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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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YANCEY, JAMES                           NY-24-20-112
YATES, JAMES                            NY-24-69-451
YATES, JAMES G.                         NY-24-44-253
YATES, MARY                             NY-24-44-127
YATES, MATTHEW                          NY-24-49-388
YATES, THOMAS                           NY-24-35-237
YEAKEL, MARIE ANGELA                    NY-24-448-265
YELGES, BERNARD                         NY-24-11-212
YENNI, ANTOINETTE                       NY-24-46-275
YERKS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-49-42
YOCUM, LOUISA M.                        NY-24-448-165
YORK, PATRICK                           NY-24-54-435
YORKSTON, MARION                        NY-24-31-144
YOUNG, ANNIE P.                         NY-24-446-118
YOUNG, DANIEL R.                        NY-24-33-129
YOUNG, ELBERT A.                        NY-24-24-120
YOUNG, ELISHA S.                        NY-24-27-240
YOUNG, EMILY A.                         NY-24-49-116
YOUNG, ISAAC                            NY-24-36-267
YOUNG, JAMES                            NY-24-60-344
YOUNG, MARGARET                         NY-24-11-241
YOUNG, MARTHA M.                        NY-24-60-481
YOUNG, MARTHA M.                        NY-24-33-280
YOUNG, MARY M.                          NY-24-450-405
YOUNG, NICHOLAS                         NY-24-60-385
YOUNG, ROBERT B.                        NY-24-449-395
YOUNG, SARAH ANN                        NY-24-46-31
YOUNGS, DAVID L.                        NY-24-33-404
YUNG, CAROLINE                          NY-24-79-104
YUNG, ERNST                             NY-24-54-419

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