Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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HAAF, MARGARETHA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-268
HAAG, HARVEY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-169
HAASIS, JULIUS F.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-399
HABBAWITZ, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-155
HACHNLEN, THEODORE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-368
HACK, ANDEW                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-27
HACKET, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-28
HACKSTAFF, ANN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-445
HADDEN, CROWELL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-74
HADLEY, RICHARD                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-225
HAEGE, AUGUST                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-17
HAFF, MARGARET                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-4-158
HAFF, MARGARETT                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-402
HAFNER, JOHN G.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-377
HAGAN, KATE                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-161
HAGE, FREDERICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-307
HAGEDORN, BERTHA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-276
HAGEN, CAROLINE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-462
HAGENBUCH, HEINRICKA                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-213
HAGER, PER MAURITZ                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-465
HAGERTY, BERNARD B.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-33
HAGGEMAN, MARY ANNA                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-429
HAGGERTY, DENNIS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-444
HAGNER, HENRY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-23
HAGUE, MARY A.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-402
HAHN, EDIGIUS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-147
HAHN, KATHARINA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-324
HAHN, NICHOLAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-219
HAHN, SARAH L.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-270
HAIGH, MARGARET                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-193
HAIGHT, EDWIN M.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-478
HAIGHT, JANE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-315
HAIGHT, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-421
HALBERT, AUGUSTUS D.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-234
HALE, BENJAMIN E.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-184
HALE, HENRY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-301
HALE, THOMAS                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-360
HALE, WILLIAM H.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-221
HALES, ELIZABETH                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-276
HALES, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-263
HALEY, ELISHA L.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-472
HALEY, MARY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-103
HALIGAN, PATRICK                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-30
HALK, ADAM                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-121
HALL, ALMIRA A.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-233
HALL, CHARLES D.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-20
HALL, CLARRISSA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-250
HALL, ELI N.                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-58
HALL, ELIZABETH G. T.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-117
HALL, ERASTUS C.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-322
HALL, GEORGE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-18
HALL, GEORGE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-204
HALL, GEORGE C.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-244
HALL, JAMES                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-441
HALL, MALVINA E.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-491
HALL, MARILLA W.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-464
HALL, MARTHA W.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-482
HALL, MARY                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-183
HALL, MARY A.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-493
HALL, MARY A.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-351
HALL, MILTON                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-258
HALL, MILTON JR.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-124
HALL, NANCY W.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-437
HALL, OSCAR A.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-156
HALL, PHEBE                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-226
HALL, RICHARD                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-148
HALL, VALENTINE T.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-133
HALL, WILLIAM FOX                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-425
HALLAGAN, THOMAS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-204
HALLAHAN, JAMES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-203
HALLER, SIMON                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-182
HALLER, WALBURGA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-23
HALLETT, JAMES S.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-151
HALLETT, SARAH                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-285
HALLIARD, DAVID                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-225
HALLIDAY, HUGH                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-209
HALLIDAY, THOMAS A.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-7
HALLIGAN, JOHN C.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-453
HALLIGAN, PATRICK                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-173
HALLOWAY, CATHARINE M.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-212
HALLSTED, BENJAMIN                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-487
HALSEY, CAROLINE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-322
HALSEY, CEPHAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-116
HALSEY, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-261
HALSEY, EDWARD C.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-165
HALSEY, JAMES M.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-35
HALSEY, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-227
HALSEY, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-273
HALSEY, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-202
HALSTED, CALEB STOCKTON                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-15
HALSTED, ELIZA ANN                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-83
HALSTED, HILTON BENJAMIN                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-322
HALSTED, MARY B.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-309
HAM, LEONARD J.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-138
HAMANN, MARIE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-223
HAMEL, JANE S.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-40
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-115
HAMILTON, COLSON C.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-4
HAMILTON, EDWARD H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-474
HAMILTON, JOHN W.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-60
HAMILTON, ROBERT L.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-37
HAMILTON, SARAH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-327
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-407
HAMILTON, WILLIAM C                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-385
HAMILTON, WILLIAM H.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-139
HAMLTON, DAVID H.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-126
HAMLYN, GEORGE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-295
HAMM, LOUISA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-209
HAMM, MARIA                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-402
HAMMEL, JOSEPH                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-8
HAMMELL, SARAH R.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-118
HAMMER, JOHANNES                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-229
HAMMOND, BURTON G.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-234
HAMMOND, MARY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-253
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-194
HAMPTON, BENJAMIN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-479
HAMPTON, ISAAC                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-448
HAMPTON, WADE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-194
HANABERGH, CHARLOTTE                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-138
HANAFORD, ELISABETH T.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-274
HANCE, ELLEN C.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-125
HANCOCK, ELLEN AGNES                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-293
HANCOCK, ROBERT                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-145
HAND, JAMES                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-78-114
HAND, MARGARET                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-370
HAND, RICHARD C.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-95
HANDLEN, MARIA F.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-308
HANDLEN, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-153
HANDLEY, BENJAMIN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-484
HANDRICH, HERMANN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-183
HANFORD, EDWARD A.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-496
HANFORD, JOHN E.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-432
HANFORD, RACHEL H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-72
HANGARTNER, JOHN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-374
HANGLER, LOIS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-56
HANIGAN, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-141
HANINGTON, ROBERT                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-94
HANKS, AZEL                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-383
HANLEY, LAWRENCE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-299
HANLEY, MARGARET                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-306
HANLEY, PATRICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-84
HANLON, MARGARET                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-232
HANLY, WINNIFRED                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-13
HANMER, HARRIET                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-344
HANNAHS, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-135
HANNAN, ANN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-198
HANNAN, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-350
HANNERS, SARAH B.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-293
HANNWEBER, GEORGE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-347
HANRAHAN, THOMAS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-83
HANSAN, LAURA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-489
HANSELL, HANNAH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-462
HANSEN, ELIZABETH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-367
HANSON, ANN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-68
HANSON, CHRISTIAN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-372
HANSON, HENRY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-198
HANSON, JANE BETTS                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-11
HARBORDT, ELIZA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-96
HARBURGER, SIMON                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-176
HARD, BRADLEY R.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-92
HARDENBROOK, NICHOLAS A.                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-372
HARDENBROOK, THEOPHILUS                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-360
HARDICK, CHARLES B.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-195
HARDIGAN, BRIDGET KENNEDY               BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-227
HARDIMAN, LAURENCE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-435
HARDING, CATHARINE S.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-107
HARDING, CHARLES D.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-382
HARDING, GARDINER S.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-486
HARDING, MARY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-206
HARDING, RICHARD J.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-141
HARDING, THOMAS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-330
HARKIN, CATHARINE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-247
HARKINS, CATHARINE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-257
HARLIN, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-469
HARLOW, ISAIAH R.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-446
HARMON, ANNA O.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-39
HARMS, HENRICUS MENSEN                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-457
HARMS, JOHN H.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-437
HARPER, ANDREW M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-11
HARPER, JAMES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-13
HARPER, JOSEPH W.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-1
HARPER, PATRICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-329
HARRIMAN, EPHRAIM G.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-463
HARRINGTON, ENOCH C.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-197
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-313
HARRIS, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-274
HARRIS, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-6
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-348
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-261
HARRIS, GEORGE C.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-323
HARRIS, HENRY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-54
HARRIS, ISAAC                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-233
HARRIS, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-43
HARRIS, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-54
HARRIS, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-418
HARRIS, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-110
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-199
HARRIS, SIDNEY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-306
HARRIS, WILLIAM M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-432
HARRISON, ABIATHAS                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-430
HARRISON, ADA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-64
HARRISON, DAVID                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-76-169
HARRISON, EDWARD                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-86
HARRISON, FRANCIS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-218
HARRISON, WILLIAM R.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-457
HARRISSON, MARY                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-62
HARRON, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-317
HARSEN, MARY F.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-443
HART, CATHARINE J.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-17
HART, EDWARD                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-299
HART, FRANCIS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-259
HART, HUGH                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-383
HART, ISAAC                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-378
HART, JAMES                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-473
HART, MARGARET                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-341
HARTH, DIETRICH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-135
HARTIGAN, MARGARET                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-171
HARTIN, SYLVIE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-369
HARTJEN, ANNA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-454
HARTMAN, CHARLOTTE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-374
HARTMANN, JOHN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-68
HARTMANN, MARIA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-10
HARTNETT, CATHERINE F.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-232
HARTNETT, JAMES F.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-154
HARTOUGH, JOHN J.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-295
HARTOUGH, REBECCA D.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-180
HARTSHORNE, HUMPHREY                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-20
HARTT, SAMUEL                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-13
HARTT, SARAH M.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-248
HARVEY, CATHARINE E.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-198
HARVEY, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-321
HARVEY, EDWARD                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-292
HARVEY, GEORGE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-260
HARVEY, MATILDA L.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-23
HARVEY, SAMUEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-126
HARVEY, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-189
HARVEY, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-354
HARVEY, SILAS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-364
HARVEY, WILLIAM H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-204
HARWARD, CHARLOTTE G.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-102
HASBROOK, CATHERINE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-24
HASBROUCK, MARIA W.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-367
HASCALL, ELLEN M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-252
HASKELL, ELIZABETH                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-320
HASKETH, THOMAS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-380
HASKINS, HIRAM K.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-420
HASKINS, MARY N.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-307
HASLER, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-444
HASLETT, ELLEN SULLIVAN                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-219
HASLETT, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-154
HASS, ANNA M.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-282
HASSEL, FRANCIS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-302
HASSLACHER, JOSEPH                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-345
HASSLER, WILLHELMINE                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-367
HASTINGS, GEORGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-307
HASTINGS, WILLIAM M.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-182
HATCH, JOHN C.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-461
HATCHER, THOMAS S.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-356
HATFIELD, CHARLES W.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-151
HATFIELD, ROBERT G.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-379
HATFIELD,C ATGHARINE HAYES              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-151
HATHAWAY, ESTHER                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-369
HATHAWAY, JAMES E.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-8-33
HATHAWAY,F RANCIS E.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-181
HATHORN, MARY ANN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-377
HATHORN, SALLY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-59
HATPIN, ELIZA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-198
HATRY, MATILDA E.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-381, 383
HATTIN, MICHAEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-218
HATTON, CHARLES S.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-241
HAUBENTHAL, PETER                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-193
HAUCK, FRIEDERICK                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-247
HAUCK, MARGARETTA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-25
HAUTZ, ELIZABETH                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-45
HAVENS, BENJAMIN                        BEDFORD                                 NY-24-1-244
HAVENS, CYNTHIA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-103
HAVENS, HARRIET H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-170
HAVENS, JACKSON M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-246
HAVER, BERNARD                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-394
HAVERSTOCK, ROBERT                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-284
HAVILAND, HENRY                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-437
HAVILAND, JAMES F.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-41
HAVILAND, JAMES O.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-359
HAVILAND, LYMAN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-255
HAWES, ELIZA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-100
HAWKINS, CHARLES H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-369
HAWKINS, JOHN H.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-189
HAWKINS, MARY A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-141
HAWKINS, SARAH E.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-228
HAWKINS, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-494
HAWKS, HANNAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-61
HAWLEY, OSCAR F.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-175, 178, 205
HAWS, PHILIP                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-338
HAWTHORNE, SARAH M. G.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-42
HAXBY, THOMAS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-67
HAY, JAMES                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-342
HAYDEN, EDWIN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-102
HAYDENHOFER, JOHANNES                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-16-280
HAYDOCK, JOSEPH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-486
HAYES, ALICE S.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-88
HAYES, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-74
HAYES, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-80
HAYES, MARGARET                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-428
HAYES, MARY E.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-278
HAYES, PATRICK                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-326
HAYES, SARAH E.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-1
HAYES, WILLIAM H.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-318
HAYLY, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-105
HAYNES, CARRIE R.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-11
HAYNES, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-471
HAYNES, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-394
HAYNES, TRUE B.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-459
HAYNES, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-204
HAYRE, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-412
HAYRE, SARAH                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-356
HAYS, REBECCA A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-377
HAYS, SAMUEL                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-466
HAYT, SOPHIA M.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-29
HAYTER, PHILIP                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-6
HAYWARD, JOSEPH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-442
HAYWARD, MELVILLE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-211
HAYWARD, PRISCILLA                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-427
HAYWOOD, IDA B.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-12
HAZARD, ELIZABETH E.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-397
HAZEN, JAMES                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-35
HAZLETTE, ALEXANDER                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-16-16
HAZZARD, JOHN R.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-98
HEADMAN, DANIEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-343
HEADS, ANNE                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-498
HEALEY, MICHAEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-338
HEALY, CATHARINE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-377
HEALY, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-171
HEALY, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-298
HEALY, THOMAS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-16-324
HEALY, THOMAS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-485
HEARD, MARY R.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-467
HEARNE, ANN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-177
HEARNE, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-143
HEARSEY, HENRY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-154
HEATHERMAN,C ATHERINE                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-229
HEAVY, MICHAEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-425
HEBARD, FREDERICK H.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-478
HEBARD, GEORGE W.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-37
HEBARD, MARGARET F.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-359
HEBERT, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-252
HECHT, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-463
HECKENROTH, EMILIE THERESE              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-447
HEDDEN, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-49
HEDGE, ELIAS GRANT                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-223
HEDGEMAN, MARY A.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-54
HEDGES, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-257
HEDGES, DANIEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-200
HEDLEY, ANN ELIZA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-463
HEENEY, CORNELIUS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-18
HEENEY, JULIA GRACE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-467
HEER, CHARLES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-407
HEESEMAN, LUCIE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-48
HEFFERNAN, JOHN MORE                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-109
HEFFRON, ANNIE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-32
HEGEMAN, ADRIAN                         NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-2-174
HEGEMAN, ADRIAN                         FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-9
HEGEMAN, JOSEPH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-1
HEGEMAN, JOSEPH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-474
HEGEMAN, MICHAEL                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-425
HEGEMAN, PETRUS                         FLAT BUSH                               NY-24-2-85
HEGEMAN, REM                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-114
HEGEMAN, REM                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-74
HEGEMAN, REM                            FLATBUSH                                NY-24-4-108
HEGEMAN, THOMAS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-113
HEGEMAN, VINCENT                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-393
HEIB, FREDERICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-260
HEIDENREICH, ADELLA                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-362
HEIL, JOHN                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-78-96
HEILAND, MATILDA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-192
HEILSHORN, CONRAD H. G.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-200
HEIMAN, HENRY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-3
HEIMS, FREDERICK C.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-201
HEIN, PHILIP                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-276
HEINEN, JACOB                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-472
HEINRICH, JACOB                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-240
HEINRICH, WILHELM                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-364
HEINSOHN, CARSTEN H.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-482
HEISER, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-232
HEISLITZ, MATHILDA                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-432
HEISSENBUTTEL, WILLIAM                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-76-117
HEITKAMP, CHARLES                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-293
HEITKAMP, CHARLES W.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-216
HEITMANN, JOHN D.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-291
HELD, JACOB                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-112
HELIKER, EDWARD                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-336
HELMUS, HIRAM                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-22
HELSEY, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-141
HELWIG, EDWARD                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-475
HELY, ORRISSA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-397
HEMMENGER, ELISABETHA                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-272
HEMMETER, HENRY                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-233
HEMMINGER, CHRISTIAN H.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-177
HEMPLER, HERMAN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-4
HEMPSTEAD, CHRISTOPHER M.               BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-159
HEMPSTED, NATHANIEL                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-256
HENDERSON, DANIEL                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-164
HENDRICKSON, ANN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-451
HENDRICKSON, DEBORAH ANN                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-349
HENDRICKSON, FOSTER                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-209
HENDRICKSON, GARRET H.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-414
HENDRICKSON, HENRY                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-461
HENDRICKSON, JANE                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-24-2-289
HENDRICKSON, STEPHEN                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-38
HENDRICKSON, STEPHEN I.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-341
HENDRICKSON, WILLIAM L.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-90
HENKE, DIEDRICH HENRY                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-479
HENKEN, ALLRICH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-62
HENKEN, ELIZABETH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-284
HENN, JOHN                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-148
HENNERSCHIT, CATHARINE                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-77
HENNESSEY, ANN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-27
HENNESSY, TIMOTHY                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-398
HENNING, ADELAIDE A.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-464
HENNINGS, GEORGE C.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-299
HENNION, JANE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-333
HENRICKS, PETER                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-425
HENRY, GILLETTA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-23
HENRY, JAMES H.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-160
HENRY, JANE                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-360
HENRY, LAFAYETTE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-269
HENRY, MARX                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-163
HENRY, MARY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-327
HENRY, REBECCA B.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-240
HENRY, RICHARD                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-6
HENRY, WILLIAM                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-4-27
HENRY, WILLIAM                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-49
HENSCHEL, WILLIAM                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-60
HENSHAW, LINUS K.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-277
HERALD, JAMES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-376
HERBELL, HENRY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-232
HERBERT, JACOB                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-409
HERBERT, JAMES                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-69
HERBEST, THOMAS R.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-101
HERKNER, SOPHIA MARY                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-266
HERLING, EVA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-90
HERLITZ, LOUISA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-285
HERM, SEBASTIAN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-470
HERMANN, FRIEDRICH                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-28
HERRBEIN, JOHN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-441
HERRBRUCK, HENRY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-230
HERRIMAN, CAROLINE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-35
HERRIMAN, WILLIAM S.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-47
HERRINGER, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-122
HERRSCHAFT, JOSEPH                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-415
HERSEY, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-331
HERTH, LUDWIG                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-482
HERTZEL, CORNELIA F.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-412
HERWIG, CONRAD                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-299
HESLIN, PETER                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-87
HESS, ANNA                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-439
HESS, FREDERICK W.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-452
HESS, JOHN                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-103
HESS, JOHN V.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-315
HESS, NICHOLAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-249
HESSE, CARL G. F.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-266
HESSLER, CATHARINE A.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-351
HETFIELD, ELIZABETH A.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-253
HETTINGER, JOSEPH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-414
HEUSER, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-250
HEUSS, CHARLES W.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-482
HEWITT, MAHLON T.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-32
HEWLETT, SAMUEL M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-151
HEWLETT, THOMAS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-209
HEXAMER, JACOB                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-447
HEYDECKER, JOACHIM                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-204
HEYDECKER, WILLIAM H.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-175
HEYDENREICH, LOUIS W.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-13
HEYDINGER, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-392
HEYMANN, HENRY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-50
HIBB, FREDERICK B.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-356
HIBBARD, GEORGE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-437
HIBBMAN, ALEXANDER C.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-309
HIBBS, HENRY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-426
HICK, HENRY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-323
HICKEY, JAMES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-472
HICKEY, MICHAEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-175
HICKEY, PATRICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-387
HICKEY, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-471
HICKOK, HARRIET M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-81
HICKOK, SAMUEL DELOS                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-332
HICKS, CAROLINE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-16-481
HICKS, CHARLES                          BROOKLINE                               NY-24-1-96
HICKS, ELIZABETH                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-414
HICKS, GEORGE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-190
HICKS, JONATHAN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-219
HICKS, JONATHAN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-102
HICKS, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-13
HICKS, MARIA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-458
HIDDLESTON, WILLIAM                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-152
HIERONIMUS CHARLES                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-143
HIGBIE, REBECCA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-302
HIGGINS, BETTY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-306
HIGGINS, JANE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-268
HIGGINS, LEWIS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-425
HIGGINS, MARY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-261
HIGGINS, MARY A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-4
HIGGINS, SEPTERIUS                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-482
HILD, PETER                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-90
HILDEBRAND, GERHARD                     NEW LOTS                                NY-24-43-1
HILL, CHARLES E. E.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-31
HILL, DAVID                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-147
HILL, FRANCIS B.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-14
HILL, JEANIE J.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-301
HILL, JEANNE A.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-431
HILL, JOHN S.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-23
HILL, LAWRENCE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-328
HILL, MARY                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-437
HILLER, PHILIP                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-139
HILLHOUSE, ANN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-23
HILLIARD, JAMES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-108
HILLIARD, THOMAS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-431
HILLIKER, JAMES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-480
HILLMAN, FREDERICK                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-203
HILLMAN, JONATHAN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-132
HILLMANN, WILLIAM                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-197
HILLYARD, HENRY                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-327
HILTON, BENJAMIN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-174
HILTON, FREDERICK S.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-46
HINCHMAN, REBECCA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-377
HINCHMAN, WILLIAM                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-58
HINCK, AREND                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-220
HINCK, JON WILLIAM                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-430
HINDS, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-512
HINERSCHIDT, JOHN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-319
HINKEL, JAKOB                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-142
HINMANN, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-257
HINRICHS, ALBERT T.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-253
HINRICHS, C. F. ALBERT                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-413
HINTON, CATHARINE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-394
HIPWELL, JANE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-466
HIPWELL, MARGARET                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-329
HIRCHNER, CRISTINA                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-3
HIRN, CHRISTIAN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-71
HIRN, DAVID FREDERICH CHRISTIAN         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-71
HIRST, ARTHUR                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-191
HIRST, THOMAS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-18
HIRSTIUS, PETER                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-381
HISLAM, ROSANNAH                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-119
HITCHCOCK, CAROLINE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-37
HITCHCOCK, MILES                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-411
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM H.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-20
HITCHINSON, MARY A.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-138
HITZ, LOUISA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-51
HOAG, LOUISA L.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-174
HOAGLAND, CATHARINE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-334
HOBAN, JAMES D.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-467
HOBART, BENJAMIN K.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-123
HOBLEY, HENRY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-252
HOBLEY, JESSE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-198
HODGDON, ORAETTA M.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-78
HODGE, SAMUEL                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-359
HODGE, SARAH                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-321
HODGES, SARAH R.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-52
HODGETTS, CHARLES                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-475
HODGKINSON, THOMAS H.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-146
HODGSKIN, JAMES B.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-480
HODGSON, GRACE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-59
HODGSON, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-244
HODUN, FREDERICK                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-292
HOEFFLIN, GEORGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-368
HOEFT, PETER                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-416
HOEHN, MARTIN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-491
HOELLEBOLT, MAGDALENA                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-85
HOELLERER, MINNIE A.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-124
HOENER, WILHELMINE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-408
HOENINGER, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-480
HOENINGER, MARY                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-370
HOEPPING, DAVID                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-85
HOERNING, CATHARINA                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-6
HOERNLEIN, BARBARA                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-285
HOEST, ANNA                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-312
HOEY, PATRICK                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-244
HOFER, ALETTA C.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-78
HOFF, JOHN F.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-74
HOFFMAN, HARRIET E.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-270
HOFFMAN, JOHN D.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-353
HOFFMAN, LOUIS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-424
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-120
HOFFMANN, ELIZABETHA                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-92
HOFFMANN, GEORGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-341
HOFFMANN, KARL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-78
HOFHEIMER, CLARA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-90
HOFMANN, MARIA CATHARINE                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-77
HOFMANN, PETER                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-100
HOFNER, ROBERT                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-396
HOGAN, CORNELIUS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-486
HOGAN, PATRICK                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-179
HOGAN, PATRICK                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-470
HOGARTH, SARAH E.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-255
HOGG, GEORGE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-271
HOGG, JAMES                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-87
HOGG, PETER                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-369
HOGGETT, TIMOTHY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-339
HOHLER, ERNEST M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-250
HOLAHAN, JAMES T.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-362
HOLAHAN, THOMAS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-218
HOLBERTON, ANNA HOLMES                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-365
HOLCOMBE, WILLAM J.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-194
HOLD, LUDWIG                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-404
HOLDEN, OLIVER H.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-471
HOLDEN, RICHARD                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-356
HOLDER, JOHN B.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-297
HOLINGER, JACOB                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-440
HOLJES, JOHN C.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-76-13
HOLLAND, RICHARD                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-352
HOLLIDAY, ELIZABETH                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-76-65
HOLLINGSHEAD, WILLIAM M.                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-148
HOLLIS, WILLIAM H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-414
HOLLOWAY, HENRY E.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-437
HOLLSBERG, JOHN H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-349
HOLMAN, MORRIS L.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-125
HOLMES, ANNA B.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-257
HOLMES, ARCHIBALD R.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-270
HOLMES, CATHARINE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-136
HOLMES, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-130
HOLMES, LEVERETH H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-405
HOLMES, PHEBE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-493
HOLMES, REBECCA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-263
HOLMES, RICHARD J.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-33
HOLMES, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-263
HOLST, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-331
HOLSTE, FREDERICK C.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-76
HOLT, HENRY P.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-224
HOLT, JANETTE A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-256
HOLT, LUCY                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-333
HOLYOKE, GEORGE E.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-93
HOLZ, MARGARETHA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-497
HOLZLAUB, VEITEL                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-434
HOLZMANN, GEORGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-470
HOMAN, SUSAN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-63
HOME, MARGARET                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-168
HOMER, HANNAH M.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-10
HONEYMAN, JAMES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-462
HONEYWELL, EMILY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-401
HONEYWELL, MARY ANN                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-223
HOOD, CHARLES B.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-133
HOOGLAND, CATHARINE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-216
HOOGLAND, CORNELIA E. L.                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-132
HOOK, ANNA M.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-47
HOOK, BENJAMIN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-103
HOOK, NATHANIEL D.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-199
HOOPER, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-167
HOOPER, CLEMENT                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-477
HOOPER, DANIEL                          NTL, RICHMOND, NY                       NY-24-3-335
HOOPER, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-271
HOOPER, WILLIAM DEM.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-6
HOOSE, FREDERICK                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-102
HOPKINS, EUSEBIUS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-443
HOPKINS, HARRIET                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-348
HOPKINS, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-434
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-229
HOPPE, MARY C.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-204
HOPPENSTEDT, GUSTAV L.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-326
HOPPER, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-39
HOPPER, MARGARET H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-315
HORAIN, GEORGE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-96
HORAN, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-325
HORAN, MICHAEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-8
HORHEY, JOHN HENRY                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-107
HORN, ELIZA JANE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-95
HORN, FREDERICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-241
HORN, JOHN                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-97
HORN, WILLIAM C.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-479
HORNEF, WILHELM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-320
HORNES, CONRAD                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-132
HORRIGAN, PATRICK                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-12
HORSEY, JOSEPH                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-451
HORSTMANN, AUGUST                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-174
HORTON, ABRAM                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-395
HORTON, HANNAH                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-13
HORTON, MARTHA                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-473
HORTON, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-75
HORTON, SILAS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-399
HORTON, THOMAS A. P.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-310
HORTON, WILLIAM J.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-256
HORTON,S ALLY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-287
HORTZ, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-282
HORTZ, PHILIP                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-217
HOSFORD, LEONARD D.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-21
HOSIER, SAMUEL P.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-406
HOTCHKISS, GUY C.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-132
HOTCHKISS, ISAAC T.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-198
HOTH, GEORGE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-299
HOTZ, NICHOLAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-275
HOUGHTON, CHARLES L.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-243
HOUSE, JENNETT B.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-99
HOUSE, PHILIP                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-423
HOUSEAL, ISABELLA C.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-65
HOUSEWORTH, THOMAS R.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-375
HOWARD, CHRISTOPHER                     FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-262
HOWARD, CLARISSA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-481
HOWARD, CLARISSA A.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-354
HOWARD, ELIZABETH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-279
HOWARD, JAMES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-85
HOWARD, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-46
HOWARD, JOHN T.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-478
HOWARD, PATRICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-329
HOWARD, RACHEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-219
HOWARD, ROBERT                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-28
HOWARD, SARAH A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-30
HOWARD, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-495
HOWARD, WHITEHEAD K.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-239
HOWE, FISHER                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-131
HOWELL, CHARLES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-393
HOWELL, DAVID                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-136
HOWELL, HESTER B.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-29
HOWELL, JAMES G.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-40
HOWELL, OLIVER                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-33
HOWELL, SILAS S.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-192
HOWELL, WILLIAM P.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-179
HOWES, ABRAHAM                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-314
HOWES, HIGHLA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-247
HOWES, HULDAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-238
HOWLAND, WING                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-4-306
HOWSER, WILLIAM H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-456
HOXIE, ELIZA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-469
HOXIE, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-218
HOYT, CHARLES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-137
HOYT, FRANCES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-65
HOYT, NANCY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-263
HOYT, WILLIAM J.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-496
HPARMENTIER, ANDRE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-4-59
HRISCH, ROSA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-239
HUB, FREDERICK                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-173
HUBBARD, ASHBEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-242
HUBBARD, ELIAS                          FLATLANDS                               NY-24-4-231
HUBBARD, ELIAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-213
HUBBARD, ELIAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-197
HUBBARD, ELLEN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-46
HUBBARD, JAMES                          GRAVESEND                               NY-24-3-211
HUBBARD, JAMES                          GRAVESEND                               NY-24-1-259
HUBBARD, JOHN H.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-444
HUBBARD, JONATHAN GLOVER                NTL                                     NY-24-3-10
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                         GRAVESEND                               NY-24-4-428
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-370
HUBBELL, MARY A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-1
HUBBS, JACOB                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-341
HUBBS, JACOB                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-4-394
HUBBS, WILLIAM N.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-498
HUBER, EDWARD                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-168
HUCK, EUGENE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-489
HUCKE, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-132
HUCKFELDT, RYMER                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-93
HUDSON, GEORGE JR.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-420
HUDSON, JAMES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-490
HUGGINS, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-185
HUGHES, ADAH PERCY                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-364
HUGHES, ANN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-428
HUGHES, ANN E.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-128
HUGHES, EDWARD                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-251
HUGHES, ELLEN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-213
HUGHES, EMELINE W.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-37
HUGHES, HENRY F.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-246
HUGHES, JAMES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-206
HUGHES, JAMES K.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-152
HUGHES, JANE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-76-47
HUGHES, MARGARET                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-301
HUGHES, MARIA FOX                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-62
HUGHES, MICHAEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-272
HUGHES, PATRICK                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-473
HUGHES, PETER                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-191
HUGHES, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-243
HUGHES, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-242
HUGHES, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-410
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-380
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-129
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-437
HUHN, ELIZABETH *** (25)                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-90
HUHNN, GEORGE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-76
HULBERT, GEORGE P.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-314
HULBERT, HENRY C.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-273
HULL, ABIGAIL E.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-248
HULL, CAROLINE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-187
HULL, EDWARD W.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-42
HULL, MARK                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-158
HULL, REBECCA A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-270
HULST, ANTHONY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-270
HULST, ANTHONY                          GUAVOES                                 NY-24-2-307
HULST, GARRET                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-232
HULST, JOHN D.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-489
HUMMER, JOSEPH                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-354
HUMPHREY, JAMES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-13
HUMPHRIES, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-7
HUNDT, HENRY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-396
HUNDT, LAMBERT                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-200
HUNDT, MAGDALENA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-229
HUNNIFORD, WILLIAM MEARS                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-471
HUNNINGER, JOHN M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-397
HUNOLD, GEORGE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-474
HUNT, ALVAH                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-157
HUNT, EDWARD                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-47-493
HUNT, ELIZABETH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-189
HUNT, EMELINE S.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-88
HUNT, HENRY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-495
HUNT, JAMES                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-351
HUNT, JOSHUA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-216
HUNT, MARGARET                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-174
HUNT, RICHARD V.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-89
HUNT, SARAH                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-204
HUNT, SIMEON                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-118
HUNT, THEODOSIUS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-451
HUNT, THEODOSIUS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-113
HUNT, THOMAS                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-404
HUNT, THOMAS                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-419
HUNT, THOMAS                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-312
HUNT, THOMAS F.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-46
HUNT, WILLIAM                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-43
HUNTER, GEORGE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-391
HUNTER, JAMES L.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-426
HUNTER, JOHN H. H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-227
HUNTER, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-389
HUNTER, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-301
HUNTER, SAMUEL R.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-445
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-465
HUNTER, WILLIAM JR.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-249
HUNTINGTON, FELIX A.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-100
HURD, FREDERICK W.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-70
HURLBUT, JOHN ROWLAND                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-361
HURLBUT, MARTHA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-21
HURLBUT, MARTHA P.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-114
HURLBUT, WILIAM W.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-469
HURLEY, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-332
HURLY, MICHAEL                          NTL                                     NY-24-3-271
HURRELL, ESTHER                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-264
HURST, WALTER                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-19
HURTIN, JOHN H.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-350
HUSBAND, RICHARD J.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-407
HUSTON, ROBERT                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-182
HUTCHEON, WILLIAM JR.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-202
HUTCHINGS, EDWIN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-164
HUTCHINGS, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-62
HUTCHINGS, SAMUEL                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-165
HUTCHINS, JANE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-392
HUTCHINSON, MARIETTA                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-274
HUTCHINSON, SAMUEL                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-317
HUTCHISON, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-300
HUTHER, HENRY                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-485
HUTSON, MAY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-177
HYATT, AUGUSTUS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-1
HYDE, MARIAN L.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-107
HYDE, ZENAS                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-59

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