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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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EAGLES, RICHARD                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-149
EAMES, ABIGIAL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-271
EAMES, THEODORE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-120
EAMES, THOMAS                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-87
EARL, HARRIET                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-1
EARL, JOHN S.                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-143
EARL, MARION G. R.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-339
EARLE, THEODORE L.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-246
EARLEY, ELIZABETH                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-43-136
EARLS, JAMES                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-374
EASTGATE, DAVID                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-296
EASTMAN, AUGUSTUS M.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-29-341
EASTMAN, ELIZA K.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-129
EASTMAN, SMITH J.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-14
EASTMOND, SUSAN M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-395
EATON, HARRIET M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-47
EATON, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-458
EATON, MARION M.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-1
EATON, PATRICK                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-392
EBB, EBENEZER T.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-59
EBBETS, AMANDA M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-428
EBBETS, MARY                            NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-24-2-16
EBBINGHAUS, AUGUSTUS W.                 BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-292
EBBS, THOMAS ****                       BROOKLYN (96)                           NY-24-70-132
EBY, EMELINE A.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-25-266
ECCLESHALL, JOSEPH                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-7
ECEARDT, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-235
ECHALAZ, JOSEPH I.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-29
ECKARDT, GEORGE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-451-302
ECKER, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-174
ECKER, MARIA ANN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-61-433
ECKERSON, THOMAS H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-102
ECKERT, ADAM                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-141
EDDY, JAMES                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-278
EDEL, JOSEPH                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-410
EDEL, THOMAS                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-373
EDEN, SOPHIE                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-373
EDES, SAMUEL C.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-36-317
EDEY, ARTHUR H.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-324
EDEY, ELVIRA ANN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-400
EDEY, HENRY                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-14-264
EDGAR, WILLIAM M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-47
EDMONDS, BENJAMIN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-156
EDMONSTONE, CHARLES                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-331
EDWARDS, CHARLES                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-381
EDWARDS, ELIZA B.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-265
EDWARDS, HARRIET N.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-377
EDWARDS, JAMES                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-22
EDWARDS, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-446
EDWARDS, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-440
EDWARDS, JOHN M. ***                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-63-105
EDWARDS, JONAS M.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-10-108
EDWARDS, MARY ANN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-258
EDWARDS, PETER                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-239
EDWARDS, WILLIAM W.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-61
EFFINGER, GOERGE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-394
EGAN, EDMOND                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-177
EGAN, JOHN                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-222
EGAN, PATRICK                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-76-84
EGBERT, SAMUEL D.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-446
EGERTON, JANE ANN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-79-493
EGGENSPERGER, ELIZABETHA                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-66-424
EHLERS, HANS J.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-201
EHLERS, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-55-338
EHLERS, MARTIN FRIEDRICH                BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-495
EIERSDORF, LENA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-348
EIF, JACOB                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-287
EIGAN, ELIZA                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-37-391
EILLY, HUGH                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-165
EIMER, JOHANN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-242
EINHAUS, JOHANN W.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-126
EISENBACH, SIGMUND                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-258
EISENLA, PETER                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-285
EISMANN, FREDERIKA                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-461
EISMANN, GEORGE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-430
EISSLER, MARTIN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-203
ELBERT, MARTINA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-319
ELBERT, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-134
ELDER, DANIEL SR.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-81-334
ELDERT, HENDRICK                        FLATBUSH                                NY-24-1-137
ELDERT, JOHANNES                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-20-213
ELDERT, MARIA                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-353
ELDERT, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-44
ELDREDGE, CHARLES P.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-207
ELDRICH, CATHERINE                      GRAVESEND                               NY-24-4-295
ELLERBY, JOHN                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-110
ELLIGER, GEORGE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-75
ELLIOT, JAMES                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-69
ELLIOTT, MICHAEL                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-6
ELLIOTT, RACHEL                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-8-103
ELLIS, ANN                              BROOKLYN                                NY-24-44-92
ELLIS, HENRY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-153
ELLIS, JAMES                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-341
ELLIS, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-302
ELLIS, MARGARET                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-471
ELLIS, RICHARD H.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-451
ELLISON, AMELIA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-431
ELLISON, BENJAMIN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-330
ELLISON, ELLEN                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-451
ELLISON, MARIA H.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-475
ELLSWORTH, JEREMIAH                     FLATLANDS                               NY-24-2-410
ELMENDORF, ANTHONY                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-31-409
ELMER, FREDERICK                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-68-402
ELMORE, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-7-13
ELSWORTH, WILLAM                        NTL                                     NY-24-2-80
ELWELL, CATHERINE D.                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-49
ELWELL, MARY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-431
ELY, JENNIE D.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-449-244
ELY, WILLIAM H.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-320
ELZENBECK, JOHN GEORGE                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-70-92
EMANS, JOHANNIS                         GRAVESEND                               NY-24-1-71
EMANUEL, AMELIA M. W.                   BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-275
EMANUEL, ELEANOR                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-187
EMANUEL, FRANCES                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-72-212
EMANUEL, THOMAS M.                      BROOKLYN                                NY-24-17-343
EMAUS, JACOBUS                          GRAVESEND                               NY-24-2-303
EMBREE, SARAH ANN                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-397
EMBURY, DANIEL                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-123
EMERSON, MARY M.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-276
EMERSON, THOMAS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-82-474
EMERY, JAMES W.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-332
EMMANS, ALBERT                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-223
EMMANS, ANDREW                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-9-86
EMMANS, DITMARS                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-22-58
EMMANS, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-413
EMMANS, JOHN                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-6-35
EMMANS, JOHN A.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-13
EMMANS, PHEBE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-417
EMMANS, PHEBE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-435
EMMAUS, ISAAC                           GRAVESEND                               NY-24-2-162
EMMEL, FREDERICK                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-67-52
EMMEL, JACOBINE                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-164
EMMENS, ABRAHAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-23
EMMENS, JOHANNES                        GRAVESEND                               NY-24-3-221
EMMENS, JOHANNES                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-5-45
EMMENS, SARAH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-28-303
EMPTING, HENRY                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-199
ENDALL, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-214
ENDERS, VALENTINE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-35
ENGELBERTS, JOHN H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-182
ENGERT, BARBARA                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-80-315
ENGERT, KASPAR ****                     BROOKLYN (143 PAGES)                    NY-24-71-209
ENGLAND, HENRY C.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-202
ENGLE, JAMES                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-24-347
ENGLE, JAMES N.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-12-211
ENGLEHARD, JOHN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-58-3
ENGMAN, JOHN E.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-447-346
ENGS, ELIZABETH                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-86-205
ENNERS, JACOB                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-452
ENNIS, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-30-109
ENNIS, OWEN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-429
ENNIS, WILLIAM                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-51-44
ENSTON, WILLIAM                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-23-7
ENWICK, JULIET                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-60-320
EPPIG, HENRY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-446-449
EPPSTEIN, CHRISTIANA                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-11-8
ERBEN, ELIZABETH K.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-45-380
ERBEN, PETER                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-71-1
ERLACHER, ELLEN                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-77-461
ERNST, GEORGE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-39-179
ERNST, WILLIAM                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-106
ESPELETTA, ELIZA A.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-34-67
ESPELETTA, LOUIS A.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-33-488
ESTABROOK, ETHAN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-275
ESTES, ELIZABETH H.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-84-342
ETCHINGHAM, JOHN                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-437
ETZEN, HENRY                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-64-186
EVANS, DAVID                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-41-443
EVANS, HENRY G.                         BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-375
EVANS, JAMES                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-128
EVANS, JANE                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-48-322
EVANS, JOHN                             BROOKLYN                                NY-24-38-189
EVANS, MARY S.                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-59-477
EVANS, WILLET M.                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-448-398
EVANS, WILLIAM                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-26-254
EVANS, WILLIAM                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-87-195
EVELEIGH, MARY D.                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-319
EVELEIGH, NATHANIEL W.                  BROOKLYN                                NY-24-13-242
EVERARD, JANE                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-50-476
EVERET, THOMAS                          BROOKLYN                                NY-24-1-33
EVERINGHAM, MARY W.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-21-254
EVERIT, VALENTINE                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-56-210
EVERITT, CHARLES G.                     BROOKLYN                                NY-24-18-199
EVERITT, WILLIAM                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-450-367
EVERSLEY, CHARLES                       BROOKLYN                                NY-24-53-300
EVERSON, MARY LOUISE                    BROOKLYN                                NY-24-85-140
EVIRS, CATHARINE                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-27-161
EWEN, EDWARD                            BROOKLYN                                NY-24-73-301
EWING, JOSEPH                           BROOKLYN                                NY-24-3-209
EWINGS, MARGARET                        BROOKLYN                                NY-24-40-366

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