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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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ZABRISKIE, JOHN L.                      NY-24-12-269
ZABRISKIE, SARAH                        NY-24-19-52
ZAHM, HERMAN F.                         NY-24-76-469
ZAHRT, JOHN C.                          NY-24-84-491
ZANCS, HENRY                            NY-24-79-292
ZANGLE, CLARA                           NY-24-448-373
ZAUN, PHILIPP                           NY-24-46-435
ZEGLIO, JOHN                            NY-24-79-167
ZEH, BARBARA                            NY-24-71-455
ZEH, LOUISE                             NY-24-40-91
ZEITER, SOPHIA                          NY-24-44-256
ZELLER, ANNA MARIA                      NY-24-37-317
ZELLHOEFER, JOHN                        NY-24-19-479
ZENDER, JOACHIM D. L.                   NY-24-49-65
ZENKGRAF, FREDERIKA                     NY-24-70-53
ZERRENNER, LOUIS                        NY-24-24-203
ZETTLEIN, JOHN                          NY-24-27-327
ZETTLER, JOHN M.                        NY-24-68-106
ZIEGLER, ELISABETH                      NY-24-70-102
ZIEGLER, JOHN GEORGE                    NY-24-35-151
ZIEGLER, KATHARINA                      NY-24-451-314
ZIMMER, HENRY                           NY-24-70-454
ZIMMERMAN, MARIA C.                     NY-24-52-248
ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-24-85-182
ZIMMERMANN, LEONARD                     NY-24-36-264
ZIMMERMANN, WILLIAM                     NY-24-451-330
ZINGSEM, ANNA K.                        NY-24-446-20
ZINK, PHILIPP                           NY-24-57-86
ZIPFEL, JOHN A.                         NY-24-33-367
ZIPPELIUS, ELISABETH                    NY-24-77-72
ZOCH, FERDINAND                         NY-24-29-441
ZOEBISCH, CHARLES A.                    NY-24-46-198
ZOLIVER, HENRY                          NY-24-35-36
ZOLLINGER, GERTRUDE                     NY-24-46-503
ZUGALLA, CHARLES H.                     NY-24-46-242
ZUILL, JOHN O.                          NY-24-10-430
ZUMBROD, FREDERICK W.                   NY-24-37-423
ZWERGIUS, JULIUS                        NY-24-38-162

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