Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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CABBLE, JOSEPH C. SR.                   NY-24-77-419
CABBLE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-40-279
CABIN, SUSAN                            NY-24-9-142
CABLE, DANIEL P.                        NY-24-41-464
CABLE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-448-309
CACKETT, MARY ANN                       NY-24-45-397
CADET, JOHN L.                          NY-24-11-79
CADLEY, ELEANOR                         NY-24-69-73
CADWELL, THERESA L.                     NY-24-68-439
CAEMMERON, MARGARETHA                   NY-24-51-386
CAHILL, DANIEL W.                       NY-24-29-463
CAHILL, JAMES                           NY-24-34-163
CAHILL, JOHN                            NY-24-53-189
CAHILL, MICHAEL                         NY-24-47-33
CAHILL, ROBERT JR.                      NY-24-56-470
CAHILL, THOMS                           NY-24-85-290
CAIN, EDWARD                            NY-24-85-17
CAIN, JAMES                             NY-24-23-35
CAIN, MARGARET                          NY-24-44-195
CAIN, WILLIAM                           NY-24-61-153
CALABRESE, VITO                         NY-24-450-109
CALDER, DONALD                          NY-24-451-320
CALDWELL, ROBERT                        NY-24-56-110
CALHOUN, JAMES                          NY-24-39-167
CALHOUN, JAMES                          NY-24-55-493
CALHOUN, MARY LOUISA                    NY-24-81-178
CALL, MARY R.                           NY-24-33-318
CALLAGHAN, EDWARD                       NY-24-446-263
CALLAHAN, ANN                           NY-24-30-70
CALLAHAN, MARGARET                      NY-24-38-170
CALLAHAN, ROSE                          NY-24-81-311
CALLAN, PETER                           NY-24-73-14
CALLAN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-61-14
CALLICOT, FITZINS H.                    NY-24-73-316
CALYER, HENRY V.                        NY-24-73-8
CALYER, JOHN                            NY-24-67-153
CALYER, PETER                           NY-24-1-427
CALYER, PETER                           NY-24-53-243
CALYER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-24-66-12
CAMERON, HUGHINA                        NY-24-38-337
CAMERON, ROBERT A.                      NY-24-5-384
CAMMANN, CATHARINE J.                   NY-24-33-207
CAMMANN, MARIA M.                       NY-24-25-486
CAMMEYER, JOHN E.                       NY-24-87-377
CAMPBELL, ALBERT B.                     NY-24-35-146
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER F.                  NY-24-8-87
CAMPBELL, BERNARD                       NY-24-41-205
CAMPBELL, HENRY                         NY-24-53-240
CAMPBELL, HUGH                          NY-24-15-80
CAMPBELL, ISABELLA                      NY-24-56-276
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-24-58-115
CAMPBELL, JANE VIOLLETTA                NY-24-8-131
CAMPBELL, JEMIMA                        NY-24-84-167
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      NY-24-446-197
CAMPBELL, MICHAEL                       NY-24-19-140
CAMPBELL, NORMAN                        NY-24-38-6
CAMPBELL, PATRICK                       NY-24-25-35
CAMPBELL, PETER                         NY-24-38-59
CAMPBELL, SARAH                         NY-24-15-17
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                        NY-24-33-187
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       NY-24-31-101
CAMPION, MARY                           NY-24-448-150
CAMPMAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-24-449-416
CANAVAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-47-17
CANFIELD, CHRISTINA                     NY-24-48-57
CANFIELD, JEROME                        NY-24-47-459
CANLIN, MARY                            NY-24-80-17
CANN, JOHN F.                           NY-24-35-391
CANNON, DENNIS                          NY-24-27-373
CANTELLON, PATRICK                      NY-24-10-365
CANTLON, EDMUND                         NY-24-69-481
CANTLON, PHILIP                         NY-24-70-229
CAPEL, HARRIET                          NY-24-41-160
CAPWELL, ALBERT B.                      NY-24-85-373
CARBY, JOHN                             NY-24-39-17
CARELS, PETER                           NY-24-50-65
CAREY, EDWARD                           NY-24-59-325
CAREY, JAMES                            NY-24-59-381
CARGILL, JAMES                          NY-24-446-309
CARLE, JOHN H.                          NY-24-40-108
CARLE, LYDIA J.                         NY-24-42-111
CARLIER, HELVISE C.                     NY-24-47-196
CARLIN, JAMES                           NY-24-56-130
CARLING, AMELIA C. PETERSON             NY-24-449-46
CARLL, ALETTA ANN                       NY-24-43-474
CARLL, CONKLIN                          NY-24-39-428
CARLTON, EMMA F.                        NY-24-53-171
CARMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-24-73-106
CARMAN, PETER H.                        NY-24-64-448
CARMAN, RICHARD                         NY-24-18-187
CARMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-24-10-62
CARMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-24-3-100
CARMAR, JANE                            NY-24-87-285
CARMEN, BENJAMIN L.                     NY-24-58-458
CARMICHAEL, DANIEL                      NY-24-6-133
CARMIENCKE, JOHANN H.                   NY-24-34-294
CARNEY, CATHARINE                       NY-24-42-31
CARNEY, MARY                            NY-24-76-123
CARNEY, PETER                           NY-24-34-292
CARNEY, ROSANNA                         NY-24-72-375
CARNLEY, ROBERT                         NY-24-7-190
CAROLAN, JOHN                           NY-24-22-107
CAROLAN, OWEN                           NY-24-82-371
CARPENDER, JOHN                         NY-24-1-289
CARPENDER, JOHN                         NY-24-1-124
CARPENDER, SARAH                        NY-24-2-230
CARPENTER, DANIEL                       NY-24-10-307
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-87-435
CARPENTER, JAMES                        NY-24-22-250
CARPENTER, JAMES                        NY-24-42-239
CARPENTER, JESSE                        NY-24-36-472
CARPENTER, JOHN E.                      NY-24-450-247
CARPENTER, JON                          NY-24-29-148
CARPENTER, LAVINIA                      NY-24-42-61
CARPENTER, LETITIA                      NY-24-35-94
CARPENTER, MARTHA E. F.                 NY-24-15-385
CARPENTER, MARY ANN DINAH               NY-24-36-467
CARPENTER, PHEBE K.                     NY-24-12-266
CARPENTER, REBECCA F.                   NY-24-36-469
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-24-35-307
CARPENTER, SARAH E.                     NY-24-64-260
CARPENTER, THOMAS                       NY-24-11-346
CARR, ELLEN T.                          NY-24-85-498
CARR, JEANNETTE                         NY-24-446-248
CARR, JOSEPH                            NY-24-63-483
CARREN, HARRIET                         NY-24-80-222
CARRIGAN, MATTHEW                       NY-24-63-486
CARRINGTON, WILLIAM                     NY-24-28-260
CARROL, JOHN                            NY-24-19-347
CARROLL, ANN                            NY-24-66-317
CARROLL, CATHARINE                      NY-24-450-476
CARROLL, CATHARINE                      NY-24-446-458
CARROLL, CATHARINE ELOUISE              NY-24-55-312
CARROLL, JOHN                           NY-24-50-61
CARROLL, JOHN T.                        NY-24-34-40
CARROLL, MARY                           NY-24-67-249
CARROLL, THOMAS                         NY-24-29-483
CARSON, CHARLES JOHNSON                 NY-24-71-206
CARSON, DEBORAH                         NY-24-26-299
CARSON, JOHN S.                         NY-24-28-308
CARSON, JOSEPH (297 PAGES)              NY-24-69-135
CARSON, LETITIA                         NY-24-3-123
CARSON, SAMUEL                          NY-24-39-48
CARSON, WILLIAM                         NY-24-18-366
CARTER, CATHARINE                       NY-24-36-242
CARTER, EMILY J.                        NY-24-449-136
CARTER, JOHN J.                         NY-24-28-3
CARTER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-22-492
CARTER, MARY F.                         NY-24-449-434
CARTER, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-24-34-475
CARTIER, JOSEPH                         NY-24-21-467
CARTWRIGHT, ALEXANDER I.                NY-24-17-401
CARTWRIGHT, ESTHER                      NY-24-59-266
CARTY, CATHARINE                        NY-24-85-378
CARTY, EDWARD J.                        NY-24-84-159
CARVER, JOSIAH                          NY-24-28-229
CARY, GEORGE S.                         NY-24-59-195
CARY, MARY E.                           NY-24-72-1
CARY, RHODA                             NY-24-30-348
CASEY, CATHARINE                        NY-24-23-271
CASEY, ELIZA                            NY-24-86-486
CASEY, JAMES                            NY-24-26-364
CASEY, JOHN                             NY-24-48-48
CASEY, MARY                             NY-24-84-223
CASEY, PATRICK                          NY-24-17-221
CASEY, PATRICK                          NY-24-78-34
CASEY, THOMAS J.                        NY-24-447-412
CASHEN, NORA A.                         NY-24-450-384
CASHMAN, HANNAH A.                      NY-24-450-31
CASILEAR, JOHN                          NY-24-26-381
CASPER, BERNARD                         NY-24-446-34
CASS, ANN                               NY-24-59-191
CASS, LOIS ANN                          NY-24-39-378
CASSERLY, JOHN                          NY-24-59-298
CASSERLY, MARGARET                      NY-24-77-249
CASSIDAY, PATRICK                       NY-24-30-380
CASSIDY, ARCHIBALD                      NY-24-30-62
CASSIDY, CHARLES B.                     NY-24-53-436
CASSIDY, EUGENE                         NY-24-68-79
CASSIDY, GARRET                         NY-24-37-492
CASSIDY, JOHN                           NY-24-25-405
CASSIDY, MARGARET                       NY-24-39-375
CASSIDY, MARGARET                       NY-24-22-326
CASSIDY, MURRAY                         NY-24-3-19
CASSIDY, THOMAS                         NY-24-64-33
CASTLE, CHARLES H.                      NY-24-23-164
CASTLEHUN, ANNA M.                      NY-24-61-313
CASTLES, TEUNCE                         NY-24-84-225
CASTNER, RUTH E.                        NY-24-77-13
CASTNER, SAMUEL                         NY-24-44-41
CASWELL, CHARLOTTE A.                   NY-24-76-6
CASWELL, SOLOMON T.                     NY-24-47-42
CATLIN, CORNELIA W.                     NY-24-84-259
CATTO, MARTHA                           NY-24-69-493
CAULDWELL, EDWARD                       NY-24-66-106
CAVANAGH, BERNARD                       NY-24-25-399
CAVANAGH, OWEN                          NY-24-53-307
CAVEY, SIMON                            NY-24-44-395
CENTER, HELEN C.                        NY-24-448-326
CHACE, HANNAH E. B.                     NY-24-64-489
CHADBORNE, MARY L.                      NY-24-21-54
CHADWICK, SARAH                         NY-24-73-486
CHAMBERLAIN, ELIZA                      NY-24-73-35
CHAMBERLAIN, LEE                        NY-24-85-14
CHAMBERLAIN, LETITIA                    NY-24-40-219
CHAMBERLIN, RUSSELL                     NY-24-36-330
CHAMBERS, MARY                          NY-24-450-74
CHANDLER, MARY W.                       NY-24-51-282
CHAPIN, ISAAC F.                        NY-24-19-180
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-17-509
CHAPMAN, EUNICE                         NY-24-27-362
CHAPMAN, FREDERICK                      NY-24-33-67
CHAPMAN, JOHN T.                        NY-24-40-70
CHAPMAN, MARY                           NY-24-11-83
CHAPMAN, MARY A.                        NY-24-22-128
CHAPMAN, TIMOTHY P.                     NY-24-61-59
CHAPPELL, THOMAS                        NY-24-15-457
CHARMAN, EDWARD                         NY-24-79-374
CHARTERS, CHARLOTTE L.                  NY-24-44-137
CHASE, ANNA                             NY-24-58-78
CHASE, CHARLES                          NY-24-67-324
CHAVEZ, MARGUERITE                      NY-24-449-485
CHEESMAN, MARY                          NY-24-73-388
CHENIER, ANNA                           NY-24-451-470
CHESHIRE, PHILENOTH                     NY-24-85-411
CHESIERES, LOUIS                        NY-24-449-220
CHESTNUT, CHARLES                       NY-24-26-260
CHEW, LOUISA                            NY-24-64-363
CHEW, THOMAS I.                         NY-24-9-472
CHIARAMONTE, ANTONIO                    NY-24-451-299
CHICHESTER, BENJAMIN                    NY-24-11-148
CHICHESTER, FANNY TALLMAN               NY-24-45-165
CHICHESTER, JAMES P.                    NY-24-2-423
CHICHESTER, LEWIS                       NY-24-61-370
CHILSON, DANIEL F.                      NY-24-51-313
CHIPPENDALE, JAMES (57 PAGES)           NY-24-68-1
CHRISFIELD, AGNES A.                    NY-24-66-154
CHRISTIE, JOHN                          NY-24-50-79
CHRISTMAS, CHARLES                      NY-24-36-480
CHUMASERO, ROBERT C.                    NY-24-66-279
CHURCH, AUSTIN                          NY-24-80-256
CHURCH, ESTHE                           NY-24-22-144
CHURCH, MARGARET                        NY-24-84-137
CHURCH, RODNEY S.                       NY-24-43-112
CHURCH, SHELDON P.                      NY-24-47-424
CHURCH, SUSANNAH                        NY-24-43-200
CHURCHILL, SARAH J.                     NY-24-34-252
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM                      NY-24-50-442
CHURCHMAN, MARY ALICE                   NY-24-39-135
CIPPERLY, HENRY J.                      NY-24-84-38
CISCO, JAMES B.                         NY-24-51-487
CLANCY, JAMES                           NY-24-43-319
CLANNON, SIMON                          NY-24-14-35
CLAPP, SAMUEL E.                        NY-24-73-52
CLARENDON, THOMAS                       NY-24-45-51
CLARK, AARON                            NY-24-24-372
CLARK, ABRAHAM                          NY-24-55-157
CLARK, ANNA                             NY-24-44-362
CLARK, AVERY                            NY-24-47-420
CLARK, BURTON E.                        NY-24-31-327
CLARK, CAROLINE A.                      NY-24-447-219
CLARK, CHARLES                          NY-24-70-268
CLARK, CHESTER                          NY-24-9-449
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-24-33-262
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-29-243
CLARK, FRANCIS                          NY-24-23-172
CLARK, GEORGE H.                        NY-24-449-139
CLARK, GEORGE W.                        NY-24-26-376
CLARK, HELEN                            NY-24-18-160
CLARK, HENRIETTA F.                     NY-24-86-208
CLARK, HENRY I.                         NY-24-18-97
CLARK, ISABELLA W.                      NY-24-12-37
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-24-63-192
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-24-36-33
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-24-78-92
CLARK, JAMES H.                         NY-24-9-63
CLARK, JAMES W.                         NY-24-79-417
CLARK, JEMIMA D.                        NY-24-17-391
CLARK, JHN L.                           NY-24-450-131
CLARK, JULIET M.                        NY-24-67-432
CLARK, MARGARET S.                      NY-24-36-157
CLARK, MARY                             NY-24-81-170
CLARK, PATRICK                          NY-24-42-219
CLARK, ROBERT                           NY-24-17-99
CLARK, WALTER                           NY-24-6-193
CLARK, WALTER                           NY-24-38-284
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-24-14-47
CLARK, WILLIAM C.                       NY-24-61-150
CLARK, ZILPHA H.                        NY-24-61-493
CLARKE, ALPHEUS B.                      NY-24-39-431
CLARKE, MARY                            NY-24-86-413
CLARKE, MARY ANN                        NY-24-448-47
CLARKE, MARY E.                         NY-24-44-187
CLARKSON, CHARLES                       NY-24-1-340
CLARKSON, CHARLES                       NY-24-1-353
CLARKSON, CHARLES A.                    NY-24-44-201
CLARKSON, HENRIETTA R.                  NY-24-31-438
CLARKSON,C ORNELIA ANN                  NY-24-14-237
CLARRY, FRANCIS A.                      NY-24-42-65
CLAUS, HENRY                            NY-24-45-342
CLAY, ROBERT                            NY-24-16-485
CLAYTON, JOEL T.                        NY-24-12-479
CLAYTON, JOHN G.                        NY-24-41-471
CLAYTON, RICHARD                        NY-24-66-360
CLAYTON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-24-48-406
CLEARY, JAMES                           NY-24-85-189
CLEBANT, NICHOLAS                       NY-24-39-448
CLEGG, WILLIAM                          NY-24-33-340
CLEISS, GEORGE                          NY-24-17-506
CLEMENT, ROSA                           NY-24-449-91
CLEMENT, SARAH ANN                      NY-24-71-53
CLENDENNING, ROSE                       NY-24-449-287
CLERC, MARY AMELIA                      NY-24-67-189
CLEVELAND, CHARLES                      NY-24-28-327
CLEVENGER, EZEKIEL                      NY-24-18-242
CLEVENGER, JULIA ANN                    NY-24-35-133
CLEW, J. F.                             NY-24-47-475
CLEWER, JAMES                           NY-24-19-25
CLIBBORN, ELIZA F.                      NY-24-56-450
CLIBBORN, JOSHUA                        NY-24-9-426
CLINCH, JOSEPH F.                       NY-24-448-83
CLINTON, BENJAMIN                       NY-24-43-346
CLINTON, CATHARINE T.                   NY-24-63-186
CLINTON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-58-343
CLOPPER, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-2-167
CLOSE, CHARLES H.                       NY-24-51-399
CLOUGH, JOHN                            NY-24-10-145
CLOUGH, SARAH A.                        NY-24-17-497
CLOWES, ELBERT                          NY-24-50-492
CLOWES, JOSEPH                          NY-24-55-225
COAD, HANNAH E.                         NY-24-73-24
COAD, JAMES                             NY-24-28-479
COAKLEY, KATHARINE                      NY-24-35-224
COANLIN, JOHN                           NY-24-9-493
COATES, CHARLES                         NY-24-24-388
COATS, JOHN                             NY-24-3-250
COBB, JACOB A.                          NY-24-31-1224
COBB, SAMUEL                            NY-24-84-177
COBB, WILLIAM A.                        NY-24-51-489
COCHRAN, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-72-263
COCHRAN, GEORGE                         NY-24-48-479
COCHRAN, JOHN                           NY-24-18-459
COCHRAN, JOHN W.                        NY-24-48-109
COCHRAN, THOMAS J.                      NY-24-26-77
COCHRANE, ALEXANDER S.                  NY-24-61-277
COCHRANE, EMILY                         NY-24-450-12
COCHRANE, JOHN C.                       NY-24-63-56
COCHRANE, RICHARD                       NY-24-36-352
COCKS, JOB                              NY-24-73-427
COCKS, JOHN                             NY-24-35-464
COCKS, SAMUEL                           NY-24-56-51
CODWISE, GEORGE                         NY-24-2-257
CODY, CATHARINE                         NY-24-79-15
CODY, JAMES                             NY-24-66-325
CODY, WILLIAM                           NY-24-66-435
COE, JOHN D.                            NY-24-61-123
COE, SUSANNAH H.                        NY-24-41-275
COFFEY, JAMES                           NY-24-43-139
COFFEY, JOHN                            NY-24-39-8
COFFEY, ROSE M.                         NY-24-71-444
COFFIN, CHARLES A.                      NY-24-85-293
COFFIN, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-24-18-297
COFFIN, HARRIET M.                      NY-24-448-457
COFFIN, HAZADIAH                        NY-24-17-295
COFFIN, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-69-449
COGAN, WILLIAM C.                       NY-24-34-58
COGGESHALL, GEORGE                      NY-24-24-473
COIT, EMELINE                           NY-24-43-109
COIT, EMILY **** (493)                  NY-24-83-1
COLAHAN, STEPEN J.                      NY-24-56-401
COLBERG, JULIUS                         NY-24-447-197
COLCLOUGH, JOHN                         NY-24-36-149
COLCORD, MARY A.                        NY-24-446-25
COLDEN, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-1-35
COLE, ANN                               NY-24-79-24
COLE, CHARLES                           NY-24-36-249
COLE, ELEANOR                           NY-24-87-461
COLE, ELIZA ANN                         NY-24-55-441
COLE, FRANCIS B.                        NY-24-26-275
COLE, JOHN V.                           NY-24-26-445
COLE, MARGARETTA C.                     NY-24-448-245
COLE, PETER .                           NY-24-13-230
COLE, RICHARD F.                        NY-24-48-52
COLE, TERRENCE                          NY-24-450-120
COLE, WINANT J.                         NY-24-35-267
COLEMAN, GEORGE                         NY-24-42-335
COLEMAN, JAMES M.                       NY-24-446-182
COLEMAN, MARY B.                        NY-24-447-319
COLES, CORDELIA                         NY-24-10-286
COLES, FRANCES                          NY-24-33-380
COLFAX, KIMBAL P.                       NY-24-16-19
COLLINS, ARMSTEAD W.                    NY-24-56-327
COLLINS, CATHARINE                      NY-24-86-438
COLLINS, GEORGE                         NY-24-67-164
COLLINS, HENRY                          NY-24-29-344
COLLINS, JAMES                          NY-24-64-490
COLLINS, JAMES                          NY-24-41-70
COLLINS, JAMES R.                       NY-24-84-328
COLLINS, JANE                           NY-24-45-472
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-24-24-78
COLLINS, JOHN D.                        NY-24-56-48
COLLINS, LUCY                           NY-24-58-307
COLLINS, MARY                           NY-24-1-120
COLLINS, MARY                           NY-24-451-188
COLLINS, MARY A.                        NY-24-84-44
COLLINS, MARY FABIAN                    NY-24-451-269
COLLINS, MARY JANE                      NY-24-71-461
COLLINS, MATHEW                         NY-24-48-278
COLLINS, PATRICK                        NY-24-36-164
COLLINS, THOMAS                         NY-24-25-107
COLLINS,C HARLES                        NY-24-11-146
COLLONGE, JEAN B.                       NY-24-449-76
COLLYER, MARGARET                       NY-24-2-136
COLTER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-45-41
COLVIN, LUCY                            NY-24-45-198
COLWELL, ABRAHAM                        NY-24-33-6
COLWELL, CAROLINE A.                    NY-24-448-99
COLWITH, JAMES                          NY-24-33-271
COLYER, JOHN                            NY-24-85-77
COLYER, STEPHEN                         NY-24-36-314
COLYER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-24-19-338
COMBES, WILLIAM A.                      NY-24-55-292
COMBS, DANIEL                           NY-24-39-496
COMES, FRANZ NICOLAUS                   NY-24-58-304
COMSTOCK, CHARLOTTE H.                  NY-24-451-138
COMSTOCK, GILBERT                       NY-24-47-278
COMSTOCK, HENRY                         NY-24-24-277
COMSTOCK, JERIMIAH A. G.                NY-24-45-386
COMSTOCK, THOMAS                        NY-24-17-435
CONARET, WILLIAM A.                     NY-24-81-260
CONDICT, LEWIS                          NY-24-28-26
CONDIT, JOHN B.                         NY-24-36-64
CONDRAN, MATTHEW                        NY-24-17-226
CONGDON, MARY W.                        NY-24-29-430
CONGREVE, CHARLES                       NY-24-40-56
CONKLIN, ABRAM M.                       NY-24-86-384
CONKLIN, CAROLINE                       NY-24-40-448
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-24-85-468
CONKLING, HATTIE GEROW                  NY-24-446-199
CONKLING, PETER                         NY-24-2-332
CONN, RICHARD D.                        NY-24-20-405
CONNAY, MARGARET                        NY-24-63-273
CONNELL, HUGH                           NY-24-55-178
CONNELL, JAMES S.                       NY-24-451-64
CONNELL, JOHN E.                        NY-24-72-498
CONNELL, MARGARET                       NY-24-79-408
CONNELLY, ANN                           NY-24-447-62
CONNELLY, EDWARD                        NY-24-43-348
CONNELLY, JOHN                          NY-24-73-429
CONNER, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-24-67-267
CONNER, JOHN                            NY-24-41-121
CONNER, REBECCA                         NY-24-45-159
CONNERS, CATHARINE                      NY-24-59-233
CONNOLLY, CATHARINE                     NY-24-80-100
CONNOLLY, HUGH J.                       NY-24-61-67
CONNOLLY, JAMES                         NY-24-38-122
CONNOLLY, MANIUS                        NY-24-63-44
CONNOLLY, PATRICK                       NY-24-36-110
CONNOLLY, PETER F.                      NY-24-450-373
CONNOLLY, ROSANNAV                      NY-24-63-189
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM                       NY-24-84-104
CONNOLY, CATHERINE                      NY-24-81-273
CONNOR, BRIDGET M.                      NY-24-449-145
CONNOR, JAMES JOSEPH                    NY-24-451-464
CONNOR, JOHN                            NY-24-42-34
CONNOR, MARY                            NY-24-84-472
CONOVER, CATHERINE                      NY-24-10-55
CONOVER, GUSTAVUS A.                    NY-24-34-282
CONOVER, JOHANNAH                       NY-24-29-392
CONOVER, STEPHEN                        NY-24-68-63
CONOVEST, WILLIAM                       NY-24-59-415
CONRAD, KATHARINA                       NY-24-447-448
CONRADY, CAROLINE                       NY-24-63-183
CONROY, JOHN CHARLES                    NY-24-70-357
CONSELYE, ANNA                          NY-24-2-310
CONSELYEA, ANDREW                       NY-24-1-224
CONSELYEA, JSOEPH                       NY-24-18-485
CONSELYEA, PETER                        NY-24-1-48
CONSELYEA, WILLIAM                      NY-24-13-97
CONSELYEA, WILLIAM SR.                  NY-24-3-329
CONSTANT, FRANCIS                       NY-24-11-372
CONTRELL, JOSEPH                        NY-24-24-319
CONWAY, BERNARD                         NY-24-62-388
CONWAY, BRIDGET                         NY-24-451-382
CONWAY, ELIZA                           NY-24-24-437
CONWAY, J. NEAL                         NY-24-56-435
CONWAY, JOHN T.                         NY-24-24-50
CONWAY, PATRICK                         NY-24-3-270
CONWAY, REBECCA DOANE B.                NY-24-82-8
CONWAY, SARAH G.                        NY-24-58-413
COOK, ABBE ANNE                         NY-24-64-89
COOK, ABRAHAM                           NY-24-7-301
COOK, ANDREW B.                         NY-24-7-94
COOK, AUGUSTUS                          NY-24-55-438
COOK, CONSTANCE                         NY-24-451-57
COOK DIETRICH                           NY-24-447-257
COOK, JACOB M.                          NY-24-79-95
COOK, JAMES K.                          NY-24-22-357
COOK, LEVI                              NY-24-446-292
COOK, MARY                              NY-24-448-133
COOK, MARY                              NY-24-80-469
COOK, MATHEA                            NY-24-23-384
COOK, MILES                             NY-24-39-222
COOK, RHODA IVES                        NY-24-50-89
COOK, RICHARD                           NY-24-25-235
COOK, THOMAS                            NY-24-17-501
COOK, WILLIAM                           NY-24-2-408
COOKE, JAMES                            NY-24-8-13
COOKE, MARY                             NY-24-86-219
COOKE, SAMUEL G.                        NY-24-80-177
COOMBS, DAVID                           NY-24-2-272
COOMBS, JOHN WARREN SR.                 NY-24-47-39
COON, JAMES                             NY-24-40-206
COONEY, EUGENE                          NY-24-19-105
COONEY, JOHN                            NY-24-72-342
COOPE, EDWARD                           NY-24-5-399
COOPE, EDWARD                           NY-24-6-7
COOPE, MARY                             NY-24-23-278
COOPER, ANN MARIA                       NY-24-11-284
COOPER, BENJAMIN                        NY-24-12-105
COOPER, CATHARINE M.                    NY-24-63-221
COOPER, CHARLES                         NY-24-43-408
COOPER, EDWARD Q.                       NY-24-27-166
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-18-395
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-47-431
COOPER, ENOS B.                         NY-24-39-173
COOPER, GEORGE                          NY-24-16-307
COOPER, GEORGE H.                       NY-24-18-68
COOPER, ISRAEL                          NY-24-81-481
COOPER, JOHN                            NY-24-61-147
COOPER, JOHN M.                         NY-24-68-337
COOPER, LEONARD                         NY-24-51-148
COOPER, MARY                            NY-24-73-432
COOPER, THOMAS T.                       NY-24-7-97
COOPER, WARMOLDUS S.                    NY-24-87-427
COOPER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-79-490
COOPER, WILLIAM B.                      NY-24-29-365
COPLAND, EDWARD                         NY-24-22-31
COPLAND, JAMES JR.                      NY-24-18-61
CORBETT, ANN                            NY-24-53-207
CORBETT, MARY BARRETT                   NY-24-87-311
CORCORAN, PETER                         NY-24-73-304
CORCORAN, RICHARD                       NY-24-84-387
CORDIAL, MICHAEL                        NY-24-71-199
CORDIER, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-446-251
CORDING, GEORGE WILLIAM                 NY-24-23-429
CORDRAY, BENJAMIN G.                    NY-24-51-347
CORKREY, JAMES                          NY-24-36-124
CORNELISEN, JUDE                        NY-24-16-300
CORNELISON, JOHN                        NY-24-2-373
CORNELL, CAROLINE                       NY-24-29-164
CORNELL, ISAAC                          NY-24-3-27
CORNELL, JAMES G.                       NY-24-59-220
CORNELL, JOHN                           NY-24-2-378
CORNELL, JOSEPH                         NY-24-42-453
CORNELL, MARGARET                       NY-24-22-92
CORNELL, MARIA                          NY-24-56-188
CORNELL, MARY                           NY-24-34-463
CORNELL, SARAH                          NY-24-21-267
CORNELL, SARAH L.                       NY-24-44-13
CORNELL, SIMON                          NY-24-3-331
CORNELL, WHITEHEAD                      NY-24-2-117
CORNELL, WHITEHEAD I.                   NY-24-9-504
CORNELL, WILLIAM                        NY-24-5-18
CORNING, CATHERINEM.                    NY-24-43-142
CORNING, EPHRAIM                        NY-24-19-166
CORNISH, GEORGE W.                      NY-24-61-274
CORNISH, SAMUEL E.                      NY-24-21-242
CORNWELL, AUSTEN                        NY-24-5-425
CORNWELL, AUSTEN                        NY-24-6-54
CORNWELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-24-2-351
CORNWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-3-119
CORNWELL, GILBERT                       NY-24-40-230
CORNWELL, JAMES B.                      NY-24-7-135
CORNWELL, JEREMIAH                      NY-24-36-396
CORNWELL, JOHN E.                       NY-24-11-416
CORNWELL, PAULINA M. VAN EIDER          NY-24-87-486
CORNWELL, SUSAN M.                      NY-24-73-147
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-24-1-359
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-24-3-212
CORR, DANIEL                            NY-24-31-492
CORR, MARY                              NY-24-17-411
CORR, OWEN                              NY-24-70-392
CORREJA, CELESTE                        NY-24-47-36
CORRIGAN, ELIZA                         NY-24-448-168
CORRY, JAMES                            NY-24-11-366
CORSCADEN, ISABELLA                     NY-24-56-67
CORSON, HANNAH A.                       NY-24-56-55
CORT, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-77-509
CORT, NICHOLAS                          NY-24-59-185
CORTELYOU, ADRIAN V.                    NY-24-48-67
CORTELYOU, ADRIAN V. JR.                NY-24-51-206
CORTELYOU, ANN                          NY-24-6-330
CORTELYOU, DANIEL                       NY-24-2-451
CORTELYOU, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-14-375
CORTELYOU, ISAAC                        NY-24-9-327
CORTELYOU, ISAAC                        NY-24-2-170
CORTELYOU, JACOB L.                     NY-24-58-119
CORTELYOU, JAQUES                       NY-24-2-287
CORTELYOU, LEMEAN V.                    NY-24-70-28
CORTELYOU, MARIA                        NY-24-7-460
CORTELYOU, MARTHA                       NY-24-11-477
CORTELYOU, MARY                         NY-24-6-303
CORTELYOU, PETER                        NY-24-35-157
CORTELYOU, SARAH T.                     NY-24-66-99
CORTELYOU, SIMON                        NY-24-3-261
CORTELYOU, WILLIAM H.                   NY-24-42-432
CORWIN, IRENE                           NY-24-73-182
CORY, WILLIAM H.                        NY-24-55-326
CORZINE, JOHN                           NY-24-14-161
COSBY, AMANDA SOPHIA                    NY-24-13-65
COSBY, EDMUND                           NY-24-39-329
COSGROVE, JAMES                         NY-24-3-77
COSTELLO, JAMES                         NY-24-18-412
COSTELLO, JOHN                          NY-24-53-183
COSTELLO, JOHN                          NY-24-48-317
COTAY, HENRY F.                         NY-24-28-250
COTRET, LYDIA                           NY-24-31-131
COTTMAN, JULIA ANN                      NY-24-447-439
COTTRELL, JOSEPH                        NY-24-449-226
COTTRELL, SAMUEL                        NY-24-71-413
COUCH, SETH                             NY-24-6-166
COUGER, GEORGE W.                       NY-24-41-453
COUGHLAN, CHARLES H.                    NY-24-27-448
COULTAS, JOHN                           NY-24-23-94
COUPLAND, CAROLINE                      NY-24-28-75
COURTER, JOHN E.                        NY-24-23-245
COURVOISIER, GEORGE                     NY-24-33-276
COUSINS, ROBERT H.                      NY-24-61-64
COUTERI, JACOB                          NY-24-18-385
COUTERIE, HENRY                         NY-24-36-436
COUWENHOVEN, NICHOLAS                   NY-24-1-114
COUWENHOVEN, NICHOLAS                   NY-24-2-344
COVENTRY, JOHN M.                       NY-24-25-170
COVERT, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-4-423
COVERT, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-5-366
COVERT, HELENA                          NY-24-72-249
COVERT, JOHN                            NY-24-6-245
COVERT, OSCAR C.                        NY-24-53-439
COWAN, HANNAH                           NY-24-25-161
COWAN, WILLIAM S.                       NY-24-5-96
COWENHOVEN, ANNETTIE                    NY-24-17-333
COWENHOVEN, CATHARINE                   NY-24-2-74
COWENHOVEN, ELIZABETH                   NY-24-2-324
COWENHOVEN, ELIZABETH                   NY-24-63-71
COWENHOVEN, GARRET                      NY-24-6-139
COWENHOVEN, GERRETTA                    NY-24-4-31
COWENHOVEN, GERRETTA                    NY-24-5-52
COWENHOVEN, JACOB                       NY-24-3-121
COWENHOVEN, JACOB                       NY-24-10-5
COWENHOVEN, JOHANNIS                    NY-24-3-7
COWENHOVEN, NICHOLAS G.                 NY-24-86-480
COWENHOVEN, NICHOLAS R.                 NY-24-2-105
COWENHOVEN, PHEBE                       NY-24-37-445
COWENHOVEN, SARAH                       NY-24-9-69
COWL, JAMES H.                          NY-24-12-425
COWL, ORIN                              NY-24-37-475
COWLAY, AMELIA                          NY-24-51-38
COWLES, EUNICE                          NY-24-451-353
COX, GEORGE                             NY-24-15-103
COX, GEORGE M.                          NY-24-37-442
COX, HENERY H.                          NY-24-86-33
COX, JAMES T.                           NY-24-31-5
COX, JOHN                               NY-24-26-313
COX, JOHN J.                            NY-24-44-226
COX, MARGARET                           NY-24-27-174
COX, MARY                               NY-24-50-405
COX, ROBERT M.                          NY-24-30-65
COX, WILLIAM                            NY-24-50-487
COXE, ELLEN                             NY-24-67-177
COXFORD, ROSE B.                        NY-24-448-138
COYLE, HENRY                            NY-24-50-67
COYLE, MICHAEL STEPHEN                  NY-24-48-281
COYLE, SARAH                            NY-24-50-383
COZINE, ANN E.                          NY-24-31-421
COZINE, GARRIT                          NY-24-7-321
COZINE, JACOB                           NY-24-51-152
COZINE, JANE I.                         NY-24-28-487
CRABTREE, LYDIA W.                      NY-24-61-257
CRACKER, CHARLES M.                     NY-24-31-455
CRACKNELL, THOMAS                       NY-24-27-187
CRAMER, AMELIA                          NY-24-64-257
CRAMER, JOHN A.                         NY-24-20-211
CRAMPTON, LEVI H.                       NY-24-84-231
CRANDELL, CAROLINE A.                   NY-24-66-350
CRANE, ANN                              NY-24-449-310
CRANE, CHARLOTTE E.                     NY-24-48-155
CRANE, DAVID D.                         NY-24-13-47
CRANE, JOHN C.                          NY-24-8-30
CRANE, JOHN FREDERICK                   NY-24-448-213
CRANE, NANCY MCALPINE                   NY-24-51-208
CRANER, JANE                            NY-24-56-127
CRANEY, OWEN C.                         NY-24-67-344
CRASK, MATILDA                          NY-24-30-459
CRASKE, MINNIE D.                       NY-24-446-335
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-34-221
CRAWFORD, GEORGE                        NY-24-9-257
CRAWFORD, JANE ANN                      NY-24-21-358
CRAWFORD, LUTHER                        NY-24-5-475
CRAWFORD, MARY                          NY-24-22-366
CRAWFORD, ROBERT L.                     NY-24-63-41
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-23-12
CRAYTEY, ALPHONSO                       NY-24-58-345
CREAGH, BARTHOLOMEW                     NY-24-14-70
CREED, JANE D.                          NY-24-50-109
CREED, RICHARD                          NY-24-12-227
CREGIER, ANN                            NY-24-14-487
CREIGHTON, JAMES                        NY-24-64-391
CRESWELL, THOMAS                        NY-24-61-337
CREUZBAUR, ROBERT                       NY-24-447-27
CRISCOLLS, JANE                         NY-24-79-245
CRISP, JOHN                             NY-24-68-124
CRISTEL, MARY                           NY-24-447-241
CROAKER, PATRICK                        NY-24-37-330
CROCKER, ICHABOD                        NY-24-15-90
CROES, ANN S.                           NY-24-48-111
CROES, ELEANOR V. M.                    NY-24-50-146
CROGER, ELEANOR                         NY-24-14-447
CROGER, PETER                           NY-24-11-167
CROIL, CHRISTIAN                        NY-24-33-394
CROISSANT, JACOB                        NY-24-66-388
CROLIUS, ANNA                           NY-24-36-383
CROMMELIN, JANE                         NY-24-58-409
CROMMELIN, THEODORE                     NY-24-79-192
CROMWELL, HENRY B.                      NY-24-28-262
CROMWELL, JAMES                         NY-24-28-204
CROMWELL, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-76-22
CRONE, FRANK A.                         NY-24-451-430
CRONIN, JOHN J.                         NY-24-56-379
CRONK, AARON B.                         NY-24-56-269
CROOK, RUFUS                            NY-24-35-373
CROOK, SAMUEL                           NY-24-33-321
CROOKE, MARGARET                        NY-24-20-287
CROOKE, PHILIP S.                       NY-24-87-498
CROOME, WILLIAM                         NY-24-35-258
CROPPER, THOMAS                         NY-24-39-57
CROPSEY, HARMON W.                      NY-24-446-219
CROPSEY, JACOB                          NY-24-2-385
CROPSEY, JACOBUS                        NY-24-4-165
CROPSEY, JACOBUS                        NY-24-5-158
CROPSEY, JAMES                          NY-24-24-484
CROPSEY, JEROMUS                        NY-24-3-49
CROPSEY, JOHN                           NY-24-2-82
CROPSEY, MARIA                          NY-24-2-279
CROPSEY, RUTH ANN                       NY-24-5-339
CROPSEY, WILLIAM J.                     NY-24-448-410
CROPSY, CASPER                          NY-24-2-51
CROPSY, WILLIAM                         NY-24-2-56
CROSBY, CHARLES C. P.                   NY-24-24-442
CROSBY, PETER                           NY-24-79-208
CROSBY, SETH                            NY-24-24-313
CROSS, CHARLES S.                       NY-24-86-376
CROSS, JEREMIAH                         NY-24-33-352
CROSS, JOHN A.                          NY-24-35-110
CROSS, SARAH                            NY-24-53-496
CROSS, STEPHEN                          NY-24-16-403
CROSSMAN, HENRY                         NY-24-87-317
CROSTHWAITE, JOSEPH                     NY-24-39-282
CROWELL, ASHER F. R.                    NY-24-51-1
CROWELL, CHARLES A.                     NY-24-59-322
CROWELL, SAMUEL                         NY-24-41-296
CROWLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-24-451-210
CROWLEY, TIMOTHY                        NY-24-79-81
CROWNWOOD, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-59-167
CRUCHLEY, MARY                          NY-24-56-345
CRUMMEY, EDWARD                         NY-24-12-144
CRUMMEY, JOHN L.                        NY-24-27-96
CRUMMEY, MICHAEL                        NY-24-31-68
CUBBERLY, JOHANNA                       NY-24-82-437
CUCURULLO, CONTANTINO                   NY-24-449-366
CUDDY, LOUISE JESUP                     NY-24-449-458
CUDDY, SAMUEL                           NY-24-12-452
CUDIHY, ELLEN                           NY-24-51-140
CUDMORE, DENNIS                         NY-24-56-177
CUFF, THOMAS                            NY-24-76-10
CULLEN, HENRY J.                        NY-24-56-77
CULLINAN, PATRICK                       NY-24-13-444
CULLY, JAMES                            NY-24-18-66
CULVER, JOHN                            NY-24-24-439
CUMING, LOUISA W.                       NY-24-18-325
CUMING, ROBERT H.                       NY-24-18-287
CUMMING, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-3-96
CUMMINGS, EDWARD                        NY-24-47-6
CUMMINGS, FRANCIS                       NY-24-29-354
CUMMINGS, HENRY R.                      NY-24-51-159
CUMMINGS, MOODY                         NY-24-38-309
CUMMISKEY, JOHN                         NY-24-59-328
CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE O.                   NY-24-16-343
CUNNINGHAM, JANE                        NY-24-21-436
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     NY-24-9-18
CURRAN, JOHN                            NY-24-11-170
CURRAN, PATRICK                         NY-24-21-34
CURRAN, RICHARD                         NY-24-45-195
CURRIE, CAROLINE E.                     NY-24-71-431
CURRY, ISABELLA                         NY-24-82-463
CURTEN, CHARLES                         NY-24-34-461
CURTIS, ADELINE M.                      NY-24-87-149
CURTIS, ANN                             NY-24-28-83
CURTIS, CHRISTIANA M.                   NY-24-450-55
CURTIS, ELLA A.                         NY-24-64-243
CURTIS, JAMES F.                        NY-24-47-465
CURTIS, JANE                            NY-24-450-55
CURTIS, MARY                            NY-24-79-308
CURTIS, NELSON H.                       NY-24-42-288
CURTIS, PATRICK                         NY-24-61-143
CURTIS, ROBERT H.                       NY-24-37-449
CURWEN, WILLIAM M. I. C.                NY-24-17-133
CUSHING, ELIZA A.                       NY-24-27-412
CUTLER, HARRIET                         NY-24-50-407
CUTLER, JAMES N.                        NY-24-43-98
CUTTER, BENJAMIN C.                     NY-24-26-385
CUTTER, CHARLES BENJAMIN                NY-24-67-31
CUTTER, THOMAS R.                       NY-24-20-65
CUZNER, THOMAS G.                       NY-24-24-128

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