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HAAG, APPOLONIA                        NY-28-39-79
HAAG, MARIA ANN                        NY-28-41-382
HAAG, NICHOLAS                         NY-28-25-477
HAAG, PAUL                             NY-28-51-689
HAAS, CASPER                           NY-28-34-226
HAAS, JOHANNES                         NY-28-47-491
HAAS, JOHN                             NY-28-56-385
HABERBERGER, JOHN                      NY-28-58-346
HABERBERGER, MARY E.                   NY-28-58-683
HADDEN, ELIZA                          NY-28-47-383
HADLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-14-433
HADLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-28-1-358
HADLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-28-1-285
HADLOCK, PATRICK                       NY-28-15-550
HAEFELE, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-55-49
HAETTERICK, MARTIN                     NY-28-13-121
HAFFNER, ANNA                          NY-28-35-67
HAFNER, JACOB                          NY-28-33-280
HAGADORN, MARGARET                     NY-28-12-605
HAGAMAN, CHARLES D.                    NY-28-3-325
HAGAMAN, DAVID W.                      NY-28-61-130
HAGAMAN, HARRIET                       NY-28-53-478
HAGAMAN, JEREMIAH                      NY-28-4-513
HAGAMAN, JOHN                          NY-28-2-253
HAGAMAN, JOHN                          NY-28-7-37
HAGEDORN, SAMUEL                       NY-28-12-586
HAGERMAN, ELIZA                        NY-28-2-461
HAGERTY, JOHN                          NY-28-16-235
HAHN, CHARLES                          NY-28-39-479
HAHN, CHARLES                          NY-28-65-46
HAHN, FRANCES                          NY-28-28-93
HAHN, GEORGE                           NY-28-9-444
HAHN, GEORGE                           NY-28-23-245
HAHN, JOHN E.                          NY-28-64-59
HAHN, MARIA GERTRUDE                   NY-28-58-201
HAHN, MARY E.                          NY-28-65-379
HAHN, THERESIA                         NY-28-41-328
HAIBAUM, HANNAH                        NY-28-44-386
HAIGHT, CORNELIUS                      NY-28-3-80
HAIGHT, EMELINE                        NY-28-42-382
HAIGHT, FRANCIS                        NY-28-46-239
HAIGHT, HELEN A.                       NY-28-31-29
HAIGHT, ISAAC                          NY-28-17-259
HAIGHT, MARTHA E.                      NY-28-36-232
HAIGHT, MARY L.                        NY-28-63-309
HAINES, AMOS                           NY-28-47-14
HAIR, ISAAC C.                         NY-28-14-747
HAIR, LUTHER M.                        NY-28-63-469
HALE, ELIAS D.                         NY-28-50-426
HALE, ORRIN                            NY-28-14-225
HALEY, BRIDGET J.                      NY-28-60-142
HALEY, MARY (MCCARTHY)                 NY-28-16-618
HALL, AGAR                             NY-28-16-532
HALL, ALVAH                            NY-28-10-67
HALL, ALVAH                            NY-28-40-468
HALL, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-28-20-97
HALL, CATHARINE                        NY-28-40-406
HALL, CELIA A.                         NY-28-49-137
HALL, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-4-330
HALL, ELIZABETH PRICE                  NY-28-51-445
HALL, EMILY                            NY-28-52-430
HALL, FRANKLIN E.                      NY-28-41-232
HALL, HARVEY                           NY-28-30-99
HALL, HENRY                            NY-28-5-1
HALL, JOHN                             NY-28-64-179
HALL, JOSEPH                           NY-28-11-1
HALL, JOSEPH                           NY-28-65-35
HALL, JOSEPH F.                        NY-28-16-76
HALL, MARIA                            NY-28-13-411
HALL, MILO                             NY-28-28-457
HALL OLIVE                             NY-28-7-325
HALL, SALLY                            NY-28-13-202
HALL, SIDNEY                           NY-28-66-212
HALL, SUSAN                            NY-28-10-62
HALL, SUSAN C.                         NY-28-65-383
HALL, THOMAR F.                        NY-28-65-229
HALL, THOMAS E.                        NY-28-1-423
HALL, WILLIAM G.                       NY-28-41-418
HALLACK, JAMES                         NY-28-51-642
HALLAUER, JOHN JACOB                   NY-28-33-124
HALLER, JOHN J.                        NY-28-64-283
HALLETT, HARRIET                       NY-28-48-380
HALLIGAN, MARY                         NY-28-55-433
HALLINGS, MATHEUS                      NY-28-47-392
HALLOCK, WILLIAM                       NY-28-41-379
HALLOWAY, ABBIE W.                     NY-28-64-287
HALLOWELL, WILLIAM R.                  NY-28-32-100
HALPIN, EDWARD                         NY-28-64-433
HALPIN, MATHEW                         NY-28-20-9
HALSEY, JANE S.                        NY-28-9-332
HALSEY, JOSEPH                         NY-28-9-82
HALSEY, OCTAVIA                        NY-28-54-440
HALSEY, WILLIAML.                      NY-28-34-268
HALSTED, MARTHA A.                     NY-28-16-540
HAM, MARY E.                           NY-28-49-299
HAMDEN, RUTH P.                        NY-28-13-257
HAMEL, DANIEL                          NY-28-23-469
HAMES, JOHN T.                         NY-28-34-442
HAMES, MARGARET H.                     NY-28-33-172
HAMILTON, ALICE                        NY-28-42-445
HAMILTON, CELINDA K.                   NY-28-43-328
HAMILTON, ELIZA J.                     NY-28-45-227
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-18-457
HAMILTON, FRANCES F.                   NY-28-52-262
HAMILTON, ISAAC R.                     NY-28-50-379
HAMILTON, SAMUEL                       NY-28-4-89
HAMILTON, THOMAS                       NY-28-9-355
HAMILTON, THOMAS                       NY-28-35-163
HAMILTON, VIOLA M.                     NY-28-58-222
HAMLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-12-524
HAMLING, CHARLES                       NY-28-53-184
HAMM, GEORGE C.                        NY-28-37-322
HAMMEL, CHRISTIAN                      NY-28-55-421
HAMMER, PHILIP                         NY-28-54-131
HAMMILL, MARGARET                      NY-28-47-326
HAMMON, THOMAS                         NY-28-56-91
HAMMOND, AMEY                          NY-28-61-292
HAMMOND, JAMES                         NY-28-31-13
HAMMONS, WILLIAM                       NY-28-58-477
HAMPTON, JOHN                          NY-28-29-317
HANAFEY, ROSE                          NY-28-39-252
HANCHETT, ERASTUS                      NY-28-5-275
HANCOCK, GEORGE                        NY-28-9-233
HAND, JOSEPH F.                        NY-28-11-189
HAND, MARY ANN                         NY-28-8-413
HANDY, ALPHEUS                         NY-28-14-708
HANDY, FRANKLIN A.                     NY-28-13-444
HANDY, SOPHRONIA G.                    NY-28-21-169
HANE, HENRY                            NY-28-30-207
HANFORD, FREDERICK                     NY-28-3-387
HANFORD, SAMUEL M.                     NY-28-3-457
HANKERSON, REUEL                       NY-28-6-227
HANKEY, FREDERICK                      NY-28-9-464
HANKS, ANSEL                           NY-28-10-267
HANLEY, THOMAS                         NY-28-59-425
HANNA, DANIEL T.                       NY-28-6-473
HANNA, EDWARD                          NY-28-47-74
HANNA, JAMES EDWARD                    NY-28-36-466
HANNA, SAMUEL                          NY-28-3-185
HANNAH, JOHN                           NY-28-6-99
HANNAH, SARAH                          NY-28-10-127
HANNAHS, RULUFF D.                     NY-28-13-513
HANNAN, JOHN                           NY-28-64-332
HANNON, JAMES                          NY-28-21-329
HANS, JOHN                             NY-28-64-271
HANSEN, ANGELINA                       NY-28-53-103
HANSEN, CHARLES                        NY-28-19-485
HANSEN, NICHOLAS                       NY-28-42-268
HANSEY, MARION                         NY-28-12-578
HANSINGER, JOSEPH                      NY-28-56-28
HAPP, CONRAD                           NY-28-37-154
HARD, SAMUEL                           NY-28-36-145
HARDER, MARY J.                        NY-28-23-269
HARDING, THOMAS W.                     NY-28-3-471
HARDY, LUCY                            NY-28-41-277
HARDY, SARAH ANN                       NY-28-24-69
HARDY, SILAS                           NY-28-3-336
HARE, DANIEL                           NY-28-57-286
HARFORD, CHARLES                       NY-28-30-71
HARGRAVE, WILLIAM                      NY-28-9-288
HARKNESS, JAMES                        NY-28-5-26
HARMAN, WILLIAM B.                     NY-28-55-115
HARMON, ABIGAIL W.                     NY-28-49-452
HARMON, ARIEL                          NY-28-6-209
HARMON, IRA                            NY-28-12-348
HARMON, JANE E.                        NY-28-8-497
HARMON, JOHN G.                        NY-28-9-261
HARMON, PHYLURA D.                     NY-28-31-381
HARNESSFAGER, JOHN                     NY-28-34-262
HARNEY, EMILY                          NY-28-62-323
HARPER, FANNY B.                       NY-28-35-184
HARPER, MARGARET M.                    NY-28-48-149
HARRIGAN, MARY                         NY-28-47-371
HARRINGTON, HENRY K.                   NY-28-43-340
HARRINGTON, LETTIE J.                  NY-28-34-145
HARRIS, ABRAHAM                        NY-28-43-304
HARRIS, AMANDA M.                      NY-28-51-341
HARRIS, CELIA                          NY-28-48-92
HARRIS, DANIEL                         NY-28-5-443
HARRIS, GEORGE S.                      NY-28-12-213
HARRIS, GEROGE H.                      NY-28-52-88
HARRIS, ISABEL S.                      NY-28-61-325
HARRIS, ISADORE B.                     NY-28-60-286
HARRIS, JAMES                          NY-28-17-147
HARRIS, JOHN                           NY-28-5-494
HARRIS, JOHN                           NY-28-5-341
HARRIS, JOHN                           NY-28-17-56
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         NY-28-49-467
HARRIS, LEVI C.                        NY-28-25-81
HARRIS, MARY A.                        NY-28-43-64
HARRIS, REYNOLDS                       NY-28-4-463
HARRIS, RICHARD                        NY-28-8-11
HARRIS, RUTH L.                        NY-28-47-374
HARRIS, SOLOMON                        NY-28-24-289
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        NY-28-20-261
HARRIS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-16-316
HARRISON, MARIA                        NY-28-13-111
HARRISON, MORTIMER A. F.               NY-28-9-86
HARROLD, ELEANOR                       NY-28-15-162
HARROLD, HARRIET                       NY-28-15-374
HART, BETSEY                           NY-28-21-265
HART, CAROLINE                         NY-28-65-574
HART, DANIEL                           NY-28-37-271
HART, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-10-156
HART, ESTER                            NY-28-14-732
HART, FELIX                            NY-28-42-403
HART, GEORGE                           NY-28-6-174
HART, GEORGE                           NY-28-6-39
HART, HENRY                            NY-28-9-235
HART, HENRY B.                         NY-28-44-316
HART, HUMPHREY                         NY-28-7-181
HART, ISABELLA G.                      NY-28-62-1
HART, JAMES                            NY-28-15-165
HART, JAMES                            NY-28-25-297
HART, JEROME                           NY-28-34-64
HART, JOHN G.                          NY-28-25-61
HART, LOUISE E.                        NY-28-35-205
HART, MARGARET                         NY-28-43-160
HART, MARTHA                           NY-28-17-37
HART, PETER V.                         NY-28-46-59
HART, ROMANTA                          NY-28-24-157
HART, ROMANTA                          NY-28-23-501
HART, SABRIA B.                        NY-28-45-116
HART, SAMUEL B.                        NY-28-31-213
HART, THOMAS                           NY-28-6-107
HARTEL, CAROLINE                       NY-28-53-304
HARTEL, JOHN                           NY-28-30-203
HARTELL, GEORGE                        NY-28-60-355
HARTELL, SARAH A.                      NY-28-60-16
HARTFELT, JOHN                         NY-28-61-589
HARTIGAN, CATHERINE                    NY-28-56-274
HARTLEY, CHARLES                       NY-28-39-470
HARTLEY, HARGRAVES                     NY-28-4-508
HARTLEY, HENRY A.                      NY-28-40-142
HARTLEY, JAMES                         NY-28-25-209
HARTLEY, KATE                          NY-28-33-79
HARTLEY, NANCY                         NY-28-4-483
HARTMAN, DAVID                         NY-28-37-496
HARTMAN, GELINA                        NY-28-5-605
HARTMAN, HANNAH M.                     NY-28-18-1
HARTMAN, HENRY                         NY-28-15-214
HARTMANN, JOSEPH                       NY-28-55-205
HARTNEY, MATILDA                       NY-28-29-205
HARTT, ANNA MORGAN                     NY-28-34-418
HARTWELL, HANNAH                       NY-28-36-220
HARTWELL, JENNIE B.                    NY-28-6-462
HARTWELL, JOHN                         NY-28-1-334
HARTY, PETER                           NY-28-26-329
HARTZ, ROSWELL                         NY-28-12-311
HARVEY, THOMAS G.                      NY-28-49-302
HARWOOD, MATHEW                        NY-28-12-185
HASELTINE, SYRENE F.                   NY-28-45-455
HASEMANN, DAMIAN                       NY-28-45-110
HASKELL, ABEL                          NY-28-12-80
HASKELL, EMMA S.                       NY-28-46-176
HASKELL, TIMOTHY C.                    NY-28-3-290
HASKIN, MARY L.                        NY-28-47-479
HASLIP, ARTHUR                         NY-28-19-9
HASSAN, WILLIAM E.                     NY-28-43-157
HASTINGS, AMHERST                      NY-28-15-628
HASTINGS, ELIZA F.                     NY-28-51-669
HASTINGS, ELMIRA                       NY-28-51-186
HASTINGS, FRANCIS H.                   NY-28-56-337
HASTINGS, ORLANDO                      NY-28-8-387
HASTINGS, PAULINE E.                   NY-28-30-331
HATCH, ADELAIDE                        NY-28-42-151
HATCH, ELIZA J.                        NY-28-57-82
HATCH, HIRAM H.                        NY-28-41-127
HATCH, LAURA A.                        NY-28-53-205
HATCH, WILLIAM A.                      NY-28-19-457
HATHAWAY, CAHRLOTTE                    NY-28-64-583
HATHAWAY, GEORGE W.                    NY-28-8-539
HATHAWAY, PHEBE ELIZA                  NY-28-46-386
HATTRICH, MARGARETTA                   NY-28-53-130
HAUBNER, BARBARA                       NY-28-66-35
HAUCK, GEORGE                          NY-28-65-65
HAUCK, MARY                            NY-28-45-101
HAUN, JOHN N.                          NY-28-5-390
HAUSER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-28-64-590
HAWES, RUBY JANE                       NY-28-42-340
HAWKE, ROBERT                          NY-28-5-92
HAWKINS, AMANDA B.                     NY-28-20-193
HAWKINS, ANN D.                        NY-28-17-179
HAWKINS, ANNA                          NY-28-45-269
HAWKINS, ELIDA PAPPA                   NY-28-65-461
HAWKINS, HARVEY                        NY-28-18-253
HAWKINS, JEREMIAH                      NY-28-21-93
HAWKINS, JOSEPH B.                     NY-28-40-13
HAWKINS, MARY                          NY-28-15-659
HAWKINS, MARY L.                       NY-28-61-511
HAWKINS, WILLIAM P.                    NY-28-43-319
HAWKS, HAYWOOD                         NY-28-64-127
HAWKSWORTH, JOSEPH                     NY-28-13-529
HAWLEY, CORNELIA                       NY-28-56-415
HAWLEY, EDWIN A.                       NY-28-62-241
HAWLEY, HIRAM R.                       NY-28-4-217
HAWLEY, JAMES                          NY-28-16-328
HAWLEY, JAMES C.                       NY-28-13-663
HAWLEY, NELSON G.                      NY-28-24-153
HAWLEY, WILLIAM S.                     NY-28-58-556
HAWTHORNE, JOSEPH                      NY-28-10-457
HAYDEN, CHARLES J.                     NY-28-38-276
HAYDEN, JAMES E.                       NY-28-27-326
HAYDEN, LARRY                          NY-28-33-115
HAYDEN, OSCAR E.                       NY-28-56-376
HAYES, BRIDGET                         NY-28-19-313
HAYES, HIRAM                           NY-28-33-112
HAYES, JAMES                           NY-28-55-310
HAYES, JAMES B.                        NY-28-42-172
HAYES, MARIA                           NY-28-9-282
HAYES, MARQUIS D. L.                   NY-28-62-172
HAYES, PATRICK                         NY-28-19-325
HAYES, WILLIAM                         NY-28-8-529
HAYFORD, SOLOMON                       NY-28-45-308
HAYNES, NICHOLAS                       NY-28-39-223
HAYNES, SOLOMON                        NY-28-3-147
HAYNES, WILLIAM M.                     NY-28-56-196
HAYS, DAVID                            NY-28-65-533
HAYS, MOSES                            NY-28-49-509
HAYWARD, ABIGAIL                       NY-28-60-358
HAYWARD, LUCY E.                       NY-28-50-473
HAYWARD, MARY E.                       NY-28-31-373
HAYWARD, MARY LOUISE                   NY-28-66-419
HAYWOOD, ALMIRA                        NY-28-6-331
HAYWOOD, JOHN                          NY-28-16-673
HAYWOOD, PRUDENCE                      NY-28-27-193
HAYWOOD, THOMAS F.                     NY-28-32-372
HAZARD, ANSON                          NY-28-34-52
HAZARD, EMILY                          NY-28-32-404
HAZARD, JASON                          NY-28-3-410
HAZZARD, THOMAS                        NY-28-18-43
HEACOCK, CHARLOTTE A.                  NY-28-56-382
HEACOCK, EDWARD L.                     NY-28-61-295
HEADLEY, LORENZO D.                    NY-28-66-299
HEALEY, DANIEL                         NY-28-50-401
HEALEY, THOMAS                         NY-28-20-357
HEALY, DANIEL                          NY-28-11-158
HEANEY, JAMES                          NY-28-31-141
HEANEY, ROSA                           NY-28-53-379
HEATH, ABIGAIL                         NY-28-7-25
HEATH, ELIZABETH B.                    NY-28-25-465
HEATH, JAMES                           NY-28-58-606
HEATH, JENNETT B.                      NY-28-37-208
HEATH, JOSEPH                          NY-28-2-472
HEATH, MARY                            NY-28-6-349
HEATHCOTE, ANN                         NY-28-30-191
HEAVEY, J. LIZZIE                      NY-28-49-506
HEBARD, BENJAMIN SHIPMAN               NY-28-64-551
HEBARD, HENRY S.                       NY-28-45-95
HEBARD, MARIA                          NY-28-15-314
HEBARD, MARY A.                        NY-28-61-556
HEBBS, THOMAS                          NY-28-53-70
HEBERGER, AUGUST                       NY-28-62-118
HEBERGER, GEORGE M.                    NY-28-34-154
HEBERGER, JOHN                         NY-28-14-569
HEBERGER, MARTIN                       NY-28-20-529
HEBERGER, WILLIAM M.                   NY-28-53-88
HEBERLE, FREDERICK                     NY-28-61-212
HEBERLE, PETER                         NY-28-18-283
HECHT, PHILIP                          NY-28-54-236
HECKROTH, MARTHA E.                    NY-28-42-82
HEFFERAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-39-97
HEFFMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-45-299
HEGEMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-28-12-567
HEGER, JOHN                            NY-28-54-98
HEIKOK, ISAAC                          NY-28-15-604
HEILBRONN, JACOB                       NY-28-62-49
HEILBRONN, LOUIS C.                    NY-28-15-28
HEILMAN, CATHARINE                     NY-28-59-501
HEIM, IGNATZ                           NY-28-55-142
HEIMBACH, JOHN G.                      NY-28-63-652
HEINDL, ALOIS                          NY-28-53-475
HEINLE, ADAM                           NY-28-48-269
HEINLEIN, JOSEPH                       NY-28-61-205
HEINOLD, FREDERICK JACOB               NY-28-42-439
HEINOLD, MARGARET B.                   NY-28-49-515
HEINRICH, WILLIAM F.                   NY-28-50-194
HEINTZ, WILLIAM                        NY-28-19-409
HEISLEIN, NTON                         NY-28-60-10
HELD, JOHN                             NY-28-15-309
HELD, MARIA ANNA                       NY-28-66-494
HELFER, GEORGE                         NY-28-6-540
HELFER, NICHOLAS                       NY-28-55-292
HELLEMS, FRANCES                       NY-28-66-520
HELLEMS, FRANK                         NY-28-41-187
HELLER, AGNES                          NY-28-52-313
HELLING, CHARLES                       NY-28-55-235
HELLING, KUNIGUNDA                     NY-28-41-106
HELSER, JOHN MELCHIOR                  NY-28-10-399
HELT, JOSEPH A.                        NY-28-36-421
HEMMINGWAY, ISAAC                      NY-28-1-354
HENCHEN, APPOLONIA                     NY-28-43-502
HENCHEN, JOSEPH                        NY-28-37-286
HENDEE, PETER                          NY-28-56-184
HENDEE, TEMPERANCE                     NY-28-6-497
HENDEE, THOMAS W.                      NY-28-35-148
HENDEE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-5-235
HENDERSHOT, LOIS                       NY-28-49-155
HENDERSON, ANN E.                      NY-28-23-301
HENDERSON, FANNY                       NY-28-15-710
HENDERSON, HARRIET L.                  NY-28-47-422
HENDERSON, HORACE                      NY-28-40-400
HENDERSON, JOHN                        NY-28-57-385
HENDRICKS, SARAH                       NY-28-13-205
HENDT, LOUISA                          NY-28-43-169
HENION, ELEANOR L.                     NY-28-66-427
HENION, EMMELINE                       NY-28-50-404
HENION, MARGARETTA R.                  NY-28-6-477
HENLY, BRIDGET                         NY-28-50-141
HENN, WILLIAM                          NY-28-36-511
HENNER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-39-196
HENNESSY, JOHN E.                      NY-28-40-232
HENNION, DAVID                         NY-28-2-31
HENRICKS, ANTON                        NY-28-40-435
HENRY, ABIGAIL                         NY-28-12-265
HENRY, EBER                            NY-28-8-325
HENRY, HILL                            NY-28-41-166
HENRY, JOHN                            NY-28-25-97
HENRY, JOHN G.                         NY-28-15-488
HENRY, MATTHEW                         NY-28-8-487
HENRY, SEMANTHA (MRS)                  NY-28-17-97
HENRY, TERISSA                         NY-28-27-386
HENRY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-3-421
HENRY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-63-335
HENSHAW, ANNA L.                       NY-28-55-160
HENSHAW, HARRIET ELIZABETH             NY-28-63-114
HENTNER, DAVID                         NY-28-6-289
HERBEGGER, JACOB                       NY-28-48-422
HERBERT, EDMOND                        NY-28-53-160
HERBERT, PATRICK                       NY-28-66-382
HERBST, JOHN                           NY-28-13-739
HERDT, CRESCENTIA                      NY-28-55-139
HERDT, JOHN                            NY-28-33-70
HEREDEEN, MARY G.                      NY-28-50-246
HERENDEEN, MARY                        NY-28-47-284
HERLE, MARGARETHA                      NY-28-35-352
HERLE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-56-292
HERLIHY, TIMOTHY                       NY-28-65-53
HERMAN, ADAM                           NY-28-39-378
HERMAN, JACOB                          NY-28-46-389
HERMAN, KUNIGUNDA                      NY-28-41-106
HERMANN, JACOB                         NY-28-28-437
HERMANN, JOHN K.                       NY-28-26-333
HERRICK, ELSIE                         NY-28-50-476
HERRICK, EMMA                          NY-28-45-395
HERRICK, EMMA R. Z.                    NY-28-58-80
HERRICK, JOHN                          NY-28-43-361
HERRICK, LEWIS R.                      NY-28-18-295
HERRICK, MARIA N.                      NY-28-20-429
HERRICK, PYRAM                         NY-28-43-505
HERRICK, RUFUS                         NY-28-1-50
HERRICK, WILLIAM                       NY-28-6-21
HERRING, ANN                           NY-28-35-76
HERRING, JAMES BOYLE                   NY-28-32-52
HERRMAN, GOTTLIEB                      NY-28-34-400
HERRMANN, GEORGE                       NY-28-16-368
HERT, BENEDICT                         NY-28-20-341
HERTEL, MATTHIAS                       NY-28-52-286
HERZBERGER, GEORGE                     NY-28-26-209
HESKING, RICHARD                       NY-28-14-756
HESS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-28-49-164
HESS, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-65-257
HETEL, FREDERICKA (MILLER)             NY-28-17-72
HETSLER, FREDERICK                     NY-28-1-524
HETSLER, FREDERICK                     NY-28-1-555
HETSLER, GEOGE F.                      NY-28-2-67
HETTINGER, JACOB                       NY-28-14-663
HETZEL, HENRY                          NY-28-39-121
HETZEL, MATTHIAS                       NY-28-24-377
HETZER, JOHN                           NY-28-60-169
HETZLER, CHARLS                        NY-28-33-34
HETZLER, HENRY                         NY-28-29-125
HEUER, HEINRICH                        NY-28-57-379
HEUMANN, BERNHARD                      NY-28-62-329
HEUSNER, CHARLES F.                    NY-28-46-200
HEUSNER, JULIUS W.                     NY-28-42-58
HEUSNER, MARY                          NY-28-55-25
HEWES, JENNIE M. P.                    NY-28-63-276
HEWES, LUCY C.                         NY-28-50-381
HEWES, SALLY                           NY-28-30-251
HEWITT, FRANK L.                       NY-28-65-371
HHILBERT, JOHN F.                      NY-28-37-397
HIATT, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-45-473
HIATT, JOHN                            NY-28-48-311
HIBBARD, BELA                          NY-28-16-602
HIBBARD, LUCY R.                       NY-28-64-505
HIBBARD, SARAH                         NY-28-25-429
HICKEY, CATHERINE                      NY-28-48-44
HICKEY, PATRICK                        NY-28-10-440
HICKOK, BETSEY                         NY-28-29-101
HICKOK, MALVINA S.                     NY-28-59-35
HICKOK, REUBEN                         NY-28-10-570
HICKS, DAVID                           NY-28-56-412
HICKS, JENNIE M.                       NY-28-65-457
HICKS, NORRIS                          NY-28-19-101
HICKS, NORTON                          NY-28-25-241
HICKS, PHILIP S.                       NY-28-48-428
HICKS, RICHARD W.                      NY-28-1-467
HICKS, SAMUEL                          NY-28-4-361
HICKS, SOPHIA                          NY-28-56-448
HICKS, THOMAS                          NY-28-44-431
HICKS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-2-4
HICKS, WILLIS B.                       NY-28-55-391
HIDENBRANT, BARBARA JULIA              NY-28-54-374
HIGBEE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-35-274
HIGBIE, ABIJAH                         NY-28-56-313
HIGBIE, ALANSON                        NY-28-49-371
HIGBIE, HESTER A.                      NY-28-54-233
HIGBIE, NATHAN                         NY-28-34-430
HIGBIE, SARAH J.                       NY-28-64-29
HIGBIE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-2-284
HIGGINS, CARRIE M.                     NY-28-56-214
HIGGINS, CHARLOTTE L.                  NY-28-37-331
HIGGINS, JOSEPH                        NY-28-10-403
HIGGINS, MICHAEL D.                    NY-28-24-173
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                       NY-28-46-473
HILBERER, JUSTINA                      NY-28-61-155
HILDRETH, ESTHER                       NY-28-5-30
HILER, CHARITY                         NY-28-48-332
HILER, DANIEL                          NY-28-24-397
HILER, FRANK A.                        NY-28-48-347
HILER, JAMES                           NY-28-29-161
HILER, JOHN                            NY-28-3-334
HILER, JOHN M.                         NY-28-3-266
HILER, JOHN N.                         NY-28-16-441
HILER, LYDIA                           NY-28-49-287
HILER, MARGARET                        NY-28-7-388
HILFIKER, JOHN                         NY-28-49-383
HILL, ABEL A.                          NY-28-5-52
HILL, AUGUSTUS C.                      NY-28-20-197
HILL, AURELIA                          NY-28-62-59
HILL, AUSTIN                           NY-28-5-582
HILL, BENJAMIN                         NY-28-3-439
HILL, BETSEY                           NY-28-61-457
HILL, CHARLES J.                       NY-28-5-514
HILL, ELIZA A.                         NY-28-54-443
HILL, HORACE B.                        NY-28-5-41
HILL, IRA                              NY-28-65-112
HILL, ISABELLA                         NY-28-50-146
HILL, JAMES                            NY-28-22-207
HILL, PHILLIP                          NY-28-20-113
HILL, ROBERT                           NY-28-35-73
HILL, SALOME M.                        NY-28-46-98
HILL, SAMUEL                           NY-28-3-368
HILL, TRYPHENA                         NY-28-62-244
HILLENGAS, ADAM                        NY-28-31-261
HILLER, AMY                            NY-28-19-390
HILLEY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-30-247
HILLEY, JUSTIN                         NY-28-3-371
HILLIS, ISAAC                          NY-28-24-425
HILLIS, ISABELLA                       NY-28-43-28
HILLMAN, BENJAMIN H.                   NY-28-35-457
HILLS, AMON                            NY-28-4-3
HILLS, ISAAC                           NY-28-27-217
HILLS, JOHN                            NY-28-60-349
HILPERT, JOHN G.                       NY-28-33-61
HILTON, ALEXANDER                      NY-28-7-244
HIMMEL, AUGUSTINE                      NY-28-36-112
HINCKLEY, MARY ANN                     NY-28-37-295
HIND, JAMES                            NY-28-22-203
HINDERLAND, JOACHIM J.                 NY-28-36-250
HINDS, RICHARD                         NY-28-23-329
HINE, JOHN                             NY-28-15-294
HINKLEY, WILLIAM D.                    NY-28-23-221
HINMAN, SARAH                          NY-28-42-133
HINTERLEITNER, MICHAEL                 NY-28-61-17
HINTON, SIMEON                         NY-28-43-193
HIPP, JOHN                             NY-28-25-65
HIPP, WALLACE J.                       NY-28-58-378
HISCOCK, DOROTHY`                      NY-28-4-1
HISCOCK, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-26-93
HISCOCK, JOHN                          NY-28-3-46
HISCOCK, LAURA ANN                     NY-28-17-790
HISCOCK, PORTER                        NY-28-3-400
HISCOCK, WILLIAM J.                    NY-28-4-510
HISCUTT, WILLIAM                       NY-28-37-184
HITCHCOCK, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-15-279
HITCHCOCK, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-9-48
HITCHCOCK, JOHN B.                     NY-28-58-334
HITCHCOCK, LEONARD                     NY-28-6-464
HITCHINS, ABEL                         NY-28-5-279
HITZFELD, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-35-13
HITZLER, CATHARINE                     NY-28-14-261
HOAG, BENJAMIN D.                      NY-28-5-199
HOAG, MICHAEL                          NY-28-5-208
HOAK, FRANK                            NY-28-48-122
HOBAN, MARIA                           NY-28-34-217
HOBBIE, CALEB K.                       NY-28-9-468
HOBBS, MARY C.                         NY-28-63-372
HOCH, MARY                             NY-28-42-316
HOCHBRUCKNER, CECELIA                  NY-28-41-358
HOCHSTEIN, JOSEPH                      NY-28-65-419
HOCHSTETTER, GEORGE                    NY-28-32-352
HOCHSTETTER, GERSON                    NY-28-32-352
HODGES, JAMES                          NY-28-5-77
HODGES, WIE                            NY-28-32-168
HODGES, WILLARD                        NY-28-43-121
HODGES, WILLIAM M.                     NY-28-1-21
HODSKIN, MARIA E.                      NY-28-41-139
HODSKIN, PERRIN                        NY-28-33-340
HODSKINS, ELISHA                       NY-28-4-409
HOEFEN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-58-661
HOEKSTRA, ANNAS                        NY-28-54-431
HOELLRIGL, ANSELM                      NY-28-55-184
HOELLRIGL, ANSELM                      NY-28-55-166
HOEY, ISABELLA C.                      NY-28-42-91
HOEY, MARY J.                          NY-28-55-1
HOF, MARY                              NY-28-19-425
HOFF, JOHN                             NY-28-24-13
HOFF, JOHN C.                          NY-28-41-478
HOFF, JULIA                            NY-28-25-301
HOFFMAN, BARBARA                       NY-28-9-19
HOFFMAN, CHRISTINA                     NY-28-25-109
HOFFMAN, EDWARD A.                     NY-28-40-181
HOFFMAN, JOHN                          NY-28-31-177
HOFFMAN, JOHN                          NY-28-23-401
HOFFMAN, MATHIAS                       NY-28-37-454
HOFFMEIER, LUDWIG                      NY-28-54-458
HOGAN, BRIDGET C.                      NY-28-29-337
HOGAN, MARTIN                          NY-28-26-105
HOGAN, MARY                            NY-28-44-296
HOGEBOOM, JOHN L.                      NY-28-10-451
HOGESTYN, BARTEL                       NY-28-54-416
HOGLE, ISAAC                           NY-28-16-665
HOGLE, JOHN                            NY-28-37-325
HOGOBOOM, MARY                         NY-28-32-80
HOHEMAN, JULIANA                       NY-28-53-415
HOHMANN, EDWARD                        NY-28-60-172
HOHN, ANTHONY                          NY-28-20-549
HOLDEN, TIMOTHY H.                     NY-28-48-458
HOLDRIDGE, CHARLES S.                  NY-28-3-321
HOLDRIDGE, GERSHOM                     NY-28-3-451
HOLDRIDGE, JOHN                        NY-28-62-551
HOLDRIDGE, MARTHA                      NY-28-52-226
HOLDRIDGE, MYRON                       NY-28-24-285
HOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM                     NY-28-46-35
HOLLENBECK, SUSAN                      NY-28-29-397
HOLLERAN, MICHAEL                      NY-28-66-451
HOLLEY, MARCIA                         NY-28-30-359
HOLLIS, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-16-251
HOLLIS, JESSIE                         NY-28-50-174
HOLLISTER, GEORGE A.                   NY-28-5-550
HOLLISTER, SARAH E.                    NY-28-56-223
HOLLOWAY, HENRY                        NY-28-7-77
HOLLWAY, ARTHUR H.                     NY-28-41-73
HOLMES, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-13-269
HOLMES, ENOCH                          NY-28-12-335
HOLMES, JANE A.                        NY-28-39-324
HOLMES, JOSEPH A.                      NY-28-5-75
HOLMES, LYDIA                          NY-28-4-240
HOLMES, NETTIE                         NY-28-12-172
HOLMES, SUSAN B.                       NY-28-6-186
HOLT, CHESTER                          NY-28-60-457
HOLT, NELSON                           NY-28-65-553
HOLTON, NANCY                          NY-28-12-166
HOLYLAND, JOHN                         NY-28-10-346
HOLZLAND, JOHN                         NY-28-57-400
HONDORF, ELIZABETH B.                  NY-28-25-249
HONDORF, ROSS                          NY-28-57-418
HONDORF, WILLIAM                       NY-28-50-441
HOOCK, HENRY                           NY-28-17-83
HOOKER, EDWARD                         NY-28-3-156
HOOKER, HENRY EDWARD                   NY-28-27-302
HOOKER, HORACE                         NY-28-11-559
HOOKER, MARY GLEN                      NY-28-45-20
HOOVER, NELLIE                         NY-28-56-400
HOPKINS, ADELIA R.                     NY-28-51-346
HOPKINS, EMMA E.                       NY-28-57-518
HOPKINS, ENOS                          NY-28-52-304
HOPKINS, ETHAN A.                      NY-28-9-208
HOPKINS, HENRY                         NY-28-3-36
HOPKINS, JANE                          NY-28-62-85
HOPKINS, JOHN                          NY-28-42-460
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                        NY-28-13-379
HOPKINS, MARVIN                        NY-28-13-579
HOPKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-28-3-9
HOPPER, GILLIAM                        NY-28-3-94
HOPWOOD, JOHN M.                       NY-28-39-428
HORE, JOSEPH                           NY-28-33-355
HORNBERGER, VALENTINE                  NY-28-16-551
HORNER, JOHN                           NY-28-40-34
HORTON, FREDERICK                      NY-28-58-127
HORTON, MARTHA                         NY-28-6-510
HORTON, NATHAN S.                      NY-28-13-600
HORTON, TRUMAN                         NY-28-15-456
HORTON, WILLIAM                        NY-28-55-415
HOSENFELDT, MARY                       NY-28-60-163
HOSFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-28-45-437
HOSKINS, MINERVA L.                    NY-28-30-279
HOSMER, SOPHIA W.                      NY-28-33-157
HOTCHKIN, ELIZA C.                     NY-28-23-285
HOTCHKISS, FRANK D.                    NY-28-61-583
HOTCHKISS, HORACE M.                   NY-28-21-173
HOTTES, CHARLES                        NY-28-52-436
HOUCK, CHRISTIAN                       NY-28-9-230
HOUGHTAILING, JANE                     NY-28-37-319
HOUGHTAILING, JOHN                     NY-28-46-122
HOUGHTALING, MARY J.                   NY-28-61-68
HOUGHTALING, RICHARD A.                NY-28-64-73
HOUSAM, THOMAS                         NY-28-9-92
HOUSE, JOHN                            NY-28-39-485
HOUSE, SEMANTHA                        NY-28-5-507
HOUSTON, PARKER H.                     NY-28-60-283
HOVEY, DOUGLASS                        NY-28-37-73
HOVEY, JOHN F.                         NY-28-51-224
HOVEY, LUTHER                          NY-28-28-353
HOVEY, LUTHER H.                       NY-28-39-115
HOVEY, PHOEBE C.                       NY-28-4-273
HOVEY, SARAH L.                        NY-28-9-188
HOW, GEORGE                            NY-28-51-434
HOW, WILLIAM                           NY-28-4-154
HOWARD, ANSEL                          NY-28-3-258
HOWARD, BARNARD M.                     NY-28-5-13
HOWARD, CHARLES L.                     NY-28-49-380
HOWARD, CHARLOTTE T.                   NY-28-17-753
HOWARD, ESTHER                         NY-28-24-373
HOWARD, EZRA                           NY-28-10-200
HOWARD, FRANCIS                        NY-28-6-143
HOWARD, HAMILTON H.                    NY-28-29-353
HOWARD, HANNAH                         NY-28-55-121
HOWARD, JOHN R.                        NY-28-21-233
HOWARD, LUCY L.                        NY-28-60-181
HOWARD, PERMELIA                       NY-28-27-115
HOWE, CHARLES                          NY-28-26-101
HOWE, DANIEL                           NY-28-5-410
HOWE, ELIZA A.                         NY-28-39-455
HOWE, FLORA A.                         NY-28-56-193
HOWE, HENRY B.                         NY-28-54-377
HOWE, JOEL                             NY-28-41-37
HOWE, JOHN                             NY-28-64-137
HOWE, JOHN W.                          NY-28-17-107
HOWELL, JOSIAH                         NY-28-4-57
HOWES, ABBIE S.                        NY-28-26-133
HOWES, JOHN                            NY-28-3-346
HOWES, M ARY C.                        NY-28-10-532
HOWES, MARY                            NY-28-47-125
HOWES, NATHANIEL                       NY-28-6-530
HOWES, THANKFUL                        NY-28-3-132
HOWLAND, LUCINDA H.                    NY-28-45-491
HOX, PHILLIP ***                       NY-28-13-314
HOX, PHILLIP ***                       NY-28-13-345
HOY, JAMES                             NY-28-3-464
HOY, ROBERT                            NY-28-35-409
HOYT, ALEXANDER S.                     NY-28-41-253
HOYT, DANIEL                           NY-28-3-73
HOYT, DAVID                            NY-28-7-493
HOYT, GRACIA B.                        NY-28-47-170
HOYT, HIRAM                            NY-28-58-734
HOYT, JANE MARYNDA                     NY-28-62-343
HOYT, LEVI                             NY-28-9-324
HOYT, URIAH G.                         NY-28-66-271
HOYT, WILLIAM M.                       NY-28-25-225
HUBACHEK, JOSEPH                       NY-28-64-112
HUBBARD, LOUISA E.                     NY-28-54-185
HUBBARD, RICHARD P.                    NY-28-51-476
HUBBARD, THOMAS                        NY-28-41-214
HUBBEL, JAMES                          NY-28-10-72
HUBBELL, ALVIRA C.                     NY-28-14-711
HUBBELL, ENOS                          NY-28-14-181
HUBBY, HANAH                           NY-28-12-339
HUBBY, JONATHAN                        NY-28-17-146
HUBER, ANDREAS                         NY-28-40-265
HUBER, GOTLIEB                         NY-28-19-153
HUBER, MAGDELENA                       NY-28-41-226
HUBER, MATHIAS                         NY-28-19-65
HUBER, VALENTINE                       NY-28-31-385
HUBERTH, MARGARET                      NY-28-64-395
HUBREGTSE, ABRAHAM                     NY-28-40-139
HUCK, FLORENZ                          NY-28-66-112
HUCK, JULIANA                          NY-28-60-334
HUDDLESTON, PETER                      NY-28-48-392
HUDSON, JAMES B.                       NY-28-34-259
HUDSON, POLLY                          NY-28-34-259
HUELTENSCHMIDT, CHARLES                NY-28-30-67
HUELTENSCHMIDT, WILHELM                NY-28-45-254
HUFF, NANCY                            NY-28-64-25
HUFF, WILLIAM G.                       NY-28-25-313
HUGEL, BERTHOLD                        NY-28-64-347
HUGHES, ANNA M.                        NY-28-49-74
HUGHES, CATHERINE                      NY-28-36-394
HUGHES, CATHRINE                       NY-28-16-334
HUGHES, DANIEL                         NY-28-15-369
HUGHES, JOAB                           NY-28-3-443
HUGHES, JULIETT                        NY-28-24-53
HUGHES, MARVIN                         NY-28-6-365
HUGHES, MICHAEL                        NY-28-10-296
HUGHES, NAOMI                          NY-28-10-448
HUGHES, PETER                          NY-28-34-190
HUGHES, SAMUEL                         NY-28-6-1
HUGHES, SUSAN S.                       NY-28-40-450
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        NY-28-35-289
HUGHS, OWEN                            NY-28-12-377
HULBERT, AGNES                         NY-28-66-89
HULBERT, JOEL C.                       NY-28-49-23
HULBURT, JENNIE A.                     NY-28-52-265
HULBURT, JESSE                         NY-28-28-305
HULBURT, MATILDA                       NY-28-32-324
HULBURT, THOMAS L.***                  NY-28-12-388
HULETT, IRA                            NY-28-19-301
HULETT, PIERSON B.                     NY-28-66-556
HULL, HENRY C.                         NY-28-45-224
HULL, JOHN                             NY-28-24-477
HULL, WILLIAM LITTLE                   NY-28-2-52
HULTENSMITH, WILHELMINA                NY-28-13-719
HUMES, WILLIAM                         NY-28-8-320
HUMMEL, NANETTE                        NY-28-62-25
HUMPHREY, HARVEY                       NY-28-23-45
HUNGERFORD, FAYETTE                    NY-28-38-461
HUNGERFORD, SARAH P.                   NY-28-33-160
HUNN, WILLIAM                          NY-28-15-357
HUNT, ELVIRA B.                        NY-28-62-263
HUNT, GEORGE W.                        NY-28-34-403
HUNT, HORACE H.                        NY-28-61-73
HUNT, JOHN                             NY-28-54-212
HUNT, LORENZO                          NY-28-19-37
HUNT, REBECCA                          NY-28-51-128
HUNT, THOMAS                           NY-28-28-441
HUNT, TRUMAN                           NY-28-2-242
HUNTER, DAVID                          NY-28-39-199
HUNTER, ELIZA                          NY-28-19-93
HUNTER, HECTOR                         NY-28-5-233
HUNTER, HENRY                          NY-28-7-437
HUNTER, MARY ANN                       NY-28-51-278
HUNTINGTON, ANDREW                     NY-28-8-401
HUNTINGTON, ANDREW                     NY-28-3-280
HUNTINGTON, ANNJENETTE C.              NY-28-33-334
HUNTINGTON, BENJAMIN                   NY-28-13-175
HUNTINGTON, ELON                       NY-28-64-367
HUNTINGTON, GEORGE                     NY-28-57-319
HUNTINGTON, HENRY S.                   NY-28-8-356
HUNTINGTON, HORACE J.                  NY-28-6-42
HUNTINGTON, LEWIS H.                   NY-28-62-83
HUNTINGTON, MARTIN                     NY-28-45-53
HUNTINGTON, NATHAN                     NY-28-32-336
HUNTINGTON, ORINDA L.                  NY-28-49-29
HUNTINGTON, ROBERT                     NY-28-25-25
HUNTINGTON, WALES M.                   NY-28-18-85
HUNTLEY, MARY LIZZIE                   NY-28-27-49
HURD, CHARLOTTE J.                     NY-28-40-37
HURD, EDWIN H.                         NY-28-48-20
HURD, GEORGE F.                        NY-28-6-115
HURD, JULIA H.                         NY-28-58-118
HURD, MARY T.                          NY-28-39-211
HURLBUT, HENRY L.                      NY-28-62-490
HURLEY, PATRICK                        NY-28-47-431
HURLEY, THOMAS F.                      NY-28-28-85
HUSBAND, ELINOR                        NY-28-15-203
HUSBAND, ELLA W.                       NY-28-61-62
HUTCHINGS, JOHN B.                     NY-28-65-437
HUTCHINGS, MARTHA                      NY-28-20-165
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM                      NY-28-36-124
HUTCHINSON, ELIZA J.                   NY-28-58-638
HUTCHINSON, GEORGE                     NY-28-41-193
HUTCHINSON, JAMES                      NY-28-36-127
HUTCHINSON, MARY ANN                   NY-28-35-361
HUTTE, CHARLES                         NY-28-66-469
HUTTER, ROSALIA                        NY-28-48-401
HYDE, D. CAMERON                       NY-28-48-443
HYDE, ELISHA F.                        NY-28-27-19
HYDE, JAMES                            NY-28-39-154
HYDE, OVID A.                          NY-28-50-446
HYDE, PHILURA                          NY-28-15-523
HYLAND, JOSEPH                         NY-28-53-430
HYLAND, MARY                           NY-28-43-380
HYMAN, HENRY                           NY-28-64-497
HYNE, JACOB                            NY-28-42-1
HYNES, JOHN                            NY-28-13-331
HYSNER, JULIUS W.                      NY-28-42-58
IDE, DANIEL                            NY-28-50-186
IDE, HENRY                             NY-28-1-412
IGO, GEORGE                            NY-28-21-17
IHRIG, CATHARINE                       NY-28-48-494
IHRIG, GEORGE                          NY-28-44-481
IHRIG, MARY                            NY-28-44-481
IMO, PETER                             NY-28-12-345
INGHAM, AARON                          NY-28-14-447
INGHAM, GRACE                          NY-28-22-403
INGRAHAM, IRA                          NY-28-10-189
IRELAND, EMOGENE E.                    NY-28-58-141
IRELAND, GEORGE B.                     NY-28-54-470
IRELAND, JAMES W.                      NY-28-40-70
IRELAND, JOHN                          NY-28-22-439
IRISH, JACOB                           NY-28-57-208
IRVIN, SAMUEL                          NY-28-15-252
IRVINE, TELLSFARD                      NY-28-10-377
IRVING, JAMES                          NY-28-40-409
IRWIN, FRANCIS J.                      NY-28-61-352
ISBISTER, JOHN H.                      NY-28-37-91
ISENMAN, ANNA                          NY-28-43-493
ISSELHARD, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-66-1
IVES, JOHN H.                          NY-28-43-436
IVES, SOPHIA C.                        NY-28-60-412
IWIG, CATHARINE                        NY-28-42-229
IWIG, JOHN P.                          NY-28-13-494

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