Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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TABELLA, MARIA ANA                      NY-24-33-132
TABELLA, MATHIAS                        NY-24-33-19
TABER, HENRY T.                         NY-24-36-182
TABER, MARY                             NY-24-67-319
TAFT, AZARIAH H.                        NY-24-66-393
TAFT, REBECCA A.                        NY-24-36-339
TAG, FREDERICK                          NY-24-41-338
TAGGART, CHARLES                        NY-24-36-55
TAGGART, MARY                           NY-24-38-491
TAINTOR, SARAH                          NY-24-18-415
TALLMAN, GEORGE C.                      NY-24-84-49
TALLMAN, JACOB                          NY-24-17-325
TALMAGE, DANIEL                         NY-24-38-125
TALMAGE, DAVID                          NY-24-451-273
TALMAGE, HANNAH                         NY-24-36-189
TALMAGE, THOMAS G.                      NY-24-26-489
TALMAN, CHARLES                         NY-24-68-108
TAMMANY, ISABELLA                       NY-24-66-320
TAMSS, JAMES F.                         NY-24-33-278
TANNER, JOHN                            NY-24-19-30
TAPPAN, CHRISTOPHER P.                  NY-24-66-315
TAPPAN, LEWIS                           NY-24-49-448
TAPPAN, SUSANNAH A.                     NY-24-14-503
TAPPEN, ABBEY                           NY-24-67-368
TAPPEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-24-29-268
TAPSCOTT, JAMES J.                      NY-24-46-196
TARTTER, CATHARINE                      NY-24-446-395
TATE, MARY                              NY-24-33-467
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-20-222
TAYLOR, AMY D. J.                       NY-24-79-221
TAYLOR, ANNA R.                         NY-24-49-508
TAYLOR, CAROLINE                        NY-24-73-173
TAYLOR, CAROLINE                        NY-24-68-443
TAYLOR, CHARLES J.                      NY-24-35-234
TAYLOR, EDWARD P.                       NY-24-57-476
TAYLOR, ELISHA E. L.                    NY-24-54-146
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-450-250
TAYLOR, EMMA E.                         NY-24-60-38
TAYLOR, EUNICE G.                       NY-24-79-226
TAYLOR, FITCH                           NY-24-29-261
TAYLOR, GAD                             NY-24-24-69
TAYLOR, GEORGE H.                       NY-24-52-286
TAYLOR, HANNAH J.                       NY-24-42-443
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-24-22-195
TAYLOR, JAMES W.                        NY-24-35-336
TAYLOR, JEAN                            NY-24-27-322
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-24-57-14
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-24-66-456
TAYLOR, JOHN W. A.                      NY-24-12-204
TAYLOR, MARIE S.                        NY-24-446-173
TAYLOR, MARY E.                         NY-24-451-235
TAYLOR, MATILDA                         NY-24-17-258
TAYLOR, NAJAH                           NY-24-22-478
TAYLOR, OJHN S.                         NY-24-82-429
TAYLOR, PENELOPE H.                     NY-24-17-289
TAYLOR, PETER G.                        NY-24-44-282
TAYLOR, PETER L.                        NY-24-19-107
TAYLOR, ROBERT H.                       NY-24-57-192
TAYLOR, SAMUEL B.                       NY-24-69-32
TAYLOR, SCOTT                           NY-24-6-217
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-24-52-385
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-24-73-310
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         NY-24-17-140
TBIN, MICHAEL                           NY-24-20-251
TEARE, JOHN                             NY-24-52-403
TEBBE, MARY                             NY-24-450-378
TEBO, LOUIS A.                          NY-24-54-297
TECKRITZ, F. HERMAN                     NY-24-57-157
TEDDLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-52-433
TEFFT, CHARLES F.                       NY-24-26-112
TEINCKEN, ANNA K.                       NY-24-62-435
TEIXEIRA, DOMINICK J.                   NY-24-49-50
TEIXEIRA, MARIA                         NY-24-82-232
TEIXERRA, PATRONILIA                    NY-24-60-315
TELFER, WILLIAM M.                      NY-24-52-288
TELLER, CATHARINE                       NY-24-85-321
TELSCHOW, CARL                          NY-24-70-7
TEMEGNIO, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-24-33-191
TENEYCK, DANIEL                         NY-24-2-363
TENEYCK, RICHARD                        NY-24-40-258
TENNANT, JAMES                          NY-24-18-136
TENNY, JOHN                             NY-24-35-221
TEPE, HERMAN                            NY-24-84-180
TERHUNE, ABRAHAM                        NY-24-7-388
TERHUNE, ABRAHAM                        NY-24-25-251
TERHUNE, ALBERT                         NY-24-2-42
TERHUNE, ANNA                           NY-24-16-336
TERHUNE, ISAAC                          NY-24-6-122
TERHUNE, JULIA M.                       NY-24-450-266
TERHUNE, ROELOF                         NY-24-2-46
TERNEY, PATRICK                         NY-24-30-53
TERRETT, DUDLEY R.                      NY-24-60-34
TERRETT, HORATIO N.                     NY-24-26-85
TERRIN, JOHN B.                         NY-24-60-239
TERRY, ANN                              NY-24-54-462
TERRY, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-41-491
TERRY, HANNAH C.                        NY-24-54-181
TERRY, HENRY L.                         NY-24-31-73
TERRY, SAMUEL                           NY-24-18-36
THALEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-448-221
THATCHER, SAMUEL                        NY-24-18-276
THAYER, CHARLES P.                      NY-24-80-158
THAYER, GEORGE F.                       NY-24-77-4
THEALL, CHARLOTTE                       NY-24-15-56
THERIOTT, HERMINIE J.                   NY-24-49-139
THIEL, CONRAD                           NY-24-73-22
THIEME, HERMAN                          NY-24-37-35
THILMAN, JOHN                           NY-24-54-52
THISTLE, SARAH J.                       NY-24-451-39
THOLL, CATHARINE                        NY-24-446-344
THOM, JAMES                             NY-24-22-283
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-41-197
THOMAS, ELSA                            NY-24-447-304
THOMAS, EMMA JENKINS                    NY-24-82-431
THOMAS, FRANCIS                         NY-24-24-359
THOMAS, GEORGE                          NY-24-9-279
THOMAS, MARY J.                         NY-24-42-211
THOMAS, NATHAN C. B.                    NY-24-49-326
THOMAS, PELAGIA F.                      NY-24-46-208
THOMAS, ROBERT                          NY-24-21-230
THOMAS, SYLVANUS                        NY-24-34-81
THOMAS, THOMAS                          NY-24-7-430
THOMAS, WILLAM G.                       NY-24-69-50
THOMAS, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-29-413
THOMPSON, ANN                           NY-24-57-472
THOMPSON, CELEMA                        NY-24-43-279
THOMPSON, CHRISTIAN                     NY-24-446-287
THOMPSON, ELIZA L.                      NY-24-52-354
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-49-445
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-24-37-124
THOMPSON, EMELINE                       NY-24-43-41
THOMPSON, FRANCIS                       NY-24-25-311
THOMPSON, FRANCIS                       NY-24-29-171
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        NY-24-43-336
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        NY-24-49-47
THOMPSON, GEORGE H.                     NY-24-57-316
THOMPSON, HANNAH                        NY-24-46-234
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-24-7-312
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-24-49-317
THOMPSON, JANE                          NY-24-31-335
THOMPSON, JANE                          NY-24-33-339
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-24-34-270
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NY-24-20-295
THOMPSON, JOHN E.                       NY-24-448-200
THOMPSON, LUCY                          NY-24-42-313
THOMPSON, MARGARET                      NY-24-70-17
THOMPSON, MARGARET                      NY-24-33-70
THOMPSON, MARGARET                      NY-24-450-62
THOMPSON, MARY ANN                      NY-24-34-388
THOMPSON, MARY C.                       NY-24-60-434
THOMPSON, MARY W.                       NY-24-21-149
THOMPSON, MICHAEL                       NY-24-21-382
THOMPSON, PATRICK                       NY-24-39-42
THOMPSON, RICHARD H.                    NY-24-29-239
THOMPSON, ROBERT H.                     NY-24-451-25
THOMPSON, ROBERT JR.                    NY-24-73-262
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        NY-24-17-55
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        NY-24-24-92
THOMPSON, VERNON                        NY-24-46-28
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-24-2-140
THOMSON, JAMES                          NY-24-70-299
THOMSON, JANET                          NY-24-54-178
THOMSON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-30-324
THORNE, CATHARINE                       NY-24-57-197
THORNE, JOHN S. *** (21)                NY-24-87-175
THORNE, LUCRETIA M.                     NY-24-81-252
THORNE, RICHARD V. W.                   NY-24-43-153
THORNE, RICHARD V. W.                   NY-24-57-69
THORNE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-5-84
THORNE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-18-54
THORNE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-4-77
THORNTON, DAVID                         NY-24-448-431
THORNTON, ELLEN                         NY-24-73-437
THORNTON, JOHN                          NY-24-85-166
THORNTON, ROBERT                        NY-24-20-270
THORNTON, SAMUEL                        NY-24-73-161
THORP, ELIZA                            NY-24-66-114
THORP, GEORGE W. L.                     NY-24-67-339
THORP, ISAAC O. SR.                     NY-24-42-284
THORP, MARGARET                         NY-24-54-209
THROWARD, CHARLES                       NY-24-41-75
THURBER, ISAIAH                         NY-24-49-171
THURMAN, MARY                           NY-24-54-383
THURSBY, JOHN                           NY-24-14-450
THURSTON, EDWARD                        NY-24-13-77
THURSTON, HENRY                         NY-24-17-485
THURSTON, JOSHUA                        NY-24-15-415
THURSTON,F REDERICK G.                  NY-24-24-308
TIBBALL, JOSEPH                         NY-24-77-398
TICE, WILLIAM                           NY-24-12-472
TIEBOUT, ADAM T.                        NY-24-28-112
TIEBOUT, JANE                           NY-24-25-208
TIEBOUT, MARGARETHA C.                  NY-24-18-47
TIEBOUT, SARAH P.                       NY-24-72-274
TIEBOUT, TEUNIS                         NY-24-2-456
TIEDERMAN, HERMANN                      NY-24-85-375
TIEMAN, GEORGE C.                       NY-24-37-88
TIEMANN, JOHANN DANIEL                  NY-24-73-180
TIFFANY, HENRY                          NY-24-16-332
TIGNEY, RACHEL C.                       NY-24-43-312
TILLMAN, MARY                           NY-24-43-286
TILLMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-24-66-151
TILLMANN, EDWARD                        NY-24-79-330
TILTON, MARGARET M.                     NY-24-85-229
TILYOU, VINCENT                         NY-24-24-227
TIMMERMAN, C. LEWIS                     NY-24-80-4
TIMMS, JOHN                             NY-24-54-362
TIMOBAT, LOUIS JR.                      NY-24-21-325
TIMPSON, CHARLES W.                     NY-24-46-509
TIMPSON, CORNELIUS B.                   NY-24-49-130
TINELLI, LOUIS W.                       NY-24-49-301
TINGLE, GEORGE                          NY-24-20-382
TINKEY, ELIZA ANN                       NY-24-57-29
TINKHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-24-35-297
TINNEY, CHARLES                         NY-24-19-213
TISCHLER, WILLIAM A.                    NY-24-451-350
TISEN, RICHARD                          NY-24-450-320
TISSE, NICHOLAS                         NY-24-33-123
TITUS, ABIEL (CON'T FROM 7-466)         NY-24-15-234
TITUS, ABiEL                            NY-24-7-466
TITUS, AMELIA                           NY-24-31-55
TITUS, ANCEL                            NY-24-54-61
TITUS, ANN                              NY-24-3-129
TITUS, CATHERINE                        NY-24-2-270
TITUS, CHARLES                          NY-24-8-112
TITUS, CHARLES                          NY-24-1-356
TITUS, ELIZABETH K. S.                  NY-24-85-33
TITUS, FRANCIS                          NY-24-5-429
TITUS, FRANCIS                          NY-24-6-57
TITUS, FRANCIS                          NY-24-1-347
TITUS, FRANCIS J.                       NY-24-1-276
TITUS, FREELOVE R.                      NY-24-34-449
TITUS, JOHN                             NY-24-1-162
TITUS, MARY                             NY-24-7-81
TITUS, ROBERT P.                        NY-24-85-241
TITUS, SARAH B.                         NY-24-60-243
TITUS, SARAH R.                         NY-24-42-131
TITUS, WILLIAM W.                       NY-24-38-8
TOBEY, JAMES S.                         NY-24-42-141
TOBIN, ABBEY                            NY-24-46-112
TOBIN, GEORGE                           NY-24-70-26
TOBIN, MICHAEL                          NY-24-60-14
TODD, JAMES                             NY-24-34-403
TODD, RICHARD J.                        NY-24-25-317
TOLBUTT, GEORGE W.                      NY-24-86-30
TOLER, JOHN                             NY-24-25-475
TOLFORD, JOSHUA                         NY-24-25-221
TOM, JOHN B.                            NY-24-87-213
TOMAN, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-81-254
TOMAS, THOMAS                           NY-24-23-406
TOMBS, JOHN                             NY-24-24-35
TOMLINSON, AMY B.                       NY-24-73-95
TOMNEY, BRIDGET                         NY-24-72-404
TOMPKINS, ABBIE                         NY-24-36-235
TOMPKINS, DANIEL D.                     NY-24-26-454
TOMPKINS, ERASTUS O.                    NY-24-12-421
TOMPKINS, MARY E.                       NY-24-87-132
TOMPKINS, MARY L.                       NY-24-449-256
TONE, CATHARINE A.                      NY-24-29-299
TONGES, JURGEN H.                       NY-24-36-413
TONJES, CHARLES H.                      NY-24-73-242
TOOKER, HANNAH                          NY-24-30-440
TOOMEY, DENNIS                          NY-24-72-439
TOPELT, ANNA MARGARETHA                 NY-24-449-64
TOPHAM, CHARLES W.                      NY-24-85-339
TOPHAM, THOMAS W.                       NY-24-451-440
TOPPF, FREDERICK H.                     NY-24-57-121
TOPPF, HERMAN                           NY-24-447-149
TORBERT, HANNAH B.                      NY-24-64-388
TORMEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-46-438
TORNEY, WILHELMNA D.                    NY-24-446-57
TORRISON, JOHN                          NY-24-24-17
TORRISON, PHEBE                         NY-24-40-130
TORZEWSKI, JULIUS                       NY-24-79-320
TOSS, PETER                             NY-24-81-223
TOSTEVIN, PETER J.                      NY-24-81-225
TOTTEN, NATHAN M                        NY-24-13-455
TOTTEN, SINEUS E.                       NY-24-38-448
TOWNSEND, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-20-459
TOWNSEND, FRANK L.                      NY-24-447-428
TOWNSEND, GEORGE W.                     NY-24-66-169
TOWNSEND, GULI ELMA                     NY-24-52-256
TOWNSEND, ISAAC W.                      NY-24-21-421
TOWNSEND, JAMES                         NY-24-4-129
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH                        NY-24-70-247
TOWNSEND, MABEL LARAMEE                 NY-24-449-9
TOWNSEND, REBECCA M.                    NY-24-77-186
TOWNSEND, RUTH J.                       NY-24-26-91
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                       NY-24-2-277
TOWT, RACHEL A.                         NY-24-38-46
TRABELD, PETER                          NY-24-27-238
TRACY, CAROLINE MARY                    NY-24-446-117
TRACY, JAMES H.                         NY-24-448-492
TRAINER, ARTHUR WOLF                    NY-24-57-89
TRANT, MORICE                           NY-24-3-63
TRASCHNER, JOHANNA                      NY-24-54-88
TRAU, JOHN                              NY-24-54-4
TRAUM, IGNATZ                           NY-24-43-333
TRAUTFIELD, MARK                        NY-24-446-176
TRAUTNER, JOHN                          NY-24-66-483
TRAVIS, HIRAM                           NY-24-27-342
TREADWELL, BENJAMIN                     NY-24-15-109
TREADWELL, ELIZA                        NY-24-44-8
TREBOLD, BARBARA                        NY-24-54-48
TREDWELL, JOHN                          NY-24-13-207
TREMBLEY, DANIEL                        NY-24-21-134
TREMBLY, DELIA M.                       NY-24-60-376
TRETTER, ANTHONY                        NY-24-31-86
TRIBE, LAZARUS N.                       NY-24-22-377
TRIBKEN, CLAUS                          NY-24-78-104
TRICE, BESSIE S.                        NY-24-450-88
TRIEBEL, GEORGE                         NY-24-45-1
TRIEBER, JOHN                           NY-24-42-361
TRILSBACH, JACOB                        NY-24-60-1
TRIM, JOHN                              NY-24-17-329
TRIM, JOHN W.                           NY-24-449-478
TRIMMER, HENRY                          NY-24-19-316
TRIPLER, MATTIE S.                      NY-24-84-461
TRIPP, SARAH                            NY-24-24-404
TRISCH, ANNA M.                         NY-24-68-354
TRITT, EDWARD W.                        NY-24-77-479
TROCKEL, LORENZ                         NY-24-54-300
TROTT, SARAH B.                         NY-24-34-227
TROTT, THOMAS                           NY-24-33-228
TROUGHTON, JANE                         NY-24-52-328
TROUTMAN, GEORGE M.                     NY-24-19-150
TROWARD, MARY ANNE                      NY-24-49-9
TRUE, BENJAMIN K.                       NY-24-62-496
TRUESDELL, HARRIET L.                   NY-24-25-433
TRUMBULL, ASAPH                         NY-24-6-250
TRUMPORE, CHRISTIANA                    NY-24-66-345
TRUNDY, MARGARET A.                     NY-24-70-346
TRYON, DANIEL                           NY-24-25-3
TRYON, FRANCIS                          NY-24-60-489
TUCK, EDWARD                            NY-24-11-335
TUCK, JOSEPH H.                         NY-24-80-184
TUCKER, EDWARD S.                       NY-24-39-383
TUCKER, FARNHAM Z.                      NY-24-85-149
TUCKER, JOHN E.                         NY-24-84-79
TUCKER, THOMAS B.                       NY-24-54-256
TUDOR, MARY D.                          NY-24-72-436
TUITTE, MICHAEL                         NY-24-67-225
TUNISON, GARRET D.                      NY-24-33-38
TUNISON, MORTIMER C.                    NY-24-82-52
TUPPER, HOMES                           NY-24-40-89
TURLESEN, PETER                         NY-24-17-75
TURNBULL, AGNES                         NY-24-52-382
TURNBULL, JAMES                         NY-24-46-328
TURNER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-84-13
TURNER, FRANCIS S.                      NY-24-40-417
TURNER, ISAAC E.                        NY-24-13-236
TURNER, MARY                            NY-24-60-352
TURNER, PETER                           NY-24-26-237
TURNEY, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-24-82-87
TURNIER, ELIZABEITH                     NY-24-23-426
TURTON, CATHARINE F.                    NY-24-44-321
TURTON, HARRIET                         NY-24-39-66
TUSCH, JOHANNA                          NY-24-82-488
TUTE, REGINA                            NY-24-73-135
TUTHILL, SAMUEL B.                      NY-24-27-290
TUTHILL, SETH H.                        NY-24-57-112
TUTTLE, DANIEL G.                       NY-24-19-199
TUTTLE, JOHN W. T.                      NY-24-450-198
TUTTLE, MARIA                           NY-24-33-492
TUTTLE, MARIA                           NY-24-82-48
TUTTLE, SILVESTER                       NY-24-52-495
TWEDY, LUDMILLA                         NY-24-66-40
TYLER, MORRIS                           NY-24-79-133
TYLER, MORRIS                           NY-24-80-24
TYLER, RICHARD                          NY-24-22-387
TYNES, WILLIAM                          NY-24-73-28
TYRON, HESTER                           NY-24-81-137
TYSON, JOHN                             NY-24-46-255
TYSON, JOHN FLETCHER                    NY-24-447-313
TYSON, PETER                            NY-24-22-48

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