Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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D'IVERNOIS, CHARLE SLOUIS               NY-24-448-434
DADSON, JAMES                           NY-24-48-508
DAHL, GUSTAVE                           NY-24-447-389
DAHL, HENRY                             NY-24-84-475
DAILEY, CHARLOTTE W.                    NY-24-38-404
DAILY, PATRICK                          NY-24-47-254
DAISEY, JOHN                            NY-24-12-410
DALE, JOHN N.                           NY-24-38-373
DALEY, JOSEPH                           NY-24-39-298
DALLY, JOSEPH                           NY-24-7-4
DALTON, MARGARET                        NY-24-15-479
DALTON, MICHAEL                         NY-24-48-320
DALTON, THOMA                           NY-24-79-297
DALY, CATHARINE                         NY-24-12-312
DALY, DENIS                             NY-24-61-186
DALY, DENNIS                            NY-24-33-296
DALY, ELLEN                             NY-24-30-47
DALY, EUGENE                            NY-24-79-372
DALY, JOHN                              NY-24-448-481
DALY, PATRICK W.                        NY-24-53-204
DAMEREL, GEORGE                         NY-24-20-242
DAMERET, MARY                           NY-24-58-395
DAN, JONATHAN S.                        NY-24-15-268
DANA, CATHARINE S.                      NY-24-37-97
DANELSON, JEMIMA                        NY-24-85-82
DANIEL, ELLEN                           NY-24-451-242
DANIEL, WILLIAM                         NY-24-48-54
DANIELS, GEORGE                         NY-24-24-208
DANNAT, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-79-387
DARBEE, LEVI                            NY-24-80-36
DARBY, PATRICK                          NY-24-50-95
DARLEY, JOHN                            NY-24-20-235
DARLEY, MARTHA                          NY-24-35-139
DARLING, ALBERT                         NY-24-15-154
DARLING, ELI                            NY-24-21-7
DARLINGTON, JOHN D.                     NY-24-48-198
DARMSTADT, JACOB                        NY-24-33-24
DARRELL, NATHANIEL R.                   NY-24-81-399
DARROW, SARAH                           NY-24-29-461
DASHIELL, ALFRED H.                     NY-24-84-240
DATER, JACOB H.                         NY-24-59-153
DAUSCH, JOSEPHINE                       NY-24-73-187
DAVENPORT, EBENEZER                     NY-24-4-440
DAVENPORT, EBENEZER                     NY-24-5-232
DAVENPORT, JOHN A.                      NY-24-33-34
DAVENPORT, JOHN F.                      NY-24-33-271
DAVENPORT, MARY S.                      NY-24-10-267
DAVENPORT, SALLY                        NY-24-42-25
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                      NY-24-22-374
DAVIDSON, AUGUSTUS                      NY-24-450-222
DAVIDSON, CLEMENT                       NY-24-53-1
DAVIDSON, MARGARET                      NY-24-446-235
DAVIDSON, SARAH                         NY-24-37-417
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                       NY-24-27-494
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                       NY-24-5-428
DAVIES, CECELIA BLAKE                   NY-24-448-312
DAVIES, DAVID                           NY-24-56-472
DAVIES, EDGAR W.                        NY-24-21-74
DAVIES, JOHN                            NY-24-70-349
DAVIES, JOHN T.                         NY-24-451-213
DAVIES, MARY                            NY-24-78-87
DAVIES, MARY                            NY-24-27-406
DAVIES, THOMAS                          NY-24-81-45
DAVIS, ANN                              NY-24-22-323
DAVIS, BENJAMIN W.                      NY-24-63-78
DAVIS, DAVID                            NY-24-34-436
DAVIS, DAVID J.                         NY-24-8-15
DAVIS, EDMUND                           NY-24-12-165
DAVIS, EDWARD                           NY-24-3-323
DAVIS, GEORGE A.                        NY-24-14-155
DAVIS, GILBERT S.                       NY-24-73-222
DAVIS, HARRIETT N.                      NY-24-67-142
DAVIS, JAMES                            NY-24-14-480
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-24-55-234
DAVIS, JOSEPH W.                        NY-24-19-367
DAVIS, MARGARET                         NY-24-58-473
DAVIS, MARY A. WILSON                   NY-24-47-167
DAVIS, MARY AUGUSTA                     NY-24-449-464
DAVIS, MATILDA                          NY-24-14-463
DAVIS, MINNIE B.                        NY-24-449-404
DAVIS, WALTER                           NY-24-71-407
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-22-97
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-24-80-21
DAWKIN, GEORGE                          NY-24-85-172
DAWSON, EMMA                            NY-24-30-478
DAWSON, HENRY                           NY-24-1-363
DAWSON, JOHN I.                         NY-24-2-30
DAWSON, JOHN W.                         NY-24-56-447
DAWSON, RACHEL                          NY-24-43-226
DAWSON, SAMUEL                          NY-24-67-25
DAWSON, THOMAS                          NY-24-17-450
DAY, AARON S.                           NY-24-15-281
DAY, EDMUND                             NY-24-446-338
DAY, ELEANOR                            NY-24-28-131
DAY, ELIZABETH                          NY-24-36-399
DAY, JAMES                              NY-24-15-116
DAY, MATTHIAS W.                        NY-24-35-106
DAYRELL, MARY                           NY-24-2-102
DAYRELL, PAUL                           NY-24-1-362
DAYTON, OVERTON                         NY-24-23-61
DEAN, MARY AJNE                         NY-24-45-233
DEANGELIS, FILIPPO                      NY-24-451-176
DEBATTIS, ADOLPH P.                     NY-24-22-469
DEBAUN, PETER                           NY-24-72-90
DEBEVOISE, CHARLES                      NY-24-20-101
DEBEVOISE, DAVID H.                     NY-24-86-40
DEBEVOISE, GABRIEL                      NY-24-18-251
DEBEVOISE, ISAAC                        NY-24-4-182
DEBEVOISE, JAMES                        NY-24-14-67
DEBEVOISE, JOHANNAS                     NY-24-1-99
DEBEVOISE, KOERT                        NY-24-2-305
DEBEVOISE, ROBERT                       NY-24-10-407
DEBOLD, FREDERICK                       NY-24-21-32
DEBOW, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-7-383
DEBUS, JACOB                            NY-24-86-14
DECAMP, ELIHU H.                        NY-24-10-20
DECAMP, MARY                            NY-24-10-462
DECATUR, BRIDGET                        NY-24-61-423
DECEIVEE, JULIA A.                      NY-24-48-300
DECHAUX, PIERRE                         NY-24-77-58
DECKER, CHARLES                         NY-24-25-270
DECKER, JOHN                            NY-24-81-15
DECKMANN, JACOB                         NY-24-29-276
DECON, ROBERT                           NY-24-38-426
DECOUDRES, LOUIS                        NY-24-48-70
DEEGAN, JOHN M.                         NY-24-24-451
DEEGAN, MICHAEL J.                      NY-24-26-416
DEEN, JOHN                              NY-24-19-137
DEFOREEST, JOHN                         NY-24-30-266
DEFOREST, MARCIA A.                     NY-24-17-287
DEFORREST, WILLIAM T.                   NY-24-21-365
DEGEN, JOHN                             NY-24-33-296
DEGENER, FREDERICK O.                   NY-24-48-495
DEGHUEE, EMMA ALVINA                    NY-24-449-375
DEGRAAF, HENRY P.                       NY-24-447-184
DEGRAUW, AARON                          NY-24-14-356
DEGRAUW, ABRAHAM                        NY-24-14-342
DEGRAUW, SARAH M.                       NY-24-15-426
DEGRAW, ISAAC                           NY-24-2-204
DEGRAW, JAMES                           NY-24-4-468
DEGRAW, JAMES                           NY-24-5-393
DEGROOT, HENRY                          NY-24-10-229
DEGROVE, MICHAEL E.                     NY-24-62-462
DEHASS, CHARLES                         NY-24-67-13
DEHNERT, ANNAH MARIA                    NY-24-70-83
DEININGER, JOHANNES                     NY-24-66-307
DEIS, HENRY                             NY-24-55-483
DEITERICH, ANDREAS                      NY-24-24-461
DELABIGARRE, AMARYLLIS L.               NY-24-43-48
DELAFIELD, HARRIET W.                   NY-24-18-219
DELAMATER, MARY S.                      NY-24-50-400
DELAMATER, WILLIAM B.                   NY-24-59-474
DELAMONTAGNIE, WILLIAM                  NY-24-68-390
DELANEY, EDWARD                         NY-24-15-470
DELANY, JOHN                            NY-24-73-109
DELANY, MARGARET                        NY-24-39-80
DELAPIERRE, ALBERT                      NY-24-58-122
DELAPLAINE, JOHN                        NY-24-22-253
DELATOUR, JOSEPHINE                     NY-24-448-473
DELEREE, EMMA L.                        NY-24-15-405
DELFIELD, ANNA                          NY-24-87-431
DELLICKER, JULIA E.                     NY-24-17-322
DELMONICO, PIERRE A.                    NY-24-22-507
DEMAREST, DAVID P.                      NY-24-11-229
DEMAREST, GARRET J.                     NY-24-28-298
DEMAREST, MAHALAH                       NY-24-37-426
DEMAREST, SARAH                         NY-24-39-442
DEMERT, MAGDALENA                       NY-24-40-376
DEMILL, THOMAS A.                       NY-24-66-399
DEMING, ANNA H.                         NY-24-87-288
DEMONET, JOHN B.                        NY-24-70-476
DEMOTT, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-15-4
DEMOTT, PETER                           NY-24-19-4
DEMPSEY, DANIEL                         NY-24-2-437
DEMPSEY, DENNIS                         NY-24-59-121
DEMPSEY, JOHN H.                        NY-24-84-418
DEMPSEY, MICHAEL                        NY-24-39-320
DEMPSEY, MICHAEL B.                     NY-24-451-42
DENECKE, MARIA                          NY-24-448-415
DENGEL, ANTON                           NY-24-59-96
DENGEL, CATHARINA                       NY-24-56-390
DENICE, HENRY                           NY-24-79-252
DENIGAN, MARGARET                       NY-24-62-368
DENISTON, SARAH                         NY-24-2-242
DENMAN, FREDERICK                       NY-24-18-270
DENMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-64-203
DENNINGTON, CLEMENT L.                  NY-24-33-145
DENNIS, EDWARD D.                       NY-24-73-408
DENNY, JAMES                            NY-24-26-36
DENT, ROBERT                            NY-24-81-308
DENTINGER, JOHN                         NY-24-63-1
DENTON, IRENE H.                        NY-24-450-193
DENTON, JOHN                            NY-24-20-79
DENTON, MARIA ISABELLA                  NY-24-48-492
DENTON, NEHEMIAH                        NY-24-9-107
DENYCE, ISAAC                           NY-24-1-273
DENYSE, DENYSE                          NY-24-2-37
DENYSE, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-5-312
DENYSE, JOHN I.                         NY-24-20-422
DENYSE, MARY ANN                        NY-24-87-477
DENYSE, RICHARD                         NY-24-33-10
DENYSE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-8-23
DENYSE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-24-62-340
DEPOLLIER, MARIE ELISE                  NY-24-447-244
DEPUGA, MANUEL                          NY-24-48-475
DERBY, THOMAS                           NY-24-28-178
DERHAM, ANN                             NY-24-24-380
DERLIN, ANN                             NY-24-51-407
DERMODY, JOHN A.                        NY-24-446-426
DEROUS, JULES                           NY-24-35-394
DERRICKSON, JAMES G.                    NY-24-33-268
DERRIN, MARY                            NY-24-82-454
DERUERNHEIM, HEINRICH                   NY-24-45-136
DERUNDEON, LEWIS                        NY-24-70-55
DERUSSY, RENE E.                        NY-24-37-372
DESHARD, GREEN                          NY-24-3-103
DESPARD, RICHARD                        NY-24-10-138
DESPOSITO, ROSINA                       NY-24-451-141
DETMONICO, ROSANNA                      NY-24-28-180
DEUEL, SILAS J.                         NY-24-14-76
DEUTCHMANN, JOHN                        NY-24-53-279
DEVAN, WILLIAM                          NY-24-67-282
DEVANE, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-34-370
DEVAUCENE, JOHN                         NY-24-4-444
DEVAUCENE, JOHN                         NY-24-5-376
DEVENDORF, EDWARD                       NY-24-44-224
DEVER, JOHN H.                          NY-24-44-429
DEVINE, JAMES                           NY-24-28-347
DEVLIN, JOHN                            NY-24-58-311
DEVLIN, MARY **** (118)                 NY-24-82-100
DEVOE, JOHN                             NY-24-2-236
DEVOE, JOHN                             NY-24-9-148
DEVOE, K. T. WILLIAM                    NY-24-81-249
DEVOE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-4-330
DEVOE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-5-292
DEWEY, EDWARD                           NY-24-20-281
DEWITT, ANN L.                          NY-24-22-516
DEWNING, JAMES                          NY-24-21-14
DEXOE, JOHN                             NY-24-19-234
DEXTER, GEORGE                          NY-24-47-179
DEY, EMELINE                            NY-24-48-130
DEY, JACOB C.                           NY-24-31-272
DEYO, EFFIE                             NY-24-80-128
DEZENDORF, ANDREW L.                    NY-24-25-383
DEZENDURF, ANDREW                       NY-24-18-223
DIASO, ROCCO                            NY-24-451-340
DIBBLE, LUCINDA                         NY-24-26-121
DIBBLE, SHELDON                         NY-24-10-222
DICK, ARCHIBALD L                       NY-24-18-319
DICK, JOHN                              NY-24-20-49
DICK, ROBERT H.                         NY-24-37-437
DICK, WILLIAM                           NY-24-451-83
DICKENSON, ANDREW G.                    NY-24-27-61
DICKERMAN, JAMES                        NY-24-38-103
DICKIE, JOHN H.                         NY-24-26-20
DICKINOSN, MERCY A.                     NY-24-87-350
DICKINSON, BAXTER                       NY-24-61-292
DICKINSON, EDWARD                       NY-24-3-324
DICKINSON, EDWIN C.                     NY-24-66-44
DICKINSON, HANNAH                       NY-24-14-176
DICKINSON, JOHN                         NY-24-14-173
DICKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-29-119
DIEFENBACH, JOHN                        NY-24-41-142
DIEHL, CONRAD                           NY-24-64-103
DIEHL, JOHN                             NY-24-84-464
DIEKMANN, JULIUS                        NY-24-73-151
DIELMAN, ELIZABETH M.                   NY-24-44-161
DIENST, CHARLES                         NY-24-55-295
DIERKS, THOMAS HENRY                    NY-24-59-124
DIETER, LORENZ                          NY-24-67-167
DIETRICH, SOPHIA                        NY-24-446-171
DIETZ, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-58-313
DIFFLEY, MARGARET                       NY-24-55-372
DIFFLEY, PATRICK                        NY-24-51-405
DIKEMAN, GEORGIENA E.                   NY-24-44-96
DIKEMAN, HENRY                          NY-24-18-34
DIKEMAN, JOHN                           NY-24-79-197
DIKEMAN, JOHN JR.                       NY-24-35-370
DIKEMAN, JOSIAH                         NY-24-2-358
DILL, BENJAMIN M.                       NY-24-33-314
DILL, ELIZA M.                          NY-24-27-305
DILL, OTTO                              NY-24-24-286
DILL, WILLIAM H.                        NY-24-447-454
DILLEN, JOSEPH J.                       NY-24-33-137
DILLER, JACOB W.                        NY-24-87-157
DILLINGHAM, HEPSABETH M.                NY-24-39-273
DILLON, MATILDA                         NY-24-86-495
DILMAS, SARAH M.                        NY-24-44-345
DILWORTH, WILLIAM                       NY-24-3-336
DIMM, SARAH A.                          NY-24-79-265
DIMON, JOHN                             NY-24-25-73
DINAN, PATRICK                          NY-24-84-47
DINAN, WILLIAM                          NY-24-56-495
DINGEE, CAROLINE M.                     NY-24-449-494
DINGMAN, MARY J.                        NY-24-63-162
DIPPOLD, ANDREW                         NY-24-53-9
DIRR, MARY                              NY-24-447-180
DISBROW, SAMUEL W. ****                 NY-24-55-54
DITMAN, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-1-420
DITMAN, JOHANNES                        NY-24-1-182
DITMAS, PRISCILLA                       NY-24-17-146
DITTMAR, JOHN H.                        NY-24-81-23
DITTRICH, ANDREAS                       NY-24-59-287
DIVETT, ROBERT F.                       NY-24-36-245
DIVINE, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-81-47
DIXON, DOROTHEA                         NY-24-44-78
DIXON, JANE                             NY-24-67-486
DIXON, JOSEPH                           NY-24-3-252
DIXON, JOSEPH M.                        NY-24-73-142
DIXON, THOMAS                           NY-24-27-249
DIXON, WARREN                           NY-24-56-288
DOANE, RUSSELL                          NY-24-71-156
DOBBINS, JAMES                          NY-24-17-171
DOBIECKI, WLADISLAUS                    NY-24-73-170
DOBVAR, MARY                            NY-24-59-497
DOCKERY, ANN                            NY-24-447-36
DODGE, EDWARD                           NY-24-69-477
DODGE, HENRY S.                         NY-24-3-146
DODGE, JEANNIE H.                       NY-24-56-291
DODGE, LEVI                             NY-24-37-215
DODGE, SUSAN                            NY-24-80-167
DODOLAN, CATHARINE                      NY-24-24-264
DOEVENBECKER, CHARLES                   NY-24-40-46
DOGHERTY, JOHN                          NY-24-56-116
DOHERTY, EDWARD                         NY-24-14-191
DOHERTY, EDWARD                         NY-24-64-100
DOHERTY, JOHN                           NY-24-48-39
DOHERTY, JOHN                           NY-24-38-436
DOHERTY, MARY                           NY-24-51-197
DOHERTY, MARY                           NY-24-63-479
DOHERTY, OWEN                           NY-24-14-118
DOHERTY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-55-25
DOIG, ELIZA                             NY-24-44-149
DOIG, MARY                              NY-24-69-470
DOLAN, DANIEL                           NY-24-71-101
DOLAN, MICHAEL                          NY-24-31-418
DOLAN, ROSANNE                          NY-24-77-76
DOLGER, ADAM                            NY-24-77-91
DOLL, JACOB W.                          NY-24-446-445
DOLLE, CHARLES                          NY-24-84-448
DOLLINGER, CONSTANTIN                   NY-24-87-370
DOLSCHEIDT, FREDERICA                   NY-24-79-83
DOLTON, AMELIA                          NY-24-38-62
DOMAS, LINO                             NY-24-5-3
DOMMERQUE, ANTON                        NY-24-26-62
DONAHOE, PATRICK                        NY-24-28-13
DONAHUE, JAMES                          NY-24-15-100
DONAHUE, OWEN                           NY-24-78-112
DONALDSON, EMELINE                      NY-24-87-418
DONALDSON, HENRY                        NY-24-47-237
DONALDSON, JOHN L.                      NY-24-73-168
DONALDSON, WILLIAM                      NY-24-44-146
DONDERO, GIUSEPPE                       NY-24-449-217
DONGAN, RICHARD                         NY-24-51-401
DONIPHAN, JOHN V.                       NY-24-450-189
DONLEVY, GREGORY                        NY-24-1-423
DONLON, ELLEN                           NY-24-33-424
DONLY, BARNARDUS                        NY-24-44-198
DONLY, JAMES                            NY-24-61-260
DONLY, STEPHEN                          NY-24-4-269
DONLY, STEPHEN                          NY-24-5-209
DONNELL, JAMES H.                       NY-24-79-269
DONNELLEY, MICHAEL                      NY-24-69-128
DONNELLY, CATHERINE                     NY-24-451-372
DONNELLY, JAMES                         NY-24-84-55
DONNELLY, MICHAEL                       NY-24-73-192
DONNELLY, NICHOLAS                      NY-24-61-340
DONNER, GOTTLIEB T.                     NY-24-33-454
DONOHOE, MICHAEL                        NY-24-35-339
DONOHUE, JOHN                           NY-24-50-17
DONOVAN, DAVID                          NY-24-42-339
DOODY, THOMAS                           NY-24-48-298
DOOLEY, MARY C.                         NY-24-56-57
DOOLITTLE, ELKANAH                      NY-24-5-407
DOOLITTLE, ELKANAH                      NY-24-6-23
DOOLITTLE, WILLIAM A.                   NY-24-29-211
DOPSON, GEORGE                          NY-24-27-169
DOPSON, HENRY                           NY-24-12-303
DORAN, JOSEPH                           NY-24-36-251
DORAN, PATRICK                          NY-24-27-254
DORAN, SUSANNA                          NY-24-36-433
DOREMUS, HENRY D.                       NY-24-30-434
DOREMUS, THOMAS E.                      NY-24-33-470
DORFLINGER, EDWARD                      NY-24-76-161
DORIAN, JOHN                            NY-24-64-288
DORING, CATHARINE                       NY-24-38-157
DORING, GEORGE H.                       NY-24-41-277
DORLAND, ANN E.                         NY-24-73-484
DORLAND, JAMES                          NY-24-21-47
DORLEY, HANNAH                          NY-24-58-179
DORLON, SIDNEY                          NY-24-51-33
DORNHEIM, ANNA                          NY-24-448-5
DORR, CORNELIA S.                       NY-24-64-270
DORR, MARY                              NY-24-35-456
DORRANCE, MARY A.                       NY-24-85-135
DORSEY, WILLIAM                         NY-24-19-228
DOSCHER, FABIAN                         NY-24-84-109
DOSCHER, REINHOLD                       NY-24-56-403
DOTAN, JOHN                             NY-24-28-400
DOUGHERTY, HUGH                         NY-24-38-332
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                        NY-24-80-54
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         NY-24-28-164
DOUGHERTY, MARY                         NY-24-47-509
DOUGHERTY, MARY                         NY-24-23-4
DOUGHERTY, NATHANIEL                    NY-24-26-16
DOUGHERTY, NEIL ****                    NY-24-62-1
DOUGLAS, JULIA C.                       NY-24-33-25
DOUGLAS, MARY ANN                       NY-24-36-429
DOUGLAS, ROBERT T.                      NY-24-24-242
DOUGLASS, CATHERINE                     NY-24-64-466
DOUGLASS, ELIZA M.                      NY-24-40-354
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          NY-24-79-234
DOUGLASS, PATRICK                       NY-24-86-424
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                        NY-24-68-58
DOUGLISS, DANIEL H.                     NY-24-40-496
DOUTHER, GEORGE                         NY-24-14-410
DOVE, JOHN                              NY-24-79-431
DOVE, THOMAS O.                         NY-24-73-359
DOW, JAMES R.                           NY-24-42-223
DOWD, MARGARET                          NY-24-87-170
DOWD, MARY                              NY-24-450-112
DOWD, PAUL                              NY-24-55-14
DOWDALL, SARAH                          NY-24-80-303
DOWLING, ANN                            NY-24-39-474
DOWLING, MICHAEL                        NY-24-80-282
DOWLING, PATRICK                        NY-24-84-122
DOWNES, WILLIAM                         NY-24-73-326
DOWNEY, JOHN                            NY-24-45-12
DOWNEY, WARREN                          NY-24-44-139
DOWNIE, ALICE                           NY-24-12-41
DOWNIE, SARAH                           NY-24-58-317
DOWNING, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-41-64
DOWNING, ELURY                          NY-24-72-459
DOWNING, GEORGE F.                      NY-24-30-392
DOWNING, JOHN                           NY-24-19-415
DOWNING, JOHN B.                        NY-24-77-431
DOWNS, HENRY S.                         NY-24-80-114
DOWNS, HUGH                             NY-24-63-251
DOWNS, LUCRETIA P.                      NY-24-72-98
DOWNS, WILLIAM W.                       NY-24-58-238
DOWS, ANNIE                             NY-24-59-384
DOXEY, WILLIAM W.                       NY-24-19-183
DOXSEY, JAMES E.                        NY-24-68-271
DOYLE, FELIX                            NY-24-50-495
DOYLE, JAMES                            NY-24-19-327
DOYLE, JAMES                            NY-24-56-61
DOYLE, JOHN L.                          NY-24-447-475
DOYLE, JULIA ANN                        NY-24-448-217
DOYLE, MARY                             NY-24-55-188
DOYLE, PATRICK                          NY-24-42-185
DOYLE, PATRICK H.                       NY-24-44-434
DOYLE, THOMAS                           NY-24-19-464
DOYLE, THOMAS J.                        NY-24-66-328
DOYLE, TIMOTHY                          NY-24-3-346
DOYLE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-85-92
DRAKE, SARAH                            NY-24-23-356
DRAKE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-42-91
DRAPER, ELIZA A.                        NY-24-34-297
DRAPER, TERESA E.                       NY-24-64-94
DRAUTNER, JOHANN                        NY-24-66-483
DRAZ, FRANCIS                           NY-24-15-355
DRESCHER, CASPER                        NY-24-37-336
DRESS, CHARLES                          NY-24-79-385
DRESSLER, JOHN HERMAN                   NY-24-79-474
DREW, AMELIA S.                         NY-24-450-144
DREW, ARNOLD C.                         NY-24-39-415
DREW, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-55-19
DREYER, AUGUSTE E.                      NY-24-449-423
DREYER, META T.                         NY-24-37-173
DREYLING, FRIEDRICH                     NY-24-71-168
DRINKER, JOANNA J.                      NY-24-63-59
DRISCOLL, DENNIS                        NY-24-42-337
DRISCOLL, MARY                          NY-24-84-172
DROGE, HENRY                            NY-24-33-449
DROSTE, CHARLOTTE                       NY-24-451-191
DROWNE, ANNE C.                         NY-24-27-432
DRUHEN, LAWRENCE                        NY-24-15-157
DRUMGOLD, LAWRENCE                      NY-24-41-168
DRYDEN, BARBARA                         NY-24-77-257
DUBOIS, BENJAMIN                        NY-24-15-200
DUBOIS, CATHARINE                       NY-24-73-424
DUBOIS, FRANCIS                         NY-24-77-483
DUBOIS, FRANCIS H.                      NY-24-5-354
DUBOIS, FRANCIS H.                      NY-24-4-399
DUBOIS, JAMES                           NY-24-25-232
DUCK, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-25-1
DUCKEL, NICHOLAS                        NY-24-72-425
DUCKER, DAVID K.                        NY-24-64-396
DUCKER, JOHN                            NY-24-28-70
DUCKWITZ, GEORGE F.                     NY-24-37-350
DUECHTING, CASPAR                       NY-24-38-334
DUELBER, WILLIAM                        NY-24-59-395
DUF, MARY W.                            NY-24-84-469
DUFF, ELLEN                             NY-24-449-296
DUFF, JAMES                             NY-24-20-318
DUFF, JAMES                             NY-24-45-265
DUFFIELD, MARY ANN                      NY-24-45-285
DUFFIN, JOHN P. (M.D.)                  NY-24-85-263
DUFFRIN, CAROLINA                       NY-24-81-439
DUFFRIN, CHRISTIAN                      NY-24-43-92
DUFFRIN, FRANK J.                       NY-24-446-323
DUFFY, DANIEL                           NY-24-45-281
DUFFY, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-451-246
DUFFY, JAMES                            NY-24-44-59
DUFFY, JAMES                            NY-24-73-374
DUFFY, JEREMIAH                         NY-24-44-1
DUFFY, JOHN M.                          NY-24-451-93
DUFFY, MARY                             NY-24-58-418
DUFFY, PATRICK                          NY-24-7-1
DUFFY, PATRICK                          NY-24-5-464
DUFFY, TERRENCE A.                      NY-24-451-216
DUGAN, ROBERT                           NY-24-45-15
DUGGAN, NICHOLAS                        NY-24-64-239
DUGUID, THOMAS                          NY-24-20-354
DUINE, MARY                             NY-24-66-158
DUKES, GEORGE G.                        NY-24-55-231
DUKES, JOSEPH H.                        NY-24-61-170
DULLAD, PATRICK                         NY-24-38-483
DUMBLETON, THOMAS                       NY-24-28-332
DUMONT, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-40-346
DUNBAR, JAMES                           NY-24-41-264
DUNCAN, GEORGE                          NY-24-447-333
DUNCAN, GEORGIANNA                      NY-24-56-311
DUNCAN, HANNAH JANE                     NY-24-38-241
DUNCAN, JAMES M.                        NY-24-29-174
DUNCAN, OLIVER                          NY-24-43-353
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-53-230
DUNCLIFFE, JOHN                         NY-24-41-67
DUNDERDALE, MARIA S.                    NY-24-22-142
DUNHAM, AUSTIN                          NY-24-71-387
DUNHAM, RUTH                            NY-24-51-336
DUNHAM, WILLIAM S.                      NY-24-69-56
DUNKINSON, BETHIA                       NY-24-23-107
DUNN, CALEB L.                          NY-24-84-414
DUNN, MARY                              NY-24-39-270
DUNN, MARY                              NY-24-55-34
DUNN, MARY                              NY-24-80-235
DUNNE, DELIA A.                         NY-24-448-298
DUNNE, MICHAEL                          NY-24-39-366
DUNNING, CHARLES E.                     NY-24-17-111
DUNNING, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-56-191
DUNSHEE, SOPHIA V.                      NY-24-24-418
DURHAM, MARY A.                         NY-24-17-82
DURKEE, ANN                             NY-24-26-423
DURKEE, JULIUS A.                       NY-24-37-403
DURKES, KATHERINE                       NY-24-446-223
DURLAND, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-5-422
DURLAND, JOHN                           NY-24-3-73
DURLAND, NELLY JANE                     NY-24-39-422
DURLAND, THOMAS                         NY-24-5-97
DURNING, BARNARD                        NY-24-68-417
DURR, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-447-126
DURYCE, JACOB                           NY-24-1-209
DURYEA, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-4-260
DURYEA, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-5-211
DURYEA, AMELIA                          NY-24-38-113
DURYEA, CAROLINE                        NY-24-29-489
DURYEA, CATHARINE ELLEN                 NY-24-448-130
DURYEA, CHARLES                         NY-24-1-195
DURYEA, CHARLES T.                      NY-24-1-287
DURYEA, CHRISTIAN                       NY-24-5-324
DURYEA, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-24-496
DURYEA, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-7-195
DURYEA, GABRIEL                         NY-24-2-184
DURYEA, JOHANNIS                        NY-24-2-110
DURYEA, JOHN                            NY-24-67-200
DURYEA, JOHN C.                         NY-24-24-184
DURYEA, JOHN G.                         NY-24-6-26
DURYEA, JOHN G.                         NY-24-5-408
DURYEA, MARGARET E.                     NY-24-58-358
DURYEA, MARIA                           NY-24-42-261
DURYEA, MARIE L.                        NY-24-67-359
DURYEA, MICHAEL S.                      NY-24-63-19
DURYEA, PETER                           NY-24-3-241
DURYEA, RULEF                           NY-24-3-328
DURYEA, SSARAH                          NY-24-24-394
DURYEE, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-9-267
DURYEE, ELLEN                           NY-24-16-259
DURYEE, ELLEN N.                        NY-24-36-216
DURYEE, JOOST                           NY-24-1-134
DURYEE, MARIA                           NY-24-40-173
DUSCH, JACOB                            NY-24-28-306
DUSCHANECK, JOSEPH                      NY-24-27-483
DUSEL, GEORGE JOSEPH                    NY-24-64-51
DUXBURY, FRANCES C.                     NY-24-84-338
DUYCKINCK, CHARLES A.                   NY-24-40-357
DWIGHT, CATHARINE                       NY-24-29-288
DWIGHT, MARY LOUISA                     NY-24-45-291
DWIGHT, MAURICE W.                      NY-24-22-428
DWYER, JOHN                             NY-24-73-114
DYCKER, EDWARD                          NY-24-58-283
DYE, WILLIAM                            NY-24-18-431
DYGERT, ALOIS J.                        NY-24-37-452
DYSON, HENRY                            BEVERLY, MA                             NY-24-3-6

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