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CADWELL, FRIEND                        NY-28-15-621
CADY, AURORA                           NY-28-50-121
CADY, DAVID                            NY-28-3-293
CADY, LAURA                            NY-28-21-105
CADY, MARY EMMA                        NY-28-36-241
CADY, WILLIAM W.                       NY-28-59-567
CAFFREY, THOMAS                        NY-28-64-157
CALDWELL, JOHN S.                      NY-28-46-107
CALDWELL SARAH STEVENS                 NY-28-46-131
CALEY, JOHN                            NY-28-46-440
CALHOUN, HANNAH                        NY-28-16-27
CALHOUN, NATHAN                        NY-28-7-103
CALIHAN, MARTIN J.                     NY-28-62-455
CALLAHAN, JAMES                        NY-28-14-773
CALLAHAN, MARGARET                     NY-28-62-595
CALLAN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-41-235
CALLENDER, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-8-144
CALLENDER, SILAS S.                    NY-28-17-40
CALLIHAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-41-490
CALLISTER, ELIZABETH J.                NY-28-45-26
CALTON, CHARLES G.                     NY-28-45-188
CAMERON, DONALD                        NY-28-35-106
CAMERON, SIMON                         NY-28-18-325
CAMP, GEORGE K.                        NY-28-10-380
CAMP, HULDAH                           NY-28-36-310
CAMP, RACHEL                           NY-28-15-354
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                    NY-28-35-136
CAMPBELL, ANREW H.                     NY-28-38-406
CAMPBELL, CALVIN                       NY-28-22-35
CAMPBELL, HARRIET M.                   NY-28-63-444
CAMPBELL, HENRY                        NY-28-8-168
CAMPBELL, HENRY                        NY-28-24-189
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        NY-28-39-103
CAMPBELL, JAMES A.                     NY-28-49-425
CAMPBELL, JANE E.                      NY-28-38-376, 400
CAMPBELL, JOHN D.                      NY-28-10-503
CAMPBELL, LUCY                         NY-28-31-81
CAMPBELL, LUCY                         NY-28-20-325
CAMPBELL, MARIA                        NY-28-44-361
CAMPBELL, MARY J.                      NY-28-62-457
CAMPBELL, MARY S.                      NY-28-62-355
CAMPBELL, MILTON                       NY-28-12-40
CAMPBELL, PETER D.                     NY-28-9-293
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       NY-28-7-211
CAMPBELL, SUSAN A.                     NY-28-66-28
CAMPBELL, THOMAS C.                    NY-28-48-68
CAMPIN, SARAH                          NY-28-15-696
CANDEE, ROSANNA M.                     NY-28-59-46
CANDLE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-37-316
CANFIELD, ASAHEL                       NY-28-4-142
CANFIELD, BRIDGET                      NY-28-23-261
CANFIELD, JOHN W.                      NY-28-36-34
CANO, OLIVE                            NY-28-5-548
CANTLEY, SARAH ANN                     NY-28-37-517
CAPE, RICHARD                          NY-28-55-31
CAPELING, IDA A.                       NY-28-26-309
CAPEN, ABIJAH                          NY-28-10-500
CAPEN, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN               NY-28-3-461
CAPEN, FRANKLIN C.                     NY-28-62-389
CAPLE, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-50-296
CARAN, SARAH                           NY-28-47-47
CARBERRY, JOSEPH                       NY-28-60-490
CARD, DENISON                          NY-28-14-239
CARD, JEREMIAH                         NY-28-14-272
CAREY, AURORA P.                       NY-28-16-371
CAREY, JOHN                            NY-28-36-118
CAREY, THOMAS                          NY-28-12-231
CARGILL, LAVINIA                       NY-28-63-693
CARING, BARBARA                        NY-28-35-118
CARING, FRANK W.                       NY-28-47-17
CARL, RICHARD                          NY-28-19-386
CARLE, ANTONETTE                       NY-28-60-379
CARLICHE, PETER                        NY-28-10-409
CARNEY, GEORGE                         NY-28-57-493
CARNEY, MARGARET J.                    NY-28-26-469
CARPENTER, AZUBAH                      NY-28-29-377
CARPENTER, CALEB W.                    NY-28-14-428
CARPENTER, CELIA A.                    NY-28-39-64
CARPENTER, ELBERT S.                   NY-28-34-202
CARPENTER, ELIAS                       NY-28-29-93
CARPENTER, HENRY BABCOCK               NY-28-65-139
CARPENTER, ISAAC L.                    NY-28-15-78
CARPENTER, JANE E.                     NY-28-26-45
CARPENTER, JOHN H.                     NY-28-57-19
CARPENTER, JULIA A.                    NY-28-57-94
CARPENTER, MARY E.                     NY-28-63-133
CARPENTER, POWELL                      NY-28-5-359
CARPENTER, SMITH                       NY-28-49-242
CARPENTER, THOMAS S.                   NY-28-52-346
CARR, FRANCIS                          NY-28-13-615
CARR, MARY P.                          NY-28-18-229
CARROLL, JAMES                         NY-28-27-73
CARROLL, JOHN                          NY-28-14-191
CARROLL, JOHN                          NY-28-15-679
CARROLL, MARY                          NY-28-62-479
CARROLL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-28-37-451
CARTER, CHARLES                        NY-28-64-98
CARTER, ILUS F.                        NY-28-42-217
CARTER, MALVA A.                       NY-28-32-344
CARTER, MARTHA S.                      NY-28-50-251
CARTWRIGHT, MATTHEW                    NY-28-50-431
CARTWRIGHT, ORRIN                      NY-28-8-399
CARTWRIGHT, ROBERT H.                  NY-28-64-503
CARVER, HARTWELL                       NY-28-18-31
CARVER, LYMAN                          NY-28-52-343
CARVER, PERRY                          NY-28-9-446
CARY, ALBIGENCE                        NY-28-9-172
CARY, CECELIA S. P.                    NY-28-52-7
CARY, DANIEL                           NY-28-4-79
CARY, HENRY W.                         NY-28-54-116
CARY, RICHARD                          NY-28-23-105
CASE, ABEL                             NY-28-4-77
CASE, ANNA M.                          NY-28-54-278
CASE, BARBARA                          NY-28-39-4
CASE, CATHARINE                        NY-28-29-325
CASE, HENRY                            NY-28-5-509
CASE, HENRY                            NY-28-23-297
CASE, LOUISA                           NY-28-60-259
CASE, LUTHER                           NY-28-5-527
CASE, MARY E.                          NY-28-13-550
CASE, MICHAEL                          NY-28-36-136
CASE, NATHAN                           NY-28-51-701
CASE, ORIN                             NY-28-1-4
CASE, PETER                            NY-28-49-389
CASE, ZENAS                            NY-28-4-62
CASEY, WILLIAM                         NY-28-61-385
CASHMAN, JOHN                          NY-28-23-209
CASHMAN, JULIA                         NY-28-62-487
CASLER, MARCUS                         NY-28-5-470
CASPER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-54-281
CASSIDY, CHARLES                       NY-28-13-500
CASSIDY, JOHN                          NY-28-64-329
CASSIDY, MARGARET M.                   NY-28-27-332
CASSIDY, MARY                          NY-28-64-446
CASTLE, DARWIN S.                      NY-28-61-13
CASTLE, ISAAC                          NY-28-20-409
CASTLE, JOHN H.                        NY-28-45-371
CASTLE, NELSON                         NY-28-33-199
CASTLE, SAMUEL                         NY-28-19-269
CASTLE, WILLIAM C.                     NY-28-6-46
CASTWELL, PHOEBE                       NY-28-49-50
CASWELL, DAVID                         NY-28-1-404
CATER, GEORGE                          NY-28-41-250
CATER, WILLIAM                         NY-28-57-217
CATT, ALFRED                           NY-28-60-442
CAUFFMAN, MARCUS                       NY-28-45-179
CAVAN, WILLIAM                         NY-28-8-311
CAVANAUGH, MATHEW                      NY-28-9-137
CAVANAUGH, PATRICK                     NY-28-60-184
CAZEAU, CHARLES                        NY-28-23-253
CCOMBS, WILLIAM                        NY-28-41-31
CELEHAR, OWEN                          NY-28-41-121
CHACE, CHARLES AUGUSTUS                NY-28-63-645
CHACE, EMORY B.                        NY-28-48-227
CHADSEY, BENJAMIN                      NY-28-29-85
CHADSEY, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-28-21-361
CHADWICK, CYNTHIA                      NY-28-4-255
CHADWICK, ELLEN D.                     NY-28-44-121
CHADWICK, JEREMIAH                     NY-28-38-201
CHAFFEY, GEORGE                        NY-28-57-115
CHAMBERLAIN, OCTAVIUS P.               NY-28-9-51
CHAMBERLAIN, SALLY                     NY-28-20-285
CHAMBERLIN, BENJAMIN                   NY-28-2-306
CHAMBERLIN, CALVIN                     NY-28-8-516
CHAMBERLIN, DICKERMAN                  NY-28-3-84
CHAMBERLIN, JACOB                      NY-28-5-120
CHAMBERLIN, JULIAETTE                  NY-28-16-663
CHAMBERLIN, PHILETUS                   NY-28-57-154
CHAMBERS, HANNAH                       NY-28-57-376
CHAMBERY, ADRIAN                       NY-28-62-232
CHAMPENEY, EDWARD                      NY-28-4-352
CHAMPION, ARISTARCHUS                  NY-28-15-484
CHANDLER, GEORGE V.                    NY-28-35-25
CHANDLER, JOHN H.                      NY-28-28-109
CHAPIN, ALPHA                          NY-28-13-681
CHAPIN, DAVID C.                       NY-28-15-433
CHAPIN, DESDAMONA                      NY-28-47-155
CHAPIN, GARDNER                        NY-28-3-192
CHAPIN, LOUIS                          NY-28-51-242
CHAPIN, LUCINA                         NY-28-27-103
CHAPIN, MOSES                          NY-28-11-194
CHAPMAN, ARTHUR                        NY-28-25-373
CHAPMAN, CATHERINE T.                  NY-28-64-130
CHAPMAN, CHANCY                        NY-28-55-4
CHAPMAN, CHARLES E.                    NY-28-31-201
CHAPMAN, EMELINE L.                    NY-28-20-153
CHAPMAN, EUNICE C.                     NY-28-43-403
CHAPMAN, HENRY                         NY-28-1-297
CHAPMAN, HORACE D.                     NY-28-65-301
CHAPMAN, ISRAEL                        NY-28-20-177
CHAPMAN, LUCINDA                       NY-28-60-343
CHAPMAN, MARIA                         NY-28-61-502
CHAPMAN, NANCY M.                      NY-28-42-457
CHAPMAN, PIERPONT                      NY-28-24-281
CHAPMAN, POLLY L.                      NY-28-9-420
CHAPMAN, RUSSEL                        NY-28-31-409
CHAPMAN, SMITH                         NY-28-40-349
CHAPPEL, THOMAS                        NY-28-16-162
CHAPPELL, GUY                          NY-28-33-187
CHAPPELL, HARRIET                      NY-28-21-61
CHAPPELL, JAMES                        NY-28-42-310
CHAPPELL, JAMES                        NY-28-9-156
CHAPPELL, NICHOLAS                     NY-28-5-6
CHAPPELL, SARAH E.                     NY-28-9-379
CHAPPELL, SILAS G.                     NY-28-5-319
CHARLES, STEPHEN                       NY-28-17-121
CHARTERS, SARAH                        NY-28-64-487
CHASE, EDWARD S.                       NY-28-5-210
CHASE, HARVEY W.                       NY-28-47-380
CHASE, ISAAC                           NY-28-34-280
CHASE, JACOB                           NY-28-33-97
CHASE, JOHN H.                         NY-28-64-83
CHASE, MARY                            NY-28-64-238
CHASE, MARY A.                         NY-28-64-241
CHASE, MATILDA                         NY-28-52-406
CHASE, PHILIP                          NY-28-42-301
CHASE, THIRZA                          NY-28-28-45
CHASE, WILLIAM P.                      NY-28-48-221
CHATTIN, HENRY                         NY-28-28-381
CHATTIN, JOHN                          NY-28-7-446
CHATTIN, MARY A.                       NY-28-49-218
CHATTIN, WILLIAM                       NY-28-57-469
CHAUNCEY, WILLIAM G.                   NY-28-23-49
CHEEVER, MARY                          NY-28-42-226
CHENEY, ABBIE JANE                     NY-28-26-137
CHENEY, JAMES E. JR.                   NY-28-42-478
CHILD, FANNY                           NY-28-14-604
CHILD, TIMOTHY                         NY-28-4-111
CHILD, ZOPHIA E.                       NY-28-4-405
CHILDS, LOUISA S.                      NY-28-12-65
CHILDS, SAMUEL                         NY-28-29-285
CHIPMAN, FREDERICK                     NY-28-26-265
CHIPMAN, SOPHIA                        NY-28-66-152
CHISHOLM, MARY                         NY-28-33-292
CHISHOLM, THOMAS                       NY-28-7-58
CHITTENDEN, DANIEL M.                  NY-28-2-324
CHITTENDEN, ESTHER J. B.               NY-28-54-134
CHRISP, HUGH                           NY-28-66-509
CHRIST, JOHN                           NY-28-54-188
CHRIST, JOHN                           NY-28-54-230
CHRIST, JULIA                          NY-28-60-466
CHRISTIAN, ISABELA                     NY-28-11-76
CHRISTIAN, JOHN                        NY-28-7-286
CHRISTIANNSEN, JOHN                    NY-28-25-341
CHRISTIE, BRIDGET                      NY-28-37-421
CHRISTIE, JANE                         NY-28-12-163
CHRISTIE, JANE                         NY-28-41-160
CHRISTIE, JOHN                         NY-28-3-330
CHRISTIE, MARGARET                     NY-28-55-283
CHRISWELL, C. MINERVA                  NY-28-58-650
CHRYSTIE, JOHN                         NY-28-1-291
CHURCH, CHARLES                        NY-28-4-461
CHURCH, DENNIS                         NY-28-62-22
CHURCH, HARRIET                        NY-28-27-199
CHURCH, JOHN R.                        NY-28-62-536
CHURCH, JULIA                          NY-28-13-320
CHURCH, SAMUEL                         NY-28-5-343
CHURCH, WILLIAM                        NY-28-5-28
CHURCH, WILLIAM F.                     NY-28-43-385
CHURCHILL, LYMAN                       NY-28-13-137
CHURCHILL, PHILENA                     NY-28-33-100
CHURCHILL, SARAH E.                    NY-28-36-523
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM                     NY-28-29-49
CHUTE, BRIDGET                         NY-28-19-433
CLANCEY, DAVID                         NY-28-14-679
CLANCEY, JOHN                          NY-28-21-1
CLANCY, DAVID D.                       NY-28-65-241
CLANCY, MARY ANN                       NY-28-53-40
CLANCY, MAURICE                        NY-28-19-441
CLANCY, MICHAEL                        NY-28-8-475
CLAPP, ELIZA J.                        NY-28-49-479
CLAPP, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-11-566
CLAPP, HENRY E.                        NY-28-18-337
CLAPP, ISAAC                           NY-28-37-442
CLAPP, JACOB                           NY-28-10-575
CLARK, ALPHEUS                         NY-28-8-494
CLARK, ALPHEUS S.                      NY-28-20-149
CLARK, AUGUSTUS H.                     NY-28-15-258
CLARK, CHARLES A.                      NY-28-49-455
CLARK, CHARLES H.                      NY-28-17-22
CLARK, CHESTER                         NY-28-15-211
CLARK, DAVID                           NY-28-35-406
CLARK, DAVID                           NY-28-1-538
CLARK, EBENEZER                        NY-28-4-332
CLARK, ELIAS                           NY-28-5-255
CLARK, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-41-103
CLARK, FERDINAND W. ***                NY-28-17-372
CLARK, FLORENCE A.                     NY-28-54-362
CLARK, FREDERICK                       NY-28-1-93
CLARK, GEORGE R.                       NY-28-19-253
CLARK, GEORGE W.                       NY-28-40-40
CLARK, GOODHAND                        NY-28-50-454
CLARK, HANNAH                          NY-28-30-79
CLARK, HARVEY E.                       NY-28-30-75
CLARK, HARVEY H.                       NY-28-65-143
CLARK, HORACE                          NY-28-17-7
CLARK, HORACE                          NY-28-21-33
CLARK, HUGH                            NY-28-54-383
CLARK, IRA S.                          NY-28-52-478
CLARK, JAMES M.                        NY-28-1-560
CLARK, JAMES S.                        NY-28-23-305
CLARK, JOEL                            NY-28-4-100
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-28-16-169
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-28-7-16
CLARK, JOHN L.                         NY-28-58-496
CLARK, JOSIAH FRANKLIN                 NY-28-23-313
CLARK, KELLY E.                        NY-28-54-74
CLARK, LOUISA                          NY-28-13-281
CLARK, MARIA S.                        NY-28-37-100
CLARK, MARY                            NY-28-39-276
CLARK, MARY A.                         NY-28-55-244
CLARK, MARY FOBES                      NY-28-44-321
CLARK, MILLICENT                       NY-28-22-171
CLARK, NATHAN F.                       NY-28-16-269
CLARK, NATHANIEL                       NY-28-12-260
CLARK, ORPHA                           NY-28-26-477
CLARK, ORPHA A.                        NY-28-42-421
CLARK, ORRIN                           NY-28-4-476
CLARK, ORRIN M.                        NY-28-45-140
CLARK, PATRICK BERNARD                 NY-28-18-397
CLARK, RICHARD                         NY-28-33-94
CLARK, RILEY                           NY-28-47-389
CLARK, ROSWELL                         NY-28-48-5
CLARK, SARAH D.                        NY-28-15-614
CLARK, STEPHEN WATKINS                 NY-28-63-782
CLARK, SUSAN                           NY-28-12-56
CLARK, SUSAN K.                        NY-28-60-364
CLARK, SUSANNAH                        NY-28-17-235
CLARK, WELLS                           NY-28-25-49
CLARK, WELLS                           NY-28-3-344
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NY-28-11-219
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NY-28-13-212
CLARK, WILLIAM H.                      NY-28-21-261
CLARK, WILLIAM H.                      NY-28-15-93
CLARK, WILLIAM W.                      NY-28-16-647
CLARK, WILLIAM W.                      NY-28-14-512
CLARKE, CORTLAND                       NY-28-52-433
CLARKE, DAVID                          NY-28-20-121
CLARKE, HANNAH M.                      NY-28-50-439
CLARKE, HENRIETTA J.                   NY-28-46-170
CLARKE, LEVI WARD                      NY-28-54-86
CLARKE, MEHITABLE WARD                 NY-28-58-122
CLARKSON, ELIZABETH B.                 NY-28-44-441
CLARVER, NANCY                         NY-28-49-197
CLEAVLAND, CHESTER                     NY-28-3-341
CLEGG, BRIDGET KENNAH                  NY-28-66-110
CLEMANS, AMRI                          NY-28-54-476
CLEMENT, HARRIS                        NY-28-16-568
CLEMENTS, THOMAS                       NY-28-22-255
CLEMINSON, MARY                        NY-28-27-314
CLEMONS, ANNA SARAH                    NY-28-42-334
CLEMONS, MOSES S.                      NY-28-41-205
CLEMONS, SARAH                         NY-28-46-341
CLIFFORD, ADNA T.                      NY-28-5-598
CLINE, JOHN                            NY-28-48-263
CLINE, JOHN A.                         NY-28-41-403
CLINT, AARON                           NY-28-10-50
CLINT, EMELIZA                         NY-28-59-256
CLINT, JOHN S.                         NY-28-37-223
CLINT, WALLACE A.                      NY-28-16-313
CLINTON, CHARLES                       NY-28-49-446
CLINTON, GEORGE                        NY-28-46-446
CLINTON, MARGARET                      NY-28-63-689
CLOHECEY, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-53-352
CLOUGH, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-3-107
CLOUGH, WILLIAM B.                     NY-28-5-381
CLOW, FRANCES E.                       NY-28-61-485
CLOW, JOSEPH                           NY-28-15-119
CLOW, MARY                             NY-28-28-277
COAKLEY, JOHANNA                       NY-28-38-26
COBB, AMOS H.                          NY-28-48-425
COBB, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-28-55-52
COBB, EUNICE                           NY-28-36-415
COBB, JAMES D.                         NY-28-63-177
COBB, REUBEN                           NY-28-29-361
COCHRANE, JAMES C.                     NY-28-29-97
COCKS, LEVI                            NY-28-1-223
COCKS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-36-235
CODDING, ELIJAH O.                     NY-28-29-13
CODDING, WILLIAM T.                    NY-28-8-228
CODDINGTON, ELIZABETH K.               NY-28-40-271
CODDINGTON, THEODORE H.                NY-28-66-472
CODY, JANE                             NY-28-26-61
COFFIN, HEPSIBETH                      NY-28-57-211
COFFRAIN, EDWARD S.                    NY-28-35-109
COGAR, CHARLES                         NY-28-66-140
COGLAN, THOMAS K.                      NY-28-65-353
COGSWELL, WILLIAM                      NY-28-5-346
COHEN, ABRAHAM                         NY-28-15-109
COKELY, JOHN                           NY-28-20-485
COLBY, BILL                            NY-28-2-309
COLBY, EASTMAN                         NY-28-7-391
COLBY, EBENEZER                        NY-28-10-178
COLBY, ESTER                           NY-28-3-364
COLBY, LUCY A.                         NY-28-50-366
COLBY, MARIETTA                        NY-28-12-304
COLBY, TIMOTHY                         NY-28-3-313
COLBY, ZACHEUS                         NY-28-48-110
COLE, BENJAMIN B.                      NY-28-10-567
COLE, CORNELIUS S.                     NY-28-62-211
COLE, EZEKIEL                          NY-28-20-329
COLE, GEORGE                           NY-28-16-581
COLE, HANNAH                           NY-28-46-503
COLE, HEMAN                            NY-28-15-555
COLE, HENRY                            NY-28-12-282
COLE, HENRY S.                         NY-28-45-464
COLE, ISAAC B.                         NY-28-10-102
COLE, JAY M.                           NY-28-66-163
COLE, JENNIE F.                        NY-28-49-338
COLE, JOHN                             NY-28-7-538
COLE, JOHN E.                          NY-28-22-259
COLE, JOHN I.                          NY-28-12-285
COLE, MASON                            NY-28-39-249
COLEMAN, ELIHU                         NY-28-14-624
COLEMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-6-320
COLEMAN, IRA                           NY-28-23-317
COLEMAN, LAURA J.                      NY-28-29-473
COLEMAN, THADDEUS                      NY-28-4-55
COLEMAN, THOMAS                        NY-28-9-215
COLER, MARY                            NY-28-61-461
COLGAN, BERNARD                        NY-28-37-205
COLINS, JULIUS                         NY-28-16-473
COLLAMER, NELSON C.                    NY-28-13-633
COLLER, LEWIS                          NY-28-16-632
COLLET, PETER                          NY-28-26-1
COLLIER, ELIZABETH ANN                 NY-28-58-183
COLLIER, LAURA M.                      NY-28-64-463
COLLINS, ARMIDA                        NY-28-11-546
COLLINS, CATHARINE H.                  NY-28-53-169
COLLINS, EDWARD K.                     NY-28-47-266
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-13-532
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-64-593
COLLINS, EMMA                          NY-28-37-178
COLLINS, GEORGE S.                     NY-28-26-473
COLLINS, ISAAC J.                      NY-28-22-491
COLLINS, JULIA MCGRATH                 NY-28-66-454
COLLINS, LUCY                          NY-28-34-175
COLLINS, MARGARET                      NY-28-26-481
COLLINS, MARGARET                      NY-28-34-385
COLLINS, MARY ALICE                    NY-28-46-44
COLLINS, PERSIS                        NY-28-32-248
COLLINS, RICHARD                       NY-28-25-333
COLLINS, SARAH M.                      NY-28-59-407
COLLINS, THOMAS B.                     NY-28-41-118
COLLISTER, ROYCE R.                    NY-28-44-61
COLLYER, CLARA D.                      NY-28-48-518
COLMAN, ANSON                          NY-28-2-189
COLSON, JAMES GEORGE                   NY-28-33-439
COLT, JOHN                             NY-28-7-514
COLT, JOSEPH                           NY-28-9-98
COLT, WILLIAM                          NY-28-7-289
COLT, WILLIAM W.                       NY-28-30-411
COLTHAFER, FRANCIS                     NY-28-44-351
COLVIN, CLARISSA                       NY-28-24-313
COLVIN, HIRAM D.                       NY-28-15-217
COLVIN, ISAAC                          NY-28-15-579
COLVIN, WILLIAM M.                     NY-28-23-89
COLVIN, ZORADA J.                      NY-28-41-316
COLWELL, CHARLES                       NY-28-7-362
COLWELL, HINMAN E.                     NY-28-48-50
COMBS, ALEXANDER J.                    NY-28-61-532
COMBS, GARRET                          NY-28-12-486
COMBS, GEORGE                          NY-28-22-247
COMBS, GEORGE S.                       NY-28-21-309
COMBS, JAMES H.                        NY-28-61-8
COMBS, JANE                            NY-28-41-19
COMMINS, WARREN                        NY-28-17-136
COMMISSARIST, WILLIAM                  NY-28-58-743
COMMONS, GEORGE                        NY-28-20-373
COMUNINGS, SARAH                       NY-28-13-597
CONANT, JASO                           NY-28-61-149
CONANT, ROBERT                         NY-28-25-461
CONDROW, JOHN L.                       NY-28-7-80
CONE, BETSEY W.                        NY-28-21-9
CONER, ANN                             NY-28-20-49
CONEY, LUKE                            NY-28-6-171
CONGDON, ISAAC W.                      NY-28-3-237
CONGDON, JARED C.                      NY-28-24-217
CONGDON, WILLIAM GURDON                NY-28-47-299
CONKEY, CAROLINE A.                    NY-28-15-364
CONKLIN, ALMIRA                        NY-28-63-120
CONKLIN, CYNTHIA                       NY-28-43-19
CONKLIN, JAMES F.                      NY-28-44-291
CONKLIN, LUTHER                        NY-28-42-190
CONKLIN, OLIVER P.                     NY-28-64-302
CONKLIN, SEMANTHA A.                   NY-28-66-332
CONLEE, DANIEL                         NY-28-6-167
CONLEY, JAMES                          NY-28-20-189
CONLIN, DANIEL                         NY-28-51-107
CONNAL, ANNA J.                        NY-28-64-289
CONNAL, ELIZA J.                       NY-28-54-29
CONNAL, MARION                         NY-28-53-208
CONNAUGHTON, PATRICK A.                NY-28-41-199
CONNAUGHTON, PETER                     NY-28-46-101
CONNELL, ALICE                         NY-28-53-247
CONNELL, CATHARINE                     NY-28-41-40
CONNELLY, WILLIAM                      NY-28-63-529
CONNER, JOHN W.                        NY-28-5-429
CONNER, SARAH A.                       NY-28-40-241
CONNOLLY, JAMES A.                     NY-28-26-13
CONNOR, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-62-353
CONNOR, JOHN                           NY-28-6-217
CONNOR, MARY                           NY-28-39-237
CONNOR, MICHAEL                        NY-28-14-352
CONOLLY, JAMES                         NY-28-16-469
CONOLLY, JOHN                          NY-28-42-100
CONOVER, VANRENSALER                   NY-28-25-433
CONRAD, IRENA                          NY-28-56-109
CONRAD, JULIUS                         NY-28-39-258
CONROY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-62-544
CONROY, MARTIN                         NY-28-15-664
CONSLER, JOSEPH                        NY-28-31-321
CONTANT, MARTINUS                      NY-28-9-297
CONWAY, HENRY                          NY-28-23-85
CONWAY, HENRY                          NY-28-23-509
CONWAY, MARGARET                       NY-28-42-193
CONWAY, MARY                           NY-28-55-190
CONWAY, PETER                          NY-28-12-573
COOGAN, ANDREW                         NY-28-20-89
COOK, ALWIDA P.                        NY-28-64-205
COOK, AMELIA A.                        NY-28-18-289
COOK, ASA B.                           NY-28-10-289
COOK, EBENEZER E.                      NY-28-21-13
COOK, EMMA                             NY-28-50-261
COOK, HENRY                            NY-28-4-387
COOK, JAMES H.                         NY-28-15-685
COOK, JUSTUS                           NY-28-28-393
COOK, LUCY                             NY-28-31-249
COOK, SETH                             NY-28-23-457
COOK, THOMAS                           NY-28-7-536
COOK, THOMAS                           NY-28-38-57
COOK, WILLIAM H.                       NY-28-24-365
COOKE, KATE SHIPLEY                    NY-28-39-163
COOKE, MARTIN W.                       NY-28-61-394
COOKINGHAM, MERILDA                    NY-28-37-52
COOLEY, BETSEY                         NY-28-62-445
COOLEY, HARMON                         NY-28-35-127
COOLEY, JACOB B.                       NY-28-36-343
COOLEY, JOHN                           NY-28-2-352
COOLEY, LOVINA                         NY-28-66-431
COOLEY, SEYMOUR                        NY-28-36-157
COOLIDGE, JOHN E.                      NY-28-64-554
COOLING, MARTIN                        NY-28-22-327
COON, JULIA B.                         NY-28-66-67
COON, MARY A.                          NY-28-55-475
COONEY, BRIDGET                        NY-28-28-473
COONEY, JAMES                          NY-28-11-163
COONEY, JAMES                          NY-28-12-288
COONEY, MARY A.                        NY-28-26-349
COONRADT, HANNAH S.                    NY-28-26-21
COONS, JOHN                            NY-28-14-761
COONS, PERLINA                         NY-28-58-758
COOPER, GERMOND TITUS                  NY-28-57-34
COOPER, JAMES                          NY-28-23-393
COOPER, LAWRENCE                       NY-28-51-595
COOPER, MARGARET                       NY-28-56-259
COOPER, MARY                           NY-28-7-450
COOPER, SIMEON O.                      NY-28-26-149
COPELAND, DAVID                        NY-28-46-47
COPELAND, DAVID SR.                    NY-28-25-5
COPPERJON, PETER                       NY-28-43-115
CORBIN, HARRIET                        NY-28-32-468
CORBIN, HORATIO                        NY-28-16-514
CORBIN, JOSEPH S.                      NY-28-14-375
CORBIN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-3-424
CORBY, HENRY                           NY-28-26-273
CORBY, L. LOUISA                       NY-28-25-273
CORBY, MARGARET L.                     NY-28-8-270
CORCORAN, JOHANNA                      NY-28-46-260
CORKHILL, JOHN                         NY-28-42-415
CORKHILL, THOMAS                       NY-28-40-52
CORLET, THOMAS                         NY-28-32-196
CORNELISON, MARIA W.                   NY-28-47-80
CORNELL, FREDERICK MORGAN              NY-28-58-46
CORNELL, JAMES                         NY-28-65-37
CORNELL, LORANY                        NY-28-48-143
CORNELL, SILAS                         NY-28-10-184
CORNELL, WILLIAM                       NY-28-18-301
CORNING, NOAH                          NY-28-3-362
CORNING, WILLIAM                       NY-28-17-589
CORNWALL, MARGARET                     NY-28-56-13
CORNWELL, ABNER                        NY-28-30-31
CORNWELL, DANIEL F.                    NY-28-37-85
CORNWELL, FANNY P.                     NY-28-36-295
CORNWELL, SAMUEL D.                    NY-28-20-309
CORRIGAN, MARGARET                     NY-28-61-241
CORSER, CALEB B.                       NY-28-20-501
CORSER, DAVID                          NY-28-4-410
CORY, PARKHURST                        NY-28-48-2
COSGROVE, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-46-206
COSGROVE, MARGARET                     NY-28-41-355
COSTELLO, JENNIE                       NY-28-64-23
COSTELLO, PHILLIP                      NY-28-4-342
COSTICH, FRANCIS                       NY-28-43-250
COSTICH, JOSEPH                        NY-28-62-31
COSTIGAN, MARY                         NY-28-52-349
COTCHEFER, JOHN                        NY-28-18-61
COTRELL, ANNA E.                       NY-28-47-57
COTTER, JAMES JR.                      NY-28-58-411
COTTER, MARGARET                       NY-28-53-238
COTTER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-35-520
COTTREL, HAMMOND A.                    NY-28-49-440
COTTRELL, JOHN B.                      NY-28-14-68
COUCH, HELEN J.                        NY-28-35-295
COULTER, JOHN                          NY-28-5-139
COUNSEL, JOHN                          NY-28-41-142
COUNSEL, PERMELIA                      NY-28-17-194
COUNTERMAN, ADAM                       NY-28-60-397
COURTER, AARON B.                      NY-28-43-79
COURTNEY, CATHARINE                    NY-28-32-120
COVELL, EDWARD                         NY-28-33-250
COVEY, ALVAH                           NY-28-27-452
COVILLE, AVID                          NY-28-16-11
COWLES, BENJAMIN                       NY-28-6-184
COWLES, NORMAN                         NY-28-28-161
COWLEY, EDWARD                         NY-28-40-7
COWLEY, JOHN                           NY-28-26-33
COWLEY, MARTHA                         NY-28-52-172
COX, ANNA                              NY-28-26-69
COX, FLORENCE PARKER                   NY-28-66-446
COX, GEORGE                            NY-28-56-373
COX, HARRISON                          NY-28-21-297
COX, HENRY                             NY-28-21-481
COX, ISAAC                             NY-28-3-454
COX, JAMES                             NY-28-48-482
COX, JAMES                             NY-28-58-768
COX, JENNETT A.                        NY-28-28-409
COX, JOHN                              NY-28-60-307
COX, MARY E.                           NY-28-12-28
COX, MARY M.                           NY-28-30-1
COX, MORDECAI SR.                      NY-28-24-469
COX, SARAH M.                          NY-28-53-472
COX, WILLIAM                           NY-28-51-85
COXON, MARY                            NY-28-62-67
COY, JAMES                             NY-28-29-261
COYLE, MARGARET                        NY-28-53-265
COYLE, PATRICK                         NY-28-49-225
CRADDOCK, HANNAH                       NY-28-60-88
CRAFT, WILLIAM W.                      NY-28-35-37
CRAFTS, MARY ANN                       NY-28-15-521
CRAIG, ANNA M.                         NY-28-65-148
CRAIG, JAMES W.                        NY-28-48-158
CRAIG, JOHN                            NY-28-16-92
CRAIG, JOHNR .                         NY-28-33-127
CRAIG, JOSEPH                          NY-28-33-394
CRAIG, MARGARET                        NY-28-37-283
CRAIG, OSCAR                           NY-28-52-190
CRAIG, RHODA F.                        NY-28-23-145
CRAIG, WILLIAM J.                      NY-28-43-451
CRAIGHEAD, ISABELLA                    NY-28-40-471
CRAINE, JOHN                           NY-28-32-356
CRAINE, JOHN C.                        NY-28-54-332
CRAM, AMBROSE                          NY-28-35-52
CRAM, MARY                             NY-28-42-319
CRAMPTON, EDMUND                       NY-28-53-457
CRAMPTON, RALPH S.                     NY-28-10-149
CRANE, EDWARD                          NY-28-46-224
CRANE, GILBERT                         NY-28-39-175
CRAPSEY, WILLIAM                       NY-28-5-504
CRARY, MARGARET                        NY-28-5-103
CRARY, SILAS                           NY-28-29-249
CREED, WILLIAM                         NY-28-51-182
CREELMAN, PETER W.                     NY-28-32-432
CRELLIN, JOHN                          NY-28-15-95
CRENNELL, DANIEL                       NY-28-35-307
CRENNELL, MARY E.                      NY-28-53-271
CRESSEY, ELEANOR                       NY-28-47-62
CRIPPEN, CAROLINE M.                   NY-28-17-774
CRIPPEN, ELIZA J.                      NY-28-43-181
CRIPPEN, EPHRAIM C.                    NY-28-56-229
CRIPPEN, ISAAC                         NY-28-8-531
CRIPPEN, LEWIS                         NY-28-33-88
CRIPPEN, LORENZO M.                    NY-28-45-401
CRIPPEN, NORTON R.                     NY-28-45-506
CRIPPEN, OLIVER                        NY-28-42-295
CRIPPEN, RANSOM                        NY-28-1-175
CRIPPEN, RHODA B.                      NY-28-55-136
CRIPPIN, ASHLEY                        NY-28-5-56
CRISSEY, JOHN                          NY-28-15-413
CRITCHELL, ANN                         NY-28-53-322
CRITCHLEY, WILLIAM                     NY-28-20-169
CRITENDEN, CLAUDE                      NY-28-61-232
CRITTEDEN, MELINDA                     NY-28-36-151
CRITTENDEN, AUSTIN                     NY-28-28-105
CRITTENDEN, CHAUNCEY                   NY-28-9-39
CRITTENDEN, CORDELIA A.                NY-28-64-245
CRITTENDEN, DELANCEY                   NY-28-61-25
CRITTENDEN, LUCINDA J.                 NY-28-51-172
CRITTENDEN, LUTHER G.                  NY-28-14-95
CRITTENDEN, PAMELIA                    NY-28-57-91
CRITTENDEN, PHILANDER G.               NY-28-43-373
CRITTENDEN, WASHINGTON M.              NY-28-17-113
CROCKER, DANIEL                        NY-28-21-137
CROCKER, LEVI                          NY-28-2-132
CROCKER, LEVI                          NY-28-2-166
CROFT, HENRY W.                        NY-28-24-113
CROFT, TAMSON                          NY-28-20-389
CROMBIE, MARGARET                      NY-28-44-411
CROMEY, STEPHEN                        NY-28-66-574
CROMWELL, FRANCES J.                   NY-28-63-330
CROMWELL, JAMES                        NY-28-14-653
CROMWELL, JAMES                        NY-28-51-696
CROMWELL, MARGARET                     NY-28-40-432
CROMWELL, OLIVER                       NY-28-16-596
CRONKHITE, HIRAM H.                    NY-28-57-436
CROOK, JOHN                            NY-28-66-115
CROOK, JOSEPH                          NY-28-31-441
CROOK, MARTHA                          NY-28-36-70
CROPSEY, JACOBMIAH                     NY-28-14-639
CROSBY, CHILLINGSWORTH                 NY-28-11-79
CROSS, CHARLOTTE GARRISON              NY-28-66-584
CROSS, MARGARET                        NY-28-18-427
CROSS, MARGARET                        NY-28-36-265
CROSS, MARY J.                         NY-28-37-151
CROSS, OLIVER M.                       NY-28-63-649
CROSSMAN, CHARLES F.                   NY-28-12-332
CROTTY, CATHARINE                      NY-28-46-65
CROUCH, CHARLES T.                     NY-28-62-151
CROUCH, GEORGE W. SR.                  NY-28-58-51
CROUCH, NELLIE M.                      NY-28-47-152
CROUCH, RHODA B.                       NY-28-63-575
CROUCH, SARAH A.                       NY-28-28-349
CROWEL, SETH                           NY-28-1-138
CROWELL, SETH                          NY-28-1-112
CROWLEY, JAMES                         NY-28-54-437
CROWLEY, JEREMIAH                      NY-28-40-4
CROWLEY, JULIA                         NY-28-43-430
CROWNER, WILLIAM                       NY-28-53-343
CRUISE, MARGARET                       NY-28-63-162
CRUMLEY, HUGH                          NY-28-66-277
CRUTTENDEN, MARTHA                     NY-28-56-343
CULLEN, JAMES                          NY-28-40-91
CULLEN, PATRICK                        NY-28-35-259
CULLEN, RICHARD                        NY-28-38-401
CULP, SARAH J.                         NY-28-21-369
CULROSS, MARY                          NY-28-60-238
CULROSS, WILLIAM                       NY-28-51-265
CULVER, OLIVER                         NY-28-12-505
CULVER, PETER                          NY-28-10-215
CUMMING, WILLIAM                       NY-28-2-58
CUMMINGS, H. FRANCIS                   NY-28-62-529
CUMMINGS, RUTH                         NY-28-5-378
CUNNINGHAM, ELLEN                      NY-28-37-478
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      NY-28-38-51
CUNNINGHAM, PATRICK                    NY-28-46-245
CURRAN, DANIEL                         NY-28-64-427
CURRAN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-43-85
CURRIER, SOPHIA A.                     NY-28-14-388
CURRY, CATHERINE B.                    NY-28-55-388
CURRY, JAMES                           NY-28-6-161
CURRY, JOHN                            NY-28-8-50
CURRY, ROBERT                          NY-28-50-106
CURRY, ROBERT J.                       NY-28-20-17
CURTICE, DORCAS                        NY-28-1-474
CURTICE, JESSE                         NY-28-9-179
CURTICE, JOHN                          NY-28-21-441
CURTICE, LUTHER                        NY-28-22-295
CURTICE, MARK                          NY-28-29-213
CURTICE, PARKER                        NY-28-42-169
CURTIS, ABIJAH B.                      NY-28-7-442
CURTIS, CATHRO M.                      NY-28-49-143
CURTIS, CHAUNCEY                       NY-28-19-21
CURTIS, CYRUS                          NY-28-36-508
CURTIS, GEORGE C.                      NY-28-54-14
CURTIS, GEORGE M.                      NY-28-59-436
CURTIS, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-32-244
CURTIS, HENRY S.                       NY-28-6-89
CURTIS, ISAAC                          NY-28-8-129
CURTIS, JAMES H.                       NY-28-49-158
CURTIS, JANE ANN                       NY-28-52-181
CURTIS, JOSEPH                         NY-28-34-4
CURTIS, JULIA ANN                      NY-28-54-8
CURTIS, PHILANDER                      NY-28-8-176
CURTIS, PHILANDER H.                   NY-28-35-391
CURTIS, ROSWELL                        NY-28-6-74
CURTIS, SARAH N.                       NY-28-10-123
CURTIS, SUSAN                          NY-28-48-155
CURTIS, SUSAN M.                       NY-28-57-13
CURTIS, WILLIAM                        NY-28-37-301
CURTIS, WILLIS A.                      NY-28-61-500
CURTISS, DEXTER                        NY-28-63-199
CURTISS, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-2-198
CURVIN, HENRY                          NY-28-43-166
CUSHING, IRENE                         NY-28-21-269
CUSHMAN, ABNER                         NY-28-11-8
CUSHMAN, PHEBE                         NY-28-47-476
CUTTING, ELIZA                         NY-28-43-127
CUTTING, WILLIAM                       NY-28-43-301
CUTTS, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-22-139

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