Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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PACKER, HARRIETTE B.                    NY-24-450-412
PACKER, WILLIAM S.                      NY-24-12-274
PADDOCK, EMILY L.                       NY-24-80-88
PADDOCK, FRANCIS A.                     NY-24-25-253
PADDON, GEORGE                          NY-24-46-239
PAGE, CALVIN                            NY-24-44-423
PAGE, PITKIN                            NY-24-46-407
PAGET, CHARLES                          NY-24-13-173
PAIGE, RUFUS KING                       NY-24-6-326
PAINE, PHOEBE ANN                       NY-24-64-347
PAINTER, EMMA                           NY-24-60-429
PALLIN, JOHN                            NY-24-34-342
PALMEDO, ULRIC                          NY-24-64-422
PALMER, A. JUDSON                       NY-24-448-102
PALMER, ELLEN                           NY-24-36-98
PALMER, JANE                            NY-24-81-490
PALMER, LYDIA G.                        NY-24-54-407
PALMER, MARY                            NY-24-46-19
PALMER, NANCY E.                        NY-24-52-4
PALMER, REBECCA L.                      NY-24-450-458
PALMER, WARREN T.                       NY-24-446-317
PALMER, ZEBA D.                         NY-24-33-372
PALMIE, THERESA C.                      NY-24-447-309
PALSER, MARIA K.                        NY-24-85-3
PANGBORN, CORNELIUS                     NY-24-67-41
PAPE, WILLIAM                           NY-24-36-363
PAPST, CHRISTINA                        NY-24-41-106
PARKER, CAORLINE                        NY-24-73-238
PARKER, CHARLES                         NY-24-67-180
PARKER, DANIEL P.                       NY-24-36-262
PARKER, EMILY S.                        NY-24-52-418
PARKER, GEORGE                          NY-24-60-214
PARKER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-49-220
PARKER, KATHARINE J.                    NY-24-84-268
PARKER, LYDIA F.                        NY-24-60-157
PARKER, MARGARET                        NY-24-451-1
PARKER, MOSES                           NY-24-27-33
PARKER, REBECCA                         NY-24-76-78
PARKER, SARAH                           NY-24-80-341
PARKER, WILLIAM                         NY-24-19-193
PARKINSON, JAMES                        NY-24-446-162
PARKINSON, PRISCILLA                    NY-24-71-162
PARKS, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-44-326
PARMELEE, ALBERT O.                     NY-24-82-468
PARMELEE, THOMAS J.                     NY-24-44-69
PARMENTIER, ANDRE                       NY-24-5-67
PARRY, OWEN W.                          NY-24-84-478
PARS, REBECCA                           NY-24-60-45
PARS, WILLIAM H.                        NY-24-447-206
PARSIL, PHEBE                           NY-24-22-329
PARSONS, JABEZ R.                       NY-24-450-254
PARSONS, JOSEPH                         NY-24-33-447
PARTRIDGE, GEORGE S. JR.                NY-24-57-223
PASCOE, GRACE                           NY-24-49-123
PASCOE, NICHOLAS J.                     NY-24-49-125
PASCUAL, AGNES MANDEVILLE               NY-24-448-225
PASQUAY, PHILIP F.                      NY-24-31-258
PATCHEN, GEORGE M                       NY-24-57-205
PATCHEN, HENRY                          NY-24-11-295
PATCHEN, JACOB C.                       NY-24-6-213
PATCHEN, MARY ELVIRA                    NY-24-79-471
PATRICK, WILLIAM                        NY-24-57-324
PATTEN, HANNAH H.                       NY-24-17-397
PATTEN, JAMES                           NY-24-57-203
PATTEN, MARY C.                         NY-24-44-170
PATTERSON, CATHARINE                    NY-24-10-336
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-448-451
PATTERSON, EPHRAIM                      NY-24-21-405
PATTERSON, JAMES                        NY-24-71-84
PATTERSON, JAMES                        NY-24-36-483
PATTERSON, JAMES H.                     NY-24-11-404
PATTLE, ELIZA H.                        NY-24-14-413
PATTON, MICHAEL                         NY-24-73-319
PAUL, JAMES C.                          NY-24-22-37
PAULDING, JOHN                          NY-24-42-405
PAYN, JOHN                              NY-24-38-348
PAYN, SARAH                             NY-24-18-214
PAYNE, ELIZA                            NY-24-49-119
PAYNE, HANNAH                           NY-24-84-21
PAYNE, JOHN                             NY-24-39-170
PAYNE, REUBEN                           NY-24-54-162
PAYNE, THATCHER T.                      NY-24-27-477
PEABODY, ENOCH W.                       NY-24-49-356
PEABODY, GEORGE L                       NY-24-46-458
PEARCE, ELIZA E.                        NY-24-40-490
PEARCE, LOUISA                          NY-24-43-361
PEARSALL, CAROLINE L.                   NY-24-46-423
PEARSALL, HANNAH                        NY-24-46-47
PEARSALL, PHEBE                         NY-24-31-485
PEARSALL, RACHEL                        NY-24-37-473
PEARSALL, SOPHIA A.                     NY-24-87-146
PEARSALL, THOMAS                        NY-24-1-434
PEARSALL, WILLIAM                       NY-24-12-370
PEARSON, CAROLINE E.                    NY-24-60-414
PEARSON, GEORGE                         NY-24-49-147
PEASE, CHARLES W.                       NY-24-49-408
PEASE, JOHN M.                          NY-24-18-357
PEASLEE, LAFAYETTE                      NY-24-49-93
PECK, CHARLES BENSON                    NY-24-8-37
PECK, GIDEON                            NY-24-28-153
PECK, JOHN                              NY-24-18-382
PECK, LIZETTA                           NY-24-35-285
PECK, MARGARETTA                        NY-24-57-486
PECKHAM, WILLIAM F.                     NY-24-46-425
PEDAL, ERNEST                           NY-24-38-43
PEEK, MARGARET J. B.                    NY-24-20-309
PEET, FREDERICK T.                      NY-24-33-311
PEHL, MATILDA                           NY-24-35-142
PELL, CATHARINE                         NY-24-72-85
PELL, ELIJAH C.                         NY-24-39-316
PELL, WILLIAM J.                        NY-24-33-189
PELTON, CATHARINE A.                    NY-24-17-453
PENDELL, ELIZA                          NY-24-28-141
PENN, SAMUEL                            NY-24-49-432
PENNY, SAMUEL                           NY-24-15-31
PENOYER, RICHARD S.                     NY-24-79-187
PEPPARD, DAVID JEFFERSON                NY-24-80-1
PEPPARD, MARGARET                       NY-24-54-175
PEPPER, CORNELIUS                       NY-24-15-286
PERA, RAFAEL                            NY-24-447-367
PEREGO, ALFRED                          NY-24-73-329
PEREGO, IRA                             NY-24-60-438
PERIAM, MARY H.                         NY-24-21-10
PERINE, BENJAMIN JR.                    NY-24-34-52
PERINE, BENJAMIN SR.                    NY-24-22-488
PERKINS, JOHN                           NY-24-18-71
PERLMAN, ETTA                           NY-24-450-461
PERNOT, FRANCOIS                        NY-24-21-438
PERRIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-24-27-243
PERRIN, ROBERT P.                       NY-24-60-346
PERRY, AUSTIN                           NY-24-33-17
PERRY, CLARA W.                         NY-24-43-190
PERRY, ELIZABETH                        NY-24-60-221
PERRY, HARRIET E.                       NY-24-36-29
PERRY, HARRIET E.                       NY-24-29-138
PERRY, HENRY                            NY-24-42-107
PERRY, SUSAN P.                         NY-24-62-466
PESHINE, WILLIAM G.                     NY-24-26-69
PESINGER, ANN                           NY-24-57-469
PESINGER, GEORGE                        NY-24-71-34
PESINGER, JACOB                         NY-24-49-257
PETERKIN, MARGARET                      NY-24-67-300
PETERMANN, JOSEPH                       NY-24-72-42
PETERS, CHRISTIANA A.                   NY-24-31-9
PETERS, DEWITT CLINTON                  NY-24-60-404
PETERS, FREDERICK                       NY-24-36-488
PETERS, JANE                            NY-24-11-209
PETERS, JOHN                            NY-24-38-419
PETERS, JOHN                            NY-24-6-440
PETERS, JOHN H.                         NY-24-25-461
PETERS, NICHOLAUS                       NY-24-46-165
PETERS, WILLIAM                         NY-24-40-493
PETERSON, CORNELIUS                     NY-24-33-364
PETERSON, OTTO L.                       NY-24-449-193
PETIT, JOSEPH                           NY-24-40-203
PETRI, DOROTHEA                         NY-24-79-313
PETRI, MARY A.                          NY-24-43-232
PETTENGILL, SARAH H.                    NY-24-28-445
PETTERSEN, LILLIE                       NY-24-450-343
PETTET, MARY ****                       NY-24-57-342
PETTIGREW, HELEN G.                     NY-24-86-45
PETTIT, HIRAM                           NY-24-19-146
PETTIT, LETTY                           NY-24-19-187
PETTIT, OLIVER M.                       NY-24-33-421
PETTIT, SAMUEL                          NY-24-6-340
PETTIT, SAMUEL                          NY-24-5-94
PETTIT, SAMUEL                          NY-24-3-24
PETTIT, WELLS O.                        NY-24-85-191
PETTY, JOHN                             NY-24-23-86
PEUX, JOHN J.                           NY-24-84-228
PFAB, GEORGE                            NY-24-23-376
PFAB, HEINRICH                          NY-24-60-26
PFADENHAUER, PETER                      NY-24-39-74
PFEFFERKORN, FREDERICK                  NY-24-57-148
PFEIFF, PHILIPPINA                      NY-24-86-276
PFEIFFER, DAVID                         NY-24-79-369
PFEIFFER, RUDOLPH C.                    NY-24-25-430
PFENNINGER, LOUIS                       NY-24-60-63
PFIEL, JOHANNA R.                       NY-24-43-400
PFIEMANN, GEORGE                        NY-24-87-270
PFLUEGER, JOHN ****                     NY-24-68-322
PHALEN, JAMES                           NY-24-7-102
PHARO, JOSEPH W.                        NY-24-28-406
PHELAN, JOHN                            NY-24-16-321
PHELPS, CATHARINE                       NY-24-45-72
PHELPS, HELEN M.                        NY-24-28-50
PHELPS, JAMES L.                        NY-24-39-287
PHELPS, JOHN F. JR.                     NY-24-66-370
PHELPS, JOHN M.                         NY-24-85-163
PHELPS, MARY                            NY-24-79-467
PHILBIN, MICHAEL                        NY-24-49-193
PHILIP, BENJAMIN D.                     NY-24-37-74
PHILIP, JOHN C.                         NY-24-73-58
PHILIP, WILLIAM                         NY-24-9-403
PHILIPITT, WILLIAM H.                   NY-24-22-138
PHILIPS, JOHN                           NY-24-6-379
PHILIPS, THOMAS                         NY-24-10-211
PHILLIPS, ANDREW                        NY-24-11-302
PHILLIPS, ANNA G.                       NY-24-60-144
PHILLIPS, CATHARINE                     NY-24-31-159
PHILLIPS, CHARLES E.                    NY-24-9-52
PHILLIPS, DANIEL JR.                    NY-24-21-213
PHILLIPS, ELIZA JANE                    NY-24-80-33
PHILLIPS, ELIZA R.                      NY-24-46-138
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-24-451-473
PHILLIPS, FREDERICK F.                  NY-24-68-449
PHILLIPS, HARRIET E.                    NY-24-69-92
PHILLIPS, HELEN A.                      NY-24-69-443
PHILLIPS, HENRY                         NY-24-31-315
PHILLIPS, JAMES F.                      NY-24-33-438
PHILLIPS, JOHN B.                       NY-24-38-257
PHILLIPS, JOHN F.                       NY-24-67-145
PHILLIPS, JOHN F.                       NY-24-84-90
PHILLIPS, MARIA J.                      NY-24-448-273
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL                        NY-24-40-250
PHILLIPS, SARAH ANN                     NY-24-84-62
PHIPPS, JULIA                           NY-24-57-306
PHLLIPS, ALMIRA                         NY-24-42-167
PHOEBUS, ELIZA ANNIE                    NY-24-49-342
PHYFE, MARY M.                          NY-24-449-273
PICK, ESTHER                            NY-24-37-170
PICKARD, RICHARD                        NY-24-27-303
PICKERING, ADELINE                      NY-24-52-406
PICKERING, ELIZABETH                    NY-24-73-351
PICKFORD, JOHN                          NY-24-49-12
PICKL, ROSINA                           NY-24-72-378
PIEPENBRING, WILLIAM                    NY-24-43-446
PIEPER, HENRY                           NY-24-29-342
PIEPER, JULIUS                          NY-24-52-400
PIERCE, JACOB W.                        NY-24-60-19
PIERCE, LYDIA W.                        NY-24-40-290
PIERREPONT, ANNA MARIA                  NY-24-22-259
PIERREPONT, HEZEKIAH B.                 NY-24-7-67
PIERSON, CHARLES T.                     NY-24-35-277
PIERSON, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-24-85-132
PIGOT, ANN A.                           NY-24-46-294
PIGOT, WILLIAM A.                       NY-24-42-300
PIKE, LORE ANN                          NY-24-57-293
PILBLADDO, WILLIAM                      NY-24-39-465
PILCHER, ELLEN MARIA                    NY-24-446-54
PILKINGTON, MARTHA                      NY-24-49-21
PINCKNEY, J. H. HOBART                  NY-24-70-60
PINCKNEY, THOMAS C.                     NY-24-71-383
PINDER, JOHN                            NY-24-82-15
PINDER, MARY ****                       NY-24-57-246
PIPER, JAMES N.                         NY-24-54-455
PIPER, JEMIMA                           NY-24-36-195
PIPER, WILLIAM                          NY-24-33-214
PISAKRA, JOSEPH                         NY-24-54-108
PISE, CHARLES C.                        NY-24-33-237
PITCHER, DAVID A.                       NY-24-46-155
PITT, THOMAS ISRAEL                     NY-24-45-67
PITTINGER, REBECCA E.                   NY-24-54-310
PITTMAN, LEMUEL                         NY-24-22-228
PITTY, JOSEPH                           NY-24-80-225
PLAAT, DORA F.                          NY-24-86-462
PLACE, DANIEL                           NY-24-36-85
PLACE, ROBERT S.                        NY-24-81-384
PLACE, SMITH                            NY-24-24-455
PLADWELL, JOSEPH                        NY-24-72-428
PLANT, DEFOREST E.                      NY-24-54-482
PLASHECKI, WIADUSKA                     NY-24-448-25
PLATH, CLAUS                            NY-24-84-374
PLATT, CHARLES T.                       NY-24-49-307
PLATT, LUCY E.                          NY-24-87-78
PLATT, MARIA T.                         NY-24-17-467
PLESIER, JOHANN                         NY-24-25-39
PLIMPTON, EDWIN DWIGHT                  NY-24-76-58
PLUMB, ELEANORA M.                      NY-24-46-74
PLUMMER, HIRAM                          NY-24-49-465
PLUMMER, ROSWELL                        NY-24-35-467
PLUMMER, WILLIAM T.                     NY-24-13-152
POHL, AUGUST                            NY-24-46-96
POLHEMUS, ABRAHAM D.                    NY-24-57-128
POLHEMUS, CATHARINE G.                  NY-24-73-149
POLHEMUS, REBECCA                       NY-24-46-201
POLHEMUS, THEODORE                      NY-24-46-296
POLHEMUS, THEODORUS                     NY-24-29-304
POLHEMUS, THEODORUS                     NY-24-2-388
POLLARD, SIMMONS S.                     NY-24-69-70
POLODELARA, JOSE                        NY-24-451-366
POMEROY, JOHN B.                        NY-24-81-316
POMEROY, JULIUS R.                      NY-24-67-357
POMPILLY, JUDAH T.                      NY-24-41-129
POND, MARY C.                           NY-24-24-163
POND, SYLVANUS B.                       NY-24-42-371
PONTAU, PAUL                            NY-24-30-355
POOK, SAMUEL M.                         NY-24-73-232
POOLE, REBECCA W.                       NY-24-46-157
POOLE, THOMAS                           NY-24-4-97
POOLE, THOMAS                           NY-24-5-106
POOR, HENRY                             NY-24-73-451
POPE, HENRY                             NY-24-3-187
POPE, RASTERITAS B.                     NY-24-49-203
POPP, GEORGE                            NY-24-68-427
POPP, MARGARET                          NY-24-451-422
POPP, VALENTINE                         NY-24-450-104
POPPER, HERMAN                          NY-24-448-339
POPPITZ, CHRISTIAN G.                   NY-24-36-417
PORSUE, SUSANNA                         NY-24-46-72
PORTEOUS, THOMAS                        NY-24-54-183
PORTER, ALEXANDER                       NY-24-67-38
POST, CATHARINE                         NY-24-39-236
POST, DANIEL W.                         NY-24-21-70
POST, ELIZA G.                          NY-24-43-315
POST, HENRY H.                          NY-24-62-166
POST, HICKS                             NY-24-46-467
POST, JOTHAM W.                         NY-24-8-42
POST, JOY JR.                           NY-24-24-75
POST, NATHANIEL                         NY-24-38-12
POST, RICHARD                           NY-24-3-338
POST, WILLIAM HENRY                     NY-24-33-48
POTSDAMER, THEODORE                     NY-24-19-110
POTT, HENRY                             NY-24-28-393
POTTER, ANN                             NY-24-37-153
POTTER, EMILY S.                        NY-24-35-434
POTTER, GILBERT                         NY-24-29-134
POTTER, GILBERT                         NY-24-41-148
POTTER, GILBERT                         NY-24-27-345
POTTER, JOSEPH                          NY-24-54-341
POTTER, PHINNEAS                        NY-24-67-334
POTTINGER, WILLIAM                      NY-24-33-41
POTTS, WESLEY H.                        NY-24-60-427
POTTS, WILLIAM J.                       NY-24-22-472
POWELL, AMELIA                          NY-24-448-60
POWELL, CHARITY                         NY-24-54-365
POWELL, HENRY                           NY-24-54-249
POWELL, JAMES                           NY-24-54-405
POWELL, MARY                            NY-24-38-57
POWELL, SAMUEL JR.                      NY-24-73-385
POWELL, TIMOTHY W.                      NY-24-70-309
POWER, CATHARINE                        NY-24-49-44
POWER, JOHN                             NY-24-21-334
POWER, MARIA                            NY-24-19-252
POWER, SARAH                            NY-24-85-155
POWERS, ELIZA                           NY-24-449-230
POWERS, GEORGE                          NY-24-3-106
POWERS, GEORGE SR.                      NY-24-3-344
POWERS, JOSEPHINE L.                    NY-24-448-334
POWERS, JOSHUA P.                       NY-24-66-465
POWERS, JOSHUA P.                       NY-24-12-78
POWERS, LAURENCE                        NY-24-33-391
POWERS, MARY                            NY-24-19-421
POWERS, MARY L.                         NY-24-52-414
POWERS, NATHANIEL H.                    NY-24-29-279
POWERS, TITUS W.                        NY-24-26-397
POWERS, WILLIAM                         NY-24-20-32
PRAEGER, LUCY R.                        NY-24-57-39
PRAGNELL, GEORGE Q.                     NY-24-37-415
PRANKARD, JOHN B.                       NY-24-79-60
PRATT, EDWARD W.                        NY-24-24-303
PRATT, JOHN R.                          NY-24-72-105
PRAY, JOHN G.                           NY-24-7-42
PRENDEROAST, MARY                       NY-24-31-286
PRENTICE, JOHN H.                       NY-24-84-207
PRENTISS, GUY R.                        NY-24-60-359
PRENTISS, SARAH F.                      NY-24-18-437
PRENTISS, SEAVER N.                     NY-24-87-492
PRENTZEL, CHARLES W.                    NY-24-66-134
PREST, ANN                              NY-24-20-290
PRESTON, C. E.                          NY-24-79-144
PRESTON, HENRY                          NY-24-73-40
PRESTON, SARAH M.                       NY-24-60-218
PRESWICK, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-24-34-500
PRETLOVE, DAVID                         NY-24-54-325
PRICE, DANIEL                           NY-24-15-381
PRICE, ELIZA                            NY-24-86-373
PRICE, EMILY L.                         NY-24-448-58
PRICE, HARRY BEADLESTON                 NY-24-64-411
PRICE, JANE                             NY-24-54-123
PRICE, JOHN                             NY-24-37-5
PRICE, PHILO                            NY-24-36-309
PRICE, SARAH                            NY-24-44-37
PRIEST, MARIA                           NY-24-84-25
PRINCE, ANNA                            NY-24-16-366
PRINCE, ANTOINETTE                      NY-24-21-263
PRINCE, BENJAMIN                        NY-24-28-493
PRINCE, ELIZA V.                        NY-24-44-314
PRINCE, GEORGE W.                       NY-24-77-83
PRINDLE, CATHARINE                      NY-24-37-101
PRINDLE, ISAAC                          NY-24-37-202
PRINZ, JOHANN F.                        NY-24-43-397
PRITCHARD, CATHERINE                    NY-24-54-226
PRITCHARD, ROBERT                       NY-24-57-291
PROBST, EDWARD G.                       NY-24-449-419
PROCTER, SAAH G.                        NY-24-37-259
PROCTOR, RICHARD                        NY-24-49-480
PROSSER, ELIZABETH                      NY-24-42-307
PROUT, JACOB                            NY-24-22-169
PROVOOST, JAMES C.                      NY-24-39-208
PROVOOST, JOHN                          NY-24-5-177
PROVOST, JOHN                           NY-24-4-206
PRUDEN, DANIEL                          NY-24-21-164
PUFFER, CHARLES D.                      NY-24-79-106
PUFFER, JOHN P.                         NY-24-67-134
PULLEN, HARRIETT                        NY-24-84-362
PUNCE, SAMUEL                           NY-24-7-185
PURCELL, EDWARD                         NY-24-9-397
PURCELL, MICHAEL                        NY-24-68-342
PURCELL, RICHARD                        NY-24-46-170
PURDY, JACOB H.                         NY-24-39-45
PURDY, LIESTER                          NY-24-79-181
PURDY, MRACHEL                          NY-24-38-389
PURDY, PRIOR F.                         NY-24-82-483
PURDY, SUSAN                            NY-24-54-346
PURSER, THOMAS                          NY-24-18-20
PURSS, ELLEN                            NY-24-46-412
PURVES, ALLAN LORRAINE                  NY-24-451-67
PURVES, JOHN                            NY-24-87-265
PUTNAM, ANNIE C.                        NY-24-27-260
PUTNAM, ISABELLA G.                     NY-24-43-69
PYBURN, MARY E.                         NY-24-46-342
PYE, ANGELINA M.                        NY-24-39-309
PYE, HANNAH                             NY-24-41-61
PYE, SARAH                              NY-24-2-157
PYE, WILLIAM C.                         NY-24-20-396
PYLE, JACOB LINDLEY                     NY-24-33-321

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