
SCANNELL, MARY                          NY-31-62-120
SCARABIN, CHARLOTTE                     NY-31-995-404
SCARLET, ELIZA I.                       NY-31-104-408
SCARLETT, DAVID                         NY-31-137-88
SCHACHNER, PAULINE                      NY-31-1022-440
SCHACK, MAX                             NY-31-1019-162
SCHAEFER, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-1018-243
SCHAEFFER, FREDERICK A.                 NY-31-80-75
SCHAEFFLER, JOSEPH                      NY-31-986-261
SCHAFER, ANNA MARGRETHA                 NY-31-1027-430
SCHAFER, HEINRICH C. L.                 NY-31-107-495
SCHAFFER, MARGARET W.                   NY-31-66-260
SCHAFFER, NEWTON M.                     NY-31-1013-404
SCHAFHAUS, FREDERICK                    NY-31-1018-378
SCHAFNER, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-137-55
SCHAIE, SAMUEL                          NY-31-991-494
SCHAMBURGH, HENRY                       NY-31-51-392
SCHANZ, EMILY M.                        NY-31-1031-168
SCHATTEN, SCHEINDEL                     NY-31-1009-383
SCHAUD, CHRISTIAN                       NY-31-148-407
SCHAUMBURGH, ANN                        NY-31-80-196
SCHEEPER, JOHN M.                       NY-31-88-447
SCHEFER, JOHANN H. C.                   NY-31-1031-311
SCHEFTEL, HERBERT A.                    NY-31-1010-256
SCHEIBEL, BERTHA                        NY-31-987-35
SCHEIDER, JOSEPH                        NY-31-1003-162
SCHEIDING, HERMAN G. E.                 NY-31-1009-483
SCHELBERG, CATHARINA                    NY-31-1030-327
SCHELL, CHARLES                         NY-31-1012-444
SCHELLER, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-1027-173
SCHELTENA, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-92-220
SCHEMIKOW, EDWARD O.                    NY-31-1014-73
SCHENCK, ANNA P.                        NY-31-1023-88
SCHENCK, JACOB H.                       NY-31-104-394
SCHENCK, ROELF R.                       NY-31-63-388
SCHENCK, SOPHIE                         NY-31-119-407
SCHENER, ALBERT                         NY-31-990-57
SCHERER, JACOB                          NY-31-108-183
SCHERER, KATHARINA                      NY-31-1007-441
SCHERF, ELIZABETHA                      NY-31-1001-145
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAHAM                   NY-31-99-378
SCHERMERHORN, ARCHIBALD B.              NY-31-141-151
SCHERMERHORN, CATHARINE                 NY-31-96-533
SCHERMERHORN, CHARLES A.                NY-31-1012-183
SCHERMERHORN, FRANCES S.                NY-31-1024-264
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN S.                   NY-31-89-476
SCHERMERHORN, JULIA M.                  NY-31-1004-440
SCHERMERHORN, PETER                     NY-31-60-66
SCHERMERHORN, PETER                     NY-31-104-283
SCHERMERHORN, PETER A.                  NY-31-91-307
SCHERMERHORN, RYERT                     NY-31-10-171
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON                     NY-31-54-457
SCHERWOOD, SAMUEL                       NY-31-148-36
SCHEUCKER, BELLE                        NY-31-1018-87
SCHEUERMAN, MATTHIAS                    NY-31-106-69
SCHIAPELLI, MARY                        NY-31-1023-89
SCHICK, ELIZA                           NY-31-1004-435
SCHIEFFELIN, HANNAH L.                  NY-31-79-463
SCHIEFFELIN, JACOB                      NY-31-72-397
SCHIEFFELIN, JULIA M.                   NY-31-1009-466
SCHIEFFELIN, MARY J.                    NY-31-1026-313
SCHIFF, AMELIA                          NY-31-988-283
SCHIFF, MICHAEL                         NY-31-1007-147
SCHIFFMEYER, JOSEPHINE                  NY-31-1006-482
SCHILLING, MARY E.                      NY-31-986-392
SCHILLING, THEODORE                     NY-31-1017-213
SCHINDLER, AGNES FRANCIS                NY-31-1030-329
SCHINKEL, ADOLPH                        NY-31-993-270
SCHINSKY, ELIAS P.                      NY-31-1027-447
SCHIRMER, CHARLES F.                    NY-31-1012-437
SCHLAEFFER, CHARLES F.                  NY-31-108-194
SCHLAEFFER, F. K.                       NY-31-108-194
SCHLAG, JULIUS                          NY-31-994-294
SCHLANOWSKY, BERNARD                    NY-31-987-99
SCHLESINGER, AUGSUTUS                   NY-31-1007-142
SCHLESINGER, ESTHER                     NY-31-1022-51
SCHLESINGER, GEORGE                     NY-31-986-96
SCHLESINGER, ISAAC                      NY-31-1012-136
SCHLOSS, JOSEPH                         NY-31-133-175
SCHLOSS, NESTORV                        NY-31-1024-387
SCHLOSSER, IGNATIUS                     NY-31-99-182
SCHLUTER, ANNA C.                       NY-31-1026-130
SCHMALTZ, FRANCINA F.                   NY-31-93-202
SCHMALZ, FRANCOIS                       NY-31-1027-436
SCHMELZEL, GEORGE SR.                   NY-31-53-211
SCHMELZEL, MARY                         NY-31-76-41
SCHMELZEL, WILLIAM R.                   NY-31-1022-66
SCHMETERER, HERMANN                     NY-31-116-150
SCHMID, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1000-225
SCHMID, FRIEDA                          NY-31-1003-82
SCHMID, GEORGE E.                       NY-31-986-92
SCHMID, XAVIER M.                       NY-31-105-471
SCHMIDT, ANNA E.                        NY-31-1019-488
SCHMIDT, AUGUST                         NY-31-1028-42
SCHMIDT, AUGUSTA S.                     NY-31-1013-280
SCHMIDT, CHARLES A.                     NY-31-137-296
SCHMIDT, ERNST                          NY-31-1000-290
SCHMIDT, FREDERICK W.                   NY-31-1010-377
SCHMIDT, GEORGE P.                      NY-31-104-238
SCHMIDT, JACOB                          NY-31-1009-379
SCHMIDT, JOHN W. ***                    NY-31-123-131
SCHMIDT, MARGARETA                      NY-31-148-30
SCHMIDT, MARIA                          NY-31-1019-83
SCHMIDT, MICHAEL                        NY-31-129-249
SCHMIDT, WILHELMINA F.                  NY-31-1018-380
SCHMITT, ARTHUR                         NY-31-1017-336
SCHMITT, CASPAR                         NY-31-992-224
SCHMITZ, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-1012-134
SCHMITZER, JACOB                        NY-31-1021-326
SCHMUHL, HERMAN                         NY-31-108-75
SCHNAIER, CELIA                         NY-31-1025-165
SCHNAKENBERG, CHRISTIAN                 NY-31-43-276
SCHNEIDER, BERTHA                       NY-31-986-384
SCHNEIDER, CHRISTINE                    NY-31-1006-388
SCHNEIDER, HENRY W.                     NY-31-1006-242
SCHNEIDER, LEOPOLD                      NY-31-994-315
SCHNEIDER, SOPHIA                       NY-31-985-399
SCHNEPPER, JOHN G.                      NY-31-125-314
SCHNETZER, CATHARINE                    NY-31-147-115
SCHNIBBE, HENRY C.                      NY-31-1016-141
SCHNITKER, JOHN                         NY-31-93-91
SCHOELL, CAROLINE                       NY-31-1002-419
SCHOENBERGER, MARGARETHA                NY-31-1025-162
SCHOENEBERGER, NICOLAS                  NY-31-1015-272
SCHOENER, LOUIS                         NY-31-990-256
SCHOENFIELD, MARGARET P.                NY-31-1015-191
SCHOENING, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-1000-225
SCHOLEY, SARAH                          NY-31-124-117
SCHOLLE, WILLIAM                        NY-31-993-144
SCHOMHL, JOHN P.                        NY-31-132-427
SCHONTHALER, JOHN                       NY-31-1031-492
SCHOONMAKER, ELLIS                      NY-31-1021-428
SCHOONMAKER, HENRY                      NY-31-148-177
SCHOONMAKER, JEANIE                     NY-31-1019-493
SCHOR, MOSES                            NY-31-989-442
SCHORNBAUM, WALBURGA                    NY-31-1006-393
SCHOYER, DAVID                          NY-31-102-90
SCHRADER, CHARLES J. C.                 NY-31-1022-72
SCHRADER, JOSEPH C.                     NY-31-1017-347
SCHRAMM, AUGUST                         NY-31-1008-113
SCHRAMM, CLARA                          NY-31-1021-220
SCHREIBER, ADAM                         NY-31-989-342
SCHREIBER, JOHN H. A.                   NY-31-995-229
SCHREIBER, MARTIN                       NY-31-108-529
SCHRETER, ARON H.                       NY-31-1021-417
SCHRIER, HERMAN                         NY-31-997-212
SCHRIVER, ADA C.                        NY-31-1019-86
SCHRODER, MARY L.                       NY-31-113-145
SCHROEDER, ADELE C.                     NY-31-1009-393
SCHROEDER, CARRIE B.                    NY-31-1009-249
SCHROEDER, GILLIAT                      NY-31-1011-382
SCHROEDER, HENRY                        NY-31-985-384
SCHROEDER, HERMN                        NY-31-116-22
SCHROEDER, JOHANN H. W.                 NY-31-132-276
SCHUCHARDT, JOHN J                      NY-31-90-288
SCHUCHMAN, GEORGE                       NY-31-1022-135
SCHUCK, FREDERICK                       NY-31-1001-390
SCHUEFFER, ALPHONSO A.                  NY-31-142-350
SCHUENK, SAMUEL K.                      NY-31-1027-280
SCHUFFELIN, EDWARD L.                   NY-31-101-24
SCHUHMANN, GEORGE HENRY                 NY-31-106-483
SCHULANG, PHILIP                        NY-31-1011-201
SCHULEMAN, FREDERICK                    NY-31-1010-229
SCHULENBERG, SOPHIE                     NY-31-1023-406
SCHULTZ, ALFRED P.                      NY-31-1003-326
SCHULTZ, CHRISTIAN                      NY-31-51-294
SCHULTZ, HENRY                          NY-31-105-163
SCHULTZ, JOHN                           NY-31-66-343
SCHULTZ, MARIA M.                       NY-31-80-88
SCHULTZ, NANCY                          NY-31-135-167
SCHULTZ, WILLIAM                        NY-31-59-559
SCHULZ, EMILIE                          NY-31-996-482
SCHULZ, FRANK F.                        NY-31-995-472
SCHULZ, MARX                            NY-31-137-299
SCHUMACHER, DOROTHEA                    NY-31-111-480
SCHUMACHER, WILLIAM                     NY-31-1000-286
SCHUMPF, ANTHONY                        NY-31-127-114
SCHUR, CARL                             NY-31-1024-410
SCHUREMAN, JOHN                         NY-31-140-477
SCHUREMAN, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-93-570
SCHURER, AUGUST                         NY-31-1013-277
SCHURZ, AGATHE                          NY-31-1021-322
SCHUSTER, GEORGE                        NY-31-132-281
SCHUSTER, HENRY                         NY-31-998-70
SCHUSTER, MARIE                         NY-31-1023-98
SCHUSTER, SOPHIA                        NY-31-991-240
SCHUTT, CATHARINE R.                    NY-31-147-486
SCHUTZ, MARX                            NY-31-137-299
SCHUURMAN, DAVID                        NY-31-1024-262
SCHUYLER, ISAAC                         NY-31-142-58
SCHUYLER, MARY A.                       NY-31-103-546
SCHUYLER, PHILIP J.                     NY-31-73-446
SCHUYLER, PHILLIP                       NY-31-10-115
SCHUYLER, SAMUEL                        NY-31-40-228
SCHWAB, MAX                             NY-31-1022-55
SCHWAB, THERESA                         NY-31-1029-236
SCHWALB, HENRY W.                       NY-31-992-85
SCHWARCZ, MAX M.                        NY-31-1020-347
SCHWARTZ, ANNA K.                       NY-31-1007-325
SCHWARTZ, CAROLINE                      NY-31-1008-293
SCHWARTZ, FREDERICH                     NY-31-115-396
SCHWARTZ, MICHEL F.                     NY-31-1018-456
SCHWARZ, COLUMBUS                       NY-31-1002-414
SCHWARZWALDER, HENRY                    NY-31-1016-444
SCHWEIGHAUSER, NICHOLAS                 NY-31-43-42
SCHWENK, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-1029-231
SCHWERSENSKI, SIMON                     NY-31-1024-186
SCHWING, MARGARET                       NY-31-1025-233
SCIELE, MARIE                           NY-31-1006-485
SCOFIELD, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-1018-8T5
SCOFIELD, ELSIE                         NY-31-133-340
SCOFIELD, EZRA                          NY-31-89-395
SCOFIELD, JEREMIAH                      NY-31-89-156
SCOFIELD, WALTER                        NY-31-109-396
SCOLA, CLOTILDA B. DE                   NY-31-129-440
SCOLES, ELLEN J.                        NY-31-95-99
SCOON, PETER                            NY-31-82-704
SCORSUR, JUAN                           NY-31-102-521
SCOT, RACHAEL                           NY-31-50-318
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-68-228
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        NY-31-68-228
SCOTT, ALEXANDER M.                     NY-31-93-341
SCOTT, ALEXANDER M. L.                  NY-31-120-398
SCOTT, ANNA L.                          NY-31-1009-110
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD                        NY-31-60-377
SCOTT, CATHARINE                        NY-31-83-135
SCOTT, EDWARD R.                        NY-31-1010-118
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-56-404
SCOTT, EMILY M.                         NY-31-1018-240
SCOTT, GEORE                            NY-31-57-306
SCOTT, GEORGE J.                        NY-31-1010-373
SCOTT, JAMES                            NY-31-90-531
SCOTT, JOHN                             NY-31-93-540
SCOTT, JOHN B.                          NY-31-110-468
SCOTT, JOHN K.                          NY-31-148-484
SCOTT, JOSHUA                           NY-31-106-57
SCOTT, LEWIS ALLAIRE                    NY-31-42-265
SCOTT, MARY                             NY-31-127-52
SCOTT, PHEBE                            NY-31-149-318
SCOTT, ROBERT                           NY-31-71-15
SCOTT, ROBERT                           NY-31-135-15
SCOTT, SUSANNAH                         NY-31-93-669
SCOTT, THOMAS                           NY-31-52-55
SCOTT, THOMAS                           NY-31-48-264
SCOTT, WALTER                           NY-31-55-441
SCOTT, WALTER                           NY-31-42-234
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NY-31-1001-412
SCOVILLE, JOHN                          NY-31-53-282
SCOVILLE, JOHN H.                       NY-31-1021-414
SCOVILLE, JOHN H.                       NY-31-1015-270
SCRIBNER, ABRAHAM S.                    NY-31-131-317
SCRIBNER, SARAH                         NY-31-105-402
SCRIBNER, URIAH R.                      NY-31-105-295
SCUDDER, EMELINE L.                     NY-31-84-314
SCUDDER, EPHRAIM                        NY-31-88-351
SCUDDER, HARRIET                        NY-31-106-441
SCUDDER, JOHN                           NY-31-56-468
SCUDDER, JOHN C.                        NY-31-73-222
SCUDDER, MARY                           NY-31-63-64
SCUDDER, SAMUEL                         NY-31-44-63
SCUDDER, SAMUEL                         NY-31-56-255
SCUDDER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-44-249
SCULLY, JOHN G.                         NY-31-119-1
SCULLY, JOHN L.                         NY-31-1000-222
SCULLY, MARY                            NY-31-1015-385
SCUYLER, JOHN                           NY-31-47-179
SEABURY, CLARA E.                       NY-31-1024-398
SEABURY, DAVID                          NY-31-79-153
SEABURY, EDWARD                         NY-31-61-410
SEABURY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-85-405
SEACONGOOD, LEWIS                       NY-31-1009-175
SEACORD, MARY                           NY-31-66-224
SEAMAN, AUGUSTINE H.                    NY-31-1009-151
SEAMAN, CHARLES H.                      NY-31-140-126
SEAMAN, DAVID                           NY-31-62-350
SEAMAN, DAVID                           NY-31-65-388
SEAMAN, DAVID                           NY-31-87-312
SEAMAN, EDMUND                          NY-31-60-428
SEAMAN, EGEBRT B.                       NY-31-1009-145
SEAMAN, ELIZA                           NY-31-116-479
SEAMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-127-173
SEAMAN, GEORGE                          NY-31-112-135
SEAMAN, HENRY                           NY-31-42-466
SEAMAN, JAMES                           NY-31-62-412
SEAMAN, JOHN                            NY-31-123-286
SEAMAN, LEONARD                         NY-31-56-408
SEAMAN, MARIA                           NY-31-82-41
SEAMAN, MARY                            NY-31-83-496
SEAMAN, PHEBE G.                        NY-31-1012-440
SEAMAN, RACHEL                          NY-31-68-152
SEAMAN, RACHEL                          NY-31-68-152
SEAMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-83-479
SEAMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-31-100-689
SEAMAN, SAMUEL J.                       NY-31-130-454
SEAMAN, SARAH                           NY-31-49-280
SEAMAN, VALENTINE                       NY-31-61-112
SEAMAN, VALENTINE                       NY-31-54-48
SEAMAN, WILLET                          NY-31-47-60
SEAMAN, WILLET                          NY-31-47-302
SEAMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-113-82
SEAMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-68-254
SEAMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-68-254
SEAMAN, WILLIAM F.                      NY-31-61-105
SEAMAN, WILLIAM S.                      NY-31-117-492
SEAMAN, WRIGHT                          NY-31-138-208
SEAMAN, ZEBULON W.                      NY-31-85-20
SEAMERICHT, HEINRICH F. C.              NY-31-98-4
SEAMONIE, MARY C.                       NY-31-139-144
SEARIGHT, JOSEPH                        NY-31-50-89
SEARING, PETER J. L.                    NY-31-1022-63
SEARLE, CAROLINE F.                     NY-31-1026-216
SEARLES, SARAH E.                       NY-31-1014-75
SEARS, SAMUEL                           NY-31-52-334
SEARS, SARAH                            NY-31-46-379
SEARS, WALTER J.                        NY-31-985-81
SEARSON, JOHN                           NY-31-43-377
SEASON, JOHN ANTHONY                    NY-31-42-439
SEBER, JAMES F.                         NY-31-40-326
SEBRING, BARENT                         NY-31-42-304
SEBRING, SARAH A.                       NY-31-104-159
SECKEL, DORA                            NY-31-1031-486
SECKEL, SYLVIA V.                       NY-31-1022-139
SECOR, CALEB P.                         NY-31-83-45
SECOR, JOHN J.                          NY-31-87-319
SECOR, JOHN WESLEY                      NY-31-987-40
SECOR, OLIVER                           NY-31-110-359
SECORD, DAVID                           NY-31-56-336
SEDGWICK, ARTHUR G.                     NY-31-1031-48
SEDGWICK, JANE                          NY-31-126-461
SEDGWICK, ROBERT                        NY-31-83-509
SEDGWICK, THEODORE                      NY-31-81-245
SEEBERGER, LOUIS                        NY-31-1000-273
SEELING, CLAUS                          NY-31-121-130
SEELY, BETHIA                           NY-31-50-190
SEELY, JOSHUA B.                        NY-31-44-285
SEELY, MARY                             NY-31-47-153
SEEMAN, ISRAEL                          NY-31-1006-489
SEGALIS, JOSEPH LOUIS                   NY-31-46-290
SEGEE, JACOB W.                         NY-31-52-450
SEGER, HELEN                            NY-31-1011-286
SEGER, WILLIAM                          NY-31-85-318
SEGRE, MATTHEW JOHN                     NY-31-82-558
SEGUI, THOMAS                           NY-31-82-437
SEGURA, IDA H.                          NY-31-987-187
SEIDL, ANNA                             NY-31-1017-351
SEIDMAN, FANNIE                         NY-31-1015-172
SEIFERT, LEOPOLD A.                     NY-31-1025-227
SEIFF, MARGARETHA                       NY-31-149-459
SEIGNER, HENRY                          NY-31-52-1
SEILLARD, MICHAEL P.                    NY-31-95-113
SEITZ, FREDERICK                        NY-31-1009-101
SEIXAS, ANNA                            NY-31-120-268
SEIXAS, BILAH                           NY-31-134-389
SEIXAS, FRANCES CATHARINE               NY-31-62-64
SELAH, NATHANIEL S.                     NY-31-129-42
SELBY, HANEY                            NY-31-123-517
SELBY, SKEFFINGTON                      NY-31-57-459
SELCHOW, ELISHA G.                      NY-31-1020-178
SELDEN, DAVID                           NY-31-137-175
SELDEN, DUDLEY                          NY-31-116-247
SELDEN, WILLIAM B.                      NY-31-99-321
SELG, JOSEPH H.                         NY-31-1031-177
SELIG, BARBARA                          NY-31-1005-274
SELIG, LEON                             NY-31-1027-160
SELIG, RACHEL                           NY-31-997-491
SELIGMANN, MATHILDE                     NY-31-1027-163
SELIGSBERG, ABRAHAM                     NY-31-1006-87
SELLECK, GOULD                          NY-31-149-419
SELLECK, MARGARET                       NY-31-58-15
SELLS, JAMES THE YOUNGER                NY-31-46-294
SELMES, JAMES                           NY-31-93-607
SELTER, ANDREW G.                       NY-31-100-148
SELTER, ANDREW N.                       NY-31-1006-487
SENN, MARY E.                           NY-31-1021-223
SEQUINE, JOHN                           NY-31-88-275
SERDOBIN, PAUL M.                       NY-31-1027-281
SERRE, PIERRE C.                        NY-31-129-428
SERRELL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-104-179
SERVEN, ABRAHAM A.                      NY-31-99-18
SERVICE, MARY                           NY-31-1024-384
SETON, WILLIAM MAGEE                    NY-31-45-133
SETTADMATO, CATERINA                    NY-31-1010-358
SETZER, GUSTAVE                         NY-31-996-109
SETZER, HELENA                          NY-31-999-226
SEUFERT, JOSEPH                         NY-31-1023-408
SEVERANCE, HENRY                        NY-31-89-519
SEVON, ELVIRA                           NY-31-1018-255
SEWALL, MINOTT U.                       NY-31-992-356
SEWELL, BARTON                          NY-31-1009-257
SEWELL, JOSEPH                          NY-31-48-112
SEWELL, LUCY                            NY-31-149-370
SEXTEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-48-67
SEXTON, BERNARD                         NY-31-1022-18
SEXTON, SARAH M.                        NY-31-141-471
SEXTON, WILLIAM                         NY-31-93-366
SEYMOUR, CHARLES                        NY-31-112-147
SEYMOUR, DANIEL                         NY-31-100-205
SEYMOUR, EBENEZER                       NY-31-57-47
SEYMOUR, EDWIN A.                       NY-31-79-534
SEYMOUR, MCNEIL                         NY-31-103-541
SEYMOUR, PATIENCE W.                    NY-31-140-516
SEYMOUR, PHEBE ANN                      NY-31-89-531
SEYMOUR, ROBERT M.                      NY-31-98-242
SHACKLOCK, GEORGE                       NY-31-43-418
SHADBOLT, JAMES                         NY-31-109-217
SHADER, DANIEL                          NY-31-61-32
SHADGETT, WILLIAM HENRY                 NY-31-119-135
SHAFFER, DANIEL                         NY-31-40-271
SHAFFER, SOPHIE S.                      NY-31-1023-94
SHALER, ANN                             NY-31-56-457
SHALER, WILLIAM                         NY-31-72-164
SHAND, MARY                             NY-31-42-266
SHANLEY, ANGELINA                       NY-31-1010-238
SHANLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-137-179
SHANNON, ISAAC                          NY-31-86-404
SHANNON, JOHN                           NY-31-53-297
SHANNON, JOHN                           NY-31-83-24
SHANNON, LIVINGSTON                     NY-31-58-332
SHANNON, MARGARET                       NY-31-63-300
SHANNON, MARGARET                       NY-31-71-401
SHANNON, MARY A.                        NY-31-1023-400
SHANNON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-106-140
SHAPERO, PAUL                           NY-31-1013-414
SHAPIRO, HERMAN                         NY-31-993-133
SHAPIRO, MAX                            NY-31-993-80
SHAPIRO, PINCUS                         NY-31-991-350
SHARDLOW, JOSEPH                        NY-31-988-495
SHARMON, HENRY                          NY-31-47-251
SHARP, JOHN                             NY-31-59-43
SHARP, ROBERT                           NY-31-51-386
SHARPE, ALEXANDER T.                    NY-31-119-359
SHARPE, JACOB                           NY-31-75-133
SHARPE, MARIA                           NY-31-69-239
SHARPE, ROSE                            NY-31-1004-433
SHARPLES, JAMES                         NY-31-49-172
SHATTUCK, JOSIAH L.                     NY-31-126-416
SHATZEL, JACOB                          NY-31-81-335
SHATZELL, MARIA                         NY-31-95-546
SHAUGHNESSY, MARY E.                    NY-31-994-307
SHAW, ANTHONY P.                        NY-31-90-460
SHAW, BENJAMIN G.                       NY-31-107-481
SHAW, CATHARINE                         NY-31-149-95
SHAW, CHARLES                           NY-31-40-335
SHAW, CHARLES G.                        NY-31-1015-25
SHAW, CHARLES H.                        NY-31-1022-189
SHAW, GEORGE                            NY-31-63-278
SHAW, GEORGE                            NY-31-114-170
SHAW, GEORGE K.                         NY-31-1028-273
SHAW, GEORGE W.                         NY-31-132-194
SHAW, GRIZZEL                           NY-31-53-356
SHAW, JOHN                              NY-31-54-114
SHAW, JOHN                              NY-31-90-207
SHAW, JOHN R.                           NY-31-56-299
SHAW, JOSEPH                            NY-31-74-453
SHAW, JOSEPH                            NY-31-92-342
SHAW, MARCIA                            NY-31-51-68
SHAW, MARCIA                            NY-31-41-187
SHAW, MARY                              NY-31-60-114
SHAW, MARY R.                           NY-31-133-356
SHAW, ROBERT G.                         NY-31-116-405
SHAW, SHELDON B.                        NY-31-1016-87
SHAW, THOMAS                            NY-31-81-243
SHAW, WALTER A.                         NY-31-1031-185
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-31-52-294
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-31-53-137
SHAW, WILLIAM R.                        NY-31-103-566
SHAY, FRANCIS L.                        NY-31-104-43
SHAY, HANNAH                            NY-31-102-39
SHAY, SARAH                             NY-31-53-480
SHAYS, ROBET                            NY-31-85- 359
SHEA, CATHERINE                         NY-31-995-467
SHEA, JOHN                              NY-31-132-92
SHEA, JOHN                              NY-31-1028-286
SHEAFE, MARIA L.                        NY-31-989-15
SHEAHAN, PATRICK                        NY-31-1022-276
SHEARDOWN, WARD B.                      NY-31-1009-140
SHEDDEN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-42-357
SHEEHAN, CATHERINE                      NY-31-1010-233
SHEEHAN, JAMES                          NY-31-79-117
SHEEHAN, MARY                           NY-31-1024-251
SHEEHAN, MICHAEL L.                     NY-31-997-486
SHEFFIELD, ELIPHALET                    NY-31-73-214
SHEFFIELD, ICHABOD                      NY-31-66-358
SHEILS, JAMES H.                        NY-31-1022-252
SHELDON, DANIEL                         NY-31-120-107
SHELDON, DANIELJR.                      NY-31-62-162
SHELDON, ELIZA A.                       NY-31-92-183
SHELDON, WILLIAM HENRY                  NY-31-114-449
SHELTERS, HENRY                         NY-31-60-317
SHELTON, STEPHEN L.                     NY-31-71-244
SHEP, CATHERINE                         NY-31-71-337
SHEPHERD, ANN                           NY-31-91-192
SHEPHERD, JAMES                         NY-31-95-7
SHEPHERD, JANE ***                      NY-31-139-1
SHEPHERD, JOHN H.                       NY-31-130-224
SHEPHERD, RUTH                          NY-31-135-79
SHEPPARD, MARY B.                       NY-31-1020-171
SHEPPERD, ALSTONE                       NY-31-123-248
SHERAN, THOMAS                          NY-31-93-170
SHERER, HENRY                           NY-31-55-104
SHERIDAN, MATTHEW                       NY-31-62-342
SHERIDAN, THOMAS                        NY-31-118-75
SHERIFF, MARIA                          NY-31-55-14
SHERLOCK, ESSIE M.                      NY-31-1015-395
SHERMAN, ANN                            NY-31-85-401
SHERMAN, CHARLES                        NY-31-89-434
SHERMAN, REBECCA                        NY-31-1007-129
SHERMAN, WATTS                          NY-31-55-88
SHERMAN, WATTS                          NY-31-55-200
SHERRED, JACOB                          NY-31-56-316
SHERRED, RICHARD                        NY-31-43-281
SHERRED, SARAH                          NY-31-103-207
SHERRERD, ARCHIBALD                     NY-31-75-379
SHERRY, CHARLES                         NY-31-57-257
SHERWIN, JOHN                           NY-31-82-484
SHERWOOD, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-61-220
SHERWOOD, CASSIE H.                     NY-31-1001-26
SHERWOOD, DAVID                         NY-31-86-340
SHERWOOD, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-85-86
SHERWOOD, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-106-316
SHERWOOD, ELLEN E.                      NY-31-999-232
SHERWOOD, HENRY                         NY-31-98-265
SHERWOOD, HENRY H.                      NY-31-96-626
SHERWOOD, JAMES W.                      NY-31-97-550
SHERWOOD, JOHN T.                       NY-31-96-69
SHERWOOD, LUMAN                         NY-31-149-482
SHERWOOD, MARGARET                      NY-31-114-32
SHEWAN, JAMES                           NY-31-1000-283
SHEYS, WILLIAM P.                       NY-31-68-242
SHEYS, WILLIAM P.                       NY-31-68-242
SHIEL, WILLIAM                          NY-31-139-61
SHIELDS, AGNES                          NY-31-1021-324
SHIELDS, CATHERINE E.                   NY-31-1012-130
SHIELDS, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-31-1025-221
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-57-323
SHIELLS, ROBERT                         NY-31-141-111
SHIELS, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-106-465
SHIERS, THOMAS                          NY-31-127-78
SHILAND, ANDREW                         NY-31-1002-150
SHILSTONE, HENRY                        NY-31-1018-458
SHIMMIN, FRANCES N.                     NY-31-1000-215
SHIP, GEORGE                            NY-31-50-358
SHIPLEY, GEORGE                         NY-31-44-421
SHIPLEY, MORRIS                         NY-31-41-434
SHIPLEY, THMAS EDDY                     NY-31-67-28
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM L.                     NY-31-78-165
SHIPMAN, ALIDA                          NY-31-77-456
SHIPMAN, ANDREW J.                      NY-31-1031-34
SHIPMAN, DEBORAH J.                     NY-31-992-423
SHIPMAN, HENRY                          NY-31-98-98
SHIPMAN, WILLIAM B.                     NY-31-97-220
SHIRER, GAVIN                           NY-31-76-18
SHIRK, MICHAEL                          NY-31-1022-130
SHIRLAW, FLORENCE M.                    NY-31-1012-186
SHIRLEY, STEPHEN                        NY-31-71-75
SHOALS, MARY                            NY-31-50-480
SHOALS, MARY                            NY-31-50-369
SHOBER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-31-90-179
SHOCKER, CATHARINE                      NY-31-71-247
SHOEMAKER, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-121-317
SHOEMAR, CHARLES                        NY-31-60-268
SHOENBERG, SARAH                        NY-31-1017-353
SHONNARD, FREDERICK                     NY-31-42-240
SHONNARD, JANE                          NY-31-120-235
SHONNARD, SAMUEL                        NY-31-91-423
SHOOK, NELSON                           NY-31-109-348
SHORTILL, EDWARD                        NY-31-105-317
SHORTLIFF, THOMAS                       NY-31-991-235
SHOTTER, MARGARET                       NY-31-1006-83
SHOTWELL, ABRAHAM                       NY-31-125-53
SHOTWELL, JOHN                          NY-31-148-88
SHOTWELL, JOSEPH S.                     NY-31-96-372
SHOURT, JACOB                           NY-31-62-284
SHOURT, OLIVER                          NY-31-140-512
SHOWNARD, FREDERICK                     NY-31-85-270
SHRADY, JOHN                            NY-31-996-320
SHREVE, HAROLD                          NY-31-1022-438
SHREVE, MARY A.                         NY-31-80-142
SHRODER, JOHN                           NY-31-137-113
SHRRY CYDON S.                          NY-31-120-266
SHUCHAT, MAX                            NY-31-1014-167
SHUFFLEBOTTOM, JANET                    NY-31-90-243
SHULTS, JOHN                            NY-31-45-107
SHULTZ, HENRY H.                        NY-31-1023-196
SHUMWAY, CATHERINE T.                   NY-31-1002-16
SHURAL, CUSTADIS                        NY-31-44-446
SHURTLEFF, ROSWELL M.                   NY-31-1004-443
SHUTE, ISAAC                            NY-31-42-288
SHUTE, JACOB                            NY-31-53-344
SHUTE, JOHN                             NY-31-52-455
SHUTE, MARIA                            NY-31-99-374
SHUTE, WILLIAM                          NY-31-83-604
SIBLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-31-132-485
SICARD, STEPHEN                         NY-31-79-455
SICE, CATHERINE                         NY-31-117-467
SICE, ROBERT G.                         NY-31-88-239
SICHER, DAVID E.                        NY-31-987-312
SICKELS, GARRET                         NY-31-57-435
SICKELS, HENRY                          NY-31-41-101
SICKELS, ROBERT                         NY-31-49-174
SICKELS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-56-338
SICKLES, ELIAS                          NY-31-53-162
SICKLES, JOHN S.                        NY-31-45-157
SIDELL, JOHN                            NY-31-76-221
SIDELL, MAGDALEN                        NY-31-44-302
SIDENBERG, GUSTAVUS                     NY-31-1004-445
SIDER, JOHN                             NY-31-63-420
SIEBECK, JOHN C.                        NY-31-136-506
SIEBERG, AUGUST                         NY-31-1022-286
SIEBERT, REGINA                         NY-31-1020-174
SIEGEL, FRANK                           NY-31-1031-484
SIEGEL, MOSES                           NY-31-1025-231
SIEGENER, RICHARD ***                   NY-31-988-400
SIEGMAN, HENRY                          NY-31-1022-282
SIEGMUND, ANNA M.                       NY-31-991-230
SIEMENS, ARNOLD                         NY-31-1028-40
SIEMON, CONRAD                          NY-31-986-172
SIERCK, OTTILIE                         NY-31-1003-328
SIERS, JARENEYE                         NY-31-7-559
SIERSON, JOHN ANTHONY                   NY-31-46-210
SIESEL, OSCAR                           NY-31-1016-135
SIEVEKING, EDGAR                        NY-31-1020-440
SIFERT, HENRY                           NY-31-61-57
SIGESMOND, SIMON B.                     NY-31-1007-258
SIGISON, THOMAS                         NY-31-74-165
SIGNAIRE, VICTORI C.                    NY-31-101-410
SILBER, LEONARD J.                      NY-31-1017-340
SILBERBERG, DAVID                       NY-31-997-482
SILBERBERG, MAX                         NY-31-992-219
SILBERHORN, GEORGE W.                   NY-31-993-420
SILBERMAN, HARRIS                       NY-31-1016-290
SILCOX, DANIEL H.                       NY-31-99-231
SILL, JOHN T.                           NY-31-995-476
SILLCOCK, JOSEPH                        NY-31-70-230
SILLCOCK, PETER M.                      NY-31-99-185
SILLECK, MARY                           NY-31-58-355
SILLERY, FREDERICK                      NY-31-996-102
SILLICK, BRADLEY                        NY-31-134-254
SILVA, ANTONIO                          NY-31-81-443
SILVER, LEWIS                           NY-31-93-211
SILVER, NATHAN                          NY-31-1024-253
SILVESTER, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-1002-154
SILVEY, JOSEPH                          NY-31-80-496
SIME, CHARLOTTE E.                      NY-31-1025-229
SIMES, JOHN D.                          NY-31-134-1
SIMINCK, JOHN                           NY-31-109-83
SIMMONS, ANTHONY                        NY-31-53-153
SIMMONS, HENRY                          NY-31-62-56
SIMMONS, HENRY                          NY-31-1008-123
SIMMONS, HENRY L.                       NY-31-136-198
SIMMONS, JANE                           NY-31-49-26
SIMMONS, JOHN                           NY-31-41-388
SIMMONS, JOHN A.                        NY-31-73-406
SIMMONS, MEHETTABELLE, ANN              NY-31-82-519
SIMMONS, PHILLIS                        NY-31-109-1
SIMMONS, RICHARD                        NY-31-86-152
SIMMONS, ROBERT                         NY-31-44-194
SIMMONS, SIMEON                         NY-31-993-139
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-69-464
SIMMONS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-31-122-384
SIMMONS, WILLIAM P.                     NY-31-68-428
SIMMONS, WILLIAM P.                     NY-31-68-428
SIMMS, ANN                              NY-31-109-74
SIMMS, JOHN                             NY-31-60-268
SIMMS, REBECCA                          NY-31-92-599
SIMON, CAROLINE                         NY-31-988-165
SIMON, CHARLES                          NY-31-1027-439
SIMON, CHARLES                          NY-31-1015-193
SIMON, EDWARD S.                        NY-31-1023-413
SIMON, FANNY                            NY-31-1031-328
SIMON, LOTTE                            NY-31-1022-57
SIMON, PHILIP                           NY-31-1018-461
SIMON, SETTE                            NY-31-1013-155
SIMON, SOLOMON                          NY-31-129-109
SIMONDS, JOHN                           NY-31-56-270
SIMONS, E. HARLESTON                    NY-31-1002-427
SIMONS, JOHN                            NY-31-51-484
SIMONS, LEONARD                         NY-31-62-105
SIMONS, LOUIS                           NY-31-110-238
SIMONSON, CHARLES M.                    NY-31-113-159
SIMONSON, CORNELIUS                     NY-31-83-74
SIMONSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-92-572
SIMPSON, ALFRED J.                      NY-31-1030-331
SIMPSON, ANGEL J.                       NY-31-1001-404
SIMPSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-63-45
SIMPSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-86-358
SIMPSON, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-31-993-497
SIMPSON, JOHN                           NY-31-51-313
SIMPSON, JOHN                           NY-31-40-48
SIMPSON, MARGARET                       NY-31-59-369
SIMPSON, PAUL J.                        NY-31-98-16
SIMPSON, ROBERT                         NY-31-121-414
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         NY-31-72-315
SIMPSON, WILHELMUS                      NY-31-96-159
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-99-301
SIMPSON, WILLIAM K.                     NY-31-997-209
SIMS, CAROLINE A.                       NY-31-1024-388
SIMSON, IOCHEBED                        NY-31-52-263
SIMSON, JOSEPH                          NY-31-41-59
SIMSON, SAMPSON                         NY-31-119-455
SINCLAIR, ELIZABETH                     NY-31-56-296
SINCLAIR, EMMELINE                      NY-31-1013-269
SINCLAIR, HUGH                          NY-31-43-142
SINCLAIR, JOHN                          NY-31-98-6
SINCLAIR, SARAH B.                      NY-31-96-349
SINCLARE, SARAH                         NY-31-67-51
SINCLARE, WILLIAM                       NY-31-122-262
SINE, WILLIAM R.                        NY-31-1030-499
SINGER, JOHN                            NY-31-114-462
SINGER, KITTY                           NY-31-40-224
SINKLER, WILLIAM                        NY-31-52-221
SINNET, ROBERT                          NY-31-48-312
SINSHEIMER, ISAAC                       NY-31-1006-385
SINSHEIMER, JOSEPH                      NY-31-1028-38
SIOSTROM, ANDREW                        NY-31-52-212
SIPERLY, EDWARD                         NY-31-105-352
SIPKINS, HANNAH                         NY-31-76-30
SIPKINS, THOMAS                         NY-31-67-23
SIRK, MARIE L.                          NY-31-1015-318
SISSON, ALEX                            NY-31-51-132
SISTARE, NANCY                          NY-31-139-98
SJOGREN, ANDERS P.                      NY-31-1017-216
SJOSELIUS, IMMA M.                      NY-31-993-488
SKAATS, BARTHOLOMEW K.                  NY-31-66-119
SKAATS, DAVID                           NY-31-43-479
SKAATS, ELIZABETH R.                    NY-31-103-246
SKAATS, RINIER                          NY-31-51-437
SKELLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-31-127-479
SKELTON, LYDIA                          NY-31-46-155
SKETCHLEY, EDWARD                       NY-31-1012-128
SKETCHLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-31-81-332
SKIDDY, ANDREW F.                       NY-31-89-498
SKIDDY, JOHN R.                         NY-31-74-174
SKIDDY, ROSTTA                          NY-31-83-265
SKIDMORE, BURTIS                        NY-31-133-379
SKIDMORE, LEMUEL                        NY-31-89-356
SKIDMORE, ROBERT C.                     NY-31-120-229
SKIFFINGTON, PATRICK                    NY-31-88-124
SKILDEN, JOHN                           NY-31-51-11
SKILLIN, LUTHERA R.                     NY-31-992-81
SKILLMAN, JOHN                          NY-31-99-278
SKILLMAN, JOSEPH P.                     NY-31-1017-455
SKILLMAN, WILLIAM J.                    NY-31-995-398
SKILMAN, JOSEPH SR.                     NY-31-104-426
SKIMER, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-92-31
SKINNER, CATHARINE                      NY-31-82-537
SKINNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-137-83
SKINNER, JAMES                          NY-31-66-146
SKINNER, JOHN                           NY-31-90-89
SKINNER, LEWIS                          NY-31-61-333
SKINNER, STEPHEN                        NY-31-48-98
SKINNER, THOMAS                         NY-31-54-350
SLAMA, JOSEPHINE                        NY-31-1022-53
SLATER, JOHN                            NY-31-119-25
SLATER, JOHN                            NY-31-98-101
SLATER, JOHN                            NY-31-110-408
SLATER, JOSEPH R.                       NY-31-991-346
SLATER, SARAH E.                        NY-31-990-53
SLATER, THOMAS D.                       NY-31-51-56
SLATTERY, MARGARET M.                   NY-31-1002-304
SLATTERY, PATRICK                       NY-31-987-369
SLAUGHTER, ALEXANDER F.                 NY-31-993-493
SLEIGHT, HENRY                          NY-31-41-250
SLEVIN, EDARD P.                        NY-31-1017-220
SLEVIN, JAMES J.                        NY-31-995-226
SLEZAK, ANTON                           NY-31-1022-254
SLICER, ADELINE E. H.                   NY-31-1005-449
SLIDELL, ISAAC                          NY-31-42-353
SLIDELL, NICHOLAS M.                    NY-31-136-331
SLINE, JOHN JOHN                        NY-31-41-427
SLOAN, GEORGE B.                        NY-31-1020-165
SLOAN, JAMES M.                         NY-31-119-226
SLOAN, JOHN                             NY-31-51-58
SLOAN, SMITH                            NY-31-125-289
SLOANE, JULIAN                          NY-31-54-73
SLOANE, KATE                            NY-31-1022-22
SLOANE, MARGARET B.                     NY-31-996-249
SLOANE, WILLIAM D.                      NY-31-1017-205
SLOAT, REBECCA                          NY-31-75-493
SLOCOMB, JARED                          NY-31-73-354
SLOCUM, ABNER L.                        NY-31-112-332
SLOCUM, DANIEL                          NY-31-103-221
SLOCUM, THOMAS S.                       NY-31-100-462
SLOMAN, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-31-996-78
SLOO, WILLIAM                           NY-31-42-314
SLOSSON, WILLIAM                        NY-31-69-83
SLOVER, CATHARINE                       NY-31-43-73
SLOWEY, PATRICK                         NY-31-74-276
SLYDEL, JOHN                            NY-31-45-406

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