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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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NADER, JOHN                             NY-24-49-376
NAGEL, JOHN                             NY-24-60-249
NAGEL, SOPHIA                           NY-24-60-324
NAGLE, ELLEN                            NY-24-54-321
NAHRUNG, CHARLES                        NY-24-54-353
NANCE, THOMAS                           NY-24-14-209
NASE, EMELINE                           NY-24-41-357
NASH, ELLEN                             NY-24-448-486
NASH, GEORGE                            NY-24-18-290
NASH, PATRICK                           NY-24-52-278
NASH, THOMAS                            NY-24-57-321
NASH, WEBB                              NY-24-85-285
NASSALL, CONSTANTN                      NY-24-49-251
NATHAN, MARINER A.                      NY-24-52-22
NATTELL, ANNIE                          NY-24-450-124
NEAFIE, CAROLINE                        NY-24-60-382
NEARR, HONORATHA                        NY-24-73-340
NEDRING, ALFRED N.                      NY-24-84-284
NEEFELDT, PETER A.                      NY-24-42-429
NEEFUS, DAVID                           NY-24-7-477
NEEFUS, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-28-206
NEEFUS, JOHN D.                         NY-24-49-52
NEER, CHARLES                           NY-24-85-330
NEESE, CONRAD                           NY-24-17-108
NEFUS, ROELUF                           NY-24-2-292
NEGBAUR, LOUIS                          NY-24-35-208
NEIDIG, CHRISTIAN                       NY-24-31-448
NEILSON, NEILS                          NY-24-33-428
NEIMEYER, JOSEPH                        NY-24-70-58
NEISEN, CAROLINE A.                     NY-24-450-77
NEITHAMER, JOHN                         NY-24-70-414
NEIVELL, MARY ANN                       NY-24-36-386
NELSON, BENJAMIN S.                     NY-24-73-445
NELSON, CATHARINE                       NY-24-52-449
NELSON, GUSTAF                          NY-24-67-497
NELSON, LEWIS H.                        NY-24-39-115
NELSON, THOMAS M.                       NY-24-57-164
NELSON, THOMAS S.                       NY-24-25-295
NESBITT, THOMAS                         NY-24-14-106
NESMITH, JAMES                          NY-24-44-350
NETTERVILLE, MARY                       NY-24-60-136
NEUBERT, CASPAR                         NY-24-39-54
NEUHALL, SARAH A.                       NY-24-85-97
NEUMARK, NATALIE                        NY-24-450-207
NEUMER, CECILIE                         NY-24-54-402
NEUSCHLER, JOHN                         NY-24-449-449
NEVILLE, MARY                           NY-24-20-390
NEW, GEORGE JOSEPH                      NY-24-68-95
NEWBOULD, JOHN A.                       NY-24-43-94
NEWBURN, MARY ANNA                      NY-24-60-56
NEWELL, WILLIAM M.                      NY-24-52-444
NEWEY, SAMUEL                           NY-24-11-248
NEWHAM, JANE M.                         NY-24-24-24
NEWHAM, WILLIAM S.                      NY-24-19-265
NEWMAN, BERTHA                          NY-24-79-392
NEWMAN, CLEMENT D.                      NY-24-85-220
NEWMAN, ELLEN K.                        NY-24-73-274
NEWMAN, GEORGE A.                       NY-24-12-344
NEWMAN, GUSTAVUS                        NY-24-14-22
NEWMAN, JAMES I.                        NY-24-446-17
NEWMAN, JANE                            NY-24-52-171
NEWMAN, MARK H.                         NY-24-14-273
NEWMAN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-24-13-273
NEWTON, CHARLES W.                      NY-24-52-344
NEWTON, DAVID F.                        NY-24-85-312
NEWTON, ESTHER E.                       NY-24-60-390
NEWTON, JANE F.                         NY-24-52-339
NEXSEN, CATHARINE                       NY-24-13-437
NEXSEN, EMELINE A.                      NY-24-49-201
NEXSEN, GEORGE W.                       NY-24-29-340
NEXSEN, SARAH                           NY-24-27-111
NEXSEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-33-201
NEXSON, CATHARINE                       NY-24-17-417
NICHOLLS, JOSEPH ****                   NY-24-52-24
NICHOLS, JANE                           NY-24-24-448
NICHOLS, JANE                           NY-24-14-331
NICHOLS, ROBERT                         NY-24-25-140
NICHOLS, SARAH V. D.                    NY-24-34-398
NICHOLS, STAN                           NY-24-18-369
NICHOLS, SUSAN N.                       NY-24-46-347
NICHOLSON, GEORGE                       NY-24-2-115
NICKERSON, GEORGE W.                    NY-24-451-393
NICOL, LOUIS                            NY-24-20-322
NICOLSON, JAMES                         NY-24-73-19
NIEBERGALL, JACOB                       NY-24-57-331
NIEBUHR, JOHNC .                        NY-24-13-181
NIEDNER, CHARLES F. M. W.               NY-24-46-403
NIESMANN, HERRMANN                      NY-24-44-248
NIMMO, ALEXANDER                        NY-24-84-430
NITZELNADEL, JOHANNA                    NY-24-46-66
NIVEN, MARIA                            NY-24-86-216
NIXON, JOHN C.                          NY-24-23-80
NOBLE, AGNES                            NY-24-52-333
NOBLE, CHARLES                          NY-24-38-380
NOBLE, CURTIS                           NY-24-67-193
NOBLE, GORHAM                           NY-24-41-13
NOBLE, JAMES                            NY-24-10-50
NOBLE, JOSEPH                           NY-24-29-359
NOBLE, MARY A.                          NY-24-31-64
NOBLE, SOPHIA K.                        NY-24-52-148
NOLAN, MICHAEL                          NY-24-84-162
NOLEN, MARY                             NY-24-39-356
NOLL, ADAM                              NY-24-44-64
NOLTE, FRANZ                            NY-24-40-178
NOONAN, ELLEN                           NY-24-37-462
NOONEY, JOHN                            NY-24-447-387
NORDEN, JOSEPH                          NY-24-448-294
NORMAN, MARY                            NY-24-451-419
NORRIS, HIRAM A.                        NY-24-15-119
NORRIS, HUGH                            NY-24-49-304
NORRIS, JOHN B.                         NY-24-71-478
NORRIS, JOHN R.                         NY-24-46-98
NORRIS, MATILDA N.                      NY-24-11-102
NORTH, THOMAS                           NY-24-46-168
NORTON, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-24-451-311
NORTON, SUSAN J.                        NY-24-447-91
NOSTRAND, CORNELIA                      NY-24-2-97
NOSTRAND, ELIZA                         NY-24-21-27
NOSTRAND, TIMOTHY                       NY-24-73-229
NOSTRANT, GERRET                        NY-24-2-25
NOTHIG, MATHIAS                         NY-24-44-6
NOTTINGER, JOHN                         NY-24-80-57
NOWLAN, HENRY H.                        NY-24-34-319
NOYES, MARY B.                          NY-24-81-377
NOYES, WILLIAM C.                       NY-24-9-262
NOYSE, MARIA                            NY-24-34-49
NUNNS, JOSEPH                           NY-24-35-386
NUTT, RICHARD H.                        NY-24-60-327
NUTTING, MARCUS                         NY-24-70-9
NWMAN, MARY                             NY-24-60-198
NYE, EZRA                               NY-24-33-387

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