Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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SACK, CHRISTIAN                         NY-24-67-260
SACKETT, SAMUEL                         NY-24-2-420
SACKMANN, JACOB H.                      NY-24-46-186
SAFFORD, MARY B.                        NY-24-448-268
SAGE, JANE A.                           NY-24-86-432
SAGE, SARAH M.                          NY-24-28-457
SALE, EPHRAIM R.                        NY-24-81-222
SALLOWS, CATHARINE                      NY-24-448-401
SALTER, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-72-23
SALTER, CATHARINE M.                    NY-24-24-466
SALTUS, MARIA S.                        NY-24-54-293
SALZI, SIRO                             NY-24-52-489
SAMMOND, JOHN                           NY-24-57-138
SAMPSON, ALFRED M.                      NY-24-31-444
SAMPSON, EDWIN D.                       NY-24-49-97
SAMPSON, GEORGE L.                      NY-24-31-282
SAMPSON, JOHN                           NY-24-44-280
SAMPSON, MARGARET                       NY-24-24-181
SAMSON, STEPHEN                         NY-24-76-479
SAMUEL, THEOPHILIA                      NY-24-449-70
SAND, CHRISTIAN HENRY                   NY-24-34-36
SANDER, JOHN                            NY-24-57-16
SANDERS, ABRAHAM K.                     NY-24-36-336
SANDFORD, ABRAHAM D.                    NY-24-38-314
SANDS, ANN                              NY-24-13-185
SANDS, BRIDGET                          NY-24-39-4
SANDS, JOSEPH                           NY-24-26-321
SANDS, JOSHUA                           NY-24-5-401
SANDS, JOSHUA                           NY-24-6-18
SANDS, LOUIS                            NY-24-2-206
SANDS, RACHEL                           NY-24-450-438
SANFORD, FRANCES P.                     NY-24-22-280
SANFORD, JOSEPH L.                      NY-24-15-62
SANFORD, MARGARET H.                    NY-24-72-394
SANFORD, MITCHELL                       NY-24-24-213
SANGER, MARY H.                         NY-24-49-379
SANGER, SARAH                           NY-24-12-285
SANGER, SARAH ELIZABETH                 NY-24-451-164
SANXAY, SKEFFINGTON                     NY-24-35-313
SARGEANT, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-73-61
SARGEANT, THOMAS                        NY-24-46-464
SARGENT, WALTER                         NY-24-41-266
SARLE, JOHN                             NY-24-52-208
SARTER, GEORGE                          NY-24-42-41
SAUER, ANDREW                           NY-24-85-231
SAUL, JONATHAN                          NY-24-37-496
SAULNIER, ELISHA H.                     NY-24-38-392
SAUNDERS, DAVID                         NY-24-54-315
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          NY-24-30-365
SAUTER, LOUIS                           NY-24-79-154
SAVAGE, ELIZABETH B.                    NY-24-450-238
SAVAGE, ELLEN B.                        NY-24-62-459
SAWYER, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-24-31-114
SAWYER, LYMAN P.                        NY-24-451-3
SAWYER, SARAH                           NY-24-29-438
SAXTON, GERSHOM                         NY-24-16-272
SCALLY, BRIDGET                         NY-24-12-196
SCANLON, KATIE                          NY-24-447-238
SCANNELL, JOHN                          NY-24-67-276
SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAM                    NY-24-77-254
SCHADECKER, JACOB                       NY-24-49-467
SCHADECKER, MICHAEL                     NY-24-60-236
SCHADT, JOHN C.                         NY-24-79-179
SCHAEDLE, RUDOLPH                       NY-24-447-106
SCHAEFER, MICHAEL                       NY-24-49-39
SCHAEFFER, CHRISTINA                    NY-24-62-438
SCHAEFFER, HERMAN                       NY-24-17-491
SCHAFER, KATHARINA                      NY-24-57-296
SCHAFFER, CHARLES H.                    NY-24-70-305
SCHAFFER, FRANCIS C.                    NY-24-26-115
SCHAFFER, HARRIET E.                    NY-24-15-171
SCHALLER, MATHIAS                       NY-24-70-116
SCHANCK, DELAFAYETTE                    NY-24-30-92
SCHANFEL, SUSANNA                       NY-24-54-103
SCHANZENBECKER, GEOGE                   NY-24-62-407
SCHARF, ELIZABETHA                      NY-24-57-102
SCHARFENBERG, JOHANNES                  NY-24-70-118
SCHARNAGEL, PETER                       NY-24-54-91
SCHARNOWITZKY, CAROLINE                 NY-24-446-461
SCHATZ, JOHANN F.                       NY-24-87-125
SCHAUFEL, ANDREW                        NY-24-19-120
SCHAUNMAKER, ANN                        NY-24-16-263
SCHAUPPNER, JOHN G.                     NY-24-15-475
SCHAWAROCK, SUSANA                      NY-24-23-170
SCHEHL, ANNA E.                         NY-24-448-118
SCHEIBTEN, CHARLES A. A.                NY-24-17-59
SCHEIDET, ANNA MARIA                    NY-24-70-97
SCHEIDT, JOHN                           NY-24-66-335
SCHEIDT, MARGARETHA                     NY-24-54-416
SCHEIDT, NICHOLAS                       NY-24-49-422
SCHENCK, ANTHONY R.                     NY-24-46-59
SCHENCK, CATHARINE V. D.                NY-24-42-103
SCHENCK, DAVID K.                       NY-24-22-463
SCHENCK, HENRY V.                       NY-24-34-442
SCHENCK, JOHN                           NY-24-5-244
SCHENCK, JOHN                           NY-24-9-26
SCHENCK, JOHN                           NY-24-4-291
SCHENCK, JOHN                           NY-24-49-152
SCHENCK, JOHN                           NY-24-26-406
SCHENCK, MARTIN                         NY-24-1-106
SCHENCK, NICHOLAS                       NY-24-6-97
SCHENCK, NICHOLAS                       NY-24-5-448
SCHENCK, NICHOLAS SR.                   NY-24-2-132
SCHENCK, SARAH                          NY-24-3-326
SCHENCK, STEPHEN N.                     NY-24-11-41
SCHENECK, PETER                         NY-24-34-210
SCHENK, THEUNIS                         NY-24-2-32
SCHEPER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-24-40-152
SCHERL, PETER                           NY-24-81-245
SCHIELD, HENRY                          NY-24-49-442
SCHILDMACHER, ANNA C.                   NY-24-450-172
SCHILLER, THERESA                       NY-24-76-176
SCHILLING, ANDREW                       NY-24-38-429
SCHILT, LOUIS E.                        NY-24-42-71
SCHIMPER, JANE                          NY-24-77-176
SCHINDLER, OTHILIA                      NY-24-73-312
SCHLACHTER, EMILIE                      NY-24-446-194
SCHLAGENHAFT, GEORGE                    NY-24-49-470
SCHLEGEL, JOSEPH                        NY-24-54-290
SCHLEGEL, VALENTINE                     NY-24-62-417
SCHLESINGER, MATHILDA                   NY-24-446-442
SCHLESSINGER, JOHN                      NY-24-80-155
SCHLIEMANN, JOHN                        NY-24-448-22
SCHLITZ, JACOB                          NY-24-57-1
SCHLOBOHM, JULIANA                      NY-24-57-141
SCHLOH, JOHN                            NY-24-38-197
SCHLOTTERER, MARY C.                    NY-24-77-46
SCHLUTER, HANS F. J.                    NY-24-26-479
SCHLUTER, HEINRICH                      NY-24-37-168
SCHMADEKE, JOHN                         NY-24-87-489
SCHMALE, HENRY J.                       NY-24-447-343
SCHMEDES, JOHN F.                       NY-24-54-215
SCHMELZER, VALENTINE                    NY-24-71-31
SCHMID, FRIEDERIKE                      NY-24-68-348
SCHMIDT, ADALINE                        NY-24-69-1
SCHMIDT, ADAM                           NY-24-71-180
SCHMIDT, ADAM                           NY-24-62-143
SCHMIDT, AMALIE                         NY-24-448-162
SCHMIDT, ANDERS CHRISTIAN               NY-24-71-419
SCHMIDT, AUGUSTUS                       NY-24-450-45
SCHMIDT, CASPAR                         NY-24-80-294
SCHMIDT, CATHARINE                      NY-24-34-43
SCHMIDT, CHRISTIAN S.                   NY-24-86-258
SCHMIDT, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-24-66-453
SCHMIDT, CONRAD B.                      NY-24-67-172
SCHMIDT, FRIEDRICH                      NY-24-38-154
SCHMIDT, HENRIETTA                      NY-24-80-219
SCHMIDT, HENRY                          NY-24-52-480
SCHMIDT, JOSEPH                         NY-24-40-421
SCHMIDT, MARGARETHA                     NY-24-46-291
SCHMIDT, MICHAEL                        NY-24-43-259
SCHMIDT, THEODOR                        NY-24-60-336
SCHMIDT, WILHELM                        NY-24-64-470
SCHMIDT, WILLIAM C.                     NY-24-447-431
SCHMITT, CHRISTIAN                      NY-24-46-121
SCHMITT, CHRISTINA                      NY-24-447-135
SCHMITT, FRANZ JOSEPH                   NY-24-67-289
SCHMITT, FRANZIS                        NY-24-17-265
SCHMITT, GEORGE W.                      NY-24-70-496
SCHMITT, JACOB                          NY-24-54-101
SCHMITT, JOHANN                         NY-24-84-71
SCHMITT, JOHN A.                        NY-24-451-74
SCHMITT, LOUISA                         NY-24-79-262
SCHMITT, MARIA                          NY-24-49-90
SCHMITT, MARTIN                         NY-24-54-83
SCHMITT, NICHOLAS                       NY-24-67-137
SCHMITT, OSCAR N.                       NY-24-449-285
SCHMITT, SABINA                         NY-24-449-211
SCHMITT, VALENTIN                       NY-24-72-7
SCHNEIDER, FRIEDERICH                   NY-24-70-64
SCHNEIDER, GEORGE C.                    NY-24-68-118
SCHNEIDER, HENRY                        NY-24-54-132
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                        NY-24-46-129
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                        NY-24-79-150
SCHNEIDER, JOHN N.                      NY-24-70-486
SCHNEIDER, MARIA                        NY-24-67-230
SCHNEPPER, GEORGE                       NY-24-18-309
SCHNURR, GEORGE J.                      NY-24-450-117
SCHOEMBS, THERESA                       NY-24-81-375
SCHOENECK, CHARLES W.                   NY-24-451-282
SCHOENEWETTER, ADOLPH                   NY-24-29-319
SCHOEPF, ADAM                           NY-24-54-135
SCHOEPF, JOHN                           NY-24-43-262
SCHOLES, CLAYTON                        NY-24-26-157
SCHOLES, JAMES                          NY-24-6-406
SCHOLLMEYER, JACOB                      NY-24-41-19
SCHOLZE, FRIEDRICH                      NY-24-57-115
SCHOONMAKER, ANN                        NY-24-26-80
SCHOONMAKER, ELIZA H.                   NY-24-33-477
SCHOONMAKER, HENRY                      NY-24-70-294
SCHOONMAKER, JAMES V.                   NY-24-67-423
SCHOONMAKER, JOHN                       NY-24-3-182
SCHOONMAKER, MARGARET                   NY-24-24-353
SCHOONMAKER, MARIA                      NY-24-12-4
SCHOONMAKER, MARTENUS                   NY-24-3-21
SCHOONMAKER, MICHAEL                    NY-24-10-169
SCHOONMAKER, RICHARD L.                 NY-24-60-251
SCHOONMAKER, STEPHEN B.                 NY-24-6-259
SCHOTTLER, NICHOLAUS                    NY-24-80-196
SCHRAUTER, JOHN                         NY-24-19-363
SCHREIBER, JOHN                         NY-24-19-143
SCHREINER, HENRY                        NY-24-79-315
SCHREINER, KATHARINA                    NY-24-448-436
SCHREVE, CORNELIA S.                    NY-24-25-377
SCHRIEBER, JOHN A.                      NY-24-40-412
SCHRIEFER, FRANCIS W.                   NY-24-24-261
SCHRIEFER, HENRY                        NY-24-73-45
SCHRIEVER, CARSTEN                      NY-24-23-269
SCHROEDER, FREDERICK                    NY-24-46-160
SCHROEDER, JOHANNA H.                   NY-24-68-84
SCHROTH, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-448-321
SCHUCHARDT, AUGUSTE                     NY-24-84-117
SCHUCHARDT, HELENA M.                   NY-24-80-250
SCHUCHMANN, JOHN                        NY-24-46-420
SCHUCKHARDT, DANIEL                     NY-24-86-38
SCHUHLE, FRANCISCA                      NY-24-446-244
SCHULER, MARGARETHA                     NY-24-81-351
SCHUMACHER, ANNA                        NY-24-447-415
SCHUMACHER, DANIEL H.                   NY-24-49-241
SCHUMACHER, HENRY                       NY-24-85-288
SCHUMANN, JOHN HENRY                    NY-24-34-466
SCHUNCK, MARTIN                         NY-24-80-238
SCHUSTER, MATHIAS                       NY-24-60-467
SCHUTTENHELM, GEORGE F.                 NY-24-15-183
SCHUYLER, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-13-464
SCHWAB, JOHN WILLIAM                    NY-24-449-40
SCHWAB, JOSEPH                          NY-24-64-381
SCHWANNWEDEL, JOHN                      NY-24-20-492
SCHWARTZ, FRIEDERICK                    NY-24-67-336
SCHWARTZ, JOHN                          NY-24-46-395
SCHWARTZE, H. W. R.                     NY-24-38-65
SCHWARTZWELDER, JOSEPH                  NY-24-66-474
SCHWARZ, LAURA                          NY-24-446-99
SCHWARZ, PAULINE                        NY-24-52-341
SCHWARZ, PETER                          NY-24-38-3
SCHWEGERL, SOPHIA                       NY-24-449-437
SCHWEITZER, CONRAD                      NY-24-49-455
SCHWINDL, JOHN                          NY-24-60-79
SCHWINT, ADAM                           NY-24-46-110
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        NY-24-3-144
SCOTT, CATHARINE                        NY-24-72-59
SCOTT, JEANE                            NY-24-66-459
SCOTT, JOHN                             NY-24-25-76
SCOTT, JOHN ****                        NY-24-60-254
SCOTT, JOHN J.                          NY-24-54-86
SCOTT, MARY                             NY-24-447-1
SCOTT, MARY                             NY-24-70-35
SCOTT, MARY                             NY-24-73-454
SCOTT, MARY ANN                         NY-24-44-379
SCOTT, SAMUEL                           NY-24-69-115
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NY-24-3-57
SCRANTON, HEMAN M.                      NY-24-11-277
SCRIVEN, WILLIAM                        NY-24-68-434
SCRYMSER, ROBERT L.                     NY-24-36-179
SCUDDER, EGBERT                         NY-24-33-484
SCULLY, BERNARD                         NY-24-10-330
SEABROOK, GEORGE                        NY-24-84-454
SEABURY, JAMES M.                       NY-24-86-227
SEAGER, MARY ANN                        NY-24-34-338
SEAMAN, ABIGAIL                         NY-24-35-484
SEAMAN, CAROLINE H.                     NY-24-36-497
SEAMAN, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-24-46-229
SEAMAN, LYDIA                           NY-24-34-85
SEAMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-24-57-58
SEAMENS, JOHN H.                        NY-24-13-433
SEARLES, BENJAMIN                       NY-24-46-232
SEARS, HECTOR                           NY-24-85-158
SEARS, SARAH                            NY-24-28-93
SEATON, ROBERT                          NY-24-34-316
SEAVER, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-24-34-497
SECKLER, GEORGE                         NY-24-67-395
SECOR, HENRY R.                         NY-24-69-76
SECOR, MARY V.                          NY-24-46-366
SEDGWICK, THEODORE                      NY-24-22-289
SEDILLE, MARIE S.                       NY-24-36-426
SEEDORF, JOHN                           NY-24-19-239
SEELBACH, LOUISE                        NY-24-36-257
SEELEY, F. ELIZA                        NY-24-82-418
SEELEY, GEORGE J.                       NY-24-450-186
SEELY, AMANDA H.                        NY-24-46-147
SEELY, CATHARINE E.                     NY-24-35-428
SEELY, JOSEPH                           NY-24-41-183
SEER, ROBERT                            NY-24-36-78
SEERY, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-24-446-341
SEFTON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-451-493
SEHER, MARIA                            NY-24-446-384
SEIFERT, PAUL                           NY-24-46-248
SEIFTER, AMELIA                         NY-24-446-32
SEIGLE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-70-12
SEITZ, MARIA KUNIGUNDA                  NY-24-449-440
SELIKOWITZ, MAX                         NY-24-447-352
SELL, JOHN                              NY-24-39-239
SELL, THOMAS G.                         NY-24-19-101
SELLECK, HENRY H.                       NY-24-33-166
SELMES, MARY E.                         NY-24-450-28
SELOVER, CORZINA                        NY-24-11-309
SELOVER, JOHN                           NY-24-4-169
SELOVER, JOHN                           NY-24-5-160
SELSS, MATILDA F. OR TILIE F.           NY-24-448-121
SENCERBOX, CANDACE                      NY-24-448-483
SENEY, ROBERT                           NY-24-16-235
SENGER, JOHN                            NY-24-18-340
SENIOR, RICHARD                         NY-24-16-362
SEPMITT, JOHN                           NY-24-28-120
SERALDSON, ANNA MARIA                   NY-24-17-52
SERANG, HORACE                          NY-24-37-333
SERRELL, SARAH ANN                      NY-24-33-58
SERVEIRA, JOHN B.                       NY-24-42-268
SEWARD, MILDRED M.                      NY-24-450-326
SEWELL, WILLIAM                         NY-24-13-11
SEYBOTH, AUGUST                         NY-24-52-299
SEYD, MAY L.                            NY-24-446-7
SEYFERTH, FREDERICK E.                  NY-24-448-19
SHAEFER, JACOB                          NY-24-66-358
SHAFFER, ADELAIDE                       NY-24-448-242
SHANAHAN, JOHN                          NY-24-78-133
SHANLEY, THOMAS                         NY-24-38-317
SHANNON, MICHAEL                        NY-24-20-90
SHANNON, PATRICK                        NY-24-42-364
SHANNON, PATRICK                        NY-24-49-181
SHANNON, THOMAS                         NY-24-43-295
SHAPERO, MORRIS                         NY-24-451-286
SHAPTER, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-34-362
SHAPTER, JAMES S.                       NY-24-19-492
SHAPTER, SARAH                          NY-24-12-207
SHARP, MARCY                            NY-24-23-234
SHARP, MARTHA L.                        NY-24-72-64
SHARP, RICHARD                          NY-24-85-64
SHARPE, ALEXANDER T.                    NY-24-60-9
SHARPE, JACOB                           NY-24-2-320
SHARPE, JOHN L.                         NY-24-73-92
SHAUGHNESSY, JOHN                       NY-24-30-33
SHAW, EVA                               NY-24-450-43
SHAW, GEORGE H.                         NY-24-38-455
SHAW, GEORGE L.                         NY-24-85-496
SHAW, JANE                              NY-24-49-178
SHAW, JOHN                              NY-24-60-204
SHAW, ROBERT                            NY-24-52-409
SHAW, SARAH                             NY-24-2-429
SHAWRMAN, NELSON                        NY-24-82-470
SHAY, THOMAS                            NY-24-3-75
SHEA, CHARLOTTE M.                      NY-24-447-233
SHEA, THOMAS A.                         NY-24-86-356
SHEAN, FRANCIS                          NY-24-20-408
SHEAN, MARGARET                         NY-24-31-184
SHEARON, JOHN                           NY-24-80-253
SHECKELTON, JAMES                       NY-24-451-452
SHEEHAN, CORNELIUS H.                   NY-24-38-226
SHEERAN, ELLEN                          NY-24-451-395
SHEFFIELD, ELIZA                        NY-24-46-175
SHEFFIELD, RACHEL                       NY-24-84-302
SHEFFLEIN, PATRICK J.                   NY-24-33-182
SHEILDS, MARY AUGUSTA                   NY-24-66-138
SHELBY, NORRIS                          NY-24-3-5
SHELDEN, HENRY                          NY-24-22-334
SHELDON, CHARLES H.                     NY-24-52-168
SHELDON, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-14-372
SHELDON, EMMA JESUP                     NY-24-447-362
SHELDON, HARRIETT G.                    NY-24-60-398
SHELDON, HENRY W.                       NY-24-3-94
SHELDON, JAMES                          NY-24-52-466
SHELDON, LUCY P.                        NY-24-21-431
SHELL, DELIA                            NY-24-7-216
SHELLEY, ELIZA                          NY-24-49-244
SHELLY, HUGH                            NY-24-36-290
SHELLY, JOHN                            NY-24-25-428
SHEPARD, CHARLES J.                     NY-24-60-401
SHEPARD, ESTHER                         NY-24-52-360
SHEPHERD, JOHN H.                       NY-24-80-496
SHEPHERD, JONATHAN                      NY-24-3-87
SHEPHERD, SARAH D.                      NY-24-60-473
SHERIDAN, JAMES                         NY-24-57-299
SHERIODEN, FRANCIS                      NY-24-25-248
SHERK, BERNARD                          NY-24-71-452
SHERMAN, ALONZO W.                      NY-24-31-41
SHERMAN, GRACE                          NY-24-49-314
SHERMAN, MARY A.                        NY-24-446-168
SHERMAN, MINERVA                        NY-24-69-4
SHERMAN, SARAH                          NY-24-84-457
SHERRIDEN, PATRICK                      NY-24-10-254
SHERRY, MARY                            NY-24-36-226
SHERWELL, ROBERT                        NY-24-25-155
SHERWOOD, CAROLINE C.                   NY-24-77-435
SHERWOOD, MARTH AE.                     NY-24-448-386
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM                       NY-24-46-331
SHIBLEY, JEREMIAH                       NY-24-33-353
SHIELDS, CATHARINE                      NY-24-46-4
SHIELDS, DAVID                          NY-24-49-459
SHIELDS, EDWARD                         NY-24-52-206
SHIELDS, FRANCIS                        NY-24-82-445
SHIELDS, JAMES                          NY-24-87-87
SHIELDS, JOHN                           NY-24-20-349
SHIELDS, PATRICK                        NY-24-76-477
SHINER, ALEXANDER W.                    NY-24-446-93
SHIPLEY, WILLIAM E.                     NY-24-66-312
SHIPMAN, CALEB H.                       NY-24-49-451
SHIPMAN, EDWARD R.                      NY-24-447-298
SHIRES, HANNAH                          NY-24-72-444
SHIRK, SAMUEL U.                        NY-24-40-479
SHIRR, BRIDGET                          NY-24-66-286
SHITZ, JOSEPH                           NY-24-66-143
SHONNARD, PETER                         NY-24-18-82
SHORT, JAMES                            NY-24-39-267
SHOTWELL, ROBERT                        NY-24-78-1
SHULTZ, NATHANIEL                       NY-24-10-314
SHUSTER, JOHN                           NY-24-62-157
SIBELL, SARAH                           NY-24-68-75
SICKELS, JAMES                          NY-24-43-338
SIDELL, AUGUSTUS H.                     NY-24-46-181
SIDES, CHARLES O.                       NY-24-448-88
SIDLE, JOHN                             NY-24-52-291
SIEFKEN, LOUIS E.                       NY-24-60-72
SIEGER, SUSANNA                         NY-24-41-221
SIEGER, WILHELMINA                      NY-24-77-228
SIEGMAN, WOLF                           NY-24-67-68
SIEMERS, ANNIE M.                       NY-24-449-111
SIEMON, MARGARET J.                     NY-24-447-315
SIGLER, WILHELMINA S.                   NY-24-41-440
SIGRIST, ELIZABETH H.                   NY-24-72-413
SILBERMAN, BENJAMIN J.                  NY-24-44-173
SILK, MARY                              NY-24-24-57
SILLECK, ISAAC U.                       NY-24-24-106
SILVEY, MARGARET                        NY-24-46-451
SIMEAR, MARGARET                        NY-24-10-427
SIMMONS, EFFIE                          NY-24-26-324
SIMMONS, PETER J.                       NY-24-46-26
SIMMONS, SUSAN                          NY-24-79-361
SIMON, ADAM                             NY-24-46-273
SIMON, PETER                            NY-24-46-163
SIMONS, JOSEPH H.                       NY-24-450-263
SIMONSON, CARMAN A.                     NY-24-20-399
SIMONSON, FREDERICK                     NY-24-2-439
SIMONSON, JOHN R.                       NY-24-12-438
SIMONSON, MAGNUS                        NY-24-1-432
SIMONSON, MARGARET A.                   NY-24-70-287
SIMONTON, CATHARINE M.                  NY-24-29-349
SIMONTON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-22-51
SIMONWITCH, LENA                        NY-24-447-380
SIMPKINS, JOHN                          NY-24-41-360
SIMPSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-49-498
SIMPSON, ELIZA A.                       NY-24-86-378
SIMPSON, GILBERT                        NY-24-70-75
SIMS, PRISCILLA                         NY-24-20-449
SIMS, WILLIAM H.                        NY-24-54-243
SINCLAIR, GEORGE                        NY-24-84-405
SINCLAIR, JOHN                          NY-24-33-74
SING, CHARLES BOSTWICK                  NY-24-71-422
SIREY, CHARLES                          NY-24-52-429
SIREY, WILLIAM                          NY-24-15-112
SISSON, GEORG EP.                       NY-24-84-254
SKAATS, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-49-26
SKAATS, GIDEON                          NY-24-49-436
SKEHAN, ELLEN                           NY-24-81-153
SKELLY, ANN                             NY-24-446-78
SKELLY, CATHARINE                       NY-24-30-450
SKELLY, THOMAS                          NY-24-67-240
SKIDMORE, ELMER D.                      NY-24-73-383
SKIDMORE, JOHN V.                       NY-24-44-253
SKIDMORE, PHEBE                         NY-24-15-312
SKIDMORE, THOMAS                        NY-24-13-481
SKILLEN, SIMEON D.                      NY-24-46-77
SKILLMAN, ABIGAIL                       NY-24-24-343
SKILLMAN, ANN                           NY-24-4-404
SKILLMAN, ANNE                          NY-24-3-273
SKILLMAN, ANNE                          NY-24-3-305
SKILLMAN, ELLEN M.                      NY-24-40-303
SKILLMAN, FRANCIS                       NY-24-3-184
SKILLMAN, JOHN                          NY-24-3-232
SKILLMAN, JOHN                          NY-24-30-330
SKILLMAN, JOHN S.                       NY-24-447-355
SKINNER, SARAH A.                       NY-24-57-334
SLACK, ALMY                             NY-24-22-181
SLACK, JAMES G.                         NY-24-28-359
SLADE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-12-475
SLAGHT, BORNT                           NY-24-33-399
SLAGHT, JANE ANN                        NY-24-27-108
SLAIN, JOHN                             NY-24-18-332
SLAIN, PETER                            NY-24-14-400
SLATER, ELISABETH                       NY-24-22-398
SLATER, TIMOTHY                         NY-24-43-306
SLATER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-24-23-91
SLAUSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-17-443
SLAUSON, THOMAS                         NY-24-6-300
SLOAN, ANN W.                           NY-24-77-466
SLOAN, JULIA A.                         NY-24-72-254
SLOAT, HORACE B.                        NY-24-52-363
SLOAT, JAMES                            NY-24-22-274
SLOCUM, MARY A.                         NY-24-79-108
SLOHAN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-76-487
SLOSSON, EDWARD                         NY-24-46-37
SLOTER, JACOB                           NY-24-46-363
SLUBY, CHARLES C.                       NY-24-86-222
SMART, ABIGAIL C.                       NY-24-448-16
SMART, ELIZABETH ENGLAND                NY-24-11-270
SMART, THOMAS C.                        NY-24-20-315
SMART, THOMAS CLARK                     NY-24-72-472
SMITH, AARON                            NY-24-76-54
SMITH, ABEL JR.                         NY-24-27-308
SMITH, ADELIA T.                        NY-24-78-120
SMITH, ANDREW                           NY-24-54-43
SMITH, ANN                              NY-24-76-490
SMITH, ANN                              NY-24-79-257
SMITH, ANN D.                           NY-24-43-21
SMITH, ANN JANE                         NY-24-60-139
SMITH, ANNA                             NY-24-8-43
SMITH, AUGUSTUS                         NY-24-33-261
SMITH, BRIDGET                          NY-24-54-55
SMITH, BRYAN H.                         NY-24-450-127
SMITH, CARROLL                          NY-24-34-427
SMITH, CASPAR                           NY-24-80-294
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-24-57-491
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-24-41-280
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-24-79-333
SMITH, CATHARINE M.                     NY-24-14-497
SMITH, CATHERINE                        NY-24-77-19
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-24-23-83
SMITH, CHARLES H.                       NY-24-26-349
SMITH, CHARLES J.                       NY-24-37-277
SMITH, CHARLES L.                       NY-24-62-150
SMITH, CHARLES N.                       NY-24-11-162
SMITH, CHARLES S.                       NY-24-21-448
SMITH, CHARLOTTE                        NY-24-19-450
SMITH, CHARLOTTE A. E.                  NY-24-23-215
SMITH, CLARISSA A.                      NY-24-68-135
SMITH, CLARK A.                         NY-24-52-305
SMITH, COLLIN                           NY-24-69-431
SMITH, CYRUS P.                         NY-24-66-390
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-24-67-458
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-24-46-397
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-24-2-398
SMITH, DNAIEL P.                        NY-24-30-88
SMITH, EDMUND L.                        NY-24-76-87
SMITH, EDWARD                           NY-24-24-43
SMITH, EDWARD                           NY-24-49-439
SMITH, EDWARD N.                        NY-24-79-445
SMITH, ELEANOR F.                       NY-24-84-442
SMITH, ELEANOR N.                       NY-24-19-307
SMITH, ELIZA                            NY-24-21-94
SMITH, ELIZA                            NY-24-35-102
SMITH, ELIZA ANN                        NY-24-39-102
SMITH, ELIZA R.                         NY-24-54-1
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-60-166
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-3-15
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-19-63
SMITH, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-24-18-422
SMITH, ELIZABETH ANN                    NY-24-77-199
SMITH, ELOISE B.                        NY-24-46-416
SMITH, EMANUEL J.                       NY-24-87-451
SMITH, EMILY P.                         NY-24-33-21
SMITH, FRANK                            NY-24-41-16
SMITH, FRED A.                          NY-24-451-36
SMITH, FREDERICK                        NY-24-43-216
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-24-3-140
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        NY-24-49-354
SMITH, GERRIT                           NY-24-42-344
SMITH, GILBERT                          NY-24-82-412
SMITH, GILBERT H.                       NY-24-3-275
SMITH, HARRIET R.                       NY-24-31-216
SMITH, HELENA PETTIGREW                 NY-24-446-482
SMITH, HENRIETHE M.                     NY-24-446-363
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-24-54-413
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-24-37-407
SMITH, HENRY L.                         NY-24-27-332
SMITH, HORATIO S.                       NY-24-60-388
SMITH, HUGH                             NY-24-6-104
SMITH, HUGH                             NY-24-5-457
SMITH, ISAAC W.                         NY-24-21-146
SMITH, ISABELLA B.                      NY-24-69-83
SMITH, JACOB S.                         NY-24-84-84
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-24-49-37
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-24-25-43
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-24-49-462
SMITH, JAMES E.                         NY-24-15-400
SMITH, JAMES MCCUNE                     NY-24-31-171
SMITH, JARVIS I.                        NY-24-60-470
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-24-22-294
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-24-22-263
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-24-22-104
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-24-15-49
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-24-2-61
SMITH, JOHN G.                          NY-24-49-231
SMITH, JOHN G.                          NY-24-86-329
SMITH, JOHN R.                          NY-24-20-240
SMITH, JOHN W.                          NY-24-451-295
SMITH, JONAS                            NY-24-35-17
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-24-49-14
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NY-24-3-360
SMITH, JOSEPH NOSTRAND                  NY-24-3-318
SMITH, LEONARD F.                       NY-24-39-406
SMITH, LEWIS                            NY-24-14-233
SMITH, LEWIS H.                         NY-24-15-186
SMITH, LOTHROP L.                       NY-24-46-105
SMITH, MARGARET D.                      NY-24-448-343
SMITH, MARTHA W. H.                     NY-24-49-228
SMITH, MARY                             NY-24-25-178
SMITH, MARY                             NY-24-44-154
SMITH, MARY                             NY-24-448-337
SMITH, MARY                             NY-24-15-377
SMITH, MARY A.                          NY-24-44-156
SMITH, MARY B.                          NY-24-49-167
SMITH, MARY L.                          NY-24-446-366
SMITH, MATTIE S.                        NY-24-84-461
SMITH, MICHAEL                          NY-24-60-465
SMITH, MILES                            NY-24-15-122
SMITH, MILLICENT                        NY-24-57-32
SMITH, MOSES                            NY-24-7-419
SMITH, MOSES JR.                        NY-24-36-47
SMITH, MULFORD                          NY-24-60-211
SMITH, OLIVER                           NY-24-87-248
SMITH, PETER                            NY-24-16-269
SMITH, PETER                            NY-24-37-381
SMITH, PHEBE T.                         NY-24-49-322
SMITH, PHINEAS W.                       NY-24-10-470
SMITH, PRISCILLA B.                     NY-24-31-464
SMITH, PRUDENCE R.                      NY-24-86-435
SMITH, RACHEL                           NY-24-5-445
SMITH, ROSE E.                          NY-24-449-334
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-24-49-196
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-24-46-217
SMITH, SAMUEL T.                        NY-24-9-459
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-24-3-35
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-24-86-338
SMITH, SARAH A.                         NY-24-35-212
SMITH, SARAH ANN                        NY-24-71-94
SMITH, SARAH E.                         NY-24-447-457
SMITH, SARAH J.                         NY-24-52-273
SMITH, SIENNA E.                        NY-24-46-389
SMITH, SSARAH                           NY-24-19-177
SMITH, STEPHEN W.                       NY-24-43-328
SMITH, SYLVANUS                         NY-24-57-231
SMITH, TABITHA                          NY-24-8-1
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-24-3-308
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-24-38-292
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-24-31-147
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-24-23-63
SMITH, THOMAS                           NY-24-81-346
SMITH, THOMAS J.                        NY-24-46-429
SMITH, THOMAS JR.                       NY-24-16-339
SMITH, THOMAS M.                        NY-24-36-49
SMITH, W. WICKHAM                       NY-24-451-182
SMITH, WALTER J.                        NY-24-41-499
SMITH, WESSELL S.                       NY-24-23-396
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-24-76-94
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                       NY-24-13-264
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-24-44-382
SMITH, WILLIAM T.                       NY-24-49-211
SMITH,M ARY                             NY-24-24-30
SMITHSON, THOMAS                        NY-24-60-12
SMITHSON, THOMAS                        NY-24-60-12
SMITS, THEODORE A.                      NY-24-446-329
SNEDEKER, JOHN R.                       NY-24-6-346
SNEDEKER, REM D.                        NY-24-62-457
SNEDIKER, HEWLETT                       NY-24-5-442
SNEDIKER, ISAAC                         NY-24-1-410
SNEDIKER, ISAAC                         NY-24-1-397
SNEDIKER, JACOB                         NY-24-22-304
SNEDIKER, JACOB                         NY-24-1-20
SNEDIKER, JOHN                          NY-24-14-500
SNEDIKER, JOHN ANN                      NY-24-54-344
SNEIDER, CATHARINE                      NY-24-33-251
SNEITLE, THOMAS                         NY-24-81-327
SNELL, GEORGE                           NY-24-17-214
SNELL, JOHN                             NY-24-2-198
SNETHEN, ELSEY                          NY-24-28-222
SNOW, GEORGE F.                         NY-24-26-420
SNOWDEN, RACHEL                         NY-24-46-51
SNYDER, JOHN                            NY-24-82-465
SOBEY, DAVID                            NY-24-81-4
SOLOMON, ROSIE                          NY-24-448-494
SOMMER, MICHAEL                         NY-24-448-350
SONNAK, WILLIAM                         NY-24-54-452
SOPER, ISAAC B.                         NY-24-60-189
SOPER, WILLIAM                          NY-24-54-117
SOTH, MICHAEL                           NY-24-19-19
SOUTHART, MARIA A.                      NY-24-60-457
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM W.                  NY-24-446-136
SOWERBY, ARTHUR                         NY-24-49-226
SPANIER, JACOB                          NY-24-84-92
SPARROW, LUCINDA                        NY-24-54-223
SPARROW, SARAH M.                       NY-24-52-264
SPEAR, CALVIN F.                        NY-24-16-287
SPEARS, PHEBE A.                        NY-24-28-357
SPECHT, CHRISTIAN                       NY-24-43-402
SPEED, JOHN J.                          NY-24-87-227
SPEER, MICHAEL                          NY-24-80-187
SPEIDEL, CHRISTIAN F.                   NY-24-54-396
SPEIR, LUCY                             NY-24-28-137
SPEIR, ROBERT                           NY-24-18-1
SPENCE, ARNOT                           NY-24-33-328
SPENCE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-29-397
SPENCER, ARMON                          NY-24-446-420
SPENCER, ARNOLD D.                      NY-24-19-163
SPENCER, ICHABOD S.                     NY-24-16-389
SPENCER, JOHN M.                        NY-24-23-347
SPENCER, JOSEPH W.                      NY-24-86-336
SPENCER, MARY                           NY-24-82-381
SPENCER, NICHOLAS G.                    NY-24-12-297
SPENCER, SYLVANUS M.                    NY-24-25-315
SPENCER, THOMAS T.                      NY-24-71-170
SPENCER, WILLIAM                        NY-24-3-247
SPERONI, JOHN L.                        NY-24-448-418
SPERSCHNEIDER, PHILIPP                  NY-24-60-420
SPIEGEL, LOUISA                         NY-24-34-383
SPIER, HANNAH S.                        NY-24-37-138
SPIER, PHILIPINA                        NY-24-39-493
SPIES, CATHARINE E.                     NY-24-57-19
SPIES, FRANCIS                          NY-24-23-239
SPIES, HENRY                            NY-24-11-472
SPIES, HENRY                            NY-24-6-363
SPIES, JAMES P.                         NY-24-42-494
SPILLANE, THOMAS                        NY-24-5-405
SPITTLER, KONRAD                        NY-24-52-297
SPITZMILLER, BERNHARD                   NY-24-24-175
SPITZMILLER, MICHAEL                    NY-24-18-434
SPRAGUE, CORNELIUS J.                   NY-24-35-346
SPRAGUE, JOSEPH                         NY-24-16-445
SPRAGUE, MARGARET                       NY-24-68-408
SPRATT, CLARISSA                        NY-24-71-354
SPRING, ELIZABETH SELBY                 NY-24-67-400
SPRING, GEORGE                          NY-24-5-389
SPRING, GEORGE                          NY-24-4-464
SPRINGER, WILLIAM F.                    NY-24-38-94
SPRINGSTEEN, JOHN C.                    NY-24-450-98
SPROAT, CATHARINE E.                    NY-24-42-15
SPRONG, FOLKERT                         NY-24-3-355
SPROULD, JAMES                          NY-24-79-1
SPROULL, GEORGE                         NY-24-40-188
SQUIRE, ELIZA ANN                       NY-24-52-492
STAAT, MICHAEL                          NY-24-20-313
STAATS, ELISHA M.                       NY-24-72-492
STACK, CATHARINE A.                     NY-24-20-320
STACK, GARRET                           NY-24-6-395
STACK, MATTHEW                          NY-24-54-360
STACK, WILLIAM                          NY-24-68-279
STACKPOLE, ROBERT                       NY-24-49-482
STADLMAIR, WILLIAM                      NY-24-70-100
STADTMUELLER, ADAM                      NY-24-27-452
STAEHETY, JOHN                          NY-24-80-192
STAFF, THERESA                          NY-24-450-331
STAFFNELL, HENRY                        NY-24-19-95
STAGG, JOHN R.                          NY-24-17-96
STAHL, CARL                             NY-24-67-410
STAHL, JULIUS C.                        NY-24-46-245
STAHL, LEO                              NY-24-49-331
STAHMER, HARRIET S.                     NY-24-447-141
STAINSBY, GEORGE                        NY-24-28-158
STAMANT, DANIEL                         NY-24-60-461
STAMMERS, WILLIAM                       NY-24-40-403
STAMP, THOMAS                           NY-24-46-357
STANBURY, JOHN                          NY-24-23-144
STANBURY, MARY ANN                      NY-24-31-14
STANDISH, JOHN A.                       NY-24-46-184
STANDISH, LEVI                          NY-24-52-379
STANFORD, DAVID                         NY-24-15-290
STANFORD, MARY                          NY-24-18-235
STANFORD, THOMAS                        NY-24-19-256
STANLEY, CAROLINE E.                    NY-24-60-414
STANLEY, LAVINA                         NY-24-87-224
STANTON, ENOCH C.                       NY-24-13-86
STANTON, HENRY                          NY-24-18-238
STANTON, SOPHIA A.                      NY-24-29-161
STAPELTON, JOHN                         NY-24-28-86
STAPLETON, WILLIAM                      NY-24-49-311
STARIN, JULIUS B.                       NY-24-60-192
STARK, ELIZABETH (147)                  NY-24-86-52
STARK, ELLEN                            NY-24-54-388
STARK, JOHN                             NY-24-57-167
STARK, MARY J.                          NY-24-12-182
STARKE, THERESE                         NY-24-85-62
STARKEY, JAMES D.                       NY-24-78-109
STARR, HARRIET H.                       NY-24-60-175
STARR, ORLANDO                          NY-24-12-84
STARR, SUSAN H.                         NY-24-60-339
STARTZAR, GEORGE                        NY-24-40-217
STAUBITZ, ROBERT                        NY-24-446-272
STAUFFER, JOHN                          NY-24-86-381
STAYLOR, MARY                           NY-24-49-150
STEBBINS, ANN                           NY-24-25-23
STEBBINS, FANNY B.                      NY-24-87-357
STEEL, JOSEPH                           NY-24-12-469
STEEL, SAMUEL                           NY-24-20-346
STEEL, THOMAS                           NY-24-60-160
STEELE, CLARENCE T.                     NY-24-450-225
STEELE, HARRIET H.                      NY-24-39-227
STEELE, JONATHAN D.                     NY-24-46-321
STEELE, JOSEPH                          NY-24-49-478
STEELE, MARY                            NY-24-23-26
STEELE, WILILAM                         NY-24-20-29
STEELE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-18-163
STEERS, CHRISTIAN H.                    NY-24-68-81
STEFFENS, DORIS                         NY-24-54-240
STEIGERWALD, JOSEPH                     NY-24-451-347
STEILEN, JOHN F.                        NY-24-42-440
STEIMLE, FRIEDRICH W. T.                NY-24-84-36
STEIN, CHARLES                          NY-24-60-318
STEIN, HENRY (MAJ.)                     NY-24-64-454
STEIN, JOHN H.                          NY-24-80-75
STEINBACH, ADAM                         NY-24-54-211
STEINBACHER, JOSEPHA                    NY-24-52-197
STEINBRECHER, ELISABETHA                NY-24-71-150
STEINBUCH, FREDERICH                    NY-24-450-244
STEINECK, ADAM                          NY-24-87-70
STEINER, CONRAD                         NY-24-84-262
STEINER, JACOB                          NY-24-84-248
STEINER, JOHN                           NY-24-49-223
STEINHAUER, ANDREW                      NY-24-54-121
STEINHAUSER, AUGUST                     NY-24-46-56
STEINHEUSER, HEINRICH                   NY-24-82-401
STEINLIEN, ANNA                         NY-24-85-95
STEINMACHER, JOHANN H. (101             NY-24-72-112
STEINMAN, FRANCIS                       NY-24-25-227
STEINMETZ, JOHANNA                      NY-24-44-469
STEINMETZ, PAULINE                      NY-24-448-96
STEINMEYER, HENRY                       NY-24-44-218
STEITZ, HENRY                           NY-24-446-398
STELLENWERF, ANN                        NY-24-7-62
STEMBER, CATHERKINA                     NY-24-45-39
STENGER, PETER                          NY-24-80-306
STENSON, JANE S.                        NY-24-72-465
STENSON, KATE                           NY-24-450-39
STENSON, ROBERT S.                      NY-24-46-34
STEPHENS, CHILION                       NY-24-3-306
STEPHENS, FREDERICK                     NY-24-15-500
STEPHENS, JAMES                         NY-24-27-92
STEPHENS JOHN JR.                       NY-24-14-142
STEPHENS, RESOLVERT                     NY-24-39-88
STEPHENSON, BIDDY                       NY-24-5-285
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM                     NY-24-3-167
STERLING, SHERMAN H.                    NY-24-24-410
STETSON, THOMAS P.                      NY-24-5-388
STETTAUER, LEWIS                        NY-24-43-437
STEUBER, FREDERICK W.                   NY-24-39-470
STEVE, PETER                            NY-24-54-491
STEVENS, ALFRED G.                      NY-24-15-14
STEVENS, ANN                            NY-24-38-340
STEVENS, CHARLES                        NY-24-19-246
STEVENS, CHARLOTTE                      NY-24-84-220
STEVENS, JOSEPH                         NY-24-5-492
STEVENS, MARY ANN                       NY-24-36-475
STEVENSON, ELMIRA LEMAN                 NY-24-450-448
STEVENSON, JOSEPH                       NY-24-35-474
STEVENSON, MAUDE B.                     NY-24-449-312
STEWARD, DAVID                          NY-24-14-170
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-3-70
STEWART, BRIDGET                        NY-24-73-55
STEWART, DANIEL                         NY-24-85-235
STEWART, DAVID                          NY-24-24-19
STEWART, ELEANOR                        NY-24-22-105
STEWART, ELIZA                          NY-24-68-489
STEWART, ELLA                           NY-24-449-443
STEWART, JONATHAN B.                    NY-24-40-331
STEWART, MARIA                          NY-24-13-267
STEWART, PERPETUA                       NY-24-80-164
STEWART, RIME                           NY-24-4-187
STEWART, RIME                           NY-24-5-167
STEWART, THOMAS                         NY-24-21-61
STEWART, THOMAS                         NY-24-42-18
STEWART, WILILAM                        NY-24-14-353
STEWART, WILLIAM B.                     NY-24-71-177
STEWAWRT, WILLIAM                       NY-24-33-176
STFELIX, JOHN R.                        NY-24-16-252
STILES, ROBET                           NY-24-15-193
STILL, WILLIAM T.                       NY-24-82-18
STILLER, CATHARINE                      NY-24-42-385
STILLMAN, FRANCIS H.                    NY-24-446-401
STILLWELL, COURT                        NY-24-40-408
STILLWELL, COURT                        NY-24-87-401
STILLWELL, EVE                          NY-24-39-303
STILLWELL, GEORGE                       NY-24-9-365
STILLWELL, IDA                          NY-24-31-21
STILLWELL, JOHN I.                      NY-24-29-324
STILLWELL, JOHN V.                      NY-24-41-327
STILLWELL, JOOST                        NY-24-3-177
STILLWELL, MARIA                        NY-24-40-241
STILLWELL, MARY E.                      NY-24-448-364
STILLWELL, PHEBE                        NY-24-31-25
STILLWELL, REBECCA                      NY-24-41-243
STILLWELL, RICHARD                      NY-24-3-136
STILLWELL, RICHARD R.                   NY-24-36-39
STILLWELL, RUTGERT                      NY-24-2-465
STILWELL, ALTIE                         NY-24-7-327
STILWELL, ANN                           NY-24-11-462
STILWELL, CHARLOTTE                     NY-24-60-48
STILWELL, CHARLOTTE                     NY-24-60-48
STILWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-38-216
STILWELL, IDA                           NY-24-2-467
STILWELL, JAQUES .                      NY-24-7-372
STILWELL, JOHN W.                       NY-24-40-167
STILWELL, STEPHEN N.                    NY-24-81-388
STILWELL, SYLVANUS B.                   NY-24-20-219
STITES, MARY                            NY-24-33-292
STITES, MATILDA F.                      NY-24-34-359
STIWELL, SAMUEL                         NY-24-9-37
STJOHN, ISAAC R.                        NY-24-82-427
STJOHN, JESSE                           NY-24-8-94
STJOHN, MARTHA C.                       NY-24-49-416
STJOHN, MARY                            NY-24-28-471
STJOHN, SAMUEL R.                       NY-24-79-483
STOBS, CHRISTIAN L.                     NY-24-27-490
STOCKHOLM, ANDREW                       NY-24-20-109
STOCKHOLM, ANDRIES                      NY-24-2-181
STOCKHOLM, HARMANUS                     NY-24-6-39
STOCKHOLM, HARMANUS                     NY-24-5-415
STODDARD, JOHN F.                       NY-24-52-1
STODDARD, JOHN S.                       NY-24-25-396
STODDART, WALTER G.                     NY-24-9-280
STOFFEL, FREDERICK                      NY-24-45-201
STOHLMANN, FREDERICK A.                 NY-24-449-12
STOKES, THOMAS                          NY-24-447-263
STOKES, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-77-40
STOKOE, ANGELINA A.                     NY-24-67-371
STOLLMEYER, HENRY D.                    NY-24-54-114
STOLTA, WILLIAM                         NY-24-46-401
STONE, MOSES J.                         NY-24-80-95
STONE, RACHEL                           NY-24-449-386
STONE, SUMNER                           NY-24-17-374
STONE, WILLIAM M.                       NY-24-49-162
STONEALL, EUPHEMIA                      NY-24-76-27
STONEALL, JAMES C.                      NY-24-31-128
STOOTHOF, DOUWE                         NY-24-3-125
STOOTHOFF, ABRAHAM C.                   NY-24-24-457
STOOTHOFF, ALTIE                        NY-24-11-61
STOOTHOFF, ALTIE                        NY-24-11-392
STOOTHOFF, CORNELIUS                    NY-24-6-384
STOOTHOFF, GARRET C.                    NY-24-9-285
STOOTHOFF, LYDIA                        NY-24-49-247
STOOTHOFF, SARAH                        NY-24-6-290
STOOTHOFF, WILHELMUS I.                 NY-24-5-27
STOOTHOFF, WILHEMUS                     NY-24-1-376
STOOTHOFF, WILLIAM                      NY-24-5-190
STOOTHOFF, WILLIAM                      NY-24-11-126
STOOTHUFF, JOHANNES                     NY-24-3-91
STOPFORD, ELIZA                         NY-24-39-182
STORM, DAVID                            NY-24-54-253
STORM, FREELOVE                         NY-24-52-366
STORM, WILLIAM                          NY-24-15-214
STORMES, SARAH                          NY-24-19-496
STORRS, GEORGE F.                       NY-24-33-392
STORTZ, PHILIPP                         NY-24-60-310
STORY, ABIJAH W.                        NY-24-35-86
STORY, ROBERT R.                        NY-24-54-169
STORY, ROBERT R. JR.                    NY-24-34-45
STORY, WILLIAM W.                       NY-24-57-108
STOTHARD, JAMES                         NY-24-52-420
STOTT, JAMES                            NY-24-28-419
STOTTHOFF, JEREMIAH                     NY-24-3-13
STOUT, JOSEPH M.                        NY-24-27-366
STOUTENBERGH, WILLIAM J.                NY-24-33-214
STOUTENBOROUGH, CAROLINE                NY-24-67-49
STOUTENBURGH, EDMUND I.                 NY-24-15-7
STOWELL, FANNIE                         NY-24-448-276
STOWELL, JAMES C.                       NY-24-37-149
STRACK, RUPERT                          NY-24-40-86
STRAIGHT, REBECCA                       NY-24-28-375
STRATTON, CLARA C.                      NY-24-20-401
STRATTON, HORATIO MULFORD               NY-24-448-38
STRATTON, JOHN                          NY-24-15-196
STRATTON, JOHN B.                       NY-24-77-485
STRAUB, CHRISTIAN                       NY-24-40-197
STRAWSEN, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-64-366
STREHL, JOHN                            NY-24-11-135
STREINER, FREDERICK                     NY-24-40-44
STRENG, ADAM                            NY-24-33-454
STRICKER, GERTRUDE                      NY-24-31-141
STRICKLAND, ANNA                        NY-24-85-342
STRIDER, CHARLES                        NY-24-5-404
STRINGHAM, CANNAN                       NY-24-44-411
STRINGHAM, SILAS H.                     NY-24-60-233
STROCHLEIN, ADAM                        NY-24-67-215
STROEHLEIN, GEORGE                      NY-24-52-427
STROMBERGER, PETER                      NY-24-34-60
STRONG, THOMAS M.                       NY-24-24-291
STRONG, WILLIAM C.                      NY-24-54-276
STROTT, JOHN                            NY-24-57-170
STROUT, ALLEN C.                        NY-24-85-327
STRUBEN, CONRADINA W.                   NY-24-60-406
STRULLER, CHRISTINA                     NY-24-446-430
STRUSE, DIEDERICH                       NY-24-84-195
STRUSE, HENRY J.                        NY-24-446-358
STRUVE, MARIA L.                        NY-24-33-135
STRYKER, ANN                            NY-24-17-85
STRYKER, CHARITY                        NY-24-60-184
STRYKER, CORNELIUS                      NY-24-3-312
STRYKER, CORNELIUS                      NY-24-7-393
STRYKER, ELLEN                          NY-24-33-410
STRYKER, GARRET                         NY-24-24-155
STRYKER, GARRET                         NY-24-2-369
STRYKER, GERTRUDE ANN                   NY-24-17-92
STRYKER, JANE                           NY-24-3-290
STRYKER, JOHN                           NY-24-2-335
STRYKER, MICHAEL                        NY-24-2-71
STRYKER, PETER                          NY-24-5-179
STRYKER, PETER                          NY-24-2-265
STRYKER, PETER                          NY-24-4-210
STRYKER, SAMUEL                         NY-24-3-249
STRYKER, SAMUEL S.                      NY-24-60-378
STRYKER, STEPHEN                        NY-24-12-446
STUBENVAUCH, MARIA A.                   NY-24-36-116
STUCKFIELD, CATHERINE                   NY-24-57-302
STUDLEY, THOMAS C.                      NY-24-52-349
STUMM, ADAM                             NY-24-54-111
STURCKE, CHARLES JOHN                   NY-24-15-27
STURGES, JOHN                           NY-24-4-236
STURSBERG, ROBERT                       NY-24-77-35
STURY, JOSEPH                           NY-24-11-260
STUTZMANN, MATILDA                      NY-24-85-428
SUGDEN, MARY ANN                        NY-24-46-172
SUHR, HERMAN                            NY-24-60-417
SUHR, JOHN M.                           NY-24-79-90
SULLEY, GEORGE                          NY-24-62-155
SULLIVAN, ARTHUR B.                     NY-24-24-33
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-24-44-44
SULLIVAN, HANNAH                        NY-24-84-186
SULLIVAN, JAMES                         NY-24-31-396
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-24-80-285
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-24-49-113
SULLIVAN, JOHN M.                       NY-24-4-280
SULLIVAN, JOHN M.                       NY-24-5-221
SULLIVAN, MARGARET                      NY-24-60-333
SULLIVAN, MARY                          NY-24-10-378
SULLIVAN, OWEN                          NY-24-3-256
SULLIVAN, QUINTIN M.                    NY-24-3-243
SULLIVAN, SIMEON F.                     NY-24-447-383
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                        NY-24-85-107
SULTAN, JACOBINE                        NY-24-23-446
SULTAN, KILIAN                          NY-24-52-174
SUMNER, ADAMS C.                        NY-24-52-201
SUMNER, C. JOSEPHINE                    NY-24-82-397
SUMNER, HARRIET A.                      NY-24-447-359
SUTCLIFF, JAMES                         NY-24-22-410
SUTCLIFFE, HENRY                        NY-24-38-413
SUTPHEN, JANE                           NY-24-17-41
SUTPHEN, JEREMIAH V.                    NY-24-7-292
SUTPHEN, JOHN                           NY-24-1-238
SUTTON, HENRY E.                        NY-24-44-105
SUTTON, JAMES                           NY-24-46-325
SUTTON, JOSHUA                          NY-24-79-457
SUTTON, JOSHUA B.                       NY-24-36-293
SUYDAM, ALETTA M.                       NY-24-36-119
SUYDAM, ANN ELIZA                       NY-24-70-124
SUYDAM, BENNITIE                        NY-24-3-105
SUYDAM, CORNELIA F.                     NY-24-22-332
SUYDAM, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-49-349
SUYDAM, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-3-238
SUYDAM, EVERT                           NY-24-37-281
SUYDAM, EVERT                           NY-24-13-167
SUYDAM, EVERT                           NY-24-1-251
SUYDAM, HENDRICK                        NY-24-2-1
SUYDAM, HENDRICK                        NY-24-1-89
SUYDAM, HENDRICK E.                     NY-24-7-306
SUYDAM, HENDRICK H.                     NY-24-3-293
SUYDAM, HENRY                           NY-24-36-121
SUYDAM, IDA                             NY-24-10-280
SUYDAM, JACOB                           NY-24-1-329
SUYDAM, JACOB                           NY-24-10-358
SUYDAM, JACOB                           NY-24-2-159
SUYDAM, JEROMUS                         NY-24-46-392
SUYDAM, LAMBERT                         NY-24-5-218
SUYDAM, LAMBERT                         NY-24-4-274
SUYDAM, LAMMETIE                        NY-24-17-387
SUYDAM, MARIA                           NY-24-6-445
SUYDAM, MARIA L.                        NY-24-42-491
SUYDAM, MINNEY                          NY-24-2-147
SUYDAM, NANCY                           NY-24-41-153
SUYDAM, REBECCA                         NY-24-57-55
SUYDAM, RYNEER                          NY-24-4-284
SUYDAM, RYNIER                          NY-24-5-224
SUYDAM, TEUNIS                          NY-24-3-277
SUYDAM, WELHELMINA                      NY-24-86-198
SWAIM, MARY A. N.                       NY-24-31-64
SWAIN, RICHARD                          NY-24-43-57
SWAN, CAROLINE MATILDA                  NY-24-70-281
SWAN, JOSEPH J.                         NY-24-38-146
SWAN, SAMUEL                            NY-24-16-410
SWANBERG, AUGUST                        NY-24-451-257
SWANEY, MILES                           NY-24-35-256
SWANSON, ANN                            NY-24-28-362
SWARTS, ANNIE                           NY-24-77-17
SWEATMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-24-28-422
SWEENEY, DANIEL M.                      NY-24-42-418
SWEENEY, JAMES                          NY-24-52-302
SWEENEY, JOHN                           NY-24-54-318
SWEENEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-16-8
SWEENEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-23-14
SWEENY, GEORGE                          NY-24-34-357
SWEENY, JAMES M.                        NY-24-80-476
SWEENY, WILLIAM S.                      NY-24-17-14
SWEET, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-52-351
SWEET, WIULLIAM F.                      NY-24-85-27
SWEEZY, MARY                            NY-24-57-52
SWENEY, GEORGE                          NY-24-12-244
SWENSON, INGA KATARINA                  NY-24-450-352
SWERTCOPE, JOHN VALENTINE               NY-24-12-51
SWERTCOPE, JOHN VALENTINE               NY-24-3-225
SWERTCOPE, ROBERT                       NY-24-9-415
SWETT, JOHN P.                          NY-24-84-148
SWEZEY, JENNETT                         NY-24-46-282
SWIFT, MARY                             NY-24-33-199
SWIFT, SAMUEL                           NY-24-13-162
SWIFT, WILLIAM                          NY-24-29-322
SWIN, GEORGE A.                         NY-24-84-277
SWIN, GEORGE PETER                      NY-24-60-66
SWINTON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-451-102
SWITZER, HENRY                          NY-24-42-305
SWITZER, JOHN A.                        NY-24-87-159
SWITZER, LEWIS                          NY-24-82-461
SYKES, MARY E.                          NY-24-449-461
SYME, MARY ALLAN                        NY-24-49-425
SYME, MARY J.                           NY-24-447-348
SYME, WILLIAM R.                        NY-24-448-239
SYMONS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-24-82-21

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