Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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LABON, JOHN                             NY-24-29-179
LACEY, BURTIS                           NY-24-22-130
LACEY, FREDERICK                        NY-24-39-389
LACEY, JOHN                             NY-24-31-213
LACHICOTTE, SARAH F.                    NY-24-447-463
LACK, MARY A.                           NY-24-451-253
LACKEY, CHARLES E.                      NY-24-86-244
LACY, ALICE                             NY-24-67-44
LADD, DANIEL                            NY-24-17-245
LADD, WILLIAM H.                        NY-24-81-33
LADE, FREDERICK W.                      NY-24-451-12
LADEWIG, J. H. NICHOLAS                 NY-24-62-186
LAETY, MARY                             NY-24-69-25
LAFFAN, MARTIN                          NY-24-70-33
LAFFERS, ANNE                           NY-24-1-172
LAFUMEE, EDWIN F.                       NY-24-79-427
LAGRAVE, LAURA R.                       NY-24-86-238
LAHANCKA, MAGDELINE                     NY-24-24-83
LAIBENHEIMER, VALENTINE                 NY-24-45-271
LAIDLAW, JOHN                           NY-24-26-460
LAIDLAW, JOHN                           NY-24-44-451
LAIMBEER, CATHARINE J.                  NY-24-448-287
LAIN, JONATHAN                          NY-24-34-391
LAIN, LIZZIE GEORGIA                    NY-24-448-324
LAING, MARCUS H.                        NY-24-73-286
LAKE, ANN                               NY-24-59-483
LAKE, COURT                             NY-24-10-68
LAKE, COURT JR.                         NY-24-55-418
LAKE, DERICK                            NY-24-5-136
LAKE, DERICK                            NY-24-4-140
LAKE, DERICK                            NY-24-1-305
LAKE, JACOBUS                           NY-24-31-105
LAKE, JAMES                             NY-24-41-322
LAKE, JARVIS N.                         NY-24-39-52
LAKE, JOHN                              NY-24-3-148
LAKE, MARY                              NY-24-28-77
LAKE, THOMAS                            NY-24-12-393
LALVMIA, CARMELO                        NY-24-56-230
LAMB, CLARA                             NY-24-446-496
LAMB, ELIZA                             NY-24-80-212
LAMBERT, THOMAS                         NY-24-7-111
LAMBERTSON, SIMON                       NY-24-1-4
LAMBIAS, LUCIA C.                       NY-24-56-17
LAMMER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-4-71
LAMMER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-5-74
LAMONT, ANN                             NY-24-81-442
LAMONT, DUNCAN                          NY-24-30-36
LAMPLEY, JOHN M.                        NY-24-34-305
LAMPUS, MARTIN                          NY-24-85-333
LANDGRAF, DANIEL                        NY-24-450-203
LANDON, ELIJAH                          NY-24-59-338
LANDRAY, MARY E.                        NY-24-61-41
LANDRIDGE, MARY                         NY-24-79-328
LANE, ELIZA                             NY-24-48-353
LANE, GARRET S.                         NY-24-43-388
LANE, JOHN THOMAS                       NY-24-84-102
LANE, JOSIAH A.                         NY-24-39-457
LANE, MATILDA                           NY-24-85-8
LANE, NATHAN                            NY-24-66-110
LANE, THOMAS                            NY-24-11-429
LANE, WILLIAM                           NY-24-18-266
LANG, ANDREW                            NY-24-15-394
LANG, JOHN                              NY-24-38-224
LANG, JOHN JACOB                        NY-24-48-304
LANG, MARIUS                            NY-24-86-9
LANGAN, JAMES                           NY-24-50-417
LANGBEIN, LOUISE                        NY-24-448-8
LANGDON, EDWARD                         NY-24-24-118
LANGE, MATTHIAS                         NY-24-38-278
LANGHAAR, JOHN                          NY-24-76-458
LANGLEY, FRANCIS                        NY-24-56-305
LANGLEY, FRANCIS                        NY-24-19-441
LANGSDORF, JOHN                         NY-24-28-352
LANGSHORE, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-28-324
LANGSLAFF, EDWARD                       NY-24-56-185
LANMAN, DAVID T.                        NY-24-33-159
LANZER, FRANCIS                         NY-24-43-247
LAPP, ANDREW                            NY-24-27-330
LARCE, MARY                             NY-24-22-40
LARGE, ALFRED                           NY-24-20-104
LARGE, ELIZA C.                         NY-24-19-446
LARKIN, ANN                             NY-24-59-401
LARKIN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-36-44
LARKIN, PATRICK B.                      NY-24-80-331
LARRABEE, HENRY L.                      NY-24-55-356
LARSEN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-24-43-386
LARUE, SARAH                            NY-24-53-412
LARZALER, GITTY                         NY-24-11-420
LARZELERE, BENJAMIN                     NY-24-5-328
LASCHINGER, BALZER                      NY-24-71-490
LASHER, SARAH                           NY-24-44-398
LATIN, CATHERINE                        NY-24-79-425
LAUER, JOHN                             NY-24-34-234
LAUER, KATHARINE                        NY-24-51-353
LAUER, PETER                            NY-24-36-254
LAUGHLIN, THOMAS                        NY-24-22-447
LAUGHRIN, MICHAEL                       NY-24-12-89
LAUN, JACOBJR.                          NY-24-66-330
LAURENT, JOSEPH                         NY-24-31-120
LAUTEN, GUSTAV C. L.                    NY-24-81-20
LAUTERBACH, ADELHERD                    NY-24-33-476
LAUTERBACH, GEORGE H. T.                NY-24-79-98
LAVENDER, MARGARET T.                   NY-24-22-206
LAVEREY, ELIZA                          NY-24-84-175
LAVERTY, MARY E.                        NY-24-35-219
LAVERY, EDWARD                          NY-24-33-225
LAW, HENRY G.                           NY-24-47-198
LAW, HENRY P.                           NY-24-82-491
LAW, NAHANIEL B.                        NY-24-79-415
LAWES, ALICE                            NY-24-82-456
LAWITZ, MARY ABBEY                      NY-24-15-106
LAWLESS, JOHN                           NY-24-26-241
LAWRANCE, MARY                          NY-24-11-202
LAWRENCE, ARCHIBALD T.                  NY-24-50-456
LAWRENCE, CORNELIA B.                   NY-24-20-34
LAWRENCE, HENRY                         NY-24-45-112
LAWRENCE, MARY B.                       NY-24-13-224
LAWRENCE, SUSAN A.                      NY-24-56-227
LAWSON, MARY                            NY-24-10-459
LAWSON, WILLIAM                         NY-24-14-158
LAY, CHAUNCEY A.                        NY-24-80-50
LAY, SYLVIA M.                          NY-24-29-428
LCKE, HANNAH                            NY-24-40-237
LEACH, ADAM                             NY-24-28-42
LEACH, MARY                             NY-24-58-37
LEACH, MARY FRANCES                     NY-24-448-426
LEACH, MARY J.                          NY-24-37-470
LEAHY, ANN                              NY-24-39-349
LEAHY, JOHN D.                          NY-24-79-365
LEAHY, MARY                             NY-24-37-267
LEAK, SAMUEL                            NY-24-14-246
LEAKE, JOHNSON                          NY-24-62-373
LEAMEY, PATRICK                         NY-24-71-360
LEARY, EDWARD D.                        NY-24-15-347
LEAVENS, MARY ANN                       NY-24-33-285
LEAVENS, THOMAS D.                      NY-24-21-340
LEAVER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-87-354
LEAVITT, JOSHUA                         NY-24-50-104
LEAVITT, LUCY                           NY-24-27-437
LEAVITT, SHELDEN C.                     NY-24-23-379
LEAVY, DANIEL                           NY-24-29-201
LEAYS, JOHN                             NY-24-38-205
LEBARON, JAMES                          NY-24-18-195
LEBERT, KATHARINE                       NY-24-39-409
LEBRUN, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-24-22-203
LECKEY, JAMES                           NY-24-55-168
LECLAIRE, MARY F.                       NY-24-446-290
LECONEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-58-215
LECRAIGNEUR, MARIE C.                   NY-24-17-422
LEDDEN, FRANK H.                        NY-24-56-321
LEDDERMAN, JOHN                         NY-24-18-343
LEDOUX, FRANCIS X.                      NY-24-451-289
LEDWITH, FRANCIS J.                     NY-24-33-468
LEDWITH, JOHN                           NY-24-33-47
LEDWITH, STEPHEN                        NY-24-44-449
LEDYARD, DANIEL J.                      NY-24-27-231
LEDYARD, WILLIAM S.                     NY-24-65-12
LEE, ALEXANDER                          NY-24-34-488
LEE, ANN                                NY-24-13-270
LEE, GEORGE W.                          NY-24-73-33
LEE, HARRIET A.                         NY-24-30-351
LEE, JAMES                              NY-24-28-65
LEE, JOHN                               NY-24-50-86
LEE, WILLIAM                            NY-24-11-482
LEECH, MARY ANN                         NY-24-61-270
LEECH, MATHILDA G.                      NY-24-447-466
LEECH, SAMUEL                           NY-24-50-432
LEEDS, HENRY                            NY-24-6-308
LEEDS, MARY A. M.                       NY-24-87-322
LEEDS, TIMOTHY C.                       NY-24-28-448
LEES, JOHN A.                           NY-24-64-112
LEFERTS, JACOB                          NY-24-1-333
LEFFERTS, ANN E.                        NY-24-25-458
LEFFERTS, BARRENT                       NY-24-7-121
LEFFERTS, CORNELIA                      NY-24-20-82
LEFFERTS, EDWARD W.                     NY-24-38-40
LEFFERTS, ELIZA J.                      NY-24-35-201
LEFFERTS, HARRIET                       NY-24-31-38
LEFFERTS, IDA                           NY-24-2-58
LEFFERTS, JAMES                         NY-24-25-455
LEFFERTS, JOHN                          NY-24-2-201
LEFFERTS, JOHN                          NY-24-3-357
LEFFERTS, LEFFERT                       NY-24-1-308
LEFFERTS, LEFFERT                       NY-24-2-19
LEFFERTS, LEFFERT                       NY-24-10-156
LEFFERTS, MARIA R.                      NY-24-30-154
LEFFERTS, PETER                         NY-24-1-91
LEFFERTS, REM                           NY-24-18-106
LEFFERTS, ROBERT B.                     NY-24-28-276
LEFFERTS, SARAH                         NY-24-18-121
LEFFLER, CATHARINA                      NY-24-45-227
LEGGET, MARY S.                         NY-24-58-399
LEGGETT, ALFRED S.                      NY-24-64-71
LEGGETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-80-108
LEGGETT, JOHN                           NY-24-11-225
LEGGETT, REUBEN                         NY-24-35-283
LEGGETT, SARAH                          NY-24-76-126
LEGURE, JOHN                            NY-24-1-216
LEHARD, EDWARD E.                       NY-24-66-447
LEHMANN, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-50-106
LEHMANN, MARIE                          NY-24-448-236
LEHMANN, THERESIA                       NY-24-69-30
LEHN, JOHN                              NY-24-84-242
LEHR, HENRY                             NY-24-38-276
LEICH, JULIA J.                         NY-24-73-288
LEIDLICK, THEODORE W.                   NY-24-35-92
LEIGH, ELLEN                            NY-24-39-255
LEIGHTON, ALMIRA M.                     NY-24-84-335
LEIMBACH, LOUISE                        NY-24-451-22
LEINBACH, LOUIS                         NY-24-64-279
LEININGER, ANTHONY                      NY-24-31-207
LEISSLER, WILLIAM                       NY-24-448-93
LENDRUM, MARIA                          NY-24-30-147
LENINGTON, SARAH                        NY-24-12-407
LENNON, JOHN                            NY-24-66-488
LENNOX, MARY                            NY-24-31-455
LENT, ABRAHAM                           NY-24-41-435
LENT, MARY E.                           NY-24-66-295
LENT, MORTIMER                          NY-24-31-390
LENT, SARAH                             NY-24-10-35
LENTZ, EDWARD                           NY-24-31-255
LENTZ, JOHN                             NY-24-37-103
LENTZ, LOUISA                           NY-24-73-349
LEONARD, AMELIA E.                      NY-24-81-146
LEONARD, CAROLINE L.                    NY-24-26-177
LEONARD, DANIEL                         NY-24-33-265
LEONARD, MARGARET                       NY-24-30-15
LEONARD, MICHAEL                        NY-24-41-7
LEONARD, SAMUEL                         NY-24-56-318
LEONARD, SAMUEL B.                      NY-24-81-148
LEONHARDT, CHARLES H.                   NY-24-84-423
LEONHAUSER, DANIEL                      NY-24-64-109
LEOPOLD, CHRISTIAN                      NY-24-36-80
LESPINASSE, PETER                       NY-24-14-434
LESTER, CHARLES                         NY-24-55-305
LESTER, DANIEL                          NY-24-30-139
LETT, JACOB                             NY-24-33-204
LEVERICH, CALEB                         NY-24-56-279
LEVERICH, DEBORAH                       NY-24-5-69
LEVERICH, GABRIEL                       NY-24-7-139
LEVERICH, SARAH                         NY-24-48-79
LEVIE, ELIZABETH D.                     NY-24-38-410
LEVIS, JOHN                             NY-24-450-345
LEVISON, URIAH                          NY-24-41-456
LEVY, JOSEPH                            NY-24-33-162
LEVY, JOSEPH                            NY-24-59-165
LEVY, JULIUS                            NY-24-47-264
LEWIS, ANN                              NY-24-44-62
LEWIS, CHARLES                          NY-24-39-291
LEWIS, CHARLES D.                       NY-24-37-146
LEWIS, ELIZABETH H.                     NY-24-72-451
LEWIS, ESTELLE A.                       NY-24-84-426
LEWIS, HENRY M.                         NY-24-449-170
LEWIS, JOSEPH C.                        NY-24-73-440
LEWIS, JULIA A.                         NY-24-23-19
LEWIS, JUNIUS S.                        NY-24-37-207
LEWIS, MARGARET                         NY-24-82-57
LEWIS, MARIA                            NY-24-79-382
LEWIS, MARY                             NY-24-58-286
LEWIS, MARY JANE                        NY-24-85-438
LEWIS, NATHANIEL B.                     NY-24-43-372
LEWIS, SARAH                            NY-24-24-9
LEWIS, SARAH A. D.                      NY-24-448-179
LEWIS, SHEPPARD                         NY-24-45-147
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-24-2-415
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-24-86-35
LEWIS, WILLIAM BEALE                    NY-24-11-454
LEYDEN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-447-278
LEYES, ELIZABETHA                       NY-24-79-33
LICHT, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-61-360
LICHT, LOUIS                            NY-24-61-366
LICHTENFELS, MICHAEL                    NY-24-70-77
LIEBLANG, MARGARETHA                    NY-24-47-59
LIEBLER, ANTON                          NY-24-50-101
LIEBMANN, SAMUEL                        NY-24-48-86
LIEDGE, FERDINAND                       NY-24-446-408
LIESCHE, ANDREAS A. F.                  NY-24-81-464
LIGHTHALL, SARAH ANN                    NY-24-81-461
LIGHTHALL, WILLIAM A.                   NY-24-87-470
LIGINGER, FREDERICK                     NY-24-37-193
LIHOU, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-61-254
LILLIE, CECELIA                         NY-24-449-191
LIMBER, AMMANUEL                        NY-24-3-156
LIMBERGER, AUGUSTUS F.                  NY-24-85-300
LIND, EUGENIA AGUSTA ELIZA              NY-24-447-274
LINDEMANN, FRANCIS                      NY-24-56-323
LINDGREN, CHARLES P.                    NY-24-63-91
LINDON, GRACE A. WARD                   NY-24-447-336
LINDSAY, JAMES                          NY-24-81-280
LINE, GEORGE R.                         NY-24-67-210
LINEBURGH, PETER                        NY-24-36-333
LINNEMAN, HARON H.                      NY-24-73-290
LINSSEN, ANTHONY B.                     NY-24-58-85
LINSSEN, CECELIA                        NY-24-67-27
LIPMANN, ADOLPHE                        NY-24-44-216
LIPP, CAROLINE                          NY-24-448-233
LIPSKIL, MYER                           NY-24-58-450
LISLE, HENRY M.                         NY-24-87-140
LITCHFIELD, GEORGE H.                   NY-24-448-44
LITCHFIELD, HANNAH M.                   NY-24-51-188
LITTELL, CATHARINE S.                   NY-24-51-41
LITTLE, CHARLES S.                      NY-24-47-454
LITTLE, JAMES L.                        NY-24-9-420
LITTLE, JENNETTE                        NY-24-23-488
LITTLE, NANCY                           NY-24-59-159
LIVERMORE, ANNA                         NY-24-446-90
LIVINGSTON, ANN AUGUSTE                 NY-24-59-213
LIVINGSTON, CATHARINE E.                NY-24-71-5
LIVINSTON, WILLIAM                      NY-24-85-87
LIYON, ANN MARIA R.                     NY-24-51-17
LLOYD, CAROLINE                         NY-24-71-471
LLOYD, ELLEN L. ****                    NY-24-67-88
LLOYD, JOHN                             NY-24-25-152
LLOYD,AMELIA                            NY-24-64-183
LOBECK, DOROTHEA                        NY-24-61-363
LOCK, JAMES JR.                         NY-24-31-267
LOCKE, JOHN H.                          NY-24-48-61
LOCKERT, MARGARETHA                     NY-24-42-380
LOCKHEAD, JAMES                         NY-24-31-193
LOCKITT, CHARLES                        NY-24-68-250
LOCKITT, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-71-483
LOCKITT, JOSEPH SR.                     NY-24-36-113
LOCKITT, MARIA                          NY-24-61-475
LOCKWOOD, CHARLES                       NY-24-5-423
LOCKWOOD, CHARLES                       NY-24-6-51
LOCKWOOD, ELIZABETH C.                  NY-24-31-308
LOCKWOOD, HORACE                        NY-24-37-468
LOCKWOOD, JOHN                          NY-24-22-255
LOCKWOOD, MARY                          NY-24-77-181
LOCKWOOD, REBECCA R.                    NY-24-37-301
LOCKWOOD, REBECCA ROE                   NY-24-37-457
LOCKWOOD, TIMOTHY J.                    NY-24-70-232
LODGE, EUPHEMIA                         NY-24-86-394
LOECKERT, JOHN                          NY-24-22-501
LOGAN, CHARLES                          NY-24-449-133
LOGAN, FARRELL                          NY-24-82-60
LOGAN, JAMES                            NY-24-87-205
LOGAN, MARY                             NY-24-35-126
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          NY-24-64-378
LOGO, SARA                              NY-24-85-218
LOGUE, PATRICK                          NY-24-26-11
LOHMAN, CHARLES                         NY-24-56-383
LOHMANN, JOHN                           NY-24-22-286
LOHMEIER, HENRY                         NY-24-69-98
LOMER, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-67-376
LONG, JOHN                              NY-24-47-294
LONG, MARY                              NY-24-70-31
LONGLEY, PETER W.                       NY-24-53-237
LONGMAHN, GEORGE                        NY-24-85-38
LONGMAN, ROBERT                         NY-24-28-97
LONGUET, EMILIE                         NY-24-450-180
LOOFF, MARGARETHA                       NY-24-451-151
LOOMIS, EVA A.                          NY-24-448-203
LOOMIS, FREDERICK C.                    NY-24-17-190
LOON, JOHN                              NY-24-70-416
LOPER, CHARLES H.                       NY-24-449-188
LOPER, ISAAC C.                         NY-24-51-231
LORD, JOSEPH L.                         NY-24-77-401
LORENZEN, AGNES H.                      NY-24-85-388
LORING, ANNA BRADLEY                    NY-24-47-496
LORTON, JOHN                            NY-24-72-447
LOTT, ANNA                              NY-24-51-377
LOTT, ANNA                              NY-24-5-104
LOTT, ANNE                              NY-24-51-192
LOTT, CATHARINE V. B.                   NY-24-50-98
LOTT, CATRINTIE                         NY-24-7-336
LOTT, CHARLES                           NY-24-55-409
LOTT, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-24-1-392
LOTT, ENGELBART                         NY-24-1-102
LOTT, ENGELBART                         NY-24-5-162
LOTT, ENGELBART                         NY-24-4-173
LOTT, HENDRICK                          NY-24-1-178
LOTT, JACOBUS                           NY-24-5-125
LOTT, JACOBUS                           NY-24-4-124
LOTT, JANE                              NY-24-55-416
LOTT, JANE                              NY-24-4-225
LOTT, JANE                              NY-24-5-188
LOTT, JEREMIAH                          NY-24-24-322
LOTT, JEROMUS                           NY-24-1-145
LOTT, JOHANNES                          NY-24-1-17
LOTT, JOHANNIS                          NY-24-4-7
LOTT, JOHANNIS                          NY-24-5-14
LOTT, JOHANNIS C.                       NY-24-2-190
LOTT, JOHANNIS R.                       NY-24-38-100
LOTT, JOHN                              NY-24-20-256
LOTT, JOHN H.                           NY-24-2-427
LOTT, JOHN I.                           NY-24-17-262
LOTT, JOHN P.                           NY-24-2-214
LOTT, JURIEN                            NY-24-1-313
LOTT, LAMMETIE                          NY-24-3-97
LOTT, LYDIA                             NY-24-30-277
LOTT, MARIA                             NY-24-1-401
LOTT, MARIA                             NY-24-17-202
LOTT, MARIA                             NY-24-29-142
LOTT, PETER                             NY-24-1-316
LOTT, PETRUS                            NY-24-1-350
LOTT, PHEBE                             NY-24-5-101
LOTT, SALLIE                            NY-24-27-282
LOTT, THOMAS B.                         NY-24-41-343
LOTT, WILHELMINA                        NY-24-30-414
LOUCKS, HENRY                           NY-24-37-189
LOUGHLIN, WILLIAM                       NY-24-31-483
LOUNDS, SAMUEL                          NY-24-86-42
LOUNSBERRY, JANE                        NY-24-39-486
LOUNSBERY, JAMES H.                     NY-24-61-73
LOUTHER, ROBERT                         NY-24-6-186
LOUZADA, ISAAC                          NY-24-18-272
LOUZADA, JAMES                          NY-24-48-89
LOVE, ALEXANDER                         NY-24-34-27
LOVE, ROBERT                            NY-24-81-353
LOVEJOY, DANIEL                         NY-24-84-271
LOVELL, GEORGE                          NY-24-33-308
LOVETT, CORNELIA                        NY-24-70-468
LOVETT, JOSEPH M.                       NY-24-34-168
LOVETT, OLNEY                           NY-24-48-1
LOW, ALLEN O.                           NY-24-64-84
LOW, HENDERSON P.                       NY-24-11-263
LOW, JAMES W.                           NY-24-30-490
LOW, MARY P.                            NY-24-47-331
LOW, SETH                               NY-24-14-491
LOW, WILLIAM H.                         NY-24-9-193
LOWDEN, JOHN W.                         NY-24-21-451
LOWE, MARY                              NY-24-66-293
LOWE, PETER                             NY-24-2-346
LOWENBERG, MARTIN                       NY-24-51-350
LOWERY, JOHN                            NY-24-69-472
LOWNDES, ELIZABETH E.                   NY-24-73-280
LOWNDES, KELSALL S.                     NY-24-21-72
LOWREY, CHARLES                         NY-24-68-115
LOWRRY, ROBERT H.                       NY-24-81-175
LOZIER, CAROLINE A.                     NY-24-63-94
LOZIER, JOHN H.                         NY-24-39-19
LOZIER, THOMAS                          NY-24-15-190
LUCAS, HENRY A.                         NY-24-30-318
LUCAS, ROSE                             NY-24-35-5
LUCEY, ROBERT V.                        NY-24-29-252
LUDDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-447-290
LUDEWIG, HERMANN E.                     NY-24-19-6
LUDLAM, ANNA R.                         NY-24-25-496
LUDLAM, CHARLES H.                      NY-24-37-420
LUDLAM, EDWARD                          NY-24-79-40
LUDLAM, MELINDA G.                      NY-24-45-162
LUDLOW, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-37-364
LUDLOW, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-24-18-185
LUDLOW, RICHARD C.                      NY-24-4-93
LUHRS, DAVID G.                         NY-24-68-498
LUHRS, HENRICH                          NY-24-25-116
LUKE, CHARLES                           NY-24-11-375
LUMLEY, MARY H.                         NY-24-80-300
LUMMUS, EZRA                            NY-24-39-185
LUMPE, CHARLES                          NY-24-45-121
LUND, JULIA                             NY-24-81-12
LUND, MATTHEW W.                        NY-24-79-282
LUNZ, JOHN H.                           NY-24-31-168
LUPTON, MARGARET                        NY-24-53-470
LUPTON, SAMUEL                          NY-24-72-456
LUQUER, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-8-107
LUQUER, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-3-1
LUQUER, NICHOLAS                        NY-24-2-367
LUQUER, NICHOLAS                        NY-24-28-211
LUSH, SARAH J.                          NY-24-35-396
LUSH, THOMAS R.                         NY-24-58-491
LUSK, DAVID T.                          NY-24-13-177
LUTHER, JOHN                            NY-24-447-39
LUTHER, JOSEPH C.                       NY-24-20-478
LUTZ, BARBARA                           NY-24-37-3
LUTZ, CHRISTIAN                         NY-24-29-107
LUTZ, CONRAD                            NY-24-51-35
LUTZ, MARIA E.                          NY-24-86-422
LUZIUS, PETER                           NY-24-31-31
LWRY, EMILY L.                          NY-24-79-376
LYLE, SARAH                             NY-24-451-279
LYMAN, ANDREW                           NY-24-82-234
LYMAN, JOHN N.                          NY-24-58-336
LYNAGH, PATRICK                         NY-24-66-322
LYNAR, PRISCILLA                        NY-24-31-199
LYNCH, ANNE M.                          NY-24-55-116
LYNCH, CATHARINE                        NY-24-55-490
LYNCH, JAMES                            NY-24-21-122
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-24-12-163
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-24-18-73
LYNCH, JOSEPH                           NY-24-34-134
LYNCH, MARY                             NY-24-44-302
LYNCH, MICHAEL                          NY-24-59-136
LYNCH, MICHAEL                          NY-24-58-81
LYNCH, PATRICK                          NY-24-14-281
LYNCH, PHILIP                           NY-24-7-23
LYNCH, THOMAS                           NY-24-12-486
LYNCH, THOMAS                           NY-24-70-249
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          NY-24-64-17
LYNDE, CHARLES W.                       NY-24-23-262
LYNDE, ELIZA W.                         NY-24-43-38
LYNDON, PATRICK                         NY-24-20-115
LYNSLAGER, BERNARDUS                    NY-24-43-213
LYON, CALEB D.                          NY-24-73-266
LYON, HANNAH T.                         NY-24-22-163
LYON, HENRY                             NY-24-33-22
LYON, ROBERT A.                         NY-24-10-246
LYON, SARAH                             NY-24-67-223
LYON, SARAH AUGUSTA                     NY-24-58-453
LYON, WARREN W.                         NY-24-29-313
LYONS, JOHN                             NY-24-59-290
LYONS, MARY A.                          NY-24-44-454
LYONS, THOMAS                           NY-24-62-371
LYONS, TIMOTHY                          NY-24-26-141
LYROOK, MARY                            NY-24-22-10

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