Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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MAAS, AUGUSTUS F.                       NY-24-15-167
MABBONE, RALPH                          NY-24-23-334
MABIE, FREDERICK                        NY-24-4-221
MABIE, FREDERICK                        NY-24-5-185
MACAULAY, JAMES H.                      NY-24-448-348
MACDONALD, ALEXANDER                    NY-24-56-26
MACE, JOHN                              NY-24-84-6
MACGREGOR, FANNY                        NY-24-38-324
MACHEMER, WENDEL                        NY-24-84-378
MACHIN, SAMUEL B.                       NY-24-22-248
MACK, BATT                              NY-24-16-240
MACKENZIE, WILLIAM                      NY-24-37-205
MACKEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-45-324
MACKIE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-84-292
MACKINSON, MARY                         NY-24-40-273
MACKLIN, SARAH                          NY-24-23-96
MACLIN, ANDRE                           NY-24-53-312
MACLOUT, JOSEPH                         NY-24-37-15
MACNAMARA, JAMES                        NY-24-80-243
MACOMB, SUSANNAH                        NY-24-40-360
MACREA, WILLAM                          NY-24-12-464
MACY, CHARLES T.                        NY-24-48-128
MACY, WARREN G.                         NY-24-11-238
MADDEN, AMOS                            NY-24-20-17
MADDEN, JAMES                           NY-24-51-295
MADDEN, LOUISA S.                       NY-24-56-180
MADDEN, MARY                            NY-24-51-321
MADDEN, MARY                            NY-24-41-145
MADDOCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-81-373
MADIGAN, STEPHEN                        NY-24-39-326
MAENAUGHTAN, WILLIAM                    NY-24-77-412
MAEURER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-24-450-1
MAGAN, JOHN                             NY-24-15-1
MAGAW, ADRIANA                          NY-24-4-88
MAGAW, ADRIANA                          NY-24-5-86
MAGIL, JOHN                             NY-24-3-25
MAGINN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-18-176
MAGRATH, MICHAEL                        NY-24-64-188
MAGUIRE, ELLEN                          NY-24-67-10
MAGUIRE, HUGH                           NY-24-51-83
MAGUIRE, MARGARET K.                    NY-24-449-345
MAGUIRE, ROBERT                         NY-24-67-352
MAGUIRE, ROBERT J.                      NY-24-84-8
MAHAN, CATHARINE                        NY-24-56-204
MAHAR, MARY CONSTANT BRIGGS             NY-24-48-178
MAHER, DORAH                            NY-24-29-177
MAHER, MARGARET                         NY-24-447-495
MAHER, MICHAEL                          NY-24-58-389
MAHER, REBECCA                          NY-24-12-330
MAHLER, EDWARD                          NY-24-63-239
MAHON, EDWARD                           NY-24-23-415
MAHON, GEORGE                           NY-24-76-51
MAHON, PATRICK                          NY-24-41-324
MAHON, ROBERT                           NY-24-35-136
MAIBAUM, HEINRICH A.                    NY-24-69-89
MAIGRAT, MARY                           NY-24-48-483
MAIGROT, JEAN LOUIS                     NY-24-14-139
MALCOLM, JAMES                          NY-24-16-27
MALCOMSON, CATHERINE ANN                NY-24-76-45
MALLON, HUGH                            NY-24-9-299
MALLOY, EDWARD                          NY-24-19-82
MALLOY, EDWARD W.                       NY-24-45-153
MALLOY, HARRIET                         NY-24-40-324
MALONE, JANE                            NY-24-13-249
MALONE, JOHN                            NY-24-45-459
MALONE, WILLIAM                         NY-24-31-261
MALONEY, MARY A. T.                     NY-24-451-197
MALOY, JOHN                             NY-24-448-74
MALTBY, JANE                            NY-24-37-186
MAMBERY, JOHN                           NY-24-4-366
MAMBERY, JOHN                           NY-24-5-321
MANAHAN, MICHAEL                        NY-24-43-395
MANDERY, JOHN                           NY-24-41-126
MANDIVELLE, CORNELIUS                   NY-24-62-178
MANDUIEL, MOSES S.                      NY-24-64-352
MANG, FRANZ                             NY-24-33-294
MANGAM, MARGARETTA P.                   NY-24-87-481
MANGAM, WILLAM D.                       NY-24-35-441
MANGELS, AUGUSTE                        NY-24-29-197
MANGELS, FRIEDERIKE                     NY-24-55-486
MANGELS, HENRY                          NY-24-48-192
MANGELS, HENRY                          NY-24-12-230
MANGLER, JACOB                          NY-24-33-350
MANLEY, HELEN                           NY-24-42-488
MANLEY, JAMES                           NY-24-73-370
MANLEY, JOHN                            NY-24-17-298
MANLEY, RICHARD                         NY-24-33-341
MANN, ABIJAH JR.                        NY-24-37-48
MANN, MARY                              NY-24-80-473
MANN, MARY ANN                          NY-24-53-148
MANNERING, JAMES                        NY-24-44-125
MANNHARDT, JOHANN GEORGE                NY-24-45-462
MANNHEIM, WILLIAM                       NY-24-61-37
MANNHEIM, WILLIAM C. H.                 NY-24-449-454
MANNING, ANNA M.                        NY-24-29-112
MANNING, DAVID R.                       NY-24-68-437
MANNING, GEORGE                         NY-24-20-340
MANNING, JOHN H.                        NY-24-76-101
MANNING, JOSEPH                         NY-24-6-417
MANNING, PATRICK                        NY-24-33-319
MANNING, THOMAS J.                      NY-24-45-70
MANNY, MARY                             NY-24-42-450
MANSFIELD, JOHN                         NY-24-15-437
MANUEL, JOSEPH                          NY-24-28-161
MANWELL, JANET                          NY-24-66-383
MAPES, ABRAHAM S.                       NY-24-79-306
MARCH, EDWARD D.                        NY-24-34-216
MARCH, JOSHUA S.                        NY-24-6-201
MARCH, MAGDALEN                         NY-24-6-430
MARCH, SARAH ANN                        NY-24-23-432
MARCH, THOMAS                           NY-24-12-134
MARCIAL, JOHN                           NY-24-31-333
MARCOSO, SAMUEL                         NY-24-81-360
MARCUS, LEVI                            NY-24-59-463
MARGURS, PETER                          NY-24-87-344
MARHOEFER, CATHARINA                    NY-24-68-461
MARINUS, JOHN                           NY-24-22-271
MARION, AMEDEE JEAN                     NY-24-22-117
MARKERT, ANDREAS                        NY-24-48-163
MARKLAND, MARGARET                      NY-24-79-325
MARKS, MARIA LOUISA                     NY-24-80-180
MARRETT, MICHAEL                        NY-24-73-419
MARRIN, EDWARD                          NY-24-21-4
MARRIN, GEORGE                          NY-24-56-442
MARSCHALK, JOHN F.                      NY-24-58-386
MARSDEN, HENRY                          NY-24-80-72
MARSDEN, JOHN                           NY-24-21-464
MARSELUS, JOHN C.                       NY-24-59-494
MARSH, EDARD W.                         NY-24-37-273
MARSH, JOHN                             NY-24-36-391
MARSH, JOHN R.                          NY-24-43-76
MARSH, LEONARD                          NY-24-42-196
MARSH, RHODA                            NY-24-40-270
MARSH, THEODORE B.                      NY-24-77-26
MARSH, WALTER R.                        NY-24-45-390
MARSHALL, ALEXANDER C.                  NY-24-22-298
MARSHALL, FRANCIS D.                    NY-24-12-348
MARSHALL, JOHN W.                       NY-24-5-242
MARSHALL, JOSEPH D.                     NY-24-22-391
MARSHALL, LEMUEL                        NY-24-29-124
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       NY-24-19-390
MARTENS, ADRIAN SR.                     NY-24-2-312
MARTENS, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-24-24-102
MARTENS, FREDERICK W.                   NY-24-66-298
MARTENSE, ADRIAN                        NY-24-4-63
MARTENSE, ADRIAN                        NY-24-5-70
MARTENSE, ANGELICA                      NY-24-3-174
MARTENSE, DEBORAH                       NY-24-30-20
MARTENSE, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-33-482
MARTENSE, GARRET                        NY-24-3-158
MARTENSE, GARRET L.                     NY-24-22-380
MARTENSE, HELEN                         NY-24-61-395
MARTENSE, JANE                          NY-24-61-454
MARTENSE, JORIS                         NY-24-1-425
MARTENSE, LEFFERT                       NY-24-61-496
MARTENSON, GERRIT                       NY-24-2-93
MARTIN, ANDREW B.                       NY-24-450-490
MARTIN, CHARLES                         NY-24-40-111
MARTIN, DANIEL                          NY-24-17-67
MARTIN, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS              NY-24-449-305
MARTIN, ENOCH                           NY-24-3-300
MARTIN, G. A.                           NY-24-33-242
MARTIN, HENRY                           NY-24-61-334
MARTIN, JACOB P.                        NY-24-20-306
MARTIN, JAMES H.                        NY-24-44-389
MARTIN, JANE                            NY-24-85-259
MARTIN, JENET B.                        NY-24-25-256
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-24-33-280
MARTIN, MICHAEL                         NY-24-446-416
MARTIN, PATRICK                         NY-24-25-409
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NY-24-449-242
MARTIN, SARAH R.                        NY-24-23-104
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-40-81
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-40-434
MARTIN, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-24-84-298
MARTINSE, JORIS                         NY-24-1-75
MARVIN, CHARLES B.                      NY-24-42-446
MARVIN, HENRY C.                        NY-24-31-360
MARVIN, LAVINIA                         NY-24-80-161
MARVIN, LUCIA L.                        NY-24-87-208
MARVIN, PHEBE                           NY-24-39-203
MARX, FANNY                             NY-24-47-46
MASLEN, STEPHEN                         NY-24-79-101
MASON, ALBERT                           NY-24-43-72
MASON, ALBERT                           NY-24-81-26
MASON, ALBERT A.                        NY-24-79-470
MASON, DEBORAH W. (38 PAGES)            NY-24-71-113
MASON, EDWARD F.                        NY-24-77-242
MASON, FRANCIS D.                       NY-24-44-28
MASON, GEORGE                           NY-24-22-166
MASON, JAMES                            NY-24-42-10
MASON, JANE D.                          NY-24-34-212
MASON, NEHEMIAH                         NY-24-29-245
MASSA, FERDINAND                        NY-24-84-142
MASTERS, CATHARINE C.                   NY-24-30-471
MASTERSON, THOMAS                       NY-24-22-27
MATARAN, ANTHONY                        NY-24-68-126
MATHEWS, JAMES                          NY-24-9-315
MATHEWS, JAMES                          NY-24-24-300
MATHIAS, JOHN C.                        NY-24-31-432
MATHIEZ, FRANCOIS                       NY-24-447-147
MATHIS, ERNESTINE                       NY-24-446-311
MATIS, NEHEMIAH C.                      NY-24-22-495
MATTHES, BARBARA                        NY-24-33-225
MATTHEWS, CATHARINE H.                  NY-24-39-154
MATTOCKS, EMILY                         NY-24-70-484
MATZ, MICHAEL                           NY-24-72-4
MAUER, WILLIAM                          NY-24-447-49
MAUNDER, PETER                          NY-24-67-294
MAURER, JOHANNA C.                      NY-24-451-443
MAUS, SUSANNAH                          NY-24-40-170
MAXWELL, DAVID                          NY-24-56-107
MAXWELL, HISSEY                         NY-24-56-445
MAXWELL, JAMES                          NY-24-80-61
MAXWELL, MARGARET S.                    NY-24-44-245
MAY, A. ARNOLD                          NY-24-55-172
MAY, HORACE                             NY-24-35-363
MAY, LEONARD                            NY-24-1-12
MAY, MATILDA                            NY-24-21-461
MAY, MICHAEL                            NY-24-37-306
MAYBURY, MARGARET                       NY-24-449-119
MAYER, CORNELIUS                        NY-24-82-450
MAYER, GOTTFRIED                        NY-24-58-28
MAYER, JACOB F.                         NY-24-43-219
MAYER, JOHN                             NY-24-73-116
MAYER, JOSEPH                           NY-24-43-14
MAYGROVE, ISAAC C.                      NY-24-26-266
MAYNARD, SAMUEL                         NY-24-45-116
MAYOR, MARY JANE                        NY-24-56-265
MAYOR, PIERRE A.                        NY-24-62-350
MCADAM, MARY                            NY-24-38-401
MCADDIN, FRANCIS A.                     NY-24-51-396
MCANALLY, JAMES                         NY-24-40-185
MCANANY, CATHARINE                      NY-24-58-224
MCANANY, JOHN                           NY-24-35-162
MCARDLE, FRANCIS                        NY-24-3-90
MCARDLE, HUGH                           NY-24-85-67
MCARDLE, JOHN                           NY-24-16-228
MCARTHUR, JOHN C.                       NY-24-48-399
MCARTHUR, SARAH                         NY-24-81-306
MCATEER, JOHN                           NY-24-20-455
MCATEER, MARY                           NY-24-29-189
MCAULAY, JOHN J.                        NY-24-450-392
MCAULEY, PHEBE J.                       NY-24-82-97
MCAULEY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-64-483
MCAVEY, DELIA                           NY-24-37-270
MCAVINCHEY, PETER                       NY-24-51-426
MCAVINCHY, ANN                          NY-24-59-171
MCBRAIR, JAMES                          NY-24-40-470
MCBRAIR, JANE                           NY-24-64-305
MCBRAIR, MARGARET A.                    NY-24-82-421
MCBRIDE, ANDREW                         NY-24-47-415
MCBRIDE, HUGH                           NY-24-40-476
MCBRIDE, HUGH                           NY-24-56-484
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           NY-24-71-410
MCBRIDE, WINNIFRED                      NY-24-67-412
MCCABE, AMELIA                          NY-24-37-8
MCCABE, BERNARD                         NY-24-87-219
MCCABE, HUGH                            NY-24-67-286
MCCABE, PATRICK                         NY-24-35-117
MCCABE, TERRENCE                        NY-24-446-326
MCCAFFREY, ANN                          NY-24-43-289
MCCAFFREY, JAMES                        NY-24-29-390
MCCAFFREY, MARY E.                      NY-24-69-15
MCCALGAN, MICHAEL                       NY-24-11-158
MCCANLEY, NEIL                          NY-24-18-346
MCCANN, HENRY                           NY-24-20-25
MCCANN, JANE A.                         NY-24-448-395
MCCANN, JOHN                            NY-24-79-397
MCCARRICK, ELIZA                        NY-24-39-400
MCCARRILL, HUGH                         NY-24-63-31
MCCARTHY, ANN                           NY-24-64-303
MCCARTHY, DANIEL                        NY-24-73-458
MCCARTHY, EDWARD                        NY-24-59-342
MCCARTHY, ELLEN                         NY-24-81-140
MCCARTHY, EUGENE                        NY-24-55-219
MCCARTHY, JAMES                         NY-24-58-296
MCCARTIN, DON FRANCISCO                 NY-24-55-386
MCCARTIN, JAMES M.                      NY-24-50-386
MCCARTY, ANN                            NY-24-42-150
MCCARTY, SELINA                         NY-24-34-340
MCCAUSLAND, MARY ***                    NY-24-56-136
MCCHESNEY, ROBERT                       NY-24-9-335
MCCLANEY, WILLIAM J.                    NY-24-28-105
MCCLAREY, JAMES                         NY-24-20-40
MCCLAURY, ELIZA                         NY-24-28-72
MCCLEARY, THOMAS                        NY-24-43-374
MCCLEAVE, WILLIAM                       NY-24-21-363
MCCLENAHAN, JOHN                        NY-24-58-60
MCCLOSKEY, HENRY                        NY-24-64-228
MCCLOSKEY, WILLIAM                      NY-24-15-46
MCCLOUD, ELIZA                          NY-24-23-466
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-16-477
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-28-301
MCCOLBURN, PATRICK                      NY-24-59-352
MCCOLE, EDWARD A.                       NY-24-447-109
MCCOLE, PATRICK                         NY-24-85-445
MCCOLGAN, MARY                          NY-24-59-355
MCCOLLUM, CATHARINE L.                  NY-24-448-206
MCCOLLUM, JAMES                         NY-24-5-246
MCCONN, WILLETT                         NY-24-33-463
MCCONNACH, ANN                          NY-24-37-121
MCCONNALOGUE, JOHN                      NY-24-29-379
MCCONNELL, CHARLES                      NY-24-42-415
MCCONNELL, HUGH F.                      NY-24-85-450
MCCONNELL, MARY ANNE                    NY-24-64-300
MCCONOCHIE, CATHARINE                   NY-24-34-277
MCCONVILL, JOHN                         NY-24-59-358
MCCONVILLE, WILLIAM                     NY-24-40-25
MCCOOL, HENRY                           NY-24-39-92
MCCORD, ANN                             NY-24-28-40
MCCORD, CHARLES O.                      NY-24-87-81
MCCORD, MARY ELIZABETH                  NY-24-45-371
MCCORKINDALE, ISABELLA                  NY-24-45-337
MCCORMACK, CATHARINE                    NY-24-62-331
MCCORMACK, MARY A.                      NY-24-47-296
MCCORMACK, MICHAEL                      NY-24-449-213
MCCORMICK, GEORGE                       NY-24-63-180
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        NY-24-41-117
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         NY-24-28-390
MCCORMICK, JOHN H.                      NY-24-42-29
MCCORMICK, MATTHEW                      NY-24-47-53
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                      NY-24-68-387
MCCOSKEY, ROBERT                        NY-24-40-19
MCCOUN, CATHERINE                       NY-24-9-48
MCCOUN, ELLEN                           NY-24-33-395
MCCOWEN, AGNES                          NY-24-63-493
MCCOY, ANN                              NY-24-73-100
MCCOY, ELLEN                            NY-24-33-356
MCCOY, JAMES                            NY-24-61-330
MCCOY, JAMES                            NY-24-25-138
MCCOY, MARY                             NY-24-58-162
MCCOY, PATRICK                          NY-24-31-298
MCCOY, PATRICK                          NY-24-25-421
MCCOY, ROBERT                           NY-24-34-205
MCCOY, TERRENCE                         NY-24-62-402
MCCREA, JOHN                            NY-24-450-381
MCCRUM, MARY L.                         NY-24-73-190
MCCUE, CHARLES                          NY-24-51-167
MCCUE, THOMAS                           NY-24-42-80
MCCULLAGH, JOHN                         NY-24-20-273
MCCUNE-SMITH, JAMES                     NY-24-31-171
MCCUTCHEON, JANE ANN                    NY-24-48-225
MCDERMOTT, ANN                          NY-24-79-213
MCDERMOTT, CATHARINE                    NY-24-25-94
MCDERMOTT, DAVID                        NY-24-45-45
MCDERMOTT, THOMAS                       NY-24-86-483
MCDERMUT, ABIGAIL                       NY-24-64-92
MCDEROTT, JOHN                          NY-24-13-28
MCDEVITT, EDWARD                        NY-24-43-485
MCDIARMID, JOHN                         NY-24-58-403
MCDONALD, ANN                           NY-24-31-152
MCDONALD, CAROLINE W.                   NY-24-21-188
MCDONALD, CATHARINE                     NY-24-37-244
MCDONALD, HENRY ****                    NY-24-53-22
MCDONALD, HONORA                        NY-24-51-226
MCDONALD, HUGH                          NY-24-10-353
MCDONALD, JAMES                         NY-24-71-57
MCDONALD, JAMES                         NY-24-76-456
MCDONALD, JOHN                          NY-24-30-26
MCDONALD, PETER                         NY-24-19-370
MCDONALD, THOMAS                        NY-24-33-287
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                       NY-24-13-287
MCDONALD, WILLIAM A.                    NY-24-40-341
MCDONNELL, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-56-236
MCDONNELL, HUGH                         NY-24-3-268
MCDONNELL, JAMES J. ****                NY-24-59-423
MCDONOUGH, JAMES                        NY-24-15-174
MCDONOUGH, MARGARET                     NY-24-33-433
MCDONOUGH, MATTHEW                      NY-24-38-167
MCDONOUGH, PETER                        NY-24-6-276
MCDONOUGH, ROGER                        NY-24-41-438
MCDOUGHERTY, JOHN                       NY-24-76-130
MCDOWALL, JAMES                         NY-24-23-491
MCELROY, JAMES                          NY-24-67-305
MCENTEE, PHILIP                         NY-24-37-135
MCFADDEN, EDWARD                        NY-24-27-171
MCFADDEN, JANE                          NY-24-450-216
MCFATE, JOHN                            NY-24-2-352
MCFERLEN, JOHN                          NY-24-4-49
MCFERLEN, JOHN                          NY-24-5-62
MCGAHAN, JOHN R.                        NY-24-10-402
MCGAHN, PETER                           NY-24-21-485
MCGARITY, BARNARD                       NY-24-38-312
MCGARRY, JOHN                           NY-24-23-188
MCGARRY, TIMOTHY                        NY-24-71-111
MCGAY, ROBERT T. SR.                    NY-24-78-79
MCGEE, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-33-157
MCGEE, HUGH                             NY-24-19-402
MCGEE, JAMES                            NY-24-28-215
MCGEE, JOHN                             NY-24-11-99
MCGEE, JOHN                             NY-24-12-93
MCGEORGE, JOHN                          NY-24-40-224
MCGEORGE, MARY                          NY-24-34-199
MCGINLEY, JOHN                          NY-24-26-333
MCGINLEY, JOHN C.                       NY-24-84-281
MCGINLEY, MARGARET                      NY-24-62-454
MCGINLEY, WEALTHY A.                    NY-24-84-274
MCGINNES, ANN                           NY-24-41-190
MCGINTY, PATRICK                        NY-24-58-300
MCGIVERN, JAMES                         NY-24-26-343
MCGIVNEY, PHILIP                        NY-24-59-293
MCGLADE, SARAH                          NY-24-64-122
MCGLINN, MANUS                          NY-24-55-28
MCGOVERN, OWEN                          NY-24-36-282
MCGOVERN, PATRICK                       NY-24-45-465
MCGOWAN, ARTHUR                         NY-24-16-449
MCGOWAN, JOHN                           NY-24-69-45
MCGOWAN, JOHN                           NY-24-24-40
MCGOWAN, MARY                           NY-24-24-197
MCGOWAN, PATRICK                        NY-24-24-166
MCGOWAN, WILLIAM                        NY-24-73-144
MCGOWEN, PATRICK                        NY-24-42-277
MCGRATH, JOHN                           NY-24-70-354
MCGRATH, MICHAEL                        NY-24-66-6
MCGRAYNE, JOHN                          NY-24-84-192
MCGROARTY, NIEL                         NY-24-71-496
MCGUIRE, CONSTANTINE                    NY-24-47-300
MCGUIRE, FRANCIS H.                     NY-24-450-308
MCGUIRE, GEORGE                         NY-24-20-68
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           NY-24-44-440
MCGUIRE, TERRENCE                       NY-24-84-125
MCGUIRK, HONORAH                        NY-24-64-419
MCGUNIGLE, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-42-7
MCGUNIGLE, MARGARET                     NY-24-42-56
MCGURREN, JAMES                         NY-24-44-67
MCHAIL, MARY                            NY-24-448-79
MCILWAINE, HAZEL EGGINTON               NY-24-450-201
MCINERNY, HONORA                        NY-24-15-83
MCINTOSH, DANIEL C.                     NY-24-449-247
MCINTYRE, CATHARINE                     NY-24-56-385
MCINTYRE, JOHN R.                       NY-24-51-428
MCINTYRE, PHILIP                        NY-24-62-405
MCKAY, GEORGE                           NY-24-23-65
MCKAY, JANE A.                          NY-24-35-458
MCKEE, JAMES                            NY-24-66-51
MCKEE, JOHN                             NY-24-79-287
MCKEE, ROBERT ****                      NY-24-64-125
MCKEE, SAMUEL                           NY-24-36-259
MCKEE, TERENCE                          NY-24-450-375
MCKEEN, JOSEPH                          NY-24-3-166
MCKENNA, ARTHUR                         NY-24-44-393
MCKENNA, JAMES                          NY-24-67-207
MCKENNA, JAMES                          NY-24-34-38
MCKENNA, JAMES                          NY-24-19-259
MCKENNA, JOHN                           NY-24-64-316
MCKENNA, PATRICK                        NY-24-45-348
MCKENNEY, MATTHEW                       NY-24-21-40
MCKENNEY, PATRICK                       NY-24-13-277
MCKENNY, WILLIAM                        NY-24-1-299
MCKEON, ROSE                            NY-24-53-199
MCKEON, SARAH                           NY-24-447-425
MCKEOWN, CELIA                          NY-24-447-425
MCKEOWN, JOHN                           NY-24-87-143
MCKERNAN, MICHAEL                       NY-24-86-253
MCKINNEY, ALEXANDER JR.                 NY-24-11-151
MCKINNEY, ELIZABETH B.                  NY-24-67-258
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         NY-24-61-100
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NY-24-446-254
MCKINNEY, MARY                          NY-24-70-473
MCKINSTRY, CHARLES                      NY-24-17-394
MCLANE, JAMES W.                        NY-24-28-150
MCLAUGHLIN, CATHARINE                   NY-24-33-103
MCLAUGHLIN, CATHARINE                   NY-24-35-365
MCLAUGHLIN, DANIEL                      NY-24-7-176
MCLAUGHLIN, EDWARD                      NY-24-67-302
MCLAUGHLIN, HELEN                       NY-24-42-280
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-24-55-407
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-24-85-385
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        NY-24-10-372
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        NY-24-35-328
MCLAUGHLIN, LUKE                        NY-24-11-332
MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET                    NY-24-29-236
MCLAUGHLIN, SUSAN                       NY-24-36-95
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     NY-24-15-251
MCLAUGLIN, BERNARD                      NY-24-58-165
MCLEAN, THOMAS M.                       NY-24-31-378
MCLEOD, ANN                             NY-24-6-31
MCLEOD, ANN                             NY-24-5-410
MCLEOD, ELIZA                           NY-24-6-456
MCLOUGHLIN, DOMINICK                    NY-24-25-453
MCLOUGHLIN, PATRICK                     NY-24-61-173
MCMAHAN, MICHAEL                        NY-24-14-322
MCMAHON, ANN                            NY-24-26-232
MCMAHON, ARCHIBALD                      NY-24-12-12
MCMAHON, MARTIN                         NY-24-12-353
MCMAHON, THOMAS                         NY-24-9-433
MCMAHON, WILLIAM                        NY-24-55-125
MCMANNION, MICHAEL                      NY-24-55-246
MCMANUS, ELIZA                          NY-24-449-233
MCMANUS, PATRICK                        NY-24-70-265
MCMANUS, ROSANNA                        NY-24-71-492
MCMANUS, SARAH                          NY-24-43-181
MCMENOMY, MARY ANN                      NY-24-26-355
MCMICKEN, DAVID                         NY-24-73-443
MCMILLAN, DANIEL                        NY-24-12-442
MCMILLAN, JAMES                         NY-24-34-302
MCMILLAN, JANE E.                       NY-24-84-133
MCMILLAN, PETER                         NY-24-22-277
MCMULLAN, THOMAS                        NY-24-25-287
MCMULLEN, DANIEL                        NY-24-26-154
MCMURRAY, CORNELIA F.                   NY-24-18-191
MCMURRAY, JANE                          NY-24-26-73
MCNABB, SAMUEL                          NY-24-23-224
MCNALLEY, EDWARD                        NY-24-26-361
MCNALLY, DANIEL                         NY-24-45-95
MCNALLY, HENRY                          NY-24-55-222
MCNALLY, JAMES                          NY-24-42-177
MCNALLY, JOHN T.                        NY-24-68-103
MCNAMARA, DANIEL                        NY-24-19-418
MCNAMEE, JOHN                           NY-24-5-236
MCNAMEE, JOHN                           NY-24-6-125
MCNAMEE, MARY                           NY-24-450-473
MCNAMEE, MICHAEL                        NY-24-29-122
MCNEELY, FRANCIS                        NY-24-41-237
MCNEIL, DONALD                          NY-24-450-399
MCNISH, ROBERT                          NY-24-11-306
MCNULTY, BRIDGET E.                     NY-24-81-468
MCNULTY, CELIA                          NY-24-43-341
MCNULTY, JOHN                           NY-24-9-43
MCPARTLAND, SARAH                       NY-24-66-162
MCPHERSON, JOHN                         NY-24-36-422
MCPHERSON, MARY                         NY-24-47-3
MCQUAIDE, TERRANCE                      NY-24-35-293
MCQUEEN, JOHN                           NY-24-47-50
MCROBBIE, JAMES                         NY-24-53-19
MCROBERTS, ANDREW                       NY-24-18-58
MCSWEENEY, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-7-280
MCTAMMANY, MARGARET                     NY-24-18-181
MCTOY, MARTIN                           NY-24-17-276
MCUE, CATHARINE                         NY-24-56-460
MCVAY, ANN                              NY-24-42-134
MCWHORTER, ALEXANDER                    NY-24-53-330
MEAD, ELIZABETH                         NY-24-23-254
MEAD, GEORGE L.                         NY-24-48-222
MEAD, HALSEY R.                         NY-24-64-319
MEAD, HENRIETTA                         NY-24-450-65
MEAD, JOHN                              NY-24-21-417
MEAD, JOSEPH W.                         NY-24-35-310
MEAD, MARY T.                           NY-24-50-74
MEAD, PATRICK                           NY-24-11-369
MEAD, PATRICK                           NY-24-56-113
MEAD, RALPH M.                          NY-24-447-283
MEAD, THOMAS                            NY-24-450-317
MEADEN, EMMA                            NY-24-48-413
MEANEY, NICHOLAS                        NY-24-16-371
MECKEL, PHILIP P.                       NY-24-450-258
MECY, JAMES                             NY-24-40-385
MEDD, CHARLES F.                        NY-24-447-330
MEDER, FREDERICKA                       NY-24-48-144
MEDLER, HENRY                           NY-24-59-461
MEE, THOMAS                             NY-24-450-317
MEEHAN, JAMES                           NY-24-35-199
MEEKER, JOHATHAM C.                     NY-24-44-87
MEEKER, MARY                            NY-24-14-508
MEEKER, SAMUEL                          NY-24-9-241
MEEKS, SUSAN M.                         NY-24-85-267
MEGAREY, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-12-234
MEHL, ADAM                              NY-24-81-483
MEHL, BARBARA                           NY-24-34-14
MEHLING, JOHN                           NY-24-41-42
MEHLING, JULIANA                        NY-24-447-493
MEHRBASS, JOHN                          NY-24-67-279
MEHRER, HENRIETTA L.                    NY-24-450-370
MEHRLENS, HINRICH W.                    NY-24-12-402
MEHRMANN, PETER                         NY-24-33-412
MEIER, MARY                             NY-24-45-241
MEILBY, MABEL E.                        NY-24-448-77
MEINCKE, ANDREAS F.                     NY-24-38-51
MEINHARDT, BRUNO                        NY-24-71-182
MEINKE, HENRY                           NY-24-449-88
MELLELY, KATE                           NY-24-53-146
MELLEN, LUCRETIA                        NY-24-14-5
MELLER, CHRISTIAN H.                    NY-24-451-467
MELLEY, JOHN                            NY-24-59-83
MELLON, MARY                            NY-24-17-378
MELLOR, ELIZA                           NY-24-39-143
MELVILLE, THEODOLPHUS                   NY-24-12-326
MELVIN, AUSTIN                          NY-24-27-392
MELVIN, JOHN C.                         NY-24-12-334
MELZER, JACOB                           NY-24-27-70
MENDALL, JOHN T.                        NY-24-51-318
MENDEZ, DOMINGO                         NY-24-446-306
MENTZINGER, CHRISTIAN F.                NY-24-446-202
MERCEIN, ANDREW                         NY-24-6-1
MERCEIN, ANDREW                         NY-24-5-395
MERCEIN, CHARLOTTE                      NY-24-15-150
MERCER, JOHN F.                         NY-24-28-24
MERCHANT, ABBEY                         NY-24-21-458
MERKLE, FREDERICK                       NY-24-58-293
MERLE, OPHELIA G.                       NY-24-80-172
MERLED D'AUBIGNE, GUILLAUME             NY-24-37-77
MERRIAM, ABBY F.                        NY-24-66-353
MERRIAM, GEORGE                         NY-24-87-162
MERRIAM, WILLIAM R.                     NY-24-40-99
MERRICK, ADALINE                        NY-24-61-209
MERRILL, EDWIN F.                       NY-24-449-78
MERRILL, ELI                            NY-24-17-209
MERRILL, JOHNJ.                         NY-24-42-101
MERRILL, JULIA A.                       NY-24-450-338
MERRILL, LUKE T.                        NY-24-39-194
MERRILL, ROBERT                         NY-24-67-156
MERRILL, SARAH M. G.                    NY-24-79-137
MERRITT, MARY B.                        NY-24-36-452
MERRITT, MARY K.                        NY-24-87-262
MERRITT, PHEBE                          NY-24-27-64
MERRITT, THOMAS                         NY-24-20-411
MESER, ABRAHAM                          NY-24-2-10
MESEROLE, ABRAHAM                       NY-24-33-234
MESEROLE, ABRAHAM                       NY-24-6-295
MESEROLE, ABRAHAM V.                    NY-24-447-477
MESEROLE, ELEANOR                       NY-24-33-255
MESEROLE, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-8-35
MESEROLE, ISAAC                         NY-24-6-180
MESEROLE, JOHN                          NY-24-4-453
MESEROLE, JOHN                          NY-24-5-379
MESEROLE, JOHN                          NY-24-5-89
MESEROLE, MAGDALEN                      NY-24-72-467
MESEROLE, MARIA                         NY-24-58-172
MESEROLE, PETER                         NY-24-7-30
MESEROLE, WILLIAM M.                    NY-24-50-82
MESEVOLE, PHEBE G.                      NY-24-42-123
MESICK, FRANK B.                        NY-24-449-290
MESSENGER, HARRY                        NY-24-85-222
MESSENGER, WILLIAM H.                   NY-24-22-174
MESSERVE, EDWARD D.                     NY-24-28-19
MESSSENGER, MARY ANN                    NY-24-40-94
METCALF, JAMES                          NY-24-45-274
METCALFE, ELIZABETH                     NY-24-70-95
METZ, ADAM                              NY-24-48-253
METZGER, JOHN                           NY-24-56-20
METZGER, JULIUS                         NY-24-64-475
METZGER, KATHARINE                      NY-24-84-314
METZGER, LOUISE                         NY-24-446-133
METZGER, MARGARET                       NY-24-48-184
METZGER, SOPHIE                         NY-24-43-269
METZLER, GEORGE                         NY-24-79-152
METZNER, JOHN JR                        NY-24-450-159
MEYER, ANNIE C.                         NY-24-449-54
MEYER, AUGUSTUS                         NY-24-48-158
MEYER, CAROLINE                         NY-24-86-459
MEYER, CHARLES                          NY-24-73-72
MEYER, EIDE FREIDERICH                  NY-24-73-103
MEYER, FREDERICK                        NY-24-448-172
MEYER, FREDERICK W.                     NY-24-58-141
MEYER, FRIEDRICH W. G.                  NY-24-39-490
MEYER, GEORGE M.                        NY-24-72-13
MEYER, HENRY                            NY-24-447-96
MEYER, HENRY                            NY-24-64-282
MEYER, HENRY J.                         NY-24-38-327
MEYER, HERMAN                           NY-24-448-210
MEYER, JOHN M.                          NY-24-58-72
MEYER, MARY                             NY-24-85-174
MEYER, PHILIP P.                        NY-24-51-12
MEYER, SAMUEL                           NY-24-50-420
MEYERHOEFER, FRANZ                      NY-24-56-284
MEZICK, REBECCA T.                      NY-24-448-420
MICHAELIS, GOTTFRIED                    NY-24-61-464
MICHAELIS, JOHN F.                      NY-24-446-14
MICHAELSEN, DANIEL                      NY-24-36-367
MICHEL, ALBERT                          NY-24-76-106
MICHEL, ANNETTE C.                      NY-24-31-109
MICHEL, ELLEN ELIZA                     NY-24-35-368
MICHEL, EMMA                            NY-24-448-41
MICHENER, JAMES E.                      NY-24-33-248
MIDDAGH, JOHN                           NY-24-2-148
MIDDAGH, MARTHA                         NY-24-22-109
MIDDENDORF, JOHN C.                     NY-24-39-10
MIDDLEBROOK, GEORGE L.                  NY-24-7-367
MIDDLETON, MARIA                        NY-24-33-32
MIER, CHARLES                           NY-24-73-72
MILAN, CATHERINE                        NY-24-448-63
MILBURN, JAMES                          NY-24-15-337
MILER, GURDON                           NY-24-27-465
MILES, HANNAH                           NY-24-86-48
MILFORD, WILILAM                        NY-24-24-316
MILGATE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-24-80-190
MILLARD, JOSEPH T.                      NY-24-48-147
MILLEDATER, PHILIP C.                   NY-24-12-178
MILLEDOLER, JOHN L.                     NY-24-14-455
MILLER, ADALINE                         NY-24-22-147
MILLER, ADELINE                         NY-24-26-440
MILLER, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-451-435
MILLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-24-87-308
MILLER, CASPAR F.                       NY-24-48-181
MILLER, CHARLES                         NY-24-51-245
MILLER, CHARLES                         NY-24-37-44
MILLER, CHARLES S.                      NY-24-42-297
MILLER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-24-41-10
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-24-73-345
MILLER, CLARINDA E.                     NY-24-68-370
MILLER, CLORINDA                        NY-24-79-420
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-24-2-284
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-24-2-284
MILLER, ELEAZER                         NY-24-25-425
MILLER, ELECTA                          NY-24-78-65
MILLER, FIDES                           NY-24-447-322
MILLER, GEORGE                          NY-24-72-372
MILLER, HELENA                          NY-24-56-232
MILLER, HENRY W.                        NY-24-77-196
MILLER, HIRAM                           NY-24-81-32
MILLER, JAMES F.                        NY-24-40-424
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-24-10-84
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-24-58-219
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-24-85-85
MILLER, JOHN H.                         NY-24-447-442
MILLER, LUCY J.                         NY-24-449-391
MILLER, LUDWIG                          NY-24-70-404
MILLER, MAGDALENA                       NY-24-70-406
MILLER, NICOLUS                         NY-24-33-129
MILLER, PAUL                            NY-24-47-490
MILLER, PETER                           NY-24-4-1
MILLER, PETER                           NY-24-2-300
MILLER, REBECCA J.                      NY-24-451-96
MILLER, RICHARD                         NY-24-67-475
MILLER, VESTA                           NY-24-63-34
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-38-19
MILLER, WILLIAM D.                      NY-24-31-372
MILLINGTON, WILLIAM F.                  NY-24-447-132
MILLS, ABRAHAM                          NY-24-11-56
MILLS, ANDREW                           NY-24-447-164
MILLS, CHARLES N.                       NY-24-35-355
MILLS, ELEANOR T.                       NY-24-37-247
MILLS, ELIZABETH MARY                   NY-24-450-36
MILLS, ETHELBERT S.                     NY-24-50-470
MILLS, GEORGE F.                        NY-24-451-112
MILLS, JOHN                             NY-24-10-419
MILLS, JOHN H.                          NY-24-33-109
MILLS, LYDIA                            NY-24-22-100
MILLS, NANCY                            NY-24-66-47
MILLS, NATHANIEL                        NY-24-25-436
MILLS, SUSAN                            NY-24-39-29
MILLS, THOMAS H.                        NY-24-66-437
MILLWARD, JAMES                         NY-24-48-356
MILLWARD, JANE B.                       NY-24-39-295
MILNES, MARIA                           NY-24-84-113
MILNOR, ELEANOR                         NY-24-33-331
MILWARD, CHARLOTTE                      NY-24-43-448
MINARD, MARY W. K.                      NY-24-44-23
MINDERMANN, HENRY                       NY-24-73-10
MINER, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-28-8
MINEW, JOHN                             NY-24-87-45
MING, MARTHA                            NY-24-14-484
MINGES, JACOB                           NY-24-86-419
MINOR, CHARLES E.                       NY-24-64-325
MINUSE, DOROTHY                         NY-24-10-129
MINUSE, LEONARD                         NY-24-80-152
MISEROL, JACOB                          NY-24-1-14
MITCHEL, JACOB                          NY-24-67-269
MITCHELL, CATHARINE G.                  NY-24-41-109
MITCHELL, ELIZA                         NY-24-21-84
MITCHELL, GEORGE                        NY-24-19-116
MITCHELL, JOHN                          NY-24-61-81
MITCHELL, MAUD                          NY-24-448-109
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                        NY-24-6-400
MITCHELL, SAMUEL P.                     NY-24-41-112
MITTHAUER, GEORG                        NY-24-85-161
MIX, MARY                               NY-24-47-66
MOFFATT, ALEXANDER                      NY-24-56-337
MOHR, GEORGE                            NY-24-73-65
MOLENAER, DAVID                         NY-24-1-23
MOLL, JOHN W.                           NY-24-48-250
MOLLENHAUER, DIEDRICK                   NY-24-81-233
MOLLENHAUER, GESINE                     NY-24-81-235
MOLLER, HENRY                           NY-24-62-307
MOLLMANN, AUGSUTUS                      NY-24-23-178
MOLONY, MICHAEL                         NY-24-3-43
MOLTZ, GABRIEL                          NY-24-34-4
MOLTZER, JOHN                           NY-24-72-442
MONAGHAN, BERNARD                       NY-24-40-264
MONAGHAN, BRIDGET B.                    NY-24-22-443
MONAHAN, JOHN                           NY-24-24-99
MONAHAN, MARY                           NY-24-448-55
MONAS, CATHARINE                        NY-24-73-296
MONNOT, CLAUDE F.                       NY-24-61-379
MONNOT, FRANCOISE                       NY-24-61-402
MONTAGUE, HORACE                        NY-24-5-326
MONTAGUE, HORACE                        NY-24-4-371
MONTANYE, ABRAHAM D.                    NY-24-38-467
MONTGOMERY, ANNA H.                     NY-24-67-18
MONTGOMERY, CHARLES                     NY-24-447-471
MONTGOMERY, ELVIRA                      NY-24-38-48
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                       NY-24-50-113
MONTGOMERY, JAMES H.                    NY-24-77-506
MOODY, ANN                              NY-24-9-92
MOODY, JAMES                            NY-24-26-9
MOON, CATHARINE                         NY-24-22-184
MOON, JAMES                             NY-24-4-434
MOON, JAMES                             NY-24-5-373
MOON, JOHN                              NY-24-13-116
MOON, MARY A.                           NY-24-38-281
MOONEY, PATRICK                         NY-24-27-163
MOORE, ABIGAIL                          NY-24-17-470
MOORE, ANN                              NY-24-2-125
MOORE, ANTONY                           NY-24-7-60
MOORE, AUGUSTUS                         NY-24-17-481
MOORE, AUSTIN D.                        NY-24-19-216
MOORE, AUSTIN D.                        NY-24-21-81
MOORE, AUSTIN D.                        NY-24-85-243
MOORE, CAROLINE                         NY-24-33-330
MOORE, CATHARINE                        NY-24-42-120
MOORE, ELIZABETH K.                     NY-24-446-69
MOORE, FRANCOIS A.                      NY-24-447-409
MOORE, GEORGE                           NY-24-33-45
MOORE, HANNAH                           NY-24-15-463
MOORE, JOHN C.                          NY-24-56-261
MOORE, JOHN H.                          NY-24-7-267
MOORE, JONATHAN                         NY-24-38-135
MOORE, LAMBERT                          NY-24-1-436
MOORE, LEANDER                          NY-24-12-290
MOORE, MARGARET DELANEY                 NY-24-47-472
MOORE, MICHAEL                          NY-24-44-175
MOORE, PATRICK                          NY-24-7-415
MOORE, PATRICK                          NY-24-42-402
MOORE, ROBERT                           NY-24-41-208
MOORE, SARAH E.                         NY-24-58-339
MOORE, THOMAS                           NY-24-6-264
MOORE, THOMAS C.                        NY-24-37-220
MOORES, MARY H.                         NY-24-43-184
MOORHEAD, JOHN                          NY-24-18-178
MOORHEAD, ROBERT                        NY-24-27-76
MORAN, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-24-45-206
MORAN, DANIEL E.                        NY-24-48-121
MORAN, ELIZA W.                         NY-24-30-55
MORAN, FRANCIS                          NY-24-71-363
MORAN, FRANCIS A.                       NY-24-86-447
MORAN, JOHN                             NY-24-13-125
MORAN, MARY                             NY-24-69-434
MORAN, MICHAEL                          NY-24-18-118
MORAN, PATRICK                          NY-24-28-128
MORAN, ROSALIE F. A.                    NY-24-73-394
MORAN, THOMAS                           NY-24-12-187
MORE, ROBERT                            NY-24-67-308
MOREHOUSE, VIRGINIA F.                  NY-24-451-379
MOREL, LOUIS F.                         NY-24-33-398
MORGAN, ALFRED                          NY-24-446-314
MORGAN, BRIDGET                         NY-24-48-504
MORGAN, CHARLOTTE ANN                   NY-24-67-3
MORGAN, DANIEL H.                       NY-24-39-139
MORGAN, EDWARD A.                       NY-24-12-435
MORGAN, JAMEL                           NY-24-84-497
MORGAN, JAMES                           NY-24-14-474
MORGAN, JOHN                            NY-24-45-359
MORGAN, JOHN                            NY-24-30-103
MORGAN, JOHN P.                         NY-24-36-214
MORGAN, JOHN W.                         NY-24-28-378
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-70-273
MORGAN, WILLIAM P.                      NY-24-37-264
MORISON, ANN                            NY-24-27-325
MORISON, HECTOR                         NY-24-67-405
MORISON, THOMAS A.                      NY-24-56-340
MORLANG, ROBERT                         NY-24-448-91
MORRELL, JANE                           NY-24-51-223
MORRILL, HENRY E.                       NY-24-53-333
MORRIS, ANDREW                          NY-24-67-132
MORRIS, ANDREW C.                       NY-24-48-160
MORRIS, ANNE                            NY-24-61-326
MORRIS, DAVID                           NY-24-71-104
MORRIS, EDNEY                           NY-24-79-260
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-24-66-433
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-24-16-266
MORRIS, JOHN                            NY-24-11-99
MORRIS, JOHN A.                         NY-24-53-371
MORRIS, WINEFRED                        NY-24-43-221
MORRISON, ANDREW                        NY-24-34-430
MORRISON, CATHARINE                     NY-24-36-420
MORRISON, CHARLES                       NY-24-35-50
MORRISON, DANIEL                        NY-24-64-329
MORRISON, HENRY                         NY-24-37-41
MORRISON, JOHN                          NY-24-33-491
MORRISON, MARY                          NY-24-58-50
MORRISON, MARY ANN                      NY-24-42-243
MORROW, SAMUEL                          NY-24-62-492
MORSE, JOHN E.                          NY-24-13-212
MORSE, WYMAN C.                         NY-24-3-176
MORSON, CHARLES E.                      NY-24-448-111
MORTIMORE, JOHN A.                      NY-24-449-250
MORTON, PETER                           NY-24-10-97
MORTON, THOMAS C.                       NY-24-14-297
MOSCHE, SALOMON                         NY-24-446-49
MOSCROTE, GERTRUDE M.                   NY-24-18-373
MOSER, ISAAC                            NY-24-10-26
MOSER, SUSANNAH                         NY-24-12-225
MOSES, HANNAH                           NY-24-37-355
MOSES, THOMAS P.                        NY-24-47-341
MOSHER, HENRY H.                        NY-24-56-307
MOSSMAN, DAVID                          NY-24-40- 52
MOTLEY, JON                             NY-24-2-364
MOTT, DEBORAH                           NY-24-5-303
MOTT, FRANCIS                           NY-24-3-131
MOTT, HENRY R.                          NY-24-7-483
MOTT, JOSEPH                            NY-24-25-477
MOTT, MARY G.                           NY-24-21-66
MOTT, SARAH                             NY-24-5-466
MOTT, SOLOMON                           NY-24-43-224
MOTZ, ALBERT H.                         NY-24-36-203
MOUNT, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-27-489
MOUNT, MARY                             NY-24-62-391
MOUNT, SAMUEL R.                        NY-24-68-412
MOUNTAIN, CLEEVES                       NY-24-447-436
MOUNTAIN, MARY ANN                      NY-24-39-109
MOWATT, EUGENE                          NY-24-84-245
MOWATT, JAMES                           NY-24-39-359
MOWBRAY, JOHN (49 PAGES)                NY-24-72-289
MOYNAHAN, ANDREW                        NY-24-55-31
MOYSES, SAMUEL                          NY-24-4-409
MOYSES, SAMUEL                          NY-24-5-361
MUCHMORE, JOHN                          NY-24-67-364
MUCHMORE, JOHN                          NY-24-70-318
MUELLER, AUGUST                         NY-24-58-168
MUELLER, CHRISTINA                      NY-24-55-389
MUELLER, JOHN                           NY-24-17-341
MUELLER, KONRAD                         NY-24-64-200
MULDOON, JAMES                          NY-24-68-381
MULFLUR, JOSEPH                         NY-24-78-70
MULFORD, TREMBLY W.                     NY-24-50-422
MULHEIM, PATRICK                        NY-24-6-211
MULING, FREDERICK L. A.                 NY-24-15-222
MULLADY, MARGARET                       NY-24-84-69
MULLEN, CHARLES                         NY-24-58-69
MULLEN, PATRICK                         NY-24-42-46
MULLEN, WILLAM                          NY-24-27-435
MULLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-24-79-57
MULLER, ANNIE L. M.                     NY-24-81-220
MULLER, CHARLES                         NY-24-64-177
MULLER, CHARLES                         NY-24-58-289
MULLER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-24-70-481
MULLER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-24-51-275
MULLER, CONRAD                          NY-24-66-430
MULLER, ELISABETHA                      NY-24-450-349
MULLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-62-363
MULLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-27-386
MULLER, ELLEN                           NY-24-13-44
MULLER, FERDINAND                       NY-24-79-395
MULLER, FIDES                           NY-24-447-322
MULLER, JACOB                           NY-24-18-351
MULLER, JOHN                            NY-24-44-103
MULLER, JOHN H.                         NY-24-63-166
MULLER, JOHN THEOBALD                   NY-24-56-23
MULLER, MARGARETHA                      NY-24-449-37
MULLER, MARY B.                         NY-24-451-386
MULLER, MARY LOUISE                     NY-24-61-449
MULLER, REGINA KATH.                    NY-24-70-325
MULLER, THEOBALD                        NY-24-451-482
MULLIGAN, BARTLEY                       NY-24-40-443
MULLIGAN, MARY                          NY-24-40-445
MULLIGAN, THOMAS                        NY-24-70-107
MULLIN, ELIZA                           NY-24-84-483
MULLIN, JAMES                           NY-24-11-441
MULLOY, MARY                            NY-24-48-314
MULLOY, MICHAEL                         NY-24-47-261
MULVANY, PATRICK                        NY-24-62-175
MULVEY, BRIDET                          NY-24-20-55
MULVEY, JAMES F.                        NY-24-446-479
MULVEY, JAMES M.                        NY-24-69-112
MULVEY, JOHN                            NY-24-38-250
MULVEY, MICHAEL                         NY-24-13-121
MULVIHILL, JOHN (25 PAGES)              NY-24-72-225
MUMFORD, CATHARINE D.                   NY-24-85-470
MUMFORD, JOHN                           NY-24-59-268
MUMPETON, RICHARD                       NY-24-446-28
MUNN, HENRY                             NY-24-48-257
MUNSON, JOHN                            NY-24-17-124
MURDEN, EDWARD C.                       NY-24-20-343
MURDOCK, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-20-14
MURENBETT, PETER                        NY-24-1-65
MURGATROYD, SEPTIMUS H.                 NY-24-446-241
MURLIS, ROBERT                          NY-24-15-230
MURPHY, AARON                           NY-24-7-247
MURPHY, ALICE                           NY-24-86-11
MURPHY, BRIDGET                         NY-24-51-383
MURPHY, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-30-437
MURPHY, ELLEN                           NY-24-34-328
MURPHY, ELLEN                           NY-24-70-494
MURPHY, ELLEN                           NY-24-67-1
MURPHY, ELLEN                           NY-24-84-445
MURPHY, ELLEN A.                        NY-24-79-250
MURPHY, EMILY                           NY-24-451-498
MURPHY, FRANCIS                         NY-24-33-138
MURPHY, GARRETT                         NY-24-58-62
MURPHY, ISABELLA                        NY-24-3-59
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-24-447-211
MURPHY, JOHN B.                         NY-24-449-207
MURPHY, JOHN K. G. N. R.                NY-24-48-228
MURPHY, MARGARET                        NY-24-43-272
MURPHY, MARY                            NY-24-45-98
MURPHY, MARY T.                         NY-24-39-148
MURPHY, MICHAEL                         NY-24-59-141
MURPHY, MICHAEL T.                      NY-24-45-346
MURPHY, OWEN                            NY-24-63-16
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-24-34-192
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-24-48-416
MURPHY, PETER                           NY-24-62-328
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NY-24-24-468
MURPHY, THOMAS                          NY-24-35-46
MURPHY, THOMAS J.                       NY-24-43-412
MURRAY, ANN                             NY-24-450-34
MURRAY, DENNIS                          NY-24-44-243
MURRAY, DONALD                          NY-24-56-331
MURRAY, EDWARD                          NY-24-41-72
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-18-211
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-33-334
MURRAY, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-24-55-215
MURRAY, FRANCIS                         NY-24-63-97
MURRAY, JACOB B.                        NY-24-85-359
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-24-55-122
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-24-9-391
MURRAY, JOHN                            NY-24-27-468
MURRAY, JOHN J.                         NY-24-43-435
MURRAY, MARGARET                        NY-24-42-382
MURRAY, MARIA E.                        NY-24-446-185
MURRAY, MARY L.                         NY-24-86-474
MURRAY, MICHAEL                         NY-24-56-418
MURRAY, PHILIP                          NY-24-79-380
MURRAY, STEPHEN                         NY-24-64-435
MURRAY, STEPHEN S.                      NY-24-51-247
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         NY-24-51-339
MURTAGH, JOHN                           NY-24-36-211
MURTAGH, THOMAS                         NY-24-42-329
MURTHA, PATRICK                         NY-24-22-151
MYERS, ANNA                             NY-24-16-312
MYERS, ARCHIBALD                        NY-24-18-377
MYERS, DEBORAH L.                       NY-24-61-478
MYERS, JOHN C.                          NY-24-15-351
MYERS, JOHN F. F.                       NY-24-56-334
MYERS, MARY                             NY-24-17-351
MYERS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-33-284
MYES, SAMUEL                            NY-24-20-387
MYLES, JOHN                             NY-24-48-403
MYLES, MARY ****                        NY-24-68-138

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