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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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OAKES, JOEL C.                          NY-24-29-478
OAKEY, HENRY                            NY-24-19-9
OAKLEY, CORNELIUS W.                    NY-24-18-246
OAKLEY, ROBERT S.                       NY-24-25-62
OAKLEY, SARAH A.                        NY-24-8-135
OBER, OSMER L.                          NY-24-44-163
OBERG, PETER                            NY-24-67-184
OBERTS, SALLIE B.                       NY-24-451-158
OBLENIS, ALBERT                         NY-24-2-49
OBMANN, HENRY                           NY-24-36-206
OBRIEN, ARTHUR                          NY-24-54-458
OBRIEN, CATHARINE                       NY-24-80-42
OBRIEN, CATHARINE                       NY-24-30-484
OBRIEN, CHARLES                         NY-24-13-55
OBRIEN, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-54-422
OBRIEN, ESTHER                          NY-24-80-146
OBRIEN, JAMES                           NY-24-44-463
OBRIEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-24-25-181
OBRIEN, KENNEDY                         NY-24-14-396
OBRIEN, MARGARET P.                     NY-24-73-411
OBRIEN, MATTHEW C.                      NY-24-18-406
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-30-432
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         NY-24-45-64
OBRIEN, PETER                           NY-24-24-205
OBRIEN, TIMOTHY                         NY-24-52-294
OBRIEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-12-218
OCKERT, WILLIAM                         NY-24-79-36
OCONNELL, ELLEN                         NY-24-446-266
OCONNELL, MICHAEL                       NY-24-70-442
OCONNELL, TERESA                        NY-24-446-188
OCONNER, TERENCE                        NY-24-40-343
OCONNOR, ANDREW                         NY-24-26-47
OCONNOR, DANIEL                         NY-24-35-231
OCONNOR, ELIZA                          NY-24-70-470
OCONNOR, HUGH                           NY-24-68-121
OCONNOR, JOSEPH                         NY-24-81-30
OCONNOR, MARGARET                       NY-24-19-444
OCONNOR, THOMAS                         NY-24-25-59
ODELL, ISAAC                            NY-24-31-174
ODELL, MARY                             NY-24-60-349
ODELL, MOSES F.                         NY-24-33-343
ODELL, SAMUEL U. F.                     NY-24-57-124
ODELL, WILLIAM D.                       NY-24-60-202
ODIN, JOHN                              NY-24-70-328
ODONNELL, BARNEY                        NY-24-13-189
ODONNELL, MICHAEL                       NY-24-54-159
ODRISCOLL, DENNIS                       NY-24-66-439
OECHSLER, JOHN                          NY-24-82-452
OECHSLER, JOSEPH                        NY-24-70-398
OEHLER, CHRISTOPH                       NY-24-60-393
OFARRELL, ELLEN                         NY-24-37-113
OFARRELL, JAMES                         NY-24-12-428
OGDEN, JOHN                             NY-24-46-91
OGDEN, MARIA                            NY-24-46-337
OGDEN, RICHARD S.                       NY-24-17-1
OGILVIE, BETSEY                         NY-24-52-10
OGILVIE, ROBERT JR.                     NY-24-66-290
OGRADY, ELLEN MARIA                     NY-24-71-370
OGSBURY, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-9-12
OHANLON, PHILIP                         NY-24-451-308
OHARA, CELELIA A.                       NY-24-30-368
OHARA, EDWARD L.                        NY-24-31-393
OHARA, JOHN                             NY-24-41-241
OHARA, MARY ANN                         NY-24-27-247
OHARA, PETER                            NY-24-26-337
OHL, WALBURGA                           NY-24-77-23
OKEEFE, EUGENE                          NY-24-72-280
OLCOTT, CHARLES M.                      NY-24-15-34
OLDERING, SALLY MARIA                   NY-24-79-71
OLDS, IRA                               NY-24-84-130
OLEARY, DANIEL                          NY-24-5-462
OLEARY, DANIEL                          NY-24-57-11
OLIGER, FREDERICK                       NY-24-49-430
OLIVER, ELEAZER L.                      NY-24-450-21
OLIVER, JAMES                           NY-24-21-285
OLIVER, JOHN                            NY-24-38-207
OLIVER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-78-129
OLIVER, THOMAS                          NY-24-85-1
OLIVER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-26-400
OLNEY, JOSEPHINE B.                     NY-24-57-189
OLSEN, CHRISTIANA                       NY-24-449-299
OLSEN, MARTIN                           NY-24-68-466
OMALLY, MICHAEL                         NY-24-54-356
ONDERDONK, ANN                          NY-24-28-1
ONDERONK, MAGDALEN MARY                 NY-24-5-444
ONEIL, JAMES                            NY-24-14-229
ONEIL, JAMES JOSEPH                     NY-24-10-203
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-24-85-474
ONEIL, OWEN                             NY-24-16-4
ONEIL, PATRICK                          NY-24-26-368
ONEIL, RODERICK                         NY-24-73-98
ONEIL, SARAH                            NY-24-60-449
ONEIL, THOMAS A.                        NY-24-31-458
ONEIL, WILLIAM                          NY-24-448-371
ONEILL, ANNIE                           NY-24-86-5
ONEILL, CATHARINE                       NY-24-42-496
ONEILL, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-24-57-466
ONIEL, OWEN                             NY-24-18-456
ONIEL, PATRICK                          NY-24-22-440
OPIE, GEORGE                            NY-24-79-128
OPP, GERTRUDE                           NY-24-85-399
OPPERMANN, HENRY                        NY-24-78-77
ORAM, ESTHER                            NY-24-73-460
OREILLY, LAURENCE                       NY-24-446-439
OREILLY, MARIA                          NY-24-42-69
OREILLY, MARY A.                        NY-24-451-226
OREILLY, MARY C.                        NY-24-54-246
OREILLY, MILES                          NY-24-31-357
OREILLY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-24-238
ORIELLY, JAMES                          NY-24-78-492
ORMISTON, ANNIE M. C.                   NY-24-60-4
ORNE, WILLIAM B.                        NY-24-29-151
OROURKE, FRANCIS                        NY-24-52-7
OROURKE, JAMES P.                       NY-24-43-6
OROURKE, MARGARET                       NY-24-54-156
ORR, ALEXANDER                          NY-24-38-383
ORR, EDWARD                             NY-24-21-161
ORR, ELIZABETH S.                       NY-24-57-3
ORR, ISAAC                              NY-24-54-140
ORR, JANE HAMILTON                      NY-24-84-150
ORRELL, EDWARD P.                       NY-24-451-15
OSBERG, ANNA C.                         NY-24-37-21
OSBORG, AUGUSTA                         NY-24-46-93
OSBORN, AMELIA                          NY-24-447-152
OSBORN, CATHARINE                       NY-24-57-92
OSBORN, ELIZA M.                        NY-24-46-448
OSBORN, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-9-498
OSBORN, JOHN                            NY-24-38-175
OSBORN, JOSEPH                          NY-24-38-30
OSBORN, SARAH J.                        NY-24-66-337
OSBORNE, SAMUEL                         NY-24-33-288
OSBRON, JOHN                            NY-24-13-24
OSCHMANN, FRIEDRICH                     NY-24-87-333
OSGOOD, CHARLOTTE H.                    NY-24-25-218
OSMERS, JOHN                            NY-24-57-226
OSMERS, RUDOLPH                         NY-24-8-18
OSSWALD, WILLIAM                        NY-24-57-240
OSTICK, MARGARET                        NY-24-451-201
OSTRANDER, EZEKIEL                      NY-24-23-31
OSTRANDER, MORRIS                       NY-24-60-53
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM                      NY-24-85-422
OSTROM, FANNY                           NY-24-71-351
OTOOLE, PATRICK                         NY-24-52-259
OTTEN, JOHN                             NY-24-450-341
OTTEN, JOHN A. C.                       NY-24-24-305
OTTMAN, RILY R.                         NY-24-57-200
OTTO, ALCINE                            NY-24-446-269
OUDKERK, LEVI                           NY-24-81-456
OVERTON, MARY                           NY-24-18-329
OWEN, ANNA B.                           NY-24-31-77
OWEN, EDMUND C.                         NY-24-52-357
OWEN, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-43-281
OWEN, GEORGE H.                         NY-24-54-307
OWEN, MICAH M.                          NY-24-29-411
OWENS, JOHN                             NY-24-46-190

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