Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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WAASEL, FRIEDRICH                       NY-24-79-116
WADDY, MAHALA L.                        NY-24-36-167
WADE, ANN                               NY-24-54-312
WADE, CLARISSA G.                       NY-24-27-59
WADE, GEORGE O.                         NY-24-52-313
WADE, HORACE D.                         NY-24-52-13
WADE, SIDNEY                            NY-24-25-195
WADE, TIMOTHY A.                        NY-24-33-149
WADSWORTH, ANNE M.                      NY-24-23-321
WADSWORTH, CHARLES H.                   NY-24-449-474
WAGENAR, JOHN J.                        NY-24-44-19
WAGENHAUSER, SIMON                      NY-24-60-497
WAGER, MARGARET                         NY-24-29-449
WAGNER, ANNA C. E.                      NY-24-33-457
WAGNER, CARL                            NY-24-80-490
WAGNER, CHARLS CH.                      NY-24-85-210
WAGNER, GUSTAVUS W.                     NY-24-26-374
WAGNER, KATHARINA                       NY-24-67-242
WAHL, FREDERICK                         NY-24-87-483
WAINWRIGHT, JOHN                        NY-24-73-158
WAIS, FRANZ P.                          NY-24-30-295
WAIT, HESTER                            NY-24-52-270
WAKE, THOMAS                            NY-24-40-22
WAKEMAN, WILLIAM W.                     NY-24-46-143
WALCOTT, JANE                           NY-24-5-454
WALDEN, CAROLINE A. S.                  NY-24-447-260
WALDRON, HANNAH                         NY-24-17-64
WALDRON, RICHARD R.                     NY-24-10-136
WALGROVE, CLARA JANE                    NY-24-450-418
WALKER, FRANCIS C.                      NY-24-15-369
WALKER, JAMES                           NY-24-78-495
WALKER, MARGARET                        NY-24-60-475
WALKER, MARY                            NY-24-69-18
WALKER, MARY A.                         NY-24-20-93
WALKER, THOMAS                          NY-24-5-234
WALKER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-19-396
WALL, JOHN                              NY-24-49-32
WALL, WILLIAM JR.                       NY-24-31-196
WALLACE, CHARLES J.                     NY-24-14-347
WALLACE, ISAAC                          NY-24-18-471
WALLACE, ISABELLA                       NY-24-23-211
WALLACE, MARGARET                       NY-24-448-448
WALLACE, RICHARD                        NY-24-39-188
WALLACE, ROBERT                         NY-24-62-470
WALLER, HENRY                           NY-24-16-375
WALLIN, HARRIET                         NY-24-40-327
WALLIN, SAMUEL SR.                      NY-24-21-218
WALLING, GEORGIANA F.                   NY-24-54-65
WALLING, GILBERT W.                     NY-24-87-406
WALLMANN, ANTON                         NY-24-49-24
WALLS, JOHN                             NY-24-71-428
WALROM, JOHANNIS                        NY-24-1-367
WALSH, ANNA C.                          NY-24-66-470
WALSH, CATHERINE                        NY-24-447-123
WALSH, DANIEL                           NY-24-28-473
WALSH, DANIEL                           NY-24-68-129
WALSH, EDWARD                           NY-24-447-401
WALSH, GEORGE A.                        NY-24-70-402
WALSH, JOHN                             NY-24-23-363
WALSH, MAURICE                          NY-24-68-415
WALSH, MICHAEL                          NY-24-34-6
WALSH, PATRICK                          NY-24-81-266
WALSH, PETER                            NY-24-25-84
WALSH, THOMAS                           NY-24-15-467
WALSH, WILLIAM J.                       NY-24-449-60
WALSH, WILLIAM W.                       NY-24-46-345
WALTER, HENRY                           NY-24-79-215
WALTER, MARGARETHA DOROTHEA             NY-24-450-427
WALTER, WILHELM                         NY-24-57-234
WALTERS, CATHARINE                      NY-24-78-98
WALTERS, JAMES                          NY-24-15-341
WALTERS, JULIA A.                       NY-24-39-346
WALTERS, MARTHA                         NY-24-39-245
WALTERS, ROSE ANN                       NY-24-49-75
WALTERS, THOMAS P.                      NY-24-38-138
WALTES, ELBERT D.                       NY-24-57-326
WALTHAM, HARRIET M. A.                  NY-24-54-268
WALTHER, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-448-115
WALTON, WILLIAM                         NY-24-57-118
WANZER, MOSES                           NY-24-18-130
WARBURTON, SAMUEL                       NY-24-41-48
WARD, ANNIE                             NY-24-70-457
WARD, CHARLES F.                        NY-24-57-339
WARD, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-70-284
WARD, EMILY M.                          NY-24-35-290
WARD, FARREL J.                         NY-24-19-318
WARD, HESTER                            NY-24-22-237
WARD, JOHN                              NY-24-30-111
WARD, JOHN                              NY-24-18-230
WARD, JOHN B. H.                        NY-24-11-274
WARD, LEWIS                             NY-24-46-69
WARD, MARY                              NY-24-13-93
WARD, MARY A.                           NY-24-448-423
WARD, PATRICK                           NY-24-54-270
WARD, RICHARD L.                        NY-24-21-139
WARD, THOMAS                            NY-24-67-310
WARD, THOMAS                            NY-24-84-493
WARD, WILLIAM                           NY-24-30-335
WARDELL, ANN S.                         NY-24-25-281
WARDELL, JOHN                           NY-24-80-465
WARDELL, JULIA A.                       NY-24-54-237
WARDELL, MARGARET                       NY-24-54-129
WARDEN, ROBERT B.                       NY-24-42-201
WARDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-46-262
WARDLAW, MATILDA                        NY-24-36-159
WARDLAW, ROBERT                         NY-24-33-421
WARING, HENRY                           NY-24-12-413
WARING, LETETIA F.                      NY-24-39-361
WARMUTH, CHRISTINA                      NY-24-44-329
WARMUTH, JOHN                           NY-24-54-330
WARNER, IRA B.                          NY-24-20-329
WARNER, JOHN                            NY-24-14-287
WARNER, WYLLYS H.                       NY-24-86-266
WARREN, ANN                             NY-24-29-491
WARREN, CLEMENT                         NY-24-451-401
WARREN, MARY                            NY-24-33-423
WARREN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-21-131
WARRINER, PERLIN N.                     NY-24-54-153
WARTH, JOHN W.                          NY-24-67-262
WASHBURN, JOSEPH                        NY-24-31-211
WASHBURN, MARY ANN                      NY-24-67-22
WASHINGTON, HAGER                       NY-24-37-412
WASMER, AMBROSE                         NY-24-46-288
WATCHMAN, JOHN F.                       NY-24-22-225
WATERBURY, CHAUNCEY A.                  NY-24-60-495
WATERBURY, JAMES M.                     NY-24-49-214
WATERBURY, JOSEPH                       NY-24-46-84
WATERFORD, ENOS C.                      NY-24-43-255
WATERHOUSE, SARAH ANN                   NY-24-69-446
WATERMAN, CHARLES                       NY-24-41-307
WATERMAN, CORNELIA                      NY-24-25-20
WATERS, ANNA                            NY-24-54-425
WATERS, BRIDGET                         NY-24-49-336
WATERS, EDWARD                          NY-24-23-199
WATERS, HESTER                          NY-24-37-429
WATERS, JAMES                           NY-24-36-411
WATERS, JOHN                            NY-24-7-201
WATERS, JOSEPH                          NY-24-22-451
WATERS, MARY JANE                       NY-24-60-142
WATERS, MICHAEL                         NY-24-10-295
WATERS, ROBERT                          NY-24-25-240
WATERSON, JAMES                         NY-24-49-198
WATKINS, THOAMS                         NY-24-77-69
WATKIS, ANN                             NY-24-46-149
WATLINGTON, ESTHER                      NY-24-28-466
WATROUS, EDGAR F.                       NY-24-87-282
WATROUS, ELLEN V.                       NY-24-60-372
WATROUS, MARY C.                        NY-24-24-27
WATROUS, WILLIAM G.                     NY-24-57-173
WATSON, EDWIN A.                        NY-24-447-480
WATSON, GAVIN H.                        NY-24-57-212
WATSON, JESSE                           NY-24-49-86
WATSON, JOHN                            NY-24-25-10
WATSON, MARY                            NY-24-11-450
WATSON, THOMAS                          NY-24-52-436
WATSON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-46-214
WATTS, HENRIETTA                        NY-24-66-385
WATTS, JAMES C.                         NY-24-17-128
WATTS, JOHN H.                          NY-24-67-403
WATTS, JOHN H.                          NY-24-49-78
WATTS, MARGARET JANE                    NY-24-81-236
WATTS, MARIA                            NY-24-33-1
WAUGH, JOHN F.                          NY-24-82-479
WAUGH, MARGARET                         NY-24-38-184
WAY, FREDERIC H.                        NY-24-17-71
WEADOCK, MARGARET                       NY-24-31-279
WEAVER, HESTER                          NY-24-66-69
WEAVER, JAMES                           NY-24-87-454
WEAVER, JANE                            NY-24-451-77
WEAVER, MARY C.                         NY-24-448-140
WEAVER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-9-309
WEBB, EBENEZER K.                       NY-24-28-382
WEBB, FANNIE E.                         NY-24-49-368
WEBB, JAMES                             NY-24-23-167
WEBB, JOSEPH                            NY-24-14-327
WEBB, LEMUEL                            NY-24-18-52
WEBB, WILLIAM W.                        NY-24-36-321
WEBER, CAORLINE                         NY-24-447-287
WEBER, EBERHARD                         NY-24-30-144
WEBER, HENRY C.                         NY-24-70-439
WEBER, JOHN                             NY-24-82-32
WEBSTER, HORACE                         NY-24-80-309
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                         NY-24-33-304
WEDEMEYER, JOHN F.                      NY-24-64-457
WEED, HORATIO                           NY-24-72-478
WEED, WILLIAM H.                        NY-24-27-83
WEED, WILLIAM H.                        NY-24-73-468
WEEKS, CAESAR                           NY-24-21-252
WEEKS, JERUSHA                          NY-24-38-306
WEEKS, JOSHUA                           NY-24-19-126
WEEKS, JOTHAM                           NY-24-28-460
WEEKS, STEPHEN                          NY-24-36-201
WEEKS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-24-57-313
WEHRLE, PETER                           NY-24-49-189
WEIDNER, ANDREAS                        NY-24-60-246
WEILL, MEYER                            NY-24-450-299
WEINGARTNER, PHILLIPINA                 NY-24-81-159
WEIS, EVA BARBARA                       NY-24-14-80
WEIS, HILLARIUS                         NY-24-54-202
WEISBERG, FREDA K.                      NY-24-446-4
WEISEL, CHRISTIAN JACOB                 NY-24-70-376
WEISS, CHARLES                          NY-24-23-208
WELCH, MARCIA ALDEN                     NY-24-67-478
WELCH, ROBERT                           NY-24-84-169
WELCH, ROBERT W.                        NY-24-49-329
WELCH, THOMAS                           NY-24-22-415
WELCH,D ANIEL                           NY-24-68-129
WELDEN, SIMON A.                        NY-24-49-324
WELDING, SARAH H.                       NY-24-34-289
WELDON, JAMES                           NY-24-79-170
WELLBROCK, CARSTEN                      NY-24-41-488
WELLBROCK, JOHN                         NY-24-60-370
WELLER, CHARLES L. B.                   NY-24-41-258
WELLER, HENRY                           NY-24-84-60
WELLER, LODAWICK                        NY-24-84-390
WELLES, WILLIAM R.                      NY-24-73-122
WELLS, ALBERT T.                        NY-24-24-252
WELLS, DANIEL M.                        NY-24-44-384
WELLS, JAMES                            NY-24-34-280
WELLS, JOHN                             NY-24-46-334
WELLS, LEMUEL                           NY-24-9-166
WELLS, MARY                             NY-24-30-386
WELLS, RICHARD                          NY-24-7-45
WELLS, SAMUEL J.                        NY-24-43-420
WELLS, SARAH C.                         NY-24-23-22
WELLS, THOAMS                           NY-24-5-490
WELSCH, CHARLES                         NY-24-28-108
WELSH, AMOS S.                          NY-24-11-255
WELSH, JOHN J.                          NY-24-36-104
WELSHEIMER, ANTON                       NY-24-36-20
WENDELKEN, MATILDA                      NY-24-42-216
WENDELL, CATHARINE                      NY-24-49-339
WENDELL, MARIA V. V.                    NY-24-67-79
WENDT, ADELBERT                         NY-24-60-42
WENSCHENMAER, MARY A.                   NY-24-43-331
WENSLEY, ANTOINETTE W.                  NY-24-450-231
WENT, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-54-334
WENTLAKE, JACOB                         NY-24-36-311
WERNEKEN, JOSEPH A.                     NY-24-20-293
WERNER, BENEDICKTA                      NY-24-44-50
WERSEBE, FREDERICK                      NY-24-52-19
WESLEY, CHARLES C.                      NY-24-38-117
WESSON, DAVID                           NY-24-43-482
WESSON, EDWARD                          NY-24-54-36
WEST, ELIZABETH G.                      NY-24-29-153
WEST, GEORGE                            NY-24-13-467
WEST, HENRIETTA                         NY-24-84-18
WEST, JAMES                             NY-24-8-59
WEST, JOHN G.                           NY-24-54-188
WEST, THOMAS                            NY-24-66-276
WESTERN, GRACE H.                       NY-24-26-403
WESTERN, HANNAH                         NY-24-23-482
WESTERVELT, ELIZABETH                   NY-24-64-345
WESTERVELT, JAMES                       NY-24-69-61
WESTERVELT, JOHN B.                     NY-24-8-127
WESTFALL, JOHN                          NY-24-44-289
WESTON, JOHN D.                         NY-24-41-171
WESTOVER, WILLIAM                       NY-24-13-239
WESTRICH, MARGARETHA                    NY-24-46-88
WETJEN, JOHN H.                         NY-24-46-266
WETMORE, MARIA                          NY-24-52-438
WETZEL, KATE                            NY-24-451-205
WEYGAND, PHILIP                         NY-24-49-475
WHALEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-24-37-440
WHALEY, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-5-229
WHALEY, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-4-265
WHALEY, CHARLOTTE                       NY-24-15-257
WHALEY, MICHAEL                         NY-24-43-43
WHARTON, LABAN T.                       NY-24-28-118
WHEELAN, WILLIAM                        NY-24-39-22
WHEELER, A. APPLETON                    NY-24-31-190
WHEELER, CATHARINE                      NY-24-29-400
WHEELER, CHARLES H.                     NY-24-49-366
WHEELER, DANIEL O.                      NY-24-13-5
WHEELER, EDWARD                         NY-24-79-111
WHEELER, ELI                            NY-24-24-172
WHEELER, IRA B.                         NY-24-85-103
WHEELER, JOHN                           NY-24-8-75
WHEELER, LUCRETIA J                     NY-24-451-169
WHEELER, LYDIA M.                       NY-24-87-73
WHEELER, RUSSELL C.                     NY-24-10-274
WHEELER, SAMUEL B.                      NY-24-28-201
WHEELER, THOMAS                         NY-24-54-228
WHEELER, TIMOTHY S.                     NY-24-34-423
WHEELER, WILLIAM                        NY-24-5-357
WHEELER, WILLIAM                        NY-24-66-92
WHEELOCK, CLARK                         NY-24-17-176
WHEELOCK, WALTER W.                     NY-24-33-473
WHELAN, DANIEL                          NY-24-26-331
WHELAN, MARGARET                        NY-24-37-262
WHIDDEN, ROBERT                         NY-24-23-469
WHIPPLE, CORNELIA                       NY-24-84-259
WHIPPLE, JOHN G.                        NY-24-68-472
WHITAKER, THOMAS                        NY-24-60-395
WHITE, BRIDGET                          NY-24-79-401
WHITE, CHANDLER                         NY-24-18-402
WHITE, CORNELIA S.                      NY-24-447-32
WHITE, CORNELIUS                        NY-24-36-287
WHITE, DANIEL GARRISON                  NY-24-449-469
WHITE, ELIZA                            NY-24-34-158
WHITE, FREDERICK                        NY-24-5-50
WHITE, FREDERICK HENRY                  NY-24-12-432
WHITE, GEORGE                           NY-24-18-428
WHITE, GEORGE GRANVILLE                 NY-24-67-74
WHITE, HORACE A.                        NY-24-54-445
WHITE, ISAAC EUGENE                     NY-24-450-15
WHITE, MARY JANE                        NY-24-60-69
WHITE, MARY S.                          NY-24-71-26
WHITE, MARY S.                          NY-24-20-57
WHITE, NICHOLAS                         NY-24-24-168
WHITE, PATRICK                          NY-24-41-180
WHITE, SIDNEY T.                        NY-24-451-426
WHITE, SYLVANUS                         NY-24-14-103
WHITE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-37-161
WHITE, WILLIAM A.                       NY-24-35-379
WHITE, WILLIAM W.                       NY-24-45-3
WHITEFIELD, WILLIAM H.                  NY-24-54-194
WHITEHEAD, FANNY                        NY-24-35-375
WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM B.                   NY-24-68-325
WHITEHORN, THOMAS                       NY-24-44-112
WHITEHOUSE, EDWARD M.                   NY-24-40-126
WHITEHOUSE, JOSEPH T.                   NY-24-38-210
WHITEHOUSE, THOMAS H.                   NY-24-44-89
WHITEKER, WILLIAM M.                    NY-24-64-428
WHITELAW, JAMES                         NY-24-33-135
WHITESIDE, JOHN                         NY-24-33-132
WHITFORD, HANNAH B.                     NY-24-67-463
WHITFORD, STEPHEN M.                    NY-24-30-30
WHITING, CHARLES                        NY-24-60-195
WHITING, DEWITT CLINTON                 NY-24-449-472
WHITING, EMMA                           NY-24-37-71
WHITING, JANE H.                        NY-24-13-475
WHITING, MARY H.                        NY-24-28-116
WHITING, NATHAN N.                      NY-24-49-99
WHITING, ROBERT M.                      NY-24-52-326
WHITING, SARAH                          NY-24-52-483
WHITLOCK, HAMILTON L.                   NY-24-446-209
WHITLOCK, MONTGOMERY P.                 NY-24-79-335
WHITLOCK, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-19-405
WHITMORE, CHARLES B.                    NY-24-35-263
WHITMORE, JOHN H.                       NY-24-31-383
WHITMORE, PHILIP H.                     NY-24-28-21
WHITNEY, JONATHAN S.                    NY-24-24-114
WHITON, FREDERIC L.                     NY-24-40-30
WHITSON, HANNAH S.                      NY-24-21-232
WHITSON, MARIA                          NY-24-27-229
WHITSON, SILAS                          NY-24-10-452
WHITTAKER, WILLIAM                      NY-24-77-477
WHITTEMORE, MARY A.                     NY-24-43-416
WHITTINGHAM, CHARLES                    NY-24-20-303
WHITTINGHAM, JOSEPH                     NY-24-26-358
WHITTINGHAM, MARY                       NY-24-40-106
WHITTINGTON, GEORGE                     NY-24-84-366
WHITTLESEY, JOHN                        NY-24-54-464
WHITTOCK, MATILDA                       NY-24-26-248
WHYTAL, JAMES                           NY-24-449-34
WICHELHANSEN, JACOB                     NY-24-27-257
WICKES, REBECCA JANE                    NY-24-35-99
WICKOFF, BARNET                         NY-24-31-412
WICKS, ALFRED                           NY-24-49-191
WICKS, RICHARD H.                       NY-24-5-468
WIDER, ISAAC                            NY-24-33-299
WIEBER, MARGARETHA                      NY-24-451-261
WIECHEL, VERONIKA                       NY-24-29-192
WIECHERS, JOSEPH                        NY-24-57-237
WIED, MARTHA ELIZABETH                  NY-24-446-369
WIEDERHOLDT, ELIZA                      NY-24-76-75
WIEDERHOLDT, WILHELMINA                 NY-24-20-470
WIEHL, MARIA                            NY-24-33-408
WIELAND, NICHOLAS                       NY-24-34-273
WIESE, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-33-210
WIESMAN, WILHELM                        NY-24-33-3
WIEST, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-60-479
WIGGINS, EDWARD B.                      NY-24-33-376
WIGGINS, ISAAC                          NY-24-46-40
WIGGINS, LAURA M.                       NY-24-446-302
WIGGINS, MARY ANN                       NY-24-54-328
WIGGINS, MOSES                          NY-24-20-96
WIGHTMAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-24-29-167
WIGHTMAN, LUCINDA M.                    NY-24-76-81
WILCKENS, ELIZABETH A.                  NY-24-84-211
WILCOMB, JAMES                          NY-24-33-411
WILCOX, ANNA G.                         NY-24-43-234
WILCOX, JOHN                            NY-24-45-27
WILCOX, THOMAS H.                       NY-24-446-73
WILD, DAVID P.                          NY-24-14-85
WILD, EBENEZER                          NY-24-44-414
WILD, PATRICK                           NY-24-38-439
WILDE, SAMUEL                           NY-24-25-81
WILDERHOLD, AUGSUTUS                    NY-24-25-193
WILDEROTER, LAURENTZ                    NY-24-78-85
WILDING, THOMAS W.                      NY-24-39-398
WILDS, ISABELLA                         NY-24-451-29
WILEY, DEBORAH                          NY-24-31-187
WILEY, DORINDA                          NY-24-38-479
WILEY, ELIZA ANN                        NY-24-39-233
WILEY, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-70-389
WILEY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-24-57-73
WILFERT, CHARLES                        NY-24-64-461
WILHELM, BERNHARD                       NY-24-43-16
WILKENS, HENRY                          NY-24-46-259
WILKENSHOFF, VERONICA                   NY-24-451-60
WILKES, ISAAC                           NY-24-68-446
WILKIN, HENRY S.                        NY-24-22-190
WILKINS, I. CHESTER G.                  NY-24-450-270
WILKINS, JOHN L.                        NY-24-8-25
WILKISSON, JOHN H.                      NY-24-46-286
WILLARD, AUGUSTUS L.                    NY-24-49-17
WILLARD, SALLY                          NY-24-26-468
WILLCOX, CHARLES E.                     NY-24-446-76
WILLCOX, CYPRIAN                        NY-24-57-185
WILLETS, ANDREW J.                      NY-24-40-397
WILLETS, OLIVER                         NY-24-19-268
WILLETT, ANNA BELIZA                    NY-24-14-166
WILLETT, MARGARETTA J.                  NY-24-38-128
WILLIAM, ANNA A.                        NY-24-85-213
WILLIAMS, ADELINE                       NY-24-85-129
WILLIAMS, ANNA P.                       NY-24-42-207
WILLIAMS, ARAS G.                       NY-24-81-356
WILLIAMS, BECKWITH T.                   NY-24-40-62
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-24-447-82
WILLIAMS, CAROLINE                      NY-24-68-375
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                     NY-24-78-106
WILLIAMS, CATHERINE A.                  NY-24-447-46
WILLIAMS, CHARLES C.                    NY-24-13-83
WILLIAMS, CORNELIA H.                   NY-24-41-287
WILLIAMS, ELIZA                         NY-24-57-336
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-29-475
WILLIAMS, EMMA                          NY-24-448-359
WILLIAMS, EUNICE                        NY-24-19-21
WILLIAMS, FRANCES                       NY-24-30-394
WILLIAMS, FRANCIS B.                    NY-24-29-205
WILLIAMS, GEORGE N.                     NY-24-34-275
WILLIAMS, HANNAH                        NY-24-23-441
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         NY-24-86-498
WILLIAMS, JABEZ                         NY-24-41-201
WILLIAMS, JANE                          NY-24-8-63
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-24-25-51
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NY-24-49-419
WILLIAMS, JOHN C.                       NY-24-69-101
WILLIAMS, JOHN MASON                    NY-24-2-350
WILLIAMS, JOHN NATHAN                   NY-24-72-357
WILLIAMS, JOHN T.                       NY-24-73-343
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NY-24-14-417
WILLIAMS, JOSEPHINE H.                  NY-24-60-163
WILLIAMS, LUCY ANN                      NY-24-45-23
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NY-24-26-133
WILLIAMS, OTHNIEL                       WETHERSFIELD, CT                        NY-24-2-8
WILLIAMS, PETER                         NY-24-66-497
WILLIAMS, RANSOM G.                     NY-24-12-338
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       NY-24-79-480
WILLIAMS, RICHARD S.                    NY-24-28-145
WILLIAMS, SARAH KELLY                   NY-24-7-288
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NY-24-62-145
WILLIAMS, TIMOTHY                       NY-24-52-254
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM C.                    NY-24-35-33
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM J.                    NY-24-84-396
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM P.                    NY-24-17-432
WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS                      NY-24-9-198
WILLIAMSON, ANN                         NY-24-12-45
WILLIAMSON, ANNIE                       NY-24-448-247
WILLIAMSON, CAROLIUS                    NY-24-46-264
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                       NY-24-14-73
WILLIAMSON, DOUW D.                     NY-24-39-105
WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH M.                NY-24-18-63
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                      NY-24-29-271
WILLIAMSON, HENRY T.                    NY-24-33-38
WILLIAMSON, HEYLTIE                     NY-24-2-154
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       NY-24-10-207
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       NY-24-8-53
WILLIAMSON, JAMES G.                    NY-24-49-372
WILLIAMSON, JOHANNAH                    NY-24-36-26
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NY-24-86-453
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NY-24-3-33
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NY-24-11-444
WILLIAMSON, MARGARET J.                 NY-24-446-81
WILLIAMSON, MARY L.                     NY-24-447-21
WILLIAMSON, NICHOLAS                    NY-24-2-354
WILLIAMSON, REM                         NY-24-3-47
WILLIAMSON, RICHARD                     NY-24-33-301
WILLIAMSON, SARAH                       NY-24-5-332
WILLIAMSON, SARAH                       NY-24-4-381
WILLIAMSON, STEPHEN B.                  NY-24-3-295
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     NY-24-5-43
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     NY-24-4-22
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM J.                  NY-24-40-276
WILLINK, CORNELIA ANN                   NY-24-34-201
WILLINK, JOHN A.                        NY-24-14-38
WILLIS, EDMUND                          NY-24-35-462
WILLIS, HORATIO M                       NY-24-30-475
WILLIS, HORATIO P.                      NY-24-29-290
WILLIS, MARY E.                         NY-24-49-427
WILLIS, MILTON                          NY-24-3-163
WILLIS, PATRICK                         NY-24-16-348
WILLMANN, JOSEPH                        NY-24-450-168
WILLMOTT, SAMUEL D.                     NY-24-25-29
WILLS, CHARLOTTE C.                     NY-24-451-238
WILLS, MARY                             NY-24-446-43
WILLS, ROBERT                           NY-24-30-313
WILLSHER, HENRY                         NY-24-34-87
WILLSHER, HENRY JR.                     NY-24-28-398
WILMARTH, MARGARET                      NY-24-85-270
WILMURT, JOSHUA                         NY-24-2-88
WILSON, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-73-422
WILSON, ALFRED T.                       NY-24-451-327
WILSON, ALMIRA B.                       NY-24-41-224
WILSON, ANN                             NY-24-6-369
WILSON, ANN                             NY-24-40-301
WILSON, CHARLES                         NY-24-20-446
WILSON, CHARLES H.                      NY-24-80-263
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-54-150
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-449-336
WILSON, GEORGE W.                       NY-24-54-475
WILSON, HARRIS                          NY-24-54-79
WILSON, HENRY                           NY-24-76-165
WILSON, HORACE A.                       NY-24-42-388
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-24-26-281
WILSON, JAMES                           NY-24-78-126
WILSON, JAMES C.                        NY-24-70-385
WILSON, JAMES L.                        NY-24-14-406
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-24-57-182
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-24-62-381
WILSON, JOHN                            NY-24-34-380
WILSON, JOHN R.                         NY-24-17-425
WILSON, JOHN R.                         NY-24-447-80
WILSON, JOSEPH W.                       NY-24-57-104
WILSON, LOUISE M.                       NY-24-60-169
WILSON, MARTHA                          NY-24-60-81
WILSON, MARY E.                         NY-24-67-60
WILSON, MATILDA                         NY-24-13-256
WILSON, NICHOLAS F.                     NY-24-49-60
WILSON, RICHARD                         NY-24-30-453
WILSON, ROBERT                          NY-24-451-495
WILSON, THOMAS W.                       NY-24-85-177
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-24-36-172
WILSON, WILLIAM                         NY-24-33-208
WILT, JOHN B.                           NY-24-20-71
WILY, GEORGE S.                         NY-24-23-49
WILY, JOHN S.                           NY-24-14-42
WINANS, ELIZA R.                        NY-24-40-113
WINDSOR, JOHN                           NY-24-16-284
WINE, GULY E.                           NY-24-84-28
WINHAM, ANNA MARIA                      NY-24-46-126
WINKEMEIER, CHARLES                     NY-24-28-387
WINKLEBACK, KATRINA E.                  NY-24-81-403
WINKLER, ADAM                           NY-24-86-242
WINKLER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-24-82-439
WINKLER, GEORGE                         NY-24-60-207
WINN, MARCELLA                          NY-24-70-110
WINSHIP, ELIZA                          NY-24-24-279
WINSLOW, DAVID C.                       NY-24-73-489
WINSLOW, WILLIAM                        NY-24-7-180
WINTER, FRANZ JOSEPH                    NY-24-33-303
WINTER, MAGARETHA                       NY-24-84-384
WINTERBERG, HENRY T.                    NY-24-34-268
WINTERS, ELEANOR                        NY-24-62-163
WINTERS, JOHN                           NY-24-17-136
WINTERSON, GEORGE                       NY-24-42-158
WIRTH, JOHN                             NY-24-15-87
WIRTH, JOHN N.                          NY-24-447-483
WISE, CATHARINE                         NY-24-84-256
WISEMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-24-77-408
WITHERS, HENRY F.                       NY-24-27-43
WITHERS, ROBERT                         NY-24-25-416
WITMOT, WILLIAM                         NY-24-27-485
WITPEN, LUDER                           NY-24-35-30
WITT, HENRY                             NY-24-54-337
WITTE, BERTHA                           NY-24-49-62
WITTE, CHARLES G.                       NY-24-451-476
WITTKE, JULIUS A. A. J. M. VON          NY-24-49-405
WITTMANN, GEORGE                        NY-24-41-261
WITTY, SARAH A.                         NY-24-31-203
WODOWARD, THOMAS                        NY-24-49-19
WOELPER, MARY                           NY-24-18-312
WOGLOM, EUPHEMIA MARIA                  NY-24-70-382
WOGLOM, SAMUEL L.                       NY-24-18-76
WOHLLEBER, JACOB                        NY-24-33-232
WOLCOTT, MARY A.                        NY-24-40-234
WOLDE, RUDOLPH W. B.                    NY-24-54-106
WOLF, FRANCIS                           NY-24-22-3
WOLF, JOHN                              NY-24-39-417
WOLF, KATHARINA CLARA                   NY-24-77-503
WOLF, KONRAD                            NY-24-34-11
WOLFEL, CONRAD                          NY-24-38-144
WOLFF, GABRIEL                          NY-24-446-129
WOLFF, JOHN R.                          NY-24-80-47
WOLLMANN, PAULINE                       NY-24-448-381
WOLLPERT, JACOB                         NY-24-447-370
WOLTER, HERMAN J.                       NY-24-450-311
WOLTERS, HENRY                          NY-24-43-46
WOLTERS, HENRY                          NY-24-42-83
WOLVEN, JOHN P.                         NY-24-49-72
WOOD, ABRAHAM                           NY-24-37-321
WOOD, ANN                               NY-24-21-297
WOOD, CAROLINE                          NY-24-36-357
WOOD, CHARLES                           NY-24-46-237
WOOD, DANIEL                            NY-24-70-387
WOOD, DAVID                             NY-24-54-172
WOOD, ELIZA ANN                         NY-24-41-333
WOOD, ELIZABETH M.                      NY-24-28-168
WOOD, GEORGE                            NY-24-20-46
WOOD, GEORGE W.                         NY-24-49-57
WOOD, JAMES S.                          NY-24-73-307
WOOD, MARINDA                           NY-24-78-19
WOOD, MARY ANNA                         NY-24-49-345
WOOD, MATILDA                           NY-24-39-38
WOOD, MATTHIAS                          NY-24-54-479
WOOD, SAMUEL                            NY-24-17-310
WOOD, SAMUEL L.                         NY-24-23-68
WOOD, SAMUEL S.                         NY-24-25-389
WOOD, SARAH A.                          NY-24-71-475
WOOD, SARAH H.                          NY-24-60-341
WOOD, STEPHEN                           NY-24-26-391
WOOD, WILLIAM                           NY-24-46-54
WOOD, WILLIAM R.                        NY-24-6-148
WOODBRIDGE, SARAH E.                    NY-24-38-149
WOODHULL, GILBERT C.                    NY-24-76-467
WOODRUFF, BENEDICT                      NY-24-81-341
WOODRUFF, ELIAS                         NY-24-40-267
WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-80-86
WOODRUFF, JACOB D.                      NY-24-67-291
WOODRUFF, RACHEL                        NY-24-52-411
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL SAYRE                  NY-24-67-347
WOODS, JAMES                            NY-24-57-66
WOODS, JOHN                             NY-24-25-448
WOODS, LOUISA T.                        NY-24-41-174
WOODS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-60-361
WOODWARD, CHARLES                       NY-24-14-100
WOODWARD, MARIA                         NY-24-34-54
WOODWARD, WILLIAM A.                    NY-24-29-486
WOODWORTH, RUTH                         NY-24-24-1224
WOOLEY, WALTER W.                       NY-24-86-477
WOOLLEY, BRITTAIN L.                    NY-24-12-8
WOOLLEY, CATHARINE                      NY-24-79-478
WOOLLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-37-384
WOOLSEY, ELLEN J.                       NY-24-34-411
WOOLSEY, ISRAEL                         NY-24-7-55
WOOLSEY, NEWELL                         NY-24-14-131
WOOLSEY, WILLIAM G.                     NY-24-7-331
WOORRUFF, SYLVESTER                     NY-24-40-380
WORRALL, MARY                           NY-24-82-81
WORTH, MARY FRANCES                     NY-24-450-18
WORTHEN, W. B.                          NY-24-449-353
WORTMAN, JOHN                           NY-24-20-74
WORTMAN, JOHN S.                        NY-24-28-273
WREDE, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-24-46-446
WREDE, JOHN F. W.                       NY-24-46-354
WRIEDT, GEORGE E.                       NY-24-451-461
WRIGGLESWORTH, JOSEPH                   NY-24-17-25
WRIGHT, ALBERT                          NY-24-54-471
WRIGHT, AMASA                           NY-24-24-187
WRIGHT, BERNARD                         NY-24-36-477
WRIGHT, CHARITY                         NY-24-12-102
WRIGHT, DANIEL                          NY-24-20-431
WRIGHT, GEORGE                          NY-24-38-132
WRIGHT, HORACE                          NY-24-17-346
WRIGHT, JOB                             NY-24-36-13
WRIGHT, JOHN S.                         NY-24-8-79
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          NY-24-24-215
WRIGHT, SKIDMORE                        NY-24-68-464
WRIGHT, SUSANNAH                        NY-24-15-277
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-24-72-354
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-24-87-41
WRIGHT, WILLIAM W.                      NY-24-8-7
WRINCH, THOMAS D.                       NY-24-28-410
WRINKLE, PATRICK                        NY-24-46-140
WUBBER, EDWARD L.                       NY-24-450-329
WULFF, MARY T.                          NY-24-451-404
WULLER, HEMANN                          NY-24-37-397
WURSTERS, WILLIAM                       NY-24-84-451
WYANT, LEONARD                          NY-24-17-251
WYCKFF, JAMES V. B.                     NY-24-19-378
WYCKOFF, ABIGAIL                        NY-24-84-66
WYCKOFF, ABRAHAM                        NY-24-2-338
WYCKOFF, ALBERT                         NY-24-17-361
WYCKOFF, ANDREW                         NY-24-12-96
WYCKOFF, ARABELLA                       NY-24-60-60
WYCKOFF, CATHARINE                      NY-24-46-123
WYCKOFF, CORNELIUS                      NY-24-1-62
WYCKOFF, FERDINAND L.                   NY-24-21-246
WYCKOFF, GARRET                         NY-24-1-204
WYCKOFF, GEORGE                         NY-24-52-311
WYCKOFF, GERRIT P                       NY-24-41-78
WYCKOFF, GERTRUDE                       NY-24-29-128
WYCKOFF, HENDRICK                       NY-24-2-375
WYCKOFF, HENDRICK                       NY-24-2-253
WYCKOFF, HENRY L.                       NY-24-77-52
WYCKOFF, JOHN                           NY-24-72-266
WYCKOFF, JOOST W.                       NY-24-1-1
WYCKOFF, MARGARET N.                    NY-24-44-56
WYCKOFF, NICKLAES                       NY-24-1-311
WYCKOFF, PETER                          NY-24-3-81
WYCKOFF, PETER                          NY-24-6-240
WYCKOFF, PETER G.                       NY-24-3-288
WYCKOFF, SARAH                          NY-24-8-49
WYCKOFF, WILLIAM H.                     NY-24-72-36
WYCKOOF, NICHOLAS                       NY-24-2-247
WYER, NANCY                             NY-24-19-453
WYETH, PEYTON C.                        NY-24-26-118
WYLER, ROSA                             NY-24-448-175
WYMAN, LUTHER B.                        NY-24-82-66
WYNNE, JAMES                            NY-24-73-299
WYNNS, THOMAS                           NY-24-12-307

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