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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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JACK, CHARLES E.                        NY-24-55-363
JACKOBS, JACOB                          NY-24-56-258
JACKSON, ABRAM W.                       NY-24-33-356
JACKSON, AMELIA                         NY-24-28-186
JACKSON, ANN                            NY-24-24-178
JACKSON, ANNA                           NY-24-66-412
JACKSON, BENJAMIN                       NY-24-26-33
JACKSON, ELIZA                          NY-24-55-403
JACKSON, ENNIS                          NY-24-41-468
JACKSON, FRANCIS                        NY-24-27-179
JACKSON, GEORGE                         NY-24-13-158
JACKSON, HAMILTON H.                    NY-24-9-210
JACKSON, HELEN L.                       NY-24-42-327
JACKSON, JOHN                           NY-24-6-314
JACKSON, JOHN E.                        NY-24-4-193
JACKSON, JOHN E.                        NY-24-5-170
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-24-26-327
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-24-15-20
JACKSON, PETER                          NY-24-11-4
JACKSON, PHEBE                          NY-24-17-104
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         NY-24-21-366
JACKSON, SARAH                          NY-24-40-77
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NY-24-58-13
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-48-166
JACKSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-24-66-90
JACOB, ADAM                             NY-24-45-354
JACOB, CHARLES                          NY-24-84-1
JACOB, MARIA                            NY-24-27-492
JACOBS, JOEL                            NY-24-56-175
JACOBS, JOHN G.                         NY-24-70-445
JACOBS, LABAN                           NY-24-28-404
JACOBS, MARY                            NY-24-51-242
JACOBS, SARAH                           NY-24-86-2
JACOBS, WILLIAM                         NY-24-64-322
JAEGER, KASPAR                          NY-24-16-1
JAENECKE, RUDOLPH                       NY-24-38-160
JAFFE, MARIAM                           NY-24-446-84
JAGEL, MAMIE E.                         NY-24-449-7
JAGOE, ROSANNA                          NY-24-59-133
JAHN, CAROLINE                          NY-24-446-376
JAHN, FRANK F.                          NY-24-56-13
JAHN, JOHAN D.                          NY-24-62-359
JAHNE, HENRY                            NY-24-20-475
JAMES, MORRIS                           NY-24-48-64
JAMES, MORRIS F.                        NY-24-87-151
JAMES, STEPHEN                          NY-24-62-394
JAMES, THOMAS                           NY-24-87-441
JAMESON, MARTHA                         NY-24-18-336
JAMISON, JOHN                           NY-24-51-253
JAMISON, SARAH                          NY-24-37-182
JANE, ANTONIO                           NY-24-47-193
JANEMANN, PETER                         NY-24-30-142
JANSEN, MAUDE S. DUGRO                  NY-24-451-333
JAQUES, ISAAC                           NY-24-24-426
JAQUES, MARY ANN                        NY-24-12-199
JAQUES, THOMAS                          NY-24-58-444
JAQUES, ZIPPORAH                        NY-24-24-4
JAQUES, ZIPPORAH D.                     NY-24-86-442
JARVIS, AGNES M.                        NY-24-12-263
JARVIS, C. NELSON                       NY-24-64-276
JARVIS, NELSON                          NY-24-15-260
JARVIS, WHETSON                         NY-24-72-360
JASPER, JAMES                           NY-24-28-156
JAUNCEY, ELIZA M.                       NY-24-30-399
JEANNERET, SIMON                        NY-24-43-471
JEFFERS, WILLIAM                        NY-24-42-191
JENKINS, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-39-95
JENKINS, MARY FRANCES                   NY-24-451-131
JENKINS, RICHARD                        NY-24-59-116
JENKINS, STEPHEN                        NY-24-61-352
JENNERICH, CAROLINA                     NY-24-64-336
JENNINGS, SARAH                         NY-24-36-304
JENNINGS, WILLIAM                       NY-24-81-413
JENNISON, CATHARINE                     NY-24-40-321
JENNISON, JAMES D.                      NY-24-5-432
JENNISON, JAMES D.                      NY-24-6-61
JENNY, ISIDOR                           NY-24-83-497
JENNY, LOUISA                           NY-24-64-27
JESSOP, HENRY                           NY-24-11-386
JESSUP, CHARLES A.                      NY-24-48-371
JESSUP, FAITH JADWIN                    NY-24-446-156
JESSUP, SAMUEL                          NY-24-22-486
JEWELL, THEODORE E.                     NY-24-30-487
JEWELL, WILLIAM                         NY-24-81-240
JEWESSON, THOMAS                        NY-24-28-10
JEWETT, HAROLD F.                       NY-24-451-179
JEWETT, JAMES R.                        NY-24-15-487
JOCELYN, SIMEON S.                      NY-24-79-272
JOHANNES, JOHN                          NY-24-33-179
JOHANNES, MARGARETHA                    NY-24-48-117
JOHANNIS, JOHN H.                       NY-24-62-383
JOHANNS, CHRISTIAN H.                   NY-24-23-332
JOHNS, MARGARET K.                      NY-24-41-447
JOHNS, MARY                             NY-24-39-312
JOHNS, MARY E.                          NY-24-51-272
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-39-353
JOHNSON, ANN                            NY-24-28-225
JOHNSON, ANNA                           NY-24-63-476
JOHNSON, ANNETTE                        NY-24-85-250
JOHNSON, ANYETTA                        NY-24-16-399
JOHNSON, ARAH                           NY-24-22-1
JOHNSON, CAROLINE A.                    NY-24-71-153
JOHNSON, CHARLES H.                     NY-24-38-363
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE                      NY-24-31-416
JOHNSON, DAVID                          NY-24-11-360
JOHNSON, EDWARD                         NY-24-24-66
JOHNSON, ELIZA JANE                     NY-24-31-369
JOHNSON, EMMELINE L.                    NY-24-70-448
JOHNSON, ESTHER                         NY-24-22-240
JOHNSON, EVAN M.                        NY-24-30-6
JOHNSON, FEMMETYE                       NY-24-1-68
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         NY-24-20-267
JOHNSON, HANNAH                         NY-24-35-436
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-24-19-468
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-24-48-21
JOHNSON, HENRY F.                       NY-24-31-289
JOHNSON, HENRY H.                       NY-24-31-156
JOHNSON, ISAAC H.                       NY-24-449-130
JOHNSON, JEREMIAH                       NY-24-14-197
JOHNSON, JEREMIAH                       NY-24-43-102
JOHNSON, JEROME B.                      NY-24-45-256
JOHNSON, JOB JR.                        NY-24-19-360
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-24-21-408
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-24-28-91
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-24-53-486
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-24-3-198
JOHNSON, JOHN B.                        NY-24-1-381
JOHNSON, JOHN C.                        NY-24-6-155
JOHNSON, JOHN FRANCIS                   NY-24-448-250
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         NY-24-6-119
JOHNSON, JOSEPH C.                      NY-24-55-175
JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE M.                   NY-24-80-199
JOHNSON, LAURA                          NY-24-47-399
JOHNSON, MARGARET                       NY-24-42-246
JOHNSON, MARIA                          NY-24-23-258
JOHNSON, MARY                           NY-24-47-512
JOHNSON, MARY                           NY-24-42-250
JOHNSON, MARY ANN                       NY-24-28-100
JOHNSON, MARY BARRAT                    NY-24-63-313
JOHNSON, MOLINDA                        NY-24-21-385
JOHNSON, RAM                            NY-24-12-382
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        NY-24-14-97
JOHNSON, ROBERT W.                      NY-24-85-464
JOHNSON, SAMUEL T.                      NY-24-62-335
JOHNSON, SARAH                          NY-24-9-229
JOHNSON, SARAH C.                       NY-24-26-66
JOHNSON, TUNIS                          NY-24-6-450
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-68-357
JOHNSON, WILLIAM D.                     NY-24-20-6
JOHNSON, WILLIAM E.                     NY-24-10-398
JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.                     NY-24-31-363
JOHNSON, WYMAN                          NY-24-10-43
JOHNSTON, ANDREW M.                     NY-24-68-455
JOHNSTON, BARENT JR.                    NY-24-1-326
JOHNSTON, CHARLOTTE E.                  NY-24-81-322
JOHNSTON, FERUNANDUS                    NY-24-2-249
JOHNSTON, LUCY                          NY-24-55-360
JOHNSTON, MARY ANN                      NY-24-14-55
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       NY-24-447-159
JOHNSTONE, CATHARINE P.                 NY-24-36-377
JONES, ADDA                             NY-24-451-389
JONES, ALONZO F.                        NY-24-27-193
JONES, CAORLINE M.                      NY-24-451-54
JONES, CAVE                             NY-24-3-302
JONES, DANIEL                           NY-24-2-244
JONES, DAVID                            NY-24-28-288
JONES, DOROTHY W                        NY-24-17-408
JONES, EDWARD                           NY-24-33-366
JONES, ELIZABETH O.                     NY-24-71-23
JONES, ELIZABETH W.                     NY-24-28-282
JONES, HENRIETTA F.                     NY-24-86-18
JONES, HENRY                            NY-24-19-231
JONES, HENRY                            NY-24-33-245
JONES, ISAAC H.                         NY-24-42-188
JONES, JANE                             NY-24-70-105
JONES, JENKINS W.                       NY-24-48-332
JONES, JESSE                            NY-24-47-318
JONES, JOHN                             NY-24-39-261
JONES, JOHN                             NY-24-25-237
JONES, JOHN G.                          NY-24-87-293
JONES, JONATHAN                         NY-24-48-350
JONES, LOUISA F.                        NY-24-28-364
JONES, LYND L.                          NY-24-87-222
JONES, MARGARET                         NY-24-72-32
JONES, MARIA                            NY-24-16-277
JONES, MARY A.                          NY-24-67-435
JONES, MARY S.                          NY-24-30-151
JONES, THOMAS                           NY-24-82-376
JONES, THOMAS L.                        NY-24-50-414
JONES, WILLIAM                          NY-24-47-1
JONES, WILLIAM F.                       NY-24-21-258
JONES, WILLIS                           NY-24-61-97
JOOST, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-24-19-33
JORABEMON, HANNAH M.                    NY-24-21-415
JORGENSEN, THOMAS                       NY-24-446-237
JOSLIN, CLAUD E.                        NY-24-449-452
JOST, MICHAEL                           NY-24-446-452
JOYCE, MARY                             NY-24-63-101
JOYNES, MARGARET                        NY-24-43-266
JUDENFRAIND, SOLOMON                    NY-24-451-147
JUDSON, CHARLES H.                      NY-24-87-1
JUDSON, CHARLES N.                      NY-24-449-196
JUDSON, SAMUEL A.                       NY-24-19-249
JUHRING, JOHN C.                        NY-24-61-199
JULIUS, CHARLES                         NY-24-58-207
JULLIEN, CHRISTIAN                      NY-24-9-515
JUNG, CATHARINE N.                      NY-24-59-418
JUNG, HANS AHRENS                       NY-24-54-419
JUNG, JOHN W.                           NY-24-19-86
JURGENS, HERMANN                        NY-24-66-451
JUSTER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-67-247
JUTZI, JOHN                             NY-24-23-236

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