Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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GABLE, CONKLIN L.                       NY-24-22-215
GABLE, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-25-414
GAFFNEY, HANORA                         NY-24-59-72
GAFFNEY, JAMES                          NY-24-33-27
GAGE, EDWARD H.                         NY-24-53-258
GAGE, GEORGE W.                         NY-24-43-440
GAGHIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-44-258
GAHAGAN, SARAH                          NY-24-25-284
GAINSFORD, CHARLES                      NY-24-85-307
GALE, MARY S.                           NY-24-26-39
GALE, THOMAS                            NY-24-59-69
GALLAGHER, GEORGE                       NY-24-33-433
GALLAGHER, JAMES                        NY-24-80-493
GALLAGHER, JOHN                         NY-24-447-248
GALLAGHER, MICHAEL                      NY-24-79-304
GALLAGHER, THOMAS                       NY-24-25-290
GALLEY, CAROLINE                        NY-24-77-79
GALRAY, ABRAM                           NY-24-51-269
GALVAN, JEREMIAH                        NY-24-3-258
GALVIN, FANNIE                          NY-24-25-149
GALVIN, JOHN                            NY-24-85-273
GALVIN, LOUISE A.                       NY-24-85-442
GALVIN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-3-88
GAMAGE, JOHN                            NY-24-2-298
GAMBIER, FRANCIS L.                     NY-24-36-88
GAMBLE, JOHN                            NY-24-31-349
GAMBLE, JOHN                            NY-24-15-65
GANDAR, JOSEPH C.                       NY-24-19-1
GANDAR, JOSEPH H.                       NY-24-43-477
GANDAR, MARY ANN                        NY-24-39-462
GANDERSEN, JONAS                        NY-24-51-250
GANNING, JOHN                           NY-24-62-354
GANSEVOORT, MARY A.                     NY-24-13-216
GANSLER, JOSEPH                         NY-24-64-313
GANTER, ADOLPH                          NY-24-70-15
GANTER, JOHN                            NY-24-26-138
GANZENHAUSEN, LOUIS                     NY-24-51-297
GARDEN, CHARLES E.                      NY-24-59-51
GARDINER, ELMIRA                        NY-24-21-177
GARDINER, HARRIET                       NY-24-61-30
GARDINER, MARIA                         NY-24-59-56
GARDINER, MATTHEW                       NY-24-56-463
GARDINER, THOMAS A.                     NY-24-84-359
GARDINER, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-73-417
GARDNER, DAVID B.                       NY-24-47-231
GARDNER, JAMES                          NY-24-18-169
GARDNER, JOSEPH H.                      NY-24-67-85
GARDNER, MARY C.                        NY-24-29-131
GARDNER, NATHANIEL                      NY-24-18-363
GARDNER, OWEN                           NY-24-59-113
GARDNER, WILLIAM E.                     NY-24-42-95
GARGAN, MARY                            NY-24-76-3
GARLICHS, ADELHEID                      NY-24-44-120
GARLICHS, HERMANN                       NY-24-30-389
GARLICK, GEORGE L.                      NY-24-82-49
GARLICK, SUSAN                          NY-24-72-57
GARMS, CHARLES H.                       NY-24-38-445
GARNEAU, CHARLES E.                     NY-24-450-497
GARNIN, JOHN                            NY-24-58-30
GARRETSEN, ELSIE                        NY-24-6-160
GARRISON, CHARLES S.                    NY-24-26-53
GARRISON, CHARLOTTE E.                  NY-24-33-186
GARRISON, JOHN                          NY-24-5-65
GARRISON, JOHN                          NY-24-4-54
GARRISON, MARY ANN                      NY-24-33-463
GARRISON, MARY C. H                     NY-24-7-242
GARRISON, THOMAS                        NY-24-73-220
GARRITSEN, SAMUEL                       NY-24-2-444
GARRITSON, WILLIAM                      NY-24-7-117
GARRITT, JANE C.                        NY-24-61-192
GARVEY, ELLEN                           NY-24-78-481
GARVEY, JAMES J.                        NY-24-451-108
GARVIN, JAMES                           NY-24-59-23
GASCOIGNE, JAMES B.                     NY-24-21-136
GASCOIGNE, THOMAS                       NY-24-47-56
GASCOYNE, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-12-385
GASCOYNE, JOSEPH                        NY-24-15-59
GASPARINI, LOUISE                       NY-24-79-442
GASSERT, SAMUEL F.                      NY-24-63-148
GASTEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-39-279
GATES, MARY                             NY-24-82-497
GATES, OLIVER                           NY-24-27-339
GATES, PETER                            NY-24-17-119
GAULT, JANE                             NY-24-28-195
GAULT, WILLIAM                          NY-24-66-494
GAVIN, JOSEPH                           NY-24-41-228
GAVIN, MATHILDA O.                      NY-24-44-47
GAY, EDWARD                             NY-24-40-159
GAY, JOHN W.                            NY-24-65-1
GAY, JOHN W. C.                         NY-24-76-188
GAYNOR, HUGH                            NY-24-72-407
GEARY, JOSEPH                           NY-24-451-455
GEBELT, MICHAEL                         NY-24-78-123
GEBHARD, GODFRIED                       NY-24-29-425
GEBHARDT, JOHANNA C. D.                 NY-24-51-72
GEERY, ISAAC                            NY-24-34-433
GEHRIG, JOHN                            NY-24-69-48
GEHRIG, MARGARETHA                      NY-24-73-111
GEILER, LOUIS                           NY-24-19-499
GEIS, KATHARINA                         NY-24-450-147
GELDER, NICHOLAS                        NY-24-5-330
GENNERT, MARY WINSLOW                   NY-24-51-289
GENTIL, LOUIS                           NY-24-53-460
GEOGHEGAN, AMBROSE                      NY-24-71-65
GEORGE, RICHARD                         NY-24-12-363
GERAGHTY, JAMES                         NY-24-19-344
GERALD, HANNAH                          NY-24-80-216
GERALD, THOMAS J.                       NY-24-19-14
GERARD, EUGENE                          NY-24-449-389
GERARDEN, NICOLAS JEAN                  NY-24-11-291
GERETY, FRANCIS                         NY-24-27-443
GERKEN, HEINRICH GEORG                  NY-24-48-73
GERKEN, HERMAN T.                       NY-24-78-145
GERLINGER, MAGDALENA                    NY-24-79-65
GERLINGER, MICHAEL                      NY-24-70-69
GERMAN, OWEN                            NY-24-31-324
GERMANN, EMMA L.                        NY-24-70-121
GERNANDT, JACOB                         NY-24-59-207
GERNER, DOROTHEA                        NY-24-447-59
GEROW, BARBARA                          NY-24-66-342
GEROW, HIRAM C.                         NY-24-18-316
GERRAGHTY, THOMAS                       NY-24-21-280
GERRATY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-21-240
GERRISH, CHARLES P.                     NY-24-55-43
GERRITSON, JOHN S.                      NY-24-28-439
GERRITSON, SAMUEL J.                    NY-24-66-87
GERRITSON, SIMON C.                     NY-24-55-378
GERSTENBERGER, JULIANA M.               NY-24-446-191
GESCHEIDT, MORITZ A.                    NY-24-39-156
GETENS, ANTHONY                         NY-24-48-9
GETTSBERGER, JOHN G.                    NY-24-27-458
GEURIN, JAMES                           NY-24-59-62
GEWELER, PHILIP                         NY-24-53-420
GIACKMEYER, CHARLOTTE ANN               NY-24-26-485
GIAMMANCO, FRANK                        NY-24-446-281
GIBBONS, WILLIAM                        NY-24-48-115
GIBBS, FRANCIS ST. JOHN                 NY-24-34-417
GIBBS, MANUEL                           NY-24-30-481
GIBNEY, MARIA                           NY-24-446-411
GIBSON, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-53-144
GIBSON, CAROLINE M.                     NY-24-33-1
GIBSON, EDMUND T. H.                    NY-24-35-315
GIBSON, JAMES                           NY-24-62-356
GIBSON, JANE                            NY-24-37-178
GIBSON, JOHN D.                         NY-24-39-25
GIBSON, SAMUEL H.                       NY-24-37-314
GIEL, ADAM                              NY-24-64-106
GILBERT, CATHERINE                      NY-24-9-295
GILBERT, ELIZABETH S.                   NY-24-11-174
GILBERT, GILBERT                        NY-24-3-61
GILBERT, JESSE                          NY-24-31-291
GILBERT, JESSE                          NY-24-12-140
GILBERT, KATHARINE A.                   NY-24-79-322
GILBERT, MARGARET                       NY-24-5-308
GILBERT, MARGARET                       NY-24-4-345
GILBERT, SARAH                          NY-24-59-65
GILBERT, THOMAS                         NY-24-22-266
GILBORNE, FANNY                         NY-24-448-379
GILBRIDE, JOHN                          NY-24-18-425
GILCHREST, THOMAS                       NY-24-34-142
GILCHRIST, JOHN W.                      NY-24-41-482
GILDERSLEEVE, ELLEN D.                  NY-24-31-479
GILDERSLEEVE, JOHN                      NY-24-6-374
GILDERSLEEVE, THOMAS J.                 NY-24-42-321
GILDERSLEEVE, WILLIAM H.                NY-24-31-473
GILES, JOSEPH                           NY-24-62-440
GILFILLAN, GEORGE                       NY-24-73-470
GILL, JAMES D.                          NY-24-28-183
GILL, MARY FRANCES                      NY-24-47-443
GILL, WILLIAM                           NY-24-66-461
GILLEN, CATHERINE                       NY-24-451-324
GILLEN, DANIEL                          NY-24-63-151
GILLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-68-385
GILLEN, HUGH                            NY-24-33-402
GILLEN, MARGARET                        NY-24-50-498
GILLEN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-55-1
GILLESPIE, DANIEL                       NY-24-446-225
GILLESPIE, MATILDA                      NY-24-31-338
GILLESPIE, SAMUEL W.                    NY-24-450-445
GILLET, ANNA M.                         NY-24-43-405
GILLETT, GEORGE W.                      NY-24-81-365
GILLIES, JOHN                           NY-24-13-192
GILLIG, FRANK L.                        NY-24-72-340
GILMAN, CALEB                           NY-24-41-354
GILMAN, NATHANIEL JR.                   NY-24-14-314
GILMORE, MARGARET                       NY-24-73-198
GILMORE, MARTIN                         NY-24-11-234
GILMORE, NOAH                           NY-24-29-158
GILNEY, JAMES                           NY-24-80-10
GINNEL, AUGUSTE                         NY-24-45-100
GIRDANO, SALVATORE                      NY-24-450-442
GIROUX, MARGARET A.                     NY-24-450-101
GISBORNE, THOMAS                        NY-24-30-316
GISBURNE, EUNICE H.                     NY-24-85-70
GISSEL, GEORGE                          NY-24-78-487
GIULINO, JOSEPH                         NY-24-33-461
GLADE, EBERHERDENA                      NY-24-70-242
GLANZ, ADAM                             NY-24-17-504
GLASER, REGINA                          NY-24-87-314
GLASS, GEORGE                           NY-24-448-188
GLASSEY, ROBERT                         NY-24-7-316
GLASSEY, ROBERT                         NY-24-20-466
GLASSEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-25-198
GLASSEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-20-414
GLASSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-53-494
GLEASON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-34-481
GLEDHILL, PRISCILLA B.                  NY-24-72-362
GLEESON, EDWARD                         NY-24-53-364
GLEICHMANN, CASPAR                      NY-24-28-476
GLENN, THOMAS R.                        NY-24-51-495
GLENN, WILLIAM                          NY-24-84-189
GLOCK, JOSEPH                           NY-24-38-442
GLOVER, FREDERICK                       NY-24-27-376
GLOVER, MARY ANN KELLOGG                NY-24-59-43
GLOVER, SARAH M.                        NY-24-58-485
GLUCK, GUSTAV                           NY-24-44-387
GLYNN, FRANCIS                          NY-24-44-99
GLYNN, MATTHEW                          NY-24-451-409
GLYNN, WILLIAM E.                       NY-24-451-126
GODFREY, RICHARD                        NY-24-53-445
GODKINS, JOHN                           NY-24-68-457
GODKINS, SUSAN C.                       NY-24-71-188
GODWIN, SMAUEL                          NY-24-85-201
GOEBEL, HENRY                           NY-24-48-267
GOEBEL, JOSEPH                          NY-24-55-166
GOECKLER, JACOB                         NY-24-70-343
GOEDECKE, ELISE C.                      NY-24-26-124
GOEHL, HENRY                            NY-24-30-18
GOEHNER, CATHARINE                      NY-24-13-100
GOEHRINGER, WILHELMINA                  NY-24-446-464
GOETTNER, GEORGE                        NY-24-59-398
GOFF, RICHARD N.                        NY-24-21-167
GOFF, SUSAN                             NY-24-28-17
GOLDBACH, KASPAR                        NY-24-38-195
GOLDEN, PETER                           NY-24-23-474
GOLDER, NICHOLAS                        NY-24-4-376
GOLDMARK, JOSEPH                        NY-24-84-305
GOLDSMITH, BARBARA                      NY-24-42-175
GOLDTHWAITE, JOSEPH R.                  NY-24-35-89
GOMER, CHARLES                          NY-24-51-266
GOMER, EVA                              NY-24-76-24
GOMES, LUCY                             NY-24-29-185
GONZALES, FRANCISCO                     NY-24-61-189
GOODALE, JOHN H.                        NY-24-80-120
GOODDAY, PHOEBE                         NY-24-22-212
GOODENOUGH, ROBERT                      NY-24-56-351
GOODENOW, WILLIAM                       NY-24-84-237
GOODIWN, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-86-326
GOODNOW, CAROLINE B.                    NY-24-53-285
GOODRICH, SARAH                         NY-24-43-356
GOODWIN, CHARLES                        NY-24-47-234
GOODWIN, CLARISSA                       NY-24-38-26
GOODWIN, FRANCIS L. B.                  NY-24-21-479
GOODWIN, THOMAS                         NY-24-55-348
GOOLD, ISAAC                            NY-24-55-455
GOPLER, JACOB                           NY-24-70-343
GORDON, RICHARD                         NY-24-31-312
GORDON, WILLIAM G.                      NY-24-38-78
GORE, CHRISTIA                          NY-24-62-343
GORMAN, JOHN                            NY-24-15-144
GORMAN, JOHN                            NY-24-451-173
GORMAN, JOHN                            NY-24-447-56
GORMAN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-61-94
GORMAN, PATRICK                         NY-24-26-88
GORMLEY, PHILIP                         NY-24-38-54
GOSLINE, ANNA                           NY-24-53-346
GOSLINE, WILLIAM                        NY-24-16-356
GOTJEN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-24-41-89
GOTZ, JACOB                             NY-24-81-498
GOUDAIN, CORA                           NY-24-63-228
GOUGH, LAWRENCE                         NY-24-79-140
GOULARD, CHARLOTTE                      NY-24-44-144
GOULD, JAMES                            NY-24-27-349
GOULD, JOHN                             NY-24-79-367
GOULDING, JOSEPH A.                     NY-24-34-421
GOULDSMITH, RICHARD                     NY-24-72-486
GOWDY, ALVAH H.                         NY-24-41-330
GRAEF, HELENE S.                        NY-24-451-194
GRAEF, HENRY A.                         NY-24-55-464
GRAEVE, EMMA CECELIA                    NY-24-45-468
GRAEVE, WERNER                          NY-24-44-168
GRAF, CAROLINE                          NY-24-64-194
GRAF, WENDELIN                          NY-24-448-466
GRAFTON, SAMUEL                         NY-24-5-406
GRAHAM, AUGUSTUS                        NY-24-13-129
GRAHAM, BARBARA                         NY-24-76-138
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH KIRKNER               NY-24-71-396
GRAHAM, FRANCIS P.                      NY-24-19-190
GRAHAM, J. OLIVER                       NY-24-446-205
GRAHAM, JANE                            NY-24-62-433
GRAHAM, JEREMIAH                        NY-24-20-264
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NY-24-15-442
GRAHAM, JOHN                            NY-24-23-399
GRAHAM, JOHN B.                         NY-24-14-388
GRAHAM, LAURA G.                        NY-24-34-454
GRAHAM, RHODA                           NY-24-37-94
GRAHAM, SUSANNAH                        NY-24-59-1
GRAHAM, THOMAS                          NY-24-40-488
GRAHAM, WALTER                          NY-24-37-308
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         NY-24-48-325
GRAHAM, WILLIAM H.                      NY-24-448-53
GRANGER, JOHN                           NY-24-41-303
GRANGER, JOHN                           NY-24-26-103
GRANLESS, LETITIA                       NY-24-79-340
GRANNISS, GEORGE B.                     NY-24-71-107
GRANT, FELIX                            NY-24-84-295
GRANT, GEORGE F.                        NY-24-77-497
GRAPEL, JAMES ADOLPH                    NY-24-56-410
GRAPHER, ANNA M. R.                     NY-24-87-299
GRAU, ALOIS                             NY-24-84-481
GRAUSS, DAVID                           NY-24-70-276
GRAVES, ERASTUS                         NY-24-35-244
GRAVES, HOWARD M.                       NY-24-31-295
GRAVES, JOSHUA B.                       NY-24-53-135
GRAY, ALONZO                            NY-24-22-435
GRAY, ANN                               NY-24-21-237
GRAY, BARTLY                            NY-24-22-25
GRAY, EDWARD                            NY-24-73-402
GRAY, ISABELLA                          NY-24-53-343
GRAY, MARY                              NY-24-34-79
GRAY, SARAH H.                          NY-24-69-459
GRAY, THOMAS                            NY-24-51-161
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NY-24-10-324
GRAYSON, MARY                           NY-24-36-307
GREACEN, HARRIETTE A.                   NY-24-45-364
GREASLEY, MARY                          NY-24-56-498
GREEN, ANNA BARBER                      NY-24-35-389
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-24-72-453
GREEN, DANIEL                           NY-24-26-163
GREEN, DAVID JOHN                       NY-24-45-88
GREEN, ELIJAH                           NY-24-58-476
GREEN, ELIZA ANN                        NY-24-79-465
GREEN, FREDERICK W.                     NY-24-40-150
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-24-48-141
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-24-15-207
GREEN, JOHN C.                          NY-24-15-272
GREEN, JOSEPH J. F.                     NY-24-446-414
GREEN, KATE                             NY-24-450-69
GREEN, MARY M.                          NY-24-43-203
GREEN, SARAH E.                         NY-24-67-341
GREEN, SIDNEY                           NY-24-70-451
GREEN, STEPHEN                          NY-24-26-371
GREEN, WARREN                           NY-24-26-3
GREEN, WILLIAM                          NY-24-23-402
GREEN, WILLIAM H.                       NY-24-25-89
GREENE, ANGELINE U.                     NY-24-68-486
GREENE, JOANNA                          NY-24-447-374
GREENE, SARAH F.                        NY-24-14-477
GREENLEAF, ALFRED                       NY-24-48-170
GREENLEAF, JONATHAN                     NY-24-30-106
GREENLEAF, LUCY L.                      NY-24-64-35
GREENOUGH, WALTER                       NY-24-87-328
GREENWOOD, MARY M.                      NY-24-43-264
GREGET, FRANCIS XAVIER                  NY-24-47-228
GREGG, CHARLES                          NY-24-44-294
GREGORY, ELLIOTT W.                     NY-24-27-312
GREGORY, JOHN                           NY-24-59-262
GREGORY, LAVINIA W.                     NY-24-67-66
GREMSE, FREDERICK                       NY-24-79-93
GRENNER, CONRAD                         NY-24-34-479
GREVE, CHRISTIAN                        NY-24-50-446
GRICE, JOHN R.                          NY-24-47-468
GRIDLEY, JAMES                          NY-24-64-493
GRIER, THOMAS                           NY-24-18-139
GRIFFIN, ALICE                          NY-24-38-237
GRIFFIN, CHARLES H.                     NY-24-71-164
GRIFFIN, CONSTANTINE                    NY-24-15-203
GRIFFIN, JOHN E.                        NY-24-449-401
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH                         NY-24-30-269
GRIFFIN, THOMAS                         NY-24-37-38
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM P.                     NY-24-47-499
GRIFFING, AMMON V.                      NY-24-4-315
GRIFFING, JOHN W.                       NY-24-45-190
GRIFFING, JOSHUA B.                     NY-24-30-98
GRIFFITH, CHARLES R. SR.                NY-24-23-159
GRIFFITH, HENRY                         NY-24-448-469
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          NY-24-25-37
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-50-411
GRIFFITHS, ELEANOR                      NY-24-34-203
GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM                      NY-24-5-311
GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM                      NY-24-4-357
GRIFHAHN, MARY C.                       NY-24-447-52
GRIGG, SOPHIA A.                        NY-24-28-349
GRIMERSON, MARGARET                     NY-24-63-262
GRIMES, JAMES                           NY-24-69-454
GRIMM, ADELHEIT                         NY-24-41-86
GRIMM, CATHARINE                        NY-24-56-408
GRIMM, JACOB                            NY-24-81-370
GRIMM, JOHN                             NY-24-81-314
GRIMM, JOHN HENRY                       NY-24-38-247
GRIMSHAW, BENJAMIN                      NY-24-79-53
GRIPP, FREDERICK                        NY-24-31-28
GRISWOLD, ANDREW H.                     NY-24-19-374
GRISWOLD, EDWARD N.                     NY-24-447-190
GRISWOLD, JANE                          NY-24-26-438
GROB, CARL                              NY-24-79-455
GROBB, MARIA                            NY-24-61-196
GROENDYCK, KATHARINE                    NY-24-1-247
GROENDYKE, NICHOLAS                     NY-24-1-192
GROGAN, MARIA                           NY-24-35-27
GROPP, JOSEPH F.                        NY-24-24-22
GROSAN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-55-119
GROSEWEILER, JOSEPH                     NY-24-45-225
GROSJEAN, CHARLES                       NY-24-29-408
GROSS, ANNA MARIA                       NY-24-63-310
GROSS, ANTON                            NY-24-68-367
GROSSENBACH, FRIEDERICH                 NY-24-44-323
GROSSER, JOHANNA                        NY-24-64-3
GROSSMAN, FRANK                         NY-24-37-454
GROSSMAN, HERMAN                        NY-24-447-155
GROSSMAN, JACOB                         NY-24-451-356
GROTH, HENRY                            NY-24-51-47
GROUT, PAUL                             NY-24-50-49
GROUX, EUGENE A.                        NY-24-76-173
GROVE, JOHN S.                          NY-24-51-175
GRUBE, HENRY                            NY-24-84-309
GUCK, PAULUS                            NY-24-76-1
GUCKER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-84-76
GUDEWILL, HERMANN                       NY-24-77-458
GUGERTY, MICHAEL                        NY-24-21-352
GUHRAUER, WILLIAM                       NY-24-14-194
GUILD, CHARLOTTE                        NY-24-80-69
GUILFOYLE, JOHN                         NY-24-79-121
GUILLAUME, NICHOLAS                     NY-24-70-66
GUION, ALVAH                            NY-24-47-483
GUISCHARD, ELIZA                        NY-24-37-435
GULDNER, LORENZ                         NY-24-45-238
GULICK, ELLEN P.                        NY-24-56-425
GUNNING, CATHARINE                      NY-24-36-91
GUNZENHAUSER, JOHN A.                   NY-24-18-295
GUPTILL, RUTH                           NY-24-86-472
GUPTILL, THOMAS                         NY-24-14-89
GURNEE, DANIEL S.                       NY-24-53-452
GURNEY, CLARA ELIZA                     NY-24-451-223
GUTMAN, JAMES                           NY-24-51-263
GUTTENBERG, MARY F.                     NY-24-70-499
GUTTERSON, CHARLES C.                   NY-24-38-302
GUY, FRANCIS                            NY-24-2-390
GWEN, BRIDGET                           NY-24-53-490

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