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TABER, ALDIN                 NY-28-65-133
TABER, HUMPHREY D.           NY-28-9-310
TABER, JOHN                  NY-28-66-62
TACK, JACOB                  NY-28-57-424
TAFT, ALBERT S.              NY-28-65-49
TAFT, EDNA                   NY-28-15-207
TAFT, GILBERT T.             NY-28-35-475
TAFT, REUBEN                 NY-28-62-284
TAIT, JAMES                  NY-28-17-35
TAIT, THOMAS                 NY-28-28-69
TALBOT, HENRY                NY-28-14-150
TALLINGER, DEBORAH A.        NY-28-26-237
TALLMADGE, ANN E.            NY-28-43-256
TALLMADGE, DAVID             NY-28-9-240
TALLMADGE, PERMELIA L.       NY-28-34-220
TALLMAN, ISAAC               NY-28-8-345
TALMAGE, LEVI                NY-28-7-249
TALMAN, EZRA P.              NY-28-13-179
TALMAN, HERSINE              NY-28-2-71
TALMAN, JOHN T.              NY-28-4-374
TALMAN, MARY E.              NY-28-44-451
TALTY, JOHN                  NY-28-13-150
TARBOX, ERASTUS              NY-28-36-385
TATE, ROBERT                 NY-28-9-101
TAYLOR, ABIGAIL              NY-28-32-400
TAYLOR, ADIN B.              NY-28-48-413
TAYLOR, DUNCAN               NY-28-8-34
TAYLOR, ELLEN S.             NY-28-59-149
TAYLOR, FRANCIS L.           NY-28-18-169
TAYLOR, GEORGE               NY-28-43-427
TAYLOR, GEORGE               NY-28-28-265
TAYLOR, HANNAH               NY-28-14-531
TAYLOR, JOANNA               NY-28-58-751
TAYLOR, JOHN                 NY-28-50-484
TAYLOR, JONATHAN C.          NY-28-17-530
TAYLOR, JOSEPH               NY-28-2-16
TAYLOR, R. E.                NY-28-52-466
TAYLOR, THOMAS               NY-28-8-267
TAYLOR, WILLIAM HENRY        NY-28-66-461
TAYLOR, WILLIAM W.           NY-28-29-177
TEAL, ELIZABETH              NY-28-60-340
TEAL, SQUIRE                 NY-28-53-109
TEAL, WILLIAM                NY-28-55-82
TEALL, RUTH                  NY-28-56-235
TEARE, PHILLIP               NY-28-22-223
TEFFT, MARY D.               NY-28-65-397
TEGG, GEORGE                 NY-28-16-189
TEGG, HARRIET                NY-28-30-283
TELFER, JOHN H.              NY-28-17-126
TELLER, JOHN S.              NY-28-6-31
TELLER, WILLIAM              NY-28-50-414
TENEYCK, MARY                NY-28-46-2
TENNISON, RALPH              NY-28-28-365
TENNY, CHARLES               NY-28-21-321
TENNY, PETER B.              NY-28-33-307
TENTSCH, FREDERICK           NY-28-20-173
TERRILL, THADDEUS            NY-28-18-49
TERRY, EVERELL F.            NY-28-56-85
TERRY, LYMAN                 NY-28-56-349
TERRY, RENSSELAER            NY-28-10-220
TERRY, SETH H.               NY-28-35-79
TEUBERT, GEORGE              NY-28-33-76
TEUFEL, FREDERICK            NY-28-15-587
TEUTSCH, MARTIN              NY-28-14-290
THACHER, RALPH               NY-28-16-50
THACHER, SARAH ANN           NY-28-16-264
THALHAIMER, YETTA            NY-28-53-442
THALLHEIMER, MARIA           NY-28-24-37
THAYER, ANNA                 NY-28-21-197
THAYER, BETSEY E.            NY-28-54-413
THAYER, HENRY                NY-28-49-77
THEILER, JACOB               NY-28-50-1
THEIS, ANNA                  NY-28-52-31
THEIS, JOHN                  NY-28-17-757
THEIS, JOHN                  NY-28-47-470
THEIS, ROSANNA               NY-28-37-403
THEISS, PETER                NY-28-47-242
THIELE, PAUL H. E.           NY-28-31-5
THIES, MATHIAS               NY-28-46-209
THOMA, THERASIA              NY-28-48-305
THOMAS, ADELIA A.            NY-28-46-344
THOMAS, ALANSON JR.          NY-28-5-54
THOMAS, AMBROSE S.           NY-28-6-150
THOMAS, ANNA C.              NY-28-63-22
THOMAS, BARBARA              NY-28-37-250
THOMAS, BETHENA G.           NY-28-7-14
THOMAS, CHARLES              NY-28-56-100
THOMAS, CHRISTLE             NY-28-10-399
THOMAS, CHRISTLE             NY-28-3-282
THOMAS, ELIZA J.             NY-28-55-199
THOMAS, HORACE J.            NY-28-59-52
THOMAS, JOHN W.              NY-28-4-326
THOMAS, JOHN W.              NY-28-40-382
THOMAS, LANA E.              NY-28-51-303
THOMAS, LOU                  NY-28-46-203
THOMAS, LOVWELL H.           NY-28-14-257
THOMAS, LYDIA                NY-28-19-77
THOMAS, MARY                 NY-28-15-662
THOMAS, MAY                  NY-28-10-120
THOMAS, NANCY                NY-28-3-176
THOMAS, PIERCE               NY-28-4-29
THOMAS, RICHARD B.           NY-28-6-480
THOMAS, ROWLAND H.           NY-28-55-22
THOMAS, SARAH                NY-28-22-351
THOMAS, SOPHIA M.            NY-28-34-232
THOMAS, WILLIAM C.           NY-28-61-109
THOMELL, SUSAN               NY-28-8-508
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER          NY-28-45-380
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER           NY-28-3-112
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER W.       NY-28-45-305
THOMPSON, CAROLINE M.        NY-28-23-389
THOMPSON, CAROLINE M.        NY-28-23-485
THOMPSON, EGBERT W.          NY-28-21-473
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH          NY-28-24-341
THOMPSON, FREEMAN            NY-28-29-133
THOMPSON, GEORGE H.          NY-28-27-404
THOMPSON, HARRIET M.         NY-28-23-369
THOMPSON, JOHN H.            NY-28-42-10
THOMPSON, JOHN JR.           NY-28-14-492
THOMPSON, JONATHAN S.        NY-28-12-465
THOMPSON, JOSHUA             NY-28-65-338
THOMPSON, JULIA G.           NY-28-21-41
THOMPSON, LOUISE J.          NY-28-42-325
THOMPSON, MARIA A.           NY-28-40-100
THOMPSON, MELINAS H.         NY-28-8-160
THOMPSON, ROBERT             NY-28-47-8
THOMPSON, SARAH A.           NY-28-42-493
THOMPSON, THARON A.          NY-28-30-227
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            NY-28-4-305
THON, ERNST                  NY-28-35-145
THORN, JOSEPH                NY-28-16-455
THORNE, LEWIS                NY-28-64-65
THORNE, SAMUEL COHAM         NY-28-9-438
THORNELL, WILLIAM            NY-28-15-144
THORNHILL, JOSEPH            NY-28-6-439
THORNTON, ADELINE            NY-28-56-301
THORNTON, MARGARET           NY-28-22-303
THORPE, ANN M.               NY-28-57-226
THRALL, RALPH                NY-28-13-452
THRALL, ZACHARIAH K.         NY-28-4-397
THURSTON, ASA K.             NY-28-45-266
THURSTON, MOSES M.           NY-28-40-325
TICE, ABRAHAM                NY-28-3-354
TICHENOR, BETHIA             NY-28-40-429
TICHNER, HANNAH              NY-28-66-259
TIERNAN, PATRICK             NY-28-55-175
TIERNEY, FELIX               NY-28-16-122
TIFFT, BRADNER E.            NY-28-13-800
TILBERN, THOMAS              NY-28-5-518
TILLOTSON, THIRZA            NY-28-36-490
TILLOTSON, THOMAS            NY-28-3-408
TILLOU, WILLIAM H.           NY-28-64-572
TIMMERMAN, SOLOMON           NY-28-32-1
TIMMONS, PATRICK             NY-28-39-100
TINBROOK, MARIAH             NY-28-23-293
TINES, JOHN                  NY-28-36-178
TINKER, ALMIRA S.            NY-28-52-394
TINKER, JAMES                NY-28-7-1
TINKER, JAMES R.             NY-28-56-157
TITENBERG, FREDERICK         NY-28-15-287
TITUS, BENJAMIN F.           NY-28-48-203
TITUS, EBENEZER              NY-28-2-34
TITUS, GERMAN                NY-28-64-421
TITUS, NANCY H.              NY-28-15-111
TITUS, SAMUEL                NY-28-12-380
TOAN, TUNIS D.               NY-28-24-121
TOBEY, PHILANDER             NY-28-15-570
TOBEY, REUBEN                NY-28-63-283
TOBEY, WILLIAM H.            NY-28-13-266
TOBIN, ANNE                  NY-28-66-481
TOBIN, EDWARD                NY-28-66-301
TOBIN, JOHN J.               NY-28-43-34
TOBY, REUBEN                 NY-28-5-565
TODD, CALEB                  NY-28-20-133
TODD, DAVID                  NY-28-58-784
TODD, IRA                    NY-28-58-712
TODD, WILLIAM H.             NY-28-21-425
TOEPPE, JOHN                 NY-28-35-430
TOLL, JOHN D.                NY-28-27-278
TOMKINS, LAWRENCE            NY-28-4-225
TOMLIN, FREDERIC             NY-28-16-620
TOMLIN, JANE                 NY-28-36-187
TOMLINSON, ANN S.            NY-28-19-61
TOMMERUP, ANNA C.            NY-28-65-347
TOMPKINS, CHARLOTTE          NY-28-49-341
TOMPKINS, ELEANOR L.         NY-28-32-236
TOMPKINS, EMMA               NY-28-23-53
TOMPKINS, ESTHER             NY-28-51-631
TOMPKINS, HANNAH             NY-28-12-326
TOMPKINS, JOHN               NY-28-15-24
TOMPKINS, JOHN E.            NY-28-14-84
TOMPKINS, JOHN W.            NY-28-49-437
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM            NY-28-15-199
TONE, ANNE                   NY-28-39-16
TOOKER, MANLY                NY-28-15-648
TOOLE, WILLIAM J.            NY-28-54-164
TOOMEY, TIMOTHY              NY-28-53-460
TOPHAM, HANNAH W.            NY-28-47-512
TOUSEY, THOMAS               NY-28-3-49
TOWER, ANSON KNIBLOE         NY-28-48-119
TOWER, MARGARET S.           NY-28-38-291
TOWER, MARGARET S.           NY-28-41-175
TOWER, MARY                  NY-28-45-218
TOWN, HOSEA                  NY-28-4-394
TOWNLEY, JAMES               NY-28-49-362
TOWNSEND, CHARLOINE E.       NY-28-47-362
TOWNSEND, CLARISSA           NY-28-9-286
TOWNSEND, GEORGE P.          NY-28-14-112
TOWNSEND, GILBERT G.         NY-28-24-325
TOWNSEND, RACHEL             NY-28-25-365
TOWNSLEY, DELIA              NY-28-4-470
TOWSEY, JOSEPH               NY-28-4-227
TOWSLEY, ZARDINS             NY-28-12-500
TOZIER, JOSEPH A.            NY-28-54-119
TRAMMEL, JACOB               NY-28-16-340
TRAPP, ISABELLA              NY-28-46-437
TRAUGOTT, CHRISTIAN          NY-28-21-349
TRAVER, ALLEN                NY-28-45-59
TRAVER, MARILLA              NY-28-36-364
TREAT, GEORGE W.             NY-28-54-161
TREAT, NELLIE M.             NY-28-47-464
TREAT, NOAH N.               NY-28-24-57
TREE, HENRY                  NY-28-50-429
TREINEY, SARAH               NY-28-12-468
TREMBLE, THERESA             NY-28-46-41
TREMMELL, GEORGE             NY-28-12-181
TRENAMAN, CAROLINE           NY-28-59-265
TRENAMAN, RICHARD            NY-28-63-137
TRENTMAN, FRANCIS H.         NY-28-45-326
TREYER, JOHN                 NY-28-53-364
TRIMMER, SARAH               NY-28-6-513
TRIMMER, WILLIAM             NY-28-16-211
TRIPP, AMANDA                NY-28-17-400
TRIPP, BENJAMIN              NY-28-15-719
TRIPP, EDWIN                 NY-28-63-301
TRIPP, HELEN M.              NY-28-45-359
TRIPP, JOSHUA                NY-28-36-103
TRIPP, MILO                  NY-28-9-313
TROMBLEY, ANNA T.            NY-28-62-16
TROMPETER, FRANCOIS          NY-28-12-13
TROTT, GEORGE W.             NY-28-64-119
TROWBRIDGE, WINDSOR S.       NY-28-3-297
TRUAX, ABRAM                 NY-28-13-752
TRUE, ELIAS                  NY-28-15-225
TRUE, JAMES                  NY-28-12-32
TRUE, JOHN                   NY-28-11-132
TRUE, JOSEPH                 NY-28-26-249
TRUESDALE, JAMES D.          NY-28-62-133
TRUESDALE, JAMES JR.         NY-28-8-194
TRUESDALE, ROBERT            NY-28-14-504
TRUESDALE, SAMUEL            NY-28-38-166
TRUMBLEY, LEWIS              NY-28-65-359
TRUMBLY, PMELIA              NY-28-37-481
TRUMETER, JOHN HENRY         NY-28-62-301
TRUMPP, CATHERINE            NY-28-62-214
TRUMPP, ELIZABETH            NY-28-40-163
TUCKER, ASEL                 NY-28-2-348
TUETY, GEORGE                NY-28-65-1
TULLAR, HARRY                NY-28-24-169
TULLAR, JOHN                 NY-28-9-417
TULLAR, PAUL                 NY-28-10-334
TULLY, CATHERINE             NY-28-60-13
TUMELTY, MARGARET            NY-28-13-400
TUMILTY, MARY                NY-28-23-93
TUMMON, MARGARET             NY-28-46-155
TUMULTY, LAWRENCE            NY-28-61-523
TUNISON, JAMES B.            NY-28-16-416
TUNISON, SARAH               NY-28-10-564
TUPPER, IRA                  NY-28-14-91
TUPPER, JONATHAN             NY-28-1-387
TURKS, MARTHA R.             NY-28-43-514
TURNBULL, ALEXANDER          NY-28-54-326
TURNER, JOHN                 NY-28-18-25
TURNER, MARY ANN             NY-28-7-382
TURNER, OTIS                 NY-28-14-31
TURNER, ROBERT               NY-28-20-117
TURNEY, EDWARD               NY-28-55-403
TURPIN, ELIZABETH            NY-28-24-429
TURRELL, ANSON               NY-28-22-63
TURRELL, ELIZABETH           NY-28-40-376
TURRELL, JEROME B.           NY-28-19-213
TURRELL, LEMAN W.            NY-28-25-177
TURRILL, EDWARD              NY-28-64-172
TURRILL, ROSWELL             NY-28-3-169
TUSTY, PETER F.              NY-28-21-405
TUTTLE, ERASTUS L.           NY-28-4-27
TUTTLE, GEORGE W.            NY-28-43-241
TUTTLE, HARRIET F.           NY-28-38-161
TUTTLE, MARGARET             NY-28-43-526
TUTTLE, MARGARET             NY-28-43-211
TUTTLE, MARY T.              NY-28-41-43
TWAIG, PATRICK               NY-28-5-386
TWETY, PIERRE J.             NY-28-31-165
TWIST, JAMES                 NY-28-20-277
TYLER, GEORGE                NY-28-19-297
TYLER, JENNIE                NY-28-49-254
TYLER, JULIA E.              NY-28-50-461
TYLER, MARY E.               NY-28-42-388
TYLER, NOAH                  NY-28-2-46
TYLER, TIMOTHY               NY-28-5-425
TYRRELL, ALEXANDER S.        NY-28-14-220
TYRRELL, JOSEPH              NY-28-7-107
TYRRELL, MARY H.             NY-28-62-277
UDELL, GEORGE W.             NY-28-39-440
ULMER, JACOB                 NY-28-35-10
ULRICH, MARIEANNE            NY-28-47-497
ULSCHT, CAROLINE             NY-28-61-145
ULSCHT, JOHN                 NY-28-61-58
ULSCHT, LAWRENCE             NY-28-61-305
UNDERDOWN, ANNA L.           NY-28-15-409
UNDERWOOD, JOHNATHAN         NY-28-12-125
UNGLENK, JACOB               NY-28-28-129
UNLAND, BERNARD              NY-28-59-183
UPJOHN, WILLIAM              NY-28-4-219
UPLAND, HENRY                NY-28-55-325
UPTON, ABBOT                 NY-28-62-361
UPTON, DAVID                 NY-28-35-442
UPTON, JAMES                 NY-28-14-23
UPTON, MARY C.               NY-28-65-16
USK, OLIVIA                  NY-28-47-386
UTLEY, SAMUEL                NY-28-7-335
UTZ, QUIRINUS                NY-28-35-469
VAHUE, SOPHIA                NY-28-60-136
VANAKEN, LOIS J.             NY-28-16-143
VANALSTYNE, ABRAHAM M.       NY-28-8-100
VANALSTYNE, PETER W.         NY-28-6-272
VANAMES, MARGARET            NY-28-6-457
VANAS, WILLIAM               NY-28-65-91
VANAUCKER, JOHN              NY-28-28-153
VANAUKEN, GEORGE E.          NY-28-52-454
VANAUKER, JOHANNA            NY-28-54-152
VANAUKIN, GEORGE W.          NY-28-62-370
VANAUKIN, JAMES              NY-28-2-237
VANAVERY, ANTHONY            NY-28-19-5
VANBERGEN, SARAH             NY-28-42-466
VANBUREN, HENRY H.           NY-28-13-685
VANBUSKIRK, GARRET           NY-28-4-193
VANCE, ARTHUR                NY-28-53-13
VANCE, THOMAS                NY-28-5-3
VANDERBECK, ANDREW           NY-28-16-563
VANDERBECK, FRANCES E.       NY-28-35-193
VANDERBEEK, ABRAHAM          NY-28-4-490
VANDERBROOKE, MARY           NY-28-40-103
VANDERHAVEN, MOREMUS         NY-28-19-49
VANDERHOOF, REMSEN           NY-28-45-206
VANDEVENTER, JOHN            NY-28-29-489
VANDOORN, HARRIET ELY        NY-28-37-133
VANDOORN, JOHN               NY-28-58-240
VANDOORN, MATILDA            NY-28-17-77
VANDORN, JOHN D.             NY-28-58-98
VANDUYNE, WILLIAM J.         NY-28-46-185
VANDYCK, AMELIA              NY-28-64-53
VANDYKE, JOHNS .             NY-28-46-428
VANEPPS, NANCY               NY-28-5-502
VANHOESEN, MARGARET          NY-28-45-356
VANHOUTE, JOHN               NY-28-63-252
VANHUSEN, PERCILA            NY-28-14-405
VANHUSEN, SUSAN C.           NY-28-65-592
VANINGEN, JOHN V.            NY-28-23-477
VANINGER, BART               NY-28-37-55
VANKEUREN, BENJAMIN          NY-28-41-436
VANKEUREN, MARY              NY-28-64-320
VANLIEN, JENNIE S.           NY-28-49-500
VANLONE, ELIZA JANE          NY-28-62-137
VANNAKEN, JAMES C.           NY-28-21-21
VANNAMEE, SIMON              NY-28-4-246
VANNESS, ABBY H.             NY-28-16-145
VANNESS, JOHN                NY-28-2-294
VANNESS, JOHN                NY-28-8-181
VANNESS, LEVANDER W.         NY-28-15-156
VANNESS, SARAH C.            NY-28-2-361
VANNEST, JOHN                NY-28-44-26
VANPETEGEM, JAKABUS          NY-28-45-164
VANPETEGEM, MARY             NY-28-49-2
VANRENSSELAER, JOHN          NY-28-66-443
VANSCHEYVER, JOSEPH          NY-28-14-6
VANSCHUYVER, ELMIRA F.       NY-28-23-193
VANSCHUYVER, ROSE            NY-28-62-367
VANSICE, JOHN                NY-28-4-204
VANSICKLE, JACOB             NY-28-13-83
VANSICKLE, PHEBE             NY-28-14-660
VANSLYCK, MARY J.            NY-28-10-529
VANSLYKE, ADELLE             NY-28-61-92
VANVELSON, MORRIS            NY-28-64-229
VANVOORHIS, JAMES            NY-28-9-308
VANVOORHIS, JOHN             NY-28-39-61
VANVOORHIS, JOHN             NY-28-14-450
VANVOORHIS, RICHARD          NY-28-53-232
VANVORST, EDWIN              NY-28-57-37
VANWAAS, MARIE               NY-28-54-215
VANWAS, CHARLES              NY-28-40-28
VANWORMER, LEVI              NY-28-7-512
VANZANDT, BENJAMIN B.        NY-28-43-499
VANZANDT, JOHN               NY-28-14-588
VANZILE, ANDREW              NY-28-16-437
VANZILE, PETER               NY-28-53-448
VANZILE, PHEBE               NY-28-21-237
VARY, MEHITABEL              NY-28-39-28
VAY, EVA                     NY-28-49-464
VEDDER, ANNA                 NY-28-18-343
VEEDER, CATHARINE            NY-28-4-253
VEEDER, DAVID A.             NY-28-52-76
VEEDER, HUGH                 NY-28-3-426
VEEDER, MARY A.              NY-28-36-208
VEEDER, NICHOLAS S.          NY-28-20-381
VEEDER, PETER P.             NY-28-10-239
VEITH, PHILIPPINA            NY-28-52-208
VENESS, WILLIAM              NY-28-17-254
VERHAGE, LIVINUS             NY-28-7-254
VERHERBRUGGE, JOSIAS         NY-28-26-25
VERSPRELLE, ISAAC            NY-28-61-169
VETTER, JOSEPHINE            NY-28-39-473
VETTER, MARIA JOSEPHA        NY-28-39-473
VICINUS, LOUISA              NY-28-8-451
VICK, EVALYN E.              NY-28-54-224
VICK, JAMES SR.              NY-28-31-397
VICK, JOHN                   NY-28-30-415
VICK, MARY E.                NY-28-66-343
VICKERY, CHARLES A.          NY-28-64-569
VICKERY, HARRIET             NY-28-46-32
VICKERY, JAMES               NY-28-35-91
VICKERY, MARY L.             NY-28-17-678
VIEGEVER, PIETER             NY-28-47-65
VIELE, OLIVIA C. (CHASE)     NY-28-64-41
VIELE, PHEBE                 NY-28-29-113
VINE, EDWARD                 NY-28-60-406
VINE, JOHN                   NY-28-22-251
VINTON, LYDIA P.             NY-28-27-440
VOELKEL, MARY                NY-28-40-268
VOGEL, BARBARA               NY-28-46-305
VOGEL, JOHN O.               NY-28-53-253
VOGEL, WILLIAM               NY-28-45-23
VOGHT, ANNA CATHARINA        NY-28-29-169
VOGHT, MARTIN                NY-28-59-22
VOGT, CLARA                  NY-28-22-243
VOGT, MARGARET               NY-28-52-247
VOGT, MARIA ANNA             NY-28-43-175
VOKE, EDWARD                 NY-28-66-436
VOLKERT, ADALHEID            NY-28-52-118
VOLKMUTH, ELIZABETH          NY-28-53-394
VOLKMUTH, EVA                NY-28-47-416
VOLKMUTT, JOHN               NY-28-38-431
VOLLMER, HEINRICH            NY-28-41-265
VOLLNER, JOHN                NY-28-21-65
VOLZ, PETER                  NY-28-60-346
VOND, WALTER                 NY-28-62-47
VOORHEES, JAMES              NY-28-57-7
VOORHEES, MERCY E.           NY-28-35-175
VOORHIES, CORNELIUS          NY-28-15-763
VOORHIES, SALLY H.           NY-28-10-197
VORHEES, EUNICE B.           NY-28-34-439
VOSBURGH, JAMES K.           NY-28-50-299
VOSBURGH, JOHNR .            NY-28-48-485
VOSBURGH, JOSHUA             NY-28-14-443
VOSBURGH, MONTGOMERY         NY-28-6-163
VOUGHT, ABRAHAM              NY-28-16-465
VOUGHT, THROCKMORTON         NY-28-52-415
VOUGHTH, RUTH                NY-28-46-521

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