Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
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VABRET, ADOLPHE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-103
VAGT, JOHN G. A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-485
VAGTS, MARGARETTA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-253
VAIL, MARION J.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-75
VAILL, CHARLES B.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-356
VALENTINE, ABSALOM H.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-4-460
VALENTINE, ABSALOM H.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-385
VALENTINE, DANIEL T.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-225
VALENTINE, ELIZABETH A.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-42
VALENTINE, EUGENE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-359
VALENTINE, JACOB C.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-131
VALENTINE, JOHN F.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-472
VALENTINE, LOUISE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-83
VALENTINE, NAPOLEON                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-165
VALENTINE, STEPHEN                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-381
VALENTINE, THOMAS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-382
VALENTINE, THOMAS W.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-8
VALENTINE, WALTER                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-163
VALLANT, RICHARD                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-468
VANALST, ABRAHAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-263
VANALST, DAVID                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-478
VANANDEN, ISAAC                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-209
VANANTWERP, LEWIS SR.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-207
VANANTWERP, MARIA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-129
VANBENSCHOTEN, ELIAS H.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-454
VANBENSCHOTEN, ELMIRA                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-88
VANBEUREN, ANN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-133
VANBEUREN, COERTLAND                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-43
VANBEUREN, COERTLANDT                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-393
VANBEUREN, EGBERT K.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-157
VANBEUREN, JAMES                        FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-343
VANBEUREN, JOHN H.                      FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-145
VANBEUREN, SARAH                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-71
VANBLARCOM, JULIA A.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-30
VANBLARCOM, RACHEL                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-37
VANBOUNT, WILLAM B.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-283
VANBRUNT, ABIGAIL                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-224
VANBRUNT, ALBERT                        NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-3-72
VANBRUNT, ALBERT C.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-455
VANBRUNT, ALBERT N.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-325
VANBRUNT, CORNELIA D.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-407
VANBRUNT, CORNELIUS                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-280
VANBRUNT, COURT                         FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-178
VANBRUNT, ELLA                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-125
VANBRUNT, GEORGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-56
VANBRUNT, GEORGE                        NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-4-44
VANBRUNT, GEORGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-278
VANBRUNT, JACOB                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-130
VANBRUNT, JANE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-395
VANBRUNT, JANE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-314
VANBRUNT, JANE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-195
VANBRUNT, JANE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-1-256
VANBRUNT, JAQUES                        NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-2-151
VANBRUNT, JEREMIAH                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-369
VANBRUNT, JOHN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-1-131
VANBRUNT, MAGDALENE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-261
VANBRUNT, MARGARET J.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-302
VANBRUNT, MARIA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-341
VANBRUNT, NICHOLAS R.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-155
VANBRUNT, RULEF                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-272
VANBRUNT, RULEP                         NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-4-311
VANBRUNT, RUTGERT                       GRAVESEND (INCOMPLETE)                  NY-24-2-194
VANBRUNT, RUTGERT                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-79
VANBRUNT, RUTGERT                       NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-4-82
VANBRUNT, RUTGERT W.                    NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-4-415
VANBRUNT, RUTGERT W.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-343
VANBRUNT, STEPHEN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-478
VANBRUNT, WILHELMUS                     NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-1-56
VANBRUNT, WILLIAM                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-473
VANBUREN, ELIZA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-242
VANBUREN, MARY JANE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-426
VANCLEAF, DAIEL C.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-141
VANCLEAF, LAVINIA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-353
VANCLEEF, CORNELIUS                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-201
VANCLEEF, CORNELIUS                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-395
VANCLEEF, LENAH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-70
VANCLEEF, MICHAEL                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-251
VANCLEEF, RULEF S.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-397
VANCOTT, JOHN P.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-435
VANCOTT, PETER                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-332
VANCOTT, PETER P.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-80
VANCOTT, SARAH                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-184
VANCOTTS, DAVID                         BUSHWICK                                NY-24-2-63
VANDAM, DEBORAH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-390
VANDAVENTER, JACOBUS                    FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-360
VANDAVENTER, JACOBUS                    FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-291
VANDERBILT, ANN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-26
VANDERBILT, ANN                         NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-3-340
VANDERBILT, ANN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-332
VANDERBILT, ANN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-306
VANDERBILT, ARON                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-463
VANDERBILT, CATHARINE A.                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-137
VANDERBILT, HELENA                      FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-332
VANDERBILT, ISAAC                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-52
VANDERBILT, JEEMIAH                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-420
VANDERBILT, JEREMIAH                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-381
VANDERBILT, JEREMIAH                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-378
VANDERBILT, JOHN                        FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-226
VANDERBILT, JOHN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-319
VANDERBILT, MARREGRIETIE                FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-371
VANDERBILT, MARY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-82
VANDERBILT, MARY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-424
VANDERBILT, MARY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-8-118
VANDERBILT, PETER                       NEW UTRECH                              NY-24-1-267
VANDERBILT, PETRUS                      FLAT LANDS                              NY-24-2-109
VANDERBILT, SARAH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-15
VANDERBILT, SARAH V. D.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-323
VANDERHOEF, WYCKOFF                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-301
VANDERHOOF, ISABELLA                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-346
VANDERHOOF, WILLIAM H.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-302
VANDERPOEL, HARRIET G.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-489
VANDERVEEN, RINSKJE                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-182
VANDERVEER, ABRAHAM                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-210
VANDERVEER, ADRIAN                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-381
VANDERVEER, CATY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-47
VANDERVEER, CHARLES B.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-87
VANDERVEER, EIDA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-83
VANDERVEER, ELIZA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-133
VANDERVEER, ELIZABETH                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-273
VANDERVEER, GARRET                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-410
VANDERVEER, HANNAH                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-52
VANDERVEER, HARRIET                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-281
VANDERVEER, HENDRICK                    FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-122
VANDERVEER, JOHANNES                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-204
VANDERVEER, JOHANNIS                    FLATBUSH                                NY-24-4-249
VANDERVEER, JOHN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-143
VANDERVEER, JOHN                        FLAT BUSH                               NY-24-2-100
VANDERVEER, JOHN J.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-52-266
VANDERVEER, JOHNC .                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-215
VANDERVEER, LEAH                        FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-241
VANDERVEER, MARIA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-368
VANDERVEER, PETER                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-385
VANDERVERG, GEORGE JR.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-99
VANDERVOORT, ABRAHAM                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-315
VANDERVOORT, ABRAHAM                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-457
VANDERVOORT, ANNE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-348
VANDERVOORT, FRANCIS                    BUSHWICK                                NY-24-4-114
VANDERVOORT, FRANCIS                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-119
VANDERVOORT, FULKERT F.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-77
VANDERVOORT, JACOB                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-42-1
VANDERVOORT, JOHN                       NTL                                     NY-24-3-44
VANDERVOORT, MARGARET                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-263
VANDERVOORT, MARIA                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-130
VANDERVOORT, MICHAEL                    BEDFORD                                 NY-24-1-413
VANDERWEER, CORNELIUS                   FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-406
VANDEVEER, DOMINICUS                    FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-275
VANDEWATER, FREELOVE                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-399
VANDOREN, JOHN V.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-391
VANDUYEN, ELLEANOR                      NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-4-361
VANDUYKE, NICHOLAS                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-277
VANDUYNE, ELEANOR                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-316
VANDUYNE, GARRET                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-134
VANDUYNE, GARRET                        NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-4-135
VANDUYNE, JACOB                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-42
VANDUYNE, JACOB                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-77
VANDUYNE, JANE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-408
VANDUYNE, JOHN C.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-86
VANDYCKE, HENDRICK                      GRAVESEND                               NY-24-1-112
VANDYKE, CATHARINE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-203
VANDYKE, CHARLES D.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-71
VANDYKE, HENRY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-143
VANDYKE, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-127
VANDYKE, MAHALIA A.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-420
VANDYKE, MATTHIAS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-391
VANDYKE, MATTHIAS                       RED HOOK                                NY-24-1-378
VANDYKE, MATTHIAS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-254
VANDYKE, NELLY                          NEW LOTTS                               NY-24-2-434
VANDYKE, NICHOLAS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-4-320
VANDYKE, WILLIAM                        GRAVESEND                               NY-24-2-460
VANDYNE, CORNELIUS                      FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-220
VANDYNE, JOHN                           NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-1-321
VANDYNE, NELLY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-91
VANGIESON, RICHARD                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-254
VANGLAHN, JOHN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-121
VANHADEN, HENRY J.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-22
VANHAGEN, ALLEN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-150
VANHOLLAND, JAMES                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-19-384
VANHORN, SUSAN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-270
VANHOUTEN, ELIZABETH                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-205
VANHOUTEN, JOHN SR.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-437
VANHOUTEN, RULE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-393
VANHOUTON, MARY B.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-51
VANKIRK, SEYMOUR S.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-200
VANNINI, JOSEPH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-148
VANNOSTRAND, ABRAHAM                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-474
VANNOSTRAND, ELIZABETH                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-398
VANNOSTRAND, ISAAC                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-164
VANNOSTRAND, JOHN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-487
VANNOSTRAND, JOHN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-3
VANNOSTRAND, PHOEBE S.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-260
VANNOSTRAND, SAMUEL                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-165
VANNOSTRAND, SEAMAN                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-60-411
VANNUYS, JOOST                          FLATLANDS                               NY-24-1-82
VANNUYS, WILHELMUS                      BUSHWICK                                NY-24-2-5
VANNUYSE, JOHANNES                      FLATLANDS                               NY-24-3-151
VANNUYSE, JOOST                         GRAVESEND                               NY-24-2-218
VANNUYSE, NELLY                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-129
VANNUYSE, ROELUF                        NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-2-316
VANOLEAF, WYCKFF                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-122
VANOLEEF, MARIA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-66
VANORDEN, ALICE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-187
VANPELT, ABRAHAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-73
VANPELT, AURT                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-118
VANPELT, AURT                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-8
VANPELT, CHRISTOPHER                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-8-9
VANPELT, GEORGE H.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-494
VANPELT, HENRY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-322
VANPELT, MARGARET                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-137
VANPELT, MARITIE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-430
VANPELT, PHEBE                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-8-83
VANPELT, REM                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-249
VANPELT, REM                            NEW UTRECHT                             NY-24-3-320
VANPELT, WILLIAM H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-20
VANPELT, WYNANT                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-433
VANPELT, WYNANT                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-64
VANRANST, ANN CAROLINE                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-257
VANRUNT, ADIRANCE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-284
VANSICKLEN, COURT                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-494
VANSICKLEN, JOHN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-230
VANSICKLEN, RICHARD                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-269
VANSICLEN, ABRAHAM                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-20
VANSICLEN, ABRAHAM                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-15-307
VANSICLEN, FERDINAND                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-378
VANSICLEN, MARIA                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-222
VANSINDEREN, ADRIAN                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-352
VANSINDEREN, CATALINA                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-221
VANSINDEREN, HOTSO                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-12
VANSINDEREN, LAURA B.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-44
VANSINDEREN, MARY                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-413
VANSINTEREN, ULPIANUS                   FLATLANDS                               NY-24-1-213
VANSISE, DOROTHY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-60-6
VANSKIVER, PETER                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-132
VANSTAY, MATTHIAS                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-54-350
VANSTEENBERGH, ANN                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-6
VANSTEENBERGH, BELETJE                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-2-446
VANSYCKEL, CATHARINE                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-340
VANTASSEL, LUCY C.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-166
VANTHUN, JOHN HENRY                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-99
VANVALKENBURGH, CATHARINE               BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-297
VANVALKENBURGH, JEREMIAH                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-153
VANVALKENBURGH, MARY                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-374
VANVECHTEN, HELEN C.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-435
VANVECHTEN, MARY                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-309
VANVEGHTEN, ANN MARGARET                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-21
VANVEGHTEN, WALTER D.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-160
VANVELSOR, CHARLES B.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-264
VANVLIET, SARAH A.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-60-355
VANVOORHIS, ELIZABETH                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-478
VANVOORHIS, MARIA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-483
VANVOORHIS, ROBERT                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-107
VANVOORHIS, WILLIAM                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-58
VANVOORHIS, WILLIAM H.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-19
VANWAGENEN, GERRIT G.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-90
VANWAYSE, MARGARET                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-263
VANWINKLE, JOHN                         NTL                                     NY-24-2-255
VANWYCK, CORNELIA                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-60-75
VANWYCK, GARETTA P.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-81
VANWYCK, JANET                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-145
VANWYCK, PIERRE M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-24
VANWYCK, RICHARD                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-210
VANWYCK, SUSAN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-160
VANWYCK, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-156
VANWYCK, ZEBULON B.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-487
VANWYNEN, GERTRUDE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-52-498
VANZANT, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-365
VANZILE, PETER M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-473
VARIAN, GEORGE W.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-441
VARNUM, LAURA P.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-485
VAUGHAN, PHILLIS                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-368
VEDDER, JOHANNA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-54-494
VEHEMENT, JAMES                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-293
VELLEAR, CATHARINE                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-296
VELTEN, GEORGE JACOB                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-266
VERNIORY, JOHN B.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-405
VERNON, GEORGE R.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-1
VERNON, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-132
VERNON, SAMUEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-211
VICKERS, ALBERT                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-69-117
VIDEAU, AUGSUTA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-1
VILADE, CLAUDE JOSEPH                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-281
VINCE, LOUISA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-204
VINCENT, GEORGE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-127
VINCENT, JONATHAN W.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-85
VINCENT, JOSHUA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-267
VINCENT, MARY THERESA                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-66
VINTON, FRANCIS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-306
VISSCHER, PFREDERICK J.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-459
VOCK, JOHANN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-270
VOELKT, VINGENTZ                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-102
VOELL, ANNA                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-76
VOGELEY, EVA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-9
VOGTS, G. H. L.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-337
VOIGT, HULDREICH                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-489
VOIGT, MARIE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-60-16
VOLKOMMER, GEORGE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-342
VOLLER, FRIEDRICH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-353
VONBIERWIRTH, GEBHARD HEINRICH L.       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-54-302
VONWITTKE, JULIUS A. A. J. M.           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-49-405
VOORHEES, ABRAHAM                       FLAT LANDS                              NY-24-2-76
VOORHEES, DOMINICUS S.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-454
VOORHEES, HANNAH FRANCIS                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-359
VOORHEES, HENRY P.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-425
VOORHEES, IDA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-52-441
VOORHEES, JACOB                         FLATLANDS                               NY-24-1-430
VOORHEES, LAURENCE                      FLATBUSH                                NY-24-2-127
VOORHEES, MARGARET                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-35-343
VOORHEES, PETER D.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-60-331
VOORHEIS, JACOBUS I.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-138
VOORHEIS, JOHN                          GRAVESEND                               NY-24-2-371
VOORHEIS, JOHN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-461
VOORHEIS, STEPHEN                       GRAVESEND                               NY-24-2-293
VOORHIES, BARNARDUS J.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-57-79
VOORHIES, FANNIE E.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-185
VOORHIES, JOHN S.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-134
VOORHIES, PHEBE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-52-336
VOORHIES, STEPHEN S.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-1
VORBACH, CONRAD                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-62-172
VORGANG, BARBARA S. F.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-19
VORIS, SIMON                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-80
VORNDIAN, GEORGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-108
VORRATH, JOHN F.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-194
VOSBURGH, WILLIAM                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-251
VOSE, CHARLES A.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-46-279
VOSS, HARM                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-279
VREDENBURGH, ELIZABETH                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-196

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