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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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UBAN, JOHN                              NY-24-21-403
UBAN, JULIA                             NY-24-26-465
UBERT, ANNIE E.                         NY-24-52-308
UDALL, SIDNEY                           NY-24-79-346
UHL, SABINA                             NY-24-447-251
UHLENBUSCH, CHARLES                     NY-24-46-211
UHRES, MATHIAS                          NY-24-52-275
UIHLEIN, KATHARINA                      NY-24-54-138
ULLMANN, ISAAC                          NY-24-57-7
ULLRICH, AUGUST                         NY-24-49-218
ULM, PHILIP                             NY-24-38-260
ULRICH, BERNHARDT                       NY-24-52-316
ULSAMER, JULIUS                         NY-24-446-455
UNANGST, LUDWIG                         NY-24-36-154
UNDERHILL, ADONIJAH                     NY-24-11-178
UNDERHILL, CAROLINE                     NY-24-15-331
UNDERHILL, JOSEPH E.                    NY-24-38-239
UNDERHILL, PETER S.                     NY-24-68-266
UNDERHILL, RICHARD C.                   NY-24-44-446
UNDERHILL, SARAH J.                     NY-24-57-151
UNDERHILL, SARAH U.                     NY-24-20-1
UNDERHILL, STEPHEN                      NY-24-15-447
UNDERHILL, STEPHEN M.                   NY-24-79-498
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM J.                   NY-24-41-1
UNDERSTELLER, CATHARINA                 NY-24-43-451
UNDERWOOD, SARAH H.                     NY-24-37-91
UNKART, ANNA M. E.                      NY-24-40-162
UNKART, EDWARD                          NY-24-35-1
UNSELD, CHARLES                         NY-24-80-64
UPHAM, LUCY G.                          NY-24-448-1
URBAHN, ALBERT                          NY-24-69-23
URBANSKA, ROSALIA                       NY-24-449-315
URBE, NICHOLAS R.                       NY-24-446-320
URNETT, SILAS C.                        NY-24-17-11
UTERMARCK, MARGARET                     NY-24-33-442
UZMANN, KARL                            NY-24-39-219

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