Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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QUAIL, SUSAN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-353
QUARANTOTTE, VINCENZO BENEDETTO LEO     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-234
QUERIPEL, JOB                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-415
QUEVEDO, FRANCIS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-315
QUICK, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-362
QUICK, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-16
QUICK, NICHOLAS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-134
QUICK, SARAH                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-72
QUICK, THOMAS B.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-278
QUIGLEY, EDUARD                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-360
QUIGLEY, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-8-46
QUIGLEY, MARGARET                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-155
QUIGLEY, MICHAEL                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-63
QUIGLEY, THOMAS A.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-68
QUIN, JOHN                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-146
QUIN, MARY T.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-482
QUINN, CHARLES                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-174
QUINN, CHARLES                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-433
QUINN, EDWARD H. ***                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-52-215
QUINN, JAMES                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-80
QUINN, JAMES F.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-441
QUINN, JAMES F.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-329
QUINN, JOHN C.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-247
QUINN, MARY ANN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-67
QUINN, MICHAEL J.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-489
QUIR, THOMAS                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-7
QUMTIEN, FIDELIA A.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-284

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