Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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BABCOCK, WILLIAM R.                     NY-24-26-100
BABE, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-45-119
BACH, MARGARET                          NY-24-21-342
BACH, ROBERT                            NY-24-9-377
BACH, SAMUEL                            NY-24-47-23
BACK, MARTHA A.                         NY-24-20-284
BACK, PELEG                             NY-24-4-349
BACK, PELEG                             NY-24-3-39
BACK, SIMEON                            NY-24-2-119
BACKE, PETER                            NY-24-79-190
BACKER, ANNA C.                         NY-24-450-172
BACKOFEN, AUGUST                        NY-24-34-354
BACKUS, JACOB                           NY-24-8-71
BACKUS, JOSEPH                          NY-24-34-22
BACON, ABIGAIL                          NY-24-42-153
BACON, CHARLOTTE A.                     NY-24-76-496
BACON, CHARLOTTE HEARN                  NY-24-51-285
BACON, DANIEL                           NY-24-23-338
BACON, ELIZA H.                         NY-24-25-165
BACON, LOUISA F.                        NY-24-447-498
BACON, MARGARET                         NY-24-81-424
BACON, SARAH W.                         NY-24-450-357
BADGER, ANN                             NY-24-17-370
BADGER, GEORGE J.                       NY-24-43-487
BADGER, JAMES W.                        NY-24-33-458
BAEUCHLE, THOMAS                        NY-24-45-230
BAHR, JACOB                             NY-24-42-38
BAILEY, CATHARINE A. J.                 NY-24-78-484
BAILEY, EDWIN                           NY-24-48-510
BAILEY, ELIZA C.                        NY-24-38-265
BAILEY, LEWIS                           NY-24-82-472
BAILEY, SARAH A.                        NY-24-31-88
BAILEY, SARAH JANE                      NY-24-10-92
BAILEY, WALTER                          NY-24-81-368
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         NY-24-15-319
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         NY-24-5-25
BAILY, CHARLES C.                       NY-24-73-250
BAINBRIDGE, CHARLES T.                  NY-24-85-193
BAINES, JAMES                           NY-24-48-35
BAIRD, JOHN                             NY-24-69-95
BAISLEY, ANN                            NY-24-447-65
BAISLEY, DAVID                          NY-24-3-180
BAISLEY, LEONARD                        NY-24-6-389
BAKER, CHARLES                          NY-24-80-312
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-50-467
BAKER, GEORGE                           NY-24-24-283
BAKER, GEORGE W. FOWLER                 NY-24-86-359
BAKER, ISAAC D.                         NY-24-12-281
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-24-2-104
BAKER, LUCRETIA                         NY-24-36-457
BAKER, MARY JANE                        NY-24-82-12
BAKER, NANNETTE P.                      NY-24-51-30
BAKER, SARAH A. K.                      NY-24-36-52
BAKER, SILVENUS                         NY-24-12-250
BAKER, THOMAS                           NY-24-26-6
BAKEWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-24-11-396
BALDWIN, ABIJAH                         NY-24-7-377
BALDWIN, CALEB H.                       NY-24-18-212
BALDWIN, CHARLES S.                     NY-24-87-404
BALDWIN, HENRY C.                       NY-24-68-421
BALDWIN, HENRY W.                       NY-24-79-299
BALDWIN, MOSES A.                       NY-24-66-309
BALDWIN, PARKER                         NY-24-26-24
BALDWIN, ROSANNAH                       NY-24-41-318
BALDWIN, SAMUEL                         NY-24-50-137
BALE, CHARLES                           NY-24-73-392
BALE, JAMES                             NY-24-13-112
BALE, JOEPHINE                          NY-24-77-7
BALEY, THOMAS                           NY-24-2-337
BALL, CHARLES                           NY-24-6-172
BALLAGH, JAMES                          NY-24-7-17
BALLARD, DANIEL                         NY-24-20-278
BALLINTINE, JAMES                       NY-24-14-115
BALLONEY, MARCO                         NY-24-77-10
BALLOU, BENJAMIN L.                     NY-24-79-496
BALLOU, LEONARD S.                      NY-24-36-238
BALLY, EDWARD                           NY-24-41-459
BALMANNO, ROBERT                        NY-24-24-432
BANCKER, ABRAHAM                        NY-24-73-176
BANG, PETER                             NY-24-39-230
BANGEL, CHRISTIAN                       NY-24-43-350
BANGS, ANSON                            NY-24-84-128
BANISTER, ELIZA                         NY-24-56-354
BANKS, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-85-348
BANKS, MATTHEW                          NY-24-4-242
BANKS, ROBERT                           NY-24-10-74
BANKS, THOMAS                           NY-24-9-347
BANKS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-10-1
BANNIGAN, JOANNA E.                     NY-24-447-42
BANNING, ALPHEUS                        NY-24-33-415
BARBARIN, NOEL JOHN                     NY-24-1-231
BARBER, JERUSHA                         NY-24-19-399
BARBER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-67-484
BARBER, SAMUEL                          NY-24-59-301
BARCLAY, ADDIE C.                       NY-24-450-195
BARFE, PHEBE                            NY-24-64-22
BARKELOO, EVERT                         NY-24-3-117
BARKER, AUGUSTINE                       NY-24-72-18
BARKER, BEULAH T.                       NY-24-50-11
BARKER, CHARLES                         NY-24-61-128
BARKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-31-451
BARKER, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-24-449-322
BARKER, JESSE                           NY-24-77-469
BARKER, JOHN                            NY-24-36-59
BARKER, RICHARD                         NY-24-13-461
BARKER, TITUS                           NY-24-87-52
BARKLIE, HUGH MCCALMONT                 NY-24-76-41
BARKMAN, FREDERICK J. W.                NY-24-59-471
BARMORE, FRANCES M.                     NY-24-450-49
BARNARD, LOUIS HULL                     NY-24-449-497
BARNES, BARBARA H.                      NY-24-84-64
BARNES, CHAUNCEY                        NY-24-82-74
BARNES, EDWARD JR.                      NY-24-28-231
BARNES, SAMUEL C.                       NY-24-48-284
BARNETT, DAVID                          NY-24-34-440
BARNETT, JAMES                          NY-24-45-261
BARNETT, JOSEPH                         NY-24-58-186
BARNETT, SAMUEL                         NY-24-58-45
BARNHILL, JOSEPH                        NY-24-447-236
BARNSDALL, JAMES K.                     NY-24-446-232
BARNSWELL, THOMAS R.                    NY-24-28-367
BARNWELL, MOSES                         NY-24-26-270
BARR, CATHARINE                         NY-24-14-339
BARR, DANIEL                            NY-24-73-70
BARR, FINLAY                            NY-24-28-253
BARR, JAMES                             NY-24-14-393
BARRE, ABRAHAM                          NY-24-5-99
BARRE, CATHARINE                        NY-24-61-107
BARRE, MARY H.                          NY-24-47-284
BARRE, WALTER                           NY-24-43-194
BARRE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-3-113
BARRETT, ANDREW                         NY-24-26-245
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-24-37-156
BARRETT, JOHN F.                        NY-24-31-117
BARRETT, PETER M. ***                   NY-24-58-243
BARRETT, REBECCA M.                     NY-24-81-446
BARRETT, WILLIAM                        NY-24-39-300
BARRON, JOHN                            NY-24-15-451
BARRON, MARY                            NY-24-19-74
BARROW, ELIZA                           NY-24-73-83
BARROW, ELIZA                           NY-24-31-16
BARROW, WILLIAM                         NY-24-73-79
BARROW, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-42-74
BARRY, JOHN                             NY-24-30-44
BARSTOW, EDWIN W.                       NY-24-70-1
BARTER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-79-10
BARTER, JOHN                            NY-24-30-67
BARTH, FREDERICK                        NY-24-84-30
BARTH, JOSEPH                           NY-24-446-139
BARTHELMEH, JACOB                       NY-24-59-284
BARTHOLDT, LOUIS A.                     NY-24-450-80
BARTHOLF, HANNAH                        NY-24-64-9
BARTHOLOMEW, SUSANNAH                   NY-24-58-392
BARTLETT, ANNIE M.                      NY-24-446-275
BARTLETT, JONAS                         NY-24-66-442
BARTLETT, MARGARET STRONG               NY-24-66-66
BARTLETT, MARY ANN                      NY-24-80-326
BARTLETTE, JONATHAN C.                  NY-24-27-52
BARTLING, ANNA C.                       NY-24-50-392
BARTOL, MARY R.                         NY-24-58-191
BARTON, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-24-16-12
BARTON, GEORGE                          NY-24-41-138
BARTON, OHN D.                          NY-24-11-267
BARTON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-24-13-220
BARTOW, HARRIET C.                      NY-24-17-366
BASS, SAMUEL G.                         NY-24-86-488
BASSETT, JOHN (REV.)                    NY-24-3-29
BATCHELOR, NATHANIEL A.                 NY-24-86-263
BATCHFORD, JANE B.                      NY-24-31-177
BATE, THOMAS                            NY-24-13-280
BATES, ISAAC B.                         NY-24-64-441
BATES, LYMAN W.                         NY-24-73-465
BATES, MARTHA                           NY-24-26-473
BATH, FRANCIS                           NY-24-42-392
BATTEL, PATRICK                         NY-24-30-272
BATTELL, JOSEPH                         NY-24-55-423
BATTERMAN, HENRY                        NY-24-446-212
BATTERMANN, F. C.                       NY-24-51-434
BAUCHMAN, THOMAS                        NY-24-86-16
BAUDIER, FREDERICK V.                   NY-24-79-157
BAUER, JOHN                             NY-24-34-185
BAUER, JOHN                             NY-24-447-301
BAUER, JOHN F.                          NY-24-63-232
BAUMANN, ARTHUR E.                      NY-24-449-67
BAUMANN, CHRISTINE                      NY-24-56-294
BAUMANN, JOHN G.                        NY-24-31-102
BAUMANN, RUDOLPH                        NY-24-446-434
BAUMGART, CARL                          NY-24-41-496
BAUMGARTNER, VERONIKA                   NY-24-450-92
BAUSCH, STEPHEN                         NY-24-87-410
BAXTER, CAROLINE M.                     NY-24-44-418
BAXTER, LYDIA                           NY-24-13-69
BAXTER, SARAH                           NY-24-51-410
BAXTER, TIMOTHY                         NY-24-45-84
BAYLEY, CATHERINE                       NY-24-80-123
BAYLIS, GILBERT C.                      NY-24-33-305
BAYLIS, SOPHIA                          NY-24-47-311
BAYLIS, THOMAS                          NY-24-26-179
BAYLIS, THOMAS                          NY-24-86-272
BAYLISS, SAMUEL                         NY-24-77-236
BAZELEY, CHARLES W.                     NY-24-5-426
BEACH, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-24-449-410
BEACH, HARRY YALE                       NY-24-77-489
BEADLE, ROSILEA                         NY-24-19-409
BEAL, ABRAHAM                           NY-24-45-129
BEAL, GEORGE                            NY-24-77-233
BEALES, PHEBE C.                        NY-24-87-421
BEAM, JOHN                              NY-24-33-43
BEARD, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-79-68
BEARDSLEY, ABRAHAM C.                   NY-24-66-426
BEARDSLEY, CORNELIA E.                  NY-24-34-373
BEATTY, ROBERT                          NY-24-12-81
BEBEE, ANNIE NIEBUHR                    NY-24-447-143
BECAR, DEBORAH C.                       NY-24-64-266
BECAR, NOEL J.                          NY-24-18-300
BECHTEL, JOHN D.                        NY-24-22-369
BECK, ANDREW                            NY-24-56-368
BECK, BERNARD J.                        NY-24-86-255
BECK, CAROLINE                          NY-24-70-462
BECKER, ANTON                           NY-24-33-120
BECKER, HENRY                           NY-24-33-337
BECKER, JOHN H.                         NY-24-56-454
BECKERMAN, JOHN BERNHARD                NY-24-66-284
BECUDE, ABRAM G.                        NY-24-59-378
BEDELL, ABBY                            NY-24-81-58
BEDELL, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-24-9-251
BEDELL, DANIEL                          NY-24-12-62
BEDELL, HENRY                           NY-24-71-434
BEDELL, JONES P.                        NY-24-40-192
BEDELL, LYDIA                           NY-24-44-307
BEDELL, MARTHA R.                       NY-24-61-222
BEDELL, MOTT                            NY-24-72-217
BEDELL, SARAH E.                        NY-24-66-486
BEEBE, MARTIN H.                        NY-24-7-229
BEEBE, THEOPHILUS                       NY-24-33-405
BEECHER, LYDIA                          NY-24-39-176
BEECHER, LYMAN                          NY-24-27-38
BEERS, ALBERT                           NY-24-24-369
BEERS, JONATHAN                         NY-24-84-214
BEGLEY, PATRICK                         NY-24-14-284
BEHLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-61-446
BEHRENS, CONRAD D.                      NY-24-35-168
BEHRENS, FREDERICK                      NY-24-70-436
BEHRENS, HENRY                          NY-24-44-437
BEIKEFNER, HENRIETTA F.                 NY-24-78-90
BEILSTEIN, EVA                          NY-24-48-259
BEINHAUER, HENRY                        NY-24-85-364
BELCHER, WILLIAM N.                     NY-24-85-353
BELDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-24-110
BELKNAP, JULIA M.                       NY-24-48-307
BELKNAP, MARIA C.                       NY-24-37-481
BELL, ALLISON                           NY-24-53-276
BELL, HUGH                              NY-24-48-207
BELL, MARGARET                          NY-24-59-346
BELL, PATIENCE                          NY-24-11-251
BELL, ROBERT C.                         NY-24-44-309
BELL, SUSAN F.                          NY-24-25-274
BELL, THOMAS                            NY-24-27-396
BELL, WILLIAM                           NY-24-80-337
BELLAMY, JOANN H.                       NY-24-61-84
BELLAMY, JOSEPH                         NY-24-70-41
BELLAMY, NANCY                          NY-24-13-58
BELLER, CATHARINE                       NY-24-85-310
BELLINGHAM, JOHN                        NY-24-44-159
BELZ, MAGDALENA                         NY-24-61-156
BENDA, JOSEPH                           NY-24-48-264
BENDER, ANNA C.                         NY-24-34-349
BENDER, ANNA CATHARINA                  NY-24-45-383
BENDER, WILHELMINA                      NY-24-40-49
BENEDICT, JOHN H.                       NY-24-35-216
BENEDICT, LYDIA                         NY-24-28-209
BENEDICT, WILLIAM                       NY-24-27-288
BENETT, SOPHIA                          NY-24-44-221
BENJAMIN, JOHN H.                       NY-24-25-54
BENJAMIN, MADISON                       NY-24-59-143
BENJAMIN, SARAH                         NY-24-19-205
BENNEM, ALEXANDER W.                    NY-24-26-452
BENNEM, BARRENT J.                      NY-24-6-94
BENNEM, BARRENT J.                      NY-24-5-447
BENNEM, JOHN                            NY-24-1-295
BENNEM, JOHN                            NY-24-21-17
BENNET, ANDREW M.                       NY-24-50-459
BENNET, BENJAMIN                        NY-24-7-409
BENNET, CHARITY                         NY-24-14-302
BENNET, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-24-2-383
BENNET, CORNELIUS W.                    NY-24-14-179
BENNET, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-13-14
BENNET, FERDINAND                       NY-24-3-202
BENNET, GEORGE                          NY-24-5-149
BENNET, JACOB                           NY-24-10-183
BENNET, JACOB                           NY-24-2-401
BENNET, JACOBUS                         NY-24-2-250
BENNET, JEMIMA                          NY-24-3-286
BENNET, JOHN                            NY-24-10-435
BENNET, JOHN                            NY-24-2-210
BENNET, JOHN                            NY-24-2-449
BENNET, JOHN C.                         NY-24-21-293
BENNET, JOHN J.                         NY-24-73-254
BENNET, SARAH                           NY-24-14-212
BENNET, SARAH                           NY-24-5-132
BENNET, TUNIS W.                        NY-24-2-233
BENNET, WILILAM                         NY-24-14-62
BENNET, WILLIAM                         NY-24-2-13
BENNET, WINANT                          NY-24-2-281
BENNET, WINANT                          NY-24-9-485
BENNET, WINANT J.                       NY-24-17-306
BENNET, WINANT P.                       NY-24-11-423
BENNETT, ARON B.                        NY-24-82-459
BENNETT, BERNARDUS                      NY-24-8-140
BENNETT, CATHARINE                      NY-24-58-378
BENNETT, CHRISTOPHER C.                 NY-24-56-254
BENNETT, CORNELIUS                      NY-24-70-361
BENNETT, CORNELIUS                      NY-24-34-468
BENNETT, CORNELIUS J.                   NY-24-22-431
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-64-19
BENNETT, EMMA JANE                      NY-24-81-343
BENNETT, EVALINE D.                     NY-24-85-447
BENNETT, FREDERICK W.                   NY-24-446-423
BENNETT, GEORGE G.                      NY-24-33-88
BENNETT, GEORGE L.                      NY-24-25-13
BENNETT, HANNAH                         NY-24-24-397
BENNETT, J. REMSEN                      NY-24-79-450
BENNETT, JACOB                          NY-24-1-186
BENNETT, JAMES H.                       NY-24-17-268
BENNETT, JAMES S.                       NY-24-28-257
BENNETT, JOHN                           NY-24-79-231
BENNETT, MARTIN                         NY-24-37-409
BENNETT, MARY                           NY-24-8-55
BENNETT, MATILDA                        NY-24-449-488
BENNETT, RICHARD R.                     NY-24-33-29
BENNETT, ROSELIA E.                     NY-24-63-53
BENNETT, SARAH                          NY-24-55-479
BENNETT, STEPHEN                        NY-24-56-170
BENNETT, THOMAS                         NY-24-13-472
BENNETT, THOMAS                         NY-24-66-172
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        NY-24-22-95
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        NY-24-19-12
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        NY-24-33-115
BENNETT, WILLIAM B.                     NY-24-58-322
BENNIS, JOHN                            NY-24-23-374
BENSON, ANNIE M.                        NY-24-58-349
BENSON, JOHN                            NY-24-27-1
BENSON, ROBERT                          NY-24-47-504
BENSON, ROBERT                          NY-24-70-411
BENTER, SOPHIE                          NY-24-58-498
BENTLEY, JANE S. **** (45)              NY-24-86-282
BENTLEY, MATTHEW                        NY-24-44-457
BENTON, BUCKLEY T.                      NY-24-50-142
BENTON, ELIZA                           NY-24-72-366
BENTON, MARSHALL F.                     NY-24-59-374
BENTON, MARY C.                         NY-24-38-432
BENTON, SARAH A.                        NY-24-69-462
BENZ, JACOB                             NY-24-35-226
BERG, FRIDERIKE                         NY-24-447-120
BERG, JOSEPH                            NY-24-22-123
BERGEN, ANN                             NY-24-9-442
BERGEN, BELINDA                         NY-24-48-368
BERGEN, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-30-41
BERGEN, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-3-37
BERGEN, CORNELIUS J.                    NY-24-50-464
BERGEN, GARRET                          NY-24-9-176
BERGEN, GARRET G.                       NY-24-77-202
BERGEN, GEERTIE                         NY-24-7-353
BERGEN, GILBERT S.                      NY-24-23-156
BERGEN, HACEDORUS                       NY-24-21-327
BERGEN, HENRY L.                        NY-24-85-345
BERGEN, JACOB                           NY-24-9-273
BERGEN, JANE                            NY-24-45-132
BERGEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-24-80-203
BERGEN, JOHANNES                        NY-24-6-11
BERGEN, JOHANNIS                        NY-24-1-28
BERGEN, JOHN                            NY-24-3-78
BERGEN, JOHN C.                         NY-24-41-269
BERGEN, JOHN G.                         NY-24-34-346
BERGEN, JOHN S.                         NY-24-17-33
BERGEN, MARIA                           NY-24-33-9
BERGEN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-56-491
BERGEN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-3-64
BERGEN, PETER                           NY-24-9-32
BERGEN, PETER G.                        NY-24-30-420
BERGEN, REBECCA                         NY-24-12-31
BERGEN, ROEBRT G.                       NY-24-40-67
BERGEN, SIMON                           NY-24-4-12
BERGEN, TEUNIS                          NY-24-2-68
BERGEN, TEUNIS J.                       NY-24-41-427
BERGEN, THEODORUS                       NY-24-22-17
BERGER, MARIA                           NY-24-86-212
BERGER, SIMON                           NY-24-5-30
BERNBAUM, ANINE M.                      NY-24-61-215
BERNOTA, KAZYS                          NY-24-447-116
BERRI, WILLIAM                          NY-24-56-1
BERRIAN, SAMUEL U.                      NY-24-85-238
BERRIEN, CORNELIUS P.                   NY-24-56-85
BERRY, CHARLES C.                       NY-24-14-26
BERRY, ELIZA J.                         NY-24-446-96
BERRY, HARRIET WEBB                     NY-24-87-273
BERRY, JACOB                            NY-24-11-12
BERRY, JANE                             NY-24-18-26
BERRY, JOHN                             NY-24-33-259
BERRY, JOSEPH                           NY-24-25-411
BERRY, RACHEL                           NY-24-3-16
BERRY, RACHEL                           NY-24-34-179
BERRY, RACHEL                           NY-24-6-128
BERRY, SARAH                            NY-24-28-345
BERRY, WILLIAM                          NY-24-67-461
BERRY, WILLIAM C.                       NY-24-38-488
BERT, MARY A                            NY-24-26-434
BERT, PETER A.                          NY-24-44-11
BERTRAND, ISABELLA                      NY-24-449-319
BEST, EDWARD                            NY-24-15-164
BEST, LUDWIG                            NY-24-55-370
BEST, MARIA                             NY-24-84-353
BETHON, MARGARETHA                      NY-24-87-14
BETTINGER, CHARLES                      NY-24-446-22
BETTS, MARY                             NY-24-16-221
BETTS, NATHANIEL C.                     NY-24-79-159
BETTS, SARAH                            NY-24-12-74
BETTS, THOMAS                           NY-24-64-486
BETTS, THOMAS                           NY-24-2-328
BEUREN, SARAH V.                        NY-24-2-291
BEVIS, ELIZA                            NY-24-33-268
BEVIS, JOHN                             NY-24-35-358
BEXTER, MARGARET                        NY-24-80-328
BIERWIRTH, LEOPOLD                      NY-24-54-302
BIESTER, SARAH JANE                     NY-24-449-413
BIFFAR, HANNAH M.                       NY-24-77-213
BIGELOW, ALPHEUS                        NY-24-41-27
BIGELOW, CORNELIUS                      NY-24-29-274
BIGELOW, JAMES                          NY-24-44-114
BIGELOW, MARTHA                         NY-24-72-47
BIGLAN, JOHN                            NY-24-37-486
BIGLEY, ELIZABETH M. J.                 NY-24-449-491
BIGLOW, HENRIETTE                       NY-24-17-218
BIGLOW, LEVI                            NY-24-7-238
BILL, FRANCIS XAVER SR.                 NY-24-69-124
BILLET, JACOB                           NY-24-53-224
BILLINGSLEY, LUCIE S.                   NY-24-450-314
BINNINGER, MARIA L.                     NY-24-79-236
BINNS, MARY ANN                         NY-24-58-197
BIRDSALL, ANN                           NY-24-5-138
BIRDSALL, ANN                           NY-24-4-144
BIRDSALL, ELIZA                         NY-24-67-83
BIRDSALL, JANE                          NY-24-44-304
BIRDSALL, MARTHA                        NY-24-3-350
BIRDSALL, MARY ANN                      NY-24-48-339
BIRDSALL, THOMAS W.                     NY-24-40-393
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                       NY-24-51-380
BIRGEL, HENRY                           NY-24-41-157
BIRKBECK, ALEXANDER JR                  NY-24-12-71
BIRKELMEIER, KATHARINA                  NY-24-81-396
BIRKEMEIER, HERMANN                     NY-24-23-181
BIRKETT, JOHN                           NY-24-22-231
BIRMINGHAM, MARTIN                      NY-24-79-295
BIRTZ, PETER                            NY-24-47-440
BISCHOFF, HENRY W.                      NY-24-448-289
BISHOP, ANNA                            NY-24-14-91
BISHOP, EDWARD T.                       NY-24-24-377
BISHOP, EDWIN                           NY-24-28-48
BISHOP, MARY ELLA                       NY-24-447-85
BITTELL, ROSILEA                        NY-24-19-409
BITTLE, THOMAS                          NY-24-5-446
BLACK, JOHN                             NY-24-44-178
BLACK, ROBERT                           NY-24-3-216
BLACK, WILLIAM G.                       NY-24-35-487
BLACKBURNE, JOHN                        NY-24-47-211
BLACKWELL, JACOB                        NY-24-25-187
BLAKE, ELIZA M.                         NY-24-19-485
BLAKE, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-7-114
BLAKE, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-24-9-1
BLAKE, GEORGE W.                        NY-24-50-428
BLAKE, JOHN                             NY-24-5-38
BLAKE, SUSAN E.                         NY-24-64-6
BLANCHARD, CALVIN                       NY-24-35-303
BLANCHARD, CATHARINE                    NY-24-34-8
BLANCHARD, FRANCIS G.                   NY-24-45-451
BLANCHARD, HANNAH                       NY-24-87-114
BLANCHFIELD, BRIDGET ELLIS              NY-24-67-255
BLANK, EDWARD JULIUS                    NY-24-67-220
BLANK, ELIZABETH ANN                    NY-24-68-362
BLANK, FRIEDERIKE                       NY-24-447-226
BLANKE, HIRICH                          NY-24-35-97
BLATT, THEODORE                         NY-24-55-241
BLAUVELT, DANIEL J.                     NY-24-33-154
BLCK, MARY E.                           NY-24-446-121
BLEAKNY, OLIVER F.                      NY-24-76-472
BLEECKER, NICHOLAS JR.                  NY-24-43-423
BLEI, JOHN MARTIN                       NY-24-36-1
BLEIDORN, LOUIS                         NY-24-13-441
BLENNERHASSETT, JOHN                    NY-24-66-375
BLINN, BETSEY E.                        NY-24-53-211
BLINVAL, ANTOINE M.                     NY-24-55-435
BLISS, JOHN                             NY-24-20-20
BLISS, MARGARETTA                       NY-24-68-88
BLISS, MARIA E.                         NY-24-26-493
BLISS, NEZIAH                           NY-24-67-245
BLOHM, WILLIAM N.                       NY-24-24-90
BLOMKER, FREDERICK W.                   NY-24-51-52
BLOODGOOD, ABRAHAM B.                   NY-24-12-455
BLOODGOOD, CATHARINE ANN                NY-24-33-418
BLOOM, JACOB                            NY-24-1-227
BLOOMFIELD, JOHN H.                     NY-24-31-52
BLOSSOM, BENJAMIN                       NY-24-72-67
BLUESS, MARGARETHA                      NY-24-55-12
BLUME, CHARLES                          NY-24-56-7
BLUMENSTOCK, SLOMON                     NY-24-450-213
BLUNT, EDMUND                           NY-24-33-151
BLUNT, JOHN                             NY-24-40-428
BLYDENBURGH, JANE HARTLEY               NY-24-449-116
BLYDENBURGH, MARIA C.                   NY-24-34-308
BLYDENBURGH, MARY                       NY-24-64-237
BLYDENBURGH, RICHARD F.                 NY-24-28-292
BOARD, HORACE                           NY-24-85-361
BOARDMAN, RACHEL                        NY-24-9-97
BOCKEE, HILAH                           NY-24-15-315
BODEN, FRIEDRICH W.                     NY-24-58-371
BODEN, LOUISE E.                        NY-24-64-286
BODEN, MARTHA                           NY-24-446-436
BOEHM, MARY L.                          NY-24-71-100
BOELL, FREDERICK C.                     NY-24-25-190
BOERNER, JOHN H.                        NY-24-45-361
BOERUM, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-11-154
BOERUM, AGNES                           NY-24-61-231
BOERUM, ANN                             NY-24-15-497
BOERUM, GERRET                          NY-24-1-79
BOERUM, GERTIE                          NY-24-2-222
BOERUM, JACOB                           NY-24-4-335
BOETTIGER, LOUISE M.                    NY-24-448-271
BOGARDUS, MARY                          NY-24-4-354
BOGART, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-3-304
BOGART, GYSBERT G.                      NY-24-12-159
BOGART, JOHN                            NY-24-1-85
BOGART, MARGARET                        NY-24-5-146
BOGART, MARGARET                        NY-24-4-153
BOGART, MATILDA                         NY-24-18-227
BOGART, TUNIS                           NY-24-15-505
BOGER, CATHERINE                        NY-24-450-488
BOGERT, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-5-15
BOGERT, ALIDA                           NY-24-47-216
BOGERT, JAMES                           NY-24-21-97
BOGERT, JANE FOWLER                     NY-24-22-301
BOGERT, JUDITH                          NY-24-21-173
BOGERT, WINANT                          NY-24-37-119
BOGGS, WALTER D. C.                     NY-24-71-381
BOGGS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-33-273
BOHAN, ANDREW                           NY-24-29-384
BOHN, CATHARINE A.                      NY-24-41-246
BOHNHARDT, CONRAD                       NY-24-33-276
BOICE, CORNELIUS                        NY-24-36-23
BOIN, CLEMENCE V.                       NY-24-448-307
BOK, WILLIAM J. H.                      NY-24-87-424
BOLAND, BRIDGET                         NY-24-55-146
BOLAND, LOUIS T.                        NY-24-63-26
BOLTZ, CATHARINE                        NY-24-33-447
BOMHARD, JOHN A.                        NY-24-61-44
BOMMER, JACOB C.                        NY-24-68-269
BON, SARAH                              NY-24-81-306
BOND, LAWRENCE                          NY-24-21-216
BONNEL, ROBERT G.                       NY-24-44-261
BONNELL, NATHANIEL                      NY-24-48-286
BONNER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-79-343
BONNET, JULES J.                        NY-24-37-158
BONSALL, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-16-352
BONTRUP, WILHELM                        NY-24-72-39
BOOTH, JAMES                            NY-24-34-182
BOOTH, WILLIAM C.                       NY-24-64-233
BOPP, LOUISE                            NY-24-79-277
BORCHERDING, JOHN H.                    NY-24-19-488
BORGER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-29-419
BORRE, VALENTINE                        NY-24-450-114
BORRENING, HENRY W.                     NY-24-41-313
BORSE, OTIS                             NY-24-55-300
BOSCH, THERESIA                         NY-24-69-440
BOSER, KRESENTIA                        NY-24-84-15
BOSSERT, JACOB                          NY-24-448-65
BOSTWICK, MILTON                        NY-24-6-255
BOULOGNE, FRANK J.                      NY-24-446-470
BOURDETTE, ELIZA A.                     NY-24-70-129
BOURKE, JAMES J.                        NY-24-449-49
BOURNE, CHARLES C.                      NY-24-40-298
BOUROW, WATSON                          NY-24-64-444
BOUTON, CHARLES F.                      NY-24-446-387
BOUTON, SAMUEL                          NY-24-25-215
BOUWER, ABRAHAM E.                      NY-24-4-197
BOVERS, FREDERICK                       NY-24-59-314
BOWDEN, JAMES E.                        NY-24-30-469
BOWDEN, SARAH                           NY-24-33-147
BOWDEN, THOMAS F.                       NY-24-43-490
BOWE, MICHAEL                           NY-24-47-307
BOWERS, WILLIAM C.                      NY-24-23-477
BOWICK, JESSIE                          NY-24-449-58
BOWKER, ASA                             NY-24-13-73
BOWLER, HARRIET                         NY-24-63-301
BOWMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-14-112
BOWMAN, ISAAC                           NY-24-79-403
BOWMAN, JANE                            NY-24-84-234
BOWMAN, PETER                           NY-24-59-174
BOWNE, CATHARINE                        NY-24-31-440
BOWNE, GILBERT W.                       NY-24-15-132
BOWNE, JULIA M.                         NY-24-44-267
BOWNE, RODMAN                           NY-24-10-161
BOWNE, SAMUEL                           NY-24-14-252
BOWNE, THOMAS B.                        NY-24-10-177
BOWRON, ANNIE                           NY-24-447-74
BOXER, WILLIAM                          NY-24-79-287
BOYBE, PETER                            NY-24-21-221
BOYCE, CORNELIUS                        NY-24-1-279, 301
BOYCE, CORNELIUS J.                     NY-24-1-174
BOYCE, JACOBUS                          NY-24-1-283
BOYCE, JOHN                             NY-24-1-140
BOYCE, WILLIAM                          NY-24-22-158
BOYD, ELLEN                             NY-24-86-1
BOYD, HESTER                            NY-24-59-150
BOYD, MARGARET                          NY-24-38-244
BOYD, MARTHA                            NY-24-29-266
BOYD, SAMUEL                            NY-24-7-147
BOYER, LANZON                           NY-24-73-491
BOYLE, BRIDGET                          NY-24-67-373
BOYLE, DANIEL                           NY-24-58-91
BOYLE, EDWARD                           NY-24-7-50
BOYLE, JAMES                            NY-24-28-134
BOYLE, JAMES                            NY-24-47-20
BOYLE, JAMES                            NY-24-86-457
BOYLE, JANE                             NY-24-82-403
BOYNTON, JOHN                           NY-24-25-229
BRADBURN, BRIDGET                       NY-24-35-131
BRADENHOUSE, CHARLES W.                 NY-24-6-207
BRADFORD, RICHARD                       NY-24-19-45
BRADFORD, SUSAN E.                      NY-24-59-86
BRADING, LYDIA G.                       NY-24-54-407
BRADISH, WILLIAM K.                     NY-24-35-154
BRADLEY, ALICE                          NY-24-39-403
BRADLEY, BRIDGET                        NY-24-40-374
BRADLEY, CHARLES H.                     NY-24-43-4
BRADLEY, CLAUDIUS                       NY-24-85-101
BRADLEY, JAMES                          NY-24-36-454
BRADLEY, JOHN                           NY-24-13-1
BRADLEY, MARY ELIZABETH                 NY-24-70-38
BRADSHAW, JAMES                         NY-24-41-493
BRADY, CHARLES                          NY-24-7-276
BRADY, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-45-124
BRADY, ELLEN                            NY-24-55-23
BRADY, FREDERIC A.                      NY-24-40-59
BRADY, GEORG                            NY-24-12-389
BRADY, HENRY A.                         NY-24-17-79
BRADY, JOHN                             NY-24-40-247
BRADY, JOHN                             NY-24-33-384
BRADY, JOHN                             NY-24-79-114
BRADY, JOHN A.                          NY-24-70-235
BRADY, MARY                             NY-24-447-12
BRADY, MICHAEL                          NY-24-40-482
BRADY, PATRICK                          NY-24-20-419
BRADY, PHILIP                           NY-24-79-405
BRADY, SUSAN G.                         NY-24-450-354
BRADY, THOMAS                           NY-24-80-288
BRAEM, RUDOLPH G. S.                    NY-24-7-77
BRAGAN, JAQUES                          NY-24-22-22
BRAINARD, MARY M.                       NY-24-48-123
BRAINARD, ROSWELL C.                    NY-24-76-463
BRAINE, MARY ELIZABETH                  NY-24-450-162
BRAINERD, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-62-399
BRAINERD, FLORILLA                      NY-24-41-135
BRAINERD, GEORGE C.                     NY-24-449-3
BRAINERD, SAMUEL JR.                    NY-24-11-433
BRAKER, GEORGE                          NY-24-450-253
BRAMM, GEORGE                           NY-24-34-344
BRANCH, AMOS                            NY-24-17-281
BRAND, GIVERD                           NY-24-39-164
BRAND, JOHN                             NY-24-59-348
BRANDT, CHRISTINA M. H.                 NY-24-70-252
BRANDT, HENRY A.                        NY-24-87-54
BRANKLEY, JOHN J.                       NY-24-36-223
BRANT, ALFRED                           NY-24-28-342
BRASH, ELIZA                            NY-24-56-299
BRASLING, CATHARINE                     NY-24-43-309
BRAUN, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-24-26-428
BRAUN, JOHN                             NY-24-58-280
BRAUN, JOHN JOSEPH                      NY-24-85-305
BRAUN, JOSEPH G.                        NY-24-447-72
BRAUN, MARY                             NY-24-42-258
BRAUSCHIED, JOHANN PETER                NY-24-56-42
BREDIEHL, HANS                          NY-24-17-456
BREEN, MATHEW                           NY-24-47-437
BREHM, CHARLES                          NY-24-55-366
BREITHAUPT, PHIIP A.                    NY-24-20-338
BREMER, HENRY                           NY-24-446-360
BRENNAN, MARTHA                         NY-24-21-79
BRENNAN, MARY J.                        NY-24-449-360
BRENNAN, THOMAS                         NY-24-450-421
BRETT, SUSAN ANN                        NY-24-34-247
BRETT, THEODORE F.                      NY-24-41-310
BREVOORT, ABRAHAM N.                    NY-24-33-325
BREWER, CATHARINE                       NY-24-61-11
BREWER, JAMES                           NY-24-53-201
BREWERTON, JACOB                        NY-24-1-45
BREWSTER, ELEANOR C.                    NY-24-21-273
BREWSTER, MARY E.                       NY-24-81-54
BREWSTER, SOPHIA A.                     NY-24-76-121
BREWSTER, THOMAS                        NY-24-79-30
BREZ, ANNA W.                           NY-24-70-491
BRIANT, ALONZO                          NY-24-81-9
BRIANT, DANIEL S.                       NY-24-61-317
BRICE, JOHN                             NY-24-11-338
BRICK, JOSEPH K. (484 PAGES)            NY-24-65-17
BRICK, JOSEPH K. (CON'T, 303 PAGES)     NY-24-75-165
BRICKWEDEL, CLAUS HENRY                 NY-24-58-88
BRIDGE, AUGUSTA J.                      NY-24-69-39
BRIDGE, JOSHUA F.                       NY-24-44-264
BRIDGE, MARY                            NY-24-61-87
BRIDGES, CHARLES                        NY-24-56-371
BRIDGES, HARRIET                        NY-24-19-330
BRIDGES, JAMES                          NY-24-22-186
BRIEF, JACOB                            NY-24-40-65
BRIEN, THOMAS                           NY-24-80-232
BRIGDEN, MINNIE CREEK                   NY-24-449-428
BRIGGS, DANIEL                          NY-24-45-193
BRIGGS, DANIEL D.                       NY-24-64-255
BRIGGS, HELLEN C.                       NY-24-30-300
BRIGGS, NATHANIEL                       NY-24-84-154
BRIGGS, VIOLA B.                        NY-24-447-15
BRIGHAM, CHARLES H.                     NY-24-73-414
BRIGHAM, DENNIS                         NY-24-58-112
BRIGHAM, JOHN C.                        NY-24-25-446
BRINKERHOFF, HANNAH                     NY-24-18-31
BRINKMANN, PHILIP                       NY-24-72-476
BRISBANE, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-78-61
BRISTOL, SYBIL H. MCN.                  NY-24-42-358
BRITT, OWEN                             NY-24-55-237
BRITT, THOMAS                           NY-24-53-467
BRITTAN, STEPHEN P.                     NY-24-22-308
BRITTIN, JOHN W.                        NY-24-449-28
BRITTINGHAM, JAMES E.                   NY-24-86-370
BROCKMANN, J. FREDERICK                 NY-24-26-352
BROCKWAY, HARRIET                       NY-24-19-341
BRODIE, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-14-8
BRODIE, SARAH ANN                       NY-24-64-191
BROEFFEL, SIMON                         NY-24-17-194
BROGELWIRTH, CAROLINE                   NY-24-39-265
BROHEL, FRANCIS                         NY-24-64-25
BROISTEDT, WILLIAM                      NY-24-53-271
BROLANDER, LARS                         NY-24-66-281
BROMBACHER, JACOB                       NY-24-28-429
BRONN, CHARLES P.                       NY-24-29-203
BROOK, WILLIAM                          NY-24-448-368
BROOKE, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-14-243
BROOKFIELD, CATHARINE A.                NY-24-84-88
BROOKS, ANN                             NY-24-23-313
BROOKS, CHARLES                         NY-24-20-435
BROOKS, CORNELIA                        NY-24-58-494
BROOKS, DAVID                           NY-24-47-304
BROOKS, GILBERT B.                      NY-24-38-37
BROOKS, H. JOSIAH                       NY-24-84-57
BROOKS, JAMES                           NY-24-36-439
BROOKS, JAMES                           NY-24-72-337
BROOKS, JAMES S.                        NY-24-33-193
BROOKS, JOHN                            NY-24-31-317
BROOKS, JOSEPH                          NY-24-55-150
BROOKS, LETETIA P.                      NY-24-62-183
BROOKS, MICHAEL                         NY-24-20-86
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         NY-24-58-240
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         NY-24-72-277
BROPHY, STEPHEN B.                      NY-24-29-115
BRORMANN, THEODORE H.                   NY-24-66-183
BROSE, FRITZ                            NY-24-61-1
BROSE, MARY E.                          NY-24-53-339
BROSMAN, MARY                           NY-24-15-23
BROSNAN, CATHARINE A.                   NY-24-72-495
BROSNAN, MARGARET                       NY-24-45-454
BROUGH, ELIZIEBETH                      NY-24-58-227
BROUWER, ABRAHAM B.                     NY-24-5-173
BROUWER, MARY E.                        NY-24-8-145
BROWER, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-1-235
BROWER, ADOLPHUS                        NY-24-3-206
BROWER, CHARITY                         NY-24-1-59
BROWER, CHARLES B.                      NY-24-15-53
BROWER, GARRET                          NY-24-29-394
BROWER, JAMES FRANK                     NY-24-447-103
BROWER, JOHN                            NY-24-1-373
BROWER, JULIA ANN                       NY-24-70-322
BROWER, MARIA                           NY-24-24-233
BROWN, ADDISON W.                       NY-24-42-234
BROWN, ALBERT H.                        NY-24-58-109
BROWN, ALBERT S.                        NY-24-44-421
BROWN, AMBROSE A.                       NY-24-26-109
BROWN, AMOS H.                          NY-24-79-447
BROWN, ANN C.                           NY-24-447-203
BROWN, CAROLINE FOX                     NY-24-56-272
BROWN, CHARLES                          NY-24-51-50
BROWN, CHARLES F. W.                    NY-24-48-391
BROWN, CORNELIA L.                      NY-24-62-410
BROWN, DAVID                            NY-24-39-151
BROWN, DAVID                            NY-24-5-265
BROWN, DAVID                            NY-24-4-325
BROWN, DAVID                            NY-24-23-29
BROWN, EDMUND                           NY-24-71-398
BROWN, ELIAS                            NY-24-24-245
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-3-51
BROWN, ELLEN                            NY-24-67-350
BROWN, EMELINE E.                       NY-24-48-82
BROWN, FRANCIS                          NY-24-2-357
BROWN, FREEMAN                          NY-24-15-125
BROWN, JACOB                            NY-24-31-111
BROWN, JAMES                            NY-24-36-285
BROWN, JAMES G.                         NY-24-56-94
BROWN, JANE AMELIA                      NY-24-61-281
BROWN, JOEL                             NY-24-47-27
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-24-6-91
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-24-17-463
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-24-24-493
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-24-5-441, 450
BROWN, JOHN A.                          NY-24-33-3
BROWN, JOHN C.                          NY-24-25-300
BROWN, JOHN CARTER                      NY-24-58-16
BROWN, JOHN D.                          NY-24-6-463
BROWN, JOHN D. H.                       NY-24-85-36
BROWN, JOHN W.                          NY-24-82-485
BROWN, JOSIAH                           NY-24-2-261
BROWN, LUCIA C.                         NY-24-53-479
BROWN, LYDIA                            NY-24-12-138
BROWN, MARY                             NY-24-79-124
BROWN, MARY ANN                         NY-24-82-226
BROWN, MATILDA                          NY-24-24-271
BROWN, NATHANIEL M.                     NY-24-8-98
BROWN, SALLIE T.                        NY-24-53-192
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NY-24-45-295
BROWN, SARAH                            NY-24-22-395
BROWN, SARAH                            NY-24-21-64
BROWN, SARAH                            NY-24-17-159
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-24-72-29
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-24-23-228
BROWN, THOMAS B.                        NY-24-61-6
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-24-15-225
BROWN, WILLIAM E.                       NY-24-38-422
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                       NY-24-58-105
BROWN, WILLIAM K.                       NY-24-79-218
BROWN, WILLIAM L.                       NY-24-55-496
BROWNE, CHARLES                         NY-24-73-397
BROWNE, GEORGE WASHINGTON               NY-24-47-89
BROWNELL, WILLIAM H.                    NY-24-51-413
BRUCE, EMMA B.                          NY-24-63-206
BRUCE, JANET                            NY-24-62-426
BRUEN, ANN                              NY-24-45-171
BRUEN, MATTHIAS                         NY-24-12-23
BRUG, FRANCIS                           NY-24-20-416
BRUMBY, CHARLES                         NY-24-39-426
BRUMBY, HANNAH                          NY-24-62-365
BRUMMER, GEORG                          NY-24-58-194
BRUNDAGE, HARVEY                        NY-24-59-368
BRUNDAGE, JAMES H. JR.                  NY-24-33-430
BRUNDAGE, JONAH                         NY-24-35-350
BRUNDAGE, MARY L.                       NY-24-86-345
BRUNN, STEPHEN                          NY-24-24-401
BRUNNER, CAROLINE                       NY-24-448-163
BRUNNER, JOSEPH                         NY-24-85-29
BRUNSEN, CHRISTOPHER W.                 NY-24-58-34
BRUSH, CONKLIN                          NY-24-40-451
BRUSH, ELIAS P.                         NY-24-38-262
BRUSH, JAMES THEO.                      NY-24-73-434
BRUSH, JANE                             NY-24-42-76
BRUSH, JESSE                            NY-24-42-395
BRUSH, ROSANNAH                         NY-24-70-369
BRUST, CHARLES                          NY-24-63-23
BRYAN, ELIJAH                           NY-24-36-36
BRYMER, ANNA M.                         NY-24-81-17
BRYSON, MARGARET                        NY-24-33-201
BUCHANAN, MARY                          NY-24-8-90
BUCHE, JOHN                             NY-24-59-177
BUCHHEIT, MARIA                         NY-24-449-369
BUCHNER, CHARLES J.                     NY-24-447-24
BUCK, DANIEL D.                         NY-24-3-12
BUCK, HERMANN D.                        NY-24-73-165
BUCK, JOHN A.                           NY-24-58-95
BUCK, JOSEPHUS                          NY-24-53-219
BUCK, MARY                              NY-24-40-389
BUCK, ROLAND                            NY-24-68-247
BUCKER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-67-63
BUCKEY, JOHN                            NY-24-59-110
BUCKHAM, ADAM                           NY-24-85-436
BUCKHOLTZ, ARBOGAST                     NY-24-67-170
BUCKHOUT, WILLIAM B.                    NY-24-43-197
BUCKLEY, AMON                           NY-24-85-402
BUCKLEY, CALEB F.                       NY-24-80-460
BUCKLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-51-20
BUCKMAN, MARY JANE                      NY-24-33-35
BUCKMASTER, AUGUSTUS                    NY-24-47-434
BUCKNAM, HENRY C.                       NY-24-63-159
BUDERNUS, PHILIPP                       NY-24-63-305
BUECHNER, ANTON                         NY-24-43-454
BUHN, JOHN                              NY-24-87-172
BUHR, PETER                             NY-24-56-167
BULGER, ELIZA                           NY-24-87-458
BULKLEY, ABIGAIL                        NY-24-64-358
BULKLEY, AUGUSTUS                       NY-24-69-466
BULKLEY, CHARLES J.                     NY-24-79-184
BULKLEY, DELINA                         NY-24-67-186
BULKLEY, ERASTUS                        NY-24-79-438
BULKLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-23-218
BULL, ANN                               NY-24-33-483
BULL, JOHN                              NY-24-34-1
BULL, MITCHELL B.                       NY-24-19-474
BULL, THOMAS F.                         NY-24-29-182
BULL, WILLIAM                           NY-24-10-423
BULL, WILLIAM                           NY-24-15-264
BULL, WILLIAM TURNER                    NY-24-34-140
BULLOCK, MOULTON                        NY-24-25-203
BULLWINKEL, HENRY                       NY-24-82-481
BULLY, JAMES                            NY-24-3-316
BUNCE, JESSE E.                         NY-24-34-367
BUNCE, JOEL                             NY-24-2-366
BUNCE, RUSSELL                          NY-24-53-362
BUNGER, ANNA                            NY-24-446-179
BUNKER, JANE E.                         NY-24-71-79
BUNKER, PAUL                            NY-24-67-150
BUNKER, REUBEN                          NY-24-14-470
BUNKER, THOMAS G.                       NY-24-14-216
BUNTING, SARAH W.                       NY-24-70-278
BURCH, THOMAS                           NY-24-11-400
BURCHAM, ALFRED                         NY-24-81-164
BURCHARD, JOHANN L.                     NY-24-20-3
BURCHARD, NATHAN                        NY-24-87-475
BURDEN, JOSEPH W.                       NY-24-18-157
BURDEN, MARIA                           NY-24-43-187
BURDETT, JANE                           NY-24-30-263
BURDICK, PERRIN                         NY-24-45-174
BURDICK, WELLINGTON W.                  NY-24-56-432
BURGER, AUGUST                          NY-24-50-14
BURGER, LOUIS                           NY-24-43-63
BURGHARDT, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-37-290
BURK, PATRICK                           NY-24-48-348
BURKE, CATHARINE                        NY-24-66-104
BURKE, JOHN S.                          NY-24-33-143
BURKE, JOSEPH                           NY-24-30-303
BURKE, JOSHUA A.                        NY-24-12-168
BURKE, MICHAEL                          NY-24-72-391
BURKE, REDMOND                          NY-24-41-272
BURLING, FRANCIS W.                     NY-24-53-174
BURLING, GEORGE                         NY-24-48-219
BURLING, LANCASTER D.                   NY-24-15-10
BURLING, MARY                           NY-24-21-469
BURLISON, JOANNA                        NY-24-72-78
BURMEISTER, JOHN GEORGE                 NY-24-67-227
BURMESTER, WILLIAM H.                   NY-24-449-73
BURN, GEORGE F.                         NY-24-76-483
BURNAP, DRUSILLA G.                     NY-24-81-1
BURNARD, WILLIAM                        NY-24-87-11
BURNELL, ARMISTEAD                      NY-24-81-240
BURNETT, CHARLOTTE C.                   NY-24-87-338
BURNETT, DAVID B.                       NY-24-44-117
BURNHAM, WILLIAM PITT                   NY-24-447-196
BURNS, ANN                              NY-24-64-341
BURNS, CHARLES S.                       NY-24-34-208
BURNS, JOHN                             NY-24-64-89
BURNS, JOHN                             NY-24-68-365
BURNS, MARY                             NY-24-62-189
BURNS, PETER                            NY-24-50-484
BURR, IDA V.                            NY-24-56-90
BURR, JOSIAH                            NY-24-3-267
BURR, SARAH J.                          NY-24-448-153
BURRAGE, WILLIAM                        NY-24-22-401
BURRIDGE, MARGARET                      NY-24-61-218
BURRILL, JOSEPH H.                      NY-24-84-312
BURRILL, MARY                           NY-24-30-382
BURRITT, ELIZABETH MELISSA              NY-24-448-442
BURRITT, LEWIS W.                       NY-24-85-356
BURROUGHS, ANNIE C.                     NY-24-72-27
BURROUGHS, CHARLES F.                   NY-24-43-432
BURROUGHS, JAMES                        NY-24-2-40
BURROUGHS, THOMAS                       NY-24-21-291
BURROWES, FRANCES                       NY-24-21-441
BURROWS, ANDREW                         NY-24-53-268
BURSLEY, THOMAS                         NY-24-39-276
BURST, DORCAS                           NY-24-68-452
BURTCHALL, DAVID                        NY-24-59-182
BURTCHELL, WILLIAM                      NY-24-48-149
BURTENSHAW, CATHERINE                   NY-24-448-13
BURTENSHAW, CHARLES J.                  NY-24-447-404
BURTIS, ABRAHAM                         NY-24-19-299
BURTIS, HANNAH                          NY-24-2-436
BURTIS, JAMES W.                        NY-24-12-34
BURTIS, MARTHA L. D.                    NY-24-73-38
BURTIS, MARY                            NY-24-36-360
BURTIS, RACHEL                          NY-24-12-378
BURTON, JAMES R.                        NY-24-39-14
BUSBY, JOHN                             NY-24-22-156
BUSCH, HENRY                            NY-24-45-6
BUSCHMANN, HARMANN                      NY-24-53-221
BUSHE, CATHARINE                        NY-24-58-182
BUSHE, RICHARD I.                       NY-24-25-212
BUSKIRK, JOHN                           NY-24-73-335
BUTCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-24-34-196
BUTLER, ANN                             NY-24-64-180
BUTLER, BETSEY                          NY-24-56-428
BUTLER, CATHARINE                       NY-24-21-282
BUTLER, COMFORT                         NY-24-28-355
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-4-148
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-5-140
BUTLER, GEORGE                          NY-24-33-444
BUTLER, GEORGE F.                       NY-24-50-396
BUTLER, HELEN M.                        NY-24-39-437
BUTLER, JAMES R.                        NY-24-17-358
BUTLER, JOHN                            NY-24-16-386
BUTLER, MARY                            NY-24-84-320
BUTLER, MARY E.                         NY-24-61-47
BUTLER, PATRICK                         NY-24-77-99
BUTLER, PETER                           NY-24-448-344
BUTLER, PHOEBE                          NY-24-27-79
BUTLER, SILAS                           NY-24-5-455
BUTLER, SILAS                           NY-24-6-101
BUTTERBROD, CHARLES                     NY-24-14-438
BUTTERLY, BERNARD                       NY-24-84-82
BUTTNER, JOHN CHARLES                   NY-24-33-354
BUTTRICK, EMILY S.                      NY-24-17-337
BUTTRICK, GEORGE H.                     NY-24-17-255
BUTZ, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-58-406
BUXTON, KENNARD                         NY-24-446-141
BYRNE, GARRET                           NY-24-10-79
BYRNE, JOHN                             NY-24-55-50
BYRNE, JOSEPH ****                      NY-24-62-192
BYRNE, MARGARET                         NY-24-447-77
BYRNE, MARY ELLEN                       NY-24-11-45
BYRNES, JAMES                           NY-24-12-215
BYRNES, MATHEW                          NY-24-69-43
BYRNES, WILLIAM                         NY-24-59-146
BYRNS, GARRET                           NY-24-38-81

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